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Real MMF stories Anonymous 14/02/23(Sun)10:20 No. 21227 ID: 8256d5 [Reply]

These stories I have found on ExperienceProject and another similar site which I can't remember. Mostly focuses on MFF first times. Please add more with same category.

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Anonymous 14/02/23(Sun)10:33 No. 21235 ID: 8256d5

One day, my gf and I watched her older brother masturbate; we were thirteen at the time.(There is another story here also) Well, a few days later I was sitting in my yard when gf's bro and his friend walked up to me and sat. As we talked, I could not get the vision of 'bro' out of my mind; finally, I blurted out that gf and had seen him masturbate. He was not a bit emabarassed; in fact, he asked if I would like to see it again. I instantly said yes. With no one else home at my house, we three endeed up in my room. Bro immediately dropped his jeans and revealed his erection which he began to play with. His friend was more hesitant then joined in. Before long, I was nearly begging to touch their willies and before I knew it, I was getting naked to show them mine! We were all virgins until that day; that quite rapidly changed. I ended up sucking one while the other pounded me; after they finished, we would rest, then start again! I suppose both had my &ussy at least four times and I gave each at leaat that many bj's My poor bed was afloat in semen and my own girl juices! I was sore for a few days afterward; but, it had been worth it! That remains as the single most exciting sexual encounter I have EVER had! I frequently recall that day as I masturbate.:]

Anonymous 14/02/23(Sun)10:34 No. 21236 ID: 8256d5

My first MMF was when I was 15 I had been with this guy several times. He and one of his buddies were at my house mom and dad were out. His buddy had a porn video so we put it in. My guy suggested we do whatever they did in the video. So we did. That was also my first anal and DP. I couldn't even begin to say how many times I have done it since. I also have gotten into gangbangs and have had one with 9 guys.

Anonymous 14/02/23(Sun)10:36 No. 21237 ID: 8256d5

(The following was originally posted on 99chan. Anon claimed it was an IRC log found on a family member's computer)

<sarah^^> have you ever masturbated on the beach
<`natalie> yea
<`natalie> maybe i should stay home
<`natalie> i wanna fuck
<sarah^^> you know my fav question
<sarah^^> so go fuck
<sarah^^> :-0
<`natalie> but he's at work he cant come to me
<sarah^^> ok :-(
<sarah^^> when can he take you someplace
<sarah^^> ?
<`natalie> after 8
<`natalie> 7.5 hours from now
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Two Unspoiled Flowers Together Anonymous 13/09/29(Sun)05:35 No. 19796 ID: 1a06cf [Reply]

Black female, in the city.

I was always curious about sex, but totally inexperienced.

The closest experience was at 14, I was in a room with a childhood friend and did some dry humping in our underwear.

It felt interesting in a guilty way, though I was realizing I did not like boys. Girls were totally taboo in those times. Yet I was still so curious about sex.

When I'm 18, I get a job in my doctor's office. Eventually, I find she is really a male to female transexual, who did not have the bottom surgery yet, and still liked women. Hearing all the stories from my friends about losing their virginity, and the guys who just use them and brag about it, I thought it would be cool to have my experience with this one. As luck would have it, she liked to fondle her receptionists.

What follows after awhile is an almost exact play out of the Monica Lewinsky story. I wear short short skirts, and bend over in front of her. She soon begins touching me on different occasions. First my breasts, over the shirt, then under the shirt. Then, my thighs and "V", first over the panties. I one day I work up the courage and approach her, nervously and breathing heavily, saying I was curious about going further. So one bight, after work, she has me in the easy chair in the office, and starts off doing all the same stuff, until she finally moves her hands under the panties, and rubbing, then sticking a finger up me. Eventually, she strips me down, and begins feeling me all over. I knew I was in for it now, and was so excited, and at the same time, nervous. Nobody would know, again, unlike all those guys who brag.

She alternates between sticking her thumb and her long tongue into me. I was losing it, but trying not to. She tells me don't hold back. She begins rubbing her pole against me, and I'm waiting for her to put it in. But in nervousness, my muscles tense up, and she is not able to penetrate at all. She's just hitting the closed up vestibule. She bends me over and keeps trying from behind, and now, I'm kind of having second thoughts and wishing she would stop. Suddenly, I feel the tip move from my vulva, to my butthole, and then push firmly in. My vagina, which was stimulated though not opening, pulsed and led into an intense orgasm.

Afterward, I was so relieved that my technical innocence was spared! I realized I could have all the pleasure in the world without being intruded upon! I had a bff who was also unsure of her sexuality, and we tried to keep off of each other, and at first would hump and just rub booties together, but now, we began passionately making out, rubbing and fingering each other and trying to scissor each other.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Together TheSnack 14/01/28(Tue)07:40 No. 20955 ID: 17ebd3 [Reply]

So, this is my first time posting a story for more than one person to see, or publicly at all for that matter. Please go easy on me and all that, constructive criticism appreciated, and/or ideas for future chapters.

Basically what happened here is that myself and my SO, are in a sort of long distance relationship type deal. And we play the whole rolereversal/femdom thing. So today while she was at work, I told her I was home alone and bored, and told her I wished I had something to do, so she suggested that I write her a 'scene' between she and I, and that it should be done no later than tomorrow night, or tonight at midnight for 'brownie points'. Being that I love to please her, I decided that it would be done tonight. So, without further adieu... "Together"

FM/Femdom-ish/Foot Fetish/Bondage/Tease & Denial

The scene starts with you coming home early from school/work and finding me up in your/my/our room with a pair of your panties wrapped around my cock, and maybe a pair of socks held up to my nose, teasing myself, as I smell you on your clothes and your side of the bed. Stroking my aching cock... I’m still wearing most of my clothes, t-shirt pulled up a bit, and pajama pants down around my hips... Teasing myself, rubbing my cock just right to get me up to the edge and then slowly back down... Rubbing the tenderest spots, squeezing just right... And eventually rubbing just behind my balls, and all the way back to my sluthole. My eyes care closed and I’m moaning gently for no one in particular squirming and writhing on the bed... Extra horny from you leaving me denied being able to cum the night before…

Finally you make yourself known, seeing that I have both my collar and cuffs still locked in place, you clear your throat, causing my eyes to pop open and lock onto you as the source of the interruption… You come closer with a certain smirk on your face, as if you were already feeling so superior to me, having caught me going through your things, yet again, saying to me.. “Go on, keep going... I haven’t given you permission to stop yet, Slut...” cautiously I continue, not yet feeling bold enough to defy you. I begin to rub my hand up and down, as you come and lay on the bed next to me, just watching me critically, as if you were critiquing my every move… Studying me.
Eventually you take the long knee high socks out of my hands and set them down. Taking each hand by the wrist and anchoring my cuffs to the chains on either side of the headboard, locking me in place. Kneeling over my abdomen, you lift my collar up, jerking my head back against your pillow, having me look into your eyes, feeling your thumb rub against my lips, as you whisper “Such a pathetic… Little boy you are...” and with that, you pry my mouth open a bit with your thumbs and spit down at me, some in my mouth, Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/02/12(Wed)09:36 No. 21110 ID: 2b9af0

yummy, I want to hear what the surprise is

TheSnack 14/02/15(Sat)04:52 No. 21142 ID: 17ebd3

Hey, thanks for the replies guys. I'll be working on the next chapter in the next few days. Should have something within the week.

Anonymous 14/02/20(Thu)23:23 No. 21195 ID: fc239d

You switched from 1st/2nd to 3rd person halfway through.

Real Erotica Anonymous 14/02/20(Thu)09:20 No. 21186 ID: d0db92 [Reply]

A little story I wrote. It's admittedly terrible but sometimes you need a little dose of terrible erotica every now and then.

She looks at me with her beautiful eyes and her adorable smile as she my pants and underwear off in a tugging motion, eager to please. As she looks at my size, her smile widens as she looks at the thickness, eager to take me in her mouth. With her delicate hands, she pumps at my erection a few times to get it at full hardness as her eyes go half-lidded in a slutty, aroused look, like she is getting drunk off the scent of my cock. Finally, with a little hesitation, she descends down on me, her lips wrapping up tightly against my member.

She is able to coax a natural moan out from me, as I feel the warmth surrounding me cock, but it soon acclimates to the sensation. I watch in nervousness, seeing this poor girl take it as deep as she is comfortable with. It feels good, and I feel my body involuntarily move into her mouth to seek out more pleasure. Suddenly, I hear the sound of her gagging slightly as she pulls up. My face immediately turns apologetic and I keep it focused in my mind that I shouldn't move.

She pumps at my erection more, catching her breath before going down again, this time with more earnest. I feel the warmth again and it feels good. Unfortunately I'm now focused on not moving, and having acclimated to the sensation I am no longer getting the original pleasure. It's a distracting, nagging sort of pleasure.

After a few moments she pulls up again, pumping at my cock faster as if she was pleading with it. "Does it feel good?" she asks. Not in slutty, depraved tone like I expect. It was more out of desperation, like she was genuinely wondering if I was feeling anything. It then crosses my mind that in my effort not to impale the girl's throat, I was completely still, and silent. No moans, no verbal encouragement, nothing.

"y-yeah" I stammered, having even my honesty come out as a lie. It did feel good. Just not as good as she was expecting. "It felt really good, I was just trying not to choke you out." I let out a laugh filled with anxiety, but she sweetly smiles and continues her work. This time, now I have two things on my mind. Not to thrust and give her vocal encouragement.

"Oh, yeah, do you like sucking my dick?" I bellow out in a manliest tone I can muster. She moans "unnhnn" into my dick, giving me a unique feeling of vibration as she does, and it felt good. I start to get lost in the feeling again but quickly remember rule number one. After a few moments, I force out another humiliating remark. "You're such a slut, sucking my cock like this. We only just met." Another, long drawn out moan let's me know that she's really liking it. So I try to pepper in some more, giving fake moans of pleasure, trying to encourage more moans to co Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Slave Sequences. The Professor 13/10/27(Sun)09:59 No. 20002 ID: ba8afc [Reply]

Slavery exists in the modern world, but it is a black market commodity. As such it is confined to the shadows, and since it is much more difficult to keep human bodies in the dark than it is simple drugs or weapons, the price for such goods is extraorbidant. This economic condition has made me a very rich man. I feel no shame for what I do, as the invisible hand of the market has provided the conditions for men like me to thrive.
In fact, i'm quite proud of what I do. For I am the best at it.
. My name doesn't matter. Given the growing rate of my operation, there's a good chance that you yourself may come to one day know me as the rest of my stock does. As "Master." Or maybe will your sister, daughter, significant other, brother, husband, son. I do not discriminate gender. All can be trained. All can be broken. All can be bought and sold to the one percent of the population that can afford to buy them. To buy you.
If you haven't figured it out yet, or simply refused to accept what you surely consider the "horror" of my existence, I buy people and train them to be slaves. However, there is not much demand amongst those who can afford to buy a life for just a lifes worth of menial labor. My clients, and most of the clients looking to enter the slave market are after them for one thing. For the sake of sexual exploitation.
As such I cater to the market.
It is a vast network of services that make up this industry. When we run low on stock, we do research. Usually by randomly searching various social media profiles, (or if we feel a certain type is in demand we'll search profiles for certain characteristics such as age, ethnicity, even religion etc etc) And once we find a suitable candidate for training, we contact one of many existing mercenary, gang, or "non existing" 3rd world government agencies to collect the subject and deliver them to us.
Where our training facility is located is of no matter. I can assure you that it is in a remote location, and it doesn't matter where you live. If we find you in the virtual world, we can have you in the real one.
Once a subject arrives, we process, train, and then send them off to one of our distributers who then auction off the finished product for a cut of our massive fee. The sale of one often raises enough to produce 10 more. Occasionally, the privlidged few who know of our existence will contact us directly. They'll either want to cut out the middle man to buy someone wholesale, or sometimes they want us to take and train someone they personally know. Most often, it's rich buisnessmen, wanting to buy their step daughters from their previous marriage. Although once it was a buisness woman who bought her step son. That is a story for another day.


My name is Clara. I can't even remember my last name. I'm 1 Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 13/11/06(Wed)04:15 No. 20110 ID: 7172bb


Anonymous 14/01/31(Fri)08:51 No. 20994 ID: 971936

I pulled against my restraints as the men came closer, but it was of no use. two of the men walked to either side of me. Each one took one of my tits in their hands and start to squeeze roughly. I began to scream, but the third man grabbed my face and started to kiss me. Hard. Forcefully. I struggled and shook but the restraints kept me in place while the men did what they wanted with my body.

The man kissing pulled his face from my lips and licked me across the face...

"What's your name little girl? Your real name?"

I didn't know whether it was a trick or not, but either way, I could only vocalize a frantic cry.

"I saw the clipboard in the med office" the man continued. "Your name is Clara... See It's against the rules around here, but I like reminding the 'subjects' of their previous life. It puts a bit of life back in 'em before I give them their fucking!"

The other two men were chuckling and one of them reached down to my vagina while the other one reached for my restraints.

"Please... don't do this to me..."

The restraints came off and the middle man grabbed me by the hair and pulled me closer to him. I thought he was going to rip my hair out, but instead he gave me a long wet lick on the face.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/02/10(Mon)07:19 No. 21090 ID: 0c65f0

Please more, OP.

For Lisa's eyes Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)21:48 No. 21021 ID: 498738 [Reply]

Hiya. Every now and then when I feel in the mood I write, so I thought I'd post this. Tell me if you guys want me to continue posting.

Themes: Incest, Foot fetish.
Note that I'm not really a "write one story for one topic" kind of person. If I feel like putting bestiality, or whatever else, in chapter 14, I'll do it, if you don't like it, skip it.



-Part I-
Mark and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember when the notion got me that I would have to end his life.

He and I were in my room the day this all started. We were around 16, and were sitting in my room, me playing the guitar and him watching random videos on
Youtube. Across the hall, through the open door, was the hall and the sound of the shower, where my sister Lisa was.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)22:17 No. 21024 ID: 498738

Stopping here for now, if anyone wants more just ask, I will post as I write.

Kal 14/02/03(Mon)07:40 No. 21030 ID: 4403da

There is definitely potential, and it certainly could grow to be a very enjoyable story.

Anonymous 14/02/03(Mon)14:58 No. 21034 ID: 99daf6

definitely more.
I want to read dudes head get snapped.

Confiscation - A Phil Phantom Tribute: (M+g, Fg, b+g, gg, reluc, nc, more) AnonyMPC 14/01/28(Tue)01:29 No. 20949 ID: a609fb [Reply]

AnonyMPC here, with my first Phil Phantom Tribute in over a year. Thanks in particular to Nicholas Fellheimer, who's recent burst of activity has certainly helped inspire me to work this way once again. For those who aren't familiar with these, my Phil Phantom Tributes are my attempt to capture some of the style of and deal with themes used by a prolific erotic author of days gone by. It's low characterization, high smut, and fast-paced, not much like my previous work but, hopefully, good for a good quick fap. All my work, including my other Phil Phantom tributes, are at http://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/ as usual.

This particular idea is inspired in part by a hentai manga story I encountered on a chan somewhere, and then promptly lost track of, and I can't even remember the name, but the central premise stuck with me and I eventually found myself driven to write a story that built on it. It doesn't follow the plot of that manga, just is sort of a western take on the central idea. If anyone can identify it, that'd help me out so I can give it more proper credit when I post it on my site.

Confiscation - A Phil Phantom Tribute: (M+g, Fg, b+g, gg, reluc, nc, 1st, beast, extreme, inc)

It was after ten-thirty, and on a school night when the Sherriff came knocking, and so twelve-year-old Bethany was in bed. In bed, but not asleep. She couldn't sleep, not with the thoughts running through her head about what was going to happen at school tomorrow, or what had already happened that day.

Just before the knock came, she was thinking, again, about the time when she was pinned up against a wall by three older boys and forced to pull up her shirt, then squirmed on their fingers up her cunt and ass, slipped boldly under skirt and panties without regard to them being in public and visible, a shameless public fingering that might have turned into a public rape if not for the timely intervention of a female substitute teacher who shooed them off her and into an empty classroom for a tongue-lashing, leaving Bethany with weak-knees bound together by dropped panties, right outside the cafeteria door leaving everybody to see. Plenty did see, and most of them pointed and laugh while she shuffled off to an alcoved doorway where she could pull the underwear up without completely exposing herself on one side or the other. That was only at the midmorning break... by the end of the day the teasing had gotten worse, and she'd suffered more abuse. She also managed to make forty dollars.

At least, so far, she had avoided turning into an insatiable slut, but only barely. And she still technically even held onto her virginity so long as fingers and other objects that were not penises moving past where a long-absent hymen would be didn't count against her, though she couldn't count on that long, the wa Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)13:46 No. 21015 ID: 43b5db


Sure I did. They love each other even more than ever. All the rest is just stuff they have to overcome. Do you think a story would be good without conflict, drama, or antagonists?

Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)17:48 No. 21018 ID: f5b1c2

Conflict and drama don't need to be as dark as murder and outright sexual slavery.
As for antagonists? Parts 1 and 2 had no real antagonist, and they're both excellent. They're what drew readers in to the story in the first place, after all.

Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)22:38 No. 21026 ID: b14122


Have faith my friend. Erin and Andrew will overcome.

Slave To the Queen Of Noses Anonymous 13/10/15(Tue)14:54 No. 19922 ID: bccf48 [Reply]

When I was 19 years old this happened. Moms close friend Nagamani, 45 years lady Rang up to Mom and said she wanted a slave for house works for 7 days and whether I could be sent to her. Mom called me. Dad was pressing moms feet. She kept her feet on his shoulders. Mom caught hold of my nose and twisted it. She told me to go to Nagamani’s house immediately and work there for 7 days. I was shivered. Mom, I heard that Nagamani auty is very cruel. She punishes slaves very severely. Please leave me Mom.” I prayed. Mom laughed. “So what u bastard. You are just like creature. U dont have any value. Get lost u stupid.” she punched on my nose. I beg for moms pardon. I ran to Nagamani house.By the time I reached nagamani’s house, She and her lovers Venkatesh, Srinivas and Sailendra were totally nude under a tree in the compound. All males are standing. Nagamani sat between them. Their cocks are above 20 inches and fully erected. Nagamani was sucking Venkatesh and Srinivas dicks. Sailendra was kissing Nagamani’s nose. I ran and fell on the feet of Nagamani. All laughed. Nagamani held my nose and squeezed and slapped for 10 Minutes continuously. :You donkey, why so late? She questioned. “vayyo,vammo, Maharanee, banisanu, banisanubanisanu Maharanee (I am your slave mistress, dont beat me please) All four laughed biggerly. Naganani took a cane. She swished in the air, Big sound came. “Come on, show ur palm first.: she ordered. I showed my hand. Nagamani gave a big stroke. Ammo, I cried loudly.Nagamani laughed biggerly. Her sexy face became more sexy. Particularly, her nose resembles actress Laxmi’s nose(Narasimha, Jeans fame). It is very provocative.

Many times I masturbate on her nose thinking that “You are queen of noses Nagamani. Your nose is very sexy. Your nose..maharani nose” As soon as i think of her nose, my cock leakes. When she laughs biggerly, her nose wrinkes and provocates further. Venkatesh continuously kisses her nose every day. When he fuck her, he puts her nose in his mouth and fucks. Come on bow in front of me. I will peel of your hips she ordered,.I completely fell down and held her feet. No mistress, I am your slave. I am your shit eating slave. Forgive me mistress, Maharanee, please, please I was crying. Nagamani laughing loudly. Venkatesh Immediately kissed nagamani nose and put his long dick in her pussy. Srinivas put his dick in her ass hole. Nagamani was masturbting Sailendras dick. All people walking in the street were seeing their fuck and getting tempted. Nagamani was laughing seeing them. Their fuck continued for two hours. All people seeing their fuck thought themselves, Nagamani we are your slaves., you queen of noses, cut our nose. You queen of ass, cut our cocks. Make curry with our cocks, and noses. We are slaves, we are slaves. They also started masturbating.after the fuck, Nagamani took me into house holding my nose. Her hips are swinging like pillows. She took a cane and started bating an Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/01/28(Tue)18:40 No. 20963 ID: b2cc66

In light of the more rather 'hurtful' comments on here, I do have to agree. I assume that English is not your first language, but you should try to exclude such heavy uses of '...' and internet abbreviations such as 'U'. It makes your writing seem immature and unsophisticated. As much as I like to see new writers, and generally try not to dissuade them from writing, I personally recommend leaving erotic literature to people who are more accustomed with the English language, and literature in general.

sage sage 14/01/29(Wed)02:12 No. 20965 ID: 19588b

Well the story's from around 3 months ago, so I doubt he's reading this

Anonymous 14/01/29(Wed)04:36 No. 20967 ID: 2fae06

I think he should continue, maybe he will be one of the greatest writers in our generation. You guys are stomping on this guy's potential. Keep going OP.

Ultimatum Rin!y7chl82msE 12/06/07(Thu)12:01 No. 16347 ID: aa1680 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hoy there! Rin again!

Like I said before, I've got four stories all fleshed out in my "notebook" and ready to be typed up. Each story, each idea had a rough draft of a chapter all ready to go, if I wanted to post it right away.

This is number #2, Ultimatum.

Again; POST FEEDBACK. I won't be able to get better at this shit unless I know what I'm doing wrong!

More blubbering after the story post

77 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
rin!y7chl82msE 14/01/09(Thu)10:47 No. 20626 ID: 032a3d

I do! Lol..

I'm surprised someone bumped this, to be honest. I've actually been working on a couple new projects and new next chapter to this...

But! I started dating and working, leg problems getting worse, and the drugs are literally making me more stupid. Excuses!

I've just been lurking for awhile. Glad you bumped my thread though!

Anonymous 14/01/17(Fri)09:17 No. 20763 ID: f8e936

That bump, man. This was a great story.

rin!y7chl82msE 14/01/27(Mon)11:33 No. 20940 ID: 032a3d


No, seriously, I want to gauge some opinions here. I've been working on a few projects (were mostly for myself until they all kinda spiraled out, lol..)

If I were to start posting again, it would either be A) This story, because I'm way better at the supernatural than real life, or B) Start from scratch with one of the new ones, which I'd then choose which of the two I like more to start posting.

Even if B is the bigger market, I might throw one more chapter to this to "Finish it." Wouldn't be anything worth two shits, but might be a good way to merge into a sequel staring the girl character introduced in the last chapter. Let me know!

tl;dr getting back into the writing game, opinions please. If you're new to the board, my older (completed) work can be found on Tumblr; rinfaust.tumblr.com

Deerfield School for Girls (TG F/F F/M castration infibulation (look it up sorcerer 14/01/22(Wed)23:33 No. 20876 ID: c91775 [Reply]

Chapter 1
I was twelve years old when my dad turned state’s evidence and testified against the Morano family. We were entered into the witness protection program. We started a new life in Tempe Arizona. It was a sad leaving our friends and family, but we had to. The Morano family was after us. When I was 16, they found us. They shot my dad at the gas station 2 miles away from our house. They broke in and killed my mom. I ran out of the house and made it to a neighbor’s house, before the hit men got me. The cops came and rescued me. They turned me over to the feds, who came up with a plan to protect me.
It was a hot day in August when I arrived at the Deerfield boarding high school for girls. I walked up the long flight of stone stairs to the front door of the administration building at about 5 in the afternoon. Deerfield was located in Springfield, Ma. It wasn’t as hot as Arizona, but it was humid as fuck. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing here, because I’m a boy.
“Hi David, come on in.” A beautiful blonde woman in scrubs greeted me at the door. “I’m Ms. Lakewood, the Deerfield school nurse. Come on in.” I followed her inside the administration building and down the hall. She was about 5’ 10” and yellow duckies on her scrubs were stretched across her shapely plump ass. She must be about 30. All kinds of doctor/patient fantasies started running through my head. My cock began to stir and stiffen at the thought of her… examining me.
“I thought this was a school for girls. What am I doing here?”
“Well, that’s the point.” Ms. Lakewood and I walked into her office and shut the door. “It is a perfect place to hide you.” The office was painted institutional olive green. There was an examination table, cabinets full of medical stuff, a desk a bunch of filing cabinets.
“How the heck do you plan to hide me here?” I sat down on a green chair opposite Ms. Lakewood’s desk. Ms. Lakewood sat down in her chair.
“Well David, I’ve done … some work for the feds in the past concealing boys on the run. Every now and again, they call me and ask for my help. You see,” Ms. Lakewood seemed to be searching for the words “maybe I should show you.” The nurse spun around and grabbed a file from the file cabinet behind her. “This is Audrey Parker.” She opened the file and showed me pictures of a girl with brown hair. She was wearing a short skirt and tight brown sweater that showed off her rather large breasts. She was pretty hot. “Would it surprise you to know that when Audrey came to use she was Rick Havestraw?”
“What is this some kind of disguise or something?”
“It’s no disguise David. Rick changed gender … with my help.”
“Alright fuck this, I’m out.” I got up to leave. Ms. Lakewood got up as well.
“David wait. Let me explain.” I went for the door, Ms. Lakewood g Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Deerfield part 2 sorcerer 14/01/22(Wed)23:34 No. 20877 ID: c91775

Chapter 7
Kylee left Deerfield. Once her parents heard about what happened, they pulled her out of school. We bid each other a tearful goodbye. Kylee and I stayed in touch with each other on Facebook. Her parents reversed her infibulation and enrolled her in a co-ed school in Connecticut. Kylee and I loved each other, but we knew maintaining a long distance relationship was unrealistic. In a few weeks, Kylee found a nice girl named Samantha. She seemed nice. I was happy for Kylee, but I was lonely.
The numbness sucked. They didn’t warn me that incontinence could be a side effect. I peed myself in class. I couldn’t tell that urine was leaking out of me until the warm liquid reached my thighs. It was so humiliating. That afternoon I stormed into the counseling office ready to take Betty’s head off. I told Betty what happened and she actually got upset. She apologized profusely and said she had no idea that that could happen. Betty came to my room later that night with some incontinence undergarments to wear for the next week and a half.
It’s a shame Betty is such a Jesus nut, she’s actually quite cute. She had long wavy red hair and cute freckles on her cheeks and nose. Her skin was so white, she seemed almost translucent. She looked like she would catch on fire in direct sunlight. Betty wasn’t skinny. She had some meat on her bones, but she wasn’t exactly fat either. She was just a bit fluffy. She had nice D cup tits, hips you could grab onto and a slightly chunky ass. She wasn’t a typical beauty but I found her attractive.
I made it through the two weeks and went to Betty to have my numbness reversed. She was actually kind of nice, but waaaaaay to Christian. She told me she was sorry that I had suffered for two weeks, but she hoped that I had time to reflect on my sexuality. She was so sure that Jesus could save me from the gay. She wanted me to pray with her, but I declined. The poor thing was in denial. I had to stand before her naked again while she went over me with the wand. Betty’s pussy must have been gushing. She tried to conceal the desire in her eyes, but I saw through it.
The irony of this whole experience was that I think I was actually becoming Betty’s friend—probably her only friend. She ate with the girls on the committee, but I don’t think they actually liked each other too much. She lit up whenever I came into the counseling center. It was the only time I saw her smile. She determined to bring me to Jesus. I even prayed with her from time to time to make her happy. She prayed that I be led out of the darkness of homosexuality and depravity and into the light of what God’s plan was for me. I thought it was sad and pathetic, but it made her happy so I did it. My desire for revenge was replaced with a feeling of empathy for Betty. I didn’t want to confront Betty with her own orientation. It would shatter her.
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I really enjoyed this! Thanks for posting.

sorcerer 14/01/23(Thu)06:19 No. 20881 ID: c91775

You're welcome! I have a few incomplete stories on gurochan if you like my writting.
Glinda the Good Lich, Demonology, and How I became a Sorcerer.

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