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Refaie 20/01/29(Wed)17:38 No. 33300 [Reply]

File 158031590951.jpg - (38.06KB , 765x400 , fitnessfaqs_bar-765x400.jpg )

would someone plz recommend for me best Nutrition and diet book ?

Anonymous 20/02/21(Fri)10:15 No. 33640

I think you can try fitness or keto diet.I prefer to use keto diet and double chin removal procedure on https://laserbodysculpting.ca/double-chin-removal/ A double chin is essentially extra fat layers that build up under the chin area.

Ebook Ryan Fischer Ryan Fischer 20/02/21(Fri)07:01 No. 33636 [Reply]

File 158226488640.jpg - (110.89KB , 1024x1024 , Sentadilla-2-e1561070776192-1024x1024.jpg )

If you have Sweat vol 1 and 2 ebooks please publish them

Anonymous 20/01/24(Fri)17:10 No. 33245 [Reply]

File 157988225960.jpg - (479.32KB , 1024x902 , Sad reality.jpg )

Have you taken the Anti-Gym pill yet? Anon

Anonymous 20/02/19(Wed)13:03 No. 33594

I love workout and fitness. But recently I got back injuring and stopped my workouts. So now I need to use regularly recliner for back pain. I found good oof them on https://thebestreclinersreviews.com/best-recliners-for-back-pain/and have plan to buy it.

Guy in a whell chair 20/02/20(Thu)08:24 No. 33619

Fuck roids

Anonymous 19/12/18(Wed)15:36 No. 32473 [Reply]

File 157667980250.jpg - (24.75KB , 220x220 , 220px-Iron_Maiden_(album)_cover.jpg )

Who the fuck keeps using this stupid ass file up bullshit? Use anon files. File up blows

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Anonymous 19/12/19(Thu)00:45 No. 32479

Jesus fucking Christ I thought this thread was a day old
It's been an entire year since it was posted
RIP in pepperonies
Also fuck 4chins

Anonymous 19/12/19(Thu)01:07 No. 32480

Nope nevermind I'm retarded
Time to go to bed...

Anonymous 19/12/23(Mon)14:48 No. 32541

God damn that date and time stamp is fucking confusing as fuck.

Underweight Anonymous 18/11/27(Tue)08:26 No. 24566 [Reply]

File 154330357229.jpg - (90.00KB , 625x994 , literallyme.jpg )

Ive been skinny all my life, 5'11, 120 pounds, what do I do /fit/?

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Anonymous 19/10/20(Sun)06:27 No. 31301

File 157154562367.png - (8.16KB , 646x52 , Capture_png early veganism.png )


Anonymous 19/10/20(Sun)22:48 No. 31306

You should decide what you want to do with your health situation. Do you like being thin? If so, keep it that way. Do you like having muscle on yourself? If so, exercise. Consider where you want to go is one thing you can do. Do you want to go The Machinist or do you want to go Pumping Iron? Figure it out. There's countless steps in between those, so you know. lol
People need to be protected. You can do more protecting if you're in shape. I think AWorkoutRoutine and Elliott Hulse have good advice. There's a a lot you can read online. One small piece of advice is don't go berserk with all the possibilities available. Just choose what's interesting to you. Don't get consumed by the infinite what if's, just pick up a goal and live with that. lol How many people are helped by decision paralysis? Not vast amounts. There are more fulfilling ways to exist.

Anonymous 19/11/26(Tue)01:35 No. 32001

Eat more train hard

trouble stretching Anonymous 19/08/13(Tue)21:30 No. 30521 [Reply]

File 156572460556.png - (117.46KB , 741x701 , IMG_2948.png )

I am stiff as a board right now do u guys know any good static stretches to do after working out? I was watching chinese girls do yoga on youtube but it felt too arousing to me. Any good non sexual vids??

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Anonymous 19/11/11(Mon)14:44 No. 31748

Walking wont help you unwind meat head.

Coal 19/11/12(Tue)17:15 No. 31771

Pavel Tsatsouline Relax into stretching and Super Joints.
If ou want oget more sciency
Thomas Kurz - Stretching scientifically
On Yt
Eric Wong Precision Movement has great routines look up the office worker series

70s Big Anonymous 19/11/20(Wed)17:20 No. 31898

3 Stretches for Lifters


This video is great from 70s Big. Still pretty arousing though.

Anonymous 19/11/02(Sat)20:54 No. 31508 [Reply]

File 15727244732.jpg - (143.24KB , 720x1175 , Screenshot_20181229_121025.jpg )

Once again - Do your trading shit somewhere else!
I wish N1 gets posted

Live Journal Post-alike Anonymous 19/09/18(Wed)22:21 No. 31032 [Reply]

File 15688380657.png - (19.40KB , 243x171 , Livejournal-logo.png )

Day 1:
Eating only salad and doing Calisthenics at 7:00p.m
First of all i need to get to an acceptable bodyweight to hit the gym.

Also: Post your journal here!

Also also: I'll update at day 10 and if my post is still here i'll post here.

Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)00:33 No. 31035

>if my post is still here i'll post here.

It will be. Welcome to 7Chan.

Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)17:24 No. 31043

I was saying in case it gets deleted.

Anonymous 19/09/29(Sun)21:15 No. 31130

Day 11. I forgot.

I couldn't eat only salad as i supossed but i stopped eating like a beast.

Also since the dog occupied the space i was doing calisthenics with i started no fap instead. I'm going to keep track of my weigth whenever i can.

Bromocriptine for cutting Anonymous 19/09/12(Thu)01:11 No. 30910 [Reply]

File 156824349787.jpg - (116.79KB , 960x689 , plank.jpg )

Lyle Macdonald has an excellent ebook on the subject. Basically I'm sold on trying said medication. Who's tried it already?

Anonymous 19/09/09(Mon)04:24 No. 30868 [Reply]

File 156799584034.jpg - (70.40KB , 675x900 , 1567941300256.jpg )

Can someone please post SCR Research review if they have

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