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Make sure that you check out http://asstr.org or http://storiesonline.net, or any other of the fine erotic literature sites, or GOOGLE IT! THEY MAY HAVE THE STORY ALREADY THERE!…Where ever that may be….Also, any plagiarism will result in a BAN!

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Anonymous 24/04/20(Sat)21:06 No. 27979 ID: c1ac36

I once read a story about the "history of facesitting" or something like that, that used to be published on websites like male vs female and the like. I can still find a very similar writeup, but the version of the story I'm looking for mentions household maids and governesses from the victorian era who would work together to hold down and sit on faces, inadvertently breaking their ribs or suffocating whoever they sat on

READ BEFORE POSTING! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:11 No. 8546 ID: 5eefb3 [Reply] Locked Stickied

This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Hiraeth OP!T1tXaJv9os 19/08/16(Fri)03:09 No. 26149 ID: b49468 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Another story I've been working on, I'm posting it while I deal with writer's block on Roommates. Yes, I have about a dozen different stories, three of them full-length novels, all going at the same time. This is the only one that fits in /elit/ though.

Tags: isekai, medieval fantasy, slavery, bondage, sex, interspecies romance, Stockholm syndrome, medieval economics, politics

The following contains scenes of adult situations and graphic violence not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.


To say I was someone dissatisfied with life is an understatement. I was never a very happy person. As a child, I had few friends, and most of the ones I did have either moved away at some point, or stabbed me in the back. It still irritates to this day, every time I remember how my 'friend' Jason bragged to me about selling his buddy Ron a damaged copy of Tomb Raider he knew didn't work... and he'd actually sold it to me. He wasn't just an asshole for selling me a game he knew was too scratched up to play, he couldn't tell me and Ron apart from each other. We were interchangeable. I'd thought he was my best friend, and that's how little I meant to him.

High school was a drag. I consistently had the highest grades in my class, all while barely putting any effort in. Between my being a nerd and everyone else being jealous of my grades (seriously, I had a straight A average and the second best kid struggled to maintain a B average. The American education system is a joke. School is nothing but a convenient place to warehouse children while their parents are at work, with the added benefit of being government indoctrination centers. The actual education part is a distant second in terms of priority.), I got picked on a lot. I mean, a LOT. The one and only time some asshole tried to get physical with me, I kicked his ass. I'd been taking karate lessons since grade school, but I didn't even use any of that; I just knocked him to the ground after he hit me, then beat his face in with a rock. I, uh, might have gone a little overboard. To be fair, he started it, and I had YEARS of pent up anger and frustration, and I was well and truly sick of his shit by that point. Once I was done being suspended from school (I honestly think the only reason I wasn't expelled was because I had singlehandedly raised the GPA for the entire class and it made them look good), everyone knew what had happened. So they ignored me. Instead of constantly mocking me, messing with my desk, and basically being jerks, they simply pretended I didn't exist. I was fine with that. I just sat in the back of the class and read science fiction and fantasy novels all day; the teachers didn't care, so long as I kept acing the standardized tests they passed around every month or so like holy writ.

Then off to college. I got a useless deg Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 24/05/25(Sat)18:41 No. 27991 ID: 2c70c2

Liska died

Anonymous 24/05/31(Fri)05:16 No. 27997 ID: aae502


Anonymous 24/06/18(Tue)06:42 No. 27999 ID: 6a69cd

Was this ever published?


Felicis Felinae Orphanotrophium Anonymous 23/07/21(Fri)20:14 No. 27884 ID: d0356a [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Inspired/influenced by another of the greatest masterpieces of our time comes another story of "Young man arrives at a new place and must establish a harem of cute, young animal-eared girls in a medieval setting."

Tags: medieval fantasy, kemonomimi, interspecies romance, M/f, harem

I'm honestly not sure if it is yet worth posting, or ever will be, but considering the slow state of this board, it might be better than nothing. Ideas, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

Story will be super slow and so will updates. No sex yet.

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Anonymous 24/06/18(Tue)17:24 No. 28000 ID: d0356a

Chapter 25 and 26 retracted for the time being to fix accidental review note left in chapter 25, and to write a marginally better solution to the food problem.

Chapter 25 repost Anonymous 24/06/23(Sun)20:21 No. 28001 ID: d0356a

… today, while the universal ban on violence was met with universal praise in regards to humanity, the extension of the concept of cannibalism to include all animals was initially met with much oppression. To appease the cravings of the masses to consume flesh, several vegetable foods were selectively bred to resemble animal meat in taste, texture and nutrition. While animal husbandry is still occasionally practiced today in order to obtain products such as wool and milk, the modern demands for animal welfare has made such substances luxury items. Instead, a number of alternatives has …

Indeed, this wasn’t just a one-off episode of Isa and Ari wanting to copy something they saw Maya do. That very same night, once bedtime arrives, we all go upstairs to our chambers. We bid each other goodnight, but before retreating to their room the two small kitties want goodnight kisses. They both stand on their tiptoes side by side, and I bend down with a slight hesitation to lightly give their lips a kiss. There’s nothing passionate about it, it’s nothing more than a brief display of affection. But still… It’s not normal to kiss your servants on the lips. When I climb into bed together with Maya, I can feel that I have to bring it up with her again.

“Hey… Are you actually really, really okay with, uh, me kissing Isa and Ari?”

Maya immediately gives me the same look she did in the workshop - a puzzled curiosity, as if I am behaving very strangely. But to be honest, I’m pretty worried. Things are suddenly moving so quickly between the four of us, and I don’t want any jealousy to tear apart the trust I’ve built with the three kitties over the past couple of months. Maya and I have declared our love for each other, but if she feels betrayed by me also showing physical affection for Isa and Ari, I…

I don’t want to lose her.

“What is it with you?”

“I don’t really understand how you can be fine with it, since we… Since we also, uh, kiss.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Chapter 26 repost (no changes) Anonymous 24/06/23(Sun)20:23 No. 28002 ID: d0356a

… finale of the act. Each climax usually consists of strong vaginal cramping that can go on for tens of seconds, the goal of which is to transport seminal fluids up and into her womb. Understandably, the act of reproduction can therefore be relatively exhaustive for the female servant: A full act can have the female servant climaxing for up to a minute or more in total, causing great stress on the body. As mentioned, if not successful in conception a pair of servants can repeat this multiple times a day. This is why servants are always kept in celibacy (except for when their masters intentionally pursue offspring), as they seldom have the strength to perform their duties if they …

With a little adjustment, I feel my penis lie at Maya’s entrance, the tiny hole opened a bit by Maya’s pull on her labia. I give a push forward, which immediately makes Maya shut her eyes tight in pain.


Shit… I hadn’t thought of this. This is… Likely going to hurt. Maya is so small. She is just a small, slender figure underneath me. But I can’t stop now. Every single part of me wants to do nothing but move on. I have only slid the head of my penis inside of her, but Maya is already reacting strongly to it. Even while I keep still, I feel her vagina suddenly clamp strongly around my tip for a second, with Maya uttering a loud grunt. I wait a bit, watching her. She seems okay, so… I continue.


Maya arches her back up against me, her head rolling back while she grits her teeth in pain. I let go of my manhood, and instead put both of my hands on her shoulders. Maya likewise removes her hands from her crotch, and reaches down to grab tightly onto the sheet. I feel as much lust to plunge deeper as I feel bad for hurting her, hurting the girl I love. I pause, my shaft buried halfways inside of her body. I can feel my manhood being in a firm and wet grip, pleasurable pressure on all sides. We both exhale. Maya’s lower body then cramps up again, giving my penis another tight hug, Maya squeezing her eyes shut.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Earning Tips Phoenix 23/12/30(Sat)01:40 No. 27937 ID: 92918f [Reply]

"Earning Tips" Part 1

Tags: M/f, oral, not slow


“God, the tits on her!”

I rolled my eyes subtly. The two older men were almost fully twisted around in their chairs, leering at the blonde server relaying our order to the bartender.

“And did you see her ass when she walked off?”

I glanced at the last member of this foursome. He met my eyes, and very unsubtly rolled his.

“The girl looks like the letter ‘P’ from the side... y’know, with a ‘d’ comin’ off the backside.” I looked over at the bar, finally. Sadly, Ted was right. The young woman was stretched on her tippy-toes at the bar, in perfect profile. The tightly-fitted country club server’s uniform didn’t leave all that much to the imagination.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 23/12/30(Sat)13:16 No. 27940 ID: d13127

Glad you're back! This is pretty fun; can't wait for more. I distinctly remember the zombie apocalypse story because you wrote tons of it and the writing was solid and there were some very intriguing characters and then no one ever actually had sex. Happy to see you switched up the approach!

Anonymous 24/04/15(Mon)14:16 No. 27978 ID: 1359b1

Lovely story, looking forward for more material!

Anonymous 24/04/24(Wed)18:01 No. 27982 ID: d032bb

Great story so far

Helping Move In Rachett 22/03/21(Mon)07:11 No. 27576 ID: ee046d [Reply]

Haven't been able to find a story quite like what I wanting to read, so I decided to write one. See if you like it.

(MF, M solo, MgFb, anal, implied incest.)

Brian crashed down on the couch, exhausted. He had just finished bringing in the last of the boxes from the u-haul into his dads new house, having spent the day helping him move in. The last load had been clearing out the storage unit his dad had kept most of his things(under Brian's name) in while he had been staying in a crap apartment during the divorce.
He had loaded and unloaded it all solo, his Dad having left early in the evening to go to the night shift he was covering for a coworker. He had told Brian not to worry about it, to just crash and take the night off to enjoy his first weekend of summer vacation from freshman year at college.
But he had done it anyway, he figured it would work as payment for his dad letting him crash here for free while he was out of school. It beat having to stay with Mom.
As he relaxed, he started thinking about what to do to entertain himself. He was too tired to think about going out, while the TV was set up, the cable and internet service wasnt going to be for another week.
So his usual private pastime of surfing the net for porn was out.
He did recall one of the boxes he hauled in had been labeled VCR though. The box was big enough that it had to also have tapes in it, and TV was old enough that it still had the right RCA connections.
Deciding some vintage movies and take out was good enough a prospect, he called in a pizza and went to unpack and peruse the nights options.
In the big box was about along with the slightly beat up old VCR was the usual assortment of uncased stacks of VHSs that accumulate in any household of a certain time, in a variety of genres, with peeling labels showing 80s action movies, kids cartoons, taped sport events and shows. Browsing through the top layer he decided on Predator as good nostalgic time waster.
By the time he had set things up the pizza had arrived, so he sat back and worked his way through too much pizza, and not enough action. He had forgotten how good a movie it was, in its own 80s way, that after finishing it and putting away the pizza he went back to the box to find out if the sequel was also in the cache.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Ratchett 24/03/21(Thu)03:18 No. 27967 ID: 87c416

I will say, snuff is not on the table. The possibility of introducing more modern productions? Definitely an avenue I'm considering.

What would you like to see?

suggestion anony 24/03/26(Tue)10:13 No. 27968 ID: 3c2863

What about a young girl maybe 8 in a diaper forced to give blow job's to her dad in various situations? As soon as he gets home, in bed, etc.

Anonymous 24/04/12(Fri)01:53 No. 27975 ID: 9592ba


Absolutely loving his sense of confusion, and I hope he’s going to find himself every bit as addicted to the videos as his old man obviously is.

Which opens up some possibilities of what his old man will do to exploit the situation once he’s addicted to watching. If the facial is the cost of what he was watching at the time there could be all kinds of trade offs.

My Little Robin (loli) spiderfiend!ozOtJW9BFA 14/11/20(Thu)07:17 No. 22831 ID: d09574 [Reply]

The book was old. It was bound in a now faded leather that hinted at the color black. It had several tears that had been stitched shut, some with professional precession and some were rough and untrained. The wear and tear the tomb exhibited could not even begin to tell the tale that lay inside it's pages. If it were to be opened one would find the paper musty,stiff, and yellowed with age. Some of the pages seem to have been torn out leaving only short ragged stubs to testify for their existence. Inside the worn cover of the old book was a short paragraph of small tightly written script pinned in black ink that had long since faded to blue, it read.

“ To my Robin, my daughter, my wife, my lover. You are what kept me going all these years. Yours forever Edward.”

May 19, 1954
I have not been this excited since I was a child on Christmas morning. My name is Edward Blanton, I am twenty nine years old, and I am a ornithologist. That is a bird scientist. I follow birds, watch birds, I love birds, birds are my passion. I will record all of my findings in this journal for posterity, but first I need to explain the adventure I am currently on.

You see there is a little known rare species of bird called the Blue Pope. It is a small bird close cousin to the finch but has a interesting blue coloration that makes it unique. It nests in southern Mexico during the winter months, but no one knows where they go for the summer. The Blue Pope has one other strange quality about it that makes it special. In the small southern town where the birds nest for half the year, it is the only place in Mexico where you can find Pope Berries. The berries are not native to the area and they seem to only begin sprouting when the birds appear every season. This has lead me to believe that the two are tied together somehow.

So no one knows where these strange little birds go for the summer, no one except me. I found out where they have been hiding, on my grandfathers land in Montana. I found this out several months ago when I was going through some of my grandfathers old books and found a sprig of Pope Berries pressed between the pages of one large tomb. When I asked my mother about it she told me it was from the cabin her father owned in the mountains, and that these plants grew wild there. It is a chunk of land closed off in a hidden valley that you had to have a plane to get to. Unless you were willing to hike the two days it took to get to the old cabin and that was a long trip over rough ground.

So here I am on a train to Montanan with my last seventy five bucks in my pocket. I hope that my guess is correct and I find my little birds there.

May 21, 1954
I have walked for the last two days and have finally reached the edge of the valley. I am sitting on the rim of what I can only assume is a old volcano bowl. There is a sizable lake at the very bottom of the crater that I was t Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 18/04/21(Sat)04:24 No. 25516 ID: 7232f7

this is an amazing story. truly, i mean it

Anonymous 22/09/21(Wed)20:02 No. 27671 ID: 6679cf

bump (idk if it'll work on a thread this old)

Anonymous Anonymous 24/04/09(Tue)22:49 No. 27974 ID: 9ff56f

The Epilog sealed the story with a perfect ending. Brought the story full circle. So Robin survived 8 years in a wilderness so 5 years old when abandoned. Quite the survivalist.
Truly good read, understandable and with color and flavor bringing us in. But that Epilog.
You should publish more.

A Quiet Evening At Home (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:32 No. 9392 ID: 7b23cd [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

A Quiet Evening at Home
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn!)

As I waited for the dog's thick cock to unknot from my ass and slowly came down from another orgasm, I opened my eyes and stared across the kitchen floor: in the living room, someone was fucking my youngest daughter on the couch, but I couldn't quite make out who it was. Sliding my face across the slick of spit and cum on the linoleum, I tried to get a better look, but the little whore kept thrashing around. Didn't look like her father, at least not from this angle. Probably one of Jeremy's friends.

Now I started wondering where my husband might have gotten off to. And was our back porch light on? He's probably out there selling tickets to the neighbors. I turned, and a rain of piss spattered across my face. Another of Jeremy's friends - in the study, my middle daughter was putting on some sort of slit-licking show with a young lady I had not yet been introduced to, much to the delight of the boys.

A second stream hit my face, followed by a third. The bathroom was apparently occupied, so someone had announced that the kitchen floor was now the place to piss. A dripping dick was wiped dry in my hair, then slipped into my mouth.



Maybe I should start from the beginning.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 24/01/15(Mon)00:01 No. 27950 ID: 5f1c97

“Ginny, wake up!” Hermione hissed.

She knelt beside Ginny’s bed, desperately trying not to attract the attention of the other sleeping girls in the Gryffindor dormitory.

Ginny opened her eyes slowly, but shot up in bed — suddenly wide awake — at the sight of Hermione. The vision that greeted her was completely unlike the Hermione she knew: Hermione’s previously modest-sized breasts had ballooned out to at least double-Ds … and Ginny was getting quite an eyeful of them, as Hermione was now only wearing only a skimpy, bubblegum-pink string-bikini-top composed of little more than two tiny triangles slightly smaller than her areolas.

Aside from her incredible cleavage, Hermione’s nipples were also standing hard and proud — at least an inch long, pierced with huge golden rings — and Ginny could see them clearly poking through the thin fabric of the bikini top. Ginny’s gaze traveled down Hermione’s tight body, taking in her exposed tummy before reaching her pussy: her hairless, juicy, obscenely-dripping fuckhole was covered only by a minuscule white thong barely capable of covering her massive clit and a single meaty cunt-lip.

Ginny looked down further, eyeing Hermione’s long, smooth legs and bare feet encased in tight, white fishnet stockings.

Finally looking at Hermione’s face properly, Ginny saw that she was wearing a truly whore-ish amount of makeup, done up like a pornstar on her way to a photoshoot, and that Hermione's previously bushy hair now cascaded down her back in a waterfall of shiny curls.

Hermione, in short, looked like a hardcore preteen cam-whore out of Ginny’s wet dreams … and Ginny rapidly felt her cunt start to moisten just looking at her.

“Holy shit, Hermione, what happened to you?” gasped Ginny, a little too loudly for Hermione’s comfort.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 24/02/09(Fri)15:15 No. 27957 ID: 59315e

This is briliant

Anonymous 24/03/11(Mon)12:22 No. 27961 ID: 73e7ea

That's one word for it

& Entering The Ionian 23/12/30(Sat)12:56 No. 27939 ID: d13127 [Reply]

Long time listener, first time caller. I've tried to write elit before, but I have the attention span of a gnat. Started writing a little scenario for a nice young lady I know and it just kept going. Figured with how sparse this board's been of late there wouldn't be any harm in sharing it.

Tags: Mf, nc/hypno, mild v, spit, ws, Dom/sub

Any and all feedback welcome.


He showed up at her house while no one else was home; he made sure to time it that way. She came down after the second ring, thinking maybe the mailman needed her to sign for a package, and he smiled at the momentary flash of fear in her eyes when she opened the door and realized it was a stranger. When she sensed what he might be there for. Still, he looked polite. And her parents had taught her to always be polite in turn.

“Hi there. Are your parents home?”

“Um, not right- uh… now…,” she said. Inwardly kicking herself for not lying. For not saying something smarter. Oh well. We all say things we regret. It was already too late the second she opened the door.

“Oh,” he said. “Bummer. Do you mind if I come in?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 24/01/02(Tue)16:03 No. 27943 ID: 9862ef

I like this a lot! The use of dialogue so much is different, but it works really well. Very interested to see more if there is any, thank you for sharing! How did your nice young lady friend like it?

Anonymous 24/01/12(Fri)15:26 No. 27948 ID: 9db11e

Thanks! Wrote it more as a scenario than as a story, so it’s lighter on descriptions and narration and all. She was pretty satisfied with it :)

Yet Another Fantasy 2.0 GM (MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 20/06/16(Tue)04:53 No. 26794 ID: 0a0d90 [Reply]

Back in 2008 I was having health issues making it difficult to run games with my normal gaming group, and decided to start writing up some smut as I could go at my own pace. I spent the next 3 months spitting out small 500-1000 word posts with out any clear goal. Despite that it had drew some interest. I stopped with that story, and one of the readers became a player I still run with to this day.

I’ve been meaning to pick the story back up over the years, but when I looked through it, it was in such a messy state that I wanted to start over again. This time around I’ve been working on a world bible, coming up with concepts long before they are put in the story so that I can maintain consistency. In the years since the first story, I came across the isekai concept. While not unique to japan, the tropes they use gives their take on it its own flavor.

I’ll be marking each chapter with tags, but at the end of this spiel you’ll find a majority of the tags I plan to use. This story is a world revolving around lolis and lolitas, along with beasts, monsters and devilish aggressors that want them for breeding. This is also a gender bending story, with the main character becoming a cute loli. I will do my best to separate raw violence from sexual content, but that is not always possible. Vore and absorption in this story is soft, but can be transformative. There will be no scat, however anal egg, toy, and gel stuff may happen. The main character is no safer from having things done to them as other characters in the story, including bad ends. The “true” isekai part will start in the second story arc, while the first arc is for main character development.

On a final note, I’d like to thank backslash for editing this mess, and my friends for being critical in their proofreading. This story will be published on both elit and atf, and perhaps other places that allow such content.

Tags: g, f, futa, anal, bd, best, blackmail, caution, cons, creampie, ds, dream, fdom, fembot, fist, furry, giant, goth, humi, inc, isekai, mc, magic, fsolo, gsolo, hsolo, nc, nosex, ped, preg, rape, reluc, rom, rough, tg, tort, toys, tragic, veg, viol, virg, vore, voy, ws, forniphilia, unbirth, transformation, nullication/amuptee

27 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/08/20(Sun)11:38 No. 27904 ID: 584bf4

Chapter 11: An airship (unedited)

Tags: gh voy mast anal urethra sounding toy ws

Among the objects Hana had gifted to Leroy, a small box containing an engineering project was among them. It was a small disassembled clock, that was to be powered by two small earth and air crystal fragments. When she had opened it up and looked through the parts, it only had a single tool; a screw driver, to help assemble it. However Leroy quickly found the parts where all slightly off, such as the four brass rods that made up the clock’s frame. With her mother’s permission, Leroy would rummage through the inn’s storage for things previous visitors left behind, and so had assembled quite a few mismatched tools in the process. The collection of tools however came with a requirement that Leroy only use them for this project until it was done, and to leave the inn and the elevator alone; a requirement Leroy had quickly agreed to. As the weeks passed on Leroy would carefully work on the components of the clock, while she had not been a clock maker in her previous world, the components of this clock where already made and rather simple. This was made for children to put together, and Leroy was more or less the target audience. She spent what time she could on the project, but she had to help maintain the inn, do her daily chores, prepare meals from time to time, and continue on with her studies. However there was little she could learn from the few tomes and books her mother had given her to study with. It was then on a morning weeks later that Leroy could make out a distant rhythmic sound. She set her tools down and quickly covered up her project, she was unwilling to let Hana see her progress, and the engineer had been humoring her so far. The elf girl was very sure Hana had not gotten a chance to peek, as when the woman wasn’t maintaining or fixing things, she was having sex with her mother in one of the guest rooms. Hearing the two would set Leroy off, and she would end up in bed playing with herself hearing the pair. It wouldn’t be so bad, however Hana was being punished for the state Leroy had been in when the lavender haired girl brought her home and was forbidden to toy with the chocolate elf as Hana normally would. Leroy’s imagination, and Hana’s toys helped her keep focus, and Leroy would partake of very friendly figments when she had lucid dreams on some nights. Standing up from the chair set before the nightstand, Leroy stretched her body letting out a soft sweet grunt as her body flexed. She noted her hair almost touched the floor, and she’s going to need to do something about that before she would start sweeping out the inn by just walking. That that brought a giggle to her, and she bounded out of the room. Mother was already outside; though she was looking skywards, not towards the forest road. Leroy looked up, at first only seeing a few distant moons in the day sky, but then she could start to make out an approac Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 23/08/20(Sun)11:43 No. 27905 ID: 584bf4

No one has made any corrections for chapter 11. I'll post chapter 12 here once I've completed chapter 13.

The first arc of the story should finished on chapter 16, along with finding out the fate of Leroy's sister.

Thank you for making a comment, it's given me the motivation to push through setting up the skeleton for chapter 13, which will be a lot more structured then any other of the story (and caused me to put it off)

Anonymous 24/01/01(Mon)09:11 No. 27942 ID: ef7b31

This is great, thanks.

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