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A Quiet Evening At Home (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:32 No. 9392 ID: 7b23cd

A Quiet Evening at Home
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn!)

As I waited for the dog's thick cock to unknot from my ass and slowly came down from another orgasm, I opened my eyes and stared across the kitchen floor: in the living room, someone was fucking my youngest daughter on the couch, but I couldn't quite make out who it was. Sliding my face across the slick of spit and cum on the linoleum, I tried to get a better look, but the little whore kept thrashing around. Didn't look like her father, at least not from this angle. Probably one of Jeremy's friends.

Now I started wondering where my husband might have gotten off to. And was our back porch light on? He's probably out there selling tickets to the neighbors. I turned, and a rain of piss spattered across my face. Another of Jeremy's friends - in the study, my middle daughter was putting on some sort of slit-licking show with a young lady I had not yet been introduced to, much to the delight of the boys.

A second stream hit my face, followed by a third. The bathroom was apparently occupied, so someone had announced that the kitchen floor was now the place to piss. A dripping dick was wiped dry in my hair, then slipped into my mouth.



Maybe I should start from the beginning.

A week ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a trashy romance novel and waiting for my eldest daughter to get home from her date when my cellphone rang.

Jessica, it said. I glanced at the kitchen clock: calling a half hour before she's supposed to be home. This better be good.

I clicked open the phone, careful not to knock over my cup of coffee. I answered in a whisper, trying not to wake my husband or my middle daughter, who were napping in the television room.

"Hello, Jessica."

All I could hear was heavy breathing, and a wet, rhythmic slapping sound and what sounded like the suction of lips.

"Hello? This is Susanne ..."

I heard a male voice: "Get off that dick and ask your mommy, bitch."

Interesting. I felt my hand slip inside my bathrobe and run across my nipples.

"Ungh, fuck ... Mommy, can I ... fuck, Mommy, can I ... oh, fuck god fuck ... oh, fuck, Mommy can I ..."

My clit started to tingle, and I ran a hand down my stomach to nestle it in my quickly-warming cunt. I heard the phone move on the other line.

"Sorry about that. Your daughter has a one-track mind. This is Jeremy, your daughter's boyfriend."

I didn't know of anyone named Jeremy. He sounded like an adult, not the sort to be taking a 14-year old out on a date. I couldn't think what to say.


"Is your daughter making too much noise, Susanne? Mike, put something in her mouth."

I eased my fingers across my pussy, feeling my lips getting wet at the sound of his voice, sliding hot membranes between my knuckles.

"No problem, Jeremy. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, your daughter was going to ask you about something. She insisted that we call about staying out late."

Sparing a glance at the door to the television room and finding it empty, I spread my legs and let my bathrobe fall open. I began to flick at my hungry cunt, suddenly thankful that I hadn't worn panties tonight.

"It was nice of you to have her call, Jeremy. Does my daughter want to stay out a little late tonight?"

"Oh, yes. She said that she had to call if she wanted to stay and get fucked some more."

"Yes, Jeremy. My daughter can stay out, as long as she calls."

"Well, we'll be sure that she gets home by morning. Oh, she had another question. Jessica, what were you going to ask your Mommy?"

I heard a shift again, and I tucked my phone under my ear so that I could use both hands on my throbbing hole.

"Ungh, oh, Mommy ... ung, fuck, Mommy, can Jeremy ... fuck, can Jeremy fuck my ass, Mommy?"

I could hear laughter and the phone being passed. I started slapping at my clip, rubbing three fingers across my overheating pussy.

"Hi again, Susanne. Look, I told your whore daughter that this was really her dad's decision and all, but I guess she wanted to ask you first."

".. Very understandable, Jeremy."

"Do you think you ought to go get your husband, Susanne? Or can you tell me to fuck your daughter's little asshole?"

"I'm sure that it would be alright with him, Jeremy."

"The thing is, we're running out of condoms, and your daughter can only swallow so much cum. There are a lot of guys here."

I eased two fingers inside myself and had to bite down on my lower lip to keep from crying out.

"I see. That does sound like a problem, Jeremy."

"Now, your daughter says that she doesn't want to get pregnant, but at this rate she's probably going to unless I open up that virgin ass of hers. You can see the predicament we're in."

I started slapping my clit harder.

"That is quite a predicament, Jeremy."

"To be perfectly honest, Susanne, not all of the guys here have even been wearing rubbers to begin with, but your daughter was pretty damn preoccupied and it didn't seem worth mentioning to her. That little slut of yours is remarkably good at taking a good, hard fucking."

"I'm ... glad to hear that."

"Well, at first is was mostly a good, hard raping - but once she got into it, she put these other girls to shame. I thought that little cunt of hers was trying to jerk me off inside her, to be honest."

I stuffed a third finger inside and tried to bite back a moan.

"She's a ... very good girl, Jeremy."

"Probably takes after her mommy, Susanne. Now, do you want to tell me to fuck your daughter's tiny ass?"


"Then say it."

"I ... Jeremy, I ..."

"Have you seen her ass, Susanne? I mean, her butt cheeks are lovely, toned and tanned and tight, but have you ever just peeled her knees back and gazed at her fuck-holes? Oh, her little shit-pipe is fantastic. This pink, itty-bitty little asshole, you can slip your a finger right in and it just clamps down around it. Just like .. that."

I heard a soft cry from the other end of the line, and I sucked in a mouthful of breath. I mashed four fingers into myself and drummed on my clit with the thumb as my other hand clamped down on my nipple.

"Oh, that's Donovan fucking your baby girl right now. Christ, I'm surprised she can feel anything else with that python turning her little cunt inside out, but I suppose she must have a very sensitive sphincter. I've only got two fingers in her now, and she's breaking out in gooseI have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces."

"Jeremy, I .. I ..."

"Fuck, you should feel her push back against me! You would think she was trying to get another finger in there!"

I went for my nut. I couldn't help it. This was a dream come true. I flicked my hand back and forth, seeing my lips part around my hand, and then moaned out a long orgasm as I jiggled my clit between fingers. A wet spray dribbled from my knuckles, and I rode through.

"Fuck, oh, Jeremy, I ..."

"I understand, Susanne. She really needs to ask her father's permission."

I idly ran slick fingers through my bright pink pussy lips, feeling my thighs quiver. The kitchen chair was soaking wet. I hadn't cum like that in ages.

"Yes, Jeremy. Yes, she does."

"Well, I'm afraid that I can't have her call his phone right now. Your little fuck-socket of a daughter is stuffed at both ends - she's got a mouthful of pussy right now, if you believe that."

I pulled at my hair, trying to stand on shaking legs.

"If you don't mind then, Jeremy, I'll just get him."

"That would be fantastic, Susanne. Do you still have a finger in your pussy?"

"Yes. Yes I do, Jeremy."

"Make sure that you have your finger in your pussy when you talk to your husband. Husbands like that sort of thing."

I made my way into the television room, where my husband was lying on the couch with our 9 year old, Denise, with their heads towards the kitchen. She was straddled across him with her head on his chest, and had her little nightie on: the short silky one that her uncle had gotten her for Christmas. Seeing that they were both asleep, I didn't even bother to close my robe. Still hearing the sounds of my daughter Jessica being fucked at both ends, I tried to whisper: "Dominic, the phone is for you."

My husband opened his eyes, glancing up and down my naked form. His eyes gravitated to my fingers, enmeshed in my glistening cunt.

Jeremy spoke: "While we men talk, you suck him off."

Without thinking, I passed the phone to Dominic and then shifted down the length of his body to pull out his cock. I was surprised to discover that it was already out: semi-hard, thick as my wrist, and flopped against his thigh with a thin glaze of slime along it. His bathrobe was open from the waist down, and his dick smelled like fresh pussy.

As I popped the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting this musky odor, and began rolling his balls in my hand, I ran my other hand across his muscular side and glanced up: my daughter's snatch yawned at me, her panties nowhere to be seen.

"Hello? Yes, this is Jessica's father."

A wicked thrill ran through me as, on my knees before the couch, I slid my hand across my daughter's ass. I felt her tighten under my hand, and I ran a thumb into the wet and well-used cleft of her cunt. Dom's cock bobbed in my mouth, getting harder.

"It's nice to speak to you too, Jeremy. Would you be so kind as to put my daughter on?"

His dick filled my mouth, and I started running both hands over Denise's ass. In a moment, Dom's free hand joined mine - he peeled her ass cheek back, and a line of cum began to leak from her abused pussy. She grew hotter and hotter.

"Yes, honey. This is your daddy. Are you getting fucked right now, sweetheart?"

Denise started to moan, rubbing her clit into her father's stomach. His fingers probed deeper, and I could feel the swell of his cock-head pressing against my throat as I flicked my tongue back and forth across the underside of his dick.

"Well, do you want Jeremy to fuck your ass, baby?"

I felt tiny, timid fingers brushing against my leg, moving upward: searching for pussy. Denise, still pretending to be asleep. Releasing my husband's cock with a wet pop, I guided the tip of his throbbing shaft to her still-leaking hole and then pulled at her hand. I pressed her little digits against my burning cunt with my left hand, then wrapped my right around the intersection of incestuous flesh.

I whispered: "Do like mommy does, sweetheart."

"Well, you tell them that, sweetheart. Say: I want you to fuck my ass."

I was amazed at how easily Dom's huge cock slipped into Denise.

"Well, say: please daddy, let them fuck my ass."

I wrapped my fingers around Dom's member, feeling Denise's immature little pussy stretch around his girth. As I suspected, she could only take the first three inches. Then, with her little, inexpert fingers diddling my cunt, I felt Denise start pushing back against her daddy's dick.

"Again. Say: please, daddy, let them fuck my ass."

Encircling their union, I began to flick at Denise's baby clit with my finger and thumb. Her reaction was immediate, and her father slipped another half-inch inside.

"Okay. Good girl. You say: my daddy says that you can fuck my ass."

Still on my knees at the edge of the couch, I slipped my head down and began to run my tongue along Denise's hairless hole.

"Now you say 'please', young lady. Say: please will you fuck my ass with your big nigger dick."

She bolted up at that, now riding her father cowgirl-style as he slipped further in. I pressed against her lower body, lapping at her clit - her fingers shifted from my cunt to my head, pulling at my hair. I heard wailing over the line, and then it got soft again.

"Well hello, Jeremy! Well, yes, I'm glad to hear that. Drop her off any time, of course. Sunday would be fine, yes. My wife? She's right here."

As my husband pressed the phone between his lower stomach and my ear, he turned his head and whistled.

"Susanne, this is Jeremy again. I take it your mouth is full?"


"An all-too-common occurrence amongst the whores in your family."


I felt the dog's nose press against my pussy, then my hot cunt lips began to part under his tongue.

"I'm going to pick you up on Sunday when I drop your daughter off at the house. Dress to get fucked."


As I squirmed against the dog's assault, I realized that Denise had taken the entirety of her father's cock. The root of his fuck-stick was buried in her wide-split pussy, and she was rocking back and forth as I sucked on her tiny, diamond-hard clit.

"Your filthy slut of a daughter tells me that you like to show off your pussy. Well, you're going to have a very good time with me."

Dom patted my ass, and the dog began to climb up unto me. His dick struck once and then twice against my upper legs. Finally, with a grunt, I reached back and guided him in.

"When your mouth is less full, tell your husband that I like to share with my friends. I consider him a friend now. I'll be sending over one or two little girls to look after him while his wife is out on the town and his eldest is recuperating from all this film-making."

I braced as the dog's cock buried itself into me, trying to suck an orgasm out of Denise. It worked.

"Have a nice evening, Susanne. See you Sunday."

What could I say?


On the Bus (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:37 No. 9393 ID: 7b23cd

On the Bus
- Nicholas Fellheimer

Slowly adjusting to the size of Thorton's cock oozing into my loosened ass, I leaned back against his chest and cooed. He grabbed a fistful of my short brown hair and then passed his half-full beer into my hand. I took it and pressed the cold bottle against a nipple as Thorton ran a hand down my sweaty chest, letting out a grunt. I wiggled back and forth, suspended on his dick a few inches above the bus seat, and reached down to run my fingers across my swollen pussy. We hit a I have nothing to contribute; please rape my face in the road, and a thick dollop of cum belched out onto the brown plastic as I peeled the lips back and flicked at my clit.

I gazed at the milky white puddle for a moment, idly counting how many guys I had fucked today, and then snapped my fingers, pointing to the girl across the aisle from me: "You, 6th-grader. Lick it up."

She turned big brown eyes up at me, tiny tears brimming around her mascara. Her little pom-poms shook as she clutched her hands to her flat chest, and the ashen-blond girl behind her stared straight ahead as if she hadn't heard anything. I reached up and pinched a stiff nipple as Thorton's hand ran across my stomach, his over-sized cock sinking into me a little more. I ran the beer bottle across my other nipple, feeling a rivulet of cold water run down my body.

"Last chance, you little fresh-meat cock-tease. You don't get over here and lick varsity cum off this bus seat and then out of my pussy, I'll say the word and your daddy will find you on your front lawn fucked half to death by the starting line on Monday morning."

As she dropped her eyes from mine, bit her lips and then slowly crept forward, I thought once again about how great it was to be an 8th-grader - and how goddamn great it was to be a cheerleader for the greatest football team in state history. I took a swing of beer as more of Thorton's cock entered me.

The moment the little 6th-grade bitch's tiny pink tongue touched my pussy, I grabbed her by one pigtail and ran my cunt across her pretty little face from chin to forehead. Behind me, Thorton laughed, and I felt his huge member twitch deep inside my ass. She started to tense up, and I hooked the backs of my knees over her shoulders. She was pinned.

"Now you lick until I cum, or I'll call Jerome over here and you'll find out what 12 inches of dick can do to an 11 year old's ass."

The little whore started licking. She'll be varsity squad material in no time.

With my feet crossed behind fresh-meat's head and Thorton's thunder dick pressed a good nine inches up my colon, it wasn't long before I squeezed out a solid orgasm. Running the base of the beer on my clit, I could feel him starting to peak inside me - but I knew the best way to get him off in a way he'd appreciate and remember. I pressed on the top of my pussy with the bottle to aim and let loose with a stream of piss, catching the soggy-faced sixth-grader with an arc of hot urine that sent her sputtering.

"That's what happens when a strong man fucks a little girl this good. Now you either drink my piss or suck my shit off of Thorton's huge, All-State Conference dick."

She fastened herself to me, and I rode out another quick cum as Thorton jetted his seed into my ass.

I pulled off gently, then turned and licked sweat from Thorton's chest up to his neck as his huge chest heaved with the power of his orgasm. When I put his beer back into his hand, I kissed his cheek: "Thank you, daddy."

He opened his eyes and took a sip of his beer. "Fuck South Central."

Shooing the little 6th-grader away, I dropped and sucked up what few drops of cum my ass hadn't pulled out of his cock. "Yeah, fuck South Central. Good game, daddy. You sleep tight, and your whore-baby will be back if you need her."

He was already drifting off, but he gave me a smirk that sent shivers down my spine. In a few months, this beautiful bastard would be playing for the NFL.

I stepped into the aisle, barely bothering to pull my cheerleading skirt back into place - it was matted with cum, stuck to my stomach and back and legs with a sheen of liquid white. My top had gone missing as soon as the boys were back on the bus, and my tits hung out in all their perky, pink-from-pinching glory. The only other thing I was wearing was my "BITCH" choker. I grabbed a fresh beer from the cooler on the floor and looked around as I popped the top.

The lights were on, as they always were after a big game, and I could see fucking and sucking going on up and down the length of the bus. In the very front, the school chaperon Mrs. Zinnia was laid out over the coach's lap with her cunt hanging off the seat and cum running down to her ankles. A black magic marker was stuck in her ass, and a series of tally marks ran over each ass cheek.

By my count, every guy on the bus had fucked her at least once since we left the stadium. Coach was reading a book and working on a beer as Mrs. Zinnia stroked him off with one hand, and Jeff, the Special Teams coach, was flipping through a stat's report as her mouth worked on his balls.

Mrs. Zinnia's daughter, a cute little eight year old named Cori, was sitting on the starting quarterback's chest across the aisle, being idly tongue-diddled while two 7th-grade girls took turns eating his asshole and sucking his dick. None of the guys were allowed to fuck Cori yet - we were saving that for the Championship game.

I glanced up at the bus driver, who was being tended to by the coach's wife. She had a thing for giving road head, and we had a long road ahead of us. He caught my eye in the rear view mirror and gave me a thumbs-up sign. I mooned him, smiled and gave him a thumb's-up back.


I looked up, and saw my friend Whitney - the coach's daughter - beckoning me towards the back. Sitting between two Senior running-backs with her legs draped over their knees, she had a big grin on her face, a soaking wet dick in each hand, and was wearing nothing but her "BITCH" choker and a spatter of cum across her chin and down over her over-ripe tits. I sauntered back, glancing here and there at the mass of debauched fucking going on on either side of me. One group of Freshmen, probably kickers or towel-boys, were mauling a crying 7th-grader, pinching at her nipples and trying to get her to suck them off while a Sophomore safety slowly slipped his dick into her unwilling hole. He toasted me and finished his beer.

"What's hopping back here, Whit?"

She just smiled, rubbing the head of one huge black cock with her thumb and glancing over her shoulder toward the very back of the bus with a smile. Then her long red hair fell over her face as she bent from the waist and started to deep-throat the dick. Of all the things I admire about Whitney, her style and her confidence are the most impressive.

Well, that and her school spirit. That girl knows how to reward a winning team.

Kyle, the senior sitting by the aisle, casually reached out his hand and began stroking my inner thigh. As I spread my legs, moaned and ran a hand through his hair, it was clear that he had had a long night. He smiled at me as his dick was slowly pumped. If anyone could get him off one last time, it would be Whitney.

I stared towards the back, where a crowd was gathering.

Popping up for a second to gasp for air, Whitney grinned at me: "Little miss Megan in the back thinks she has what it takes to join the St. George Bitch Squad. I thought maybe you could do the honors."

Holy shit. This was amazing!

I tried to sound calm and cool as I took a draw from the beer: "No, problem, Whit. I'll get the little hooker filled out like an application."

"That's my bitch. Lick some of this cum off me before you go."

I made eye contact with Leo, the big black guy she had been sucking off, and gave him a smile. I knew he liked watching me use my tongue on other girls. When I leaned down and slurped a dollop of fuck-juice off of her stomach, I heard him start groaning, so I followed the trail of slime up her sternum and around her aureole.

I made a slurping sound, pulling on the hard pink nipple like a little dick. Whitney's big titties heaved, and her ass slipped back and forth on the sopping wet seat. I heard Leo get off, and Whitney pushed me away as she bent over to catch the flood in her mouth.

I hope I'm as cool as Whitney when I'm a Freshman.

As I walked to the back of the bus with a little extra spring in my step, I heard her turn to Kyle: "Now lets see if my tight little asshole can get you off. Blond bitch, get over here and make this fat varsity dick hard. Asian girl, get my shitter wet for this huge cock."

I pushed through the crowd, displacing a circle of guys with their dicks already in hand. On the floor of the bus, a small girl with curly black hair was on her knees. She was popping back and forth between the guys, rubbing and licking dicks, trying to work up the nervous energy to do what she had told Whitney she wanted to do. Our school mascot, St. George the Irish Mastiff, was enjoying a blow-job from Tiff, the newest Bitch on the Squad. His tongue lolled out of mouth as Rock, the team captain, rubbed the dog's flank, and a blond head bobbed up and down on St. George's most impressive part: a slick pink cock like a forearm.

I could see tonight's special guest in Rock's lap, but I had more important things to worry about at the moment than a South Central cheerleader on the wrong bus. I passed my beer bottle to Zach, a huge Junior fullback who had a little Hispanic 7th-grader wrapped around him like a koala, fucking her almost like he would burp a baby: one hand on her ass, one hand wrapped around the back of her neck, her face buried in his shoulder. He nodded to me, licked the neck of the bottle, and began working it back and forth across her tiny, puckered asshole. She started breathing hard, and Zach smiled at me.

I winked at him, kissed his cheek, and then got serious. With a huff, I stepped forward and put my hands on my hips: "I hear that some little whore back here thinks she has what it takes to be a Bitch."

The tiny brunette Megan looked up at me, nodded, and I stepped forward to accept her tongue in my cunt. I ran fingers around her head and rubbed myself on her face like I was forcing a dick down her throat, and I felt fingers and cocks begin to press into my ass as the players entertained themselves with my backside.

Tiff looked up at me from the back seat and winked. She stood and began patting her thighs, beckoning St. George to hop down. As a thin rivulet of cum oozed out of my ass around a mass of probing fingers, I had an idea that would make this initiation a little extra special.

"Excuse me, mighty Mastiffs. I don't believe that this little fuck-slut here properly got all of you off before she made her claims about being Bitch-worthy. Her mistake."

I turned around and bent at the waist, pressing my well-used nether hole into Megan's probing mouth: "Allow me to take care of you while this fresh meat fuck-sleeve learns a lesson in manners. Eat my dirty ass, you dumb cunt, and maybe I'll let you take a hard fucking from our dog."

I felt a tongue snake past my sphincter as she brought a hand up to massage my clit. This girl was going to do just fine. As I took a dick in each hand, I looked over my shoulder to watch Tiff getting ready. With one hand on St. George's collar, she leaned down and slapped Megan's ass and inner thighs: the universal command for 'spread your legs, whore.'

With a grin and a toss of her hair, Tiff spun and laid down on the aisle floor, slipping herself between Megan's knees by grabbing one thigh and sliding in the pool of cum that ran the length of the bus. She gazed up at Megan's well-used sex directly above her and then, with a wet crack, slapped her on the pussy, hard like she was swatting a fly.

I felt, more than heard, Megan moan. I turned to the boys as a dick slipped into my mouth, and then a second one. I could feel it as Tiff kept scooting further under Megan as she pulled St. George's collar down to let him lick at her own pussy. Before long, Tiff was being pushed backwards across the wet floor as St. George sent his huge tongue into the deepest parts of Tiff's pussy and pressed his nose against her blond-tufted clit.

Megan tensed up more and more as Tiff, breathing hard, kept biting her nipples and slapping her on the cunt, tits and ass. Tiff laughed as Megan tensed up further. If I remembered by own initiation, Tiff had just plugged three fingers into the little brunette, cupping her hard and flicking at the G-spot with her middle finger.

"This bitch isn't ready. Our dog is going to rip this fucking baby-pussy open."

I pulled off the cocks with arcs of spit and pre-cum drizzling off my chin. Working a dick with each hand, I said over my shoulder: "Well, she's going to take our dog's fuck-stick one way or the other, now. This starry-eyed little cock-sucker just ate my shit-pipe like a pro and got it nice and ready for this friendly group of varsity football players to pump full of cum."

I turned again, slowly this time, and got a wicked chill as I felt her tongue run out of my ass. Manly hands wrapped around me and a wet cock-head pressed into my well-used back door; I looked down at Megan and winked. Below her, Tiff was bucking through an orgasm as St. George scrubbed out the inside of her womb - I could tell that she had one hand pinching her own clit and one pinching Megan's. Once her blush started to fade and I knew that Tiff's big O was through, I blew a kissy face at Megan.

Then I slapped the little brunette across the face and whistled for St. George. Tears formed in Megan's eyes as her cheek turned red, and she started crying as I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her face to the floor beside Tiff's head. Tiff hooked one arm around Megan's neck and held her close, chest to chest. The two of them almost looked like lesbian lovers. St. George looked up from Tiff's sloppy hole, saw the wide open pussy spread out in front of him and crawled up onto Megan's back.

I helped with his front paws as I went to my knees: "This is it, whore. You take my dog's cock while all of these nice men rape my ass. Once they've cum in me, the team is going to piss all over you. If you get my dog off before the team is done raping me and before he splits you open like the fucking slut you are, and you'll get to call yourself one of St. George's Bitches."

From below, shoulder to shoulder with the pinned girl, Tiff guided his mass of slick doggy-dick into the sobbing seventh-grader. I leaned down so that I was cheek-to-cheek with Megan. I throbbing cock-head pushed deep into my ass-guts.

"If you give up before the dog is done, well, you're back to being just another puke on this bus. If you can't get my dog off before the last man here pours his seed into my little-girl shitter, you get to take Mrs. Zinnia's place after next game. My advice is to put those itty-bitty hips to work pushing back and fucking my dog."

I looked up, letting St. George lick my face as he pounded into Megan. In the very back seat, Rock was plugging his dick into tonight's special guest: a pretty blond cheerleader wearing the wrong school colors, with a line of duct tape across her mouth and several bands of duct tape wrapping her calves to her thighs. Her hands were behind her back, lines of mascara ran down her cheeks, half of her uniform and her underwear had been destroyed with utility knives, and her bright green eyes were fixated on the splayed-open hole of our would-be Bitch as a shaft of hard dog-cock plowed into her.

One cock pulled out of my ass with a pop, and another took its place. I ran my fingers down my stomach and started rubbing cum into my hot pussy as I rested a cheek on Tiff's shoulder.

"Is our special guest enjoying her team's humiliating defeat tonight, Team Captain Rock?"

He looked at me and grinned, then pushed into the slut hard. Her eyes squeezed shut and fresh tears appeared. "Not very much, Bitch Ashley. I think that our special guest here was a virgin before tonight's shameful loss to our undefeated Mastiffs."

"Oh my, Team Captain Rock! Is there blood from her virgin cunt on your magnificent cock, Team Captain Rock?"

"Most it it has probably found its way into her ass by now, Bitch Ashley."

"Good, Team Captain Rock. If I may ask, is her South Central shitter tight, Team Captain Rock?"

"Loosening up nicely, Bitch Ashley. I think that this little whore is beginning to understand why St. George has the finest football program in the country."

A stream of piss began raining down on Megan's face. She gasped as the cock popped out of my slippery butthole and was replaced with another. A second stream of piss started splashing off the side of Megan's face. Tiff whispered something, and Megan turned her head to catch the spray in her mouth. Goddamn, this girl was going to work out just fine. She was real Bitch material.

I considered for a moment, and watched Rock adjust the squirming girl on his lap. He laid her head over the edge of the seat so that she could watch St. George at work and began fucking her doggy-style. His balls slapped her cunt, and I could see where her wrists were crossed against her lower back, duct-taped to one another.

"Has our special guest had an opportunity to spend some time with Team Photographer Blake yet, Team Captain Rock?"

"Blake is on the Marching Band bus tonight. They have a Sophomore in the flute section, Bitch Erica, who is having a contest tonight with Principal's-Own Bitch Justine. She told the drum-line that she could take a cowbell up her ass while pulling a longer train than anyone on the cheer-leading squad, the flag team, the pep girls or the band. Well, tonight is Bitch Erica's opportunity to prove herself against the best of the best."

"Sounds like a lot of fun, Team Captain Rock! Lady Justine is on the Marching Band bus?"

"Yep. She came out of retirement just for tonight's win and for the bet. Principal Kaufman told me that she hasn't fucked high school guys in almost a year, and that she learned how to fist her own pussy a couple of months ago at a party."

Another dick slipped out of my ass, and a third stream began as the first one petered out. I leaned up and licked the last drips from the spent cock as a pair of fingers spilled into my back door. I ground down on the fingers, squeezing as I took them to the palm, and a third joined them. Megan was blushing, and I watched her tiny toes curl as an orgasm wracked her. Tiff's fingers were busy, and St. George's enormous cock was now punching in and out with ease, churning her little fuck-hole into a froth.

"So, will our special guest have an opportunity to spend some time with Team Photographer Blake, so that her raped cunt can be displayed for all to see in the school's trophy case, Team Captain Rock?"

Rock's thrusts intensified as our special guest started sobbing, and I watched as he blew a load into her colon: "Yeah. The buses are going to pull in at a truck stop in about an hour or so, and Justine is going to introduce this little fuck-rag to a few of her friends who hang out here. It'll be Blake, the Principal, and whoever else wants to go on the field trip. After that, everyone can switch buses however they want."

He pulled out, wiped his cum-&-shit-covered dick on the special-guest's cheek, and stepped over to begin pissing on Megan.

"Me, I'm probably going to take a nap. I have a big day tomorrow - a recruiter from Gibson is coming by, and my girlfriend and her daughter will be with him."

Holy fuck. Gibson was the Principle's and the Coach's alma-mater and possibly the best school in the country.

"Well, it would be an honor for this Bitch to suck your cock later, Team Captain Rock. Please let this Bitch know when she may be of service."

"Will do, Bitch Ashley. Hey, guys - go fuck tonight's special guest while she's still fresh. That little cum dumpster is going to look like she fell down a flight of stairs and smell like low tide by the time Justine and her friends get done with her."

He walked away as Megan screamed with another orgasm. St. George hunched against her, and Tiff nodded at me: he was dumping a load into the little Bitch. I kissed Megan's cheek and then licked at her tears, easing off the fingers behind me: "You did it, Megan."

I slowly got up, and turned around to see Whitney on her knees behind me, licking cum from my ass off her palm. Her other hand was working at the clit of the little Hispanic seventh-grader, who was spun around with Zach's dick buried three inches into her ass. She smiled and beckoned with her middle finger for me to bend down to her. She leaned in and kissed me, pressing a mouthful of spunk onto my lips. We locked eyes after a moment.

"I'm so proud of you, Ashley. You remind me so much of me when I was your age. You're going to be the best Bitch this school has ever had."

I blushed. I didn't even know what to say. She nodded up the aisle: "I'll take care of Megan and St. George's knot. You go make the announcement, little girl."

I walked up the aisle, as proud as I had ever been. I noticed that someone had replaced the magic marker in Mrs. Zinnia's ass with a beer bottle. She didn't seem to mind, and was now working Coach's huge cock with both hands while Jeff fucked her face. Team Captain Rock had stopped to get a beer, and was watching as the little 6th-grader I had commanded to each my cunt was being held down and raped by a halfback named Rick. Her quiet friend, the one who had ignored me, sat on the little slut's chest and held Rick's dick steady as he rubbed his thick tool through her puffy, lily-white pussy lips.

At the front of the bus, Coach's wife took a momentary break from sucking the driver's dick to hand me the microphone for the bus's public-address system. I leaned in close to the seat to allow the driver to run his free hand over my body.

"Everyone! May I have your attention!"

Two dozen heads popped up as the driver plunged a finger into my ass. I could feel cum running down both of my legs as I bent over to accept it.

"Tonight, the St. George Mastiffs raped the living fuck out of the limp-wristed faggots of South Central!"

There was a cheer, especially from the back. Our special guest was being used in all three holes now, with the duct tape which had once covered her mouth now firmly placed across her eyes. Someone must have convinced her that biting would be a bad idea, but that a rousing session of "three-prong outlet" might be a fun game that would get her home sooner.

"In addition, the St. George Bitch Squad is pleased to announce that, oh, fuck, mister - are you trying to get your whole hand up my shitter?"

There was a general giggle from the assembled throng. And yes, he was. I pushed back, trying to see how this was going to work out. Coach's wife pulled an ass-cheek aside to help him, took his dick in one hand, threw one of my legs over her shoulder, and then applied those thick dick-sucking lips to my clit.

"We're pleased to oh, fuck me, to announce holy fuck, that we are pleased to be joined by fuck, fuck, holy fuck my little ass, a beautiful young lady fuck Christ who has proven herself fuck, oh mister fuck my ass a really amazing example of true St. George Jesus fuck Christ mister, school spirit rape my fucking ass, Jesus, mister, please. Oh fuck."

At that point, Whitney came up and saved me. And by 'saved me', I mean that she helped her mom steer while the bus-driver lifted me up into his seat and fucked the holy shit out of my ass.

Go Mastiffs!

Black Tie Affair (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:40 No. 9394 ID: 7b23cd

Black Tie Affair
- Nicholas Fellheimer

I stepped into the gold-appointed bathroom, gazing at blond little Lydia chained down to the base of the sparkling toilet. Everything was immaculate, including her: frilly white dress, white ribbons in her hair, white knee-socks, black patent leather shoes and a stout length of black iron rings two feet in length and fastened to her slave-collar to keep the little whore firmly secured to the ground.

Well, technically, she was held to the floor by both the chain and by my father, at the moment. With one great hand wrapped around her pale throat and another lifting her slender young leg up at an angle, he slipped his thick cock into her unwilling, hairless cunt with long, slow strokes. She made soft sobbing noises as I watched his cock, slick with KY, punch into her tight quim.

I had seen my dad fuck many times before, and I knew that he was just getting warmed up for the evening.

"Daddy, I was told to inform you that our guests are beginning to arrive."

My father turned his head slightly, taking me in. God damn, he's gorgeous.

"Kneel, Rachel."

I hiked my ankle-length dress up to my freshly shaved pussy and fell to my knees in the doorway. He slipped his throbbing cock from Lydia with a wet POP and let her leg fall as he stood, straightening his black dinner jacket. As my father stroked a massive erection and slipped it between my slack lips, I watched Lydia curl up around the gleaming white toilet and weep softly.

"Your cousins have arrived, then?"

I shook my head no, running both of my hands along his huge shaft and trying to suck out the tangy taste of Lydia's cunt.

"Ah, then it must be Reverend Marcus and his family."

I nodded, rubbing my tongue piercing along the crown of his dick as it filled my mouth.

"Very well, Rachel. I assume that your brother has checked the preparations in the other two bathrooms?"

I nodded again, gagging a little as my father grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and speared his huge cock down the back of my throat.

"Good. Dr. Mather and his family will be running late, and I know that he will want to use the little redhead in your mother's bathroom when he arrives. Has she been lubricated?"

I nodded slightly with my head tilted back, feeling my throat open and close around the massive head of his prick. I tried to lick his balls, with limited success.

"If I know your brother, of course, he's probably got her face-down in the toilet at the moment. He raped the little Japanese slit we got him for his birthday half to death in that bathroom, didn't he?"

I tried to nod, but I don't think my dad noticed. He had one hand on the back of my neck and another cupped under my chin with a thumb against my cheek, thrusting with one smooth motion down my throat like he was slipping on a condom.

"I do hope he's semi-discrete with the redhead, considering that she's for the guests. The maids will have a conniption if he ruins her hair, too - those ribbons, I'm told, are matched to her eyeshadow, the shower-curtain and the towels. What is her name again?"

I pulled off of his dick with a gasp, a mouthful of pre-cum and saliva trailing to his huge manhood, fisting the enormous member with both hands.

"Her name is Stephanie, Daddy. She's eleven years old, four-foot-three, and seventy-five pounds. Her hair color and nipples match the accents for mother's bathroom, she has been dressed in emerald to match the primary coloration in the room, and Reginald has been informed to keep his horse-cock out of her until midnight at least. She can take most of the dogs except for Whore-Ripper, she cries when her nipples are pinched, and she her asshole, while lubricated, is still technically virgin."

"Oh, well, she's not going to like Dr. Mather very much, then. As for you, Rachel, well - you will make your uncle a very fine wife someday."

"Thank you, Daddy."

My father smiled at me, slipped his dick back into his black dinner slacks, and kissed me on top of the head. He walked out, then turned.

"Let your mother know that I'm off to go greet our guests. And find out where your little sister Raina has gotten off to, if you would."

"Yes, Daddy."

I stood on shaking legs, running a finger through my sloppy-wet cunt lips as my father departed. Listening to him casually discuss rape while he fucks my face always turns me on. I glanced down at my dress and at the floor, being certain that nothing had stained my black dress.

No, I was immaculate as always.

After checking the wet bar, the camera and the large plate of pills by the sink, I briefly considered tormenting Lydia but thought better of it. She was, after all, for the guests.

I walked out of the upstairs bathroom and glanced over the banister down the spiral staircase at the scene in the foyer. Reverend Marcus was shaking my father's hand, and already had his dick in the moth of our maid, Chloe. Mrs. Marcus, still in her black fur coat, impassively held the leash of their family's large dalmatian Maximilian, who was rutting into Chloe's squishing pussy with abandon. Their 17 year old daughter, Angelique, was dressed and made up like a miniature version of her mother except that a thin Asian girl about 6 years old was at the end of her leash, outfitted in a dalmatian-print bikini with a tiny black spot drawn on her nose. She wore a headband with little black-spotted doggy ears, as well, and cum ran both of her inner thighs.

Although I didn't much care for the Marcus's, primarily because Angelique always calls me a baby and makes me tongue her asshole while my brother fucks her, I had to admire their style. Hours must have been spent on their hair.

I slipped down the hall, to where my little sister Raina was still in the television room. I opened the door and found her sprawled on the couch with a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels pressed against her clit and Whore-Ripper's tongue slurping out the inside of her peanut-butter smeared cunt.

"Hey, sis. Want some?"

And she was drunk. Whore-Ripper looked at me, snorted, and went back to rooting in my sister's slippery pussy. She shuddered and twisted her tiny nipples.

"Rainy, you are almost eleven goddamn years old. How difficult is it to be on your best behavior when dad throws a party?"

"I'm looking to get fucked tonight, Rach. The only way any of the guys here, ung, god yes, will have the balls to fuck Randolph Raynard's middle girl is if they're, fuck Christ yes, sure that I'm proper good and fucked to begin with."

She made a point. I had to physically jam Uncle Horace's dick into myself at the dinner table when I was her age, and that was after squirming on his lap under an assault from three fingers for almost two hours. I thought the poor old guy was going to have a heart attack when I came.

"Be that as it may ..."

"The only ones at this little, oh Jesus fuck me yes, 'soiree' tonight whom I know, for a fact, have the balls to slip it in me are Whore-Ripper here, Daddy himself and our dear brother. Any of them will, oh shit yes, pound the living shit out of my pussy if given the slightest chance, and I feel that a little lubricant, whether alcoholic, orgasmic or canine-saliva in origin, is best called for in such instances."

"Well, Mother will not be pleased that you're neither dressed nor downstairs greeting the guests."

"Mother is eight months pregnant, has already had the, oh shit yes, single glass of red wine she's allowed for the night, and is being taken anally in the kitchen by the aforementioned elder brother at this very moment."


"Yes. Her thirtieth birthday is certain to be a, ah fuck yes, a roaring success." Her head lolled to the side as she casually scooped a wad of peanut-butter from the jar on the coffee table and smeared it across her wide-spread cunt. Whore-Ripper continued to lick away.

"If the two of them are in the kitchen, then who is watching Baby Reanne?"

"The girl is nine, Rachel. It's time that you, unh, fuck, oh, got acquainted with the facts of life one way or another."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

Raina closed her eyes and flicked at her clit, then sucked the wet mass of dog-slobber and peanut butter from her finger.

"I'm saying that Baby Reanne, as you like to call her, has always been precocious - and she, oh fuck me yes, is no longer going to be the baby around here anyway, pretty soon. Papa is already talking to a very wealthy man from Gibson University who has an interest in Reanne, and I, oh Christ fuck me yes, wouldn't be at all surprised if the littlest Raynard girl was getting her pony tonight. And pulling a train."

I couldn't help it. I pinched a nipple and pressed my still-wet pussy against the arm of the couch through my dress. "You're not serious."

"I am. You're the one who, oh fuck yes, likes to squirm and tell Daddy what he wants to hear while he's fucking you, and Reanne is the one who pisses her panties and flashes the help and acts like a brat until Daddy holds her down and rapes it out of her. I'm the one, shit yes fuck Christ, who makes Daddy talk dirty to me if he wants me getting wet on that thunder-dick of his, and he's very excited about putting on a show with Reanne tonight."

I worked my hands up my dress, pulling at my pussy. "But it's Mother's special day."

"Oh, this will be special for Mother. She gets to watch the, fuck fuck fuck yes, the girl who has stolen her husband's heart for the last nine years finally take a dicking that would turn most whores inside out. Mom will be bent over the cake table with our big brother pounding her sloppy pregnant pussy from behind while she massages the balls of the next man in line to, oh shit yes god, rape her baby. By the end of the night, Reanne is going to service a whole lot of dogs, a whole lot of guys, one very happy pony with a big pink pecker and at least one Reynard girl: me."

I flipped my dress up to my belly button, threw a leg over the couch, and settled my steaming cunt onto Raina's face.

"So let me guess: Reanne is out in the back with the gardeners and the landscapers getting warmed up."

Rain nodded with her tongue against my clit, bucked her hips against the dog's assault on her fuck-hole, and then brought her hands up to grab me by the butt cheeks and draw my over-heated sex into her mouth.

It wasn't until it was too late that I realized she had slipped a fingerful of peanut-butter into my asshole.

After having my colon cleaned-out by Whore-Ripper while he plowed into my sister's frothing cunt, I told the little bitch to get clean, get dressed and get downstairs in record time.

In the kitchen, cooks and caterers scurried around, and dozen gleaming pots roiled away on stoves. On the floor, my mother was bent over with her pretty face against the linoleum next to an empty glass of red wine, her dress hiked up to her swollen tits, and several inches of my brother's huge dick slowly easing in and out of her grasping pink shit-pipe. Both of her hands disappeared beneath her belly, and I could hear the sound of her slapping her meaty cunt.

"Mother, the guests are being greeted."

"Uhg. Good. Will you tell this bastard to stop raping my naked, vulnerable asshole?"

"Of course, Mother. Reginald, will you please stop raping Mother's tight, hot, gaping asshole?"

He seemed to consider for a moment, then beamed that bright, toothy grin that has been the ruin of so many young ladies. There are single mothers in every grade from sixth to Seniors who fell for that smile.

"No, probably not. This churning little fuck-hole of hers is amazing. Watch: if I twist on this titty right here, her whole ass clamps down on my dick like she's trying to suck a nut out of me."

She did, in fact, appear to be trying to suck a nut out of him.

"Reginald, I hope that you're not intending to rape Mother all evening. She does have guests to attend to."

"Whores get raped in this house, Rachel. You know that. Mother has just seemed extra whorish tonight."

"Tell this son-of-a-bitch to take his huge, throbbing cock out of my shitter and stop calling me a whore, Rachel. I'm not one of his little starry-eyed, eleven-year-old fuck-dolls."

"But you have the nicest ass I've ever raped, Mom. Seriously, Rachel, come feel this."

Mom was going for her nut now, panting on the floor and working both hands into her pussy.

"Reginald, if I run my hands along your beautiful cock as you penetrate Mother's wet and steaming asshole, will you please dump your hot fuck up her colon so that she can go mingle with the guests?"

"You got it, sis. Here, slide underneath her so you can see it better."

"Excuse me, Mother. I'm just going to move under you so that I can use both hands to work this magnificent prick as it rapes you."

I hiked up my dress to my armpits so that it wouldn't get dirty, laid down, slipped my head between my mother's knees and ran my hands along the incestuous intersection of their pumping flesh, feeling my mother's wetness roll down my arm and I slipped half of my fist into the gaping folds of her sex.


She spasmed on my hand, spraying her juicy girl-cum across my bare chest. With a low 'umph', Reg emptied his balls into her, then pulled out and wiped his ass on her ass-cheek.

"Thanks, sis. Have a good time at your party, Mom."

Nine inches of glistening wet, semi-hard cock still flopping out of his fly, my brother casually walked out of the kitchen to the dining room. Along the way, he snagged a bread-stick off of a platter and groped a teenage girl on the wait-staff.

"I swear, Rachel, that boy will never learn."

"I'm so sorry, Mother. All the Raynard men are like that, I suppose."

"Yes, indeed. It is the burden we bear. Why, your father did nearly the same thing to be on our very first date, fifteen years ago. Now, sweetheart, if you don't mind, I don't want any of your brother's hot, sticky fuck to run out of my ass and stain this lovely dress. Would you be a dear and suck it out for me?"

Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)14:53 No. 9422 ID: b5cce3

this is disgusting.

but my god do i respect it.

Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)22:35 No. 9432 ID: 78a299

nice in its own way

Anonymous 10/08/21(Sat)06:10 No. 9501 ID: 4ab47c

buuump a lump

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)00:51 No. 9568 ID: ecbdf6

Dare I ask for moar?

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)04:34 No. 9573 ID: 801b02

Bob Saget, is that you?

Class Fuck-Doll (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/31(Tue)15:23 No. 9619 ID: 7b23cd

Ask for more, and you will receive!

Class Fuck-Doll
- by Nicholas Fellheimer

I hate it when my mom comes to my school, mostly because she's such a control freak, and it's gotten way worse since she started dating Gideon. There I was, in the middle of hottie Mrs. Devlin's math class, and my mother started knocking on the window.

Everyone looked at me, and all I could do was roll my eyes. Jeez, she just loves intruding. Blaine, the cute guy who sits behind me, leaned in and whispered "Jesus, Haley, your mom's a fox."

"Eat my asshole, Blaine."

"Anytime, Haley."

It's true, though. My mom is a total hottie, but it's so weird - ever since she and Gideon started going out, my mom never wears a bra or panties any more. I could see the dark outline of her nipples right through her dress shirt, and it looked like she had something wet and shiny running down her chin. She smiled at me, and gestured for me to come outside.

I turned to Mrs. Devlin, my teacher, and she just smiled and shrugged. She has a real crush on me, I think - a lot of guys and girls both have started looking at me like that since I turned 12, and I've noticed that I can get away with a lot more.

I stood, and mooned Blaine behind me as I got up, which I had been doing recently just to fuck with him. I had noticed that a lot of guys in class had started leaning in to watch me do that, so I had stopped wearing panties.

I mooned the class pretty well, that time.

Seeing the wide-eyed reaction on the face of Mrs. Devlin, I decided to give her a hug to thank her for letting me leave class to see my mom. She's pretty tall, and I'm short for my age even in the high heels that Gideon bought me, so I just walked up, threw my arms around her hips, and pressed my tits right below hers. God, she felt good. I looked up and batted my eyes at her.

"Thanks so much for letting me run out for a second. I'll make it up to you after school."

There were a couple of wolf whistles from the class, so I pulled one of my hands back, lifted my skirt and flashed by bare ass to them again, this time so everyone could see.

"It's no problem, Haley."

"Aren't you going to hug me back, Mrs. Devlin?"

"Alright, Haley."

She leaned in to hug me, putting both arms around my shoulders, and I felt her skin get warmer.

I whispered in her ear: "Aren't you going to kiss me, Mr. Devlin?"

"Let's talk about it after school, Haley. Come by my room at 3:30, maybe, okay?"

"If you really want to see me after school, Mrs. Devlin, you should kiss me."

She smiled, seemed to consider for a moment, and then leaned in again to plant her soft, full lips against mine. Man, she's cute, and a great kisser. I bit on her lower lip as she pulled back, and tried to whisper as softly as I could from the back of my throat: "I'm not wearing panties. Show my pussy to the class."

I felt her hands run down my ass and then hesitate. I widened my stance and started bending at the waist.

"Do it. Pull up my skirt and show them my tight, bald, coral-pink pussy."

She inched the fabric up, and I sent my tongue into her mouth. This drew applause from the whole classroom. We kissed for a few more seconds, and then I pulled away, running one hand across her firm tits as I left the embrace.

"Thank you, Mrs. Devlin."

"Call me Jessie."

"Will do, Mrs. Devlin. See you at 3:30."

I walked out of the classroom, to meet my mom, swaying my hips to give everyone one last look at my ass. Damn, my mom is rubbing off on me!

By the way, I don't mean that she was 'rubbing off' on me literally. I mean, a few times since she started dating Gideon she's had me help her shave her pussy and has started frigging her clit while I was using my mouth to dry her labia, and there was the one time that she came into my room drunk after a party and made me feel the inside of her to see if I could guess how many guys she had fucked that night, but she very rarely actually 'rubs off' on me.

Sometimes, in the shower, I guess.

Anyway, outside, my mom had a big grin on her face, and I could see that the slick, pearly wetness across her chin ran all the way down her neck and down the inside of both her thighs to her high-heels.

"Yes, Haley, it's cum."

"Oh. I wasn't sure. From who?"

"You know most of them. Here, taste some and see if you can guess.."

I leaned up to lick her neck, but my mom shook her head. She pulled her skirt up to show me her abused cunt, with semen still leaking out of it. I bent and started tasting.

"Mmm. Haley, you and I have a meeting in the Principal's office."

"About what, mom?"

"Don't talk with you mouth full. Gideon asked me to talk to your school, so I came by."


"Get my clit there, baby."


"Yes, like that. Gideon wants the school to make some special arrangements for you girls, so he, oh, fuck, yes baby, had me come by to talk to the, fuck, yeah, school's administrators."

"Mmm-mm mmm?"

"Oh, about all sorts of, oh, fuck yeah, things. You'll see. I think you'll, fuck fuck, really like this."

"Mmm, mm."

"Good. Alright, now we don't have all day. Get you little ass moving."

I stood up, and the school janitor was watching us with a wry grin on his face. My mother nodded to him, dutifully turned to the wall and put both of her hands against it.

"Haley, would you present my sloppy bitch-pussy to this nice man?"

"Yes, mom. Uh, sir, would like to fuck my mommy?"

He grinned and pulled at his dick through his jeans. "Maybe later."

"Offer to suck his dick to get it ready, Haley."

"Can I use my mouth to make your cock hard so you can fuck my mommy, mister?"

"Got a lot of work to do. Your momma free later?"

"Tell this nice man that your mother's hot bitch-pussy will be in the principal's office all afternoon, Haley."

"You can fuck my mommy any time, mister. She'll be in the principal's office when you want her."

"You got it."

We walked up the hall, and more cum kept running out of my mom.

"So, do you recognize the taste?"

"No, mom. Sorry."

"You will."

We got to the office, and we walked in on something out of a movie: seven guys in a semi-circle, all in business suits, all with their hard, wet cocks out. My little sister Dani, wearing nothing but the leash and collar that Gideon bought for her, had a cock in each hand and was sucking on a third. My mom dropped to her knees and took a dick in each hand.

"Sweetheart, you recognize the principal and vice principal of the Jr. High; these gentlemen are from the High School, these other two men are the administrators in charge of Dani's grade school, and the big-dicked gentleman fucking your sister's mouth is the Superintentant of schools."

"It's nice to meet you, sir."

He extended his palm, and when I reached in to shake it he pulled me close. I shivered at how strong he was, and he let go of my hand to wrap it around my neck. Two guys began to move in behind me, running their hands across my legs, tits and ass.

"Haley, it has come to my understanding that your mother doesn't feel that you are being properly educated at this school."

I looked over, and my mother had already fallen to all fours, one cock lodged down her throat and another buried into her shitter.

"I guess that's right, sir."

I felt the back of my skirt pulled up, and a thick cock-head began making long strokes through my overheating cunt. My firm tits fell free as my shirt was cut away with a pair of scissors, and another cock slipped into my left hand. I started milking it.

"Well, we take your mother's concerns very seriously, as I'm sure you can tell."

"Of course, sir."

There was a prodding at my fuckhole, and the shaft slipped deep inside my wet, grasping pussy. The superintendent tightened his grip on my throat

"She feels fantastic, sir."

"Good. Now, you and your little sister are both going to be moved to the High School as of tomorrow, and I'll be taking a firm hand regarding your education from now on. You'll be taking three blocks of Senior boys PE, a few automotive classes, and a photography course."

The guy behind me began to fuck me in smooth, steady motion, and his long cock slid in and out with practiced ease. The cock in my left hand started leaking pre-cum, which I rubbed up and down the shaft.

"I-I-I see, sir."

The cock pulled out, and I began to feel his hard slickness pressing against my tight, crinkled little butthole. Without hesitation, I licked two of my fingers and ran them across my sphincter, feeling my little teenage shitpipe warming up.

The superintendent let go of my throat: "Now, these men are going to take you on a little test drive, Haley. Specifically, they're going to fuck the holy hell out of you, and we're going to see if you're really ready to become our class fuck-doll."

The cock behind me thrust into my ass slowly, and I felt my guts spasm around his long, thick member. The guy on my left walked around to my front, now letting me use both hands to milk his dick.

"Oh, oh, oh, s-s-sounds good, sir."

"See, now that's what I call school spirit. Steve, tell this little bitch to slip your dick in her overheating cunt while I fuck her baby sister."

And that's how my sister and I became the youngest Freshmen at the school! She's dating a couple of Juniors these days, but I'm going steady with the entire Varsity football squad ... and the Principal!

Anonymous 10/08/31(Tue)19:04 No. 9620 ID: 2e5b4d

i ask for more!!!

My Dad's New Girlfriend (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/01(Wed)09:03 No. 9624 ID: 7b23cd

You know, I probably need to be careful about suggesting that I can produce unlimited "more" upon request.

Still, I do happen to have a few unfinished stories here and there.

My Dad's New Girlfriend
- Nicholas Fellheimer

So there I am, sitting in class listening to Mr. Reinhardt talk about Romeo & Juliet, and all I can think about is that no one ever told me that dog-cum was so much runnier than guy-cum.

Here it is, leaking out of my pussy, and nobody told me. Oh, heck, it's starting to leak pretty bad - I can feel it puddling in the wooden seat and up against my bare butt-cheeks. God, how did I ever let Sasha talk me into going out with her friend Nikolos?

Trying to be cool and keep all the thin, watery dog-cum from staining the back of my skirt, I lift my butt off the seat for a second and flip my pleats back.

Bad move. There's this wet sucking sound as I get up, like a when titty gets a hickey, and then a little liquid sound when I sit, like a bare-assed fourteen year old mutt-slut sitting down in seven dog-cocks worth of fresh fuck-juice.

A couple of heads turn to look at me, and I blush from head to toe. Mr. Reinhardt stops for a second to look over his glasses at the class, then continues.

I look down, and I realize that my dark nipples are poking right through my white dress-shirt. I start blushing so hard that my tits turn a reddish-pink, totally visible through the thin cotton shirt that I'm wearing without a bra.

Oh, hell.

I feel a cool breeze then, as the very back edge of my skirt is lifted from behind. There's a whisper: "Holy shit, dude. I think that's cum on there."

I close my eyes and squeeze my hands into fists.

A deeper voice: "Lift it higher, man. I think Bailey forgot her fucking panties."

I take a deep breath, feeling my entire body tremble.

"Fuck, dude! Look at her ass! Fucking sweet!"

"Woah. How'd she get all those red lines on there?"

I put my head down on my desk, mortified beyond belief.

"Dude, that's from caning and shit, man."

"Bailey, lean forward more. I wanna see your asshole."

I cover my head with my hands, bite my lower lip, and then slowly lift my ass out of the seat and show my abused fuck-holes to the boys behind me.


"I'm sorry, boys, do you have something to share with the class?"

My eyes jerk up, and Mr. Reinhardt is staring at us in the back of the room.

The deeper voice. Warren, who sits behind me: "No, sir, Mr. Reinhardt, sir."

"Is that a fact?"

I look around as Mr. Reinhardt walks to the back of the room. All eyes are on us. I'm in a half-crouch, tits mashed against my desk, with my ass a good six inches off the seat. Slobbery dog cum runs down both thighs to the insides of my knees, and I'm blushing as red as I ever have.

Warren is leaned back in his chair, using the toe of his left boot to lift the back of my short, pleated school-girl skirt and look directly at my out-thrust ass. He has a huge shit-eating grin on his face. He doesn't let my skirt drop as Mr. Reinhardt walks up, and I want to die like I never have before in my life.

"Just making sure that Bailey was okay, sir. She seemed upset."

"Hm. I see."

Mr. Reinhardt slowly takes his pointer out from under his arm and brings it down to the level of my pussy. I lean forward further, pressing my forehead and cheek against the desk, and my ass raises another inch off the seat.

Everyone in the back row is leaning in now, staring at my dripping snatch. Mr. Reinhardt presses the tip of the pointer against my bubbling cunt, and a dollop of dog-fuck rolls into the pool in my seat.

"Maybe she should go to the nurse's office, Mr. Reinhardt, sir."

The tip of the pointer withdraws from my pussy, and I start breathing again. As calm as ice, Mr. Reinhardt wipes the tip across my cheek and begins walking back to the front of the room.

"I think that you make an excellent point, Warren. Would anyone here be willing to escort Bailey to the nurse's office?"

A dozen hands go up.

"Very well. Bailey Lays, please stand up."

I stand in a hurry, and the squelching sound is louder than before. I look down, and dog-cum is running the backs of both of my legs to my socks. I put my hands to my sides and try to stop blushing.

"Ms. Lays, these nice young men are going to escort you down to the nurse's office. I do not want you to give them any trouble, do you understand me?"

I nod as quickly as I can.

"Please come up to the front of the classroom, Bailey."

I swallow hard and step to the front of the room. He leans in very close, and brings down the tip of the pointer in contact with my nipple. I shudder and rub my knees together.

"You and I are going to have a very serious talk after school about your behavior disrupting my class, do you understand me?"

I nod, closing my eyes.

He tags me hard across the painfully-erect nipple with the pointer: "I asked you a question. Do you understand me, Bailey?"

I squeak: "Yes, Mr. Reinhardt."

"Good. Now, before you go to the nurse's office, clean up that mess that you made in your seat."

I turn, looking at the class with a smear of drying dog-fuck on my cheek, tears brimming behind my eyes and several ounces of semen running down my legs out of my sopping hot cunt.

Everyone in the room staring at me. Every boy has a wicked gleam in his eye and a look of awe, every girl a smug look of superiority or a little tinge of hunger. Nikolos always says: "Everyone loves a fuck-doll."

I walk back to my seat on shaking legs, gazing at the pool of liquid fuck in the center and spilling off the sides onto the floor.

"Clean it up, Ms. Lays."

I turn at the sound of his voice, pleading with my eyes. 'With what?', I want to shout!

"Use your top, Ms. Lays."

I unbutton my dress shirt slowly, trying to keep my fingers from trembling too much. The thin material wasn't going to do much good trying to soak up semen, but the moment I stand topless I feel my nipples harden in the cold. I crumple the warm shirt to use as a rag, wishing I could pinch my tits.

I begin to bend over at the waist, keeping my knees straight like Nikolos has taught me, and a crack of lightning shoots through my backside as Mr. Reinhardt lays his pointer across my ass. I gasp, thrusting back, presenting white butt-cheeks streaked with pink marks from just such a flogging.

"We do not have all day, Bailey. Perhaps you should try licking it up."

And there I am, face down in front of an entire classroom and slurping up the dog-cum that has poured out of my pussy, pinching my hard nipples as surreptitiously as I can and squirming while Mr. Reinhardt lays strokes across my ass, when I realize how glad I really am that my dad started dating Sasha.

Maybe I should start from the beginning:


My dad is a great guy, and I do my best to be the best daughter ever. It can't be easy raising a 14-year old girl all by yourself, especially since he also has to take care of the little hellions, my baby sisters Gracie and Natalie - they're 11 and 9, respectively.

Steve, my dad, he says that Gracie and Natalie take more after my mom than I do, which is really sweet - he says that they really remind him of her during her 'wild days'.

I don't really know what he means by all that, but I guess that my mom IS kind of wild - she left my dad to go see the world when I was only six, right after Natalie was born, and my friend Mandy tells me that my mom had some kind of a 'reputation' when she left.

I don't really know what that means, either, but Mandy says that her dad isn't allowed to mention my mom at home. Something about a golf-ball through a garden hose, I guess, and her dad getting caught 'red-handed'.

Anyway: my middle sister, Gracie, is always getting in trouble. She's been caught shoplifting a bunch of times, although somehow she and my dad have convinced all of the stores to drop the charges. Gracie sometimes come home and tells my dad that she's "been a bad girl" or is "feeling like a bad girl", and he takes her into his bed room to discipline her. Boy, that girl sure needs a lot of disciplining! Anyway, I've heard through the grapevine that Gracie is sometimes disruptive in class, and she probably would have gotten kicked out of school if the principal and a few of her teachers didn't like her so much. She's only in 6th grade, but she joined the Jr. High boy's soccer team at our school last year at the coach's suggestion. He and Dad were hoping that a little bit of disciple and some "team effort" would help straighten her out, and so far it's seemed to work.

Gracie is always talking about the coach and how cute he is, and even though she never actually plays on the field, the team gave her an MVP trophy this year at their big end-of-season dinner. She calls herself the team mascot and the "ball girl", and after they gave her the trophy she went to the showers to thank the whole team privately. I've never seen a group of boys so happy, and the coach's wife was practically beaming when she came out.

My littlest sister, Natalie, well ... she's just daddy's little girl. She pretty much gets anything she wants: I wanted a dog for years, but it wasn't until Natalie asked for one that we got one. Champ, our golden retriever, sleeps in her room, and the two of them have a game which she calls "get the peanut-butter." I don't really know much about it, because Natalie always closes the door when she plays it unless Gracie or Dad go in with her, but it must be a lot of fun. The one weird thing about Natalie, other than how she sometimes wants to sleep in Dad's room, is that although she's old enough to use the ladies-room like any other girl her age, she always insists on going into the men's-room.

I remember, about a year ago, we all went to a movie at the local multiplex as a family, and Natalie announced that she had to pee just while we were sitting down. She and Dad went to the bathroom together, and it wasn't until the movie was over that I noticed that they hadn't come back. Gracie had headed back to the back row to talk to the dad of one of her friends from school, but the lights came up and Natalie and Dad were still gone.

When I went to the back of the theater as the show was ending, Gracie was sitting on the guy's lap; she must not have been very comfortable there, because she kept squirming around. Her friend's dad was really nice, though, and said that he always enjoyed meeting polite young ladies like my sister. I told him that I wouldn't exactly call my sister polite, and he just laughed. When I excused myself to go find my dad, he said that he would take care of Gracie while I was gone.

I finally found my dad standing by the busiest men's room in the theater! There must have been six different bathrooms that he and Natalie could have chosen, and they had to choose the one with a half-dozen guys in line to go in! Dad said that Natalie was still inside and that she was doing fine, but he wanted to stay here and watch out for her just in case.

Anyway, we ended up staying the rest of the day: I watched the same movie three more times, and Gracie met up with a couple of dads of her different friends in the back row. At one point, she found the dad of one of her friends in the very front of the theater, and the two of them got to hollering quite a bit right in the middle of one show while she was sitting on his lap. The usher came down and I thought that he was going to throw Gracie out, but after he took her up to the back row and talked with her for few minutes, everything seemed to be okay.

On the way home, Natalie was wrapped up in a blanket in the back seat because she was feeling tired and had lost her sundress in the bathroom, and Gracie wanted to sit in the front seat with dad and talk about the friends she had made. I guess that Dad was pretty upset with how she had behaved at the theater, because he took her to his room and disciplined her all night.

Anyway: our family is otherwise pretty normal. That is, we were, until Dad started dating Sasha.

I was pretty surprised when Dad came home with Sasha. It's not because she was so pretty - my dad is a very good-looking guy with a great job as a land developer, and has gone out with a couple of really attractive women over the years. It's just that Sasha was so young: at 20, she's only a few years older than I am, with a job as a waitress at a club that my dad and his friends go to, and she has a seven year old daughter named Erin.

Sasha and Erin came home with my dad one night, and she really wowed me right away: I was sitting watching television on the couch, and Sasha came right over, told me to stand up, and gave me a great big hug. It was a little wild, because she kind of grabbed my butt and and she nibbled on my ear a little bit, but she kept saying that we were going to be the best of friends, and I knew that she was right. She looked totally amazing in a tight red dress that looked like something out of a movie, and when I told her how pretty it looked she pulled it straight off over her head and asked me if I wanted to try it on!

I was blushing head to toe, standing there in my nightie while I tried not to embarrass either my dad or his date, but I had to admire Sasha's figure. She wasn't wearing any underclothes, and her breasts (not that I was looking!) were the same bronzed-tan as the rest of her. I didn't know what to do, so I just fidgeted and tried not to look at anything - I glanced at my dad, and he was holding Sasha's daughter Erin and running his hands through her hair.

"Bailey, don't you want to try my dress on? You and I have GOT to be about the same size. It will look so pretty on you!"

I didn't know what to say.

"Oh, are you shy, Bailey? Don't be! It's just us girls and your dad! Here, let me help you with your nightie."

She was so pretty, and I was so embarrassed, I just kind of pulled in on myself and tried not to let her see how much I was blushing while I closed my eyes. My dad said something, low so I couldn't hear, and suddenly Sasha was stroking my arms. She didn't know it, but she accidentally started rubbing my nipples through my nightie with her thumbs.

"Bailey, I'm going to take your nightie off. Lift your arms."

I did, and Sasha pulled the thin fabric over my head with one move. With my eyes still closed, I felt her lift my tits with her hands, rolling my nipples with her fingers.

"Oh, you and I are definitely about the same size. Let's see your butt."

With a yank, my panties fell to the ground. They puddled around my ankles, and Sasha pulled my butt-cheeks open with her fingers.

"Bend over, Bailey."

I dropped to my knees and touched my hands to the ground, still with my eyes closed. I heard Sasha put her fingers into her mouth and pull them out with a pop, the same way my dad does when he has to check my temperature when I look feverish.

"You are a very good girl, Bailey. Are you a virgin?"

That seemed like a very strange question to ask, but all I could do is gasp as she entered my ass with a pair of slim fingers. She sunk two digits into me, and pressed her palm against my privates. I tried not to let her know what she was doing, but I jammed my lips and my little clitty against her hand as hard as I could.

I guess she didn't know what I was doing, because she started rubbing her hand back and forth.

My dad spoke up: "Sasha asked you a question, Bailey."

"Yes ... yes, Sasha, I ... I am a vi-virgin."

I guess that Sasha got distracted then, because one of her fingers slipped inside of my vagina. Trying not to let her know that it had happened, I pushed my hips back against her hand as slowly as possible.

She laughed, and then she pulled her fingers out of my butt. With my eyes still closed, I could hear her walk over to my dad, kiss him on the cheek, and then walk upstairs. A few minutes later, the lights in the TV room clicked off. Finally, I opened my eyes and stood up: the house was dark and quiet, and Sasha's dress was draped across the couch where I had been sitting.

That night, Sasha left her daughter with Dad and spent the night in Natalie's room along with Champ and Gracie, and I really respected that - she and my dad were obviously dating, but I thought that it was really admirable that they didn't take it too far, too fast.

The next morning at breakfast, Sasha sat at the table completely naked, and so did Natalie. Once my other sister joined us, she wanted to get naked for breakfast, too. My dad was nowhere to be seen, but Sasha told us that he and Erin were taking a shower together.

Breakfast was ... different. While she talked with us about school and boys, Sasha calmly took a banana off the counter, licked it, and slipped it between her legs. I wasn't sure what exactly was going on until she started breathing heavily. We all stared, but I guess I was too obvious.

"Is there ... unf, fuck ... something ... fuck me ... wrong, Bailey?"

"No, I just ..."

Sasha leaned across the table, still working the shaft into herself below the table with one hand, and slapped me across the face.

"From now on, you will address me as Mistress. Is that understood?"

I closed my eyes, then pressed my hand to the cheek she had struck. Without realizing it, I spoke.

"Yes, Mistress Sasha."

"Good. Unf, fuck, this is good. I think I'm going to like Steve's family. Girls, do you want to try this?"

I opened my eyes, and my two little sisters were nodding enthusiastically.

"Well, there's only two bananas. Bailey, get on your knees."

I dropped to the floor as Sasha pulled the yellow cock from her gaping hole, licked it, and passed it to Gracie.

"Gracie, that should be nice and slick. See if it can fit into you baby sister's tight little cunt. Bailey, come over here."

I crawled and hands and knees over to Sasha's chair, my ears burning with embarrassment. Placing one leg over each of my shoulders, she slid down her chair and wrapped her knees behind my head.

"Bailey, stick your tongue out."

She rubbed her steaming vagina across my mouth, pressing her clit against my tongue and wiggling back and forth. My sister spoke: "I think we got it in, Sasha."

"Yeah, that will do. Gracie, go slip something into that hot little pussy of yours and then go get a yardstick."

I watched Gracie go padding of, and turned to see Natalie stroking the banana through her immature little slit with eyes locked on me. Moments later, Gracie returned - an inch of yellow fruit jutting out of her hairless sex, a yardstick in her hands, and a huge grin on her face.

"Gracie, take Bailey's panties off. Panties are no longer allowed in this house. Now, we're going to play a a game called 'Truth or Get Raped', Bailey. Do you understand?"

I nodded as best I could as my panties were stripped to my knees. Sasha stared at me for a moment, then cast a glance to Gracie.

The yardstick cracked across my ass, and I squealed into Sasha's pussy.

"I asked you a question, Bailey. Do you understand?"

Mumbling, with a mouth full of clit: "Yes."

Sasha stared at me and then smiled. She flicked eyes to Gracie, and the yardstick snapped across my butt-cheeks again. I opened my mouth to cry out, and a mass of warm, wet cunt was pressed into my mouth.

"Keep your tongue where it is and suck. If I didn't know better, Bailey, I would say that you were trying to get spanked. Now, do you understand?"

My mouth even more full than before: "Es, Mis-tess Tha-tha."

"You are a very good girl, Bailey. You're going to love this game. Natalie, go get Champ."

I heard bare feet slapping on linoleum as Sasha rolled her hole against my tongue, and then the clicking of claws across the floor.

"Hold him, Gracie. Natalie, you get him ready for bitch-pussy."

Champ started to nose me in the side as I worked Sasha's clit. In moments, he was breathing hard against my ear. There I was, on my hands and knees sucking on a mouthful of hot pussy, when Champ's slick doggy dick began to press against my backside.

"Oh, lovely. Natalie, hold onto his big, fat doggy-cock. Gracie, use those magic fingers of yours on Bailey's little fuck-hole."

My pussy gaped open at her touch. Her tiny digits worked their way across my overheating membranes, and I felt a flood run across her hand.

"Wow! She's so hot, Sasha!"

"Yeah, this little whore likes to be told what to do. Okay, little miss Bailey: are you ready to play 'Truth or Get Raped'?"

"Mmm, mm-mm mm-mm."

"Good girl. Now, I want you to nod for yes and shake your head for no. Is that understood?"

I nodded. "Mmm, mm-mm mmm."

"Oh, and don't let go of that pussy. You're doing a good job, you sweet little cunt-sucker. Now, first question: do you masturbate?"

I nodded. What could I do? "Mmm, mm-mm mmm."

"Sasha, she's rubbing her pussy all over my hand - I think she's trying to get Champ's dick!"

"Well then, she IS a good girl. Do you masturbate thinking about your daddy, Bailey?"

Nodding: "Mmm, mmmm mmm."

"I thought so. Do you like eating my pussy, Bailey?"

Nodding: "Mmm, mm-mm mmm."

"Oh, Bailey, you just have to meet my friend Nikolos - the two of you would get along like two pees in a pod. I'm going to set the two of you up on a date, I think."

I didn't know what to say. "Mmmmmm."

"God, I love the way you suck my cunt."

"Sasha, I think that Champ is ready to fuck Bailey now."

"Well, then let him have his bitch. Bailey, your little sisters are going to put Champ's big doggy dick in you now."

My eyes crossed, my knees nearly gave you, and I squealed into Sasha's pussy. Champ pressed into me through Gracie's expert fingers as she flicked to my clit, and I felt Natalie's hand wrapped around the very base of his shaft pressing into the lips of my cunt. I trembled all over, rocking back and forth as he pressed further into me than anything ever had.

Sasha mashed herself into my face: "Oh, yes this is nice. Don't stop licking, you little whore."

Part Girls (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/01(Wed)09:09 No. 9625 ID: 7b23cd

... and the last of it that I can find, at least for now.

Party Girls
by Nicholas Fellheimer

Inspired, as always, by PuppyLoverDawn

I think that my favorite thing about my mom's new boyfriend Simon is that he likes to make fun bets and stuff with my mom, and that he can always get her to follow through with them. I mean, my mom is a real knock-out, and super-sweet, but before she met Simon on the internet, it was like she was always really tense and never wanted to have any fun. She went on a couple of dates with him, and POW - it's like he's let out her wild side, you know?

Anyway, she bet Simon that his friend Leroy wouldn't have the balls to fuck any of her daughters right in front of her at the dinner table during Uno night, and when she lost that bet, well, we all had to pay up.

My little sister Cate, by the way, well, her favorite thing about Simon is probably his dick, which she's finally learned to take all the way up her ass. And as for Ashley, my older sister, I think that she mostly likes Simon's dog, Kubla. But, me, I think that him getting my mom to take us all to a party is the coolest part.

You should have seen her: this high powered business woman, there on her knees in the kitchen with those awesome tits hanging out, trying to get Leroy to cum before he slipped his monster cock into me, with me squirming around on his fingers and begging for him to 'fuck a baby into me '.

It was awesome.

I'm not sure, but I think that if Simon hadn't grabbed Cate, thrown her on the floor and started fucking her right there on front of the refrigerator, Leroy might not have done it. Part of the rules of the bet were that nobody was allowed to tell Leroy what was going on, but all of us kind of cheated: none of us showed up with any panties under our skirts, and Ashley kept missing her turns because she was playing with Kubla's dick or bucking around in her chair while her licked her pussy.

Anyway: the party that Simon wanted us to go to was a fraternity event, and he told us to dress to impress.

That night, my mom looked like a supermodel, I'm not even kidding. We trimmed her pussy for her, making her bush into this little heart, and she was a total fox in a short, sparkly red dress that Simon bought her - it was like something Jessica Rabbit would have worn if she wanted everyone to see her cunt better.

We girls also wore outfits that Simon picked out for us: a blue sailor-girl skirt for Cate, a pink fairy-princess tutu for Bree (that's me!), and a tight black biker jacket with a leather skirt for Ashley, since she just turned fifteen and has the tits to really make it look good. We stood in the hallway, each of us with a handful of Vaseline like he told us to bring, while Simon inspected each of us. We were all holding our breath, and after he was satisfied that we looked good enough, told all of us to turn around and face the wall.

I watched as he flipped my mom's skirt up, slapped her once across the bare ass, and then pulled out a thick black magic marker from his jacket pocket. He hauled his thick cock out, rubbed it across my mother's slippery pussy lips, and fucked her for a few strokes while told my mom rub some Vaseline onto the marker. She held onto the wall with one hand and used the other to rub it on like she was massaging a dick. He pulled out of my mother's sloppy sex with a wet plop, drew a single one-inch black line up and down on my mom's ass-cheek, and then slipped the slick pen up into my mother's asshole.

"Just warming you ladies up. Whoever comes home with the most fuck-marks gets a special prize, so be sure to ask the boys to draw a little line on your pretty white butts when they're done ramming their cocks into your tight little cunts."

He was now pounding into Ashley with short strokes: her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were closed. She always gets like this when she's about to get gang-raped. She rubbed the slick marker with one hand, kneading at it like she does with Kubla's big pink doggy-shaft.

"Daddy, do butt-fuckings count double?"

I looked over at Cate, who had her shirt tucked up under her armpits and was already playing with her tiny, hairless pussy with both hands, rubbing her Vaseline into herself, her eyes wide. She loves to call Simon 'Daddy'.

"The rule is that only fraternity brothers who fuck you get to draw a mark on your little ass, but you can ask a man to make more than one mark if he thinks you did a particularly good job."

"I will, Daddy."

"One little girl I used to fuck came home from a party like this with marks across both ass cheeks, all the way down both legs, from her hips to her ankles."


"That's right, 'wow'."

Simon flipped the back of my skirt up, slapped my ass, and began rubbing the slick head of his cock through my juicy pink lips. He wrapped one hand around my throat and squeezed, making it hard to breathe, and I felt my wet hole split wide as he sunk into me. I was lifted onto my tip-toes, feeling his throbbing member punching inside of me.

With my face pressed against the wall, he placed a thick black magic marker in my Vaseline-ready hand, and I began getting it as slick as I could.

After only a few seconds, Simon's enormous cock pulled out of me, leaving me feeling loose and empty, and a moment later I felt a him draw a little line on my butt-cheek and then hard, slippery plastic invade the first six inches of my ass-guts. I looked to the side, and Cate had gotten on all fours for her fucking. She grunted and grinded back against Simon, on his knees, letting the little 8-year old push his cock into her.

"Now, you ladies drive safe. Your mother knows which house it is, and I'll come get all of you in the morning."

"You're ... oh, fuck ... not ... shit fuck ... coming with us, Daddy?"

"No, pumpkin. Daddy has a date tonight, but I'll be there later."

"Are you ... god fuck god ... sure you won't come?"

"Well, maybe I'll stop by. I think you'll be pretty busy though, you little slut."

He slipped his dick out of her itty-bitty fuck-hole, made a tiny black mark on her little white cheek, licked the end of the marker, and then screwed the slick plastic into her puckered pink shitter.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"You make me proud."


We pulled up, markers still in place, and it was obvious that the party had gotten started without us. A dozen pairs of panties were hanging from various branches in the yard, and loud music was blaring from the giant old building. The fraternity's letters were brightly lit, shining into the yard, and I could see one girl passed out, beer still in hand and skirt pushed up around her hips, passed out on the lawn.

"Now, you girls be nice. Say please and thank you."

Ashley: "Got it, mom."

"And if someone offers you a beer, it's okay to have one or two, but don't get sick or Simon will get mad."

Cate: "I don't want any beer, mom. I want to get fucked!"

"Alright, that's the spirit."

I piped up: "Thank you for losing that bet to Simon, mom. You're the best!"

"Oh, hush. You're the one who got us into this."

That made me really, really happy.

Mom led us up to the door and knocked. The door opened and a good-looking guy with a beer in his hand in a smoking jacket opened the huge door. The music got louder, and I could see the silhouettes of people dancing and drinking inside.

"Hi. I'm the General, and you must be Simon's friend Darlene."

I could tell that my mom was nervous. Her voice almost cracked, and she swallowed hard: "Yes. These are my daughters."

"Well please, pretty ladies, come on in. It's cold out these!"

Cate: "Will you fuck my little pussy, mister?"


"Oops. I mean, will you PLEASE fuck my little pussy, mister?"

"Oh, I think that we're going to have ourselves a lovely time tonight, Darlene. I'm going to introduce your littlest one here to a good friend of mine named KP."

The General put his arm around mom's waist, pulled her close, and started walking around with her like she was his date.


Once we were inside the fraternity house, it was like something out of a movie. A really dirty movie, specifically. Like something off of one of Simon's websites.

In the living room, a group of college-age guys and younger girls were sitting on couches, making out, drinking, passing a bong around and watching a gorgeous young girl with big tits and duct-tape over her mouth and binding her wrists together getting fucked by a big Huskie dog. She was squirming and crying with her cheek pressed against the floor, with cum running down her face and caked into her long blond hair, and I could see that loops of tape were wrapped around her thighs, holding her lower legs into place so that she couldn't get off her knees.

In the corner, a camera was running, and a tall guy was idly nursing a beer and manning the recorder while a curly-haired brunette head bobbed up and down on his cock.

"Darlene, ladies, this is Jerry's little fuck-socket sister Amy. Jerry's sister, these nice ladies are going to compete with you to see who can take the most dick tonight. These girls are ready to rock, but I have a feeling that you just might get raped inside out before the evening is through."

I looked over and saw that mom had already pulled the General's cock out and was milking it gently. He, in turn, had casually pushed her skirt up in the back to toy with her ass, letting his fingers run around the pen poking out.

Ashley just couldn't take her eyes off the thick k-9 cock plunging into the blond, and she walked over to run her hands around the wide shaft as it pumped into the sobbing girl's unwilling hole. She unzipped her jacket, showing bare skin from her neck to her belly-button. "I'll bet that I can take more of that doggy cock than she can, though, Mister General. Can I be next?"

"Next? Sure, fine by me. First, though, I'd love it if all of you lovely young ladies would be so kind as to take a piss on this little cunt-meat's face. She's been upset about all the cum on her, and it only seems fair to let her get washed off."

Without hesitation, Cate stepped forward, lifted her dress in the front, and let loose a stream of hot piss, catching Amy in the eye. A laugh went up from the room. I raised my hand, feeling embarrassed.

"Yes, Miss Princess?"

I started blushing. "I can only pee in front of strangers if someone sucks it out of me."

"That's no problem, young lady. Jen, you heard the word 'suck' - get over here and earn your privileges."

The skinny brunette popped off of the bobbing dick in front of her with a slurp, and slid across the floor to slide her head up the front of my frilly dress and work her thick cock-sucking lips around my clit.


"Oh, yeah. Jen is worried that we're going to let the dog fuck her, and she's doing everything in her power to just be too damn fun at everything else. Hell, I've had her lick out the inside of my ass while I raped her little sister. This bitch will do just about anything not to get filled with doggy-cock."

As the curly-haired little minx leaned in, sucking my lips into into her hot mouth and lapping her tongue into my slit trying to get piss out of me, Ashley flipped her short leather skirt up and began running her fingers, wet with dog-fuck, against her slick pussy: "You have a beautiful doggy, Mister General. Are you sure this won't bother him?"

"No, he doesn't mind, especially when he's getting some tight bitch pussy."

The General had slipped the pen out of my mom's ass, and he was now behind her, running his seven-inch cock between her legs.

She was still massaging his cock, rubbing the shiny head as is ran back and forth between her mushy cunt-lips. "Uh, Mister General, sir, I, uhhh, don't know if I'm going to, oooh, be, ahh, able to pee like this, if you, if you, ahh, fuck, start fucking me."

"Whore, I told you to piss on this bitch."

He leaned suddenly, snagged my mother's right leg under his muscular right arm as he wrapped his left elbow under her armpit, and lifted her off the ground as he plunged his cock into her, wrapped up like a little girl.

"Now piss."

Anonymous 10/09/01(Wed)17:09 No. 9626 ID: 62ee80


Anonymous 10/09/02(Thu)00:09 No. 9629 ID: b96352

for some reason I imagine all the dialog taking place in bored, nonchalant tones and it amuses the shit out of me.

Anonymous 10/09/02(Thu)02:16 No. 9631 ID: 05471a

God damn. I only got about halfway through the end of the first post before cumming. Good show. Definitely going to bookmark this and copy it into a text file.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:38 No. 9635 ID: 7b23cd

Sweet - I'm glad to see that my dialogue works! I have a thing for jaded, casual decadence, a sort of smirking, idle, half-bored cruelty; the idea of these characters taking their monstrosity for granted makes me laugh while also getting me hard.

Glad you're enjoying it! Please feel free to copy, share and even add-to the work as you see fit.

Unfinished Story-Seed: Laundry Day (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:43 No. 9636 ID: 7b23cd

Laundry Day
by Nicholas Fellheimer

I hate moving. I hadn't been living in town very long, and my new apartment didn't have a washer or dryer, so I found myself at the local laundromat on a lovely Sunday afternoon in early Autumn, grading book reports and vaguely wishing that I had brought my iPod while my bras and panties churned next to me.

I was a little surprised at how many men were here today, and it looked like some of them hadn't even brought any laundry, but I assumed that in a small town like this, everyone had to get together somewhere on a Sunday when the bars were closed. There were a few women, and a couple of kids, and about an hour after I got there it filled up even more, until the place had an exciting energy like being at a carnival.

A hush ran through the building, and I looked up as the door opened and a stunning young woman walked in wearing a light sundress; I would have guessed her to be a college Freshman, but I could see that her two daughters, who might have been 8 and 12, were with her. Her eldest daughter, a cute brunette in an identical sundress with bouncing ringlet curls, probably a little older than the kids I teach, walked in with her mother - while the younger girl, wearing a bikini, waited outside on the sidewalk with a large chocolate Labrador and several baskets full of clothing.

The kindly, elderly gentleman who ran the place stepped out of his office and with a remote control; he pressed a few buttons, and all the televisions inside were switched to closed-circuit cameras of the laundromat, all in full color. The young woman walked up to the smiling man and pouted her full lips at him, batting her big blue eyes.

"Mr. Shadwyn, I know that your laundromat has a no-dogs policy, but may pretty please I bring Charlie-Boy in just this once? My husband and his poker friends are at home with Jeanette, and they say that Charlie-Boy will bother them while they play."

The man grinned, but tried had not to show it. "I don't know, Evie. My customers don't like to be bothered by dogs."

"Oh, isn't there anything I can do to convince you, Mr. Shadwyn?"

"I don't know, Evie. All these nice people, they don't want to be bothered, and ..."

"Mr. Shadwyn, what if I ..."

She leaned in and whispered in the man's ear.

"Well, that might be okay, Evie."

She turned to her daughter. "Nicky, suck this man's thick cock hard so that he can pump his hot cum up my ass."

The little girl fell to her knees in front of the Mr. Shadwyn and unzipped his fly, fishing his semi-hard cock out. Evie spun in place, lifting her sundress own up and over her head in one swift motion to display her abundant charms to the room, and then bent over the counter and began to work at her wet pussy and cum-dribbling asshole with both hands.

"Get him ready to fuck your mommy, baby. Suck that big dick hard to fuck your mommy."

Unfinished Story-Seed: Dinner With Deanna (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:48 No. 9637 ID: 7b23cd

Dinner With Deanna
by Nicholas Fellheimer

With thanks, as always, to PuppyLoverDawn!

"Oh, no, daddy, no, daddy, no no no, not in my ass, daddy, PLEASE!"

"Huh. Well, Jenny, it sounds to me like Deanna wants me put my cock in her ass. What do you think?"

I wasn't sure what to say. I looked over, where Deanna's mom, down on all fours, was massaging my brother Cliff's balls with one hand, tonguing his cock where it punched in and out of her 8-year-old daughter's itty-bitty pink pussy. I could see that she was using her other hand to massage her clit while their dog, Bobo, rutted into her from behind, but I was trying not to stare.

I also tried not to show that I was pressing my hands to my pussy under my dress.

"Uh, well, Mr. Falkner, it sounds like she doesn't want you to ... you know."

He slowly pulled his thick member out of Deanna's abused fuck-hole and looked at me. "Jenny, you have to use big-girl words in my house."

"I mean, uh, sir, I think that she doesn't want you to put your cock in her ass."

"Very good, Jenny. I like your big-girl words. So, you don't think that Deanna wants me to put my cock in her ass?"

"No, Mr. Faulkner, sir."

"Hm. Do you think it's because my cock is too big, Jenny?"

"Maybe, sir." Then, because I couldn't help myself: "You do have a very big cock."

"I see." He turned and slapped Deanna's ass, making her quiver all over, and then ran a wet finger across her bright-red butt-cheek to begin toying with her puckered shitter. "Well, she's been a very bad girl, and she is going to get my cock in her ass one way or another. Do you understand that, Jenny?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Faulkner."

"So what's going to happen now, Jenny?"

I pressed my hands tighter and harder against my pussy, feeling it get hotter and hotter. Trying to cross my legs so it wouldn't be obvious.

"Uh, well, you're ..."

"Big girl words."

"You're going to put your cock in her ass now. Sir."

"That's right. You are a good girl. Now, if you don't want her to be in pain, you should come here and either get my cock slick or get her ass ready."

"Okay, Mr. Falkner."

"Crawl, Jenny."

And that's how I wound up with my tongue all the way up Deanna's colon and her dad's dick in my hand when my brother peeled my panties off and took my anal virginity. Actually, it might have been Deanna's mom that peeled my panties off, now that I think of it.

But that night was definitely the start of my new life as Deanna's pet fuck-socket.


It all started one summer, when my dad's job moved us to a new town. He had gone up a bunch of notches at the firm all at once, and from what Cliff told me it was because Mom was becoming really popular with Dad's bosses and clients.

Anyway, our new town was pretty different: a much smaller city, with only one Jr. High/High School and no mall. I wasn't very excited to be starting 7th Grade at such a little place, because I had just finally gotten to be known as one of the cool girls at my old school. I mean, I had always been one of the pretty girls, but I was also really short and because I was Cliff's baby sister, it was tough to be taken seriously.

He's the class clown, but he was also a starting Varsity Quarterback his Freshman year; he loved the new town because it was a whole new crop of girls and because now that he was turning 16, he would have a car and could 'rule this little shit-hole'.

I wasn't even sure what kids did for fun around here. Well, that is, until my dad dropped us off at the Country Club to go swimming.

We discovered pretty quickly that it was a clothing-optional pool. In fact, it was a clothing-optional club: when we pulled up, my dad headed to the bar to meet with one of his new clients, who was sitting on a big leather couch getting a blow-job from a teenage girl in pig-tails wearing only a pair of hoop earrings and thigh-high socks.

Cliff immediately headed to the pool, pulling off his shirts and shorts on the way. By the time I got there, he was chatting with a pair of attractive forty-something moms sitting with their feet in the water, and one of them was casually stroking his dick.

I was a little more shy. I took off my jean-shorts and my t-shirt, but I left my bikini on.

"I wouldn't do that, if I was you."

I looked over to a near-by lounge chair, where a slim, nude 7th-grade girl with a lip piercing and dark blue eyes was laying on her stomach in the sun, reading a dog-eared copy of 'The Story of O'. Her tight, white butt had several bright red hand-prints on it.

"Why not?"

"New girl, right? The guys will see your bikini as a challenge. I mean, if you're looking to get fucked, there are more fun ways to do it."

"Oh. Thanks for the tip."

"I mean, in less you get off being held down. Maybe you do. I get that." She sat up, and the rings in her nipples glittered. I could see wetness leaking from her pussy as she shifted and then stood. She walked over to me. "Deanna."

"Hi. I'm Jenny."

"Welcome to the neighborhood. We have a lot of fun. Here, let me help you with that."

Unfinished Story-Seed: Cate has a Date (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme naive) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:51 No. 9638 ID: 7b23cd

Cate Has a Date
by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks, as always, to PuppyLoverDawn!)

It's tough being an active and supportive mom these days. I mean, I try and I try to be a part of the lives of my girls while still remaining discrete and letting them make their own mistakes, but it's really hard to know how to balance everything.

When my oldest daughter Emmy turned 14, she wanted to start dating a boy from the local college, and I bit my lip and let her see him, against my better judgment. I should have known that Knox was trouble the first time that we met, when he kept grabbing my ass and talking about my daughter's cock-sucking skills, but it wasn't until he held me down in the kitchen and had his way with me in front of the rest of the family that I knew what kind of boy he really was.

Still, I'm really proud of the way that Emmy and Knox have handled everything in the last year: when he got her pregnant, he accepted my invitation to move into her bedroom so that their new family could be together; he even got her a job at a local club where her bar-tends so they could make ends meet. Now, I certainly wish that Emmy had would go to school more often and not dress as provocatively when she does, but she goes to class every Friday and her grades have never been better, so who am I to judge? Oh, and certainly, I wish that Knox wouldn't bring home other girls from the club on the nights when he stays over, but ever since my husband finished putting soundproofing in the basement and started spending some time supervising Knox and Emmy, things have gotten much less stressful around the house.

In fact, Bob has taken to supervising Emmy a lot, making sure that she's always taken care of even when Knox isn't around! That puts my heart at ease, because I know that I can take care of Baby Abby and he'll take care of Em. The thing is, you have to supervise, without judging.

So I've learned a lot of lessons as a mom, and sometimes, your daughters will really surprise you! In fact, Emmy and Knox are doing well enough that they went on a vacation to Vegas this year, where they won over a hundred thousand dollars playing slots; Emmy was so tired when she came home, she slept for almost two days. She told me that she learned to ride horses, and it was wonderful.

They made a video while they were there, but Bob tells me that I wouldn't find it very interesting.

Anyway, when my middle daughter Cate told me that she wanted to go on a date with an older boy, I knew just what to do: supervise.

MistressC!sa718qMb8I 10/09/03(Fri)01:31 No. 9644 ID: 2f18b5

moar of this please ^_^

Anonymous 10/09/18(Sat)23:56 No. 9778 ID: ffec60

i also would like some moare

Anonymous 10/09/23(Thu)02:18 No. 9815 ID: 37696f

i've really enjoyed these stories. moar pleaz!

Anonymous 10/11/11(Thu)11:35 No. 10312 ID: da3c8e

I have nothing to contribute; please rape my face

In the spirit of the holidays ... Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/12/25(Sat)10:29 No. 10590 ID: 61c6c1

Amy the Christmas Slut (MF, Mg, ped, inc, beast, bi)
by PuppyLoverDawn (puppyloverdawn@excite.com)
& edited, very slightly, by (St.) Nicholas Fellheimer


Amy loved Christmas. At 9, she loved everything about it. She loved the music, the presents, the food and of course, she loved Santa. It was Friday, 2 weeks before Christmas, and Amy was home alone at night. Her parents, John and Trish, were at John's office party. As per Trish's request, John went dressed as Santa. Trish has
always had a strange Santa Clause fetish and loved her husband dressing like the mythical Father Christmas.

While her parents were out, Amy stayed up watching all the Christmas classics on TV. She watched It's a Wonderful Life and then Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Frosty. Then she changed into her sleep ware (t-shirt and panties) and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. When the movie was almost over, she heard a car in the driveway. She looked at the time and saw it was 11:30, well past her 10pm bedtime. She turned off the TV and ran for the bedroom. Her head hit the pillow just as the front door opened.

Amy could hear voices in the living room. She couldn't make out who was there, but assumed it was her parents home from their party. She tried to ignore the noise and get to sleep. In the living room, her dad helped her mom to the couch. Trish had been drinking heavily and was a mess. But the combination of alcohol and spending the night dancing with "Santa" made her horny.
"I need you to fuck me," she slurred. John was about to remove his fake beard when she stopped him. "No, I need Santa to fuck me." John smiled at Trish and put the beard back.

"So, Mrs. James have you been a good girl?"

"Oh, no," she replied. "I have been a naughty little slut."

Her husband unzipped his pants and took out his huge cock. Trish ripped at her shirt, breaking off 3 buttons and exposing her ample tits.

"Oh Santa, I want my daughter to get everything she wants this year. What can I do to make you happy?"

Amy kept hearing unusual noises coming from the living room and decided to sneak out for a peek. She crept down the hall toward the light and then heard her mom's voice. Her mom was talking to... Santa?! She was saying she wanted Amy to have a great Christmas and wanted to make Santa happy. Amy was glowing at hearing this. She looked around the corner.

What she saw shocked her. There on the couch was her mom with her top unbuttoned and her boobs hanging out. And more oddly, there was Santa Clause standing between her legs with his... penis out of his pants. Amy's mom had shown her what penises look like in one of her dad's magazines when she asked about how boys and girls
are different. But this one was just amazing looking. Amy wasn't sure if she found it so amazing because it was 10 inches long or if it was because she was seeing it in real life rather than a magazine.

Trish was slouched on the couch and pulled "Santa" closer to her. She leaned forward and took his hard cock into her mouth. "That's right," Santa said with a deep voice that almost sounded like her dad when he tries to put on a pretend voice. "That's it, suck Santa's cock, you cum slut. You're my little cum drinking whore."

Her mother smiled as his cock and then parted her lips. She looked up at him as he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth.

Then Santa growled, "I am going to shoot my spunk in your hungry mouth, you dirty slut."

Amy crept closer for a better view. With only one lamp on in the far corner of the room, it was dark enough that she could hide in the shadows but still see. She was crouching behind an end table and watched her mom's mouth sucking Santa's rigid member. Santa started to grunt and then pulled his cock from her mouth. Trish kept her mouth open and her eyes closed. Her tongue was
extended and John jerked off his cock a couple inches from her face.

"Cum in my mouth, Santa," begged her mother. "Fill my mouth with your slimy seed!"

That was all it took for "Santa" to cum. He fired his first shot directly into Trish's open mouth. The second shot hit her top teeth and then dripped down onto her lower lip. He lifted his massive cock and fired his third shot square between her eyes. As it dripped down her nose, he shot again and hit her lower lip. Trish extended her tongue and caught the next dribble.

John then used Trish's hair to wipe off his dirty cock. "Oh Santa, I hope you aren't done yet," said Trish. She licked the tip of his still hard cock. He smiled and then bent down between her legs. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into her pussy.

She moaned as he thrust into her. She used her fingers to wipe the cum from her face and lick it off her fingers as he rammed her cunt like a piston. As she opened her mouth to moan, strings of cum connected her lips.

Amy was fascinated. She heard her mom saying things she never heard before except in some of her dad's dirty magazines. Trish screamed, "Fuck me, Santa! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my whore cunt!" Amy's panties were getting wet as she watched. She had a clear view of Santa's cock going in and out of her own mother's private place. She wondered briefly where her dad was, but assumed he was already in bed asleep.

Trish started to moan, shudder and buck. "I'm cumming, Santa! Oh, God! I'm cumming!" Santa kept fucking her till she started to calm down. Then he turned her over and with her on all fours on the couch, he slid his wet cock into her ass hole. She winced and then smiled that dreamy post-orgasm smile he loved so much. He fucked
her ass hard and fast. "Oh Santa, fuck my ass! I am suck a cum slut! I need you to fuck my ass like a dirty whore!"

Amy looked down and realized her fingers were rubbing her tiny bald pussy through her white cotton panties. She quickly stopped and focused on her mom and Santa. She was treated to the sight of Santa pulling out his throbbing cock from her mom's ass.

"Turn around, slut." With that, Trish turned around and put his dirty cock into her mouth. She sucked hard on his shaft and then he groaned. Again he pulled out his cock and shot a stream of jizz across her face. Then he fired his next shot on her chin and neck. He wiped his cock on her cheek and then tucked it back into his pants.

Amy quietly snuck out of the room and back to her bed. She was under her covers and felt the wetness in her panties. As she lay there, she heard someone coming down the hall. In walked Santa. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Santa leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. He smelled of... something she had never smelled before. She could only assume it was the
smell of sex and "cum".

Her mom came to the doorway and asked, "Is she okay?"

"Yes, she is asleep like a good girl. I better get back to the North Pole before your husband wakes up," he said facetiously. Amy opened her eyes to slits and there, just inches from her face, was his penis. When he stuffed it back in his pants, he didn't zip up and it must have tumbled out. Now there it was, just inches from her face.

John turned and walked out of the room. Amy couldn't hear what he said to her mom, but saw them kiss as he closed her bedroom door. She couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours.


The next day, she came down for breakfast and her mom was in a great mood. Amy imagined she, too, would be in a great mood if she had her "cunt fucked" by Santa. He mom broke her from her silent fantasies. "So, are you going with me to the mall today? I thought we could stop and see Santa and get your picture taken."

Amy lit up. "Really? That would be great! You're the best, Mom!"

They arrived at the mall around noon and had lunch at the food court. The whole time Amy kept thinking about seeing her mom with Santa the previous night. Actually, Trish kept thinking about the same thing. They got in line for Santa and waited.

"Mom, the line is pretty long. If you want, I can wait and then meet you in an hour," said Amy.

Trish thought for a second. "Well, if you're sure. It would give me some time to finish up my shopping."

Trish left Amy alone and went off to finish shopping. The line moved quickly and Amy was next in line within a half hour. Then, it was her turn. As she climbed up onto Santa's lap, she leaned in and whispered into his ear, "Santa, I saw you last night."

"Oh, you did?" asked the man dressed as Santa.

"Oh yes. I saw you with my mom. I saw you "fucking her cunt".

Santa was shocked. "Whaaa?" As the camerawoman changed the roll of film in her camera, Amy continued. "Oh yes, I saw you. I saw my mom being your "cum slut". I want to be your cum slut."

Santa looked around to see if anyone was watching him. He wondered if his past was catching up to him. Ever since he raped those 3 girls back in Georgia, he was always afraid the police would find out it was him. But that was 8 years ago. Could this be a set up? No, his instincts told him this was something different.

"So, little girl, what is your name?" he asked. She said her name was Amy. "What a beautiful name. I'll be taking a break as soon as I am done here with you. Will you wait for me over by the restrooms?"

Amy agreed and the photographer was ready. The picture was taken with Santa's hand on her lap and a smile on her face.

About 10 minutes later, Amy was waiting by the
bathrooms in a long hallway lined with payphones. People bustled by in that busy holiday way. And then she saw him. Santa. Of course he was not wearing his hat or his red coat. But rather he had on a long black coat to hide his identity from the legions of kids at the Mall. But she recognized him right away. And she saw his black boots peaking from beneath his coat.

"Hi, Amy," he said in his jolly way. "Thanks for
waiting for me."

She smiled and took his hand, "Oh, Santa, I would wait for you all year."

"I suppose you do, now that I think about it," he said with a gentle grin.

He pointed over to an unmarked door behind them at the end of the hall. It was a service exit leading out to the dumpsters. No one ever goes back there so he knew it would be safe. "Why don't we step out there."

She followed him out the doors and behind a dumpster. "So, you'd like to be my cum slut?" She nodded yes. "Well, then I need to make sure before I allow you to try to be my official cum slut." He unzipped his pants and took out his erect penis. She thought for a second that it looked a little smaller than the previous night, but didn't say anything.

"Get on your knees little one and suck on my cock," he said.

Amy quickly kneeled and took his cock in her tiny
hands. With a nod of approval from Santa, she took his cock in her mouth. She didn't waste time being dainty or hesitant. She just started bobbing on his cock.

"Wow, you are good! You suck like a whore."

She took this as a compliment and sucked harder. Within seconds, he was groaning and he shot his load into her mouth.

"Oh, drink it all, slut!" Santa moaned.

She greedily drank as much as she could. But there was just too much of it. It ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Some of it dripped onto her pretty red dress and some dripped onto the dirty concrete.

He pulled his cock from her lips and stuffed it back into his pants. "So, would you like to get together again?" he asked the child. She nodded as she licked the cum from her lips and chin. "Give me your address," he said as he handed her a pen and paper.

As Amy wrote her address, he bent down and wiped a splatter of cum from the concrete and put the finger to her lips. She licked his finger clean and he grinned her.

"My mom and dad will be out tomorrow. They're going to a party or something and won't be home till late."

Santa patted her head, "Well then, I will see you
tomorrow. How would 6 pm be? The mall closes at 5 on Sundays."

Amy agreed and he walked back to the door with her.

They entered and went their separate ways. "Santa" knew this was going to be great. He just needed to stop off at the porn shop tonight for a few toys. After all, what self respecting Santa would visit a child without toys? Amy, meanwhile, found her mom and went home.

The next 24 hours went by far too slowly for Amy's taste. But soon her parents were out the door and she was alone. She studied some of her dad's porno magazines for tips and she made sure she was wearing her sexiest outfit. At 6 sharp there was a knock at the door. She opened it to see Santa, in full costume, carrying a gray bag full of toys.

"Oh, Santa! You came!"

"Well, not yet, but I plan to cum 3 or 4 times by the end of the night."

Santa stood in the living room staring at this
beautiful virgin, wearing a red half shirt and a black skirt. She had on black buckle shoes and red thigh high socks. She was magnificent. The only thing missing, in Santa's warped mind, was a cock or two crammed in her small holes. But he'd see what he could do to fix that.

"What's in the bag, Santa?"

Santa smiled as her voice brought him out of his
daydream. "I have some presents for you... if you're good."

"Oh, I'll be good," said Amy, smiling up at him.

"Well, first thing's first, let's get you out of that sexy outfit." He bent down and lifted her shirt from her small frame, exposing her flat chest. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. He stopped her from removing her socks and shoes though. "No," he said, "leave them on. I think it makes you look sexy."

Amy loved to hear that she was sexy. He looked over and saw a picture of Amy with another girl about the same age. "Who is that?" he asked.

"Oh, that's Michelle, my best friend," replied Amy with a cheerful grin. Santa just smiled a devilish smile of a man with a dirty idea. But first things first.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her knees. She dropped and took his cock in her tiny hand. "That's it, now suck my cock. Drink my cum, slut."

She looked up at him and smiled as she took his cock in her mouth. It only took about 3 minutes till he came in her mouth. He held her head at the base of his cock, his pubic hair in her nose. He pumped all his cum into her mouth till it overflowed.

When he was finished, he pulled out his cock and wiped it on her hair. Then he pulled her to her feet and let her to the couch. He sat her down and then kneeled between her legs. He reached into his bag and pulled out a blue vibrating butt plug.

He slipped it into her tight ass. She winced with the pain, but said nothing to discourage him. With that, he leaned forward and licked her pussy. He nibbled on her clit and lapped her juices. She was in a strange heaven, unable to understand the pleasure running through her body.

When she started to scream into her hands, he knew she was cumming. He stood up and leaned in, inserting the head of his now hard cock into her tight cunt. He met a little resistance, but pushed through it. She screamed for a second but then relaxed as he started to fuck her tiny hole.

As he fucked her cunt, he could feel the butt plug vibrating on the other side of the membrane. He lifted her legs and began to thrust with all his strength. She was in obvious discomfort, but she kept smiling for her Santa.

After about 5 minutes, he pulled out his slimy cock and shot his cum up into her face. He shot her in the eye, on her chin and in her hair. As she opened her mouth to speak, he leaned forward and slid his dirty cock into her mouth to clean. "That's right, suck it clean."

He reached into the bag and pulled out a large
vibrating dildo. "This is for you to use when you are all alone. I want you to stretch out this little cunt of yours."

"Yes, Santa," she replied with that innocent smile.

He fucked the child 3 more times that evening,
including once in her tiny ass. After each time, he had her lick his cock clean.

As she was licking his cock clean after his exploration of her ass, he saw her dog, Jasper, enter the room. Jasper was a collie. "I see you have a dog?" asked Santa. "What's his name?"

Amy told him his name was Jasper and that he was 3 years old. "Is he fixed?" Amy told him he wasn't. "Do you love him, Amy?"

"Oh yes, Santa, of course I do," she replied.

"If you love him," Santa said, "you need to show your love to him. Get on the floor and suck his cock."

Amy stopped licking his cock and looked up at Santa.

"What? Ewwwww!"

Santa looked down at her, "If you're serious about being my one and only cum slut, you need to prove yourself to me."

Reluctantly, Amy got onto the floor next to the dog. "Rub that furry thing right there," instructed Santa.

She did as she was told and was surprised to see a pink penis emerge from the sheath. "Now suck on that pink cock like the slut you are."

Amy loved to hear that and she closed her eyes and began to suck on the confused dog. She sucked for a minute or two and the dog started to hump into her mouth.

"Okay, Amy," said Santa. "You can stop now. Get on your hands and knees."

She did and he helped the dog mount her. "Is he going to fuck me?" asked Amy.

"Oh yes, he is going to fill your tiny cunt with his doggy cum. Then you are going to lick his cock clean and scoop all his cum from your hole. You'll lick his cum from your fingers."

Amy loved this. She was being fucked by her dog, whose cock was smaller and less painful than Santa's and she could tell Santa loved this.

Just then, the dog lurched forward and she could feel something large growing inside her. "Ow!"

Santa looked down at the child on hands and knees and saw that the knot was now inside his little whore. "He just loves you and is knotting with you."

Amy felt her small pussy being flooded with watery hot doggy spunk. Santa stroked his cock as he watched and shoved his cock into her mouth to finish off. She sucked it as her cunt dripped onto the carpet. The dog whimpered as he finished. Amy had another orgasm that was interrupted by Santa filling her mouth with still another load of cum.

When he finished, Santa looked at his watch. It was time to get going. "Amy, I have to go now, but I have some special instructions for you." She listened intently as the dog pulled out his cock. A flood of watery sperm gushed onto the floor.

"First, you'd better get started licking that up so as not to leave a stain for your parents." Amy nodded and began licking the floor. "Now, I need you to do certain things throughout the year for me. If you do, you will be my special slut. First, I want you to tell your friend Michelle everything that happened her. And I mean everything. Then show her this."

He pulled from his bag a porno film with two 12-year-old girls kissing on the cover. "Show her this and try to get her to do everything that is in here. Together, you will both be my special friends with you as my cum slut and her as my slut in training."

Amy liked the idea of Michelle being under her guidance since Michelle is 3 months older and is usually the boss.

"Then I want you to also suck or fuck your dog every single day. She can also do it if she wants. And I want you to find 3 boys or men each day to either suck or fuck. You can use friends, classmates, teachers or even strangers. In fact, if you have trouble finding anyone, hang out by the porno theater on 4th avenue. I am sure you can find a lot of guys there who want to fuck that sweet cunt or fuck that hot mouth. Can you do all of that?"

Amy stopped licking the ground long enough to respond, "Yes."

"Good. And remember, I can see you at all times so I'll know if you are not doing as I ask."

With that, Santa put his cock back into his pants and zipped up. He pulled out the rest of the items from his bag. There was another porno tape of children and adults, a double sided dildo, a guide book on sex techniques with pictures written as though for kids and a string of anal beads.

He kissed her on her cum coated forehead as he left her dripping with sperm. The dog was sniffing her cunt as he closed the door behind him. As he got into his car, he started to laugh, wondering if she would do any of the things he told her to.

Well, sure enough, Amy was good to her word. She told Michelle everything and even showed her all the toys and pornos Santa left her. Michelle didn't need much convincing to join the fun. Within a few weeks they developed quite a reputation in school as being cum drinking sluts. They did teachers, students, the Mexican janitor and even Michelle's older brother. He was 15 and loved to fuck one in the ass as the other licked his balls from below. And of course she did her dog every day and even Michelle's boxer.


The next Christmas, Amy's parents went out to his
work's Christmas party again. Again he brought the Santa suit and changed into it at the party. And again Trish drank way too much. When they got home, Amy jumped into bed and listened. She heard the voices and crept out to see.

Trish was extremely drunk but horny as always for
"Santa". She stripped off all her clothes and lay on the couch with her legs spread. "Fuck me, Santa! I've been good all year and all I want is your fat cock."

Amy watched Santa climbed on top of her mother and pulled out his cock. He started to fuck her and after about the 10th stroke, she passed out.

"Damn!" A frustrated "Santa" pulled his raging erection out of his wife's wet cunt and heard a noise behind him.

"Santa," cried Amy. "I thought I was your cum slut?!"

John didn't know what to say, so he just remained quiet till he had a better feel for what was going on. "I did everything you said to do, Santa. I "went dyke" with Michelle, sucked and fucked 3 boys a day all year long, sucked and fucked Jasper every day and studied all those porno movies you told me about."

Her father looked at his daughter as she took off her pajamas. She peeled off her panties and climbed onto the couch next to her mother and spread her legs. John could see the end of a string of anal beads sticking out of her asshole. She reached down and pulled them out slowly and then licked them clean. This both disgusted John and turned him on in a most perverted way.

He couldn't seem to help himself, already turned-on by his sex play with his wife, it all was just too much for him to resist as he slipped his cock into his daughter's tight little cunt.

He was surprised she was tight but not nearly as tight as she should be for her age. Everything she said must have been true. This drove him crazy as he fucked his baby girl. He kissed her on the mouth as he fucked her.

As he fucked her, the dog entered the room, smelling the familiar stench of excited cunt. His bitch was busy with dad but there was another girl for the taking. Trish lay there with her lags spread wide, inviting him. He walked over and licked her cunt. She just moaned as his massive tongue stroked her clit. Then he climbed up and inserted his cock into her. Trish was starting to stir, enjoying the sensation of her cunt being fucked.

She groggily said, "Mmmm, John, fuck me." With that, she opened her mouth to moan and a glob of dog droop dripped into her mouth. She opened her eyes to see a dog fucking her. "Shit! What the hell is going on!?"

Then Trish turned her head to see her daughter sitting naked next to her, being fucked by her husband. "John! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

Amy was confused. "Daddy?" she asked as she reached up and pulled down his beard. "Daddy! You're Santa Claus?!" Just as she said that, he came inside her small twat in shivering gushes.

Trish tried to get up but between being drunk and
having the dog pinning her down, she couldn't. As the dog continued fucking her it began to feel amazing. She tried to ignore how nice it felt but she was starting to cum. She closed her eyes as she came.

Having been caught at his perverted act, and having cum anyway, John pulled his cock out of his daughter's hole and leaned over to watch his wife. Soon the sight of his sexy wife being fucked by the family pet made him hard again and he slid his cock between his wife's lips.

Trish instinctively opened her mouth and sucked it, licking her own daughter's cum from her husband's cock. The dog came in her pussy right then. As the dog pulled out, Amy climbed between her legs to lick her clean.

Trish didn't know what to say, She was sucking her husband's cock that is covered with her daughter's cunt-juice as her own daughter was licking dog cum from her pussy. This was the wildest thing she ever experienced. "I love you both," was all she could say.

"Merry Christmas."

The End.

Anonymous 11/01/07(Fri)06:26 No. 10819 ID: 1c75bb


Anonymous 11/01/07(Fri)10:53 No. 10821 ID: 493398

This isn't one story continued, its a bunch of short stories. That is why i got confused.

Party with Big Sis (MFf+ ped inc cd non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/01/09(Sun)12:47 No. 10860 ID: 32392c

I stood in the open showers next to the pool, my swimsuit long since disappeared, watching a girl even younger than me grunt and twist as loads of white-gray cream ran out of her butt-hole, onto the slick black tiles, and down the drain. With a plop, a condom splattered to the tiles, and after a gasp the girl started giggling.

My sister's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Come on, Taylor. Just pop a squat & piss."

"Sissy, I can't!"

"And why the fuck not?"

"Boys are watching!"

"Yeah? Boys are going to be doing a lot more than that, you stupid little cunt. Now pop a squat and take a fucking piss like you said you had to, or I'll hold you down & let Nickie's dog rape it out you like it did mom."

Sissy's boyfriend Nick laughed at that, idly taking a draw off his beer, and Sissy's smiled up at him from her squat in front of me while semen ran from her ass; her manicured hand started working up and down his dick a little faster as I looked around the pool area, trying to see where mom was.

All around, people were having s-e-x under the flood-lights, kissing each other on each other's privates and moaning and cheering and touching themselves and even switching partners.

I finally spotted mom, her big boobs swinging back and forth as two guys sawed their penises in and out of her mouth and her butt at the same time. They had her bent over a deck-chair, and a big boy-dog was licking at the bright-pink V between her legs, which gaped open under his tongue into more of an O as I watched.

"No, that's not my dog, kinder-slut. That's just Kyle's little pup - he likes eating cream pies out of bitches. Couldn't tell you why. Do you want to try it out?"

I started blushing as I looked up at Nick, who had caught me staring. Self-consciously, I bit my lip, averted my eyes and crossed my arms over my bare chest, trying to hide the puffy nipples that felt all too exposed on my flat, bare chest.

"Goddammit, Taylor - fucking Nickie asked you a question, you stupid whore!"

Sissy glared at me, and I almost started crying.

"I'm sorry, Sissy."

"Don't tell me that you're fucking sorry! You fucking tell Nickie that you want to suck an apology out of his thick shit-covered dick when he gets through fucking your-mmm-mmmmm-"

Nickie very calmly grabbed the back of Sissy's head and slipped his penis into her mouth; her hateful words turned to quiet, soothing sucking as he worked her up and down the shaft, her lips wrapped tight around his girth.

"Suck. Now, then, Taylor, I want you to have fun at my party. Everybody has fun. Don't you see over there, Sissy's old boyfriend? He looks like he's having fun, doesn't he?"

I looked over, where Jimmy had his dress hiked up to his shoulders in back and pulled down in front over one huge fake breast, working a large penis with each hand with a glazed expression in his eyes, his hair falling across his face as he moaned in ecstasy. His dick stabbed forward, weeping clear liquid from the throbbing tip, something buzzing attached to it, and behind him a very pretty girl moved her hips rhythmically with his.

He did look like he was having fun.

I nodded, and Nickie smiled.

"And that's MY little sister right there, having so much fun with Jim. She likes fucking lady-boys up their shit-pipe, so I do my best to provide. Everyone has fun at my parties. Do you understand me?"

I nodded again.

"Say it, Taylor."

"... Everyone has fun at your parties, Nickie."

"Well, the guests do, at least. Now, since this is your first party, and you are my guest, I want you to have fun. Do you you understand me?"

"Yes, Nickie."

"Say it."

"Yes, Nickie. You want me to have fun."

"Good girl. Now, you get going before I take this cock out of your sister's mouth, because she's going to say some very mean things when I do so. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Nickie."

"Say it, Taylor."

"... You're going to take your cock out of Sissy's mouth, and she's going to say some mean shit to me."

"That's right."

I found some courage that I didn't know I had. "Because you're going to fuck that bitch while I go have fun."

"I'm going to fuck her half to death, as a matter of fact. And do you know why I'm going to take my cock out of your sister's mouth?"


"It's because this little whore is trying to make me cum. But I'm going to finish this load in your sister's pussy, because I want her little slut ass pregnant. Now, do YOU understand that, Sissy?"

She nodded.

"Hm. I've never knocked up a fourteen year old before. This will be fun. As for you, Taylor, I want you to go find some fun for yourself. If I were you, I would go ask that nice man with his dick in your mother's mouth if you can switch places with him. I hear that your mother eats pussy like a hungry dyke."

And that's the night that me and Sissy's relationship changed forever.

It turns out that she eats pussy like a hungry dyke, too. Even better than Kyle's doggy when he's got a bitch with a cream pie in front of him, in fact.

Although she does moan into my pussy a lot when Nickie and his friends fuck her pregnant ass.

Anonymous 11/02/06(Sun)06:13 No. 11225 ID: 808de6

Are you god?

Knocking up Akiko (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/02/06(Sun)12:56 No. 11227 ID: be5abb


When my husband Frank told me that he was bringing Akiko home to breed, I was overjoyed. Finally, I thought, things might get back to normal around the house.

After all, things had gotten quite a bit out of hand ever since my son Harry had started dating Bethany, and while a part of me loved it, mostly I just wanted my family back.

Later that night, feeling Bethany's fingers inside my most intimate crevasses while she forced my youngest daughter Ashley's tear-streaked face into my ass, as I prepped with my mouth each one of Harry and Frank's friends, in turn, to rape a baby into little Akiko, I knew that I liked it better this way, after all.



"Don't take your mouth of that cock."


"Of course you won't. You know, if I didn't know any better, I would say that using your mouth to outperform your 9-year old's raw little cunt turns you on."


"Oh, I see. Your slut mouth is just trying to be the best entertainment here so that none of your daughters get raped during warm-up for Akiko."

"Hmm, hmm."

"And all this wetness I feel seeping out of you around my wrist is probably just dog cum, isn't it?"

"... Hmm, hmm."

"And feeling Ashley's unwilling tongue working up your shit-pipe isn't doing a thing for you, is it? I mean, knowing that she's only snaking her hot, wet pinkness into your loose, slippy asshole because I'm forcing her to, and all, with a strange man's dirty cock buried into her to the hilt."

"Hmm ... hmm ... hhmmmmmmmmmm ..."

"Ah. Well, then you better not look up at your baby girl Jesse climbing up onto Akiko's sawhorse. She might just be up there to show off her clit ring, but ... nope, it looks like she's here to get fucked."

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..."

"Pretty little girl. Wonder what a 12 year old like her will look like, pregnant. Especially with her daddy's baby. And ... Oh, goodness, Justine, don't tell me that you're cumming again already."

"Hm ... hm ... hmm ... hmm ..."

"I know. You just can't help it."

She's right. I really can't.

- Chapter One -

Things never would have gotten so out of hand if I hadn't started sucking Harry off before and after school. I'm sure of it. So in a way, I blame myself for what happened, but only because Harry never would have met Bethany if it wasn't for my ministrations.

And it was Bethany who really started everything.

Anonymous 11/02/14(Mon)05:30 No. 11292 ID: c43ce7


Anonymous 11/02/14(Mon)13:52 No. 11295 ID: 012bdf

Dunno if the author is still checking this thread, but gawdamn when I first read the story featured in the first post, I came buckets, and it still remains possibly my favorite fapstory and definitely my most returned to story.

I absolutely love the dialogue and the execution of the events; the way the mom is being told about the things being done to her daughter. I like to think that event is their first forray into open family sexuality, but you dont make it 100% clear (intentionally, I'm sure) and I just love it.

I'd give my left nut (my favorite nut, by the way) for some kind of expansion/continuation/something in the same vein as that story.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/02/16(Wed)14:24 No. 11316 ID: be5abb

As an author, these are the sorts of comments that make me want to write! Thank you, sincerely and deeply, for the kind words and I'll see what else I can whip up!

Anonymous 11/02/24(Thu)02:15 No. 11372 ID: 7f3bff

No little thread, you can't leave page zero until we perverts get MOAR.

I fucking love 7chan. Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/02/24(Thu)10:08 No. 11377 ID: be5abb

Hmm? Your "kingdom?"

That's what I like to hear! More is on the way!

Sincerely, to everyone here on /elit/: the Anons here are the fucking best. Thank you for your time, attention, feedback and encouragement!

Anonymous 11/02/26(Sat)16:31 No. 11389 ID: f8f4ef


Any the buckets and buckets of jizz?

Born Performer (MFf+ ped inc public non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/03/05(Sat)12:15 No. 11431 ID: be5abb


My husband Mitch likes fucking little girls in public - that much, at least, I knew right from the start. Heck, on our first date he had three thick fingers up inside my squishy cunt before he even shook hands with my step-dad and told him that he'd get me home by 9 PM; by 8:30 that night he had that monster cock of his 8 inches up my virgin shit-pipe with another 3 inches to go, and his buddy Trevor's slick member making my tiny throat gag as half the drive-in crowd pushed around the car, steaming up the windows, to watch.

This is what happens when Jr. High girls go out on dates with college boys, I suppose.

By our second date I had developed quite the reputation in town, and I took more cum up my ass that night than anyone at the skating rink had ever seen before. Several pictures were taken to prove it.

Before I graduated, I must have held down a dozen different girls to give my man a thrill: my senior year, I led the squad at the homecoming game in chanting "Mitch, Mitch, Mitch! Rape that little bitch!" while he turned my little sister halfway inside-out in the front row.

I was so proud of her that she didn't have to be held down.

But never in a million year did I expect him to start fucking our youngest daughter Amy. Christ - that's why I hire a baby-sitter!

It all began the night our son Chet knocked up his girlfriend Sara. As per usual, Sarah was nursing on Mitch's dick.

Non-Anonymous 11/03/08(Tue)01:30 No. 11445 ID: b3e330

oh you tease. you'd best not leave me hanging with just that!

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/03/08(Tue)12:49 No. 11450 ID: be5abb

Just as an aside, I'm actually listening to an ex girlfriend of mine fucking a guy I went to high school with about thirty feet from me - on my couch - at this exact moment.

At one point I wandered into the room, turned on the light, grabbed my coat & smokes, said 'hi' and then turned the light back off - they kept at it.

Anonymous 11/03/09(Wed)04:55 No. 11454 ID: 4bba6c

What a tease.

Please let there be more.

Anonymous 11/03/11(Fri)04:17 No. 11472 ID: 2d6237

Kick the bitch out or take whichever hole isn't in use.

Anonymous 11/03/21(Mon)12:37 No. 11559 ID: 6768cd

So, if this is part 1...

The one-shot stories were great, but seeing some continuation would be fantastic...

Anonymous 11/04/05(Tue)03:17 No. 11691 ID: dad6ba

Why there is no more?

Flounder!19IQ53Wc/s 11/04/19(Tue)02:54 No. 11922 ID: 2907aa


Anonymous 11/04/19(Tue)07:01 No. 11925 ID: 7dfb3d

Deserves to be on page 0

Ho Down Seed (MFf+ ped inc public non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/04/23(Sat)12:53 No. 11968 ID: be5abb

Ho Down (Story Seed only)
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn!)

The problem, I guess, is that my mom is easy. All it takes is one dirty joke, two big dicks, three shots of tequila or four wheel drive, and she's sitting at the bar with her blouse open & her tits hanging out, jerking off a guy with each hand.

Get her riled up a little more, and she's pulling a train in the men's room or bringing the party home, waking up my little sister to play the doggie-sucking game.

All of this, of course, I figured out a long time ago. It didn't take much: I actually watched my mom get my older sister pregnant, nursing my uncle's dick into the squirming girl's pussy right there at the dinner table. Shawna, that poor girl, never even stood a chance - by 9th grade, she was known as the easiest and best lay in school, and the only reason she even wore clothing over her swollen belly, milky tits and cum-matted thighs was because my mom figures boys like stripping a girl before they rape her.

Of course, I got a reputation as being easy, too. Which really wasn't fair. I just have a thing for things in my ass, and once I get turned on, I don't really have an off-switch.

So I guess that me an my mom have a lot in common.

Anonymous 11/04/26(Tue)01:37 No. 12004 ID: f2fdba

So fucking amazing.

Anonymous 11/05/04(Wed)01:27 No. 12087 ID: 8e86df

entire super pro

page 0 for these exquisite fantasies

is it wrong for thinking about how i would react if i were to experience this in real life?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/05/04(Wed)12:01 No. 12094 ID: be5abb

Dear god, I sure hope not!

ALSO: thank you Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Non-Anonymous and Anonymous for your kind words - the support and feedback means the world to me!

Anonymous 11/05/09(Mon)17:18 No. 12175 ID: 7f3bff

Up you go little thread!

Ahamarla 11/05/11(Wed)05:42 No. 12196 ID: dade17

I must say, I love your work. I'm not usually a fan of beastiality, but somehow you make it appealing. Good show, sir.

Anonymous 11/05/14(Sat)20:32 No. 12254 ID: e391be

This is perverted in so many ways, it's wrong. But God does it make me hard..

Anonymous 11/05/18(Wed)19:27 No. 12293 ID: e66f34

is the author still here?

Anonymous 11/05/18(Wed)19:27 No. 12294 ID: e66f34

is the author still here?

Anonymous 11/05/20(Fri)04:47 No. 12310 ID: 26929a

I love you so much, we should become best friends and circle jerk around lolis and film it.

Actually we shouldn't because it's illegal butwe should still become best friends.

Anonymous 11/05/22(Sun)00:08 No. 12332 ID: a0850c

The world needs more of this <3

Anonymous 11/05/25(Wed)17:08 No. 12371 ID: 7f3bff

Fuck the world, my dick needs more of this.

Brownie Points (MFf+ ped inc sub non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/06/01(Wed)11:16 No. 12435 ID: be5abb

Brownie Points (story seed)
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to Phil Phantom & PuppyLoverDawn)

"Open your throat more, Susanne."


"Yeah, more like that. Doggie dicks aren't like boy's. You're going to have to tilt your head back more. And arch your back."

I was trying. I really was. To help me try harder, Marcus pushed that huge cock of his another inch into my quivering asshole and Shelia pulled my pigtails back until my eyes watered.


"Yeah, like that."

Everyone laughed, and I felt Sambo's knot push further down the back of my throat. And that's when I realized that I couldn't breathe.

"Hbb ... hbb ..."

I coughed, and a wave of cum rushed up my throat, and then back down as the root of Sambo's huge dick jammed all the way into me.

"Hbb ..."

"Yo, Rebecca, I think that Susanne's choking."

"Yeah, probably. Let the little bitch choke. Then we'll see how she feels about sucking things out of my ass when she's told to."

I blacked out at about that point.


It all started when my mom started dating Charles, I guess. I had known she was into some weird stuff even before that, of course - she used to walk around in a bikini, sometimes with strange distentions around the suit-bottoms where she had something stuffed inside her, or with her hand tucked into her front, slapping and gouging away at her bare-shaved pussy.

After dad left, I remember catching her with her hands all over one of the maids, and more than once with piss streaking from her into a poor girl's face. Once or twice I watched her follow Michelle or Lauren around while the young woman did her work with a blush to her face, my mom's hand up the back of her dress and several fingers lodged in her ass or snatch.

But sending me off to remedial Brownie camp just because I wouldn't let Charles fuck me at the dinner table like Tammy and Rachel did?

That seemed a little harsh.


I awoke again to the familiar feelings of Sambo licking my cunt and Rebecca's distended asshole pushing against my nose and lips.

For a thirteen-year-old, that girl certainly has taken a lot of cock up her shit-pipe.

Anonymous 11/06/01(Wed)18:09 No. 12438 ID: 26929a

You have a fucking gift for this.

Anonymous 11/06/02(Thu)03:20 No. 12445 ID: d0225b

How are not God?

Anonymous 11/06/02(Thu)21:58 No. 12454 ID: 8f176e

This is some of the most surreal porn I've ever read and I love it.

Apparently, Not a Vampire (Mf+ ped non-con ws preg magic extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/06/03(Fri)10:49 No. 12460 ID: be5abb

Apparently, Not a Vampire (story seed)
by Nicholas Fellheimer
with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn & Phil Phantom

Micah's thrusting into me grew harder and faster as his seed built, his balls slapping against my quivering pussy; despite my tears I felt my ass loosening, my cunt getting slick for that strange, magnificent cock of his.

"Oh, did I tell you? I've decided to impregnate your little sister."


"Yes. I think she'll be beautiful - the only 9 year old, perhaps ever, to carry one of mine to term."


"That's hardly a concern, I assure you - people will assume that it was her gym teacher or something. My, I must have her fucking half the faculty by now."


"Why, that's not the response I was looking for, at all, Melissa. In fact, if I didn't know better, I would think that you were being obstinate."

He re-doubled his pace, and I felt my breath start to catch.

"Nnn-nnn ..."

"Are you being obstinate? Is that the case?"


"Oh, yes, that's right. Fight harder."


"Fight back, little slut. Try to stop me. Try to stop yourself."


"Oh, goodness, you've gone and had an orgasm again. Well, you know what happens now: do you want your father to finish in your mouth or in your cunt?"


"Really? Why, Melissa, if you keep this up, he's going to get you pregnant before you even turn fourteen! Well, alright, James - you know what to do."

Micah pulled his pale, spit-slick member from my ass with a wet plop, then gestured idly to my mom and dad. Trembling, stroking his erection, my father stood and approached my bed.

"I don't think you'll have much trouble sliding in, James - she's as hot and wet as I've ever felt her. Just do be sure to use the right hole this time."

As I felt my dad's weight push down on the bed behind me and the tip of his weeping cock push into the spasming folds of my burning pussy, I saw Micah from the corner of my eye walking towards my mother.

Her eyes were glazed and feverish, both of her hands fighting for space with the dog's tongue beneath her conservative nightie over her distended, pregnant belly, her breath coming in ragged gasps as her head lolled back and forth. At the approach of Micah, however, she snapped to some semblance of attention, her mouth open to be violated.

"That's right, Cassandra - when your daughter orgasms on my cock, you get to lick me clean. You're getting good at this. Yes, use your tongue. Harder."

Tomorrow morning, I thought as my father entered me and I came again, the two of them are going to be SO embarrassed about their "dreams". I doubt either of them will even look me in the eye.

Fucking Micah.


So, it turns out that Micah isn't a vampire - I figured that one out when I finally worked up the nerve to try to stake him.

He responded by laughing, pulling the chunk of his wood from his chest and asking me which boy in school I wanted to have fuck me the most.

I didn't say anything, but it didn't matter. The next day, three boys in my grade held me down in gym class and gang-fucked me while the man of my dreams took the virginity of my best friend right there in front of everyone. They're still dating.

I think that maybe he's a demon.


The next day, my family is a weird as they usually are after a nigh-visit from Micah - my dad taciturn, refusing to look me in the eye over his paper, my mom giddy and floating and humming softly to herself as she makes breakfast, my big sister aggressive and rude and shockingly under-dressed for a Sophomore in high school, my little sister giggling and giddy about trying to get the dog to lick her bare pussy under the table.

Twistdprince 11/06/08(Wed)06:21 No. 12526 ID: f53046

So could you post where we can find these stories in their completed form?

Anonymous 11/06/11(Sat)04:24 No. 12557 ID: 7f3bff

AFAIK this is the completed form.
And I am thankful for what I get (even though I wish you'd write a complete story once in a while).
Also, loved the MC in the latest one.

Anonymous 11/06/12(Sun)05:20 No. 12572 ID: e9cb1e

Same, I'll take anything I can get, even though longer ones would be nice here and there.


Anonymous 11/06/12(Sun)11:46 No. 12575 ID: 6779f6


Anonymous 11/06/12(Sun)11:46 No. 12576 ID: 6779f6


Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/06/15(Wed)09:13 No. 12600 ID: be5abb

Correct, 111% - these are the current incarnations of everything I've written under this pen-name. And yes, I also wish that I could write a complete story once in a while!

ALSO: thank you for the praise - I've been experimenting with mind-control themes, because I find them pretty interesting, but I'm not sure how my approach is developing. Glad to hear that the message wasn't lost in the noise!

Anonymous 11/06/24(Fri)07:08 No. 12696 ID: 68c310

Best porn I've ever read.

Anonymous 11/06/29(Wed)08:23 No. 12784 ID: 9bfbe2

>>12739 here

This stuff is absolutely batshit, but I love it. Inventive, deplorable, and oddly compelling. I can't stop reading!

Anonymous 11/07/05(Tue)04:58 No. 12844 ID: ac70b7

What a goldmine.

Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)16:28 No. 12917 ID: 26929a

I cannot help but blow absolutely massive loads any time I read one of the stories in this thread, Black Tie Affair is my favorite.

Clean-Up Girl (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws dickgirl extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/07/13(Wed)10:12 No. 12969 ID: be5abb


My little sister is just the worst.

I don't mean to bitch too much about her, because she's my angel and my sister and I love her, but that little slut has gotten me raped more times than I can count, and frankly I'm just sick to death of it.

I'm especially sick of her making fun of me when I shudder and cum in shrieking waves on some stranger's jetting manhood, her little fingers working at my slick clit, a stream of hot piss from that thick cock of hers washing the tears off my cheeks while she gets my next rapist ready with her mouth.

I just can't help but feel ... violated, I guess. Betrayed. Because she knows that the only cock I really want is hers. I would do anything for her, to feel her hot breath on me and my soft cunt parting around her.

But ever since she turned fourteen, she thinks it's funny to see me get raped.

It's just not fair.

new+guy 11/07/14(Thu)17:12 No. 12986 ID: 9109c4

You always manage to give me... the weirdest boner.

Anonymous 11/07/15(Fri)03:00 No. 12993 ID: 1a624e

This stuff gets me harder than my girlfriend. Damn you Nick, I'm forever ruined -.-

Anonymous 11/07/15(Fri)06:45 No. 12996 ID: d7f1af

Holy crap, this pushes so many of my buttons. And it's written so well.

A million thanks to the author(s).

Clean-Up Girl (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws dickgirl extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/07/15(Fri)10:26 No. 13005 ID: be5abb


My little sister is just the worst.

I don't mean to bitch too much about her, because she's my angel and my sister and I love her, but that little slut has gotten me raped more times than I can count, and frankly I'm just sick to death of it.

I'm especially sick of Piper making fun of me when I shudder and cum in shrieking waves on some stranger's jetting manhood, her little fingers working at my slick clit, a stream of hot piss from that thick cock of hers washing the tears off my cheeks while she gets my next rapist ready with her mouth.

I just can't help but feel ... violated, I guess. Betrayed. Because she knows that the only cock I really want is hers. I would do anything for Piper, just to feel her hot breath on me and my soft cunt parting around her.

But ever since Piper turned fourteen, I guess she thinks it's funny to see me get raped.

It's just not fair.


So there we are, me and her and one of her little friends, walking home from school together. All I can think about is that in a year, when I turn 16, I won't have to endure all of this.

Well, that and Piper's fingers up the back of my skirt, turning my hot kitty all squishy with her fingers, working two fingers up my ass as she walks along beside me jabbering about a teacher she throat-fucked.

People say that we look like Barbie and Skipper, even though we're only a year and a half apart. Of course, I'm pretty sure that Skipper never tried to fit her whole hand up Barbie's shitter while the two of them walked home from Catholic school.

Suddenly, I come to a stop. It's because my ass is pulled to a stop, Piper's fingers hooking me into submission.

I look down at her when I realize that she's asked me a question. My mind was a million miles away. God, she's pretty.

"Huh? What?"

"I said, Lala, who do you like in school?"

The other girl pipes up, eager for attention: "I'll tell you who I like. I'll tell you who I would suck off, Piper, and let cum in my cunny or up my asshole."

"Shut the fuck up, you fat cunt," is my sister's distracted reply.

I glance at the girl. She's one of Piper's new conquests, and she's not fat. She has big tits, easily a C-cup on a 12-year-old's frame, with wide hips, but she's small around the tummy with thin legs. Her big eyes start to water.

I feel you, kid.

"So, Lala, spill. I can get you some premium cock, sis."

I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE ONLY YOU, ONLY AND ALWAYS ... yes, I almost said it. Right out loud, there in the street with Piper's slick digits thrumming against my clit under my skirt and two fingers crawled up inside of my darkest and most-secret hole.

"No ... nobody."

"Damn. Well, can't say I didn't try." She looked over her shoulder at her friend. "Hey, do you want to see what this cum-guzzling little fuck-socket will do for a bit of hog-leg?"

"Nuh ... no, Piper."

"Oh, you can do better than that. I can feel you getting all heated-up inside, Lala. You should just say 'No, Piper, don't make her fuck a dog or anything, because that might make me cum.' That would be more believable."

The little girl spoke: "I'm not going to fuck a dog, Piper."

"I said to shut the fuck up, you fat cunt. So, look, Piper, how about this: you get to tell my little bitch here what to do. Just this once. You'll even hold her down, if you want to. And I'll fuck a cum out of you. Just me, just my cock, no doggies or homeless guys or anything."

new+guy 11/07/19(Tue)07:15 No. 13024 ID: 5ffccd

You are a mad genius. A pornographic prophet I say!

Anonymous 11/07/20(Wed)16:58 No. 13054 ID: 5bd152

Exactly my reaction.

Anonymous 11/07/22(Fri)19:36 No. 13079 ID: cab7b9

bump for more!

Anonymous 11/07/25(Mon)07:13 No. 13099 ID: 98cb9f

Like a mother fucking rock right now!

Anonymous 11/07/25(Mon)14:30 No. 13101 ID: 587f21

you should publish :)

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/07/26(Tue)06:37 No. 13110 ID: 7e0f8b

Aww! Thank you! That's about as great a compliment as I could receive!

In truth, I actually AM a published novelist, playwright and screenplay-writer. Not under THIS pen name, obviously.

Also: I look forward to posting more, and soon!

Anonymous 11/07/26(Tue)08:47 No. 13115 ID: 15be45


You have to be GRRM. It's the only explination

MistressC!nt4Adb1atQ 11/08/03(Wed)13:39 No. 13200 ID: 993697

You sir MUST post more!!!
What have you written ?
I know you'll most likely never tell but I wish you would.

Flounder!19IQ53Wc/s 12/02/13(Mon)18:53 No. 15155 ID: 2907aa

I don't care how old this is. It's awesome and it's getting bumped

Shub-Niggurath 12/02/23(Thu)06:49 No. 15285 ID: cab89f


MeurcurialInk!!HjMwp5L2V1 12/03/03(Sat)06:38 No. 15348 ID: 96d71c



Anonymous 12/03/05(Mon)03:16 No. 15362 ID: 1dea4e

> gooseI have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces.

Anonymous 12/05/04(Fri)01:56 No. 16066 ID: fdc1c5

disgustingly awesome

Anonymous 12/05/12(Sat)08:44 No. 16127 ID: 08c1a2

Bump, since the author has been around

Compilation rare cola 12/05/12(Sat)21:13 No. 16132 ID: 6856ff

For anyone who wants an organized .rtf of these amazing stories.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 12/05/17(Thu)00:56 No. 16181 ID: 3d76a9

Well, I for one downloaded it; thank you for posting this here!

I did notice what looked like a few formatting hiccups - it might need an editing pass. Is there any way I can help?

Anonymous 12/05/17(Thu)02:40 No. 16182 ID: 00290f

I'll volunteer if you find time to write more.

Anonymous 12/05/20(Sun)06:39 No. 16214 ID: f4137f

The compilation is missing the stuff from this thread, for whoever's editing it.

Anonymous 12/08/31(Fri)00:11 No. 17094 ID: 82cf3b


pls OP come back

Anonymous 12/09/03(Mon)09:41 No. 17111 ID: c39858


Oh Nicholas, you sure know how to spoil a story hungry slut with your "story seed"

Anonymous 12/09/04(Tue)22:49 No. 17135 ID: f65c00

The sex scenes are well-written but the premise is so ridiculous. B-level quality overall.

Anonymous 12/09/05(Wed)08:24 No. 17137 ID: 7ae78f

The absurdly obscene premise is half the charm.

I don't know many other writers who go straight into material like this, and certainly none who do it with such finesse.

Anonymous 12/09/21(Fri)05:55 No. 17219 ID: 1a853e

please more

Anonymous 12/10/24(Wed)06:01 No. 17496 ID: ce04f2

What, what? How did this not get further explained, or am I retarded?

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