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GURPS Martial Arts - Technical Grappling - Sexual Assault Anonymous 16/09/16(Fri)12:24 No. 109910

File 147402149423.jpg - (168.14KB , 966x805 , Light.jpg )

Going to throw a "NSFW" tag here, trigger warnings ahead, as the last 2 words of the title should have suggested.

Searching around and reading January (https://warosu.org/tg/thread/29588672) and March (https://yuki.la/tg/46164372) threads from this year has got me thinking about how to do this. I'm wondering if anyone would be up for a little brainstorming without getting on an SJW high-horse about how twisted it is to explore this.

We clearly need to expand on what skills to use for various types of rape and what penalties apply depending on your or your opponent's posture.

I would suggest we approach these things separately.

For example biting can be done with DX or Brawling (Martial Arts page 115) so hitting any target with the penis is probably harder than this. I'd saw it could not default to brawling, and since hitting a target with your penis is probably harder than kicking, it should be lower than DX-2.

Page 47 of GURPS Martial Arts has rules for designing body parts which are not limbs as a Striker (Basic Set page 88) and even gives the example of "Iron Buttocks". In this case I would keep 'must be crushing' and 'can't be long' unless you're some kind of womb-stabbing tentacle monster. Cannot Parry / Limited Arc / Clumsy would normally apply too.

The main problem is this inflicts more damage than punches and kicks, which isn't realistic for a penis. Even totally rigid you're usually not going to hurt anything with it. The reason that vaginas can take damage during penis-combat is due to their vulnerability not any especial damaging aspect of the tool. Any tool of sufficient diameter or length could do equal or more likely worse.

Here's how I would go about statting this...

Striker, crushing (5 points base)
Cannot Parry -40%
Limited Arc (straight ahead) -40%
Weak -50% (basic thrust damage, no +1)
I would supplement this base -140% with multiple levels of Clumsy, giving -1 to hit per -20%. Since it is aimed from outside your usual arc of vision this makes sense for any sight-relying being to have at least one level of. People with the Blindness disadvantage can get away with that requirement.

This is not a munchkin-optimized ability. You can only use a maximum of -80% in disadvantages to reduce a 5-point striker to a minimum cost of 1 point, making it a perk. In spite of this, for human realism, I went way beyond the -80%

Realistically speaking you could also choose Damage Limitations from page 111. "No Blunt Trauma" and "No Knockback" and "No Wounding" would all make sense. But to do this you would need to design the penis as an Innate Attack, not a Striker, as these limitations are limited to IA. This is probably a good idea because you can use any modifiers with the gun symbol (page 102) and buy accuracy at +5% per +1 or inaccuracy at -5% per -1. I couldn't say what level of accuracy the normal human penis would be at.

One other thing that is good about Innate Attack is the lower damage. Instead of being obligated to do "Thrust" damage, instead you could just buy 1 level at 1D6 (doesn't go up with higher ST) and if you pick 'small piercing' you can divide that by 2.

You can even buy down the 1D6 to 1 damage (0.25 dice rule) and then piercing would reduce that to 0.5 which you round down to do 0 damage. This reflects the idea that if I jam my dick into some guy's chest over and over again it's not really going to injure him.

"a fast, blunt projectile, such as a bullet, or is sharp but too small to qualify as impaling, like a dart or a stinger" I would say dicks fit the former.

Obviously you would be buying other limitations too. B110 "Accessibility: only on women -20%" would make sense if predominantly heterosexual, or "only on men" if gay, not applicable if bi.

Although... boner-change isn't instance so a straight guy with a female fluffer could theoretically use his boner attacks against a guy, but in that case we would need a way to reflect his boner going down.

Armor Divisor would also make sense (and why it's good to design this with innate attack). The benefit here is it gives people with DR 0 a DR 1 against your attack... so damage which rips a vagina/anus could be stylized as "blunt force trauma" (only useable against people with a DR, DR 0 protects you) in the campaigns book, page 379. One will assume that the endowed DR here is flexible/tough skin.

For every 5 points of crushing stopped by the DR, the target suffers 1 damage.

One thing I don't like about Armor Divisor though is that as a "penetration modifier" (LOL) it prevents using "Contact Agent" and "Followup" which is a problem because these are probably useful to reflect pregnancy.

B379's rules on hurting yourself normally only apply with DR 3 but there can be exceptions to this. Martial Arts 71 "exotic hand strike" hurts you if ANY is present, so 1 would be enough.

You take 1 point of damage for every 5 you roll, up to a maximum of of the DR, so a max of 1 damage if you roll 5 or 6 on the 1D6 innate attack. You'd think you can't reduce 1D6 to just 1 dmg since then you could never hurt yourself, but you'd be wrong.

(continued) Anonymous 16/09/16(Fri)12:26 No. 109911

File 147402157524.jpg - (31.14KB , 401x321 , SoMuchMore.jpg )

If you do an "All-Out Attack" (B365) with your penis, you can opt for either a "Determined" +4 to strike (good for getting it in and not missing) or a "Strong" +2 to damage. +2 only brings it to 3 damage, not enough to hurt you, so you need to get creative. The 3d6 critical hit table on B556 has possibilities which can incur damage to you on a 'strong' penis thrust.

3/18: triple damage (3x3=9 damage means you surpassed 5 and take 1 damage)
5/16: the blow does double damage (3x2=6 damage, take 1 damage)

Both of these only work with a base of 3 damage to work with though. Doubling/Tripling a single point of damage won't work to hurt you if you don't do an all-out attack with your penis, so you're safe, right?

Nope, because there is also the 'Unarmed Critical Miss' table (B557) including:
3: knocking yourself out
4: taking 1 HP to your limb, is crippled
5: hit a solid object instead of foe

In resisted rape, there is a higher chance of this. If the targeted victim doesn't opt an all-out-attack on you, they could be doing an attack+defense or an all-out-defense. If they get a critical success on a dodge/parry (assuming you haven't pinned them via grappling, which would negate active defense rolls) this would also force you to roll on the critical hit table.

Additional penalties would also apply depending on what you are targeting.

Looking at the rules on page 137 of GURPS Martial Arts, it is -7 to hit a nose or an ear.

That doesn't take angle into account though. That's attacking from ANY angle. You might be able to poke a vagina for a -7 but to attack from an angle that allows your attack to go inside would be even harder.

Consider the spine, which is -8 to hit, for example. "The spine (in the torso) is a hard target – narrow, bony, and buried in meat"

I'd class the vagina at -9 just to keep it in the single-digit range but...

Page 68 of GURPS Martial Arts (bottom purple Optional Rule: Targeted Attacks) gives a mere -3 to strike the groin, but I think the "-10 for chinks in the armor" caveat would apply here. If you miss by 1 you should hit the pubic bone, similar to how you hit the torso if you miss the spine by 1.

We'd need special rules on how to multiply damage that gets into it. This to reflect the above concept that you may get 0.5 damage via 1D6div2 or 1div2.

Something like double damage as a new vital spot. But we'd have to design the vagina and the anus as traits somehow to do this.

Eye-gouging (Martial Arts page 71) might be a good basis for grabbing the pelvis and putting your dick into 1 penis socket, instead of grabbing the skull and putting your thumbs into 2 eye sockets. Penalties for 1-handed maneuvers apply, so if you're only grabbing the pelvis with 1 hand you are -4 to strike. A thumb does thrust-4 crushing, and penises should be weaker than thumb-gouges, which is why designing it as an innate attack is essential, instead of a Striker.

Have it default to Brawling/Judo/Wrestling as usual. This does mean not anyone can do this. Requiring at least 1 character point to be spent in Brawling to become an effective rapist seems realistic to me.

If you were trying to jab the penis in without grabbing hold of the pelvis first, I would base this on the eye-poke technique on Martial Arts page 72. I would only let it default to Brawling minus 9 though, I don't think Boxing/Karate would make you better. Brawling covers unorthodox stuff like biting so it's the best match for rape.

If you merely wanted to rub your dick on the outside of the vagina, use 'Eye Rake' as the guideline (only Brawling minus 5 to hit)

These penalties are just guidelines as to what penalties to use. Actually designing them would be the Inaccuracy limitation to take on your Innate Attack. IA also makes sense because penis damage shouldn't be ST based because a higher ST doesn't necessarily mean a bigger or sturdier dick.

What I am having trouble with, and would like some help with (picture-related) is how to design the inverse of stereotypical rape with GURPS rules. Namely that of the attacker using an orifice to envelope a projection.

I figure it might use similar rules to biting except with a strike penalty because your line of sight is not as adjacent to your target.

Something heavier than the -3 to hit the groin seems in order because you're not just hitting anywhere there (which would include other parts like the balls/perineum) you're trying to grab a specific piece. A full -10 for chinks in the armor seems too extreme, but a -8 like for hitting the spine (or a chink in torso armor) could be more reasonable. Grabs for weapons is -4 (page 68 of Martial Arts) and grappling a body part is normally at half penalty, so maybe grabbing a penis should be -5 (it's smaller than a knife)

Extreme penalties can be offset by the aforementioned +4 from All-Out Attack and another +4 from Telegraphed Attack (Martial Arts page 113). Due to that, heavy strike penalties should be done for realism. Telegraphed attacks are easier to defend against, so if you're lining your dick/vagina up obviously it's going to be easier for a rape victim to dodge their torso out of the way or parry with a thigh.

Obviously pinning them in various ways can affect the ability to resist. Martial Arts page 117 has good rules for this, including "Sitting on Him" which applies well to a female attacker.

Anonymous 16/09/16(Fri)12:35 No. 109912

File 147402215818.jpg - (21.60KB , 404x136 , marvel.jpg )

Oh yeah, and if you want to avoid the pitfalls of critical misses for sex, this can be done using a perk from GURPS Power-Ups 2: Perks page 16 called "No Nuisance Rolls".

This would only apply to unresisted sex since resisted would qualify as "combat" and the NNR perk doesn't apply to combat rolls.

This perk requires a skill of 16+ though, and I figure this means EFFECTIVE skill, which is pretty hard to get considering the high strike penalties I'm suggesting for the area.

But if we apply penalties in consideration to the 16, we have to apply bonuses too, which would allow you the +8 for an all-out & Telegraphed strike.

What I am not sure how to do just yet, is reduced penalties once you're 'in' and don't completely detach from each other. There's probably some kind of mechanic based on penetrating weapons (like say, sticking a sword in and then sawing) which I can find to base this on, will be back later.

Please add any insight you can think of.

REALLY? Anon+Looking... 16/09/16(Fri)22:08 No. 109944

You're an idiot!

Anonymous 16/09/17(Sat)05:33 No. 109960

File 147408321874.png - (184.47KB , 544x418 , im.png )


Why? I think it makes more sense to work within the existing GURPS rules-set to cover this stuff instead of inventing new ones, keeps it as canon as possible. I think it also makes this more of a creative exercise when we have limitations like this.

This is something we should be able to cover under grappling rules.

Do you have a problem with using poking an eye socket as an approximation for the difficulty of poking a vagina? I'm open to better ideas.

Anonamoose 16/09/21(Wed)03:11 No. 110147

How about running in heavy traffic?

Anonymous 16/11/10(Thu)02:15 No. 112345

>I'm wondering if anyone would be up for a little brainstorming without getting on an SJW high-horse about how twisted it is to explore this.
I'm super SJW and honestly I don't care if you want to explore sexual assault in your games provided everyone at the table is comfortable with it, but frankly I find that adding mechanics to sex is pointless. ERP doesn't need a heavy ruleset.

Anonymous 16/12/23(Fri)08:21 No. 114483


Why not? If you could design a set of rules that geeks could understand and encompassed the whole shooting match, from initial flirting to cuddling afterwards you might allow them to get laid themselves.

Anonymous 17/07/05(Wed)22:14 No. 125465

Rape isn't erotic roleplay. It is combat.

I agree you can simply fade to black during mutually consensual sex scenes where they are cooperating to get each other off.

Rape though is when character A wants something and character B does not. They are struggling to oppose each other's goal.

Combat rules are how to best solve this.

GURPS tactical shooting introduced the pelvis as a -3 hit location. Same as groin. They and the digestive tract are sub locations of the Abdomen which is -1 to hit per GURPS Low Tech: Instant Armor.

For simplicity I will say that a vagina can't be any smaller than an eye, which is -9 to hit. Pretty sure eyeballs are smaller so -8 might be more appropriate.

A finger thrust is -2 to hit like a kick, a toe thrust is -4 to hit.

What is harder, sticking your toe or your dick into a smll thing like an eye or a vagina? Should we just say it is equal?

Grappling is an offset for these penalties. You can spend Control Points in a 2:1 ratio to reduce hit penalties.

I believe leg parries need to be reworked. They should not be limited to 1 per turn or take the place of a retreat if you are lying down. Someone defendingwith leg parry in a supine position should be able to jee it like an arm parry, -4 per repeat.

A cross parry with both legs for +2 should also be allowed.

I would also not limit that to 1 per turn. Taking up both legs' parry is enough of a handicap.

Push Kick would seem useful in getting a rapist off you but I'm not sure if knockback can work against someone actively grappling you. I would think it ought to count as an Escape or something.

I've been thinking maybe that oenetration could be treated as a form of grappling. You can grapple with the head as of TG so why not with the groin?

That would at simplest be trying to stay in while someone is pushing you out. I'm not sure how in/out motions would alter this.

The Testicle Grab defense (see GURPS Fairbairn) should have problems when a guy is fully inside you. It would function as a kind of cover, partial or complete.

This would also make it hard or impossible to knee or kick a guy in the groin. Even if the arms aren't grabbing the legs, a groin-on-groin grapple effectively makes you in an unattackable position.

For comparison: if I use my left hand to grab an attacker's right wrist, that right hand cannot logically punch my left hand unless it breaks free.

I don't know if GURPS has this kind of aspect to its grappling, it is a place to build.

Anonymous 17/09/08(Fri)06:38 No. 129499

Should vaginas be designed based on Extra Mouth

I know that sounds a bit too Vagina Dentate but vaginas can grab things. There are women who lift weights with them. You can use bites to grapple. It would just have lower ST than a mouth and probably Armor Divisor 0.1 or something.

So sex (consensual or not) could be resolved using Control Points from Technical Grappling.

Similar to how you could "grapple air" with a mouth to reflect trying to keep your jaw closed (Ripley failed at this) by clenching a vagina or anus shut you start off with maximum control points equal to HoleST.

Attackers would then need to use a Disarm technique to reduce the CP. If CP is reduced to 0 the vagina opens.

At that point the grapple can be reversed with attacker applying control points on the vagina and escape attempts would need to be rolled to remove them.

TG has rules for Impaling weapons like spears being left in the body qualifying as a grapple. Easy to adapt to a penis.

Keep in mind that instead of rolling escapes a vagina can "grapple back" to apply CP against the penis. This would make it harder to exit.

The squeezing-out v squeezing-in is probably subtler muscle control than most could do so there should be some ransom chance of swapping the action. Not sure how to do that. Low skill and critical failure?

Anonymous 21/06/06(Sun)08:55 No. 132001

File 162296255348.jpg - (290.00KB , 850x478 , car.jpg )

How about raping in heavy traffic?

Anonymous 21/08/08(Sun)06:33 No. 132034

File 162839719132.gif - (764.21KB , 367x240 , image.gif )


Anonymous 22/08/21(Sun)14:16 No. 132137

File 166108421473.gif - (228.39KB , 144x135 , bri.gif )

Use taekwondo

Anonymous 23/06/01(Thu)14:36 No. 132266

File 168562298861.jpg - (710.25KB , 2670x1682 , 778.jpg )

Learn to punch hard

Anonymous 23/06/14(Wed)13:34 No. 132270

File 168674249073.jpg - (132.31KB , 850x820 , 20230617.jpg )

Punch, kick and throw should feel different.

Anonymous 23/06/28(Wed)07:12 No. 132277

Who is going to play this with you?

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