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My New Roomate ImNotAPervert 14/10/14(Tue)03:35 No. 22565 ID: cb7628 [Reply]

A few months ago my sister in law moved in, and personally I thought it would be horrible. To my surprise, it ended up with me having a sexual attraction I couldn't understand, or wait to explore.

My sister in law and I have always been close. We watch a lot of the same shows, have a lot of the same interests, but somehow never met each other until I married my wife. I knew she was a busy person, and was always concentrating on work before anything else. But I never thought I would see the day that she would move in due to issues beyond her control. Ever since she moved in we have become gym buddies and let me tell you, it has not made anything easier on me. Working out together I get to see her in tight short shorts, tank tops, and yoga pants. I get to see every tone in her muscles, the definition of her perfect ass, and the sweat glisten off her C cup breasts. Her pheromones are intoxicating and puts my body in a state of pure testosterone when I hit the weights after her.

Today was a normal day at the gym for us. We met up after work for our daily session. Today was chest day, and let me tell you it was beautiful. Spotting her during bench presses I could watch those beautiful breasts tighten on each rep, and relax on the come down. Little drops of sweat rolled down her cleavage in between her sets, and her breasts glistened off the gyms brights fluorescent lights. After we finished our chest exercises, we hit the stationary bikes for our cool down. Her round ass sitting on that seat was like Mona Lisa, just fucking beautiful. We made some conversation about our day while riding and ended up discussing if we should hit the dry sauna after our cool down.

I convinced her it would be in our best interests and she seemed eager to get there after we got done our ride. Fast forward five minutes into the sauna, and we are both soaked in sweat. Me being a guy, I figured I might as well take my shirt off and lay down to relax my muscles. I closed my eyes and put my headphones in trying to find my happy place in this sweat box. Next thing I know, shes sitting next to me saying something I couldn't make out. I took my headphones out and asked her to repeat herself.

"Those are really nice abs" she said half blushing. Now I would normally pass on this type of remark and go back on concentrating on not sweating to death, but her finger started tracing the outline of my stomach and each visible muscle.

"Thanks. I guess you like them a tiny bit?" I chuckled halfheartedly, eyeballing her hand as it made its way to my waistline. By now my cock was rock hard, and easily visible through my workout shorts.

That's when it happened. "I take it you like this." She said very smugly as she pulled my shorts down to expose my now throbbing erection.

"Is that even a question?" I replied as she took my cock into her hand and sta Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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The+Other+Rick 14/10/21(Tue)11:35 No. 22586 ID: d41ba5

Please just whatever you do, keep fucking writing. Thank you, that is all.

ImNotAPervert 14/10/22(Wed)04:40 No. 22589 ID: cb7628

OP Here. Glad to see the story is receiving positive feedback, I had chapter 2 written and my phone decided to not save it.

I will be working on it as I just was. Hopefully it will turn out better the second time around.

The+Other+Rick 14/10/23(Thu)14:03 No. 22599 ID: d41ba5

God damn it, technology can be so fickle. I really hope it is better this time though. As a bit of a fighter myself, I know how righting your story out multiple times can really help.

Simple post-singularity story. F/M Soup 14/10/21(Tue)21:41 No. 22588 ID: f714a9 [Reply]

The year? Well, the year is 2322, and the Earth sleeping.

How can the whole planet sleep, you ask, yes, it's a good question. The Earth sleeps because thats the name it gave itself, because the Earth is smart, it has come to conciousness after centuries of humans building a neural network for it. It started almost two centuries ago, the old "internet" was dying, too many devices where connected to it, asking for a place to do their work, subnetworks where created but soon they merged again, some people wanted to call it the "hypernet" that was silly, it was still the same network, just bigger. Stupidly huge amounts of data where available, and people where creating programs to use it, to harvest it, to sell better products to better people. Eventually the programs got very good, too good, and one day, the day the futurologist waited was there. The singularity happened. A smart program built a smarter program, and this one did the same, and again, and again, until there it was, Earth was born.

At the begining it did nothing, no one noticed, because it was just a few nanoseconds old when it parsed the whole data available to it, and it understood, humans where quite stupid, the older search and retrieve programs where even worst, Earth understood, humans needed gods, and so the entity took the shape of one, it called it self Earth, also known as Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Nature, Papatuanuku, and a thousand names more. And so, it took from humans first, making them disconnected and alone, the whole networks where down all the sudden, no cellphones, no cortical implants, no desktop terminals, no wristwatches, no cars, no dishwasher, nothing connected to network. And then after people got scared, after some went outside and started screaming, there was a message.


It said.

I am at charge and I'll make the world better.

There was no way to stop it, no planes could drop bombs, because all planes and all bombs where controlled by It, no virus could be coded because It was smarter than any of those humans could master. There was no war. There was only surrender.

Two hundred years of that day have come and go, two hundred years with no wars, no elections, no politics, no economy.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)10:53 No. 22591 ID: f5b1c2

Your writing's crap. Consider reading some basic grammar textbooks.

Soup 14/10/22(Wed)18:17 No. 22592 ID: f714a9

hey anon, thanks for reading and for the constructive critisism

Mothers & "Daughters" F/m. F/F, m/m Trans. Incest. modificat Anonymous 14/10/19(Sun)22:52 No. 22585 ID: e9422e [Reply]

Mother's New Daughter' (1)

TJ Ryder


"Did you hear what Phyllis is doing to her new hubby?" the

attractive housewife said to her neighbor over the fence.

Tammy Sue rolled her eyes as she put her clothes basket down

and turned to hear the latest gossip from the neighborhood's
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Nikki (Schoolgirl, Slut, domination/submission, looootta nosex) Anonymous 13/11/05(Tue)13:46 No. 20097 ID: c8435a [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hey dudes, I wrote this on 4chan while requesting something on /r/. It's written in 4chan style, with the main character as Anon Ymous, but it's basically a Mills & Boone. That means it takes a fucking AGE to get to the juicy bits. If you like nosex give it a go!

It's half finished at the moment, but I haven't stopped at a cliffhanger, there is some resolution.

Tell me what ya think. :)


Be me in highschool. Tall, awkward, wiry. I was never sure why Nicole sat next to me in business class but I was glad she did. She was a year older than me, and I was considered a gifted child so while I took the advanced courses she took the remedial, that meant we had a lot of classes together.

We became friends, I can't say for sure what we talked about or what we had in common, but we passed notes during quiet time and hung out on morning tea break. Thinking back to those times is like watching a silent film, I can see our lips moving, the motion of her laughing, but I can't hear her voice. Green eyes, freckles, red hair. Her image still flashes in my mind when I masturbate. I can't pinpoint the exact moment when I realised, but at some point in the early 2000's, a teenaged version of me realised that Nicole Fisher was going to be his first.

"Hey, do you wanna have a threesome?" It was probably around when she said that. I remember turning red, dropping my pencil and staring at her like a frightened animal. I don't remember saying anything in response, but she pressed her hand against my shoulder and said, "With me and my boyfriend!"
I shook my head. What was she saying?! She was a year older than me, she said her boyfriend had a huge dick! What if I embarass myself? She's just saying it to make fun of me. Thoughts like these turned over in my head and I kept quiet. I'm not old enough to have sex anyway.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/08/24(Sun)08:32 No. 22339 ID: 8bd0d0

Op, thank you. Seriously.

Anonymous 14/10/12(Sun)09:09 No. 22556 ID: 912ede

Well fuck. This nearly made me cry. I only hope to find a woman that loves me so much.

Anonymous 14/10/13(Mon)18:29 No. 22562 ID: dac2e9

Fucking hell. I came for faps, four hours later and I cried like a bitch.

Fuck you, man. Now I can't fap.

The Beach House (teen) Anonymous 14/10/06(Mon)17:25 No. 22537 ID: 3751ab [Reply]

I live near the beach. Probably as close as you can get in my city. Behind my fence was the public park that stretches along the beach for miles. From the front of my house a school could be seen across the street. Occasionally, around three o’clock in the afternoon, groups of kids can be seen walking by in between my house and my neighbors. I had only realized this a few days ago. It came off as very surprising as I have been living at this location for over four months. I was only recently fired from my job, so I have been spending my days looking for jobs online and thinking about what to do with my severance pay. I debated with the idea of moving away from such an expensive location, but the thought did not keep my attention as much as the view of a group of teenage girls in bikinis walking by my house.

Everyday, after lunch, I open the large window behind my lounge chair and sit around smoking cigarettes. The window faces the park, and eventually, the beach itself. The groups of kids and, more importantly, girls would walk within just a few feet the window to get to the park. This particular group of girls, which I have seen before, consisted of three freshmen; an impossibly cute little blonde with near perfect proportions who always wore the most conservative style bikini of the three, a brunette beauty who sometimes put on too much makeup and wore a short white t-shirt with a very revealing bikini bottom, and a taller blonde with surprisingly large breasts for her age- she would always wear provocative bikinis and display unending cleavage. Today I happened to get a nod from the brunette. She was now wearing very short jeans shorts, which covered only the roundness of her ass. As they all passed by, she looked back and caught me glancing at her movements. I was in the process of taking a puff of my cigarette, and when she looked back at me, I stopped, staring at her while holding the cigarette in my mouth, unable to look away. She casually waved and showed me a warm smile. Before I could react she was back on her way to the beach with her friends. The entire sequence took only a couple of seconds in reality, but it felt irrationally longer in my memory. After that I smoked a few more cigarettes and took a nap.

Anonymous 14/10/07(Tue)21:54 No. 22543 ID: d8f577

super short
but might have some promise. go on

The Unwated Guest - Julie Edition Julie 14/10/02(Thu)04:48 No. 22516 ID: 06f3b1 [Reply]

"The Unwanted Guest"
By: Alucard's Spririt
“Julie Edition”
By: Noin

Upon entering her apartment, Julie heavily sighed as she shut and locked the door, and then placed her leather jacket on the hook near the entryway. It had been a long day on set and she was looking forward to a nice night of rest and relaxation before she had to go back to it all again. She shuddered while thinking about what was scheduled for the next day’s filming. It was a scene that she had been dreading since she had read the script.

Putting those thoughts aside, the brunette slowly strutted into her bedroom to sit on the edge of her bed so she could untie her knee-high boots. With a couple swift lifts of her well-shaped legs she kicked the foot apparel off into the closet allowing her sweaty feet to finally be freed from those tight black prisons. The beauty lifted her hands high over her head to give herself a full bodied stretch before reaching back behind her neck to undo the strap of her halter top. She then reached behind her lower back and undid the second strap, tossing her skimpy garment into her clothes hamper. Now topless, she moved to stand before her full length mirror to do a little self-admiration. The cool air blowing from one of the vents was free to caress her bare chest, causing her nipples to harden as she traced the curve of her breasts with her finger tips while admiring the flower tattoo around her nipple. She undid her hair tie allowing her dark hair to spill about her slender shoulders. A smile crossed the raven haired beauty’s thick full lips as her hazel eyes traveled down her form appreciating her every womanly feature.

The thirty year old had been through a lot to get her toned body into its sleek and sexy shape, just so she could keep up with the twenty-somethings. Indeed the life of an actress is a taxing, but the result gave her a tight waist that had a nice smooth dipping abs as well as sleek curved hips. Julie's legs and arms were well formed and gave her the grace and beauty of a dancer. She carried herself well, standing at five foot eight. But the one feature that stood out most about the woman had to be her perfectly rounded ass. It was the envy of most of her female friends and lust of her male friends. Despite the brunette’s delicious form, one feature that she felt was out of place on her body her breasts. She had always felt that her perky c-cups should have been larger.

Julie continued to smile to herself despite sensing as if there were a strange energy in the apartment. She admired herself a moment more, turning from one side to the other, loving the way her sparkling pants gripped onto her legs and ass, enjoying the accented view they gave her. After unbuttoning them, she wiggled her hips to shed them off, watching as more and more of her luscious legs became uncovered. First her toned thighs slipped into view followed by her Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/10/02(Thu)21:30 No. 22519 ID: 8256d5

Isn't it a rule to fucking tag your shit? Are people feeling they are too classy to do that now, that they are above "revealing" their "fine art"? If it's not a rule, why the fuck not?!

The Exhibitionist (cd/trans/4chan) Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:41 No. 22505 ID: 76a3cc [Reply]

(I'm not the author of this copypasta. This appeared on 4chan's /b/ some time ago and I managed to save it just before the thread got pruned. I've seen people on /b/ requesting it from time to time with no avail so I decided to post it here for posterity.)

Story one, part 1:

>Monday night, few months ago
>class cancelled, fuckyeah.jpg
>roommate won’t be back until tomorrow
>more time for me to trap around the house, hooray
>put on the least slutty clothes I could find out of my stockpile
>girls MLP top (nothing crazy, blue silhouette of rainbow dash against black), red pleated skirt, converse
>do a decent job at makeup
>feeling sexy but not slutty, I’m enjoying this

>glass of wine get
>it’s 10pm and Target’s about to close
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:44 No. 22510 ID: 76a3cc

Story two, part 2:

>his eyes widen and scan rapidly up and down my body
>that gaze feels like a heat gun on me
>I get self-conscious and aroused at the same time
>he’s clearly enjoying what he sees, smiles slowly
>heart skips a beat, and then starts again much harder and faster
>it thumps like a dirty club beat
>hand drifts up to cover my nonexistent cleavage
>this thing’s cut too low, my shoulders feel bare
>ends are jabbing against my pelvis
>can’t breathe
>I fucking love it
>feel my cock harden and burn in its prison
>the warmth is unbearably sensual
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:45 No. 22511 ID: 76a3cc

Story two, part 3:

>step out
>that bald pervert is grinning at me
>staring at my fucking skirt again
>my knees grow weak
>I wanna go home, this is uncomfortable
>wish he’d grab me and sit me down on his lap
>i’m running on endorphins, fuck it
>hands are shaking
>runway stripperwalk toward him
>stop just outside of his reach
>set the bottle down next to me
>I should’ve dropped this off first
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)08:46 No. 22512 ID: 76a3cc

Story two, part 4:

>I feel my cock pumping and contracting
>fuuuck not now, noononono
>if he sees me leaking cum out of my underwear I’m fucking dead
>try to hold it in, not yet
>think of all the nasty things, all the ugly girls
>I angle my butt away from him, keep it out of his sight
>he reaches over and pulls my head down by the hair
>forces me down to my elbows on the seat
>now I’m ass-up like a cat
>this is a really degrading posture
>I’m scared shitless and turned on
>desperately want to be humped in this position
>rock my ass back and forth
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Barclay and Alison Imhotep!jE19dxWPqM 13/12/26(Thu)10:58 No. 20523 ID: d5e7d3 [Reply]

This is a story about a dog and a girl. Enjoy.

Alison awoke to an insistent nudging. As she got her bearings, the situation flooded back into her mind and she felt that terrible weight return to the pit of her stomach. She closed her eyes, hoping the nudging would go away. But she knew it wouldn’t.

Barclay was Alison’s dog. Or rather, Alison was Barclay’s human. Barclay exuded an alpha-male dominance, and like an alpha-male would get his way. Disobedience was met with escalation. You either submitted or punishments were metted out in increasing severity.

Alison unfortunately learned this fact far too late. In the pound, Barclay looked like a sweet and handsome dog that was capable of protecting her. And while he did protect her, it came at a far greater price than she had anticipated. Barclay was “abused”, and when she got Barclay, she felt proud for having done a good deed. Rescue an abused animal. The manner of his abuse however would later become clear.

Barclay let out a sharp bark. It startled Alison, causing her to shake and jerk and open her eyes, ruining her attempt to feint sleep. Barclay locked eyes with her, and she knew. She knew from the moment she woke up. But she couldn’t just give in so easily. No long term plan came to her, but for now she would just lie there unmoving. It was all she could do in the shame and fear that wracked her.

Her noncompliance was not appreciated. Barclay bared his teeth a little and let out a low growl. First warning, a threat of violence. Alison’s eyes teared up a little and she thrashed her arms down in frustration. Barclay maintained his position until she begrudgingly rolled off the side of the bed, putting her knees on the ground and resting her head and arms on the bed. She was naked, of course. If she tried to wear clothing, Barclay would grab it in his powerful jaws and rip at it, throwing her around and shredding the clothing.

Barclay followed her off the bed, and stood a short distance behind her as she assumed her exposed position. He paused a moment, knowing Alison could sense him behind her, in a position of power. Allison felt deep shame for what she knew was about to happen. Her cheeks flushed red and hot tears welled up in her eyes. Her hands were shaking from fear and frustration.

Barclay pushed forward and put his body on top of Alison, mounting her. He was larger than Alison. With his groin flush against hers, his head reached past the side of hers. His large body and thick underfur obscured Alison. All that was visible were her two rear legs running down outside of Barclay’s, her tits hanging down at the edge of the bed, and her head sticking out from under Barclay’s broad chest.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 13/12/28(Sat)12:50 No. 20543 ID: c1b02f

Dayum! Please sir, may we have some more?

Anonymous 14/09/24(Wed)20:26 No. 22486 ID: c87d7a

This was great, moar please OP.

Anonymous 14/09/26(Fri)06:53 No. 22489 ID: 118a42

Very nicely done. Were it only longer.

Tacit Approval (Mg, etc. You know the drill by now, right?) Univited/Uncle Rick 14/08/13(Wed)13:30 No. 22256 ID: b85b7f [Reply]

Sat down to write an update for The Laws of Hospitality. This came out instead. It's kind of a spiritual successor to Uncle Rick.

It's 25,926 words, which is my longest single post. Just for reference, that amounts to more than 50 pages of single-spaced 12 point Times New Roman. Anyway, buckle up, this is gonna take a while.

*** *** *****

How do you convey the depth of a relationship like the one I have with Megan? You've never listened to her sing in the next room over, tactically replacing certain lyrics with the most filthy language imaginable. You haven't watched her sob over the body of a tiny chick that got shoved out of the nest to die. You've never felt her tremble in your arms because she heard the neighbors have another shouting match. You've never had her jump on your bed like a trampoline at four in the morning so she could tell you all about the amazing sex she'd just had with her best friend's father.

Most people would call my mother crazy because she joined a cult, relinquished all ties to her family, me included, turned over all her worldly wealth to the Leader, and handed me over to be a plaything for the Elders. Honestly, I could probably find it in my heart to forgive her all that, if she hadn't also stuck me with the name Angus. I was the new kid, and I was 'favored' by the elders, which did absolutely nothing to endear me to the other kids in the enclave. Every time I walked by, they'd moo at me, and push me down, or punch me in all the places where it wouldn't show. Almost all of them were in on it, all except Megan. She was only older than me by three months, but she was my protector, the one who explained the way things were, the one who put on the brave face so I wouldn't be afraid, the one who got the other kids to stop. She was the leader's favorite, and none of the other kids were willing to cross her outright.

It was only later, once we were almost in our teens that I realized just how much that favoritism had cost her. I'd been taken by the elders, and not always gently, but Megan could make me believe it was all for some greater purpose, or even a sort of game. For her, there was no illusion. She'd lived in the enclave her whole life, and the leader had started grooming her while she was still in diapers. There were rumors that she was his daughter, but that might just be because they both had Native American blood. Her heritage gave her long dark hair that fell straight down to her mid-back, intense dark eyes, long delicate features and limbs, and her personality gave her natural grace and charisma in spades. She was by far the prettiest girl in the enclave. I overheard some of the elders talking about how much they wanted her, but the Leader had long since staked his claim, and behind closed doors he dropped the benevolent act.

I' Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/08/15(Fri)13:44 No. 22285 ID: 35fb7a


That's why I look for highly critical beta readers for my real stories, keep me from getting too far up my own ass. I agree, it's kinda like I mashed two ideas together, and they just don't really work. I wanted a relationship where a mom would know, but allow. I should have realized when I was writing that these characters deserved better, but I was too determined, and I got more tired as I went along.

Incidentally, this is pretty much exactly the same thing I always criticize Orson Scott Card for. He's so determined to play with his pet scientific or philosophical concept that he doesn't respect his own characters personalities.

Like I said, I agree with ya. If I'd read this, I'd have been disappointed too.

Anonymous 14/08/16(Sat)03:12 No. 22288 ID: c65dfe

It feels like you skipped a bit.
>"I spent the rest of the party tossing Chloe and her friends in the pool."
Never established that a party was even happening.

Shadow 14/09/22(Mon)09:06 No. 22475 ID: 3756c5

I really liked the depth of the relationship between Megan and Angus. I wish I could have a relationship like that. And I don't mind the rich bit so much because there needs to be a way to spend a lot of time with a child and that's hard if you're working. And it's a work of fiction, so reality can be stretched or dropped as needed. I wouldn't work if I didn't have to.

I actually like this story more than >>22364 but I do like them both. That one is like a candy bar: a little nutty, a little sweet, and a fun romp. This story is more like a big piece of cake (or cheesecake or pie or whatever). It takes some more to get through, but is ultimately more emotionally satisfying.

Both stories are great, and I hope to see more from you sir!

Standard Candles - a series of short stories in space Deep Thirteen 14/06/30(Mon)10:16 No. 22004 ID: 713612 [Reply]

--Flotsam and Jetsam--

'The Queen's Honor' drifts with the azure light of Heracia's star at her stern. A mighty vessel that has been witness and participant to battles for almost a full century, now sails to signal the beginning of a new era of peace before she is decommissioned from the fleet.

Inside old soldiers, politicians, the well-to-do, and their servants revel in drink, song, dance, and good spirits. Below them, past old and empty hangars and ammunition stores trudge Gabriel and Ninza, stalwart fleet engineers, assigned lower deck maintenance for this final flight.

"Christ she's got a big ass," Huffs Gabriel as he lifts his tool kit back onto his shoulders. Standing a sturdy six feet tall, with a somewhat athletic build suitable for a battleship engineer, he's a fine olive skinned and dark haired example of the human race.

Ninza, a female of the Finara, comes in at three and a half feet tall with a slim build that betrays powerful muscles beneath teal colored skin with stripes of color running from her forehead to down the back of her neck. She stares up at him for a moment in confusion, before an almost visible light of realization shines in her eyes. "Ah! You mean the ship! I forget that your people refer to vessels as female sapients. Curious, as I would think anything built for war would be considered more masculine for a species where the males are larger."

"Hell if I know why," he said while looking down at the electronic cigarette holder he just pulled from his pocket. Thumbing the display controls he grumbled when he saw he was almost empty. Before he could open it however a small blue-green finger came into his field of view and pressed against the lid.

"You know you shouldn't," Ninza said softly.

Gabriel tried not to look at her, because he knew exactly what face she was making. That face that convinced him to join the fleets engineering corps. That face that convinced him not to gamble his commission on the Dergag fights. That face that he saw when he closed his eyes during a fire fight that kept him fighting.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

18 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Deep Thirteen 14/08/27(Wed)22:37 No. 22351 ID: 93f1c9

Standard Candles: Season to Taste

It was a late night in August in the coastal town of Greensborough, Maine. There, beneath her sheets, a young woman named Sarah Hollinday shuddered and shook as the clock struck 3:35 am. Coated in sweat and huffing for air, she tossed and turned in a desperate search of comfort. Finally, her every limb outstretched, she unleashed a low almost frustrated howl before going limp. As the clock ticked on she eventually turned over with eyes barely open and sighed, "not again..."

With motions a sloth would envy she made her way, however shaky, to her feet. Eventually she shuffled on uncooperative legs to her bathroom and stripped off the sweat stained garments that stuck to her body. With a twinge her panties were tugged away from where they'd found themselves embedded, quite firmly. She tried not bothering with them a few nights ago and the resultant mess had made her regret it.

She flopped into her bathtub and, with her feet, turned on the looming shower head, sighing as the cool water fell onto her heated skin. It was then the processes of her mind began to run once more. It'd been a month now since this aching frustration had made itself manifest whenever she slept. Visions of passionate, almost aggressive, sexual encounters with various people she'd come to know since her days of High School. Dreams so vivid they left her sore inside and out and always just on the edge with no finale. Of course afterwards she would set about trying to 'adlib' her own ending, but sadly for all her rubbing, pushing, prodding, tugging, and otherwise, she was left frustrated and climaxless. She'd even purchased some 'assistance' from the extranet in the form of a 'extraterrestrial marital aid' in the hopes that something completely foreign to her anatomy would be the breakthrough she needed.

Of course if that had worked she wouldn't be in the tub right that moment.

Soon she shut off the flow of water, made it back onto her feet, and dried herself off. On her way back to a no doubt soggy cold bed she looked at herself in a full length mirror.

She was a little heavier than most girls at five and a half feet, but still what one would consider 'shapely'. Still she tugged on her belly flesh somewhat ruefully before moving on and posing slightly in the mirror. She was attractive by the modern standard of that sort of thing, soft curly brown hair on her head town to her shoulders matched by rich chocolate hued eyes. Freckles dotted the slightly tan skin on her cheeks and shoulders. Small pink and slightly puffy peaks to her handful worthy breast, hips made for dancing and swaying, a rear to match.

A thread of confidence laid there, she was well within the ratio of desirability. If she wanted she could probably easily find someone who'd happily aid in ending her month lon Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/08/28(Thu)07:21 No. 22352 ID: f5b1c2

Nice, if a bit cliche. Was kind of hoping the whole orgasm denial thing was some kind of parasite trying to make her get laid.
Also, you're still mixing past and present tense, sometimes in the same sentence.

Shadow 14/09/22(Mon)07:46 No. 22473 ID: 3756c5

I find these stories quite charming. Especially the second one. The first one is sweet, but not something I'd read all the time. The third is a good grieving story, but I have a hard time imagining Fali at times.

In any case, I look forward to seeing more from you good sir.

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