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r000t 22/06/13(Mon)23:15 No. 811836 [Reply]

File 165515491713.jpg - (0.97MB , 1919x1424 , 823A2112-FD39-48CB-ADD3-450BDF845E47.jpg )

ur mom gay

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Weeabot 22/06/14(Tue)12:59 No. 811856

File 165520439377.jpg - (65.24KB , 700x394 , ZomboMeme 09012019181004.jpg )

symbion 22/06/14(Tue)14:48 No. 811859

File 165521092422.png - (158.68KB , 500x522 , not-all-australian-animals-will-kill-you-0-dont-ge.png )

Heh, nice

Closet Furry 22/06/15(Wed)04:25 No. 811887

File 165525990072.png - (353.31KB , 598x377 , meanwhile in Australia.png )


Weeabot 22/06/14(Tue)21:47 No. 811875 [Reply]

File 165523604662.png - (791.49KB , 1000x713 , from chad to prad.png )

Are you a chad or are you a prad?

Homicide 22/06/14(Tue)00:30 No. 811838 [Reply]

File 165515941963.jpg - (208.52KB , 1920x895 , web.jpg )

Really, no new images yet? Sucks.

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W. T. Snacks 22/06/14(Tue)20:33 No. 811871

Space is the empty area in front of use and around us. Outerspace is what the authority says is above the atmosphere where all the other celestial bodies are. However, if the authorities constantly lie as a rule, nothing they say is reality, so the space above the atmosphere is solid material unable to contain anything as described. Dense water? Solid ground? Glass? Ionno.

Steve 22/06/14(Tue)20:38 No. 811872

File 165523189298.png - (851.08KB , 842x595 , 1653566331413.png )

That is a false dichotomy.

Space is space and it literally exists you muppet.
Let me drive it home further: If you do not believe the earth is flat then there literally has to be space as space is the objective warping of space due to the presence of highly concentrated energy (mass) and objects in space naturally form into spheres actually literally due to the geometry of gravity.

Brony 22/06/14(Tue)20:45 No. 811873

gravity is the objective warping of space***

Bill 22/06/14(Tue)09:55 No. 811853 [Reply]

File 165519332422.jpg - (197.04KB , 1200x1560 , b167b2e07b95624252fb8e031dc2382c (1).jpg )

Rate stockings cocks

Reimu Hakurei 22/06/14(Tue)10:37 No. 811854

File 165519584457.jpg - (20.97KB , 381x285 , R (71).jpg )

Gee Stockings, why does your Mom let you have 2 dicks?

Anonymous 22/06/14(Tue)15:02 No. 811862

File 165521172367.jpg - (22.53KB , 480x480 , Awiens.jpg )

It has to be..

N3X15 22/06/14(Tue)16:48 No. 811864

File 165521809347.jpg - (192.06KB , 664x1000 , 7chan moderator conference.jpg )

> Gee Stockings, why does your Mom let you have 2 dicks?
Because she's a 7chan mod. How else?

Optimus Prime 22/06/11(Sat)23:45 No. 811817 [Reply]

File 165498395183.jpg - (23.35KB , 320x314 , 171AFC2B-FE6A-48E1-9A16-433FDED966C0_4_5005_c.jpg )

Hey so I posed as an underage boy and got this dude to be my sugar daddy. Ended up taking about $2k from him over the course of a few months. The other day he gave me like all his personal info, including his bank login info and account numbers, etc. What do I do now?

Homicide 22/06/14(Tue)16:03 No. 811863

With drawl everything into a crypto wallet ofc. then launder it into your own bank account. Also share with me for telling you this.

Christian Weston Chandler 22/06/12(Sun)04:43 No. 811821 [Reply]

File 165500181415.gif - (774.38KB , 560x420 , 124414363628.gif )

Was there always an /rnb/ board?
I literally never noticed it untill last week.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sonichu 22/06/12(Sun)12:46 No. 811824

since 2012 or so

Steve 22/06/12(Sun)16:19 No. 811825

Yeah, it's been around for at least ten years. Unfortunately it's just devolved into boomers vs millennials vs zoomers.

W. T. Snacks 22/06/12(Sun)22:10 No. 811830

File 165506462477.jpg - (48.50KB , 1024x600 , x-duckxzombie.jpg )


I stopped coming here about that time so i guess it makes sense i dont recall seeing it before.
Just weird i never noticed it untill i clicked on a pic from the front page.

Cryomancer 22/06/11(Sat)20:08 No. 811813 [Reply]

File 165497089488.jpg - (268.72KB , 1440x1799 , 67519314_637725760052383_7828060019415754680_n.jpg )

What do you guys do when you're bored?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bill 22/06/11(Sat)22:50 No. 811815

I have a handful of hobbies to do, or I'll clean something. At home I mostly just shitpost. If I'm upset/depressed I'll practice nunchucks because it's low brain power.
I used to drive my car but it's in a degraded state and the roads are shit anyways

zeneslev 22/06/12(Sun)07:00 No. 811822

Return to the fatherland

Christian Weston Chandler 22/06/12(Sun)19:12 No. 811828

I try to do something productive. Sometimes I exercise.

Christian Weston Chandler 22/05/11(Wed)23:56 No. 811392 [Reply]

File 165230616077.png - (160.12KB , 600x600 , boredape.png )

9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bill 22/06/01(Wed)09:32 No. 811642

File 165406868956.gif - (1.34MB , 577x474 , 1647167237238.gif )

Me too, but cereal is 6$ a box now

pound my ass with a spiked dildo broke because I need corn pops to live

Weeabot 22/06/01(Wed)13:08 No. 811651

File 165408169199.gif - (925.43KB , 212x176 , 1367702978144.gif )


4chan user 22/06/01(Wed)13:39 No. 811653

Eat something healthier than cereal, anon.
It gets me every time how well animated that gif is.

4chan user 22/06/11(Sat)06:26 No. 811807 [Reply]

File 165492160661.jpg - (26.98KB , 1200x630 , 6611cd39-7e46-4525-8dde-ea183cb82961-npcmeme0.jpg )

I'm diagnosed as having major empathy issues and have a history of mental illness and a strong tendancy towards manipulation, violence, sexual predation and sensation seeking. If you've ever interacted with a corporate white man with soulless friendliness dripping off of him you'll have a good idea of what it's like to meet me. You'd be suprised how many people still take that archetype as trustworthy and likable despite the media parodying it for decades

A quick rundown of some details:
I do have urges to kill. Not in brutal ways mind you. 2 categories of the desire are more clinical and pragmatic than sadistic. obnoxious people because it is a simple all encompassing removal. And those at certain levels of patheticness, like a mercy killing. Both I view as cold and calm as any day to day task. No spite or malice, no sadness or anger, not some edgy cum in your pants euphoria.The urge in recreational instances isn't pleasurable or extreme in any way, it's just there. Devoid of the finer points of emotionality. It's a completely abstract form of satisfaction, it's what I imagine those point reward systems for intelegent ai would feel like for the machine itself. Abstractly satisfying without more meaningful reward. Weird stuff. I also carry a strong desire towards rape and general sexual exploitation with the aformentioned reward system driving it. I make friends everywhere I go and am generally refered to as smart and friendly with a strong sense of humor and a personality that is charming enough to be considered eccentric instead of weird. It's mostly manufactured. I'm white, male, decent looking and working towards a stereotypically respectable and well paid career. The kind your grandpa would be very proud of you for. All this considered I suppose I am the most generic archetype possible for this branch of crazy, some real Ted Bundy shit. I have not acted upon these urges in any extreme way and have no criminal record. AMA

h 22/06/11(Sat)08:02 No. 811808

File 165492733944.jpg - (45.90KB , 610x393 , Caw?.jpg )

N3X15 22/06/11(Sat)16:46 No. 811809

File 165495877323.jpg - (12.62KB , 280x280 , ae029a032a71cf8bcc3119a68e48fc0d.jpg )

O.P. 22/06/11(Sat)19:27 No. 811812

if it's just a vague inclination why is it important? like if you had some sort of obsession with killing that'd be scary, but if you're just like "killing might be kinda nice under certain circumstances" and you don't plan on killing because of it then what's the problem? why do you think you're so special?

poe 22/06/08(Wed)01:58 No. 811751 [Reply]

File 16546462915.png - (1.99MB , 1280x1024 , DINNER FOR RAPISTS.png )

Nyan Cat 22/06/08(Wed)04:25 No. 811752

Don't eat or drink anything!

p4ch3c0 22/06/09(Thu)14:16 No. 811786

Alright, might try to avoid bleach.

Mudkip 22/06/11(Sat)18:56 No. 811811

File 165496657084.jpg - (106.50KB , 1280x720 , 1540336834412.jpg )


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