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Anonymous 17/01/12(Thu)09:32 No. 24887 ID: 595e00

Can anyone recommend any good cock milking stories? Preferably ones involving human cattle on commercial cum farms. Bonus points if it involves shemales/futas as the farmers or the cattle.

READ BEFORE POSTING! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:11 No. 8546 ID: 5eefb3 [Reply] Locked Stickied

This is a thread for ALL AUTHORS and READERS. Though you are not required to, I would recommend that you save your story in a post able form, this is to ensure that your story stays preserved and that if 7chan is to go down AGAIN. Also, if anyone has something available as far as web space for an archive, please e-mail me at 1subject@live.com.
I also recommend to everyone that you visit us at the IRC at irc.7chan.org in /elit/ channel. Research it and please stop in, any questions you have about well, ANYTHING can be answered there. There are many good different types of IRC clients, some can attach right onto your browser. So find one and set it up.
3litchan is gone as far as I know. Don’t asking nothing more, ‘cause on that subject….I don’t know nothing’, I just work here.

Roommates (loli) Anonymous 12/10/06(Sat)11:32 No. 17319 ID: 5c8966 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

It all started when I was 19, in my first semester at college. I'd moved away from home and into my first apartment, and got my first roommate as well. He was a year younger than me, but unlike me he hadn't spent a year after graduating highschool saving up his money for tuition and rent. His parents died in an avalanche at a ski resort, and between their considerable savings and the payout from the life insurance, he could afford college and not have to work for years. I hadn't known it when I met him at orientation and we decided to share an apartment, but he also had custody of his 11 year old sister.

The apartment was big, and nicer than I could have ever afforded on my own, so all three of us had separate bedrooms (hers was supposed to be a laundry room or something originally.). I also discovered my roommate was a bit of a dick who neglected his little sister.

I don't think it was intentional, more a result of losing his parents and having to adjust his plans for the future to revolve around caring for his sibling, and he probably wasn't ready for that sort of responsibility. But unless he needed to give her a ride or buy her something she needed, he basically didn't interact with her. He also barely did anything with me; maybe once a week he'd play video games with me, but he spent nearly all his time in class or shut in his room studying.

His little sister was cute, with her blue eyes, freckles, and short, light brown hair, but obviously way too young for me. She didn't play with dolls or anything, so I guess she was mature for her age, but she also spent all her time shut in her room when she wasn't at school. And I don't think she had any friends at her new school either.

After a month or so with my new roommates, we'd settled into a routine. If they weren't exactly friendly, they weren't bad either; quiet, clean, and they were the only way I could afford a really nice apartment just a block from campus.

I wish I'd known then what I know now. It'd have saved me a lot of grief.

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Anonymous 17/01/09(Mon)20:04 No. 24879 ID: 867681

Thank Christ! Progress!

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)16:19 No. 24883 ID: 96d39d

Glad to know that this will continue.

Anonymous 17/01/21(Sat)07:00 No. 24900 ID: 9d56f7

first chapter in a long while and i couldnt have asked for more, keep it up op!

The Man MrMooMooMan!njoPB5vg7I 17/01/04(Wed)23:23 No. 24869 ID: 0cbdf5 [Reply]

The Man

Tags: MonsterGirl, Reverse Rape, Gangbang

First time posting. There’s gonna be a ton of backstory so that we can really build it up.
Just post any comments down if you like it! I’ll very much appreciate it! And depending on the comments, i’ll work on a sequel to this one. With that being said, enjoy!

**Chapter 1**

The dark clouds seemed to indicate stormy weather. Strong wind howled, swaying the trees and tearing branches right off. Lightning made streaks on the dark sky while claps of thunder rumbled, loud enough to pierce the eardrums.

Storms were always on the more extreme side in this part of the world.

I sigh as I glared at the incoming storm. Glancing away, i looked wearily at my campsite. The blue tent, that took me an hour to build, was threatening to collapse at any moment, while my campfire had been completely extinguished by the strong wind.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)16:20 No. 24884 ID: 96d39d

I need more of this.

Anonymous 17/01/20(Fri)21:23 No. 24899 ID: d9476e

Great story. Eagerly anticipating more.

Lets Hold Hands Anonymous 16/12/31(Sat)08:54 No. 24859 ID: 375e0d [Reply]

Tags: incest, M(17)g(11), kinda vanilla other than maybe a trap showing up later maybe

I want more stories where incest hook ups are more deliberate as opposed to "Caught ya naked/masturbating, let's fug." So I tried this out. I set the girl's age at 11, but the way I wrote her dialogue might be more appropriate for like 14 or something. Who knows? I'm new at this and am desperate for feedback


Everyone's heard the expression of wells running dry, right? What I did was more like filling the whole damn thing up with rocks, or poison. Had no one else to blame but myself, too. Really, man. I didn't realize how lucky I was till after I fucked everything up. I mean, I ended up finding a new well, so to speak, and honestly the set up I've got now is waaayy better. But anyway, I guess I'll start from the beginning, right?

I'm a junior at Cadia Christian Academy high school, and holy shit the girls here are fucking heavenly. Wow, why can't I be witty like that for English class? Anyway, way more often than not the girls are either hot, gorgeous, beautiful, or a combination of all of the above with some cute and adorable sprinkled in. Also, what they say about Christian girls being sluts? True. But, like. They're complicated and contradictory sluts. That's exactly why I'm in this situation in the first place. Wait, was I supposed to tell you more about me before getting to that part?

People sometimes kinda poke fun at me for being the quintessential jock type. I'm not the star quarterback, but I'm tall (6'2"), and I for sure have gains (220 pounds, like 17% body fat or something last I checked). You kinda gotta be big to be a linebacker, you know? I'm not afraid to admit I'm not the smartest dude, either. It took so much God damn effort to get a C in chemistry. And algebra. And history and english and... you get the idea. I'm lucky and grateful for my genetics, though- big and fit, brown hair and blue eyes, and I guess kinda charming? Mainly I just know how to play to my strengths without freaking out when I talk to girls. That's what worked on dozens of Cadia Christian Academy girls, so I'll take it.

I've got a raging libido, so it was pretty damn great that so many girls at CCA were down to fuck or mess around. The key was discretion, mostly. That, and paying attention. It's important for keeping up appearances. Like, say last week I was talking to Esther, this smoking senior girl. On the surface we talked about bible verses and Godly living, mainly so our beloved puritanical teachers and staff wouldn't be suspicious. But, when we started making eyes at eachother, there was a different context completely. At that point, all she had to do was mention how her parents go to bible study wedensday nights, but she st Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 17/01/13(Fri)07:29 No. 24891 ID: e184e8

This is exactly what I've been looking for. These elusive "low story, nothing but sex" that everyone seems to complain about that don't actually exist anywhere. Thank god somebody actually wrote a loli story with PENETRATION of all things.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)15:12 No. 24896 ID: 9bc996

yeah, you're gonna need a username. this is some top notch content.

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)22:53 No. 24898 ID: 7a6009

Solidly meh. Which is fine. There's a lot of garbage stories out there and this is not one of them.

The Dildo Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)01:25 No. 24897 ID: 277f74 [Reply]

Mff, lesbian, impregnation, mind control

The Dildo, Part 1


We were 13. Amanda was my first sexual partner. Before I even met her, I had figured out I had zero interest in boys, but she was the one who taught me I was a lesbian. She was wild and passionate. I was shy and reserved, but when I was in bed with Amanda, I let go. She took me to places I never imagined I could go. When Amanda was stroking my naked slit with her darting tongue, I was transported to another world. When our naked bodies were intertwined like jungle vines, and our mouths were locked together, I was part Amanda, and Amanda was part me. When our little girl pussies ground together we were joined in body and in spirit.

I was in love with Amanda. I really was. She was an incredible lover. We would wrap our bodies around each other and kiss passionately for hours. She would tongue my ear and say nasty things to me, and I would return the favor. It was hot and wet and very steamy. We would go to sleep, our naked bodies locked together. We would often cum together and our bodies would quiver in an explosion of pleasure as though we were one. For two kids only 13 years old, we were a very hot couple. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

One Friday night, Amanda came to my house for our weekly "spend the night" with her usual overnight bag. My Dad had a date, as he often did on Fridays, and so we had the house to ourselves for a while. When the doorbell rang, Amanda pranced in the moment I opened the door. She made me close my eyes for a surprise.

When I opened them again, I was totally shocked to see a man standing behind her! He was older than my father, and kind of fat and creepy looking. He had a big grin on his face, and some kind of stick in his hand, which shined a red laser into my eyes.

I felt my mind go fuzzy, and a ringing in my ears. I could hear words, but couldn't understand what was being said. My heart was racing, and my breathing was going crazy.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

The Creeper (Loli) Anonymous 13/12/27(Fri)00:33 No. 20531 ID: a2f9ff [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

So, where to start?

Name’s Ed. Edward to my parents. Ed to everyone who doesn’t treat me like a four-year-old piece of shit. My story isn’t particularly a normal one, although I guess if it was, it wouldn’t be much of a story. But I guess you’re wondering what the super, awesomely amazing thing that I have taken the time out of my day to tell is. Well, it kind of is amazing, but all good things come to an end. But, I’ll get to that later. Don’t want to ruin the story before it’s even started, do I?

The Creeper. Quite an apt name to describe myself, to be perfectly honest, even if it does contain a bold resemblance to the giant green penises within that god-awful game called Minecraft. Ahem, anyway, the name is kind of related to my story. Or completely related, I guess. You see, throughout my life, I’ve been a bit of a creep. Not in a complete beta-fag, following girls around with pit stains and braces, trailing them until they recognise my existence kind of way. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I’ve never been bad with girls. I mean, I lost my virginity at 13, so I guess that’s not too bad of an achievement, eh? Anyway, enough bragging. The reason for the name is sort of derived from my ahh… hobbies. Ever since I got my first phone (or at least, phone with the nifty little camera on it), I’ve been a fan of taking creep shots. Y’know, sneaking dirty pics of people in public without their knowledge or consent, to then take back to my home and have a glorious fap to. Weird, but nothing too abnormal to create a story about, right? Wrong.

Taking creep shots is generally looked down upon, but to some people it’s a good thing. It helps other people to get their dick hard, so it’s really a good thing. Although, the sort of creep shots I take probably shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Ever. But I’m fine with that. I’m generally quite a selfish person anyway. But I can hear your voices screaming at me to tell you the mystery shots that I could possibly take. I assume a lot of you have guessed this already anyway, but I’ll comply nonetheless. They are girls. Little girls. Lolis. Whatever you want to calm them. I would hover around parks and wait for these girls in short skirts to reveal their cute little butts after swinging around on the monkey bars. Oh the panties. They were perhaps the biggest turn on for me. Pink was best. The girlier the better. And there I’d be, with my phone out, sneaking every shot possible. Then I would travel home just awaiting that amazing fap.

Anyway, you know the name, but not the game. So, I’ll tell you my story. I guess the best place to start would be when I was 13. At this point, I wasn’t even remotely close to being interested in little girls. I was simply interested in any girl my own age, much like any other guy. Ironically, it was the involvement with a girl my own age that actually got me into girls much younger Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/10/16(Sun)01:42 No. 24737 ID: b549fc

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 18: Double-teamed

My backpack, containing laptop and cables, came with me this time. Sara and Ellie seemed especially excited about my arrival, and dragged me up to their room literally the second their mom was out the door. Just about the first thing the girls wanted to do, both of them, was play-wrestle. I discovered this as they launched their surprise attack, knocking me back onto Sara's bed, but in the ensuing chaos we somehow wound up on the floor. My role was to make the contest entertaining, but ultimately lose. Soon I was on my back with both girls on top of me. Ellie was seated on my stomach, and Sara had just done a belly-flop onto my chest. Four small hands got control of my right hand, and Sara pinned my wrist down just in front of her, pressing with all her might.

Ellie now went for my left wrist, and once captured, she pulled it straight up, which jammed my upper arm well up between Sara's spread thighs; Sara promptly scissored my arm. I was being held in a cross-body pin by a seven-year-old. A bit of tugging by Ellie got my left bicep pressed right up against her sister's pussy.

This left the older girl free to slide down almost to my knees and work on getting my pants and briefs pulled down to my thighs, which she did with practiced efficiency. "You let Sara give you a stiffy," Ellie said. "Perv!"

Guilty as charged. Young as she may be, the little minx had been humping my arm the whole while. Ellie recaptured my wrist and yanked on my left arm, wedging it more firmly into her sister's crotch. Sara rubbed her pussy against my bicep at an increasing rate.

To reach my arm, Ellie had to move forward onto my hips, and having her panties pressed against my bare boner was not going to make it go away. Not that anyone wanted that to happen, of course.

The girls then concentrated on my right arm, trapping it at my side, under Ellie's thigh. Ellie proceeded to go after my left arm, and secured it under her other thigh, though Sara was noticeably reluctant to give up the saddle she was riding. The older girl leaned back slightly to pin both my wrists, then began dry humping me slowly and deliberately.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16/10/16(Sun)01:43 No. 24738 ID: b549fc

More 'fan fiction'...so don't blame the OP for this...

Chapter 19: The Interrogation

Once we were alone the following Thursday, the girls seemed just as excited and impatient as the last time. Seeing as how they dragged me upstairs last time before we put the chain on the door (the discovery of which challenged my bowel control when I came back downstairs after that 'wrestling match'), I first explained the new protocol to them: all three of us had our own checklist to go through at the start of each night. The one and only item on each was: Chain The Door!

With a stuffed rabbit plush toy standing sentinel at the bottom of the stairs (the 'unchain' reminder for later), I let them lead me upstairs. The girls took turns explaining that we were going to 'play pretend', and once in their bedroom, Sara produced a plastic toy gun and announced, "Hands above your head!"

Even in her tiny hands, the gun was ridiculously small, but I felt it best to comply. The order was countermanded by Ellie, who wanted my hands held out in front of me. She had come prepared with a decorative belt with interlocking silver links, which she looped around my wrists, then drew the remainder between my wrists and looped that around the bonds. She had a little paper clip which she threaded through two strategic links, and then I was led away in chains. She was wearing a denim skirt, which I suspected actually belonged to Sara, since it was so ridiculously short for her.

So I watched as Ellie led the way, towing me along with her 'leash', and Sara followed behind and tended to her guard duties. The secret Dungeon Room was artfully disguised as an ordinary bathroom; after closing the door behind us, I was made to stand with my back to the door. Ellie dragged the little one-foot-high stool in front of me, and stood on it so that she could loop that belt over the clothes hook jutting out from the back of the door. There was, it seemed, no way to leave the dreaded dungeon without their consent.

Ellie turned to Sara and asked, "Where's the pillow case?" and was met by a little 'oops' from her sister. Sara started for the hall linen closet, then stopped when she realized that their captive was blocking the exit. "Never mind," giggled Ellie, who turned and started rooting around in the dirty clothes hamper. "I think these will be perfect," she said triumphantly, withdrawing a used pair of knickers that I immediately recognized as hers.

Standing on the stool again, she hooked the waistband under my chin and drew it up over the top of my head, covering my face. With a little adjustment, she arranged for one leg opening to allow my mouth and chin to peek out, and the other leg hole was pulled back onto my forehead. This, of course, put her gusset right across my eyes, and she Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16/11/07(Mon)07:06 No. 24805 ID: 498abd

Loving the fan fiction... Moar!

Slave Sequences Anonymous 17/01/12(Thu)15:47 No. 24889 ID: ca8705 [Reply]

All of the stories I had been following on this board seemed to have died. I will now attempt to write what I'd like to see. There will be little editing at first, but if people respond to the subject matter, and I develop an audience, I'll dedicate more time to polish. This story is a series of extreme power fantasy's including bondage, rape, torture, fantasy devices, and probably some forced incest. Anyway. Here goes nothing.

Also, as an aside, I'm also entertaining the idea of starting a business, where i write depraved stories about the women in a clients life. They give me as much detail as they'd like about a person and then I take it from there. You think that'd be viable? Anyway. Here we go.


They say the truth will set you free, but in reality, money is the only arbiter of ones own agency. Is one truly free, if their freedom - the very right to their own lives - can be restricted by another person at their leisure?

Make no mistake. Your life exists at the leisure of the powerful. The 1% if you will. You can thank people like me for that. I run the oldest, most prominent branch of the international slave trade. This organization has been in my family for generations. The media talks at length about financial domination and social inequality while our ability to make vanish anyone in the world exists without opposition. All for a price.

So next time you bring your young ones to your bosses house for the company barbeque, and you suspect that he might be eyeing your daughter (Or son. we certainly don't discriminate) a little too closely; don't get mad. Be grateful they're still yours, because it is entirely within the power of your social betters to take from you what you cherish most.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 17/01/12(Thu)19:26 No. 24890 ID: 595e00

Not a bad start. You've definitely set up your world well. Looking forward to a chapter involving the training and conditioning Process. Also maybe a future chapter involving a female buyer and slave... Lezdom is kinda my thing. Anyway keep up the good work.

Accidental Motherfucker Evil+Empire 14/11/28(Fri)12:39 No. 22880 ID: 38de42 [Reply]

Accidental Motherfucker

(futa on female, teen, incest (daughterxmother), shower masturbation

Jerking off in the shower is almost always an exercise in frustration for me. Even while I'm fapping away there's an invisible clock in the back of my head ticking away the seconds until either I run out of hot water or Mom busts into the bathroom to yell at me for using up said hot water. On top of that, for me standing up while jerking my cock isn't the most comfortable position, it's much easier to spank out a load sitting or lying down. But mostly it's that fucking clock in the back of my head counting down the seconds that makes jerking off in the shower so damn har-er, difficult.

Given a choice I'd much rather toss a load off in my bedroom and I usually do when given the opportunity. That is, when my little sister isn't home or is otherwise occupied with something that keeps out of our bedroom. Yeah, I share my bedroom with my sister. How much does that absolutely blow?

Anyway, to get to the point, my sister was home and I was furiously beating off in the shower. I stroked my well-soaped cock with my right hand while clutching a bar of soap in my left in case my cock needed a re-soaping.

I was in the zone, or nearly so. I could feel that familiar and welcome pressure at the back of my cock and I knew that soon I would reach the point of no return. I was fantasizing about the girls in my gym class. Or more specifically, fantasizing about fucking them all in the girl's locker room. I pictured them all naked and lined up; faces pressed to the cold concrete floor with their smooth round asses up in the air for my inspection.

As my fantasy-self lined up behind a pretty blonde whom I hated I groaned and tilted my head back. I was so close! The thought of hate-fucking that little bitch was driving me closer to the edge and I pushed my body into a taut arc, standing up on my tippy-toes in anticipation of my long-awaited cum.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Evil+Empire 17/01/05(Thu)08:02 No. 24873 ID: e3c363

Wayne's World reference. There are also a good number of Monty Python references as well if you happen to spot them.

Anonymous 17/01/06(Fri)08:35 No. 24874 ID: d84ddd


I don't need consolation, I just need more chapters~

Experimentation is important. You snould experiment whenever you feel like, and don't feel discouraged if said experiment doesn't work.

Keep at it, friend!

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)16:20 No. 24885 ID: 96d39d

This is awesome.

The Clarks Anonymous 16/06/05(Sun)18:39 No. 24311 ID: 98fd99 [Reply]

Julie Clark was 10 years old the first time she masturbated. It was a cool night in March, the moon was full, and she used a well washed Gel Pen. With her feet propped up against a wall, a battery operated LED lantern at her side, and a full length mirror ahead of her, she nervously prodded at her tingling nethers with the smooth round plastic cap of her pen.

She froze at every noise, the cat's collar jingling away downstairs, the house settling, an errant branch striking a window. Every single sound was a potential alarm, signaling the approach of her parents to punish her for this wanton act.

That worry soon faded the instant the side of her pen slid across her clitoris. Her free hand swung back to hold her up and grip at the soft blue carpeting of her floor as her muscles instantly malfunctioned. Surprised gasp soon turned to furtive rhythmic pants as each stroke of the pen against the needy nub sent heart pounding, tummy tightening, leg wobbling, toe curling jolts of electric thrill that rocked her pre-pubescent frame like a trailer in Tornado Alley.

She felt moist heat slowly slide down her crotch and saw her hot pink privates glisten in the stark white light of her lantern. If any part of her wanted to be curious, stop, and investigate, it was quickly bound, gagged, and drowned in the river of astonishing sensation. Her body grew tighter, the heat in her belly sky rocketed, the universe around her seemed to shrink to a single point until finally, boom. Stars danced in her eyes, she lost her balance and thumped against carpet hard, writhing and wriggling as she bit her lip to stifle the almost unstoppable squeaks that came along with the explosion.

As her brain stopped clicking the on-off switch of her consciousness and her heartbeat finally slowed, the thing she would remember most about that night came into focus for the very first time.

It was the sight of her eighteen-year-old brother Nick, on the living room couch, fingering his girlfriend, Lori. Of course, at the time, she didn't know that word. All she knew for sure was that she was sitting in his lap, and his hand was past the waistband of her skirt.

That singular moment of voyeurism carried her through repeat sessions for almost a year. Until one day she saw them leave the school cafeteria and sneak over to a shady spot on campus, where Lori gave her brother a blowjob.

His hair was dark down there, she'd lifted his shirt so Julie could see his abs flexing as Lori teased and suckled at him like a popsicle. In that second stolen moment, Nick Clark ceased being just her beloved older brother, but the star supreme of her sexual awakening.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/12/08(Thu)04:27 No. 24835 ID: e62c0a


Yeah, thought that was wierd. Actually reread it to figure out what was going on. Just assumed complex characters yadda yadda yadda.

Anonymous 16/12/31(Sat)23:44 No. 24861 ID: 03ce46

this is great please continue.

Anonymous 17/01/10(Tue)07:49 No. 24882 ID: 5a24ab

I'm certainly trying to.

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