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Trans, Futa, Sex, Life, MTF Little Abby 14/12/22(Mon)10:41 No. 23009 ID: fd5923 [Reply]

Been wanting to write something worthy of here for a long time. So here I go....

Being a Transgendered person wasn't quite like I expected at all. All my life I had been told I was useless. That I would never amount to anything. I never fit in with the guys at school and sucked at sports majorly. I seemed to be able to gt along with most of the girls though. They would talk to me and we would carry on a conversation with no real problems at all. I grew up being depressed all the time having no clear idea why. I was in and out of work not really fitting in and being angry all the time. I started to get really bad thinking suicide was an option. Then I stumbled across a story that changed my life. I mean literally changed me. I was scared of being trans at first. But the more I thought about it the more I thought 'What if?' So I took a trial run of Female hormones and holy hell. I was hooked.

Cont... Little+Abby 14/12/22(Mon)10:52 No. 23010 ID: fd5923

The first thing I noticed was that people gradually seemed easier to talk to. I wasn't so angry or upset or depressed. Then they started to notice the changes in my overall attitude. Some even asked me about it. Thinking that I might be about to 'Jump' so to speak. But I assured them that I was ok and life just got better from there on out. So about 5 months later other things began to change. I was shaving my legs regularly using creams to smooth the skin on my face and arms. I looked in the mirror and thought 'Hey, I look pretty good today'. Usually I avoided mirrors like the plague as I hated to look at myself. My breasts were beginning to develop and they were getting really sensitive. Swollen and sore but nothing I couldn't handle. All my t-shirts were no longer able to hide the growing mounds so I didn't bother even trying. I had surgery to reduce my nose and shave down my Adam's apple so people couldn't really notice it anymore. The bruising was pretty bad but it had a good side to it as well. A cute guy that worked across the hall from me saw the bruising and black eyes. And so my story begins.........

It Begins Little+Abby 14/12/23(Tue)04:28 No. 23015 ID: fd5923

I looked up from the work I was doing to see John start knocking on my office window. I smiled and buzzed him in. The security button had been on the fritz a bit lately so I had to press it a few times but he came in. "Hey, somebody get a bit rough the other day?". I smiled thinking that it would take me a while to get used to the bruises making people think that I had been beaten up. "Oh no. Nothing quite like that. I had surgery a few days ago. Just to fix up a few things." He regarded my bruises and looked skeptical but nodded anyway. "If you ever need help give me a yell. I'll help ya chase em off." he made a few karate gestures topped off with a "wataaaaaaaaaa" to prove his point. I just giggled. "Thanks but it wouldn't look too good if a security guard had to get help from a cook." He gave me a mock glare and simply stated "Under Siege" I laughed outright at that. He gave me one last look and went back to his kitchen. "ARRggghhhh" I dropped my head onto my desk in frustration. It was followed by an immediate "OW" Great! Another bruise to explain. I sighed and headed upstairs to drop off a few deliveries. A few hours passed and my relief Rick arrived allowing me to knock off. I gave the required handover and filled him in on the days events. "Hey Ric...." He paused a minute to correct himself. "Hey Abby." I looked at him eager to go home and slaughter the innocent on GTA5 Online. I just raised an eyebrow. "You ok?" I smiled. "Yeah. A few people asked a few questions. Like who did that? Was it your girlfriend? Your boyfriend? Your dad?. Ugh but I was kind of expecting it so it was too bad." "What about your eye candy?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows? I immediately blushed and started grinning like an idiot. "HAH! Thought soooooo." I walked out the door my cheeks burning red enough to almost overpower the bruises either side of my nose. I walked past the sandwich shop and paused to look into the window. The kitchen was winding down that late in the afternoon. I couldn't help but stare a little. I noticed one of the female staff watching, looked into the kitchen then back to me. I must have gone red as my cheeks started burning. I rushed away.

I got home and practically fell through the front door and hid in my room. I heard a knock followed by a muffled "You ok?" "Let me die in in peace" I cried. She came in anyway and sat on the corner of my bed. "Hey' she prodded the lump under the sheet. No response. "You leave me no choice then" I started squirming knowing what came next. "ARRGGHH NOOO" I started laughing. "Stop!" I cried. Jess refused to stop saying she would only stop when I stopped hiding. I couldn't breathe properly by this point so I stuck my head out from under my sanctuary. I tried to glare at Jessica Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15/01/08(Thu)07:11 No. 23086 ID: d0bbc7

Please yes.

The Visitors David Ander 14/06/02(Mon)06:48 No. 21869 ID: 917657 [Reply]

The Following is a long story, and it will take a while to get to the wank-worthy bits.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 2:04 PM
All Nippon Airways flight 7609
37,200 feet over the Atlantic Ocean

First Officer Alan Santos had just finished making his final check in with air traffic control in the United States airspace. He sighed to himself. “Four hours down 9 hours to go.” The act of the transatlantic flight had become rather mundane; with the advent of modern technology. Now pilots and copilots merely watched electronic screens adjusted dials and mainly allow the computer to do its work. Manual control only needed to be used in very rare emergency situations, and the occasional difficult takeoff or landing; The pilot’s job now seemed more to be keeping an eye on the computers More than actually flying the plane .
But thoughts like this exist in almost every line of work, and did little to make the time go by faster. It had been awhile since He had last flown with Captain Luke Cameron and he had not had a good time to catch up. He turned to open a conversation just a small light winked on his display. The master caution light shone a menacing a red as a prerecorded voice blared over the internal cockpit speakers. “Terrain, terrain, terrain.” His eyes immediately snapped the window as his hands reached the yoke. His body tensed, prepared to wrench the aircraft away from…what, he wondered. The Atlantic Ocean had no terrain to speak of, it was an ocean.
As he peered out of the windows, the aforementioned ocean appeared exactly where he expected, well below them a sparkling blue-black. Ahead, below and all around the aircraft nothing could be seen to trigger the warning.
“What the hell?” Growled Luke, his southern accent and years of smoking flavoring his voice. Allen spoke up, “Looks like another one for the boys at home to take a look at.” “The damn things only a year old, we shouldn’t be having these problems.” Luke said, easing back into his chair.
Alan silenced the alarm.
He was right of course; modern commercial aircraft were built or more accurately overbuilt for exactly what they really were used for. All Nippon Ariways had been the first to purchase the Dreamliner; arguably the most advanced plane in use commercially. Millions spent on R&D and testing; and another almost un-fathomable amount spent on producing the beast and they still had kinks to work out. Not that they would ever tell the public this. Already people had an unfounded fear of air travel, and took even the simplest of bumps, errors or problems sent the community at large into a tizzy.
People drove on bald tires, with error lights, and other little problems in their cars all the time. Some even got into accidents, but rarely did you see the kind of fervor the airline industry saw after MH370, the 777 lost in 2014. Hell, there were even loons talking about TWA 800 Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/28(Fri)07:09 No. 22877 ID: 2b3fc6

Please come back OP

Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)09:40 No. 23054 ID: 2b3fc6

I remain hopeful that OP has not died

Anonymous 15/01/07(Wed)06:34 No. 23081 ID: f5c349


I don't know how I missed this first time around, otherwise I would have provided my 3 penneth, for what it's worth. You asked for critique:

Only major criticism is that some proof reading would help readability a bit. It looks like you've spell checked, but that doesn't pick up context. I know it's difficult.

Other than that I really like it and hope that you come back to complete the story. It's has potential from what I've read so far

Canvas Stef 14/11/21(Fri)22:14 No. 22859 ID: ebd7e7 [Reply]

(mind control, gender change, solo, m/f)

The first time it happened, I didn't know what I was doing.

I hadn't been able to sleep. This wasn't especially abnormal, but usually I'd have to skip a night's rest and then the next day I'd be able to get a few hours in. Enough to feel human.

This was study hall, which amounted to a blow off class for most of us. I was going on 72 hours without any shuteye and while the girls in front of me were playing a card game and the football guys were talking about freshman girls in the corner behind me, I was resting my head on my arms and trying to count some sheep.

I had been becoming more and more serious in art class over the last few years and now that I was a senior, art had become my calling. The teacher had let me move from pencils to colored pencils to paint by the time I was a sophomore and I was a regular in highschool art exhibitions now. This got me out of P.E. and needing fine arts credits and with most of my serious classes done now, I could use art class as an excuse to get half days when I wanted them.

The lack of sleep was beginning to affect my work, though, so I slowed my breathing and ignored the noise everyone was making in an attempt to get some of that back. My social life was basically nil due to what my doctor said might be a rare form of autism. I find it hard to meet people, and my sex drive suffers from the antidepressants. Painting really is all I have, most days.

Sleep came over me like it usually did, a fickle thing that came when I was at the breaking point. Sometimes, due to my restlessness, I have what they call lucid dreams. Sitting in studyhall, I was aware that I was asleep, but still cognizant enough to know that I was sleeping. Most of my rest is that way.

This time, everything was even more vivid than usual. I could actually see the girls there having a conversation. I moved over to them, looking over my shoulder to see myself sleeping still. A haze hung over the classroom, like they were playing cards in a burning building. Somewhere, in a dense bank of black clouds in the corner, I could hear the football players laughing about something.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/12/04(Thu)02:45 No. 22900 ID: fe7327

Superb, more please.

Stef 15/01/05(Mon)23:05 No. 23070 ID: ebd7e7

Everyone was panicked and I silently wondered what the hell was going to happen now as two of the kids in the EMT program began CPR on Daniel Ridge. I crossed my arms nervously and glanced back at Ian Larson who came up behind me and put his arms around me. I stiffened some, caught off-guard, but allowed myself to sink back against his muscular chest and stomach. I could still smell the sweat on him from earlier. I had known this was a bad idea from the start, and now I had a real problem on my hands.

Mrs. Brenner was talking to a 911 operator and put her hand over the phone to say "Everyone who isn't certified to give CPR please go wait in the library for next period and don't go spreading this around."

Ian laced his fingers with mine and we walked along together toward the library. We were both silent, but for different reasons. He was likely upset over Daniel dying while we were out of the room, but I was weighing the ramifications of being trapped in Cynthia Haynes' life. I didn't know the first thing about being her, just like I hadn't known that Cynthia had been teasing Ian with nude photos for days following last weeks football game and that he'd take her leaving the room for the restroom as an invitation to sneak out.

The study hall period had begun for Daniel like it usually did. He went to sleep in the corner and decided which of the girls in his class looked the hottest. By now, he had seen most of them, some several times. Cynthia was on drill team and the drill team had been working on homecoming banners instead of going to stud yhall for the last week or so, and he had been dying to take some nude photos of her.

This class, Cynthia showed up in her drill team uniform since there had been a pep rally after lunch, and Daniel couldn't think of anything he'd rather do than slip into her body and take some pictures followed by the electrifying process of figuring out where Cynthia's body was most sensitive.

Strangely , as Deidra, playing with her clit could make her cum so powerfully, but as Rebecca or Kate, she could only cum from penetration. Neither girl carried anything like a dildo in their purses, but Deidra had a big hair brush in her purse which Daniel had ended up riding on the bathroom floor in the handicap stall. Kate had been even better. Her contact lens solution bottle was about 7 inches long and two inches thick. Getting that inside her had been a little more time consuming than she had planned and had hurt more than the brush handle, but being stretched around it had felt so good. Had Cynthia not been in class today, he was planning to stretch Kate around the lens solution bottle again today.

But today, Cynthia asked for the restroom pass and the football players, huddled in the back, chided Ian that he was way too much of a pussy to follow her and to try and get some. She hurried down Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Stef 15/01/05(Mon)23:06 No. 23071 ID: ebd7e7

The sight of it and his fingers massaging her clit sent a shock through her and instead of protesting, Cynthia barely managed to stifle a moan.

"Suck it for me" he whispered and massaged her clit with one hand. His other stroked through Cynthia's hair and she felt him push her head down gently, but firmly.

Her hand unconsciously moved up and wrapped around the base of it, her fingers only making it about two thirds of the way around. His hand slid out of her spanks and the other pushed down on her head harder, pushing her dace down toward the throbbing head of his tan cock. As she bent down, the thing most on her mind was how she was sad he couldn't keep fingering her while she did this. Somewhere inside, Daniel told himself that if this was what it took to not blow his cover, it was probably worth it. After this, he'd just stay the hell out of Cynthia's body. Her body responded way too easily to boys.

Kneeling would have made her too short, so Cynthia bent over and let Ian get two good handfulls of her hair while she put her lips around the big, warm head of his cock. Already, a salty slick of precum leaked from his tip and tasting it made her legs shaky. She tried to shove her mouth down him, but gagged when the head of his cock touched the back of her throat.

She pulled back, but felt his grip on her hair tighten and suddenly he pulled her mouth back down him again, gagging her harder. He pulled his hips back and bucked them forward gently, and she looked up at him through her eyes and watched as he blurred from the tears that gagging her had caused. He was looking down at her and seeing her blue eyeliner beginning to run only made him buck his hips harder. Her only choice was to try and accommodate his cock as he fucked her mouth.

Cynthia couldn't help but be sopping wet, her legs getting wobbly from arousal. Ian pulled her back and forth while he bucked his hips. Her libido had him trapped, making Daniel succumb completely to this brutal face fucking.

"This feels so fucking good" Ian moaned down at her while he tried to shove himself deeper into her mouth.

Cynthia opened to try and take it in, since he was starting to choke her and finally her legs gave way and she sank onto her knees, looking up at Ian's wet cock bouncing in the air above her.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Harem Thief: A Nisekoi Fanfic (mc, ntr, m/fffff) Anonymous 14/05/18(Sun)22:32 No. 21789 ID: e06ffc [Reply]

Life as a background character is boring. Every day is the same, nothing interesting ever happens. Every morning going to school, every evening coming home, with everything in between full of the same, mundane, humdrum, banal, mindnumbing routine.

For me and the rest of the class, about the only interesting thing in our lives was the harem. Five girls who were entirely unreasonably blessed.

First, they were pretty. Not just pretty. Unreasonably pretty. The other girls in the class confirmed that only one of them wore even the lightest of makeup, but they were all so perfect and unblemished that they made actors and models look plain and awkward.

Second, they were rich. Unreasonably rich. They lived in mansions and entire penthouse apartment floors. They flew around the world, bought extravagant luxuries, sicced their servants and thugs on anyone who looked at them wrong, and didn’t even really have a concept of money that made sense at the normal level.

Third, they were talented. Unreasonably talented. Some were gifted academically, able to get a perfect score on any test while paying no attention in class. One of the girls was actually our teacher, a girl who had sped through school and college to get her license at only nineteen years of age. Some were gifted athletically. There were rumors of one even having superhuman athletic ability that let her shatter stone buildings with a single kick.

They were freaks. But the freakiest thing of all was that every single one of them had the same obsession. Raku Ichijo. Every single one of them was head over heels infatuated with the guy. The rest of us were absolute trash as far they were concerned, but he was a god who could do no wrong, someone they were more than happy to all shamelessly fawn over together. It was so fucking stupid.

Right now, we were supposed to be having a class meeting. There was a school festival coming up and every class was responsible for a project to try and raise some money. With the harem in our class, the obvious choice for the boys was to exploit that and go with a maid cafe. Only one of the freaks, Marika, seemed to like the idea, though she made clear that she’d only be serving one person in the classroom. The rest of the girls, mundane and freak alike, were against the idea, either from embarrassment, outrage, or a fear of having to compete with one of the harem girls and being humiliated by it. Our teacher, Yui, was more than content to stand by, too busy playing with Raku’s hair to pay attention or do her job.

It was dragging on and on and on.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

19 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/10/13(Mon)14:48 No. 22560 ID: 645cdd


Like so many others, I visit this thread regularly in the hope you've posted another chapter. So far, so very good! I would ask that you find it in your heart (and also hopefully, your schedule) to finish this. Thanks

Anonymous 14/10/13(Mon)17:27 No. 22561 ID: 6f3c84

Good god man, this is amazing! Breaking up a slice of life anime is apparently one of my fetishes.

Moar please.

Anonymous 15/01/01(Thu)20:38 No. 23045 ID: 15701f

Great work so far OP. Can you give us an indication of how soon we may see an update please?

Being Sociable (pedo, Mg, molestation, anal) Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/10/24(Fri)04:12 No. 22606 ID: a887c0 [Reply]

Not sure what to say about this one. Not sure if I'm gonna write a second part. Just watched a French series where the characters were refreshingly honest about their selfishness, even if that made them a bit of an asshole. Figured I'd give it a try. There's no justifying this, so why bother trying?

*** *** *****

The movie had been typical summer stupid, but not offensively bad, so Brian and I just shared ironic looks while the others gushed about how awesome it had been. As usual, they immediately started talking about where they wanted to go drinking that night. I amused myself by people watching. The theater at the mall was almost perpetually filled with teens on dates, roving packs of jailbait, and little lolis dragging their parents to the latest Pixar knockoff. All I had to do was put on a bored expression and I could enjoy the view with no one being the wiser, so long as I didn't focus on anyone too closely.

I didn't chime in on my coworker's deliberations, which surprised exactly no one. They always talked about how I was so chill, and how I always just went with the flow. The truth is, I didn't give a rats ass where we ended up, and I only came out on these little outings so I wouldn't seem antisocial. I like my coworkers well enough, and it's worth a night of tedium every now and again to keep up good relations, though only just.

Brian broke off from the debate and struck up a conversation with me about True Detectives. He was the most irascible fuck I worked with, sarcastic, short tempered, and he looked like a bald, lumberjack version of grumpycat. He was also one of the most observant, empathetic, and thoughtful people I had the privilege to know. He put up a tough facade, and he'd make fun of you mercilessly if he knew you could take it, but he also was the first to recognize when someone was on the verge of a meltdown at work, and he always seemed to know just what to say. He always stuck up for the little guy, and made sure no one felt left out. He was just plain good people, and I was glad to know him. He also scared me, because I often felt certain he understood me better than he let on. I'm pretty sure he had me pegged as closet homosexual, and I tried to encourage that assumption. It was a hell of a lot better than the alternative. So we chatted for a bit about how surprised we were to realize that Matthew McConaughey was not only a real actor, but a fucking amazing actor at that, how fucking good the writing was, and what an oppressive mindfuck the series was, as a whole.

That was when I saw a familiar face, and realized something was odd. I wasn't sure why the woman had caught my eye. She was pretty enough, but nothing remarkable, and a bit old for me anyway. She was walking out to the parking lot, pulling her keys out of her purse as she walked. I couldn't quite put my Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

33 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)13:06 No. 22778 ID: f5b1c2

Don't see why you need to nix the whole story based on realising your plans are shit (really, they were).
The whole willing BDSM thing is uncommon in loli stories, and something I really enjoyed.
Why not just have Mark track down Melinda at the strip joint, give her a big tip and get himself a private show, and leave his number for her to call if she wants to go out for a drink sometime.
Then you can have him domming mother and daughter without realising until he decides it's time for a threesome.

Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)15:46 No. 22779 ID: 51544a


I've made the mistake of continuing on stories lime this after the spark is gone, and it's always underwhelming. It's better left to your imagination. Besides, I have a very specific scenario that is completely fucked up and so goddamned hot. I might not get around to it for a while, but it's definitely the next thing i'll post here. Much less touchy feely, not at all like the saccharine setups that have been my norm recently.

Anonymous 14/12/26(Fri)12:37 No. 23022 ID: 24e0df

I couldn't stop thinking about this story today. It deserves a bump just for that.

iCity Tales by AnonyMPC (various tags, cyberpunk, violence) AnonyMPC 14/07/30(Wed)22:09 No. 22139 ID: a609fb [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hi, I'm AnonyMPC. You might remember me from such stories as "My Private Camwhore," "Relatively Powered", and "Yet Another Thing That Isn't The Next My Private Camwhore."

Well, after a long time where I was working on various stories and making very slow progress, I got hit with an idea that caught my imagination on fire. It started with the artist NeckRomancer on HF, who drew a few pieces inspired my stories, and we got to talking. An offhanded comment by me made him suggest a story idea, a SF one that had a sort of cyberpunk vibe. It was a good idea, and I'm actually a fan of old-school cyberpunk and all it's tropes, but I didn't want to tackle it. I was too busy, and too far behind, with other stuff. But it reminded me of another idea I had (based on an idea granted to me by a fellow named kludo I met in an artist's stream), also set in a cyberpunk world. And I began to toss around the idea of a set of stories set in the same city, and came up with a few ideas, and NeckRomancer suggested a couple more, and finally, I realized I was enjoying the process more than I had writing in a while, and what's more, I had 5 stories that I thought fit together pretty well, I knew exactly where they began and ended and how they fit together. They could be short, I told myself, maybe one sex scene each, so it wouldn't be too much of a distraction from my other projects. And I started writing the first, getting more work done in one day than I had in all the other stories I was working on combined in the past week, and I had that glorious feeling I hadn't had in a long time where my mind was racing with things to write even while I was asleep.

So I figured I had to stick with it, even if it meant everything else getting delayed, again, for overall output, the best strategy is sticking with the stuff I'm excited with most.
I finished the first story, and am started on the second. I'm not going to officially post it to my site (http://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/ if you've forgotten), or my HF page, until all five are done and cross-checked. But, because I have a history with this site, I thought I'd post them one-by-one here and here only. You can, hopefully, be my beta-test, so I can catch any major issues. This also means it'll be slightly less edited than they usually are, and I plan to tighten it up.

A few notes of things I'm especially looking for, or need to say up front:
Classic cyberpunk, which I'm a fan of, doesn't really mesh perfectly with computers and the Internet as it exists today. So I've done a bit of a bastard fusion and used some handwaving of vague historical events that have altered how things work. I'm certainly willing to hear if you think anything doesn't make sense on that level (networks don&# Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

50 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/12/18(Thu)01:17 No. 22985 ID: 0dbf24

This stuff's amazing. I wish I could fund you AnonyMPC. These are probably the best characters you've made since Andrew and Erin.

What's next up on your plate?

AnonyMPC 14/12/18(Thu)20:37 No. 22988 ID: a609fb

Thanks! While I do have a few tenative ideas for another story involving these characters, it won't be in this anthology series and realistically, given my output, I probably won't get to a second volume. But who knows, maybe I'll get fired and have nothing else in my life but /elit/ and produce massive amounts. But one piece that wouldn't fit in this story but would eventually be explained in another is the reason Cadigan was such a bitch towards them: she's got a sibling she takes care of too, who's got a more permanent developmental disability, so it pisses her off that people bend over backwards for Mitsy who, fundamentally, CAN be fixed and even until then is mostly functional. Kane telling her to 'have a heart' (which in a sense accuses her of NOT having one) when she literally spends most of her time thinks about somebody else more than her was the last straw. If he'd been a bit more sensitive about it, she might have let him slide.

As for the rampant degeneracy... well, that's been a little overplayed in these sections, largely because of who it's focused on, I hope to establish in the future ones that there's a bit of a dichotomy, and there in fact is a strong conservative streak in society... just in slightly different ways than we think of it. These things come and go in phases, and at the time period of the story they're sort of moving out of an ultra-conservative swing (where people were panicked by the consequences of cameras everywhere) and towards a bit more liberal, but with a few major differences:

1) Homosexuality is generally completely accepted outside of ultra-religious communities (although, at the same time, among the medium rich it's slowly disappearing, as it IS something that can be mostly prevented by biotech advances), and transgender is more or less where homosexuality is today, about half accept it, plenty bully over it (and also disappearing among the wealthy for the same reasons as homosexuality, although it's a bit of an iffier 'fix').

2) Kids are always going to rebel, and to different degrees. The music, fetish albums and such, are the equivalent of earlier trends that made parents clutch their pearls: the swinging hips of Elvis, hardcore gangsta rap that idolizes cop killing, Miley twerking. Not every one in those eras was into those trends, but enough were that parents predict the downfall of society. And sexually, Kane's been somewhat in the "cool kid"/"rebel" crowds, which includes a lot more sexual experimentation and variation (and, in Kane's case, a bit of a blindness about it not being normal), but there's a strong contingent of people who, say, abstain from drugs and sexual activity as well, not for lack of desire but for 'moral' r Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/12/19(Fri)21:09 No. 22994 ID: 37c6e8


You rarely see authors on here give such thoughtful responses to their fans. That's (partly) why AnonyMPC is the king.

Now let's start a petition to get him fired so he can work on /elit/ full time.

Clarice (SS, slight Loli) S 11/07/05(Tue)09:48 No. 12846 ID: e59c31 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Hi all, this was a WIP eLit story posted on the 99chan /ss/ boards. Unfortunantly they no longer have an /ss/ board and from browsing various /eLit/ and /ss/ boards I have seen no evidence of the this story anywhere, so I have decided to share what I have here.

I would like to state in clearly though, THIS IS NOT MINE. Some else wrote this and I am simply reposting it here. If the original author see this and wants to finish the story, PLEASE do!

Anyways, this story was separated by posts, not chapters. I'll post what I see as a chapter per post. Anyways again, on with the story

Chapter 1, part 1

My story actually started when I was 6 years old. My family lived in a college town in an area that wasn't too hot, not too cold. Lots of trees. Kind-of what you'd call a "normal" place for a middle-class white family.

My mom would usually hire majors from her department who needed extra money to be babysitters and to clean up the house sometimes. Usually they'd be juniors or seniors, so I wouldn't have the same babysitter for more than a year.

Invairably, they were girls. The first one I remember was a nice blond girl, but I forgot her name. I had one for a while who was hispanic and not very nice and got mad at me a lot. My mom got a different sitter after that. One was a somewhat heavy girl with short brown hair. She was okay and didn't get mad at me a lot, but she wasn't a lot of fun. Falicia was a black girl with really short hair and a VW bus. She would take me to McDonald's for little icecream cones and always helped me with work that I brought home from first grade, and she really liked watching TV with me, especially cartoons. But she was a senior, and I remember I cried a lot when she had to move back to her home state when she graduated.

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Anonymous 14/10/04(Sat)02:05 No. 22523 ID: dd9a09


Yay! Update!

But when is this taking place in the story? Did we skip the park, or is this earlier in the story? I'm confused.

I am super happy to see you're writing though. This is one of my favorite stories on this board, so I hope you'll keep writing. But I kind of want to know what happens at the park!

I do like the cliffhanger though. I definitely want to know what's in the bag.

Private_Pontiac aka Redarrow 14/10/05(Sun)07:06 No. 22531 ID: a9b073

Yeah, sorry for the confusion. If you search this whole thread for the phrase "without it seeming inappropriate", the new section is getting inserted there.

I'm adding some time between that moment and the scene that follows. Some people have been surprised by how quickly things advance after Grace's episode, so I thought I'd try to add a scene or two into the middle of the story.

Anonymous 14/10/06(Mon)19:47 No. 22539 ID: dd9a09

Ah, fair enough.

I'm still super pumped to see you still working on this. It is one of my favorite stories on this board. Every time I visit, I always browse to see if there is any new work on it. Keep it up!

Conquering With Darkness Mint 11/04/14(Thu)06:51 No. 11868 ID: 8c6d64 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

This is the sequel to Toying with Darkness. If you want to read the first one without going through the pages of this board, it can be found here:


I have to voice that I'm a bit concerned about posting a sequel. New people come across this story, don't want to bother reading the original and then just move on. I'll post a summary of the first story after this chapter. I'm just too tired to write it now and I want to begin this story. So for first time readers who are too lazy to read the original, hit reply to find the summary and if it's not there yet, just be patient.

And it begins. This one contains a shit ton of battles, some death, some drama and a whole lot of sex. If you'll notice on the tags I added a new one since I posted it on my blog. I forgot to include it. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Tags: Anal, orgy, incest, orgy, bestiality, abuse, angst, anthro, Bondage, sadism, masochism, body modification (in every sense of the term), corruption, dominance (male to female, female to female and female to male), exhibitionism, lesbianism (a lot), futanari, humiliation, underage, pedophilia (lots), mind control (demon powers), character deaths (some you might not want to), pregnancy, oral, rape, slavery, masturbation, transformation, violence, gore, blood-drinking, pissing, plushie (you heard me), bunny sex (not kidding), lactation (yeah, I'm going there)



Chapter 1
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Rain 13/06/10(Mon)15:24 No. 19143 ID: 4c099f

Bitchin'. I'm interested in all of those things.

Anonymous 14/07/26(Sat)04:01 No. 22120 ID: 1a33d2

Can't quite let it go yet. This is still some of the best writing around on this board.

Mint 14/12/18(Thu)12:29 No. 22987 ID: 62b1d7


Err...really? I quit a long time ago. Why do you keep bumping this? It's the same thing with the Button's story. It's over. We quit. Stop bumping stories that will never be finished and instead read stories that are active. There's a reason so many stories get dropped and authors leave.

Accidental Motherfucker Evil+Empire 14/11/28(Fri)12:39 No. 22880 ID: 38de42 [Reply]

Accidental Motherfucker

(futa on female, teen, incest (daughterxmother), shower masturbation

Jerking off in the shower is almost always an exercise in frustration for me. Even while I'm fapping away there's an invisible clock in the back of my head ticking away the seconds until either I run out of hot water or Mom busts into the bathroom to yell at me for using up said hot water. On top of that, for me standing up while jerking my cock isn't the most comfortable position, it's much easier to spank out a load sitting or lying down. But mostly it's that fucking clock in the back of my head counting down the seconds that makes jerking off in the shower so damn har-er, difficult.

Given a choice I'd much rather toss a load off in my bedroom and I usually do when given the opportunity. That is, when my little sister isn't home or is otherwise occupied with something that keeps out of our bedroom. Yeah, I share my bedroom with my sister. How much does that absolutely blow?

Anyway, to get to the point, my sister was home and I was furiously beating off in the shower. I stroked my well-soaped cock with my right hand while clutching a bar of soap in my left in case my cock needed a re-soaping.

I was in the zone, or nearly so. I could feel that familiar and welcome pressure at the back of my cock and I knew that soon I would reach the point of no return. I was fantasizing about the girls in my gym class. Or more specifically, fantasizing about fucking them all in the girl's locker room. I pictured them all naked and lined up; faces pressed to the cold concrete floor with their smooth round asses up in the air for my inspection.

As my fantasy-self lined up behind a pretty blonde whom I hated I groaned and tilted my head back. I was so close! The thought of hate-fucking that little bitch was driving me closer to the edge and I pushed my body into a taut arc, standing up on my tippy-toes in anticipation of my long-awaited cum.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/12/05(Fri)09:52 No. 22905 ID: 3ff5a4

Overall a fun read, and a great story.

It's a piece that has some of the best aspects of fapstories, and more elaborate erotic fiction.

There's just enough exposition thrown in to hook the reader to the general narrative, and the transitions into sexytimes is a good combination of efficiency and plausibility.

Looking forward to the next installment!

Evil Empire 14/12/15(Mon)15:19 No. 22976 ID: be3c4a

Uncontested Ownership of a Slippery Fuckhole

futaxfemale, teen, MILF, mild dom themes, mild impregnation themes, spanking, blowjob

As much as I had enjoyed fucking Mrs. Henderson what I had really been looking forward to was visiting Ms. Lee again. While Mrs. Henderson was attractive enough to get my dick hard and fun enough to fuck it was Ms. Lee I couldn't stop thinking about. Particularly as Mrs. Henderson seemed to be either out of the house or just not answering whenever I knocked on the door. I came to the conclusion that she was avoiding me. Either she felt guilty about fucking me or she had been disappointed by the sex. The latter possibility bothered me even though I knew it was unreasonable to expect me to be skilled at it.

So with Mrs. Henderson unavailable I was doubly looking forward to my next visit to Ms. Lee' house. When the day finally rolled around I made sure to dress specifically for my appointment with Ms. Lee. I wore the tightest pair of shorts I owned, even soft I would be showing a big lump in my shorts and I doubted very much I'd be soft. Under the shorts I wore a tiny thong which had no hope of hiding my cock. However, I doubted I would have the courage to take off my shorts outside. Under my t-shirt I wore a matching bikini top that only just barely covered my nipples.

That day I saved Ms. Lee until last. I felt almost certain that I was going to fuck her that day and I didn't want to have to rush things because I had other customers that needed their lawns taken care of. By the time I arrived at her house in the mid-afternoon I was erect as a flagpole and had been for a good part of the day. More than a few customers hadn't been able to meet my eyes and instead had talked directly to my cock.

When I arrived at Ms. Lee's I was in a real fix. I seriously considered just grabbing her and ripping her clothes off before bending her over and taking her from behind. Of course, I did no such thing but the urge was nearly overwhelming.

Ms. Lee was waiting for me when I pulled my trundle-cart into her yard and parked it behind the house next to the deck. When she stood up from where she was sitting in her deck chair I gasped in both shock and desire.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/12/16(Tue)23:15 No. 22978 ID: 3ff5a4

Awesome followup! Funny, sometimes endearingly silly dialogue, and also the idea of Summer being the neighborhood 'stud' is just too fucking much of a turn on.

It's the End of the World as We Know It Phoenix 14/10/29(Wed)17:58 No. 22649 ID: 653aef [Reply]

So I've been meaning to write a story for this board for a while. A couple half-hearted attempts later, I've finished the first chapter! Woo.

I don't know what tags to mark this as, especially since I don't know what any of the tags mean. If you don't like stories with underaged girls, don't read this. If you don't like stories with a super long build up, don't read this.

Let me know what you think, I want feedback because I've never shown anyone my erotic literature before and I don't know if it's even any good. Also, if you have a suggestion I don't mind hearing it, I think I have a general idea of where I want this story to go but I'm not really sure.

Enough fucking around. Chapter 1, go.

* * * * *

"Dad! Look out!" "Oh hell, Matthew! The door is giving way!!!" "My arm, my fucking arm! Oh my g—"

He woke in a sweat. It was bad enough when he was awake, but now their deaths haunted his scant sleeping hours. His brother, his wife, his son...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/11/29(Sat)08:45 No. 22886 ID: 332f1f

idk I always associated burial (artist) with zombie apocalypse type stuff, I guess the sound of hyperdub and notzombies just go together well for me

but also this is raw and I want moar please

Phoenix!!xlZGywLzWw 14/11/30(Sun)23:42 No. 22890 ID: 653aef

Thank you for the suggestion! I'll have to check them out coming up. And yes, dear reader, I have some moar for you.

This chapter is a few hundred words shorter, I figured you might like a more frequent update albeit shorter. Hope it works for you folks. Also, I have a little image file to share with you, it's a floor plan for a house... no spoilers, I don't think, but I just felt like whipping it up and thought you might like to check it out. It's pretty shitty looking, though, don't judge...


Oh, and keep the emails coming! I have gotten a couple, it's pretty awesome getting feedback from you guys directly.

Anyway, without further ado, Chapter 2!

* * * * *

The young girl peered up at Matthew. Her eyes bright with tears, she only glanced at him before tucking her head back behind her knees, her arms wrapped in front of her as if a shield. He knelt next on the curb next to the open door, only just out of reach. He tried to keep the adrenaline out of his voice and, as calmly as he could muster, spoke to the girl.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/12/14(Sun)15:41 No. 22974 ID: 1d15f0


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