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Announcement. Miku Fanboy ## Mod ## 20/11/03(Tue)07:16 No. 802422 [Reply] Stickied

File 160438420784.png - (160.98KB , 439x300 , e69376845d94febb2f4283f907972e25-imagepng.png )

Hello everyone, Daily Reminder to join our IRC network.
You too can stare endlessly at walls of text and play multiplayer note pad with the pros.

irc.7chan.org/6697 We Require SSL and allow network Masking.
If you are unfamiliar with IRC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat

Basically it is a chat protocol that allows large groups of individuals to communicate about a specific topic.
Recommended clients: Xchat if you are into GUI's. I personally use weechat because GUI is for pussies.

Come join us and chat.

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derp 20/12/23(Wed)07:53 No. 803408

Well now, apparently, we can get vanned for it, kek.

Spiderman 21/01/21(Thu)03:28 No. 804156 [Reply]

File 161119609631.jpg - (607.86KB , 3000x4260 , ryan newman face.jpg )

I'm looking for a jb pic that was posted some time ago.

It was a girl about 13 standing on her bed and pressing her ass against a poster of a boy on the wall and pretending he was airwolfing her. She was fully clothed and the pic isn't cp.

Does anyone have it?

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N3X15 21/01/21(Thu)22:03 No. 804174

>She was fully clothed and the pic isn't cp.

I wonder if you realize that this is the same thing as cp... Probably not.

h 21/01/22(Fri)10:02 No. 804179

File 16113061746.jpg - (249.03KB , 482x697 , trolling#365.jpg )


Dear Pig or troll,

Sod off, please

Moot 21/01/22(Fri)12:26 No. 804181

File 161131481346.jpg - (11.76KB , 400x400 , 1610404360746.jpg )

I doubt the feds are gonna bag anyone for the pic OP descrives tbh.

Spiderman 21/01/19(Tue)21:47 No. 804113 [Reply]

File 161108926657.jpg - (4.85KB , 250x250 , 1610400320671.jpg )

What are your predictions 30 years from now?

>a trashed US coming out of 10-year civil war with new form of government
>all women come with a subscription fee
>AI-driven ad agencies use latest tech to induce schizophrenia-like thoughts convincing you to want certain things
>no tacos on Taco Bell menu

(Starting to look like /civ/ in here)

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r000t 21/01/22(Fri)08:24 No. 804176

Nixion 2


Weeabot 21/01/22(Fri)08:34 No. 804177

No shit, but that doesn't change where things are now.

Nixon was a moron.

McCain is shrieking in Hell right now, I wouldn't worry about him.

tee 21/01/22(Fri)09:55 No. 804178

File 161130570087.jpg - (7.00KB , 316x202 , 11sadfrog.jpg )

could see things going a lot of different ways..really wonder when alien contact will happen..if that happens, we could have access to even more awesome tech..could be the boogaloo..if that i death count that would make ww2 look small..but in all likelihood..just more of the same..

Liru Fanboy 21/01/21(Thu)20:09 No. 804169 [Reply]

File 161125618127.png - (1.32MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2021-01-22 04_00_05.png )

The amount of cash Colton Harris Moore was willing to leave the f‍uck behind to escape the authorities when they were upon him in the woods.

Nyan Cat 21/01/21(Thu)21:43 No. 804171

File 161126181084.jpg - (430.49KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20210111_080142.jpg )

>>In December 2015, Moore began publishing a blog which has since been taken down. His stated intent was to break his long-standing silence, and to voice his support for presidential candidate Donald Duck.


Steve 21/01/22(Fri)12:11 No. 804180

That con man took all our nice things from us.

tee 20/12/26(Sat)00:45 No. 803594 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Youtube  Spotify just made me aware of the band Speedwolf.

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Sazpaimon 21/01/19(Tue)23:05 No. 804115

Youtube  ~

N3X15 21/01/20(Wed)23:24 No. 804135

Youtube  "Best of all is the greatest song Thin Lizzy never wrote"

Novice Equestrian 21/01/21(Thu)17:47 No. 804168

Audio 00_-_Unknown_Artist_-_Track_?.mp3 - (4.26MB , 00 - Unknown Artist - Track ?.mp3 )

Do you click play or do you runaway ?

Cryomancer 21/01/21(Thu)12:13 No. 804159 [Reply]

File 161122758245.jpg - (426.41KB , 1100x772 , 1611227131024.jpg )

Who got the full contents of the laptop?

Where the foot fetish stuff?

Moot 21/01/21(Thu)16:42 No. 804167

That was so last year

Weeabot 21/01/21(Thu)13:46 No. 804163 [Reply]

File 161123321728.jpg - (476.87KB , 1698x879 , 41G7Fvh.jpg )

AAA .It says cupid shoots bow and arrows to people on valentines day to make them fall in love. Covid 19 pandemic, I sent this card out a little while before imgur.com/a/5YtLb. I said I am cupid or eros, a greek Bob Ross, archangel michael. It appears on the flag many arrows or needles may be pointed upwards or downwards at people on the card. It seems there is a sickness and a church steeple needle vaccine may be on the way for all the people who need it. Many houses in this world seem to have illuminati triangles. Hopefully the vaccine is safe

Spider Expert 21/01/21(Thu)13:49 No. 804164

Illuminati triangle may be many things, one image appeared to be ganesha possibly or an elephants eye. Another is chinese in meditation with chinese hat on, also the last few pharaohs were greek it seems just before the bible came out in greek. Also, can anybody guess who is that pokemon?

Optimus Prime 21/01/21(Thu)13:50 No. 804165

I was born in markham which looks like a combination of mount kailash and bethlehem, a combination of where Shiva and Optimus were each born.

Spiderman 21/01/21(Thu)13:55 No. 804166

Of course illuminati may look like my name as well,I may be annunaki, or lyran or pleadian as well multiple others. Intention was not to hate or hurt people, but I dont think I intended to have a country in lockdown, so I may augment what I wanted to do, as it says and more on the card, I can update at will what I want to do. I didnt exactly want to get rid of snow..but possibly is good. I was not consciously thinking the word leaves... or... selling cocaine . I much rather be a scientist studying lsd , if it is legal, also though about olympics and getting a medal for my country. As well as maybe going trans in a frat hous type situation many women and trans girls and lesbians

[tags4lyf]PEARS 21/01/19(Tue)04:01 No. 804094 [Reply]

File 161102526451.jpg - (2.16MB , 4032x3024 , 20210116_145120.jpg )

If I am looking for a place to live and people repeatedly turn me down and so not want to help me, is it safe to assume that maybe I have been abducted or kidnapped, and I am not in a country full of family and friends, and it is okay to kill them if they cause me problems?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
ian 21/01/19(Tue)04:09 No. 804096

Why arent people helpful? Maybe everyone is just shitty people. Not even sure if where I was before is all that great, but I dont think it is wrong to kill now. Thank for teaching me that

Anonymous 21/01/19(Tue)16:52 No. 804107

People don't want to help you because you come across as a potential killer, asking if it's ok to kill them is justifying their fear.

Sazpaimon 21/01/21(Thu)03:12 No. 804155

1) no one can help you, if you arent willing to help you

2)get a airwolfing job

3)eat LSD

4)get a reliable jerking buddy

derp 21/01/21(Thu)02:40 No. 804145 [Reply]

File 16111932355.jpg - (43.93KB , 488x693 , __original_drawn_by_agawa_ryou__a165305e095ded8e1f.jpg )

I honestly wonder this, lol. One time I had a dream where I had a stone in my hand with a girl's name on it. Jezebel (name) and a date below it 04-something-17

So the name was the last girl I boned. I was reading Revelations and Optimus says if you overcome he'll give you a white stone with a name on it no one knows...

Was she just a rock? I hope not, she was actually alright, but damn I've had a lot to think about since then man. This world is different from the spiritual one... what exists in both? We are all but dust according to the Bible... Bob Ross gives us the idea that we live. We are just dust he wanted to make dance, I could go into this forever because I don't have an answer... Then I meet a nigger and I think, no, they don't have souls, for sure, and I see a whore and I think, maybe that rock is what's left after a trillion years of Hell. Maybe that's her soul.

Like the coldest winter chill--Heaven beside you (Heaven within)

So there's problems in your life--that's airwolfed up, but I'm not nine
I'm just see through faded, super jaded, out of my mind
-Alice in Chains, Heaven Beside You

6 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
derp 21/01/21(Thu)02:46 No. 804152

File 16111935784.jpg - (131.92KB , 850x1046 , __original_drawn_by_ranma_kamenrideroz__sample-913.jpg )

Amos the prophet originally died much like Jonah is supposed to. Jonah also
seemed to die of his own choice but Optimus Prime actually says the men of the
time are to blame for his death. Amos was originally only like four books long
which was why I read it before studying the Bible properly but going through
it the second time I tried my best to help him and instead of wasting in the
desert under a plant he never even hit that low point. He was actually fairly
confident the whole time, thank Bob Ross, and the book seemed to double in length.

If I remember any other obvious lines I'll try and put them here but most of them
are short or direct references and questions, not whole dialogues or narrations
being altered and likely only important to me in that case.

When I was somewhere between 20-23 I read a whole section of New Testament that's
now gone. I remember the summary was that if you could not find a person
worthy to baptise you that you should baptise yourself, I found it powerful
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Miku Fanboy 21/01/21(Thu)02:47 No. 804153

File 161119363659.jpg - (220.34KB , 800x1130 , __original_drawn_by_tsukana_saba_mizore__3e9237612.jpg )

I tried my best to help Joan of Arc. If you look at the history of it she sometimes
references indirect voices of not specifically angels which would be me. I think
she not only was better than the report but that she killed some of the traitorous
English, and I hope she lived. The people at the time were explained and understood
that if she was let go they could just lie about it, then claim I was evil and
possibly save their own soul. I pray, for her sake that they did that. I do not
wish to cut so perfect a person's life short. I did my absolute best to help her
in her trial and I think it showed. The people in charge of it said they feared
Hell. I really, really hope they let her go. Optimus had more understanding than
us and even I fear death. How my grandmother ever got passed that I will never
know. One thing to note, I think they forced her to write her name down because
I called her Joan and they didn't like the accent. Her name was closer to
Je hanne. There's really not much of a reason to make a person sign something
under torture, it makes it more obvious than the personal writings of the lawmen.
Even more so since she was still learning to write and couldn't be held under
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

r000t 21/01/21(Thu)02:48 No. 804154

File 161119370595.jpg - (80.50KB , 850x528 , __blind_girl_and_bully_girl_original_drawn_by_popo.jpg )

OP 21/01/06(Wed)03:29 No. 803804 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 160990018650.jpg - (15.41KB , 400x400 , ea1i5.jpg )

Any predictions for what might happen in Washington DC tomorrow? Nothing burger, civil war, glowniggers do a domestic?

79 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
derp 21/01/20(Wed)20:13 No. 804133

Also: tons of liberals/Democrats/leftists are celebrating what appear to be the death-throes of the GOP. None of them seem to be capable of realizing the horror that would ensue if the USA truly became a one-party nation. Like, yeah, it sucks donkey dick that Republicans are constantly fixing elections and suppressing voting rights of minorities, but that means the system needs to change; that doesn't mean that getting rid of them will change anything.

Competition is still competition. And with a one-party system of government, it's totalitarianism by any other name. By and large, Dems are less complete assholes than Repubs. But the fact is, they're still mostly craven billionaire corporatists that will rape and murder all of you to raise their profit margin. If there is no competition, they'll be free to continue to do that EVEN HARDER. They might then forget entirely to pay lip-service to the environmentalists and gays and blacks.

But it'll be a happy, kind fascism as the world burns and crumbles around us. Service with a smile, and by service I mean a service revolver held to your skull.

Nyan Cat 21/01/20(Wed)23:50 No. 804138


symbion 21/01/21(Thu)01:45 No. 804143

You don't know Rush quotes when you see them? Airwolfing square.

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