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Closet Furry 24/07/08(Mon)01:45 No. 828777 [Reply]

File 172039592089.jpg - (33.86KB , 300x300 , 2Pac_-_All_Eyez_on_Me.jpg )

mine is all eyez on me - Tupac Shakur, i love hip hop

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Bill 24/07/10(Wed)18:59 No. 828821

File 172063074218.jpg - (314.68KB , 828x637 , 1718440650667834.jpg )

Big L - Deadly Combination feat. Tupac Shakur

Bill 24/07/11(Thu)00:35 No. 828822

File 172065093811.jpg - (405.48KB , 1080x1393 , Screenshot_2024-07-11-01-35-46-171_com_instagram_a.jpg )

OP 24/07/13(Sat)06:34 No. 828859

File 172084527233.gif - (1.42MB , 220x147 , Yo Bro.gif )

Moot 24/06/22(Sat)07:23 No. 828489 [Reply]

File 171903378335.png - (289.23KB , 720x578 , chrome_screenshot_21 Jun 2024 22_22_05 GMT-07_00.png )

I'm a C.I.A. Federal Agent
Ask me Anything

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W. T. Snacks 24/07/09(Tue)03:12 No. 828798

File 172048754086.png - (368.46KB , 640x480 , 1748578968.png )


Oh, what lovely

Spider Expert 24/07/11(Thu)20:56 No. 828829

>I'm a C.I.A. Federal Agent
>Ask me Anything
How do I report images on Wikimedia Commons?

Mudkip 24/07/13(Sat)06:12 No. 828858

File 172084395741.gif - (734.42KB , 165x165 , Oh Really.gif )

Bob Ross 24/07/11(Thu)11:46 No. 828824 [Reply]

File 172069119681.jpg - (698.69KB , 1079x2010 , Screenshot_2024-05-22-07-36-30-37_40deb401b9ffe8e1.jpg )

It was 3am as here. I lucid dreamed myself waiting in a generic federal government building. Next to the metal detectors and large windows. I waited there like I wanted a job in the 1950s, without cigarette butts next to my shoes. A bunch of mentally disabled analysts from the past showed up to hand me a package of comics and newspapers they censored. They were black and trained to ask fake questions about sports to throw me off.

I flipped through the censored material and I was revised from being a lovely cloned spy and turned into the Terminator, demanding information by code tuned as a form of surreal mind control.

I know your "best" analysts are strawberryed. How do you get them to write anything meaningful?


I am Ra. This entity is not able to use the internet soon. :)


I am tired of all the mentally disabled analysts averaging towards literal nonsense. There is not a single case manager allowed over my files. The people you send on the field will be clueless. You cannot win a war with this.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Weeabot 24/07/12(Fri)04:32 No. 828831

This would be really interesting if this wasn't a rehash of what you dumped here a few.months ago.

Anonymous 24/07/12(Fri)16:07 No. 828839

File 172079325632.png - (492.80KB , 782x588 , 1599134463720.png )

I wish I could read all that, the bit that I read seemed interesting though, but too much text.

Closet Furry 24/07/13(Sat)06:06 No. 828857

File 17208435803.gif - (3.77MB , 640x360 , cat-asleep.gif )


OP 23/11/16(Thu)18:13 No. 824611 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 170015479180.jpg - (412.95KB , 2000x2000 , 168106218197.jpg )

Dating thread

Why are you still single?

Previous thread: >>>824059

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zeneslev 24/07/09(Tue)04:27 No. 828801

Sleep. Wake in the morning. Kiss and cuddle. We have breakfast together before she leaves for work. Lie in bed all day. 

W. T. Snacks 24/07/10(Wed)10:02 No. 828817

Hmmm. So hard to get any action in this economy.

Brony 24/07/10(Wed)10:03 No. 828818

File 172059861658.jpg - (375.06KB , 1080x1505 , Screenshot_2024-07-09-21-52-16-327_com_instagram_a.jpg )

Steve 24/07/11(Thu)15:19 No. 828827 [Reply]

Youtube  MAH PUWRSE!

Reimu Hakurei 24/07/08(Mon)16:19 No. 828784 [Reply]

File 172044839771.jpg - (32.86KB , 426x282 , LEAKED VIDEOS OF AREA 51 ALIENS!!!.jpg )

LEAKED VIDEOS OF AREA 51 ALIENS!!!.zip 3.6 GB Download

Contains 1.6GB more recently added neat files!!!


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ian 24/07/09(Tue)15:17 No. 828804

File 172053104250.jpg - (117.03KB , 742x960 , signal-2019-01-15-163552.jpg )

So wait, is the alien gay, or is the human lesbian? Did the humans do a gender reassignment on the alien?

4chan user 24/07/10(Wed)02:47 No. 828813

That's nice. airwolf ET woman now!

derp 24/07/10(Wed)05:20 No. 828816

File 172058160470.jpg - (146.45KB , 1024x1024 , moldy and skully.jpg )


He-Man 24/07/08(Mon)07:29 No. 828780 [Reply]

File 172041656157.png - (645.71KB , 1362x727 , Leaked Video Of An Alien Autopsy At Area 51.png )

ALIEN-UFO Videos And Pictures.zip 8.32 GB Download


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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 24/07/09(Tue)22:55 No. 828809

So this video is how many GB of that folder?

W. T. Snacks 24/07/10(Wed)05:17 No. 828815

nothing to do with ops folder, it was me taking the piss, it's from https://horrorporn.com https://www.xvideos.com/ or https://www.xvideos.com/video.imueiih64dd/horrorporn_-_roswell_ufo

Bill 24/02/17(Sat)01:47 No. 826563 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 170813083375.jpg - (129.91KB , 1200x1600 , 331806_248518931851819_1932320327_o.jpg )

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PrettyPony 24/07/04(Thu)23:42 No. 828703

Damn. She is very sweet.

tee 24/07/08(Mon)20:43 No. 828792

File 172046422888.jpg - (51.91KB , 650x487 , dwAnV6uD12jPANr_AcxNchnujhE_xdWqfmDbkvUBgu0= (3).jpg )

[tags4lyf]PEARS 24/07/07(Sun)21:47 No. 828775 [Reply]

File 172038166595.jpg - (120.10KB , 1726x1307 , D1BBD02X4AA1tmm_jpg_large.jpg )

When a nation wields significant power, it often finds itself in a position where it can shape narratives and influence political discourse more effectively than less powerful counterparts. This ability to control or manufacture political issues and conflicts serves several strategic purposes. For one, it allows the dominant nation to distract from internal problems or failures, creating external scapegoats or threats that unify its populace and shift focus away from domestic discontent.

Additionally, powerful nations can use fabricated conflicts to justify certain actions on the international stage, such as military interventions, economic sanctions, or political maneuvers that serve their interests. By creating or exaggerating threats, they can rally international support or, at the very least, reduce resistance to their actions. This control over the narrative also puts their opposition on the defensive, forcing them to respond to accusations or threats rather than advancing their own agendas.

Moreover, in the information age, where media and communication technologies play a critical role, powerful nations can leverage these tools to amplify their narratives globally. This media dominance means that their version of events is often the one that reaches the broadest audience, shaping public perception and international opinion.

In contrast, less powerful nations or groups often lack the resources to create or propagate their own narratives effectively. They are more likely to be reactive, dealing with the issues and conflicts presented to them by more powerful actors. This dynamic can perpetuate the imbalance of power, as the dominant nation continues to set the agenda, while their opposition struggles to keep up.

Thus, the power to make up political issues and conflicts is not merely a tool of convenience for powerful nations; it is a fundamental aspect of maintaining and enhancing their influence both domestically and internationally. This ability underscores the broader geopolitical realities where narrative control is as critical as military or economic might.

He-Man 24/07/06(Sat)19:21 No. 828736 [Reply]

File 172028649853.gif - (18.22KB , 1911x1018 , 1234.gif )

The million dollar project.

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O.P. 24/07/07(Sun)18:37 No. 828771

/ b / ro gets formatted to mom, you cheeky airwolfs!

symbion 24/07/07(Sun)18:53 No. 828772

File 172037120544.png - (1.35MB , 1024x1024 , stormcloakmarbs.png )


Miku Fanboy 24/07/07(Sun)20:55 No. 828773

File 172037855626.jpg - (58.61KB , 640x480 , 1659795088586874.jpg )

well meme'd

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