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Bicycling Anonymous 22/08/29(Mon)13:10 No. 39616

File 166177143316.jpg - (498.85KB , 850x1211 , b.jpg )

Ride a bike

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)20:31 No. 39622

File 166188430880.jpg - (178.17KB , 723x1350 , acoff1.jpg )

Two wheels it is...

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)23:46 No. 39623

I use to
I use to be super fit and do 50 miles every 3 days and 15 every day in between
Then the rapid polarization of the proles had me being attacked on the street
So I quit

Anonymous 22/08/31(Wed)12:02 No. 39626

File 166194014497.jpg - (53.55KB , 640x799 , b3.jpg )

You're on a bicycle; pedal faster.

Anonymous 22/12/15(Thu)13:07 No. 39867

>rapid polarization of the proles had me being attacked on the street

what the fuck does that even mean, you used to ride your bike and people randomly attacked you? where do you live bro

Anonymous 22/12/15(Thu)13:17 No. 39868


Anonymous 22/12/27(Tue)00:55 No. 39888

instagram @ /yuanherong.1229/

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