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Hookup Thread 4.0 11/05/26(Thu)19:15 No. 59498 Stickied

File 130643014561.jpg - (62.72KB , 525x700 , --130610496576.jpg )

The last hookup thread was nearing 500 posts and is in need of a rebirth.

Post your age and location here. For extra /fag/ points, post your picture.

Don't forget to post your contact info as that is the point of this thread. If you don't, your post will be deleted. Replies asking for more info will be deleted. Contact the poster directly.

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NCboi 17/07/09(Sun)16:08 No. 100496

22m 6.5 thick cut cock in the hickory NC area.

Email me at foreveryoung1111@live.com

More pics on request, locals only!!

17/07/15(Sat)05:09 No. 100502

File 150008815175.jpg - (17.05KB , 300x300 , Julio front.jpg )

Los Angeles Hi, 19 bottom here tight clean and smooth I can host at my apartment or go to your place call me and leave a message and I will return your call after work. 8l8 9l8-3924 Julio

17/10/20(Fri)10:26 No. 100527

i'd like to cum on your feet

Gape 18/01/16(Tue)06:44 No. 100544


18/04/11(Wed)01:28 No. 100586

23 y/o nova scotia, canada. Looking for younger bottom boys. Can host/drive. hmu.

hookup mr big 18/06/19(Tue)02:31 No. 100619

>>100586 50 yr old man lowell ma area. curious and looking for........

Columbus Ohio - submissive bottom slut begging to be used cumdump marc 18/07/14(Sat)15:11 No. 100626

I'm a 51 y/o submissive, total bottom. I'm looking for Tops to use me and my holes... I need to be tied down and feel your cock balls deep in me.

Verbal humiliation, ass fucking, cum eating, WS, forced deepthroating, bondage, gags. are just a few of the things I'm into...

I'm DDF and want you to be as well. Age and size don't matter... just have a hard cock to abuse me with.

I can't host, so I'll need to come to you or meet up someplace (motel, bathhouse, car, park, graveyard...). Looking for tonight or this weekend.

Email me with stats and what you are looking for...

happyendings 18/07/19(Thu)22:30 No. 100627

35/ver chink4u
charlotte nc
kik: bittender

18/07/31(Tue)23:23 No. 100634

kik fastlane70510

18/08/25(Sat)04:46 No. 100641

hey everyone! looking for friends/fun in denver, colorado metro area. 22, top, 8in cut, can travel.

kik: joeroller
telegram: joeroller
discord: joeroller

18/08/28(Tue)05:34 No. 100645

Kik: Vhlayedpain

Hot gay guy looking for dick, i always reply ;)

Kyle reinhardt 18/09/28(Fri)22:38 No. 100655

File 153816711834.jpg - (199.28KB , 1440x1440 , 2018-09-28_13_09_52.jpg )

Kyle reinhardt
Pittsburgh, pa
Chat, friends, whatever, I'm easy

18/10/12(Fri)10:52 No. 100663

SoCal, Los Angeles
kik: my_pics
skype: iwarnedyouall

18/10/12(Fri)10:55 No. 100664

into twink type guys and i can only come to you if you want to meet up

Hookup Mattie 18/11/13(Tue)18:41 No. 100673

File 154213090810.jpg - (46.18KB , 575x431 , Monday.jpg )

Hey I am Matt. From Woodstock, IL.
Ridgewood station
1260 Wood Dr
Woodstock Il 60098-4165


18/11/21(Wed)06:10 No. 100675

r u 18+??

19/04/01(Mon)00:33 No. 100708

32/m/Chicago/6in cut thick.
Looking to find an ass to fuck!
gammaray00 <- Kik.

Wisconsin Boy Sean Greer 19/06/24(Mon)09:19 No. 100732

Virgin Tiny Nub Wimpy Loser. Lives in Madison, Wisconsin

19/07/02(Tue)09:28 No. 100743

every1 in madison wisc onsin looks like this what makes u so special

19/08/30(Fri)06:14 No. 100754

Anybody around Maine


Male uk 24 Jack1233456777 19/09/15(Sun)13:15 No. 100758

Single gay male in uk. Won’t post photos here but will on email

19/09/15(Sun)21:04 No. 100759

What race are you? I can't really tell from the picture if you're black, hispanic, or both.

19/10/24(Thu)18:20 No. 100765

File 157193405179.jpg - (440.15KB , 1080x1303 , 122382365-63472.jpg )

huntsville AL bottom
text me 6156188517

Hosting in eight mile alabama 36613 Cdjanie lynn 19/11/02(Sat)05:43 No. 100771

Hit me up anytime if your clean and in the area for blow and go or to pound my ass 24/7 2514026209 also can meet u. also like to crossdress and get paddled and outside play

kpl 19/12/24(Tue)16:46 No. 100791

24y Male top (dom and sub) looking in shreveport bossier, Louisiana

20/02/12(Wed)03:17 No. 100799

File 158147382787.jpg - (85.03KB , 1200x900 , irish steak.jpg )

arse exposed.

20/02/18(Tue)01:22 No. 100801

Any other way to reach you?

20/02/28(Fri)04:48 No. 100803


20/04/01(Wed)22:32 No. 100818

21 yr old twink
Thirsty for cock
Five Three 0 - 415 - 21 eight five

20/05/02(Sat)14:29 No. 100827

File 158842259191.jpg - (14.67KB , 316x316 , AF.jpg )

31 M San Francisco
Show me your dick

wew 20/06/26(Fri)20:55 No. 100842

20, vers bottom lagrange GA

Andrew Fedele 20/10/07(Wed)07:20 No. 100860

File 160204801723.jpg - (915.69KB , 3024x4032 , IMG_9232.jpg )


Anon - Ottawa 21/01/03(Sun)00:15 No. 100884

You must be a nice guy since you have a very nice looking babe hanging with you. Does she know you like cock?

Resanssss 21/01/28(Thu)15:54 No. 100890

the gay community is growing every day. I have a positive attitude towards gays and I believe that every person has the right to love. I read many different stories http://www.apornstories.com/Hot-Chocolate-Lover/ about gay people. it cheers me up and I share these stories with my friends. I think you'll like it too

21/02/08(Mon)19:01 No. 100895

File 161280728211.jpg - (563.68KB , 1600x1200 , 1539079c-873f-4845-9b8a-355d3802950f.jpg )

Kik is kdikplo

(Northern VA) Looking for Hispanic guys to "serve" 21/05/17(Mon)23:24 No. 100922

File 162128669296.png - (287.50KB , 848x478 , meme.png )

Gay white male twink (more fem than masc) looking for chill, genuine guy friends in my area who just want to have a good time.

Like giving foot massages, foot worship, back massages, and HJ. If you're seriously interested in this hit me up. Not very picky about looks or age other than you be 18+ and relatively HWP, with no balding hairline. Into older men too.

Nothing involving money or drugs.


I can't watch my favorite movies on TV Apol Saimon1232 21/12/13(Mon)11:54 No. 100965

I can't watch my favorite movies on TV. What do you advise me?

Uk Taboo dad 22/01/15(Sat)21:06 No. 100970

File 164227716035.jpg - (20.74KB , 225x300 , image.jpg )


Eight mile Alabama 36613 Cdjanie lynn 22/01/24(Mon)05:02 No. 100971

All bottom. 5'11 175 36w Cocksucker swallow or facials blow and go or a quickie. 3sums WS, CD. 45 and Lott Rd anytime. Or if you in the area text 2514026209. Small parties, Mardi gras coming up.

some bottom 22/02/10(Thu)02:47 No. 100978

34 year old bottom from Houston looking for a regular FWB.

kik: awkwardbttm24

22/02/10(Thu)06:00 No. 100979

Looking to get some cock to fuck my boy pussy

Glen Carbon, Illinois 33/m

22/03/15(Tue)11:42 No. 100984

22m Tennessee
Kik: IAmTheOne6901
Feel free to send any nsfw
Show me your meat please

Lilhorny 22/05/04(Wed)14:13 No. 100999

Male,27,New York burger boy is my name on my mother's fax machine. Here's the server;)https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE other people want to meet new people also

Sub Fag 23/03/06(Mon)09:58 No. 101062

Sub Fag here to make you laugh and entertain you. I can share lots of pics and videos of me shoving random items such as ps4 controller, frying pan, toothpaste tube in my ass just because random men online told me to. Skype: live:.cid.54cf677e8dddd051

Sam or Samanatha 23/04/15(Sat)00:53 No. 101076

File 168151278495.jpg - (1.34MB , 1920x2560 , IMG_20220803_090440_840.jpg )

Shy, part time CD near Sacramento. Looking for friends to chat and share pics with before we meet up. Trans,fem,and other CDs are my fave. ;) Would love to chat with a hung dom who can host! Fwb ideal but not opposed to a relationship or something if we click. :3
I fully dress up when I can. Cant wait to talk!

23/04/25(Tue)08:30 No. 101077

I might come to ausland sometime soon, contact info?

Slut for use Chris P 23/06/25(Sun)00:59 No. 101198

Hi guys 👋 I’m 36 usa and I’m a fag. Looking for someone to use me and expose me. Please add me on snap/kik Chrispanthem.

23/07/14(Fri)06:41 No. 101202


Ready for spanking!

HARD CORE SLUT. Waiting for the right size to fill me. Tony 23/07/21(Fri)18:26 No. 101203

Hi, Nice horny and willing to share pictures. If you reply. Please dont mention 7chan and just mention. Horny Men. Email me at cumiskyrobert@gmail.com


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