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I&!k9Yv6sqluo 14/10/24(Fri)15:08 No. 22610 ID: 5684f9

I'm pretty sure it has island in the title. A man had his parents die when he was a kid, and after promising to take care of his little sister, sent her off to boarding school. He never or almost never visits until one year, regretful, he volunteers to chaperone a trip they are doing in cooperation with a boys school, some magic shit happens and they end up crashlanding on an island, only some people make it to safety including him and his co-pilot. can fill in more details if requested but this should be enough.

READ BEFORE POSTING! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:11 No. 8546 ID: 5eefb3 [Reply] Locked Stickied

This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Being Sociable (pedo, Mg, molestation, anal) Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/10/24(Fri)04:12 No. 22606 ID: a887c0 [Reply]

Not sure what to say about this one. Not sure if I'm gonna write a second part. Just watched a French series where the characters were refreshingly honest about their selfishness, even if that made them a bit of an asshole. Figured I'd give it a try. There's no justifying this, so why bother trying?

*** *** *****

The movie had been typical summer stupid, but not offensively bad, so Brian and I just shared ironic looks while the others gushed about how awesome it had been. As usual, they immediately started talking about where they wanted to go drinking that night. I amused myself by people watching. The theater at the mall was almost perpetually filled with teens on dates, roving packs of jailbait, and little lolis dragging their parents to the latest Pixar knockoff. All I had to do was put on a bored expression and I could enjoy the view with no one being the wiser, so long as I didn't focus on anyone too closely.

I didn't chime in on my coworker's deliberations, which surprised exactly no one. They always talked about how I was so chill, and how I always just went with the flow. The truth is, I didn't give a rats ass where we ended up, and I only came out on these little outings so I wouldn't seem antisocial. I like my coworkers well enough, and it's worth a night of tedium every now and again to keep up good relations, though only just.

Brian broke off from the debate and struck up a conversation with me about True Detectives. He was the most irascible fuck I worked with, sarcastic, short tempered, and he looked like a bald, lumberjack version of grumpycat. He was also one of the most observant, empathetic, and thoughtful people I had the privilege to know. He put up a tough facade, and he'd make fun of you mercilessly if he knew you could take it, but he also was the first to recognize when someone was on the verge of a meltdown at work, and he always seemed to know just what to say. He always stuck up for the little guy, and made sure no one felt left out. He was just plain good people, and I was glad to know him. He also scared me, because I often felt certain he understood me better than he let on. I'm pretty sure he had me pegged as closet homosexual, and I tried to encourage that assumption. It was a hell of a lot better than the alternative. So we chatted for a bit about how surprised we were to realize that Matthew McConaughey was not only a real actor, but a fucking amazing actor at that, how fucking good the writing was, and what an oppressive mindfuck the series was, as a whole.

That was when I saw a familiar face, and realized something was odd. I wasn't sure why the woman had caught my eye. She was pretty enough, but nothing remarkable, and a bit old for me anyway. She was walking out to the parking lot, pulling her keys out of her purse as she walked. I couldn't quite put my Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)12:54 No. 22609 ID: b9a090

Op, you should deffinetly continue, since roommates is basicaly dead, and there are no other little girl stories, /elit/ needs this

Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)23:22 No. 22612 ID: b2a6c1

Yeah, pretty desperate for good loli stuff these days. It seems to be all 18+ or gay crap these days. And this was really good. Definitely want more.

tl;dr - More loli stories, people!

Anonymous 14/10/25(Sat)13:31 No. 22614 ID: 1c90da

I agree with everyone else, this is the best new story to come up in a while. Looking forward to more, if you're so inclined

Crusade Gone Awry Tater Chips 14/07/27(Sun)13:13 No. 22123 ID: 62b1d7 [Reply]

Howdy ya'll! I'm a writer, a published one (nothing you've read, nothing I will point out). A very odd (and dirty) idea popped in my head one day and I decided to write it down. It's a little too dirty and weird to be published so here I am! I came here a long time ago to get my rocks off so I thought I would post it here. Now, is it publishing quality? No. Something I intend to be published must be rewritten at least three times before I even try to submit it. This was only written once. I also don't have an editor on this one, but I did do my best to clean it up.

This story is about a crusaders from a far-off land heading to a desert island in search of a Demon King. Instead they find horrible sex monsters and suffer terrible fates. In the end, they discover a shocking secret that changes everything they thought they knew.

What does this story contain? Well, off hand it contains puppet/doll transformations, hypnotism, tentacles, lolicon (not a child, only looks that way), rape, female/male domination, dark material (death, dismemberment etc.), monsters, anthropomorphic characters, bestiality, anal, S&M, abuse, impregnation and much more that I am not thinking of at the moment or I might insert.

Also, the first chapter is very wordy. I apologize if you don't like that, but it gets more dirty as time goes on.


Chapter 1

The first ship arrived at the port. It was a longship and as it rolled up to the pier a man jumped out. Like all the people on his boat, he was dressed in plate armor, decorated with a bright, flaming bird on the breast plate. He knelt down onto the wood and thanked the goddess for his safe trip. Many of the other men and women on the boat did the same as they stepped onto the pier. The first man, clearly the leader, scanned out across the ocean. He could see countless other longships, rowing rapidly towards him. Many of them would have to anchor around the port and walk over the boats, but they made it. The last human stronghold on the continent. The man turned towards the city. He thought he might have been seeing a mirage when he first got close, but he wasn't. The city was much larger than he thought it would be. There were buildings with ornate domes crammed into high walls that covered a semi-circle around the coast. There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands living in this city. It certainly didn't look like a place on the verge of being annihilated. Instead it looked like a paradise, with palm trees, a beautiful coast and colorful domes on some of the larger structures. Moreover, the entire place looked intact and untouched. Still, it was not his place to question the High Priest of Vordan. He was on a mission from the goddess and he intended to fulfill it. He turned to the common soldiers in the boat.

“Secure the ship.” the commander Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)15:18 No. 22576 ID: 22168a

This is good enough to hold me over until the next "The Club " update Thanks!

Tater+Chips 14/10/22(Wed)07:49 No. 22590 ID: 62b1d7


Ah. I've always wanted to be "good enough." Dream come true.

Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)19:18 No. 22611 ID: 6c192c

You have got to be the most sensitive writer I have ever seen on the chans' and I've been browsing since 2004.

My Sister is a Dickgirl SNT-NEL 12/02/11(Sat)10:15 No. 15127 ID: b808a3 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Reposting this, for some reason. Even though I felt weird trying to fap to futa lit, I was okay with this one, for some reason.

I remember a long while back, some folks here added to it, and things were great, but then for some reason the mods took it down? I think it was cause it hadn't been updated in forever. But, yeah. RESURRECTION(I hope)

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Anonymous 14/10/23(Thu)23:39 No. 22604 ID: def664

$10 says next chapter won't even have a sex scene

newanon 14/10/24(Fri)02:39 No. 22605 ID: 34b875

It's almost like you're daring me not to include any sex, haha. Seriously though, I haven't even started on the chapter. I've been busy with other things I'm afraid. All I can say is that I have a plan in place, but that's about it. I'm just going to have to ask for a little patience.

Anonymous 14/10/24(Fri)11:14 No. 22607 ID: def664


This is better than nothing. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Tori - The neighbor's neice rancidpants 14/10/22(Wed)21:53 No. 22593 ID: 22535f [Reply]

I work from home. I’ve been doing it a long time. So I know the comings and goings of my neighborhood. I know that at 1pm every day, the neighbor behind me goes out on the back porch and plays her guitar. I know the guy across the street grows pot. I know a lot about what goes on.

I have a neighbor, Carol. She’s great. She has yard sales most weekends when it doesn’t rain. She’s an older, single woman, with a great-niece. Her name is Tori.

Tori started coming around the neighborhood about 3 years ago. Her parents both work. She goes to school nearby and she started showing up at Carol’s for the afternoons. She’d been around for a couple of weeks before I really noticed her, but when I did, I couldn’t stop noticing her. She’s tallish, about 5’8” or so. Long tan legs, long tan torso, long neck, brown hair, great eyes. And she’s got that slightly underdeveloped, but strong and athletic type of body that screams “I play soccer and I like it”. It also screams “Look at me!”

I spend a lot of time on the phone for my job, and I often go for walks when I have a call. Its more interesting than sitting at my desk staring at my computer—except when there’s a good confession to read. It was on one of my walks that I first noticed Tori. I was about a half mile from home, cruising along at a good pace. Coming toward me was this beautiful, long and lean and tan, adolescent girl. I figured her for about 14 or 15. She was walking a massive collie. I knew the dog. It was Carol’s dog. Like any man, I pulled the stop and wait trick. I stopped suddenly, looked very surprised as though one of the people on the other end of the phone had just said something terrible, and looked like I was listening hard. I let her walk past me and get about 20 feet away, before I rounded, headed back the way I’d come, walking about 20 feet behind her the half mile home. I watched her the whole way.

She was amazing.

I started noticing that she was coming around the neighborhood a lot. I chatted with Carol nonchalantly about things, mentioned working parents, etc., and she mentioned her great niece. So, I used this in to learn about her. Indeed a soccer player, and track. 15 years old. Tori.

I’m a photography enthusiast. I have some good gear. Including a nice 200mm lens that I started using when Tori would sit out on Carol’s grass and do homework, or play with the dog. Late spring and early summer were fantastic. I’d shoot long photos of Tori out there in beautiful light, small, tight outfits, sweating. Oh my god. The sweating. She’d lay out there in a bikini sometimes, tanning with oil on her back, her top untied to get rid of lines. I’d amassed a pretty large photo collection that I would look at during my meetings. During work I would just scroll through the photos looking at her. Then, around 2:45pm, I’d make my way to the front window and watch her walk up. Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/23(Thu)17:40 No. 22601 ID: 653aef

excellent story, damn the teasing!

Tori - Part 3 rancidpants 14/10/23(Thu)18:09 No. 22602 ID: 22535f

After that day, I knew in my heart of hearts that there would be something for us together. I didn’t know what, or how, or why she’d been sent into my life, but I knew we’d be together. Even now, just thinking of that day takes my breath away. It makes my hands tremble and shake with anticipation, even though I know it’s all over and done with.

For a week, whenever she’d see me from across the street, she would look away. I’d tried to shout a friendly hello once, and got no response. I was pretty sure it was over. I’d made her uncomfortable, and she had responded in kind, by deciding I was a creeper. In hindsight, I guess I sort of was, but I still wanted her. I still watched her from my window. In my mind, I still claimed her as mine. It was the following Saturday before she even acknowledged me at all.

My wife went out of town, a two-hour drive down to her parents’ house to visit some relative who was in town from Arizona or some place. I’d spent Friday evening with friends, a movie and a bar. The plan for Saturday was to wake up earlyish and cut down a tree in my backyard, then cut it up into logs small enough to stick in the fireplace once they’d dried. A Saturday well spent, in my opinion.

I didn’t start early. Not at all. I started a full 4 hours later than planned, due to being out late. It was already hot, but I had committed to my wife that I’d get this tree done, so I started in on it about 11am. The sun was already beating down angrily on me. Sunscreen. I needed sunscreen or I’d come over all Scottish and look like a wilted raspberry. Can’t have that. I brought some out, rubbed it all over my arms and neck and face. Then got to work.

About 30 minutes into it, after I’d gone up and tied a guide rope so the tree would fall away from anything, I was getting ready to cut. Chainsaw lubed, guide rope tight, everything ready to go…I’m standing there looking, reviewing, and planning, and I hear Tori behind me. She asks if I need any help.

She startled me and I jumped around like an idiot. I was mixed and conflicted with simultaneous feelings of surprise, general startled fright, joy and gladness, excitement, and I was freaking out just a little. She laughed and laughed at my jumping around—so I played it up. I loved to hear her laugh. Of course I’d like help. Told her I loved it when she helped. I told her she always helps a lot more than she realizes. She was happy about this and asked for gloves.

When I returned from the garage carrying gloves made for smaller hands, I saw she’d removed her baggy sweatshirt, and she wore a light, almost white, tank top. Tight against her lithe frame, strong athlete’s shoulders and arms shining in the hot sun. And yellow shorts. Not quite booty shorts, but short, denim, yellow. Cut about an inch below the crotch. They weren’t low-rise shorts, but even so, her tank top was short enough that Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Tori - Part 4 rancidpants 14/10/23(Thu)18:10 No. 22603 ID: 22535f

She turned around and looked up at me. Her hands moved slowly to the buttons at the front of her shorts. She undid one button, then two. She left two buttons still done. She wiggled her narrow hips and pulled the shorts down a tiny bit, exposing the top band of her white cotton panties. She turned her back to me once more, slowly, looking back at me over her shoulder. She leaned forward, placing her palms on the horizontal tree trunk, and pushed her hips and ass back toward me. Until it touched me. She was pressed, hands on the tree, ass back into my crotch, looking back at me. A wisp of hair had fallen out of her pony tail and lay lazily on her neck. I reached forward slowly and brushed it out of the way. Her arms and back gave in to goosebumps again and she shuddered, wriggling against me. My dick was hard, pressing forward and upward, tight in my pants. This 15 year old goddess in an athlete’s body. I held her shoulders, I massaged them lightly, I pulled myself forward toward her pressing harder against her, I ran my hands down, to her hips, to the edge of her panties. There was no pretense anymore. The sunscreen was long gone. Long dried. The tips of my fingers ran under the edge of her panties, my thumbs pressing into the strong muscles of her glutes. I found the bones of her hips and held her there. She still stared back at me. My left hand crept forward and around. “Can’t forget the front,” I breathed.

“No. can’t forget the front.”

I held her there moment longer. Still pressed against her back side. Still motionless. My fingers still under the edge of her panties. Another two inches forward and I would reach her pubic hair. I knew it. I didn’t know if she knew it. She played a dangerous game now.

My left hand still firmly planted, holding her hip, I reached my right hand up, dragging my fingers along the elongated muscles of her back, up to her shoulder. I pulled her upright, back still to me, still pressed firmly against me.

I wrapped my sweaty arm around her shoulders, from the right, gripping her left shoulder, holding her to me. My left hand moved against her young body. My fingers slid across her belly, just under her panties. Not low enough to touch pubic hair, but low enough, quite low enough, to show her I wanted her there in my backyard. Up, and down her front, her naval, her side, to the bottom of her breasts, under her shirt. I explored her body with my hands. Her breath came in shallow, ragged bursts. Mine didn’t come at all.

She broke the stillness by reaching forward for her water cup. She took a slow, considered drink of it and tried to put it back. When she did, it fell. It fell over the other side. Between the tree and the fence. She stepped forward, out of my embrace and tried to reach over the tree trunk to get it, but it had fallen too far. She leaned over, the trunk pressed into her stomach, her toes coming off the ground. I said, Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Fucking Appendix(now with editing) Soli 14/08/07(Thu)06:52 No. 22201 ID: cd8c01 [Reply]

Hey guys. Soli again. At least a couple people seemed interested in the rough draft for the first chapter of Fucking Appendix I posted yesterday. So as promised, here is the edited first chapter, along with the second. If you like it, let me know. If its a piece of shit, let me know that too. Either way, be sure to check back often, as I will likely be updating frequently with new chapters. Once again, I give you Fucking Appendix. Hope you enjoy.
I read the words on the screen again, sure I must be misreading them. They couldn't say what I thought they did, and yet there they were.

"Do as I say, or Eve dies."


I guess it really started the day my little sister, Eve, came down with appendicitis. Even though she was three years younger, fourteen to my seventeen, we were always close, possibly owing to the fact we were both enrolled in an online form of homeschooling. That meant that for most of our lives, we were each other's only constant contact, and I always thought of her as a friend as well as a sister.

She took after our mom in that she was a petite, freckly ginger, tiny all over except for the ass and b cup breasts she had recently developed, and was maybe a bit overly proud of. It was often a topic around the house when she insisted on walking around in just her bra and panties, and I often had to politely suggest she get dressed, to which she would usually just roll her eyes, and maybe put on an overly small pair of shorts.

Though she was never exactly bubbly, she was always generally cheerful, and rarely complained about anything. That's why, when I came into the living room one summer afternoon and found her curled up on the couch looking less than happy, I decided to try and cheer her up. "What's wrong sis, got the red tide blues?" I teased as I plopped down beside her and gave her a playful nudge in the side.

I expected a playful smack, or maybe for her to help a throw pillow to live up to its name. What I got instead, was a yelp of pain from Eve, as she squeezed into a tighter ball and tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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rin!y7chl82msE 14/10/15(Wed)13:49 No. 22571 ID: 8b1ade

Awww yeah. Good stuff sir.

Shadow 14/10/16(Thu)09:07 No. 22575 ID: 3756c5

Glad to see this update. Very nice strip tease sir! But now we have a love triangle going. How will this resolve? And how does this all connect to that omnious beginning?

The+Other+Rick 14/10/23(Thu)14:16 No. 22600 ID: d41ba5

More than just a shameless bump, I would like to ask for the writer to please continue. This has boat loads of potential. Please keep going. Anticipation sucks.

My New Roomate ImNotAPervert 14/10/14(Tue)03:35 No. 22565 ID: cb7628 [Reply]

A few months ago my sister in law moved in, and personally I thought it would be horrible. To my surprise, it ended up with me having a sexual attraction I couldn't understand, or wait to explore.

My sister in law and I have always been close. We watch a lot of the same shows, have a lot of the same interests, but somehow never met each other until I married my wife. I knew she was a busy person, and was always concentrating on work before anything else. But I never thought I would see the day that she would move in due to issues beyond her control. Ever since she moved in we have become gym buddies and let me tell you, it has not made anything easier on me. Working out together I get to see her in tight short shorts, tank tops, and yoga pants. I get to see every tone in her muscles, the definition of her perfect ass, and the sweat glisten off her C cup breasts. Her pheromones are intoxicating and puts my body in a state of pure testosterone when I hit the weights after her.

Today was a normal day at the gym for us. We met up after work for our daily session. Today was chest day, and let me tell you it was beautiful. Spotting her during bench presses I could watch those beautiful breasts tighten on each rep, and relax on the come down. Little drops of sweat rolled down her cleavage in between her sets, and her breasts glistened off the gyms brights fluorescent lights. After we finished our chest exercises, we hit the stationary bikes for our cool down. Her round ass sitting on that seat was like Mona Lisa, just fucking beautiful. We made some conversation about our day while riding and ended up discussing if we should hit the dry sauna after our cool down.

I convinced her it would be in our best interests and she seemed eager to get there after we got done our ride. Fast forward five minutes into the sauna, and we are both soaked in sweat. Me being a guy, I figured I might as well take my shirt off and lay down to relax my muscles. I closed my eyes and put my headphones in trying to find my happy place in this sweat box. Next thing I know, shes sitting next to me saying something I couldn't make out. I took my headphones out and asked her to repeat herself.

"Those are really nice abs" she said half blushing. Now I would normally pass on this type of remark and go back on concentrating on not sweating to death, but her finger started tracing the outline of my stomach and each visible muscle.

"Thanks. I guess you like them a tiny bit?" I chuckled halfheartedly, eyeballing her hand as it made its way to my waistline. By now my cock was rock hard, and easily visible through my workout shorts.

That's when it happened. "I take it you like this." She said very smugly as she pulled my shorts down to expose my now throbbing erection.

"Is that even a question?" I replied as she took my cock into her hand and sta Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The+Other+Rick 14/10/21(Tue)11:35 No. 22586 ID: d41ba5

Please just whatever you do, keep fucking writing. Thank you, that is all.

ImNotAPervert 14/10/22(Wed)04:40 No. 22589 ID: cb7628

OP Here. Glad to see the story is receiving positive feedback, I had chapter 2 written and my phone decided to not save it.

I will be working on it as I just was. Hopefully it will turn out better the second time around.

The+Other+Rick 14/10/23(Thu)14:03 No. 22599 ID: d41ba5

God damn it, technology can be so fickle. I really hope it is better this time though. As a bit of a fighter myself, I know how righting your story out multiple times can really help.

Roommates (loli) Anonymous 12/10/06(Sat)11:32 No. 17319 ID: 5c8966 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

It all started when I was 19, in my first semester at college. I'd moved away from home and into my first apartment, and got my first roommate as well. He was a year younger than me, but unlike me he hadn't spent a year after graduating highschool saving up his money for tuition and rent. His parents died in an avalanche at a ski resort, and between their considerable savings and the payout from the life insurance, he could afford college and not have to work for years. I hadn't known it when I met him at orientation and we decided to share an apartment, but he also had custody of his 11 year old sister.

The apartment was big, and nicer than I could have ever afforded on my own, so all three of us had separate bedrooms (hers was supposed to be a laundry room or something originally.). I also discovered my roommate was a bit of a dick who neglected his little sister.

I don't think it was intentional, more a result of losing his parents and having to adjust his plans for the future to revolve around caring for his sibling, and he probably wasn't ready for that sort of responsibility. But unless he needed to give her a ride or buy her something she needed, he basically didn't interact with her. He also barely did anything with me; maybe once a week he'd play video games with me, but he spent nearly all his time in class or shut in his room studying.

His little sister was cute, with her blue eyes, freckles, and short, light brown hair, but obviously way too young for me. She didn't play with dolls or anything, so I guess she was mature for her age, but she also spent all her time shut in her room when she wasn't at school. And I don't think she had any friends at her new school either.

After a month or so with my new roommates, we'd settled into a routine. If they weren't exactly friendly, they weren't bad either; quiet, clean, and they were the only way I could afford a really nice apartment just a block from campus.

I wish I'd known then what I know now. It'd have saved me a lot of grief.

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Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)08:15 No. 22573 ID: 82d707

you must stay alive!!!!

Anonymous 14/10/17(Fri)12:49 No. 22579 ID: b9a090

Do this!

Anonymous 14/10/23(Thu)11:50 No. 22597 ID: 138a97

i need me some fish

Housecat - Ageplay, Futa, Incest, and more! Anonymous 14/06/03(Tue)12:26 No. 21875 ID: 47e7b4 [Reply]

Mother was different, I guess.

From what they told me, my mother and my father were madly in love. They travelled the world together, like some cheese romance movie that you feel like you paid too much to see. Up late, always together, they were inseparable. My father had made quite a lot of money in his profession, and we were very well off. They loved me unconditionally, and I felt there was no better childhood to have. Christmas was beautiful. Summer was vacation. Birthdays were christening events.

When father died, my mother became Sadie. She didn't have to work, we had enough in savings to send ten children to college in thirty years inflation, but it was only her and I. It made me feel out of place, no longer were there interesting meals and a neat, varying lifestyle. My mother just sat around the house, laying on the couch or sitting at the dinner table for hours on end. She wasn't blank, but she didn't care anymore. When we caught eyes, she looked at me like a burden, or a reminder of things she had lost. I was 10 at the time, but now I'm 15.

"Sophie," Sadie called to me, turning her head but not actually looking at me, "don't forget to pick up milk on your way home from school." She looked like the shell of a woman that I had known before. Her hair was still a bushy curl of long brown crescents, and her figure was still the deep envy of neighboring women, but she sat on our long couch with no soul or composure. Her arm hung off and she turned her head back into staring at the ceiling, the daylight burning the curtains and the furniture. I went to school 6 miles away, but from this point I was plenty used to walking in the Californian sun. I didn't really remember what father looked like if it weren't for the pictures that hung on the walls and the mantle, and I looked at one on my way out. We all looked so happy. I turned my head back to Sadie, who had resumed the blank stare at the ceiling. Shutting the door with a little more force than usual, I began the blister blossom walk.

People liked me, I guess. Everyone I knew at school was very nice to me, but I couldn't let them under the armor. Nobody could really get what was wrong. All of my classmates wouldn't understand what my life was like, it was best to just let them get back to listening to their pop music and wearing their pattern pocket shirts. The school day just rose and fell like the sun around the building, and before I knew it, the day was over. All I could think about was how much a damn skateboard would cost as I began to roll my heels in my converse, which weren't exactly the holy grail of foot support. The sun had started coloring the horizon as I opened the door of my home, at the top of a vista hill, and shut the door behind me.

Sadie rolled her head to look at me again. It seemed as though she hadn't moved, but all the pic Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Kal 14/07/29(Tue)09:13 No. 22134 ID: 1159d0

Bumping for great justice.

Anonymous 14/10/08(Wed)09:48 No. 22547 ID: 68c72f

I need more of this story ASAP!!

Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)23:57 No. 22595 ID: fb6372


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