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Request Thread Comatoast!!SxA2EzAwt1 ## Mod ## 19/07/21(Sun)01:47 No. 131526 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 156366645086.png - (2.07MB , 1920x1080 , 1503687587761.png )

Well, after a long hiatus I have returned, so, with my re-positioning back onto the staff we have decided to reinstate a request sticky. (Apparently I was the only one who could handle you fucking shit lords.)

The rules are as follows; as they were back in 2016:

No Flaming one another

This thread is for sharing information about playbooks and things involving tabletop games. This is not a place to call people shit heads and tell them their mom is gay.
(They probably already know that.)

No Trolling

Again this is a place to distribute information about tabletop games. No one cares how fucking funny it was you pissed off that other anon in the thread. You are just making it harder for people to get the shit they want and making it harder for me to do my job.

This is the only request thread.
I know the board has been experiencing a downturn in activity in my absence, but, no other request threads need to be posted outside of this one.
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Anonymous 22/09/21(Wed)10:20 No. 132168

Having a hell of a time trying to find Cthulhu Confidential. Any hints?

Magic the gathering General Anonymous 19/08/03(Sat)19:35 No. 131543 [Reply]

File 156485375149.jpg - (285.91KB , 672x936 , 2ed-233-black-lotus.jpg )

Discuss the upcoming block, strategies, cards, formats, whatever else you like. Just as long as it involves MTG.

Personally I want to start a cube with my friends that includes some vintage cards. Any thoughts or advice? I heard the shit's expensive.

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Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)11:36 No. 132158

File 166237058798.jpg - (159.45KB , 672x936 , Athopter.jpg )

Get to the Copter!

Anonymous 22/09/08(Thu)11:28 No. 132164

File 166262929370.jpg - (124.26KB , 672x936 , bmtg (1).jpg )

Bounce it. And now to race for damage.

Anonymous 22/09/21(Wed)18:53 No. 132170


Anonymous 22/09/21(Wed)11:06 No. 132169 [Reply]

File 166375118077.jpg - (134.43KB , 736x1030 , 5b891f8d20e012dcf238639fbe0d1e08.jpg )


What does /tg/ think of my goat format deck?

RPG system Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)14:39 No. 117888 [Reply]

File 148725239039.jpg - (93.66KB , 625x250 , Mordheim-FEATURED1.jpg )

I'm searching for fitting rpg system with given requirements:

- no theater, entirely strategic decisions
- no hex/square grid
- using miniatures/tokens and measuring distance
- preferably with complex terrains like elevation, bushes, mud, water etc
- no religion/politics/fate/customs etc topics that you have to know to play the game
- no mordheim becouse simplistic and weird magic system

Any help anons?

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Saul+Dagenham 17/03/08(Wed)14:15 No. 119131

That's not an RPG system, that's a detailed dungeon crawler/skirmish game.
Look for Song of Blade and Heroes with some add-ons (or maybe just the new edition), it has a detailed campaign and development system, with lots of options.

Anonymous 22/08/21(Sun)12:39 No. 132135

File 166107834263.gif - (973.63KB , 365x498 , 202208.gif )

Warhammer Tablteop or HeroQuest?

Anonymous 22/09/09(Fri)12:43 No. 132166


Those are the two most lowest hanging fruit. Dig a little deeper on this. I second frostgrave, rangers of shadow deep etc. You can find tons of stuff free too.

STANDARD Anonymous 19/10/12(Sat)06:28 No. 131664 [Reply]

File 157085452859.jpg - (34.47KB , 474x355 , r4t5y45y.jpg )

Well, throne of eldraine dropped and, I have to say, this is probably one of the most impressive sets i've seen come from wizards in a while.

Other than the push on all the whales and timmies there's some good things in this; genuinely unique stuff.

The alternative art/border cards really do look amazing.

But let's get down to business:

Right now, with the current format and meta change I would say that blue red and green on really on top right now. Blue has some great control and red/green has just been astoundingly fast. I have been hitting for almost ten by turn 3-4. Red was also blessed with some control in the form of Opportunistic dragon.

You throw some pelt collectors in and some Bonecrusher Giants and you are looking at some serious threats being placed on the field.

Right now I am running a Red/Green beat down deck. It's not optimized, but, it is running smoothly.

Anyone else getting into standard right now? What are some of your thoughts and opinions?/Strategies?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 22/08/22(Mon)10:28 No. 132139

File 166115690683.jpg - (173.65KB , 1021x703 , bp (2).jpg )

More for Commander

Anonymous 22/08/24(Wed)11:24 No. 132143

File 166133306430.jpg - (36.63KB , 503x353 , bmtg (4).jpg )

I <3 legendary creatures.

Anonymous 22/09/07(Wed)11:49 No. 132161

File 166254417750.jpg - (156.10KB , 1019x709 , bmtg (1).jpg )

Here's more legendary creatures.

World of tanks package Lazanael 18/03/31(Sat)09:52 No. 131235 [Reply]

File 152248275958.jpg - (202.04KB , 3418x559 , wot_sample.jpg )

Hello everyone..

i found this on SO: all tanks from the PC Game "World of tanks" as papermodels.

8 parts x 200 MB with over 100 Models
from german RATTE / Maus to american / soviet tanks...

Here are the links:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Password Lazanael 18/03/31(Sat)10:00 No. 131236

File 152248323179.jpg - (403.63KB , 2479x3507 , WOT_pin.jpg )

Sorry, i forget the password for the files:

Password is "MEDICAL"

Anonymous 22/09/02(Fri)12:35 No. 132155

File 166211492516.jpg - (514.85KB , 1920x1080 , bria (1).jpg )

Tanks a lot. Haha.

Dm's and players too good for this world Anonymous 19/06/17(Mon)22:48 No. 131513 [Reply]

File 156080453761.jpg - (37.95KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault-2.jpg )

I honestly have no words for this subject. No monologue or chitchat. Straight to the point.

>Me, playing and running D&D in two separate sessions; One as Dm, other as player respectively. Had experience with asshole DM's and murderhobo players before, and a little stunted by those experiences.

> New player session. DM says make whatever you want, don't bother with alignment until after he looks through the character sheets.


>Make standard fighter with Noble background cuz I've only been doing this for half a year, and hate reading spell lists (Already deal with that as a Dm. Don't need more).

>Get to session. Dm goes through character sheets one at a time and talks with players individually and separate.

>Despite red flags, I don't decide to interrogate him then and there, but decide to see how magnificent this will end up backfiring down the road.

>Finally my turn. Turns out, all the players have separate defining events for their backstories.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19/06/17(Mon)22:56 No. 131514

I Screwed-up the Paladin's health near the end.
He had more than 3 hp remaining. I'm dumb.

Anonymous 19/07/26(Fri)15:12 No. 131535

Well, the feel train has got down pretty fast there.

Anonymous 22/09/02(Fri)12:31 No. 132154

File 166211468375.jpg - (60.86KB , 719x890 , bria (1).jpg )

All hail Phyrexia

Anonymous 17/03/09(Thu)01:34 No. 119153 [Reply]

File 148901965357.jpg - (5.75KB , 127x180 , 675bd90.jpg )


Newbie here. I came across an archive. What happen to Volcanohound? I think he is awesome for Pathfinder release. What's his story and why he suddenly went missing?

Sorry for off topic.


7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)11:03 No. 119517

His name should have been RecognitionHound. He didn't get enough of it, so he left.

Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)13:46 No. 119523


Well sure but we don't have a real name do we to go looking? Why not provide a link?

Anonymous 22/09/02(Fri)12:28 No. 132153

Pathfinder? I prefer WotC D&D rules.

Dropped dice Anonymous 19/02/23(Sat)04:28 No. 131483 [Reply]

File 155089249897.jpg - (31.48KB , 410x410 , thHJG6K79C.jpg )

Newfag here, wanted to ask a question.
Are dice that have been dropped on the floor a lot easier to break? I need help here.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)22:12 No. 131507

Easier? yes. Likely? no, now instead of having a 0.001% of breaking, you have a 0.01%.

dropped dice me 19/07/02(Tue)12:25 No. 131518

l once had a D6 that kept rolling 3, l got so wild l repeatedly threw it at the cement floor till it broke, one side was filled with large air bubbles, breaking it took effort.

Anonymous 22/08/24(Wed)11:07 No. 132141

File 166133205175.jpg - (373.53KB , 2594x2763 , asian (3).jpg )

Our table has a designated dice rolling area. Any results not in there do not count.

EotE Anon 19/12/29(Sun)03:17 No. 131752 [Reply]

File 157758583324.jpg - (35.14KB , 305x393 , edge.jpg )

anybody else play Edge? whats your funniest encounter?

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)04:23 No. 131795

Yes, uhm, was a while ago so I don't remember that much detail, but I got to beat a few storm troopers to death with an entrancement tool and had a boxing competition which mostly consisted of both contestants fumbling their way through it.

Anonymous 22/08/24(Wed)11:04 No. 132140

File 166133186894.jpg - (197.71KB , 1920x1080 , asian (1).jpg )

Being a fighter pilot with no aircraft

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