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Anonymous 14/11/14(Fri)05:21 No. 22795 ID: a5af73

Update: I have not found the story anywhere, but it seems it was based (plagiarized, even) off of a novel called "Hot Nights, Cool Dragons," except with gay sisters. Still very curious to see if anyone knows anything else about it.
Any help is still greatly appreciated.

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This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Canvas Stef 14/11/21(Fri)22:14 No. 22859 ID: ebd7e7 [Reply]

(mind control, gender change, solo, m/f)

The first time it happened, I didn't know what I was doing.

I hadn't been able to sleep. This wasn't especially abnormal, but usually I'd have to skip a night's rest and then the next day I'd be able to get a few hours in. Enough to feel human.

This was study hall, which amounted to a blow off class for most of us. I was going on 72 hours without any shuteye and while the girls in front of me were playing a card game and the football guys were talking about freshman girls in the corner behind me, I was resting my head on my arms and trying to count some sheep.

I had been becoming more and more serious in art class over the last few years and now that I was a senior, art had become my calling. The teacher had let me move from pencils to colored pencils to paint by the time I was a sophomore and I was a regular in highschool art exhibitions now. This got me out of P.E. and needing fine arts credits and with most of my serious classes done now, I could use art class as an excuse to get half days when I wanted them.

The lack of sleep was beginning to affect my work, though, so I slowed my breathing and ignored the noise everyone was making in an attempt to get some of that back. My social life was basically nil due to what my doctor said might be a rare form of autism. I find it hard to meet people, and my sex drive suffers from the antidepressants. Painting really is all I have, most days.

Sleep came over me like it usually did, a fickle thing that came when I was at the breaking point. Sometimes, due to my restlessness, I have what they call lucid dreams. Sitting in studyhall, I was aware that I was asleep, but still cognizant enough to know that I was sleeping. Most of my rest is that way.

This time, everything was even more vivid than usual. I could actually see the girls there having a conversation. I moved over to them, looking over my shoulder to see myself sleeping still. A haze hung over the classroom, like they were playing cards in a burning building. Somewhere, in a dense bank of black clouds in the corner, I could hear the football players laughing about something.
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Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)00:34 No. 22861 ID: 2a4022

Wow, I really like the idea of taking over someone's body.

I hope you will finish this one.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)04:12 No. 22862 ID: 15bc0a

seems interesting.

A warrior's chambermaid. Anonymous 14/11/19(Wed)02:13 No. 22816 ID: 5e06e1 [Reply]

Hi /elit/,
I recently started writing what I hope to be a nice piece of work.
If I post what I have written, could you give me an honest opinion on whether I should carry on at my current writing capabilities?

I suppose the tag will eventually be rape of something along those lines.

Once he entered the camp's chambers, he lay his armour on the ground and made his way slowly to the bathroom. His muscles ached from the previous battle, A slash in his thigh tugged painfully as he stepped through the room, his shoulders burned from his weapons sheer weight, he was lucky to be alive and he knew it.

Entering the chamber's bathroom, the hot humidity of a fresh bath washed over his bloodied face, the water vapours burning his throat from his battle-cry.
Stood before him a young woman in her early 20's, her small frame hanging gently over the bathtub as her slender fingers slowly stirred the water, while her other hand help her long coarse hair out of her face. Her dark eyes shift over towards the man.

The rich brown of her eyes surrounded by dark freckles held his gaze as her brunette hair tumbled free from her delicate fingers. She stands, her thick hair swaying around her waist and caressing her slender neck.

She apologises to him, the chambermaidens should have prepared a room and left before a warrior returns, however this warrior forgives his new chambermaiden's mistake, his attention focused solely on the young woman, whose slender frame seems so tiny compared to his own.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Uninvited/Uncle+Rick 14/11/20(Thu)12:44 No. 22834 ID: a887c0

'ello guv.

I've always loved this basic concept, and it's a pretty solid first effort, if a little short. You've made your fair share of mistakes, but that always happens on first drafts, especially if you haven't done much writing before.

Let's start with the objective mistakes. You want to get your tenses under control. All that means is choose a timeframe and stick with it. You seem to have chosen third-person (partially)omniscient, which is good for this kind of story. It gives you a lot of options to explain things about the world and your characters that might seem awkward if you had them explain themselves, so it's a solid choice. However, you need to decide WHEN the narrator is relating events from. Is (s)he relating a story that's already happened (past tense), or are they simulcasting events as they occur (present tense).

> Once he entered the camp's chambers...
past tense

>Her dark eyes shift over towards the man.
Present tense

> The rich brown of her eyes surrounded by dark freckles held his gaze...
Past tense

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Uninvited/Uncle+Rick 14/11/20(Thu)12:46 No. 22835 ID: a887c0

A clarification of my earlier post. I realize that I started off talking about tenses and then said you were using Third Person Omniscient, which isn't a tense at all. I had meant to make it clear that I was talking about your choice of Narrator right there, and then dovetail that into what I had to say about your choice of tense, but I did a piss poor job. Your choice of narrator and choice of tense are related, but not at all the same thing.

Anonymous 14/11/22(Sat)00:07 No. 22860 ID: 2a4022

That's some really good feedback thank you, and I wouldn't worry about discouraging me.

I hadn't a clue where to start or go when I wrote this draft, so I just wrote what seemed okay and posted it up haha.

But I will definitely make use of your feedback and re-reading it I can see exactly what you mean, Though I couldn't see it myself through the first read.
Thanks a lot :)

The Fenix Apsallar 14/09/06(Sat)22:19 No. 22392 ID: 8a2109 [Reply]

--This is a science fiction story. It has slavery, submission, domination, punishments, mind games and other perverted stuff for your enjoyment.--

Let me tell you how I ended up on the pirate ship Fenix. I was a graduate in mechanics. My first posting was supposed to be on a deep space mining facility in a backwater system of the federation. It was not going to be fun that was for certain, but without practical experience I could not dream about working on a real ship, even a merchant one. Not with my barely passable grades. I had always been interested in mechanics, taking after my father. I am good in practice but terrible in theory. That’s why I went to a crappy university and barely graduated. The mining station would be a low paying, long hour’s job. I definitely was depressed to start that part of my life. My journey out there was trough the Tach-SW star system. Part of the 5th colonization wave, it was a poor dump, hundreds of jumps from any civilized core world. Planet Otake boasted only one space station functioning both as a passenger and trade terminal. My last trek would be completed from here by a cargo ship doubling as a passenger. The worst part was, I was going to an even poorer system.

Everything on this station looked old, ancient. Patched together by countless maintenance jobs. It was obvious there was no money for new systems. I was fascinated by the air purifiers, recognizing models long out of production but still humming in this antique station. One year in the mining facility and I could apply for a job in such a place. The biggest perk being near a planet where I could take a vacation. Even if it is such a dust ball as the grey uninvitingly looking planet of Otake. Waiting for my ride I mused that with a salary of a space station engineer I could afford to visit the local entertainment. Brothels as cheap as the drinks and the food. The security people started moving so I guessed that it was time for the gate to open. There were about five hundred travelers taking this ship. No wonder there was no dedicated passenger ship on this run with so few candidates to travel onwards. I had truly arrived at the edge of the federation. At least I was almost there.

I passed the time while going through the security checks in daydreaming about my new job. About having a really big breasted supervisor. She would be showing me around, inpatient with me, shoving those fun bags at my chest angrily. She would have sweat drops going down her neck towards…. A big clank noise signified the decoupling of the ship from the station docking clamps. Green ticket holders like me were led by a hobo looking crewmember towards out loggings. They turned out to be a single room with twenty beds, depressing. Apparently my company can’t afford single accommodations. I would need to complain to my imaginary big breasted manager. It would be tree days until we approached jump space. I decided t Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The Fenix Apsallar 14/11/17(Mon)08:53 No. 22803 ID: 8a2109

Thank you all for the comments. Yeah this one definitely has dark moments.

The Fenix Apsallar 14/11/17(Mon)09:13 No. 22807 ID: 8a2109

We secured enough fuel to last us months plus many more spear parts. I checked the tags of the commander in that room. He was known only as Helion. He did not talk to me further or made any mention of the incident. I suppose I had to feel grateful to him for not reporting me but that would mean I would be grateful for that girl’s death.

There was more killing that day. For putting up such a resistance the captain ordered most captives executed. Only the highest priced girls were kept.
I was sick to the core and focused just on my work. When I closed my eyes the only thing I could see was blood.
Back on the ship I had time to get my thoughts together. We went into stealth and would be maneuvering for the next couple days until we reached a jump point. The ship crew returned to their daily debaucheries like nothing had happened. Some were disappointed that we didn’t stick around longer to take more loot from the facility.

I couldn’t sleep. I knew that the death of that girl was my responsibility and something I would need to carry forever.

It took me weeks to recover enough to function normally. I knew that if that girl hadn’t tried to kill me I wouldn’t have lost my mind and taken her so. And she was going to be dead anyway, executed for resisting. She wasn’t pretty enough to be among the captives. Somehow as time went by I stopped thinking every hour about it. One morning I woke up with a hard on.

My young slave must have been very concerned during that time. I hardly talked to her preferring to give her instructions or just lock her up. We were not having our masturbation sessions, I just was not in the mood. I guess that was until I woke up that morning with a hard on. I realized that it had been weeks since I had released myself.

I went to meet Marco and he actually made me laugh with stories about his new slave girl. Life hadn’t stopped. As I walked back to my carters I felt selfishly the need to have my girl pleasure me. I also promised myself to release her the first opportunity I got. Release her in the name of that other girl. I didn’t make her do anything that night. I just couldent. The next couple days I got more and more aroused thinking about her naked body, about her child like hand stroking my penis. I wanted her again and I knew then that I would survive what happened on the planet. Was I selfish or was the need for sex such a primal urge that could not be resisted?

I looked through the file of my captive, with her old pictures. The scribes transferred all data of ships we raided and her private pics were all there. I still was not ready to go and get her but looking at the pics I couldn’t help feeling the urge to continue my training of her. I liked one in particular: http://fap.to/images/53/1122125872/amateur-porn/NN-Teens-127-5. Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/11/21(Fri)21:13 No. 22858 ID: c28cb2

Love BDSM stories like this. And toss in some space spice of life it makes it awesome.

The Tangled Skein Evil Empire 14/11/21(Fri)19:04 No. 22857 ID: 38de42 [Reply]

"Bring her in." The queen was reclining on her bed when she gave her imperious command. She was supported and surrounded by dozens of elegantly embroidered pillows. Each one worth more than the slaves who stood in attendance of the Queen's needs. The pillows were just the smallest part of the opulence in the Queen's bedchamber.

The slaves were selected for their physical beauty, the men strong and muscular and the women sleek and nubile. The Queen had also made sure to select the slaves that attended her based on more lascivious specifications, the male slaves all possessed thick cocks and exceptional sexual stamina while the female slaves had the kind of pleasing curves that men lusted after.

Each slave was attired the same as every slave in attendance, a simple gold hoop around the neck and a short skirt belted about the waist. An arrangement that did nothing to hide a state of sexual excitement on the part of the male slaves.

Indeed, it often amused her to order one or more of her male slaves to take one the young girls while the Queen looked on. She particularly liked it when the girls resisted, struggling against the more powerful male slave as he bent her over, lifted the short skirt and took her roughly from behind.

However, as much as she enjoyed watching her enforced orgies she never touched any of the slaves attending her nor did she allow any to touch her. For that she had different tastes. Each night her servants brought her a new girl to share her bed. Each one more lovely than the last. Sometimes they would watch the antics of the Queen's slaves in orgy, other times she would dismiss her servants and would take her pleasure from the girl in privacy.

She watched as the heavy doors to her bedchamber swung open, admitting a single girl bound between two muscular soldiers. The girls brought before her were quite often frightened, a few were defiant and some were even confident. This girl was one of the confident ones. It didn't matter, the one thing that all the girls shared was that none of them lived past the dawn of the new day.

This girl was tall and slender, almost as tall as her beefy captors. Her brown hair tumbled down over her shoulders in an artful tangle. However, it was her bearing that truly set her apart. More than just confident, the girl standing before her was haughty, imperious even. She directed a look of disdain at the Queen as if it were she that were Queen and the Queen a mere lowly commoner. For a moment the Queen considered summarily ordering her guards to execute the woman on the spot but curiosity held her tongue. Shows of defiance were normal, but disdain? That was something new. What made this girl so different?

In most cases the girls brought before her had arrived at the palace as slaves. The Queen didn't concern herself to much as to how the girls were obtained. So long as there was Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Greenvale Fraternity Jacqueline Madison Gibson (Jax) 14/11/21(Fri)13:16 No. 22839 ID: 249c7e [Reply]

Over the past 3 years my life has changed completely. I was down on my luck and had almost lost everything.
I will soon be 40 years old. They say life begins at 40 but my new life began 3 years ago when I was 37.

My name is Jacqueline Madison Gibson or Jax for short, I was raised in a loving family with my older sister Vanessa. My parents have both now passed away but I have always kept in touch with my sister.

I fell in love with a guy when I was 25 years old and we were together for 12 years, we got engaged but never got married. We split up after I found out that he had been having affairs with other women, he left me for a 26 year old who he had been seeing from work.
He also left me in debt and I had to sell our house and my car and other things to cover it.

So at 37 and with nowhere else to go I moved to live with my sister.
Vanessa (Van for short) is 3 years my senior, we are very similar in looks, both of us are about 5 feet 5 inches tall we both have dark brown hair that some times looks black and we both share the same deep brown eye color. We both take after our mother and neither of us has ever been slim, but we are not fat either, we call ourselves curvy lol. At the time I was just over 200 pounds and had been on a diet for what seemed like forever.

Vanessa is married to a really smart guy called Rod who works in scientific research and they have a son Peter (Pete) who is now 15 years old. They own a really nice house just outside of a small town in a nice quiet area.

Moving in wasn’t a problem as their house had a guest room with adjoining bath above the garage, I even had another small room in which I could store what was left of my stuff.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Jacqueline+Madison+Gibson+(Jax) 14/11/21(Fri)13:28 No. 22854 ID: 249c7e

Judo and Tom watched as Peter began to rock his hips back and forth and his cock began to slide in and out of me. Peter held onto my legs and began to pick up the pace as I began moaning harder and harder.
‘This is amazing Pete’ Tom said ’I don’t believe it, you are actually fucking your aunty, you’re fucking her for real’.
Judo and Tom watched as Peter fucked me, I orgasmed twice in succession and then after a few minutes I felt Peter ejaculating inside me.
‘Did you just spunk in her’ Judo asked Peter.
‘Yeah’ Peter replied breathlessly
‘Oh my God dude, I would love to do that’ Judo said smiling a Peter.
‘Go ahead then, try it if you want’ Peter replied.
‘Whaa……you mean………me’ Judo was lost for words, he looked over to me ‘Is it….I mean….am I…..can I……’
I nodded eagerly ‘Yeah, get between my legs’ my desire to feel this friend of my nephews putting his cock into me was overwhelming.
Peter moved out of the way and Judo got between my legs, his cock was still rock solid after watching Peter and I fucking so I took hold of his dick and brought the head up to my pussy lips and guided the head of his cock into me. Judo’s cock is lot bigger than Peters both wider and longer, its like a man sized cock attached to a boy.
‘Oh God, I don’t believe it, my dick is actually going into her pussy, . . . my dick is in your aunties pussy Pete. Look guys my dick is really in her’
‘Please say I can go next’ Tom said looking down at his friends cock sticking in me.
‘Push forward slowly’ I instructed Judo as I let go of his cock. Judo did as he was told and soon I felt his full length in me, I began to cum. I don’t think he was really sure what to do as I squirmed on the bed moaning and crying as I orgasmed. He just stayed where he was and kept his cock fully up me.
I heard my self cry out ‘Your cock is so big, your cock is so big, oh my god, so fucking big, fuck me fuck me please fuck me’.
Judo began rocking his hips like he had seen Peter doing and soon he got into a rhythm and his cock slid in and out of me easily.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Jacqueline+Madison+Gibson+(Jax) 14/11/21(Fri)13:29 No. 22855 ID: 249c7e

Peter brought me a cup of coffee up from the kitchen the following morning. I think he realised I was to exhausted from the night before to have our usual morning fuck. He kissed me goodbye and then went off to school.
This is by no means an end to my story, oh no. This was no wham bam thank you mam, as they say boys will be boys and now that Tom and Judo had a taste for it I knew they would be back for more.
I got myself up and showered and dressed. I had some breakfast and then walked over to Patty’s house, I could have driven over but it was a fine day and I felt good, reinvigorated I suppose.
As usual Patty had made fresh coffee for us both when I got there and she had been baking and her cookies were delicious.
She commented on how well I looked, in fact she said I looked like the cat who had got the cream.
‘I certainly got the cream’ I thought to myself and giggled a little.

I should explain that Patty’s house is immaculate, she doesn’t really need a cleaner I think she just likes having company and someone to talk to. Her husband is an archaeologist and so he was away from home in remote parts of the world sometimes for months at a time and as she had no children of her own and no other family close by I think she had taken me under her wing and was trying to look out for me.
As for appearance we couldn’t be more opposite, she is blond and blue eyed, taller than me but with smaller breasts and wider hips and even thought she is five years my senior she is in very good shape and a very good looking woman.
I helped her with a few chores after we had finished our coffee and before I left for home she remarked again how happy I seemed to be and that she was glad to see me smiling at last.

I walked home daydreaming again about the night before and good it had all felt. There hadn’t been any stress or tension between the four of us, we had just gone into my room and done it and everyone had enjoyed themselves, especially me.
I arrived home and tidied the house a little and changed the sheets on my bed as they were still damp from the exploits of the night before.
Peter arrived home from school and we sat at the table and ate our dinner and chatted.
I was happy to hear that both Tom and Judo had sought him out at school and thanked him again and again. Peter told me that they both sent their love to me which made me feel happy and warm inside.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Jacqueline+Madison+Gibson+(Jax) 14/11/21(Fri)13:29 No. 22856 ID: 249c7e

Friday. . . Sleepover.

Peter and I fucked in the morning before he went of to school, a precursor to what I knew was coming later on that day. Again the day seemed to fly by while I waited in anticipation.
I had made dinner again for the four of us and bang on 4.30 Peter, Judo and Tom came in through the front door. After removing their shoes they came into the kitchen and I got a hug and a kiss off each of them in turn which was lovely.
We ate our meal and the boys told me about their day at school, Peter told me that one of the boys who had used to bully him had actually come over to him and apologised, so at least being in the GVF was helping my nephew.

‘Ok guys’ I said and the boys quietened down to hear me speak ‘There is just one thing we need to get straight before we begin’.
Judo, Tom and Peter looked at me in silence.
‘From now on I want you all to call me Jax, ok, just Jax. Not Miss Gibson, not Aunty’ I smiled at Peter when I said this and all three boys laughed ‘Just Jax, are we straight on that’.
‘Yeah, sure, cool’ was my answer from all three.
‘Ok’ I said, ‘same drill as last time, you boys do the dishes and tidy while I go to my room and get ready‘. And with that I left them.

I had been thinking about this all day and although I had been frightened last time, this time I was going to put on some sexy underwear and I just hoped that the boys wouldn’t laugh at me like my ex had done.
I put on my black and purple corset that zips up and the front, it is mostly black with some shiny silky purple panels in it down the front and under the cup of each breast, it also has four black ribbon attachments on the bottom so I can wear it with stockings.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Device Brothers - Chapter 1 - The Ottoman wondash!v4DxM5avR6 14/04/10(Thu)04:54 No. 21522 ID: fc5e42 [Reply]

Chapter 1 – The Ottoman

Tina and I were walking back from the beach. It was a very warm day even for late August. Summer vacation was nearing an end. I was wearing my favorite bikini, string top and bottoms. Tina’s had put on a tee and wrap over her bikini. She was always more reserved than I, even though she was gorgeous. We rounded the corner and made a left down the alley, a short-cut to our beach house. A few cars were parked, one of them a Corvette which we both admired. Ahead of the Vette was a panel van. As we passed, the side door and passenger doors opened together. My brain tried to register what happened next, but it was all so fast. Tina screamed and was quickly muffled. I felt a rag across my face, became very dizzy, then all went black.

My head hurt. I opened my eyes and tried to focus. The room was empty save for a chair, small side table, and the bed I as on. There was one door and no windows. I tried to sit up and realized that I couldn’t. Straps crossed my body and legs. And what was in my mouth, a ball, a gag! “Ahhhmmmmfffffff”. I tried to scream but only made a muffled sound. Tears welled in my eyes. Oh god, where was I? Where was Tina? What’s happening? I closed my eyes and tried to relax. The door opened. A man walked in. He was wearing a white lab coat and hospital scrubs. Maybe this was a hospital. But why was I restrained and gagged. He carried a silver tray which he set on the table. I could see a syringe. Immediately I started to struggle “Nnnnnnnnnn.” He approached my side and steadied my arm. “No need to worry” he said, and I felt the sting of the needle. “You’ll start to feel a bit light headed. Don’t worry. I’ll be back as soon as I tend to your friend.”

I didn’t fall asleep, but my mind was not clear. I tried to focus. What did I need to do? Something should be done, something was wrong, but what? Things didn’t seem so bad all of a sudden. I was relaxed. Some time later, the door opened and the man returned. As he approached, I noticed the bulge at his waist. Did he have an erection? For some reason, this did not concern me. At my side, he held each of my eyelids open and shined a small light in my eyes. “Good” he mumbled to himself. “Jenny, I’m going to remove your gag now.” It felt good to close my mouth. “Wwwear am I? how do you know my name?” “You’re safe here. I have some questions to ask. I know you’ll tell me the truth. I’ve already spoken with Tina. He began to ask questions, and for some reason, I just answered. He asked about my family and where I lived. He asked how old I was. He asked about my relationship with Tina (she was my best friend). Then the topic changed. “Jenny, are you a virgin?” I was. Tina and I had spoken of this together. We would wait for the right time and place. So far, that had not happened. I began to shake, but still, I felt obliged to answer. “Yes.” The very personal questions co Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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wondash!v4DxM5avR6 14/11/19(Wed)21:56 No. 22825 ID: 63bf29

I've been working on the final chapters of my other story (The Club). Hopefully after The Club is finished I'll come back to this story. For now, here's one more chapter (the last I've written) of Device Brothers...

Chapter 6 – Partner In Crime wondash!v4DxM5avR6 14/11/19(Wed)21:57 No. 22826 ID: 63bf29

Chapter 6 – Partner In Crime

I was very nervous. The Hasting bothers and I had grown up together. I remember the first time they brought me into the back room of their dad’s basement. That room had always been locked, but this time they had the key. It was dark but I could see strange metal devices hanging from the walls and on the workbench. In one corner there was a big wooden ‘X’… what was that for? We dragged a cardboard box off a shelf and out into the ‘finished’ part of the basement. Inside were magazines – with pictures of girls. I had seen a Playboy magazine one time before, but these were different. The girls were all tied up or tied down – like they didn’t want to be.

Over the years we visited the back room many times – to explore and look at the mags. Later each night, I would masturbate thinking about the girls in the pictures. Then one day, Jack and Zane called me on the phone – very excited. “Come over quick!” “Why? What’s going on?” But they had hung up. I jumped on my bike and peddled as fast as possible the half mile to their home on the outskirts of town. I ran around back to the basement storm doors – I always went in that way. At the bottom of the stairs, there was no sign of Jack or Zane – but the back room door was slightly ajar and I could hear some sort of moaning; was somebody hurt? Tentatively I pushed open the door. The brothers were there, but not alone. Millie Phillips – a girl from our school was with them. They had her attached to the big wooden ‘X’ – her arms and legs spread apart and held by ropes. In her mouth was some sort of rubber ball. She was struggling desperately, and her blouse had been removed.

I stood there staring… staring at Millie. Her bra was stark white against the darkness of the room. Millie was a year older than us – and unlike most other girls in our grade, she had breasts. Not big, but all the boys had noticed. “H how did you get her here” I stuttered? “Easy, we told her we had cigs.” “What about your Dad, when he gets home from work?” “What the fucks wrong with you – you look like you’re about to piss your pants. We thought you’d be into this with us.” Zane had started to cut through Millie’s skirt with these old rusty scissors. I wanted to stay… to see Millie’s bare breasts. But now she was really struggling, yelling for help as best she could. I panicked and ran from the house. Jack followed “Hank… where you going? We’re not going to hurt her! You better not fucking tell anyone!” His voice trailed off as I peddled away.

The next day at school I nonchalantly asked one of the other girls if she had seen Millie Phillips, but she said no, that she heard that Millie was out sick. Millie remained ‘out sick’ for the entire week. And when I passed her in the hall one day the following week, she wouldn’t look me in the eye and just rushed past. Jack Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/11/21(Fri)08:34 No. 22838 ID: 05f405

Awesome, as usual. Can never decide if I'm more excited when this or The Club updates.

San Francisco Wazzles !JUD7F1CtU. 14/08/06(Wed)19:22 No. 22193 ID: e633c7 [Reply]

Hello all.
I've written some short stories so I'll keep this short. It's a story about loving a dickgirl and the heartache and buttache that comes with it. It's my first longstory, it's slow. It's not done yet: I want the readers to pick a cool ending. I have about 6 chapters ready to go with a few more in the draft stages. If this thread dies I will make it clear. Hopefully that doesn't happen. If you find any typos, inconsistencies or fuckups please let me know.
Hope you enjoy.

global tags: herm on male, mf, femdom, futadom, reluctance, group, kinda romancey



I gulped. It was only a natural response, when something is clogging up your windpipe you have two choices - cough or swallow or suffocate. I can’t be blamed for picking the latter can I?
“Good boooy” she goaded, one hand on my throat, feeling my hyoid bone slide gooey contents down the tube. Her other hand brushed sweaty hair out of my eyes and tears from the side of my face. They weren’t tears of pain or sadness. Okay, maybe a little bit of pain. I gasped for my first full lung of air since we started, now my throat was completely empty, if it weren’t for the sticky sides - the way it clung to the walls like fried eggs. Stop thinking about eggs I focused on her face, flushed and pleased. My eyes, only slightly defiant, stared up into hers through the dark. I could still see them glitter with satisfaction as they wandered past mine, over me to the other side of the room. Hidden under the blankets I couldn’t see what was happening there, even if I could hear it; gentle moans and heady grunts, two different voices. Bronte’s hand went from my throat to my chin and a single finger beckoned me up her body, my tongue dragging up her sweat lined skin. She giggled in response.
“You’re getting good” she claimed, pulling my body against hers once we were face to face, naked skin touching naked skin. She had a little smirk on her face that looked like ’I know you enjoy it’
She planted a kiss on my forehead and her hands roamed over my skin. “Roll over” gestured, pushing my hips slightly. I silently agreed and turned to my other side - little spoon. From here I could see where the noise was coming from -

“That’ll be you tomorrow” Bronte claimed, both her promise and my body.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/11/20(Thu)07:43 No. 22832 ID: 807a82

Serious taste.
I like the way you write, I love the tension between the protagonist and the others, not just Bronte. I don't know if I can make it any better but I wanna see some 3some action with Whiskey and Bronte and that is all.

Anonymous 14/11/20(Thu)17:06 No. 22836 ID: 7dac67

Really, I'm just keen to see what you come up with, tho.

Anonymous 14/11/20(Thu)22:39 No. 22837 ID: 52dfff

I consider this the best currently active story to fap to on the internet.

My Little Robin (loli) spiderfiend!ozOtJW9BFA 14/11/20(Thu)07:17 No. 22831 ID: d09574 [Reply]

The book was old. It was bound in a now faded leather that hinted at the color black. It had several tears that had been stitched shut, some with professional precession and some were rough and untrained. The wear and tear the tomb exhibited could not even begin to tell the tale that lay inside it's pages. If it were to be opened one would find the paper musty,stiff, and yellowed with age. Some of the pages seem to have been torn out leaving only short ragged stubs to testify for their existence. Inside the worn cover of the old book was a short paragraph of small tightly written script pinned in black ink that had long since faded to blue, it read.

“ To my Robin, my daughter, my wife, my lover. You are what kept me going all these years. Yours forever Edward.”

May 19, 1954
I have not been this excited since I was a child on Christmas morning. My name is Edward Blanton, I am twenty nine years old, and I am a ornithologist. That is a bird scientist. I follow birds, watch birds, I love birds, birds are my passion. I will record all of my findings in this journal for posterity, but first I need to explain the adventure I am currently on.

You see there is a little known rare species of bird called the Blue Pope. It is a small bird close cousin to the finch but has a interesting blue coloration that makes it unique. It nests in southern Mexico during the winter months, but no one knows where they go for the summer. The Blue Pope has one other strange quality about it that makes it special. In the small southern town where the birds nest for half the year, it is the only place in Mexico where you can find Pope Berries. The berries are not native to the area and they seem to only begin sprouting when the birds appear every season. This has lead me to believe that the two are tied together somehow.

So no one knows where these strange little birds go for the summer, no one except me. I found out where they have been hiding, on my grandfathers land in Montana. I found this out several months ago when I was going through some of my grandfathers old books and found a sprig of Pope Berries pressed between the pages of one large tomb. When I asked my mother about it she told me it was from the cabin her father owned in the mountains, and that these plants grew wild there. It is a chunk of land closed off in a hidden valley that you had to have a plane to get to. Unless you were willing to hike the two days it took to get to the old cabin and that was a long trip over rough ground.

So here I am on a train to Montanan with my last seventy five bucks in my pocket. I hope that my guess is correct and I find my little birds there.

May 21, 1954
I have walked for the last two days and have finally reached the edge of the valley. I am sitting on the rim of what I can only assume is a old volcano bowl. There is a sizable lake at the very bottom of the crater that I was t Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/11/20(Thu)12:26 No. 22833 ID: 52c0ad

Excellent, certainly a good read. Thanks for sharing

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