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ALL REQUESTS FOR STORIES OR STORY CONTENT ARE TO GO IN THIS THREAD! ALL STORY REQUESTS NOT POSTED IN THIS THREAD WILL BE DELETED AND THE POSTER MAY BE BANNED. ALL COMMENTS QUESTIONS, AND OTHER OF THE LIKE ARE TO GO HERE AS WELL! Also, if you don't have constructive comments, keep them to yourself. Or you'll get banned for being an ass. This is not /b/, you have been warned.

Make sure that you check out http://asstr.org or http://storiesonline.net, or any other of the fine erotic literature sites, or GOOGLE IT! THEY MAY HAVE THE STORY ALREADY THERE!…Where ever that may be….Also, any plagiarism will result in a BAN!

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Shut-in lured into BSDM lifestyle Jaxxi1979 14/12/07(Sun)11:36 No. 22916 ID: 5e47ec

I'm looking for recommendations, not a story I've already read. There are a shit-ton of stories out there about girls suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a traumatic past being lured "out of their shell" into the BSDM scene or a slave lifestyle.

I'm hoping someone here can recommend a story the switches up roles. Specifically, I'd like to find a story about a lonely male shut-in with a traumatic past being lured out of shell. Something with a Femdom theme.

Bonus points if one of the characters is portrayed as a geek or a nerd.


READ BEFORE POSTING! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:11 No. 8546 ID: 5eefb3 [Reply] Locked Stickied

This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Housecat - Ageplay, Futa, Incest, and more! Anonymous 14/06/03(Tue)12:26 No. 21875 ID: 47e7b4 [Reply]

Mother was different, I guess.

From what they told me, my mother and my father were madly in love. They travelled the world together, like some cheese romance movie that you feel like you paid too much to see. Up late, always together, they were inseparable. My father had made quite a lot of money in his profession, and we were very well off. They loved me unconditionally, and I felt there was no better childhood to have. Christmas was beautiful. Summer was vacation. Birthdays were christening events.

When father died, my mother became Sadie. She didn't have to work, we had enough in savings to send ten children to college in thirty years inflation, but it was only her and I. It made me feel out of place, no longer were there interesting meals and a neat, varying lifestyle. My mother just sat around the house, laying on the couch or sitting at the dinner table for hours on end. She wasn't blank, but she didn't care anymore. When we caught eyes, she looked at me like a burden, or a reminder of things she had lost. I was 10 at the time, but now I'm 15.

"Sophie," Sadie called to me, turning her head but not actually looking at me, "don't forget to pick up milk on your way home from school." She looked like the shell of a woman that I had known before. Her hair was still a bushy curl of long brown crescents, and her figure was still the deep envy of neighboring women, but she sat on our long couch with no soul or composure. Her arm hung off and she turned her head back into staring at the ceiling, the daylight burning the curtains and the furniture. I went to school 6 miles away, but from this point I was plenty used to walking in the Californian sun. I didn't really remember what father looked like if it weren't for the pictures that hung on the walls and the mantle, and I looked at one on my way out. We all looked so happy. I turned my head back to Sadie, who had resumed the blank stare at the ceiling. Shutting the door with a little more force than usual, I began the blister blossom walk.

People liked me, I guess. Everyone I knew at school was very nice to me, but I couldn't let them under the armor. Nobody could really get what was wrong. All of my classmates wouldn't understand what my life was like, it was best to just let them get back to listening to their pop music and wearing their pattern pocket shirts. The school day just rose and fell like the sun around the building, and before I knew it, the day was over. All I could think about was how much a damn skateboard would cost as I began to roll my heels in my converse, which weren't exactly the holy grail of foot support. The sun had started coloring the horizon as I opened the door of my home, at the top of a vista hill, and shut the door behind me.

Sadie rolled her head to look at me again. It seemed as though she hadn't moved, but all the pic Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)23:57 No. 22595 ID: fb6372


Anonymous 14/12/07(Sun)22:35 No. 22918 ID: 88a416

I really wish this story would live its the most well written story like this that I've seen

Anonymous 14/12/21(Sun)11:16 No. 23003 ID: 47e7b4

Mink seal and ermine
smother fat women.
I have a noble cause for skin,
there's just too many of them.

The only necessary coat
carries the brain inside it's skull.
Just a bitch in the manger to the balances of nature.

Cover me with skin,
and accuse me of sin,
but you know what I mean,
there's just too many of them.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Fenix Apsallar 14/09/06(Sat)22:19 No. 22392 ID: 8a2109 [Reply]

--This is a science fiction story. It has slavery, submission, domination, punishments, mind games and other perverted stuff for your enjoyment.--

Let me tell you how I ended up on the pirate ship Fenix. I was a graduate in mechanics. My first posting was supposed to be on a deep space mining facility in a backwater system of the federation. It was not going to be fun that was for certain, but without practical experience I could not dream about working on a real ship, even a merchant one. Not with my barely passable grades. I had always been interested in mechanics, taking after my father. I am good in practice but terrible in theory. That’s why I went to a crappy university and barely graduated. The mining station would be a low paying, long hour’s job. I definitely was depressed to start that part of my life. My journey out there was trough the Tach-SW star system. Part of the 5th colonization wave, it was a poor dump, hundreds of jumps from any civilized core world. Planet Otake boasted only one space station functioning both as a passenger and trade terminal. My last trek would be completed from here by a cargo ship doubling as a passenger. The worst part was, I was going to an even poorer system.

Everything on this station looked old, ancient. Patched together by countless maintenance jobs. It was obvious there was no money for new systems. I was fascinated by the air purifiers, recognizing models long out of production but still humming in this antique station. One year in the mining facility and I could apply for a job in such a place. The biggest perk being near a planet where I could take a vacation. Even if it is such a dust ball as the grey uninvitingly looking planet of Otake. Waiting for my ride I mused that with a salary of a space station engineer I could afford to visit the local entertainment. Brothels as cheap as the drinks and the food. The security people started moving so I guessed that it was time for the gate to open. There were about five hundred travelers taking this ship. No wonder there was no dedicated passenger ship on this run with so few candidates to travel onwards. I had truly arrived at the edge of the federation. At least I was almost there.

I passed the time while going through the security checks in daydreaming about my new job. About having a really big breasted supervisor. She would be showing me around, inpatient with me, shoving those fun bags at my chest angrily. She would have sweat drops going down her neck towards…. A big clank noise signified the decoupling of the ship from the station docking clamps. Green ticket holders like me were led by a hobo looking crewmember towards out loggings. They turned out to be a single room with twenty beds, depressing. Apparently my company can’t afford single accommodations. I would need to complain to my imaginary big breasted manager. It would be tree days until we approached jump space. I decided t Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The Fenix Apsallar 14/12/20(Sat)08:23 No. 22997 ID: 8a2109

The ball rolled across the floor and came to a stop 10 feet away from me. My little girl hesitated a moment then lowered herself carefully from the couch after it on all fours. It was a new exercise for us. I was training her to be a doggy. The first time I suggested it she looked at me like I was stupid or something. In her young face emotions of humiliation and rebellion played, yet she did not dare say no outright. I loved watching her torn between the need to obey me fighting with her rational self. Her legs moved like she wanted to walk away, but she caught herself. I could imagine her with her parents in situations of discomfort when they wanted her to do something she did not want to. Walking away to her room and slamming the door behind her, I would bet. She was too scared to do that with me.

- “Why?” She managed to ask. Here with me she had no choice, nowhere to go. She could not defy me. She could only ask “why?”

What do I say to her? That I want to humiliate this beautiful creature? That I want to break her old self and mold the new one to my liking? That I want her to learn to obey me even when it feels embarrassing? That I want her to just jump at my command? That I was a sick pervert with a gorgeous young teen at my mercy?

- “Because why not baby? Wouldn’t it be fun if we had a doggy for a while? You can be our doggy! Don’t worry baby, if someone comes just go against the wall and freeze there. I promise we won’t play if there are other people. Its something we will do only when we are alone.”

She was really embarrassed. Probably picturing herself as a dog. I left her to sleep on the idea, asking her to come up with two suggestions for what we should do with our pet tomorrow.

I had no idea how she slept, her eyes were red in the morning. Again she didn’t say yes to the doggy concept, I just proceeded like her acquiescence was granted. I tied each of her wrists to her shoulders and placed pads on her elbows. I tied her ankles in the back of her tights with pads on the knees. I wanted her to be comfortable. She looked so silly in this pose. I took the time to admire her. She had tight shorts on her and the view from behind was breathtaking. My cock reminded me that I really needed to do something about that ass of hers. More and more I was spending time thinking about it.

She was squirming against the restraints, being very uncomfortable at first. I had her walk around slowly so she could find her balance.

- “It hurts” She told me with pleading eyes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Fenix Apsallar 14/12/21(Sun)01:41 No. 22999 ID: 8a2109

I walked down the service corridor with my young girl behind me on a leash. I had to bend so as not to hit my head. We were going to service junction G-23. It was near the engines of the ship where the second stage compressors delivered their energy. I loved the white noise so near the propulsion system. So relaxing, it drives most thoughts from one’s head.
Since the compressors in an emergency situation could overload and breach, the junction was on the outer side of the ship. It had a large glass designed to explode outwards and relase the plasma into space during an emergency. We reached the junction and I closed the heavy security door behind us and went to check on the other two leading to this room. Once all secured, on the comp terminal I overrode the access permissions. Until I decided no one would be able to come inside. Not that anyone probably came here anyway.
I dropped my backpack and took out the double blanket from it. I took the inflatable fender and started pumping it full of air. My pup was listening to the strange noises, blindfolded, I was leaving to her imagination to picture what was happening around her. I left the pump to fill the fender and just sat behind my youngling to admire the view. She was standing in front of the glass, her small silhouette in front of the amazing vista outside. We were very near the star of this system. Our Captain took us so close since the nuclear fusion which powered the star released flares making active sensor tracking very difficult around it. I cheeked independently that the filters were adequately breaking the sun’s light and then resumed admiring the stunning body in front of me. Not the interstellar one, the young human one.

She stood nervous in her shorts and tight top I had provided for her this morning. She was holding her hands nervously in front of her, rubbing them. I had not tied her, just blindfolded. Her legs were silk smooth. I loved her skin. So soft and young, just perfect. I started caressing her as she trembled under my touch. We had been intimate now for some time and she knew the drill. The new place and her being blindfolded made her more fearful than usual.

I took down her shorts and admired her white panties. The soft fabric going in her slit, her soft skin, her small hips. I wanted to burry my face between her legs but resisted the urge. The sun’s light made her skin shine and glisten.

I slid her panties slowly. She was still holding her hands, squeezing them nervously, her head bent towards the floor. I kissed her legs, her tummy, I removed her top. Her still growing breasts had goose bumps on them. There she was naked in all her glory. I was the luckiest bustard alive. I stood back just watching her naked confused body against the sun. I reduced the incoming light further so the plasma filaments suspended by the stars polarity could be better distinguished. She and the star behind her were heavenly. Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/12/21(Sun)10:27 No. 23002 ID: 36e3b1

Excellent as usual!

Uninvited\UncleRick Listen to Tombs 14/12/07(Sun)07:06 No. 22915 ID: 7e9f2f [Reply]

Mg, noncon, violence

Due to unexpected circumstances, I am currently limited to my phone. Haven't done any extensive writing on my phone, and I made the mistake of trying to switch to a different program for the editing. Turns out I had to switch file formats, which had a number of unforseen odd effects. One of which was the way a random group of sentences in nearly every paragraph was repeated three times.

It was a real pain in the ass to get it back into even this good of shape, it was an enormous pain in the ass doing this on a touchscreen, I didn't really feel up to going over it again for a true editing pass, and I might have even missed quite a few formatting mistakes. Hope you still find some thing to tickle your fantasy.

*** *** *****

My payday was right were he said she'd be, shuffling along the dirt path with downcast eyes. I wondered what tiny troubles burdened her tender, young soul. I bet she was dreaming of a prince, hoping he would come take her away from whatever troubles weighed so heavily on the mind of a peasant girl I bet she was dreaming of a prince, hoping he would come take her away from whatever troubles weighed so heavily on the mind of a peasant girl I bet she was dreaming of a prince, hoping he would come take her away from whatever troubles weighed so heavily on the mind of a peasant girl. It was always a prince they wanted, in my experience. E E Even the whores, and camp followers who were little better, would giggle and whisper behind their hands when the Prince Regent rode past. Didn't matter that he was balding with gap teeth and a weak chin, his clothes were silk and velvet, his chains were gold, and his long legged charger alone was worth more than I'd ever earned, begged, borrowed or stolen in my life.

Sorry little girl, he's not a prince, but you're still quite the lucky young girl. She was younger than I'd been lead to believe, in all honesty, but that was none of my business. The rest of the description fit her to a T, even the parts I'd assumed were exaggeration. The rest of the description fit her to a T, even the parts I'd assumed were exaggeration.

I waited for her to come up the path a bit then jumped out, practically on top of her already, and gave her my best leer. She rabbit ed with a terrified shriek, and I gave chase, doing my best impression of Malcolm the Molester.

Malcolm had been a veteran by the time i joined, and had survived a number of engagements already, though he'd gone more than a little cracked. Back during the seige, when the only things to do were drill, drink, fight, and fuck, he'd choose fuck every time it was an option. When he wasn't fucking, he was talking about it. Almost never talked about anything else. It had become something of a company tradition to wait outside the whores' tent and cheer him on while he hurle Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/12/14(Sun)12:36 No. 22973 ID: 6d421a

How do the quadruple sentences even happen? You're good enough that I came, then kept reading. Moar?

Anonymous 14/12/20(Sat)06:49 No. 22995 ID: a931de

I like this story very much, I can't wait for more.

Anonymous 14/12/21(Sun)07:02 No. 23001 ID: cd6cef

I need more of this so bad

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel (slash, loli & we'll see where Random Evername 13/12/01(Sun)19:37 No. 20360 ID: 0beccd [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This is my first attempt at starting a story on here. I've tried a few things on Fiction Press, but not quite this depraved. I'm inspired by some of the examples here (especially Roommates), so I thought I would give it a try. I don't pretend this is that good. I'm not even sure that I'm posting this right.

Chapter 1

I turn to move past Hayley McSween in the hallway connecting the kitchen to the dishwasher in the restaurant serving St. Edmund’s Country Club. With a hand on my chest, she lightly pushes me into the door for the stockroom. “Can you close for me tonight? I want to go to the mall with from friends.” Her fingers trace from my chest to my belt buckle suggesting a possible compensation for my sacrifice.

I am Kyler … Kyler Jakubowski. At nineteen years old, I scrape, borrow, and force my way through my sophomore year in bio-premed at Stony Brook University on Long Island. Straight A’s so far – lookin’ good. It may be mercenary, but I will do just about anything to endure this crucible for that glimpse of wealth I see at the other end.

I live in a cramped, non-air-conditioned attic apartment of an ancient home that I rent from some old couple – Mr. and Mrs. Watson. With its back staircase access, I never have to see them, if I don’t want to. They’re okay, though – always waving to me and baking me stuff. Back in the day, the house was an old whaling captain’s home, so I have access to a little glass room above the attic. His wife could watch for his ship to return. No lie – it’s called a belvedere.

My college is on Long Island, but my savings account is strictly Schenectady. It was a lot easier to afford the $300 monthly rent before my roommate, Freddie Steffanaur, was expelled for copying an entire term paper, verbatim, from an internet site – for the third time. What a fuckin’ jackass.

Which is why, when Hailey McSween asks me to close for her at work -- I’m tempted to say, “Yes” without delay. I can use the extra hours, even though I have a shitload of homework – I can fake it through Statistics, but Orgo is getting pretty tough. I’m lying -- even though Hailey’s only sixteen, she is smoking hot with reputation to spare. I’m always happy to do her a favor … just in case it could lead to something.

Ah shit, who am I kidding? That’s just living out one of my masturbation fantasies. With a healthy allowance, she doesn’t need the job, but her parents think it builds character. I’m glad I enjoyed a few seconds of that delirium before answering because she reaches down and traces my stiffness from the outside with just one finger, and it drives me senseless, “I can make it worth your while.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/12/17(Wed)14:41 No. 22980 ID: 8ec50f

More please?

Anonymous 14/12/18(Thu)01:16 No. 22984 ID: 0dbf24

I've missed this author. He hasn't updated this or his other story recently.

Anonymous 14/12/21(Sun)03:42 No. 23000 ID: c8f6a2

This is one of my favorite stories here, hopefully you haven't given up on it.

iCity Tales by AnonyMPC (various tags, cyberpunk, violence) AnonyMPC 14/07/30(Wed)22:09 No. 22139 ID: a609fb [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hi, I'm AnonyMPC. You might remember me from such stories as "My Private Camwhore," "Relatively Powered", and "Yet Another Thing That Isn't The Next My Private Camwhore."

Well, after a long time where I was working on various stories and making very slow progress, I got hit with an idea that caught my imagination on fire. It started with the artist NeckRomancer on HF, who drew a few pieces inspired my stories, and we got to talking. An offhanded comment by me made him suggest a story idea, a SF one that had a sort of cyberpunk vibe. It was a good idea, and I'm actually a fan of old-school cyberpunk and all it's tropes, but I didn't want to tackle it. I was too busy, and too far behind, with other stuff. But it reminded me of another idea I had (based on an idea granted to me by a fellow named kludo I met in an artist's stream), also set in a cyberpunk world. And I began to toss around the idea of a set of stories set in the same city, and came up with a few ideas, and NeckRomancer suggested a couple more, and finally, I realized I was enjoying the process more than I had writing in a while, and what's more, I had 5 stories that I thought fit together pretty well, I knew exactly where they began and ended and how they fit together. They could be short, I told myself, maybe one sex scene each, so it wouldn't be too much of a distraction from my other projects. And I started writing the first, getting more work done in one day than I had in all the other stories I was working on combined in the past week, and I had that glorious feeling I hadn't had in a long time where my mind was racing with things to write even while I was asleep.

So I figured I had to stick with it, even if it meant everything else getting delayed, again, for overall output, the best strategy is sticking with the stuff I'm excited with most.
I finished the first story, and am started on the second. I'm not going to officially post it to my site (http://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/ if you've forgotten), or my HF page, until all five are done and cross-checked. But, because I have a history with this site, I thought I'd post them one-by-one here and here only. You can, hopefully, be my beta-test, so I can catch any major issues. This also means it'll be slightly less edited than they usually are, and I plan to tighten it up.

A few notes of things I'm especially looking for, or need to say up front:
Classic cyberpunk, which I'm a fan of, doesn't really mesh perfectly with computers and the Internet as it exists today. So I've done a bit of a bastard fusion and used some handwaving of vague historical events that have altered how things work. I'm certainly willing to hear if you think anything doesn't make sense on that level (networks don&# Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/12/18(Thu)01:17 No. 22985 ID: 0dbf24

This stuff's amazing. I wish I could fund you AnonyMPC. These are probably the best characters you've made since Andrew and Erin.

What's next up on your plate?

AnonyMPC 14/12/18(Thu)20:37 No. 22988 ID: a609fb

Thanks! While I do have a few tenative ideas for another story involving these characters, it won't be in this anthology series and realistically, given my output, I probably won't get to a second volume. But who knows, maybe I'll get fired and have nothing else in my life but /elit/ and produce massive amounts. But one piece that wouldn't fit in this story but would eventually be explained in another is the reason Cadigan was such a bitch towards them: she's got a sibling she takes care of too, who's got a more permanent developmental disability, so it pisses her off that people bend over backwards for Mitsy who, fundamentally, CAN be fixed and even until then is mostly functional. Kane telling her to 'have a heart' (which in a sense accuses her of NOT having one) when she literally spends most of her time thinks about somebody else more than her was the last straw. If he'd been a bit more sensitive about it, she might have let him slide.

As for the rampant degeneracy... well, that's been a little overplayed in these sections, largely because of who it's focused on, I hope to establish in the future ones that there's a bit of a dichotomy, and there in fact is a strong conservative streak in society... just in slightly different ways than we think of it. These things come and go in phases, and at the time period of the story they're sort of moving out of an ultra-conservative swing (where people were panicked by the consequences of cameras everywhere) and towards a bit more liberal, but with a few major differences:

1) Homosexuality is generally completely accepted outside of ultra-religious communities (although, at the same time, among the medium rich it's slowly disappearing, as it IS something that can be mostly prevented by biotech advances), and transgender is more or less where homosexuality is today, about half accept it, plenty bully over it (and also disappearing among the wealthy for the same reasons as homosexuality, although it's a bit of an iffier 'fix').

2) Kids are always going to rebel, and to different degrees. The music, fetish albums and such, are the equivalent of earlier trends that made parents clutch their pearls: the swinging hips of Elvis, hardcore gangsta rap that idolizes cop killing, Miley twerking. Not every one in those eras was into those trends, but enough were that parents predict the downfall of society. And sexually, Kane's been somewhat in the "cool kid"/"rebel" crowds, which includes a lot more sexual experimentation and variation (and, in Kane's case, a bit of a blindness about it not being normal), but there's a strong contingent of people who, say, abstain from drugs and sexual activity as well, not for lack of desire but for 'moral' r Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/12/19(Fri)21:09 No. 22994 ID: 37c6e8


You rarely see authors on here give such thoughtful responses to their fans. That's (partly) why AnonyMPC is the king.

Now let's start a petition to get him fired so he can work on /elit/ full time.

My Sister is a Dickgirl SNT-NEL 12/02/11(Sat)10:15 No. 15127 ID: b808a3 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Reposting this, for some reason. Even though I felt weird trying to fap to futa lit, I was okay with this one, for some reason.

I remember a long while back, some folks here added to it, and things were great, but then for some reason the mods took it down? I think it was cause it hadn't been updated in forever. But, yeah. RESURRECTION(I hope)

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Anonymous 14/12/11(Thu)13:37 No. 22949 ID: def664


Anonymous 14/12/13(Sat)05:11 No. 22968 ID: def664

Fuck me and my taste in fapasta

Anonymous 14/12/19(Fri)19:05 No. 22993 ID: 988526


Tori - The neighbor's neice rancidpants 14/10/22(Wed)21:53 No. 22593 ID: 22535f [Reply]

I work from home. I’ve been doing it a long time. So I know the comings and goings of my neighborhood. I know that at 1pm every day, the neighbor behind me goes out on the back porch and plays her guitar. I know the guy across the street grows pot. I know a lot about what goes on.

I have a neighbor, Carol. She’s great. She has yard sales most weekends when it doesn’t rain. She’s an older, single woman, with a great-niece. Her name is Tori.

Tori started coming around the neighborhood about 3 years ago. Her parents both work. She goes to school nearby and she started showing up at Carol’s for the afternoons. She’d been around for a couple of weeks before I really noticed her, but when I did, I couldn’t stop noticing her. She’s tallish, about 5’8” or so. Long tan legs, long tan torso, long neck, brown hair, great eyes. And she’s got that slightly underdeveloped, but strong and athletic type of body that screams “I play soccer and I like it”. It also screams “Look at me!”

I spend a lot of time on the phone for my job, and I often go for walks when I have a call. Its more interesting than sitting at my desk staring at my computer—except when there’s a good confession to read. It was on one of my walks that I first noticed Tori. I was about a half mile from home, cruising along at a good pace. Coming toward me was this beautiful, long and lean and tan, adolescent girl. I figured her for about 14 or 15. She was walking a massive collie. I knew the dog. It was Carol’s dog. Like any man, I pulled the stop and wait trick. I stopped suddenly, looked very surprised as though one of the people on the other end of the phone had just said something terrible, and looked like I was listening hard. I let her walk past me and get about 20 feet away, before I rounded, headed back the way I’d come, walking about 20 feet behind her the half mile home. I watched her the whole way.

She was amazing.

I started noticing that she was coming around the neighborhood a lot. I chatted with Carol nonchalantly about things, mentioned working parents, etc., and she mentioned her great niece. So, I used this in to learn about her. Indeed a soccer player, and track. 15 years old. Tori.

I’m a photography enthusiast. I have some good gear. Including a nice 200mm lens that I started using when Tori would sit out on Carol’s grass and do homework, or play with the dog. Late spring and early summer were fantastic. I’d shoot long photos of Tori out there in beautiful light, small, tight outfits, sweating. Oh my god. The sweating. She’d lay out there in a bikini sometimes, tanning with oil on her back, her top untied to get rid of lines. I’d amassed a pretty large photo collection that I would look at during my meetings. During work I would just scroll through the photos looking at her. Then, around 2:45pm, I’d make my way to the front window and watch her walk up. Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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IonIan 14/11/01(Sat)09:01 No. 22689 ID: 036a9b

Gotta agree with Soli. We would have taken your narrator at his word if he had just assured us that he was in love with Tori and preferred her to his wife. Giving information about the future interrupted your flow (as mentioned above) and spoiled any potential surprises that may have been waiting.

A reply.. rancidpants 14/11/02(Sun)04:28 No. 22697 ID: 22535f

Well, I wrote this over the course of a few months last year. Incidentally, things changed for me during the course of writing. So, what seems like an epilogue isn't one.

Anonymous 14/12/19(Fri)05:13 No. 22992 ID: dd76b5

So, you're gonna finish the story?
I'd love to keep reading it.

Clarice (SS, slight Loli) S 11/07/05(Tue)09:48 No. 12846 ID: e59c31 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Hi all, this was a WIP eLit story posted on the 99chan /ss/ boards. Unfortunantly they no longer have an /ss/ board and from browsing various /eLit/ and /ss/ boards I have seen no evidence of the this story anywhere, so I have decided to share what I have here.

I would like to state in clearly though, THIS IS NOT MINE. Some else wrote this and I am simply reposting it here. If the original author see this and wants to finish the story, PLEASE do!

Anyways, this story was separated by posts, not chapters. I'll post what I see as a chapter per post. Anyways again, on with the story

Chapter 1, part 1

My story actually started when I was 6 years old. My family lived in a college town in an area that wasn't too hot, not too cold. Lots of trees. Kind-of what you'd call a "normal" place for a middle-class white family.

My mom would usually hire majors from her department who needed extra money to be babysitters and to clean up the house sometimes. Usually they'd be juniors or seniors, so I wouldn't have the same babysitter for more than a year.

Invairably, they were girls. The first one I remember was a nice blond girl, but I forgot her name. I had one for a while who was hispanic and not very nice and got mad at me a lot. My mom got a different sitter after that. One was a somewhat heavy girl with short brown hair. She was okay and didn't get mad at me a lot, but she wasn't a lot of fun. Falicia was a black girl with really short hair and a VW bus. She would take me to McDonald's for little icecream cones and always helped me with work that I brought home from first grade, and she really liked watching TV with me, especially cartoons. But she was a senior, and I remember I cried a lot when she had to move back to her home state when she graduated.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/04(Sat)02:05 No. 22523 ID: dd9a09


Yay! Update!

But when is this taking place in the story? Did we skip the park, or is this earlier in the story? I'm confused.

I am super happy to see you're writing though. This is one of my favorite stories on this board, so I hope you'll keep writing. But I kind of want to know what happens at the park!

I do like the cliffhanger though. I definitely want to know what's in the bag.

Private_Pontiac aka Redarrow 14/10/05(Sun)07:06 No. 22531 ID: a9b073

Yeah, sorry for the confusion. If you search this whole thread for the phrase "without it seeming inappropriate", the new section is getting inserted there.

I'm adding some time between that moment and the scene that follows. Some people have been surprised by how quickly things advance after Grace's episode, so I thought I'd try to add a scene or two into the middle of the story.

Anonymous 14/10/06(Mon)19:47 No. 22539 ID: dd9a09

Ah, fair enough.

I'm still super pumped to see you still working on this. It is one of my favorite stories on this board. Every time I visit, I always browse to see if there is any new work on it. Keep it up!

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