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ALL REQUESTS FOR STORIES OR STORY CONTENT ARE TO GO IN THIS THREAD! ALL STORY REQUESTS NOT POSTED IN THIS THREAD WILL BE DELETED AND THE POSTER MAY BE BANNED. ALL COMMENTS QUESTIONS, AND OTHER OF THE LIKE ARE TO GO HERE AS WELL! Also, if you don't have constructive comments, keep them to yourself. Or you'll get banned for being an ass. This is not /b/, you have been warned.

Make sure that you check out http://asstr.org or http://storiesonline.net, or any other of the fine erotic literature sites, or GOOGLE IT! THEY MAY HAVE THE STORY ALREADY THERE!…Where ever that may be….Also, any plagiarism will result in a BAN!

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Anonymous 16/09/28(Wed)09:00 No. 24695 ID: 513b83

It's on 99chan's elit board

READ BEFORE POSTING! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:11 No. 8546 ID: 5eefb3 [Reply] Locked Stickied

This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Clarice (SS, slight Loli) S 11/07/05(Tue)09:48 No. 12846 ID: e59c31 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Hi all, this was a WIP eLit story posted on the 99chan /ss/ boards. Unfortunantly they no longer have an /ss/ board and from browsing various /eLit/ and /ss/ boards I have seen no evidence of the this story anywhere, so I have decided to share what I have here.

I would like to state in clearly though, THIS IS NOT MINE. Some else wrote this and I am simply reposting it here. If the original author see this and wants to finish the story, PLEASE do!

Anyways, this story was separated by posts, not chapters. I'll post what I see as a chapter per post. Anyways again, on with the story

Chapter 1, part 1

My story actually started when I was 6 years old. My family lived in a college town in an area that wasn't too hot, not too cold. Lots of trees. Kind-of what you'd call a "normal" place for a middle-class white family.

My mom would usually hire majors from her department who needed extra money to be babysitters and to clean up the house sometimes. Usually they'd be juniors or seniors, so I wouldn't have the same babysitter for more than a year.

Invairably, they were girls. The first one I remember was a nice blond girl, but I forgot her name. I had one for a while who was hispanic and not very nice and got mad at me a lot. My mom got a different sitter after that. One was a somewhat heavy girl with short brown hair. She was okay and didn't get mad at me a lot, but she wasn't a lot of fun. Falicia was a black girl with really short hair and a VW bus. She would take me to McDonald's for little icecream cones and always helped me with work that I brought home from first grade, and she really liked watching TV with me, especially cartoons. But she was a senior, and I remember I cried a lot when she had to move back to her home state when she graduated.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Private Pontiac 16/09/26(Mon)20:54 No. 24691 ID: c4f376

Thank you! Having feedback like this is extremely motivating. I appreciate this!

Private Pontiac 16/09/26(Mon)21:56 No. 24692 ID: c4f376

I lay there for a few minutes, feeling Clarice's heart beat against my nose, the breath from her nose cooling the sweat on my neck and back, being lifted up and down by the steady rise and fall of her chest.

"Hey, don't fall asleep on me." I couldn't tell if she meant "Don't leave me with no company" or literally "Don't fall asleep lying on top of me". I decided it didn't matter.

I sat up and blinked at her sleepily. The front of my body stayed connected to her thigh by strings of clear fluid. I slid off her leg and picked up my underwear, and used it to wipe Clarice off, then myself.

I leaned on the couch to address her. "Want me to go get our milkshakes?"

Clarice took my hand and squeezed it, smiling, staying leaned back on the couch. "Yes please! You're so nice, Sammy!"

I smiled back at her and went to the kitchen. Luckily, Clarice had found a way to put both milkshakes in the freezer door, so I didn't have to reach up and back inside the freezer. I couldn't tell which one was mine, but they were both full so I decided it didn't matter. I took a pull from the straw on the right.

When I approached with the freezing cold cups, Clarice sat forward on the couch to take hers.

"Thank you, Sammy!" She leaned in for a kiss.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Private Pontiac 16/09/27(Tue)01:19 No. 24694 ID: c4f376

I shrugged. I was getting the benefit of the chocolatey milkshake and kissing my favorite beautiful naked woman who loved me. I wasn't about to complain about anything in my life.

Clarice was drawing a big mouthful of milkshake through her straw. She leaned foreward and kissed me. I sucked at her lips and the cold, creamy stuff flowed into my mouth. I broke off after a moment, swallowing.

"Huh! That's cold!" Clarice gave a tight-lipped smile and a chuckle, putting her hands on the edge of the couch and leaning nearer to me. I took some more, sticking my tonge out and licking inside her mouth, feeling the chilly milkshake clump around my teeth and freezing the back of my throat. I pulled back again to avoid getting an ice cream headache. "Wah!"

She swallowed the rest herself and took my hand. "C'mere." She leaned back on the couch and pulled me up to sit straddling her thighs. She took another big pull from her straw and tipped her head back, lips up, inviting. I drank from her lips again, slowly, letting it melt a little as it passed from her mouth to mine. I put my hand on the back of the couch to hold myself up, bent over her face like that, my cup in my other hand. Our lips stayed together for a while even after the milkshake had gone down my throat, our tongues pushing and twirling around each other.

I sat up and leaned sideways to set my cup on an end table as Clarice drew more of her milkshake into her mouth. I put my cold hand on her neck as I bent down to suck from her lips again. She let out a surprised little "Mmh!" when I touched her neck and her hands slid up my sides. Suddenly, her fingers wiggled and dug into my ribs.

I involuntarily let out a yelp, spewing milkshake on the lower half of her face. It dripped down her chin and her neck, shoulders and chest.

"Aaaw, Sammy?!"

"What? I couldn't help it, it was your fault!" I immediately started licking the stuff off her, scrambling down to lick a running drip from her ribs before it got on the couch. Then I lapped up several rivulets from below her sternum up towards her neck. I started licking a wet patch from her shoulder to her neck and her hair tickled my nose. As I reached her neck, I sucked in a little to take the stuff into my mouth.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Creeper (Loli) Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)00:33 No. 20531 ID: a2f9ff [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

So, where to start?

Name’s Ed. Edward to my parents. Ed to everyone who doesn’t treat me like a four-year-old piece of shit. My story isn’t particularly a normal one, although I guess if it was, it wouldn’t be much of a story. But I guess you’re wondering what the super, awesomely amazing thing that I have taken the time out of my day to tell is. Well, it kind of is amazing, but all good things come to an end. But, I’ll get to that later. Don’t want to ruin the story before it’s even started, do I?

The Creeper. Quite an apt name to describe myself, to be perfectly honest, even if it does contain a bold resemblance to the giant green penises within that god-awful game called Minecraft. Ahem, anyway, the name is kind of related to my story. Or completely related, I guess. You see, throughout my life, I’ve been a bit of a creep. Not in a complete beta-fag, following girls around with pit stains and braces, trailing them until they recognise my existence kind of way. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I’ve never been bad with girls. I mean, I lost my virginity at 13, so I guess that’s not too bad of an achievement, eh? Anyway, enough bragging. The reason for the name is sort of derived from my ahh… hobbies. Ever since I got my first phone (or at least, phone with the nifty little camera on it), I’ve been a fan of taking creep shots. Y’know, sneaking dirty pics of people in public without their knowledge or consent, to then take back to my home and have a glorious fap to. Weird, but nothing too abnormal to create a story about, right? Wrong.

Taking creep shots is generally looked down upon, but to some people it’s a good thing. It helps other people to get their dick hard, so it’s really a good thing. Although, the sort of creep shots I take probably shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Ever. But I’m fine with that. I’m generally quite a selfish person anyway. But I can hear your voices screaming at me to tell you the mystery shots that I could possibly take. I assume a lot of you have guessed this already anyway, but I’ll comply nonetheless. They are girls. Little girls. Lolis. Whatever you want to calm them. I would hover around parks and wait for these girls in short skirts to reveal their cute little butts after swinging around on the monkey bars. Oh the panties. They were perhaps the biggest turn on for me. Pink was best. The girlier the better. And there I’d be, with my phone out, sneaking every shot possible. Then I would travel home just awaiting that amazing fap.

Anyway, you know the name, but not the game. So, I’ll tell you my story. I guess the best place to start would be when I was 13. At this point, I wasn’t even remotely close to being interested in little girls. I was simply interested in any girl my own age, much like any other guy. Ironically, it was the involvement with a girl my own age that actually got me into girls much younger Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)00:22 No. 24685 ID: 4f9dba

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 15: A Pair of Presents

Ringing the doorbell a little before 7 on Saturday night produced thunderous footsteps down the stairs accompanied by delighted squeals. The girls let me in and were hugging me before I even got through the door, Sara's arm wrapped around a thigh and Ellie hugging my waist. The girls were clearly over the moon about this 'extra' visit. I was early, and by the time Amy finished dressing and came down the stairs, she was greeted with me walking around the room with both girls aboard. Ellie had jumped up on my back, and was getting a piggy-back ride, legs locked around my waist and arms tightly around my neck, giggling madly. Sara was still hugging the same thigh, with her feet balanced atop my foot, allowing me to walk stiff-legged with her in tow, too.

If she had felt any guilt about having a night to herself, I think this scene banished all such thoughts. She promised to be back "by midnight," but I told her to ring my phone if she wanted to stay out later. Once she had gone, Ellie wanted my phone straight away. She pounded up the stairs with it, followed closely by Sara. Since I had not been invited to follow, I stayed downstairs and watched TV.

After a surprisingly long time, I was summoned to their room, though I put the safety chain on the door before I went upstairs. Ellie orchestrated a slide show of her new pictures, and almost as oddly, Sara watched with us. After a few selfies of Ellie, the biggest surprise: Ellie's next image was of Sara on her bed, sitting in her characteristic revealing pose, smiling for the camera. Both girls had big smiles, waiting for my reaction.

I tried to look disapprovingly at Ellie, but it's impossible to claim the moral high ground when I had already been caught doing the same, and surreptitiously at that. Both girls giggled demonically, and Sara turned her interests to her dolls as we continued. The next series featured the younger girl sitting at the edge of her bed, then laying back, then with legs open. A low-angle shot right up Sara's skirt, then a more prim one from above, followed by a series where the hem crept higher, until it was up around her waist, white panties fully revealed. They were plain white with no pattern; either an oversight, or Ellie wanted to ensure that her own images were better than her sister's.

Indeed, the next batch featured Ellie sporting panties with a plaid pattern, going through the same sequence. Evidently Sara was the photographer for these.

There followed more of Sara, laying on her stomach on her bed, skirt creeping progressively higher up past her bum. Then another surprise: Sara's panties at half-mast, showing off half her cute butt cheeks.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)00:25 No. 24686 ID: 4f9dba

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 16: A Blast From the Past

On to the following Thursday, things went off with only minor variations. Ellie took off upstairs with my phone, but this time Sara remained with me, showing me more of her dolls and being uncharacteristically chatty. When Ellie returned, Sara even hung around for a while during the 'slide show' on my phone, but eventually drifted away.

Ellie sat as she had done last time, on my lap with her legs spread around mine, but now she wanted my legs apart as well. Once posed the way she wanted, she took a snap up her skirt. I only got a quick glance at the freeze-frame, and it looked a little odd, but Ellie wanted to start from the beginning, so it took a few photos before I figured it out. The little minx was sporting too-small panties in these shots, most likely belonging to Sara. Her mostly-white knickers were covered with a pattern of Spongebob images in various poses, alternating with Patrick. They were exceedingly tight, and the gusset left about half her pussy uncovered when viewed from below.

Given my tastes, these were hugely erotic images she had created. "Is that what you're wearing now?" I asked, slightly in awe.

"You'll just have to wait and see," Ellie replied, relishing my reaction. I didn't think I could wait, and my subconscious in fact did not. As we went through the photos, I discovered that my hand had run up her inner thigh, caressing her as it went. Ellie seemed to welcome this, so I consciously continued onward, until my fingers reached the apex. A few strokes confirmed that there was an awful lot of exposed flesh there, so the betting was heavy that she was currently wearing those same undies.

Reaching the last picture, of the two of us here on the couch, confirmed this. The sequence just before that image were all taken with her standing, holding her skirt up with one hand, with her other hand holding the phone in front of her and aiming at her hips. The images differed in the state of her panties, which started barely above half-mast and crept progressively lower. Although out of frame, her feet were clearly planted well apart, leaving plenty of room for the panty gusset to dangle freely between her spread thighs. All that covered her genitals from this angle was the tautly stretched material that would normally be covering her belly.

And in the last of the sequence, with her panties lowered completely off her hips, her thighs were a bit closer together, since the waist band was stretched to the limit. This one was most definitely a nude shot. "I wanted to show you this one before we deleted it," she explained. It did not escape her notice that I moved on without deleting. (Hey, it was going to be encrypted in just a few hours anyway. Waste not, want not. And I Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

styxarcher 16/09/26(Mon)23:59 No. 24693 ID: cbffb7

I have been binge reading this for the past 3 hours only to learn that OP abandoned it 2 years ago. What a boner killer.

As Requested: Power Job by Jeezits (HJ, Fm, MF, Oral) Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)16:12 No. 24688 ID: 74560a [Reply]

In request thread someone asked for this story.

To my surprise, I had a copy. I don't know if it's complete or if I just saved part of it. Still, I guess you lucked out. Seriously, anon, do you know what an unexpected set of coincidences led me to me having what may be the only copy of this story left? Probably not. But take it from me, it's unexpected even to me.

Power Job (HJ, Fm, MF, Oral)

“Oh no, not now,” Kara muttered under her breath. She peered through the door of her apartment. “Atlee, I gotta deal with something, can you take off?”

“Sure thing Pee Gee,” Terra said.

“I’m sorry, really. Meet you for that thing later?”

“Later, right...” Atlee said with a nervous smile and hopped out the window to a waiting floating pile of rocks. Kara frowned, then shrugged and turned to the door.

She opened it to find a short boy of about fourteen with curly red hair. He sported a Green Lantern t-shirt, and had his hands stuffed in a puffy red jacket almost certainly chosen to mask his thin frame.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Clarks Anonymous 16/06/05(Sun)18:39 No. 24311 ID: 98fd99 [Reply]

Julie Clark was 10 years old the first time she masturbated. It was a cool night in March, the moon was full, and she used a well washed Gel Pen. With her feet propped up against a wall, a battery operated LED lantern at her side, and a full length mirror ahead of her, she nervously prodded at her tingling nethers with the smooth round plastic cap of her pen.

She froze at every noise, the cat's collar jingling away downstairs, the house settling, an errant branch striking a window. Every single sound was a potential alarm, signaling the approach of her parents to punish her for this wanton act.

That worry soon faded the instant the side of her pen slid across her clitoris. Her free hand swung back to hold her up and grip at the soft blue carpeting of her floor as her muscles instantly malfunctioned. Surprised gasp soon turned to furtive rhythmic pants as each stroke of the pen against the needy nub sent heart pounding, tummy tightening, leg wobbling, toe curling jolts of electric thrill that rocked her pre-pubescent frame like a trailer in Tornado Alley.

She felt moist heat slowly slide down her crotch and saw her hot pink privates glisten in the stark white light of her lantern. If any part of her wanted to be curious, stop, and investigate, it was quickly bound, gagged, and drowned in the river of astonishing sensation. Her body grew tighter, the heat in her belly sky rocketed, the universe around her seemed to shrink to a single point until finally, boom. Stars danced in her eyes, she lost her balance and thumped against carpet hard, writhing and wriggling as she bit her lip to stifle the almost unstoppable squeaks that came along with the explosion.

As her brain stopped clicking the on-off switch of her consciousness and her heartbeat finally slowed, the thing she would remember most about that night came into focus for the very first time.

It was the sight of her eighteen-year-old brother Nick, on the living room couch, fingering his girlfriend, Lori. Of course, at the time, she didn't know that word. All she knew for sure was that she was sitting in his lap, and his hand was past the waistband of her skirt.

That singular moment of voyeurism carried her through repeat sessions for almost a year. Until one day she saw them leave the school cafeteria and sneak over to a shady spot on campus, where Lori gave her brother a blowjob.

His hair was dark down there, she'd lifted his shirt so Julie could see his abs flexing as Lori teased and suckled at him like a popsicle. In that second stolen moment, Nick Clark ceased being just her beloved older brother, but the star supreme of her sexual awakening.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/09/02(Fri)09:27 No. 24661 ID: 121db7

Unexpected family visits can throw enormous wrenches into any plan. But now that that's over and I'll have the place to myself. I can get back on task. The next entry is about 80% of the way done, so thanks for waiting!

Anonymous 16/09/08(Thu)06:57 No. 24669 ID: cfda04

So I'll admit, the sweet and tender bits are nice but... I almost can't wait for those twins to get a hold of him. Something tells me that sweet and tender isn't even on the list of what they have planned.

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)06:55 No. 24687 ID: 121db7

Thursday Morning, Day 5

Sunlight slowly slipped through the cracking layer of expended storm clouds, making its way down to Earth and through the slightly tinted glass of Nick’s skylight. Ever the early riser, Julie groaned and stretched to greet the day. When she saw she was cuddled next to Nick, she huffed grumpily and dropped her head back down, silently demanding the taunting dream end.

Slowly, she noticed how warm he was. How much her skin clung to his when she moved, and that even if this was just the pillow she’d put Nick’s shirts on to cuddle with, it certainly didn’t explain the feeling of chest hair currently under her palm.

Silent prayers resounded in her anxious heart as she eventually dared to open her eyes. There before her, content in restful sleep, was the man she loved so dearly. Slowly, the endorphin and emotion addled memories of the night before asserted themselves far more firmly. They’d made love and did so happily, and now she was privy to the wonderful sunshine painting his sleeping face in golden light. He’d never looked more handsome or more peaceful; she laser etched every last detail into her memories should this moment never come again.

He stirred slightly moments later; languidly stretching before his sleep sullied eyes shook off their blurring. He blinked, at first looking somewhat confused.

She held her content smile firmly, happy for what they did and happier now to wake up beside him. But there, in the midst of her happiness, was the silent undeniable cloud of doubt that cast its morose shade on the moment. Was he thinking twice? Was he suddenly regretting his choices?

He reached his free hand up to his cheek and gave it a firm pinch. Clearly satisfied this wasn’t a dream he reached down, tenderly ran his fingers through her short hair and said, “good morning.”

She cooed happily, absolutely relieved by the honest smile on his face and the comforting touch. “Mm, yeah it is.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Spanking story - The Girl From Soho Square Abel 16/09/19(Mon)09:58 No. 24682 ID: a1d439 [Reply]


By Abel Jenkins - more at http://www.spankingwriters.com/stories

She wouldn't know, of course. No comprehension whatsoever of what was to come. Just a straightforward text message on her small red Nokia, as with all of her other instructions. 'Bloomsbury Crescent Hotel, Room 438. Full co-operation required. Overnight.'

Had she shivered when she'd heard the phone's bleep? Looked up from the park bench, around the green London square in which Alexander made her wait for her orders, wondering if anyone realised? Or was she used to it, by now?

Of course, the receipt of a message might even have come as a relief. I knew some of Alexander's methods by now. How girls whose services weren't requested by clients on any particular evening were used. Taught a lesson, one might say, in the benefits of ensuring repeat business, regular income. Taught a lesson in Alexander's office, in Alexander's inimitable manner. Some might level accusations of perversion at me, but the requests – or rather demands – which he made seemed to me far more humiliating for the girls, and far more perverse.

It must be two years now since Alexander and I had first met. Well, not 'met', as such. Spoken. Transacted. He and I had never actually had the pleasure of a face-to-face appointment. But we'd had enough conversations – and I'd heard enough of his practices (or should that be 'mis-practices') from sobbing girls – to realise that they lived in near-perpetual fear of his methods and his wrath.

And I was part of that fear.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Roommates (loli) Anonymous 12/10/06(Sat)11:32 No. 17319 ID: 5c8966 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

It all started when I was 19, in my first semester at college. I'd moved away from home and into my first apartment, and got my first roommate as well. He was a year younger than me, but unlike me he hadn't spent a year after graduating highschool saving up his money for tuition and rent. His parents died in an avalanche at a ski resort, and between their considerable savings and the payout from the life insurance, he could afford college and not have to work for years. I hadn't known it when I met him at orientation and we decided to share an apartment, but he also had custody of his 11 year old sister.

The apartment was big, and nicer than I could have ever afforded on my own, so all three of us had separate bedrooms (hers was supposed to be a laundry room or something originally.). I also discovered my roommate was a bit of a dick who neglected his little sister.

I don't think it was intentional, more a result of losing his parents and having to adjust his plans for the future to revolve around caring for his sibling, and he probably wasn't ready for that sort of responsibility. But unless he needed to give her a ride or buy her something she needed, he basically didn't interact with her. He also barely did anything with me; maybe once a week he'd play video games with me, but he spent nearly all his time in class or shut in his room studying.

His little sister was cute, with her blue eyes, freckles, and short, light brown hair, but obviously way too young for me. She didn't play with dolls or anything, so I guess she was mature for her age, but she also spent all her time shut in her room when she wasn't at school. And I don't think she had any friends at her new school either.

After a month or so with my new roommates, we'd settled into a routine. If they weren't exactly friendly, they weren't bad either; quiet, clean, and they were the only way I could afford a really nice apartment just a block from campus.

I wish I'd known then what I know now. It'd have saved me a lot of grief.

777 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/09/01(Thu)22:17 No. 24660 ID: 30ae27

Excellent story -- always worth the wait!

Anonymous 16/09/06(Tue)05:28 No. 24665 ID: 7b76a4

Im dying for an update op!

Anonymous 16/09/18(Sun)21:50 No. 24680 ID: 5a335c


This, dear OP, http://oglaf.com/blank-page/
comes to mind...

Flash fiction smut Tiktok 16/09/15(Thu)11:45 No. 24677 ID: a4bd7b [Reply]

MMMF, dp, anal, rough sex,

“I do.” She closed her eyes as Alex kissed her lovingly, his hands caressing the curves of the corset that hugged her mid-back, pulling her close. She was so lost in the sensuality of the moment that she hardly noticed when his hands rounded over the pleated lace of her gown, gripping her toned bottom firmly and pressing her pelvis into his. She opened her mouth just slightly, smiling blissfully as they ended their kiss, only to have his lips press against hers again more firmly, his tongue taking advantage of her open mouth. Neither shock nor surprise registered as his caressing hands now gripped her ass firmly, lifting her off the ground and into him. She gasped and let loose an unexpected moan, lifting her eyes skyward as he pressed his mouth hungrily to her exposed neck. She cast a sidelong glance at the public witness sitting in the front row. What had his name been again? Brad? Brady? Her mind had narrowed to the sensations gripping her body and she couldn’t remember. Their eyes locked as he was rising from his seat and she could feel that it didn’t matter at the moment. The sweeping folds of her gown allowed just enough movement for her bent knees to grip Alex’s sides as he turned and set her on the altar. He laid her back, his mouth still pressed to her neck, as his hands slid out from beneath her and began to pluck at the strings holding her corset tight. Her world inverted as her head hung partially off of the table. Her mouth hung slightly agape and her eyes unfocused as she latched onto the feelings that pulsed through the flesh of her tight body. Cool air raised goose bumps beneath her satin thigh-high leggings as strong hands lifted her legs just behind the knee, immediately contrasted as hot breath pushed through the thin lace of her panties. She sighed and gripped the edge of the altar as warm kisses pressed through the thin material, moistening her quickly swelling vulva. She closed her eyes as her lips formed to the “oh” that escaped her mouth. Alex’s deft hands finished their task and her generous breasts tingled as they were exposed. His mouth found the hardening nipple of her right breast as his hand found the other, tweaking and nibbling at the sensitive flesh. She didn’t notice the officiant’s presence until the flesh his cock touched her gaping lips. Instinctively her tongue flicked at the tip of it, readying it to move deeper. She swirled her tongue until her mouth was so full that there wasn’t room to do so anymore, his hard dick pushing her jaw open as it pressed deeper into her. The angle that her hanging head created straightened and lined up her throat, a fact that the cock in her mouth took advantage of. She gagged slightly as it entered her. Fingers ran through her hair and massaged her scalp as the man at her head, Pastor, she decided to call him, began to steadily piston his hips.
Meanwhile, Alex had straddled her vulnerable form. She could feel Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Total Immersion Fair Experience Anonymous 16/09/10(Sat)00:45 No. 24670 ID: e621d8 [Reply]

Carl loved his current gig. He had worked many fair attractions over
the years, but this was by far his favorite. While not as popular as the
iconic 'house of horrors', the 'high tech encounter' brought in a respectable
number of gawkers, and quite unexpectedly offered undreamed-of opportunities.

This attraction featured gadgets with tactile feedback, virtual reality
booths, remote-controlled robots, and all manner of high-tech devices.
In addition to working the public, Carl also designed and tweaked some of the
gadgets. Being given a budget to create his own devices was a dream come true.
And given the nature of his dreams, the result was rather extraordinary.

He had constructed the framework for an exoskeleton, capable of being worn
by a moderately-sized adult, adjustable to older children as well. The sparse
framework had some 3D-printed gingerbread to enhance the coolness factor,
but otherwise there were no broad panels attached, just the minimal scaffolding.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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