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Pastasauce 18/10/25(Thu)20:46 No. 25847 ID: daf139 [Reply]

Hey guys, posting a part of my story. Tell me if you like it.

"Tomoko, I'm heading out"
Tomoko opened his groggy eyes to see his mother in his doorway.
"I'm going to go buy some food for us. Thought you'd be too tired to come for today."
Aiko waved at her son and closed his tatami door. Soon after, Tomoko heard the front door shut. He lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Even though he felt hot embarassment from the night before, he loved the feeling of his mother watching him masturbate. There was a sense of involvement in it all, and he couldn't help but get erect at the thought. Slowly, he tucked away his blankets, and pulled down his pants once more. His erect penis throbbed as he slowly wrapped his hands around it. Mother, he thought, as his mind slowly relived the night before.
Suddenly he heard his tatami room door open. He lifted his head, to see Aiko standing in the door way.
The room was silent. Tomoko laid on the bed with his hand still wrapped around his boyhood, while his mother stood silently. The moment was almost comical, if not for the incestual desires that lay adrift in the atmostphere. The moment held for a few seconds, until Aiko stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Seeing this, Tomoko sat up quickly, and began pulling his underwear up to his waist. At least he was, until Aiko darted forward and grasped his member.
Aiko was almost drunk from a mixture of emotions, emotions of panic, shame but most prevalently, lust. With one hand she pushed Tomoko back onto the bed, and with her other she stroked his boyhood with increasing pace. Tomoko could not comprehend the situation, let alone react to his own mother. In this sexual mayhem, he could only utter a single word - "Mom?".
Hearing this, Aiko lifted her head, meeting Tomoko's eyes with her own. She placed her hands on Tomoko's thighs, and smiled. All the carnal desires that she had felt after her husband's passing, was to be quenched in this very moment, and the thought made her shiver with anticipation.
"Get ready, dear." Aiko said, as she broke eye contact to look at Tomoko's member. It had grown hard in the past few seconds, and just staring at it filled Aiko with madness. She levelled her head above his penis, and let a string of spit drop onto his boyhood, causing him to shiver with a mixture of delight and fear. She then lifted her head, meeting Tomoko's eyes with her own once more. "I love you." she whispered. Tomoko was speechless, and could do nothing but stare at his beaming mother. Aiko's smile grew even wider, and felt that she could take no more - she needed to taste her son. She broke eye contact with Tomoko, and leaned her head closer to his erect member. She could see the precum that was leaking out of his penis, and leaned forward to lick it clean.
Tomoko tensed. "Mom..." Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

I Hate My Sister Anonymous 18/09/22(Sat)17:24 No. 25792 ID: 34714a [Reply]

If there’s anything in life that has any sort of permanence for the average person, it’s their family. Who you grow up with, who you share most of your life with, who’s there for you when life is at its most difficult; your family is always the first to come to mind. Unfortunately, for a particular 9-year old boy, family was just another source of stress and his budding self-hatred. Jessie Cooper stepped out into the brisk late-Autumn afternoon breeze, clutching the hem of his tattered old jacket as he surveyed the surrounding area. The schoolyard was completely empty at this point, as school technically ended over 2 hours ago. The young child had fostered a routine; every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday he’d stay after school and perform his assigned duties, which usually involved cleaning out desks or clearing the chalkboard after class was finished. Of course, this usually only took around 20 minutes, the rest of his time was spent in the 2nd story boy’s bathroom reading in an empty stall while he waited for the custodian to make his daily rounds. Jessie despised leaving school on schedule, as it usually involved running into (and subsequently walking home with) his sister Alice.
If there was anyone in Jessie’s life that he could safely and definitively say he hated, it was his sister. She embodied every sickly-sweet, passive-aggressive, and utterly hate-filled feeling one could possibly harbor for another human being, and most of that genuine hate was directed at her younger sibling. Alice was 16, though she easily passed for 20, and somehow wore a near-permanent cocky smirk that occasionally morphed into an almost haunting scowl during her…episodes, as Jessie had taken to calling them. Her long auburn hair mimicked Jessie’s own natural color, spilling over her shoulders and flowing down to the small of her back, though despite her innocuous (and arguably beautiful, not that Jessie would ever admit it aloud) appearance, she was truly awful in most every way imaginable. The young child kept his head low as he swung wide around the parking lot situated to the east of the schoolyard, trying his hardest to avoid being noticed (an impossible task given how barren the rest of the surrounding area was). He hoped that one of the teachers would do their job and make sure that no strange individuals were lingering in the schoolyard before heading home for the day; it made getting home without being spotted much easier. Unfortunately, today just wasn’t his day.
“Hey Jess, you’re pretty late.”
Jessie jumped, quickly turning and staring at (or rather past) the young woman looming over him, that trademark smirk plastered on her face. “I’ve been out here waiting for you for almost an hour, y’know you’re not supposed to be staying after today,” Alice said sweetly, placing a gloved hand on the boy’s shoulder. Jessie continued to stare past the girl, a look of sheer contempt glued to his scarf-concealed coun Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/09/24(Mon)03:01 No. 25794 ID: 8d1966

Nice. Hopefully there’s more?

Anonymous 18/10/23(Tue)10:09 No. 25846 ID: 871b76

A hazy stream of twilight spilled into the siblings’ room, bathing the young woman sleeping in the bottom bunk in a yellowish sheen. She yawned, sitting up and stretching as she blinked the sleep from her eyes. Making her way to the closet, she noted the unsettling silence in her bedroom, an extremely uncommon occurrence over the past 3 years, and donned her technically-government-mandated school uniform; a dark navy-blue polo shirt and a 22-inch khaki skirt. She absolutely abhorred her school’s dress code, but unfortunately, she didn’t have many other options, especially considering the degenerate-infested shithole she and her family inhabited. After spending about half an hour applying her makeup she cast a sidelong glance at the top bunk, almost worried by the utter stillness she noticed, so much so that she took it upon herself to check up on the boy. “Hey Jess, you up?” she began, palming one of the rungs of the ladder up to the boy’s bed, “You should hurry up and get dressed, I’ll walk you to the bus stop on my way t–” the words died on her lips when she saw the empty bed. “God dammit,” she muttered.

Jessie stood at the bus stop at the end of Calhoun street, his backpack slung over his shoulders as he scratched and picked at the hem of his tattered and dirty jacket, a thin layer of unspeakable fluid congealed around the child’s sleeves and emitting a rather odd odor. He stood and waited, reaching into his jacket pocket to retrieve his cellphone and check the time; 6:54 A.M. The prepubescent despised waking up so early, but it was the only way he could ensure that his sister wouldn't be around to disturb him, or at least wouldn't have the time to. Alice would be getting dressed right about now, leaving the house by 7:15 if she wanted to make it to school by 8, which gave Jessie plenty of time to get home, eat breakfast, take a quick shower, and maybe even watch some cartoons before he had to be at school come 9. He sat on a nearby bench, swiping through his phone before hovering over the .mp3 he'd recorded the night before. Fishing his earbuds out of his backpack, the young child plugged them in and opened the file, grimacing as he was assaulted with the sounds of his mother’s yelling followed by Alice’s shrill retorts. He listened for a few minutes before he heard the sound of the children’s bedroom door slamming followed by the muffled hiss of the local route R42 bus’s brakes as it came to a stop, its doors opening and what looked like a horribly confused and drunken homeless woman shambling out before stumbling off down the street. Jessie sighed, taking note of the time once again – 7:07 – before making his way back home. On days like today he'd taken to leaving home early and travelling about half a mile away to one of the city’s seedier (relatively speaking) neighborhoods so he could avoid dealing with his sister’s post-playtime affections.

The boy s Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Group (an outtake) [Mf inc cons anal oral] The Storyteller!5XbE4VjR8E 18/10/18(Thu)00:40 No. 25836 ID: 35ee87 [Reply]

Sometimes, particularly when you're writing a longer story, you might end up writing something that doesn't really fit with the flow of things, or it doesn't sit right with the characters normal behaviour, or there's just some other nagging problem that means you have to go back and do a rewrite of the problem section.

Now rewrites suck, but if you're very lucky you'll catch the problem when you're only a couple of paragraphs in, and so the rewrite isn't really a terrible pain in the ass.

On the other hand, the outtake below is an example of what happens when a problem section isn't caught quickly enough, in this case because it was way too much fun to write it.

- - - - - -

"Dad. I want you to be my first."

"You're... not kidding... are you?"

"I want you Dad, I want you to make a woman of me. I want you to make love with me, right here, in my bed. I want to feel safe, and warm, and protected, and Loved, and cared for in your arms Dad, and I want to feel you inside me."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Strangers (loli, rape, extreme) Kellepine 18/10/12(Fri)23:16 No. 25818 ID: daf139 [Reply]

I even felt guilty writing this, but a lot sick fucks are gonna like this one.

I held the plastic bag in one hand, and counted my change in the other. 4 Asahis for 15 bucks. It was a good deal. I put the change in my pocket, and began to walk to my car. That was until I felt something tug at my jacket.
I turned around, only to find myself looking down at a young teenage girl.
"Mister, could you buy a gal some alchy?"
She was beaming up at me, looking expectant. She was blonde and had blue eyes, and wore a pink t-shirt with a skirt. She was extraordinarily pretty, and looked almost like a young Amanda Seyfriend.
My brows furrowed. Even kids drink now? I thought to myself. I wasn't really in the mood to be bothered, so I walked past her, effectively ignoring her.
"Please mister! I'll do anything for it, please!" she cried.
I paused instantly. Anything? The classic porno line, and it was being said to me by this small beauty. "Fuck it", I inaudibly whispered as I turned around.
"How much do you want?"
She looked down nervously. She obviously hasn't drank much in the past, and didn't know the difference between a lot and a reasonable amount. She looked up after a while of thinking.
"A bottle of Vodka?"
I shrugged in response.
"No problem."
I walked back inside the liquor store. Once inside, I scanned the shelves. The prices varied tremendously among the spirits, but I already knew what to get - the cheapest. I emerged from the store with a bottle of dirt cheap vodka in hand, and walked towards the girl.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Story of a boy and his highschool girlfriend Saucepasta 18/10/11(Thu)21:03 No. 25809 ID: daf139 [Reply]

Heyo, made this story a while ago. Let me know if you like it.
(P.S Akito and Yuna are school bullies of Sana, they're going to be briefly mentioned)

"I love you, Riku"
Riku stared back into Sana's eyes. He loved her too, but he was unable to form words of his own. Sana simply smiled endearingly at his silence, and placed her palms on his cheeks. Slowly, she swept away his hair to look at her lover in a clearer light.
In the pre-dusk yellow sunlight, Riku looked almost angelic. His eyes were round and pure, and his expression was filled with genuine care. Oh, how I could embrace little Riku, Sana thought.In that instance, all of her memories of her home faded. All the memories of Akito and Yuna faded. Everything faded away except for her and Riku. In her perfect and beautiful world, it was just her and him together.
From the dozens of trees that surrounded them, crickets chirped happily - as if to reflect the unbridled emotion that Sana felt. Riku smiled as Sana held his face, and through his joyous expression, Sana could no longer hold herself back. Her back arched, as she leaned lower and parted Riku's lips with her own. The kiss was dry, but passionate. It was Riku's first kiss after all, so he stood on his tiptoes to reciprocate his love. But slowly, Sana pushed her tongue forward, and soon it slipped past Riku's lips. She rolled her tongue around, tasting her young lover's mouth. Heaven, was the only word that Sana could think of, as soon Riku's tongue slid onto Sana's. After a few minutes of their kiss, Riku pulled back, tongue hanging and gasping for air. Sana made sure to hold Riku so he didn't fall, she knew he must've felt drained after it was over.
But she knew it wasn't over, for she could see it in Riku's eyes. More, it begged. Sana couldn't help it, she laughed loudly. She was overjoyed that he was so eager, and the feeling made her feel warm with anticipation. He was only a child, but even children could hold indecent desires. She knelt down.
The shadows grew larger around the two, as the clouds above shielded the sun. Only a few rays of sunlight fell upon them.
Riku couldn't really understand what 'more' could be, he just wanted more of Sana's passion within him - although he couldn't possibly picture what that could be. He felt nervous and hot, even with the sun no longer directly shining upon them. However Sana knew exactly what more passion leads to, and she gripped the brims of Riku's pants. In one motion, she pulled down both his shorts and undergarments.
Riku's penis leapt out from the force of the pull, and stood straight, with it's tip pointed directly towards Hana's face. She smiled. She had seen this many times in the movies she had watched alone, but never in real life. But Riku's size made her feel non-threatened. His penis had Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)00:44 No. 25812 ID: 22258b

This is hot stuff. Keep it up.

Hidden Talents - A Lolipunk Story by AnonyMPC (mg, mgg, mast, lolipunk) AnonyMPC 18/08/03(Fri)03:42 No. 25730 ID: af8859 [Reply]

I have something new! It's actually something I've been working on in dribs and drabs for some time, but finally got around to finishing. I should warn you though, this is a bit niche, and probably not going to be to everyone's tastes, but it does have one advantage, it's not the first part in a series that will be taking my attention. It's just a simple stand-alone tale and maybe an attempt to help establish a new subgenre.
Hidden Talents - A Lolipunk Story by AnonyMPC (mg, mgg, lolipunk)

Ada walked behind her father, smoothing down her dress. It was after dark, but the electric lights were on, making it bright like day. This was happening more and more often, as the Humbert Collectors were well over quota and they had excess power to spare on extravagances.

She liked the electrics, and what Father had said about making a good impression made sense, but she wished they were in candlelight all the same. It was softer, kinder, more forgiving of mistakes. In candlelight, their visitors might not notice the spot of grease on her dress from dinner, or that the red bow in her dark hair had a frayed end. They might not notice how plain she was, or believed she was.

They passed the door leading to the workshop, and even at this late hour, even though it was far away, she imagined she could hear the low moans and gasps that signaled they were active, producing. As they passed, her eyes lingered on the door. She'd rather be down with them... even though some of the other girls envied her, they didn't understand what it was like to be the master's daughter. Not bad, just... lonely.

"Keep up, Ada," her father said, although it was hardly necessary... he stopped immediately afterwards to allow Sebastian, their valet, to adjust his tie for him. Ada stopped a step behind her father, and Sebastian spared a glance down at her... she thought he curled his nose up at one imperfection or another that he saw, but said nothing. "How long have they been waiting?"

"Not long, sir," Sebastian said in that bored, drawn out way he said everything. "Less than half an hour."

Father nodded, allowed Sebastian to slip him into a formal jacket. "Escort them in to the parlor, then bring us tea and a crown." Sebastian cleared his throat. "No?"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/08/07(Tue)01:49 No. 25738 ID: b66513

Also, out of curiosity: With all the references to Greece/the Greeks, are Computers an allusion to the Delphic Oracle? The thought occurred to me earlier and it seems to line up really well.

AnonyMPC 18/08/10(Fri)16:15 No. 25739 ID: d54960


Not specifically. I mean I'm sure at some point in the long gestation period of the story I had the thought that the Delphic Oracle may have, in this world, been a system of computer lolis (I included 'oracles' among the possible alternate names for 'computers' after all) but it wasn't part of any coordinate effort. I just figured 'sin of the Greeks' seemed an appropriate euphemism for man-boy love since they practiced it to some degree or another. The other Greek references mostly centered around Diana, who, well, that WAS a reference, but to something else. All the girls in Jupiter group (save Mara) are sort of coded references to other characters.

NeuroGoat 18/09/12(Wed)02:47 No. 25777 ID: 8c5f65

In the category of "Shit i never knew i wanted, but holy fuck did i have a visceral need for this insanity"

I'm not exactly looking for your blessing, but i was wondering if you'd be up for some Mixed-genome lolipunk with a good bit of Cyber- and Magepunk thrown in. Your Allusion to his lordship the evil wizard of Post-Cyberpunk makes me feel like you'd have a bit of interest in some of the hyper-libertine Dystopia i've got brewing in my head after this

Woody's in the Woods - M,b,beast incest Frank Debra 18/08/30(Thu)13:51 No. 25770 ID: b74375 [Reply]

Woody’s In The Woods
A tale of a father and his son, and their erotic encounter with a beast while camping.

I was laying next to my son in our, large, six man tent. Not that we needed that much space for just the two of us, but it was the only tent we had, and was usually used to shelter the whole family.
It was late August in the deep woods of Colorado, about 60 miles west of Colorado Springs. The night was clear and hot. The moon and stars were so bright that I had no need of extra light as I lay back on top of my sleeping bag, reading the novel that I brought along for the trip.
My twelve year old son, Jake, lay next to me on top of his sleeping bag, in just his spider-man briefs. His left leg covered by the thin sheet he was using as a blanket. I glanced over and smiled proudly as he snored softly, laying on his back his head turned facing me.
My wife, Kathy had suggested this trip so that we could have some “Man” time away from her and Jake’s siblings in order for me to give him the talk. Jake had recently went through puberty and my wife was concerned with how many of his socks she found crusted with his spent semen.
As I studied my son, I couldn’t help but notice how much he had grown, his slim, athletic build was quickly developing into the perfect image of a young man. I stared intently at his young face. His soft blue eyes closed in slumber and his shaggy, platinum blonde hair messy and matted with sweat resting against his pillow. My eyes trailed over his young body to his developing chest. Jake was excited to start the 7th grade this year and get back to his wrestling team. We had trained hard all summer in preparation for the coming fall sports season and it showed on his young, muscular frame. My eyes eventually made their way down to the bludge in his tight briefs. I could clearly make out the shape of his flaccid cock as he lay there peacefully sleeping. It wasn’t huge by any means, but it looked healthy and thick, just like his old man, I thought to myself with a grin. As I looked, I began to feel a stir in my own penis and looked down at my bulge, the light brown pubic hair surrounding my own flaccid, circumcised cock just visible in my tight, white briefs. Jesus Jack! Get a hold of yourself! That’s your son your looking at! I though to myself with chuckle, brushing my my short cropped, light brown hair and stroking my thick moustache, shaking my head before turning my attention back to my book.
As I lay there reading, I began to hear a rustling in the brush nearby. I froze, listening intently as something very large was rummaging through our camp. Oh no, a bear! I thought, panicked. I sat up quietly, trying to peer through the screen window to see if I could spot what was moving around outside. It sounded huge! Unfortunately, it was on Jake’s side of the tent so I wasn’t able to get a clear view. A large shadow appeared right next to our ten Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/09/05(Wed)11:32 No. 25775 ID: 33f382

Excellent stuff

Crusade Gone Awry TaterChips 18/06/20(Wed)02:22 No. 25636 ID: 2d17a2 [Reply]

I think I posted this a long time ago and it dropped out, but I guess I'll post again since I wrote another chapter for fun.

Summary: Crusaders arrive in a foreign land haunted by a demon king...or so they think. Instead they find a desert full of monsters not hungry for flesh, but for sex. As they traverse the land of madness they find sex sorcerers, pigmen, men-luring cockatrices, alarunes that feed on sperm, hellhounds, centaurs, egg-laying insects, and even a lust demon. Will the crusaders be successful, or will they fall into debauchery like all the rest?

Tags (here we go): Rape, anthro, bestiality, drugs, slavery, magic, transformation (doll), creampies, rimming (male and female), anal fingering (male and female), anal, pegging, oral, impregnation, body control, underage (in appearance), insects, egg-laying, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, trap (as in m/m surprise), lactation, death, blood, gore, toys, orgasm denial, maledom, femdom, and probably more that I can't think of at the moment.

ALSO: this story is VERY long. Prepare to read a lot if you want to follow it. I never write short things.


Chapter 1

(This chapter contains: virgin, magic body control, sex with dolls, oral, handjob, creampie, and human doll transformation. You have been warned. BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT.)

The first ship arrived at the port. It was a longship and as it rolled up to the pier a man jumped out. Like all the people on his boat, he was dressed in plate armor, decorated with a bright, flaming bird on the breast plate. He knelt down onto the wood and thanked the goddess for his safe trip. Many of the other men and women on the boat did the same as they stepped onto the pier. The first man, clearly the leader, scanned out across the ocean. He could see countless other longships, rowing rapidly towards him. Many of them would have to anchor around the port and walk over the boats, but they made it. The last human stronghold on the continent. The man turned towards the city. He thought he might have been seeing a mirage when he first got close, but he wasn't. The city was much larger than he thought it would be. There were buildings with ornate domes crammed into high walls that covered a semi-circle around the coast. There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands living in this city. It certainly didn't look like a place on the verge of being annihilated. Instead it looked like a paradise, with palm trees, a beautiful coast and colorful domes on some of the larger structures. Moreover, the entire place looked intact and untouched. Still, it was not his place to question the High Priest of Vordan. He was on a mission from the goddess and he intended to fulfill it. He turned to the common soldiers in the boat.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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TaterChips 18/07/21(Sat)06:46 No. 25715 ID: 646271


Well gear up bud, because next chapter is going to be FUCKING weird.

TaterChips 18/07/23(Mon)08:54 No. 25721 ID: 6bb8bf


Chapter 5

(WARNING: This one is WEIRD. This chapter contains: mind control, dolls, creampies, impregnation, latex, toys, a detachable penis, body modification, piercings, gender-bender, transformation, anal, M/F/F, and uh...ejaculating with someone else's sperm. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Just like Renard had fallen when he slept, he abruptly sat up awake. It was so sudden that Talia practically jumped out of her skin. For a few moments, the fox-man made a series of high-pitch chirping and whining noises. Then he opened his mouth and gave out a huge yawn. As he rubbed his eyes he turned to look at Talia.

“Oh? You still here?” he asked.

“What was that?” Talia asked, half-laughing.

“Fennec noises.” Renard replied flatly. “Sometimes my tribe makes them when we first wake up. Apparently real fennec foxes make ear-splitting noises like that too, though I've never seen one. Is it morning?”

“Yeah, just daybreak.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/08/31(Fri)10:26 No. 25771 ID: 006dbb


The Surprise (MF oral) The Storyteller!5XbE4VjR8E 18/08/27(Mon)19:35 No. 25765 ID: aeb004 [Reply]

As the two lovers continued their fairly frantic kissing and petting on her bed James briefly felt something other than Sam's tongue slip into his mouth, something small, hard, and round that quickly dissolved with a mouthwateringly sweet cherry flavour, a sensation that was replaced a mere fraction of a second later by the increased urgency of Sam's lips pressing against his, which immediately pushed any thoughts of what had just happened far into the back of his mind.

Moments later he felt Sam's hands on his chest, he felt her tweaking and playing with his nipples which set off an amazing tingling warmth in his chest that slowly seemed to spread all over his body.

With a smile at the growing sexual glow that was beginning to eminate from James, and while continuing to massage his chest, Sam started to slide down his body, planting soft but urgent kisses all over his torso as she moved, until she sat up again between his legs.

Deftly her hands moved to the buttons on his jeans, the front of which was by now clearly straining under the pressure of the erection contained within, and slowly, almost teasingly, one by one the buttons popped open, gradually exposing him to her hungry gaze.

Sam then scooted further down and after quickly removing his jeans, she leaned forward, putting herself closer to his cock. After a moment of studying her lovers beautiful manhood, she knew she had to taste him and so she opened her mouth and let her tongue poke out to cover the oh so short distance between her and her lover.

The first touch of the tip of her tongue sent what felt like a bolt of electricity up and down James' spine, he knew on some vague level that he wasn't normally that super-sensitive down there, but this latest love-making session with Sam had already started out way more intensely than anything they'd previously shared in their time together, so he simply focused on savouring all the pleasurable sensations Sam's tongue was now happily providing.

Sam meanwhile continued to lick and suck on his cock, getting more and more aroused with the knowledge of what was to come as the moments went by, while James' hands, that had up to that point been stroking and playing with Sam's hair while she went down on him with increasing gusto, suddenly began to work their way back up and over his own body.

Another errant thought suddenly crossed his mind, as his own fingers began to play over his chest and tweak at his nipples just as Sam had been doing to him moments ago, that he'd never felt any real urge to do that before while he and Sam were making love together, and then, as his hands and fingers continued their exploration of his chest he looked down at Sam, whose head was still hungrily bobbing up and down, and he noticed that each time her head came up that she was glancing up at him, glancing at his hands and chest Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Umbrella Hitch (Mg, loli, voy, slow) AnonyMPC 16/07/18(Mon)18:37 No. 24459 ID: a609fb [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Sometimes people ask if I'm still writing. And I have been... I rarely stop, really, aside from occasional breaks, it just sometimes gets really slow.. And more annoyingly, I've just not been finishing a lot of stuff... some of what I get excited about writing peters out long before it's finished, leaving me with nothing postworthy. Frustrating, as you can imagine... it feels like a lot of writing for nothing, at least unless I get back to finish it one day. And maybe I will.

But at last, I finally have some stuff ready to go, save editing, and this is the first.

Before you ask, no, whatever ongoing project you were about to ask about is not one of the things I have waiting to post... it may well be somewhere in the mass of unfinished stuff piled up on my hard drive.

The Umbrella Hitch by AnonyMPC (Mg,loli, voy, slow)

Chapter One:

Sometimes I wonder if it was Fate after all, because so many events seemed to conspire to put me at that place and at that time, and if even one of them was different on that afternoon, I probably wouldn't have crossed paths with her.

First, there was that I got off work an hour early. One of my co-workers needed to pay for some emergency dental surgery, and most of us were letting him pick up an hour here or there from our shifts. I certainly didn't mind going a little early, although the weather made it complicated. That was the second thing. The best forecasts said it wasn't supposed to rain until the evening. Yet, just after 1pm, it started to drizzle. Ten minutes later, it was going hard. I'm talking torrential downpour. And it all happened just a few minutes before I started on my long walk home from work.

I didn't have my own car. Sometimes I was able to use my mother's, but usually she needed it, and that day I was out of luck. And there are buses, but not in a convenient straight line between my work and home. In order to get from one place to the other, I would have to make several transfers, waiting at each, often in the very weather I'd be trying to avoid. On the whole it took twice as long as just walking, which itself takes about half an hour. It was a pain in the ass and I kept telling myself to quit and try and get a more convenient job, but I didn't want it to reflect badly on my cousin, who recommended me.
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Anonymous 18/05/02(Wed)09:49 No. 25527 ID: 0116ee

You and me both, lad.

Anonymous 18/05/30(Wed)05:23 No. 25578 ID: f7d3f6

5/5 stars! The slow pacing allows the reader to get to know the characters, so that when their relationship turns sexual, it really means something. Very realistic characters and situations. It would be wonderful to see these characters reprised in an update of their future selves, to see how these experiences affected the course of their lives.

Anonymous 18/08/14(Tue)14:08 No. 25742 ID: 2735dd

Any chance AnonyMPC will post an update?

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