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Official Requests Thread Anonymous ## Admin ## 18/08/11(Sat)21:13 No. 22341 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 153401479813.png - (619.18KB , 613x522 , 1527077363162.png )

All requests go in here. This thread will periodically be purged of old posts.

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JAMAL BROWNER V4 PROGRAM Anonymous 22/05/26(Thu)15:40 No. 39340

Anybody have Jamal Browner’s V4 Intermediate powerlifting program? Would really appreciate it!

FAQ Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)19:28 No. 2038 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12501845171.jpg - (38.01KB , 566x848 , fit.jpg )

This is the /fit/ FAQ. You should read it.

It contains a fuckton of incredibly useful information for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness.

If you post a question which has already been answered in this FAQ, don't be surprised if you find your post mocked, saged, or missing.

It's here for a reason.

Credit belongs to ZigCat for the original FAQ, with small amendments by /fit/ as a whole. RIP ZC.

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Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:39 No. 2062

For general and fitness-related chat. No being retarded, it's not /b/.

Server: irc.7chan.org port: 6667
/join #/fit/

Anonymous 22/05/03(Tue)10:03 No. 39283 [Reply]

File 165156501363.png - (153.72KB , 457x293 , s.png )

can i just do dips and ohp without having to worry about upper chest development?

Anonymous 22/05/15(Sun)02:11 No. 39307

In my experience this is very specific to your anthropometry. I have a very wide clavicle and wide chest, I literally cannot get any other exercises other than incline work to get my upper chest bigger. However I have a friend with a more narrow shoulder girdle who can do normal dumbbell bench and get a huge upper chest. Basically, YMMV, try doing just OHP and Dips for 2-3 months at most and if you aren't seeing progress in the areas you want then switch up the exercises.

Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)12:05 No. 39323

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Dorian yates AnOnyMus 20/02/21(Fri)07:53 No. 33637 [Reply]

File 158226801281.png - (161.10KB , 1264x1080 , Screenshot_2020-02-21-11-33-35-011_video_player_vi.png )

Can anyone please share that movie ireally cant buy it because a lot of student loan i had already taken for my studies please guyss i even though work in KFC for extra income but thats is not even enough to buy proper bodybuilding diet
But after 2 year i will surely be able to afford most things i dreamed of please i wanna watch this movie so badly

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Anonymous 22/05/03(Tue)10:01 No. 39281

does the movie have a title?

Anonymous 22/05/03(Tue)10:02 No. 39282

does the movie have a title?

The Original Mass Monster Chisel toothed Rabbit 22/05/08(Sun)12:20 No. 39293



Suicide tonight M-A 22/03/09(Wed)07:21 No. 39075 [Reply]

File 164680691047.gif - (2.00MB , 400x224 , everything-is-fine-itsfine.gif )

I failed at suicide. Tried using a thread, it wasnt strong enough. This time Im using a wire. Im not failing this time. I want the world to know that Jessica Beechin from Chelmsford MA is 10% responsible for my suicide. If 90% of the reason is because of the economy here, then 10% of the reason has to do with the fact that Ive been displaced many times by her friends who have the ability to speak.

Anonymous 22/03/09(Wed)22:04 No. 39077

Women are one of the weakest reasons for suicide.

Anonymous 22/04/02(Sat)09:01 No. 39189

I hope you changed your mind anon!

Anonymous 22/04/06(Wed)12:29 No. 39197

File 164924094816.jpg - (18.08KB , 225x225 , C84C9AD1-8B40-4AFA-8896-E35E1CDFB20D.jpg )

Don’t do it Anon! You live in a world where dogs exist!

Hey guys, anybody got RP Male Physique 4 and 5 day? CaptainAutist 22/04/23(Sat)03:12 No. 39244 [Reply]

File 165067636439.jpg - (18.50KB , 600x600 , aps,504x498,small,transparent-pad,600x600,f8f8f8_u.jpg )

Previous links here don't work anymore.

My aesthetic are fucked up? Beep 21/03/12(Fri)05:47 No. 37555 [Reply]

File 161552443197.jpg - (2.26MB , 2976x3968 , IMG_20210208_182638.jpg )

My aesthetic are fucked up i mean if im fucked to have a v taper
My statics:
6'3 (190cm)
136lbs (62kg)
High hips (pelvis) circumference :80-85cm
Lower hips circumference :83-86 cm
Waist:64-67 cm

Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)06:18 No. 37556

v-taper=3 things

start doing rowing-type exercises to get your lats and upper core going, squats and crunches for mid core, leg lifts for lower core. deadlifts are good too.

also you're probably going to have to gain a bit more weight for taper supremacy

Anonymous 21/04/28(Wed)21:02 No. 37794

You need to run a novice linear progression as you are a weakling and your aesthetics will improve.


Anonymous 22/04/11(Mon)10:27 No. 39203

Nigga you are 6'3, you are not fucked

Anonymous 22/04/06(Wed)12:18 No. 39196 [Reply]

File 164924032672.jpg - (675.07KB , 616x1653 , AA3C041D-B47D-4F9D-85CC-9D4389012A3C.jpg )

Hey so I’ve been feeling weird pains in the left side of my chest and I’m concerned it has something to do with my heart but I’ve had anxiety about heart problems since I was little ever since in school we watched a health film where someone gets a heart attack and so ever since then I’ve had a fear of heart attacks and I’m 19 years old so when I brought up my concerns to my doctor he told me that it was probably just my anxiety but Jesus fuck I’m still kinda nervous.

What do I do?

Anonymous 21/12/16(Thu)01:59 No. 38782 [Reply]

File 163961634495.png - (3.88MB , 2562x1362 , Group 341.png )

Im struggling to build this body part, tried latteral, side raise but i havnt seen improvement. Anyhelp and tips?

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Anonymous 22/03/25(Fri)01:53 No. 39168

This is 100% genetics.

Look at David Laid's capped delts (barely developed, can't even OHP 200lbs) then look at someone like Steve Cook who can OHP like 250lbs but his delts are flat looking.

Even untrained guy like Jaden Smith has capped delts. The only thing you can do is get lean, and hope you have the genes. Giannis is like 10%bf

Anonymous 22/03/25(Fri)01:54 No. 39169

This is 100% genetics.

Look at David Laid's capped delts (barely developed, can't even OHP 200lbs) then look at someone like Steve Cook who can OHP like 250lbs but his delts are flat looking.

Even untrained guy like Jaden Smith has capped delts. The only thing you can do is get lean, and hope you have the genes. Giannis is like 10%bf

Dumbells Luzviminda 22/03/28(Mon)05:22 No. 39172

Dumbbells are the go-to equipment for toning your biceps. You can also do some upper body training by hanging onto bars and curling up. Such exercise benefits your biceps as well. If you don’t have dumbbells, lifting anything hefty will do. Good luck!

Jamal browner vol.3 or 2 Anonymuis 22/02/22(Tue)06:20 No. 39016 [Reply]

File 164550725276.png - (35.64KB , 800x359 , LOGO_GUERRAPRETO800.png )

Hi guys im looking for Jamal browner vol.3 or 2, they dont accept our payment options. Heard its the best program out there

Anonymous 22/03/01(Tue)06:55 No. 39038

https://gofile.io/d/T81s5J Here you go. The program (v4) + the video links

39038 Anonymous2 22/03/02(Wed)13:28 No. 39050

Can you share again? Because it doesn't work.

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