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Ex Ex Why TheApprentice!cF.dUIn9vk 13/07/17(Wed)05:52 No. 19385 ID: 3159bd [Reply]

I really can't believe I found this.
Like, I really can't.
If you're an oldfag here you just might appreciate this.

Ex Ex Why. by Apprentice


I never knew my parents. I dont remember anything past age ten for that matter. I'm told my parents were machines, and it's true. I have a million brothers, and we all share the same bastardism. No one even remembers the time of man, or the last a time a man existed. Those times are long gone. There are no men left. Only women and halfbreeds. Halfbreeds, that's what we are. Genetically altered subhuman slaves manufactured to serve our female masters until our young deaths. While retaining male genitalia, the rest of our bodies are almost completely feminine. Muscle mass is extremely low and the only hair we have is on our heads. Pubescence is achieved at age five and that's the usually the end of our growing phase. We remain a mere four and a half feet tall for the remainder of our lives. Not even men. The last carriers of the Y chromosome, but only in a sequence of XXY, that is, we are not completely men. A manufactured race. The reason for the chromosome arrangement is our gametes. With an XXY arrangement, breeding yields XX offspring 99.99% of the time. This way, the women who purchase us always bear women, continuing this nightmare of an existence in a neverending cycle of matriarchal control.

I've been in this kennel for five years, fed on water and oats, abused by the Keepers, demoralized every day. I've grown numb to it. It's life for us. I've seen halfbreeds sold and killed. I've seen my brothers die of starvation, but I've never seen a ray of sunlight. I've heard stories from the others, the ones who were brought back or found without owners, stories about the outside. Some say it's a paradise outside of the kennels, while some say they lived through hell and hope to die in their cages. I suppose I'm lucky, if you could call it that. I was botched. It's very rare and sometimes fatal. Since machines deal with the manufacturing process, mistakes are bound to happen. I was one of the mistakes. Somehow, I have abnormally high mucle mass everywhere but my abdomen, which is flat like that of a female. It's a very dangerous condition, because if the Keepers were to discover that I was potentially stronger than them, I would be instantly euthanized. I trained my muscles in the dark of night, so no one could see. I wasn't building them, I was strengthening them, to keep them from wasting away into water under my skin. While most of my brothers struggle to lift themselves out of their nests. I can lift my entire body with one arm. That's how I managed to survive for five years in a kennel. Some would call it a miracle. My brothers and I are like family, and I am their father. I make sure they get fed and heal their wounds wh Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/01/06(Mon)22:40 No. 20606 ID: 8cc23b

You wouldn't happen to have the sequel as well, by any chance?

Anonymous 14/01/09(Thu)08:19 No. 20625 ID: 19588b

>Jezebel Headquarters
this story's great lel
post more pls

Anonymous 14/01/09(Thu)17:41 No. 20628 ID: 88fbbd

I cried a little and drank the salty tears to quench my thirst

manly as fuck

Magic Marker, Book One: Felt (mg,inc,mc,1st,anal,Mdom,humil,magic,oral) AnonyMPC 13/11/17(Sun)04:57 No. 20231 ID: a609fb [Reply]

I've completed a story, or at least a third of one. This is another story meant to be a trilogy, and I've only done any work on the first third of it.

In this case, I have to give tons of credit to artist Danaume on hentai-foundry, who drew a picture with me in mind that laid out the premise and graciously allowed me to write the story that went with it. That picture, in the context of the story, takes place in book 2, so I'll link to it after I finish posting this one.

This starts a bit slow, sex won't come in for a few chapters, and as usual I'm still editing while I post so if you're looking for a fap wait for a few days probaly, but I hope you enjoy it when it's complete.

Magic Marker, Book One: Felt by AnonyMPC (mg, inc, mc, 1st, anal, ped, Mdom, humil, magic, oral, spank, toys)

Chapter One:

Stories happen when things go wrong. Even at twelve, Susan knew that. Nobody wants to hear a story where somebody had an average life with no problems. It doesn't matter if it's true or made up, if it's got a happy ending or a sad ending, or even if it has an ending yet, a story doesn't begin until somebody, somewhere, has done something wrong, and, whatever kind of ending it was, that someone usually deserves the blame.

In some of the best stories, it was the protagonist herself who caused the troubles, accidentally, and Susan, who, like many people, thought of herself as the hero of her own story, thought hers was probably one of those kinds of stories.

She already blamed herself for what had happened more than anybody except maybe God. If God was responsible for magic, it was kind of His fault, so maybe she should just roll with it as part of His plan, since she was enjoying parts of living out her new story anyway, even if it made her feel ashamed and sometimes humiliated. People rarely blamed God in stories anyway, even when it was His fault, and she wasn't sure it was. If God wasn't responsible for magic, then whoever was, maybe they deserved most of the blame. But if magic was something that just happened, like a cosmic roll of the dice, then it was mostly her own fault, and no matter who was responsible for magic, Susan knew, deep down, that she was the one who caused the start of her own story, she'd written the first word herself. Two decisions led up to that single word that changed her life. Two mistakes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/01/02(Thu)07:38 No. 20570 ID: 3756c5

I agree with >>20389 a bit. We saw at the beginning that he's a good brother at heart, and I'm such the hopeless romantic that I'd like to see Keith get some sort of redemption later on. I wish I had found this story sooner. Always a pleasure to read your work.

Anonymous 14/01/03(Fri)11:50 No. 20584 ID: 4f83a9

Thirded. While this might be the hottest thing from AnonyMPC I've read (toss up between this and Lolly-Anne), I definitely like it when the characters are... nicer, or more lovey-dovey. Like Erin and Andrew.

Anonymous 14/01/05(Sun)15:33 No. 20602 ID: 9cf0c2

AWESOME. I'm such a sucker for the whole ILY-but-I-dont-show-it thing. Almost like tsundere anime.
Great work as always AnonyMPC!

Work Where The Love Happens Silly_Lilly 13/12/31(Tue)04:19 No. 20553 ID: 3ddd81 [Reply]

Working Where The Loving Happens

con, noncon, M/g, M/F (no direct sex in first few chapters)

Chapter 1: Lilly and her puzzles

Working in a mental rehabilitation center can be very stressful but I love what I do. As a 23 year old case manager, I was in charge of collecting and analyzing data client based programs that the client ran throughout their stay at Valley Rehabilitation and Research Center. My client's name is Lilly. She is a 24 year old young lady diagnosed with episodic bipolar disorder, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and OCD . She was about 5'7' ( an inch shorter than me), skinny but not sickly, dark brown short hair that frames her face, big brown eyes, and fair skin. Her favorite things to do were to repeat others, especially curse words, draw/paint, dance, watch movies on a personal DVD player, and horde paper items. This would most often be in the form of tearing tags off shirts/shoes or ripping pages out of books. She also did not speak too often and when she did she was soft spoken, unless she was having one of her tantrums. These tantrums included screaming, crying, aggression towards trainers and herself, and property destruction. Many clients were actually quite aggressive and had to either be restrained at times or even heavily medicated. One guy even was restricted to a padded room and the hallways needed to be cleared anytime he needed to be transported. Luckily I have never had to restrain Lilly, though I wouldn't mind.

You see, I am what you can call a pervert. When I was first hired, I took notice of Lilly and more specifically her body and knew that I wanted to be near her. It was those doe eyes, full c-cup that would stretch out whatever picture was on her shirt, narrow hips, and soft smile that drove me to work my ass off to get to work with her. I have always been turned on by little innocent girls and crazy girls. Lilly was a combination of the two while having the body of a 16 year old. But there was an obstacle. You see, everyone starts with the less aggressive clients and moves up with experience. By the time that I was able to work with Miss Lilly, my sexual lust only increased. Just being in the room got my heart beating. It also didn't help that the person training me was pretty hot also. Her name was Amanda and she sported shoulder length blonde hair, shapely body she often hid under baggy clothes (kind of a tomboy), and dark green eyes. She noticed my dedication to doing my best to get time to work with Lilly and asked if I wanted to join the team. Ever since that day, work has been great.

Now as a pervert, I would fantasize about Lilly making a move on me. These fantasies often involved her being super clingy with me and going into tantrums whenever I left. I guess it all comes from wanting her to want me as bad as I want her, and man did I want her. I would do my best to touch her as muc Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 13/12/31(Tue)15:10 No. 20556 ID: 054fb4

I remember this from awhile ago, or something similar. Did you rewrite it?

Silly_Lilly 14/01/02(Thu)04:25 No. 20566 ID: 3ddd81


I am in the process of rewriting it. Working on the second chapter now.

Rosemary's Painful Birth (Anal_birth, oviposition, eggs, inflation, p tacocat55 13/05/04(Sat)10:06 No. 18850 ID: a2894d [Reply]

Rosemary was a beautiful 18 year old girl of Southeast Asian descent. She had a firm, tight, round ass which she worked on regularly, doing many squats and workouts to keep it that way. She had cute little B-cups and an adorable face, complete with long black pigtails which reached down to the middle of her back. Like most Asians she was short, only 5'2 but she had beautiful legs that made her look taller than she really was. She was also your typical high school student from a rich neighborhood; meaning spoiled, pampered, and not very smart. Her parents gave her whatever she wanted and she dressed herself in designer clothing that made all the other girls jealous. She was a bully and a jerk, picking on other less attractive girls. She cheated in class and always got her way, but karma was about to pay her back big time.

One day, when walking home from school, Rosemary saw a large ship in the sky. It was silver and shiny, with bright lights around the middle. Before she could react it shone a bright light on her and she passed out, before being carried onto the ship by unseen entities.

On board the ship, the entities debated about what to do with her.

"The human womb is too small for our eggs, they would not be able to grow in her uterus properly." One of the beings said.

"Well luckily all our eggs need are a warm environment and time." Another said.

"But if not her womb, Sir, then where?" The first one asked, perplexed.

"Where else?" The other one said annoyed at his subordinates lack of insight. "Her ass should be plenty warm and spacious enough for our eggs."

"But we have never tested that before, Sir, not to mention it would be unbearably painful for her." The first being said as politely as he good.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 13/12/28(Sat)21:55 No. 20544 ID: 7d1f01

These weird tales suprisingly turns me on. I bet you'll make a great anal rape stories! Thank you.

Barclay and Alison Imhotep!jE19dxWPqM 13/12/26(Thu)10:58 No. 20523 ID: d5e7d3 [Reply]

This is a story about a dog and a girl. Enjoy.

Alison awoke to an insistent nudging. As she got her bearings, the situation flooded back into her mind and she felt that terrible weight return to the pit of her stomach. She closed her eyes, hoping the nudging would go away. But she knew it wouldn’t.

Barclay was Alison’s dog. Or rather, Alison was Barclay’s human. Barclay exuded an alpha-male dominance, and like an alpha-male would get his way. Disobedience was met with escalation. You either submitted or punishments were metted out in increasing severity.

Alison unfortunately learned this fact far too late. In the pound, Barclay looked like a sweet and handsome dog that was capable of protecting her. And while he did protect her, it came at a far greater price than she had anticipated. Barclay was “abused”, and when she got Barclay, she felt proud for having done a good deed. Rescue an abused animal. The manner of his abuse however would later become clear.

Barclay let out a sharp bark. It startled Alison, causing her to shake and jerk and open her eyes, ruining her attempt to feint sleep. Barclay locked eyes with her, and she knew. She knew from the moment she woke up. But she couldn’t just give in so easily. No long term plan came to her, but for now she would just lie there unmoving. It was all she could do in the shame and fear that wracked her.

Her noncompliance was not appreciated. Barclay bared his teeth a little and let out a low growl. First warning, a threat of violence. Alison’s eyes teared up a little and she thrashed her arms down in frustration. Barclay maintained his position until she begrudgingly rolled off the side of the bed, putting her knees on the ground and resting her head and arms on the bed. She was naked, of course. If she tried to wear clothing, Barclay would grab it in his powerful jaws and rip at it, throwing her around and shredding the clothing.

Barclay followed her off the bed, and stood a short distance behind her as she assumed her exposed position. He paused a moment, knowing Alison could sense him behind her, in a position of power. Allison felt deep shame for what she knew was about to happen. Her cheeks flushed red and hot tears welled up in her eyes. Her hands were shaking from fear and frustration.

Barclay pushed forward and put his body on top of Alison, mounting her. He was larger than Alison. With his groin flush against hers, his head reached past the side of hers. His large body and thick underfur obscured Alison. All that was visible were her two rear legs running down outside of Barclay’s, her tits hanging down at the edge of the bed, and her head sticking out from under Barclay’s broad chest.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

dobedobedo 13/12/26(Thu)20:19 No. 20526 ID: aafc64

I don't usually like beast stories, but this is excellent

Anonymous 13/12/26(Thu)22:04 No. 20528 ID: 2cd94e

Got more?

Anonymous 13/12/28(Sat)12:50 No. 20543 ID: c1b02f

Dayum! Please sir, may we have some more?

Michelle's Anal Pregnancy (Anal_birth, oviposition, inflation, pain, tacocat55 13/05/04(Sat)10:03 No. 18849 ID: a2894d [Reply]

Painful Revenge

Michelle was your typical high school girl with a great body, no brains, and a lot of money, meaning she was a total bitch. She was 16 years old with long blonde hair, fair skin, a beautiful face, perfect C-cup boobs, and a firm bubble butt that filled her backside nicely, jiggling ever slightly as she walked. Unknown to her, however, she had rubbed the wrong person the wrong way, and now they planned on teaching her a lesson or two.

One day, when she was walking to her car late at night, a mysterious figure grabbed her and threw her in the back of a van, but not before the figure had hogtied her and stripped her of her clothes. Humiliated and terrified, Michelle demanded to know who the figure was and what was going on.

"You will find out soon enough." The figure said, hiding his/her voice with a voice modulator, sending chills down Michelle's spine.

After what seemed like an eternity the van finally arrived at its destination and Michelle was taking to a large, empty room, with nothing but a large medical table in it. There she was strapped to the table, face down, her arms were allowed to hang off the edge where they were tied to the ground firmly with rope, making Michelle's large breasts painfully squished between the table and her body. Her legs hung freely off the edge of the table, left low enough so her toes could touch the ground but not the balls of her feet. Her teen sex and large soft ass were on full display. Genuinely freighted that she was going to be raped she tried desperately to free herself but to no avail. After a good hour passed the figure returned.

"Enjoying yourself Michelle?" The figure asked mocking, enjoying seeing her like this.

"Who the fuck are you?" Michelle asked angrily. "How do you know my name?"

"Oh that's right, you can't tell who I am yet, well let me give you a hint." The figure said as it walked over to Michelle.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 13/12/28(Sat)08:16 No. 20539 ID: 2a541e

Jesus fucking christ this is awesome! Moar please!

Anonymous 13/11/21(Thu)07:40 No. 20310 ID: f809be [Reply]

I started writing this as a exit to my own dark desires, closely based on my life at the time, I seem to recall that the plot was to spiral out of reality hinted to in the two chapters I had saved on this old flash drive, pardon my inability to end a sentance in a proper fassion - I just get so carried away when I write.
Uh - tags; FemDom, CBT, milking, pegging - it will get alot worse if I revive it and write it all out

The human animal - by me

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
― Mark Twain

Chapter one

The gun barrel in my mouth was unwavering, my hand steady as my resolve to pull the trigger and get the fuck out of this nightmare.
How did it come to this? Why did I do the things I did and why was there nobody to stop me?


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 13/11/25(Mon)09:43 No. 20339 ID: 42f9de

Tags; apocalypse, Gore, veh-homicide?, Mf, Rape, bondage, squirt.

Chapter three

When I woke I had a headache as I alwase do when I sleep the day away, thankfully it was quiet, maybe John had gone out for the evening. I went upstairs and nukerwaved some cold coffee and sugar'd it in hopes to eradicate the headache with some caffeine, and walked into the living room to see what car John had taken; none, the beamer was still there and so was his truck, Odd he must be sleeping or something, then I noticed a flickering down the block, I craned my neck to see around the neighbors fence to no avail, Curious I grabbed my jacket and headed out the front door, on the porch I was sure of it now, it was flames of a fire burning down the block I didn't know what to think about this as I let the screen door bang closed behind me I descended the steps and out into the cold early evening, halfway down the walk I saw there was a vehicle on its side in the gutter mostly smoldering having burnt mostly to the ground, yet I still ran letting my coffee cup to fall and shatter on the walkway.

As I neared the flaming wreck it was clear that if anyone was inside they were dead, the car was completely burned to the ground, all that was still aflame was the rear tires that were showing glowing steel belts as the rubber oozed and melted off them, I turned away sickened by the smell and headed back home not caring if anyone was inside, I'd just call 911 and be done with it, When I picked up the phone I did not hear a dial tone as I expected to, in stead it was a busy signal Goddamnit its alwase something, I went down stairs and got my cell and it didn't even have any connectivity, neither upstairs, this is when I knocked on John's door, just like in the scary movies it was just cracked enough to swing open a little with the wrap from my knuckles and I was getting a little spooked, "John?" No answer, I push the door open slowly "Hey man theres a car wreck down the street and . . . " I very nearly puked the half a cup of coffee all over his feet as soon as I saw his headless body on the floor in front of the door.

I turned away and pulled the door to behind me, and stood there for what felt like forever, All this seems a little too crazy to be real, I must be dreaming - a REAL fucking vivid surreal dream, "Maybe I can walk through walls or fly" I said to no one in particular, but felt a little too creeped out to try, in stead I peeked around the still partially open door again, yep still there, I reached a leg in and kicked the bottom of his dirty socked foot, the whole fat corpse jiggled with the rolling thigh tissue, I turned away again, His neck was ragged like a saber tooth tiger had took it off, not like a terrorist beheading but some fucking creature ripped it off. What could do that, and more importantly where the fuck was his head - shit this is gonna be so Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 13/12/20(Fri)05:53 No. 20496 ID: a5a4e0


Anonymous 13/12/21(Sat)01:13 No. 20502 ID: c6f912

I've alwase hated that expletive.
But I'm glad you seem to like it, this will spur me on to continue the plot.

Window Dressings (Lolizorz) Anonymous 13/09/27(Fri)09:12 No. 19781 ID: 9b9dbc [Reply]

Window Dressings

I had known Shannon for nearly her entire life. Her parents moved into the house next door when I was beginning middle school; she was just barely a toddler at the time. My family was the neighborly type, so we had dinner parties with Shannon and her parents rather frequently. As a kid, I'd play with her and try to entertain her with silly stunts for her amusement. I'd say we developed a pretty strong bond early on. Being that we were both old childs, we had a quasi brother-sister relationship. When she she had turned five, for her birthday her parents paid me to build her a playhouse in her backyard. At her party, when I finally unveiled the little pink house I'd spent many an afternoon making for her, she screamed with disarminly cute, unbridled joy that could only come from a child. I will never forget the look in her eyes when she ran up to hug me with all her might. At that moment, she truly became sister. I realized I loved her, and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that she loved me, too.

Sadly, over the years we began to slowly drift apart. I was getting too old to keep playing with the little girl next door; I had friends to hang out with, a car to abuse, and ever-increasing resposibilities. Shannon herself began to live her own life as well. She grew into an adorable, charming young girl with so many friends. I still went to her birthday parties but we talked sparingly, and my gifts we never as good as the marvelous playhouse (which was still sitting in her backyard, albeit a little rundown.) The distance between us increased as the years went on. The last vestiges of our once unbreakable bond to each other finally disintigrated as I left for college. I didn't even say goodbye. Whenever I thought about it, I felt a small pang in my heart. I had lost my only sibling to the cruel, unyielding ravages of time.

Before I knew it, four years flew by and I was one of many jobless graduates living back at home with my parents. Shannon was thirteen by now but I hadn't seen her for four years; I realized I really didn't know her anymore. In my mind, she was still the adorable little girl who could effortlessly melt your heart with her charming demeanor. She probably still is, I thought as I updated my LinkedIn account in my upstairs bedroom. It was morning, and my first thoughts as I wake up these days are of my lack of employment. It went without saying that I needed a job. I craved the independent lifestyle I had so caustically led in college. Curious about Shannon, I walked over to my window which faced her house. For a few moments, I gazed around thinking about my memories of my long lost sister. Not much about her house had changed. I spotted the playhouse; it was looking pretty shabby. Specks of dirt crept up the walls and the pink paint was almost completely faded to white from the sun. I let out a shallow sigh and went downstairs to make myself break Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 13/12/10(Tue)04:36 No. 20438 ID: 37c88d

Still waiting... I have this bookmarked and I periodically check for more.

Anonymous 13/12/19(Thu)02:43 No. 20487 ID: 763f61


Anonymous 13/12/19(Thu)19:18 No. 20491 ID: 244444

Please sir, may I have some more?

Personal Loli - M/f, loli flounder!19IQ53Wc/s 13/12/06(Fri)05:28 No. 20402 ID: abea2f [Reply]

Hi there, I'm Flounder. You might remember me from such stories as "The Curler" back in 2010, "An Oral History of The Zombie War" and an unnamed piece, both in 2011.

I wrote this about six or seven months ago and have been itching to continue it. I've got an idea about where I want to go, but I want to see if you all /elit/-erates are on board. So, without further ado, Personal Loli


Year: 2085
Location: San Bernadino, California, USA
Background information: Thought the Human Genome Project completed it's first draft in 2003, it wasn't until 2055 until it's usefulness was unlocked. From there, the concept of the "cafeteria child", a child created by picking out different qualities like hair color, eye color, and genetic predisposition, was finally within grasp. 30 years later, the concept is still being studied, though there is progress. The San Bernadio Science Institute is making the fastest project, but few know why they are leaps and bounds ahead of similar labs around the world.


Regardless of what anybody tells you, having a STEM degree, even one from Pepperdine University, doesn't make job hunting suck less. My name is Jerry, I have a masters in genetics, I'm 22 years old, and today's my first day at The San Bernadino Science Institution in California. After 6 months of working for scrap, I'd finally made it into the big leagues. I was stoked to work at SBSI, it was the most difficult research lab to get into. Even the application requires a blood sample, but I guess they want to map your DNA by the time you get on-board.

I took the train into the city, and from there a bus to their main offices. The modest 5-story building in the heart of the city is a facade, the true labs are 1500 feet below the surface. I walked in to the office, and was greeted by the secretary. After showing her my papers, she led me upstairs to human resources.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 13/12/10(Tue)05:11 No. 20440 ID: f5b1c2

It's still a hell of a lot better than this is.

John Caker 13/12/10(Tue)07:17 No. 20441 ID: a54800

Don't listen to them flounder

This character acts exactly like I would.
Your story has a
Very high profile intro and a compelling as hell concept.

Keep going

Anonymous 13/12/18(Wed)08:15 No. 20483 ID: 6da525

This is a great premise and I don't hate your writing style, but I agree you could slow down and flesh stuff out more.

Our Story InLovingMemory 11/11/30(Wed)10:17 No. 14424 ID: 5773d1 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

In Loving Memory.

Of my late husband Brian, who died in February 2011.
I will love you always, with my mind, heart, body and soul.
I miss you, but I know you watch over me and will be waiting for me in the next world.

As I promised to you before you died I have found a way to share our story.
I would like to thank Locust74 who I met on a chat website for pointing me in the direction of this site.
I never knew what straight shota meant, but it seems that it’s a kind of a code for boys (shota) and straight meaning older women. I hope my interpretation is correct. Forgive me if its not.

Also as promised to Brian I will post some pictures to go along with our story. But as agreed only one of the pictures will really be of be. The others I have gleaned from the web.

The pink rose meant a lot to Brian and I, as he once described my pussy lips as being like the soft petals of a pink rose.

Finally to all who read our story, thank you. I hope you enjoy it and take from it what you will, but please also take a few moments for my sorrow at losing the love of my life.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Paddy 13/04/30(Tue)13:05 No. 18812 ID: 22e4b2

Cant find your pics, can you re post them.

Love the story


Anonymous 13/12/15(Sun)07:40 No. 20471 ID: fd2c20


Anonymous 13/12/17(Tue)23:26 No. 20481 ID: e073fb

Had to lol at the thought of these kids planning it out.
"What would be a good thing to impress her?"
"What if we came at the same time?"
"Alright but well need a signal"

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