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Fallout: Wild Wasteland X 15/11/17(Tue)03:58 No. 23992 ID: 5cc649 [Reply]

Fanfic, just exercising my writing legs.

Most likely: M/F, F/F, M/M, MM/F, etc. Involving monsters, robots, drugs, guns, violence, and i'm hoping to work sodomy with a baseball bat somewhere down the line.

Hope you enjoy.

> Episode One: Vault 59

>[Overseer’s Log: 2250]
Located outside scenic Seattle, Vault 59 was the
answer to many peoples prayers. Containing enough
room for two thousand souls, Vault-Tec’s pride and joy:
Vault 59 took in a great many people in early October,
The residents of the former state had been exposed
to the returning soldiers from Anchorage, and the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

X 15/11/17(Tue)04:31 No. 23994 ID: 5cc649

(Sorry about the extra long line. It's written this way on purpose. I found a way in the word processor to stunt sentence growth, so that my army of midget literature will be easier to digest and subsequently easier on the prostate.)

> Episode Two: Stacy

“This isn’t funny, you know!” The little one cried out,
as two classmates tossed a blonde doll in a blue vault
suit between them. The girl wasn’t tall enough to catch it.

“Hah, I think it’s pretty funny, do you think it’s pretty
funny, Dane?” One of the boys said, a scrappy kid with
cut up black hair. He had a wild grin on his face.

“Yeah it’s kinda funny.” The other answered Travis, another
young boy with round features, in all fields.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

X 15/11/17(Tue)06:48 No. 23995 ID: 5cc649

> Episode Three: Exile

Stacy paced.

This whole ordeal was a real black eye.

But at the same time being free from the Vault seemed
like a real feather in her cap. No longer seeing the
people around her, the memories that had come and been ripped
away like a scab over a wound. All of these things
seemed preferable to the safety that she used and abused.

Stacy continued to pace from one end of her apartment,
and then when she hit the wall, she turned around. She was
as young looking and lean as everyone else in the Vault. Her
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

X 15/11/17(Tue)07:43 No. 23997 ID: 5cc649

> Episode Four: A Day in the Life - Day One

Two days later, the Overseer gathered everyone in the common
room, people standing shoulder to shoulder on all three
balconies, and covering the floor.

He spoke to them of their inevitable doom, and promised them
salvation. Stacy heard of this later, as people whispered as she
walked past

Most of them wanted her gone, anyway. Most of them thought she’d
never do it, too. Both of these things were right.

The citizens and mighty had all gathered against her at the
Vault door, not for her transgression, or for her wrong doing,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Window Dressings Anonymous 15/07/23(Thu)08:08 No. 23760 ID: d4d7a3 [Reply]

I had known Shannon for nearly her entire life. Her parents moved into the house next door when I was beginning middle school; she was just barely a toddler at the time. My family was the neighborly type, so we had dinner parties with Shannon and her parents rather frequently. As a kid, I'd play with her and try to entertain her with silly stunts for her amusement. I'd say we developed a pretty strong bond early on. Being that we were both only childs, we had a quasi brother-sister relationship. When she had turned five, for her birthday, her parents paid me to build her a playhouse in their backyard. At her party, when I finally unveiled the little pink house I'd spent many an afternoon making for her, she screamed with disarmingly cute, unbridled joy that could only come from a child. I will never forget the look in her eyes when she ran up to hug me with all her might. At that moment, she truly became sister. I realized I loved her, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that she loved me, too.

Sadly, over the years we began to slowly drift apart. I was getting too old to keep playing with the little girl next door; I had friends to hang out with, a car to abuse, and ever-increasing responsibilities. Shannon herself began to live her own life as well. She grew into an adorable, charming young girl with so many friends. I still went to her birthday parties but we talked sparingly, and my gifts we never as good as the marvelous playhouse (which was still sitting in her backyard, albeit a little rundown.) The distance between us increased as the years went on. The last vestiges of our once unbreakable bond to each other finally disintegrated as I left for college. I didn't even say goodbye. Whenever I thought about it, I felt a small pang in my heart. I had lost my only sibling to the cruel, unyielding ravages of time.

Before I knew it, four years flew by and I was one of many jobless graduates living back at home with my parents. Shannon was thirteen by now but I hadn't seen her for four years; I realized I really didn't know her anymore. In my mind, she was still the adorable little girl who could effortlessly melt your heart with her charming demeanor. She probably still is, I thought as I updated my LinkedIn account in my upstairs bedroom. It was morning, and my first thoughts as I wake up these days are of my lack of employment. It went without saying that I needed a job. I craved the independent lifestyle I had so caustically led in college. Curious about Shannon, I walked over to my window which faced her house. For a few moments, I gazed around thinking about my memories of my long lost sister. Not much about her house had changed. I spotted the playhouse; it was looking pretty shabby. Specks of dirt crept up the walls and the pink paint was almost completely faded to white from the sun. I let out a shallow sigh and went downstairs to make myself breakfast.

I caught Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 15/10/06(Tue)02:35 No. 23893 ID: 5492a9


Anonymous 15/10/07(Wed)21:30 No. 23899 ID: d94db9

Same. Op disappointing as usual

Anonymous 15/11/14(Sat)07:30 No. 23983 ID: 99fc00

Damn guys, just chill. OP will deliver, OP just needs to get around to finishing the next batch oddly text for us sick fucks to read. Seriously, we aren't paying for it so it will get here when it gets here. Needless to say, I am eagar to read more.

A Complex Electra Anonymous 15/11/09(Mon)06:48 No. 23975 ID: d24cab [Reply]

A tale of a young girl discovering her sexuality, and the obstacles and challenges along the way.


Cold Spring, New York sits on the shore of the Hudson River. Barely a square mile in size and with a population of less than two thousand, it's as small town as small towns get on the East Coast. Every Fall, there's an influx of people from New York City who want to watch the leaves change and get away from big city life.

For Jane Clark, it was the most alive the town could be. She looked forward to every time there was that uptick in townie life, where everything finally seemed to move at a proper speed, and not as if in a cloud of thick molasses.

But this year was different. The lull in activity she'd dreaded had seemingly faded at the dawn of her 13th year. At first, she was confused. She began to catalog what could possibly be different now that she'd overlooked before.

'Men...' She concluded to herself late one night, staring up at the patch of bare ceiling as she laid in bed with only a desklamp barely lighting the space. she'd deliberately left that space poster free as the blank surface always had a way of straightening her thinking. Now, it all began to click together. 'They're... Different now. Something about the way they look and move suddenly keeps my attention.' She turned onto her side, biting her thumbnail pensively. "Puberty? Is there really that much of a change?" She tried to parse out particulars to try and settle herself, she was always very neat and organized, so this disorder in thought simply would not do. 'It's not boys my own age, either. They're all the same background noise they were before. It's men, older, taller, more..." She sighed almost wistfully, caught herself doing it, and slapped her hand over her mouth for having made such a ridiculous sound.

Full of anxious energy, she quickly rose to her feet and began to quietly pace around her room. As she was above her parents bedroom, heavy steps could wake them. Still, this was important, she had to wrap her mind around this seemingly instant revelation, and she couldn't do it lying down.

'Maybe...' She began to think. "Maybe being put two grades ahead was a bad idea? The course work is finally challenging but everything, everyone, is just more socially advanced... The teachers expect everyone to keep up and do much less hand holding as a result. It's one of the reasons I wanted to move up, after all."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15/11/09(Mon)21:47 No. 23976 ID: e38aee

I like this! The details about what Jane is thinking sound very realistic, and I think that's what makes the story work. My only real criticism is that you're a little wordy in some places.

Shadow 15/11/12(Thu)01:19 No. 23981 ID: d51017

I too, like this story. I'm enjoying the details and the realism of her thoughts and self-discovery. I hope to see more of this story soon!

Lara Croft Is My Guvnor (FM, Fm1st, Lara Croft, various straight sex and v Anonymous 09/07/11(Sat)10:54 No. 12 ID: 04c4aa [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

This is a re-upload of the LARA CROFT SEX CHRONICLES!

Summary: A young lad is hired on to work for a famous treasure-hunter, and gets more experience from the job than he could have ever imagined.

Lara Croft Is My Guvnor (FM, Fm1st, Lara Croft, various straight sex and voyeurism)

Chapter 1

Winston Smith walked out to the pool area with a tray of iced tea in his hands. He hated going outside on hot days like this, especially since he always wore his stuffy butler's suit. Lara greeted him with a smile as she laid in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun in nothing more than a small white bikini and sunglasses.
"Thank you Winston," Lara said as her butler set the tray on the table beside her and she grabbed a glass.
Winston regarded the view around the pool. The whole area was a mess, with pool accessories and toys scattered all over the deck area. The surface of the pool was littered with leaves and stray paper and plastic items that had blown in on the wind.
"Have you finally given some thought about hiring new help for the pool, Miss Croft?" he asked.
"I know," Lara said with a bit of frustration. "I just haven't had the time lately," she said as she took another sip from her iced tea.
"Hmmm," Winston said, casting a slow glance at Lara as she sipped and sighed, stretching out her gleaming body under the hot sun.
"Yes, well, I've made note of the requirements for the pool maintenance, and I believe that we can satisfy them and do a little good for the community at the same time."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/10/25(Tue)21:53 No. 24779 ID: 3a862f

5 years now. :'(

buttons! bumper 16/11/30(Wed)08:17 No. 24830 ID: 6ee40d


update wj 17/06/28(Wed)08:46 No. 25078 ID: e4865e

No update?

REQUEST - Revenge Rape Fantasy Anonymous 15/11/08(Sun)01:08 No. 23973 ID: 6ab373 [Reply]

Hello elit: first time I've ever posted to 7chan and I'd like to request a story. If you like revenge plots then you might like this one.

The villian is a female psychopath something like this: http://illimitablemen.com/2014/02/17/lucifers-daughter/

She wrecks the lives of a bunch of men, destroys their reputations, gets them disowned by their families, gets them put in prison, beaten by angry mobs, etc by masterfully playing a victim & making false allegations of abuse and rape.

Our protagonist is her ex husband. He comes home from work early and catches her sleeping with another man. She divorces him, gets the kids, gets him charged with assault & uttering threats, he gets brow-beaten by an ugly cunt of a judge who gives custody of the kids to the other man, he gets sent to jail, forced to write an apology letter. You get the idea: He's utterly delegitimized as a person.

Then he learns that he's just the latest in a string of men who she has fucked over. They come together and hatch a plan for total revenge where she is destroyed in every possible way. Oh, and raped like a cum-dumpster until she loves it.

Think of the movie "I Spit On Your Grave". Well this is the reverse. The rape itself is the revenge.

Pretty (futa on loli, dub-con, interracial) KAX 15/10/13(Tue)16:45 No. 23904 ID: 54e835 [Reply]

Pretty short one, basically just a futa on loli quickie I smashed together to get through writer's block. Enjoy, if you're into this sort of thing.


My dad thought I needed to be a big sister. My mom thought we needed to save the world. I was lukewarm on both ideas, but no one asked my opinion on either. And that’s how I found myself, a dickgirl at the age of fifteen, with a little sister.
I imagined her as this sweet, shy, innocent girl, maybe four or five years old, with blonde pigtails and a teddy bear she carried with her everywhere she went. The reality was different: Kennedy was about twelve, possessing a stick-skinny frame, brown-skin and an unruly dust-colored afro only rivalled by dark eyes that seemed too big for her head. And she was far from shy, so very far.
The third or fourth night she was living with us, she climbed right the hell into my bed and snuggled up to me under the covers. I’m nobody’s fool and even at thirteen she was old enough to know what was up, so I shoved my hand down the shorts she wore and fingered her through her panties. She barely flinched at my touch but let out the sexiest moans, squirming around my fingers and bringing her thighs together around my hand. I could feel the heat of her pussy through the plain cotton and she pushed her backside against my cock at the same time, rubbing against it while humping my fingers, my nipples poking the back of her head.
I let her go at it, feeling a modest wetness build on her panties while my cock nestled in the cleft of her ass. I was so fucking hard it almost hurt, my pre-seed spilled out all over the small of her back and my pussy was so wet my panties were sticking to me. It was so good that I was halfway there just from the rubbing. The only thing that stopped me was Kennedy taking my hand and moving it under her oversized t-shirt, telling me in no uncertain terms, “Pinch my nipples!”
I obeyed, taking her little nub between my fingers and gently squeezing, only to have her cry out, “Harder! I can’t cum unless it hurts!” And the little semen demon proved it too, grinding hard against my fingers and shaking like a leaf as I took her nipple, gripping it tight and twisting it like a radio dial to draw out her orgasm. I could feel her desire spread out onto the fabric of her panties, the warm spot growing first damp, then tangibly wet against my hand.
“Good girl.”
She nodded her head, coming down slowly off her climax before rolling onto her stomach. If she had thoughts of not finishing what she started, Kennedy had another thing coming and I slid my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them, then turned over on her back, holding her down with my weight and slapping a hand over her mouth, “You wanna act like a slut? Then I’m gonna treat you like one.”
I began grinding my girlmeat up and down her back, letting her get a feel for just how much I was pa Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
KAX 15/10/15(Thu)08:05 No. 23908 ID: 54e835

Not at this moment. I have other stuff posted in various places, but I'm posting here to try out some new stuff in terms of style and content.

Anonymous 15/10/26(Mon)19:26 No. 23927 ID: e13033

Put more of your stuff here.

Anonymous 15/10/27(Tue)18:09 No. 23929 ID: f97569

What other anon said

The Greenvale Fraternity Jacqueline Madison Gibson (Jax) 14/11/21(Fri)13:16 No. 22839 ID: 249c7e [Reply]

Over the past 3 years my life has changed completely. I was down on my luck and had almost lost everything.
I will soon be 40 years old. They say life begins at 40 but my new life began 3 years ago when I was 37.

My name is Jacqueline Madison Gibson or Jax for short, I was raised in a loving family with my older sister Vanessa. My parents have both now passed away but I have always kept in touch with my sister.

I fell in love with a guy when I was 25 years old and we were together for 12 years, we got engaged but never got married. We split up after I found out that he had been having affairs with other women, he left me for a 26 year old who he had been seeing from work.
He also left me in debt and I had to sell our house and my car and other things to cover it.

So at 37 and with nowhere else to go I moved to live with my sister.
Vanessa (Van for short) is 3 years my senior, we are very similar in looks, both of us are about 5 feet 5 inches tall we both have dark brown hair that some times looks black and we both share the same deep brown eye color. We both take after our mother and neither of us has ever been slim, but we are not fat either, we call ourselves curvy lol. At the time I was just over 200 pounds and had been on a diet for what seemed like forever.

Vanessa is married to a really smart guy called Rod who works in scientific research and they have a son Peter (Pete) who is now 15 years old. They own a really nice house just outside of a small town in a nice quiet area.

Moving in wasn’t a problem as their house had a guest room with adjoining bath above the garage, I even had another small room in which I could store what was left of my stuff.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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CUBE 15/01/20(Tue)11:48 No. 23143 ID: 352360

Is there more ?

TPARM 15/04/04(Sat)23:52 No. 23443 ID: e5b288

Wonder what happened next ?

Anonymous 15/10/05(Mon)18:33 No. 23889 ID: 15121f

Stopped reading after it looked like it was turning rapey, huge turnoff.
Btw 5'5" and 200lbs is not 'curvy' it's clinically obese, and a gut would be obvious on a woman weighing this much. 90Kg for any metricfags

Seduction of the Innocent Pashaimeru 15/08/25(Tue)23:52 No. 23817 ID: 602de1 [Reply]

So after years of reading elit and writing half-finished stories I never fully intended to show anyone, I finally ended up making something that I felt decent enough to post.

I'm kinda inspired to write more stuff similar to this, so I'd appreciate any sort of feedback at all. It'd be nice to actually improve instead of just continuing to write stuff for my own sake. Can't say I'm much of a writer as I am right now.

Anyway, tags: loli, mind control, corruption, transformation, (transgender-ish). Theme is superheroes. Kind of on the lengthier side, so be warned.


"Such a shame."

Dr Leonard shook his head, looking at the result of his work. The laboratory looked—and smelled—like a disaster. Stench of burning rubber was heavy in the air, black smoke coming from beneath the machine’s sealants. It had taken a year’s worth of research and manufacturing to put it all together; the price of the components had been astronomical and putting it all together had required hundreds of hours of personal work and supervision. Yet, it had been a minor loss compared to the loss of the true prize itself.

Putting on his rubber gloves, the man crouched down next to the captured superheroine. Her eyes were unfocused, her face wet with tears and sweat. Leonard tilted her head with his hands, forcing her to look him directly in the eyes. There was no trace of comprehension behind those blue eyes, none of the hatred Leonard was so used to seeing. Scarlet Storm was gone—her body might be still alive, but not much remained of her mind. The diagnostics on the screen revealed that much.

The sight was somewhat upsetting. Had she survived the process, her value would’ve been immeasurable. It wasn’t just the loss of a potential asset that bothered Leonard, however; the loss of a good adversary was more disquieting he thought possible. The two of them had clashed for years now, and Leonard had managed to gain a grudging respect for the red-haired superheroine. She had been not only powerful, but smart as well—capable of outwitting even him, thwarting the cleverest of his plots.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
rin!y7chl82msE 15/09/20(Sun)11:24 No. 23846 ID: 87f076

Yeah, sorry.

Not that my input means much anymore than it used to, but I digress.

There's still something that bothers me, something I can't really pinpoint. It's very well written. Honestly, the biggest thing I can pick out is that the sexy stuff seemed... a lot lighter than the rest of the story. Still, this is only a mild complaint.

Pashaimeru 15/09/22(Tue)18:51 No. 23850 ID: 602de1

Yeaah, I'm no good at writing sex scenes. Any erotica I'll write is probably gonna be light on them, maybe even skip them over. I find other things more interesting than actual sex, anyway.

Rin!y7chl82msE 15/09/27(Sun)10:48 No. 23869 ID: 87f076

Hey, I didn't say that to discourage you at all. My writing was in a similar situation, but I lucked out and my first story was lost during the great server collapse before anyone got invested enough.

It takes time and effort, just like all things. Just putting more out and honing your craft, that's the best advice I can give lol.

Anonymous 15/09/05(Sat)15:05 No. 23828 ID: 403198 [Reply]

I'm shit, I'm sorry.

It was an unusually hot Wednesday. Even though there was air conditioning in the building keeping the temperature steady, Sarah could still feel the heat going wild outside. The sun was relentless, bombarding her eagerness onto anyone foolish enough to get out of shade. She looked out the window all the way down, where ant sized people were rushing in search of a place to lay low. Even though they were so far below her, but she could almost feel the sweat and heavy breathing of each and every swiftly moving shape.

The sun was after her skin as well; sunshine dropping down through the giant windows right onto her arms and chest. Sarah looked around herself, observing the large oval office she was already so accustomed to. It was a busy day, although the place was not as crowded as it usually got. She was sitting at the back of one desk row, right at the window. Her colleague Tania was working night shifts this week leaving the chair besides her empty. What a crazy thing that girl is, to think of all the times Tania has gotten both of them in trouble just because she seems to disregard any idea of consequence; an almost complete opposite in character to Sarah, driven by a world view that Sarah could never really fully comprehend. And yet whenever she was with her, she felt free, as if all the strings holding her in place throughout her life would somehow get loose and she could not help but follow her friends' footsteps. As result Tania has become someone she considered the closest person she had, a true friend that accepted her as she was with all, what she considered, her awkward abnormalities.

Sarah sighted at the empty space near her. She had so much to talk about this morning, but all of that had to wait until her friend showed up. And so she sat there, distracted, sitting at her work computer at which she hasn't even glimpsed yet. She felt lonely - a feeling all too familiar to her. Growing up in a strict catholic family has really taken a toll on her as a person. Her parents although loving and nurturing, made sure to have an important part of being human pushed away throughout her childhood and teenage years. Sexuality was a big no-no as a topic in her life, with her ending up going to an only girl school with sometimes bizarre religious undertones. Her parents would shun away every boy and lecture her about the dangers boys can bring about. She wore two sizes too large t-shirts and baggy pants for the larger portion of her life. She wasn't really even aware or sure what sex was right before college. Even in college the terrifyingly non sexual routine and perspective had control over her. Except for that one moment, one slight occasion right after high school when she allowed herself to explore.

What had caused her to think of it all of a sudden, she wondered. The answer seemed pretty obvious. She had an encounter with an old forgotten friend Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15/09/19(Sat)19:25 No. 23844 ID: 403198


Anonymous 15/09/25(Fri)03:49 No. 23857 ID: 142873

Good stuff.

New Creepypasta erotica character Anonymous 15/09/17(Thu)08:41 No. 23839 ID: 3bc5d8 [Reply]

Hantu, the nightmare dominatrix.
Hantu is a demoness, who sexually tortures her victims before eating them.
The victim never remembers how they got into her dungeon.
When Hantu devours her victims alive, they orgasm from it.
If Hantu likes you, the octopus that lives in her womb will hypnotize and infect you with the same body decaying virus, essentially turning you into one of her sex slaves....once you've been trained, you're given an octopus of your own, which the octopus makes using your DNA it removed during your first encounter. Semen or eggs.
In females the octopus lives in the uterus, and in males, the octopus creates a sack near the prostate and enters through the anus.
As a slave you must eat victims to keep your body from falling apart and you must bring victims to Hantu.
The story..........

I seemed to rise to the surface of consciousness, the darkness slipping
away to cold painful awareness.

Bright lights burn its way through my eyelids like acid, while steel
shackles foil my instincts to shield them.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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