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He-Man 24/07/23(Tue)12:36 No. 829042 [Reply]

File 172173100782.jpg - (100.00KB , 428x548 , 334686682_906472557135509_5501352927910619748_n.jpg )

Anyone zucked with part white babarian genetics thats alpha. feel free to post this on your FB feed save your Bob Ross damn soul.

symbion 24/07/23(Tue)13:57 No. 829043

File 172173586023.jpg - (71.34KB , 1024x1001 , Feels Greta (175.jpg )

Wow, I spent over hours in a A&E last night and this morning
The Sleep deprivation and lack of protein (wow, hospital vending machines. the worst junk food, and bad soda pop. Then there poster talking about health eating. What comedy sketch).
Anyway I digress,
Thank you anon, reading your post makes me feel so much Greta

OP 24/07/23(Tue)14:02 No. 829044

File 172173612353.jpg - (460.49KB , 896x1138 , 13685478.jpg )

8 hours, also please everyone come and live here. Don't just visit.
I Swear Down MAnnnnnn, Everyone speaks airwolfing cushty good english man
I'm the only one can't, I mean would I lie to you

p4ch3c0 24/07/23(Tue)23:07 No. 829045

File 172176884810.jpg - (868.90KB , 1800x1102 , kangchenjunga-1936-1.jpg )

> Anyone zucked with part white babarian genetics thats alpha.
No they didn't.

>feel free to post this on your FB feed save your Bob Ross damn soul.
No they won't.

>Wow, I spent over hours in a A&E last night and this morning
No you didn'nt.

>The Sleep deprivation and lack of protein (wow, hospital vending machines.
No, it isn't.

>the worst junk food, and bad soda pop.
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Spiderman 24/06/08(Sat)01:09 No. 828206 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 171780175082.jpg - (385.36KB , 800x534 , 134567844.jpg )

What day is it, fudge it
10 more minutes

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Novice Equestrian 24/07/20(Sat)12:58 No. 829015

I airwolfin lost it guys, completely went bat shit insane, lost all my marbles somewhere deep in outer space, the only last thing I can remember is the pink of a hot woman's vagina, a girl's vagina if you will, her pussy 🧎

Moot 24/07/20(Sat)14:58 No. 829017

I was once like you, but then I discovered bussi. Never looked back since.

Spiderman 24/07/23(Tue)01:02 No. 829041

File 172168932865.gif - (321.61KB , 220x396 , It's a Fucking Lion!! Run!!.gif )

Anonymous 24/07/20(Sat)18:49 No. 829018 [Reply]

File 172149415416.jpg - (2.04MB , 1600x1359 , 1618680491038.jpg )

Heya 7chan! (βŒ’Ο‰βŒ’)οΎ‰

Happy Full Buck Moon! This months moon will become full tommorow Sunday the 21st at 6:17AM EST. Tonight or tommorow will be the perfect time to finally take advantage of the (slightly) cooler weather after the heat waves many of us have experienced recently.

The name Full Buck Moon comes from the male deer whose antlers are in full growth mode during this time. Bucks grow and lose their antlers each year and are beginning to be seen at this time of year. Just a few days ago I finally saw a few bucks emerge from the woods and with the lighting from a full moon, they are more confident to graze in the open fields all night.

I hope you all have a wonderful viewing! Night! ◝(^ΰ―°^)β—œ

:*:・。,🦌 πŸ¦Œβ˜†γ‚œ'γƒ»πŸŒ•:*:・。,ヽ(γƒ…)γƒŽ

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N3X15 24/07/22(Mon)00:34 No. 829030

File 172160129098.gif - (746.00KB , 500x375 , Bill.gif )


We should enjoy life, anon.
Full moons are treat to be sure
This is not going to our last one
Capitalist are not going destroy everything,they want own everything
Trust me I wanted the Hilldog, only MF who would go NUCLEAR
Cause I look around all these years after bill died and think of what he said about getting on his kneees and praying for nuclear armageddon

Mudkip 24/07/22(Mon)17:17 No. 829038

I miss Bill so much. Him and Patrice.

Optimus Prime 24/07/22(Mon)23:32 No. 829040

I saw the moon last night and it was DEEP orange. It looked amaizng! Glad I got to see it.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 24/07/21(Sun)20:44 No. 829025 [Reply]

File 172158747897.jpg - (151.30KB , 1280x851 , 1280px-Msc_2009-Saturday,_08_30_-_11_00_Uhr-Moerk_.jpg )


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Homicide 24/07/22(Mon)06:05 No. 829034

File 172162115220.png - (86.01KB , 300x239 , 12zEyUwAuduUcvBZdfTQGYg-1_jpg.png )

Weeabot 24/07/22(Mon)13:50 No. 829036

File 172164905325.png - (488.33KB , 1280x535 , 175696754865.png )

poe 24/07/22(Mon)22:24 No. 829039

File 172167988664.jpg - (368.53KB , 1066x720 , 1324756.jpg )

poe 24/07/22(Mon)02:26 No. 829032 [Reply]

File 172160800310.png - (1.98MB , 2002x1118 , kamala.png )

>:kfc: embarrassed himself in the first debate
>it was clear from the polls that he can't win
>:kfc: tried to assassinate :nigra: as a last resort but his plan failed
>:kfc: dropped out of the race
The democrats have no options now and the DNC is in four weeks, they NEED to have picked a person before the DNC, the DNC is when they decide who is running against :nigra:.
It's most-likely going to be Kamala Harris, the funny thing is, nobody knows anything about Kamala Harris. Not a single democrat nor republican came name 5 things she has done since becoming VP, lol.

Miku Fanboy 24/07/22(Mon)13:33 No. 829035

Name 5 things Mike Pence did as VP. And you can't use the dumb ahit he did like make creepy homophonic children's books, be a weirdo around women, almost get lynched by his own party, those don't count.

Anonymous 24/07/22(Mon)14:04 No. 829037

File 172164988573.jpg - (296.44KB , 800x717 , 17766546.jpg )


>>:kfc: tried to assassinate :nigra: as a last resort but his plan failed

No one can prove anything yet and I doubt ever will
That's the point of the trick distract as many as possible so you can do worse shit

Only VP who did anything in the last 75 years was
George Bush snr.

He was head of the CIA, Crucified J.C., wrote Old Ronnies scripts for two terms. Did his one term, then put Billy Boy in (An Old Ookee Cokey Dance pupil since before 1977).
Then his son get the job

r000t 24/07/15(Mon)10:47 No. 828928 [Reply]

File 172103324824.jpg - (28.76KB , 400x300 , brown-Guernsey-cow.jpg )


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Optimus Prime 24/07/20(Sat)05:22 No. 829011

File 17214457624.jpg - (35.06KB , 1792x1004 , GSYR_OPXMAAF0K6.jpg )


Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 24/07/20(Sat)08:52 No. 829012

Holy f that's hot

N3X15 24/07/20(Sat)14:57 No. 829016

I have a demiurge to twin my MFing insight into the lefty political psyop loli pentaconn, straight up nigger

W. T. Snacks 23/11/16(Thu)19:34 No. 824616 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 170015964959.jpg - (101.20KB , 800x600 , 5efefefb-d292-4410-998f-997c709b4ca7.jpg )

Food thread

Post your meals

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derp 24/07/19(Fri)21:41 No. 828998


h 24/07/19(Fri)22:26 No. 828999

Um.. ban? Wtf is this shit, looks like condoms on pizza.

He-Man 24/07/20(Sat)00:36 No. 829001

File 172142860655.gif - (1.51MB , 498x431 , yikes.gif )


Liru Fanboy 24/07/14(Sun)21:36 No. 828920 [Reply]

File 172098577888.jpg - (211.48KB , 980x551 , new_look.jpg )

you guys like his new piercing?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
He-Man 24/07/19(Fri)00:43 No. 828980

No anon, that is OUR president.

Spider Expert 24/07/19(Fri)17:40 No. 828995

>That's the wrong ear, now everybody will think he's gay!
Ah, yes! SchrΓΆdinger's Fag Ear where the spider expert ear is both left and right - SIMULTANEOUSLY!

OP 24/07/19(Fri)18:53 No. 828996

Yeah, I FW with that

[tags4lyf]PEARS 24/07/14(Sun)01:30 No. 828877 [Reply]

File 172091344748.jpg - (46.09KB , 1200x670 , trump putin new best friend.jpg )

RIP Donal Rump

22 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
symbion 24/07/18(Thu)06:33 No. 828971

File 172127719287.jpg - (32.20KB , 613x466 , lolnada_org-1721054464262.jpg )


poe 24/07/18(Thu)23:38 No. 828977

How you make that wiggly niggly?

Bill 24/07/19(Fri)13:00 No. 828991

Kanada special animations airline. Hop on to our transport today and we will take your ass farr farrrrrrrrr away

*Physical experience guaranteed, actual physical movement will be provided through Kanada legal department and legal actions inc

Steve 24/07/13(Sat)15:44 No. 828866 [Reply]

File 172087827578.jpg - (11.01KB , 166x303 , willy.jpg )

Where's Willy?

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
h 24/07/19(Fri)02:16 No. 828983

File 172134820842.jpg - (615.29KB , 1895x727 , leeds.jpg )


Sittig on his arse in Leeds

Marisa Kirisame 24/07/19(Fri)04:43 No. 828984

Carrot bro?! Have I been missing your posts or have you been away?

4chan user 24/07/19(Fri)12:57 No. 828989

File 17213866381.jpg - (417.49KB , 909x691 , 15994595.jpg )


No, I've been posting, I've been sober for coming up to 3 months. I When straighten up. The weak drug addict, people used as door mat is gone. What replaces it, well...
That's IRL, I guess must have change my posting still as well. >>828983
"as me, I guess I should of put it >>828928 Thread as
Live riot p0rn, ah the old days of submedia? was that right? I don't know now so long ago
Police Visible lost control of a square mile of a city call Leeds in the UK. Did not turn into much, now white no go area for police. They just sat on their arses till 1am.
gosh that so boring I should of sent that to John over on
Though we should keep a scared place to talk about cheese
and make fun of the french
Its been a long time since i've been this sober
Its alien world man
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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