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Story Request Canes89 14/10/01(Wed)05:23 No. 22515 ID: 7d5563

Hi there. I was wondering if someone can write a story for me..I've secretly been lusting after one my co workers. My name is Danielle and his name is Khayyam. He has a really dirty mouth and he's really confident. We both are 25 years old. Can someone write a story in which he finds out that I really want him and discovers his dirty talk really turns me on and we eventually have sex.

READ BEFORE POSTING! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:11 No. 8546 ID: 5eefb3 [Reply] Locked Stickied

This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Summer With the Family Anonymous 14/05/12(Mon)11:08 No. 21732 ID: b748ed [Reply]

This is intended to be the first part (or a planned but not set five.) This contains a male-female, consensual sex between first cousins.

Part 1

I spent most of my high school summer’s at my aunt’s. Aunt April lived in the up north with her daughter, my cousin Melanie. We were more or less the same age. I think our moms were pregnant with us at the same time. But while my mom still worked as the day manager at a Hooter’s, Mel’s was now a prosecuting attorney. So, a week after school was done I packed clothes and toothbrush and waited excitedly for the my aunt to arrive to drive us upstate.

“Hey!” Mel rushed out of to greet us when we rolled into the garage. I beamed and she threw her arms around me in a hug, “Missed you!”

I hugged her, maybe a little awkwardly. Mel’s hug pressed her breasts into me and her hair smelled like floral shampoo. She was wearing a long tee shirt and flip flops, her long cream legs stretching out from the shirt, knee rubbing against my crotch. Maybe a lot awkwardly. I reminded myself, forcefully, that she was my cousin.

“I’ll take you bags in, did you want to go for a swim?” my aunt said, and Mel immediately chimed in to second.

That was when it hit me. “I -- I forgot my trunks.”

“I’ll find you something!” Mel offered, grabbed my hand and pulled me away by the wrist.
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Anonymous 14/08/10(Sun)22:46 No. 22235 ID: d908d4

Planning to continue, or should we let it fade away?

Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)07:22 No. 22504 ID: b748ed

This can be read without Part 2, since that scene is not really up to the standards that I wanted.

Part 3

I was dead tired when we finally came home. My room was across the hall from Melanie’s, a guest room with a full sized bed. I didn’t have one at home, my bed at home was a twin with a chewed up comforter. I turned the sheets down and very nearly collapsed into bed still in my clothes from the restaurant. Aunt April had brought my bag up when we arrived. It sat zipped and leaning against the glossy dresser in the corner of the room. I huffed over to it, unzipped it a began to hunt for some pajamas.

After the divorce, Aunt April got to keep the house upstate. Melanie’s dad was still around, he was a jackass, but he kept his distance and paid. Mel told me once he kept a bachelor pad in the city in some loft that looked like a porn set.

With a sigh it dawned on me that I had forgotten to pack pajamas. Apparently. I pulled out the dresser drawers, found fresh towels, and an old quilt but no clothes. I stripped off my shirt and slacks, and climbed into bed, changed into fresh shorts. I sunk into the sheets and rolled over. Outside, frogs and locusts croaked and sawed in the late, hot summer.

I slept for a while, tossing and turning. When I woke up, it was with a throbbing erection. I laid on my back. I turned the sheets down, jerking off didn’t seem right for a dozen reasons and despite my cock’s insistence I eventually decided against it.

The lights in the house were all off. The house had taken on a ghostly pale blue from where moonlight crept through curtains and the sunroof. Melanie’s door was open, she wasn’t home yet from her friends’. When we were little we would sit together in her room. She had an N64, we would play Mario Kart for hours until our mom’s called us for dinner. It was still set up under her tv, but the old, small set had been replaced by a modern flat screen hung on her wall.

I stepped back into her closet and pulled the string on the light. My eyes adjusted after a second. She had a chest of drawers in one corner, several shoe boxes piled on top, mostly running shoes or flats. In the top shelf she had a small selection of lingerie. I couldn’t help myself, I picked up the top piece, a pink nightie with lace encircling open breasts, a single tie halfway down. The panties that matched were crotchless. My cock stiffened, the rational part of my brain told me that I couldn’t even think of Mel wearing it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/10/01(Wed)01:22 No. 22514 ID: 56dcd9

Please continue this story. Regardless of how fast it is I enjoy it.

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel (slash, loli & we'll see where Random Evername 13/12/01(Sun)19:37 No. 20360 ID: 0beccd [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This is my first attempt at starting a story on here. I've tried a few things on Fiction Press, but not quite this depraved. I'm inspired by some of the examples here (especially Roommates), so I thought I would give it a try. I don't pretend this is that good. I'm not even sure that I'm posting this right.

Chapter 1

I turn to move past Hayley McSween in the hallway connecting the kitchen to the dishwasher in the restaurant serving St. Edmund’s Country Club. With a hand on my chest, she lightly pushes me into the door for the stockroom. “Can you close for me tonight? I want to go to the mall with from friends.” Her fingers trace from my chest to my belt buckle suggesting a possible compensation for my sacrifice.

I am Kyler … Kyler Jakubowski. At nineteen years old, I scrape, borrow, and force my way through my sophomore year in bio-premed at Stony Brook University on Long Island. Straight A’s so far – lookin’ good. It may be mercenary, but I will do just about anything to endure this crucible for that glimpse of wealth I see at the other end.

I live in a cramped, non-air-conditioned attic apartment of an ancient home that I rent from some old couple – Mr. and Mrs. Watson. With its back staircase access, I never have to see them, if I don’t want to. They’re okay, though – always waving to me and baking me stuff. Back in the day, the house was an old whaling captain’s home, so I have access to a little glass room above the attic. His wife could watch for his ship to return. No lie – it’s called a belvedere.

My college is on Long Island, but my savings account is strictly Schenectady. It was a lot easier to afford the $300 monthly rent before my roommate, Freddie Steffanaur, was expelled for copying an entire term paper, verbatim, from an internet site – for the third time. What a fuckin’ jackass.

Which is why, when Hailey McSween asks me to close for her at work -- I’m tempted to say, “Yes” without delay. I can use the extra hours, even though I have a shitload of homework – I can fake it through Statistics, but Orgo is getting pretty tough. I’m lying -- even though Hailey’s only sixteen, she is smoking hot with reputation to spare. I’m always happy to do her a favor … just in case it could lead to something.

Ah shit, who am I kidding? That’s just living out one of my masturbation fantasies. With a healthy allowance, she doesn’t need the job, but her parents think it builds character. I’m glad I enjoyed a few seconds of that delirium before answering because she reaches down and traces my stiffness from the outside with just one finger, and it drives me senseless, “I can make it worth your while.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/08/23(Sat)01:04 No. 22329 ID: 26107d

I was really happy with the street rat x rich girl theme in Kyler and Vienna's interactions. The moment Kyler came to the conclusion about his involvement with Celestina earlier in the story I took that as a permanent shift away from these shenanigans.

Everything involving Victor feels like an annoying hindrance to what I want from this story and these characters. Not going to lie, the moment Celestina showed up in his flat I rolled my eyes and figuratively threw my hands up.

I hope others enjoy this and see it to its conclusion, but I won't.
You are a good writer though, some solid characterization, and mostly enjoyable prose. I'm just not interested in the story anymore, not against drama, but this doesn't jive with me.


Anonymous 14/09/17(Wed)05:21 No. 22446 ID: 7ede29

This is one of the best stories here, in my humble opinion. Keep it up, OP!

Chapter 21 Random Evername 14/09/30(Tue)05:27 No. 22513 ID: b12ebc

Sorry for taking so long. I had to resolve my nightly migraines that have been occurring since the beginning of summer. I'll keep it up, but I don't think I'll be able to maintain the same pace I had before.

Chapter 21

My head throbs mercilessly. I shut my eyes and lean my head against cold glass to get some relief. I’m trapped in a brain blender stuck on puree. I detect the door’s telltale-warning click just before the blinding dome light blasts a hole through my retinas.

“Shut the door,” I moan.

“You would not believe what happened last night?” Vienna says jumping in the seat next to me, ignoring my misery.

I think I might believe just about anything. I crack open one eye and ask, “What?”

“Celestina did not make it back for curfew. The director was livid. We had a midnight bed check and muster in the dining hall. They searched the grounds.”

“I thought the high schoolers didn’t have a nine pm curfew,” I say trying to remember exactly what Celestina told me.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Exhibitionist (cd/trans/4chan) Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:41 No. 22505 ID: 76a3cc [Reply]

(I'm not the author of this copypasta. This appeared on 4chan's /b/ some time ago and I managed to save it just before the thread got pruned. I've seen people on /b/ requesting it from time to time with no avail so I decided to post it here for posterity.)

Story one, part 1:

>Monday night, few months ago
>class cancelled, fuckyeah.jpg
>roommate won’t be back until tomorrow
>more time for me to trap around the house, hooray
>put on the least slutty clothes I could find out of my stockpile
>girls MLP top (nothing crazy, blue silhouette of rainbow dash against black), red pleated skirt, converse
>do a decent job at makeup
>feeling sexy but not slutty, I’m enjoying this

>glass of wine get
>it’s 10pm and Target’s about to close
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:44 No. 22510 ID: 76a3cc

Story two, part 2:

>his eyes widen and scan rapidly up and down my body
>that gaze feels like a heat gun on me
>I get self-conscious and aroused at the same time
>he’s clearly enjoying what he sees, smiles slowly
>heart skips a beat, and then starts again much harder and faster
>it thumps like a dirty club beat
>hand drifts up to cover my nonexistent cleavage
>this thing’s cut too low, my shoulders feel bare
>ends are jabbing against my pelvis
>can’t breathe
>I fucking love it
>feel my cock harden and burn in its prison
>the warmth is unbearably sensual
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:45 No. 22511 ID: 76a3cc

Story two, part 3:

>step out
>that bald pervert is grinning at me
>staring at my fucking skirt again
>my knees grow weak
>I wanna go home, this is uncomfortable
>wish he’d grab me and sit me down on his lap
>i’m running on endorphins, fuck it
>hands are shaking
>runway stripperwalk toward him
>stop just outside of his reach
>set the bottle down next to me
>I should’ve dropped this off first
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:46 No. 22512 ID: 76a3cc

Story two, part 4:

>I feel my cock pumping and contracting
>fuuuck not now, noononono
>if he sees me leaking cum out of my underwear I’m fucking dead
>try to hold it in, not yet
>think of all the nasty things, all the ugly girls
>I angle my butt away from him, keep it out of his sight
>he reaches over and pulls my head down by the hair
>forces me down to my elbows on the seat
>now I’m ass-up like a cat
>this is a really degrading posture
>I’m scared shitless and turned on
>desperately want to be humped in this position
>rock my ass back and forth
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Implant (tags: tentacle(s), f/f, f/m, science fiction) Rachael Avarie!!IuBGZ0LmOz 12/10/10(Wed)15:56 No. 17365 ID: 4c9640 [Reply]

I re-read a story I wrote some time ago. Then I decided to write some more. If this post's format screws up on 7chan then I apologize, this is my first time posting here.

Since some people may want or need to track this story or other stories I may post, I’ll go by the pen name "Rachael Avarie" here rather than Anonymous. This is the first story/writing I’m sharing with the world, so feedback is especially appreciated.

I considered writing this in first person, but I may be switching point of views, so I’ll stick with third person. I’ll also be writing with spacing between paragraphs because I’m not sure if websites such as this will allow for tab indentation. I’ll leave no line spaces between multiple quotes except between some extra large paragraphs, and will merely use a double star ** to indicate a new speaker, as necessary. Double inverted commas indicate speech; single inverted commas indicate thought, normally. Now although this story is rated as science fiction, I’ve made an effort to make it seem as realistic as possible. I’ve tried to make the character reactions to the unnatural as accurate as a real person’s reaction would be, though at points I’ve had to tone it down to forgo to write too much “gasp, shock, horror, ugh!” character reactions. Hints: the first chapter isn’t very erotic, but the second chapter will have scenes that, hopefully, ‘deliver’ (if you know what I mean ;)

Splurb: Julia is an ordinary 17-year-old girl. She gets implanted with a biological creature that attaches itself to her and starts growing. Don’t want to put too many spoilers here otherwise.

Tags: tentacle(s), f/f, f/m, science fiction

Chapter 1

Tuesday, school was out. Julia Sharinotte hated this walk home. That wasn’t to say it was sleazy, nor impossibly far, but something seemed off about one particular building. She’d be damned if she was going to walk around the block, however. Julia walked swiftly, ignoring the sights and the smells around her. Her mother was a quarter Japanese, though they’d all been born in the US. She considered herself an average girl, definitely of average height, though prettier than average, with long dirty-blonde hair, pale blue-green eyes. Her face had a touch of freckles, and she had B-cups, wrapped onto a slender, 17-year old frame. Her best friend certainly didn’t consider her average; she was always gushing about how gorgeous she was, about how unfair it was that she didn’t have to wear makeup. Oh Julia wore makeup, the tiniest amount she considered healthy, but she hated eyeliner. In her opinion, it destroyed a person’s face, more often than not.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/08/11(Mon)20:27 No. 22242 ID: fa5b53

Love the new chapter! Yay oviposition! :D yay beating smug girls!

Temerair 14/08/15(Fri)10:03 No. 22283 ID: c08b87

I'm excited to see the story go on!

Anonymous 14/09/28(Sun)17:55 No. 22503 ID: 268d0a

Yes, it's been great so far - the enhanced sporting performance as much as the titillation.

OP, can you give us a clue as to when we may see the next chapter(s) please?

Harem Thief: A Nisekoi Fanfic (mc, ntr, m/fffff) Anonymous 14/05/18(Sun)22:32 No. 21789 ID: e06ffc [Reply]

Life as a background character is boring. Every day is the same, nothing interesting ever happens. Every morning going to school, every evening coming home, with everything in between full of the same, mundane, humdrum, banal, mindnumbing routine.

For me and the rest of the class, about the only interesting thing in our lives was the harem. Five girls who were entirely unreasonably blessed.

First, they were pretty. Not just pretty. Unreasonably pretty. The other girls in the class confirmed that only one of them wore even the lightest of makeup, but they were all so perfect and unblemished that they made actors and models look plain and awkward.

Second, they were rich. Unreasonably rich. They lived in mansions and entire penthouse apartment floors. They flew around the world, bought extravagant luxuries, sicced their servants and thugs on anyone who looked at them wrong, and didn’t even really have a concept of money that made sense at the normal level.

Third, they were talented. Unreasonably talented. Some were gifted academically, able to get a perfect score on any test while paying no attention in class. One of the girls was actually our teacher, a girl who had sped through school and college to get her license at only nineteen years of age. Some were gifted athletically. There were rumors of one even having superhuman athletic ability that let her shatter stone buildings with a single kick.

They were freaks. But the freakiest thing of all was that every single one of them had the same obsession. Raku Ichijo. Every single one of them was head over heels infatuated with the guy. The rest of us were absolute trash as far they were concerned, but he was a god who could do no wrong, someone they were more than happy to all shamelessly fawn over together. It was so fucking stupid.

Right now, we were supposed to be having a class meeting. There was a school festival coming up and every class was responsible for a project to try and raise some money. With the harem in our class, the obvious choice for the boys was to exploit that and go with a maid cafe. Only one of the freaks, Marika, seemed to like the idea, though she made clear that she’d only be serving one person in the classroom. The rest of the girls, mundane and freak alike, were against the idea, either from embarrassment, outrage, or a fear of having to compete with one of the harem girls and being humiliated by it. Our teacher, Yui, was more than content to stand by, too busy playing with Raku’s hair to pay attention or do her job.

It was dragging on and on and on.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/06/21(Sat)23:49 No. 21974 ID: 1912fa

Where are you OP?

Anonymous 14/06/22(Sun)13:36 No. 21975 ID: ef934f

hadn't read this one till now, it's pretty fun

Anonymous 14/09/28(Sun)17:52 No. 22502 ID: 268d0a

I keep on coming back in the hope that there'll be another chapter; it's been good so far. Can you give us a clue whether one is on it's way OP?

My Sister is a Dickgirl SNT-NEL 12/02/11(Sat)10:15 No. 15127 ID: b808a3 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Reposting this, for some reason. Even though I felt weird trying to fap to futa lit, I was okay with this one, for some reason.

I remember a long while back, some folks here added to it, and things were great, but then for some reason the mods took it down? I think it was cause it hadn't been updated in forever. But, yeah. RESURRECTION(I hope)

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NewAnon 14/09/18(Thu)14:14 No. 22456 ID: 9269d6



Anonymous 14/09/22(Mon)19:44 No. 22479 ID: 3fac47

Please.... Hurry.....

This is fucking epic.

Anonymous 14/09/28(Sun)11:47 No. 22501 ID: def664

Bumpity wumpity

Next Door Neighbor Boy (True Story, First Time, Gay, Male) Charmander12 14/09/28(Sun)04:16 No. 22496 ID: 70211e [Reply]

My first ever sexual encounter with another person was a boy that moved next door to my grandparents house. The story is true and all in all I had a fun time looking back on it.

He moved in next door to my grandmothers when I was only about 10 and he was probably about 15. He was tall, (at least for his age) had a 'buzz cut' hairstyle, and slim, but other details about him I just cannot recall, I'm not even sure if I could pick him up in a line up this day. I almost saw him every day, because when I get out of school I would be dropped off at my grandparents house. My mother's work at the time had her working until around 6-7 p.m. So we spent a good deal of time hanging out until my mom came to pick me up. Typical afternoon was going to the park, playing video games, or just hanging out at his place.

Months after knowing each other, we end up going to the park to do whatever. We were the type of kids that would rather climb on top of the tube slides then actually use them the correct way. As we were dismounting the slide at the bottom he saw something in the sand and he called me over to it. I got over to him and he asked me if I knew what it was. He went out of the sand area to get a stick and came back and picked it up with the stick and told me that it was a condom. Now me at that age I had no idea what that was. Only thing he said was that you put it on your dick when you get hard... This didn't help me at all, it only confused me more. Jokingly I told him to show me how you do it then (my intentions were legit on seeing how one puts one on, I wasn't trying to 'take it somewhere'). He said a quick no for the fact that it has already been used and told me you can only use them one time then it's trash. We start to head home but I was loaded with questions in my head.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Charmander12 14/09/28(Sun)05:13 No. 22498 ID: 70211e

A few days go by without seeing him and eventually he actually comes over to my grandparents house looking for me (which was different because I always went over to his house, he never came over to this house). He told me to come over and hang out with him and I agreed but timidly followed. Once we got to his room he basically apologized for rushing me into that kind of stuff and said he would answer all questions I had about it because he told me that it's very fun. That comment basically made me raise an eyebrow to it all. I asked how, and he said that it feels good when you get hard and play with your dick. I asked him what do you mean by 'play with it'. He just simply smiled and said you move it back and forth when it's hard. I was basically speechless and was hesitant on what to ask next when he just cut me off and asked if I wanted to see another magazine. I did a slow hesitant yes back to him. When he returned he threw me a different one and said here you go. My heart was pounding, I remember that very clear, as I opened it up. I opened it and he told me to ask anything I wanted to him and told me to please not leave. I just shook my head up and down as I looked back down at the pages. It didn't take long at all before I was in the same situation as before. I was getting hard and felt my dick grow. I put the magazine to the side and just really sat there with my hands over my crouch trying to cover it. He notices instantly and said once again that it was fine. Again I was speechless not sure what to do and he told me that typically you get your dick out at this point. Instantly got shy from what he said and said I don't think I can. He asked why not but I never said anything back. Probably a solid minute goes by before he finally asks me do you want me to show you how. My mouth was so dry and I was so nervous but I did let out a small yes and he really didn't waste time at all.

He was just sitting down while we had this conversation and as soon as I said that yes he stood up, and his hard on was so obvious now. He didn't undo his button or zip down his zipper, he just slid off his pants and stood there in his boxer briefs. Even though I was new to it all and shy about it, when I saw his bulge I just couldn't stop looking at it. He grabbed himself and lifted his package up some and let it fall back down as I watched it bounce a little in his boxer briefs. My attention to the magazines were gone completely. While I was staring he told me to now copy him. I stood up slowly and even more slowly tugged at my jeans downward. He told me not to be shy and that we both have the same parts, and reminded me to just relax. I pulled them down and just kicked the jeans to the side, and stood there in my briefs. I had a hard on too but it was just obvious to me that his package was so much bigger than mine and I did feel a little shy about that. I said the obvious that he was bigger but he comfort Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Charmander12 14/09/28(Sun)05:33 No. 22499 ID: 70211e

He stood up and positioned himself right in front of me, as if he wanted me to have the best look. On top of that his bed was small and really low to the ground, so his package was just about eye level and only about 2 feet from my face. He didn't tease it at all, he put his fingers around the waist band and pulled them straight down and off in one motion. As he stood back up I saw his dick, it was amazing. (It's funny how I can remember his dick way more clearly than his face.) His dick stuck straight out but my eyes first went to his balls, they were huge compared to mine, and thinking back there were just huge in general even if he was in his 20's. I could actually feel my dick get tighter in my briefs and I reached down to adjust myself. He saw and smiled and said that I must like what I see as he reached down to play with his. He didn't have much pubes but for around the base of his **** and some peach fuzz on his balls. His **** was slim, about 5-6 inches in length, and circumcised. He then said that it was his turn to watch and grabbed my shoulders and was signaling me to stand up. With his hands still on me we did a 180 degrees turn and then he sat down where I was. I stood there with my hands more at my side now while he grabbed his dick and was stroking it. He told me to just relax and go for it and I did. I stood back up from taking them off and was more shy at this point because I covered myself again with my hands. He again couldn't help but smile at me and told me to move my hands which I very slowly did. As soon as my hands moved away he kept staring at my dick and even jerked himself off more quickly. My dick was small, (but then again who's isn't at that age) maybe about 3 inches in length and very slim and circumcised like him. I had no pubes yet and unlike his dick mine ran up my body and didn't stick straight out. As I stood there he commented on how nice it was, and that he liked it. He actually made me a lot less nervous and shy when he said that, and I slowly sat back down next to him.

As we sat there I started to copy him and tug on my dick some as I watched him. My nervousness was slowly going away up until when he straight out asked if he could touch mine. I blushed red, at least according to him, but I put my hands to the side and nodded a yes for him. He reached over and grabbed my dick pretty firmly and pulled on it a lot harder than when I was doing it. He then put his hand on my chest and pushed me down on the bed so I was laying down. (He was pretty leading from here on out, didn't really ask to do something, he just did it. Like pushing me to lie down.) I lied there letting him jerk my dick off for awhile, and he also adjusted himself better on the bed, as if he was trying to get into the 69 position. I was flat on the bed and he was on his side but turned around so our dicks were close to each other's face. He kept pulling on mine and then asked me to Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Charmander12 14/09/28(Sun)05:40 No. 22500 ID: 70211e

I sucked him off for a few more minutes before he lightly pushed me off. As I moved away from his dick I noticed how shiny it was from my spit all over it. We switched spots, him telling me what to do, and he immediately started sucking on mine. The feeling was far greater than just using our hands. Because my dick was smaller he was easier to take it all in his mouth and even some of my balls. It didn't take long before I was moaning and grunting some as I watched him. He only sucked mine pretty briefly before he asked me to do his again. I eagerly switched positions with him, wanting his dick. As I was about to go down on him again he had this trail of precum running down his dick. He said clean it off and I did, it was sweet and kind of sticky in my mouth. After I licked it all up and cleaned it off I went back to sucking on it. He told me he was close and I wasn't sure on exactly what he meant. He asked me if he could shoot his cum in my mouth, and I nodded yes with his dick still in my mouth. He then took his dick out of my mouth and jerked it off just 3 inches from my face and asked if I was ready. I said yes and as soon as I did he shoved it back in my mouth and held my head down some so I couldn't pull off his dick. Quickly a shot of cum shot in my mouth and made me gag some, because I wasn't expecting it. I dared not swallow it, so I kept it all in my mouth and even tried spitting it out and letting it run down his **** to his balls. After his dick was done twitching inside my mouth he let go and let me get off. I instantly went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out with water. As I got back to his room he said thanks and sorry at the same time, said it felt to good while he was getting dressed. My erection had gone away even though I did not cum and I also started getting dressed. I said I better go home now and he said yea because his parents would be home soon too. This was the first and last time I'd ever do anything with him.

He continued to live next to my grandparents for another few months before they did move again. He was slightly more distant after that and to this day I'm not sure why. I don't know if it was guilt for holding me down, because I was young, or just that it was a gay act that he might wish he could take back. I never really thought I was used, I thought it was fun. Because of him it made me try more things with guys after he left, and it wasn't long before I found another friend like that.

Hope this story was somewhat of an OK read. This was my first attempt at writing something like this, and I wouldn't mind writing more, just need some input. Thanks guys, and feel free to ask questions if something comes to mind. ^_^

Roommates (loli) Anonymous 12/10/06(Sat)11:32 No. 17319 ID: 5c8966 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

It all started when I was 19, in my first semester at college. I'd moved away from home and into my first apartment, and got my first roommate as well. He was a year younger than me, but unlike me he hadn't spent a year after graduating highschool saving up his money for tuition and rent. His parents died in an avalanche at a ski resort, and between their considerable savings and the payout from the life insurance, he could afford college and not have to work for years. I hadn't known it when I met him at orientation and we decided to share an apartment, but he also had custody of his 11 year old sister.

The apartment was big, and nicer than I could have ever afforded on my own, so all three of us had separate bedrooms (hers was supposed to be a laundry room or something originally.). I also discovered my roommate was a bit of a dick who neglected his little sister.

I don't think it was intentional, more a result of losing his parents and having to adjust his plans for the future to revolve around caring for his sibling, and he probably wasn't ready for that sort of responsibility. But unless he needed to give her a ride or buy her something she needed, he basically didn't interact with her. He also barely did anything with me; maybe once a week he'd play video games with me, but he spent nearly all his time in class or shut in his room studying.

His little sister was cute, with her blue eyes, freckles, and short, light brown hair, but obviously way too young for me. She didn't play with dolls or anything, so I guess she was mature for her age, but she also spent all her time shut in her room when she wasn't at school. And I don't think she had any friends at her new school either.

After a month or so with my new roommates, we'd settled into a routine. If they weren't exactly friendly, they weren't bad either; quiet, clean, and they were the only way I could afford a really nice apartment just a block from campus.

I wish I'd known then what I know now. It'd have saved me a lot of grief.

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Do you, the artist, consider it mediocre or offputting? If not , then post it.

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Do you, the artist, consider it mediocre or offputting? If not , then post it.

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