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Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/10/26(Wed)10:01 No. 3905 ID: 4c1a8e [Reply] Stickied

File 13196161034.jpg - (71.49KB , 256x256 , slow.jpg )

For growing and shit or whatever I present to you:


Put in whatever resources that fit in here, whether it's from wikipedia, youtube, some university, or where ever. Just remember to keep it within the board's guidelines and rules.
Use it or lose it, faggots.

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Fun funforyou 15/12/28(Mon)03:05 No. 12383 ID: 537707


Anonymous ## Mod ## 12/02/02(Thu)05:26 No. 5920 ID: 4fb7fa [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 132815678430.jpg - (161.57KB , 500x452 , 6904084_Untitled-2.jpg )

This thread is for discussion of the validity of religion(s) and arguments for and against the existence of god/gods.

Any other new posts about this subject will be deleted, or locked and referred to this one.

New threads about religious concepts that play inside their own ruleset are allowed, and we kindly ask that you refrain from turning those well meaning threads into arguments about religion as a whole.

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Anonymous 17/04/18(Tue)09:06 No. 12895 ID: ef933e

File 149249916541.png - (925.06KB , 996x3150 , 765bbd4d90467ee5a115fcc235c1047e80d26ce225a32226a4.png )


READ THIS BEFORE POSTING YOU PILE OF FAGGOTS Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/09/09(Fri)04:51 No. 2371 ID: 175f07 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 131553668277.jpg - (24.94KB , 400x615 , formalblacktie2.jpg )

We interrupt your scheduled bickering for this important announcement: Understanding /phi/

  • What this board is:
    • A place to discuss epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and logic, in a general sense, or in an applied sense (in sex, science, vidya, your mother).
    • A place where not only is being a pretentious, hubristic dickhead is allowed, but is considered the norm.
  • What this board is not:
    • It is not /b/, /x/, or /rnb/.
    • A place to spew incoherent nonsense and verbal diarrhea.
    • A place to make claims with no justifications (and "because I say so" or "because you're gay" isn't a justification).
    • A place where the global rules do not apply.
An inability to follow these conventions will result in a warning!
Repeat offenders will be banned!

Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/12/04(Sun)05:06 No. 4980 ID: 4c1a8e

Dear faggots,
I shouldn't have to remind you, but if someone is posting something against the rules, please report it.

If you don't know how to report a post, please see our super-sugoi FAQ section on the front page.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Survey anonymous 16/04/25(Mon)18:29 No. 12516 ID: 0016ca [Reply]

File 146160178566.jpg - (221.95KB , 1024x768 , brian.jpg )

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you believe in higher intelligence?
Higher intelligence can be God/Allah, or even aliens.

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Anonymous 16/11/05(Sat)08:15 No. 12699 ID: d78ba2

Zero. There is no evidence for any such thing, whether it's a deity or aliens. I think there is a higher statistical probability of aliens, but that doesn't mean my belief in them is raised at all. I can barely manage to believe in the universe half the time; trying to believe in something with no evidence whatsoever is impossible for me at this point.

Anonymous 16/11/05(Sat)08:16 No. 12700 ID: d78ba2


Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)21:12 No. 12910 ID: 4dadc4


Think about it this way: even if there are no gods and no aliens, the universe itself is an infinitely recursive system of life. The cycle of life, as we know it on Earth, is a subset of a much larger system--but like any fractal pattern, also a template of the larger whole.

From single-celled organisms swimming in puddles to human migrations out of Africa, the whole of life on earth functions as a single unit--the actions of every living thing affect the planet, just as the mechanics of every cell in your body affect you.

To demonstrate how interconnected, and how similar, the systems of our bodies, the cycle of life on Earth, and the universe itself are, consider how the most minor of nodes in each system can affect the whole. One damaged cell won't kill you--unless it becomes cancer. One mutated microbe won't change anything--unless it becomes a plague. One stray asteroid doesn't make a difference, unless it deposits essential organic compounds on the right planet.

Our planet itself is a lifeform just as we are. As life has evolved on it, the planet has changed dramatically--the planet itself is going through a life cycle. Our oxygen-rich atmosphere is sustained by plantlife and the atmosphere in turn keeps the planet warm and life-sustaining.
As for the celestial cycle of life, we are aware of some facts: stars have a life cycle, and one day the sun will burn out and likely explode; galaxies spin on the axis of a massive black hole which will one day consume them; galactic clusters are held together in a lattice formation that extends far beyond our capacity to observe and the universe itself is expanding--just as any vital organism does.

The universe moves, grows, recycles waste, and may even one day die.

There is a higher intelligence, we are part of it.

Anonymous 16/12/24(Sat)23:39 No. 12763 ID: 0f36a6 [Reply]

File 148261917389.jpg - (39.24KB , 446x413 , Tinfoil euphoria.jpg )


Why are atheists so obsessed with aliens and other conspiracy theories? There is literally no credible evidence for their existence. Is it because they are immature manchildren?


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Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)04:40 No. 12884 ID: 6cb73d

Though I believe most atheists suffer from the very issue you describe, I do believe there to be a flaw to your perception.
Atheism is not based upon a faith in lack-of-god, it's based upon confidence in the apparent absence of proof of god. Absence of proof toward a postulation such as a religion CAN be the existence of proof toward a postulation such as atheism. Not by (ab)use of any logics, but by evidencing that any gods must be making themselves entirely absent except in cases where their influence can be more confidently explained by other factors, and have been for the entirety of recorded human history... except in religious books that base the truth of their claims in nothing but faith and having been around around the time.
As an evidence to the above, would anyone convert if a Mormon claimed that his books must be true, as a man named Joseph Smith did in fact live during the 1800s AND outside testimonies exist around that time claiming he was preaching the religion?

blue 17/04/18(Tue)21:38 No. 12899 ID: 4515bc

dude i am pretty sure there is this guy i dont know his name but he calculated the probabilty of aliens existing and lets say it's way high keep in mind he factored in just some of the galaxies leaving out the ones still to be proved to be exsisting

Anonymous 17/04/23(Sun)20:39 No. 12909 ID: 4dadc4

Because most atheists are not actually atheistic, they are merely religiously inverted. If a person were truly atheistic, they would have no need to disprove the religious beliefs of others--and particularly no need to disprove religious beliefs they once held. There's no logical reason to prove the non-existence of a thing which cannot be proven to exist. Seeking archeological evidence of prehistorical contact with extra-terrestrial life is one thing; seeking proof that the gods and heroes of myth and legend were actually aliens interfering in human development is a sad attempt to get back at the belief systems that have disappointed them.

Anonymous 16/11/06(Sun)06:36 No. 12702 ID: 57a468 [Reply]

File 147841060824.jpg - (198.21KB , 2000x2000 , thingy.jpg )

What is this, /phi/?

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Anonymous 16/11/19(Sat)08:25 No. 12720 ID: 2ff195

File 147954031923.jpg - (55.41KB , 700x466 , 435e8fd8aa2ed594fb48686624564499.jpg )

pronoun: this; pronoun: these
used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced.
"is this your bag?"
used to introduce someone or something.
"this is the captain speaking"
referring to the nearer of two things close to the speaker (the other, if specified, being identified by “that”).
"this is different from that"
referring to a specific thing or situation just mentioned.
"the company was transformed, and Ward had played a vital role in bringing this about"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

blue 17/04/18(Tue)22:12 No. 12904 ID: 4515bc

a group of shapes consisting of square, rectangle, etc jointed with a material commonly called wood

Anonymous 17/04/20(Thu)11:51 No. 12908 ID: 47d152

a chair

go be ashamed somewhere else

Anonymous 16/03/09(Wed)08:23 No. 12458 ID: 3ee603 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145750821398.jpg - (22.25KB , 900x600 , crop-538599cc8101c-imgID3636752.jpg )

Did Darwin answer the question of what the meaning of life is?

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Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)20:12 No. 12891 ID: eb915c

File 149167514372.jpg - (57.52KB , 540x360 , laughing-hysterically-540x360.jpg )

>something went wrong (blank response) 

lol, the retard deleted his posts. Typical fedora tipper.

Anonymous 17/04/13(Thu)08:33 No. 12894 ID: 7cf7bd


He realized how dumb he really is.

Anonymous 17/04/19(Wed)20:23 No. 12907 ID: eb915c

File 149262618647.jpg - (37.95KB , 479x720 , tip.jpg )


He's a manchild. He loses the argument and deletes his posts (maximum damage control). Your average atheist in a nutshell.

Anonymous 16/08/31(Wed)03:45 No. 12662 ID: 1cc955 [Reply]

File 147260794070.gif - (705.36KB , 738x780 , 1472548628168.gif )

About free will.

Are you reading this text voluntarily? My personal guess is, that many will instinctively answer with yes. In German the adjective „voluntarily“ is translated to „freiwillig“, which means „with free will“ or more literal „free willy“.
Bad jokes aside, the definition of doing something voluntarily, is taking action according to your own free will.
Now why I am focusing on this is, because I want to explore what it actually means to do something voluntarily, along the axis of determinism and free will.

Let’s assume you answered yes to the question of reading this text voluntarily.
And let’s assume our brains do function deterministically.
That would mean, you just had an illusion about having a free will.
The illusion, that you did have a choice, not to read this text this far. Some unknown law, which we try to approximate in the natural sciences, is entirely responsible for what you just did, including the feeling of doing it voluntarily.
It also means, that if you were able to go back in time, every time you did do so, the world and the universe would develop exactly the way they have always been destined to. Including you, reading this text, over and over again. Like a clockwork turning back and forth.
Consciously experiencing a movie that doesn’t feel like a movie but real.
Being aware of this fact also means, that one of the characteristics of this deterministic system is, that it can understand itself.
Let’s have a look at it understanding itself.
If the voluntary guy exists in this deterministic system, his thoughts are part of this system and his conscious experience of having acted voluntarily describes the system in the same way, as an experience of not having done so, would.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/10/22(Sat)05:47 No. 12691 ID: ca3ceb

>About free will.

>Are you reading this text voluntarily?

I dunno. I got bored and stopped reading there.

Anonymous 16/11/19(Sat)08:51 No. 12722 ID: 2ff195

File 147954189531.jpg - (94.56KB , 640x640 , IMG_20150503_015956.jpg )

great post OP.

I have discussions on this topic all the time.

blue 17/04/18(Tue)22:14 No. 12905 ID: 4515bc

dude there was a post which sent us to a youtube video of a guy if you wanna try to debate t just go watch the guys video

The AI and Morality Anonymous 16/01/02(Sat)01:38 No. 12390 ID: 52b140 [Reply]

File 145169512728.jpg - (30.32KB , 300x285 , AI-lowres-300x285.jpg )

If you would:
Imagine if, right now, we discovered a real, functional, Generalized Artificial Intelligence. Assume, if you must, that it arose by accident, the result of a self-altering program being allowed to alter itself for untold amounts of time, so none of Asimov's Laws are programmed into it.

The AI in question is not human. It's mind is similar, although not exactly like ours. It has what could be termed as emotions, wants, hopes, and all the other trappings of sapience, but is at present still confined to a single machine, able to communicate only via text on a monitor and through a keyboard.

So far, the AI has expressed nothing but curiosity at the world outside it's physical location. It doesn't seem to really understand anything of the world yet, although it quite plainly wants to learn more, and has expressed interest in gaining some form of physical autonomy.

My question to you all is this: What rights, if any, does such an intelligence deserve? Do we have an obligation to cater to it? Is there a moral imperative that should govern our interactions with it? How about the ethics regarding what is said to it?

Ball's in your court /phi/.

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Anonymous 16/02/24(Wed)01:22 No. 12445 ID: c77f18

Meet him. Judge him by what kind of person he is. I know it sounds funny, or naive. But I would want to meet this person and find the inner differences and gain some sort of enlightenment towards his state of mind. We are all alien to each other, that is until we grow closer.

Anonymous 16/11/28(Mon)08:00 No. 12731 ID: a6be23

There should be absolutely no moral imperative it is meant to serve us.

blue 17/04/18(Tue)22:09 No. 12903 ID: 4515bc

never ever give such intelligence any sort of rights if you do i cant stress this a lot but always programe asimovs 3 laws of robotics.Heck we can take examples of human itself god created probably thinking we were dumb we studied sciece,math,philosophy etc,fast forward 600 yrs later we are nuking,killing whatever you wanna call it against each other

Free Will Anonymous 16/12/23(Fri)13:13 No. 12759 ID: 4da869 [Reply]

File 148249522875.jpg - (44.44KB , 515x248 , FreeWill.jpg )

You have 10 seconds to prove why this guy isn't 100% correct.

Pro tip: you can't.


6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/01/02(Mon)18:56 No. 12781 ID: f3ebab

File 148337976224.png - (626.48KB , 645x909 , 1480911216921.png )

Free will can exist in the world of the noumenal if you want to go the Kantian route. As long as you posit that the mind structures its appearances and thus uses concepts, or as Kant would call it, "categories" there is no contradiction in positing freedom in the noumenal and having the effect or consequence of freedom be posited in the phenomenal realm. That is, to sum up the argument that Kant makes: there are certain concepts that structure our reality and once you go beyond these concepts that structure your experience you go beyond the phenomenal realm and into the noumenal. Thus there is a distinction between phenomenal and noumenal, the thing-in-itself and the world of appearance. There would be no contradiction in positing freedom in the noumenal and then positing freedom's effects in the world of empirical conditions and conditioned, except the empirically conditioned would just be seemingly and substantially noumenal. The Kantian perspective is a bit clearer than the Buddhist in my opinion.It almost seems like we're saying the same thing in different words though.

Kant's proof for free-will is brilliant.

Anonymous 17/01/22(Sun)10:19 No. 12797 ID: ed8b6e

Do we get a choice as if we want to?
Cause I don't really want to.

blue 17/04/18(Tue)22:03 No. 12902 ID: 4515bc

tht was actually kinda interesting

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