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My Sister, My Love (ff, inc, cons) Lute 14/01/23(Thu)09:57 No. 20884 ID: 2a23ff [Reply]

I've never written elit before, and I haven't really written anything since high school. I'm starting to use this as a creative outlet when all my science classes get me down. So I apologize if this is not conventional elit, as I haven't read much in a few years. Like most stories, this will have some elements of truth to it, though assume anything is possibly (and likely is) fictitious.

Chapter 1: Impure Cobwebs
The beginning of my senior year of high school was met with much less excitement than I always dreamed. I imagined that I would be relieved to being so close to finally moving on with my life, so close to being finished with lazy teachers and judgmental peers. Not that everything was so bad; as a seventeen year old kid with a few athletic letters under my belt, I've made a few good friends. And not all the teachers were lazy, most certainly not my English teacher, who kept my summer busy with mundane reading and essays.

Instead, I found that I was exhausted. I didn't want to get back into the swing of things. My summer felt too short lived, especially considering it was the last golden summer. After this, it was real life. Next summer would be college prep and after that would be summer sessions and internships and lab work...

I did my best to brush aside the "poor me" attitude as I trudged along through the first day of school, doing my best to enjoy all my friends and seeing familiar faces. I went to a small school, and it was very comforting to walk down the halls and find few unfamiliar faces. But, all in all, it felt like a weird dream, like I wasn't there but I was. I shook it off as first day jitters. And before I knew it, the day was over, and my reliable honda had taken me home. I felt comforted at home, even though I wasn't particularly introverted. It just felt right to be at home.

When I came inside, I called for my mom and dad, but they were out. Shopping, or perhaps something else grownups do when they go out for awhile. My phone read 3:20pm, my sister wouldn't be home for another hour. She usually spent her Monday afternoons with a few friends after class for a bit. I felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of being unexpectedly alone for awhile. I went straight into my bedroom and closed the door. I grabbed my laptop from my desk and settled my backpack into the corner before laying on the bed. In the darkness of the laptop screen, as it began to woke from its slumber, I could see my reflection. I was wearing glasses over brown eyes, on a face dotted with only a few small brown freckles. My hair was auburn and spread around the pillow under my head, though not far. It wasn't quite shoulder length.
Soon, in a few moments, I found myself on an internet cam site. I loved the thrill of watching someone put on a show, even if it was for money. Not that I ever spent money on my nasty habit, though th Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/02/22(Sat)10:01 No. 21214 ID: 8d2c7a

Wow, I just read this from the beginning and I really like it. You asked for concrete feedback, so I'll do my best.

Grammar and spelling: I found no remarkable errors.

Formatting: Nicely done.

Characterization: I like the conflict in Jackie's feelings. She doesn't want to think of her sister and doesn't fantasize immediately about here. It allows it to build beyond the concept of just smut.

I also like that each character seems to have their own, independent story going on rather than just it feeling like an egocentric story, you see the feelings of the characters point blank. I would say though that Katie comes off almost as sexual toy more than a person at times, but that may be your intent.

Otherwise, I do hope you'll continute this story!

Lute 14/03/23(Sun)03:42 No. 21405 ID: 54480a


Thank you everyone. I will take your criticisms seriously and continue to produce content. Originally, after seeing no replies for a bit, I grew discouraged, though seeing these comments has inspired me and an update will be out shortly.

Because I'd like to open a dialogue regarding the story in the intent of improving my own writing ability, I will be honest in descriptions of my intentions for characters if I feel it does not ruin the experience.

Katie has not been intentionally written to appear to be a mere sex toy, though her relationship with Jackie has clearly been a mostly sexual one before the latest updates. That being said, I did not consider this viewpoint, and I will take that into consideration as I plow on.

Updates will resume on a semi-regular basis once again.

Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)00:00 No. 21479 ID: b5c422

Thanks OP!

Relatively Powered (mf, inc, cons, superhero) AnonyMPC 12/02/04(Sat)20:24 No. 15057 ID: a609fb [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

To my surprise, when I asked for input on which of my two Sci-Fi serials to release first, those of you who voted didn't vote for the gender-change story, but rather for the superhero one. That works for me, though, it's probably the one I'm having the most fun with.

If you read Rent-A-Daughter, you might suspect that I've been a comic fan for most of my life. Of course, if I got the chance to write one I'd screw it up by including a happy incestous teen couple or a hero who happens to be a non-violent pedophile, and I'd be blackballed, but luckily that's not a concern here. If I had any art skill at all, I might be drawing erotic comics instead of writing erotic literature, but I don't. So this is a prose version of what I'd produce if I was creating a superhero series.

Relatively Powered (mf, inc, cons, superhero)

"The First Issue" (no additional story codes)

When superheroes start their journey, they face a number of issues. Do we have what it takes? How are we going to protect our identities so our loved ones don't get hurt? Will we look silly in a tight costume? Those are only a few. But for the majority of us, who are Powered, that is itself often the very first issue. Before you can decide to be heroes, you have to know what you can do, and how your powers are going to affect your life and your career, and that starts the day you learn you have them.

My sister Tabitha and I learned about our powers together, and although we'll never be able to tell our origin story publicly, it was a dramatic one. There's nothing unusual about that, of course... a lot of superheroes, and villains, have traumatic first manifestations. I don't think anybody's got one quite like ours, though...

The moment we first had an inkling we were among the Powered, my sister and I were naked, our genitals joined, and we were plummeting towards a construction site far below. I was still saying “What the fuck,” the phrase I’d started when I suddenly felt the cool air of Crash City on my ass and the bright light of a spring day, before the stomach lurch as gravity took hold and we started to tumble end over end.

Tabby, she just screamed and held on to me tighter, her legs wrapped around me for support, incidentally causing my cock to sink deeper into her pussy. I embraced her as well, but despite my continued rock-hardness, there was no passion in it any more, it was just that instinct to hold on tight to someone you love when you know you're going to die.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Hummus. Yum. Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 14/02/23(Sun)19:37 No. 21241 ID: 9a7d6b

Whats up man? How yah been?
I've been keeping and eye on you my friend. I'm impressed to say the least. Your have always written well and every story is a little better. It's a pleasure to read. Thanks :)

Also yeah. I wish I had half the art talent with a pencil I though I did as a kid. Drawing comics kicks ass.

Anonymous 14/02/24(Mon)05:28 No. 21244 ID: 7bfeef

That is the point of the tribute stories. That is how the original author formatted his stories.

Anonymous 14/04/02(Wed)01:28 No. 21467 ID: b60791

moar... I NEED MOAR

this is a weird idea I got: a reviewer of erotic stuff Anonymous 14/01/16(Thu)11:53 No. 20727 ID: 972183 [Reply]

So this is a weird idea I got, a reviewer of erotic stuff. & I’m not just talking like those simple analytical types where they briefly mention a few good & bad points and then give a 1 out of 10 rating. I’m talking like if someone saw an Angry Video Game Nerd episode & wanted to do the same thing but with rule 34 stuff. Well that’s not exactly how I got this idea but you get the point.

I really want to keep this separate from the rest of my life, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t tell you who I am on the “cleaner” side of the web. I don’t even have a dirty reviewer name…well I did but like a idiot I forgot to write it down so if you have got an idea…and I mean a serious suggestion I’d like to hear it. So I’m sure the first thing that’s on your mind for the grand 2 of you who didn’t say “Screw this, not sexy! Moving on!” Is: who am I? And what am I going to review? And seriously you’re THAT board? Well yes…yes I am that board. As for who I am…I’m a single guy and that’s all really. As for what I am going to review…well it’s rule 34 so pretty much whatever I feel like. I’ll probably talk about some images, maybe some artists, certain videos, & just like today I’ll cover fetishes as well.
Is this meant to be serious? Well no, if I trash talk about an artist that you like personally or enjoy something you hate, keep in mind it’s just my opinion and we all have our kinks & turn offs. Heck I’m a fan boy myself outside erotic stuff, so trust me I know the feel when my stuff gets trashed on too. So don’t take it personally & I mean no genuine ill will to anyone in fact I know a lot of artists who could kick my butt in art in many ways & I wish I only had a fraction of their talent. In fact I will also say right now that I’m not a so called expert in fact you might even call me a Noob on the subject, however if you so desire I can provide other professional websites so you want some citation. So speaking of kinks & personal interests I think a good first review is to talk about one fetish that is the most common and is debated about forever. Anal sex, butt fun, knocking on the back door, and other stupid names we call it. I know there are a ton girls who get asked this a lot and it bugs the tar out of them. So why are we guys into it? Well same as anything really. It’s taboo, it’s not something that normally is meant to be, and it can be a really pleasurable feeling.

And now I’m sure there are a lot of excuses of why girls say no. Now I do have so good news for you ladies & pervs. However keep mind that this doesn’t cover the excuse of “I’m just not into it.” If it comes down to that, there’s only one thing you can do convince her to try it at least once, just to say “yeah I tried and I didn’t care for it.” The problem with Anal is that there are quite few misconceptions about it & if your not careful yo Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

HR Giger & Face Huggers can be Sexy? Anonymous 14/03/27(Thu)13:29 No. 21441 ID: 972183

Okay I know it's been forever, and I haven't made an update. I'm sure this isn't exactly super sexy, I wouldn't know how to make these reviews sexy if you have suggestions let me know.
I actually do have a review in the works of a Hentai video game that I'm gonna be finishing soon. But you might wonder what is even the fick about the title of this review.

I recently for the firs time ever posted up a comment on a Rule 34 pic of a Xenomporh aka the Aliens from the Alien series, it was close up shot of her pussy with a fitting lime green color to it. The pic itself was fine but what made me laugh & put on my nerdy glasses was the some of the commenters getting to a small debate wondering if it was safe to f*** a Xeno. This made me laugh as there were some misinformation. In fact what was really funny was the first comment didn't think the vag look like a human one when it obviously did. See for yourself: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/952085#search=Slushy

Slushy I do admit has some silly rule 34 but some of it cute & sexy to me at least. Anyway if you scroll down and read Anon#12 that's my comment. I do find it odd that People would look at the Alien series and get aroused by it. I mean this a movie series that I think should be used in Sex ed to worn about rape & pregnancies. Dark? well it is a horror series but then again I'm not really an expert.

Funny thing about H.R. Giger I learned that at one point when Ridley Scott asked to Giger permission to use his designs, Giger orignally gave him diffrent designs to be less phallic looking. And Ridley pretty much went "No no, I WANT THE DICK LOOKING MONSTERS, They look Perfect!" In case you didn't click the link, as I stated the other comments ask the question if a Xenomorph girl was virgin wouldn't it be dangerous to doink her? The short answer is yes. But the long answer is yes... if you write it that way.

I'm not an expert but I thinking popping a girl's cherry doesn't produce a ton of blood. So no chances are you dong wouldn't melt off but may turn into a slim jim.

More importantly we know Xenos don't really reproduce this way, how they actually do it is what made them famous in first place & just for a refresher they work like insects hence why they are called bugs: Queen lays eggs, egg hatches facehugger, facehugger latches to a host to inject them with fluid to turn into a chestburster, chest burster does what his name implies and then growns into new drone & on rare moments a drone will grow into a queen. So despite all looking phallic & what not they don't actually have the same genitals as we do.

But this is the Rule 34 universe, logic takes a backseat to Boobs & other naughty stuff. So yeah if you can imagine Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

"Moonlit Lovers"m/f, s&m, fantasy Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)07:04 No. 21434 ID: d67810 [Reply]

This is my first story, no editor, I just could not find content to satisfy me. Your opinion?

"Moonlit Lovers"
Decadently bathed in the scent of roses, she peeked slowly into the room just past the vibrant crimson curtains. There he sat, listless so that one might think he was dead, but the touch of pink on his cheek said otherwise. Ever so graceful, he pranced his way over to her, the tips of his toes just barely making contact with the floor. He was by her side, almost instantaneously or so it appeared to her; however the creaking old mansions floorboards from his movement made her think otherwise. He held his darling gently in his arms and lightly stroked her face. His mouth was parted just slightly, enough so she could see two terrifyingly long, sharp, protruding fangs. His expression was that of one who knew great sorrow and abandonment but as he saw her glancing at his face, he smirked at bit. “So innocent” he mused to himself.
Although he knew no lover in his life, not his human life or otherwise, he knew what he was about to do was treacherous. She blushed a bit at his smile and sat daintily on the bed. She was around five six with deep blue eyes. Her eyes reflected almost every color of the rainbow however they still keep their blue appearance. Her skin was soft and a creamy shade of white. Her limbs long and her breasts full. She had the face of innocence and youth however she was going on 19 years of age. Her hair was golden, long, and flowing.
“This will be my first time dear” she announced to her lover.
Her embarrassment of the fact showed from the blush on her face. He strode casually over to her and said, “Not to worry my dear, as it is mine as well”. She looked up in pure awe. His skin looked flawless and his shone when the moonlight hit his face through the open window. “Are you cold darling?” he questioned and he took her face into his palm again admiring her beauty.
She had always wondered why his skin felt so cold to the touch, although she could hear his heart beat and his breath lightly grazing her skin. She didn't question however, she knew the doctor had mentioned an iron deficiency which causes cold hands. He looked deeply into her eyes, making sure not to hypnotize her with his stare.
“I love you, you know” he stated “I always have and I always will”.
She nodded her understanding and slowly let the towel slip off her. His eyes went wide and then softened again.
“Are you sure this is what you want?”
She had asked, no begged, him many times for them to solidify their love. He was always hesitant and answered a sharp “no”. He thought to himself “I must restrain, I must not let my guard down” He look lovingly at his lover. She was so stubborn. He gave in to her after he saw her crying near the pond. “Am i too ugly for him?” she said to herself. It broke his heart seeing her cry. She was and remains to Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)16:00 No. 21435 ID: f5b1c2

Needs more linebreaks.

Against My Will by unknown Anonymous 10/10/30(Sat)08:01 No. 10190 ID: 220478 [Reply]

An old favorite of mine that I've been meaning to repost for a while. F/dog, f/m.

* * *

The hot sun boiled down upon my white skin. School just out for summer I need badly to get started on my tan. I lay motionless in my own backyard, my red two piece bikini covering the smallest amount of skin possible. I was 5'5 and about 110 lbs, blonde, slender and busty for a girl with so little weight. My 30 C cups tits bulging outward at the red fabric draped over them. My boney hips exposed and my shaven cunt covered by just a small triangle of red cloth. I was not a virgin, my boyfriend and I having experimented twice in my life.

I loved the feeling of the warm sun upon my young skin as I heard noises from the fence beside our house. I peered out of my dark sunglasses at the site of a yellow plastic nozzle peeking through the wooden fence posts. I knew instantly that the young boy next door, while turned on at the site of my tight young body, was about to unload his 'super soaker" water gun in my general direction! The little "son of a bitch" never left me alone anymore as I jumped to my feet. The water streaming past me, missing, I laughed aloud and darted for the front door. The boy opened the gate in front of me and charged up the sidewalk ready to unload. Cut off, I darted away from him, my tits bouncing in my suit as I ran for the old building across the alley. I know he had to love the site of my slender, yet jiggling ass running away from him as I made it across the alley and entered the vacant lumber yard building that was full of old boxes. I quickly darted behind a pile and waited for him to pass me by.

I was on all fours, hiding when the nozzle slid up to my head, I didn't even hear him as he snuck up behind me. Laughing, the neighbor boy told me raise up my hands or he would fire. I placed them above my head like a prisoner and stood up. The boy marched me to an opening in the building. I knew if he fired that my body would glisten and be shown off to someone that shouldn't see so much of me. But the entire episode excited me, as he placed a tie around my wrists and bound them behind me. Like a firing squad he stood me in front of him and asked if I had any last words when we both herd a rustling near the door. He looked surprised as his large brown dog trotted over to him. I don't know breeds but the dog weighed at least 100 lbs and was taller than the boys hip. He patted the dog on the head and prepared to fire but the dog trotted towards me. I laughed a little as his dog came over near me, the boy pleaded for the dog to get out of there, as I am sure the boy wanted to see my body soaking wet.

The dog stood at my waist, looking up at me, I asked him if he was my savior, but I couldn't expect what happened next. The dog stuck his nose right into the crotch of my suit and snorted loudly. I was so embarrassed that I jumped backwar Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 12/07/28(Sat)05:21 No. 16800 ID: 2aa1b8

bumping for dog whores everywhere

Anonymous 13/05/03(Fri)09:43 No. 18843 ID: c915ec

keeping this alive

Anonymous 14/03/01(Sat)00:09 No. 21262 ID: c9a718

bump for love

Tales to Arouse Dee 14/02/14(Fri)21:34 No. 21138 ID: 7c9baf [Reply]

The Amazing Dickgirl

Origins: Part 1

The pen flew over the rough brown back of a spiral notebook drawing flowing curving lines. Naomi's hand swept over the page, barely thinking about what she was doodling, just letting her pen flow naturally. On the page a powerful women floated above a pile of rumble and the men she'd just defeated in battle.

"Ms. Naylor, are you paying attention?"

Naomi flipped her notebook over quickly and looked up startled.

"Uh, yes... Sorry Mr. Schlickeisen I am," Naomi replied.

"Then you can tell me what I've been talking about for the last ten minutes," Mr. Schlickeisen said.

"Umm, African trade routes?" Naomi hazarded a guess.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)00:04 No. 21375 ID: 6fffdb

Maybe Naomi ends up saving the girl.

Dee 14/03/17(Mon)21:56 No. 21378 ID: 7c9baf


This is an origin story for a super heroine, so some innocent people will be put in danger.

Don't worry though there will be plenty of consensual sex too :)

Dee 14/03/21(Fri)20:11 No. 21394 ID: 7c9baf


Naomi gasped as she recognized Jenny underneath the large man, her gym shorts and pink panties pulled down around her knees. Naomi moved forward toward J.B., but the slender boy tightened his grip and pressed the knife against her neck.

The larger one had pulled his dick from his trousers and held it erect in his hand. His other arm held the young girl helpless, bent over a trash can. He reach down and pushed her knees apart then spread her smooth hairless pussy lips apart exposing pink folds of flesh. He smiled showing a line of crooked teeth and shot a glob of spit from his mouth that hit her cunt like a bullseye.

He rubbed the saliva over her hole and up to her clit, making her jump and quiver at the touch of his rough fingers. He put more weigh on his forward arm crushing her down on the trashcan as he positioned his dick behind her. J.B. groaned under his weighed and looked up at Naomi being held at knife point, watching helplessly.

The head of the larger man's penis made contact with the young teen girl's soft supple thighs and slithered between them. His fat mushroom head slid into the inner folds of her pussy and lined up to enter her. Her tight hole did not give up easily and his cock head was mashed around it. Pushing harder J.B. felt the thick cock forcing itself against her virgin slit.

"Naomi... please... help," J.B. groaned.

Naomi looked down at the helpless girl about to be raped in front of her. The older man's thick shaft pushing out the walls of her rectum. He looked over at Naomi, giving her a sideways grin, and said, "You're next bitch!"

She caught a whiff of his breath from across the alley and it triggered something in her brain. A cold sweat formed on her brow as memories came flickering past... an old man laying next to her... her panties around her ankles... "move your fingers like this," she could hear him saying...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Guilt + Love Tegally 11/06/20(Mon)12:49 No. 12644 ID: 6bae3e [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Guilt + Love
Tags(for now): Masturbation, f/M
I have plans for this but I was foolish enough to put in a plot too. I guess I want the sex to be meaningful. But yeah, it’s gearing up for pseudo-incest (I don’t think step-siblings count as full incest) and loli lesbian incest. But for now, plot!

Chapter 1

I looked out my window, waiting. My dad would be home any minute with his new wife. My annoyance outweighed my excitement. Over the past decade, my dad went through about four or five marriages. I stopped counting. He never talked with me or my brother about getting married. Maybe it was because my brother didn't care...or because I always said no.

I never wanted my dad to remarry. I thought it would be a greater insult to my mom. Then again, everyone kept telling me that he waited long enough and that he needed to move on. Personally, I didn't think he deserved to.

People called my mom offbeat and quirky or just plain crazy if they felt like being mean. After I was born, people got really mean. With my dad away on business or dealing with another affair, she was always alone. I made a mission to stay with her but pretty soon Mom didn't want to be around me. She became more introverted and soon, she never left the house. Then one day, she left permanently...by jumping off the roof of our two story house. She landed on her neck in the driveway.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

106 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/03/07(Fri)22:25 No. 21321 ID: fd989c

And a bump, is this one finally done for?

Tegally 14/03/18(Tue)08:40 No. 21380 ID: b43b63

Oh wow! This story is still here! I really don't like how off the rails I went with it. I really want to edit it and tweak it for the future. I'm glad it struck people's interest though. Thank you for reading.

FapArtist 14/03/18(Tue)20:26 No. 21381 ID: 6faea9

Off the rails or not, it's a wonderful story. I'd love to see it continued, even if you decide to tweak it first. It's not like I wouldn't read it again if you added to it, anyway.

Dorsea The Best Summer 13/04/04(Thu)01:28 No. 18627 ID: 620eb5 [Reply]

Like every other day of summer, all of the kids ended up at the neighborhood pool by the time the sun reached high noon. This summer had already set records for most days over 100 degrees in a row and even though the pool was generally warm during the day, it was still a welcome respite from the blisteringly hot sidewalks and brown, dead lawns that had turned muddy in heavily trodden areas.

Like every other day of summer, Angela was the one who decided what all 6 of the neighborhood kids who regularly swam would play. She was the oldest at 14 years old and the tallest at nearly 4'7". Today's game was her favorite: sharks and minnows. As de facto leader, the other kids obeyed and climbed onto the wall, lining up with their toes hanging over the edge of the in-ground pool, curling down toward the surface of the water. Angela treaded water in the middle of the deep end, guarding the space between them and salvation. Today she looked especially bloodthirsty in her brand new navy blue bikini. This was the year she switched from a one piece to a two piece and she had begun wearing lip gloss every day.

Mark and Andrew exchanged a look and went to opposite ends of the deep end so at least one of them would have a chance. Mark was 12 and Andrew 13 and they were on the swim team with Angela. She was scary fast, but not quick enough to get them both.

Andrew's little sister, Carla (11), and Katie (11) were best friends most of the time except for when Carla hung out with Angela. Angela hated Katie for no apparent reason other than her friendship with Carla. Their plan was to stick together and get dunked together if need be. Daren (9) was no threat and would usually make it to the second round if he wasn't nabbed as an accessory to getting one of the faster kids out.

"Ready minnows?" Angela asked with a cruel smirk and her blonde hair pasted wetly to her pale shoulders, "GO!"

Mark and Andrew hit the water at the same time, diving forward head first with practices technique. Mark saw through the bubbles and could see two navy blue blurs moving in his direction. He started swimming down toward the bottom, since sometimes he could throw Angela off his trail by swimming lower since her ears popped a lot. Today was not his day, however, and she snagged his ankle with one of her hands and latched on tight.

Their house rules on Sharks and Minnows were that touching wasn't enough. You had to get the minnow to the surface, lift them and then successfully dunk them before it counted. That way one fast swimmer couldn't get three people on the first round and you always had a chance to wriggle free at the last second.

Mark kicked and paddled wildly, wishing he could reach the bottom where she would have to either let go or get ears full of painful pressure. Angela was clawing her way up his legs though. She reached his Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

36 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 13/11/12(Tue)06:42 No. 20177 ID: 6da525

This is the best story I've read lately. Coming up on three months without an update, though... :(

Anonymous 13/11/14(Thu)19:28 No. 20196 ID: ab3909

Guess who misses this story getting updates!!!
This guy!! *points at self*

Anonymous 14/03/07(Fri)12:27 No. 21319 ID: 3c8424

Bumping because this is a really fappable read. I'd really like if you keep it up, OP.

Palpable lola 14/03/05(Wed)08:00 No. 21297 ID: fe05d8 [Reply]

Dexterous. a word most people would use to describe Olivia, even if they had only very briefly met her.
A deserved description, as her hands never really stopped being in motion.
Her fingers: agile, yet delicate. With them, no task was beyond her grasp.
When she was younger, they guided her to becoming quite deft at musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, and violin.
As she aged, she discontinued her pursuit of musical talents;Her interest didn't necessarily wane as much as shift towards other things.
She was eleven when it occurred, though nobody, not even her, could tell you why.

"I don't know why. It just happened." She'd tell you with a smile that was often known to cause acute amnesia. Mesmerizing, others might describe it as.
The fact of the matter was, talents aside, Olivia was beautiful. Plump, pink lips that were often as expressive as she was.
Large, curious eyes that might come off as looking tired, or perhaps even mischievous, if she wasn't working on something.
In addition, as if those alone weren't enough, she had high cheekbones that further accentuated her smile, and a proud, feminine brow:
the apex of which grew golden brown tresses. Indeed, her hair was long, but on any given day it was balled on top of her head in a messy bun.
The attire she opted to wear on a day to day basis was just as relaxed. T-shirts and jeans, maybe shorts with a longer top when the weather permitted.

If carefree described how she dressed, it went on to describe her school life as well. She had a few friends, but no best friends.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

second chapter lola 14/03/05(Wed)08:02 No. 21298 ID: fe05d8

And it was.
It was raining, and that was alright with me, because thinking about how shitty it was to walk in the rain to school distracted me plenty from other thoughts. Like how this morning, while eating breakfast, my mom walked into the dining room all gussy'd for work, wearing a particularly low cut top.
Don't get me wrong, seeing my mom in various states of...undress is abnormally normal, but today was somehow different.
In any case her outfit left a lot to the imagination, and that affected me in ways it would normally not.

Not like it matters. I mean, it's my mom. And, tits... Tits are nice all around. Can anybody resist looking at a nice pair?

God, the rain just makes everything so much colder. Even with several layers.
Although, I'm only wearing shorts and a pair of leggings. I should have worn pants, I know I should have worn pants.

And maybe taken an umbrella, but there wasn't any time. At least I have my boots. Pretty warm up to my shins, so that's nice. The only downside is that fucking clinking noise they make when I walk.
At least school isn't that far away... Ten minutes if I'm really feeling sluggish, which today I'm not.
Just disgruntled and horny.

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Anonymous 14/03/05(Wed)11:23 No. 21299 ID: c4f2b4

So is Olivia a man or a girl? Both? It seems like a girl for most of the story but then she seems to grow a dick in places. Confusing.

Hermy Kal 14/03/06(Thu)03:43 No. 21306 ID: 4403da

It seems pretty clear that we're led to believe that she's a full girl until the very end of the first chapter where it specifically calls out her erection.

So she's a hermy.

Story Preferences Survey for /ss/ Fans SS Story Survey 14/01/16(Thu)22:18 No. 20731 ID: d99f22 [Reply]

I'm a /ss/ fan interesting in writing some text-only erotic stories.

I'd like to write stories that appeal to a majority of other /ss/ fans so I made a quick survey for those of you who'd be interested in helping potential authors give you what you want. Please respond only if you're an /ss/ fan.

Preferences: Copy the most appropriate line from each numbered group and paste it into your reply.

1. I prefer stories from the shota's point of view.
1. I prefer stories from the girl's point of view.
1. I prefer stories from a fly on the wall's point of view.
1. Ant point of view is fine.

2. I prefer stories with a Japanese flavor.
2. I prefer stories with a more western flavor.
2. Any cultural flavor is fine.

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Anonymous 14/02/03(Mon)08:17 No. 21032 ID: c04800

1. Ant point of view is fine.
2. I prefer stories with a more western flavor.
3. I prefer polite, innocent shotas.
4. I prefer shotas with normal-sized junk.
5. I prefer shotas with no pubic hair.
6. I prefer shotas who ejaculate normally.
7. I prefer the girls to be equally interested.
8. I prefer the girls to have large breasts.
9. I prefer the girls to have a natural bush.
10a. Shota loses his virginity
10c. Incest
10d. Fellatio
10e. Cunnilingus
10f. Lactation
10g. Vaginal intercourse
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Anonymous 14/03/04(Tue)15:30 No. 21293 ID: 16b8b1

1. I prefer stories from the girl's point of view.
2. I prefer stories with a more western flavor.
3. I prefer reluctant, innocent shotas
4. I prefer shotas with normal-sized junk.
5. I prefer shotas with no pubic hair.
6. I prefer shotas who ejaculate normally.
7. I prefer the girls to be the aggressors.
8. I prefer the girls to have medium breasts.
9. I prefer the girls to have a natural bush.
10a. Shota loses his virginity
10d. Fellatio
10e. Cunnilingus
11a. Shota loses his virginity
11c. Incest
11d. Fellatio
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Anonymous 14/03/06(Thu)02:30 No. 21304 ID: c1bebf

1. I prefer stories from the girl's point of view.
2. Any cultural flavor is fine.
3. Any personality or experience level is fine.
4. I prefer shotas with normal-sized junk.
5. I prefer shotas with a little pubic hair.
6. I prefer shotas who ejaculate normally.
7. I prefer the girls to be equally interested.
8. I prefer the girls to have small breasts.
9. I prefer the girls to have a natural bush.

10a. Shota loses his virginity
10b. Shota takes girl's virginity
10e. Cunnilingus
10g. Vaginal intercourse
10j. Internal shota orgasm
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