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The most important advice i can give DotAddicts+Anonimus 17/12/27(Wed)15:49 No. 13401 ID: aeb2d6

File 151438616963.jpg - (230.49KB , 1080x1350 , 20171227_030527051.jpg )

Learned from experience.... terrible ones, people were just not meant to live together.

Never, ever ever ever, pursue a relationship. It is never worth it.

Hire a prostitute but dont pretend its more than that.

Anonymous 18/01/12(Fri)09:21 No. 13412 ID: 42dc73

This. Love doesn't exist, stop looking for it.

Anonymous 18/01/12(Fri)20:27 No. 13413 ID: f027eb

nah, like, love exists, ive experienced it firsthand. but it fades. ive also experienced this. with a lot of work from both partues or maybe some really special connection it may be able to work but in general yeah its a thing but life long love is exceedingly rare.

Anonymous 18/02/21(Wed)22:01 No. 13430 ID: caabe6


Anonymous 18/03/18(Sun)18:59 No. 13460 ID: 104e35

Love, from what I've read, is a biological construct meant to last 2 years (although I suppose the time could be greater or less), meant to last long enough for the father to gather resources for his mate. There is, however, in my mind, a transcendental love, one like agape. Agape doesn't really depend on external constructs for its existence. It's unconditional.

Anonymous 18/04/05(Thu)01:47 No. 13485 ID: e06367

I spent years going through terrible relationship after terrible relationship.

Then I decided that I'd just do casual dating and sex when I could, but maybe would try a relationship again if I happened to date someone who ended up being really compatible.

After about a year of this, I was just bored of it, so I resigned myself to not being intimate with women. I don't know if I just sucked at relationships, or if women were just generally not worth being around.

Met a woman. We were friends for about a year. I had no intention of anything else. Then I realized I had serious feelings for her. I put it out there, and she felt the same.

We've been together for about a decade. Best years of my life, by far. Great sex, she's a great mom, strong loyalty, kind-hearted, funny, clever, attractive.

Sometimes it works out.

FuckStickFunFuck 18/06/21(Thu)11:57 No. 13553 ID: 0249b6

take it easy // LOVE NOTHING

James+Franko 21/02/13(Sat)15:24 No. 14683 ID: 297aeb

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Anonymous 21/02/13(Sat)16:34 No. 14684 ID: ad658e

Yeah except humans are hard-wired for love and connection.
Just like your mom

Anonymous 21/03/26(Fri)09:57 No. 14716 ID: 7cb4c3


Relationships are great. I plan to marry a child one day

Anonymous 23/11/03(Fri)15:54 No. 15349 ID: 2f8a2d

Heterosexual dating is a dumpster fore though. Thats why I never bothered.

Heterosexual romance is worse than lust Lust is honest amd brief. Romantic love feels entitled to impose feelings/impressions onto others.

Romantic love makes people more discriminatory than normal. It doesnt take much to turn off the other party.
Any slight flaw and its all ruined. It doesnt matterhow much money or time or materials you invested.

Anonymous 23/11/03(Fri)21:08 No. 15350 ID: 2f8a2d

So the mask is off with you.

You think pedophilia is ok under the guise of marriage?

Yet you think God punising America fpr legal age adults practicing homosexual oral sex is real?

Anonymous 23/11/18(Sat)10:29 No. 15352 ID: 3f5a04


Anonymous 23/11/18(Sat)21:14 No. 15354 ID: ecf5e3

File 170033848954.jpg - (394.53KB , 720x1248 , Screenshot_20231117_164143_DuckDuckGo.jpg )

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