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Hookup Thread 4.0 11/05/26(Thu)19:15 No. 59498 Stickied

File 130643014561.jpg - (62.72KB , 525x700 , --130610496576.jpg )

The last hookup thread was nearing 500 posts and is in need of a rebirth.

Post your age and location here. For extra /fag/ points, post your picture.

Don't forget to post your contact info as that is the point of this thread. If you don't, your post will be deleted. Replies asking for more info will be deleted. Contact the poster directly.

sweboi 11/05/26(Thu)19:45 No. 59501

18 sweden Msn callebergatrollet@hotmail.com

Wickk!SEGdJtzfsU 11/05/26(Thu)20:17 No. 59505

File 130643384852.jpg - (105.01KB , 1200x1600 , photo.jpg )

I'm here to darken up this thread unlike the last one.

Aim: MrWickk
Email: mr.wickk@gmail.com

Wickk!SEGdJtzfsU 11/05/26(Thu)20:22 No. 59507


20/Philly Pa

zmsxa 11/05/27(Fri)00:48 No. 59526

ah fuck it. contact info in one of the images because i'm paranoid about spambots (and a proper well-exposed image that i've already posted in another thread today)

23 / Edinburgh (UK)

PS: what's the sauce of OP's pic? :p

11/05/27(Fri)02:33 No. 59533

23/M/Houston, TX

MSN: houtex_06@live.com

Zarf!!MxMGAuL2H2 11/05/27(Fri)05:49 No. 59578


11/05/27(Fri)06:57 No. 59591

18 years old; Tampa, FL (813)
email: mikestep11282@yahoo.com
Hey :)

MrAnderson 11/05/27(Fri)09:02 No. 59615

22/m/St. Louis area.. (Union to be exact)

Why not..
MSN: derrick.anderson@live.com
IRC: MrAnderson
Yahoo: Zanzabar2007 <--- NEVER USED ANYMORE
Phone Number 660 - 867 - 5309

Hit me up bitches, i'm tall dark and handsome :P

Tune!ottliRoGJE 11/05/27(Fri)23:49 No. 59690

File 130653296245.jpg - (517.79KB , 681x1000 , TaeDave FaeTZ.jpg )

19/Glasgow/ ON IRC

note beard has been significantly reduced

I approve of ur fuck the police attitude

turntechGodhead 11/05/28(Sat)21:34 No. 59847

Why the hell not. It'd be nice to know I'm not the only one on here.

21/Newcastle, UK.

11/05/29(Sun)01:41 No. 59878

File 13066261077.jpg - (22.64KB , 318x239 , 258384_ffun_450w.jpg )

Any Dublinfags?

Kris2011 11/05/29(Sun)14:52 No. 59972

File 130667353872.jpg - (621.78KB , 1936x2592 , IMG_20110414_164034.jpg )

27 in Eugene, Oregon USA.

11/05/29(Sun)20:45 No. 60034

Would like some actual gay friends more than anything else but I'm lonely enough to go for a hookup too I suppose.

22; Orange Park, FL

11/05/30(Mon)06:29 No. 60168

18, virgin, SoCal
AIM: phantom15551

AnonymousD 11/05/30(Mon)15:27 No. 60227

21 M PA (near philly)
yahoo: Axeman2263
skype: hibernus2

Unamericano 11/05/30(Mon)22:32 No. 60280

Ohai guys.

Guess I'll repost for whoever hasn't started stalking me yet.

My MSN, YIM, and AIM screen names are all Reohajj.

11/05/30(Mon)23:52 No. 60285


AIM: Thisisoresum

11/05/31(Tue)10:47 No. 60402

25/Monterey, California


11/05/31(Tue)13:45 No. 60453

22 Yakima, WA

Heh, I figure that it'll be interesting to give this a shot.

MSN: Ravigote@live.com

11/05/31(Tue)18:51 No. 60501

File 130686070042.jpg - (24.90KB , 640x480 , Picture0008.jpg )

19/Acton, MA


Plenty of cute girls around here, not so much guys :P

symbear 11/06/01(Wed)04:51 No. 60608

cali area

muhadeep101 on aim

mushrooms!RD5ChOByls 11/06/04(Sat)21:36 No. 61488

25 M SoCal (909)

msn: asurakay@live.com

11/06/05(Sun)15:26 No. 61688

File 13072803644.jpg - (178.63KB , 500x386 , LF_POLAROIDS002.jpg )


MSN: the_sneerful_haddock@hotmailNOSPAM.com
AIM: Slipmesomething

11/06/06(Mon)05:45 No. 61905

24, Michigan, Bisexual.

Let's see how many /fags/ are in the midwest this time

YIM: ApplicableSabbatical
AIM: KeyboardRush

:D 11/06/06(Mon)07:25 No. 61922

18, Michigan.
Genesee County.


Let it begin.

11/06/06(Mon)23:52 No. 62110

23, northern va

shoot me an email at squeezeal@gmail.com

11/06/07(Tue)22:17 No. 62286

File 130747782869.jpg - (36.26KB , 412x341 , sup.jpg )

sup fellow Washingtonians?

20; Spokane, WA


11/06/08(Wed)06:11 No. 62354

18 m tx email: greggrange@live.com
skype: auronberry

11/06/08(Wed)07:03 No. 62364

20/M NY (Near Buffalo)
skype: aaroneun
AIM: aaroneun

11/06/08(Wed)07:19 No. 62369

my skype: rufasa93

11/06/09(Thu)03:30 No. 62461

20/Salt Lake City, Utah

Email: J.Swaggler@gmail.com

11/06/10(Fri)07:19 No. 62632

File 130768318843.jpg - (112.17KB , 480x640 , nignog.jpg )

18/Southern Ontario

11/06/13(Mon)00:11 No. 63169


hey guys, don't have any expectations...
but i'll take a shot =)


samsa!TOD33vFX8s 11/06/13(Mon)04:29 No. 63221


camz31@Hotmail.com - msn
cameron.jamieson1 - skype

im a nice guy I SWEAR!!!

11/06/14(Tue)05:15 No. 63352

File 130802132824.jpg - (26.53KB , 640x480 , Picture0234.jpg )

i'm putting together a kano costume for otakon.

aim - cananyoneread

Dooferbrains 11/06/14(Tue)07:18 No. 63367

File 130802871021.jpg - (883.66KB , 2592x1936 , IMG_20110524_151005.jpg )

Aim: Dooferbrains

It's always on usually.

11/06/14(Tue)15:29 No. 63455

File 130805814518.jpg - (29.70KB , 640x480 , iput[bb][faa][fitt][7mm].jpg )

22, Melbourne Australia (3049, or the city).
moved here (temporarily?) about a year ago to study.
originally from Laguna Beach, CA.
American-Australian fuck yeah.

11/06/15(Wed)01:29 No. 63488

File 130809419682.jpg - (26.94KB , 230x230 , Picture 34.jpg )

18, Northern Arizona. It's not like any of you live near here, so I just want to talk. About sociology. Or anything else.

AIM: anillnotion
MSN: anillnotion@hotmail.com

Flibber Flabber 11/06/15(Wed)04:19 No. 63515

It's like a fetish.

Gay 24/M/NJ

YOG-SOTHOTH 11/06/15(Wed)22:02 No. 63638


Have stoned, retard pictures.
I'm bored, cant you tell.

msn finch@uk2.net, leeds, england

Sobek 11/06/17(Fri)02:11 No. 64321

Hai guise, 23 year old from Memphis TN.
Send me a message on aim
Just cut and bleached my hurr

11/06/18(Sat)17:46 No. 64632

Yahoo: stickito70

add me for lots and lots of cam fun! :)

11/06/19(Sun)01:17 No. 64682

MSN: craigmarlin@hotmail.com

11/06/20(Mon)10:12 No. 64966

honky-tonk heterosexual out of Encino


niko 11/06/21(Tue)02:03 No. 65111

File 130861458719.jpg - (38.24KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20110610_1.jpg )

kamloops BC canada notymonky@hotmail.com

MrAnderson 11/06/21(Tue)13:55 No. 65251

22/M/Missouri In the St. Louis area.

Skype: Jace.1989
Email: Derrick.Anderson@live.com
IRC: MrAnderson

Contact away Homos... :P

11/06/23(Thu)10:16 No. 65687

brevard county/florida/25... homidgreg@gmail.com

11/06/23(Thu)22:02 No. 65737

Oh and shit. Irishfoxlord@hotmail.com. Tie that to the last one. <-Noobfag

## Mod ## 11/06/24(Fri)00:50 No. 65762

If you upload an image from your Facebook, please change the filename before doing so. The string of numbers contains your user ID. I will delete any posts with that as the filename.

boners 11/06/25(Sat)01:23 No. 65929

21/obviously male/ north york area southern ontario

bi curiouse super shy,

majordomogomo@gmail.com for msn, see if u can coax a shy guy:P

11/06/25(Sat)12:00 No. 66019


I travel a lot. Currently in Finland.

AIM: geishadontlove
Skype: casadebarraza

11/06/25(Sat)15:32 No. 66029

21/M Tonawanda, you still around?
aim: shiny jackhammer

11/06/25(Sat)15:35 No. 66030

23/m/Albany NY

11/06/26(Sun)09:52 No. 66246

AIM: leftovrashes
Skype: microwaveburritoboy


11/06/26(Sun)10:23 No. 66254

22/salt lake city, utah

11/06/26(Sun)15:44 No. 66263

25, Brooklyn NY
6ft 175lbs
aim: AmIDoItRight

CuriousBoy 11/06/26(Sun)22:34 No. 66299

Posted in /y/ about wanting to chat with other curious guys, and they sent me here..

If you want to chat with a curious guy from Edmonton.. Send me an email or add me on MSN (bicurious.m.edmonton@gmail.com)

I uhh... also have a cam.

11/06/27(Mon)07:45 No. 66436

19 woodbridge, va


11/06/27(Mon)12:50 No. 66455

File 130917182895.jpg - (35.73KB , 412x280 , pic01.jpg )

24/m/fl here

pic related, its me and my nudity

DB88 11/06/28(Tue)02:08 No. 66544

23 sav ga

11/06/29(Wed)15:15 No. 66696

Name's Lamarr.
I'm 19. Vers. bottom.
AIM: scapegoat lamarr
EMAIL: runripley@gmail.com
Semmes, Alabama.
I need friends.

11/06/30(Thu)02:19 No. 66752

26/Toledo Ohio
YIM: s445805

11/07/01(Fri)08:24 No. 66903

805. 18/m/santa maria, ca

email: jionanony@yahoo.com
hook up for some funn ;)

11/07/01(Fri)10:24 No. 66918

Msn partypooper931@hotmail

11/07/01(Fri)12:34 No. 66941

jackstork90@hotmail.co.uk male/19/uk add me. sissy submissive

LA Sway 11/07/01(Fri)22:20 No. 67036

File 130955161793.jpg - (34.77KB , 450x600 , e507b5c6c29c442662483bfadd07f98c_3.jpg )

21 Los Angeles, CA pinkpolorules@yahoo.com

Hit me up boys!

11/07/02(Sat)06:59 No. 67088

Aim chargarthehero

11/07/03(Sun)09:15 No. 67219

Whythefucknot? x:

Aberdeen WA

Just cut my hair, though. It's pretty short now.

11/07/03(Sun)09:16 No. 67220


I derp'd.

MSN: lovasaurusrex@hotmail.com

11/07/04(Mon)05:42 No. 67333

File 130975093639.jpg - (1.02MB , 2134x2848 , 102_0016.jpg )

20 west palm beach

Muffz 11/07/04(Mon)09:03 No. 67356

File 130976302820.jpg - (93.43KB , 325x606 , 267215_2116387465929_1132992904_2458069_4797824_n.jpg )

18 / Monterrey / MX


Noko Jay 11/07/05(Tue)05:53 No. 67434

21/Portland, OR (not a faggotfag)

skype is Syuvial. (also shitty webcam pics from right the fuck now, so excuse the unshavenness)

11/07/05(Tue)07:59 No. 67449

21/toronto bostens_ds@hotmail.com

11/07/05(Tue)10:12 No. 67454

File 130985355665.jpg - (34.73KB , 640x480 , Picture 122.jpg )

18/Norfolk, VA


11/07/05(Tue)19:18 No. 67469



11/07/06(Wed)01:19 No. 67522

21 Toronto scoobydooz_man@yahoo.com

11/07/06(Wed)05:37 No. 67581

20/Near LA(SCV/SFV area)
White, Good Looking, Up to talk or whatever, i could always use more friends haha

11/07/08(Fri)19:17 No. 67928

18/M/UK(North of Scotland)

Looking for chat/roleplay maybe more.


11/07/09(Sat)00:16 No. 67954

Anyone on the seacoast?

21/m/seacoast, NH


Arty_L 11/07/10(Sun)13:38 No. 68130

File 131029793471.jpg - (26.03KB , 640x480 , image201107090001 (2).jpg )


MSN is in the email field.
AIM is 'artful lounger'
I'm also occasionally on IRC as Arty_L

Here's to hoping real people message me and not spambots.

11/07/12(Tue)05:14 No. 68285

21/m/NYC/Northern NJ

aim: burnedoutanon

Really wanna fuck but I'll we can cam up first for a sec.

derp 11/07/14(Thu)03:29 No. 68530

email: lostmymusic31@gmail.com
looking for hookups/friends/whatever, there seems to be a lack of homosexuals around me, or maybe they're all just hiding inside

derp 11/07/14(Thu)08:54 No. 68566

should i even bother finishing s2? i heard it was shit

foxy-44@hotmail.co.uk 11/07/14(Thu)13:45 No. 68573

Hey new to this
msn - foxy-44@hotmail.co.uk

11/07/15(Fri)06:33 No. 68714

23 (almost 24)
aim: mrba21

already talked to a couple people here, but definitely up for chatting, especially if you're local and into zoo/k9 stuff. hit me up.

11/07/19(Tue)00:24 No. 68784

22/Central PA.


Hit me up if you wanna talk.

(Kinda Regular(?)) Reminder. ## Mod ## 11/07/19(Tue)03:56 No. 68801

Remember, that if you don't post your Age, Location, and Contact Info your post will be deleted. Don't forget to post all three in your posts. For ++ /fag/ points, post a picture of yourself too.

11/07/19(Tue)06:55 No. 68817

23, Washington DC, feelinggoodfeelingalright@yahoo.com ;) Never been with a man before, would love to see what I've been missing.

11/07/20(Wed)19:23 No. 69017

19/m Massachusetts looking to hookup with any cute twinks/emo/scene/faggot boys

Email me at anonanonbored@gmail.com

11/07/21(Thu)07:19 No. 69113

20/North of Los Angeles
trappedinjrock - Aim username
lookin to make friends or do whatever. Let me know

11/07/22(Fri)06:56 No. 69238

25, SLC, Utah.

MSN: BES0052@live.com

bboy 11/07/23(Sat)02:38 No. 69374


Looking for online fun with an older.

Skype: Boredteencamwhore

11/07/24(Sun)16:49 No. 69599

23/bi/barrie ont

msn: b5733430@klzlk.com

11/07/25(Mon)04:15 No. 69664

M/22/Glasgow/Skype: awfucknaw

11/07/25(Mon)06:11 No. 69676

19, Rochester NY here. m_sasori@hotmail.com

Let me know if you want more info ;)

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE an+Adelaidian 11/07/25(Mon)13:59 No. 69716


11/07/26(Tue)00:20 No. 69769


I remember messaging you once on okcupid, do you still go on there?

anyways, 20/m/Sheffield.

11/07/26(Tue)00:22 No. 69771


fucking bollocks, forgot the email=

11/07/26(Tue)00:38 No. 69776

26/ Philly surrounding area. Curious

(Real) Dad 4 young. ;) Max 11/07/26(Tue)20:46 No. 69838

38yo (real) Daddy type looking for the young ones (under 20).


Email me for my Skype. Also, open to chatting with other Dads that like young too. ;)

11/07/27(Wed)00:58 No. 69857

File 131172113377.jpg - (8.95KB , 300x227 , l8EBgFjKNmDn.jpg )


Looking for older, attracted to most types of guys so anyone please email me for cam/sex!


Furi 11/07/29(Fri)10:58 No. 70054

19/ stockton, california 95209

Geno 11/07/29(Fri)18:49 No. 70075

19, Miami, FL

Masc, nerdy, party hardy, illegal stuff, etc
AIM - GeorgeGeno100
Skype - GenoWhirl

11/07/30(Sat)09:19 No. 70171


who knows who will see this.

my IM is penguinsnape.

11/08/01(Mon)05:16 No. 70372

south carolina.

no gays.

sg685 <--yahoo email.

11/08/01(Mon)05:19 No. 70373


by the way, I'm 22. And what I meant was, there are no gays here ;_;

11/08/01(Mon)20:19 No. 70421

19 / Canada / Ontario
Skype : Pagingbettywhite

GW 11/08/02(Tue)11:00 No. 70515

23/M/MD (Eastern Shore!, nowhere close to Baltimore)

boschboy22 at gmail

11/08/04(Thu)07:20 No. 70768

okay i honestly have no idea why my posts keep getting deleted, but i'm gay and in south carolina. is that a crime?

linkules (at) gmail.com (on msn)

## Mod ## 11/08/04(Thu)07:34 No. 70774

discussion in this thread gets deleted. it's for pics and/or contact info only. if you'd like to chat, email the guy or something ;)

11/08/06(Sat)11:34 No. 71111

21/oh (614)

aim: aigiochos

will give pix out through aim

11/08/07(Sun)10:12 No. 71201


18 / Sandy, Utah

11/08/07(Sun)13:06 No. 71216

AIM: Internets Cop

11/08/08(Mon)09:34 No. 71358

Las Vegas(til 630am), then Missoula, MT

11/08/08(Mon)12:33 No. 71368


any guys want to share pics and possibly skype?

11/08/10(Wed)04:56 No. 71653

File 13129449627.jpg - (461.22KB , 1273x1578 , IMAG0181.jpg )

24 NW atlanta

11/08/10(Wed)05:08 No. 71656

File 131294569029.jpg - (195.44KB , 750x731 , 131293682299[1].jpg )

22 M SoCal

AIM: bearyful22


11/08/10(Wed)06:07 No. 71668

18/Norfolk, VA
AIM: donumental@gmail.com

ChronosWrithe 11/08/10(Wed)07:40 No. 71688

File 131295483785.jpg - (80.75KB , 429x646 , 1107F 003b.jpg )

Gainesville/ Georgia, US
I just need someone to love me.......
email is : roxasevangelion@yahoo.com

11/08/11(Thu)10:03 No. 71843

18 el salvador
(not that anyone is from here)

anon2013@hotmail.co.uk for skype to cam and stuff
i'm submissive, and want to be someone's cam slave ;)

major 11/08/12(Fri)05:02 No. 71958

oh lord this thread again. i'm bored waiting for Sky's deadbeat technicians to connect my broadband.

so feel free to say hai!

msn: major.rasputin@simplaza.net
20/m/milton keynes, united kingdom

11/08/14(Sun)03:45 No. 72103

File 131328634528.jpg - (140.52KB , 480x640 , WP_000153-1.jpg )



Smith the CIA Agent 11/08/14(Sun)15:27 No. 72157

Oh wow, you're cute.

20, Auckland NZ.

Smith+the+CIA+Agent 11/08/14(Sun)15:40 No. 72160

darktank@gmail.com - Email

11/08/15(Mon)03:37 No. 72230

20 year old twink
North East England

11/08/15(Mon)06:46 No. 72241

21/Male/ABQ NM.
honky-tonk heterosexual, skinny/athletic


11/08/16(Tue)23:48 No. 72479

umichbioboy on skype

rcaseybouch@gmail.com if you want to e-mail

Tall, skinny, bottom here.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

11/08/17(Wed)09:30 No. 72556

i just want to talk for now, mmkay?

11/08/18(Thu)01:42 No. 72624

22 Male Las Vegas

Ugh. Ill post pics a little later. I just got a new computer and I need to transfer some pics over

11/08/18(Thu)07:21 No. 72679

File 131364488645.jpg - (38.61KB , 519x692 , 002.jpg )

Hope I don't regret. 33/M/ Central Arizona. Looking more for a friend who I can hang with. All my friends are homophobes.

11/08/18(Thu)23:32 No. 72729

Wow, nobody in the Warrensburg/KC part of MO.

23, bi-curious, looking for new friends, maybe more.

Quatre 11/08/19(Fri)16:58 No. 72782

File 131376587924.jpg - (1.34MB , 2880x1620 , 2011-07-28 17-08-31_304.jpg )

(Deleted old post and updating)
23/Michigan (Kalamazoo)
Nerd, CS Grad student. Super, duper tall. o: (6'8"-ish) Facial hair comes and goes. (Just lazy sometimes.)
Skype: MasterQuatre (Other info by request.)

11/08/20(Sat)03:08 No. 72839

File 131380251622.jpg - (109.61KB , 1024x768 , for.jpg )

26, south florida

skype: smokepigs

11/08/20(Sat)09:03 No. 72933

19/m/Central Florida

tammi 11/08/20(Sat)19:50 No. 72980

20 Silver City, New Mexico sissitammi@yahoo.com

11/08/22(Mon)08:32 No. 73275

File 131399477360.jpg - (604.84KB , 1952x3264 , IMAG0256.jpg )


22 yo, looking for a discrete top who can host

11/08/22(Mon)08:59 No. 73278

20, clovis, NM

looking for guys and/or traps


## Mod ## 11/08/23(Tue)17:15 No. 73404

This is your reminder that discussion in this thread is deleted. Also:
Remember to add your contact info in your first post, if you don't we might delete it before you do.
Posting an image really helps.
You also needs to post your age and location.

me! symbear 11/08/23(Tue)18:19 No. 73414

Had a trip to Arizona! new pics.

aim: sympainspir
gtalk sympainspir
msn: muhadeep@yahoo.com

Vers Bottom

strangekid 11/08/25(Thu)09:53 No. 73647

19, LA CA. Straight up bottom.

Skype: Strangekid2344

11/08/29(Mon)10:40 No. 74109

SW Florida (Sarasota/Bradenton)

11/08/29(Mon)19:01 No. 74128

19 m north wales, bi curious, gd22@live.co.uk

11/08/30(Tue)21:49 No. 74281

22 from Nottingham uk here. bi-curious, always wanted to suck cock (L)


11/08/31(Wed)01:45 No. 74298

File 131474794082.jpg - (678.90KB , 2048x1536 , 100_0477.jpg )

18 chicago

i can be bro or fem, victong245@yahoo.com

11/08/31(Wed)10:15 No. 74401

Berkeley, CA
Good looking Asian guy.

11/08/31(Wed)13:25 No. 74425

22yo white sub bottom in phoenix. come own my ass


CRICH 11/08/31(Wed)20:55 No. 74447

19,7inch cut, ddf, clean, smooth, slim
Anyone(18-21) down to skype/trade pics?

11/09/01(Thu)10:02 No. 74502

File 131486414056.jpg - (19.57KB , 640x480 , snapshot (2).jpg )

23 in the 951/909 Area
Southern california
aim: koko4chan
email 951msoc@gmail.com

Riolu 11/09/02(Fri)03:50 No. 74570

18/Mexico (speciffically Colima)/panbobo-kun@hotmail.com
later pics... maybe. Got a thing for redheads

11/09/03(Sat)21:04 No. 74863

forgot to post location.. 23/nyc/m


looking for a quickie, alone and willing to meet up.

11/09/05(Mon)22:28 No. 75147

22/m/socal bi curious fatty looking for friends
Aim: puppylovestar33

11/09/06(Tue)04:14 No. 75205

File 131527528190.jpg - (383.04KB , 1536x2048 , CameraZOOM-20110905210502.jpg )

19/lenawee county michigan
bicurious & shy. awesome right?!


11/09/07(Wed)22:50 No. 75539

File 131542865236.jpg - (80.43KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-08-10 at 12_28.jpg )

Age: 21
Sexuality: Gay
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs. (getting /fit/)
Location: Charleston, IL
Preferred position: bottom
Email: omegaz@sbcglobal.net
Skype: briarvaen

Looking to have fun. If I can find a relationship that's great, but I'm fine with just fucking too.

11/09/08(Thu)19:13 No. 75702

File 131550201271.jpg - (46.81KB , 480x640 , me ahem.jpg )

24, Northwest UK. Bi. Punk rock nerd.

dj 11/09/09(Fri)08:39 No. 75806

18/m/ Federal way WA (WASHINGTON STATE )

Anonymous 11/09/10(Sat)21:55 No. 75956

18 Chico, CA
email: re2366@yahoo.com

11/09/10(Sat)23:00 No. 75963

23 m FW TX.


11/09/10(Sat)23:56 No. 75967

File 131569176717.jpg - (334.65KB , 600x900 , online.jpg )

22 - Marietta, Ga - Bi, Versitile
AIM: CanadianMarmot

Electivirus 11/09/11(Sun)16:18 No. 76056

File 131575070338.jpg - (28.47KB , 640x480 , HNI_0006.jpg )

18/M/Memphis TN/Totally Gay

MSN: electivirus@live.com
AIM: electivirus@aim.com

Open to talk to anyone. :D

11/09/12(Mon)03:38 No. 76104

Age: 19
Sexuality: Gay
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Location: Mobile, AL
Preferred position: vers bottom.
Email: runripley@gmail.com
MSN: runripley@gmail.com
AIM: princeripley

11/09/13(Tue)02:12 No. 76198


The only other person in Tampa stopped responding.

Skype: forcetheissue
AIM: jeanvalbadass

11/09/14(Wed)08:13 No. 76365


Threesome 11/09/14(Wed)10:20 No. 76374

My boyfriend and I are looking for another guy or gal that wants to participate in a threesome with us. Contact me at Blackhydra107 on AIM if you are interested. 20/NY/BI and my boyfriend is 18/NY/Fag.

Azarok Azarok 11/09/14(Wed)22:22 No. 76413

Spanish guy here!

Add for fun, friendship, or even nosense chatting days.

Skype: alighiero.sousuke

11/09/16(Fri)01:48 No. 76613

Brighton,uk, 20 m.
Thursday 22nd, queen's park at 11pm by the waterfall!!

11/09/16(Fri)18:50 No. 76697

File 131619181221.jpg - (94.92KB , 640x480 , photo.jpg )

skype - euanf11

ChemicalX 11/09/16(Fri)19:51 No. 76701

20 / South Carolina - Charleston moving to Albany New York in a few weeks.


11/09/17(Sat)04:46 No. 76758

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 22, Switch.

11/09/19(Mon)01:18 No. 77023

File 131638788484.jpg - (64.80KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-09-15 at 15_50 #3.jpg )

Michael, 18, Naples, FL:)
or talk to me on tumblr!

huuuge videogame nerd, into art, music, blah blah:)

11/09/19(Mon)02:42 No. 77035

File 131639295474.jpg - (38.95KB , 453x604 , 19372_102899493073171_100000593637041_76445_778679.jpg )

(>^_^)> 19 Mex; Ococtlan-Jalisco

11/09/19(Mon)03:02 No. 77038

18/M/Fayette county, Georgia(Nobody...ever... is here...)/Gay

11/09/19(Mon)08:04 No. 77076

File 131641229625.jpg - (292.96KB , 800x600 , 2011-08-18 00-20-24_323.jpg )

age: 22
area code: 719 colorado
contact: indymagnet00@live.com

11/09/22(Thu)07:36 No. 77562

24 / Central Florida

Hit me up at calsolo86@yahoo.com if you're into longhaired surfers. Twinks and cd's to the front!

11/09/22(Thu)09:17 No. 77594

File 13166758286.png - (260.11KB , 480x480 , jdhau57.png )

Birmingham, AL
or zacktwenty on skype

Looking for Fun! Norwayboy 11/09/22(Thu)19:08 No. 77635

21 / male / Norway

Looking for cam, chat, pic/vid swapping :)

skype: sniffmeister89
msn: loki_valhall@hotmail.com

Nikki 11/09/23(Fri)05:40 No. 77715

John's Island South Carolina here

into trapping cd, anal sex, 3 somes orgies blowjobs giving ;) cuddling romancing

I'm a virgin to cross-dressing with men :3

contact grindorsurf001@yahoo.com
Aim crystalcrowquill@aol.com

ask for skype

RDragonzx 11/09/23(Fri)13:54 No. 77767

Age: 19
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6' 5-7" Haven't measure for ages
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Preferred position: Have no preferance
Email: rdragonzx@hotmail.com
MSN: rdragonzx@hotmail.com

## Mod ## 11/09/24(Sat)03:14 No. 77835


no. discussion and questions in this thread get deleted. post it yourself, don't ask people to ask you.

pyromeo 11/09/24(Sat)08:56 No. 77883

new york
bi yahoo chilipepper140
ask for skype

Nikki 11/09/24(Sat)23:17 No. 77932

sorry my bad skype nickwertan89 wanted to add a little mystery but oh well

Daniel 11/09/27(Tue)02:35 No. 78115

File 131708371928.png - (283.06KB , 480x480 , Picture of me 2.png )

21, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

feel free to catch me on email or yahoo messenger
Skype: palumatzu

11/09/29(Thu)08:06 No. 78288

File 131727636929.jpg - (25.38KB , 414x600 , 1234.jpg )

21 filipino
height: 5'7''
weight: 146 lbs
position: bottom
location: chicago, il


11/10/01(Sat)12:29 No. 78427

File 131746495788.jpg - (46.99KB , 720x501 , 74042_175681645782107_100000208186074_649279_30686.jpg )

hi there. (:
From The Netherlands, 20years old.

email: dennis.robben@live.nl

11/10/02(Sun)11:28 No. 78622

File 13175477166.jpg - (893.03KB , 3264x1840 , 15.jpg )

Monroe wa, snoqualmieriver6766@yahoo.com

11/10/03(Mon)12:29 No. 78693

File 131763776955.png - (98.53KB , 320x240 , 129432126526.png )

skype: hurp.dedurp
only interested in vers or bots for cam tonight
ill do anything you want me to

11/10/04(Tue)14:17 No. 78802

Hispanic college student here! Shoot me an email if you'd like to chat! :3

Age: 19
Sexuality: Bi leaning gay
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Email: brnvbrnv@hotmail.com

11/10/05(Wed)18:59 No. 78952

21, Clemmons, NC

Still have never even held hands/cuddled with a guy.

Sageonymous!!D1MTWzLGV0 11/10/10(Mon)12:02 No. 79482

called the cops


Sageonymous!!D1MTWzLGV0 11/10/11(Tue)09:19 No. 79647

I guess I just care too much about protecting children on here, lol.


11/10/13(Thu)21:03 No. 79903

File 131853260189.gif - (496.54KB , 260x145 , tumblr_ls36humzB71r0h5dq.gif )

Oh lawd, am I in heaven?

why not JJ 11/10/17(Mon)00:19 No. 80246

File 13188035618.jpg - (166.68KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-06-24 at 20_19 #3.jpg )


22, new york

11/10/17(Mon)03:57 No. 80297

19, living in Wolfville Nova Scotia. Been craving the cock more than ever recently, not quite sure why.


E-mail in case anyone wants to contact me, will send pictures at request, as long as you're willing to send some as well.

11/10/17(Mon)16:09 No. 80383

I am in northern germany, anyone wanna hook up?

MSN: redshirt1@gmx.de

northdallasburbs 11/10/19(Wed)01:21 No. 80536

26/m/bi N Dallas

oral top into anything as long as its nsa. Mixed, uc, clean, sane, masc, fit, and into music and alternative/extreme sports. 420 friendly.Email above.

lincs male 11/10/19(Wed)03:26 No. 80546

bi 30yo bi male lincoln uk
looking for hookups
email for pics

11/10/20(Thu)03:55 No. 80658

File 131907571299.jpg - (72.82KB , 480x640 , IMG_2405.jpg )

24 in DC, fun would be nice


11/10/21(Fri)01:05 No. 80725

File 131915191542.jpg - (82.55KB , 640x480 , Photo 1069.jpg )

25 kentucky

hello boys


11/10/21(Fri)02:09 No. 80730

File 131915575580.jpg - (37.71KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111017_12.jpg )

Here's a pic, i'm this guy.

11/10/21(Fri)05:50 No. 80753

20, Riverside, California. Bottom

Skype: strangekidd2344

hookup north dallas YoungAltBro 11/10/23(Sun)23:33 No. 81053

File 131940561858.jpg - (94.49KB , 500x407 , sex16.jpg )

have a cock, bj, cum, ws fetish i rarely get to live out.

24/bi/mex/masc/very fit/972
alternative dude into music, sports, 420
email in field

11/10/28(Fri)22:51 No. 81650

File 131983506222.jpg - (486.78KB , 1728x2592 , IMAG0449.jpg )

22 years young.

541, Oregon.

siberian.cultist@ gmail.com

11/10/29(Sat)08:58 No. 81685

File 131987150395.jpg - (25.52KB , 640x480 , 2.jpg )

20, Milwaukee, WI.

Hit me up at hardmilwaukee1123@yahoo.com

11/10/29(Sat)09:59 No. 81691

18 North west UK

dude_ 11/10/30(Sun)18:34 No. 81865

21, and I'm alllllll the way gay.

from (R)Adelaide, South Australia
msn me: murasame_sharp@hotmail.com

Unamericano 11/11/02(Wed)16:50 No. 82277

Updating with new hair and new suit. :3

## Mod ## 11/11/03(Thu)23:50 No. 82387


Read the thread, don't just post your info. If you just post your info and don't read the thread, why wouldn't somebody else do the same thing?

No conversation at all in this thread.

Alexander Payne 11/11/04(Fri)19:44 No. 82647

19/m/IL USA :D

11/11/05(Sat)17:23 No. 82785

20, Durham (UK)
skype: glanslover (don't ask)

11/11/06(Sun)20:11 No. 83014

File 132060667384.jpg - (53.53KB , 621x480 , bloxx.jpg )

18, Orlando, Florida.

Skype: valentineidk
E-mail: anonyesok@gmail.com

Probably won't reply if you're over 30.

11/11/07(Mon)02:19 No. 83057

Hi guys, really shy and really new to this Just want to talk, make friends, and see where things go; especially with UK guys :3

Fairly Tall and slim, if that matters
Saint Louis, Missouri USA

Contact info:


also have skype but would rather give that away via email.

l8er robby 11/11/08(Tue)00:48 No. 83134

18 5'6 blond long hair, blue eyes, 120 lbs.
from pitt robbyradcore@live.com

11/11/08(Tue)09:05 No. 83244

File 132073952242.jpg - (200.83KB , 1024x768 , 011550.jpg )

Looking to do some roleplay, maybe meet up.
AIM: voidsage

Dakets 11/11/09(Wed)06:41 No. 83324

25, Central New Jersey

I don't look my age, and I'm pretty short. No neckbeards or behemoths plz.

Skype: EmperorDominar

11/11/11(Fri)08:35 No. 83470

21 washington dc


11/11/13(Sun)02:13 No. 83639

24 M Turkey


11/11/14(Mon)01:18 No. 83717

22 bi male. Mcallen, TX

Yahoo: lefty_reliver737
email: foxdie54@gmail.com

11/11/14(Mon)05:50 No. 83733

File 132124622989.jpg - (54.59KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111109 (2).jpg )



Do you have any other contact info then skype?

MSN? AIM? Yahoo?

Pic related. Abit of encouragement. Me trying (and failing) to look seducing.

Anyone else feel free to get in contact as well.

Johnny 11/11/16(Wed)01:43 No. 83875



11/11/17(Thu)12:32 No. 83977

File 132152955897.jpg - (33.91KB , 374x445 , gjadtj.jpg )

After 2 minutes of "will I or won't I?"
I guess I can always delete later...


email: teacups89@yahoo.com.au

OhaiSup!PLW29pZoRc 11/11/18(Fri)08:54 No. 84056

24 - Massachusetts
AIM is in email field
email is ohaitony@hotmail.com

And I like to chat to anyone, even if they're absolutely nowhere near me :3

11/11/19(Sat)04:50 No. 84123


Strictly bottom.
Into roleplay, chatting online, etc.
Huge turn ons: talking dirty, sub'ing, cock worship.

stats: 5'10, 150 lbs, bubble butt.


11/11/24(Thu)00:26 No. 84502


18, Ausland, Melbourne

Pref: Another male friend with similar interests(other than cock) would be genuinely the best thing ever besides double rainbows or a super sub bottom hook up with... don't really mind.

Stats: 6.1', slender, longboarding, working and videogames

Shadow Hunter 11/11/24(Thu)20:19 No. 84526

File 132216235952.jpg - (37.85KB , 435x452 , jordan.jpg )

Shitty pic is shitty, but w.e =)
18/m/il town--> Near Lith. vers. Bi.
Inexperienced; + not looking for a daddy figure; but thanks anyways


11/11/26(Sat)05:04 No. 84589

22, Longview WA

First pic is newer. ALSO IM FAT LOLZ

Couldn't care less about finding sex or a boyfriend, but not opposed to the latter. Friends are nice.

AIM - ix i iix
MSN - PQRikku@hotmail.com

11/11/29(Tue)09:11 No. 84904

File 13225543033.jpg - (88.79KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2011-11-29 at 02_06.jpg )

19/Bloomington, Indiana

skype: jajajackson

bored of being bored of gay people

11/11/29(Tue)10:21 No. 84908

Hey all. I'm
Looking for a buddy (of all sorts) ;) and hope we can meet

Just turned 21/ East Los Angeles/ Hispanic/

11/11/29(Tue)22:41 No. 84931

File 132260288573.jpg - (242.00KB , 720x960 , me-new.jpg )

i just moved here... help!

AIM: penguinsnape

11/12/01(Thu)14:37 No. 85037

18 m tx live in the 972 area code


11/12/04(Sun)16:32 No. 85329

28yo, 6'1, cub

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


11/12/06(Tue)22:19 No. 85526

File 132320637873.jpg - (1.01MB , 1809x2504 , DSC07945.jpg )

Mexico/ skype: guguitopop/ viber: +52 7831264678

11/12/10(Sat)04:19 No. 85829

File 132348716640.jpg - (35.55KB , 640x480 , Picture0006.jpg )

Acton, MA

Technically bicurious since I haven't actually been with a dude yet, so open to experimenting re:toppng/bottoming :3

11/12/10(Sat)04:35 No. 85831

File 132348811159.jpg - (73.12KB , 640x480 , 111209-201745.jpg )

18 Mb Canada
Skype: CynicalMatt94

11/12/10(Sat)17:39 No. 85860

File 132353516698.jpg - (1.60MB , 3072x2304 , photo1.jpg )

Not the best pic of me but eh. Not really sure what I hope to gain from this but we'll see what happens...


email: Crameltonian@gmail.com

11/12/11(Sun)11:36 No. 85911

20, Twin Falls ID

if by chance one of you fags live here I've been curious for a long time and would love a cute top to help me out

11/12/11(Sun)22:18 No. 85923

21 / male / 512 austin tx

atx.guy42@yahoo.com (email me first please)

Total sub.

Hookup Thread Matt 11/12/13(Tue)04:06 No. 86024

File 13237455881.jpg - (77.92KB , 1280x720 , Picture 29.jpg )

Bi-curious and inexperienced. Looking to test the waters with someone or a couple in the DeKalb (NIU) area.

6ft tall
140-145 pounds
6in cut


11/12/14(Wed)11:03 No. 86110

18, Torrance,CA

Wont post a pic but oovoo or something

Tertiary 11/12/14(Wed)13:01 No. 86112

Hey, 18 guy from South-East England.
Bi-Curious and gay-virgin, just want to try out stuff I guess (not anal... Not yet, anyway). Med height and build, kinda shy at first but you just have to get to know me. Haven't got a pic... I'd rather someone sent me one of themselves first.

Looking for a young 16-20 (pref. virgin) guy in the area. Slim, shy, whatever. Just a "secret" relationship for a while.. I'm just curious. As they say, don't knock it till you try it. Contact me at lalalaheadphones@hotmail.com

Also... I have a GF who know's I'm curious. I've talked to her about it but she's not so sure on the "sharing" thing. We'll just cross that bridge when we get to it.

11/12/15(Thu)09:18 No. 86218

straight acting bi guy from 806 area. 27/6'1/200. i am into fem boys and emo. pics after talking


11/12/17(Sat)18:51 No. 86425

805 44/m/Lompoc

Looking for someone between 34 and 50

Message me here:

11/12/18(Sun)06:17 No. 86457

22, England, North West
Athletic/Slim...can never figure out what my build is
Fine for just getting to know new people, despite it being a hookup thread =P
Only guys around my age though...

J 11/12/22(Thu)00:17 No. 86712

North East England
20 years old, slim/athletic, very versatile virgin :o
Looking for chat/hook up no matter how old or what shape you are in :)
Contact: twinktime1991@hotmail.co.uk

11/12/24(Sat)00:51 No. 86822

18/bot and top/Birmingham, Alabama
Looking for a daddy type c:

11/12/24(Sat)12:22 No. 86842

18 bot Vers Melbourne Australia can't host but can travel email hatred.for.you@hotmail.com

gaynonymous 11/12/24(Sat)12:26 No. 86843

18/Wollongong, Australia
white slim

11/12/25(Sun)01:48 No. 86863

File 132477411184.jpg - (63.95KB , 542x720 , 296602_1555236576220_1694373392_760756_597248233_n.jpg )

20 male 6'1" 167lbs
North Atlanta


11/12/30(Fri)18:04 No. 87301

20/gay/Brazil (PB)


11/12/31(Sat)00:27 No. 87314

21/m/portsmouth, nh

AIM: politicsofdancing

i have face pics, just don't wanna post here. not looking for anything specific.

Shotalover 12/01/03(Tue)08:18 No. 87533


I'm extremely unattractive, IMO, and not looking for sex exclusively. Even just a friend would be great, I'm fu**ing tired of being alone. BTW OP: Pic is sexy as hell.


ClarkNova 12/01/05(Thu)02:05 No. 87703

23/ Malmö/ Sweden

Kinda nerdy and "straight acting".

Mail: Typewritertherapy@gmail.com

SirCelebro 12/01/07(Sat)14:12 No. 87928

File 132594193656.jpg - (317.73KB , 1280x853 , Bilde tatt 16_12_11 kl_ 00_41.jpg )

Me again! My messenger got hacked(by some russian sex industry bitches), so I've got a new adress.


I'm still from Oslo / Norway, still 21 years old or young or what evur.

12/01/09(Mon)20:46 No. 88084

ash_gate@hotmail.com 20/m/malta just need some1 to talk to really xD

12/01/09(Mon)21:08 No. 88085

21/bethel, maine near sunday river ski resort. muscular with a little bit of flab. total sub bottom up for almost anything.

12/01/10(Tue)01:08 No. 88092

File 132615409960.jpg - (847.87KB , 1952x3264 , IMAG0187.jpg )

sup guys,
19 bi columbus, OH
so sad you all are so far away...

KOV!8nJZrHWOZA 12/01/10(Tue)02:21 No. 88099

File 132615849713.jpg - (963.76KB , 1146x2015 , IMG_0020.jpg )

18, Pullman WA. (Attending school, so only during Fall/Spring)

Primarily bottom; sometimes vers. Email me if you want to get together or anything:

12/01/10(Tue)02:42 No. 88103

File 132615976372.jpg - (13.91KB , 301x402 , n5010867_39508716_5699.jpg )

29 Top, Richmond, VA, soon to be Syracuse, NY.


Fsladjahas 12/01/11(Wed)10:59 No. 88192

White twink with gold hair, blue eyes subby, Boyfriend latino a little chubby looking for a 3rd or maybe 4th for a group thing.


hookup 12/01/11(Wed)18:22 No. 88199

File 13263025273.jpg - (62.67KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111011.jpg )

newcastle uk 21 years old

12/01/12(Thu)00:47 No. 88222

File 132632564298.jpg - (30.10KB , 230x257 , heyas.jpg )


12/01/12(Thu)07:47 No. 88250

File 132635086178.jpg - (171.42KB , 1280x1024 , securedownload.jpg )

pic of me

12/01/12(Thu)09:50 No. 88256

27 fit white, north of Los Angeles in SCV north of SFV


12/01/12(Thu)14:48 No. 88261

20 NY- looking more for someone to talk to :) Xotaku8106X@aim.com

AJ 12/01/12(Thu)17:34 No. 88264

File 132638604119.jpg - (211.74KB , 1417x1095 , IMG_5467.jpg )

18 Male Queensland, Australia
I wonder if there's anyone on here to hook up with around my Area ;)

I'm a Polynesian bloke with a thing for cocks ;) Just got back from being blown by some horny fella. He was pretty hot considering his age and he was doped. I love it. He took my cum as well ;) How horny can us men get huh ;D

12/01/13(Fri)10:50 No. 88321

File 132644821480.jpg - (495.91KB , 1200x1600 , Photo06182311.jpg )

22 yr old, Arizona
email: milotic22@hotmail.com

12/01/13(Fri)10:53 No. 88322

18 year old from Auckland NZ.

12/01/13(Fri)20:04 No. 88335

23 / Melbourne, AU
25-35 only please

12/01/17(Tue)17:11 No. 88617

19, Blacksburg, VA (Virginia tech student), vers/bottom

Email: curiousbiguy92@yahoo.com

Don't feel comfortable giving out AIM/Skype this publicly, have pics and those after a few emails.

Hookup Redneck Romeo 12/01/18(Wed)08:09 No. 88675

22 Arkansas,USA piccohan89@hotmail.com same email for msn :)

12/01/20(Fri)02:52 No. 88712

18 y/o, Boston, virgin but submissive.

12/01/20(Fri)05:47 No. 88730

St. Louis, Mo


12/01/21(Sat)01:11 No. 88773

23 southern ontario, willing to travel.

shy submissive top here (do we exist?) looking for a dominant bottom (do they exist?) to coax me being more dom. I want you to get naked and tell me what to do to you, or just blow the bejessus out of me or grind my dick with your ass

Twinks/fem is my holy grail, jay_smith82@hotmail.com

Imma go shower, so yeah, I'm all soapy and wet as you read this

12/01/22(Sun)02:08 No. 88840

File 132719452582.jpg - (71.52KB , 457x480 , Snapshot_20120121_1.jpg )


I honestly don't think I'd get any lookers will I? But why the hell not, college is time for new experiences.


12/01/24(Tue)02:25 No. 88963

File 132736831496.jpg - (13.18KB , 287x338 , FmawD.jpg )

Hamilton, Ontario


12/01/24(Tue)11:08 No. 88991

20 / m / 818 / bi-curious

Bi-curious looking to suck and possibly bottom. Not very sexually experienced, but would be interested in someone teaching me the ropes.
Glendale/Pasadena/Burbank/NorthHollywood Area or Santa Monica/Malibu area. I have a car and can travel a bit. Email me to discuss, exchange pics etc.

12/01/26(Thu)00:33 No. 89129

subby bottom :3

12/01/26(Thu)04:04 No. 89147

24 gay NJ
AIM: VaporeonTrainer5

12/01/26(Thu)11:12 No. 89199

18 in Sandy, UT. Email is tjansterserv@hotmail.com

JJ 12/01/27(Fri)05:07 No. 89288

File 132763724178.jpg - (66.42KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111128_4.jpg )

I highly doubt there's any /fags? in Jacksonville so I'd just like some people to chat with over AIM

My aim is: FataliTensei

19/ Jacksonville, FL

12/01/27(Fri)07:33 No. 89295

19/m/auckland, nz


12/01/28(Sat)04:15 No. 89376

File 132772052839.jpg - (3.85KB , 230x300 , mybod.jpg )

22/m/Broward/Dade County Florida

My fellow miami dudes need to hit me up at flipmodeman@gmail.com

12/01/29(Sun)03:10 No. 89430

Male 19 Poly Bi

Orem Utah.


looking for a strong top to get me into kinky stuff

12/01/30(Mon)00:59 No. 89495

35/monterrey/mexico 174cm/95kg really damned cute guy looking for a geeky twinkish bottom to play video games and fuck.

haw haw: captcha eedbyw became


12/01/31(Tue)12:38 No. 89635

21/M/Bi Levittown, New York
Aim: Blackhydra107

Looking for guys to hang out with or fool around, especially if they are kinky. Not looking for anything too serious at the moment. No need to be shy, I'm not a judgmental prick.

:D Catchy 12/02/02(Thu)22:15 No. 89809

26, 6'1", East Bay, California

12/02/06(Mon)07:17 No. 90039

Hey! ever thinking of being in porn ? ;)
SKYPE: pagingbettywhite

let me know if your down!
(prefer Canadian boys, but all welcome)

plz only 18-25 and looking as cute as a button ;)

12/02/08(Wed)05:49 No. 90166



Young fit bottom boiiii

emolg!AcqHNP4QUw 12/02/09(Thu)23:20 No. 90278

Hey guys 20/Pensacola Florida into trapping Cd anal and oral

emolg!AcqHNP4QUw 12/02/09(Thu)23:24 No. 90279

Woops forgot contact info,

Skype is hinu78
email is hinuhws@aol.com

12/02/10(Fri)22:45 No. 90314

22 mass, rocker/scenefag
under 26 only
skype cloudpopper

newtothis 12/02/11(Sat)01:24 No. 90331

Never done anything with a guy before but I'm willing to try out just about anything. 20 yrs old Pullman, WA.

email: tryingsomethingnew91@gmail.com

12/02/11(Sat)07:59 No. 90353

any one in the 607?

12/02/11(Sat)17:35 No. 90373

24/West Los Angeles
6'3", 165, mixed race
Looking for a femme bottom to play with.

*corrected email

jesusfuckingchrist!!quMGEvBGR0 12/02/12(Sun)23:11 No. 90486


lol what even.


12/02/15(Wed)23:29 No. 90680

File 132934495483.jpg - (28.67KB , 316x475 , 9438820.jpg )

20 yrs old slim college guy
looking for anything really, although i'm picky

12/02/16(Thu)21:38 No. 90756

23, slim and fit.
Portland, OR.

:3 12/02/18(Sat)06:17 No. 90893

File 132954226772.jpg - (1.20MB , 1031x2901 , DSC00175.jpg )

22/Edmonton Canada

Learning bottom ;3

12/02/18(Sat)07:31 No. 90899

20, short and slim. 5' 7" > 130 lbs.
Curious but cautious. Also, very playful once I get past my own bashful tendencies.
Mostly looking for someone who will be a friend with VERY secret benefits.
Hammond, LA
pics for those interested. Show me yours I'll show you mine ;)

12/02/18(Sat)17:04 No. 90922

File 132958109384.jpg - (80.28KB , 640x480 , Photo 211.jpg )

20 texas ;)

just looking to chat, feel free to talk to me, send some pics if your cute :)

andyv al00@yah oo.com
aim: and yval0 0
(remove the spaces)

12/02/19(Sun)05:10 No. 90985

File 132962465378.jpg - (1.02MB , 1840x3264 , 2012-02-01_18-18-17_648.jpg )

18 and from Ohio! (;

Email: devonashland@yahoo.com

Email me and we can do face pics (:

12/02/19(Sun)07:05 No. 90996

File 132963153651.jpg - (24.13KB , 524x720 , 73524_158770387491656_100000760883768_262524_33180.jpg )


Gmail: TheBoneJester@gmail.com
Aim: AxeOrge12

12/02/20(Mon)00:39 No. 91037

Location Hanover Indiana
Age: 18

12/02/23(Thu)21:50 No. 91339

24/M/Bi-curious/Houston, Tx

Looking for someone to teach my virgin ass.

AIM/MSN: houtex_06@live.com

12/02/25(Sat)01:35 No. 91469

msn: muffonio@live.com
Monterrey, NL, Mexico

12/02/25(Sat)02:18 No. 91477

18 Halifax a little chunny

12/02/28(Tue)01:54 No. 91699


19 m wollongong aus



. 12/02/28(Tue)02:18 No. 91703

20 years old,
Columbus Ohio,
Email: videogamefan1991@yahoo.com
Contact me if your close!!

12/03/01(Thu)05:58 No. 91887

21 Bi in Boston,
total sub, no experience with guys really,
or thePetCat on Fetlife if you've got it

12/03/03(Sat)19:13 No. 92060

20 years old
130 pounds, slim, shaven.
London UK. Willing to travel.
Into emo/alt twinks, cd, bdsm, a lot really.
NO muscles, no body/face hair, no one old.


12/03/04(Sun)04:08 No. 92072

Ill give it a shot..
Hit me up at golac1234@gmail.com
Just looking for someone to play some vidya with and fool around with.

sekky 12/03/05(Mon)19:06 No. 92132

File 133097080569.jpg - (142.71KB , 506x675 )

Oh huh look at this thread here

26 years old - 5'11/140 - Portland, Maine - kaworuboy@gmail.com

Anybody who even wants to talk to me, drop me a line. I am so utterly lonely and sad and bored these days :[ I also don't mind traveling to points in NH and Mass as far as Boston. I quite enjoy it, actually.

lulzasaur 12/03/06(Tue)04:40 No. 92157

File 133100521990.jpg - (136.43KB , 640x480 , 20120305_191749.jpg )

18 colorado br0074lpoodle@gmail.com

12/03/06(Tue)13:20 No. 92175

File 133103643077.jpg - (194.41KB , 1632x1224 , imagejpeg_2_2.jpg )

oh hell

here goes nothing

22/m/los angeles
really curious and want anyone w/experience

brandonsaimsn (AIM)
send message preferably w/pic open for anything but dominant types a bonus

12/03/06(Tue)18:06 No. 92179

File 133105360617.jpg - (428.94KB , 1600x1200 , IMG00028.jpg )

23 tennessee bottom

looking for a wow guy :P
real id khvideogamer@aol.com (email no longer exists)

Ryan Age 23 12/03/07(Wed)13:09 No. 92210

File 133112214631.jpg - (49.68KB , 476x719 , me in the bathroom.jpg )

Well hello Kentucky...

12/03/09(Fri)11:56 No. 92274

panama city, fl / 20

5'8, slender, blonde

move around a lot. looking for someone to cam with. prefer twinks and feminine types. both dom and sub. no one over 25. send picture and some stuff about you. will reciprocate. nerds and art fags preferred.


Bleh 12/03/10(Sat)08:18 No. 92292

File 133136393933.jpg - (55.33KB , 960x720 , 409080_2911774746608_1027827366_4680930_1314807853.jpg )

Hey 19, Greensboro, NC

I'm just looking for people to have fun with I suppose whatever that entails haha


12/03/11(Sun)23:04 No. 92378

18/ white male/317(Indianapolis/Noblesville)


12/03/12(Mon)00:00 No. 92380

19, Crazy, Slim, and European.
Born in Singapore.
Raised in Texas.
Living on the Rock, in Canada

Penpals are cool people, but locals are more readily sought.


12/03/13(Tue)11:08 No. 92486

File removed.jpg - (50.65KB , 376x464 , 429583_10150573111335489_683110488_8875809_1190995.jpg )

Why the fuck not?!


South Wales (UK)

Email: eirina@hotmail.co.uk

12/03/13(Tue)14:44 No. 92497


melbourne, 18

12/03/15(Thu)23:36 No. 92808

File 133185100487.jpg - (240.11KB , 480x640 , samsamsam.jpg )

21/South England, UK.
Really just looking for chatting and friends.
Apologies for bad picture, I'm not one for taking self pics.

12/03/16(Fri)05:37 No. 92847

File 133187263947.jpg - (4.02KB , 300x225 , 5Na5Ge5Mf3L23N13Hbc38e9c4fe445dc01ea9.jpg )

27 in Cleveland on business.

Have my own hotel tomorrow night - free all night.

email: secretemail@hush.ai

12/03/17(Sat)11:16 No. 92935

20, m, california


hey ^^

12/03/19(Mon)08:22 No. 92999



Jazzy 12/03/20(Tue)06:23 No. 93029

18/Orange County, Southern California
Submissive bottom virgin here, looking for someone to play with me! I'm pretty kinky, email me for my list of kinks/turn ons.


12/03/21(Wed)10:23 No. 93099

skype: asianstrangerxx

19 asian bottom looking to cam :P

12/03/22(Thu)19:29 No. 93138

File 133244097758.jpg - (3.35KB , 240x165 , efeeb1425a468dfba5d30f30da558dd9_3.jpg )

21/562 socal

Asian, shy, inexperienced, bi, downlow vers/bottom looking for regular fuck buddy. Hung+ and uncut+.

12/03/26(Mon)01:15 No. 93287

File 13327173521.jpg - (20.52KB , 640x480 , Picture 004.jpg )

25, St. Louis area, St. Charles specifically.

If you're interested just let me know. I'm pretty friendly. :3

Email; cellardoor01@gmail.com

## Mod ## 12/03/27(Tue)07:05 No. 93324

Don't forget contact info when you post, or it will be deleted. Thanks :)

12/03/31(Sat)01:01 No. 93457

File 13331485066.jpg - (244.50KB , 341x1107 , wet2.jpg )

Say hi 724/412, 21 in Washington ~40 miles SW of Pittsburgh, the4thchan@gmail.com

12/03/31(Sat)05:21 No. 93470

25/m/miami fl.

Ewan 12/03/31(Sat)09:12 No. 93475

I live in Indiana. In your area. Email me.

12/03/31(Sat)20:20 No. 93488

Nassau County Long Island, New York

18 and uncut. Email: zapperton@gmail.com

12/04/02(Mon)02:40 No. 93554


Just looking for people to talk to :)


12/04/04(Wed)03:01 No. 93651

31, can be versatile but usually top, 5'11, slender. Love fem/cd/tg/etc especially.


12/04/05(Thu)18:31 No. 93768

File 133364350889.jpg - (66.82KB , 1184x656 , 2012-04-05-095045_6.jpg )

6'8" (2 Meters)
165lbs (75kg)
23 y/o
Crete, Illinois
Versitile, bottom

Only send pics if you want me to respond.


12/04/06(Fri)05:57 No. 93788

File 133368465581.jpg - (47.85KB , 400x400 , gsb.jpg )

19, Germany
Skype: Pantheeon

barry 12/04/08(Sun)16:38 No. 93873

File 133389590515.jpg - (76.17KB , 640x480 , Picture 2.jpg )

18 from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Gay, self conscious, nerdy
Looking for people around my age to chat with or more

Skype: brandon.lee.63

12/04/09(Mon)05:33 No. 93918


Bottom mostly, could always use some more pals too.

AIM: khensu12

12/04/10(Tue)05:42 No. 93978

Looking for chat, possible cam, possible RL
NOTE: In an open relationship. He's cool with it due to distance.

19/M/NY - Conesus Lake
skype: wantinggadzooks

12/04/10(Tue)19:32 No. 94025

Skype: Spiderloli

I don't even

12/04/11(Wed)00:04 No. 94049

File 13340954885.jpg - (1.59MB , 4288x2848 , Mattface1.jpg )

Email: ekadmon@live.com
Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

BF looking? Shotaconlover 12/04/11(Wed)14:54 No. 94088

im a top love shotaon/toddlercon/CD etc
im 25yo 5,7ht 215lbs live in south California
(IE) moval

12/04/12(Thu)09:10 No. 94130


Bi-curious looking for a sub bottom thats nice enough to let me experiment with them.
A + if your a femboy, ++if you have a big butt, ++if you can deepthroat 6.5inches, ++if shemale.

(no contact info)

Nic 12/04/13(Fri)06:15 No. 94179

hey..new here. names nic.

21,vers top/5'10,38 waist,ohio(north east area)
looking for fun,friends and even an ltr..honest loyal guy here and expect the same.

email nicwilson1201@gmail.com
ask for the number, be sure to send pics too.

12/04/14(Sat)08:26 No. 94248

File 133438479350.jpg - (53.93KB , 492x423 , boxers-alt.jpg )


heh, let's see what happens.

AIM: zebrafish69

12/04/15(Sun)11:17 No. 94325


12/04/19(Thu)04:47 No. 94527

ya ya so I forgot.

Here it is:needabjplz@yahoo.com

Also it would help if people are discrete and don't talk about said relationship.

Besides ya didn't ban:

## Mod ## 12/04/20(Fri)06:01 No. 94559


why would I? their email is in the email field.

12/04/21(Sat)03:14 No. 94587

20, male, FL. Not really "out" or anything, but I need some people to talk about this with.

AIM - hellvetius
MSN - hellvetius@live.com

12/04/21(Sat)18:58 No. 94615

File 133502749148.jpg - (193.57KB , 968x968 , Love e.jpg )



hookup in mass? radkid94 12/04/22(Sun)20:27 No. 94653

File 133511921983.jpg - (100.15KB , 480x480 , IMG_0041.jpg )

I just made the realization that I'm bisexual and I'd love to explore that side of me. Hit me up if you wanna hook up or anything. Or we can just be friends. I'm not too picky


12/04/24(Tue)23:47 No. 94735


12/04/25(Wed)10:40 No. 94763

Why not.

Gay 21/M/Chicago peppermint.stick@yahoo.com

12/04/25(Wed)15:28 No. 94771

File 13353605012.jpg - (62.86KB , 606x800 , photo.jpg )

any /fags in the great state of maine? i'm sick of nasty old men lusting after me on manhunt. fmyahard@gmail.com

12/04/26(Thu)02:57 No. 94782

19 m Cali
My # is (619) 350-7033
And I want to txt, trade pics, hook up, whatever. I'm up for anything

12/04/27(Fri)04:35 No. 94823

27, Pennsylvania
aim - hermankeypad

12/04/27(Fri)12:14 No. 94836

20 m, Oxnard, CA

559 309 1974

12/04/28(Sat)04:49 No. 94857

18/Canberra, Australia

looking for friendship, or maybe hookups

12/04/28(Sat)10:38 No. 94864

Hey, can you resend that email, or give me yours?

12/04/28(Sat)13:14 No. 94867

Ok, hit me up. Would liketo get with someone. Will suck dick. Will swallow. Debating whether or not i wanna take it up my ass, but would like to try. Im too shy to post a picture. Im 18, and I live in Birmingham, AL.

12/04/28(Sat)13:16 No. 94868

Ok, hit me up. Would liketo get with someone. Will suck dick. Will swallow. Debating whether or not i wanna take it up my ass, but would like to try. Im too shy to post a picture. Im 18, and I live in Birmingham, AL.
Forgot to say that my email is kawmonkeys@gmail.com

12/05/02(Wed)03:56 No. 94968

File removed. - ( )

Yo, location isn't a big factor to me, looking to first get to know people.

20/m/western NY
Me: 5'10, slim, bottom here
You: i like to keep my options open

skype: aaroneun aim: aaroneun

12/05/03(Thu)05:20 No. 94989

File 133601525257.jpg - (1.47MB , 2560x1440 , 2011-05-04 03-52-43_935.jpg )

21 y/o Ottawa, Canada
Hair is short now, beard is longer. I'm a top, looking for quick or discreet hookups.

Ewan 12/05/03(Thu)19:57 No. 95003

19/m/Hanover, IN.


If you want a pic, send me an email. We can trade.

12/05/04(Fri)08:57 No. 95020

21/flint, michigan
love to chat, cam- willing to "hook up" after I get comfortable with you. Open minded.

12/05/05(Sat)01:45 No. 95040

File 133617513052.jpg - (414.02KB , 972x648 , IMG_1516.jpg )

19 here in Cali. Near riverside.
Looking to hang with someone...maybe cuddle and just be friendly. :P

Email: penis.scented.candle@gmail.com
(Thats my pic...I didn't feel like putting a face pic, so enjoy my penis?)

Randomperson 12/05/05(Sat)09:39 No. 95046

21 NorCal. Antioch/Pittsburgh area =P
Relationship perhaps? No one night stands d=


I don't like throwing pics on line, but I don't mind sharing my pics once someone messages me :d

12/05/06(Sun)10:15 No. 95061

22/m/la ca

12/05/06(Sun)17:19 No. 95064


axew :D 12/05/08(Tue)05:07 No. 95098

20 / NY / Asian
e-mail is up there
Skype? :D

chaser 12/05/12(Sat)08:33 No. 95161

File 13368044266.jpg - (56.66KB , 640x426 , Photo on 12-12-11 at 3_59 PM.jpg )

19 Connecticut vinferz@aol.com is my email

no one under 250lbs

into guys with football builds

Tertiary 12/05/16(Wed)04:18 No. 95256

File 133713471279.jpg - (37.67KB , 640x480 , image201205160045.jpg )

it's been awhile since i was on here lol
Location: Florida, near west palm beach
Sexuality: Bi attracted to men more
Height: idk around 5"10/ 5"11
Email: zaccharycirillo@hotmail.com
Skype: azure_zc
up for anything,bored as hell, if you're not even anywhere near me let's still chat lol

12/05/19(Sat)01:11 No. 95315

20 years old. Massachusetts.
Somewhat tall, very thin.
Long brown hair.
Prefer to bottom but topping is pretty great too.
Looking for guys around my age preferably white and a little younger. Right now I'm just in the mood for a good screwing.
Hit me up at onewhosucksblood@aim.com. We can exchange pics there.

12/05/21(Mon)06:57 No. 95347

Portland OR
Your actually pretty cute

Ewan 12/05/22(Tue)06:40 No. 95372

Sorry, every time I come to this thread I'm just extremely turned on by the OP picture. Does anyone have a source for it?

12/05/24(Thu)23:49 No. 95407

24 Amsterdam, Netherlands
6'4'', ottermode, white
I'm pretty much versatile but I prefer topping. I'm looking for guys around my own age, and in decent shape.

Markankhamen 12/05/26(Sat)01:10 No. 95422

>>72624 Nice to see I'm not the only Nevadan here, hit me up sometime @yahoo.com

30/Las Vegas

(apparently I device can't upload pics)

## Mod ## 12/05/26(Sat)18:39 No. 95430

just something I had in my 7chan folder, unfortunately. wish I knew the source too!

wtf! lulzasaur 12/05/27(Sun)07:44 No. 95437

File 133809749987.jpg - (50.65KB , 455x607 , 20120424_104052.jpg )

i cant be the only one from the 719 lookin for some cock?:)colorado!
email me @ br0074lpoodle@gmail.com

12/05/27(Sun)11:37 No. 95443

File 133811146917.jpg - (1.91MB , 3648x2736 , P8194706.jpg )

24 y/o
San Deigo, Ca

12/05/28(Mon)10:24 No. 95460

22, bttm/vers

Ann Arbor, Michigan


skype: umichbioboy

12/05/30(Wed)01:41 No. 95490

22, va beach
pretty inexperienced bi-curious, wanting to chat and maybe hook up (no relationships though)

12/05/31(Thu)03:07 No. 95503

18 buffalo, new york 716 area code)

lulzasaur 12/05/31(Thu)07:50 No. 95505

File 133844340992.jpg - (45.06KB , 436x582 , 20120529_081140.jpg )


Vinyl 12/05/31(Thu)11:31 No. 95508

File 133845671785.jpg - (46.34KB , 640x480 , picture015.jpg )

18, M, virgin, central Alberta
Skype dennis.west20
I'll be bottom ;)

12/05/31(Thu)14:49 No. 95510

File 133846858462.jpg - (22.39KB , 504x378 , 2b48f2d9789c19f930499687a87b093d_3.jpg )

26/Ca, San Diego
skype: rudeslang
AIM: rudeslang

12/06/02(Sat)04:02 No. 95526

18, 5"11", 175, white, brn/brn, bi, Goshen, Indiana. Just turned 18 5 days ago, looking to meet someone to try things with.


j 12/06/02(Sat)10:20 No. 95529

19, manhattan, kansas, usa

12/06/02(Sat)22:13 No. 95534

540-Roanoke County
Looking for a guy to experiment with, had only a couple gay experiences and they were both negative.

12/06/02(Sat)22:15 No. 95535

Forgot contact info,

12/06/03(Sun)11:09 No. 95542

Pikachupanda923 - aim
23 California lf naughty chat into shota beast and more!

59498 manyfucker 12/06/04(Mon)10:36 No. 95557

I am 21 and in the middle of NJ. NO pic, too shy. my email is in the link above, well in the name part of me. Hit me up. If you i like to I'll give you other good things to talk to me with ;)...god I suck at seducing X(

12/06/06(Wed)08:39 No. 95578

19, going on 20
south eastern ontario
gay, bottom
don't be shy~
I have a pic if you need it :3

Good Day 12/06/06(Wed)10:43 No. 95581

File 133897220348.jpg - (1.73MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0366[1].jpg )

Well I was brave enough for the pic. I have an aim. It's octavainveratto@aim.com. Please message, I am not afraid to answer any questions. :)

12/06/09(Sat)13:07 No. 95654

22 ny/bk str8 curious

Errormsg 12/06/11(Mon)20:45 No. 95699

brandon.error404 on Skype

I'm curious and looking for someone to have a first time with

don't be shy :3

12/06/12(Tue)19:56 No. 95715

File 133952381130.jpg - (55.09KB , 640x480 , irnub.jpg )

Anchorage, AK

It's hard to find fun out here. ^^;

12/06/17(Sun)04:22 No. 95781


South England, Dorset/Bournemouth

Skype: ViviOrunatia

Stats: 5'6, 180, 6"

But please, although I do love a chat, it's only worth adding me if you're nearby. I'm done with online relationships.

12/06/22(Fri)11:52 No. 95860



12/06/25(Mon)16:43 No. 95881

File 134063538013.jpg - (22.87KB , 500x350 , harness.jpg )

Ventura/805 Area Code

Ewan 12/07/04(Wed)19:23 No. 96008

19 Indiana. Serving Jefferson, Clark and a bit of Floyd County. Email if interested.

12/07/05(Thu)08:07 No. 96016

File 134146843238.jpg - (280.88KB , 3264x1840 , me.jpg )

Why not

20/vers. bottom
Winchester, VA


hit me up. We'll talk and see how it goes.

12/07/05(Thu)19:35 No. 96021

File 134150973340.jpg - (916.79KB , 1536x1152 , IMG_3382.jpg )

26, m, bicurious from Bordeaux (France)

12/07/05(Thu)22:23 No. 96025

19 (about to turn 20)/Pittsburgh, PA


I'll send pics through email. Not quite comfortable enough to do so on here.

12/07/11(Wed)13:21 No. 96085

File 134200571350.jpg - (572.53KB , 1536x2048 , 0710121531.jpg )


21 m buffalo ny

skype - WNYCurious

12/07/11(Wed)18:44 No. 96086

23 M Austria (But traveling a lot)

>Relationship Status

>Smoke? Drink? Weed? Drugs?
Drugs of choice: Nicotine (but i never smell like smoke), Alcohol (maybe 1-2 nights/week, Carefully chosen Beer's, Whiskey/Scotch for the finer times.)

>Hobbies and Interests:
Literature, Music (mostly electronic, but others are fine depending on my mood), Snowboarding (2-6 weeks/year), Motocross, Golf, Swimming, Tennis,
Software Development, Horseback riding, Wake-boarding (on a regular basis in summer), sailing.

>Physical Appearance
5 feet 857⁄64 inches Tall (175 cm), Broad shoulders, Brown hair, grey-brown eyes

>Mental Health:

>Sexual Orientation
Straight (exception: very girlish post op TS)

>Looking for:
Relationship would be cool, But making more Online friends is more than fine too.

>Others: Smoke? Drink? Weed? Drugs?
Don't really care as long as it is not overly excessive.

>Others: Physical Appearance:
I do not really care too much!
No Go's: Unclean/Unwashed, Smelly, overly excessive drug use or massive land whale

Looking for intelligent, authentic, literate Individuals that have a good sense of humor.

>Final Statement:
Tricky Question! I don't think, that i will be able to describe myself in a sentence or two.

>Contact Info:
Skype: mynew.throwaway
Yes, i really named my Skype account this way.

12/07/18(Wed)01:22 No. 96142

20, GR, MI

Looking for lots of fun Robert 12/07/21(Sat)15:31 No. 96176

File 134287748790.jpg - (43.91KB , 551x675 , 3.jpg )

34/m/Western IL 5'9" 180, bi, vers, clean and totally disease free. Very open. Drop me a line if you're interested. Hardworkwil@gmail.com

12/07/24(Tue)01:46 No. 96194

Trying to suck dick.

12/07/24(Tue)05:36 No. 96198

18 male austin tx bottom sub

12/07/25(Wed)11:01 No. 96220

22 / M / Minnesota

Very good looking, tall, slim, hung

12/07/25(Wed)18:03 No. 96225

That's fucking disgusting.

12/07/26(Thu)03:23 No. 96233


Hey! 23 from Oshawa here, sent you an email.

12/07/27(Fri)07:54 No. 96247

I'm from Minnesota, too. Where are you from? You can just e-mail me at fighters21@hotmail.com. Just use "7Chan" as your subject line.

12/07/27(Fri)09:20 No. 96250

707 ptown 18 years old.

Ewan 12/07/28(Sat)06:53 No. 96262

20/Madison/Hanover, IN. Email for details and pic trades.

Welsh fag here Lum 12/07/29(Sun)17:51 No. 96269

File 134357709213.jpg - (39.82KB , 640x480 , 154857_10150130364024012_4718481_n.jpg )


23 Cwmbran South Wales UK here. I'm bi, like to suck, and i cam too (skype cwmbranboy22)

D 12/08/01(Wed)04:23 No. 96297

vers guy here

fwb, friend, hookup whatever

D 12/08/01(Wed)04:29 No. 96298

hey cute pics! got an email?

or conversely, you could mail me

12/08/01(Wed)20:05 No. 96317

My Skype name is chatroulettenick if anybody wants to have fun together in a video chat.

12/08/02(Thu)23:28 No. 96327

Dat ass...

12/08/04(Sat)22:03 No. 96343

contact info??? I live in GR as well, 19

12/08/06(Mon)10:57 No. 96351

Emailed you. I'm 18 and in RP

12/08/06(Mon)18:32 No. 96352

17, 5'7, 160 lb, blond

Only add if you live in or within 4 hours of Delaware.

Skype: MrDonutTheDonut
Email: MrDonutTheDonut@hotmail.com

bones 12/08/07(Tue)14:50 No. 96360

name: Chuck
asl: 21/bi(top)/Baltimore, MD
oovoo: bones-chuck
yahoo: brynt91
email: brynt91@yahoo.com or brynt91@gmail.com

seems like there's no one near by me, which sucks
i mean like look at all these cuties

Fuzzy 12/08/08(Wed)01:58 No. 96364

File 134438391491.jpg - (72.27KB , 1024x768 , 3.jpg )

27 year-old top between Grayling and Mio in Michigan. I'm actively looking for a fuckbuddy, especially one younger than myself.

12/08/11(Sat)23:54 No. 96379

File 134472204576.jpg - (29.07KB , 640x480 , snapshot.jpg )

21, Fuquay Varina, NC

Kinda submissive, very open minded. I'm especially into providing oral or rimming. I'll do just about whatever I'm told. Not looking for too serious a relationship, just some fun.


12/08/13(Mon)18:32 No. 96384

Just turned 26.
Melbourne, Australia.

entertain me!

12/08/16(Thu)10:57 No. 96400

File 134510744899.jpg - (37.55KB , 437x619 , sbZLO.jpg )

email: lamarr.ripley@gmail.com
aim/skype: lamarr.ripley
msn: lamarr.ripley@gmail.com

Would be nice to make some friends or whatever.

12/08/21(Tue)06:57 No. 96435

17 Maryland. Looking for dates but might do hook ups. Will also do smoke seshes.

12/08/21(Tue)06:57 No. 96436

17 Maryland. Looking for dates but might do hook ups. Will also do smoke seshes.

Skype: MrDonutTheDonut
Email: MrDonutTheDonut@hotmail.com

12/08/22(Wed)02:14 No. 96443

online now, horny as fuck younggg cub


bones 12/08/22(Wed)17:55 No. 96454

where n MD?

willz 12/08/23(Thu)15:40 No. 96467

worth a chance,...
GA org from NY
770, 28-bi
skype willz8484

12/08/26(Sun)09:03 No. 96487

25/m/fl (407)

Bear cub :3


12/08/28(Tue)16:54 No. 96500

23M queensland Aus- a little far out, eh?

Frankly overweight but slowly working on it, I love to preform a little and still have a weakness for daddy types

Can be reached via Skype (Ketshamine) or Camfrog (Zarakynal) living with roomates makes life a bit of a pain but just mention where you found this and we'll get to talking

12/08/31(Fri)07:46 No. 96528

File 134639197016.jpg - (28.10KB , 371x437 , 398886_2966785263620_1193741577_n.jpg )


aim: i3eppo

Ewan 12/09/01(Sat)04:48 No. 96534

19. Located in New Albany, IN (near Louisville, KY). ewanmcgregorlover007@yahoo.com I'm willing to do just about anything for a little cash.

12/09/02(Sun)07:50 No. 96549

just turned 23.
Located in Long Beach, CA

curious and looking for someone to have a first time with. only experience has been camwhoring so far, which I very much enjoyed


come play with me :)

12/09/02(Sun)17:46 No. 96551

Melbourne Australia
I'm Bi Curious, firmly in the closet and looking for dudes to chat with. Ideally I'd like to find a guy that I get along with well to hangout and experiment with.

I'm mostly interested in bottoming and if how I act when I'm playing with my ass is any indication I'll be a pretty slutty sub bottom, but who knows. Not adverse to topping but I'm definitely more interested in experimenting with my submissive side.

I really like chatting with random people so if you can hold a conversation please add me.

MSN is anonimity@live.com.au
Skype is Tobias2_1

No pics until I find my camera cable, but who's knows when that will be.

Hoook up 12/09/02(Sun)18:03 No. 96553

18 year old male here, bisexual. Looking for people to talk to and cam with maybe even hook up. Live in Norway. Email: norwegianguy943@yahoo.com

Skype: hotnorwegianguy

Website: Ive posted pictures on this website the account is mine. http://www.imagefap.com/profile/HotNorwegianGuy

12/09/05(Wed)00:42 No. 96572

Skype: ztte091
Att: Ginger/Red/Blond hair, athletic, 5"10, London, UK, Bttm/Versatile, love oral play and being submissive.

Have pics & cam

Omega 12/09/05(Wed)08:21 No. 96573

22, San Antonio, Texas, USA

12/09/06(Thu)22:02 No. 96582

File 134696173614.jpg - (247.66KB , 480x640 , 7fc237fad7e5bd79c5507678c5739493.jpg )

Gay Male


Bangor area, Maine

Blonde-Blue Eyed-Gingery Beard




Not really sure what I'm looking for, maine sucks... Really bad. It gets lonely here... In the woods lol... so just say hi :)

12/09/07(Fri)05:22 No. 96583

This was me last year... now 24/San Jose, CA... same email. (Adventure801@gmail.com)

12/09/07(Fri)12:48 No. 96585

File 134701493388.jpg - (262.19KB , 480x640 , IMG_20120620_191809.jpg )

Male 18 slc utah bi virgin(to both) looking for a clean slim boy 17-19 not to fem but just right I am shy and quite at first utahboy0@gmail.com

12/09/10(Mon)19:31 No. 96606

20 Portland, Oregon


Why not?

12/09/10(Mon)22:44 No. 96608

From Minnesota too email pder00@yahoo.com use 7chan

12/09/12(Wed)02:47 No. 96616

East Riding of Yorkshire/East Yorkshire/North Yorkshire/ UK/ England
top, uncut
I have a beaky big nose, and I had alopecia as a child. My hair has since grown back, but is still thin on top. Nobody has ever pointed it out, so it's probably not as noticable as I think it is. My body hair is unaffected, and average.

younger than 30 (younger than 40 for NSA)
My height or less (but I don't care too much)
fitter than me is hot, fatter than me is less pressure on me, so I don't care
100% bottom
>pros (optional)
I'm not a pedant, but being able to spell filters out a lot of undesirable people. Being able to spell, but intentionally braking rules is fine. I've never hooked up online before, so be cool. I am confident in the sack, but I'd like some understanding and low pressure. I'm trying to relax with you, not perform.

I'd like someone who is from a chan because you guys are generally more liberal. As I'm from chans, I can also understand someone saying 'not my type' regardless of how deep the conversation goes.

For the benefit of those with Ctrl+F, my locations include:
York, Hull, Pocklington, Beverley, Bridlington, Driffield, Hornsea, Scarborough and everywhere in between.

I can't accommodate just now, but I can travel.

I am not into webcam/phone sex/ldr, but if you really are stuck in Bumfuck USA or Timbuktu, then I'll chat by email.

I wrote this before and got shafted by Captcha, so I've rewritten what I can remember. I've probably left out certain things, so email me. As I said, I'm used to conversations ending dead if need be from chan culture. So if I'm this shy and doing this, then you can too! darth@myself.com

12/09/12(Wed)07:35 No. 96619

Bel Air

12/09/15(Sat)02:40 No. 96622

28, San Diego, aim - hermankeypad

12/09/16(Sun)17:14 No. 96638

25, Northern VA.

I'm a bear but I'm not into other bears, prefer younger guys


12/09/20(Thu)20:38 No. 96693

30, Northern VA.

I'm a redhead bear but I'm not into other bears, prefer younger guys. free anytime


12/09/25(Tue)21:48 No. 96728

21 @ ciudad juarez, mexico
email: altrodrmz@gmail.com

12/09/30(Sun)18:31 No. 96762

I might s well try.
Age 23
Location: Peshtigo, WI
E-mail: a_teifke@hotmail.com

emt98855 12/10/02(Tue)23:01 No. 96774

File 134921168971.jpg - (304.78KB , 768x768 , PicsArt_1349211948843_Antonio.jpg )

32 Omak, Washington

zombiewolf!aA61.DqypY 12/10/04(Thu)06:44 No. 96781

File 134932585143.jpg - (48.73KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20121003_2.jpg )

18 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
(i like being the bitch)

12/10/06(Sat)10:36 No. 96800

23 WA Tacoma long hair skinnyguy@hushmail.com
sorry no pics yet

12/10/06(Sat)21:03 No. 96802

File 134955021175.jpg - (39.55KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20120914_31.jpg )

20 St. John's Athletic Brunette Canada Newfoundland


12/10/23(Tue)22:53 No. 96917

Iredell County, NC area. 23 yo white guy, top but wanting to experiment with bottoming. email is iredelljohn@gmail.com , put '7chan' in the subject line and include a pic

12/10/23(Tue)22:54 No. 96918

File 13510256597.jpg - (21.75KB , 402x405 , nakedmirrornoface.jpg )

Shit, forgot a pic

12/10/28(Sun)00:23 No. 96963

23/m/bi/Marin County, Ca
email: kdrdood@aol.com

Looking for a femanon to chat with

12/10/28(Sun)19:31 No. 96965

File 135144906898.jpg - (3.83MB , 3216x4288 , DSCF2901.jpg )

23/M/ Germany,Hessen

germans here who want to have "fun" ?


12/11/02(Fri)08:21 No. 96993

File 135184088693.jpg - (27.27KB , 300x305 , IMG_0595_2.jpg )

Age: 20
Sex: fem/male
Location: San Diego or SoCal California
Looking 4: Femboys with nice bubble butts ^_^
Skype roxxxyboi
Email: roxarsoxarz@live.com

Still have my fingers crossed for a femboi around my age or younger, that I can dress up in my ex-gf's lingerie and dominate that ass :)

infinitesynergy@gmail.com 12/11/06(Tue)05:27 No. 97021

36/male/bi/Oklahoma City
email me and we can exchange pictures

12/11/08(Thu)13:21 No. 97025

21 m Carrollton georgia
into sub bottoming

burce 12/11/12(Mon)19:42 No. 97039

21 own place, vers top,black5'11,north east ohio.
email me send pics to get mine nicwilson1201@gmail.com

12/11/14(Wed)05:51 No. 97048

25, bi, in open relationship. NYC
Looking for casual bondage, kinky hanging out. Would love to get hands tied and give bj while you play video games or vice versa.

12/11/16(Fri)15:55 No. 97065

30y white, 5'9", 220lbs. In the Augusta, GA area. Looking for a first time going down on a guy.


12/11/18(Sun)00:27 No. 97072

File 135319483589.jpg - (346.96KB , 866x1296 , xxx4.jpg )

19, m, living mostly in Nottingham but sometimes in Essex (UK)

Here's the deal: I'm a wannabe slut in training. I put an ad on CL looking for a girl or tgirl (or whatever) to teach me how to suck cock, take a man and generally just be a slut. I got some responses but most were from guys (and I wasn't looking for guys). There was this guy however that seems to know how to push my buttons and I wanted to let him teach me to take his cock and he wanted me to fem up and be his whore, but sadly he can't accommodate and has to be incredibly discrete because he has a gf (his loss I guess).

I'm 6 foot and very good looking (being discrete, so will give face pic over e-mail only). I'm also now smooth and plan on staying that way.

So I suppose I'm looking for anyone (guy, girl or anywhere in-between) to teach me a thing or two, or just have their way with me.

I've also really come to like dirty messages and sending naughty pics to a stranger, so hit me up even if you just wanna turn me on ;)

supchrisss 12/11/22(Thu)07:13 No. 97085

File 135356483660.jpg - (30.11KB , 600x450 , 5E95M95J53K93J43oec7b71266c9bc19f1c6c(1).jpg )

18, male, ontario

Jay 12/11/27(Tue)18:43 No. 97116

File 135403819289.jpg - (38.56KB , 297x399 , mirror_lr_1.jpg )


24 / Buffalo (716) / jaywest87@gmail.com

12/11/29(Thu)09:25 No. 97130

Why hello there.

Just an 18 year old busy college student with two jobs living in Central Florida.

12/11/29(Thu)09:28 No. 97131


skype is roku3333
aim is winteriscoming333

Jesus fuck no one lives in ohio 12/11/30(Fri)05:14 No. 97132

225 lbs
Akron/NE Ohio

Taking these made me realize how much I need a trim and a real haircut. I swear I am not that hairy/piglike in my natural state.

I'm up for most anything, but I'm 70% dom with a little switch if I feel like it.

Looking mostly for guys my size class or below (preferably below)to hang out, play videogames and have sex. Email me if you want further information.

12/12/02(Sun)17:44 No. 97142

Western Philadelphia suburb - 610
6' 200lbs muscle and a little chubby,nice ass
Medium hairy (not thick)

Looking for someone to hang out with, and eventually fool around after we are friends.
I could care less about your body stats as long as you are cool, and at least somewhat cute.
I do pretty much everything so at least do handjobs oral. Will bottom for the right person.
email: whacker_wilson@hotmail.com
If interested, email for my skype...

12/12/07(Fri)01:18 No. 97156

Fit bi 25 y/o guy from London UK looking preferably to bottom for a hung top, but pretty much open to anything

londonboy at tormail.org

12/12/11(Tue)06:12 No. 97176

20 male UK looking for a dominant male to chat with about anything

electra_heart at hotmail co uk

12/12/11(Tue)23:23 No. 97181

bi curious
southeast MI
5'7" 130lbs

looking for a friend & j/o buddy and someone willing to experiment with me..im very curious.


12/12/11(Tue)23:41 No. 97182

File 135526567859.jpg - (448.13KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_20121211_180154.jpg )

forgot one! my cock

Nj Here Seb 13/01/04(Fri)20:24 No. 97328

I live near six flags, and if you want to aim my aim is octavainveratto@aim.com. Someone to get to know, the dance with no pants. LOL

13/01/06(Sun)00:52 No. 97342

File 135742993753.jpg - (583.77KB , 4000x3000 , blur.jpg )



If your hot and not in Holland, hit me up anyway, maybe we can have some cam fun.

13/01/10(Thu)13:41 No. 97377

18-2, melbourne
bottom vers, slightly chubby, 6.5"

Hello! 13/01/10(Thu)22:46 No. 97378

File 135785436762.jpg - (228.51KB , 848x567 , 20121231-_dsc1770.jpg )

21/m/San Francisco

Let's hang out!

13/01/14(Mon)03:42 No. 97399

20 ATX
poz, love being buttfucked and buttfucking.

zomgrainbows!TL7K97ILEI 13/01/18(Fri)08:06 No. 97411

File 135849278382.jpg - (300.31KB , 960x1280 , tumblwat.jpg )


Been a loooong time since I've been around.. :)
AIM: zomgrainbows
Or you can find me in the irc.

13/01/18(Fri)14:58 No. 97413


Bicurious looking for someone to talk to and experiment with later. 5'6" 140 lbs


13/01/19(Sat)17:42 No. 97416

File 135861375286.jpg - (18.62KB , 640x480 , snap3.jpg )

Bi top, 24, north west UK. Would love to hear from someone in the same region.

merseysidehuman at gmail

13/01/27(Sun)19:22 No. 97449

Dublin, Ireland, 18.

13/01/28(Mon)22:35 No. 97456

File 135940894878.jpg - (167.01KB , 1224x1632 , face covered1-2.jpg )

559 Madera, CA

13/02/02(Sat)12:00 No. 97486

30 Kansas City 6ft 190lbs uncut.

Curious to try sucking cock

13/02/03(Sun)10:03 No. 97492

23 m Mobile, Al


13/02/04(Mon)12:25 No. 97493

File 135997714959.jpg - (76.55KB , 682x712 , PIC-0131_1.jpg )

22/m/deep south USA

I'm just looking for a sexy friend. You don't have to live near me just be mildy intelligent and good looking between 25 and 40. I'm bi and wanting to explore more with guys specifically bottoming and sucking a good looking cock and other slutty things. The right guy could probably turn me into his slave hehe.

Skype - beanrichy614

13/02/08(Fri)19:43 No. 97530

North East, England, UK
21 Slim and smooth
8" Dick
My email is Justaguy1991@hotmail.co.uk

13/02/08(Fri)19:46 No. 97531

File 136034921539.jpg - (6.54KB , 245x245 , 5justaguy1991_1348120515.jpg )

My ass

:) Anon 13/02/11(Mon)16:45 No. 97551

Looking for a taboo chat buddy.

Tyven!tZORD5XtG2 13/02/18(Mon)11:11 No. 97593

File 136118227252.jpg - (167.73KB , 438x700 , photo_l67q89yEBA1qbdrfwo1_500.jpg )

Im 22, bi, and in Charleston South Carolina :P
Looking for a qt boyfriend

Tyven!tZORD5XtG2 13/02/18(Mon)11:11 No. 97594

oh my email is metalcross1354 at gmail

13/02/19(Tue)00:29 No. 97598

File 136123017371.jpg - (41.61KB , 640x480 , snapshot(5).jpg )

19 year old male. Kansas City, Missouri~


Looking for friends with benefits to fool around with...versatile but mostly a bottom.

Cotton 13/02/20(Wed)21:14 No. 97609

Hi :D
Mi name is ALejandro
I'm from Mexico
Skype: AlejandroQuetzalli

Ontario 13/02/27(Wed)04:04 No. 97643

27 / M / Toronto
Looking to meet other panty bois ;)

13/03/04(Mon)21:02 No. 97676

File 136242736818.jpg - (90.77KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )

18 , vermont, Into chubby men and I have a sizable 9" cock. I like to give and receive, also have many fetishes.

13/03/04(Mon)21:08 No. 97677


^ Sorry, its TristanWH611@gmail.com ^

RJ 13/03/05(Tue)20:42 No. 97684

25/m San Diego. I Like twinks.


bones 13/03/09(Sat)16:13 No. 97707

still me, from baltimore, maryland, usa
i got a skype now: chuck.up
just lookin for casual sex/friend with benefits
i'm in an open relationship
hit me up if ur interested

13/03/12(Tue)03:44 No. 97721


13/03/14(Thu)02:08 No. 97725

18/m/bottom or vers here, London or SE England. Love being a sub, love illicit substances, very open minded.

13/03/14(Thu)02:11 No. 97726

And im on my ipod :( email is kcidmilk@gmail.com

13/03/15(Fri)05:32 No. 97730

18, Male (no shit), Bucks County PA.

Bi-curious. I've never done it with a guy before and definitely want to give it a try.

I'd like to try bottoming, but I can't promise that I'll be any good.

Contact: draemer123@gmail.com

13/03/18(Mon)07:03 No. 97737

19/m/usa ga. i only to oral and rarely swallow . 3526385171

13/03/30(Sat)02:03 No. 97769

20, uk, cornwall, st.ives-hayle area. msg me riv_rules@hotmail.co.uk
up for mutual oral, i swallow.

irabu!RZCFi/d1Ro 13/04/01(Mon)20:51 No. 97781

File 136484227172.jpg - (42.65KB , 639x480 , mystuff.jpg )

Been a long time 7chins <3

24/gay/London, UK

skype: ichiro.irabu
e: supercats at live.com

13/04/06(Sat)17:00 No. 97793

File removed.png - (195.34KB , 345x448 , Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11_00_47 AM.png )

23/M/Halifax Canada

13/04/10(Wed)08:17 No. 97805

File 136557467523.jpg - (169.33KB , 640x360 , 2013-04-08 19-53-38_379.jpg )

19, Pittsburgh (I can travel if necessary)

contact: jaximus20@gmail.com

I'm tall and slim, and I love both top and bottom. ;)

13/04/11(Thu)04:58 No. 97807

18, Northern Ireland, Belfast.


13/04/14(Sun)00:23 No. 97823

Liverpool, on the wirral.

13/04/15(Mon)01:15 No. 97825

22 / Bowling Green, OH


13/04/15(Mon)11:07 No. 97827

File 136601684525.jpg - (192.78KB , 960x1280 , GuyMeChillWear.jpg )

23/New Orleans, LA

Could go for some good old hooking up. Top, bottoms, and switches welcome.

13/04/16(Tue)05:06 No. 97828

Hi bicourious top looking for people to talk to hot me up on Skype Jason.clay18

13/04/19(Fri)04:27 No. 97838

File 136633843722.jpg - (151.60KB , 720x1280 , IMAG0016.jpg )

Jason.clay18 is my Skype

13/04/29(Mon)11:24 No. 97862

File 136722749347.jpg - (145.73KB , 1280x960 , IMG_20130318_125522.jpg )

25, france. sendmecockpics@gmail.com (oooyeah)

13/05/02(Thu)09:41 No. 97871

hey fags, 19, Boston MA
looking for my first time so hit me up

Rogue 13/05/07(Tue)05:27 No. 97883

24, Dallas
haven't been with a guy in a few years.
Looking for a cute sub, also love traps.

getyolife 13/05/12(Sun)19:58 No. 97935

File 136838149864.png - (357.92KB , 614x481 , Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 12_57_22 PM.png )


art, video games, bikining, guitar, poetry.. up for frieds but really horny......
skype: at0mbomb

13/05/13(Mon)22:32 No. 97943

File 136847714591.jpg - (1.98MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20120430_122143 copy.jpg )

22 mass

kind of picky, mostly into twink-ish types. no one over 27.

atautwire [at] gmail.com

13/05/18(Sat)04:31 No. 97955

File 136884427685.jpg - (377.78KB , 960x1280 , photo (4).jpg )

In dallas, looking for a good ole fashioned hookup.

I'm a bottom, who sometimes CDs (not so much right now)

I've always wanted to fuck on 25i (basically acid, I guess)

But yeah my email is straigotster@gmail.com

skype is alicecd1990
hit me up for more/better pictures

Also, I know this is a long shot, but I'm totally free TONIGHT. and down for anything ;)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ 13/05/18(Sat)21:14 No. 97962

i am online

13/05/21(Tue)00:43 No. 97989

File 13690898303.jpg - (231.19KB , 1280x720 , IMAG0062.jpg )

I'm hopping on skype now if anyone wants to play with me.

Skype in email field.

25/m/New Mexico

13/05/21(Tue)17:33 No. 97994

File 136915042858.jpg - (408.82KB , 1536x1512 , Photo0356.jpg )

Dominant top, 18, UK midlands.
A few cute guys here but none nearby.

...what, I like maths.

13/05/22(Wed)20:34 No. 98000

File 136924765793.jpg - (1.01MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_20130402_023022 (2).jpg )

18 m spain switch
Skype: kevin.cjvalles

eh rob 13/05/30(Thu)15:03 No. 98019

Eh what the hell,
20,m,near Pittsburgh pa in us of course

13/06/07(Fri)08:17 No. 98054

40 5'9, 150lbs. submissive bottom Cleveland, OH

13/06/17(Mon)03:27 No. 98084

File 13714324348.png - (623.23KB , 480x480 , IMG_0175[2].png )

21, St. Louis MO
email: anonyllama1233@gmail.com
I'm just looking to talk, nothing serious.

13/06/18(Tue)05:18 No. 98089

Age: 22
Location: south east Kentucky
Orientation: gay
Email: boy_nextdoor2223@yahoo.com

M-Prime 13/06/20(Thu)08:36 No. 98093


kitsunema@hotmail.com is how you can contact me

Brett 13/06/21(Fri)08:36 No. 98097

19/M/Bi Vancouver BC area (suburb)
Email included above

13/06/27(Thu)06:32 No. 98116

File 13723075259.jpg - (104.41KB , 582x864 , zzz4 (2).jpg )

20/m/Essex, UK
Curious and inexperienced guy wants some fun. Very open to suggestions on what to do. Up for toppong or bottoming.

13/06/28(Fri)15:53 No. 98118

File 137242758243.jpg - (82.43KB , 960x720 , snowdon.jpg )

> 25
> dePreston, Lancashire
> Bisexual
> Dominant top to younger more twinky guys, versatile with more masculine guys
> Terrible pervert
> ukulelekris@gmail.com

Been a while Unamericano 13/06/28(Fri)22:21 No. 98119

File 137245090538.jpg - (1.07MB , 1536x2048 , smiel.jpg )

Got a hairdo
this is me two years ago

I like surprises

21/ft.lauderdale kik is same as all other IMs

13/06/30(Sun)06:23 No. 98122

20/m looking to hookup?

13/07/01(Mon)17:29 No. 98130

File 137269257544.jpg - (156.29KB , 1025x800 , 1.jpg )

24, toronto.
Mostly into hung men and light domination.
Always up to talk and do some skype action.

13/07/13(Sat)12:56 No. 98161

I'm in Minnesota, too! you can email me at allinalpe@gmail.com

13/07/13(Sat)12:58 No. 98162


Blaze+heatnik 13/07/18(Thu)15:41 No. 98172

looking for foot bud
miami, fl

13/07/18(Thu)23:02 No. 98173

File 137418132653.jpg - (207.06KB , 960x782 , photo524.jpg )

22, bi bottom, in Bethel, Maine near the big ski resort. Contact me at fmyahard@gmail.com

13/07/23(Tue)03:14 No. 98181


cub type here, in the process of putting on some muscle and getting in shape. will be in philadelphia soon. ideal guy would be slightly dominant but would like to be friends first

13/07/29(Mon)01:54 No. 98193

tall, skinny guy with a thick cock

13/08/02(Fri)11:22 No. 98200


I really want to suck cock, please contact me whenever you're horny, and DDF.



greengorgon 13/08/07(Wed)05:01 No. 98209

File 137584446534.jpg - (1.47MB , 2000x3008 , DSC_0162.jpg )

I guess I should actually add more.
6'5", 160 lbs
aim/email: firecrotchtaylor@aol.com
skype: greengorgon27

13/08/11(Sun)21:43 No. 98234

skype: ztte091

23 m nottingham

13/08/14(Wed)23:38 No. 98254

19, Germany, Mannheim

Skype: fireflyer93

13/08/17(Sat)05:25 No. 98267

23/california. interested in white guys my age or younger, feminine is cool but it's not a deal breaker. not into extremely feminine or anorexic guys. i'm a top. email me with a picture and where you are. i'm in good shape, thin, picky, not in a hurry.

13/08/19(Mon)06:52 No. 98272

skype: awkwardbttm24

13/08/25(Sun)21:11 No. 98287

23, Houston, TX.
AIM: aeturnumxii
Masculine Bisexual, versatile, fit (not ripped, yet), DDF, cultured, professional, looking for a fuck buddy. Into twinks and athletes.

13/08/27(Tue)00:08 No. 98289

File 137755492594.png - (478.62KB , 704x467 , Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4_14_37 PM.png )

24/M/TX Here

Skype: Mode_Rob
Let's chat!

## Mod ## 13/08/30(Fri)15:06 No. 98299

Guys, include your age with your posts, especially if you're posting sexually explicit pictures. You must be 18 or over to be reading or posting on any of these boars. I had to delete a couple of posts because the pictures were questionable and no age was stated.. So just for future reference, please include your age.

Indianapolis James 13/09/03(Tue)18:46 No. 98312

I recently moved here and am bored as fuck. Hit me up and all that jazz. I need new friends. I'm 27 and in Indianapolis Indiana. I have a car, so willing to travel a bit if need be.

13/09/06(Fri)22:43 No. 98320

File 137850021951.jpg - (5.23MB , 3000x4000 , P1090531.jpg )

Canada Ontario,
Up to talk, i'd like to think i'm pretty friendly

13/09/17(Tue)08:58 No. 98341

Looking for twinks and fem bottoms in AZ around Tempe.

Skype: ShroudedMalice

13/09/17(Tue)21:51 No. 98347

File 13794474692.jpg - (272.98KB , 1600x1200 , lol.jpg )

18/North East UK (Newcastle-Durham Area)
Just lookign to see who's around, let me know: likelikeiscool@live.com

13/09/25(Wed)19:18 No. 98358

25/Adelaide, South Australia

13/10/01(Tue)05:32 No. 98365

19/gay/Melbourne, Aus
Slender bottom wanting to explore S&M being bound, gagged, slave treatment, if you're looking for that kind of guy, message me

13/10/10(Thu)08:54 No. 98383


Contact Info?

im 21 From 716/Near Springville


The Sad Unicorn 13/10/12(Sat)08:04 No. 98388

File 138155785278.jpg - (25.47KB , 640x480 , picture001.jpg )

I'd prefer if you messaged me on kik if possible.

13/10/21(Mon)16:05 No. 98423

File 138236435290.jpg - (37.11KB , 468x357 , 2013-10-21 09-00-03_153.jpg )

Bisexual 21 year old
Columbus, GA
Mostly into feminine guys but I don't really discriminate

13/11/19(Tue)07:32 No. 98502

18/male/NYC, bisexual
I'm open to doing things with people around my age, but I'm really into older men (30's and 40's mostly). Be warned though, I've never done this and will be a bit shy.

13/11/20(Wed)02:14 No. 98504

looking for cute skinny bois and gals :3

but still 19/m/AZ hit me up at luvsic420@q.com ;)

young and skinny for the same, <3
So talk to me, send a pic ;)

13/11/20(Wed)03:51 No. 98505

File 138491586166.jpg - (37.99KB , 640x480 , Image-21.jpg )

20 M gay, Berkeley, CA.

13/11/26(Tue)12:20 No. 98529

20, New Zealand


13/12/02(Mon)06:04 No. 98553

Age 21, from Brazil. Going to Coachella and Six Flags next year, maybe some random trip before that.
I'm a bottom, but I enjoy being top to guys who's shorter than me.

I'm into bear/cub guys, bears, musicians, stoners... If there's anyone who has more than 200 lbs, a beard and thinks I'm kewt, let me know so we can smoke a joint on the bech and then go for a cuddling session.

Skype is the same as email: pedro.cabral@outlook.com

13/12/12(Thu)03:42 No. 98582

27/ bi-curious cub/ cobb county, georgia
In a relationship with a girl. I'd like to try getting fucked in the ass. My gf won't mind, but she'd want to watch. If things go well, I'll be up for more stuff.
I can top if needed, but I'm a bottom at heart.

Dio 13/12/15(Sun)09:10 No. 98596

File 138709502685.jpg - (21.89KB , 291x414 , Frfetzy.jpg )

Hey guys

23/MA - Boston area

AIM: Diotaku
Skype: Dionashi

Feel free to IM me to chat about random stuff, I like video games and any sort of design in general~

irabu!RZCFi/d1Ro 13/12/24(Tue)01:34 No. 98613


Am in scotland if any scotfags want to say hello :)

skype: ichiro.irabu

14/01/04(Sat)16:07 No. 98637

25/London UK

Looking for a nice cock to suck and more


14/01/07(Tue)11:53 No. 98644

I forgot to include contact info. Reach me at nagant@hushmail.com

14/01/11(Sat)02:25 No. 98661

File 138940350429.jpg - (8.23KB , 360x270 , 20131231_073147.jpg )

24 here in PA (Near Philly) Just looking for friends, maybe more.
kik: hibernus
skype: hibernus2
yahoo: axeman2263@yahoo.com

14/01/15(Wed)04:22 No. 98670

20/M/Carlsbad, CA (USA) Switch


14/01/17(Fri)04:32 No. 98672

Age: 24

Location: Marietta/Cobb County, Georgia.

Skype: railking20

Looking for: Bicurious, wanna try some stuff with a guy, kissing/making out, maybe some oral sex, maybe more if it gets to that point.

Just message me on skype.

I'm in your area if you wanna meet.

14/01/24(Fri)03:41 No. 98677

22, bi, slim white guy in Sumter. You still looking?

PA zero 14/02/05(Wed)03:43 No. 98687

Reading PA. I'll top if you bottom ;)

14/02/12(Wed)05:39 No. 98695

File 139217998399.jpg - (9.38KB , 320x240 , Image103.jpg )

skype: smokiemicpot
22yr Canada Ontario
kinda a newbie

poke smot? 14/02/16(Sun)06:02 No. 98699


email: rnw3193@bellsouth.net

any big thick dicks in suwanee? or near by?

14/02/25(Tue)17:13 No. 98720

jcoxx21 on kik. 21 year old gay bottom into older men.

Newbie-kun 14/03/04(Tue)12:17 No. 98730

Xegoog on skype
Like younger boys. On mobile that can't post pics.
Skyp me and you'll get them.
McMinnville OR

14/03/05(Wed)22:13 No. 98731

File 139405402812.jpg - (440.95KB , 2048x1536 , e9c8efb6-a790-4425-a13e-3ab4c62bc8ba.jpg )

Hai, I'm looking for guys who want to talk and be friends/possibly more.but I'm also into getting dirty and trading nudes.
Skype: zindayn

14/03/09(Sun)07:32 No. 98738

fede arg
muy activo
face: federico.zat.5
I love video cam shows!

14/03/10(Mon)05:34 No. 98739

Skype is chrissyboy380

Looking for a good Skype buddy for friends and possibly for trading nudes with if you want. No cam though, at least not yet.

Ray Mahlojian 14/03/20(Thu)04:23 No. 98749

Ray Mahloji likes

14/03/24(Mon)12:34 No. 98760

19/m/south pitt pa

looking for a athletic college boy that dont discriminate on looks. im not a horrible looking guy. phones being dumb cant load a pic here.
email me for a pic but send me one of you first.

sfmike 14/04/04(Fri)23:53 No. 98797

File 139664841781.jpg - (19.44KB , 462x820 , 1395288450044.jpg )

24 in San Francisco ca, top, many fetishes. My age or below only.

If you wanna visit sf and need a place to crash, hmuuu

Email: sfmkev00917@yahoo.com

14/04/05(Sat)03:29 No. 98798



I've never actually done anything with a guy, and I'm looking for a nerdy, twinkish guy to be friends with and possibly do naughty things :)

Thin, smart/cute/nerdy androgynous guys are more my type but I'd love
to talk to anyone. Bonus points if you like anime and games <3

14/04/08(Tue)13:39 No. 98804

27/m/socal (los angeles)

14/04/10(Thu)03:09 No. 98811


LA here. Contact info?

14/04/12(Sat)01:49 No. 98816

23 bi male(almost 24!) NC(336)
Aim and Skype are both Cynikomodo

14/04/16(Wed)07:43 No. 98828


Sex 14/04/17(Thu)10:44 No. 98829

Male 19 Pittsburg pa area. Looking for a hot slim athletic guy to fuck hard in the ass. Email me. Lovemachine9469@gmail.com I use protect. All the time. Just a heads up.

14/04/19(Sat)06:51 No. 98830

File 139788306769.jpg - (26.40KB , 480x480 , 10176025_10202827244135433_4223359224597755453_n.jpg )

San Bernadino (San Diego next week)
29 hit me up if ya want

14/05/08(Thu)10:51 No. 98859

haha, wow I came here by total accident.. I'll leave a description/email but I'd rather Skype than leave a pic on this random image board. :p

I reside in Delaware.. I'm 22.. black and kind of a stoner.. thin/short/ athletic. I skate listen to deftones the smiths and radiohead.


call me kilo kilo 14/05/19(Mon)15:57 No. 98883

24/Bi/M/Huntington Beach, Ca
kik and skype: kilo17057
5'7" 170 average.

I just want to hangout, talk, and see what happens. Willing to experiment. I like nice guys and enjoy guitar, games, drugs, tv, and any kind of music and am kind of a nerd. Never been with a guy, but I've always wanted to. So I think I like top but want to try bottom. I'm still a virgin lol but love the feeling of something inside me especially when I'm lit. I dont want to leave a pic here because I'm still in the closet but skype or message me if you're interested. :)

Ryan McNeeley Ryan McNeeley 14/05/21(Wed)10:42 No. 98895

File 140066175039.jpg - (96.25KB , 480x640 , 2014-05-16 20_47_59.jpg )

I respond positively to dick pics...especially black
Anytime of day is fine

Ryan McNeeley

14/05/25(Sun)17:15 No. 98913

im looking for something like this text me or call for pics or to meet up 508-317-9458

14/06/01(Sun)17:55 No. 98944

39m in NH and bored

fucking hot anon 14/06/03(Tue)23:57 No. 98951

this guy is fucking hot. i wanna fuck him.

14/06/08(Sun)06:57 No. 98963

27 m melbourne
st kilda


14/06/11(Wed)09:37 No. 98973

24, male, Gay, Kinky.
Surrey, BC, Canada.

I'm looking to get fucked, often, on a leash and collar if possible. Skype is oryx.j.clarke
Did I mention I love cum? In food, in my butt in my mouth...

St. Louis Fag kinkdude 14/06/19(Thu)18:35 No. 98996

File 140319570081.jpg - (71.30KB , 738x447 , urban2.jpg )

14/06/21(Sat)05:51 No. 99003

23 in boca raton FL email is jsub1191@gmail

14/06/24(Tue)05:41 No. 99015

28/M/FL 321 -- Turning bi need help doing so.

14/06/24(Tue)06:43 No. 99016

Figure I should put a post up. 25, VT,

Gehenna 14/06/25(Wed)15:40 No. 99019

email: gehenna1@live.de

14/07/02(Wed)01:46 No. 99050

I'm in NJ, about 40 minutes from the bridge

14/07/02(Wed)01:48 No. 99051

I always see you on grindr, we must be close!

14/07/02(Wed)02:03 No. 99052

23/southern nj/bi. looking for femboys/traps/twinks/anyone who wants to blow me. 5'10" 180 stocky/slightly chub. email:sjhookups@gmail.com

cjalw1 14/07/04(Fri)21:02 No. 99061

24/gay/tx 409 832

kik cjalw1

Dinner and a Movie?

14/07/05(Sat)21:32 No. 99064

eastern nc 252
husky ginger virgin

14/07/09(Wed)05:26 No. 99074

File 140487636474.jpg - (32.00KB , 608x478 , Best one.jpg )

25yr old chicago

14/07/09(Wed)05:34 No. 99075


whoops i can be reached here


viscosity 14/07/10(Thu)02:11 No. 99080

21/Boston here
In college. Really just looking for more friends/drinking buddies.

14/07/13(Sun)00:06 No. 99089

File 140520280818.jpg - (208.60KB , 1280x720 , Snapshot_20140712_150439.jpg )

23/dfw texas

kik: nicholas_1901
snapchat: nicholas_1901

14/07/14(Mon)14:25 No. 99091

21, auckland nz

14/07/14(Mon)18:40 No. 99092


18, Londonderry NH

14/07/16(Wed)19:43 No. 99098

25, Malmö, Sweden
Lookin for someone cute to date :)

14/07/17(Thu)00:04 No. 99099

27 married m, san diego...i havent ever done anything with a guy but id like to change that...i think id be willing to go as far as a bj for the right guy...email me at my throw away, lolwtfomgnoway@aim.com

im 6ft 190, brn hair green eyes, 6.5" cut, i keep myself shaved around the dick regin and trimmed around the ass. id be down for a little toy play to, but i dont have any, u can use urs on me though if ur up for it....ill be waiting for ur email, we can chat a bit then figure out what will happen from there....thanks

14/07/24(Thu)00:28 No. 99115

25, NCC delaware, into guys under 30, uncut cock is a plus

14/07/24(Thu)08:58 No. 99118

20 / bottom / melbourne

tyler 14/07/27(Sun)23:49 No. 99128

19 white masc top text 9037998266 texarkana, texas

14/07/28(Mon)05:32 No. 99129

19 M London Bisexual (n i love shemales)

Skype: whorny.slutboy
Email: kiwiyazen@gmail.com
Photos: http://www.cam4.co.uk/whornyboi/gallery

I wanna have someone come to my place and fuck me. We can also get drunk together. I don't want fat people and if you wanna bottom you need to be shaven.


14/08/09(Sat)19:07 No. 99172

20yr old uncut, bicurious male
Hillsboro, OR

kik: dastoofyo

14/08/11(Mon)10:58 No. 99179

19, bergen county nj
kik: illcallyoupapi

Blkbun 14/08/18(Mon)22:39 No. 99198

Skype: Blk bun

fayg 14/08/26(Tue)08:27 No. 99215

Ey! Fag in Atlanta, GA. 24.
Kik: thunderrat
Skype: rattoid

Wanting to meet up and get coffee! :D

Diapers? WetNappy 14/09/02(Tue)00:47 No. 99242

M/30 Portland OR.

Any AB/DLs looking for other Diaper buddies?

Kik dayv88

14/09/02(Tue)00:49 No. 99243

It's dayv99 not 88

near me? robertBruce 14/09/02(Tue)00:55 No. 99244

20/M/574 IN
Versatile and flexible

14/09/04(Thu)03:32 No. 99253

File 140979435423.jpg - (430.06KB , 600x900 , IMG_0005.jpg )

760 socal dude. 26/Hairy Cub type guy.
Centurionfilters@gmail.com (weird account I know)

14/09/11(Thu)02:26 No. 99272

28 northern virginia bi guy here. Love to go either way

14/10/11(Sat)06:24 No. 99369

Kik: Akiyooo

Dirty 30s, love connecting via cam Joey M 14/10/13(Mon)02:47 No. 99375

jmalone227 on Skype and G+ if you're interested in connecting.

Hit me up if you Wanna talk Carl 14/10/15(Wed)13:06 No. 99379

Hey 21 years old looking for guys to talk to. I'm from Michigan but willing to chat with anyone around my age or younger. You can text me 313 685 5095 or hit me up on Skype at boxerbriefsftl.

Charmander12 14/10/15(Wed)22:16 No. 99380

Hot dick, Carl

14/11/01(Sat)04:21 No. 99397

File 141481209383.jpg - (1.75MB , 3920x2940 , DSC_0380.jpg )

South florida in boca raton jsub1191@gmail.com
23 btm i cant stand craigslist so ill give this a try hope i get a reply

14/11/09(Sun)14:39 No. 99400

College guy

horny in TX Rayman 14/11/10(Mon)16:10 No. 99402

File 14156322087.jpg - (37.64KB , 718x718 , 10436270_814435115254987_6805597046093243131_n.jpg )

ray9900man at gmail....


14/11/11(Tue)23:04 No. 99403

File 141574349120.jpg - (1.01MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0163.jpg )


21/latino/125lbs, twink boy who lieks other twink boys for sexy twink on twink axxion ;3


btw, i hardly check emails, so don't expect me to reply right away xD

14/11/12(Wed)01:13 No. 99404

might as well try this again

27 m virgin

willing to give hj or bj, want to get rimmed, try 69ing

san diego

email my throaway ohemgee99@yahoo.com

14/11/15(Sat)11:59 No. 99405

File 141604918634.jpg - (67.64KB , 640x480 , 2014-06-24 22_13_25.jpg )

18, hispanic 5"9' 192. i live in Pa, Harrisburg area. Mostly a bottom and open to try anything new or old.

goldhazard11 at gmail

14/12/10(Wed)10:52 No. 99438

File 141820513966.jpg - (423.60KB , 1785x1155 , 1414472053465.jpg )

nova 703 - 23/bi gay-virgin. Just want to fool around and suck some dicks.

14/12/12(Fri)09:00 No. 99449

27/m Brooklyn

Otter, into twinks


14/12/19(Fri)08:14 No. 99454

24 / m / bay area(oakland). young cute nerdy white male type, 5'7 150lb. i really just want to give head. hit me up, not picky just want to practice head

nerdsareus15 at gmail

15/01/03(Sat)07:11 No. 99468


15/01/03(Sat)07:13 No. 99469

Where in FL? Orlando here. I would pump a load into that ass.

15/01/04(Sun)10:24 No. 99473


Add me on Skype, let's chat ;)


15/01/15(Thu)09:51 No. 99485

Contact info?
23 m bi guy here in the 571/703 area. KiK is ColonelCrunch

15/01/30(Fri)06:23 No. 99515


Sir Elton?

15/02/05(Thu)21:49 No. 99526

File 14231693476.jpg - (374.89KB , 720x1280 , IMG_20150205_183843162.jpg )


wanna see more?

add me on snapchat: sendmedickpicsx

be as lewd as possible

15/02/15(Sun)01:17 No. 99542

34/ne ohio
kik: vrblthrs

15/03/04(Wed)15:51 No. 99585


East bay, CA

Email: dg3163@gmail.com

pics are me

15/03/30(Mon)18:44 No. 99615

File 142773386178.png - (18.63KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )

crossdresser here. Really young and really sub. I can't be dom whatsoever. skype is alex_pride69 add the us account

15/04/14(Tue)08:43 No. 99629


This guy is 16, underaged, do NOT add.

15/04/19(Sun)04:09 No. 99634

File 142940936320.jpg - (36.13KB , 540x720 , e87e2928-2259-4b8d-9e6a-46213864ad19.jpg )

22, Colorado.
I verse but I love to bottom more <3
Kik is: valentine69love
Skype is: jvalentinel

15/04/30(Thu)02:06 No. 99641

22 y.o. top in Virginia. hmu if you're a cute submissive boy
kik: ericrva

15/05/08(Fri)03:17 No. 99648

919-NC 23..bi

:3 slim
kik: benjibenjibenji

15/05/08(Fri)04:01 No. 99649

File 143105048558.png - (496.27KB , 699x393 , Picture 1.png )

&& a pic

30 so cal guyfrom scv 15/05/10(Sun)16:39 No. 99650

30 m

15/05/15(Fri)11:55 No. 99656

File 143168374935.jpg - (1.21MB , 2448x2448 , IMG_0203.jpg )


Oh god, I'm still on here. Ok, time to do this again.

22/ARIZONA!!! Latin Twink Boy. Looking for other twink boys to have fun with, get to know, who the fuck knows. I probably won't get any emails if this has been up here for 3 years now xD


email me at luvsic420@q.com
I have skype and such... email me for it.

15/05/15(Fri)12:09 No. 99657

ughhh, I put the wrong email in. The new email is Jeezus@q.com

email me bois

tyham32 15/05/16(Sat)03:54 No. 99659

add me on skype 4 mutual masturbation :3 18 gay usa
skype is tyham34

15/05/20(Wed)16:39 No. 99664

21 from New York
text me at 7163815170

15/05/23(Sat)00:57 No. 99666

Lille, France, 21.

Can move around easily.

I'm 1m85, 90 kg, black hair, brown eyes, I'm a top but I don't mind assplay. Looking for a reasonably effeminate guy to be fwb with.

hookup zrayx 15/05/24(Sun)12:04 No. 99668

File 143246185119.jpg - (156.79KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20140905_031812.jpg )

24, 195, 6 feet, 6 uncut
Calgary, alberta

Looking for younger than myself Regular thing? 15/06/07(Sun)03:15 No. 99684

File 14336397073.jpg - (236.52KB , 805x1661 , 6.jpg )

21, M, Phoenix AZ
Mainly into short cute twinks. Pic is me.

please expose me Cody thal 15/06/18(Thu)19:10 No. 99691

Hey I'm 21 m my skype codythal2
who can expose me? I got webcam :P

Midnight 15/06/27(Sat)00:53 No. 99702

File 143535918540.jpg - (43.77KB , 380x480 , image.jpg )

22 male Phoenix, Az

Vers looking for guys in Arizona to do whatever

Hmu! Kik is GinoMidnight

15/07/07(Tue)03:58 No. 99718

Looking to chat, trade pics or anything else in between
kik: groverlober
skype: chiriji

saibot34 15/07/16(Thu)13:26 No. 99725

damn sexy :)

15/07/20(Mon)10:26 No. 99733

File 143738081488.jpg - (29.14KB , 299x414 , Photo Nov 08, 1 50 18 PM.jpg )

25/M/ Pittsburgh area. Preferably bot, but still learning!

Skype; PrinceKite, Email; k1t3b0y@live.com

Closet case, chubby, looking for friends!

15/08/20(Thu)03:32 No. 99772


15/08/31(Mon)16:42 No. 99785

File 144103213043.jpg - (98.93KB , 1280x720 , ph1.jpg )

19 bottom raleigh, nc
email christianj3030@gmail.com

Whatever 15/09/09(Wed)21:20 No. 99809

File 144182643646.jpg - (64.48KB , 738x982 , image.jpg )

Kik salutemeimnickk

15/09/19(Sat)04:02 No. 99823

File 144262816872.jpg - (168.33KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20150918_18_51_26_Pro.jpg )

Kik: XCharmy

15/09/19(Sat)08:07 No. 99826

File 144264286728.jpg - (26.46KB , 489x655 , unnamed (1).jpg )

Still around. San Diego!

15/09/24(Thu)00:22 No. 99833

im still around ....live in el cajon here...never been with a guy but want to try sucking a dick.
email me, ohemgee99@yahoo.com

i have my pics on my xhamster account but email me to get that ;)

15/10/06(Tue)03:02 No. 99851

File 144409336414.jpg - (16.11KB , 183x191 , images (1).jpg )

(250) 802-3598 pend me a pic and ill send you one back ;)

Nanaimo,BC, Canada

15/10/17(Sat)09:04 No. 99874

File 144506544826.jpg - (7.02KB , 160x160 , 11903969_914902521908343_23756912332823722461_n.jpg )

Bicurious Top just looking to chill and maybe do more
skype:Rutoko Steam

15/11/08(Sun)02:30 No. 99920

22 / Mobile, Al
A lot of kinks, into anyone from 35 or below.


115lb, 5'5"

15/11/08(Sun)22:00 No. 99922

27 NYC Spanish male
seeking discrete patient partner MUST BE DL.
Desperately seeking to bottom for the 1st time.
Perhaps make it on going..
220lb, 5'-8" 5" UC hairy chub..

me 16/01/03(Sun)12:04 No. 100048

25 white 6ft 220 7cut redhead with a trimmed beard.
Vers leaning bottom; i love to suck, and would love to try frot. I have a weakness for uncut dudes too...
I'm in NY, westchester county- hit me up if you're in my area and can host

Invite Doug 16/01/26(Tue)19:08 No. 100094

File 14538317129.jpg - (2.60MB , 2560x1600 , Virginity.jpg )

Find Me this Summer !

justin 16/02/03(Wed)06:39 No. 100106

San Diego bottom hmu I like older guys
Kik me jyancey2

16/04/10(Sun)05:26 No. 100203

File 146025878812.png - (142.91KB , 750x1334 , image.png )


Looking for bottoms,

Put 7chan if you chat with me so i know :)

16/04/10(Sun)05:27 No. 100204

Oops area code is 941 ;)

Horny Jonathan 16/04/15(Fri)20:27 No. 100215

Need to fuck a nice tight ass with my 8.5" cock. I have a 10 pack of sexy abbs that you're going to love. Hmu houston 832-303-0934 Jonathan , I'm clean shavin and showered.

16/04/27(Wed)14:26 No. 100239

heya, these are some pics of me and I hope you guys like them ^.^

I am 19 and I live in Sydney, Australia and I love getting fucked hard and pleasing cock

my skype is teppisenpaisamasan

hit me up ^.^

16/04/29(Fri)01:58 No. 100243

looking in 912 or Jax area. CD or trap would be amazing. kik: loosey_moosey

16/05/21(Sat)23:30 No. 100280

File 146386623975.jpg - (2.03MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_1810.jpg )

Kik tsunami36

16/06/16(Thu)21:58 No. 100312

23 shy bi sub
Looking for chill cuz im ronery af

16/06/30(Thu)03:32 No. 100316

File 146725037137.jpg - (55.90KB , 540x960 , 13076865_1072133302846443_3638724415984768774_n.jpg )

26/gay/tx 409 832


im a nerdy white guy looking for love in all the wrong places
Dinner and a Movie?

16/07/09(Sat)04:23 No. 100319

whats your kik?

16/08/14(Sun)02:12 No. 100336

Kik slimhungkink
Sub slut for abuse

faggot 16/09/18(Sun)15:01 No. 100365

kik: salaSamobojcow_

16/12/02(Fri)07:28 No. 100402

Fucking whore, you post on every chan.
And you're a fucking male hooker.

Literally worthless.

16/12/08(Thu)10:34 No. 100408


You're all formally invited to our gay discord.

Mike 16/12/25(Sun)23:02 No. 100414

58 years old, Hagerstown, MD. Bottom boi, anything goes

Mike 16/12/25(Sun)23:25 No. 100415

Forgot my contact info:
AIM: mslatfly

Cum At Me Guys Alexi 17/01/10(Tue)22:27 No. 100422

File 148408365169.jpg - (36.39KB , 640x642 , 1484031697458.jpg )

Just looking around the board and see a lot of things I like.
Figured I'd take a stab at this.
Anyone can message me anytime. 4oh1nein19fortytwo84

Dvn_Hstn 17/01/16(Mon)05:12 No. 100427

omg wanna try??
my numbersss area code 813 followed by 597 6732

17/02/01(Wed)21:44 No. 100439

File 148598184079.png - (146.26KB , 316x204 , Untitled.png )

Kik: calvtan123

Message me if you're willing to do cum tributes :)

17/02/03(Fri)02:50 No. 100440

20/m/scotland glasgow
Looking for guys or girls for dirty chat and hookups
Kik AndyMcB111

The+DMan 17/02/11(Sat)06:40 No. 100448

File 148679160594.jpg - (7.24KB , 200x200 , 00511ff.jpg )

34/M Wisconsin


22 y/o hairless male virgin twinkNpanties 17/07/01(Sat)18:57 No. 100491

File 149892824744.jpg - (7.80KB , 222x296 , ra2014.jpg )

I shaved for you ;)

NCboi 17/07/09(Sun)16:08 No. 100496

22m 6.5 thick cut cock in the hickory NC area.

Email me at foreveryoung1111@live.com

More pics on request, locals only!!

17/07/15(Sat)05:09 No. 100502

File 150008815175.jpg - (17.05KB , 300x300 , Julio front.jpg )

Los Angeles Hi, 19 bottom here tight clean and smooth I can host at my apartment or go to your place call me and leave a message and I will return your call after work. 8l8 9l8-3924 Julio

17/10/20(Fri)10:26 No. 100527

i'd like to cum on your feet

Gape 18/01/16(Tue)06:44 No. 100544


18/04/11(Wed)01:28 No. 100586

23 y/o nova scotia, canada. Looking for younger bottom boys. Can host/drive. hmu.

hookup mr big 18/06/19(Tue)02:31 No. 100619

>>100586 50 yr old man lowell ma area. curious and looking for........

Columbus Ohio - submissive bottom slut begging to be used cumdump marc 18/07/14(Sat)15:11 No. 100626

I'm a 51 y/o submissive, total bottom. I'm looking for Tops to use me and my holes... I need to be tied down and feel your cock balls deep in me.

Verbal humiliation, ass fucking, cum eating, WS, forced deepthroating, bondage, gags. are just a few of the things I'm into...

I'm DDF and want you to be as well. Age and size don't matter... just have a hard cock to abuse me with.

I can't host, so I'll need to come to you or meet up someplace (motel, bathhouse, car, park, graveyard...). Looking for tonight or this weekend.

Email me with stats and what you are looking for...

happyendings 18/07/19(Thu)22:30 No. 100627

35/ver chink4u
charlotte nc
kik: bittender

18/07/31(Tue)23:23 No. 100634

kik fastlane70510

18/08/25(Sat)04:46 No. 100641

hey everyone! looking for friends/fun in denver, colorado metro area. 22, top, 8in cut, can travel.

kik: joeroller
telegram: joeroller
discord: joeroller

18/08/28(Tue)05:34 No. 100645

Kik: Vhlayedpain

Hot gay guy looking for dick, i always reply ;)

Kyle reinhardt 18/09/28(Fri)22:38 No. 100655

File 153816711834.jpg - (199.28KB , 1440x1440 , 2018-09-28_13_09_52.jpg )

Kyle reinhardt
Pittsburgh, pa
Chat, friends, whatever, I'm easy

18/10/12(Fri)10:52 No. 100663

SoCal, Los Angeles
kik: my_pics
skype: iwarnedyouall

18/10/12(Fri)10:55 No. 100664

into twink type guys and i can only come to you if you want to meet up

Hookup Mattie 18/11/13(Tue)18:41 No. 100673

File 154213090810.jpg - (46.18KB , 575x431 , Monday.jpg )

Hey I am Matt. From Woodstock, IL.
Ridgewood station
1260 Wood Dr
Woodstock Il 60098-4165


18/11/21(Wed)06:10 No. 100675

r u 18+??

19/04/01(Mon)00:33 No. 100708

32/m/Chicago/6in cut thick.
Looking to find an ass to fuck!
gammaray00 <- Kik.

Wisconsin Boy Sean Greer 19/06/24(Mon)09:19 No. 100732

Virgin Tiny Nub Wimpy Loser. Lives in Madison, Wisconsin

19/07/02(Tue)09:28 No. 100743

every1 in madison wisc onsin looks like this what makes u so special

19/08/30(Fri)06:14 No. 100754

Anybody around Maine


Male uk 24 Jack1233456777 19/09/15(Sun)13:15 No. 100758

Single gay male in uk. Won’t post photos here but will on email

19/09/15(Sun)21:04 No. 100759

What race are you? I can't really tell from the picture if you're black, hispanic, or both.

19/10/24(Thu)18:20 No. 100765

File 157193405179.jpg - (440.15KB , 1080x1303 , 122382365-63472.jpg )

huntsville AL bottom
text me 6156188517

Hosting in eight mile alabama 36613 Cdjanie lynn 19/11/02(Sat)05:43 No. 100771

Hit me up anytime if your clean and in the area for blow and go or to pound my ass 24/7 2514026209 also can meet u. also like to crossdress and get paddled and outside play

kpl 19/12/24(Tue)16:46 No. 100791

24y Male top (dom and sub) looking in shreveport bossier, Louisiana

20/02/12(Wed)03:17 No. 100799

File 158147382787.jpg - (85.03KB , 1200x900 , irish steak.jpg )

arse exposed.

20/02/18(Tue)01:22 No. 100801

Any other way to reach you?

20/02/28(Fri)04:48 No. 100803


20/04/01(Wed)22:32 No. 100818

21 yr old twink
Thirsty for cock
Five Three 0 - 415 - 21 eight five

20/05/02(Sat)14:29 No. 100827

File 158842259191.jpg - (14.67KB , 316x316 , AF.jpg )

31 M San Francisco
Show me your dick

wew 20/06/26(Fri)20:55 No. 100842

20, vers bottom lagrange GA

Andrew Fedele 20/10/07(Wed)07:20 No. 100860

File 160204801723.jpg - (915.69KB , 3024x4032 , IMG_9232.jpg )


Anon - Ottawa 21/01/03(Sun)00:15 No. 100884

You must be a nice guy since you have a very nice looking babe hanging with you. Does she know you like cock?

Resanssss 21/01/28(Thu)15:54 No. 100890

the gay community is growing every day. I have a positive attitude towards gays and I believe that every person has the right to love. I read many different stories http://www.apornstories.com/Hot-Chocolate-Lover/ about gay people. it cheers me up and I share these stories with my friends. I think you'll like it too

21/02/08(Mon)19:01 No. 100895

File 161280728211.jpg - (563.68KB , 1600x1200 , 1539079c-873f-4845-9b8a-355d3802950f.jpg )

Kik is kdikplo

(Northern VA) Looking for Hispanic guys to "serve" 21/05/17(Mon)23:24 No. 100922

File 162128669296.png - (287.50KB , 848x478 , meme.png )

Gay white male twink (more fem than masc) looking for chill, genuine guy friends in my area who just want to have a good time.

Like giving foot massages, foot worship, back massages, and HJ. If you're seriously interested in this hit me up. Not very picky about looks or age other than you be 18+ and relatively HWP, with no balding hairline. Into older men too.

Nothing involving money or drugs.


I can't watch my favorite movies on TV Apol Saimon1232 21/12/13(Mon)11:54 No. 100965

I can't watch my favorite movies on TV. What do you advise me?

Uk Taboo dad 22/01/15(Sat)21:06 No. 100970

File 164227716035.jpg - (20.74KB , 225x300 , image.jpg )


Eight mile Alabama 36613 Cdjanie lynn 22/01/24(Mon)05:02 No. 100971

All bottom. 5'11 175 36w Cocksucker swallow or facials blow and go or a quickie. 3sums WS, CD. 45 and Lott Rd anytime. Or if you in the area text 2514026209. Small parties, Mardi gras coming up.

some bottom 22/02/10(Thu)02:47 No. 100978

34 year old bottom from Houston looking for a regular FWB.

kik: awkwardbttm24

22/02/10(Thu)06:00 No. 100979

Looking to get some cock to fuck my boy pussy

Glen Carbon, Illinois 33/m

22/03/15(Tue)11:42 No. 100984

22m Tennessee
Kik: IAmTheOne6901
Feel free to send any nsfw
Show me your meat please

Lilhorny 22/05/04(Wed)14:13 No. 100999

Male,27,New York burger boy is my name on my mother's fax machine. Here's the server;)https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE other people want to meet new people also

Sub Fag 23/03/06(Mon)09:58 No. 101062

Sub Fag here to make you laugh and entertain you. I can share lots of pics and videos of me shoving random items such as ps4 controller, frying pan, toothpaste tube in my ass just because random men online told me to. Skype: live:.cid.54cf677e8dddd051

Sam or Samanatha 23/04/15(Sat)00:53 No. 101076

File 168151278495.jpg - (1.34MB , 1920x2560 , IMG_20220803_090440_840.jpg )

Shy, part time CD near Sacramento. Looking for friends to chat and share pics with before we meet up. Trans,fem,and other CDs are my fave. ;) Would love to chat with a hung dom who can host! Fwb ideal but not opposed to a relationship or something if we click. :3
I fully dress up when I can. Cant wait to talk!

23/04/25(Tue)08:30 No. 101077

I might come to ausland sometime soon, contact info?

Slut for use Chris P 23/06/25(Sun)00:59 No. 101198

Hi guys 👋 I’m 36 usa and I’m a fag. Looking for someone to use me and expose me. Please add me on snap/kik Chrispanthem.

23/07/14(Fri)06:41 No. 101202


Ready for spanking!

HARD CORE SLUT. Waiting for the right size to fill me. Tony 23/07/21(Fri)18:26 No. 101203

Hi, Nice horny and willing to share pictures. If you reply. Please dont mention 7chan and just mention. Horny Men. Email me at cumiskyrobert@gmail.com


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