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Dm's and players too good for this world Anonymous 19/06/17(Mon)22:48 No. 131513 [Reply]

File 156080453761.jpg - (37.95KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault-2.jpg )

I honestly have no words for this subject. No monologue or chitchat. Straight to the point.

>Me, playing and running D&D in two separate sessions; One as Dm, other as player respectively. Had experience with asshole DM's and murderhobo players before, and a little stunted by those experiences.

> New player session. DM says make whatever you want, don't bother with alignment until after he looks through the character sheets.


>Make standard fighter with Noble background cuz I've only been doing this for half a year, and hate reading spell lists (Already deal with that as a Dm. Don't need more).

>Get to session. Dm goes through character sheets one at a time and talks with players individually and separate.

>Despite red flags, I don't decide to interrogate him then and there, but decide to see how magnificent this will end up backfiring down the road.

>Finally my turn. Turns out, all the players have separate defining events for their backstories.
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Anonymous 19/06/17(Mon)22:56 No. 131514

I Screwed-up the Paladin's health near the end.
He had more than 3 hp remaining. I'm dumb.

Anonymous 19/07/26(Fri)15:12 No. 131535

Well, the feel train has got down pretty fast there.

Anonymous 22/09/02(Fri)12:31 No. 132154

File 166211468375.jpg - (60.86KB , 719x890 , bria (1).jpg )

All hail Phyrexia

Anonymous 17/03/09(Thu)01:34 No. 119153 [Reply]

File 148901965357.jpg - (5.75KB , 127x180 , 675bd90.jpg )


Newbie here. I came across an archive. What happen to Volcanohound? I think he is awesome for Pathfinder release. What's his story and why he suddenly went missing?

Sorry for off topic.


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Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)11:03 No. 119517

His name should have been RecognitionHound. He didn't get enough of it, so he left.

Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)13:46 No. 119523


Well sure but we don't have a real name do we to go looking? Why not provide a link?

Anonymous 22/09/02(Fri)12:28 No. 132153

Pathfinder? I prefer WotC D&D rules.

Dropped dice Anonymous 19/02/23(Sat)04:28 No. 131483 [Reply]

File 155089249897.jpg - (31.48KB , 410x410 , thHJG6K79C.jpg )

Newfag here, wanted to ask a question.
Are dice that have been dropped on the floor a lot easier to break? I need help here.

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Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)22:12 No. 131507

Easier? yes. Likely? no, now instead of having a 0.001% of breaking, you have a 0.01%.

dropped dice me 19/07/02(Tue)12:25 No. 131518

l once had a D6 that kept rolling 3, l got so wild l repeatedly threw it at the cement floor till it broke, one side was filled with large air bubbles, breaking it took effort.

Anonymous 22/08/24(Wed)11:07 No. 132141

File 166133205175.jpg - (373.53KB , 2594x2763 , asian (3).jpg )

Our table has a designated dice rolling area. Any results not in there do not count.

EotE Anon 19/12/29(Sun)03:17 No. 131752 [Reply]

File 157758583324.jpg - (35.14KB , 305x393 , edge.jpg )

anybody else play Edge? whats your funniest encounter?

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)04:23 No. 131795

Yes, uhm, was a while ago so I don't remember that much detail, but I got to beat a few storm troopers to death with an entrancement tool and had a boxing competition which mostly consisted of both contestants fumbling their way through it.

Anonymous 22/08/24(Wed)11:04 No. 132140

File 166133186894.jpg - (197.71KB , 1920x1080 , asian (1).jpg )

Being a fighter pilot with no aircraft

The Trove? The Space Pope 21/06/17(Thu)17:38 No. 132003 [Reply]

File 162394432333.jpg - (63.19KB , 750x600 , tumblr_m3nhqbkfY61rv231do1_1280.jpg )

Hey all,

Apologies, I'm new to 7chan. I came here because I saw the Trove was down. I wanted to know if anyone had any idea what happened, or if it would come back up? If not, does anyone have a different, reliable source for all the Adventurer's League content?

2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 21/08/17(Tue)20:34 No. 132039


Don't put the name of the scam in the url.

Anonymous 21/10/17(Sun)08:52 No. 132058

File 163445354981.jpg - (674.17KB , 2210x868 , 9F6F9079-6426-4D40-8037-50FFF589E1FE.jpg )

Anonymous 21/11/20(Sat)12:55 No. 132068

And where did The Trove get their files? And The Eye definitely didn't make a backup. And there's definitely no other site hosting something similar. /s

Papercraft board? Acedra 15/03/21(Sat)05:50 No. 79238 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 142691341759.jpg - (332.88KB , 1024x768 , ravenfell.jpg )

Just wondering where the papercraft discussion board went?

198 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/07/04(Sat)10:55 No. 131843

File 159385290766.jpg - (0.99MB , 900x1165 , agma.jpg )

I've been looking for pic related for a long long time. I know it was posted in an imageboard years ago but I can't even remember which imageboard it was.
I'll be very gratefull to whoever could share it with me

The link is dead bro

TWILIGHT STREET 03e20n 21/01/07(Thu)04:09 No. 131939

File 160998896698.gif - (28.20KB , 140x210 , 17646-thumb140.gif )

Anyone who has a TWILIGHT STREET Basic Urban Environment Set from Microtactix, please

Lord ZseZse Anonymous 21/10/27(Wed)16:58 No. 132060

I am looking for tiles from Lord zsezse the ones from Ground set


Thanks a lot

Anonymous 21/08/16(Mon)06:03 No. 132037 [Reply]

File 162908661837.jpg - (83.68KB , 390x554 , the_dying_earth_by_jack_vance_1.jpg )

Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict on magic systems?

Urban unease Anonymous 21/08/04(Wed)15:45 No. 132030 [Reply]

File 162808473847.jpg - (36.16KB , 480x272 , 0D6AEEE9-FD60-4383-AF37-5760B3EEF8BA.jpg )

How the bloody hell do the sci;adv visual novels evoke such a sheer sense of urban paranoia and unease
How do I tap into this for horror tabletop roleplaying games?
What tricks and pacing methods can I learn from the sci;adv playbook

My characters Anonymous 20/11/20(Fri)02:11 No. 131910 [Reply]

File 160583467447.png - (1.64MB , 1914x1269 , dnd char.png )

Id like you to meet my dnd characters

>Luxroar : Dragonborn paladin (radiant breath)
He lived in a mountian with his family in a mountain dragonborn village. they were great neighbors with the forest below due to the market trades and offerings. one day, lizardmen started a war on dragonborn and rushed to attack. the families were told to get the young and carts and hide in the forest while the elves put illusion spells in to confuse the lizardmen if they succeed. dragon born had the advantage until the lizardmen summoned a ravine that sprawled out demons. week past and luxroar saw his mother dead and his father one armed. he swore to take arm with his fathers longsword and shield, to hunt and kill lizardmen and demons for his god, Xenos

>Melissa: Tiefling Rouge
Teifling parents could only keep one child, abandoning her at a tavern door and running with the son (who later brtrays them to become a dictating warlock) Melissa served the bar but at age 15 a group of rouges came in and she was interest. they opted to teach her and she did very well. her parents told her the truth at 18, so she became an adventure to find her parents and wishes her tavern luck

>Grog :Orc barbarian
Grog is a big dummy who hits like a truck. he came from a village that was known for fishing and hunting. they pass down a great axe when the descendante is shown (which means they dont talk alot, grunt, and feel no pain} he is the son of a fisherman and he enjoys a good hunt and adventure

>Chad :Human Fighter knight
Chad is the most lamest one i made for giigles. chad is one of the great knights in a kingdom far away...well...hes basically zapp brannagin if he was a knight, one day the army had enough and told him about a ruby thats hard to find, he agreed to find it (Never does) and the kngdom celebrates the departure of him. now he just goes on trying to find this rare ruby

>Vern : Human/Beholder Hybrid Warlock
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

RPGPundit Presents: DungeonChef Anonymous 17/10/07(Sat)22:35 No. 130869 [Reply]

File 150740853940.jpg - (4.63KB , 274x184 , E68E4D88-1687-4C14-98C2-EC0BD84C5022.jpg )

What a waste of money on DriveThruRPG. Dark Albion wasn’t too bad, but this a petty money grab for a bunch of worthless tables.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/12/23(Mon)05:38 No. 131749

A lot of people say Daniel fox sock puppets and I am inclined to believe them
But I still would like to see some visible evidence hard or soft

Anonymous 20/10/22(Thu)02:40 No. 131900

RPGPundit has never made a supplement worth reading, let alone buying.

I pirated a few and I still feel ripped off.

Anonymous 20/10/27(Tue)21:03 No. 131903

Clout chasers and e-celebs have always been underwhelming, pundie is no different.

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