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/phi/ - Philosophy
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heidegger Anonymous 22/04/21(Thu)16:24 No. 14930 ID: b3969d [Reply]

File 165055108250.jpg - (4.81KB , 199x253 , beingtime.jpg )

what do I need to read before approaching being and time?

The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)09:12 No. 14944 ID: 7cb4c3

I don't know but his role in the destruction of the Midgar plate was based af

Some questions about skepticism and the principle of knowledge? Anonymous 20/04/15(Wed)02:32 No. 14461 ID: 4af815 [Reply]

File 158691076713.jpg - (37.37KB , 400x340 , violet kitty.jpg )

What about this principle? ("if K (P - > ~ Q), then ~ k (~ Q) - > ~ k (P)") (if you know (P implies non-Q, then you don't know non-Q implies don't know P)

I learnt about that Nozick gave an anti skeptical argument based on this principle from Jesper Kallestrup's "Semantic Externalism "(New Problems of Philosophy),but I think his argument confused the image (electrical signal) of our "foot" in the brain in the vat with our actual foot (if we have one).

Anonymous 22/05/05(Thu)06:01 No. 14939 ID: 1a8448

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The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)09:06 No. 14941 ID: 7cb4c3

Use English when you ask questions, charlatain

Recommend me some anti-techt philosophy Anonymous 22/04/29(Fri)11:02 No. 14937 ID: e79255 [Reply]

File 165122296975.jpg - (79.86KB , 544x840 , Ellul.jpg )

I already read Jacques Ellul and Ted K. What else?

meh Anonymous 22/05/01(Sun)05:22 No. 14938 ID: 29fa1b


Anonymous 22/04/28(Thu)06:19 No. 14936 ID: 865d12 [Reply]

File 165111954799.png - (288.61KB , 479x435 , unknown.png )

Friends, I'm dying for direction. What I want is Solipsism as a topic handled from an Existential standpoint, not epistemologically. I want to learn about how Hollywoodian Solipsism effects our mentality and turns us into self-serving drones. I know that might be too opinionated and specific so I am also fine with anything that touches it tangentially. If you have any thoughts on the issue yourself I'd love to hear it.

Sigmund Freud's Patriarchal Nonsense Anonymous 22/04/06(Wed)20:12 No. 14923 ID: 3af22c [Reply]

File 164926873012.jpg - (16.51KB , 253x130 , Screenshot_20220406-191235__01.jpg )


Rep DeAnon 22/04/16(Sat)14:29 No. 14929 ID: 7b6b87

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Plato's Democracy to Tyranny Anonymous 18/04/19(Thu)19:20 No. 13503 ID: 8bdadd [Reply]

File 152415843966.jpg - (273.31KB , 1258x1600 , plato.jpg )

In the United States and other western democracies (see it's in the phrase). We are currently in a degenerate cosmopolitan democracy that values wealth, possessions, and sex over virtue and intellectual pursuits. From here individuals are atomized. They begin to hate their situation and they demand the rule of a tyrant. This explains the phenomena of Trump, the support for Bernie Sanders, and even some of the youths support for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

As an American, I was surprised by the vociferous response of virtually any progressive millennial to brexit. I couldn't understand why they cared. Until it dawned on me, we have become so cosmopolitan that people want an all powerful supranational entity to rule over their quasi-bohemian lifestyle.

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Anonymous 19/12/07(Sat)18:16 No. 14301 ID: bd0879

I would've made a good emperor. I'd've been very lenient

Anonymous 19/12/12(Thu)05:47 No. 14307 ID: eff71a

EVERY system falls to corruption sooner or later, which is why the box needs to get shaken up by revolution every once in a while.

The real problem with the modern world is the lie of the self-made man. You see, in the older times, people who were rich knew they they did not earn it. They knew they they inherited it, that they were born in a higher caste, and that the poor were also born in their caste. Because of this, they were privy to something called "the burden of the rich", where they were obligated by their God-given station in life to do what they could for the lower classes. While many of these rich were, of course, corrupt and selfish, most were in contrast very charitable (even if oftentimes that charity was lip-service to the Church).

But the mother myth of self-determinism has destroyed this. Now every rich person believes that they deserve their absurdly inflated wealth because they are smarter, because they work harder, because they are better; and that the poor are simply lazy and stupid and deserving of neither charity or even pity. This is true corruption, and true selfishness.

It is far, far better to arbitrarily appoint someone into a position of power than the create a system where a person believe that any power they gain was somehow "earned", and thus deserved. Compare the personality of The Queen with that of Trump.

Anonymous 22/04/07(Thu)21:50 No. 14927 ID: ff3844


>This is why in history Monarchies have shown consistently being more stable than democracies.

Monarchy is the default government of mankind.

Anonymous 16/11/06(Sun)06:36 No. 12702 ID: 57a468 [Reply]

File 147841060824.jpg - (198.21KB , 2000x2000 , thingy.jpg )

What is this, /phi/?

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Americium!Metal3G/gs 21/10/30(Sat)21:59 No. 14837 ID: d2a5e8

A picture of a footrest, or sometimes a shelf if I'm being lazy.

Anonymous 21/11/15(Mon)02:33 No. 14843 ID: 434a9b

What is what?

Anonymous 22/03/28(Mon)18:10 No. 14916 ID: 84b073

this is the correct opinion, or rather a bunch of energy colluding in one place

Anonymous 22/03/06(Sun)21:09 No. 14908 ID: f5b419 [Reply]

File 164659739652.jpg - (7.25KB , 275x183 , dianna.jpg )

hello world

Anonymous 22/03/07(Mon)15:37 No. 14910 ID: 967a73

the hell is that?

Suppose Diogenes and Buddha meet Anonymous 21/11/27(Sat)18:55 No. 14847 ID: 4a1e6d [Reply]

File 163803574123.jpg - (373.32KB , 1600x1065 , get out of my light.jpg )

What would they say to each other, assuming they would overcome the language barrier?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/01/19(Wed)08:59 No. 14891 ID: 7cb4c3

File 164257915596.png - (162.66KB , 276x296 , ge.png )

Anonymous 22/02/20(Sun)12:58 No. 14903 ID: 273d68

get out of my sun normie

Anonymous 22/02/25(Fri)18:01 No. 14906 ID: 91c4fb

“Is there a dragon howl in a dead tree?”
“I say there’s a lion roar in a skull.”

Anonymous 22/02/20(Sun)17:56 No. 14904 ID: 805cea [Reply]

File 16453761984.jpg - (21.07KB , 375x211 , 1599567487782.jpg )

I'm starting to think that adults are the ones with a penchant for make-believe rather than children.

Seriously. Ask the average adult about natural science and see how much they know.
Some will even deny it as "NWO bullshit."

But, they somewhat seem to know about every and any urban myth under the sun.

If kids are laughed at for believing in Santa and the tooth fairy, how are grown ass men applauded for believing that the earth is flat?

Adults seem to care more about metaphors and abstractions rather than the technical/physical world in front of them.

How many counselling books about marriage, work, and family must be written and collect dust on boomers' personal shelves?

Anonymous 22/02/20(Sun)18:50 No. 14905 ID: 273d68

are you experienced? have you ever been experienced? well I am.

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