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sister fucking (ff,fdom,inc,loli) wut 12/07/16(Mon)12:49 No. 16643 ID: aecf9f [Reply]

A repost, since I'm thinking about getting back into writing.


I always knew my sister was different, but when I was 16, I found out just how crazy she really was. When I was a little girl her age, I was interested in dolls, horses and my favorite television shows. If I had any thoughts of sex at all, it was only a strange, distant yearning when I saw cute boys - I definitely didn't know what it meant. As a teenager, halfway through high school, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on sex and what it was all about, but it turned out I was wrong about that as well.

When I say she was different, I don't mean she looked weird, or was super smart or had telepathic powers or something - I just mean she always seemed more wordly, more aware than she should have been for her age. She didn't excel at school; in that respect she was just normal, but she always seemed to understand what grownups were talking about, at least when it came to relationships.

She was a master manipulator, and I think tapping into people's feelings and their desires or secrets was something that just came naturally to her. I remember when I was 12 and she was 6, we wanted to go to the water park so badly, but our dad wasn't having any of it. I had already tried every trick in the book from crying to begging. Then Sammie started asking these seemingly innocent questions and making just off-the-wall remarks about his work and our mom. At the time it didn't make any sense to me, but now that I think about it, and now that I know how she operates, I see that she somehow keyed in on what was bothering him: his work and the shit our mom was giving him for not making enough money. Those are some pretty esoteric concepts for a six year old, but she just sort of felt her way to them and used words and terms she'd picked up from our parents' fights, which she probably didn't even understand on a literal basis. To me it looked like my dad just got annoyed with her enough that he took us simply to shut her up, but now I think she made him so uncomfortable without him knowing why it was happening that he gave in - but put up a gruff front like it was for some other reason. Anyway, needless to say, Sammie got her way - a lot.

As for me, even in middle school I started getting attention from the boys, and I was actually excited about going to high school and expanding the selection of cute guys I could choose from. I was always into soccer and cheer, and I guess you could say I was part of the "popular crowd". Unlike some of the dumb girls on my teams, I still got good marks though, and I never gave up my virginity, no matter how much I wanted to. Knowing what I did about Sammie, it doesn't surprise me that she could tell I was oversexed and wasn't getting the kind of relief I so badly wanted. What was surprising, is t Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/20(Mon)01:34 No. 20801 ID: 923b50

This is absolutely excellent; I'm honored to be posting on the same board as work of such quality.

I certainly hope that you get continue to post here, wut!

Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)12:25 No. 22777 ID: afc65e

I think this may be the best piece of elit I've ever read. Please write more. Also, I like the shorter length. Everyone tries to write really long works but either they never finish them or it drags on and on.

Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)21:17 No. 22780 ID: b9a090

I just saw this bumped, and it is the best thing I have ever read. if op could keep posting some sex scenes thqt would be fantabulous

Being Sociable (pedo, Mg, molestation, anal) Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/10/24(Fri)04:12 No. 22606 ID: a887c0 [Reply]

Not sure what to say about this one. Not sure if I'm gonna write a second part. Just watched a French series where the characters were refreshingly honest about their selfishness, even if that made them a bit of an asshole. Figured I'd give it a try. There's no justifying this, so why bother trying?

*** *** *****

The movie had been typical summer stupid, but not offensively bad, so Brian and I just shared ironic looks while the others gushed about how awesome it had been. As usual, they immediately started talking about where they wanted to go drinking that night. I amused myself by people watching. The theater at the mall was almost perpetually filled with teens on dates, roving packs of jailbait, and little lolis dragging their parents to the latest Pixar knockoff. All I had to do was put on a bored expression and I could enjoy the view with no one being the wiser, so long as I didn't focus on anyone too closely.

I didn't chime in on my coworker's deliberations, which surprised exactly no one. They always talked about how I was so chill, and how I always just went with the flow. The truth is, I didn't give a rats ass where we ended up, and I only came out on these little outings so I wouldn't seem antisocial. I like my coworkers well enough, and it's worth a night of tedium every now and again to keep up good relations, though only just.

Brian broke off from the debate and struck up a conversation with me about True Detectives. He was the most irascible fuck I worked with, sarcastic, short tempered, and he looked like a bald, lumberjack version of grumpycat. He was also one of the most observant, empathetic, and thoughtful people I had the privilege to know. He put up a tough facade, and he'd make fun of you mercilessly if he knew you could take it, but he also was the first to recognize when someone was on the verge of a meltdown at work, and he always seemed to know just what to say. He always stuck up for the little guy, and made sure no one felt left out. He was just plain good people, and I was glad to know him. He also scared me, because I often felt certain he understood me better than he let on. I'm pretty sure he had me pegged as closet homosexual, and I tried to encourage that assumption. It was a hell of a lot better than the alternative. So we chatted for a bit about how surprised we were to realize that Matthew McConaughey was not only a real actor, but a fucking amazing actor at that, how fucking good the writing was, and what an oppressive mindfuck the series was, as a whole.

That was when I saw a familiar face, and realized something was odd. I wasn't sure why the woman had caught my eye. She was pretty enough, but nothing remarkable, and a bit old for me anyway. She was walking out to the parking lot, pulling her keys out of her purse as she walked. I couldn't quite put my Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)11:19 No. 22776 ID: eb1c15

She hasnt even lost her virginity yet though. At least have that happen before you end things if you'd be so merciful

Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)13:06 No. 22778 ID: f5b1c2

Don't see why you need to nix the whole story based on realising your plans are shit (really, they were).
The whole willing BDSM thing is uncommon in loli stories, and something I really enjoyed.
Why not just have Mark track down Melinda at the strip joint, give her a big tip and get himself a private show, and leave his number for her to call if she wants to go out for a drink sometime.
Then you can have him domming mother and daughter without realising until he decides it's time for a threesome.

Anonymous 14/11/11(Tue)15:46 No. 22779 ID: 51544a


I've made the mistake of continuing on stories lime this after the spark is gone, and it's always underwhelming. It's better left to your imagination. Besides, I have a very specific scenario that is completely fucked up and so goddamned hot. I might not get around to it for a while, but it's definitely the next thing i'll post here. Much less touchy feely, not at all like the saccharine setups that have been my norm recently.

Lara Croft Is My Guvnor (FM, Fm1st, Lara Croft, various straight sex and v Anonymous 09/07/11(Sat)10:54 No. 12 ID: 04c4aa [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

This is a re-upload of the LARA CROFT SEX CHRONICLES!

Summary: A young lad is hired on to work for a famous treasure-hunter, and gets more experience from the job than he could have ever imagined.

Lara Croft Is My Guvnor (FM, Fm1st, Lara Croft, various straight sex and voyeurism)

Chapter 1

Winston Smith walked out to the pool area with a tray of iced tea in his hands. He hated going outside on hot days like this, especially since he always wore his stuffy butler's suit. Lara greeted him with a smile as she laid in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun in nothing more than a small white bikini and sunglasses.
"Thank you Winston," Lara said as her butler set the tray on the table beside her and she grabbed a glass.
Winston regarded the view around the pool. The whole area was a mess, with pool accessories and toys scattered all over the deck area. The surface of the pool was littered with leaves and stray paper and plastic items that had blown in on the wind.
"Have you finally given some thought about hiring new help for the pool, Miss Croft?" he asked.
"I know," Lara said with a bit of frustration. "I just haven't had the time lately," she said as she took another sip from her iced tea.
"Hmmm," Winston said, casting a slow glance at Lara as she sipped and sighed, stretching out her gleaming body under the hot sun.
"Yes, well, I've made note of the requirements for the pool maintenance, and I believe that we can satisfy them and do a little good for the community at the same time."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/08/31(Sun)06:25 No. 22360 ID: 763f61


NO! This story will never die!

Bubbles 14/11/02(Sun)00:46 No. 22694 ID: 8490bc

I still await the return of buttons the great!

Anonymous 14/11/07(Fri)15:03 No. 22751 ID: ef2bdc

Please buttons, for the love of all that is holy, come back. I just found this jewel and came 9 times over the 8 hour reading period of locating and reading the stories. I need moar of this.
-sincerely, your newest, yet believing to be biggest fan.

Tori - The neighbor's neice rancidpants 14/10/22(Wed)21:53 No. 22593 ID: 22535f [Reply]

I work from home. I’ve been doing it a long time. So I know the comings and goings of my neighborhood. I know that at 1pm every day, the neighbor behind me goes out on the back porch and plays her guitar. I know the guy across the street grows pot. I know a lot about what goes on.

I have a neighbor, Carol. She’s great. She has yard sales most weekends when it doesn’t rain. She’s an older, single woman, with a great-niece. Her name is Tori.

Tori started coming around the neighborhood about 3 years ago. Her parents both work. She goes to school nearby and she started showing up at Carol’s for the afternoons. She’d been around for a couple of weeks before I really noticed her, but when I did, I couldn’t stop noticing her. She’s tallish, about 5’8” or so. Long tan legs, long tan torso, long neck, brown hair, great eyes. And she’s got that slightly underdeveloped, but strong and athletic type of body that screams “I play soccer and I like it”. It also screams “Look at me!”

I spend a lot of time on the phone for my job, and I often go for walks when I have a call. Its more interesting than sitting at my desk staring at my computer—except when there’s a good confession to read. It was on one of my walks that I first noticed Tori. I was about a half mile from home, cruising along at a good pace. Coming toward me was this beautiful, long and lean and tan, adolescent girl. I figured her for about 14 or 15. She was walking a massive collie. I knew the dog. It was Carol’s dog. Like any man, I pulled the stop and wait trick. I stopped suddenly, looked very surprised as though one of the people on the other end of the phone had just said something terrible, and looked like I was listening hard. I let her walk past me and get about 20 feet away, before I rounded, headed back the way I’d come, walking about 20 feet behind her the half mile home. I watched her the whole way.

She was amazing.

I started noticing that she was coming around the neighborhood a lot. I chatted with Carol nonchalantly about things, mentioned working parents, etc., and she mentioned her great niece. So, I used this in to learn about her. Indeed a soccer player, and track. 15 years old. Tori.

I’m a photography enthusiast. I have some good gear. Including a nice 200mm lens that I started using when Tori would sit out on Carol’s grass and do homework, or play with the dog. Late spring and early summer were fantastic. I’d shoot long photos of Tori out there in beautiful light, small, tight outfits, sweating. Oh my god. The sweating. She’d lay out there in a bikini sometimes, tanning with oil on her back, her top untied to get rid of lines. I’d amassed a pretty large photo collection that I would look at during my meetings. During work I would just scroll through the photos looking at her. Then, around 2:45pm, I’d make my way to the front window and watch her walk up. Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/01(Sat)08:57 No. 22688 ID: f60240

I will agree that it interrupted the flow of the story, but as for destroying the desire to continue reading I have to disagree with. Sure we might know how it all ends, but isn't the fun in getting there? The whole journey over destination rigmarole.

IonIan 14/11/01(Sat)09:01 No. 22689 ID: 036a9b

Gotta agree with Soli. We would have taken your narrator at his word if he had just assured us that he was in love with Tori and preferred her to his wife. Giving information about the future interrupted your flow (as mentioned above) and spoiled any potential surprises that may have been waiting.

A reply.. rancidpants 14/11/02(Sun)04:28 No. 22697 ID: 22535f

Well, I wrote this over the course of a few months last year. Incidentally, things changed for me during the course of writing. So, what seems like an epilogue isn't one.

Against My Will by unknown Anonymous 10/10/30(Sat)08:01 No. 10190 ID: 220478 [Reply]

An old favorite of mine that I've been meaning to repost for a while. F/dog, f/m.

* * *

The hot sun boiled down upon my white skin. School just out for summer I need badly to get started on my tan. I lay motionless in my own backyard, my red two piece bikini covering the smallest amount of skin possible. I was 5'5 and about 110 lbs, blonde, slender and busty for a girl with so little weight. My 30 C cups tits bulging outward at the red fabric draped over them. My boney hips exposed and my shaven cunt covered by just a small triangle of red cloth. I was not a virgin, my boyfriend and I having experimented twice in my life.

I loved the feeling of the warm sun upon my young skin as I heard noises from the fence beside our house. I peered out of my dark sunglasses at the site of a yellow plastic nozzle peeking through the wooden fence posts. I knew instantly that the young boy next door, while turned on at the site of my tight young body, was about to unload his 'super soaker" water gun in my general direction! The little "son of a bitch" never left me alone anymore as I jumped to my feet. The water streaming past me, missing, I laughed aloud and darted for the front door. The boy opened the gate in front of me and charged up the sidewalk ready to unload. Cut off, I darted away from him, my tits bouncing in my suit as I ran for the old building across the alley. I know he had to love the site of my slender, yet jiggling ass running away from him as I made it across the alley and entered the vacant lumber yard building that was full of old boxes. I quickly darted behind a pile and waited for him to pass me by.

I was on all fours, hiding when the nozzle slid up to my head, I didn't even hear him as he snuck up behind me. Laughing, the neighbor boy told me raise up my hands or he would fire. I placed them above my head like a prisoner and stood up. The boy marched me to an opening in the building. I knew if he fired that my body would glisten and be shown off to someone that shouldn't see so much of me. But the entire episode excited me, as he placed a tie around my wrists and bound them behind me. Like a firing squad he stood me in front of him and asked if I had any last words when we both herd a rustling near the door. He looked surprised as his large brown dog trotted over to him. I don't know breeds but the dog weighed at least 100 lbs and was taller than the boys hip. He patted the dog on the head and prepared to fire but the dog trotted towards me. I laughed a little as his dog came over near me, the boy pleaded for the dog to get out of there, as I am sure the boy wanted to see my body soaking wet.

The dog stood at my waist, looking up at me, I asked him if he was my savior, but I couldn't expect what happened next. The dog stuck his nose right into the crotch of my suit and snorted loudly. I was so embarrassed that I jumped backwar Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 12/07/28(Sat)05:21 No. 16800 ID: 2aa1b8

bumping for dog whores everywhere

Anonymous 13/05/03(Fri)09:43 No. 18843 ID: c915ec

keeping this alive

Anonymous 14/03/01(Sat)00:09 No. 21262 ID: c9a718

bump for love

My Roomate Anonymous 14/09/20(Sat)10:20 No. 22465 ID: b748ed [Reply]

This is a little bit more experimental than my previous piece, so I do want to know what you think. The next part will be a pretty a pretty big change in direction from this part if there's interest in more. This contains a male-female, non-consensual sex and supernatural elements.

Part 1

The house party had attracted what seemed like the whole neighborhood. On the back patio, the cooler had been freshly filled with beer and the air grew heady with cannabis. Table tennis balls bounced across the kitchen table, eliciting demands of “Drink!” where they landed in red plastic cups. Music blasted in the living room, the couches full of partygoers shouting conversation over the din. The bathroom door flew open with an exasperated shriek. The unwanted intruder stumbling into the line for the toilet, pants open. The door slapped closed and locked.

Hank clutched at his jeans and slurred expletives. He pulled this zipper closed and yelped when he caught himself in it. Gingerly correcting the zipper he stomped back to the party. A round of applause welcomed him back, he scowled, “Whatever.”

He was a business major. 6’4” and a six pack. He pulled the top off a bottle and tossed it back, chugging cheap light beer.

“Bro!” someone called to him from outside. He joined them and hit the joint provided. It was shit weed but he wasn’t picky, it was free after all. “What happened, man?”

“I dunno, she wasn’t too receptive to bathroom blow jobs. I figured, hell, why not ask?”

“Bitches, man.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/10/30(Thu)20:25 No. 22661 ID: a887c0


You are not a special little snowflake. This is not your own little personal story board. Lots of people come here with every fetish under the sun. How the fuck stupid do you have to be to complain just because one story here doesn't cater to your specific, and highly discriminated, fetish. Get over yourself, ignore the stories that don't work for you, and enjoy the ones that do.

If you can't make constructive comments then sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and lurk the fuck moar.

Kal 14/10/31(Fri)10:29 No. 22670 ID: 34bcfc

Well said, Uncle Rick!

Anonymous 14/10/31(Fri)15:25 No. 22671 ID: 4c2b43

Surprised me with how good the story is.

The Laws of Hospitality Mg, gg, or so it would seem... 12/10/26(Fri)20:17 No. 17526 ID: 5e7fa1 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Another Saturday, and my 'guest' was still playing her strange game. Wherever I went, she followed, gaze unwavering. It was a predator's stare, so out of place on that little wisp of a girl, but I was used to it by now, and I barely noticed anymore. It's amazing what you can get used to, given enough time. It had been more than a month since she'd levered herself into my home and life, and she had yet to speak a single word. Having seen what I had, I was inclined to let her keep her silence. Living without conversation was no great burden for me, so I'd eventually managed to regain some sense of normalcy. I gave each task my full attention, pouring my focus into every action. I made a ritual of yet another mundane task as I made us both eggs and french toast, as we ate in silence, as I cleaned up after. I didn't notice at all how my shirt's too-big collar slipped, careless, down one slender, pale shoulder. I didn't watch as she licked daintily at a spot of syrup on her delicate finger, her eyes never leaving me as she slid it between her lips. I pointedly avoided noticing the way a lock of her hair, dark and straight and silky smooth, only slightly mussed despite the night's sleep, fell across her cheek in a way the begged my fingers to brush it back behind her ear. I was so busy not noticing that I damn near missed my mouth with my next bite, and the laughter danced behind those deep dark eyes, so deep you could drown in them, so dark they might as well be black.

I finished quickly, then stood, taking my plate. I could do just as good a job not noticing at the sink as anywhere. I didn't take her plate for the same reason one does not take an antelope from a feeding lion. She'd leave it when she chose, syrup and powdered sugar scattered like blood and offal, but I'd deal with that when the time came.

I spent the morning in the studio, along with my exra shadow. I'd packed up everything but the old Bride of Frankenstein to ship out on Monday. To tell the truth, I didn't really have anything left to do, but it was a grand old poster, and I enjoyed looking at it. Ray had sent it to me faded, folded, and dog-eared, but it had still been a beautiful poster for all that. God knows where he'd found it, but that was his business. I just made her pretty again. She'd fetch $200,000 at the very least, if I didn't miss my guess. The way the market had picked up lately, and with Ray running the auction I wouldn't be surprised at all if she went for double that. I spent an hour or two making a few final touches, but I was mostly running on force of habit. It had been done for a few days now, I just liked looking at it.

On the way out, I passed an empty canvas. That was for my own work. I hadn't done a project of my own in months now. I kept meaning to, but it never seemed like the right time. None of my originals ha Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/07/21(Mon)19:55 No. 22101 ID: ad4858

please post whatever you had written

Anonymous 14/07/24(Thu)18:14 No. 22117 ID: e92a60

OP, pls.

This is one of the best fucking threads on the board, abs I've always had a soft spot for Irish stories. The Leanansidhe in this one is fucking incredible; literally mai waifu.

Even if it's just the outline, please come back, OP.

Anonymous 14/10/31(Fri)08:02 No. 22669 ID: ad4858

Agree would be happy with outline

let's give this a go Non-Anonymous 14/10/28(Tue)07:20 No. 22630 ID: b3e330 [Reply]

greetings, readers. i've sporadically been on this board for quite some time, and never contributed. oh, i replied to some stories, begged for continuations of others, but i never actually WROTE anything for you perverts.

that changes tonight. in a recent burst of inspiration, i finished a twisted little tale that has been lurking in the back of my head for some time. this isn't actually my first completed story, but i feel comfortable enough with this one that i'm dropping it here unedited. without further ado, here we go.

Ma/g(?) Exhib, MC, DubCon, oil, stroke

An unusual afternoon's passing.

The breeze was soft. I took an idle drag off of my cigarette as I watched the traffic pass.
It was early afternoon, on a cloudy midsummer day and I was killing time. Thanks to the bus
schedule I had ample time before I had to actually make the short walk into work and get productive.
So, I found myself sitting on the weathered bench outside of the convenience store, on the corner of
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Non-Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)08:55 No. 22646 ID: b3e330

thank you. any specific criticisms? part of this is to improve, after all. i'm rather aware that i tend to write in the same way i talk, which doesn't really work well.

Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)17:18 No. 22648 ID: 653aef


not the first guy who responded, but here's my take. I really liked the style, it's not as simplistic as other elit stories I've read. I think I noticed one typo, which is damn good.

the concept was also pretty cool. I've made it a point to not know what any of those tags mean, so the surprise halfway through was awesome.

all told, I hope to see more from you! these single chapter stories are great, too many half-written epics on this board... ahem*roommates*ahem

Non-Anonymous 14/10/30(Thu)06:27 No. 22655 ID: b3e330

would it shock you to hear that i typed this on my phone, while commuting to work? that would be where the lack of typos comes in. that and OCD self-proofreading.

thanks for the compliment, my main worry is that it was going to be too dense/not flow well/poorly interjected commentary by the POV character. and i'll make a note to hide the tags in the future.

with feedback like this, you'll be seeing more. soon as i get an editor. i've got another story complete, my first, and like five more either in the mag, or concepts bouncing around in my head. i do, however, refuse to post anything that's incomplete. roommates, laws of hospitality, and innumerable stories i've read on ASSTR and storiesonline that left me hanging really steam my cheese.

The Creeper (Loli) Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)00:33 No. 20531 ID: a2f9ff [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

So, where to start?

Name’s Ed. Edward to my parents. Ed to everyone who doesn’t treat me like a four-year-old piece of shit. My story isn’t particularly a normal one, although I guess if it was, it wouldn’t be much of a story. But I guess you’re wondering what the super, awesomely amazing thing that I have taken the time out of my day to tell is. Well, it kind of is amazing, but all good things come to an end. But, I’ll get to that later. Don’t want to ruin the story before it’s even started, do I?

The Creeper. Quite an apt name to describe myself, to be perfectly honest, even if it does contain a bold resemblance to the giant green penises within that god-awful game called Minecraft. Ahem, anyway, the name is kind of related to my story. Or completely related, I guess. You see, throughout my life, I’ve been a bit of a creep. Not in a complete beta-fag, following girls around with pit stains and braces, trailing them until they recognise my existence kind of way. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I’ve never been bad with girls. I mean, I lost my virginity at 13, so I guess that’s not too bad of an achievement, eh? Anyway, enough bragging. The reason for the name is sort of derived from my ahh… hobbies. Ever since I got my first phone (or at least, phone with the nifty little camera on it), I’ve been a fan of taking creep shots. Y’know, sneaking dirty pics of people in public without their knowledge or consent, to then take back to my home and have a glorious fap to. Weird, but nothing too abnormal to create a story about, right? Wrong.

Taking creep shots is generally looked down upon, but to some people it’s a good thing. It helps other people to get their dick hard, so it’s really a good thing. Although, the sort of creep shots I take probably shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Ever. But I’m fine with that. I’m generally quite a selfish person anyway. But I can hear your voices screaming at me to tell you the mystery shots that I could possibly take. I assume a lot of you have guessed this already anyway, but I’ll comply nonetheless. They are girls. Little girls. Lolis. Whatever you want to calm them. I would hover around parks and wait for these girls in short skirts to reveal their cute little butts after swinging around on the monkey bars. Oh the panties. They were perhaps the biggest turn on for me. Pink was best. The girlier the better. And there I’d be, with my phone out, sneaking every shot possible. Then I would travel home just awaiting that amazing fap.

Anyway, you know the name, but not the game. So, I’ll tell you my story. I guess the best place to start would be when I was 13. At this point, I wasn’t even remotely close to being interested in little girls. I was simply interested in any girl my own age, much like any other guy. Ironically, it was the involvement with a girl my own age that actually got me into girls much younger Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

92 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Impressed 14/07/22(Tue)17:20 No. 22108 ID: 6b9027


I read the whole thing in one shot last night, and it was sincerely captivating. I was upset to find little actual acts of sin, but I left this feeling a sense of sweetness. It was a story based on the darker side of lust for sure, but ultimately it was a well written, endearing story about affection.
Even if you don't continue writing this particular story, I hope you keep writing in general. -- 8.5/10

CARRYON 14/10/29(Wed)05:54 No. 22643 ID: 6d9d21

Hey, I love this story so much I have decided to write my own addition. I am an American, however.
I do not know if you guys would be interested in a continuation.
I will leave it to OP to grant me the honor or another. this story must have an end or at least a resolution. And I like to write and have free time.

Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)21:49 No. 22652 ID: b2a6c1

What a great story this was. Guess I'll have to finish it in my "Own time". I really enjoy stories like this one, because all the build-up leads to much more satisfying erotic scenes.

1k words is.. pretty short. I don't mind the super-long chapters! Better reading when there's less of a break.

Too bad you don't like this story, 'cuz it's a gem. I'm happy to see more loli-related stories coming out. Sick and tired of the gay shit that's been frequenting this site. Not my bag. Stopped coming here altogether for a while because of it.

Was really looking forward to some epic sex with the two sisters! ...Maybe even with parental consent! (I love the parental consent theme...)

Crusade Gone Awry Tater Chips 14/07/27(Sun)13:13 No. 22123 ID: 62b1d7 [Reply]

Howdy ya'll! I'm a writer, a published one (nothing you've read, nothing I will point out). A very odd (and dirty) idea popped in my head one day and I decided to write it down. It's a little too dirty and weird to be published so here I am! I came here a long time ago to get my rocks off so I thought I would post it here. Now, is it publishing quality? No. Something I intend to be published must be rewritten at least three times before I even try to submit it. This was only written once. I also don't have an editor on this one, but I did do my best to clean it up.

This story is about a crusaders from a far-off land heading to a desert island in search of a Demon King. Instead they find horrible sex monsters and suffer terrible fates. In the end, they discover a shocking secret that changes everything they thought they knew.

What does this story contain? Well, off hand it contains puppet/doll transformations, hypnotism, tentacles, lolicon (not a child, only looks that way), rape, female/male domination, dark material (death, dismemberment etc.), monsters, anthropomorphic characters, bestiality, anal, S&M, abuse, impregnation and much more that I am not thinking of at the moment or I might insert.

Also, the first chapter is very wordy. I apologize if you don't like that, but it gets more dirty as time goes on.


Chapter 1

The first ship arrived at the port. It was a longship and as it rolled up to the pier a man jumped out. Like all the people on his boat, he was dressed in plate armor, decorated with a bright, flaming bird on the breast plate. He knelt down onto the wood and thanked the goddess for his safe trip. Many of the other men and women on the boat did the same as they stepped onto the pier. The first man, clearly the leader, scanned out across the ocean. He could see countless other longships, rowing rapidly towards him. Many of them would have to anchor around the port and walk over the boats, but they made it. The last human stronghold on the continent. The man turned towards the city. He thought he might have been seeing a mirage when he first got close, but he wasn't. The city was much larger than he thought it would be. There were buildings with ornate domes crammed into high walls that covered a semi-circle around the coast. There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands living in this city. It certainly didn't look like a place on the verge of being annihilated. Instead it looked like a paradise, with palm trees, a beautiful coast and colorful domes on some of the larger structures. Moreover, the entire place looked intact and untouched. Still, it was not his place to question the High Priest of Vordan. He was on a mission from the goddess and he intended to fulfill it. He turned to the common soldiers in the boat.

“Secure the ship.” the commander Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Tater_Chips 14/10/28(Tue)08:57 No. 22631 ID: 62b1d7


It's called sarcastic humor people. Google "Lewis Black," "Ron White," "Daniel Tosh," "Kathleen Madigan," or "Lewis C.K." In all the years I've been surfing the internet you guys are the most sensitive people I've ever found. I don't get mad at people who comment about the story. I reply sarcastically because I find sarcasm funny. That's all. Feel free to be sarcastic back.

Anonymous 14/10/28(Tue)11:03 No. 22634 ID: 6c192c

Despite all your rage you are still just a rat in a cage.

Tater+Chips 14/10/29(Wed)03:49 No. 22642 ID: 62b1d7


Okay, that made me laugh and I have no idea why. Not sarcasm.

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