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A Quiet Evening At Home (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:32 No. 9392 ID: 7b23cd

A Quiet Evening at Home
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn!)

As I waited for the dog's thick cock to unknot from my ass and slowly came down from another orgasm, I opened my eyes and stared across the kitchen floor: in the living room, someone was fucking my youngest daughter on the couch, but I couldn't quite make out who it was. Sliding my face across the slick of spit and cum on the linoleum, I tried to get a better look, but the little whore kept thrashing around. Didn't look like her father, at least not from this angle. Probably one of Jeremy's friends.

Now I started wondering where my husband might have gotten off to. And was our back porch light on? He's probably out there selling tickets to the neighbors. I turned, and a rain of piss spattered across my face. Another of Jeremy's friends - in the study, my middle daughter was putting on some sort of slit-licking show with a young lady I had not yet been introduced to, much to the delight of the boys.

A second stream hit my face, followed by a third. The bathroom was apparently occupied, so someone had announced that the kitchen floor was now the place to piss. A dripping dick was wiped dry in my hair, then slipped into my mouth.



Maybe I should start from the beginning.

A week ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a trashy romance novel and waiting for my eldest daughter to get home from her date when my cellphone rang.

Jessica, it said. I glanced at the kitchen clock: calling a half hour before she's supposed to be home. This better be good.

I clicked open the phone, careful not to knock over my cup of coffee. I answered in a whisper, trying not to wake my husband or my middle daughter, who were napping in the television room.

"Hello, Jessica."

All I could hear was heavy breathing, and a wet, rhythmic slapping sound and what sounded like the suction of lips.

"Hello? This is Susanne ..."

I heard a male voice: "Get off that dick and ask your mommy, bitch."

Interesting. I felt my hand slip inside my bathrobe and run across my nipples.

"Ungh, fuck ... Mommy, can I ... fuck, Mommy, can I ... oh, fuck god fuck ... oh, fuck, Mommy can I ..."

My clit started to tingle, and I ran a hand down my stomach to nestle it in my quickly-warming cunt. I heard the phone move on the other line.

"Sorry about that. Your daughter has a one-track mind. This is Jeremy, your daughter's boyfriend."

I didn't know of anyone named Jeremy. He sounded like an adult, not the sort to be taking a 14-year old out on a date. I couldn't think what to say.


"Is your daughter making too much noise, Susanne? Mike, put something in her mouth."

I eased my fingers across my pussy, feeling my lips getting wet at the sound of his voice, sliding hot membranes between my knuckles.

"No problem, Jeremy. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, your daughter was going to ask you about something. She insisted that we call about staying out late."

Sparing a glance at the door to the television room and finding it empty, I spread my legs and let my bathrobe fall open. I began to flick at my hungry cunt, suddenly thankful that I hadn't worn panties tonight.

"It was nice of you to have her call, Jeremy. Does my daughter want to stay out a little late tonight?"

"Oh, yes. She said that she had to call if she wanted to stay and get fucked some more."

"Yes, Jeremy. My daughter can stay out, as long as she calls."

"Well, we'll be sure that she gets home by morning. Oh, she had another question. Jessica, what were you going to ask your Mommy?"

I heard a shift again, and I tucked my phone under my ear so that I could use both hands on my throbbing hole.

"Ungh, oh, Mommy ... ung, fuck, Mommy, can Jeremy ... fuck, can Jeremy fuck my ass, Mommy?"

I could hear laughter and the phone being passed. I started slapping at my clip, rubbing three fingers across my overheating pussy.

"Hi again, Susanne. Look, I told your whore daughter that this was really her dad's decision and all, but I guess she wanted to ask you first."

".. Very understandable, Jeremy."

"Do you think you ought to go get your husband, Susanne? Or can you tell me to fuck your daughter's little asshole?"

"I'm sure that it would be alright with him, Jeremy."

"The thing is, we're running out of condoms, and your daughter can only swallow so much cum. There are a lot of guys here."

I eased two fingers inside myself and had to bite down on my lower lip to keep from crying out.

"I see. That does sound like a problem, Jeremy."

"Now, your daughter says that she doesn't want to get pregnant, but at this rate she's probably going to unless I open up that virgin ass of hers. You can see the predicament we're in."

I started slapping my clit harder.

"That is quite a predicament, Jeremy."

"To be perfectly honest, Susanne, not all of the guys here have even been wearing rubbers to begin with, but your daughter was pretty damn preoccupied and it didn't seem worth mentioning to her. That little slut of yours is remarkably good at taking a good, hard fucking."

"I'm ... glad to hear that."

"Well, at first is was mostly a good, hard raping - but once she got into it, she put these other girls to shame. I thought that little cunt of hers was trying to jerk me off inside her, to be honest."

I stuffed a third finger inside and tried to bite back a moan.

"She's a ... very good girl, Jeremy."

"Probably takes after her mommy, Susanne. Now, do you want to tell me to fuck your daughter's tiny ass?"


"Then say it."

"I ... Jeremy, I ..."

"Have you seen her ass, Susanne? I mean, her butt cheeks are lovely, toned and tanned and tight, but have you ever just peeled her knees back and gazed at her fuck-holes? Oh, her little shit-pipe is fantastic. This pink, itty-bitty little asshole, you can slip your a finger right in and it just clamps down around it. Just like .. that."

I heard a soft cry from the other end of the line, and I sucked in a mouthful of breath. I mashed four fingers into myself and drummed on my clit with the thumb as my other hand clamped down on my nipple.

"Oh, that's Donovan fucking your baby girl right now. Christ, I'm surprised she can feel anything else with that python turning her little cunt inside out, but I suppose she must have a very sensitive sphincter. I've only got two fingers in her now, and she's breaking out in gooseI have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces."

"Jeremy, I .. I ..."

"Fuck, you should feel her push back against me! You would think she was trying to get another finger in there!"

I went for my nut. I couldn't help it. This was a dream come true. I flicked my hand back and forth, seeing my lips part around my hand, and then moaned out a long orgasm as I jiggled my clit between fingers. A wet spray dribbled from my knuckles, and I rode through.

"Fuck, oh, Jeremy, I ..."

"I understand, Susanne. She really needs to ask her father's permission."

I idly ran slick fingers through my bright pink pussy lips, feeling my thighs quiver. The kitchen chair was soaking wet. I hadn't cum like that in ages.

"Yes, Jeremy. Yes, she does."

"Well, I'm afraid that I can't have her call his phone right now. Your little fuck-socket of a daughter is stuffed at both ends - she's got a mouthful of pussy right now, if you believe that."

I pulled at my hair, trying to stand on shaking legs.

"If you don't mind then, Jeremy, I'll just get him."

"That would be fantastic, Susanne. Do you still have a finger in your pussy?"

"Yes. Yes I do, Jeremy."

"Make sure that you have your finger in your pussy when you talk to your husband. Husbands like that sort of thing."

I made my way into the television room, where my husband was lying on the couch with our 9 year old, Denise, with their heads towards the kitchen. She was straddled across him with her head on his chest, and had her little nightie on: the short silky one that her uncle had gotten her for Christmas. Seeing that they were both asleep, I didn't even bother to close my robe. Still hearing the sounds of my daughter Jessica being fucked at both ends, I tried to whisper: "Dominic, the phone is for you."

My husband opened his eyes, glancing up and down my naked form. His eyes gravitated to my fingers, enmeshed in my glistening cunt.

Jeremy spoke: "While we men talk, you suck him off."

Without thinking, I passed the phone to Dominic and then shifted down the length of his body to pull out his cock. I was surprised to discover that it was already out: semi-hard, thick as my wrist, and flopped against his thigh with a thin glaze of slime along it. His bathrobe was open from the waist down, and his dick smelled like fresh pussy.

As I popped the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting this musky odor, and began rolling his balls in my hand, I ran my other hand across his muscular side and glanced up: my daughter's snatch yawned at me, her panties nowhere to be seen.

"Hello? Yes, this is Jessica's father."

A wicked thrill ran through me as, on my knees before the couch, I slid my hand across my daughter's ass. I felt her tighten under my hand, and I ran a thumb into the wet and well-used cleft of her cunt. Dom's cock bobbed in my mouth, getting harder.

"It's nice to speak to you too, Jeremy. Would you be so kind as to put my daughter on?"

His dick filled my mouth, and I started running both hands over Denise's ass. In a moment, Dom's free hand joined mine - he peeled her ass cheek back, and a line of cum began to leak from her abused pussy. She grew hotter and hotter.

"Yes, honey. This is your daddy. Are you getting fucked right now, sweetheart?"

Denise started to moan, rubbing her clit into her father's stomach. His fingers probed deeper, and I could feel the swell of his cock-head pressing against my throat as I flicked my tongue back and forth across the underside of his dick.

"Well, do you want Jeremy to fuck your ass, baby?"

I felt tiny, timid fingers brushing against my leg, moving upward: searching for pussy. Denise, still pretending to be asleep. Releasing my husband's cock with a wet pop, I guided the tip of his throbbing shaft to her still-leaking hole and then pulled at her hand. I pressed her little digits against my burning cunt with my left hand, then wrapped my right around the intersection of incestuous flesh.

I whispered: "Do like mommy does, sweetheart."

"Well, you tell them that, sweetheart. Say: I want you to fuck my ass."

I was amazed at how easily Dom's huge cock slipped into Denise.

"Well, say: please daddy, let them fuck my ass."

I wrapped my fingers around Dom's member, feeling Denise's immature little pussy stretch around his girth. As I suspected, she could only take the first three inches. Then, with her little, inexpert fingers diddling my cunt, I felt Denise start pushing back against her daddy's dick.

"Again. Say: please, daddy, let them fuck my ass."

Encircling their union, I began to flick at Denise's baby clit with my finger and thumb. Her reaction was immediate, and her father slipped another half-inch inside.

"Okay. Good girl. You say: my daddy says that you can fuck my ass."

Still on my knees at the edge of the couch, I slipped my head down and began to run my tongue along Denise's hairless hole.

"Now you say 'please', young lady. Say: please will you fuck my ass with your big nigger dick."

She bolted up at that, now riding her father cowgirl-style as he slipped further in. I pressed against her lower body, lapping at her clit - her fingers shifted from my cunt to my head, pulling at my hair. I heard wailing over the line, and then it got soft again.

"Well hello, Jeremy! Well, yes, I'm glad to hear that. Drop her off any time, of course. Sunday would be fine, yes. My wife? She's right here."

As my husband pressed the phone between his lower stomach and my ear, he turned his head and whistled.

"Susanne, this is Jeremy again. I take it your mouth is full?"


"An all-too-common occurrence amongst the whores in your family."


I felt the dog's nose press against my pussy, then my hot cunt lips began to part under his tongue.

"I'm going to pick you up on Sunday when I drop your daughter off at the house. Dress to get fucked."


As I squirmed against the dog's assault, I realized that Denise had taken the entirety of her father's cock. The root of his fuck-stick was buried in her wide-split pussy, and she was rocking back and forth as I sucked on her tiny, diamond-hard clit.

"Your filthy slut of a daughter tells me that you like to show off your pussy. Well, you're going to have a very good time with me."

Dom patted my ass, and the dog began to climb up unto me. His dick struck once and then twice against my upper legs. Finally, with a grunt, I reached back and guided him in.

"When your mouth is less full, tell your husband that I like to share with my friends. I consider him a friend now. I'll be sending over one or two little girls to look after him while his wife is out on the town and his eldest is recuperating from all this film-making."

I braced as the dog's cock buried itself into me, trying to suck an orgasm out of Denise. It worked.

"Have a nice evening, Susanne. See you Sunday."

What could I say?


On the Bus (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:37 No. 9393 ID: 7b23cd

On the Bus
- Nicholas Fellheimer

Slowly adjusting to the size of Thorton's cock oozing into my loosened ass, I leaned back against his chest and cooed. He grabbed a fistful of my short brown hair and then passed his half-full beer into my hand. I took it and pressed the cold bottle against a nipple as Thorton ran a hand down my sweaty chest, letting out a grunt. I wiggled back and forth, suspended on his dick a few inches above the bus seat, and reached down to run my fingers across my swollen pussy. We hit a I have nothing to contribute; please rape my face in the road, and a thick dollop of cum belched out onto the brown plastic as I peeled the lips back and flicked at my clit.

I gazed at the milky white puddle for a moment, idly counting how many guys I had fucked today, and then snapped my fingers, pointing to the girl across the aisle from me: "You, 6th-grader. Lick it up."

She turned big brown eyes up at me, tiny tears brimming around her mascara. Her little pom-poms shook as she clutched her hands to her flat chest, and the ashen-blond girl behind her stared straight ahead as if she hadn't heard anything. I reached up and pinched a stiff nipple as Thorton's hand ran across my stomach, his over-sized cock sinking into me a little more. I ran the beer bottle across my other nipple, feeling a rivulet of cold water run down my body.

"Last chance, you little fresh-meat cock-tease. You don't get over here and lick varsity cum off this bus seat and then out of my pussy, I'll say the word and your daddy will find you on your front lawn fucked half to death by the starting line on Monday morning."

As she dropped her eyes from mine, bit her lips and then slowly crept forward, I thought once again about how great it was to be an 8th-grader - and how goddamn great it was to be a cheerleader for the greatest football team in state history. I took a swing of beer as more of Thorton's cock entered me.

The moment the little 6th-grade bitch's tiny pink tongue touched my pussy, I grabbed her by one pigtail and ran my cunt across her pretty little face from chin to forehead. Behind me, Thorton laughed, and I felt his huge member twitch deep inside my ass. She started to tense up, and I hooked the backs of my knees over her shoulders. She was pinned.

"Now you lick until I cum, or I'll call Jerome over here and you'll find out what 12 inches of dick can do to an 11 year old's ass."

The little whore started licking. She'll be varsity squad material in no time.

With my feet crossed behind fresh-meat's head and Thorton's thunder dick pressed a good nine inches up my colon, it wasn't long before I squeezed out a solid orgasm. Running the base of the beer on my clit, I could feel him starting to peak inside me - but I knew the best way to get him off in a way he'd appreciate and remember. I pressed on the top of my pussy with the bottle to aim and let loose with a stream of piss, catching the soggy-faced sixth-grader with an arc of hot urine that sent her sputtering.

"That's what happens when a strong man fucks a little girl this good. Now you either drink my piss or suck my shit off of Thorton's huge, All-State Conference dick."

She fastened herself to me, and I rode out another quick cum as Thorton jetted his seed into my ass.

I pulled off gently, then turned and licked sweat from Thorton's chest up to his neck as his huge chest heaved with the power of his orgasm. When I put his beer back into his hand, I kissed his cheek: "Thank you, daddy."

He opened his eyes and took a sip of his beer. "Fuck South Central."

Shooing the little 6th-grader away, I dropped and sucked up what few drops of cum my ass hadn't pulled out of his cock. "Yeah, fuck South Central. Good game, daddy. You sleep tight, and your whore-baby will be back if you need her."

He was already drifting off, but he gave me a smirk that sent shivers down my spine. In a few months, this beautiful bastard would be playing for the NFL.

I stepped into the aisle, barely bothering to pull my cheerleading skirt back into place - it was matted with cum, stuck to my stomach and back and legs with a sheen of liquid white. My top had gone missing as soon as the boys were back on the bus, and my tits hung out in all their perky, pink-from-pinching glory. The only other thing I was wearing was my "BITCH" choker. I grabbed a fresh beer from the cooler on the floor and looked around as I popped the top.

The lights were on, as they always were after a big game, and I could see fucking and sucking going on up and down the length of the bus. In the very front, the school chaperon Mrs. Zinnia was laid out over the coach's lap with her cunt hanging off the seat and cum running down to her ankles. A black magic marker was stuck in her ass, and a series of tally marks ran over each ass cheek.

By my count, every guy on the bus had fucked her at least once since we left the stadium. Coach was reading a book and working on a beer as Mrs. Zinnia stroked him off with one hand, and Jeff, the Special Teams coach, was flipping through a stat's report as her mouth worked on his balls.

Mrs. Zinnia's daughter, a cute little eight year old named Cori, was sitting on the starting quarterback's chest across the aisle, being idly tongue-diddled while two 7th-grade girls took turns eating his asshole and sucking his dick. None of the guys were allowed to fuck Cori yet - we were saving that for the Championship game.

I glanced up at the bus driver, who was being tended to by the coach's wife. She had a thing for giving road head, and we had a long road ahead of us. He caught my eye in the rear view mirror and gave me a thumbs-up sign. I mooned him, smiled and gave him a thumb's-up back.


I looked up, and saw my friend Whitney - the coach's daughter - beckoning me towards the back. Sitting between two Senior running-backs with her legs draped over their knees, she had a big grin on her face, a soaking wet dick in each hand, and was wearing nothing but her "BITCH" choker and a spatter of cum across her chin and down over her over-ripe tits. I sauntered back, glancing here and there at the mass of debauched fucking going on on either side of me. One group of Freshmen, probably kickers or towel-boys, were mauling a crying 7th-grader, pinching at her nipples and trying to get her to suck them off while a Sophomore safety slowly slipped his dick into her unwilling hole. He toasted me and finished his beer.

"What's hopping back here, Whit?"

She just smiled, rubbing the head of one huge black cock with her thumb and glancing over her shoulder toward the very back of the bus with a smile. Then her long red hair fell over her face as she bent from the waist and started to deep-throat the dick. Of all the things I admire about Whitney, her style and her confidence are the most impressive.

Well, that and her school spirit. That girl knows how to reward a winning team.

Kyle, the senior sitting by the aisle, casually reached out his hand and began stroking my inner thigh. As I spread my legs, moaned and ran a hand through his hair, it was clear that he had had a long night. He smiled at me as his dick was slowly pumped. If anyone could get him off one last time, it would be Whitney.

I stared towards the back, where a crowd was gathering.

Popping up for a second to gasp for air, Whitney grinned at me: "Little miss Megan in the back thinks she has what it takes to join the St. George Bitch Squad. I thought maybe you could do the honors."

Holy shit. This was amazing!

I tried to sound calm and cool as I took a draw from the beer: "No, problem, Whit. I'll get the little hooker filled out like an application."

"That's my bitch. Lick some of this cum off me before you go."

I made eye contact with Leo, the big black guy she had been sucking off, and gave him a smile. I knew he liked watching me use my tongue on other girls. When I leaned down and slurped a dollop of fuck-juice off of her stomach, I heard him start groaning, so I followed the trail of slime up her sternum and around her aureole.

I made a slurping sound, pulling on the hard pink nipple like a little dick. Whitney's big titties heaved, and her ass slipped back and forth on the sopping wet seat. I heard Leo get off, and Whitney pushed me away as she bent over to catch the flood in her mouth.

I hope I'm as cool as Whitney when I'm a Freshman.

As I walked to the back of the bus with a little extra spring in my step, I heard her turn to Kyle: "Now lets see if my tight little asshole can get you off. Blond bitch, get over here and make this fat varsity dick hard. Asian girl, get my shitter wet for this huge cock."

I pushed through the crowd, displacing a circle of guys with their dicks already in hand. On the floor of the bus, a small girl with curly black hair was on her knees. She was popping back and forth between the guys, rubbing and licking dicks, trying to work up the nervous energy to do what she had told Whitney she wanted to do. Our school mascot, St. George the Irish Mastiff, was enjoying a blow-job from Tiff, the newest Bitch on the Squad. His tongue lolled out of mouth as Rock, the team captain, rubbed the dog's flank, and a blond head bobbed up and down on St. George's most impressive part: a slick pink cock like a forearm.

I could see tonight's special guest in Rock's lap, but I had more important things to worry about at the moment than a South Central cheerleader on the wrong bus. I passed my beer bottle to Zach, a huge Junior fullback who had a little Hispanic 7th-grader wrapped around him like a koala, fucking her almost like he would burp a baby: one hand on her ass, one hand wrapped around the back of her neck, her face buried in his shoulder. He nodded to me, licked the neck of the bottle, and began working it back and forth across her tiny, puckered asshole. She started breathing hard, and Zach smiled at me.

I winked at him, kissed his cheek, and then got serious. With a huff, I stepped forward and put my hands on my hips: "I hear that some little whore back here thinks she has what it takes to be a Bitch."

The tiny brunette Megan looked up at me, nodded, and I stepped forward to accept her tongue in my cunt. I ran fingers around her head and rubbed myself on her face like I was forcing a dick down her throat, and I felt fingers and cocks begin to press into my ass as the players entertained themselves with my backside.

Tiff looked up at me from the back seat and winked. She stood and began patting her thighs, beckoning St. George to hop down. As a thin rivulet of cum oozed out of my ass around a mass of probing fingers, I had an idea that would make this initiation a little extra special.

"Excuse me, mighty Mastiffs. I don't believe that this little fuck-slut here properly got all of you off before she made her claims about being Bitch-worthy. Her mistake."

I turned around and bent at the waist, pressing my well-used nether hole into Megan's probing mouth: "Allow me to take care of you while this fresh meat fuck-sleeve learns a lesson in manners. Eat my dirty ass, you dumb cunt, and maybe I'll let you take a hard fucking from our dog."

I felt a tongue snake past my sphincter as she brought a hand up to massage my clit. This girl was going to do just fine. As I took a dick in each hand, I looked over my shoulder to watch Tiff getting ready. With one hand on St. George's collar, she leaned down and slapped Megan's ass and inner thighs: the universal command for 'spread your legs, whore.'

With a grin and a toss of her hair, Tiff spun and laid down on the aisle floor, slipping herself between Megan's knees by grabbing one thigh and sliding in the pool of cum that ran the length of the bus. She gazed up at Megan's well-used sex directly above her and then, with a wet crack, slapped her on the pussy, hard like she was swatting a fly.

I felt, more than heard, Megan moan. I turned to the boys as a dick slipped into my mouth, and then a second one. I could feel it as Tiff kept scooting further under Megan as she pulled St. George's collar down to let him lick at her own pussy. Before long, Tiff was being pushed backwards across the wet floor as St. George sent his huge tongue into the deepest parts of Tiff's pussy and pressed his nose against her blond-tufted clit.

Megan tensed up more and more as Tiff, breathing hard, kept biting her nipples and slapping her on the cunt, tits and ass. Tiff laughed as Megan tensed up further. If I remembered by own initiation, Tiff had just plugged three fingers into the little brunette, cupping her hard and flicking at the G-spot with her middle finger.

"This bitch isn't ready. Our dog is going to rip this fucking baby-pussy open."

I pulled off the cocks with arcs of spit and pre-cum drizzling off my chin. Working a dick with each hand, I said over my shoulder: "Well, she's going to take our dog's fuck-stick one way or the other, now. This starry-eyed little cock-sucker just ate my shit-pipe like a pro and got it nice and ready for this friendly group of varsity football players to pump full of cum."

I turned again, slowly this time, and got a wicked chill as I felt her tongue run out of my ass. Manly hands wrapped around me and a wet cock-head pressed into my well-used back door; I looked down at Megan and winked. Below her, Tiff was bucking through an orgasm as St. George scrubbed out the inside of her womb - I could tell that she had one hand pinching her own clit and one pinching Megan's. Once her blush started to fade and I knew that Tiff's big O was through, I blew a kissy face at Megan.

Then I slapped the little brunette across the face and whistled for St. George. Tears formed in Megan's eyes as her cheek turned red, and she started crying as I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her face to the floor beside Tiff's head. Tiff hooked one arm around Megan's neck and held her close, chest to chest. The two of them almost looked like lesbian lovers. St. George looked up from Tiff's sloppy hole, saw the wide open pussy spread out in front of him and crawled up onto Megan's back.

I helped with his front paws as I went to my knees: "This is it, whore. You take my dog's cock while all of these nice men rape my ass. Once they've cum in me, the team is going to piss all over you. If you get my dog off before the team is done raping me and before he splits you open like the fucking slut you are, and you'll get to call yourself one of St. George's Bitches."

From below, shoulder to shoulder with the pinned girl, Tiff guided his mass of slick doggy-dick into the sobbing seventh-grader. I leaned down so that I was cheek-to-cheek with Megan. I throbbing cock-head pushed deep into my ass-guts.

"If you give up before the dog is done, well, you're back to being just another puke on this bus. If you can't get my dog off before the last man here pours his seed into my little-girl shitter, you get to take Mrs. Zinnia's place after next game. My advice is to put those itty-bitty hips to work pushing back and fucking my dog."

I looked up, letting St. George lick my face as he pounded into Megan. In the very back seat, Rock was plugging his dick into tonight's special guest: a pretty blond cheerleader wearing the wrong school colors, with a line of duct tape across her mouth and several bands of duct tape wrapping her calves to her thighs. Her hands were behind her back, lines of mascara ran down her cheeks, half of her uniform and her underwear had been destroyed with utility knives, and her bright green eyes were fixated on the splayed-open hole of our would-be Bitch as a shaft of hard dog-cock plowed into her.

One cock pulled out of my ass with a pop, and another took its place. I ran my fingers down my stomach and started rubbing cum into my hot pussy as I rested a cheek on Tiff's shoulder.

"Is our special guest enjoying her team's humiliating defeat tonight, Team Captain Rock?"

He looked at me and grinned, then pushed into the slut hard. Her eyes squeezed shut and fresh tears appeared. "Not very much, Bitch Ashley. I think that our special guest here was a virgin before tonight's shameful loss to our undefeated Mastiffs."

"Oh my, Team Captain Rock! Is there blood from her virgin cunt on your magnificent cock, Team Captain Rock?"

"Most it it has probably found its way into her ass by now, Bitch Ashley."

"Good, Team Captain Rock. If I may ask, is her South Central shitter tight, Team Captain Rock?"

"Loosening up nicely, Bitch Ashley. I think that this little whore is beginning to understand why St. George has the finest football program in the country."

A stream of piss began raining down on Megan's face. She gasped as the cock popped out of my slippery butthole and was replaced with another. A second stream of piss started splashing off the side of Megan's face. Tiff whispered something, and Megan turned her head to catch the spray in her mouth. Goddamn, this girl was going to work out just fine. She was real Bitch material.

I considered for a moment, and watched Rock adjust the squirming girl on his lap. He laid her head over the edge of the seat so that she could watch St. George at work and began fucking her doggy-style. His balls slapped her cunt, and I could see where her wrists were crossed against her lower back, duct-taped to one another.

"Has our special guest had an opportunity to spend some time with Team Photographer Blake yet, Team Captain Rock?"

"Blake is on the Marching Band bus tonight. They have a Sophomore in the flute section, Bitch Erica, who is having a contest tonight with Principal's-Own Bitch Justine. She told the drum-line that she could take a cowbell up her ass while pulling a longer train than anyone on the cheer-leading squad, the flag team, the pep girls or the band. Well, tonight is Bitch Erica's opportunity to prove herself against the best of the best."

"Sounds like a lot of fun, Team Captain Rock! Lady Justine is on the Marching Band bus?"

"Yep. She came out of retirement just for tonight's win and for the bet. Principal Kaufman told me that she hasn't fucked high school guys in almost a year, and that she learned how to fist her own pussy a couple of months ago at a party."

Another dick slipped out of my ass, and a third stream began as the first one petered out. I leaned up and licked the last drips from the spent cock as a pair of fingers spilled into my back door. I ground down on the fingers, squeezing as I took them to the palm, and a third joined them. Megan was blushing, and I watched her tiny toes curl as an orgasm wracked her. Tiff's fingers were busy, and St. George's enormous cock was now punching in and out with ease, churning her little fuck-hole into a froth.

"So, will our special guest have an opportunity to spend some time with Team Photographer Blake, so that her raped cunt can be displayed for all to see in the school's trophy case, Team Captain Rock?"

Rock's thrusts intensified as our special guest started sobbing, and I watched as he blew a load into her colon: "Yeah. The buses are going to pull in at a truck stop in about an hour or so, and Justine is going to introduce this little fuck-rag to a few of her friends who hang out here. It'll be Blake, the Principal, and whoever else wants to go on the field trip. After that, everyone can switch buses however they want."

He pulled out, wiped his cum-&-shit-covered dick on the special-guest's cheek, and stepped over to begin pissing on Megan.

"Me, I'm probably going to take a nap. I have a big day tomorrow - a recruiter from Gibson is coming by, and my girlfriend and her daughter will be with him."

Holy fuck. Gibson was the Principle's and the Coach's alma-mater and possibly the best school in the country.

"Well, it would be an honor for this Bitch to suck your cock later, Team Captain Rock. Please let this Bitch know when she may be of service."

"Will do, Bitch Ashley. Hey, guys - go fuck tonight's special guest while she's still fresh. That little cum dumpster is going to look like she fell down a flight of stairs and smell like low tide by the time Justine and her friends get done with her."

He walked away as Megan screamed with another orgasm. St. George hunched against her, and Tiff nodded at me: he was dumping a load into the little Bitch. I kissed Megan's cheek and then licked at her tears, easing off the fingers behind me: "You did it, Megan."

I slowly got up, and turned around to see Whitney on her knees behind me, licking cum from my ass off her palm. Her other hand was working at the clit of the little Hispanic seventh-grader, who was spun around with Zach's dick buried three inches into her ass. She smiled and beckoned with her middle finger for me to bend down to her. She leaned in and kissed me, pressing a mouthful of spunk onto my lips. We locked eyes after a moment.

"I'm so proud of you, Ashley. You remind me so much of me when I was your age. You're going to be the best Bitch this school has ever had."

I blushed. I didn't even know what to say. She nodded up the aisle: "I'll take care of Megan and St. George's knot. You go make the announcement, little girl."

I walked up the aisle, as proud as I had ever been. I noticed that someone had replaced the magic marker in Mrs. Zinnia's ass with a beer bottle. She didn't seem to mind, and was now working Coach's huge cock with both hands while Jeff fucked her face. Team Captain Rock had stopped to get a beer, and was watching as the little 6th-grader I had commanded to each my cunt was being held down and raped by a halfback named Rick. Her quiet friend, the one who had ignored me, sat on the little slut's chest and held Rick's dick steady as he rubbed his thick tool through her puffy, lily-white pussy lips.

At the front of the bus, Coach's wife took a momentary break from sucking the driver's dick to hand me the microphone for the bus's public-address system. I leaned in close to the seat to allow the driver to run his free hand over my body.

"Everyone! May I have your attention!"

Two dozen heads popped up as the driver plunged a finger into my ass. I could feel cum running down both of my legs as I bent over to accept it.

"Tonight, the St. George Mastiffs raped the living fuck out of the limp-wristed faggots of South Central!"

There was a cheer, especially from the back. Our special guest was being used in all three holes now, with the duct tape which had once covered her mouth now firmly placed across her eyes. Someone must have convinced her that biting would be a bad idea, but that a rousing session of "three-prong outlet" might be a fun game that would get her home sooner.

"In addition, the St. George Bitch Squad is pleased to announce that, oh, fuck, mister - are you trying to get your whole hand up my shitter?"

There was a general giggle from the assembled throng. And yes, he was. I pushed back, trying to see how this was going to work out. Coach's wife pulled an ass-cheek aside to help him, took his dick in one hand, threw one of my legs over her shoulder, and then applied those thick dick-sucking lips to my clit.

"We're pleased to oh, fuck me, to announce holy fuck, that we are pleased to be joined by fuck, fuck, holy fuck my little ass, a beautiful young lady fuck Christ who has proven herself fuck, oh mister fuck my ass a really amazing example of true St. George Jesus fuck Christ mister, school spirit rape my fucking ass, Jesus, mister, please. Oh fuck."

At that point, Whitney came up and saved me. And by 'saved me', I mean that she helped her mom steer while the bus-driver lifted me up into his seat and fucked the holy shit out of my ass.

Go Mastiffs!

Black Tie Affair (Mf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/17(Tue)08:40 No. 9394 ID: 7b23cd

Black Tie Affair
- Nicholas Fellheimer

I stepped into the gold-appointed bathroom, gazing at blond little Lydia chained down to the base of the sparkling toilet. Everything was immaculate, including her: frilly white dress, white ribbons in her hair, white knee-socks, black patent leather shoes and a stout length of black iron rings two feet in length and fastened to her slave-collar to keep the little whore firmly secured to the ground.

Well, technically, she was held to the floor by both the chain and by my father, at the moment. With one great hand wrapped around her pale throat and another lifting her slender young leg up at an angle, he slipped his thick cock into her unwilling, hairless cunt with long, slow strokes. She made soft sobbing noises as I watched his cock, slick with KY, punch into her tight quim.

I had seen my dad fuck many times before, and I knew that he was just getting warmed up for the evening.

"Daddy, I was told to inform you that our guests are beginning to arrive."

My father turned his head slightly, taking me in. God damn, he's gorgeous.

"Kneel, Rachel."

I hiked my ankle-length dress up to my freshly shaved pussy and fell to my knees in the doorway. He slipped his throbbing cock from Lydia with a wet POP and let her leg fall as he stood, straightening his black dinner jacket. As my father stroked a massive erection and slipped it between my slack lips, I watched Lydia curl up around the gleaming white toilet and weep softly.

"Your cousins have arrived, then?"

I shook my head no, running both of my hands along his huge shaft and trying to suck out the tangy taste of Lydia's cunt.

"Ah, then it must be Reverend Marcus and his family."

I nodded, rubbing my tongue piercing along the crown of his dick as it filled my mouth.

"Very well, Rachel. I assume that your brother has checked the preparations in the other two bathrooms?"

I nodded again, gagging a little as my father grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and speared his huge cock down the back of my throat.

"Good. Dr. Mather and his family will be running late, and I know that he will want to use the little redhead in your mother's bathroom when he arrives. Has she been lubricated?"

I nodded slightly with my head tilted back, feeling my throat open and close around the massive head of his prick. I tried to lick his balls, with limited success.

"If I know your brother, of course, he's probably got her face-down in the toilet at the moment. He raped the little Japanese slit we got him for his birthday half to death in that bathroom, didn't he?"

I tried to nod, but I don't think my dad noticed. He had one hand on the back of my neck and another cupped under my chin with a thumb against my cheek, thrusting with one smooth motion down my throat like he was slipping on a condom.

"I do hope he's semi-discrete with the redhead, considering that she's for the guests. The maids will have a conniption if he ruins her hair, too - those ribbons, I'm told, are matched to her eyeshadow, the shower-curtain and the towels. What is her name again?"

I pulled off of his dick with a gasp, a mouthful of pre-cum and saliva trailing to his huge manhood, fisting the enormous member with both hands.

"Her name is Stephanie, Daddy. She's eleven years old, four-foot-three, and seventy-five pounds. Her hair color and nipples match the accents for mother's bathroom, she has been dressed in emerald to match the primary coloration in the room, and Reginald has been informed to keep his horse-cock out of her until midnight at least. She can take most of the dogs except for Whore-Ripper, she cries when her nipples are pinched, and she her asshole, while lubricated, is still technically virgin."

"Oh, well, she's not going to like Dr. Mather very much, then. As for you, Rachel, well - you will make your uncle a very fine wife someday."

"Thank you, Daddy."

My father smiled at me, slipped his dick back into his black dinner slacks, and kissed me on top of the head. He walked out, then turned.

"Let your mother know that I'm off to go greet our guests. And find out where your little sister Raina has gotten off to, if you would."

"Yes, Daddy."

I stood on shaking legs, running a finger through my sloppy-wet cunt lips as my father departed. Listening to him casually discuss rape while he fucks my face always turns me on. I glanced down at my dress and at the floor, being certain that nothing had stained my black dress.

No, I was immaculate as always.

After checking the wet bar, the camera and the large plate of pills by the sink, I briefly considered tormenting Lydia but thought better of it. She was, after all, for the guests.

I walked out of the upstairs bathroom and glanced over the banister down the spiral staircase at the scene in the foyer. Reverend Marcus was shaking my father's hand, and already had his dick in the moth of our maid, Chloe. Mrs. Marcus, still in her black fur coat, impassively held the leash of their family's large dalmatian Maximilian, who was rutting into Chloe's squishing pussy with abandon. Their 17 year old daughter, Angelique, was dressed and made up like a miniature version of her mother except that a thin Asian girl about 6 years old was at the end of her leash, outfitted in a dalmatian-print bikini with a tiny black spot drawn on her nose. She wore a headband with little black-spotted doggy ears, as well, and cum ran both of her inner thighs.

Although I didn't much care for the Marcus's, primarily because Angelique always calls me a baby and makes me tongue her asshole while my brother fucks her, I had to admire their style. Hours must have been spent on their hair.

I slipped down the hall, to where my little sister Raina was still in the television room. I opened the door and found her sprawled on the couch with a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels pressed against her clit and Whore-Ripper's tongue slurping out the inside of her peanut-butter smeared cunt.

"Hey, sis. Want some?"

And she was drunk. Whore-Ripper looked at me, snorted, and went back to rooting in my sister's slippery pussy. She shuddered and twisted her tiny nipples.

"Rainy, you are almost eleven goddamn years old. How difficult is it to be on your best behavior when dad throws a party?"

"I'm looking to get fucked tonight, Rach. The only way any of the guys here, ung, god yes, will have the balls to fuck Randolph Raynard's middle girl is if they're, fuck Christ yes, sure that I'm proper good and fucked to begin with."

She made a point. I had to physically jam Uncle Horace's dick into myself at the dinner table when I was her age, and that was after squirming on his lap under an assault from three fingers for almost two hours. I thought the poor old guy was going to have a heart attack when I came.

"Be that as it may ..."

"The only ones at this little, oh Jesus fuck me yes, 'soiree' tonight whom I know, for a fact, have the balls to slip it in me are Whore-Ripper here, Daddy himself and our dear brother. Any of them will, oh shit yes, pound the living shit out of my pussy if given the slightest chance, and I feel that a little lubricant, whether alcoholic, orgasmic or canine-saliva in origin, is best called for in such instances."

"Well, Mother will not be pleased that you're neither dressed nor downstairs greeting the guests."

"Mother is eight months pregnant, has already had the, oh shit yes, single glass of red wine she's allowed for the night, and is being taken anally in the kitchen by the aforementioned elder brother at this very moment."


"Yes. Her thirtieth birthday is certain to be a, ah fuck yes, a roaring success." Her head lolled to the side as she casually scooped a wad of peanut-butter from the jar on the coffee table and smeared it across her wide-spread cunt. Whore-Ripper continued to lick away.

"If the two of them are in the kitchen, then who is watching Baby Reanne?"

"The girl is nine, Rachel. It's time that you, unh, fuck, oh, got acquainted with the facts of life one way or another."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

Raina closed her eyes and flicked at her clit, then sucked the wet mass of dog-slobber and peanut butter from her finger.

"I'm saying that Baby Reanne, as you like to call her, has always been precocious - and she, oh fuck me yes, is no longer going to be the baby around here anyway, pretty soon. Papa is already talking to a very wealthy man from Gibson University who has an interest in Reanne, and I, oh Christ fuck me yes, wouldn't be at all surprised if the littlest Raynard girl was getting her pony tonight. And pulling a train."

I couldn't help it. I pinched a nipple and pressed my still-wet pussy against the arm of the couch through my dress. "You're not serious."

"I am. You're the one who, oh fuck yes, likes to squirm and tell Daddy what he wants to hear while he's fucking you, and Reanne is the one who pisses her panties and flashes the help and acts like a brat until Daddy holds her down and rapes it out of her. I'm the one, shit yes fuck Christ, who makes Daddy talk dirty to me if he wants me getting wet on that thunder-dick of his, and he's very excited about putting on a show with Reanne tonight."

I worked my hands up my dress, pulling at my pussy. "But it's Mother's special day."

"Oh, this will be special for Mother. She gets to watch the, fuck fuck fuck yes, the girl who has stolen her husband's heart for the last nine years finally take a dicking that would turn most whores inside out. Mom will be bent over the cake table with our big brother pounding her sloppy pregnant pussy from behind while she massages the balls of the next man in line to, oh shit yes god, rape her baby. By the end of the night, Reanne is going to service a whole lot of dogs, a whole lot of guys, one very happy pony with a big pink pecker and at least one Reynard girl: me."

I flipped my dress up to my belly button, threw a leg over the couch, and settled my steaming cunt onto Raina's face.

"So let me guess: Reanne is out in the back with the gardeners and the landscapers getting warmed up."

Rain nodded with her tongue against my clit, bucked her hips against the dog's assault on her fuck-hole, and then brought her hands up to grab me by the butt cheeks and draw my over-heated sex into her mouth.

It wasn't until it was too late that I realized she had slipped a fingerful of peanut-butter into my asshole.

After having my colon cleaned-out by Whore-Ripper while he plowed into my sister's frothing cunt, I told the little bitch to get clean, get dressed and get downstairs in record time.

In the kitchen, cooks and caterers scurried around, and dozen gleaming pots roiled away on stoves. On the floor, my mother was bent over with her pretty face against the linoleum next to an empty glass of red wine, her dress hiked up to her swollen tits, and several inches of my brother's huge dick slowly easing in and out of her grasping pink shit-pipe. Both of her hands disappeared beneath her belly, and I could hear the sound of her slapping her meaty cunt.

"Mother, the guests are being greeted."

"Uhg. Good. Will you tell this bastard to stop raping my naked, vulnerable asshole?"

"Of course, Mother. Reginald, will you please stop raping Mother's tight, hot, gaping asshole?"

He seemed to consider for a moment, then beamed that bright, toothy grin that has been the ruin of so many young ladies. There are single mothers in every grade from sixth to Seniors who fell for that smile.

"No, probably not. This churning little fuck-hole of hers is amazing. Watch: if I twist on this titty right here, her whole ass clamps down on my dick like she's trying to suck a nut out of me."

She did, in fact, appear to be trying to suck a nut out of him.

"Reginald, I hope that you're not intending to rape Mother all evening. She does have guests to attend to."

"Whores get raped in this house, Rachel. You know that. Mother has just seemed extra whorish tonight."

"Tell this son-of-a-bitch to take his huge, throbbing cock out of my shitter and stop calling me a whore, Rachel. I'm not one of his little starry-eyed, eleven-year-old fuck-dolls."

"But you have the nicest ass I've ever raped, Mom. Seriously, Rachel, come feel this."

Mom was going for her nut now, panting on the floor and working both hands into her pussy.

"Reginald, if I run my hands along your beautiful cock as you penetrate Mother's wet and steaming asshole, will you please dump your hot fuck up her colon so that she can go mingle with the guests?"

"You got it, sis. Here, slide underneath her so you can see it better."

"Excuse me, Mother. I'm just going to move under you so that I can use both hands to work this magnificent prick as it rapes you."

I hiked up my dress to my armpits so that it wouldn't get dirty, laid down, slipped my head between my mother's knees and ran my hands along the incestuous intersection of their pumping flesh, feeling my mother's wetness roll down my arm and I slipped half of my fist into the gaping folds of her sex.


She spasmed on my hand, spraying her juicy girl-cum across my bare chest. With a low 'umph', Reg emptied his balls into her, then pulled out and wiped his ass on her ass-cheek.

"Thanks, sis. Have a good time at your party, Mom."

Nine inches of glistening wet, semi-hard cock still flopping out of his fly, my brother casually walked out of the kitchen to the dining room. Along the way, he snagged a bread-stick off of a platter and groped a teenage girl on the wait-staff.

"I swear, Rachel, that boy will never learn."

"I'm so sorry, Mother. All the Raynard men are like that, I suppose."

"Yes, indeed. It is the burden we bear. Why, your father did nearly the same thing to be on our very first date, fifteen years ago. Now, sweetheart, if you don't mind, I don't want any of your brother's hot, sticky fuck to run out of my ass and stain this lovely dress. Would you be a dear and suck it out for me?"

Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)14:53 No. 9422 ID: b5cce3

this is disgusting.

but my god do i respect it.

Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)22:35 No. 9432 ID: 78a299

nice in its own way

Anonymous 10/08/21(Sat)06:10 No. 9501 ID: 4ab47c

buuump a lump

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)00:51 No. 9568 ID: ecbdf6

Dare I ask for moar?

Anonymous 10/08/26(Thu)04:34 No. 9573 ID: 801b02

Bob Saget, is that you?

Class Fuck-Doll (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/08/31(Tue)15:23 No. 9619 ID: 7b23cd

Ask for more, and you will receive!

Class Fuck-Doll
- by Nicholas Fellheimer

I hate it when my mom comes to my school, mostly because she's such a control freak, and it's gotten way worse since she started dating Gideon. There I was, in the middle of hottie Mrs. Devlin's math class, and my mother started knocking on the window.

Everyone looked at me, and all I could do was roll my eyes. Jeez, she just loves intruding. Blaine, the cute guy who sits behind me, leaned in and whispered "Jesus, Haley, your mom's a fox."

"Eat my asshole, Blaine."

"Anytime, Haley."

It's true, though. My mom is a total hottie, but it's so weird - ever since she and Gideon started going out, my mom never wears a bra or panties any more. I could see the dark outline of her nipples right through her dress shirt, and it looked like she had something wet and shiny running down her chin. She smiled at me, and gestured for me to come outside.

I turned to Mrs. Devlin, my teacher, and she just smiled and shrugged. She has a real crush on me, I think - a lot of guys and girls both have started looking at me like that since I turned 12, and I've noticed that I can get away with a lot more.

I stood, and mooned Blaine behind me as I got up, which I had been doing recently just to fuck with him. I had noticed that a lot of guys in class had started leaning in to watch me do that, so I had stopped wearing panties.

I mooned the class pretty well, that time.

Seeing the wide-eyed reaction on the face of Mrs. Devlin, I decided to give her a hug to thank her for letting me leave class to see my mom. She's pretty tall, and I'm short for my age even in the high heels that Gideon bought me, so I just walked up, threw my arms around her hips, and pressed my tits right below hers. God, she felt good. I looked up and batted my eyes at her.

"Thanks so much for letting me run out for a second. I'll make it up to you after school."

There were a couple of wolf whistles from the class, so I pulled one of my hands back, lifted my skirt and flashed by bare ass to them again, this time so everyone could see.

"It's no problem, Haley."

"Aren't you going to hug me back, Mrs. Devlin?"

"Alright, Haley."

She leaned in to hug me, putting both arms around my shoulders, and I felt her skin get warmer.

I whispered in her ear: "Aren't you going to kiss me, Mr. Devlin?"

"Let's talk about it after school, Haley. Come by my room at 3:30, maybe, okay?"

"If you really want to see me after school, Mrs. Devlin, you should kiss me."

She smiled, seemed to consider for a moment, and then leaned in again to plant her soft, full lips against mine. Man, she's cute, and a great kisser. I bit on her lower lip as she pulled back, and tried to whisper as softly as I could from the back of my throat: "I'm not wearing panties. Show my pussy to the class."

I felt her hands run down my ass and then hesitate. I widened my stance and started bending at the waist.

"Do it. Pull up my skirt and show them my tight, bald, coral-pink pussy."

She inched the fabric up, and I sent my tongue into her mouth. This drew applause from the whole classroom. We kissed for a few more seconds, and then I pulled away, running one hand across her firm tits as I left the embrace.

"Thank you, Mrs. Devlin."

"Call me Jessie."

"Will do, Mrs. Devlin. See you at 3:30."

I walked out of the classroom, to meet my mom, swaying my hips to give everyone one last look at my ass. Damn, my mom is rubbing off on me!

By the way, I don't mean that she was 'rubbing off' on me literally. I mean, a few times since she started dating Gideon she's had me help her shave her pussy and has started frigging her clit while I was using my mouth to dry her labia, and there was the one time that she came into my room drunk after a party and made me feel the inside of her to see if I could guess how many guys she had fucked that night, but she very rarely actually 'rubs off' on me.

Sometimes, in the shower, I guess.

Anyway, outside, my mom had a big grin on her face, and I could see that the slick, pearly wetness across her chin ran all the way down her neck and down the inside of both her thighs to her high-heels.

"Yes, Haley, it's cum."

"Oh. I wasn't sure. From who?"

"You know most of them. Here, taste some and see if you can guess.."

I leaned up to lick her neck, but my mom shook her head. She pulled her skirt up to show me her abused cunt, with semen still leaking out of it. I bent and started tasting.

"Mmm. Haley, you and I have a meeting in the Principal's office."

"About what, mom?"

"Don't talk with you mouth full. Gideon asked me to talk to your school, so I came by."


"Get my clit there, baby."


"Yes, like that. Gideon wants the school to make some special arrangements for you girls, so he, oh, fuck, yes baby, had me come by to talk to the, fuck, yeah, school's administrators."

"Mmm-mm mmm?"

"Oh, about all sorts of, oh, fuck yeah, things. You'll see. I think you'll, fuck fuck, really like this."

"Mmm, mm."

"Good. Alright, now we don't have all day. Get you little ass moving."

I stood up, and the school janitor was watching us with a wry grin on his face. My mother nodded to him, dutifully turned to the wall and put both of her hands against it.

"Haley, would you present my sloppy bitch-pussy to this nice man?"

"Yes, mom. Uh, sir, would like to fuck my mommy?"

He grinned and pulled at his dick through his jeans. "Maybe later."

"Offer to suck his dick to get it ready, Haley."

"Can I use my mouth to make your cock hard so you can fuck my mommy, mister?"

"Got a lot of work to do. Your momma free later?"

"Tell this nice man that your mother's hot bitch-pussy will be in the principal's office all afternoon, Haley."

"You can fuck my mommy any time, mister. She'll be in the principal's office when you want her."

"You got it."

We walked up the hall, and more cum kept running out of my mom.

"So, do you recognize the taste?"

"No, mom. Sorry."

"You will."

We got to the office, and we walked in on something out of a movie: seven guys in a semi-circle, all in business suits, all with their hard, wet cocks out. My little sister Dani, wearing nothing but the leash and collar that Gideon bought for her, had a cock in each hand and was sucking on a third. My mom dropped to her knees and took a dick in each hand.

"Sweetheart, you recognize the principal and vice principal of the Jr. High; these gentlemen are from the High School, these other two men are the administrators in charge of Dani's grade school, and the big-dicked gentleman fucking your sister's mouth is the Superintentant of schools."

"It's nice to meet you, sir."

He extended his palm, and when I reached in to shake it he pulled me close. I shivered at how strong he was, and he let go of my hand to wrap it around my neck. Two guys began to move in behind me, running their hands across my legs, tits and ass.

"Haley, it has come to my understanding that your mother doesn't feel that you are being properly educated at this school."

I looked over, and my mother had already fallen to all fours, one cock lodged down her throat and another buried into her shitter.

"I guess that's right, sir."

I felt the back of my skirt pulled up, and a thick cock-head began making long strokes through my overheating cunt. My firm tits fell free as my shirt was cut away with a pair of scissors, and another cock slipped into my left hand. I started milking it.

"Well, we take your mother's concerns very seriously, as I'm sure you can tell."

"Of course, sir."

There was a prodding at my fuckhole, and the shaft slipped deep inside my wet, grasping pussy. The superintendent tightened his grip on my throat

"She feels fantastic, sir."

"Good. Now, you and your little sister are both going to be moved to the High School as of tomorrow, and I'll be taking a firm hand regarding your education from now on. You'll be taking three blocks of Senior boys PE, a few automotive classes, and a photography course."

The guy behind me began to fuck me in smooth, steady motion, and his long cock slid in and out with practiced ease. The cock in my left hand started leaking pre-cum, which I rubbed up and down the shaft.

"I-I-I see, sir."

The cock pulled out, and I began to feel his hard slickness pressing against my tight, crinkled little butthole. Without hesitation, I licked two of my fingers and ran them across my sphincter, feeling my little teenage shitpipe warming up.

The superintendent let go of my throat: "Now, these men are going to take you on a little test drive, Haley. Specifically, they're going to fuck the holy hell out of you, and we're going to see if you're really ready to become our class fuck-doll."

The cock behind me thrust into my ass slowly, and I felt my guts spasm around his long, thick member. The guy on my left walked around to my front, now letting me use both hands to milk his dick.

"Oh, oh, oh, s-s-sounds good, sir."

"See, now that's what I call school spirit. Steve, tell this little bitch to slip your dick in her overheating cunt while I fuck her baby sister."

And that's how my sister and I became the youngest Freshmen at the school! She's dating a couple of Juniors these days, but I'm going steady with the entire Varsity football squad ... and the Principal!

Anonymous 10/08/31(Tue)19:04 No. 9620 ID: 2e5b4d

i ask for more!!!

My Dad's New Girlfriend (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/01(Wed)09:03 No. 9624 ID: 7b23cd

You know, I probably need to be careful about suggesting that I can produce unlimited "more" upon request.

Still, I do happen to have a few unfinished stories here and there.

My Dad's New Girlfriend
- Nicholas Fellheimer

So there I am, sitting in class listening to Mr. Reinhardt talk about Romeo & Juliet, and all I can think about is that no one ever told me that dog-cum was so much runnier than guy-cum.

Here it is, leaking out of my pussy, and nobody told me. Oh, heck, it's starting to leak pretty bad - I can feel it puddling in the wooden seat and up against my bare butt-cheeks. God, how did I ever let Sasha talk me into going out with her friend Nikolos?

Trying to be cool and keep all the thin, watery dog-cum from staining the back of my skirt, I lift my butt off the seat for a second and flip my pleats back.

Bad move. There's this wet sucking sound as I get up, like a when titty gets a hickey, and then a little liquid sound when I sit, like a bare-assed fourteen year old mutt-slut sitting down in seven dog-cocks worth of fresh fuck-juice.

A couple of heads turn to look at me, and I blush from head to toe. Mr. Reinhardt stops for a second to look over his glasses at the class, then continues.

I look down, and I realize that my dark nipples are poking right through my white dress-shirt. I start blushing so hard that my tits turn a reddish-pink, totally visible through the thin cotton shirt that I'm wearing without a bra.

Oh, hell.

I feel a cool breeze then, as the very back edge of my skirt is lifted from behind. There's a whisper: "Holy shit, dude. I think that's cum on there."

I close my eyes and squeeze my hands into fists.

A deeper voice: "Lift it higher, man. I think Bailey forgot her fucking panties."

I take a deep breath, feeling my entire body tremble.

"Fuck, dude! Look at her ass! Fucking sweet!"

"Woah. How'd she get all those red lines on there?"

I put my head down on my desk, mortified beyond belief.

"Dude, that's from caning and shit, man."

"Bailey, lean forward more. I wanna see your asshole."

I cover my head with my hands, bite my lower lip, and then slowly lift my ass out of the seat and show my abused fuck-holes to the boys behind me.


"I'm sorry, boys, do you have something to share with the class?"

My eyes jerk up, and Mr. Reinhardt is staring at us in the back of the room.

The deeper voice. Warren, who sits behind me: "No, sir, Mr. Reinhardt, sir."

"Is that a fact?"

I look around as Mr. Reinhardt walks to the back of the room. All eyes are on us. I'm in a half-crouch, tits mashed against my desk, with my ass a good six inches off the seat. Slobbery dog cum runs down both thighs to the insides of my knees, and I'm blushing as red as I ever have.

Warren is leaned back in his chair, using the toe of his left boot to lift the back of my short, pleated school-girl skirt and look directly at my out-thrust ass. He has a huge shit-eating grin on his face. He doesn't let my skirt drop as Mr. Reinhardt walks up, and I want to die like I never have before in my life.

"Just making sure that Bailey was okay, sir. She seemed upset."

"Hm. I see."

Mr. Reinhardt slowly takes his pointer out from under his arm and brings it down to the level of my pussy. I lean forward further, pressing my forehead and cheek against the desk, and my ass raises another inch off the seat.

Everyone in the back row is leaning in now, staring at my dripping snatch. Mr. Reinhardt presses the tip of the pointer against my bubbling cunt, and a dollop of dog-fuck rolls into the pool in my seat.

"Maybe she should go to the nurse's office, Mr. Reinhardt, sir."

The tip of the pointer withdraws from my pussy, and I start breathing again. As calm as ice, Mr. Reinhardt wipes the tip across my cheek and begins walking back to the front of the room.

"I think that you make an excellent point, Warren. Would anyone here be willing to escort Bailey to the nurse's office?"

A dozen hands go up.

"Very well. Bailey Lays, please stand up."

I stand in a hurry, and the squelching sound is louder than before. I look down, and dog-cum is running the backs of both of my legs to my socks. I put my hands to my sides and try to stop blushing.

"Ms. Lays, these nice young men are going to escort you down to the nurse's office. I do not want you to give them any trouble, do you understand me?"

I nod as quickly as I can.

"Please come up to the front of the classroom, Bailey."

I swallow hard and step to the front of the room. He leans in very close, and brings down the tip of the pointer in contact with my nipple. I shudder and rub my knees together.

"You and I are going to have a very serious talk after school about your behavior disrupting my class, do you understand me?"

I nod, closing my eyes.

He tags me hard across the painfully-erect nipple with the pointer: "I asked you a question. Do you understand me, Bailey?"

I squeak: "Yes, Mr. Reinhardt."

"Good. Now, before you go to the nurse's office, clean up that mess that you made in your seat."

I turn, looking at the class with a smear of drying dog-fuck on my cheek, tears brimming behind my eyes and several ounces of semen running down my legs out of my sopping hot cunt.

Everyone in the room staring at me. Every boy has a wicked gleam in his eye and a look of awe, every girl a smug look of superiority or a little tinge of hunger. Nikolos always says: "Everyone loves a fuck-doll."

I walk back to my seat on shaking legs, gazing at the pool of liquid fuck in the center and spilling off the sides onto the floor.

"Clean it up, Ms. Lays."

I turn at the sound of his voice, pleading with my eyes. 'With what?', I want to shout!

"Use your top, Ms. Lays."

I unbutton my dress shirt slowly, trying to keep my fingers from trembling too much. The thin material wasn't going to do much good trying to soak up semen, but the moment I stand topless I feel my nipples harden in the cold. I crumple the warm shirt to use as a rag, wishing I could pinch my tits.

I begin to bend over at the waist, keeping my knees straight like Nikolos has taught me, and a crack of lightning shoots through my backside as Mr. Reinhardt lays his pointer across my ass. I gasp, thrusting back, presenting white butt-cheeks streaked with pink marks from just such a flogging.

"We do not have all day, Bailey. Perhaps you should try licking it up."

And there I am, face down in front of an entire classroom and slurping up the dog-cum that has poured out of my pussy, pinching my hard nipples as surreptitiously as I can and squirming while Mr. Reinhardt lays strokes across my ass, when I realize how glad I really am that my dad started dating Sasha.

Maybe I should start from the beginning:


My dad is a great guy, and I do my best to be the best daughter ever. It can't be easy raising a 14-year old girl all by yourself, especially since he also has to take care of the little hellions, my baby sisters Gracie and Natalie - they're 11 and 9, respectively.

Steve, my dad, he says that Gracie and Natalie take more after my mom than I do, which is really sweet - he says that they really remind him of her during her 'wild days'.

I don't really know what he means by all that, but I guess that my mom IS kind of wild - she left my dad to go see the world when I was only six, right after Natalie was born, and my friend Mandy tells me that my mom had some kind of a 'reputation' when she left.

I don't really know what that means, either, but Mandy says that her dad isn't allowed to mention my mom at home. Something about a golf-ball through a garden hose, I guess, and her dad getting caught 'red-handed'.

Anyway: my middle sister, Gracie, is always getting in trouble. She's been caught shoplifting a bunch of times, although somehow she and my dad have convinced all of the stores to drop the charges. Gracie sometimes come home and tells my dad that she's "been a bad girl" or is "feeling like a bad girl", and he takes her into his bed room to discipline her. Boy, that girl sure needs a lot of disciplining! Anyway, I've heard through the grapevine that Gracie is sometimes disruptive in class, and she probably would have gotten kicked out of school if the principal and a few of her teachers didn't like her so much. She's only in 6th grade, but she joined the Jr. High boy's soccer team at our school last year at the coach's suggestion. He and Dad were hoping that a little bit of disciple and some "team effort" would help straighten her out, and so far it's seemed to work.

Gracie is always talking about the coach and how cute he is, and even though she never actually plays on the field, the team gave her an MVP trophy this year at their big end-of-season dinner. She calls herself the team mascot and the "ball girl", and after they gave her the trophy she went to the showers to thank the whole team privately. I've never seen a group of boys so happy, and the coach's wife was practically beaming when she came out.

My littlest sister, Natalie, well ... she's just daddy's little girl. She pretty much gets anything she wants: I wanted a dog for years, but it wasn't until Natalie asked for one that we got one. Champ, our golden retriever, sleeps in her room, and the two of them have a game which she calls "get the peanut-butter." I don't really know much about it, because Natalie always closes the door when she plays it unless Gracie or Dad go in with her, but it must be a lot of fun. The one weird thing about Natalie, other than how she sometimes wants to sleep in Dad's room, is that although she's old enough to use the ladies-room like any other girl her age, she always insists on going into the men's-room.

I remember, about a year ago, we all went to a movie at the local multiplex as a family, and Natalie announced that she had to pee just while we were sitting down. She and Dad went to the bathroom together, and it wasn't until the movie was over that I noticed that they hadn't come back. Gracie had headed back to the back row to talk to the dad of one of her friends from school, but the lights came up and Natalie and Dad were still gone.

When I went to the back of the theater as the show was ending, Gracie was sitting on the guy's lap; she must not have been very comfortable there, because she kept squirming around. Her friend's dad was really nice, though, and said that he always enjoyed meeting polite young ladies like my sister. I told him that I wouldn't exactly call my sister polite, and he just laughed. When I excused myself to go find my dad, he said that he would take care of Gracie while I was gone.

I finally found my dad standing by the busiest men's room in the theater! There must have been six different bathrooms that he and Natalie could have chosen, and they had to choose the one with a half-dozen guys in line to go in! Dad said that Natalie was still inside and that she was doing fine, but he wanted to stay here and watch out for her just in case.

Anyway, we ended up staying the rest of the day: I watched the same movie three more times, and Gracie met up with a couple of dads of her different friends in the back row. At one point, she found the dad of one of her friends in the very front of the theater, and the two of them got to hollering quite a bit right in the middle of one show while she was sitting on his lap. The usher came down and I thought that he was going to throw Gracie out, but after he took her up to the back row and talked with her for few minutes, everything seemed to be okay.

On the way home, Natalie was wrapped up in a blanket in the back seat because she was feeling tired and had lost her sundress in the bathroom, and Gracie wanted to sit in the front seat with dad and talk about the friends she had made. I guess that Dad was pretty upset with how she had behaved at the theater, because he took her to his room and disciplined her all night.

Anyway: our family is otherwise pretty normal. That is, we were, until Dad started dating Sasha.

I was pretty surprised when Dad came home with Sasha. It's not because she was so pretty - my dad is a very good-looking guy with a great job as a land developer, and has gone out with a couple of really attractive women over the years. It's just that Sasha was so young: at 20, she's only a few years older than I am, with a job as a waitress at a club that my dad and his friends go to, and she has a seven year old daughter named Erin.

Sasha and Erin came home with my dad one night, and she really wowed me right away: I was sitting watching television on the couch, and Sasha came right over, told me to stand up, and gave me a great big hug. It was a little wild, because she kind of grabbed my butt and and she nibbled on my ear a little bit, but she kept saying that we were going to be the best of friends, and I knew that she was right. She looked totally amazing in a tight red dress that looked like something out of a movie, and when I told her how pretty it looked she pulled it straight off over her head and asked me if I wanted to try it on!

I was blushing head to toe, standing there in my nightie while I tried not to embarrass either my dad or his date, but I had to admire Sasha's figure. She wasn't wearing any underclothes, and her breasts (not that I was looking!) were the same bronzed-tan as the rest of her. I didn't know what to do, so I just fidgeted and tried not to look at anything - I glanced at my dad, and he was holding Sasha's daughter Erin and running his hands through her hair.

"Bailey, don't you want to try my dress on? You and I have GOT to be about the same size. It will look so pretty on you!"

I didn't know what to say.

"Oh, are you shy, Bailey? Don't be! It's just us girls and your dad! Here, let me help you with your nightie."

She was so pretty, and I was so embarrassed, I just kind of pulled in on myself and tried not to let her see how much I was blushing while I closed my eyes. My dad said something, low so I couldn't hear, and suddenly Sasha was stroking my arms. She didn't know it, but she accidentally started rubbing my nipples through my nightie with her thumbs.

"Bailey, I'm going to take your nightie off. Lift your arms."

I did, and Sasha pulled the thin fabric over my head with one move. With my eyes still closed, I felt her lift my tits with her hands, rolling my nipples with her fingers.

"Oh, you and I are definitely about the same size. Let's see your butt."

With a yank, my panties fell to the ground. They puddled around my ankles, and Sasha pulled my butt-cheeks open with her fingers.

"Bend over, Bailey."

I dropped to my knees and touched my hands to the ground, still with my eyes closed. I heard Sasha put her fingers into her mouth and pull them out with a pop, the same way my dad does when he has to check my temperature when I look feverish.

"You are a very good girl, Bailey. Are you a virgin?"

That seemed like a very strange question to ask, but all I could do is gasp as she entered my ass with a pair of slim fingers. She sunk two digits into me, and pressed her palm against my privates. I tried not to let her know what she was doing, but I jammed my lips and my little clitty against her hand as hard as I could.

I guess she didn't know what I was doing, because she started rubbing her hand back and forth.

My dad spoke up: "Sasha asked you a question, Bailey."

"Yes ... yes, Sasha, I ... I am a vi-virgin."

I guess that Sasha got distracted then, because one of her fingers slipped inside of my vagina. Trying not to let her know that it had happened, I pushed my hips back against her hand as slowly as possible.

She laughed, and then she pulled her fingers out of my butt. With my eyes still closed, I could hear her walk over to my dad, kiss him on the cheek, and then walk upstairs. A few minutes later, the lights in the TV room clicked off. Finally, I opened my eyes and stood up: the house was dark and quiet, and Sasha's dress was draped across the couch where I had been sitting.

That night, Sasha left her daughter with Dad and spent the night in Natalie's room along with Champ and Gracie, and I really respected that - she and my dad were obviously dating, but I thought that it was really admirable that they didn't take it too far, too fast.

The next morning at breakfast, Sasha sat at the table completely naked, and so did Natalie. Once my other sister joined us, she wanted to get naked for breakfast, too. My dad was nowhere to be seen, but Sasha told us that he and Erin were taking a shower together.

Breakfast was ... different. While she talked with us about school and boys, Sasha calmly took a banana off the counter, licked it, and slipped it between her legs. I wasn't sure what exactly was going on until she started breathing heavily. We all stared, but I guess I was too obvious.

"Is there ... unf, fuck ... something ... fuck me ... wrong, Bailey?"

"No, I just ..."

Sasha leaned across the table, still working the shaft into herself below the table with one hand, and slapped me across the face.

"From now on, you will address me as Mistress. Is that understood?"

I closed my eyes, then pressed my hand to the cheek she had struck. Without realizing it, I spoke.

"Yes, Mistress Sasha."

"Good. Unf, fuck, this is good. I think I'm going to like Steve's family. Girls, do you want to try this?"

I opened my eyes, and my two little sisters were nodding enthusiastically.

"Well, there's only two bananas. Bailey, get on your knees."

I dropped to the floor as Sasha pulled the yellow cock from her gaping hole, licked it, and passed it to Gracie.

"Gracie, that should be nice and slick. See if it can fit into you baby sister's tight little cunt. Bailey, come over here."

I crawled and hands and knees over to Sasha's chair, my ears burning with embarrassment. Placing one leg over each of my shoulders, she slid down her chair and wrapped her knees behind my head.

"Bailey, stick your tongue out."

She rubbed her steaming vagina across my mouth, pressing her clit against my tongue and wiggling back and forth. My sister spoke: "I think we got it in, Sasha."

"Yeah, that will do. Gracie, go slip something into that hot little pussy of yours and then go get a yardstick."

I watched Gracie go padding of, and turned to see Natalie stroking the banana through her immature little slit with eyes locked on me. Moments later, Gracie returned - an inch of yellow fruit jutting out of her hairless sex, a yardstick in her hands, and a huge grin on her face.

"Gracie, take Bailey's panties off. Panties are no longer allowed in this house. Now, we're going to play a a game called 'Truth or Get Raped', Bailey. Do you understand?"

I nodded as best I could as my panties were stripped to my knees. Sasha stared at me for a moment, then cast a glance to Gracie.

The yardstick cracked across my ass, and I squealed into Sasha's pussy.

"I asked you a question, Bailey. Do you understand?"

Mumbling, with a mouth full of clit: "Yes."

Sasha stared at me and then smiled. She flicked eyes to Gracie, and the yardstick snapped across my butt-cheeks again. I opened my mouth to cry out, and a mass of warm, wet cunt was pressed into my mouth.

"Keep your tongue where it is and suck. If I didn't know better, Bailey, I would say that you were trying to get spanked. Now, do you understand?"

My mouth even more full than before: "Es, Mis-tess Tha-tha."

"You are a very good girl, Bailey. You're going to love this game. Natalie, go get Champ."

I heard bare feet slapping on linoleum as Sasha rolled her hole against my tongue, and then the clicking of claws across the floor.

"Hold him, Gracie. Natalie, you get him ready for bitch-pussy."

Champ started to nose me in the side as I worked Sasha's clit. In moments, he was breathing hard against my ear. There I was, on my hands and knees sucking on a mouthful of hot pussy, when Champ's slick doggy dick began to press against my backside.

"Oh, lovely. Natalie, hold onto his big, fat doggy-cock. Gracie, use those magic fingers of yours on Bailey's little fuck-hole."

My pussy gaped open at her touch. Her tiny digits worked their way across my overheating membranes, and I felt a flood run across her hand.

"Wow! She's so hot, Sasha!"

"Yeah, this little whore likes to be told what to do. Okay, little miss Bailey: are you ready to play 'Truth or Get Raped'?"

"Mmm, mm-mm mm-mm."

"Good girl. Now, I want you to nod for yes and shake your head for no. Is that understood?"

I nodded. "Mmm, mm-mm mmm."

"Oh, and don't let go of that pussy. You're doing a good job, you sweet little cunt-sucker. Now, first question: do you masturbate?"

I nodded. What could I do? "Mmm, mm-mm mmm."

"Sasha, she's rubbing her pussy all over my hand - I think she's trying to get Champ's dick!"

"Well then, she IS a good girl. Do you masturbate thinking about your daddy, Bailey?"

Nodding: "Mmm, mmmm mmm."

"I thought so. Do you like eating my pussy, Bailey?"

Nodding: "Mmm, mm-mm mmm."

"Oh, Bailey, you just have to meet my friend Nikolos - the two of you would get along like two pees in a pod. I'm going to set the two of you up on a date, I think."

I didn't know what to say. "Mmmmmm."

"God, I love the way you suck my cunt."

"Sasha, I think that Champ is ready to fuck Bailey now."

"Well, then let him have his bitch. Bailey, your little sisters are going to put Champ's big doggy dick in you now."

My eyes crossed, my knees nearly gave you, and I squealed into Sasha's pussy. Champ pressed into me through Gracie's expert fingers as she flicked to my clit, and I felt Natalie's hand wrapped around the very base of his shaft pressing into the lips of my cunt. I trembled all over, rocking back and forth as he pressed further into me than anything ever had.

Sasha mashed herself into my face: "Oh, yes this is nice. Don't stop licking, you little whore."

Part Girls (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/01(Wed)09:09 No. 9625 ID: 7b23cd

... and the last of it that I can find, at least for now.

Party Girls
by Nicholas Fellheimer

Inspired, as always, by PuppyLoverDawn

I think that my favorite thing about my mom's new boyfriend Simon is that he likes to make fun bets and stuff with my mom, and that he can always get her to follow through with them. I mean, my mom is a real knock-out, and super-sweet, but before she met Simon on the internet, it was like she was always really tense and never wanted to have any fun. She went on a couple of dates with him, and POW - it's like he's let out her wild side, you know?

Anyway, she bet Simon that his friend Leroy wouldn't have the balls to fuck any of her daughters right in front of her at the dinner table during Uno night, and when she lost that bet, well, we all had to pay up.

My little sister Cate, by the way, well, her favorite thing about Simon is probably his dick, which she's finally learned to take all the way up her ass. And as for Ashley, my older sister, I think that she mostly likes Simon's dog, Kubla. But, me, I think that him getting my mom to take us all to a party is the coolest part.

You should have seen her: this high powered business woman, there on her knees in the kitchen with those awesome tits hanging out, trying to get Leroy to cum before he slipped his monster cock into me, with me squirming around on his fingers and begging for him to 'fuck a baby into me '.

It was awesome.

I'm not sure, but I think that if Simon hadn't grabbed Cate, thrown her on the floor and started fucking her right there on front of the refrigerator, Leroy might not have done it. Part of the rules of the bet were that nobody was allowed to tell Leroy what was going on, but all of us kind of cheated: none of us showed up with any panties under our skirts, and Ashley kept missing her turns because she was playing with Kubla's dick or bucking around in her chair while her licked her pussy.

Anyway: the party that Simon wanted us to go to was a fraternity event, and he told us to dress to impress.

That night, my mom looked like a supermodel, I'm not even kidding. We trimmed her pussy for her, making her bush into this little heart, and she was a total fox in a short, sparkly red dress that Simon bought her - it was like something Jessica Rabbit would have worn if she wanted everyone to see her cunt better.

We girls also wore outfits that Simon picked out for us: a blue sailor-girl skirt for Cate, a pink fairy-princess tutu for Bree (that's me!), and a tight black biker jacket with a leather skirt for Ashley, since she just turned fifteen and has the tits to really make it look good. We stood in the hallway, each of us with a handful of Vaseline like he told us to bring, while Simon inspected each of us. We were all holding our breath, and after he was satisfied that we looked good enough, told all of us to turn around and face the wall.

I watched as he flipped my mom's skirt up, slapped her once across the bare ass, and then pulled out a thick black magic marker from his jacket pocket. He hauled his thick cock out, rubbed it across my mother's slippery pussy lips, and fucked her for a few strokes while told my mom rub some Vaseline onto the marker. She held onto the wall with one hand and used the other to rub it on like she was massaging a dick. He pulled out of my mother's sloppy sex with a wet plop, drew a single one-inch black line up and down on my mom's ass-cheek, and then slipped the slick pen up into my mother's asshole.

"Just warming you ladies up. Whoever comes home with the most fuck-marks gets a special prize, so be sure to ask the boys to draw a little line on your pretty white butts when they're done ramming their cocks into your tight little cunts."

He was now pounding into Ashley with short strokes: her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were closed. She always gets like this when she's about to get gang-raped. She rubbed the slick marker with one hand, kneading at it like she does with Kubla's big pink doggy-shaft.

"Daddy, do butt-fuckings count double?"

I looked over at Cate, who had her shirt tucked up under her armpits and was already playing with her tiny, hairless pussy with both hands, rubbing her Vaseline into herself, her eyes wide. She loves to call Simon 'Daddy'.

"The rule is that only fraternity brothers who fuck you get to draw a mark on your little ass, but you can ask a man to make more than one mark if he thinks you did a particularly good job."

"I will, Daddy."

"One little girl I used to fuck came home from a party like this with marks across both ass cheeks, all the way down both legs, from her hips to her ankles."


"That's right, 'wow'."

Simon flipped the back of my skirt up, slapped my ass, and began rubbing the slick head of his cock through my juicy pink lips. He wrapped one hand around my throat and squeezed, making it hard to breathe, and I felt my wet hole split wide as he sunk into me. I was lifted onto my tip-toes, feeling his throbbing member punching inside of me.

With my face pressed against the wall, he placed a thick black magic marker in my Vaseline-ready hand, and I began getting it as slick as I could.

After only a few seconds, Simon's enormous cock pulled out of me, leaving me feeling loose and empty, and a moment later I felt a him draw a little line on my butt-cheek and then hard, slippery plastic invade the first six inches of my ass-guts. I looked to the side, and Cate had gotten on all fours for her fucking. She grunted and grinded back against Simon, on his knees, letting the little 8-year old push his cock into her.

"Now, you ladies drive safe. Your mother knows which house it is, and I'll come get all of you in the morning."

"You're ... oh, fuck ... not ... shit fuck ... coming with us, Daddy?"

"No, pumpkin. Daddy has a date tonight, but I'll be there later."

"Are you ... god fuck god ... sure you won't come?"

"Well, maybe I'll stop by. I think you'll be pretty busy though, you little slut."

He slipped his dick out of her itty-bitty fuck-hole, made a tiny black mark on her little white cheek, licked the end of the marker, and then screwed the slick plastic into her puckered pink shitter.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"You make me proud."


We pulled up, markers still in place, and it was obvious that the party had gotten started without us. A dozen pairs of panties were hanging from various branches in the yard, and loud music was blaring from the giant old building. The fraternity's letters were brightly lit, shining into the yard, and I could see one girl passed out, beer still in hand and skirt pushed up around her hips, passed out on the lawn.

"Now, you girls be nice. Say please and thank you."

Ashley: "Got it, mom."

"And if someone offers you a beer, it's okay to have one or two, but don't get sick or Simon will get mad."

Cate: "I don't want any beer, mom. I want to get fucked!"

"Alright, that's the spirit."

I piped up: "Thank you for losing that bet to Simon, mom. You're the best!"

"Oh, hush. You're the one who got us into this."

That made me really, really happy.

Mom led us up to the door and knocked. The door opened and a good-looking guy with a beer in his hand in a smoking jacket opened the huge door. The music got louder, and I could see the silhouettes of people dancing and drinking inside.

"Hi. I'm the General, and you must be Simon's friend Darlene."

I could tell that my mom was nervous. Her voice almost cracked, and she swallowed hard: "Yes. These are my daughters."

"Well please, pretty ladies, come on in. It's cold out these!"

Cate: "Will you fuck my little pussy, mister?"


"Oops. I mean, will you PLEASE fuck my little pussy, mister?"

"Oh, I think that we're going to have ourselves a lovely time tonight, Darlene. I'm going to introduce your littlest one here to a good friend of mine named KP."

The General put his arm around mom's waist, pulled her close, and started walking around with her like she was his date.


Once we were inside the fraternity house, it was like something out of a movie. A really dirty movie, specifically. Like something off of one of Simon's websites.

In the living room, a group of college-age guys and younger girls were sitting on couches, making out, drinking, passing a bong around and watching a gorgeous young girl with big tits and duct-tape over her mouth and binding her wrists together getting fucked by a big Huskie dog. She was squirming and crying with her cheek pressed against the floor, with cum running down her face and caked into her long blond hair, and I could see that loops of tape were wrapped around her thighs, holding her lower legs into place so that she couldn't get off her knees.

In the corner, a camera was running, and a tall guy was idly nursing a beer and manning the recorder while a curly-haired brunette head bobbed up and down on his cock.

"Darlene, ladies, this is Jerry's little fuck-socket sister Amy. Jerry's sister, these nice ladies are going to compete with you to see who can take the most dick tonight. These girls are ready to rock, but I have a feeling that you just might get raped inside out before the evening is through."

I looked over and saw that mom had already pulled the General's cock out and was milking it gently. He, in turn, had casually pushed her skirt up in the back to toy with her ass, letting his fingers run around the pen poking out.

Ashley just couldn't take her eyes off the thick k-9 cock plunging into the blond, and she walked over to run her hands around the wide shaft as it pumped into the sobbing girl's unwilling hole. She unzipped her jacket, showing bare skin from her neck to her belly-button. "I'll bet that I can take more of that doggy cock than she can, though, Mister General. Can I be next?"

"Next? Sure, fine by me. First, though, I'd love it if all of you lovely young ladies would be so kind as to take a piss on this little cunt-meat's face. She's been upset about all the cum on her, and it only seems fair to let her get washed off."

Without hesitation, Cate stepped forward, lifted her dress in the front, and let loose a stream of hot piss, catching Amy in the eye. A laugh went up from the room. I raised my hand, feeling embarrassed.

"Yes, Miss Princess?"

I started blushing. "I can only pee in front of strangers if someone sucks it out of me."

"That's no problem, young lady. Jen, you heard the word 'suck' - get over here and earn your privileges."

The skinny brunette popped off of the bobbing dick in front of her with a slurp, and slid across the floor to slide her head up the front of my frilly dress and work her thick cock-sucking lips around my clit.


"Oh, yeah. Jen is worried that we're going to let the dog fuck her, and she's doing everything in her power to just be too damn fun at everything else. Hell, I've had her lick out the inside of my ass while I raped her little sister. This bitch will do just about anything not to get filled with doggy-cock."

As the curly-haired little minx leaned in, sucking my lips into into her hot mouth and lapping her tongue into my slit trying to get piss out of me, Ashley flipped her short leather skirt up and began running her fingers, wet with dog-fuck, against her slick pussy: "You have a beautiful doggy, Mister General. Are you sure this won't bother him?"

"No, he doesn't mind, especially when he's getting some tight bitch pussy."

The General had slipped the pen out of my mom's ass, and he was now behind her, running his seven-inch cock between her legs.

She was still massaging his cock, rubbing the shiny head as is ran back and forth between her mushy cunt-lips. "Uh, Mister General, sir, I, uhhh, don't know if I'm going to, oooh, be, ahh, able to pee like this, if you, if you, ahh, fuck, start fucking me."

"Whore, I told you to piss on this bitch."

He leaned suddenly, snagged my mother's right leg under his muscular right arm as he wrapped his left elbow under her armpit, and lifted her off the ground as he plunged his cock into her, wrapped up like a little girl.

"Now piss."

Anonymous 10/09/01(Wed)17:09 No. 9626 ID: 62ee80


Anonymous 10/09/02(Thu)00:09 No. 9629 ID: b96352

for some reason I imagine all the dialog taking place in bored, nonchalant tones and it amuses the shit out of me.

Anonymous 10/09/02(Thu)02:16 No. 9631 ID: 05471a

God damn. I only got about halfway through the end of the first post before cumming. Good show. Definitely going to bookmark this and copy it into a text file.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:38 No. 9635 ID: 7b23cd

Sweet - I'm glad to see that my dialogue works! I have a thing for jaded, casual decadence, a sort of smirking, idle, half-bored cruelty; the idea of these characters taking their monstrosity for granted makes me laugh while also getting me hard.

Glad you're enjoying it! Please feel free to copy, share and even add-to the work as you see fit.

Unfinished Story-Seed: Laundry Day (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme unfinished) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:43 No. 9636 ID: 7b23cd

Laundry Day
by Nicholas Fellheimer

I hate moving. I hadn't been living in town very long, and my new apartment didn't have a washer or dryer, so I found myself at the local laundromat on a lovely Sunday afternoon in early Autumn, grading book reports and vaguely wishing that I had brought my iPod while my bras and panties churned next to me.

I was a little surprised at how many men were here today, and it looked like some of them hadn't even brought any laundry, but I assumed that in a small town like this, everyone had to get together somewhere on a Sunday when the bars were closed. There were a few women, and a couple of kids, and about an hour after I got there it filled up even more, until the place had an exciting energy like being at a carnival.

A hush ran through the building, and I looked up as the door opened and a stunning young woman walked in wearing a light sundress; I would have guessed her to be a college Freshman, but I could see that her two daughters, who might have been 8 and 12, were with her. Her eldest daughter, a cute brunette in an identical sundress with bouncing ringlet curls, probably a little older than the kids I teach, walked in with her mother - while the younger girl, wearing a bikini, waited outside on the sidewalk with a large chocolate Labrador and several baskets full of clothing.

The kindly, elderly gentleman who ran the place stepped out of his office and with a remote control; he pressed a few buttons, and all the televisions inside were switched to closed-circuit cameras of the laundromat, all in full color. The young woman walked up to the smiling man and pouted her full lips at him, batting her big blue eyes.

"Mr. Shadwyn, I know that your laundromat has a no-dogs policy, but may pretty please I bring Charlie-Boy in just this once? My husband and his poker friends are at home with Jeanette, and they say that Charlie-Boy will bother them while they play."

The man grinned, but tried had not to show it. "I don't know, Evie. My customers don't like to be bothered by dogs."

"Oh, isn't there anything I can do to convince you, Mr. Shadwyn?"

"I don't know, Evie. All these nice people, they don't want to be bothered, and ..."

"Mr. Shadwyn, what if I ..."

She leaned in and whispered in the man's ear.

"Well, that might be okay, Evie."

She turned to her daughter. "Nicky, suck this man's thick cock hard so that he can pump his hot cum up my ass."

The little girl fell to her knees in front of the Mr. Shadwyn and unzipped his fly, fishing his semi-hard cock out. Evie spun in place, lifting her sundress own up and over her head in one swift motion to display her abundant charms to the room, and then bent over the counter and began to work at her wet pussy and cum-dribbling asshole with both hands.

"Get him ready to fuck your mommy, baby. Suck that big dick hard to fuck your mommy."

Unfinished Story-Seed: Dinner With Deanna (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:48 No. 9637 ID: 7b23cd

Dinner With Deanna
by Nicholas Fellheimer

With thanks, as always, to PuppyLoverDawn!

"Oh, no, daddy, no, daddy, no no no, not in my ass, daddy, PLEASE!"

"Huh. Well, Jenny, it sounds to me like Deanna wants me put my cock in her ass. What do you think?"

I wasn't sure what to say. I looked over, where Deanna's mom, down on all fours, was massaging my brother Cliff's balls with one hand, tonguing his cock where it punched in and out of her 8-year-old daughter's itty-bitty pink pussy. I could see that she was using her other hand to massage her clit while their dog, Bobo, rutted into her from behind, but I was trying not to stare.

I also tried not to show that I was pressing my hands to my pussy under my dress.

"Uh, well, Mr. Falkner, it sounds like she doesn't want you to ... you know."

He slowly pulled his thick member out of Deanna's abused fuck-hole and looked at me. "Jenny, you have to use big-girl words in my house."

"I mean, uh, sir, I think that she doesn't want you to put your cock in her ass."

"Very good, Jenny. I like your big-girl words. So, you don't think that Deanna wants me to put my cock in her ass?"

"No, Mr. Faulkner, sir."

"Hm. Do you think it's because my cock is too big, Jenny?"

"Maybe, sir." Then, because I couldn't help myself: "You do have a very big cock."

"I see." He turned and slapped Deanna's ass, making her quiver all over, and then ran a wet finger across her bright-red butt-cheek to begin toying with her puckered shitter. "Well, she's been a very bad girl, and she is going to get my cock in her ass one way or another. Do you understand that, Jenny?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Faulkner."

"So what's going to happen now, Jenny?"

I pressed my hands tighter and harder against my pussy, feeling it get hotter and hotter. Trying to cross my legs so it wouldn't be obvious.

"Uh, well, you're ..."

"Big girl words."

"You're going to put your cock in her ass now. Sir."

"That's right. You are a good girl. Now, if you don't want her to be in pain, you should come here and either get my cock slick or get her ass ready."

"Okay, Mr. Falkner."

"Crawl, Jenny."

And that's how I wound up with my tongue all the way up Deanna's colon and her dad's dick in my hand when my brother peeled my panties off and took my anal virginity. Actually, it might have been Deanna's mom that peeled my panties off, now that I think of it.

But that night was definitely the start of my new life as Deanna's pet fuck-socket.


It all started one summer, when my dad's job moved us to a new town. He had gone up a bunch of notches at the firm all at once, and from what Cliff told me it was because Mom was becoming really popular with Dad's bosses and clients.

Anyway, our new town was pretty different: a much smaller city, with only one Jr. High/High School and no mall. I wasn't very excited to be starting 7th Grade at such a little place, because I had just finally gotten to be known as one of the cool girls at my old school. I mean, I had always been one of the pretty girls, but I was also really short and because I was Cliff's baby sister, it was tough to be taken seriously.

He's the class clown, but he was also a starting Varsity Quarterback his Freshman year; he loved the new town because it was a whole new crop of girls and because now that he was turning 16, he would have a car and could 'rule this little shit-hole'.

I wasn't even sure what kids did for fun around here. Well, that is, until my dad dropped us off at the Country Club to go swimming.

We discovered pretty quickly that it was a clothing-optional pool. In fact, it was a clothing-optional club: when we pulled up, my dad headed to the bar to meet with one of his new clients, who was sitting on a big leather couch getting a blow-job from a teenage girl in pig-tails wearing only a pair of hoop earrings and thigh-high socks.

Cliff immediately headed to the pool, pulling off his shirts and shorts on the way. By the time I got there, he was chatting with a pair of attractive forty-something moms sitting with their feet in the water, and one of them was casually stroking his dick.

I was a little more shy. I took off my jean-shorts and my t-shirt, but I left my bikini on.

"I wouldn't do that, if I was you."

I looked over to a near-by lounge chair, where a slim, nude 7th-grade girl with a lip piercing and dark blue eyes was laying on her stomach in the sun, reading a dog-eared copy of 'The Story of O'. Her tight, white butt had several bright red hand-prints on it.

"Why not?"

"New girl, right? The guys will see your bikini as a challenge. I mean, if you're looking to get fucked, there are more fun ways to do it."

"Oh. Thanks for the tip."

"I mean, in less you get off being held down. Maybe you do. I get that." She sat up, and the rings in her nipples glittered. I could see wetness leaking from her pussy as she shifted and then stood. She walked over to me. "Deanna."

"Hi. I'm Jenny."

"Welcome to the neighborhood. We have a lot of fun. Here, let me help you with that."

Unfinished Story-Seed: Cate has a Date (MFf+ ped inc beast extreme naive) Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/09/02(Thu)11:51 No. 9638 ID: 7b23cd

Cate Has a Date
by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks, as always, to PuppyLoverDawn!)

It's tough being an active and supportive mom these days. I mean, I try and I try to be a part of the lives of my girls while still remaining discrete and letting them make their own mistakes, but it's really hard to know how to balance everything.

When my oldest daughter Emmy turned 14, she wanted to start dating a boy from the local college, and I bit my lip and let her see him, against my better judgment. I should have known that Knox was trouble the first time that we met, when he kept grabbing my ass and talking about my daughter's cock-sucking skills, but it wasn't until he held me down in the kitchen and had his way with me in front of the rest of the family that I knew what kind of boy he really was.

Still, I'm really proud of the way that Emmy and Knox have handled everything in the last year: when he got her pregnant, he accepted my invitation to move into her bedroom so that their new family could be together; he even got her a job at a local club where her bar-tends so they could make ends meet. Now, I certainly wish that Emmy had would go to school more often and not dress as provocatively when she does, but she goes to class every Friday and her grades have never been better, so who am I to judge? Oh, and certainly, I wish that Knox wouldn't bring home other girls from the club on the nights when he stays over, but ever since my husband finished putting soundproofing in the basement and started spending some time supervising Knox and Emmy, things have gotten much less stressful around the house.

In fact, Bob has taken to supervising Emmy a lot, making sure that she's always taken care of even when Knox isn't around! That puts my heart at ease, because I know that I can take care of Baby Abby and he'll take care of Em. The thing is, you have to supervise, without judging.

So I've learned a lot of lessons as a mom, and sometimes, your daughters will really surprise you! In fact, Emmy and Knox are doing well enough that they went on a vacation to Vegas this year, where they won over a hundred thousand dollars playing slots; Emmy was so tired when she came home, she slept for almost two days. She told me that she learned to ride horses, and it was wonderful.

They made a video while they were there, but Bob tells me that I wouldn't find it very interesting.

Anyway, when my middle daughter Cate told me that she wanted to go on a date with an older boy, I knew just what to do: supervise.

MistressC!sa718qMb8I 10/09/03(Fri)01:31 No. 9644 ID: 2f18b5

moar of this please ^_^

Anonymous 10/09/18(Sat)23:56 No. 9778 ID: ffec60

i also would like some moare

Anonymous 10/09/23(Thu)02:18 No. 9815 ID: 37696f

i've really enjoyed these stories. moar pleaz!

Anonymous 10/11/11(Thu)11:35 No. 10312 ID: da3c8e

I have nothing to contribute; please rape my face

In the spirit of the holidays ... Nicholas+Fellheimer 10/12/25(Sat)10:29 No. 10590 ID: 61c6c1

Amy the Christmas Slut (MF, Mg, ped, inc, beast, bi)
by PuppyLoverDawn (puppyloverdawn@excite.com)
& edited, very slightly, by (St.) Nicholas Fellheimer


Amy loved Christmas. At 9, she loved everything about it. She loved the music, the presents, the food and of course, she loved Santa. It was Friday, 2 weeks before Christmas, and Amy was home alone at night. Her parents, John and Trish, were at John's office party. As per Trish's request, John went dressed as Santa. Trish has
always had a strange Santa Clause fetish and loved her husband dressing like the mythical Father Christmas.

While her parents were out, Amy stayed up watching all the Christmas classics on TV. She watched It's a Wonderful Life and then Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Frosty. Then she changed into her sleep ware (t-shirt and panties) and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. When the movie was almost over, she heard a car in the driveway. She looked at the time and saw it was 11:30, well past her 10pm bedtime. She turned off the TV and ran for the bedroom. Her head hit the pillow just as the front door opened.

Amy could hear voices in the living room. She couldn't make out who was there, but assumed it was her parents home from their party. She tried to ignore the noise and get to sleep. In the living room, her dad helped her mom to the couch. Trish had been drinking heavily and was a mess. But the combination of alcohol and spending the night dancing with "Santa" made her horny.
"I need you to fuck me," she slurred. John was about to remove his fake beard when she stopped him. "No, I need Santa to fuck me." John smiled at Trish and put the beard back.

"So, Mrs. James have you been a good girl?"

"Oh, no," she replied. "I have been a naughty little slut."

Her husband unzipped his pants and took out his huge cock. Trish ripped at her shirt, breaking off 3 buttons and exposing her ample tits.

"Oh Santa, I want my daughter to get everything she wants this year. What can I do to make you happy?"

Amy kept hearing unusual noises coming from the living room and decided to sneak out for a peek. She crept down the hall toward the light and then heard her mom's voice. Her mom was talking to... Santa?! She was saying she wanted Amy to have a great Christmas and wanted to make Santa happy. Amy was glowing at hearing this. She looked around the corner.

What she saw shocked her. There on the couch was her mom with her top unbuttoned and her boobs hanging out. And more oddly, there was Santa Clause standing between her legs with his... penis out of his pants. Amy's mom had shown her what penises look like in one of her dad's magazines when she asked about how boys and girls
are different. But this one was just amazing looking. Amy wasn't sure if she found it so amazing because it was 10 inches long or if it was because she was seeing it in real life rather than a magazine.

Trish was slouched on the couch and pulled "Santa" closer to her. She leaned forward and took his hard cock into her mouth. "That's right," Santa said with a deep voice that almost sounded like her dad when he tries to put on a pretend voice. "That's it, suck Santa's cock, you cum slut. You're my little cum drinking whore."

Her mother smiled as his cock and then parted her lips. She looked up at him as he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth.

Then Santa growled, "I am going to shoot my spunk in your hungry mouth, you dirty slut."

Amy crept closer for a better view. With only one lamp on in the far corner of the room, it was dark enough that she could hide in the shadows but still see. She was crouching behind an end table and watched her mom's mouth sucking Santa's rigid member. Santa started to grunt and then pulled his cock from her mouth. Trish kept her mouth open and her eyes closed. Her tongue was
extended and John jerked off his cock a couple inches from her face.

"Cum in my mouth, Santa," begged her mother. "Fill my mouth with your slimy seed!"

That was all it took for "Santa" to cum. He fired his first shot directly into Trish's open mouth. The second shot hit her top teeth and then dripped down onto her lower lip. He lifted his massive cock and fired his third shot square between her eyes. As it dripped down her nose, he shot again and hit her lower lip. Trish extended her tongue and caught the next dribble.

John then used Trish's hair to wipe off his dirty cock. "Oh Santa, I hope you aren't done yet," said Trish. She licked the tip of his still hard cock. He smiled and then bent down between her legs. He lifted her legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into her pussy.

She moaned as he thrust into her. She used her fingers to wipe the cum from her face and lick it off her fingers as he rammed her cunt like a piston. As she opened her mouth to moan, strings of cum connected her lips.

Amy was fascinated. She heard her mom saying things she never heard before except in some of her dad's dirty magazines. Trish screamed, "Fuck me, Santa! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my whore cunt!" Amy's panties were getting wet as she watched. She had a clear view of Santa's cock going in and out of her own mother's private place. She wondered briefly where her dad was, but assumed he was already in bed asleep.

Trish started to moan, shudder and buck. "I'm cumming, Santa! Oh, God! I'm cumming!" Santa kept fucking her till she started to calm down. Then he turned her over and with her on all fours on the couch, he slid his wet cock into her ass hole. She winced and then smiled that dreamy post-orgasm smile he loved so much. He fucked
her ass hard and fast. "Oh Santa, fuck my ass! I am suck a cum slut! I need you to fuck my ass like a dirty whore!"

Amy looked down and realized her fingers were rubbing her tiny bald pussy through her white cotton panties. She quickly stopped and focused on her mom and Santa. She was treated to the sight of Santa pulling out his throbbing cock from her mom's ass.

"Turn around, slut." With that, Trish turned around and put his dirty cock into her mouth. She sucked hard on his shaft and then he groaned. Again he pulled out his cock and shot a stream of jizz across her face. Then he fired his next shot on her chin and neck. He wiped his cock on her cheek and then tucked it back into his pants.

Amy quietly snuck out of the room and back to her bed. She was under her covers and felt the wetness in her panties. As she lay there, she heard someone coming down the hall. In walked Santa. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Santa leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. He smelled of... something she had never smelled before. She could only assume it was the
smell of sex and "cum".

Her mom came to the doorway and asked, "Is she okay?"

"Yes, she is asleep like a good girl. I better get back to the North Pole before your husband wakes up," he said facetiously. Amy opened her eyes to slits and there, just inches from her face, was his penis. When he stuffed it back in his pants, he didn't zip up and it must have tumbled out. Now there it was, just inches from her face.

John turned and walked out of the room. Amy couldn't hear what he said to her mom, but saw them kiss as he closed her bedroom door. She couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours.


The next day, she came down for breakfast and her mom was in a great mood. Amy imagined she, too, would be in a great mood if she had her "cunt fucked" by Santa. He mom broke her from her silent fantasies. "So, are you going with me to the mall today? I thought we could stop and see Santa and get your picture taken."

Amy lit up. "Really? That would be great! You're the best, Mom!"

They arrived at the mall around noon and had lunch at the food court. The whole time Amy kept thinking about seeing her mom with Santa the previous night. Actually, Trish kept thinking about the same thing. They got in line for Santa and waited.

"Mom, the line is pretty long. If you want, I can wait and then meet you in an hour," said Amy.

Trish thought for a second. "Well, if you're sure. It would give me some time to finish up my shopping."

Trish left Amy alone and went off to finish shopping. The line moved quickly and Amy was next in line within a half hour. Then, it was her turn. As she climbed up onto Santa's lap, she leaned in and whispered into his ear, "Santa, I saw you last night."

"Oh, you did?" asked the man dressed as Santa.

"Oh yes. I saw you with my mom. I saw you "fucking her cunt".

Santa was shocked. "Whaaa?" As the camerawoman changed the roll of film in her camera, Amy continued. "Oh yes, I saw you. I saw my mom being your "cum slut". I want to be your cum slut."

Santa looked around to see if anyone was watching him. He wondered if his past was catching up to him. Ever since he raped those 3 girls back in Georgia, he was always afraid the police would find out it was him. But that was 8 years ago. Could this be a set up? No, his instincts told him this was something different.

"So, little girl, what is your name?" he asked. She said her name was Amy. "What a beautiful name. I'll be taking a break as soon as I am done here with you. Will you wait for me over by the restrooms?"

Amy agreed and the photographer was ready. The picture was taken with Santa's hand on her lap and a smile on her face.

About 10 minutes later, Amy was waiting by the
bathrooms in a long hallway lined with payphones. People bustled by in that busy holiday way. And then she saw him. Santa. Of course he was not wearing his hat or his red coat. But rather he had on a long black coat to hide his identity from the legions of kids at the Mall. But she recognized him right away. And she saw his black boots peaking from beneath his coat.

"Hi, Amy," he said in his jolly way. "Thanks for
waiting for me."

She smiled and took his hand, "Oh, Santa, I would wait for you all year."

"I suppose you do, now that I think about it," he said with a gentle grin.

He pointed over to an unmarked door behind them at the end of the hall. It was a service exit leading out to the dumpsters. No one ever goes back there so he knew it would be safe. "Why don't we step out there."

She followed him out the doors and behind a dumpster. "So, you'd like to be my cum slut?" She nodded yes. "Well, then I need to make sure before I allow you to try to be my official cum slut." He unzipped his pants and took out his erect penis. She thought for a second that it looked a little smaller than the previous night, but didn't say anything.

"Get on your knees little one and suck on my cock," he said.

Amy quickly kneeled and took his cock in her tiny
hands. With a nod of approval from Santa, she took his cock in her mouth. She didn't waste time being dainty or hesitant. She just started bobbing on his cock.

"Wow, you are good! You suck like a whore."

She took this as a compliment and sucked harder. Within seconds, he was groaning and he shot his load into her mouth.

"Oh, drink it all, slut!" Santa moaned.

She greedily drank as much as she could. But there was just too much of it. It ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Some of it dripped onto her pretty red dress and some dripped onto the dirty concrete.

He pulled his cock from her lips and stuffed it back into his pants. "So, would you like to get together again?" he asked the child. She nodded as she licked the cum from her lips and chin. "Give me your address," he said as he handed her a pen and paper.

As Amy wrote her address, he bent down and wiped a splatter of cum from the concrete and put the finger to her lips. She licked his finger clean and he grinned her.

"My mom and dad will be out tomorrow. They're going to a party or something and won't be home till late."

Santa patted her head, "Well then, I will see you
tomorrow. How would 6 pm be? The mall closes at 5 on Sundays."

Amy agreed and he walked back to the door with her.

They entered and went their separate ways. "Santa" knew this was going to be great. He just needed to stop off at the porn shop tonight for a few toys. After all, what self respecting Santa would visit a child without toys? Amy, meanwhile, found her mom and went home.

The next 24 hours went by far too slowly for Amy's taste. But soon her parents were out the door and she was alone. She studied some of her dad's porno magazines for tips and she made sure she was wearing her sexiest outfit. At 6 sharp there was a knock at the door. She opened it to see Santa, in full costume, carrying a gray bag full of toys.

"Oh, Santa! You came!"

"Well, not yet, but I plan to cum 3 or 4 times by the end of the night."

Santa stood in the living room staring at this
beautiful virgin, wearing a red half shirt and a black skirt. She had on black buckle shoes and red thigh high socks. She was magnificent. The only thing missing, in Santa's warped mind, was a cock or two crammed in her small holes. But he'd see what he could do to fix that.

"What's in the bag, Santa?"

Santa smiled as her voice brought him out of his
daydream. "I have some presents for you... if you're good."

"Oh, I'll be good," said Amy, smiling up at him.

"Well, first thing's first, let's get you out of that sexy outfit." He bent down and lifted her shirt from her small frame, exposing her flat chest. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. He stopped her from removing her socks and shoes though. "No," he said, "leave them on. I think it makes you look sexy."

Amy loved to hear that she was sexy. He looked over and saw a picture of Amy with another girl about the same age. "Who is that?" he asked.

"Oh, that's Michelle, my best friend," replied Amy with a cheerful grin. Santa just smiled a devilish smile of a man with a dirty idea. But first things first.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her knees. She dropped and took his cock in her tiny hand. "That's it, now suck my cock. Drink my cum, slut."

She looked up at him and smiled as she took his cock in her mouth. It only took about 3 minutes till he came in her mouth. He held her head at the base of his cock, his pubic hair in her nose. He pumped all his cum into her mouth till it overflowed.

When he was finished, he pulled out his cock and wiped it on her hair. Then he pulled her to her feet and let her to the couch. He sat her down and then kneeled between her legs. He reached into his bag and pulled out a blue vibrating butt plug.

He slipped it into her tight ass. She winced with the pain, but said nothing to discourage him. With that, he leaned forward and licked her pussy. He nibbled on her clit and lapped her juices. She was in a strange heaven, unable to understand the pleasure running through her body.

When she started to scream into her hands, he knew she was cumming. He stood up and leaned in, inserting the head of his now hard cock into her tight cunt. He met a little resistance, but pushed through it. She screamed for a second but then relaxed as he started to fuck her tiny hole.

As he fucked her cunt, he could feel the butt plug vibrating on the other side of the membrane. He lifted her legs and began to thrust with all his strength. She was in obvious discomfort, but she kept smiling for her Santa.

After about 5 minutes, he pulled out his slimy cock and shot his cum up into her face. He shot her in the eye, on her chin and in her hair. As she opened her mouth to speak, he leaned forward and slid his dirty cock into her mouth to clean. "That's right, suck it clean."

He reached into the bag and pulled out a large
vibrating dildo. "This is for you to use when you are all alone. I want you to stretch out this little cunt of yours."

"Yes, Santa," she replied with that innocent smile.

He fucked the child 3 more times that evening,
including once in her tiny ass. After each time, he had her lick his cock clean.

As she was licking his cock clean after his exploration of her ass, he saw her dog, Jasper, enter the room. Jasper was a collie. "I see you have a dog?" asked Santa. "What's his name?"

Amy told him his name was Jasper and that he was 3 years old. "Is he fixed?" Amy told him he wasn't. "Do you love him, Amy?"

"Oh yes, Santa, of course I do," she replied.

"If you love him," Santa said, "you need to show your love to him. Get on the floor and suck his cock."

Amy stopped licking his cock and looked up at Santa.

"What? Ewwwww!"

Santa looked down at her, "If you're serious about being my one and only cum slut, you need to prove yourself to me."

Reluctantly, Amy got onto the floor next to the dog. "Rub that furry thing right there," instructed Santa.

She did as she was told and was surprised to see a pink penis emerge from the sheath. "Now suck on that pink cock like the slut you are."

Amy loved to hear that and she closed her eyes and began to suck on the confused dog. She sucked for a minute or two and the dog started to hump into her mouth.

"Okay, Amy," said Santa. "You can stop now. Get on your hands and knees."

She did and he helped the dog mount her. "Is he going to fuck me?" asked Amy.

"Oh yes, he is going to fill your tiny cunt with his doggy cum. Then you are going to lick his cock clean and scoop all his cum from your hole. You'll lick his cum from your fingers."

Amy loved this. She was being fucked by her dog, whose cock was smaller and less painful than Santa's and she could tell Santa loved this.

Just then, the dog lurched forward and she could feel something large growing inside her. "Ow!"

Santa looked down at the child on hands and knees and saw that the knot was now inside his little whore. "He just loves you and is knotting with you."

Amy felt her small pussy being flooded with watery hot doggy spunk. Santa stroked his cock as he watched and shoved his cock into her mouth to finish off. She sucked it as her cunt dripped onto the carpet. The dog whimpered as he finished. Amy had another orgasm that was interrupted by Santa filling her mouth with still another load of cum.

When he finished, Santa looked at his watch. It was time to get going. "Amy, I have to go now, but I have some special instructions for you." She listened intently as the dog pulled out his cock. A flood of watery sperm gushed onto the floor.

"First, you'd better get started licking that up so as not to leave a stain for your parents." Amy nodded and began licking the floor. "Now, I need you to do certain things throughout the year for me. If you do, you will be my special slut. First, I want you to tell your friend Michelle everything that happened her. And I mean everything. Then show her this."

He pulled from his bag a porno film with two 12-year-old girls kissing on the cover. "Show her this and try to get her to do everything that is in here. Together, you will both be my special friends with you as my cum slut and her as my slut in training."

Amy liked the idea of Michelle being under her guidance since Michelle is 3 months older and is usually the boss.

"Then I want you to also suck or fuck your dog every single day. She can also do it if she wants. And I want you to find 3 boys or men each day to either suck or fuck. You can use friends, classmates, teachers or even strangers. In fact, if you have trouble finding anyone, hang out by the porno theater on 4th avenue. I am sure you can find a lot of guys there who want to fuck that sweet cunt or fuck that hot mouth. Can you do all of that?"

Amy stopped licking the ground long enough to respond, "Yes."

"Good. And remember, I can see you at all times so I'll know if you are not doing as I ask."

With that, Santa put his cock back into his pants and zipped up. He pulled out the rest of the items from his bag. There was another porno tape of children and adults, a double sided dildo, a guide book on sex techniques with pictures written as though for kids and a string of anal beads.

He kissed her on her cum coated forehead as he left her dripping with sperm. The dog was sniffing her cunt as he closed the door behind him. As he got into his car, he started to laugh, wondering if she would do any of the things he told her to.

Well, sure enough, Amy was good to her word. She told Michelle everything and even showed her all the toys and pornos Santa left her. Michelle didn't need much convincing to join the fun. Within a few weeks they developed quite a reputation in school as being cum drinking sluts. They did teachers, students, the Mexican janitor and even Michelle's older brother. He was 15 and loved to fuck one in the ass as the other licked his balls from below. And of course she did her dog every day and even Michelle's boxer.


The next Christmas, Amy's parents went out to his
work's Christmas party again. Again he brought the Santa suit and changed into it at the party. And again Trish drank way too much. When they got home, Amy jumped into bed and listened. She heard the voices and crept out to see.

Trish was extremely drunk but horny as always for
"Santa". She stripped off all her clothes and lay on the couch with her legs spread. "Fuck me, Santa! I've been good all year and all I want is your fat cock."

Amy watched Santa climbed on top of her mother and pulled out his cock. He started to fuck her and after about the 10th stroke, she passed out.

"Damn!" A frustrated "Santa" pulled his raging erection out of his wife's wet cunt and heard a noise behind him.

"Santa," cried Amy. "I thought I was your cum slut?!"

John didn't know what to say, so he just remained quiet till he had a better feel for what was going on. "I did everything you said to do, Santa. I "went dyke" with Michelle, sucked and fucked 3 boys a day all year long, sucked and fucked Jasper every day and studied all those porno movies you told me about."

Her father looked at his daughter as she took off her pajamas. She peeled off her panties and climbed onto the couch next to her mother and spread her legs. John could see the end of a string of anal beads sticking out of her asshole. She reached down and pulled them out slowly and then licked them clean. This both disgusted John and turned him on in a most perverted way.

He couldn't seem to help himself, already turned-on by his sex play with his wife, it all was just too much for him to resist as he slipped his cock into his daughter's tight little cunt.

He was surprised she was tight but not nearly as tight as she should be for her age. Everything she said must have been true. This drove him crazy as he fucked his baby girl. He kissed her on the mouth as he fucked her.

As he fucked her, the dog entered the room, smelling the familiar stench of excited cunt. His bitch was busy with dad but there was another girl for the taking. Trish lay there with her lags spread wide, inviting him. He walked over and licked her cunt. She just moaned as his massive tongue stroked her clit. Then he climbed up and inserted his cock into her. Trish was starting to stir, enjoying the sensation of her cunt being fucked.

She groggily said, "Mmmm, John, fuck me." With that, she opened her mouth to moan and a glob of dog droop dripped into her mouth. She opened her eyes to see a dog fucking her. "Shit! What the hell is going on!?"

Then Trish turned her head to see her daughter sitting naked next to her, being fucked by her husband. "John! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

Amy was confused. "Daddy?" she asked as she reached up and pulled down his beard. "Daddy! You're Santa Claus?!" Just as she said that, he came inside her small twat in shivering gushes.

Trish tried to get up but between being drunk and
having the dog pinning her down, she couldn't. As the dog continued fucking her it began to feel amazing. She tried to ignore how nice it felt but she was starting to cum. She closed her eyes as she came.

Having been caught at his perverted act, and having cum anyway, John pulled his cock out of his daughter's hole and leaned over to watch his wife. Soon the sight of his sexy wife being fucked by the family pet made him hard again and he slid his cock between his wife's lips.

Trish instinctively opened her mouth and sucked it, licking her own daughter's cum from her husband's cock. The dog came in her pussy right then. As the dog pulled out, Amy climbed between her legs to lick her clean.

Trish didn't know what to say, She was sucking her husband's cock that is covered with her daughter's cunt-juice as her own daughter was licking dog cum from her pussy. This was the wildest thing she ever experienced. "I love you both," was all she could say.

"Merry Christmas."

The End.

Anonymous 11/01/07(Fri)06:26 No. 10819 ID: 1c75bb


Anonymous 11/01/07(Fri)10:53 No. 10821 ID: 493398

This isn't one story continued, its a bunch of short stories. That is why i got confused.

Party with Big Sis (MFf+ ped inc cd non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/01/09(Sun)12:47 No. 10860 ID: 32392c

I stood in the open showers next to the pool, my swimsuit long since disappeared, watching a girl even younger than me grunt and twist as loads of white-gray cream ran out of her butt-hole, onto the slick black tiles, and down the drain. With a plop, a condom splattered to the tiles, and after a gasp the girl started giggling.

My sister's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Come on, Taylor. Just pop a squat & piss."

"Sissy, I can't!"

"And why the fuck not?"

"Boys are watching!"

"Yeah? Boys are going to be doing a lot more than that, you stupid little cunt. Now pop a squat and take a fucking piss like you said you had to, or I'll hold you down & let Nickie's dog rape it out you like it did mom."

Sissy's boyfriend Nick laughed at that, idly taking a draw off his beer, and Sissy's smiled up at him from her squat in front of me while semen ran from her ass; her manicured hand started working up and down his dick a little faster as I looked around the pool area, trying to see where mom was.

All around, people were having s-e-x under the flood-lights, kissing each other on each other's privates and moaning and cheering and touching themselves and even switching partners.

I finally spotted mom, her big boobs swinging back and forth as two guys sawed their penises in and out of her mouth and her butt at the same time. They had her bent over a deck-chair, and a big boy-dog was licking at the bright-pink V between her legs, which gaped open under his tongue into more of an O as I watched.

"No, that's not my dog, kinder-slut. That's just Kyle's little pup - he likes eating cream pies out of bitches. Couldn't tell you why. Do you want to try it out?"

I started blushing as I looked up at Nick, who had caught me staring. Self-consciously, I bit my lip, averted my eyes and crossed my arms over my bare chest, trying to hide the puffy nipples that felt all too exposed on my flat, bare chest.

"Goddammit, Taylor - fucking Nickie asked you a question, you stupid whore!"

Sissy glared at me, and I almost started crying.

"I'm sorry, Sissy."

"Don't tell me that you're fucking sorry! You fucking tell Nickie that you want to suck an apology out of his thick shit-covered dick when he gets through fucking your-mmm-mmmmm-"

Nickie very calmly grabbed the back of Sissy's head and slipped his penis into her mouth; her hateful words turned to quiet, soothing sucking as he worked her up and down the shaft, her lips wrapped tight around his girth.

"Suck. Now, then, Taylor, I want you to have fun at my party. Everybody has fun. Don't you see over there, Sissy's old boyfriend? He looks like he's having fun, doesn't he?"

I looked over, where Jimmy had his dress hiked up to his shoulders in back and pulled down in front over one huge fake breast, working a large penis with each hand with a glazed expression in his eyes, his hair falling across his face as he moaned in ecstasy. His dick stabbed forward, weeping clear liquid from the throbbing tip, something buzzing attached to it, and behind him a very pretty girl moved her hips rhythmically with his.

He did look like he was having fun.

I nodded, and Nickie smiled.

"And that's MY little sister right there, having so much fun with Jim. She likes fucking lady-boys up their shit-pipe, so I do my best to provide. Everyone has fun at my parties. Do you understand me?"

I nodded again.

"Say it, Taylor."

"... Everyone has fun at your parties, Nickie."

"Well, the guests do, at least. Now, since this is your first party, and you are my guest, I want you to have fun. Do you you understand me?"

"Yes, Nickie."

"Say it."

"Yes, Nickie. You want me to have fun."

"Good girl. Now, you get going before I take this cock out of your sister's mouth, because she's going to say some very mean things when I do so. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Nickie."

"Say it, Taylor."

"... You're going to take your cock out of Sissy's mouth, and she's going to say some mean shit to me."

"That's right."

I found some courage that I didn't know I had. "Because you're going to fuck that bitch while I go have fun."

"I'm going to fuck her half to death, as a matter of fact. And do you know why I'm going to take my cock out of your sister's mouth?"


"It's because this little whore is trying to make me cum. But I'm going to finish this load in your sister's pussy, because I want her little slut ass pregnant. Now, do YOU understand that, Sissy?"

She nodded.

"Hm. I've never knocked up a fourteen year old before. This will be fun. As for you, Taylor, I want you to go find some fun for yourself. If I were you, I would go ask that nice man with his dick in your mother's mouth if you can switch places with him. I hear that your mother eats pussy like a hungry dyke."

And that's the night that me and Sissy's relationship changed forever.

It turns out that she eats pussy like a hungry dyke, too. Even better than Kyle's doggy when he's got a bitch with a cream pie in front of him, in fact.

Although she does moan into my pussy a lot when Nickie and his friends fuck her pregnant ass.

Anonymous 11/02/06(Sun)06:13 No. 11225 ID: 808de6

Are you god?

Knocking up Akiko (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/02/06(Sun)12:56 No. 11227 ID: be5abb


When my husband Frank told me that he was bringing Akiko home to breed, I was overjoyed. Finally, I thought, things might get back to normal around the house.

After all, things had gotten quite a bit out of hand ever since my son Harry had started dating Bethany, and while a part of me loved it, mostly I just wanted my family back.

Later that night, feeling Bethany's fingers inside my most intimate crevasses while she forced my youngest daughter Ashley's tear-streaked face into my ass, as I prepped with my mouth each one of Harry and Frank's friends, in turn, to rape a baby into little Akiko, I knew that I liked it better this way, after all.



"Don't take your mouth of that cock."


"Of course you won't. You know, if I didn't know any better, I would say that using your mouth to outperform your 9-year old's raw little cunt turns you on."


"Oh, I see. Your slut mouth is just trying to be the best entertainment here so that none of your daughters get raped during warm-up for Akiko."

"Hmm, hmm."

"And all this wetness I feel seeping out of you around my wrist is probably just dog cum, isn't it?"

"... Hmm, hmm."

"And feeling Ashley's unwilling tongue working up your shit-pipe isn't doing a thing for you, is it? I mean, knowing that she's only snaking her hot, wet pinkness into your loose, slippy asshole because I'm forcing her to, and all, with a strange man's dirty cock buried into her to the hilt."

"Hmm ... hmm ... hhmmmmmmmmmm ..."

"Ah. Well, then you better not look up at your baby girl Jesse climbing up onto Akiko's sawhorse. She might just be up there to show off her clit ring, but ... nope, it looks like she's here to get fucked."

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..."

"Pretty little girl. Wonder what a 12 year old like her will look like, pregnant. Especially with her daddy's baby. And ... Oh, goodness, Justine, don't tell me that you're cumming again already."

"Hm ... hm ... hmm ... hmm ..."

"I know. You just can't help it."

She's right. I really can't.

- Chapter One -

Things never would have gotten so out of hand if I hadn't started sucking Harry off before and after school. I'm sure of it. So in a way, I blame myself for what happened, but only because Harry never would have met Bethany if it wasn't for my ministrations.

And it was Bethany who really started everything.

Anonymous 11/02/14(Mon)05:30 No. 11292 ID: c43ce7


Anonymous 11/02/14(Mon)13:52 No. 11295 ID: 012bdf

Dunno if the author is still checking this thread, but gawdamn when I first read the story featured in the first post, I came buckets, and it still remains possibly my favorite fapstory and definitely my most returned to story.

I absolutely love the dialogue and the execution of the events; the way the mom is being told about the things being done to her daughter. I like to think that event is their first forray into open family sexuality, but you dont make it 100% clear (intentionally, I'm sure) and I just love it.

I'd give my left nut (my favorite nut, by the way) for some kind of expansion/continuation/something in the same vein as that story.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/02/16(Wed)14:24 No. 11316 ID: be5abb

As an author, these are the sorts of comments that make me want to write! Thank you, sincerely and deeply, for the kind words and I'll see what else I can whip up!

Anonymous 11/02/24(Thu)02:15 No. 11372 ID: 7f3bff

No little thread, you can't leave page zero until we perverts get MOAR.

I fucking love 7chan. Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/02/24(Thu)10:08 No. 11377 ID: be5abb

Hmm? Your "kingdom?"

That's what I like to hear! More is on the way!

Sincerely, to everyone here on /elit/: the Anons here are the fucking best. Thank you for your time, attention, feedback and encouragement!

Anonymous 11/02/26(Sat)16:31 No. 11389 ID: f8f4ef


Any the buckets and buckets of jizz?

Born Performer (MFf+ ped inc public non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/03/05(Sat)12:15 No. 11431 ID: be5abb


My husband Mitch likes fucking little girls in public - that much, at least, I knew right from the start. Heck, on our first date he had three thick fingers up inside my squishy cunt before he even shook hands with my step-dad and told him that he'd get me home by 9 PM; by 8:30 that night he had that monster cock of his 8 inches up my virgin shit-pipe with another 3 inches to go, and his buddy Trevor's slick member making my tiny throat gag as half the drive-in crowd pushed around the car, steaming up the windows, to watch.

This is what happens when Jr. High girls go out on dates with college boys, I suppose.

By our second date I had developed quite the reputation in town, and I took more cum up my ass that night than anyone at the skating rink had ever seen before. Several pictures were taken to prove it.

Before I graduated, I must have held down a dozen different girls to give my man a thrill: my senior year, I led the squad at the homecoming game in chanting "Mitch, Mitch, Mitch! Rape that little bitch!" while he turned my little sister halfway inside-out in the front row.

I was so proud of her that she didn't have to be held down.

But never in a million year did I expect him to start fucking our youngest daughter Amy. Christ - that's why I hire a baby-sitter!

It all began the night our son Chet knocked up his girlfriend Sara. As per usual, Sarah was nursing on Mitch's dick.

Non-Anonymous 11/03/08(Tue)01:30 No. 11445 ID: b3e330

oh you tease. you'd best not leave me hanging with just that!

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/03/08(Tue)12:49 No. 11450 ID: be5abb

Just as an aside, I'm actually listening to an ex girlfriend of mine fucking a guy I went to high school with about thirty feet from me - on my couch - at this exact moment.

At one point I wandered into the room, turned on the light, grabbed my coat & smokes, said 'hi' and then turned the light back off - they kept at it.

Anonymous 11/03/09(Wed)04:55 No. 11454 ID: 4bba6c

What a tease.

Please let there be more.

Anonymous 11/03/11(Fri)04:17 No. 11472 ID: 2d6237

Kick the bitch out or take whichever hole isn't in use.

Anonymous 11/03/21(Mon)12:37 No. 11559 ID: 6768cd

So, if this is part 1...

The one-shot stories were great, but seeing some continuation would be fantastic...

Anonymous 11/04/05(Tue)03:17 No. 11691 ID: dad6ba

Why there is no more?

Flounder!19IQ53Wc/s 11/04/19(Tue)02:54 No. 11922 ID: 2907aa


Anonymous 11/04/19(Tue)07:01 No. 11925 ID: 7dfb3d

Deserves to be on page 0

Ho Down Seed (MFf+ ped inc public non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/04/23(Sat)12:53 No. 11968 ID: be5abb

Ho Down (Story Seed only)
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn!)

The problem, I guess, is that my mom is easy. All it takes is one dirty joke, two big dicks, three shots of tequila or four wheel drive, and she's sitting at the bar with her blouse open & her tits hanging out, jerking off a guy with each hand.

Get her riled up a little more, and she's pulling a train in the men's room or bringing the party home, waking up my little sister to play the doggie-sucking game.

All of this, of course, I figured out a long time ago. It didn't take much: I actually watched my mom get my older sister pregnant, nursing my uncle's dick into the squirming girl's pussy right there at the dinner table. Shawna, that poor girl, never even stood a chance - by 9th grade, she was known as the easiest and best lay in school, and the only reason she even wore clothing over her swollen belly, milky tits and cum-matted thighs was because my mom figures boys like stripping a girl before they rape her.

Of course, I got a reputation as being easy, too. Which really wasn't fair. I just have a thing for things in my ass, and once I get turned on, I don't really have an off-switch.

So I guess that me an my mom have a lot in common.

Anonymous 11/04/26(Tue)01:37 No. 12004 ID: f2fdba

So fucking amazing.

Anonymous 11/05/04(Wed)01:27 No. 12087 ID: 8e86df

entire super pro

page 0 for these exquisite fantasies

is it wrong for thinking about how i would react if i were to experience this in real life?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/05/04(Wed)12:01 No. 12094 ID: be5abb

Dear god, I sure hope not!

ALSO: thank you Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Non-Anonymous and Anonymous for your kind words - the support and feedback means the world to me!

Anonymous 11/05/09(Mon)17:18 No. 12175 ID: 7f3bff

Up you go little thread!

Ahamarla 11/05/11(Wed)05:42 No. 12196 ID: dade17

I must say, I love your work. I'm not usually a fan of beastiality, but somehow you make it appealing. Good show, sir.

Anonymous 11/05/14(Sat)20:32 No. 12254 ID: e391be

This is perverted in so many ways, it's wrong. But God does it make me hard..

Anonymous 11/05/18(Wed)19:27 No. 12293 ID: e66f34

is the author still here?

Anonymous 11/05/18(Wed)19:27 No. 12294 ID: e66f34

is the author still here?

Anonymous 11/05/20(Fri)04:47 No. 12310 ID: 26929a

I love you so much, we should become best friends and circle jerk around lolis and film it.

Actually we shouldn't because it's illegal butwe should still become best friends.

Anonymous 11/05/22(Sun)00:08 No. 12332 ID: a0850c

The world needs more of this <3

Anonymous 11/05/25(Wed)17:08 No. 12371 ID: 7f3bff

Fuck the world, my dick needs more of this.

Brownie Points (MFf+ ped inc sub non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/06/01(Wed)11:16 No. 12435 ID: be5abb

Brownie Points (story seed)
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(with thanks to Phil Phantom & PuppyLoverDawn)

"Open your throat more, Susanne."


"Yeah, more like that. Doggie dicks aren't like boy's. You're going to have to tilt your head back more. And arch your back."

I was trying. I really was. To help me try harder, Marcus pushed that huge cock of his another inch into my quivering asshole and Shelia pulled my pigtails back until my eyes watered.


"Yeah, like that."

Everyone laughed, and I felt Sambo's knot push further down the back of my throat. And that's when I realized that I couldn't breathe.

"Hbb ... hbb ..."

I coughed, and a wave of cum rushed up my throat, and then back down as the root of Sambo's huge dick jammed all the way into me.

"Hbb ..."

"Yo, Rebecca, I think that Susanne's choking."

"Yeah, probably. Let the little bitch choke. Then we'll see how she feels about sucking things out of my ass when she's told to."

I blacked out at about that point.


It all started when my mom started dating Charles, I guess. I had known she was into some weird stuff even before that, of course - she used to walk around in a bikini, sometimes with strange distentions around the suit-bottoms where she had something stuffed inside her, or with her hand tucked into her front, slapping and gouging away at her bare-shaved pussy.

After dad left, I remember catching her with her hands all over one of the maids, and more than once with piss streaking from her into a poor girl's face. Once or twice I watched her follow Michelle or Lauren around while the young woman did her work with a blush to her face, my mom's hand up the back of her dress and several fingers lodged in her ass or snatch.

But sending me off to remedial Brownie camp just because I wouldn't let Charles fuck me at the dinner table like Tammy and Rachel did?

That seemed a little harsh.


I awoke again to the familiar feelings of Sambo licking my cunt and Rebecca's distended asshole pushing against my nose and lips.

For a thirteen-year-old, that girl certainly has taken a lot of cock up her shit-pipe.

Anonymous 11/06/01(Wed)18:09 No. 12438 ID: 26929a

You have a fucking gift for this.

Anonymous 11/06/02(Thu)03:20 No. 12445 ID: d0225b

How are not God?

Anonymous 11/06/02(Thu)21:58 No. 12454 ID: 8f176e

This is some of the most surreal porn I've ever read and I love it.

Apparently, Not a Vampire (Mf+ ped non-con ws preg magic extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/06/03(Fri)10:49 No. 12460 ID: be5abb

Apparently, Not a Vampire (story seed)
by Nicholas Fellheimer
with thanks to PuppyLoverDawn & Phil Phantom

Micah's thrusting into me grew harder and faster as his seed built, his balls slapping against my quivering pussy; despite my tears I felt my ass loosening, my cunt getting slick for that strange, magnificent cock of his.

"Oh, did I tell you? I've decided to impregnate your little sister."


"Yes. I think she'll be beautiful - the only 9 year old, perhaps ever, to carry one of mine to term."


"That's hardly a concern, I assure you - people will assume that it was her gym teacher or something. My, I must have her fucking half the faculty by now."


"Why, that's not the response I was looking for, at all, Melissa. In fact, if I didn't know better, I would think that you were being obstinate."

He re-doubled his pace, and I felt my breath start to catch.

"Nnn-nnn ..."

"Are you being obstinate? Is that the case?"


"Oh, yes, that's right. Fight harder."


"Fight back, little slut. Try to stop me. Try to stop yourself."


"Oh, goodness, you've gone and had an orgasm again. Well, you know what happens now: do you want your father to finish in your mouth or in your cunt?"


"Really? Why, Melissa, if you keep this up, he's going to get you pregnant before you even turn fourteen! Well, alright, James - you know what to do."

Micah pulled his pale, spit-slick member from my ass with a wet plop, then gestured idly to my mom and dad. Trembling, stroking his erection, my father stood and approached my bed.

"I don't think you'll have much trouble sliding in, James - she's as hot and wet as I've ever felt her. Just do be sure to use the right hole this time."

As I felt my dad's weight push down on the bed behind me and the tip of his weeping cock push into the spasming folds of my burning pussy, I saw Micah from the corner of my eye walking towards my mother.

Her eyes were glazed and feverish, both of her hands fighting for space with the dog's tongue beneath her conservative nightie over her distended, pregnant belly, her breath coming in ragged gasps as her head lolled back and forth. At the approach of Micah, however, she snapped to some semblance of attention, her mouth open to be violated.

"That's right, Cassandra - when your daughter orgasms on my cock, you get to lick me clean. You're getting good at this. Yes, use your tongue. Harder."

Tomorrow morning, I thought as my father entered me and I came again, the two of them are going to be SO embarrassed about their "dreams". I doubt either of them will even look me in the eye.

Fucking Micah.


So, it turns out that Micah isn't a vampire - I figured that one out when I finally worked up the nerve to try to stake him.

He responded by laughing, pulling the chunk of his wood from his chest and asking me which boy in school I wanted to have fuck me the most.

I didn't say anything, but it didn't matter. The next day, three boys in my grade held me down in gym class and gang-fucked me while the man of my dreams took the virginity of my best friend right there in front of everyone. They're still dating.

I think that maybe he's a demon.


The next day, my family is a weird as they usually are after a nigh-visit from Micah - my dad taciturn, refusing to look me in the eye over his paper, my mom giddy and floating and humming softly to herself as she makes breakfast, my big sister aggressive and rude and shockingly under-dressed for a Sophomore in high school, my little sister giggling and giddy about trying to get the dog to lick her bare pussy under the table.

Twistdprince 11/06/08(Wed)06:21 No. 12526 ID: f53046

So could you post where we can find these stories in their completed form?

Anonymous 11/06/11(Sat)04:24 No. 12557 ID: 7f3bff

AFAIK this is the completed form.
And I am thankful for what I get (even though I wish you'd write a complete story once in a while).
Also, loved the MC in the latest one.

Anonymous 11/06/12(Sun)05:20 No. 12572 ID: e9cb1e

Same, I'll take anything I can get, even though longer ones would be nice here and there.


Anonymous 11/06/12(Sun)11:46 No. 12575 ID: 6779f6


Anonymous 11/06/12(Sun)11:46 No. 12576 ID: 6779f6


Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/06/15(Wed)09:13 No. 12600 ID: be5abb

Correct, 111% - these are the current incarnations of everything I've written under this pen-name. And yes, I also wish that I could write a complete story once in a while!

ALSO: thank you for the praise - I've been experimenting with mind-control themes, because I find them pretty interesting, but I'm not sure how my approach is developing. Glad to hear that the message wasn't lost in the noise!

Anonymous 11/06/24(Fri)07:08 No. 12696 ID: 68c310

Best porn I've ever read.

Anonymous 11/06/29(Wed)08:23 No. 12784 ID: 9bfbe2

>>12739 here

This stuff is absolutely batshit, but I love it. Inventive, deplorable, and oddly compelling. I can't stop reading!

Anonymous 11/07/05(Tue)04:58 No. 12844 ID: ac70b7

What a goldmine.

Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)16:28 No. 12917 ID: 26929a

I cannot help but blow absolutely massive loads any time I read one of the stories in this thread, Black Tie Affair is my favorite.

Clean-Up Girl (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws dickgirl extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/07/13(Wed)10:12 No. 12969 ID: be5abb


My little sister is just the worst.

I don't mean to bitch too much about her, because she's my angel and my sister and I love her, but that little slut has gotten me raped more times than I can count, and frankly I'm just sick to death of it.

I'm especially sick of her making fun of me when I shudder and cum in shrieking waves on some stranger's jetting manhood, her little fingers working at my slick clit, a stream of hot piss from that thick cock of hers washing the tears off my cheeks while she gets my next rapist ready with her mouth.

I just can't help but feel ... violated, I guess. Betrayed. Because she knows that the only cock I really want is hers. I would do anything for her, to feel her hot breath on me and my soft cunt parting around her.

But ever since she turned fourteen, she thinks it's funny to see me get raped.

It's just not fair.

new+guy 11/07/14(Thu)17:12 No. 12986 ID: 9109c4

You always manage to give me... the weirdest boner.

Anonymous 11/07/15(Fri)03:00 No. 12993 ID: 1a624e

This stuff gets me harder than my girlfriend. Damn you Nick, I'm forever ruined -.-

Anonymous 11/07/15(Fri)06:45 No. 12996 ID: d7f1af

Holy crap, this pushes so many of my buttons. And it's written so well.

A million thanks to the author(s).

Clean-Up Girl (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws dickgirl extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/07/15(Fri)10:26 No. 13005 ID: be5abb


My little sister is just the worst.

I don't mean to bitch too much about her, because she's my angel and my sister and I love her, but that little slut has gotten me raped more times than I can count, and frankly I'm just sick to death of it.

I'm especially sick of Piper making fun of me when I shudder and cum in shrieking waves on some stranger's jetting manhood, her little fingers working at my slick clit, a stream of hot piss from that thick cock of hers washing the tears off my cheeks while she gets my next rapist ready with her mouth.

I just can't help but feel ... violated, I guess. Betrayed. Because she knows that the only cock I really want is hers. I would do anything for Piper, just to feel her hot breath on me and my soft cunt parting around her.

But ever since Piper turned fourteen, I guess she thinks it's funny to see me get raped.

It's just not fair.


So there we are, me and her and one of her little friends, walking home from school together. All I can think about is that in a year, when I turn 16, I won't have to endure all of this.

Well, that and Piper's fingers up the back of my skirt, turning my hot kitty all squishy with her fingers, working two fingers up my ass as she walks along beside me jabbering about a teacher she throat-fucked.

People say that we look like Barbie and Skipper, even though we're only a year and a half apart. Of course, I'm pretty sure that Skipper never tried to fit her whole hand up Barbie's shitter while the two of them walked home from Catholic school.

Suddenly, I come to a stop. It's because my ass is pulled to a stop, Piper's fingers hooking me into submission.

I look down at her when I realize that she's asked me a question. My mind was a million miles away. God, she's pretty.

"Huh? What?"

"I said, Lala, who do you like in school?"

The other girl pipes up, eager for attention: "I'll tell you who I like. I'll tell you who I would suck off, Piper, and let cum in my cunny or up my asshole."

"Shut the fuck up, you fat cunt," is my sister's distracted reply.

I glance at the girl. She's one of Piper's new conquests, and she's not fat. She has big tits, easily a C-cup on a 12-year-old's frame, with wide hips, but she's small around the tummy with thin legs. Her big eyes start to water.

I feel you, kid.

"So, Lala, spill. I can get you some premium cock, sis."

I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE ONLY YOU, ONLY AND ALWAYS ... yes, I almost said it. Right out loud, there in the street with Piper's slick digits thrumming against my clit under my skirt and two fingers crawled up inside of my darkest and most-secret hole.

"No ... nobody."

"Damn. Well, can't say I didn't try." She looked over her shoulder at her friend. "Hey, do you want to see what this cum-guzzling little fuck-socket will do for a bit of hog-leg?"

"Nuh ... no, Piper."

"Oh, you can do better than that. I can feel you getting all heated-up inside, Lala. You should just say 'No, Piper, don't make her fuck a dog or anything, because that might make me cum.' That would be more believable."

The little girl spoke: "I'm not going to fuck a dog, Piper."

"I said to shut the fuck up, you fat cunt. So, look, Piper, how about this: you get to tell my little bitch here what to do. Just this once. You'll even hold her down, if you want to. And I'll fuck a cum out of you. Just me, just my cock, no doggies or homeless guys or anything."

new+guy 11/07/19(Tue)07:15 No. 13024 ID: 5ffccd

You are a mad genius. A pornographic prophet I say!

Anonymous 11/07/20(Wed)16:58 No. 13054 ID: 5bd152

Exactly my reaction.

Anonymous 11/07/22(Fri)19:36 No. 13079 ID: cab7b9

bump for more!

Anonymous 11/07/25(Mon)07:13 No. 13099 ID: 98cb9f

Like a mother fucking rock right now!

Anonymous 11/07/25(Mon)14:30 No. 13101 ID: 587f21

you should publish :)

Nicholas+Fellheimer 11/07/26(Tue)06:37 No. 13110 ID: 7e0f8b

Aww! Thank you! That's about as great a compliment as I could receive!

In truth, I actually AM a published novelist, playwright and screenplay-writer. Not under THIS pen name, obviously.

Also: I look forward to posting more, and soon!

Anonymous 11/07/26(Tue)08:47 No. 13115 ID: 15be45


You have to be GRRM. It's the only explination

MistressC!nt4Adb1atQ 11/08/03(Wed)13:39 No. 13200 ID: 993697

You sir MUST post more!!!
What have you written ?
I know you'll most likely never tell but I wish you would.

Flounder!19IQ53Wc/s 12/02/13(Mon)18:53 No. 15155 ID: 2907aa

I don't care how old this is. It's awesome and it's getting bumped

Shub-Niggurath 12/02/23(Thu)06:49 No. 15285 ID: cab89f


MeurcurialInk!!HjMwp5L2V1 12/03/03(Sat)06:38 No. 15348 ID: 96d71c



Anonymous 12/03/05(Mon)03:16 No. 15362 ID: 1dea4e

> gooseI have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces.

Anonymous 12/05/04(Fri)01:56 No. 16066 ID: fdc1c5

disgustingly awesome

Anonymous 12/05/12(Sat)08:44 No. 16127 ID: 08c1a2

Bump, since the author has been around

Compilation rare cola 12/05/12(Sat)21:13 No. 16132 ID: 6856ff

For anyone who wants an organized .rtf of these amazing stories.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 12/05/17(Thu)00:56 No. 16181 ID: 3d76a9

Well, I for one downloaded it; thank you for posting this here!

I did notice what looked like a few formatting hiccups - it might need an editing pass. Is there any way I can help?

Anonymous 12/05/17(Thu)02:40 No. 16182 ID: 00290f

I'll volunteer if you find time to write more.

Anonymous 12/05/20(Sun)06:39 No. 16214 ID: f4137f

The compilation is missing the stuff from this thread, for whoever's editing it.

Anonymous 12/08/31(Fri)00:11 No. 17094 ID: 82cf3b


pls OP come back

Anonymous 12/09/03(Mon)09:41 No. 17111 ID: c39858


Oh Nicholas, you sure know how to spoil a story hungry slut with your "story seed"

Anonymous 12/09/04(Tue)22:49 No. 17135 ID: f65c00

The sex scenes are well-written but the premise is so ridiculous. B-level quality overall.

Anonymous 12/09/05(Wed)08:24 No. 17137 ID: 7ae78f

The absurdly obscene premise is half the charm.

I don't know many other writers who go straight into material like this, and certainly none who do it with such finesse.

Anonymous 12/09/21(Fri)05:55 No. 17219 ID: 1a853e

please more

Anonymous 12/10/24(Wed)06:01 No. 17496 ID: ce04f2

What, what? How did this not get further explained, or am I retarded?

Anonymous 12/10/24(Wed)06:02 No. 17497 ID: ce04f2


Anonymous 13/01/21(Mon)15:09 No. 18169 ID: 0ac5da


Bump? IonIan 13/01/22(Tue)08:31 No. 18174 ID: 036a9b

Why does bump get substituted with I have nothing to contribute please r- OH I GET IT NOW

Anonymous 13/02/20(Wed)16:23 No. 18357 ID: 6b9941

A lot of the stuff is to extreme for me personally but I can say without a shadow of a doubt Marquis de Sade would be proud of you.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 13/06/17(Mon)09:42 No. 19203 ID: 923b50

Links to a great many of my writing projects can now be found here:
... including several edits that I've done for other writers.

Mf+ped beast Anonymous 13/10/09(Wed)05:45 No. 19888 ID: b3208d

Anonymous 13/11/04(Mon)06:47 No. 20080 ID: 89aba0

I'm just going to give up trying to write porn. I keep trying to be nice.

This isn't nice, it just pumps like a Corliss steam engine.

Babysitting Trouble (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/03(Fri)14:50 No. 20586 ID: 923b50

Babysitting Trouble
- by Nicholas Fellheimer
(see: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/NicholasFellheimer/profile
... for edits of other work)

I should have known that helping my friend Betsy babysit for Mrs. Harlow would get me into trouble.

If I hadn’t been so desperate to seem cool -- or hadn’t been so damn HORNY, so hungry for a guy’s cock to squirt inside my overheating little cunt, so damn ready to finally just lose my f-ing virginity already -- I never would have begged my mom to let me spend the weekend sitting Mrs. Harlow’s daughters while she went out of town.

Really, there was no way Betsy’s plan could end in anything but groundings, spankings and probably a stern lecture or two. Still, I’d like to think that I could be forgiven for not realizing that her plan would get me pregnant, covered in tattoos and stuck naked except for high-heels, three piercings and a collar that says LIL’ BREEDING BITCH.

I mean, I knew she wanted to invite boys over, but not THAT many.

The only reason I even wear clothes to Jr. High any more, stretched over a swollen belly, milky tits and cum-matted inner thighs, is because my mom & dad figure men like stripping a little girl naked before they rape her.

I just can't seem to stop guys from fucking me, now, and it’s all Betsy’s fault.

Her and the babysitting gig.

And the girls, Laura and Ashlynn.

Maybe it's also the tattoo across my belly that says 'SLUT WANTS FUCKED'.

Bubbly, tiny blonde Betsy was my ‘wild’ friend; even though I was 13 and she was only 11, she always seemed so much more grown-up and cool than I was. Even in her itt-bitty pigtails and sparkly little girl clothes, she was smart, confident maturity defined: she knew all about boys and sex, and dirty movies and crude slang, and even about beer and cigarettes -- and she had a pair of tattoos, too.

Right above her muffin -- which she called her pussy -- she had ONLY DOGGIES AND DADDIES written in big block letters; across the top of her butt, she had GONNA RAPE ME, MISTER? scrawled in even bigger writing. My dad wouldn’t even let me get my ears pierced, but Betsy had a big gold ring in each of her nipples and one in her left pussy-lip right next to her clit. Just like the ones I have now, actually, but mine are bigger.

She was cool with letting me fiddle with them when she masturbated, too -- she could her whole hand in her pussy, and was cool with letting me try to fit mine in too. She was even cool with letting me taste the cum that leaked out of her asshole after she fucked the janitor and my dad; I licked some off her fingers, and even got a dollop oozing right from the source.

She was just COOL.

We first met my second week of seventh grade; I had been crying in the girl’s locker room after P.E. class, with spit & cum in my long black hair, squishing in my shoes, and the teacher sent me to the Principal’s office. Betsy sat next to me on the bench, without a stitch of clothes on except knee-high socks, a name-tag and a short pleated skirt, waiting for one of her dad’s friends to pick her up; I assumed she was in trouble, but she just laughed and said that she here to get ‘warmed-up’ by Principal Jeffries before her date.

She said she would put in a good word for me before she went in, and I guess it worked: she left about twenty minutes later, with white streaks running down to the backs of her knees, and blew me a kiss. She had “PISS SLUT” written across her spine in black magic marker and she was wet from the neck down.

I was sent back to class without a detention or anything.

I wanted to be that cool so bad that I could TASTE it.

The year before, in 6th grade, I had been the queen of middle school -- I was the sexiest thing on campus, and I fucking knew it. I had the build and bust of a hot-rod bikini model on the lithe, slick body of a preteen ballerina, and every guy I knew wanted to fuck me; people said I was even prettier than my big sister Emmy, who was a varsity cheerleader and homecoming royalty even though she was only a Freshman.

Everyone called me ‘Queen Catie,’ because I looked just like a lolita version of Katie Perry and won every beauty pageant I entered; I was a total ice-princess and unquestioned ruler of all things social. I made one girl, an 8th-grader named Jackie, film herself giving her own brother head on the toilet before she could hang out with us, and I told my friend Rachel that she had to let twenty different guys finger her butthole in one week, or we wouldn’t let her sit with us at lunch any more.

The twentieth guy to go palm deep was her dad, but the bitch did it.

I was so hot, I caught three different teachers masturbating when I helped them after school; I let Mr. Jenkins touch my B-cup tits when he did, just because he's cute, and I let Miss Doll pay me a hundred dollars to lick my fingers while she came, even.

Then I got to Jr. High, and it all fell apart. My big sister Emmy was a Sophomore, now, dating a college guy, and she decided to ruin my life just for fun.

She told everyone that I was a slut, a skank, a diseased little baby-hooker; my old friends turned on me with a viciousness that I should have been expecting but was totally unprepared for. No girls would talk to me or even look at me, and the boys all made jerking-off motions and panting sounds when they saw me -- Emmy told everyone that I liked to fuck myself with a kielbasa sausage, and let our dog lick my pussy when I did.

I only did that twice. That she saw.

Anyway, they all stated calling me ‘Queen Cunty’.

Rachel told everyone the story about getting her asshole diddled by all those guys, but changed it so that it was ME, and everyone believed her.

And the day I met Betsy, three dozen high school guys were waiting the girl’s locker room to jerk off on me and spit on me while my old friends held me down and laughed.

Betsy quickly became my only friend, and within a week people stopped picking on me. They still wouldn’t talk to me, but at least I was invisible. Betsy convinced me that I should just ignore the kids at the school -- she would introduce me to ADULTS, she said. She taught me how to put on make-up so grown men would notice me; how to walk and talk and lean and flirt.

We went to the mall together and she would let me help her pick up guys; after a little education, I was allowed to get them ready with my mouth so they could fuck her ass in the dressing rooms or the bathrooms.

We met a lot of cool guys, including one dude who paid us $50 apiece so he and his frat buddies could all piss in our mouths.

She even let me blow one security guard when he came to investigate how loud she was cumming; he shot his load down my throat just as the thirteenth guy of the afternoon busted a nut up Betsy’s grasping shit-pipe.

Betsy’s one rule was that no guys were allowed to use her pussy unless they brought their kids with them, to PROVE that they were daddies; I got pretty good at tonguing the slits of toddler-girls and massaging the balls of little boys while their dads fucked Betsy. The coolest thing was probably that she could always get free rides anywhere in town just by calling a guy; my mom wouldn’t even let me have a phone, and no one I knew could drive. Most of the time, the guys Betsy called would pick up on the first ring, and she would let me practice giving them blowjobs while they drove. Sometimes, I got to swallow the load while they watched her fuck herself in the backseat; usually, though, guys wanted to cum in her ass, or in her pussy if their kids were in the car.

Betsy also knew about the back door of an adult bookstore outside of town, where you could go in and watch porn, and there were “glory-holes” in the wall where men would stick their dicks through. I eventually learned how to suck a cock really well, even without using my hands, and Betsy let me try taking one or two of the little ones in the ass. The motel next door was sort of a fleabag place, but we got one guy and his wife, their daughter and her girlfriend to get a room there where I learned how to fist a woman’s asshole while she slurped cum out of two sobbing, roped-down preteens.

We went to the kennel a few times, too, where I earned my paw-print tattoo on my left butt-cheek, and Betsy said in the summer she would take me to the horse-farm if I kept at it.

I got so good that Becky let me suck Principal Jeffries hard before he fucked her, and he was so impressed with the way I handled his monster cock that -- at Becky's insistence -- he raped both Rachel and Jackie while I watched. He let me piss on both of them, too, and I was allowed to practice fisting Rachel's asshole three times a week once he got her pregnant. Principal Jeffries got to use Becky's pussy, since he always brought his three daughters in to watch; she told me a couple of times that she was hoping to get knocked-up by him.

After I mastered the art of making Betsy squirt using either my mouth or either hand, even after she had just done a gang-bang, she said that I was finally ready. That we were gonna have a party and that I was finally gonna lose my cherry.

I sure hoped I was ready -- I didn’t want to embarrass her.

Like I said, I was pretty sure that this plan of Betsy’s was going to end in groundings and lectures -- and spankings. My dad is WAY into spankings; I’ve mostly learned how to hide it when I cum from getting my little ass whacked by his strong, groping hand, but neither my mom nor my sisters ever have -- and all of us get spanked at least twice a week. Fridays are the usual night for it, and the worst; there have been Saturday mornings when nobody in the house can sit or wear pants except my dad.

My little sister Tammy is the usual focus of my dad’s meanest spankings, but it’s only because she’s so naughty. We’ve tried everything to get her to stop sticking stuff inside her little 8-year old pussy or up her overly-elastic ass, but nothing seems to work; she’s an incurable peeping tom, too, and has some really good video on her phone of Emmy getting fucked by her boyfriend, by dad, and by a few other guys including mom's boyfriend Tyrone and his buddies. The one of my Uncle Roger screwing her up the shitter is the funniest, where she has her wrists duct-taped together, because she starts crying and saying she can't take it before he chokes her unconscious.

It was probably the worst 12th birthday a girl ever had.

Anyway, sometimes my dad takes Tammy into her room and spanks her for hours, but I haven’t noticed her acting much different. Everything solid or phallic in the house smaller than a wiffle-ball bat reeks of Tammy's pussy, her asshole, or both -- especially the doorknobs, the railings, the edges of every table, the arms of all the couches and chairs, every toothbrush, hairbrush and shampoo bottle, plus the fingers of the mailman, the paperboy, the pool guy and any guest who lets her sit next to them for more than 30 seconds.

One time, dad caught Tammy masturbating at the dinner table with a fistful of mashed potatoes, letting the dog lick around her fingers; when her laid her over his lap to spank her, he discovered she had an entire 13-inch Craftsman hammer from his workbench jammed up her greasy baby shitpipe, handle first. She was wobbling a little one morning as she was headed to Kindergarten, and mom ended up prying an entire fifth of Smirnoff out of the girl's greedy hole.

Where she found it, we have no idea, but Uncle Roger thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, I finally got my mom to agree to let me spend the weekend at Mrs. Harlowe’s house watching her daughters after begging for weeks. I told her that it was something Betsy’s dad really wanted her to do -- which was true -- but that Mrs. Harlowe wouldn’t let an 11-year old watch her 10-year old, Laura and her 6-year old, Ashlynn, all weekend without a teenager present.

That last part was NOT true, but whatever.

It started off easily enough, with Mrs. Harlow breezing out on a Friday at 4:00 PM to jump in a convertible after giving us pretty basic directions, but it turned crazy almost right away. Betsy and me were only at the house for a half-hour, just turning on the family computer, when the first disaster struck: Laura and Ashlynn came running downstairs almost buck-naked, screaming and slick with KY jelly.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Laura’s cock, which was completely hairless but easily eight inches long, only semi-hard and bobbing hypnotically.

Thank god, Betsy handled it. “What’s the fuss, ladies?”

“Toys! Oh, fuck! Oh, god, our mom took all her toys,” little Ashlynn yelled, on the verge of panic. “All of them!”

Laura looked shell-shocked, using one hand to idly stroke her long pink she-cock. “We-we’re .. we haven’t got any toys to play with!”

I was so confused. “Huh?”

“All the toys, huh?” said Betsy, cool as a cucumber. “So what’s that?”

She pointed at a string of fist-sized beads dangling from Ashlynn’s baby ass almost to her knees, wagging like a thick tail.

“That’s just anal beads, Miss Betsy! That doesn’t even count,” said Laura. “We use them all the time, even at school.”

“They’re not like REAL toys,” pouted little Ashlynn. “They don’t jiggle or nothing. They just make you come harder when Laura puts her thing in your pussy. And mom took the big ones!”

“Huh,” I said.

Betsy patted Ashlynn’s head, then brought the child in for a hug. “It’s okay, baby lover. What if I told you that Catie and I can get you ladies something even better than toys?”

Ashlynn and Laura suddenly lit up. “Cocks?” they said, almost in unison.

“Yep,” said Betsy, turning to me to smile. “It’s okay, Catie and I have got it handled.”

“Our mom almost never lets us fuck guys,” said Laura, now beginning to fist her impressive and rapidly-growing girl-dick. “Wow, can you really get some guys to fuck us?”

“Can do,” said Betsy. “I already called a few. But come on -- doesn’t your mom bring home guys?”

Baby Ashlynn pouted, crossing her arms and making the long thread of anal beads jiggle. “Not really."

"Sometimes. If you get Mom riled up, she'll be pulling a train in the men's room in a New York minute. She’s usually gargling cum from a dozen guys, bent over a dirty toilet and sputtering for more,” said Laura. “Every time we go out. She even sucks my dick. But we hardly ever get ANY guys to fuck the two of us.”

“Once she gets someone to piss on her, or sucks someone off while somebody fucks her ass, she usually ends up bringing the party home,” piped Ashlynn. “They love us at the bar and grill.”

Laura bit her lip, pumping her cock harder. “Mom will fuck anybody who comes over, on nights like that. Or their dogs. That means mess dribbling on the floor; we can tell whether Mommy is still on a sexual high the next morning by how it gets cleaned up. If we wake up and she's blushing and quietly scrubbing the place, then it’s over.”

“Yeah,” I said, unable to take my eyes off of Laura’s beautiful cock.

“On the other hand, she sometimes spends the next day or two on all fours in a maid uniform, slurping up every drop of piss and cum with her tongue and doing her damnedest to make a big mess again,” said Ashlynn, who was still being held by Betsy.

"Sometimes, guys fuck us then," Laura said with a dreamy, far-away look in her eyes. "Really fuck us, and not just pretend."

"Uh-huh," said Ashlynn. "I like when I black out, and then wake up and I'm still getting fucked, but by a different guy."

The doorbell rang.

I gulped.

"Don't you worry, ladies. This will be a hell of a weekend," said Betsy.

She was right, and I've never been happier.

The Ionian 14/01/05(Sun)01:27 No. 20596 ID: 036a9b

You're back. Holy fuck. Happy New Year to me.

Birthday Girl (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg cuck extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/09(Thu)20:43 No. 20632 ID: 923b50

Pool-Party for the Birthday Girl
- a Phil Phantom edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:

Icy little Lillian Whitmore turned fourteen and became sexually obsessed while blowing out the candles, or so it seemed to the entire Whitmore family and invited guests -- ninety-eight attendees in all. She spilled out of her bikini top when her new boyfriend pulled the tie-strings for the skimpy suit-top just as she bent over with a lungful of air.

As pool-parties for rich-bitch princesses go, it was suddenly memorable.


And there they were: bare breasts, perfect breasts, women's tits on a girl who still looked like a toned preteen beauty queen. Topless in bikini bottoms, she was a stacked child-porn goddess, fantasy made flesh; she was laughing with only half the candles out, perky teen tits ALL out in the entirety of their considerable glory, and with both of her boyfriend's hands shoved down the front of her suit bottoms, pulling her bare ass into his very brief Speedos. It was most certainly her bare ass, as all in attendance could plainly see. Before sending his hands into her slippery crotch, the naughty man pulled the bottoms below the tight, toned cheeks of one damn fine rich-girl ass. A thin thong of what little she once wore was now well below, straining against her smooth, tan thighs as she maneuvered to give his probing hands more room to work her overheating cunt.

Her grinning boyfriend began to move the front of her suit low as well, then lower as his hands worked the pussy until everyone could see exactly how he worked little Lillian's baby pussy -- worked it expertly, the way a master masturbates a slave's proud, drooling pussy using two hands -- left hand low to diddle the hole and plunge thick digits deep inside; right hand rubbing slick cunt-juice across a straining clit; Lillian laughing, then smiling, then moaning, then spreading her long legs wider for him.

Parents, Jack and Denise Whitmore, were appalled. Eleven of Jack's executive coworkers and subordinates were stunned, as were nine wives-of-coworkers and eighteen of their assorted kids, from ages 17 to 3. Three hot young twenty-somethings from Jack's secretarial pool caught their breath, as did four glamorous ladies from Denise's private social club and thirteen junior-high & high-school cheerleaders who had known Lillian since Girl Scouts. A dozen waitresses, lifeguards, domestics and bar-staff gasped in thrilled amazement. Two of Lillian's aunts, three uncles, nine cousins, two brothers and three sisters simply stared with mouths agape.

Some were jealous, some were shocked, many were turned-on ... but all were speechless.

The seven guests from next door were less shocked. This particular crowd included Lillian's 14-year-old best friend, Angie Turner, and Lillian's former boyfriend, Craig Turner -- 17, heartbroken, and the older brother of Angie. Three little-girl Turners, including 10-year old Rachel and the 7-year old twins Mandy and Missy, stood by clapping and cheering. Jill and Matt Turner, their parents, were also quite amused by the new Lillian who so shocked the Whitmores.

The Turners, of course, were not nearly as shocked as Lilian's family and other family-friends. They knew Mack Tagney, Lillian's new beau; he was also Angie's ex-Marine ex-boyfriend. The Marines were looking for a few good men; it took them five weeks to figure out that Mack wasn't one.

The Turners had already been along the twisted path of Mack's dark seductions, both with Jill and with Angie, who stood seven months pregnant in her itty-bitty string bikini -- still a few months shy of her fifteenth birthday, just a few weeks more pregnant than her mother. Varsity cheerleader material and not yet a Freshman, sultry little Angie cut quite a fetching figure next to curvy, sexy suburbanite mom Jill; both girls wore Mack's gift: string bikinis in an absurdly brief French cut, just like the ones he gave to the younger Turner girls, as well as to Lillian and her mother Denise.

Mack, generous man that he was, also presented tiny two-piece thongs to the Whitmore kid sisters: Debbie-13, Susan-11.5, and Janelle-8.

The two Whitmore brothers -- Thomas & Andy, 19 & 16 -- thought those were some pretty excellent gifts, and offered to help their sisters try them on. To make sure they fit snugly, of course.

Of all the Whitmore girls, only Lillian dared wear her gift bikini to the pool-party ... not that some of the younger ones didn't want to dare. Only timid teen Debbie, who was still ashamed of the big boobs she was getting, who didn't want anybody to know that she was starting to look a lot like a tight little Playboy Bunny under her sweater, outright refused.

Mama Denise said HELL NO to any Whitmore girls in cover-nothing bikinis, with the exception of the birthday girl -- and insisted, further, that baby Janelle wear a sundress for the occasion, like a proper little lady.

Making sure that the naughty preteen kept her panties on underneath the dress was a full-time job, however; sitting on her Uncle Roger's lap the way she was now, rocking back and forth as she watched her big sister get finger-fucked by the pool in broad daylight in front of a crowd, it seemed likely that the job was in the wrong hands. Roger's bubbly, buxom wife Aunt Karen and their daughters -- Cousins Betsy and Katie (12 and 9) -- meanwhile, had arrived quite by coincidence in similarly-skimpy bikini-attire, and the three had made themselves quite popular with all male attendees, guests and employees alike.

Denise Whitmore was now regretting that she allowed the birthday girl to wear her new bikini, little more than a set of floss-thin straps, if she dared. Lillian dared, it seemed, and was a big hit at her birthday party in the next best thing to nothing.

The two very pregnant Turner ladies wearing nearly-nonexistent swimsuits were a bigger hit, though, and plenty of people wanted to ask about the matching mother-daughter tattoos: one that said "PLEASE RAPE ME" inked across both bellies, and another saying "ANAL FOR NIGGERS ONLY" printed above each of their asses.

The little black puppy-dog paw-prints & tiny black horseshoes inked above pussy-mounds and upon butt-cheeks became something of a hit as well, especially once the itty-bitty tally marks next to each one became visible; many men found that they had to look very close -- very close indeed -- in order to accurately determine whether it was Jill or Angie or Rachel who had taken more bestial cocks.

Also a big hit were the raunchier Whitmore cousins in their own bikinis, along with two of the more-daring secretaries & Roxie, a high-school cheerleader known to have fucked a dog on a dare ... and the tiny Turner twins, as well. It was obvious to all pool-party guests that someone was practicing making babies with the little bikini-clad nymphets, and that the 'someone' was both big and thorough; Missy and Mandy looked positively obscene when it became clear that the thin material stretched over identical, identically-abused 7-year cunts was dripping, soaked in semen pouring from fresh-fucked, still-gaping holes. Those two leaking sluts were quite a big hit with male Whitmore cousins, uncles, brothers and executives alike, especially when Mandy revealed to all that there was cum dribbling from her well-used preteen asshole, too.

But nothing was a bigger hit than when Lillian's top came off.

The Turners, all smiling, knew that Lillian was very likely pregnant already ... or would be, by the end of this pool party. Her three little sisters were very likely to get pregnant soon, too -- QUITE soon, in shy teen Debbie's case. Maybe even tonight. Pretty, rich-girl Whitmore cousins and aunts were also likely targets for Mack's conquest, and lovely ice-queen Denise Whitmore was most-assuredly marked for pregnancy.

Denise, at the time, was standing by her pool in a thousand-dollar evening gown wondering why she was gifted such an absurd bikini, why her girls were, why Lillian was most especially, and above all why that handsome young man was so lewd, crude, and still very friendly with the Turners; they proudly wore his indecent suits & raunchy tattoos and were gladly having his babies. Jill Turner, meanwhile, had been close with Denise for years, going back to their wild college co-ed days; she was delighted beyond words to think of her best friend getting knocked-up by the man who was fucking all their baby girls.

She was willing to hold the bitch down to make it happen, in fact, and piss in her face like she used to back when the two of them got drunk and partied with fraternity boys.

The Whitmores imagined that Lillian was still a virgin, still a young lady, still modest, still a stuck-up princess, and still a straight-A student on the college-scholarship fast-track with only four more years to go after summer vacation. Spring semester had just ended; their bright young pageant-queen would be a high school Freshman in the fall, a Junior Prom queen soon after, and a valedictorian not too long after that. School had just let out; three days later, happy birthday, Lillian!

The Turners knew better. She was Mack's eager little whore, now.

The Whitmores never knew any boys like Mack, didn't even know their cheerleader-captain daughter was dating until this very morning, and never dreamed Lillian would ever date a boy like Mack: a man of twenty-two but still very much a bad boy, hung like a good man -- proudly presenting much of his manhood in Speedos that concealed very little -- a strapping lad that should have made a good Marine or an excellent Chippendale dancer. The attraction was easy enough to see, but not one of her family ever thought Lillian would think so. She just didn't seem the type to be swayed by cock, a cocky attitude, or crude vulgarity such as that young man exhibited throughout the pool party.

That vulgarity was bad enough when he made Roxie tell the dog-fucking story to all the girls in the hot-tub and made Debbie blush, especially with little Rachel Turner sitting on his lap and squirming; it was worse when he commanded Craig Turner to sniff his fingers -- and then his cock -- to see if the embarrassed boy could guess which of Craig's little sisters it was.

Many guests thought Mack crossed the line when he dropped a handful of maraschino cherries from the bar down the back of little Cousin Betsy's bikini bottom; when he ordered deeply-blushing Aunt Karen to use her mouth to scoop the fruit out her preteen daughter's ass-crack in front of everybody, and snapped a picture of it on his phone, most figured the man had finally gone too far. That he had his hand down the back of Cousin Katie's suit as the time was even worse; giving her cherries to later drop down the back of her own mother's bikini-bottom -- and direct instructions on the only "real" way for the girls to retrieve them -- just was adding insult to injury.

But it was truly inappropriate when he hauled out his enormous cock and took a piss right in the grass, in full view of the street and all the guests; it was downright unacceptable that he had pretty little Susan Whitmore holding his beer with one hand when he did so, and her other slim hand holding his cock. When he ordered the child to clean the last dribbles from his massive manhood with her tongue, it was simply an outrage. The third such piss was a slap in the face to his hosts; the fourth was positively shocking, since Mack spent two solid minutes afterward telling Susan to shake it again -- just to be sure.

A few minutes later, when he led the stammering Debbie Whitmore inside by the hand to make her change out of her jeans & sweater and into her new string bikini, in direct violation of her mother's orders, it was very nearly the last straw; when she returned to the party on wobbling legs an hour later, with cum dribbling from under the teey-bikini and down her bare legs to match the Turner twins, it was almost too much. Texting video to all of the guests of the shy, pretty 13-year-old losing her virginity, most especially, was uncalled for; no father wants to hear his daughter called 'worthless baby fuckmeat' while being choked almost unconscious during her first rape.

Although apparently a few of the uncles did, as well as most of the butlers, bartenders and both of the brothers.

But the vulgarity culminated in the most outrageous acts of gross misconduct that Jack and Denise Whitmore had ever seen, and one that no attendee of the pool-party would ever forget. It began with a string-tie pull just at the perfect moment, revealing what an exceptional and lovely young lady Lillian had blossomed into.

She looked gorgeous and she looked proud, not at all shy, showing off to all the key people in her life and quite a number of strangers -- all of them most terribly shockable and quite deeply shocked to see what they were seeing.

Her family, their friends and their employees saw Lillian masturbated by a young man who acted like he knew, quite intimately, how her cunt liked to be treated. He acted like he owned the cunt, to be honest, along with the whore attached to it, and liked to treat the gooey cunt rough ... there was no question, after a few moments, that he did. He acted like he was fucking her from the rear, in fact -- fucking her in the ass with an exceptionally long and large cock. He wasn't, but it did look like he was; Lillian acted as though he was, lending her perfect, toned rear-end to the motions. Only those of her family who were seated quite close to the action could see that his enormous cock wasn't, in fact, smoothly ramming up her tight teen asshole; the illusion was complete for dozens of guests. Standing right next to her mother and father, her hands pressed to the table on each side of her 14th birthday cake, pretty little Lillian arched her back; she offered up her loins to being masturbated and her asshole to penetration, then stood to turn her head sharply and engage Mack in a passionate tongue-kiss.

While still kissing, her boyfriend moved the teenager's suit-bottoms further down her thighs and got his thunderous cock out; with a rocking of her hips, Lillian sent the huge organ between her legs to poke its weeping head out the front by several inches, to saw through slippery pussy lips. Mack had the little girl up on tiptoes, now moaning as her obscene spread leaked juices onto the biggest cock any attendee had ever seen. It all happened so fast that onlookers could do nothing but look on -- first wondering if the two were fucking, then slowly marveling to discover that they weren't.


From first string-pull to the sight of a humongous cock poking out from between Lillian's slim, very sexy legs took no more than one very shocking minute; another minute passed as the hot, coral-pink insides of Lillian's pussy mashed and rubbed, slobbering, against the thickness of Mack's incredible prick. A minute after THAT, some guests were still trying to get over a pair of truly amazing breasts; most couldn't get over Lillian's amazing pussy: a fleshy, slimy, slippery, gutsy hairless cunt that split beautifully over the top ridge of a magnificent hunk of cock with a head like a fireman's helmet. The man had to have a foot-long dick, gorgeous and hard, as thick as a baby's arm with a head like a ripe, dripping plum.

The females observing were very impressed by that cock -- and by the balls of a young man to try such a thing; mouths began to water, thighs got warm, and pussies quickened with slickness. The males in attendance were mesmerized by delicate little Lillian and the details of her intimate, incredibly erotic form; the few men who hadn't already fantasied repeatedly about the young girl's dewy cunt slowly spreading to enfold their throbbing prick were struck by the most profane of realities.

Craig Turner, blushing, stared at his dream-girl as she writhed under the physical mastery of a very strong, very handsome man; he watched in awe as a cock like a thick nightstick slid up and down the velvety smoothness of a drooling pussy that he had wished -- for years -- to see with all his heart. He had put fingers in Lillian, dozens of times for almost a decade, but had never seen what heavenly perfection he trembled to touch. He gazed, slack-jawed and burning, at her bouncing tits as she worked her cunt into a froth along Mack's impressive shaft: they were perfect, absolutely perfect, pumped-up and perky 34-C's' capped by firm pink-kiss nipples that nearly vibrated as she rubbed herself off.

It had only been two months, he thought with a envious sigh, since his eternal and life-alerting crush Lillian had broken up with him to go steady with the jerk who had raped, corrupted, tattooed, knocked-up -- and then dumped! -- both his mother and his sister Angie, then set about ruining the holes of every single female in his life. He watched as the girl he loved gave herself over in complete surrender to the smirking Adonis, her lithe body breaking out in sweat as her gyrations against his colossal slab of dick-meat became somehow more pornographic; with both hands, seemingly almost unable to wrap all the way around his tremendous girth, lovely little Lillian reached down and began to run her fingers along the smoothness of Mack's huge cock, and the intersection of their hot flesh.

She wasn't jerking him off. No, she was much more reverent, literally worshiping his cock with her tiny hands, swooning as her abundant juices mingled with his glossy precum; she rubbed the intimate lubrication into her clit with abandon, shuddering as it dribbled from her fingers, her delicate wrists and ran down her thighs in a steady drip. With the enormous tool thrust between her legs and four hands turning the wet membranes of her underage cunt shiny with lust, Lillian leaned back against Mack's chest, her tits heaving.

Another minute of this obscene pseudo-sex passed, and the little birthday girl was now fucking herself with long, desperate strokes back against Mack's cock.

Denise was still speechless. Jack was motionless and unblinking.

Lillian's bikini bottoms had finally fallen to the ground, and then suddenly her left leg was pinned straight up like a ballerina; her weight was easily supported by Mack's powerful frame, leaving the plane of her sopping-wet, puffy pink sex gaping open and glistening in the sunlight. Grinning lazily, Mack continued sawing his incredible cock between Lillian's legs while holding her in place by her heaving breasts, nipples brutally pinched between his knuckles.

Stuck like a peeled-open oyster and as helpless as a rag-doll -- with only one tiny painted tiptoe still touching the ground -- the petite teen took up some sawing of her own and fucked relentlessly back against Mack. She actually began to thrash, seemingly struggling in vain to capture his cock inside her needy cunt, humping with last-gasp urgency as she used her left hand to pull his cock up tight to her pussy. Her right hand took over the rubbing of her lovely clit, which was gleaming like a wet eraser-tip.

Lillian was publicly masturbating now, hyperventilating and almost in tears, rubbing off on an over-sized dick like a bitch in heat. She seemed nearly ready to cum, nearly ready pass-out, nearly to scream and BEG for his cock, for ANY cock, too excited to slow down or care how that looked to her friends and family.

Another minute passed, and no once could look away.

As one of the twins -- probably Missy -- reached over and began to rub Craig's stiffening cock through his swim-trunks, the boy tore his gaze away from his ex-girlfriend's vulgar, open-cunt display and looked around; his pregnant sister and mother were masturbating as well, lounging on their deckchairs with hands slipped into bikini bottoms, playing with soupy twats underneath bellies huge with Mack's bastard-children.

Several others, he saw as his gaze slowly wandered, had also begun to privately join in the action; an orgy-like atmosphere of raw sexual hunger spilled across the poolside gathering like the wetness of Lillian's juicy cunt as it dribbled with her overpowering need onto the thick veins of Mack's tremendous alpha manhood.

His ten-year-old sister Rachel was bent over a deckchair, rubbing her ass against the tented slacks of a towering black bartender who held her tiny waist with one meaty hand, while five or six of the cheerleaders and Whitmore cousins, including Cousin Katie, were already being stripped out of their suits by enthusiastic male assistants. The cheerleader Roxie, leaned back in the same deckchair his sister was using and spread-eagle with her knees nearly behind her ears, was using both hands to manipulate her gooey cunt-flesh as she tried to suck a cock -- which a man from Jack's office had casually stuck in her mouth -- without taking her eyes off of Lillian's performance.

Another minute passed, the erotic spectacle becoming filthier by the moment as Lillian gasped and panted.

Mack moved again, measured but swift; suddenly, both of the teen's long, luxurious legs were off the ground, toes pointed heavenward and her arm pinned behind her. He held the flexible girl in a firm but supple vise-grip, with her back flat against his chest and powerful forearms casually pinning her legs back; his mighty hands dug into her tits and her slavering cunt hovered, shining with desperate anticipation, mere centimeters from his cock.

The fullness of Lillian's cunt truly blossomed then, yawning open pink and greasy with her need for cock in the most explicit way possible. The little teen's arms and hands could barely move now, bound as she was, but her struggles allowed her to fumble at her salivating pussy with her right hand while she sunk three digits of her left into her twitching asshole.

One of the pretty twenty-something secretaries from Jack Whitmore's office also found a mighty prick she liked -- it appeared to be that of a particularly well-built lifeguard -- and was bobbing her head up and down on it greedily, jerking him with both hands as she dribbled thick tendrils of spit from her lips; another had her tits out and a firm dick in each hand: she looked hypnotized by the debauched sight of the slim, sexy fourteen year-old and her adult lover, biting her lip and unable to tear her gaze away even as she caressed the cocks of the men on each side of her. With a quiet grunt, a third man pulled himself up close behind her and slapped his semi-hard cock against her ass; without shifting her gaze even slightly, the girl bent forward and moved her heels apart by a foot or so to allow the stranger to use her. The two men the cute little secretary was jerking off seemed no less enthralled by the scene, although one of them also had an arm around the shoulder of Aunt Karen, his idle finger slowly rolling the nipple of her over-sized tit back and forth.

Aunt Karen was luxuriating in the gentle torture, her eyes glassy, and seemed to have lost track of her youngest daughter as well as her bikini. Still, she petted Cousin Betsy's head and cooed as the pretty preteen was entered brutally from behind by a man from Jack's office; his foxy little trophy wife, meanwhile, had her mouth around the cock of a busboy and was easing the head of another dick into her asshole. It was hard to tell who, precisely, was fucking her grasping shit-pipe -- probably one of the Whitmore uncles or maybe the DJ -- but the cock she was milking with her free hand, slick with her spit, was the impressive tool of her own teenage son.

Another minute passed in near silence. And another.

Lillian was whining, now, crying softly in the back of her throat with pure, burning desire to cum; the tiny teen beauty queen had all four fingers of her left hand buried into her asshole, jamming home and trying to get her thumb in as well. Twisting and huffing with effort, the fourteen year old was slapping hard at her clit with her left hand, sending out sprays of girl-juice that sparkled in the sunlight as Mack continued to lazily stroke his monstrous cock back and forth along a cunt that looked like it was now openly weeping with need for him.

Lovely, beautifully-pregnant Jill coaxed a crowd of young boys over to her deckchair, letting the kids take turns learning to fist a grown woman's gaping pussy and greedy, well-stretched asshole. Other boys were soon sucking on firm, milky tits while she jerked a tiny cock with each hand and nursed on another, making slow stokes with her tongue; once one boy pissed in her mouth, the rest of them had to try it, too. Squirming in a sexual high, she laughed out loud when one of the eight-year old boys, bent over to get her big nipple in his mouth and gripping her breast in both hands, was roughly entered from behind by his father. The boy fucked back admirably, breathing hard as he was rooted up his tiny shit-pipe, and a small line of other men -- and a few boys -- quickly formed up behind the kid.

At his aunt & mother's urging, another little boy, aged five or six, gleefully hopped up next to his older friend and dropped his tiny swim-trunks as he bent over Jill's lap. Spreading rosy, baby butt-cheeks with both hands to present an immature -- but obviously well-broken-in -- little asshole, he bent at the waist to grab his own ankles as his mother spit on the itty-bitty, wrinkled little rosebud of his anus before working three fingers in to the palm. An older boy, who looked like a high-school football player, stepped up to the mother's place as soon as she vacated it; the big teen drove deep into the child's asshole with a single stroke, like easing his cock into melting butter, then began fucking the boy with a steady and practiced tempo. Behind him, a thin bald man with a surprisingly fat, brutal cock hanging out of his fly -- shaped almost like a pair of Coke cans stacked one on top of another -- stepped into line; the preschooler's aunt and mother exchanged knowing smiles, eying the dangling cock with obvious hunger.

One young mother, the perky fashion-model wife of an executive at Jack's company, was held down by her husband so that her teen stepsons could finally sink their cocks into her unwilling pussy; she fought valiantly, sobbing and begging them to stop because she was fertile, but she gave up, fell back and accepted the rapes when all of the men in her life started high-fiving and making bets as to which one of them could knock her up. She seemed to to have learned to enjoy it by the time her darling preteen daughter decided she wanted to be "one of the boys" and jammed her hand up mommy's asshole; the matron of the house shuddered in orgasm as her husband fucked their daughter, the little girl's still fist deep inside her shit-pipe, while his son emptied potent teen seed into her very vulnerable, unprotected womb. As each man finished and wiped their cocks on mommy's lips or in her hair, they wandered off to join the rest of the party.

Another minute passed, then more. The orgy began to reach something like a frenzy; a fever-pitch of carnal desire and uninhibited lust.

The cutest and quietest of the secretaries from Jack's company -- a curvy blonde number named Mary Sue, with a stunning body hidden under an unflattering one-piece swimsuit -- found herself cornered by a thick-dicked executive and his smiling wife; together, along with some of the household staff, they pinned the girl in place and stripped her bare. What they discovered under her conservative suit was a most delightful surprise: a treasure-trove of the most risque graffiti and piercings imaginable, all tattooed, cut and branded into her soft flesh from the tops of her ample tits to the swollen mounds of her obscenely stretched pussy. Exposed now as a "BREEDING BITCH," "PONY SLUT," "DUMB CUNT-EATER" and "PISS-DRINKING ANAL WHORE," who had starred in -- if the tally marks on her back were to be believed -- over three hundred gang-bang flicks since turning 12 -- she surrendered in tears. The weeping Mary Sue was swiftly mounted in both holes by a succession of eager men, all the while lapping at the pissy pussy of one very satisfied, very triumphant executive's wife.

Three black bartenders pinned bashful teen Debbie down over the deckchair next to where her baby sister Janelle was perched, now openly and enthusiastically fucking their Uncle Roger with thin arms wrapped around his thick neck. The littlest Whitmore became airtight a few moments later, when another uncle flipped up her sundress and entered her smooth asshole, while an executive from Jack's company pulled the eight-year-old cum-slut's mouth down to his waiting cock. Thomas & Andy Whitmore watched the action with amusement as they lined up behind the barmen, admiring the way the trio of bucks pounded their most stuck-up sister -- and playing a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to determine which of them would get each of her busted-open holes when the blacks were done.

It seemed that little Susan Whitmore had discovered a taste for piss since getting to sample so much of Mack's golden elixir directly from his wonder-cock; it was also possible that the sputtering eleven-&-a-half-year old didn't particularly like the stuff, but found she had no other choice than to act as a toilet. Either way, a group of four very elegant society ladies -- who knew the girl's mother from their private social club -- had their evening gowns hiked up to their hips and were taking turns pissing in the preteen's open mouth, accompanied by one particularly sexy waitress and a tanned, well-toned lifeguard who had long-since shed her Baywatch-style swimsuit. Between their turns, two of the ladies at a time were being fucked by a pair of very happy Mexican gardeners, and a third gardener was adding his piss to the mess.

The tiny girl wasn't moving to dodge much, but she was -- it seemed -- held captive by a quartet of delighted, drunk high school cheerleaders who had discovered that their rival's little sister had a remarkably elastic pussy and asshole for a 5th-grader. The four were taking turns placing various bottles, cans, candles, fruits and other objects from the bar into Susan's nether holes, and it looked like they were just about to test whether the struggling young thing could accept an entire handle of vodka up her shitter while she had a cocktail shaker in her cunt and three stir-straws jammed up her urethra. One particularly pretty teen was getting the neck of the bottle wet with her tongue while her father dumped the contents of his balls into her fertile pussy.

Craig felt his cock drawn from his swim-trucks by a tiny hand and then become engulfed by the hot, sucking little mouth of the girl kneeling before him. He actually wasn't sure if it was Missy or Mandy expertly tonguing his balls, but within moments he was fucking the mouth of his preteen sister with reckless abandon, feeling her choke as she tried to deep-throat him. Imaging it was Lillian gagging for air and struggling to get away, that bitch, he face-raped the little girl, fists clutching her hair into pigtails; a moment later, he felt the long tongue of his other sister slither up his asshole. The feel of Angie's warm mouth French-kissing his rectum began to vibrate as some other man walked up and started fucking her sexy, pregnant ass.

He watched as Matt Turner, their father, calmly pulled out his cock and wordlessly pushed his other 7-year old daughter to her knees on a nearby deckchair, face down and ass up; without a sound, and without taking his eyes off the depraved scene of Lillian violently rubbing Mack's prodigious cock-head against the heat of her slick cunt, he pulled down his little girl's bikini-bottom and slipped his dick into her loose asshole. With a squish, the copious loads of cum already dumped up her preteen rectum began to spatter to the ground and all over the chair, frothing down the tiny child's legs as the force of her father's fucking increased in speed. She must has been fucked by dozens of men, from the looks of it; pint after pint of seed rolled and spattered to the floor.

Shamefaced and weeping, a red-headed high-school cheerleader in pigtails was dragged next to the deckchair by a trio of Jack's executive friends; as one man stripped her swimsuit off, bent her at the waist and entered the child's unwilling hole from behind, the other two pressed the girl's face into a puddle of the thick mess slopping out of Mandy's ass and commanded her to start slurping it up as they fisted their cocks. A young girl, no older than three -- presumably the daughter of one executive or another -- was gently laid next to the chair on her back; the toddler watched the redheaded teen choke down gasping mouthfuls of the milky gunk with rapt, grinning amusement as her mother began sucking at the tiny girl's pin-prick clit and easing first one finger -- and then two, then three -- into undeveloped baby-cunt.

Minutes ticked by.

Jack and Denise were still silent, watching their daughter and her new boyfriend with shallow breaths. Finally, after an eternity, Mack's thrusts slowed, and then stopped. The massive head of his monumental cock bobbed, Denise's eye following its every movement; their teen daughter flexed, trying to put the gargantuan thing inside her aching cunt as her left hand worked at fisting her own ass.

"Hey, Johnny-boy," said Mack casually, looking to Lillian's father. "Come here. I wanna ask you something."

Everyone stopped moving. Everyone was watching.

Numbly and silently, the stunned Mr. Whitmore approached the coupled pair -- close enough to touch, his eyes never leaving his daughter's dripping pussy or the tiny hands frantically working away as her overheating holes.

"Closer," her boyfriend said with a smirk.

Swallowing hard, her father stepped closer. He could reach out a hand and grab literally any part of his stripped-naked, laid-bare baby-girl now; Jack flinched back, blinking, as his tiny daughter's leg twitched with her exertions at pleasuring her own pussy. Hot juice from her dribbling cunt sprayed against his leg as she slapped at her jiggling clit in blissful erotic frustration; he gazed down at the most slayed-open, meaty hole he had ever seen on a woman, breathing in the intoxicating fumes of a fresh teen pussy in sexual overdrive.

"Closer, dummy."

Jack closed his eyes, gulped down his emotions and leaned in close enough to feel Lillian's hot breath on his neck. The giant, indecent cock of the man molesting his daughter punched him in the gut.

Mack grinned, still keeping the fourteen-year old pinned up by the tits. "Fuck-meat," he said quietly to the thrashing girl, "get your daddy's cock out and find out if it's hard."

As if stuck with a pin, the girl immediately scrambled to obey. Little Lillian's delicate teen hands abandoned their masturbatory task, flying to begin fumbling with the front of her father's swim-trunks. After a moment, the gorgeous girl fished out her father's rock-hard cock, and began pumping the organ enthusiastically.

Jack stared down at his own turgid cock, growing thicker and beginning to weep precum into the skillful hands of his fourteen-year-old daughter, lightheaded with disbelief; after a moment, he had to look away. He glanced up, and Lillian was looking him right in the eye, biting her lip and still breathing hard. The man who held her showed no sign of strain: physical or emotional, there was only his a confident smirk.

Mack laughed. "What do you say, baby-cunt?"

"My daddy is all hard, Sir," said Lillian. "His little prick is throbbing in my hands. Seeing your big, strong cock touch my little pussy makes him want to fuck me."

"Well, here's the thing, Johnny-boy," Mack said to Mr. Whitmore with a lazy, laughing drawl; then he shifted his arms ever so slightly, and Lillian's long tan legs suddenly fell forward, her knees flopping onto her father's shoulders. The man gasped, nearly toppling to the ground, but his daughter's suddenly-painful grip on his cock kept him upright.

Jack sank to his knees.

His baby girl stretched and writhed obscenely, crossing her tiny ankles behind her father's head and wiggling her painted toes while he fell; her ass clenched as she rolled her hips and nearly wiped her drooling pussy across Mr. Whitmore's shocked face. Most of the little teen beauty-queen's weight was supported by her inhumanly-strong boyfriend -- Mack showed not a single sign of effort, casually propping up her back with his left hand while wrapping his right hand around Lillian's slim throat. She continued to tug on her father's cock as he sank, squeezing hard and looking him directly in the eye.

"Here's the thing, like I say. Your dumb, cock-hungry slut of a daughter here wants to get knocked-up for her fourteenth birthday. Wants me to cum in her pussy without a condom; wants to feel my sperm flood her unprotected womb and spend the first half of her freshman year of high-school with a big belly and creamy tits. She wants to bear my bastard before she turns fifteen, then get knocked-up again as soon as I decide to let her fuck something other than dogs. Now, I told her that she's probably already pregnant with my kid, but she insisted. You know, for her big pool party. So, what do you think?"

Jack blinked. His arms hung limp by his side. He could barely look the man in the eye; his gyrating daughter's pussy was getting closer and closer to his face. The musk of her sex was overwhelming, and she wouldn't let go of his dick. "--what?"

"What do you THINK, is what I'm asking," said Mack. "I mean, do you mind if I knock-up your daughter here at your pool party?"

"Do I ... do what?"

Mack grinned. "Well, I'm not gonna impregnate your little girl in front of you without asking, especially not at your little pool party; you seem like a nice guy and a decent-enough host, and I want to make a good impression."

Lillian's sloppy, overheated cunt inched ever closer, then finally made contact with Jack's mouth; he felt an electric tingle as his little girl's pussy enveloped him like a kiss. She began rubbing her clit against her daddy's nose, making cooing sounds and using both hands, behind her back, to jerk her father's cock.

"I-I...," Mr. Whitmore said, the lips of his daughter's drenched cunt pressing against his chin.

"Now, I'll be the first to admit that I might have already knocked up your other daughter, what's-her-name, at this here little party; it all depends on how fertile she is at the moment," Mack said with a grin.

"Very," said Lillian, now beginning to enthusiastically rub her twat on her daddy's lips.

"Heh. Well, either way, you can't say I didn't try," said Mack with a chuckle. "Hell, she must have had cum running out her nose after I flooded her. Still, this wasn't HER pool-party, so I don't see that as being a problem. Do you, Johnny-boy?"

Panicking, the man simply couldn't speak.

"Maybe just shake your head yes or no, Mr. W. It's not a problem for me to have raped a baby into your thirteen year old girl, is it?"

Jack shook his head in an emphatic NO; that got a squeal from his excited fourteen year old daughter, and she flicked the end of his cock. It stung.

"That's what I like to hear. Now, as you can see, Mr. Whitmore, what your daughter has here is not -- as they say -- a 'fucked cunt.' Can you see that, Johnny-boy?"

Jack nodded a very enthusiastic YES, which got another excited squeal from his loving daughter. She bucked once against his face this time, which also hurt.

"That cunt on you daughter has not been fucked. Recently, anyway. You see that?"

He nodded; she squealed and stubbed his face again with her pussy.

"This is a properly un-fucked cunt, am I right?"

YES. Squeal. Ouch.

Laughing, Mack stepped forward and sat the girl up; she let go of her daddy's cock as her boyfriend settled the teen's full weight onto her father's shoulders. "You can see it. Good. Can you taste it?"

The man shook his head NO; his daughter's fingers wrapped into his hair as she pressed her slobbering pussy against his lips.

"Well, maybe that's for the best," Mack said, laughing. "I have a feeling that you want to taste fucked-cunt. Am I right?"

Jack hesitated, then nodded. His daughter began bucking in earnest, like she was trying to force her slimy clit into her father's mouth.

With his left hand supporting Lillian's back, keeping her steadily perched on her father's shoulders, Mack leaned down and took hold of Jack's left arm with his right hand. "Well, here's what's gonna happen. Your wife Denise is gonna come over and suck me hard so I can put a baby in your daughter. You got that?"

The man nodded.

Mack helped Mr. Whitmore raise his arm. "Beckon her over here, then."

Jack, blind and insensate, made a fumbling gesture in the general direction of his shocked wife.

"You heard the man, bitch," Mack said with a smile.

Mr. Whitmore's arm fell back to side as if boneless.

Denise, confused and overwhelmed, simply stood in shocked silence; after a moment, a dozen hands began gently pushing her towards the beautiful, broadly smirking Mack. As she watched, seemingly from outside her body, Jill Turner appeared and took her left hand to pull her along, while Angie Turner pulled her right hand; her daughter Susan stepped past her to tug at her evening gown, and little Janelle put both hands on her mama's ass to PUSH. She walked towards the beautiful man, numb and speechless with her heart fluttering; as she looked back, all of her friends and extended family were smiling at her.

Nearly one-hundred pairs of eyes drank her in. There was predatory hunger in their gaze, certainly -- but also admiration. Support. Love. Respect. This is what her loved-ones wanted from her.

She stood before Mack, and then fell to her knees beside her husband; she ran her hand down the sleek flank of her fourteen year old daughter's body as she sank, watching the girl continue to hump her cunt against Jack's face, and was startled at how warm her daughter's skin was. She felt, as much as heard, Susan and Janelle kneel behind her; after a moment, Debbie joined them, forced to her knees by her brothers.

With delicate and deliberate reverence, Denise reached out and touched Mack's cock; a thrill like a bolt of lightning ran through her and she felt the hot muscles of the gorgeous thing twitch in her hand. It was like a living slab of dark, sweet thunder. With her other hand, she pressed into her sopping pussy, trying to suppress a moan.

"Now, Johnny-boy, your wife is get me hard with her mouth; she's gonna beg me to let her put my cock into your daughter's pussy and rape a baby into it. She's gonna beg me to get her pregnant, too. Probably ask me to try knocking up Susan here, just to be on the safe side. While I fuck a baby into each of these dumb whores, you're gonna out to the dog-breeder. You're gonna tell 'em my name, tell 'em that you have five bitches in the house, and you're gonna buy some dogs. If you make it fast, I'll let you cum in your daughter's ass when you get back."

Jack nodded his understanding, and felt Lillian begin to shudder as she approached orgasm.

Denise leaned forward, sticking her tongue out experimentally. There was no way she could ever fit Mack's cock into her mouth ... but she was willing to try.

Mack grinned. "I'm not sure which daughter, though. Suppose we'll see which one of them impresses me the most."

It was a memorable pool-party for the Whitmore Family after all ... but not the most memorable. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous 14/01/10(Fri)06:37 No. 20639 ID: 8cc23b

Damn, man. I'm not sure if you'll take this as a compliment or whatever, but still, I fucking came. Twice.

So, thanks.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/10(Fri)09:11 No. 20640 ID: 923b50

Ha! That's most-likely the only compliment I could really hope to strive for, creating & sharing work like this; I'm glad to have been enjoyed, Anon -- and I believe me, I do take it as a nice form of positive feedback. Thanks! :)

Any type of appreciation, compliment or even polite acknowledgement is delightful; most writers and artists never hear people say nice things about their stuff, I'm afraid, especially in an online environment. The negativity in some sub-cultures really downs the creative spirit in creative folks, too.

I'll be creating and posting more, and thanks again ... both for being a reader and for letting me know the work did what I designed it to do.

Aversion Therapy for Heather (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/11(Sat)00:11 No. 20645 ID: 923b50

Aversion Therapy for Heather, Part One -- Callie's Condition
(MFf+ loli ped inc cuck non-con bond futa beast ws preg extreme much-sex)

- a Phil Phantom edit/tribute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
- and enormous debt to Danaume:
for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


My name is Callie VonWhite, and this is the story of how our family cured my darling eldest daughter, 13-year-old Heather, of her deviance; we used love, compassion, willpower, a whole lot of prayer ... and a little something called "aversion therapy."

After seeing the results of this miracle, my husband Jonas & I have never been more relieved or more in-love; our teen and preteen children -- four sons and three daughters -- are healthy, happy and home safe on the farm every night.

You must realize, I understood what my darling little Heather was going through; I don't know if most mothers could have even comprehended the depths of it, but I did. And, moreover, I needed to help -- down to the darkest roots of my soul. From the very beginning of my own sexual awakening, you see, from before 3rd grade and well-into my Freshman year of high school, I myself loved playing Truth-or-Dare.

I would play any time, anywhere, for any stakes, with other girls and most ESPECIALLY with older boys. The absolute moment that I figured out what the slippery, hungry little slit between my skinny legs was for, I became a born-again Truth-or-Dare whore. By the time I had puffy preteen tit-buds, looking like a girl who was going to grow up, and soon, to be a very sexy bikini-model, I'd play at the first mention of the game.

My way was no limits, no crying and no backsies, and -- if things were moving too slow for me, and they usually were -- I'd usually be the first to mention that Truth or Dare was something that might be fun to try.

That game got me plenty of dates and friends, hundreds of free rides and fancy gifts, barrels of laughs and invitations to cool parties galore, and -- above all -- a lot of much-needed self-confidence for a beautiful, bashful little small-town girl who was otherwise quite shy, extremely reticent, dangerously submissive, and who couldn't talk to boys no matter how many times they said I was pretty.

To this day, I still can't look most people directly in the eyes, especially men; every time my husband or my sons tell me that I look lovely, I blush uncontrollably and have to leave the room.

But that's now.

When I was in the game, I was a fearless, profane child fuck-doll.

"Truth-or-Dare, Callie," became my mating call; it's the sound that got me randy, raunchy, riled-up and ready for anything.

The game was my social life and my sex life, and I got to try everything; plus, show all my all to all sorts of peers, getting over my inhibitions, developing bodily pride and learning to love my submissive streak. I learned how to let a man tell me I'm pretty -- or hot, or goddamn sexy, or even a fine fucking little piece of white-girl ass! -- without wanting to run away; I learned how to do everything a pretty small-town girl should be able to do: smoke, drink, masturbate, piss in public, and put a professional-grade sucking on a big dick.

I also learned how to use my mean-streak, especially when some other little bitch thinks she can play hard.

Sad to say, I lost as many female friends playing that game as I ever made; I've learned pretty much all the fun things that can be done with a girl, but not all of them are all fun for all girls. Even though I can eat pussy better than any dyke I ever met, and can tongue on nipples long & hard enough to make a tit-proud woman squirt, I don't have any close lady-friends in my life.

I sometimes worry that I'm simply not very good with other women, which is one of the reasons it was so important to me that I help cure my lovely little daughter Heather. My last girlfriend certainly thought so; she broke up with me when I dared her to take a fist up her asshole to the elbow.

Shucks, I could have taken it.

Live and learn, I guess.

Truth-or-Dare taught me how to both live and learn; I understood, so many years later, why my daughter was falling into the trap of it.

Unfortunately, the game ALSO got me naked, got me tied-up, got me gagged and blindfolded, got me spread-eagled, got me spanked, got me fingered, got me fisted, got me fucked, got me ass-fucked, got me drinking piss right from any source that had it, got me slurping sloppy-pussies and cum-leaking assholes till my jaw ached, got me bent over for dogs and niggers alike, got me filmed and photographed loving every minute of it, got me tattooed and pierced in some very private places, got me fucking strangers in very public bathrooms, got me seducing teachers, got me fucking most of my family and all of my neighbors, got me ass-raped by the Varsity football team for a standing-room-only halftime show (quite a feat in a small town) and -- finally -- got me knocked-up before the age of 15.

That was the last straw, as far as my mommy was concerned.

She called a small-town family meeting of everyone who needed to know what was happening, and -- moreover -- needed to know that she was in charge; we were packed in asshole to elbow in the living room/family room, standing-room-only again: this time, with all the chairs from the kitchen brought in and the extras from the basement pulled-up.

Me, my shamefaced daddy, my eight-year old sister Francine, and three giggling teen brothers stood and waited until the whole crowd arrived; half the neighborhood -- a dozen households -- and the whole extended family were there, including 9 aunts, 8 uncles, 24 cousins and Grandpa Mike, along with mom's best friends Sarah and Danielle from the lady's apparel shop, plus Pastor George from the church and Assistant Pastor Randy.

I was rip-stripped naked, seven-months pregnant in pigtails, in preparation for the trial ... and that's what it was.

Yes, I looked like one very naughty little Freshman choir-girl that evening, desperately in need of severe punishment; my little-bitty slut-ass stood spotlighted in the dark, my obscenely-stretched cunt hung with rings and studs, my smooth skin covered in the most terrible of tattoos proclaiming me DOGGY WHORE, PISS SLUT, RAPE BAIT, SLIT LICKER, COCK GARGLER, NIGGER-CUNT and worse, tiny dog-paw prints and horseshoes inked over my ass, my pussy and down my thighs, standing with jiggling, milky tits -- nipples hung with rings, chained to one another and looped down to the bigger rings in both my clit and my labia -- over a profanely-pregnant belly.

I stood before an inquisition, and all inspected me as they slowly filed in.

Some used their hands, some their finger; a lot decided to use tongues, and more than a few used their cocks as I stood there biting back tears and trying to get in any more trouble.

My mother Josephine was an alpha-bitch, a domme and a beautiful woman, shapely and lithe with the face of a 1940s pin-up model and the figure of a professional cheerleader; she bought, sold and traded gorgeous things, from evening-gowns to lingerie. Her specialty, though, was bridal dresses: fitting and altering glittering satin gowns to make brides look even more beautiful on their very special day. She believed in candles and romance, churches and true love, obedience and disciple, and she was prettier by far than any of the glimmering baubles she had for sale in that elegant store.

But I don't know if I ever saw my mother more beautiful than when she was angry.

Jo, as my daddy and her friends called her, was downright radiant -- and downright furious -- when she asked me who the father of my baby was. Trembling, sputtering and fighting back tears, I begged her to please PLEASE phrase that question in the form of "Truth or Dare."

She said the magic words, then, and the switch was flipped.

I moved my hands from where they were clenched at my sides and settled them into my cunt to begin playing with my pussy-rings, mashing milky tits together between my elbows. I raised a cocky eyebrow and said "Dare."

My mother dared me to tell the truth, and the truth came out; Mommy flipped her lid, especially when I said that I couldn't begin to guess who the daddy might be: there were a LOT of men at all three of the gang-bangs during the week I was most fertile; since there was at least a 50/50 chance I got knocked-up at one of them, I had to explain that I didn't actually KNOW all of the men at most of the events.

I explained, further, that I had been quite firmly tied-down at a lot of the parties recently; my dares had gotten pretty extreme lately, and I usually found I came harder -- at least when strangers fucked me -- when I was restrained and couldn't get away from a rape. My mommy's eyes shimmered when I explained that I had been lashed down over a bike rack, with my ass up, at the barbeque in the park, but secured on my back, with legs spread, over a sawhorse for the hoedown at the farm. For the big fundraiser at the university, it was harder to describe, but it involved a dentist's chair, an O-ring gag, suspension chains, hobbling boots and special-fit leather leggings, with arm-covers, that prevented me from unbending, or really even moving, my knees & elbows.

Of course, I had been blindfolded at least half the time, so that couldn't help.

I told her I could maybe narrow my baby's daddy down, if it WAS at one of the gang-bangs, to "men who prefer to dump their seed in a little girl's unprotected pussy, even when her asshole is right there, gaping open with cum dribbling out of it, and she's literally begging for more guys to come over and please fuck her whore mouth."

My lovely mommy got prettier still -- and angrier -- then, when I said that I wasn't sure how many guys like that I actually knew ... but that it couldn't be more than, like, a hundred or so.

There was a hush in the room, and my mother's eyes flashed. "A hundred?"

"Maybe more. Three hundred, then? I can start asking around, but honestly -- most men seem to like to cum up my ass," I said. "I don't know why, but Uncle Raymond says that it feels like I have a hot, oily glove up my shitter, trying to jerk his semen up into my bowels."

That got a laugh from Uncle Raymond in the silence, and muffled choking from his wife Linda and their daughters, 13-year-old Angie and 10-year old Stacy.

As a few other people tittered, his booming voice suddenly shouted out "You damn right! You got a fucking asshole like a Hoover, little Callie-Lilly."

Pretty much everyone but my parents giggled a little bit at that; I waited until the most infectious of laughter passed before looking my mommy in the eye: "Well, I don't know much about Hoovers, but Uncle Raymond certainly knows a lot about fucking assholes."

Several people guffawed. The dark room creaked with the press of bodies. This was turning from a trial into a party, slowly but surely. The erotic magic of Truth or Dare, already at work.

As some semblance of calm returned, and my fingers developed into a fucking-rhythm at my nether holes, I said that we could perhaps narrow the list of suspects further by throwing a big "Happy 8 1/2th!" half-birthday party for for my little sister Francine. By inviting all my friends, and then seeing which of the guests fucked her in each hole, we could figure out who was most likely to have impregnated me; the little doll looked terrified as I put my arm around her and hugged her tightly to my creamy tit.

I also said we probably ought to wait to narrow down the list of suspects until the baby got here and we saw what color it was; I pulled up the hem of Francine's sundress to show how tiny her undeveloped preteen cunt was compared to mine, even with the two big rings I had pierced into her labia, and mentioned that the precious little princess probably wasn't ready for the hardest and meanest of big nigger-dick yet.

I also said that the culprit probably wasn't my daddy, because he mostly preferred my asshole, but I couldn't say the same for any of my brothers. They all liked both holes, it seemed -- and, more that that, they all loved pissing on me while one of them raped me.

I also said that I could definitely say the same for mom's brothers, as well -- about liking both holes, that is, as well as piss -- because no pretty little Truth-or-Dare whore ever had naughtier uncles.

"Or cousins," I added.

I also said: "Thank god they all have nice cocks. Because your daddy's prick still tastes like your asshole."

There was a roomful of sniggering at that. My mother was now nearly glowing with fury.

I mentioned that if the baby had four legs, we could check whether it had paws or hooves; that might narrow it down a even more. When that got our neighbors Bob, Janet and their five kids laughing VERY hard indeed, I mentioned that they -- very specifically -- had seven likely culprits under their roof, and only three of them were doggies.

I also said, once everyone was staring at Bob and his three teenage sons, that we really should have a show of hands of everyone in the room who hadn't actually fucked me. That made everybody start looking around at everybody else; it was interesting to see who had been caught diddling while listening to the story.

It was almost everybody.

A fair majority of folks were diddling themselves, masturbating; others were diddling a close friend or relative. Many were obviously turned on; half the women were stroking hard cocks through a tented pair of slacks -- some the cock of a husband, some of a brother, some of a son and some of a stranger. More than one couple or trio had adjusted their seating or standing-position to play a little grab-ass or stink-finger; a number of little ones, mostly girls but including some of the boys, were bare-assed, squirming excessively on the lap of a teen or adult male with his fly plainly undone. At least a third of the ladies in attendance had a shirt or shirt askew, and very few women didn't have someone or another's hands on their tits.

My favorites, though, were the folks who didn't stop, even as the crowd watched them:

Neighbor Jim from down the street had his impressive tool hanging out of his jeans, his stunning Asian wife Olivia's hand slowly jerking it into the mouth of their 11-year old daughter Jenny. As we watched, the pretty preteen began sucking more vigorously on her father's long-dangling rod; after a moment, Olivia released the thunderous dick, hiked up her dress and presented her husband with her naked, baby-smooth backside. Bending slightly at the waist to give Jim's enormous tool rear-access to a shaved and drooling cunt, the gorgeous woman forced her daughter's face into the union. Tiny Jenny flicked her incestuous tongue over the wet coupling with practiced expertise, sending her own mother into spasms of pleasure as her husband roughly took her. The woman used her daughter's mouth like a cheap sex-toy, cruelly pleasuring herself and her husband with wild abandon, her hand wrapped around the young girl's ponytail like a handle; when the dainty mother started squirting as Jim's massive cock brought on the first of several G-spot orgams, she smeared the pretty preteen's sucking lips against the mess and began to piss.

Big Uncle Kyle stood there grinning, four fingers working into 7-year-old Cousin Amanda's tiny asshole as she bent at the waist, lapping at Aunt Ellen's meaty cunt; the curvaceous blonde laid spread-eagle on a couch, her slippery, coral-pink lips splayed into a vulgar beaver for her daughter's deep ministrations. Kyle's cock, meanwhile, was slowly sinking into the rectum of the girl's twin brother, delicate little Cousin Adam; the pretty, petite 7-year-old boy and his slender sister were nearly identical, especially bent-over at the exact same angle for the simultaneous use of their wicked parents. Adam, still easing down on his father's cock, moved his face next to his sister's and began planting kisses equally on both her face and on their mother's gaping pussy; a moment later, the preteen twins were making out enthusiastically, passing their mother's clit back and forth with their tongues while using four hands to masturbate the woman. Kyle set up a steady tempo for his cock's entrance to Adam's grasping baby shitter, which he matched with the hand sunk to the palm in his daughter ass: anally raping both children with the same brutal intensity.

Proper, slim, prim Mrs. Callahan from down the road was enjoying the exploring hands of a half-dozen of my young cousins, all of them expertly masturbating a well-lubricated ass and a shockingly-indecent cunt-hole; they pulled thick stings of anal beads, one after another, from her rectum only to jam them back in with equal ease, while various slick vibrating love-eggs, smooth ben-wa balls and other slippery toys clattered to the ground as fingers dug into her gyrating pussy-flesh. She, meanwhile, used both hands to keep her weeping 12-year-old daughter Laurissa's head and forearms calmly pinned to her own ample breasts; her father gripped the sobbing preteen ballerina's willowy hips and vented his lust into her unwilling, fertile hole. Her five big brothers, aged 19 to 13, quickly lined up behind him, all of them fisting impressive cocks and discussing how they intended to finally break their kid-sister of her annoyingly prudish habits, now that mom was cool. It was decided that the girl would spend one night each weekday as the personal fuck-slave of a specific brother, but that she could be used as a communal cum-dump on weekends; soon, they were discussing whether they could rent Laurissa out to friends, as well as for how much, and whether the first Callahan brother to knock her up got to keep her. The schedule quickly sorted itself out as their father poured abundant spurts of seed into her resisting, formerly virginal cunt, wiped his bloody cockhead on her ass-cheek and then began pissing down the side of her thigh as he stepped aside; another thick incestuous dick entered the shaking involuntary little cock-socket as a few more men got into line behind the brothers. Others, dicks already reeking of presh pussy or dirty asshole, arrived to join in using the girl as a urinal.

The room started to get warmer, and smell quite a lot more like wet, heavy sex; the grim witch-hunt had been called-off and transformed, turning by swift stages into the bacchanalian rite of an orgy, just about to overflow like a hot natural geyser.

Naked little girls were openly fondling their own baby pussies, staring in amazement at the tight-packed carnival atmosphere, and men of all ages aimed hard dicks in their directions; mothers sank upon the cocks of their sons while husbands mouth-fucked the faces of the own teen daughters; family members smiled and shook hands over the writhing backs of strangers and children.

A blushing young mother feigned horror and surprise when her shocked husband exposed the crotch of his bride to reveal that she was pantie-less, shaved bare and had a thick rubber plug up her ass; her preteen son, crudely digging fingers into her smooth cunt, pulled forth a huge black condom that spilled semen in a torrent down his mommy's legs. She shrugged bashfully, giving her husband a guilty shit-eating grin, then wordlessly twisted her loins, hands on hips, to allow the boy further access to her cunt. The boy pushed in easily; by the time he was embedded up to the elbow in her cunt, she was rocking back and forth, humping herself with hungry abandon against his probing forearm. Her mortified husband poked at the huge black plug stuffed in her asshole, easily the width of a liter bottle of soda; a flicked it, and it toppled to the floor along with gushing pint after pint of white, ropy cum.

Someone let the dogs in, and I saw a man -- possibly another of my uncles -- finish fucking the gaped-open cunt of little Jenny as the petite half-Asian child continued to eat her mother; Daddy Jim, his thick cock obviously the cause of such a well-broken-in baby-cunt, had gone off to piss on the Callahan girls, who were now in a cum-soaked tangle on the floor. Laurissa was pinned down, face first, to the floor by her mother to endure one rape after another as a dog mounted the prim woman. Uncle Kyle had wandered away from the job of buggering his twins to empty his bladder as well, although he chose to piss into the thirsty mouth of Uncle Raymond's wife, Linda, while her own husband gestured for more people to come over and feel as Sarah and Angie fisted one another in a complex reverse 69. A pair of teen brothers stepped up behind little Adam & Amanda, slapped five, and began ruthlessly using the elfin children's cavernous, mercilessly-raped shit-pipes.

My mother fumed, and I cleared my throat.

I had an entire hand enmeshed in my sopping cunt now, and another fondling the asshole of my baby sister Francine, still held tight to my milky tit and beginning to nurse; a big brother behind me ran skillfully-molesting hands over my big belly and my other tit, dribbling spit and cream from the massive ring in the nipple, his cock sawing between my thighs and over my yawning pussy-hole. My two other brothers had their potent cocks out as well: one in each of Francine's tiny hands, letting the little girl tug them off.

My mother frowned and narrowed her eyes, her nose wrinkling. "You were saying, Callie? The truth."

"Well, there are some people who couldn't be the daddy of my baby, I guess," I said. "Some of them are here."

I continued, once a few eyes from the crowd filtered back to me, that the culprit probably wasn't Sarah from the store -- I was almost certain I couldn't get pregnant from her pissing in my mouth, even while her boyfriend fucked her; if I could get pregnant from HIM pissing in my mouth while she she stuck a broom-handle up my asshole, that was a different story. I then admitted that it might actually be Danielle's husband Rod, but that would technically make it their daughter Lacy's fault -- because she was supposed to suck all the cum out while her daddy spanked her.

I also said that I was certain it wasn't Pastor George, since I didn't have a cock he could tug on while he rooted me up the shit-pipe, and that I was 99% sure Assistant Pastor Randy stopped fucking me well before I grew my first cunt-hair. The two men both laughed, each of them with a struggling toddler -- a 5-year-old boy and his baby sister, respectively -- impaled on their laps.

I said that I was less certain about hunky Neighbor Ed, since he was always so excited about leaving his cum in me -- and careful! -- sometimes stuffing a dishrag and my panties up my twat after emptying a load in me, to keep it in there, and often times making me return to his house several times a day to make sure my cunt was still swimming in his sperm. But he had been fucking me for a long time, I explained; I should have caught pregnant from him back in 7th grade, if it was going to happen. None of his boys looked like him, either: neighborhood rule was that his sons fucking each other didn't count for "incest" when that was the dare, and most of the high-school girls in the neighborhood fucked Ed without protection, never worrying. We all figured that he was actually infertile, so he was off the hook; the man looked crushed, but his wife grinned with amused cruelty as she jacked the massive cock of a son in each hand, sucking another and squirming her pussy back against a fourth.

I also said, finally, that it was honestly no business of hers who the father of the baby in my belly was. I told her that I was going to love the child regardless, nursing it on cocks and clits alike, letting it suckle at my breast while I fucked dogs and drank piss, and that I was happy to have my Truth or Dare baby. I said that I hoped it was a boy, with a big cock like the men who like to rape me, so that he could someday take me up the ass and see if it really DID feel like his mommy had a hot, oily glove up her shitter, trying to jerk his semen up into her bowels. I mentioned that I wasn't even 15 yet; by the time I was 28, I hoped I had a dozen bastards by a dozen men, and that at least some of them could cream their mommy and knock her up.

My mommy Jo looked gorgeous, standing there presiding like a lady over the simmering orgy in her home, but she didn't look CALM. She flipped her lid, like I say; she's one of the reasons I worry I'm just not very good with other women.

In retrospect, what I said and did certainly sounds harsh. But like I say, I have a mean-streak sometimes ... and she DID say "Truth or Dare."

My mommy dared me to tell her the TRUTH about how I got pregnant, not part of the truth; if she had dared me to show her how it happened, instead, I would have. Might have had to make some calls to get all the original players back together, but I take the game seriously. It's no fun for anyone if you don't.

As the orgy increased in pace and volume, I asked my mommy "Truth or Dare" -- standing there, imperious with her hands on her hips, she declared that the game was over. Of course, it wasn't; you can stop any time the round is over, sure, but everybody gets to go, every round. I reminded her that everybody get the same amount of Truths ... or Dares.

Everybody knows that.

I kept at it, even though she was pissed and I was just one very pregnant little Freshman choir-girl with one very shamefaced daddy that night. Well, that and a trio of horny brothers, plus some chuckling uncles, a few grinning cousins, a lot of happy neighbors and one laughing granddaddy who had two of my cousins licking his balls, and who thought it was funny as hell that his dick tasted like shit.

Like I say, I kept at it, feeling my brother finally enter me from behind as the other two brothers flipped -- heads or tails -- for Francine's two delightful ends. Watching my big belly, with DOGGY WHORE written across it in such big bold letter, must have been hypnotic; my mommy couldn't take her eyes off of me as my cunt split for the head of a brother's cock and I rubbed milk from my leaking tits into my clit.

Eventually, my mommy said "Truth."

You know, I've always thought that 'truth' was the no-fun choice, but I was wrong that night. If she had said "Dare," I was going to dare her to show me how I was conceived, just because my daddy looked so sad and I didn't figure he was getting any sex from from mommy for a while. He was a bit pussy-whipped.

I looked her right in the eye. "Truth it is, then. I've had every cock in this room, and I know the one I like the best. So, which one is your favorite -- is it my daddy's, or your daddy's?"

My mother bit her lip, saying nothing.

"You said truth, mommy."

"The truth," she said.

I smiled. "Yeah."

Her eyes sparkled, and with one fluid motion my mother tore off her dress to show the lacy black garter-belt, matching crotchless panties and sheer peak-a-boo bra she wore underneath, all accented with little red bows. Her inflamed pussy was drooling slime down both thighs.

Turns out that the best of the best was Uncle Raymond; mommy still fantasied about being held down and having her preteen asshole torn open by his long dick in the schoolyard while all her friends watched and laughed. Second place through fifteenth went to the dogs he used to set on her. Sixteenth place was Uncle Kyle, who knew how to give a little bitch a good whipping until she learned to suck dick right, and her sons -- my laughing brothers -- were seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth place, respectively.

Her own daddy, Grandpa Mike, was twentieth place, still very respectable; my daddy even didn't make the top 100.

I was shocked.

My brother thought that was funny, and pulled out of my cunt to finish in my ass; he pushed me rudely to the ground to give himself better access, while my other brother stuck his cock in my mouth. I tasted Francine's dirty preteen asshole before he started pissing.

With a howl, Jo got the orgy started in style.

Her first order of business was to take a piss on Laurissa; she masturbated with both hands while she did so, spraying cunt-juice and golden streams of pee over the man raping the 12-year-old. He complained, and to make up for her indiscretion, she gave him my little sister Francine to take home and keep; she said, still masturbating, that if he could get Mommy Jo pregnant with another daughter within the next month, he could keep that one too.

Like I say, my mother bought, sold and traded gorgeous things.

I was, I suddenly realized, now merchandise.

Turns out that one of the many other pretty things my mommy was selling at her store was her pussy; ass was free. Whatever she was charging, I won't say it wasn't worth the price; she had a damn fine cunt between those long legs, and I should know -- I spent a lot of of time with my face pressed against it over the next few weeks.

Most of the rest of the time, I spent on a leash in the window of the apparel store, modeling truly obscene teen maternity-wear and a several salacious wedding dresses that were clothing only in the most academic of senses. Taken out of school, my mother now used me casually as a party-favor, bargaining tool, lubrication-provider, cunt-warmer, free-sample fuck for those considering buying another of her whores and -- most often of all -- a tip for men making deliveries. She bought Jenny, Laurissa, Amanda and Adam, too, who all joined me at my duties, but I was the bottom-rung pussy.

As fun as it was for a while, I realized something after only one week: I didn't want to be my mother's whore.

I wanted to be a Truth-or-Dare whore again: free to make my own choices, dares and mistakes.

The final straw, less than a month later, was when she decided to give me and my unborn child -- for keeps -- to Uncle Raymond as a thank you; she had made a tidy profit selling Angie and Stacy into white slavery overseas. Turns out that sexy girls who don't like to be rooted up the ass by their daddy but who can still take a powerful fucking are worth significantly more to some sheik or Japanese executive than Raymond had originally charged her for them. I was to be delivered to his house in a wire pet-crate, done up in the special gear from the university-fundraiser that kept my knees & elbows bent, my limbs hobbled; he and Linda had decided that I would make an excellent doggie, a bitch for all of his mutts to practice on.

When I heard the news, I gave my daddy one last pity-fuck for old time's sake and packed whatever I could carry; after that, I bounced town as soon as I could catch the first bus out, and haven't been back since. I had to suck dick across twelve state lines to get as far away as I wanted to get, and -- in exchange for a room, a hot meal, a change of clothes, a shower or whatever else I needed -- I took more rude cocks in my asshole than any pretty little pregnant 14-year old should ever have to endure.

I finally made it to a farmhouse on the other side of the continent when my water broke; the driver of the truck carrying me kicked me out after he came in my mouth, and I've been here ever since.

The strong, tall man who owned the place -- Mr. Jonah VonWhite -- took me in to his home, fed me and gave me a place to sleep; a country doctor made a house-call that very night and delivered a beautiful, healthy boy we decided to call Jonah Jr.

We got married the next morning while I was still in his bed, recovering. In the sixteen years since, my husband has never stopped thinking of me as his "fancy little city-girl," as he likes to call me, and has never seen me naked -- we only screw missionary-style, in the dark. Thank god, he's got a cock like a cannon and believes that making your wife cum is one of the ten commandments. He put in electricity and running water at my request; skilled handyman that he is, the old farmhouse is like a little dollhouse out in the wild. Jonah is a sweet man, an honest man, a handsome man and damn fine cook ... and most important of all, he has never asked by it looks like Jonah Jr.'s biological daddy was a big, black buck nigger with a foot-long cock.

I've put all my old games behind me and started over with a kind, gentle, religious man.

I know how good the game of Truth or Dare works, but my husband doesn't; he doesn't play games of any kind, nor smoke, nor drink, nor curse or listen to popular music. His one sin is reading, as he'll be the first to admit; he has an impressive library for simple farmer, and he can play beautiful guitar when I beg him too.

So imagine my shock, so many years later, to discover that my 13-year-old darling, my eldest daughter Heather, had become a little Truth or Dare daredevil of her own. It seemed that she was playing with a group that were not her peers by a few years, mostly older teen boys with pick-up trucks.

Heather, my precious darling, was in with six punk farm-boy dipwads with just my first-born daughter to represent the female gender.

On hearing about this, my immediate reaction was JESUS CHRIST!

My little Heather had to be the biggest little whore in the county, and I had no idea she was fucking, giving head, or even hand jobs.

I was not prepared to worry about that until she turned sixteen and could date. Evidently, she couldn't wait.

I told her daddy, my Jonas, that we needed to fix this.

We decided, after a long talk and some prayer, to try aversion therapy

Aversion Therapy for Heather (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/11(Sat)15:28 No. 20660 ID: 923b50

Aversion Therapy for Heather, Part Two -- Daddy Jonah's Decision
(MFf+ loli ped inc non-con bond beast ws preg extreme much-sex)

- a Phil Phantom edit/tribute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
- and enormous debt to Danaume:
for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


'Aversion Therapy,' it's called.

When I told my loving husband that I had heard our eldest daughter, 13-year-old Heather, was playing Truth-or-Dare with the boys from other farms -- not just boys, but teens and grown adults, men with trucks and spurting cocks -- he was stunned. Confused, shocked and hurt, he asked me what such a devilish game could possibly entail; in the broadest terms, blushing and weeping, I tried to explain that it was a 'big-city' kind of game ... one that it had long-ago cost me my modesty, years before our wedding day.

I begged him for guidance.

"Please, Sir," I said quietly. "I need your command."

There was a quietness in our bedroom, then, as he set his book on the nightstand and folded his strong, scarred hands; the old farmhouse creaked in the warm spring breeze. Beneath the our thick blankets, long sheets and my conservative nightgown, I squirmed with terrified discomfort.

Jonah looked at me, finally, and I saw a sad seriousness in those piercing eyes which I had never seen before. "Please, love, forgive me. For, when I was a boy, my darling Callie-bride, I was once caught smoking. I never told you this, because it was simply too shameful to bear; I swear to you, I have never kept, and shall never keep, any other indiscretions from you -- or from our marriage bed."

I gasped. Speechless.

With that, he hugged me to his broad chest, and I felt him struggle to catch his breath. "I do swear, I do swear. Can ye -- can you ever forgive me, my sweet girl, my darling wife? Ever forgive the shameful, prideful lies of the presumptuous man who grew from a wicked boy?"

After a moment, I squeaked a soft 'yes, Sir'.

He slowly released me, leaning back and wiping his eyes. The look of joy on his handsome face was like the parting of the clouds after a storm; I swooned to see the craggy lines of his face slowly smooth. "Oh, my fancy little city-girl; how you amaze me with your big heart and your gentle ways. You will make a fine husband of this foolish fellow yet, I do swear it."

"You-you are a most fine husband, Sir, kind and true ... and with a most very grateful wife," I stammered, rejoicing at his smile.

He grinned widely, his eyes twinkling, and my thighs began to warm. "My love for you grows by bounds with every passing day, my lovely Callie-Lilly, apple of my eye, and I have loved you dearly since the first moment I laid sight upon you."

Blushing, I leaned forward; my eyes closed, I kissed my hulking husband upon his lips.

For a while, then, we simply sat and drank in our mingled breath, our foreheads pressed together, taking little kisses like sips from hot, perfectly-paired mouths.

Tonight, I knew, he would blow out the candles and we would make love; with that cock like a thick length of worked iron, already growing beneath the blankets, he would try to fuck another baby into my eager belly. He would pin me, in every position, fucking into my little body like a stallion until I screamed and came, again and again, and the farmhouse shook.

My aching cunt began to drool with the thought of raking my nails down his strong back, of pushing my ass back against his thrusting hips as I bit the blankets, his potent tool parting into the quivering folds of a slick pussy that needed to be taken roughly -- and often.

The heat of his massive prick fell onto my thigh, and I knew that his cock would claim dominance over my shuddering pussy soon; he ran one finger down my elfin face, and I trembled.

I had never strayed from my wedding vows, not in seventeen years; it was easy, as long as no one dared me to do anything. This was a small community, deeply religious and staunchly conservative; I was the young wife of the farmer Mr. Jonah VonWhite, the city-girl he had wed and the mother of his children ... and that was all need be known.

Although the butcher, baker and pharmacist alike stared with open hunger at my backside every Friday when I went to town, and the men at the market appraised me like a living, sultry angel as I did my shopping with my children, none had never spoken directly to me. As years passed and some small change came to the community, a few of the more daring fellows would whistle as I passed -- and once, a cowboy grinned at me lasciviously when I gazed overlong at his stud-horse -- but none ever approached me.

Though I was now almost 32 and the mother of seven, I still looked like a slim teenage gymnast in many ways; the clean living and healthy eating of the country agreed with me, and quite heartily. Standing not more than 5-foot tall, I could almost have passed for Heather's twin, in truth, except that my ample breasts and hips showed me for a grown woman with the curves of a bikini goddess.

My face had slowly taken on some of the fierce, cruel beauty of my dominatrix mother as I aged, perhaps, but my skin was still as supple as my preteen years, and my tits just as perky. My cunt, as elastic now as it was when first I took a fist at the youthful age of 7, was still tight enough to hold a pencil in place as I did deep knee-bends; my husband's cock was a mighty tool, however, and I found myself masturbating a dozen times a week with the huge, foot-&-a-half-long dildos I had brought with me from my long-lost home. I kept them hidden in in our closet, along with many other souvenirs of a life left behind.

Of my children: my eldest, 17-year old Jonah Jr., was dark, beautiful and strong like so many of the black man who had fucked me in my wild years; my other three boys, aged 16 (Raymond), 14 (Kyle) and 12 (Michael), had their father's stern brow and piercing eye. Their fierce features were set in handsome, rugged faces atop the powerful builds of farmhands; each was a polite charmer, although Micheal had more of my brothers in him, and Raymond more of my father. My little girls, meanwhile, aged 13 -- Heather -- then 10 (Jo) and 8 (Francine), had the delicate beauty of fairies, though they were rambunctious farm-girl tom-boys, all.

After a time, my breath quickening as we kissed, Jonah leaned back and looked me again in the eyes.

His firm gaze was serious once more. "Now, my love, we must decide a matter as husband and wife, as mother and father to a disobedient teenager. My own parents, with firm hands, cured me of my brief flirtation with sin: they taught me never to smoke, ne'er again, by locking me in a closet with a single lighter and five cartons of cigarettes -- and they wouldn't let me out until I smoked every damn one."

My strong, sweet husband choked back the pain of his confession and took both of my little hands in his big, callused palms; I had never before heard him curse.

"They did this out of respect for me, and for the Lord and for our family, though I cursed them for it that day. This technique is called 'Aversion Therapy,' -- a powerful psychological tool used by men of medicine -- and can be used to cure alcoholism, adultery, pederasty and deviance of all other kinds. Such strong correction from the hand of parents requires great love, compassion, willpower ... and much prayer."

I nodded.

He frowned. "You say that this Truth-or-Dare is a ... sexual game, my love? Like this 'poker,' 'gin rummy' or 'doctor?' Some crude, obscene dalliance, which will teach our girl wifely-manners before she is wed?"

I nodded once more, blushing deeply. My husband's cock, huge and hard, began to slide along my thigh on a thick, dripping streak of precum; my own cunt had begun to slobber. He moved closer to me, the heat of his skin causing me to break out in a sweat.

"Hmm," Jonah said, his brown furrowed. "To teach our daughter aversion from the temptation of sexual matters, I propose that we do the same as my parents did. Give her too much, all at once, and teach her to abhor and regret it; let her understand where the twisted road of sin leads, and taste the bitterest fruit of her indiscretions."

I nodded once more.

"This is no easy matter to discuss, my lovely Callie, and I understand your fear; still, I must have your support in this endeavor -- just as a husband must have his wife's blessing in all things. I mean, in short, to instruct our eldest daughter in the worst kind of depravity, before this 'game' of hers gets her pregnant ... or worse, turns her to a doxy."

His cock thickened, pressing against me. I thirsted for it, trying not to squirm with my desire.

Swallowing my fear, I looked into his eyes. "In this matter, good husband, you have my complete support. Your heart and plan are righteous, conceived of love for your family -- and I would not ask you stay your hand, nor EVER to show a wicked girl mercy."

He smiled. "Of course, any wife would respond the same. But I ask you, my Callie-Lillie, whom I am love with all my heart, whom I have sworn to both honor and obey: bare your heart to me. In truth, do you think my plan sound?"

I considered. I thought about my own choices, my regrets, my adventures.

Above all, I thought about that fact that my husband had just asked me for ... the truth.

"In truth? I do, Sir. You and I were both cured of our unrighteous behavior by this 'Aversion Therapy,' as you call it. In my own case, I was taken advantage of -- at a tender age -- by many bad men, and lost my family in that devil's game. It was only when I had drunk far too deeply that I knew my games had been a poisonous sort of fruit; it is only by the grace of the Lord that, as I fled my mistakes, I found a loving husband to take me in and make me HIS family."

Jonah nodded. "Truly, little Heather is blossoming into a beautiful woman; I would that she were a GOOD woman, like her mother. All of our children are lovely to look upon, but she will soon be ready to become a wife. She is as pretty now as you were on the day we met, in truth, and the child will make a tempting prize for bad-hearted men."

Beneath the covers, my hand found my husband's thick cock; I began to stroke his hardness as I looked him in the eye. "I wish that my own father had taken such firm measures with me, Sir; he was weak, though I loved him dearly, and his weakness cost our family much suffering. Please, break our daughter of her foolishness."

"You shall find me," Jonah said, "much more firm that your father, though no less loving."

"I do know it well, Sir; the men of our family must be strong, and teach Heather the the errors of her ways. I beg you, husband, out of love, make her understand shame. I will stand united behind you, though you use dogs, strangers and her own brothers to make her obey."

Shifting in place, Jonah placed my other delicate hand upon his cock. I was barely able to hold it; the hot oil of his precum ran in a torrent from the tip of his thunderous member. I could barely contain myself as I began stroking him in earnest. "As you request, Callie-bride. My sons and I will teach her humility and obedience; you and your daughters ever guiding, supporting with gentle hands."

I wiggled with glee, placing his thick prick at the overheating entrance of my greedy hole, running his throbbing cockhead over my smooth, intimate flesh. "Your love for our daughter, Sir, is so noble and pure; what father could abandon his beautiful baby child to sin, knowing the most vile consequences? Please, husband -- we must cure our girl, by pain and love in equal measure! Spank her, gag her, rape her if you must; I will bind the girl in place so that three men at a time may instruct her, in each of her wayward holes."

He poised at the entrance of my womanhood. "Then you request of me to carry out this plan? For the good of little Heather?"

My hips thrusting to meet him, breathing hard, I cooed. "Please, please! For her sake, and the sakes of your younger daughters alike. For the instruction of your sons, and the love you bear for your wife, please. For the Godly duty you have to this family, Sir, I urge you to heed my plea: make of Heather the lowest sort of cum-bucket, sucking cocks and drinking piss, shown the harshest of punishment for her crime. Only this will teach her, Sir, and you and I both know!"

Jonah nodded, turning and blowing out the lights; my cunt yawned open as he moved to mount me in the dark, my hands masturbating him into my needy hole. "Together, my little bride, we shall correct her. I cannot do otherwise, nor refuse your wifely request. In good faith, my sons and I will take her back from evil, though we may nearly break her to do so."

"Do not stay your hand from her, husband," I said as he entered my grasping, slippery pussy. "Ever. I beg you."

He fucked my hot little cunt for hours that night; I thrashed as the best sex of my young life was poured into me, and potent seed dumped into my pussy. I knew I was fertile, and hoped that soon there would be another VonWhite.

In the morning, we delivered the news to a stunned family.

Assertiness Training (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/12(Sun)22:42 No. 20672 ID: 923b50

Assertiveness Training

- a Phil Phantom edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
- and enormous debt to Danaume:
for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Chad Fisk, cocksure executive, had a thing for a shy employee's young wife; that fact was well known to all the guests at his party except for the guests of honor: the employee in question, Mr. Herman Metterling, and his lovely little wife, April.

After taking April's coat, Chad took little April and never let her go -- not even to the bathroom, not without him, nor he without her. What they did in there was nobody's business, but a simple piss usually tied up the main bathroom for ten to fifteen minutes whenever she had go.

She gladly consumed the beer Mr. Fisk provided; when she had to go, then, she HAD to go.

Mr. Fisk insisted: "drink up," he said, and she drank up.

Pretty soon, she'd have to go again, and have to tell him; no one bothered to tell the bashful Metterlings that Fisk was into warm, recycled beer straight from a pissy pussy, nor that he saw in April a sweet little beer-processor of unparalleled quality.

"It's easy. Simply pour cold, sparkling beer in one end of a lovely girl," Chad said, "and wait at the other."

April had never thought of herself in those terms; she knew she was beautiful, lithe and tight, certainly, as many men had eagerly told her ... but she simply hadn't thought of that particular kink, nor of many kinks in general. Nor, to be honest, was the big-titted 25-year-old much of a beer-drinker: the stuff went right through her, soaking her panties if she wasn't careful, right after going straight to her pretty head. Lovely, petite, rather shy and dangerously submissive, April Metterling became a living beer-stein with a very pretty head, great handles, and the softest-looking body Chad had ever seen on a girl.

Chad soon found out that tiny, sweet April was every bit as soft as she looked: nothing hard or lumpy on that babe, and she had a cunt that got slick quick -- a plump, juicy, slippery and tasty pussy that ached to suck a hard cock into it. As human beer steins go, Chad had never held better: he could tilt little April's head back and pour beer into her; as long as beer poured into her mouth, she eagerly drank.

Mr. Fisk, grinning, poured beer after beer into a slim, well-endowed little Sunday-School teacher and Boy Scout den-mother who wouldn't say shit with a mouthful; he slurped piss from the warm cunt of a tipsy girl who blushed at off-color jokes and thought all sex acts -- except those sanctioned by missionaries -- were perverse. Even masturbation was a sin, the wobbling girl said .... but she would, she admitted, on occasion sin and sin badly.

Forty-eight Boy Scouts could attest to that.

Pretty little April did have a thing for sinning in the great outdoors, where risk of discovery is great and being discovered made it greater. April's assistant den-mother, a gorgeous, sultry teen named Darlene, turned April on to the dirty act of thrilling young boys in a state of nature, each driving the other to greater and greater risks, then giggling about it in a shared double sleeping-bag which they shared in a state of absolute nature under the stars -- weather permitting.

Together, the naughty little pair of April and Darlene ran the happiest, campingest, largest Boy Scout den in the state; few suspected why.

The boys, of course, weren't telling; Boy Scouts are young, perhaps, but they are NOT stupid. They knew they had a rare combo in two masturbating, exhibitionist, pretty little bisexual den-mothers who were camping-out freaks; they also knew that the best way to lose them was to let that oversight get out.

Kristen Metterling, preteen daughter of April, lived with three smirking teen Boy Scouts; she had no idea why her step-brothers were so into scouting -- nor why seeing their mother naked was no big deal to them, when it was still a REAL BIG a big deal to Kristen.

The boys acted normal enough, sure ... but looking a naked, masturbating mother in the eye while chatting with her was weird for boys their age. Kristen couldn't do it; then again, 8-year old Kristen was an admitted bisexual -- a virgin bisexual, perhaps -- but her love of the female body was no secret after being caught loving on a few. Kristen didn't know how her raunchy step-brothers did it, especially when their gorgeous young mother was showing everything, sometimes while naked, sometimes with two hands diddling her cunt and pissing with her legs apart.

How do you NOT stare at that?

Made no sense, Kristen thought.

No one outside the church-sponsored scouting-program suspected a thing, and -- aside from that one quirk, which was mostly Darlene's doing -- April was everything she appeared to be. Except, of course, when pretty little April had to piss in the nude; then, she had to watch her pussy leak, dribble, and squirt in public. April also shaved the lips of her trim, tight snatch in public, changed tampons in public, and would lightly play with the slick folds of her hot, gaping cunt in public, though she preferred cumming in private -- or in public, as long as it was with Darlene and Boys Scouts watching.

Other than that, April was your typical, rather shy, conservative, faithful, moral pillar of a wife and mother who hated the terms 'cunt' and 'fuck' in any variation or combination. To be called a 'fucking cunt' or a 'hot little bitch' would get her up on her hind legs ... except in the woods, while helping Darlene and the Boys piss out a camp fire.

Chad poured beer into a cunt who thought that term was simply AWFUL.

He also poured beer into her cunt, which was awfully perverse -- but also awfully cool and tingly, if the cunt was being honest. April was a lady who would only sip at her wine to be social; at his party, he guzzled beer for Chad, sipped with her cunt, and her ass sucked on a long-necked beer bottle. That amazed her.

Actually, that amazed and amused everybody; she got a standing ovation. April couldn't wait to tell Darlene about drinking beer with her asshole; she wanted to to try it while Boy Scouts fisted her.

Before getting the invitation to join that fancy social gathering, nine couples in all, April had never been unfaithful in 9 years years as Herman's wife; he a shy divorcee, met a good Christian girl and swept the little thing off her feet while still in high school. She had no desire to cheat -- nor, more especially, to earn a cheater's reputation. April simply wasn't the type, but she was easily led, dominated and directed by a pushy, crude, rude and powerful man like Chad Fisk. April wasn't the type to be assertive in the face of a master; April was simply pulled away in a sea of assertiveness, which greatly amused all those who bore witness.

All, of course, expect one employee named Herman -- but he was less assertive than his wife April, and he was up against the big boss, three levels above the two bosses between him and Fisk. The two middle bosses were both present, laughing it up as his wife took a beer bottle up her ass and greatly enjoying themselves. Herman didn't know what to do except try to accept what he couldn't change; he had to accept that Fisk had his wife on a short, tight tether.

April didn't sit near Chad. She had to sit with Chad, right on his lap, to endure the crudest groping imaginable.

The nastiness began right away -- while they were still standing -- and never ceased. For the handsome Mr. Fisk, it was like no one else was there staring ... but they were. All the guests at this fancy soiree were staring, all eighteen in paired couples except for Herman and Jean Fisk; even they stood as a pair, at times, to drink and stare at a couple making out as though naked in a double sleeping bag. The onlookers saw enticing glimpses of intimate flesh, for Chad's hands traveled where they pleased and they liked intimate female flesh as much as Boy Scouts do.

Pretty little April never expected any help from Herman, wimp that he was, but she expected help from ... well, someone!

As she was openly molested, further and further, April expected help from one of the ladies, or from Herman's immediate boss, Kyle Lesper. None was forthcoming. Kyle was a friend of the family; his wife Georgia, a dear friend to April and mother of nineteen-year-old Darlene, also failed to assist.

When that help never materialized, April pinned her hopes on Chad's wife -- exotic, elegant Jean Fisk -- whom April had never met. A wife should be expected to put a stop to a husband's nonsense, right?

Those hopes were quickly dashed. Jean found this far too amusing.

April wasn't the least bit amused, especially after Chad got his rude hand inside her panties; she blushed beautifully and looked marvelous. She kept hearing dirty comments, calling her a 'sexy bitch,' a 'gorgeous little cum-bucket,' a 'hot piece of fuck-meat' and many much more graphic, crude, and offensive terms. She heard the word 'cunt' bandied about, both in reference to her vagina and to her as a person -- as in "sexy cunt," or "one hot cunt."

Except for her Boy Scouts, these were the most vulgar people April had ever met in her life. She couldn't believe Kyle and Georgia even associated with people like them, but they were just as bad and fit right in. Georgia, in fact, made one of the ruder cunt comments, stating, "This cunt needs it bad. And she'll get it bad from Chad."

Kyle said, "I've been dying to fuck this sexy cunt, and she has an eight-year-old daughter that makes my nuts churn."

Georgia laughed. "Darlene said the bitch had a pussy that wouldn't quit. Little Kristen's is even sexier, though. If you can catch her, I'll jerk your cock off into the baby cunt."

April was getting it bad. After five minutes of steady groping, stiffly resisting his kisses that offered enough tongue to choke on, April stopped fighting the exposure which had become futile and meaningless. Anything she had wanted to keep hidden and private wasn't. She still had her clothes on, technically, but the clothing didn't do much in the way of hiding anything. The dress was open all down the front with the bra pushed up and off of her D-cup tits. The hem had been rucked up to her middle and the panties were ruined, just hanging useless.

The rude hands were a constant torment, especially the rudest which remained in possession of her crotch, invading her defenseless body at will through the two openings down there. Chad wasn't aware, but April's anus had never been a plaything -- never! -- not even in the wilderness on a moonless night inside a double sleeping bag, which was inside a tent. He didn't care. To him, it was. If he wasn't tormenting a hole, he teased the clit. That was a plaything, too ... but he played rough, too rough to get off on, but not so rough that it didn't make her very wet and receptive to his kisses or to fingers entering either hole.

Rough clit play, April discovered, opened her back door to playing. Darlene needed to know that, too.

In time, April also stopped resisting the kisses and simply let him. Soon after letting him, she joined him -- because it was so difficult to just let him kiss her. He was a great kisser, so different from either Darlene or Herman. His kisses were full of passion, and passion is contagious. April never thought passion could be contagious under those circumstances, but it was. Getting into the kissing helped block out the people, and one in particular -- Herman.

April didn't want to see Herman. She didn't want to see anybody, or hear anybody, and she certainly didn't want to hear how badly Kyle wanted to fuck Kristen.

Not seeing was easier than not hearing. April could close her eyes and not see, but she could not close her ears.

What her ears heard often stung a mother's delicate ears. The 'cunt' word made her cringe worse than the 'fuck' word. She heard plenty of both and heard her little girl frequently referred to as a sexy little cunt, a fucking whore, a foxy little bitch, and heard Georgia call her an excellent little cunt sucker and tasty little bitch. April had no doubt, but hearing that still stung, and April was tempted to return the compliment: Georgia's own daughter Darlene was every bit the tasty bisexual that Kristen was, and also a most excellent cunt sucker.

The party-animals were enjoying themselves; every wife had found a cock she liked, playing with them openly as the shindig got wild.

April soon came to accept that all of this unchallenged assertiveness was destined for intercourse. The passion alone told her that it was so in the first minute. Mr. Fisk came on that strong. The man who held her seemed obsessed, determined, bent on intercourse at all costs. April soon realized the futility of fighting that determination ... and not long after that, she knew she would very likely be staying the night with Chad, entertaining Chad and his friends. Herman would go home alone and be alone with four kids in the morning. What would he tell them? What could he tell them? Would he dare tell them the truth?

Herman might.

He might, but there wasn't anything April could do about that. She knew she would be with Chad until he released her; while he had her, he would keep venting his passion on her and sharing her with his friends. April had never known such passion. Herman, sweet man that he was, fucked once and then rolled over and went to sleep. Shy, sensual Herman was not noted for passion. Darlene, on the other hand, was a good lover with good passion, but her lovemaking lacked technical skill. Chad was full of passion, lust, longing, and god DAMN did he know how to make a cheating cunt drool. He was also very hard, very big, and very much a man. Herman was ... well, Herman was a nice guy. Unfortunately, nice guys finish first, which was never a problem with Darlene who never seemed to finish or tire of amusing little boys at April's expense.

After ten minutes, April was making out with Chad and trying not to think about consequences, the biggest of which were her four kids - three sexually-obsessed teen Boy Scout stepsons with big mouths and lots of friends, and one sexy, bisexual virgin 8-year old with a tight pussy.

By this time, ignoring nasty adults who were into this sort of thing was relatively easy, and ignoring Herman was easiest. Putting her kids out of her mind was the hardest part, and forgetting Kristen was impossible. Kyle, Darlene's father, sold her charms like he owned them, knew them well, and knew Kristen well enough to speak on her behalf. Georgia was easily as bad and knew Kristen as well if not better. Georgia sang the girl's praises while her husband whined about not getting any of that tight, virgin pussy. He got everything else and had some nerve whining about that in the presence of the child's mother.

If April could only trust Herman to not want this known, she would be fine, but she couldn't. Herman could be such a brat, and it would be just like him to place all blame and responsibility on her, then want to punish her by shaming her. The best way to shame her was through her children. The very best way was to set Kristen up with lusty adults of both sexes. He would do it, too, and score major brownie points at work while punishing a wife who had also scored him a score of points. Helping Herman score work-points was her primary motivation for attending, wearing a sexy dress, and putting out to Chad if she had to.

They did discuss that, along with the possibility of her ending up being Chad's whore if she did give him some and he wanted more. He seemed to want one, wanted her, and would certainly want plenty more. Whoring for the big boss would net a major haul in points. They had also discussed putting out to Kyle as well as to Kyle's boss, Mr. Reynolds, the general manager. They had discussed putting out for the entire chain of command -- Kyle, Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Fisk -- a major point-haul there. Those discussions did serve to put passion in Herman, so April didn't mind discussing the unthinkable. She also knew that Herman took those discussions to heart, even the outlandish ones which were half as outlandish as the reality: she found herself in public, watching her very private asshole suck the remnants out of a bottle of Corona after her cunt just had a cool, refreshing sip that it very much needed.

They had never discussed anything like the reality of her serving as a party-girl/whore to such a wild bunch. Little Kristen never came up in their bedroom discussions, either. Once the tight preteen came up at the party, though, the party animals never let that delicious subject drop: to a whipped, cuckold point-hound like Herman, he had to be taking notes under the heading 'GET KRISTEN!'

Fortunately, the Metterlings had a girl who would love to get got by a wild bunch. That did little to ease a mother's mind, but a Corona up the ass did. While sucking the remnants of her third bottle, for Chad always gave her thirsty ass the last two inches of beer after giving her thirsty cunt a few swallows, he put it to her, "So, April -- do you mind if we have some fun with your sexy daughter?"

With her bottom lip held in teeth, watching her sexy ass suck beer, April shook her head "no".

That made the party-animals cheer.

In fact, she consumed three beers in fifteen minutes, but she only drank one and a half. The rest went in her cunt or up her ass. The combination made her light-headed, a bit dizzy, a little giddy, and not at all motherly. After getting the answer he wanted, Chad looked to Herman and said, "Go get your daughter."

Herman was off at a trot before poor April could say, "I was just kidding," or "I didn't mean right now," or "Herman, I think we need to discuss this."

After offering them her daughter that way, April wanted her clothes off. Chad was all too happy to free her, but he kept the empty bottle working in her ass to keep her in a giddy, sharing party-mood. When he had April naked, feeling free, sprawled across his lap, all the amused party animals gathered close to see all there was to see on a lady who no longer gave a fuck. They saw a girl who wanted them to see all there was, especially the bottle-action going on in her amazing ass, also the cunt they liked so much, and the tits they raved about, lying there with her feet drawn in, knees wide and down, playing with a fully exposed cunt while enjoying a very pleasant glass ass fucking.

The lady made a beautiful sprawl and appeared to be suffering from a most-beautiful form of resigned bliss. Chad lifted her head and said while working the bottle, "So, it's alright with you if we fuck your sexy little girl."

April smiled while staring at the neck of the bottle slowly fucking her pretty, pink, clinging asshole, then looked at all the eager faces, then to Chad, and said, "Whether it is or isn't, I'm sure you will, and I am sure I will have about as much say as I do in drink choices, drink amounts, and where I drink the amounts you choose to give me. You'll hear no objection from me or my Herman ... nor from Heather, if she knows what's good for her. Enjoy her. Right now, I need to pee real bad. Where is your little girl's room?"

"I'll show you."

Mr. Fisk set her on her feet and took her by the hand. Twenty minutes later, they returned. April looked like she had just done something very perverted. Everyone who watched her return seemed to know what that something was. They were all very amused. They were also amused by her bald pussy, knowing how Chad hates pubic hair in his beer. April had a perfect pussy for the no-hair look, but she felt naked without pubic hair -- rather like a slut or a whore, in fact, and her daughter was due to arrive soon. April wanted to go home and grow some hair, but Chad would have none of that. He and Mr. Reynolds slow danced with her. Chad got up her cunt; Reynolds got up her ass. They were slow dancing when Kristen and Herman entered. April was never so embarrassed.

After that, the party got nasty. An hour after Kristen arrived, mother and daughter were side-by-side on a large bed taking on all cummers. They remained on that bed until the wee hours of morning, only getting up to go pee with Chad. Little Kristen got to drink a lot of beer; Kristen and April got a lot drunk.

At seven-thirty in the morning, they finally had the bed to themselves - the bed and the room. April went to have a look around. The party had petered. Those who stayed -- most had -- were passed out where they were or crashed in guest rooms. Just as April feared, Herman had left, but he didn't leave until he had a story to tell his boys and got a few pieces off Kristen. Those people fucked that poor girl half out of her mind. The other half of her mind was mercifully drunk. April had a night of raunchy, non-stop sex, but Kristen got gang-banged all night. Where April usually had one hard cock to deal with, Kristen usually had at least three. They played rape-the-virgin well, and they played rough.

A mother's heart broke a thousand times. The only way to watch the gang-rape by adults of such a young daughter was with a firm finger on the clit and a firm cock up her ass -- or bottle, or dildo, or fist. They knew how to get the mother to watch and keep her fucking mouth shut. They took turns keeping the mother in it without ever being a spoilsport. With anything up her ass, April was anything but a spoilsport -- anything but a mother, too.

Looking at her little daughter Kristen sleeping, smiling in a big bed, looking very spoiled and very soiled, April -- now feeling sheepish -- went and found Mr. Fisk.

April ended up ten minutes later with one foot propped on the edge of the tub, combing her fingers through Chad's thick hair while giving him little squirts and dribbles of piss. He was loving it, smiling up at her with a rakish grin that made her heart melt and her thighs warm. She smiled back and said, "You are just trying to keep me here so that your horny, perverted, sick and disgusting friends can get more of my sexy daughter, aren't you?"

He nodded with a mouthful of cunt. April enjoyed that nod and said, "You are a very bad man, Chad Fisk. You are making me be a very bad mommy. Am I going slow enough for you?"

He took his smiling mouth off to say, "You are doing very well. I expect you to teach Kristen to do the same."

He returned to munching a cunt in motion as the mother said, "You don't show a young girl any mercy, do you? You don't show a mother any, either. I must say, I find that very sexy in a pervert. You are, you know -- a pervert -- a very sick one. You must be very pleased with an employee like Herman. Keep him happy, you pretty much have yourself a couple of whores."

He came off to say, "I intend to keep Herman smiling."

"You certainly know how to keep me smiling. When I'm smiling, I say, 'fuck Kristen.' I'm sure they are doing just that. Take your time. I'm in no hurry. Fuck Kristen. Fuck that little whore. Fuck her in a cunt that will be fertile before too long."

That made him smile. They stayed in the bathroom for almost one hour. In that hour, six men and four women had their way with Kristen and were still having their way when Chad and the mother emerged to stand over the scene as four naked women held the limbs in a spread eagle as the last man fucked Kristen's baby cunt. Jean and Georgia were not part of that scene. They were in the master bedroom.

April and Chad stood with their arms around each other's waists, looking on with April lightly stroking a finger through her inflamed slit. From time to time, they kissed. April looked like a mother who didn't give a fuck what they did to her daughter. Her aloof attitude drove the man to fuck the girl's ravaged cunt to mush with one of the larger cocks in the group. Poor Kristen was out of her mind but very much aware of her aloof mother clinging to a piss-drinking lover while thoroughly enjoying the rape of a daughter. That sight made Kristen want to move her pussy, but the women were as excited as the fucker and made all but squirming impossible, so Kristen squirmed her sore and ravaged pussy under a pounding, bone-jarring fuck and started to cum.

Watching that got April so excited, she had to have some, so she stepped in front of Chad and fitted his erection into her salivating cunt under Kristen's watchful stare. Since she was so interested, Chad maneuvered April over Kristen's face, then onto wide knees directly over Kristen's face. There, they fucked as Kristen took another load of trouble.

Kristen got a good look at adultery, but when the cock pulled out of her mother, Kristen felt a mother's hand cup the back of her head and pull up and in tight to a grinding fucked cunt. Perverts loved it, and April fed on their praise. Kristen fed on her mother.
Kristen got fucked without mercy or let-up.

She got to know her mom a lot better that weekend. She was a wild one, she was.

After a few hours, Mr. Fisk's two new whores had time to talk. Since Herman was at home, filling the boys in on a side of their mother they hadn't seen, April filled Kristen in on the side she hadn't seen. After hearing all about Boy Scout camp-outs with Darlene, all of the mysteries fell into place and made perfect sense. No wonder they weren't interested in watching Mommy pee!

Her three lucky brothers apparently saw enough of it, and they saw it much better in the woods -- squat peeing, headstand peeing, beaver peeing, masturbation peeing. Kristen couldn't believe how much they did to thrill boys, or how long they had been at it with no one being the wiser.

Kristen wanted to go camping. April figured she might. The troop needed a second assistant, especially another girl the boys could fuck -- a fucking preteen assistant. Kristen wanted the job and got the nod on the condition that she continue to serve as Chad's whore. Kristen smiled and said, "I will if you will. I want my mommy here."

April smiled back and said, "I am here, so you are, so now try not to act like you love it. They want to rape you; you're spoiling their fun and you are embarrassing me."

They hugged.

There you have it, another innocent outing turned decadent because a young wife and mother never learned how to assert herself.

Angie's Sex-Job (MFf+ ped cuck inc non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/13(Mon)19:55 No. 20685 ID: 923b50

Angie's Sex-Job (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.

Angie's unimpressive resume, bad as it was, seemed to be irrelevant ... mostly due to unimpressive job interviews.

Dressing to sexually impress -- while being sexually impressive -- seemed a much wiser strategy, especially if sex is the primary purpose of venturing into the work-force in the first place. Darcy did have a good point, there; applying only where sex-on-the-job was likely was just using good sense: fishing where fish were likely to be. Angie, though pretty as a picture, wore staunchly conservative outfits to her interviews, doing her fishing using an unbaited hook tossed into a cactus garden ... great place to fish for rejection.

So charged the twelve-year old daughter who pushed sexual aggression and a personal bisexual philosophy to be what all people wanted, then let THEM worry about rejection. Angie was presented a wise strategy by a street-wise preteen daughter who picked out the "right" interview dress: a slinky, form-hugging, ultra-micro-mini dress -- sans undies -- that begged sexual harassment if one can avoid arrest for indecent exposure. This was 180 degree course-correction from Angie's strategy; but, to the right employer, that outfit coupled with the right attitude might make the resume appear to be good enough ... or simply moot.

Her daughter's theory was that horny male employers mostly want a great-looking gal who takes sexual harassment well. The right attitude projects easy nookie on the job, a mega-bonus must-hire. Right outfit with the right attitude, the resume can just say, "I'm bored with being a faithful housewife and would like to try something else. If there's ANYTHING that I can do for money, please stick it in me."

Angie tried doing it the proper way, dressed properly for business. All that did was prove little Darcy right again and again, which left trying it Darcy's way ... so that she could be proved wrong, too. In Angie's opinion -- and limited job-hunting experience -- employers in their area just simply weren't hiring no-experience women pushing thirty, not when there were so many pushing twenty who had some or a great deal.

Gorgeous young mommy Angie entered into her decision of doing it Darcy's way with many misgivings. At least giving her daughter's way ONE good day, one college try, might get her off that tack and tactic. And to be sure, the pretty preteen's tacky tactic seemed to be a mission to get her mommy to be a cheater -- a whore, a slut, a fine piece-of-ass with multiple lovers -- something Darcy wanted even more than the right to sell her sexual services to a select clientele of good neighbors.

Poor kid was grounded for life because she simply would not stop selling ass. Her daddy didn't want his nine-year-old daughter being the neighborhood whore, but finally put his foot down hard at age twelve. Daddy Bill was her grounder; Mommy was her jailer, but this was a life sentence -- Darcy was home for life.

Angie didn't much care for her role, or for that unjust and outrageous life sentence, and wasn't upset by Darcy's profitable avocation. Darcy didn't start at age nine. She started at age seven, a girl who came into this world a girl for only one thing -- SEX.

Darcy first got busted at age nine; her sex-life had gotten too rambunctious since her auspicious debut as a kindergarten cock-tease who found she didn't like teasing NEARLY as much as making hard cocks squirt in her little hairless cunt. Busted three times that year, five times at age ten, seven at age eleven, and four months into age twelve her sixth and final -- so says Lord Bill.

Every bust was in-the-act, at home, usually while home grounded from a previous bust -- or while grounded for ignoring a grounding. That or a serious, anal-gaping parole violation. From first bust on, her free days could all be condensed to make maybe one whole free month, so Bill's home life-sentence simply took away the chance there would be more of those ... or a dating life, or school social life, or any good reason to continue attending grade-school.

If 'whore' is what you like, thought Angie, and you're good at -- with a tight baby pussy that likes milking cocks dry, and an elastic little asshole to match -- why should a good mother not at least turn a blind eye? Loving parents, she thought, might find themselves deaf, dumb AND blind for a pretty daughter who loved her work, just like they were for all the sexual shit boys got up to. If boys could sell their services, after all, they all would. The difference was, Darcy could; the preteen sold a great deal to four older brothers -- two sets of twin teens, 14 and 13 -- and their buddies, all of them buying. They were used to taking what they wanted, until they found they could buy wiggling baby pussy, a hot-&-hungry mouth and an eager preteen asshole at reasonable rates, avoiding the more costly consequence of being told on. Even then, the consequence for gang-raping a six, seven, or eight-year-old girl, badly whipped in severe bondage, was no deterrent and barely qualified as a punishment.

Lord Bill was very big on lecturing his boys, and those lectures always became lessons on the proper ways of binding and applying discipline: S&M sport-rules and regs, dos and don'ts, refining technique as though what they did was simply a good thing poorly performed. Do it right, Bill said, and the bitch don't bitch. She succumbs to discipline and domination, steadily becomes more docile and submissive. Do it wrong or sloppy, their father reminded them, and you produce a toughened little spitfire it takes all four to subdue.

Bill went quite easy on boys just being boys, but came down very hard on any little bitch who dared charge a token amount of money to let them use her holes. For that, baby Darcy was stripped, bound, gagged, whipped, and fucked in the ass. Daddy did it all -- and her -- quite expertly.

He came down very hard indeed on the preteen for charging considerably more to let other adults be boys. Every time he caught her with a grown man's cock sawing away in her child cunt, she'd get a grounding that would get her stripped, whipped, and fucked thrice daily all through her house-bound sentence, much of that spent in nude bondage where boys could be boys for free. Dogs could be dogs, too, and a girl could get queer. A photographer could be a pornographer with a website, in fact, if he wanted.

For a reasonable price.

A mother, Angie discovered, could mind her own goddamn business.

Boys were making mega-bucks through some child-porn outfit in Russia and sharing ill-gotten gains with Pop. Grounding little Darcy only turned their house into a bondage-themed whorehouse, and their garage into a preteen-on-a-leash porn studio, making it more difficult for the girl to adequately serve the adult neighbors she so loved.

With a cool jailer, though, no problem.

A jailer with an outside job would be a great help; it would be a delight for the girl to have an absentee jailer, preferably absent eight to ten hours each day. If that job led to cheating and lovers, cool: jailer absent even longer, and bringing home dirty stories to boot. How cool, only time would tell, but Angie was never uncool. Pretty cool mom, a babe mom, a smoking-hot bomb mom who bore four charming motherfucker-wannabes from an early age, before giving birth at age 17 to a cute female motherfucker who wanted them to be. Darcy, in fact, wanted to watch them be, had the will and knew a way a full year before Master Bill began doing it and taking full credit.

Had it not been for that, all the boys might not be ... but because of a husband quickly capitalizing on a hot young wife's willingness to be practiced-on by charming teen sons for their training in proper S&M, all were motherfuckers as often as they liked. Little Darcy was a great help: very good at getting her sexy mommy to lie out naked on a marital bed for a massage which could make a submissive, full-figured, babe mom so complacent, men and boys alike could climb on and fuck the asshole and the pussy.

On occasion, the very pretty lady of the house could be bound and gagged. On occasion, each boy could give his mutt a rare treat of tied-down Angie-pussy -- also, his buddies and some cool high school chicks. Add to that, Daddy Bill occasionally gave away some of his lovely wife's charms, thinking that if he didn't, his boys might not be getting any. Thoughtful dad that he was, he offered them some of a mom all bound and ready for some, willing-or-not. Darcy got grounded for trying that herself, on her eleventh birthday, but by then had been getting away with selling tied-down Mommy Angie for twenty-two months, twice a week on average, and five to ten times a week over vacation or summer months.

The enterprising little bitch was making a small fortune selling sex off her father's trophy wife, had the neighbors and the Russians alike begging more of that raped babe-mom in bondage shit. Grounding little Darcy didn't hurt that business any. Piss her off, the grounders discovered, and the price got even more reasonable -- with more customers getting in on it. Darcy got even with an asshole father by forcing his sensual, submissive wife into a home prostitution business of a very kinky and illegal variety ... and she did it because she could.

Bill's latest tirade, with a grounding for life thrown in, yielded a buck-a-fuck deal for a group of fifty high school boys -- and a few girls -- mostly juniors and seniors. His sexy bitch got bound to the bed naked, tied in a tits-up spread-eagle with two pillows stuffed under her slippery ass, her knees tied out hard to each side making an offering of beaver no man could refuse. Mommy got done repeatedly by all fifty, fisted by half a cheer-leading squad, and -- by the end -- three neighborhood dogs added to the semen left by the four boys residing in the same home.

Darcy really got even, but her asshole daddy didn't give a shit so long as she took it out on the innocent wife. Angie was surprisingly good-natured about that, but this latest bit of get-evenness put good-naturedness to a good test ... this was a message and a warning.

That message was simple: it was 'get an outside job, and get real cool, or see the group grow to sixty, then seventy-five, then possibly over a hundred to include adult neighbors, females who liked to piss, and maybe a tattoo artist who had a kink for obscene messages.' Angie couldn't fight Darcy. Angie had lost that ability years earlier. As puberty began to set in beautifully, Darcy just had a way about her that Angie could not resist; she simply could not muster enough will at the start of anything sexual. Once it started, any residual will dissolved on that child's amazing frog tongue.

As for the bondage and discipline, the boys never did become experts ... but Darcy turned pro, one who FAR surpassed Master Bill, who wasn't even aware that he was teaching the pretty preteen anything but lessons in submission.

Lovely little Darcy was very much a girl who had her mother's number, but was also a girl who took excellent care of a pretty mommy who had zero sexual aggressiveness or confidence. The coltish girl rarely ever left Angie anything but sexually wasted, high on an erotic ambrosia and begging for more, with absolutely nothing to bitch about.

"Lie down, Mommy," was an invitation to experience sexual ecstasy again. Only on very rare occasions did Darcy flex her sexual muscle and show what she could truly do -- but that was to show Master Bill, not to further impress a mommy.

That woman was as impressed as she could get, well before Darcy turned ten. As she was turning twelve and four months, her daddy still didn't know what he was trying to tame. His boys knew, but they weren't helping him: they served the real master, the one who got them plenty of pussy or could -- with a 911 pinky finger -- put them all in a real jail with large niggers who like the asses and throats of sexy white boys if they can't rape white pussy.

This last flexing was a real doozie that sent a message loud and clear, because it was spoken to a mom recovering from it still bound to her marital bed:

"I can totally waste your nest, destroy your marriage, and give you a new career that you are NOT well-suited for. You got the body for it, that's true, and a face like a pin-up model ... but a good whore needs the heart and soul of a sex-fiend, too. I can make you a very sad, sloppy whore; I will, if I have to, but I don't want to. I am going to wage war on Lord Bill. You'd be very wise to go get a job, outside the nest, and become a workaholic -- even wiser to land a sex job. A sex job will suit you in the postwar nest. If you have no job, you'll be put to work in the nest, and you won't like it. I plan to build a very nasty nest, run by a kinky whore with a pet daddy; a sexy mommy with a good job that gets her lots of cock could be very happy here."

Angie thought it best, after that, to make her sexy self scarce. Doing it Darcy's way, though, was a last-resort way. To fail at that last-resort way was a resignation to being a whore with Darcy: a two-whore whorehouse operation, which Bill wasn't likely to tolerate. That would be a war Angie wanted no part of. It was a war that parents could never win. Like it or not, sexy mommy Angie would be forced onto the side of those who were going to win.

Neither parent could take on a girl who owned a mountain of child-molesting evidence; all she needed was the will to fuck a parent over. Bill was bucking a bad fucking-over like a man who didn't know the law or believe a daughter of his would ever fuck-over a Lord. That was one reason Angie never fought Darcy: that pretty little preteen could put a mom away for a very long, hard time. Angie made damn sure there was only one parent deserving of that type of fucking-over, hoping that when the time came, the other would get a warning such as Angie got.

Another order, unfortunately, was to not tell Daddy a fucking thing.

When Angie went out on job interviews Darcy's way, she went with hope and resolve, very near desperate to land ANY job. The first, second, and third wouldn't let in the door, but the fourth and last welcomed her like she was exactly what they were looking for.

This last one was a try-again, because they wouldn't even let a prim, trim, proper lady take a seat -- not what they were looking for, sorry. They were a casual construction-outfit, looking for a replacement Gal Friday; Angie liked the looks of that place, and thought giving the place another try wouldn't hurt. She had barely gotten in the door last time; in her new outfit, it seemed worth a shot unless it was only youth they were looking for.

If they wanted a gorgeous mommy going on 29, they had her. She got an interview.

The adorable young slut she'd be replacing, it seemed, was eight months pregnant, all of almost nineteen and due to move to Germany with her young Army husband in a few weeks. When Angie first met that stunningly-attractive young woman, she thought the girl was a pregnant Barbie doll in the flesh. She had that look, like no other living model Angie had ever met -- and her name, oddly enough, was Barbie, married, even more oddly enough, to a soldier named Ken.

This time, Barbie looked Angie over and saw perfect. That sleek, shaved-bald pussy looked perfect, especially; seated, she could see it very well indeed. Barbie liked what she saw from the secretary desk of a contractor's job-site construction trailer. She got on the radio to get the boss to return to base, to do an interview on a ten Gal Friday of the busty-babe-mom class.

Seemed like a code, to Angie. The boss on the other end replied, "A chesty ten mommy ... no shit! She friendly?"

"Sitting right here, Cap'n ... careful what you say. She is a married mother of five, fine & fit, twenty-eight, her bust size in double D, never worked a day outside the home and a high-school dropout; a total trophy-wife dressed to impress a boss like you but nervous like a virgin with no panties or pubic hair on. Looks to me like she's wishing she had her bra, feeling and looking very naked in her twelve-year-old daughter's sexiest dress -- one that doesn't come close to meeting even a liberal school's dress code, 'cuz a girl can't sit down in it without being indecent."

He laughed. "Sounds like a good work uniform."

"Looks like something Pete picked out and Joe made modifications on. It's obscene, and sexy as fuck. She's seated before me the way a lady doesn't; I like her legs and I can see their point. I was thinking this hot bitch was a hard nine until I got a good look at their point. No, this mommy is a mouth-watering ten, and you know how queer I'm NOT. I am getting VERY interested in feeling how that little wet pussy might feel on my fingers; she's getting wetter as I talk to you. Hmm ... better hurry. I think she wants me to crawl to her and start sucking up; got some kind of cunt-sucking tractor-beam going on between her sexy-as-hell legs."

"Hmm. This that same lady who came in on Monday? The sexy Sunday School teaching librarian-type you ran off?"

"Same one, but Sunday School teaching librarian was the impression I had at the time, not what she IS. What she IS, boss, is a sexy little housewife one time and a curvy twenty-something mommy five times over, never worked anywhere outside her home. Likes it when I talk about her pussy, too; she's blushing but she's getting our seats all slippery. Cute bitch wants THIS job pretty bad, looks like ... nervous like a whore in church, like she lost a bet or took a dare ... got her smiling, now. Hell, this sexy bitch is shooting me a damn tractor beam beaver, too."

He laughed again. "Go with it. Get her relaxed, Barbie; get her clothes off and your tongue up her cunt, if you like. We can't come down for at least another thirty, possibly an hour ... building inspector is here with Jennings, gotta big old problemo. Tell her how great your job is, how wonderful I am, how hung Pete is, how tongue-hung for bung Joe is, how horny the crew is. Mention all the company perks 'n parties, tell her how fantastic they are -- and, of course, tell her about the poker games she'll need to serve at, topless and absent any morals. And I'll need a detailed report on her, babe. Let me know if she can suck your wedding ring off with her asshole, for one."

"She is smiling and sitting even less like a lady, now. You're doing great; keep talking. I'd like to see a real splits-wide beaver on this babe. Ain't got far to go, and that is one fine pussy. She's got a fleshy, slimy, gutsy hairless cunt, with a shining clit like a baby's thumb, that splits beautifully when she rocks back and forth in the chair. Reminds me of my mommy, to be honest. I'm seeing what she'd look like wearing my new clothes. They could be sisters; if my sexy mommy gets a good boob job, twin sisters."

"See if she'd take it up the ass from an asshole like Jackoff Jennings and an inspector like Spanky Sam. Find out what perks she likes and perk her for me; we need her pronto. Looks, from the trouble I'm seeing up here, like somebody hot and flexible needs to do the pair of 'em WITH you, or we are in deep, deep dookie. Spanky is demanding you and your mom; I can put him off that impossible dream, but tell him I got him her busty sister. She's your Aunt what?"

"Angie. My Aunt Angie. That'll fly unless Mom shows up and says 'who the hell is that?' Don't got no sister this fine, though Aunt Tabatha is a pornstar who can put a mean sucking on a little girl's clit."

"Remember, baby Barbie, you can't go to Germany unless you get us a suitable replacement."

"You have her smiling with two sets of very fine lips; she's cute as a button, and you got her pretty pussy all plump and eager. My advice, boss? Let me hire her based on her willingness to 'Do Em.' If she does 'em and saves the company half as good as I do, you can perk her yourself."

"Make it so, bubble-butt. Engage ... Picard out."

He sounded in great spirits; Barbie turned the radio mic off to smile at Angie and say, "Tom Picard fancies himself a starship captain. His foreman, Pete Hodge, is Number One. The rest are numbers two through eleven. I'm just happy he didn't call me 'baby cunt,' like he usually does; been pulling that shit since I was 13. Hope you like the next generation Star Trek."

"Always liked it. Do they look like Cap'n Picard and Commander Riker?"

"No, they look like Mo and Larry. Cute, but funny-looking. Number Two, Joe the frog-tongue bung fucker, is a dead ringer for Curley -- with a nasty thing for deeply Frenching a lady's rectum while she is making love, or right after her little shit-pipe has been creamed. My husband will miss sharing a marital bed with the Three Cute Stooges. Unfortunately, they build office buildings a lot like they look: funny. I hope you fuck, suck, and jerk a hard cock like you look."

"Hard to be objective, but I've never had any complaints. And my daughter dressed me to look like I can -- and will -- at the snap of a boss's finger, with never a thought of filing a sexual harassment complaint. She swears wearing this look, and projecting an easy slut demeanor, will negate my paltry resume."

Barbie smiled, her perfect button nose wrinkling. "It does that here. If you can fuck, suck and handle spurting cocks well, the boys might get that building up in this decade. How long it stays up, of course, is the question. One thing they're all good at is getting it up -- if we are talking dicks. If you like stiff dicks, you'll like this job; horniest bunch of pussy hounds you'll ever meet ... the dirty dozen, we call 'em, ... OR the Filthy Federation guided by the prime directive: if it smells like fish, try to fuck it."

After a good laugh, Angie said, "They could be my sons: got four in two sets of twins a year apart. Darcy came the next year, all are now in junior-high except my little middle-schooler; all of them are life support systems for very active genitals. At least my sons have nice cocks."

"Hmm. So, I take it your sons are all mother-fuckers?"

With that, gorgeous blonde Barbie leaned back in her chair, got both her dainty feet up on the desk at shoulder width and casually hiked her skirt to her belly; both delicate hands fell to the most luscious set of slick, pierced cunt-lips Angie had ever seen.

Angie slipped a teasing finger into her slit and joined the lovely teen in openly masturbating while saying, "Well, I certainly didn't want that slipping out during a job interview. But yes, they love to fuck their sexy mommy. For the record, my baby daughter nailed me first: she gets her big brothers whatever they want -- or can afford. Darcy pussy whips 'em, usually with my pussy."

Barbie cooed, fucking herself with her fingers. "Oh, I like the sound of that."

Feeling bold Angie continued: "I've had all four of my bad boys several times, in every hole; they fuck like good men with thick cocks. Two of my twins love to make love to their mommy, but the other two prefer to hold her down and rape her hot cunt. It's a toss-up as to which is better.

The lovely girl swooned. "You keep on teasing me that way, I will leap over this desk and fuck your prety-mommy brains out, you sexy bitch! God, you are the mother I wish I had; the mother my brother's wet-dreams have. She and I have got three hard, teen cocks in my home: a senior, a junior, and a sophomore."

"That would be a sight. Any chance that baby is NOT a federation bastard?"

"My husband would say yes -- that chance is slim and none; he was in the poker game where it happened. Lost the right to use me to bear his offspring, and the Federation won the right to breed me for one year. The Federation has been good to us; this is the bridge of the starship. That cluster-fuck behind us is the planet they're terraforming into some kind of high-rise condo. At least, they have a bank thinking they are."

Angie laughed, enjoying the slow stimulation of her sopping pussy. "Your husband work for the Federation?"

"Nope. He shares a duplex with numbers Eight, Nine, and Eleven; the horny neighbors invited us over to play poker. Ken was invited to play; I was invited to serve topless. Turns out a straight flush does beat four aces. After that, service got a lot better in a much better uniform."

"Me smells a setup."

Barbie smiled wickedly, using her left hand to diddle her yawning pussy hole and plunge thin digits deep inside; her right hand was rubbing slick cunt-juice across a straining clit. "We smelled a thrilling sexual adventure. I've known some of these guys since Jr. High; always liked a man who wanted to fuck a little girl. My Ken-doll got suckered into a rigged game eight months ago, be one year come August first. I love every fucking minute of it."

Both ladies were now masturbating good beavers, using both hands and going for their cookies, Angie saying, "Hard lesson for a young husband."

"Hard crew. Take their wagering and the prime directive very seriously, but not too bright; just brighter than my handsome Ken-doll. Great way to throw them off is to use a scented douche and then fuck your ass with a dead mackerel. It'll get you fucked in the ass every time. Freaks 'em because they think someone stole the tits and face and put the feet on backwards."

Angie laughed; grinning, Barbie let go of her pussy, dropped to all fours, and crawled around the desk. Biting her lower lip, the pregnant teen came up between Angie's long legs and gazed from inches away at the pretty mommy masturbating fleshy lips.

"Damn," said the tight blonde, exhaling warm breath on an overheating cunt. "This is the most vulgar-looking cunt I ever saw in my life. Jesus, it's gorgeous all opened up like this. Anyone ever tell you that?"

The pretty, blushing mommy began masturbating with gusto. "No, but I have been told I have a gutsy cunt. Always been a good thing -- it's what gooey baby-pussy grows into in your twenties. My daughter has the very finest of hot, suck-a-dick-hard baby-pussy, but sometimes my sons and their buddies prefer a good cunt. Most of their girlfriends are ga ga over this awesome cunt -- call it mega-pussy. Takes a schoolgirl's fist like a champ."

"Looks damn good," said little pregnant Barbie. "Hmmmm, smells great, too. Mind if I have a taste?"

"You are conducting this job interview," said Angie, now rubbing hard at her cunt. "Do whatever you like. I'm still applying ... ohhhh, that's nice ... ummmm, fuck, GOD, that is VERY nice. Christ, yes ... sure you're not queer? You look very queer, with mommy's bald cunt sucked into your mouth like that. I'm thinking you want to go to Germany very badly. Am I to understand you can't go unless the Federation lets you go?"

The answer didn't come right away. When it did, Barbie said, "This is damn good pussy; I see why my peers are going ga ga. Fucking awesome mega-cunt; and yes, you understand right. I'd have to play along, but I would. They have the rights to me for a year. Personally, I love going along with that dumb wager ... been shoving that dumb wager up Ken's dumb ass for almost nine months, now. I have let it totally fuck our picture-perfect marriage ALL up, and I will let it keep on fucking it up. I'm leaving that up to Tom Picard. He won me fair and square by cheating."

Angie rolled her hips, running slick hands over the folds of her gaping cunt and Barbie's pretty face. "All's fair in love and war, I guess."

"Yes, but poker is the exception; so is military transfer to Germany. Tom is giving Ken this one out, because he keeps on whining about it. Ken is pushing me like you wouldn't believe to get a suitable replacement; you'd be it if you can get knocked up and will surrender your body 'n soul to the Federation as though Tom won you in a poker game."

"They want me knocked up? Interesting. What would hold me?"

"Great sex and lots of it, plus the money is pretty damn good. If you ever told the Federation to fuck-off in deep space, I'd be recalled. That would fuck Ken; I'm sure I'd be downright thrilled to hop a plane to return here, and make him another Federation bastard to raise. This one is very likely a black one. Tom says he'll hang onto Ken's duplex unit -- keep it available, just in case, to be the poker place and crew hangout place; they call it Ten Forward. If I need it, then I can move out of my mom's place, or move back to it. I'll just have a bedroom in it: pretty much the way it is now, except with a husband in it, too."

"How is that working out?"

Barbie grinned, using one hand to masturbate the lovely cunt in front of her face and another on the needy sex between her legs. "If my handsome Ken-doll whines or refuses to eat a fucked pussy, he gets no pussy. Take this job, you'll be spending a great deal of time over there at Ten Forward, just a two-block walk from here. If it were up to Tom, he'd keep you there when you weren't here."

"I'll take the job ... at least try it, long enough for you to try Germany. Consider it maternity leave. I doubt I'll keep it longer than I need to, but my daughter is planning a summer-long war -- it would be great if I could be away for the next four months, even better if I returned pregnant."

After giving Angie's obscene spread another good lapping, Barbie said, "Shit, you are perfect. That is just what I'd want -- and what Ken needs -- before starting phase two. I want to come back and get knocked up again as soon as he's settled with my baby overseas. When he completes this tour, he'll be getting out and going to work for Tom as Number Twelve, living in Ten Forward again. Be a real bitch, but he wagered and lost. The man is a good sport ... a great loser."

"I hope my husband is. I am going to find out. Do I get the job?"

The pregnant teen stood, walked a few steps to her desk, then leaned back seductively; perched on the front edge, playing with a glistening pussy she couldn't see over her rotund belly, Barbie said, "You're hired. You're a quite suitable replacement, if you'll play this as I do. If I can present you to Tom that way, play it by ear: just take orders from your Captain. Do what you gotta do and do who you gotta do; that slobbery cunt of yours will love it."

Angie redoubled her self-pleasure. "Goddamn right."

"We'll get you started soon," Barbie said with a fetching smile, still working a hand in her puffy, pink pussy. "Sounds like we gotta do two regulars here in a minute. That'll probably be a lesbian number, while one jacks off to it -- and on us -- and the other uses a belt, then fucks an ass. No doubt it'll be yours; he's fucked me up the shitter enough times that I feel him every time I sit, and you're a tasty new treat. Ever been belt-whipped?"

Angie blushed, one hand now slapping hard at her clit, making her juicy pussy drool. "Quite a bit, mostly while in bondage; goes with motherfucking. That and getting dog-bred. With my wild bunch, bondage isn't bondage without discipline on a rosy ass, and I need both to engage in any bestiality. I can be made great. Let me put it this way: I think that a lady should never engage in drinking dog cum from both ends, slurping it hot from a mutt-cock with her lips while begging for it deep in her thirsty pussy, unless whipped into submission first. She ought to, then, be whipped into serving as a three-holer bitch; no shame unless a lady gets caught doing that all on her own, thinking she is home alone. Shit happens. I live in a neighborhood where all the male dogs think my house is a great place to get two-legged bitch pussy. Their owners think it, too."

Gasping, the lovely teen rolled her hips as a wave of passion engulfed her; Barbie's slim hands began to work her pussy harder. "DAMN! That's kinky shit, lady."

"I know that," Angie said said, matching the teen's faster strokes. "Oh, I know. My twelve-year-old daughter does that shit for fun and for profit ... bit of a whore, Darcy is. Been one since the age of seven, if not before. She's great at everything, if the money is right. Doesn't take much, either: she wants to be affordable, not rich. To get back at her father for grounding her -- or for any offense, these days -- she places me in severe, helpless bondage on the marital bed, disciplines the hell out of my rosy ass, then sells pieces of me for cheap, leaving him the mess and message. This last time, I took more than fifty cocks, not all of them human; she charged a dollar apiece to cum in mouth, pussy or asshole; cumming on my tits, tummy or in my hair was free. She isn't aware that makes her father's dick very hard; he dines like a fag-king on the thick fuck that runs out of me for hours, then goes out and rants his Lord-high ass off. Keeps reinforcing a misconception."

Barbie was openly grinding on the desk's edge now, her hips bucking, leaving shiny trails of pregnant teen girl-goo to trickle down the side. "And you ... you let her treat you that way?"

"Can't stop her, because I didn't one time when she was almost nine; it was the best sex I ever had. Don't dare, now. Push come to shove, she could also put me away. She wouldn't, but it floats our very leaky marital boat thinking she will unless I totally cooperate ... which gets me in deeper and deeper. My husband is nothing but thrilled -- secretly -- but I am no less, and less secretly. Darcy knows me inside-out, through and through, plus there's complete transparency. I know she doesn't know her daddy half as well; he seems opaque to her. The boys and all others are brain dead and pussy-whipped. The secrecy is mostly to keep them that way."

Barbie grinned. "Oh, the games parents play. If they only knew what I now know ... but I'm like Darcy. The more I know and the less they know, the greater my advantage in dealing with parents. I can't wait to get my mommy gang-fucked by her horny sons."

"I am raising a master parent wheeler-dealer, my youngest," Angie said with pride, watching the firm teen approach orgasm and matching her stroke for stroke. "Her brothers are all older. She owns them; owned 'em all for at least the past five years. In varying degrees, she owns the whole fucking neighborhood; she's got something criminally good on everybody."

Barbie bit her lip, going for her nut. "Like what?"

"Shit. She's got a man who'll pay her 200 dollars, once a week, if she'll piss in his wife's mouth while he roots the woman up the ass; Darcy uses the money to pay a dozen-some kindergarteners $5 a week to fuck their daddies and get pictures. She pays the rest, along with a blowjob, to a man who rents out his basement and his three fertile teen daughters; what she charges the men who try to knock-up those little sluts, I have no idea. For two years, Darcy has had a business providing high-quality sex-toys to Jr. High girls and a few ass-curious boys; she buys them back cheap, later, and then sells them to dirty old men. I found out, finally, that she gets the toys for free: as credit, from a sex-shop, where once a month she puts on a show whipping and fisting a college girl as her own father and two uncles twist her big nipples and use her mouth -- and THAT family pays her for the privilege. She charges two men I know to slurp cum out of their own daughters, since Darcy gets them filled with cocks; a woman on our block pays once a week to have her own teen son 'break in' and rape her."

"Oh, FUCK," said Barbie, cumming in squirts; the jet of her girl juice arced a good five feet, then dribbled in torrents from her fingers.

"FUCK is right, " said Angie, feeling her orgasm begin to peak. "Oh god, oh, god -- Barbie, I'm in so deep now, she can send me out job-hunting looking this way, feeling this way, begging to be treated this way. Fuck, I'm baby's cheap slut-mommy, sucking cocks and taking strange dicks up ass at her command; my daughter is my pimp. Oh, fuck -- if the Federation conscripts me, I'm fucked AND knocked up. She will love this and make it so ... engage ... Admiral Darcy out."

Barbie smiled, licking her wet fingers. "No shit. Any chance she'll fuck a startship captain and his crew? And maybe a nice pregnant teen Barbie-girl who likes little girls?"

"Dogs, too," Angie said with a warm smile, both hands rubbing out the end of a sloppy orgasm. "She has her eyes on ponies now, as well -- but not for free. She might, at first, just to get this thing off to a great start ... but her dance card is full. She has her own thing going on the home planet. The Enterprise might want to swing by and go into orbit, beam down crew members four at a time for R&R. That would probably fit her plans nicely. Lots of mothers and daughters in our neighborhood need fucking. Or a good raping; some daddies and husbands pay a lot to see that."

"What the hell is she up to?"

"Primarily, she is doing to her asshole daddy EXACTLY what you're doing to Ken, only her Ten Forward is a one-daughter kinky whorehouse with a workaholic absentee wife, the more absent the better. Things are bound to get very filthy nasty in the nest AND in the hood. She doesn't want her mommy to get any dirt on her."

"I love it."

Angie blushed. "I do, too. I'm actually abandoning Bill to take his own medicine like a man. If I'm there, he'll use me to hide behind and get me doing his dirty work, knowing she can't hurt him without involving me. She will also have me to take out her frustrations upon; she'd rather not have that temptation around, and when he goes down, he might drag me down with him. If I'm not there, he is on his own all alone, nothing but fucked. Fucked-over, that is. He's going to be bound and whipped, butt-fucked and mutt-fucked, I would imagine. All that was done to her -- and to me -- will be done to him all summer long. The war plan. He can squirm and he can struggle, but if he fights, he goes to prison. We are talking about a serious situation I need to stay well away from, until it's all over. That dummy just might try to fight."

"Should be a changed man within a week. It don't take long to change one from standing tall and proud to kneeling and groveling all over a young bride's cummy feet, all cummy from what ran down her baby-whore legs in long, white ropy rivulets. It's so true what they say: the bigger and cuter the white ones are, the harder they fall if the fuckers are mostly big, mean hung blacks living next door."

Angie laughed. "Bill doesn't have far to fall. When I re-enter the nasty picture to assume whatever assigned role Darcy has for me, however low I sank, I'll have to stoop lower to lift him up. She thinks I'm not cut-out to be a kinky whore. I think I have been, just not very often ... but when called upon to be, I have been very good at it and good about it. She may be changing her opinion. This tour of duty with the Federation might do that."

"Safe bet, considering what I was when I signed on: damn near a church virgin with a soldier boyfriend from our church; I always had an itch to play hide-the-stinky-finger with the old men who looked at my little cotton panties funny, but I never did more that do cartwheels for them and let them rub my fanny if they asked nice. I let them rub the front if they were real nice, and put their hands down my little undies if they squeezed my tit-buds just night. Only three days married when silly, handsome Ken-doll gets invited next door to play poker -- and wants me to topless waitress it."

Angle laughed again. "What, no honeymoon?"

"Couldn't afford one, had no parental support for it. The wedding was a simple church ceremony, nothing fancy: just made our shacking up legal. And I still live at home with my mommy and three horny brothers; I sleep over at Ken's when I can. We thought a little sexual adventure would make his thirty-day leave a little more honeymoonish. Those black guys wanted me real bad ... it was very risky, doing that game topless in a micro-mini with crotchless panties and strap-wrap spike heels, super sexy outfit sure to drive three horny niggers wild. Didn't know there would be nine men in that game. Ken made it ten and lost me early in the game. Did nothing but fuck naked after that, blacks in the pussy, whites and off whites elsewhere. Virgin in the asshole -- and wasn't a dick-sucker before that night, unless a condom was on it. They deflowered my rectum and introduced me to what they called gullet-fucking a bitch."

"Real education."

Barbie flashed a vicious, shit-eating grin. "Real quick and very thorough. Fucking loved it; best goddamn sex of my life. Made want to go back and ask all those nice old men to please fuck me, all at once; I was willing to pretend to be a preschooler again, if that would make some of them gullet-fuck me while the others took turns turing my asshole inside out. I've very much been on a nine-month sexual adventure, with my belly getting bigger and bigger with what must be a black man's bastard ... gotta be, and Ken gotta know that. I was bred to the niggers until my pee tested positive: six straight weeks of three niggers and their friends fucking me all they wanted to fuck me; here, there, anywhere they had the balls to fuck a white bitch. I took cocks until I could barely stand; when I fell down, they propped a mattress under me, flipped me over and fucked me some more, mostly out back where our landlord and their house guests can watch."

Angie grinned. "Sounds like a setup."

"Yep. Brilliant," Barbie said, trailing a finger through her sloppy, well-used pussy; she dabbed dribbles from her long legs and then licked her whole soaking palm. "It's the way the Federation recruits dumb bitches to sit in this trailer and answer the phone. Been doing this for six years, not here, but wherever they are trying to give a building an erection. I'm the one that has lasted longest by three months. Most bail or fail before one full month. They have a way to move a failed attempt out so another childless newlywed couple can be moved in. Not a setup as much as a very well-constructed, tried, tested, redesigned and perfected trap. Get the right couple in there, they don't want to go. I'd say we are that, at least. We're going because Uncle Sam says we gotta. Ken gotta. I don't really gotta."

"Is your Ken doll a southern boy with all the deep south prejudices in place?"

The pretty pregnant teen smiled. "I thought he was, but he liked their poker invitation and pushed hard for the micro-mini with crotchless panties...oh, and the strap-wrap spike heels...dressed me as rape bait, even shaved my pussy. Had he not lost me, I think he would have simply offered me. He whined about losing and being cheated, cried set up ... BULLSHIT!"

"Sounds more and more like my Bill."

"If he was a good sport about it, he got to fuck ass. My ass is fun to fuck, I hear, especially with a fat length of nigger dick sloshing in my pussy and making me buck. Hell of a sport, my Ken."

Angie laughed again. "A Bill, more and more."

"I hope he's half as good a daddy to a little nigger bastard or bastardette. I know a Baptist congregation that will shit when I take a seat in a pew, unbutton down to my pelvis, then pop a perky white tit in that little nigger's mouth -- his family church. They'll be shocked when I have number two, and keep nursing the boys until they're old enough to cum in me. I'll do it. He knows I will. Those fuckers are deep-south prejudiced to the redneck bone: back-woods, Bible-thumpin' Southern Baptist. To be fair, the old ones are; the new blood is mostly up-scale from a gated community, cool with a cool new preacher. They all know Ken lost me to the niggers in a poker game, should come as no surprise when I nurse one of their offspring: ain't my fault; took my vow to love honor and obey right there in their church ... just did what I had to."

"All his fault," Angie said with a giggle.

"I thought they'd think that. Funny thing is, ain't his fault either. He was holding four aces. Ya gotta try to take the niggers for all they got with a hand like that. Thought was, well: a hand like that is God's doing. New thought is: Satan's doing. When things go well, credit God. When they go to hell, blame the devil. You win some, you lose some. The nature of life on Earth, the devil's playground, good reason to make sure your soul is saved."

"Win, lose, or draw, you still end up in Heaven."

"Got that right. We did the right thing and are still doing the right thing. Gotta give the devil his due or the asshole can get real nasty. Be a good sport, make him happy, no biggie. We're saved. He's fucked. They're idiots dying to see a little nigger bastard sucking on my big Barbie Doll titties."

"Where is this hip congregation?"

"Not thirty minutes from here. This area is home. Ken joined the airborne to get stationed here. Worked for a while, then got orders for Germany when he flunked out of the green beanies. Now, he's gone sour on the army and isn't much of a man anymore. I like him this way better. He'd have been just like Daddy had he made it and made a career of it. Daddy does know Ken lost me in a poker game three days after he wed me against -- wed me, I should add, against my dad's direct orders."

"How did he find out?"

Barbie shrugged, giggling. "I just told Mom what happened and what Ken's church was pushing on us -- not complaining, just sharing something fascinating and pussy-wetting, even showed her my shaved bald whore-pussy all nigger fucked raw and open, all cummy messy, dripping and nasty, looking like a horse fucked a whore and left at least three pints of cum. I got my knees wide like the splits, thrust out my hips and told her all about it while I played with it."

Angie raised an eyebrow, smiling. "Trying to start something queer?"

"Not really. She's a voyeur; trying to make a pretty, blushing voyeur break down and masturbate with me, was all. She's loved to watch old men pet my warm pussy and tweak my little nipples as long as I can remember; she would get both hands under her dress, right in the park, and finger herself while businessmen and college-boys played around with the loose leg-holes of my big-girl undies. She always loves watching my brothers masturbate, too: we have a no-closed-door policy in the house, no privacy, so the proud fuckers just walk into their rooms, haul out thick cocks and start stroking. Mommy is always lurking, quietly, when she thinks one of her teen boys might want to commit the sin of Onan for an adoring audience; when they bring dates home, Mom stands at the window and rubs herself if she thinks one of my brothers will get lucky and get a little in the driveway. My little story got her very close three times before I got her to just give up, hike up her skirt and frig for me. Now she gets all set for my stories, even shaves it ... gotta cunt like yours and likes when I put a nasty toe in it."

Angie nodded at the wiggling sex-toys and their tiny painted nails. "Nice toes."

"Thanks. Wish I could see them," Barbie said with a laugh. "She is now a saved voyeur Baptist living with three strong mother-fucker wannabes more determined than ever to motherfuck her tight ass; the three of them have now busted five of our totally naked, toes in the holes masturbation sessions. They sneak up and sit in without her being aware; when I see that happen, I get her to share her most mother-fucked fantasies. The cum of her sons raining down on her tips her off."

"Going to Heaven anyway. Why the fuck not?"

Barbie nodded, frowning. "If she were a true believer, that would be her attitude. My brothers wish she would believe and get what they call Baptist. My dad is on their side, wants three mother fuckers under his roof, and wants his wife to get Baptist. He sneaks them into what he is welcome to watch -- and jack-off to. He stands where he can rain on me. I'm toeing her to get Baptist. Key members of the congregation are pulling and pushing her to get Baptist."

"Your daddy sounds like a daughter fucker."

"Would be if his wife was fucking her sons. Can't till she does. We are all working on her and she knows that. Be a lot easier if she didn't know. Gonna be very interesting when Ken never begs for a divorce. He won't. He's the one most likely to get my mom fucking, honestly; she was ga ga over him when he was a straight Baptist Ken Doll in a spiffy paratrooper uniform."

"He must have fallen considerably since then."

"Way. The fuck-sucker bi-boy version, who licks my cunt clean after black men jizz pints in it, has that woman totally wigged out. But god damn, it turns her on. If Dad would give him a nod, Ken could nail the shit out of her, then the boys can get on it: one, two, three. When that shit is going down, it is 'hello Daddy; you always petted my pussy the very best'. I keep telling him: Daddy, NOD goddammit! I swear, before we leave, nod or no nod, I AM putting Ken on my mother if I have to stroke him hard and push him on her with a big toe. Then I'm putting brothers on her, one, two, three -- after they do me -- and then I'll show my daddy how much fun my asshole is to fuck. The dumb boys till haven't done me, yet."

Angie frowned. "Hmm. Why?"

"That would be a problem with Mom the way she is, now. Get her cheating, though, and her three strong boys having incestuous gangbangs with me should be no problem. A few threesomes with me and Ken, she will be no problem. Problem is, we are running out of time. Ken ships out in two weeks -- and for ten days of that, he's in the field playing soldier. I may have to stay to have the baby and follow later, or have it and wait here, but with Ken in Germany, our ace mother-seducer is gone. She would fall to her knees in a second if Ken walked up, whipped out his cock, and said he wanted her watching him jerk off; when he promised her that she could put it in her pussy if she made it wet for him, the bitch would soak our hardwood floors."

"I would think you'd be the ace. It was my daughter who got me fucking sons. You don't seem to be doing too badly if they are raining cum on her while she masturbates."

Barbie grinned. "Possible. Mom may hold steady and be satisfied with toe and stories until he returns, although she is now stopping by the duplex to see shit and/or do our masturbation thing there, always with Dad and in the company of her new church friends. He now watches us, and anyone they bring can. Huge step for her. Might get huger with you there sharing that place with me. You are a peer doing it. I'd love to get you two talking and toeing each other. You could be the ACE she needs. I do have the place she needs."

"Can't wait to see this place and meet Mommy and Daddy."

"It is a kinky sex place like a bachelor party pad strewn with my porn. If they missed seeing it, it is probably lying around or pop in a tape and watch the video they made. Her nice orderly decent home is not a good place. Too many sons and friends of sons who spy and tell gated community neighbors. Very paranoid of her neighbors finding out anything sexually abnormal, and Dad isn't much better. Upped their image a great deal by becoming a church family. Drops it when I stop by. To stop that, they began popping in on me. That very much intimidates my guys, at least it did. My daddy is a huge ex-Green Beret who don't look ex."

"Ken and Barbie. Is he as much a doll as you are?"

"Oh, god yes! Gorgeous and blonde; tanned and toned. He's the reason I now go by my middle name, Barbara, then cutsied it to Barbie. May as well go back to Lillian. With a belly like this, nobody sees a living Barbie Doll. Even when it isn't, in the slutwear I now wear as my everyday wear, you don't see Barbie."

"I did, actually, before I asked your name. I saw a pregnant slut Barbie, but I always saw Barbie as a slut. I used to get my brother's GI Joes and gang bang her."

Barbie laughed then said, "You too? We used to ham that Barbie and Ken thing up. I was even having little girls wanting my autograph. One sexual adventure killed that career. Ain't no whore Barbie, and there sure ain't no fuck-suckin', nigger-jizz-eating Ken. I sure seen him suck a fuck -- gotta be about a thousand by now. Lord, I never get tired of seeing that."

"I'd say my Bill has as many and I never tire of watching him do that. That man sucks a mother fucking, but he also sucks a mutt fucking and thinks it is a regular cum meal prepared by his avenging daughter. Very much is."

"My parents and their guests live to see a fresh fuck getting sucked. Big score is getting to see the fuck that Ken sucks. Ken is not shy about doing that; when they're there with guests from the church, he does it best and longest -- even sucks cock. He knows that super turns my mom on, and he'll do anything to get her masturbating. He lives for that. She's pretty like a pin-up model; a great masturbator with a great cunt for it, good as you. If she only had your tits. Mom got cheated by the tit fairy. I think you got her share. She has a cunt that goes with a great set of jugs. Married a tit man. Go figure."

Just then the radio came to life with the voice of Picard saying, "You there, Barbs?"

She had to turn and lean to operate her mike, giving Angie a view that drew her over and onto knees to return a certain favor just as Barbie says, "Here, Cap'n OHHHH!"

"Oh what!"

"Oh, the new employee is just sucking up. Wish I could see that, but I got pregnant. That must be her, though ... Oh fuck, she's got me flat on my back over my desk, Cap'n. Christ, do we ever have a winner ... a queer mutt fucker ass-whore with big, perky tits and legs you ain't gonna believe. Miss Angie's got a cunt exactly like my mom, just as pretty, twice as sexy. Gotta fuck-sucker hubby and four sons that keep him well fed ... well, between them and the dogs they do. I was wrong. She's no lady. Looks like a slut, even sits like a whore trying to drum up business."

"Great job, Barbie. Gotta suitable replacement?"

"Says she is. I 'splained it; you boys still have to knock her sexy ass up. You da captain. What are your orders?"

"I order the two of you to do the two we gotta do. Meet you two at Ten Forward in ten or less. Be there naked except for whatever props you want; get ready to fuck and start without us. When we get there, just let Spanky take charge. The rest will just watch till they're satisfied. After they leave all happy again, we'll party, welcome the new girl, and get busy getting her pregnant. Can do or no-can do?"

Angie stopped sucking pussy to say, "Can flush the no-baby pills today."

Barbie ground her hips into sucking lips and said, "Can-do, Skipper, and she's a Ten Forward keeper. Move her in. We'll share it with her until we make the move, got two more weeks ... be a pleasure, and you won't believe the babe I got ya. The babe has a babe you can do: a fabulously fine twelve-year-old twat and a sex nut."

"Barbie, you done great, girl. Gonna miss ya."

"Just don't forget me. She's only good for four months."

Angie looked up with panicked eyes, her chin buried in fine cunt, and corrected, "At least four. At least. Up to my daughter how long my tour will be."

Using one hand to push the sexy mommy's face back to her pussy, Barbie ground her hips on a slick, exploring tongue and went back on to explain: "The cutie whore is owned by her preteen kinky rapist daughter. Evidently, she loans her mother out and controls her. Told her to find a good sex gig for the summer. Probably wants somebody to make a good whore out of her. Do that to her liking, she'll probably work with you. I still want back in and that assumes I ever leave. If I have the baby here, I just may stay. Work us together. I just want maternity leave."

Tom laughed. "Great! All I want to give you; didn't really want to give you that. Just wanted to cut Ken some slack so he'll hang in and go to work for me when the army gets through fucking him."

"He will, regardless. You know that, boss. I can do more good here -- so many good reasons to stay, only one to go."

"I'm sold, and we can use two. Anyway, ya'll get your cute slut-asses over to Ten Forward and practice being good lesbian whores who need discipline. Spanky is in THAT mood. If Ken is there, better have him go do something. Bound to get awful nasty till noon tomorrow. Likely to be a weekender with this great weather. Might try some poolside discipline. Maggie does ache to see some. Lose Ken if you can."

"He's in the field playing war, but Daddy and Mommy plan to pop in often and may have church friends popping in with them. They see a great weekend, too. Deal with that, Cap'n."

"Fuckin Romulans."

"Yes, but they want peace. Any pop-in Romulans will be the peace-loving type ... or the type Daddy wants to shock the shit out of. He seems to have found something that Mom likes doing. I think they get these church-wives and their daughters horny as hell, then take them someplace safe to fuck 'em, so just do your bet-winning thing. Show them how much power -- total command -- you have over me. Me me learn a lesson about foolish vows to card-playing husbands. Seems to be working great, and the more live shit they see the better. They love the discipline they see on videos."

"Sure about that, are you?"

Barbie luxuriated on Angie's probing tongue, biting her lip as the sensual mommy sent a finger up a pregnant teen's asshole. "Remember, they're there to see the devil gets his due: got a whole church wanting that, and my parents are acting like tour guides, proud of their daughter who proves what a good Baptist wife she is. They want to see a humiliated sinner take it in all holes; one who gives all the devils whatever they want and don't care who watches. I don't, so put balls back on the devils."

"If you insist. Love to help a good cause."

"Come up with something that explains Aunt Angie. I'm thinking a good and faithful Christian wife and mother of five you won in another rigged poker game with a Pentecostal minister ... here, you want to talk to her. Let me get her tongue out of my asshole; she's like an anteater."

Tom chuckled. "Don't have time. We're wrapping up here and don't need to beat you to Ten Forward and have to wait on the whores."

"You had best take whatever time you need to get straight on this, because the Romulins usually pop in not long after I get off work. Thirty minutes after we get going good, there will come a knock at the door. They are sure to want to know what her story is. If she is my mother's Mormon sister, you had best get to Mom and let her know she has one. Her party will need to know."

"Put her on. Keep in mind this is a citizen band radio not a secure phone line."

Angie pulled away from a perfect pussy, tongue slowly oozing from a very receptive asshole, then keyed the mic to say, "This is Barbie's Aunt Angie, and I don't know what we need to discuss. You won. My Bill lost. You own me. I understand the orders; I hate how you use and degrade me, leaving me fucked in every hole, but what choice do I have?"

"That sounds like a perfect understanding; I'll post a lookout for your ignorant sister and her party of whatever. When you meet her, assume she isn't ignorant -- that she's the bitch who set you up. Let's make this a friendly sibling rivalry; just another gotcha, but she gotcha really good this time. Spanky will eat that shit up ... but everyone will, so we'll feed it to everyone. Don't ever let the truth slip. Just be that: there was a rigged poker game, just like Barbie's."

"Gotcha ... can do ... will do ... ten four."

"I'd like to understand how your daughter owns and controls you, why you are being assigned to the starship Enterprise for temporary duty, but not over the radio. If we are good to go, it would be good if we GO. At some point over the weekend, we can get together and exchange our true bullshit or wish list, get our shit together and go where no man has gone before. Say bye."

"Bye ... nice talking to you, Cap'n."

"A real pleasure. Barbie -- GO. Lock up and bounce that bubble-butt. This day is a wrap. We still need to save it, but we are going to stop working; been ordered to, and if you two sexy gals can't save it, could be a permanent stop. Been some sort of a fuck-up. Another one, that is. Starfleet will really be pissed if they ever hear about this one. Whatever it takes to please Spanky, do that or suffer that. We will party only if there is a reason to. Picard OUT!"

Angie helped the pregnant Barbie doll off the desk and onto unsteady legs, there to embrace her and say, "Barbie Doll, I can't tell you how excited I am. I hope you choose to stay."

"That was all I needed to hear. Angie, god, you make me feel so damn queer. I can't wait to share a bed with you, and a bed in a Ten Forward type place is the ultimate. With you there, my parents will be there more than not. Might start doing their church babes there, don't see why they don't. They get them hot 'n horny enough. It is a sex place, a perfect place, and it isn't like I don't know what they're doing."

"Let's discuss this en-route. Need a ride?"

"Yes. I ride in with three niggers and usually ride home with three. Lead on. We aren't going far."

Angie grinned, her pretty features flushed. "I think we're going all the way, Barbie Doll. Fuck, I'm horny! I could sure use a good mutt. Always can when I get this horny. God, they can fuck a bitch!"

While walking to Angie's car, parked three blocks away in the wrong direction, Barbie said, "Never done a dog. Thought about it, masturbated about it, talked about it ... probably would have already, but the landlord allows no pets. The nosey fucker lives in the house right behind us -- and not too damn happy having to rent a unit out to three niggers and the other to a nigger-loving white whore. That's how how they see us, but Tom pays the rent on both units and pays extra to make the elderly couple not mind all the shit going on out back."

"Hmm. I thought they were in on this."

Barbie shrugged. "Like a perky young whore is into doing fat, ugly old men; they learn to love the parts they like and talk shit about the parts they think should bug them. They get to pick the young couple for Ten Forward, but they must accept and live with naked niggers roaming their property and oiling their sun bathing women and girls. That was how I met them: sunning myself nude at poolside when I was suddenly being thoroughly oiled and rudely black-finger-violated by three naked and very erect hung niggers, much to the amusement of my very cool landlords and their nude children. "

"Can't somebody erect a privacy fence?"

"The whole lot is privacy fenced, but the big house is in it and we all share the back yard and the heated pool. We have our company parties there. Love doing that to shock the Stewarts who often have family and company staying or visiting. They will come out to lounge around and lookie-loo like they are holding their own. Some naked mixing happens in the pool. Some kind of unwritten code says any naked female in the pool is fair game."

Angie shook her head. "Hmm. I've always found pool sex to be a bit ... rough."

"You're not doing it right, I think. You'll like our pool. Oily genitals and assholes make underwater sex very possible and quite pleasant; clean safe sex right out in the open. Need a douche ... back it up to a pulse jet. If you aren't careful, you get an enema or an orgasm."

"That's a nice perk."

Barbie laughed, grabbing Angie's arm and pulling the sexy mommy along. "Great perk; it's why we rented the place! They told us they were cool with nude sun-bathing and skinny-dipping. Now, they keep refusing any extra for mutts: hey know they'd be for me. They'd look out back or be out back and see that. The niggers love to fuck me out back -- over on THE LANDLORD'S area of the deck, like I'm some kind of bitch mutt. Right outside their glass patio doors is the only foam-rubber-padded area of patio. The entire pool fronting wall is glass."

"Foam rubber? Like what, a door mat?"

"No," Barbie said, "a twelve-by-twelve area of hoseable gym mats. All the rest is push-broom roughed-up concrete. If you don't use a padded lounger, sturdy table, or fuck bench, you do IT there. Within like five feet of the landlord's place. Just on the other side of the glass is this huge dining table; it seats like two dozen. Big family. The table is three sheets of plywood laid end to end over saw horses, covered with a draping table cloth, looks like bed sheets -- great for covering masturbation, and all the children who get under the table. We see the faces of children -- or their bare feet and asses -- depends on which is the better show. Some get in far enough to be doing something wonderful for somebody."

Angie giggled. "I guess dogs might be a bit much for their dinner theater."

Barbie shrugged, giggling. "Niggers who fuck a sexy young white bitch like a pack of large black dogs aren't. Get her pregnant? Keep fucking her. A big draw, if you ask me. Lot busier than it used to be: been a full house all Spring like the last month of summer was. Got that table, then got it enlarged twice, now looking crowded again with no room to expand. When weekend weather is nice, they set it up on the patio under an awning and lay mats all under. Get in the pool, you see exactly what is going on. When they put the table out on deck, it's often hard to figure who is entertaining who."

Laughing, wobbling on a sexual high, the two sexy young ladies finally arrived at the car and got in; as they moved, Angie said, "How many is a max crowd?"

"I'd say four- or five-dozen, all ages; the families of a rich couple, who raised nine -- five girls, four boys -- all young adults raising their own rich families within an easy drive. Been no formal introductions. We're the trash out back, but some are very friendly; from them, I found out it's all family, all cool, getting a lot cooler because of me, doing great, keep up the good work. That ... or I get requests! If I am getting it from a daughter of theirs, that's one I take to the captain. The three oldest girls are daughters about your age: mid-twenties, mid-thirties. They all push for more and better. They all push for dogs ... hell, the daughters AND their daughters do."

"But doggie demands to the landlords fall on deaf ears?"

"Trouble is, disagreeable demands are very expensive. What I keep getting as feedback is that the mutts are too damned expensive to keep. The horny bitches want all these exotic sexual playthings, but they want the rich contractor to pay for them. The one thing I have learned about our boss is this: he isn't rich. I'm good, as Tom sees good, because I get a lot of good shit for free."

Angie laughed. "I take it 'good' is being very bad, and a little trashy."

"Zackly! We're seeing more and more naked ladies and young ladies getting into the pool ... and staying, even when three horny niggers and their nigger friends get in. When they get one -- an adult or older teen girl, usually -- they got all oiled up and thoroughly foreplayed, then they'll toss her in then do her one in front, one in back. First one done gives way to number three, but then she'll be taken to the rubber mat for a rut. Seems like a dare all the little ladies over there -- and most of the brothers & daddies -- gather to see done. I think all have taken the dare, down to age sixteen, except the grand old dame who looks like she could be your mom. She seems like she's getting all set to take a dare, though."

"I'm thinking she'd be under a great deal of pressure."

Barbie grinned wickedly. "I know she is, but Maggie has a deep south hangup about doing niggers. She does do crew, but prefers that be done easy and from behind, in shoulder-deep water -- not being too obvious, just slip up, slip it in, get your nut while you talk your trash quietly right into her ear, get her off, then go away. She sees a nigger, she's out of there ... but not so bad anymore, now that she's seen so much of it with her own kin. Used to be bad about it, didn't even want to be seen naked by them. Musta been nigger-raped to be that way, honestly. Not prejudiced; just afraid. But our niggers are great niggers no one needs to fear."

"Is she fighting the dogs?"

"The ole man does all the dealing directly with Tom. If anyone put the nix on male dogs running free in the back, it would be her. The rest seem too cool to mind horny dogs pestering them for pussy out where all can see and enjoy. The sales-pitch I keep on getting is this: to avoid a mount, the girls will have to get in the pool and deal with human fuckers -- both theirs and ours. I know boys are fucking their moms there. Daddies and uncles are getting young pussy and ass there. Boys get everything, even other boys. They all have masks and fins but no snorkels so they can use their mouths, call em sharks. Any fucking is like blood in the water."

Angie shrugged, grinning. "Clean safe sex ... why not?"

"They weren't that way when we first moved in -- but they all are, now. Most adults wouldn't even skinny dip; that was a kid and duplex trash thing. All nudists, now, naked and all fucking each other. The newest thing is pool rape, which is a gang rape, a boy thing they decided they needed to tolerate. Anything slippery and unwilling is impossible for a lone boy ... takes at least three. Any female who can't deal with it best not set foot out back, that or best not leave the safety of Grandma's shadow. Step on that or touch her in the pool, you can't be touched. High noon's a real bitch, though. In the pool, not hard to grab an ankle and pull her well away from Granny -- looks like a shark attack. There's one all safe and feeling secure; boom, suddenly she's gone! Next thing you know, there's a nearby feeding frenzy; some pretty little girl is getting her asshole tried-out. If you like lots of girlie screaming, great pool and patio."

"Fun game!"

Barbie smiled. "It's fun to watch. The crew can't really play the rape game, and only the family's adult females are okay for us to mess with. Even then, one foot needs to be in the pool. If she lifts it, leave her be. If she don't, push her in and rape her. The nigger ruts are prearranged, a do-that-one type of thing. We're not sure that-one knows every time, though. There's a lot we don't know. Looks like dares taken -- that, or the price they pay to play. The twenty-something little in-law daughters and their pretty preteen girls look more like rapes."

"My boys would love to get in on pool rapes."

"Boys go nuts at parties. They work in teams, sexual predators. Grandpa, the daddies and the uncles scores a lot of young stuff taking over their kills: all fair game once girls are rendered naked and detained. If a female gets in, or gets pushed, she's fucked. Wasn't like that last Fall, but is now, and only gets more and more decadent. When we party, they party ... and we mix more and more on deck."

Angie drove, sucking hard on her lower lip. "Fuck. You're making me horny; by Summer, it should be one big pool party, sounds like."

"Just about is now," Barbie pouted. "Another reason I hate to go. Getting great. Dogs would make it perfect. I'm thinking it would -- and, shock of shocks, my mother agrees with her peers. She lives two houses down from the eldest daughter."

Arriving, they parked in the front of the unit on the left, Ten Forward; The sexy ladies stepped out, Angie saying, "A voyeur would. I'd be shocked, honestly, if she disagreed. Maybe it would help if I talked to them?"

"Can if you want. I know they like to keep their distance so I don't bother them. Pretty much crew policy. Tom is social with them, but the rest of us are classless trash, space waste. There is no need for you to play it that way. I'm sure you'll be like Tom's wife, being social with him. Do you need mutts to be happy?"

"Mutt-fucking is more ... a spectator sport. They really are missing out if they don't understand that. Actually, I was thinking that me and my daughter, with a few good video tapes, could make a sale. Me, Darcy, Grandma, and Grandpa. We could also find out exactly what they like and don't like. I sense a situation with very poor communication -- and a strained relationship, due to that."

Barbie nodded. "It's been that way, but -- like I said -- that is breaking down. They're the ones sill keeping their distance; we're friendly enough. Come on. I'll give you a quick tour, a nude tour, but then we need to get on the bed and get all lesbian. Shuck the threads and shoes out back, be like we were laying out getting sun and got all horny oiling each other. May as well do that and call it foreplay we don't need. Spanky's cruel leather won't hurt as much on oily skin -- and sexy young bitched look better oily."

They moved through a cluster-fuck of bachelor mess, emerging into a water wonderland: a huge backyard that was mostly pool or the deck thereof, yet much more intimate than Angie was imagining. The pool was in use; looked like two families, a dozen all naked to observe two very sexy females emerge and strip, then begin oiling each other while standing hip to hip and lip to lip. That had all eyes captivated. The elderly couple stood out among all the young. The couples were beautiful and young, as were their children.

When they were ready to take a stroll around the pool, Barbie said, "Never seen these kids. Seen the couples; their two youngest daughters, also their youngest kids, and both of those moms have taken the dare several times. I'm home early. Ten to one, these kids would have been hustled off before any of the animals got off work. Don't see many under age twelve."

When they arrived on the far side of the massive pool, where the elderly couple sat on the edge of the water with their legs in the water, the woman greeted Barbie by the name she used on the rental application: "You're home early, Lillian. And I see you have a new friend. How lovely you two look!"

"Yes, Tom pokered a new office helper to give me a maternity leave. My Aunt Angie, this is Jessie and Maggie Stewart, our nature-loving, fun-loving, cool and compassionate landlords."

Angie stepped up behind the two, then squatted; the lovely mommy drew two very interested sets of eyes to her oily, fleshy and obscenely splayed-open crotch. She placed firm hands on each of the couple's far shoulders, and her knees a foot below her hands, touching backs. "Very pleased to meet you; I'm Aunt Angie. Love your water wonderland, and all the delightful things I've been told; you have a VERY sexy family. You must be very proud and happy to give them such a playground paradise. I certainly hope we add to it."

Seven kids in the pool gathered to gaze into the wide open cunt of that vulgar squatter as Maggie said, "We?"

"Why yes; I'll be living with Barbie Doll ... my little Lillian. Got my orders, and I am now in the proper uniform."

Eying that vulgar, sloppy-mouthed cunt, Maggie said, "Very well. I can say that I greatly appreciate the anatomy lesson you are giving these these impressionable children. They'll remember it well. I dare say you seem, perhaps, the type to set a husband up to lose a poker game; now, perhaps, you feel like celebrating a victory -- and your sexual freedom?"

Jessie quickly countered with, "Oh, lighten up, Maggie. The children certainly appreciate the lesson. I appreciate it, and I appreciate her thoughtful attitude. Miss Angie is being very open and friendly ... and showing some damn fine anatomy, too."

"Do you think so?" Angie asked, taking her hand from around Jessie's head; she began to slowly draw fingers though the spread; with deliberate slowness, her oily fingers worked at the think, hanging lips of the nastiest beaver anyone there had ever seen.

There was no sound as the pretty mommy bit her lower lip and began to openly masturbate; the loose, greasy folds of Angie's wide, red vagina parted around all four probing fingers and thumb, again and again.

"W-well, you and my husband obviously think so; who am I to disagree? Nonetheless, your resident status is yet to be decided. Right now, my vote is a tentative no, but on condition ... I'm thinking we need to reconsider, unless Tom is willing to pay a little extra. For the additional use of facilities, mind you. That part of the duplex is zoned for a husband and wife."

"Mine is hell yes," Jessie said with a laugh, gazing at Angie's cunt, "so this will go to a family vote. You may as well welcome the new tenant. If Picard pokered her and hired her, THAT is the place for her."

Angie leaned back, rocking her hips and fisting herself crudely, saying, "Thank you, sir. Later, we need to discuss about six horny male dogs; they're simply a MUST feature, which no natural playground paradise should be without. Other than that, this looks perfect. Just need something to keep the sexy bitches in the pool, I always say. Nothing like a horny dog trying to fuck you up the cunt out where all can see, right, Maggie? That'll get a sexy bitch like you in a pool with horny niggers, huh -- and who could blame a lady for choosing a pack of horny niggers over a pack of horny dogs?"

"Why-well," Maggie stuttered, "I suppose when you put it that way; some young ladies do enjoy the company of dogs, after all ..."

Angie withdrew her fist and smiled, standing and walking away. "Me and Barbie Doll ain't no kind of ladies. The dogs get out of hand, you could haul us out of our kennel and bred us to 'em. Whip our bitch asses and bred us like a couple of nigger-lovin mutt whores. Gotta keep women like us in our place; gotta keep out pussies filled with thick cocks and lot of cum, so we don't get too many ideas. Keep a hard dick in my ass and slap me with another to suck on -- that's a good plan; we get uppity if ya don't. That's the problem ... no discipline. Great place like this gotta have good discipline."

Maggie sat speechless, but her two daughters weren't. Those two did like the sound of that. Their husbands liked it even more. The kids loved it, and Jessie shouted out to the gals, "We will discuss that bright idea, Aunt Angie. Might be another thing going to a family vote. Made a lot of sense to me ... ALWAYS DID!"

Well away, Barbie said, "Wow. That took balls."

"She needed to be ushered along. Can't be family, nor you or anyone else from the Enterprise. If not me, who?"

"Maybe you," Bambie stuttered, "but ... maybe AFTER you get with Tom and agree on what to push for and how to go about it? Jeez -- he's been doing it for six years."

Angie shook her head. "Very poorly -- and expensively -- until you came along, Barbie. I don't need to live here; they need to want me living here. If they're desperate for me, they'll lower the fucking rent & stop penalizing a paradise asset. This duplex should be free. The Enterprise made this the paradise it now is, but it could be made a lot better for all. I just dropped something for them to be thinking about all night. That's all. I won't tolerate being treated like trash by trash that pretends it isn't; I have a feeling there is only one trashy-bitch out there still doing that. I just took her on and moved things faster; Jessie and the daughters loved it. My daughter would be very proud of me. Are you?"

In the bedroom, Barbie turned to face Angie and with folded arms said, "Look, I am NOT your daughter; I'd love to be, but I'm not. I just live here. I greatly value living here. This is great just as it is ... and WILL get better and better with no help from you. I hired you, Angie, and I'll fire you if I think I need to. Right now, I'm thinking I had maybe better -- before you ruin everything I have done here. I made this a paradise. I did, and I took it slow and easy, the way Tom says it must be and wants it. Maggie can't be pushed too hard. Not by us."

"Your decision, darling baby Barbie ... but as I understand it, without me helping you do these two kinky fuckers, the Enterprise crashes. No job, no Ten Forward. No decision. Go to Germany."

"Hummm ... shit. Good point. Maybe I should shut up."

Angie held out her arms, extending both hands. "Sorry it came to this, but Maggie IS a bitch -- a money-grubbing bitch, and a bitch who needs fucked, bad. Now, this is OUR bed. Can we get on it and see how it works? We should be getting company soon; I don't know about you, but I could use a little more foreplay before anyone starts whipping me. I'm used to getting mine in helpless bondage."

Barbie grinned impishly. "I'll have to be the queer bitch on top, so I'll be getting the whipping. You get to see it; grab the parts he isn't whipping and make a mess of it. Be careful, 'cuz he likes laying the tip right in the pussy; makes it cruel, and Tom hinted he was in THAT mood."

"That'll turn me on," Angie said with a wicked smile. "Whipping a very pregnant teen Barbie Doll while she is trying to suck a truly vulgar, oily cunt ... that's pretty kinky. Hope your parents don't walk in on that nasty scene. We Mormons hate that."

She giggled, then hugged her Aunt Angie tightly and said, "Fuck it! I'm yours. Lie down and let me get over you, Auntie."

"Thought you'd never ask," she said as the two slippery bitches wiggled and squirmed, giggling into position. "You know ... I think your mother is going to be thrilled seeing what a well-disciplined little bitch her little girl is. Nothing thrills me more. Whip 'em, breed 'em, then whip 'em some more -- really give the devil his due, then bring all the church ladies and little-baby daughters over so they can see that, too, and DAMN girl, you are a horny thing! Slurp that cunt!"


Twenty minutes later, that very sexy, very pregnant little teen was gobbling a very vulgar beaver presented by a slick-cunted mommy when the room filled with big men.

One man in particular began laying a belt to the back, ass, and legs of the beautiful teen blonde on top; Barbie squirmed and cried and begged him to stop, thrusting her hips out to meet each strike and shuddering with miniature orgasms. The man hit hard, which got both girls begging, weeping and cumming; that got a room full of construction workers naked and jacking off on a scene of pure, slippery hedonistic delight, as two little girls with big tits writhed and slithered and kissed and fingered. A pair of huge men assisted Angie with a most shocking, obscene leg spread; that crude, carnal display got the left leg whipped, then the right, and the ass by going to the front of the bed. He also got cruel there, making Angie cum in shrieking, agonized waves; from this position above them, he could lay an occasional sizzling strike over the rump of baby Barbie. She shifted, sliding an entire hand into Angie's pussy, as the man laid a cruel one directly in the pregnant girl's puffy cunt. Coiling, wiggling, sweat-lathered lesbians got in their licks when they could, but a swish sound got both mouths clear of a possible target area.

Into this steamy, DeSade mob-scene came Barbie's mommy, daddy, and not two, but four blushing guests: a tiny mother and her three petite girls -- a pair of them supple young teens and one coy Lolita nearing her preteens -- absolutely gorgeous long-haired blondes all, stunning like a blue-eyed harem of fallen angels. The lookout evidently got to Barbie's mom, Paula, in time; when she entered, she said to Angie -- right after seeing the girl get her vulgar cunt plastered by a swat cruel leather -- grinning, "Well, little sis, how did your husband's poker game go? Are you feeling like a winner?"

Angie loved it; she cried out, still choking as the hard grimace of excruciating agony finally allowed speech, "Paula, go ahead, gloat. This time you went way too far. This time, I'm telling Mom -- telling her about her precious little Lillian; what your poker and Baptist friends are doing to her."

Paula cackled. "Oh, if the best you can do is tattle on me, knock yourself out."

Tom was heard, then, explaining the great poker conquest of a Mormon bitch to the guest mom -- along with her daughters -- telling about the sacred Book of Mormon pledge that really fucks 'em. Angie appeared mortified by all those nasty devils getting their dark due; sweet, submissive mommy Angie was apparently nothing but fucked, resigned to getting cruel injuries sucked by her very pregnant niece.

Paula obviously never saw anything like this, but wasn't about to stop looking -- nor interfere! -- and she played along both beautifully and most convincingly. Angie could also see the guest mother, with her three clinging girls, fearing a gang-bang by horny naked devils in a rut; that was more than they bargained for, but the big Green Beret man liked this. He got a big cock out and joined the devils; Barbie and Angie put on quite a show. Their slick, tight skin showing angry lashes of red, the two big-titted lovers seemed out-of-their minds with mingled lust, agony, humiliation and need. The warm, dark room was so packed, the tiny mother and her three girls were crowded by jacking-off men who were taking bold liberties with their free hands.

One man, who had slipped from the side of the bed, was trying to enter Paula from behind -- possibly in the behind -- a determined effort she was neither helping or hindering until it became obvious he got in and was enjoying her in short, fast strokes. Everyone in the room except Barbie was noticing that; the little blonde mother-of-three was seeing it with her own horny construction worker behind her, trying to get into her while two more were trying to get her dress up and off. After a moment, it became clear to all that the only thing she had worn to this devil-getting-his-due-demo was a single thin length of fabric; the little mommy was now stark naked with a shaved cunt, trying hard to hang onto her dress until her fucker began fucking her.

Two long, slick strokes of a big man's cock into a visibly-aroused pussy changed everything.

Seemed that little mommy didn't want that dress on after all, and she appreciated the help getting rid of the damn thing. The two disrobers then started in on her daughters, still sporting thick erections. Little mommy didn't seem to mind that one bit, gasping as a powerful dick made her lightheaded, and simply watched with a look of hunger while helping her rapist with her hips. They started with the eldest girl -- a slender fifteen year old -- a rather delicate doll, very much a young lady of the choir type. She looked like a prim, pale little princess, the type who avoids direct rain and sunlight alike, but she did not avoid the Sergeant Major's weepy muscle cock glossing her sweet lips.

Seemed like something the three little blondes had all seen done before, but it seemed Paula's husband was doing it to give little mommy a cheap thrill as she was taken vigorously from behind. She watched, grinding on a stranger's huge cock, as her daughter -- who wore everything a young girl should be wearing -- was stripped of it all to reveal no tan or even hint of a tan line.

No one tried to fuck her, but all wanted a good look and feel while the disrobers went after her thirteen-year-old kid sister, who knew she'd be next and just waited: not as delicate, still a tad Tomboy, but she did have a good bikini tan. Last but not least, a real cutie of maybe seven or eight; oddly, the wee one had no panties or tan line. The little fuck-doll was all tan, the best tan, and a hungry little slit between her legs that sucked in fingers. That one was a young Darcy: no fear, no hesitation, nothing but excitement.

This one was the best ever.

The little girls were plenty fingered, fondled, and felt up -- also, creamed on. They drew a good deal of semen-fire away from the bed scene, which was working into a thrashing, kicking paroxysm of hot ecstasy. Barbie's mom was getting her second fuck from an anonymous construction worker, and was now naked getting it with stiff arms resting on the mattress at the foot of the bed. Paula gazed into her daughter's eyes and a peer's beaver, having to lean clear to allow the mn whipping both whores a side-arm swing to it.

The little-mommy guest mother had a real mother-lover loving her sexy ass; he seemed in no big hurry to dump cum, and she rocked herself, luxuriating in the deep, cunt-busting thrusts. Angie could watch them through a gap formed by Barbie's left thigh and her big belly; the three blonde girl were standing where they could watch the vulgar cunt get it and see Barbie eat it, which is what had everyone's interest. No one ever got to see such a pretty, pregnant teen eat such a ravaged pussy, much less watch such great cunt drool, almost twitching, between whippings.

Those late-arriving little females were given the best places to see the show of shows, in hopes that would get them all horny enough to want fucking. That plan did, in fact, appear to be working. The guest mom seemed to be the most affected by it.

Little mommy was very fine, extra fine: a small blonde woman very nicely built, and the Sergeant Major wanted some -- becoming quite annoyed by the skinny runt Mexican with the huge dick taking his sweet fucking time. He waited long enough, then pushed the lover out and away and simply took over as he picked little mommy up and placed her on his muscle cock. That was a man who had been aching to get him some of that good little-mommy pussy. He really knew how to fuck a little bitch from behind, too.

Spanky, finally growing tired of whipping bitches, wanted to fuck the gaping pussy which a thoroughly-whipped Barbie was trying to devour. He pushed her off, crudely, to get on and fuck it; one of the niggers got right on little pregnant Barbie after putting her doggie style. This rotating, cock-spurting bed rut caused another round of erections. Some of those were put in the mouths of babes, but one got into the ass of the littlest one -- the pantiless, hungry-cunted cutie -- while another man was down sucking on her little pussy, making her be real easy for that ass fucking; after a moment, the sexy kindergartener also got her to suck on the dick being jacked off in her mouth.

Three men were very smitten by that baby kitten -- and were going for it -- because the mother did seem to get off seeing that one get a thorough child-molesting by three men all getting whatever they could. It was all in her look: her glazed, orgasm-wracked expression, they took to mean 'go for it, do whatever you like, enjoy her, rape her,' all while the big Sergeant Major enjoyed little mommy that way.

Spanky caught on and stopped fucking a big cunt, wanting some of that young stuff instead; he stepped off the bed, his gaze hard and with his bitch-whipper in hand, eying the little bitch.

The little blonde mom said her first words: "Go for it."

He did: that bad man whipped it, then laid it tit-buds-up on top of Angie, then whipped it on Angie, then fucked it on Angie, taking Angie back a few years to the way Bill used to love doing Darcy. Angie was very tempted to be the human bondage for it, but had to play the reluctant saint and simply be the unwilling, writhing mattress for it. She did give aid and comfort to the molested child; the little mother seemed, however, to want her baby molested, and wanted the human bondage used for it.

Her looks told others not to fuck -- or painfully mistreat -- either of the other two. Those who got that message passed it around; seemed they weren't ready for fucking, but the little one very much was. She did appear to be a fierce little fucker, one her mom couldn't keep dicks out of -- or panties on. She was in some kind of cock heaven, cumming again and again as she was whipped and raped in every hole, but her older sisters were still looking like scared virgins with a stiff dick in each pumping fist and one in the mouth being jacked by its black owner. Each pretty blonde teen had a big mouthful of ebony cock; these were thunderous pricks they would much rather have in their mouth than asshole.

Fingers were fucking them; both girls were rolling their little hips inexpertly, slowly awakening to their own pleasure, learning what made sex feel so good. They did seem to be coming around to giving the devils their due ... along with some very good head. Their mother did like seeing that -- very much, if fact -- especially while very openly cheating with somebody else's husband. It didn't appear to be the first time she did that, nor the first time her girls saw her do that. They used to go elsewhere to do that, of course, but were now doing it where devils get their due. Angie was keeping an eye on that group while a pervert got some very rare young pussy he never had before.

A number of men decided to finish their final fucks in the swollen, steamy cunt Angie presented; she barely noticed the last ten thick cocks that dumped steamy loads in to her overflowing fuck-hole; she got two of the thicker-cocked niggers in her bitch pussy at the same time, though, and she squealed our another toe-curling orgasm at the assault.

The baby of the group had crawled of; the men found he when she began sucking on a wilted cock, begging for the man to please piss in her mouth; soon, the little 7-year-old was a tiny human toilet, gulping down all offerings, the center of all male attention as her mommy openly masturbated.

A half-hour later, it looked like the whole Federation crew -- plus two and six guests, and the pair of oily lesbians -- were all naked and twice spent, some thrice: all sweaty and all in need of drinks, towels and a refreshing dip in the pool.

Evidently, that was the thing to do, and a thing they did again. Those same two families were still there -- now joined by three more families with older kids -- so twenty-two joined twenty, with eight females staying clear of the pool, all sticking close to Maggie. That made for a very crowded pool that was two-thirds horny male; half of them were fucking a preteen female in shark-infested crystal clear water.

It was in the pool that the little guest mommy's other two blonde daughters got fucked, but not by anyone in our group. The tiny mother was getting it from the niggers and couldn't give her ... look. Nobody told Grandpa Jessie he couldn't fuck those girls; he assumed they knew the rules and were the daughters of a whore like Barbie and Angie.

Jessie's grandsons mobbed Paula and Angie; there were lots of grandsons in that pool. Seemed like the Enterprise provided the pussy. Damn neighborly, though ten did remain in the pool. Three were Jessie's twenty-something daughters, two were cute daughters-in-laws, and five more were granddaughters ages 4, 7, 11, 12 & 16. All seemed damn friendly, taking on all cummers both front and rear.

Looked like a fucking pool. Maggie wasn't caring much for the look of that.

Angie kept a close eye on that church mother and three girls, and did get to confirm a suspicion that they were frequent guests; Barbie's parent's absolute favorite to bring along then go elsewhere to do devilish things. What they did, specifically, was a three-adult threesome with one very naught preteen in the middle; two blonde girls liked to watch and masturbate to that, then be eaten by their baby sister.

Angie was quite eager to get that very gorgeous mommy off to have a chit-chat with. When the little guest mommy left the pool to become a poolside observer, Angie pushed a gleeful shark's probing cock out of her leaky asshole to get out and join her.

She drew a recliner lounger close and reclined, saying, "Hi, I'm Aunt Angie."

"Rachel," the stunning little blonde mother said with a smile; they shook hands. "It's honestly a real pleasure to meet you. Our family loves your family."

"A pleasure, sincerely. Very sexy girls you have, Rachel."

"Thank you," said the youthful mommy, blushing. "A big day for two of them!"

"Yes, I noticed; I've been following closely."

"Yes, I noticed. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later; the girls seem fine, now. See, they're both making out with older boys; Holly barely seems to notice the grown man fucking her. I'll call it a good day and an important lesson well-learned."

"I like to hear that. They rape well."

Rachel looked Angie up and down, taking the sexy woman in with a sly smirk; her eyes hovered around the obscene flaps of her gaping, abused vagina, drinking in the erotic sight as coils of cum dribbled from her. "So, between us girls, are you really a Mormon wife in the same poker-boat as Barbie? I was there when Paula was told she had another baby sister, so I'm not buying that crock if it'll help you to tell the truth. I don't buy it for Barbie, either. I will pretend to, though, and I will pretend for my girls -- or admit I'm a pervert, rapist and adulterer."

Angie smiled. "You're just here giving the devils their due."

"Gets preached from the pulpit in our church. They buy it and like seeing it. Now, we give. Still saved ... give all we want ... still saved. I rather enjoy providing good pussy for the devils to enjoy. I assume you are one wanting some; help yourself. Everybody else is. My, Holly really can take a good raping, can't she?"

"Actually," said Angie with a grin, "it's you I want."

Rachel bit her lip. "I gathered that, too. I'm game, but it isn't really my thing."

"I see what your thing is. How do you sell that to your girls?"

"Pure unadulterated adultery. Easy sell. I'm sinning my cheating slut ass off, and doing his wife so she won't mind. I confessed. They all wanted to watch me sin. That's how we got into this mess. No big mystery, bound to come to this eventually, BUT still saved. Love that church. Can't imagine why every woman in it isn't out fucking anything she feels like fucking, whenever, wherever. Why the fuck not? Barbie was the first to try it; seems to be working out great for her. We and a few others see it first-hand and report back what we see. The girls keep the youth groups informed. I understand that most of the boys in our church can cum in a girl with great skill."

"Do you report your adultery?"

"Nobody's business," Rachel said with a wicked grin, "but a few do know. They tell others who will tell others; some of our sexier ladies are signing the gospel right in the choir; we all watched a seventeen year old choir-girl get pregnant when her father and uncles liked her performance a bit too much. The whole congregation masturbated to her rape; the next week, the sermon was on the sacrament of analingus, and the our Sunday School came out to demonstrate for the adults."

"Jesus Christ. I have to join this church."

"You would be welcome," Rachel said, "wearing exactly what you're wearing now ... or even a dog collar and a large male dog. As for our more private sluts, like myself: well, you never know what kids tell other kids -- best to assume everything with embellishments. I think I'm now all the hottest gossip; when it reaches my husband's ears, shit'll hit the fan. Could be a problem. Won't know till it hits, of course, but you can bet your sweet Mormon ass, he won't be hitting Duke or me. Best not do anything that pisses me off ... been fucking Crissy, my little one."

Angie laughed. "Pretty obvious some adult was."

Both fine ladies looked to where, a few dozen yards away, the cute blonde kindergartener in question was holding hands with an adorable redheaded, pigtailed granddaughter of about a year younger, the two of them walking together towards a group of beer drinking men. Crissy approached and tugged on one man's thick but flaccid cock; the fellow turned, and the little girl whispered something before opening her mouth wide.

Moments later, both children were receiving streams of hot yellow piss; she and her new friend eagerly gulped the stuff down.

Rachel laughed. "Molesting, I should say, and loves doing it in front of her sisters; the dumb fuck makes them watch hard, mean sex that was very much like what you served as a mattress for. The two girls strip her and hold her while Daddy rapes her, whips 'n fucks, then lets him drink all the piss she can handle; that used to be mostly slap 'n tickles, then leave a beer can up her ass for a few hours. Those two girls you watched get raped by Grandpa are called 'witnesses who act under duress'."

"I have a husband as dumb. I noticed you used present tense: makes, not made. He still doing that?"

"Still doing it," Rachel said, rolling her eyes. "At the dinner table, in front of her Aunts and Uncles, this week. He's a sinner, but so am I. As long as he don't mind my sins, I won't mind his. All sorts of sinners can now enjoy those sexy girls. What they're good for -- and getting good at. Don't you agree?"

"I do," Angie said. "Sorry to lie to you, Rachel: my husband never played poker and lost. I'm playing Paula's sister because we look quite a bit alike, and that Spanky character wanted her and Barbie. Tom is selling him the Aunt Angie and Barbie story. I'm here purely for fun."

Pretty little mommy Rachel smiled. "I like you, and I'm glad to have met someone like you. I've been a faithful wife throughout my marriage; I recently found out that the real reason I'm not getting the sex I should be getting was not another woman -- it's my little Crissy. Walked right in on them; he didn't even slow down. Made me strip naked and masturbate if I wanted to watch. Oh yes ... got so damn horny, I had to fuck somebody. One nasty thing led to another; now, here I stand naked and very publicly fucked, playing with my adulterous pussy while watching my girls get very fucked -- and pissed-in -- by strangers in public. Hoping the devil in charge will demand I keep on returning them as my ticket to play and enjoy the view. I am sinfully wicked, don't you agree?"

"Oh yes. Might I suggest getting your husband into playing high-stakes poker?"

She laughed then said, "Wouldn't work. He knows the trick; besides, don't need that. He fucked himself. What I need is a friend to go put a nasty bug in THAT man's ear. If he makes that demand, your master will have the three of them as often as I need this."

"THAT man?"

"Yes, your master, Captain Picard ... Mo, there, between Larry and Curley. The one raping Holly, my 13-year old."

"I'll bug him if that is what you really want."

Rachel grinned, running both hands over her adulterous pussy, easing a pair of fingers inside as thick white fuck rolled down her inner thigh. "Hey, still saved...why the fuck not."

"Typical Baptist."

"Fuck you, Saint," the pretty little blonde mommy said with a laugh, grinding her loins into her hands. "We're not typical; Christ, if we were typical, I'd find some other church. Might even try a Mormon church. Last thing I ever thought I'd be is a fucking Baptist. If this preacher they have is a holy man, I'll suck your Mormon ass; slurp the doggie-cum right out of it. Bout as holy as your new master right there."

Angie looked: the new master was fucking the middle blonde daughter, who was placed up on the rim at the shallow end. His incredible shaft split the girl's tiny pussy as she rubbed at her clit with hypnotic need; her body shook as she came over and over again in full view of all attendees. This was an out-of-water fucking: a new thing.

A group soon had all three blondes up on dry land and split wide on cocks large and small; little Crissy bent over, pushed by strong hands, as a man casually slid a long prick up her asshole and began to rape the little blonde kindergartener with steady strokes. Many of the Federation crew seemed refreshed; a thin Mexican and his two black friends, drinking beer, took Rachel's 15-year-old in all three holes -- and made her airtight. A good number of Jessie's daughters and granddaughters wanted to be fucked that way, too; brothers sank cock into sisters sunning by the pool as mothers stepped from the water, tugging the cocks of their sons hard and bending over deckchairs to be mounted.

This new way of having a pool-party got to Maggie; seeing her son push his cock into his own preteen daughter not two feet away had her coming close to watch with obvious interest. The high matron was joined by her daughters and daughter-in-laws -- now numbering seven, holding some sort of motherly discussion about it.

When one of her sons decided it was time to fuck Maggie, though, the discussion ended; his wife helped hold her own mother-in-law down until the old girl was fucking back with strong thrusts.

The lovely older woman ended up being very popular with the niggers.

An orgy descended on the place, flowering and beautiful.

Angie smiled. "I like these people trashy."

Rachel giggled. "Seems good to me. Seeing them fuck like this makes 'em look and feel trashy, don't you agree?"

"It does do that. Is that how you feel?"

"Very," Rachel said, both hands in her slick pussy, "and it feels great. I NEED this trashy outlet, Angie. If I could live my life over again, I'd make Barbie look like a debutante, go the cheap whore and porn-star route. I can't tell my daughters to follow my footsteps because it took me almost thirty-two years to get here. Even then, I need to suck Paula's ass to get a guest pass -- then leave when she leaves to, fuck her husband in private while she watches. Our party just gets going good and trashy when she needs to go to a seedy no-tel motel a two-hour drive from here ... FUCK!"

"That's a pisser."

"But this ... this is a perfect place, AND this great place is right here. My office is only a short walk away. Oh, how great it would be to take a long lunch here, or just break away for a quickie lay on a hot summer day; I could see the kids I dropped off on the way in, my decadent daycare."

Angie smiled, extending a hand; Rachel removed only one from her cunt to shake it. "I live here. Be my guest. I'll let you suck anything you like and stay as long as you like. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to indulge a queer passion."

Pretty little Rachel watched Angie settle in between her thighs, swooning and opening up her gash. "Oh, Jesus. Jesus, yes. Do you need an employer? I'm a lawyer, and good at it; whatever the Federation and your new master are paying you, I'll double it. My girls need a live-in nanny. My husband needs a whore and a rapist's bondage-assistant; our Saint Bernard needs a good mate with a cunt, and my lover's wife Paula needs a best friend with a cunt as meaty as hers is. Our church, most of all, needs a Mormon Saint in servitude, donated by the Federation. I'll donate the Saint Bernard."

Angie came off, smiling, to say, "Looks like Barbie will have to stay here after all. Shucks. Arrange that Federation donation, I'm your bitch/Saint nanny/whore, lesbian loaner ... but don't you want to look over my resume?"

"I have seen your cunt. I will look it over again if that'll make you happy."

She laughed and went back down. Landed a good sex job, and did her nannying at a mutt-infested decadent daycare where she eventually looked after Barbie's baby so Barbie could stay indentured to the Federation.

Paradise was vastly improved and now had free legal service.

The End

Anonymous 14/01/15(Wed)12:24 No. 20714 ID: 3ad9cf

You officially constitute my sole masturbatory material for the rest of the week, at least.

The most beautiful thing about it is that it's so over-the-top unrealistic that I don't really feel bad about the terrible things I'm picturing. I know this isn't how life works, that these are flights of fancy from a deranged mind(no offense) and nothing more.

Good job, you somehow succeeded in making me A-OK with shit that I usually pass on.

Public Exposure (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast futa extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/15(Wed)12:34 No. 20715 ID: 923b50

Woo! Two more pics based on my work:

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/15(Wed)12:38 No. 20716 ID: 923b50

I'm delighted to read that. :) This is, truly, the purest & darkest of pure, cruel fantasy from the most deranged of all possible minds (no offense taken!), and I'm quite glad to have gotten you masturbating.

More is on the way!

Anonymous 14/01/15(Wed)21:24 No. 20718 ID: 3ad9cf

Same guy, I realized a theme that makes the vast majority of these plausible. The vast majority of them feature a ridiculously gorgeous, authoritative male who seems to be able to get anyone to accept anything, no matter how depraved, and is always out for sex.

These are the result of an Incubus walking into people's everyday lives. A few might be able to resist him, but for the most part, he's got them all wrapped around his finger, doing as he pleases. That being fucking him, and each other, and strangers, as he feeds off of raw sexual energy.

Anonymous 14/01/16(Thu)01:33 No. 20720 ID: 62255c

I like this fan-theory. It is now head-canon.

Anonymous 14/01/16(Thu)01:36 No. 20721 ID: 3ad9cf

Makes about as much sense as anything else.

Anonymous 14/01/16(Thu)05:53 No. 20724 ID: f5b1c2

Considering Not A Vampire, scarily accurate!

Anonymous 14/01/16(Thu)07:13 No. 20726 ID: cffae9

Goddamn, I want to see that one finished/expanded on. Gets me wet every time I read.

Public Exposure (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast futa extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/17(Fri)20:50 No. 20771 ID: 923b50

Public Exposure -- Part 1

- a Phil Phantom tribute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with enormous debt to DeStijl:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


The warm, calm spring air on her bare skin was a luxurious delight; the wandering, forceful hands of the tall, dark stranger next to her were electric ... intoxicating, even.

She was mesmerized by the sigh before her, right at her dainty feet: a writhing orgy, starring her twin 7-year old daughters; no 23-year old mother has ever been more conflicted, her dress hiked up to her hips.

Karyn O'Connor knew that she should stop sexy, curvy Sam from sliding that big girl-cock into Kat's tiny asshole; the coltish, blonde teen dickgirl grinned wickedly -- locking bright blue eyes with Mommy Karyn and licking her full, pouty pink lips -- as she rubbed the thick head of her over-sized futa-prick against the eager redheaded kindergartener's grasping baby shit-pipe.

"So. You want me to fuck your daughter's ass, Mrs. O'Connor?"

"Well, I ...," pretty Karyn said, feeling her heart race and her body rebel. "I--"

Sammy smiled with cruel delight. "Because most little girls can't take a cock like mine, Mrs. O'Connor -- do you believe that?"

"Y-yes, Sam, I do. It's, I-I ..."

The lovely blonde flexed, letting her dark-haired girlfriend jerk that magnificent length of cock and diddle Kat's greedy asshole while Sam spoke; long, thin trails of shimmering precum ran from a bulbous cockhead like a slick plum and dripped into the green grass.

"Christ, there are grown women who can't walk for a week when I get done pounding them," Sam said with a tinkling giggle. "Ever since I turned 15, I just RUIN cunts with this slab of dickgirl meat right here ... but I think maybe your pretty little Kat has the right kind of baby shitter to take me. You think so?"

"Yes, Sammy, I -- h-her anus is very elastic; her daddy and all her teachers say so--"

"Hmm. So you want me to slip it to your 7-year old, Mrs. O'Connor? I feel like the little whorelet is pushing back against me pretty hard; Rachel here might just put me in your baby daughter in a moment no matter what you say."

Karyn swallowed hard, feeling her hips buck on the hard park-bench. She pulled her thighs into a wide-split beaver, the plane of her overheating sex drooling openly. "We-well, uhh, Sammy, I--"

"Yep. This silly girlfriend of mine just REALLY likes watching me buttfuck kindergarteners -- it makes her cunt all gooey. Isn't that right, honey-lover?"

The sultry dark-haired girl nodded wordlessly, her big brown eyes hungry; she ran one hand along Sam's thunderous cock with worshipful desire, slowly easing one finger after another into Kat's responsive little rectum.

The elfin blonde laughed. "Ha! It's what you get for dating high-school Juniors, I guess. They're just so much more jaded after dating older guys -- and her daddy Nick has simply spoiled the hell out of her. He got her cumming on all sorts of things, the sly old dog. Wish I could have seen her fuck when she was younger."

Young mother Karyn blushed, feeling Nick's strong arm around her shoulder on the park bench, his thick fingers slowly diddling her clit as dogs worked the warm folds of her sloppy pussy into mush. "W-well, Sam, it-it's just. Well, I-I think ..."

"I mean, her sister's little ass can take a cock almost this big, right? You just saw it, even if we had to hold her down for it. And your daughters rape VERY well."

"Yes, bu-but-"

"No, you don't have to say anything, Mrs. O'Connor," the blonde said with a devilish grin, her eyes twinkling. "I know you want to see me fuck -- and who can blame you? This cock is goddamn legendary. Rachel here is gonna put my big dick into your little girl's ass now, and I'm gonna make this baby daughter of yours' shitter gape like you've never seen. If you want me to stop, just say the magic words. Okay?"

Her heart pounding, Karyn only nodded.

Petite, slutty, 7-year old Kat, meanwhile, wiggled her slim hips, pushing back against Sam's thickness and purring as she stroked the spurting tool of the man who had just finished raping her twin-sister Kai's vulnerable asshole; Kat's shiny, soft tongue lapped with slick, incestuous lust at the ruin of Kai's immature and gaping anus, semen dribbling down her smooth chin to pool and smear on her sister's itty-bitty tailbone.

Rachel began to jack her lover's mighty girl-cock into the tiny redhead, and Kat squealed with delight.

Sweet, submissive Kai trembled and struggled uselessly under Kat's oral assault, making little whimpers in the back of her throat as Kat began gasping with mingled pain and pleasure. Kai's precious pigtails bounced invitingly, the redheaded child's arms bound above her in a tight web of leather straps held by another grown man; the little girl shuddered as a dog's long, well-trained tongue punished her shiny baby-clit. The large rapist beneath the squirming preteen pinned Kai's thin legs back effortlessly, acting as both a mattress and skilled bondage apparatus; his fat tool gushed another volley of potent sperm over Kat's hand as the little girl lazily stoked a cock longer & thicker than her own forearm, grinding back against Sam's dick.

An inch of the blonde futa's huge cock entered Mommy Karyn's 7-year old daughter. Then another.

Two more followed, the small girl's ass slowly sucking the huge tool inside; there were well over a dozen pulsing, perfect inches left to go.

Seemingly from far away, a swell of maternal instincts ran through pretty young Karyn's whirling, sex-addled mind ... but the three warm, wet dog tongues exploring between her own overheating thighs made her giddy, and the strong arm of the tall, handsome man beside her secured the young mother in place -- and left her feeling as pinned as her daughters. With one strong hand, Nick peeled the perky trophy-wife's thin blouse open; his rough fingers began to play at stiff nipples, and Karyn swooned.

Somehow, Kai & Kat's mommy found that she couldn't quite say the words "Please don't put your big cock in my baby girl's little asshole, Sam. You might be too thick for her; her daddy's cock isn't nearly that big. She can barely crawl after his friends all rape her."

Karyn was hypnotized, watching that glorious cock take possession of her daughter's asshole. It was quite a cock, especially swinging between the long, smooth legs of such a little teen. With her left hand, Sam's pretty black-haired girlfriend Rachel fisted the dickgirl's enormous tool as it entered Kat's rectum: a firm length of hot, throbbing muscle-cock, hard like stout iron and thick as a runner's calf. With her right hand, she slowly pressed at the hip of the lean, athletic blonde: facilitating the obscene sex-act and watching the merger of monstrous teen-cock to little-girl asshole with obvious greed.

That amazing cock entered her daughter Kat another inch, and the little girl squirmed as her asshole engulfed Sam's thickness along with three fingers of Rachel's hand; the tiny girl licked harder at her sister as she took the length, slurping up the thick semen which jetted out of little Kai's prolapsed anus ... the unwilling little 7-year old sex-toy was simply fucked-out.

Lovely Sammy flashed a merciless grin, and began to fuck with brutal thrusts -- an inhuman and savage rhythm that got the tiny girl impaled on that long cock choking back ragged tears.

Karyn came in rolling waves as she took in the vulgar sight.

As she rocked her hips on the park-bench, Nick's strong fingers abusing her firm nipples and rough doggy-tongues whipping her meaty cunt into a frenzy, the pretty mommy saw that more men were on their way.

Soon, there would be a line for her daughters.

And, she thought as she ground out another orgasm, possibly for her.

New-Daddy's Way (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme much-sex) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/18(Sat)00:51 No. 20778 ID: 923b50

New-Daddy's Way (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom edit/triute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Daddy Ben's idea was absurd, but his new step-daughter Jerri was still buying absurd ideas; hell, the 14-year-old seemed almost eager to suffer the injustice and humiliation of the way Ben's family dealt with teen dating.

Andrea, Jerri's lovely young mother, knew that her new hubby Ben was full of shit: selling bullshit, totally transparent bullshit at that, but something in it had Jerri sold. Pretty little cheerleader Jerri very much liked her sexy step-daddy, and the bubbly girl seemed delighted to have him act as post-date physical examiner and inquisitor -- putting her through a naked, no-holds-barred grilling with all family members present. Every one of her assembled family members, both blood-siblings and new step-brothers, would be there ... all with a stake in her date conduct or misconduct, all with a vote, to reward or to punish her date-behavior as they saw fit.

The rest of the combined combined family -- especially one very sexy mommy -- was a no-brainer, for-sure, iron-clad sale. Jerri's excited nods just made it happen.

That very sexy fourteen-year-old girl -- and her awesome, sleek young female body, along with what it could do -- were the undisputed focal point of the family long before Ben and his two charming, Jerri-infatuated sons came into it. Jerri's younger brother and twin little sisters absolutely adored their big cheerleader sister: the three formed a tribe that was very much into sister-worship as a secret society that the mom was well-aware of and thought was precious.

Eddy and Teddy, Ben's well-hung boys, fit right into an established fan-club, almost doubling the hands available to massage Jerri after a Jr. High cheerleader-workout wearing only a shorty towel that sorta did and did not matter. That towel was wrapped quite loosely around a very tight young body; it sorta was and wasn't on; Jerri was sorta being held-down and kinda wasn't. Five pairs of experienced hands massaged the parts they liked best; three guys squirted youthful seed where they pleased. Abbey & Angie, the twins, lapped up any messes from three boys who were like a six-balled, three-peckered sperm dispenser who liked creaming a supple ass-crack. Full-family massages were a very messy business that needed a queer bitch or two who liked to be lappy-happy doggies.

Even before Ben and his two cocky, rakish boys (17 and 16) entered the picture, Abbey & Angie -- at age eleven -- were a pretty pair of titless tomboys, button-nosed cuties who loved pussy, aspiring to be a famous lesbian bondage-duo. Joey, at age thirteen, was helping them get famous: he already had a large collection of photographs depicting hungry, hairless little slits getting slippery and fingered in all manner of poses and predicaments, going back to the two girls at age seven. Jerri, meanwhile, was happy to lend her baby sisters the pussy to practice on; the twins could make a girl with a tight pussy get slobbery as they made out, passing at slick clit back and forth with tongues.

What their new daddy Ben did for his new family was simple: he made that okay, and nothing to hide. Ben was all for everything kids do being done out where all can see and enjoy ... their Jerri-worship especially.

Getting Jerri to relax and be worshiped proved the only minor challenge; toward that end, a loving, lovely mommy was most effective. Twenty-eight-year old Andrea got her pretty Jerri to relax and simply enjoy some fawning sibling attention, especially Abbey & Angie's oral ministrations. That helped a lot, because Jerri really DID want to simply relax and enjoy a good hard cum without feeling at all guilty or ashamed. A mother's soft hands stroking a girl's shoulders, firm tits or hot inner thighs while two baby sisters suck pussy -- as four boys and a man jack off -- will, after a while, get a smart girl good and relaxed about that.

Mommy Andrea and Ben liked watching a messy massage because it made them horny.

Further, the two of them found that they had a ready-made sitter, who could very easily occupy all little hands and minds simply by getting undressed and throwing on a skimpy towel. A towel, of course, was pretty much all Jerri ever wore at home -- if that. She couldn't get enough attention or massage, and her family couldn't either. As for Abby & Angie's queer passions ... well, with Ben's encouragement to be all they could be, two little faces and Jerri's crotch were as good as wedded with no one to object to that marriage.

Jerri couldn't even piss without pissing all over two eager pink preteen tongues; it was all part of a shared queer-passion and sister-obsession. Now, thanks to Ben, there was no longer any need for any of them to hide any of it; their mommy liked watching Jerri pee, too ... but who didn't?

After their new Daddy Ben made that okay, peeing was a thing to announce -- not something to sneak off and do.

Abbey & Angie much preferred it that way ... but Jerri did, too, getting a huge thrill out of having everyone gather to watch two cute girls lapping at the pissing pussy which Jerri held wide open, a great excuse for showing her pretty teen cunt to all -- while it all got licked and sucked on by a pair of real queer bitches with a potty fetish -- now considered great sister-worship. Sating her the little ones' queer pissy passions was just being great, getting high praise and mommy rubs for openly doing what they used to sneak off and do.

As for Ben and curvy little Mommy Andrea: just seeing Jerri naked was enough to make them want to fuck some more. They'd watch a little massage action, or just watch Jerri pee, or watch two step-brothers jerk off while 11-year old twins diddled each-other and a brother snapped pics ... then off they'd go.

Very soon, the distinctive sounds of youthful, energetic, non-stop fucking was like background surf noise at a beach house. When sexy young Andrea led her new hubby by his throbbing cock to their bedroom, the first wave crashed like a headboard banging into a wall; after that, there would come a series of loud GOD, FUCK MES in a houseful of kids, often enough that it was serene.

The two families merged beautifully, all around a rare, sparkling young beauty who loved the attention and the role she could see she was serving. Gorgeous, coltish Jerri was very clearly a fuck-facilitator for two kinky adults who very much got off on seeing what kids used to be sneaky about doing as four -- now as six -- being as free and open about it as they pleased.

Jerri was a fuck-facilitator, so good at it that the newlyweds cancelled their expensive getaway honeymoon to honeymoon at home. Andrea and Ben fucked three times as much, and saved enough to buy a new car instead. Jerri simply had a natural gift: a talent to arouse male or female, young, middle-age, or old as she writhed and came. Uncle Roger and his conservative young wife got to see the girl get a half-rape gang-massage, complete with queer twin-sister lappy licking, and they needed to go fuck with a pretty sister and her new husband.

Anybody who saw Jerri get molested needed to fuck.

It was as fuck-facilitator that Jerri listened to Ben selling his family's way of handling teenage dating for female members; since Jerri was now fourteen -- a high-school Freshman in the fall -- and could officially go on car-dates, something needed to be set in stone. The sultry teen bombshell already had a dozen dates lined up, including three guys she really liked a lot, and was seeking dating guidelines from her parents. Pretty little Jerri came to them requesting parental guidelines, and came with two real concerns: a fear she'd be too easy, especially for one hung guy she liked a LOT, and a fear that she might get pregnant with a bad reputation ... too bad and too pregnant to cheer.

Mommy Andrea had the simple solution: no-baby pills and plenty of them, along with condoms, blowjobs, plenty of anal and only dating one guy at a time.

Ben immediately nixed pills, as they take the risk out of fucking; his family considered that a terrible crime. He also nixed going steady as counter-productive -- especially when teen dating was supposed to help a young lady to sample everything before making a lifetime selection, a gross stupidity. No, it seemed Jerri's new daddy refused to be party to such a grossly stupid crime.

His family had a much better way, which made the family an integral part of the process: after all, the family suffers the reputation and the raising of any fuck-up bastards; ergo, the family should have input -- with carrot and stick influence -- following the nude grilling of a little Freshman cheerleader to ascertain exactly what she did and did not do on her date.

Jerri nodded enthusiastically. She thought that was an excellent plan.

Right after Jerri bought that load of Daddy Ben's bullshit, lovely little Andrea grabbed her new husband's stiff cock to go off and fuck -- and for the first time, they didn't make it into the bedroom. The two of fucked right on the breakfast table, right between eleven-year-old Abbey (or was it Angie?), and Eddy, 17; Ben's other boy Teddy (16) and thirteen-year old Joey hopped up after a moment to give Andrea a massage on the cock-stuffed cunt.

Breathtaking, buxom Jerri was still standing there in a shorty towel, her thighs warm and her little slit all wet, amazed to have facilitated that fuck with a simple question.

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

Jerri just never expected it happen in the morning at the breakfast table, usually the most normal and sedate of times, a time Jerri was usually decently dressed for school. With school now out for the summer, however, a towel seemed appropriate -- it was the very most her family liked seeing her wear, and the outfit most likely to get her pinned down and made to cum. The shorty towel didn't quite cover the lower buns or pussy on that stacked little girl: it was a token tit-wrap, honestly, suggesting something akin to decency, and something both adults saw as sexier than naked.

The only thing sexier than a token tit-wrap was watching the vulgar display of her twin baby-sisters licking up the sperm that dribbled down her pussy: that was something the whole family -- and certain guests -- loved seeing; the best way to facilitate fucking was cumming like that, naked in recline with parted legs. But even that, done late in a long honeymoon day in a room full of family and friends, never produced out-in-the-open fucking the way agreeing to do dating Ben's way did.

Jerri was amazed to be watching them go at it like that; actually seeing her new daddy Ben's big cock moving smoothly in and out of her darling mommy's shaved-bald and grasping cunt was hypnotic. Pretty Andrea's smooth wetness was being massaged by a son and a step-son, fondled while fucking: she was seemingly very fine with that, even fine with rude fingers deeply entering her asshole to feel the cock that was fucking her cunt. Her magnificent young mommy seemed very fine, indeed, with that obscene intrusion; two doggie-daughter, meanwhile, were trying to lick it all.

Sixteen-year old Eddy was grinning as he stood. The handsome boy undid a tight top and hefted his beautiful new mommy's tits as she was bent over the table and fucked; he was very big on tits, and loved those bigger, fuller, more supple titties on a young woman.

Looked like Jerri facilitated a gang-bang on her mom, but it also looked like her mom loved her for doing that; Andrea began to cry out the loud GOD, FUCK MES her family had come to know and love as the first orgasms overtook her. Her charming new daddy Ben sure appreciated it: absolutely loved fucking this stunning young mommy, didn't at all mind all the company -- and didn't mind sharing her with his buddies, his sons or her brothers.

Jerri had never seen sex before, and it was making her virgin pussy ache with need.

For some reason, seeing Jerri naked -- or seeing that naked pussy held down & licked by two doggie-sisters -- made Andrea want to fuck, and little mommy didn't mind being made to want to fuck ... even groups of horny men, strangers, dogs or her own family. She fucked, now, like she wanted to watch Jerri get molested, and she got fucked like her family fully agreed. Andrea had always been big on having privacy for any and all fucking up until now; privacy suddenly didn't seem to matter any more.

Something was now very different, she saw as her mother was stripped all-but-naked and naked and all-but-devoured by rapacious hands, yet pretty little Jerri couldn't imagine what. It did seem to have something to do with agreeing to date Daddy Ben's way, she decided after a moment ... but while it was admittedly an odd way, compared to the way they were now living it wasn't all THAT odd.

Four incestuous hands and two pairs of little lips ran over the slick union of Ben's massive cock with Andrea's engorged pussy, rubbing and sucking expertly at the meaty cunt and the slick, shiny clit between her long legs; a happy young man bit at her nipples as the blushing 28-year old ground her hips back against her husband and came again. After minutes of this, Andrea stroking a son's hard cock with one hand and a stepson's thick tool with the other, Daddy Ben vented his seed into the little mother and stepped back to wipe his wet cock on her cheek.

Teddy took his father's place, and then Eddy after that; Joey was helped to an erection by one eleven-year-old sister -- a little less queer than her twin -- and took his mommy up the asshole with rough, brutal glee.

When all the men had finished, two hungry preteens finally slipped in as Andrea stood with a dazed and satisfied expression; they began slurping gaping, abused vagina, drinking in the erotic nectar as coils of cum dribbled from her.

Bashful mommy Andrea did seem a tad bit embarrassed, but not nearly as much as one might expect she should. She took her seat all-but-naked and plenty fucked, still presenting a wide beaver -- just sat there, not believing she did that, while a duo of doggie-daughters lapped at the fucking mess. Andrea caught herself looking from that crotch-scene, stirring it with cummy fingers, to the striking vision of her virginal cheerleader Jerri.

Attractive teen Jerri sat there, for her parts, staring with big eyes at a mother like she couldn't believe she did that ... and moreover, that she couldn't believe her mommy was now feeding fresh fuck to her preteen girls like some kind of fucking shameless whore. Andrea finally stopped looking at her wide open crotch, getting a good lapping from a lap-dog set of twin-daughters, to say to Jerri, "You caused that -- and this very nasty scene, which I never thought I'd be seeing at my breakfast table."

Jerri was leaning out to watch twin sisters lap a well-fucked cunt for the first time, saying, "If I did, I did without doing anything. That's a first. Every other time, I did something I could accept blame or take credit for. Abbey & Angie sure are being good doggies, don't you think?"

Andrea set the heels of her dainty feet at the front corners of two wide chairs, then laid her knees out flat to offer that set of cunt-lapping mutts a full-open cunt to lap. "Very good ... just looks very bad. We're going from very bad to worse, Jerri, and you agreeing to Ben's way will only make things worse -- and worse and worse still. If I could stop things from going bad to worse, I would have -- back when he and I were first dating. I obviously can't stop him; the man has a cock that makes me melt."

"Not in that position, you can't."

"Look at me and look at these two. They're no better or worse than me; we're all swept away by the current of you, being swept along by Big Bad Ben. You just gave him the power to control the flood gates, way up-river. If you don't see that, now ... well, go on a date and you'll see it."

Jerri loved watching her sisters lapping her mom's fucked cunt and moved her chair to be alongside. Settling in, the adorable virgin placed one hand on the back of Angie's head, and the other hand began doing her mom's fleshy clit. With all the others men huddled around, gazing down on a most-provocative sight, she said, "I like Daddy Ben's ideas -- and his ways of having a family. Sounds like a good way to me. I know you're both a lot happier. I'm happier. We are all happier. We could be happier still. That's the way I see it."

Pretty twenty-eight year old Andrea pulled her cunt lips apart; all could see Abbey's long tongue going deep into the messy fuckhole, with Angie trying to slurp it off her sister's lower lip, going after the messy fuck buried inside their mommy. Andrea said, "Obviously. You practically leapt at his offer to control your dating."

"Tell me you aren't much happier now -- and very much looking forward to seeing your Big Bad Ben examining me after my first date, grilling me on every juicy date detail, then rewarding me and/or punishing me for whatever I did or did not do. My first date is tonight; I'm going with Chad, and I know I'll be very easy. I want to get punished."

"Honey, I'm here like this, with a cunt full of fuck, because I could very easily see you submitting to Ben's exam, accepting his reward AND whatever punishment he prescribed. If you think his way will guard your reputation and keep you from getting very pregnant, you need to meet some of his female relatives. What he's done for your sisters in a few short weeks, he'll do for you in a few dates. I'll be as much help to you as I was to her."

Jerri smiled. "I love Daddy Ben. He encouraged Angie & Abbey to be all they wanted to be -- and never try hiding it. The twins never wanted to, and I didn't either. You see how happy the girls are, now, getting a real hot lesbian meal, finally; they're openly dining on a fucked cunt ... dream come true. See the way the two of them are diddling their little pussies?"

"Not at this angle," Andrea admitted.

"You should see it; those are of the puffiest, slickest baby-cunts you've ever seen. They love eating their mommy. Way before Ben came along, this has been their dream: Abbey & Angie always held out hope you'd fuck somebody, then accidentally come sit on one of their faces -- and like it enough to hold still for the other. This is their idea of a wet-dream."

"For me, too. I'm sure you would agree that what the twins are today, what your brother and step-brothers are, Ben made them that way -- with my full and total cooperation. This is the final proof of his power over me, what all of that queer encouragement lead up to: a pair of daughters who lick the fuck outta me after four men use me as a cum-dump."

"Daddy Ben is VERY powerful."

"He is," her pretty mommy said, peeling open her cunt-lip as one of the twins began licking her mommy's asshole; the girl scooped out the load of semen pumped up there by their brother. "But you are the big prize, Jerri. I don't know exactly what he has in mind for you, but I do know he needs full control of your dating behavior to get it. I know you gave it without a fight; I know you'll be easy. After the punishment, I'm sure you'll be even easier. Chad won't believe how easy you are the second date. His buddies won't believe how easy you are on the third. The football team will be impressed on the fourth. I'm wondering about the cheerleaders on your fifth."

Exquisite junior Jerri bit her lip, her thighs tingling, then looked up to Ben; he smiled and said, "Nothing queer about you, Jerri ... or is there?"

"No, there isn't, Big Bad Daddy Ben, and I don't need to be getting pregnant -- or any kind of bad reputation. I came to you for ideas on preventing those things, and was sold on the way your family does that. What are you plans for me? I might want to be difficult for you."

"My family's way prevents that. Your mother doesn't want you to be at all difficult, Jerri. She loves seeing her girls be easy, and a girl is only easy when being led where she wants to go. The beauty of the Ben way. Look at that. Is that not beautiful?"

Jerri looked at the sisters lapping her mom's opened-up asshole and a well-creamed cunt that was dribbling piss -- a beautiful sight, and a most provocative one -- indicative of a kinky mom enjoying what she loves to watch being done on a toilet. Although something similar had been seen a hundred times with a leaky preteen cheerleader-pussy, this bizarre spectacle was truly outrageous done to a pretty mommy's bald cunt in a chair at the kitchen table.

The kinky 11-year-olds could not be more happy about that pee-pee fountain, slurping with abandon and easing fingers into each other as they lapped greedily; the boys could be no more thrilled about all of these latest developments. Ben was happy. The wife was happy.

To show that she was happy, too, sweet young Jerri slipped three fingers into her mom to massage the woman's G-spot while saying to Ben, "It really IS a beautiful sight, Daddy Ben. You did a real good job on Abbey & Angie, and with teaching Joey to fuck assholes, and an even better one on my mom. I've never seen my mom happier or hornier. If it makes Mommy happy or horny, I'll be easy for you. Just one question: on this date with Chad, should I be easy or difficult? Honestly, I can go either way. I really do need guidance, Daddy."

"Just be Jerri on a date with Chad," Ben said with a laugh. "WE -- your family, together -- will guide from that starting point. The family will decide course and speed; all we have as tools are carrots and sticks, and can only use them right after a date to influence future dates. When your dating behavior pleases us, you earn rewards. When it displeases us, we punish. Often, it'll be a mix of both; some things please us, as others displease. Your mother is quite excited about this, Jerri."

"I can see that. She's pissing all over my baby sisters."

She was, but it was Jerri's fingers that made her climax.

Turns out that the boys were ready to fuck again, after that; Jerri went to think as Abbey & Angie begged the boys to fuck their mommy's shit-pipe this time -- they liked sucking cum out of that one even more. Bent over the table again, Andrea pulled her cheeks apart and peeled her asshole open, then began taking one cock after another.

As she left the kitchen, the least-queer twin declared that she wanted to try drinking piss from cocks.

Jerri was almost sexually-drugged as she walked away from the table, with a great deal to think about ... not the least of which was her afternoon date with Chad, a picnic date in the country by a duck pond -- a good fuck place. Practically a date to go fucking; to fuck all day and half the night. No one was telling her not to, but no one telling her to go out and fuck her brains out, either.

She just knew they had to have a preference. Seemed foolish to waste the first date guessing, and god DAMN she was horny, but there was no use trying to get more out of Ben.

Cute cheerleader Jerri figured she stood a better chance of getting the truth from her mom -- if they could be alone. That opportunity came one hour before Chad was due at 3 PM; Ben was taking the kids fishing and doggie-shopping, Abbey & Angie included in that tomboy activity, and they were set to depart at 2. Jerri wanted to be date-ready by then, all showered and made-up, which didn't leave much time. Breakfast was late to begin with, and got all fucked-up in the bargain; it was just after noon by the time it broke up.

Ben and the kids did get off on time. Jerri was date-ready, feeling drop-dead gorgeous by that time, so she stood right behind her mom as her mommy waved bye-bye to her hubby and kids.

When pretty mommy Andrea turned to re-enter, she turned into Jerri -- who enveloped her and shut the door behind her. Andrea smiled, moving hands down to cup Jerri's bare buns, and said, "Thought you weren't queer at all."

Jerri matched the bun-cupping hug, replying, "I'm not sure of anything anymore. I do know that I'm being easy for Ben to please you. What do you want me to be with Chad, though? Easy or difficult? Why waste the first date, after all? I mean, you must have a preference. I really can go either way -- be very easy or be very difficult. I can be however you want me, all day and till two tomorrow afternoon, twenty-four hours worth, if you want. Do you want Chad to rape me? I might like that. I could cocktease him until he has to have friends hold me down."

Digging with fingers to get to fresh teen pussy, Andrea said, "I'm sorry, babe. I'm just not sure what your Daddy Ben wants out of a first date."

Doing likewise, Jerri said, "I'm not asking what Ben wants. I'm asking what YOU want. He said he'd go with whatever he got as a start: I want to make my mommy happy as much as Daddy. Oh, JESUS -- you are very wet, little lady."

"So are you, young lady," sexy mommy Andrea said with a grin. "Feels like you'll be very easy no matter what anyone tells you. Were you planning to wear any panties with this absurdly easy outfit?"

Jerri bit her lip. "Not if you want me to be easy to fuck with no condom. I need to know: how easy, how risky, how bad am I going to be steered and driven to cheap thrill you?"

"Not just me, Jerri. We all want you very bad ... and very pregnant. However you start, we will steer and drive you that way. If you don't want to waste the first date, go be very bad. If you'd rather be forced, be a good girl; get raped, or screw with a condom. Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll get a taste of both the carrots and the sticks. Ben wants to have you fitted for dogs, just like the little ones; Joey will have you tied-down in the front yard for a gang-bang of fifty men if you're not pregnant by the end of the summer. I'm sure you'll end up being as bad and as pregnant as WE want you, just as Abbey & Angie are exactly as WE want them."

"Daddy Ben sure has a way," Jerri said with a smirk, feeling her mother's hot pussy ooze cum, "of getting what he wants."

"Yes, because you don't fight him AT ALL. At least I can say I did. I did until I stopped and that was ... well, about two hours ago. Been FUCK-IT since then. If you aren't going to fight this Ben bullshit, then FUCK-IT. We'll just see how bad you can be. I wouldn't plan on going steady with Chad; you might try to have his baby. If feeling my wet pussy helps, should be no problem."

"Wanna fuck, mommy?"

"Hell yes! Since you were six. Let's get in my bed and do this right. When Chad gets here, we'll just bring the boy on back and start making babies. Maybe he'll bring friends."

"Beats the fuck out of a picnic at a duck pond."

And it was, and she got very bad.

Also very pregnant ... but happy? You bet.

Baby Pamela's Slut-Story (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/18(Sat)04:50 No. 20783 ID: 923b50

Baby Pamela's Slut-Story (MFf+ ped cuck inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom/Tiffany edit & tribute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Fresh from a shower, lying face-up on my bed stark naked, I was lazily fucking myself with the handle of my hairbrush with my legs flat out in the splits. I can make a pretty good beaver for a big-titted Jr. High girl; all the other cheerleaders say so. The thick cock-like handle, especially with all those little nubs, got my little pussy drooling; I was enjoying a very pleasant erotic image -- Ryan Gosling butt-fucking me while Eric from 'True Blood' slid his cock into my hot pussy, with Rachel McAdams arching streams of hot piss between my sucking lips and down my throat -- with my eyes closed and one hand rubbing my exceptionally sensitive clit.

So the last person I wanted to see standing by my bed, looking down on me with his fierce eyes flashing, was my father.

But there he was, big as life and twice as bold, drawing his belt through the belt-loops, saying, "Roll over and don’t stop moving that thing. Keep on like you were."

I rolled like a terrified schoolgirl, but I did as he said -- and I kept the handle moving. He struck me, low on my ass, but it didn't hurt like it did when I deserved a belting. And I've gotten a lot of them over the years for everything from watching dirty movies to letting the dog lick my pussy.

This was somehow different: very odd, very sensual, painful but electric; and it restored blood-flow to a pussy that had otherwise gone pale and almost dry. Daddy beat me beautifully while I fucked myself to the best orgasm ever; my toes curled and I bit the pillow as my cunt clenched down hard and I wished cum spurting into my fertile womb. While I lay panting in a heap, Daddy slowly withdrew the sopping-wet brush and planted three tender kisses on my ass -- one on the left cheek, one on the right, and one dead-center ... and deep.


Needless to say, he blew my thirteen-year-old, virgin-except-for-a-brush-handle mind to smithereens. When he drew his long tongue out of my asshole, he pushed out on the insides of my knees and knelt in that space, making my mattress sink under his solid two-hundred and thirty pounds of muscle. He then grabbed my hips and pulled me to my knees; my face and shoulders were still on the mattress.

I knew this was ominous ... and then I felt the rubbery, slick head of his big dick at my itty bitty butthole and thought, "Uh oh!"

He pushed hard, but my asshole clenched harder. Not by much, but it kept him from getting more than about an inch or two in. I couldn't help it: he was huge, or at least the head of that thick cock was huge; he felt like a Coke can pressing up my rectum. Either way, my tiny butthole panicked.

I couldn't very well object, of course, to the way he was treating me ... not after he saw me naked, fucking myself with abandon, and learned what a slut I really was. I sure felt like a slut, and I felt like any man who stumbled upon a slut had a right to do what he was doing. Though he was my father, he was still a man; a slut is a slut. All they're good for is fucking.

I didn't know much about sex, but I knew THAT much.

Daddy couldn't quite get to my asshole -- not enough to set-up a proper fuck-motion, not without better lubrication -- so he moved his dick to where there was a lot of slippery, slimy stuff: my virgin pussy. He pushed hard there, POP!, and went in. Boy, he was thick all over ... and long, too. I winced, and then it felt fucking GOOD. I gripped tight to the mattress while he pushed in further; he kept pushing, then, while pulling back on my hips. He was pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling; my cunt grabbed him and tried to suck cum out of his big balls as they slapped my clit.

It took a while, but Daddy totally ruined me as a sorta virgin. He put a real big-man-size cock all the way in my little-girl-size pussy -- and boy, was I stuffed! Jesus, I felt myself start cumming again.

He seemed to like it. Daddy was making all kinds of pleasure noises like he super liked it, like my super-tight pussy felt great. I was drooling into my pillow as I squirmed back on his thrusts; my little hairless baby-cunt was drooling down his sharf, occasionally squirting little dribbled of hot girl-juice onto my legs as I came again and again on his cock.

Then, Daddy gets all the way in; then he slides both big, callused hands up my sides and cups my titties. He pulls me up: straight-up, so that I'm on my knees with my back to his chest. His massive hands are like a bra that's way too big for my B-cup boobies. He had double-D hands, and they were rough, construction-worker palms; I never had someone else'’s hands on my new boobies before ... and that felt amazing, too.

While twirling and tweaking my hard nipples, Daddy said, "We’re going to keep this our little secret, aren't we, Pamela?"

I sure as hell wasn't going to tell anybody; I would be masturbating about this for months, but I wouldn't tell anybody. I said, "I won't tell a soul, I promise."

"You're a horny little bitch, aren't you?"

I thought so, sure. I didn't know how much other girls my age fuck themselves, or if they all do it, but I thought I did it WAY too much. A dozen times a week, easy. I saw no harm in admitting it, not after what he saw. "I am. I am, Daddy. I get horny, and I fuck my pussy with my brush-handle; I diddle myself in the shower and think about boys fucking me just like you're doing now. God, Daddy, that feels so fucking good."

Daddy didn't seem upset that his oldest daughter was a horny little bitch, so I admitted it -- and got my aching nipples a nice hard tweaking for being honest. His cock got harder, in fact, and his pace increased; it felt INCREDIBLE.

"Does it, now?"

In fact, it felt so good that decided to stretch the truth.

"Oh, yes. Fuck, Daddy, you fuck me so much better than the other boys; when the girls in the locker room rub my pussy and put fingers in me, it isn't nearly this good. None of them make me cum like this, even when they suck on my tits; god, oh god, Daddy, you're better than any of my teachers. Christ, I haven't been fucked like this since Mr. Jennings, back in kindergarten."

He then shoved me back the way I was -- face down, ass up -- and began fucking me, hard, with long, strong strokes of a muscle cock on a Satyr of a man who knew women like he knew the insides of high performance engines.

My eyes crossed as he fucked me; I screamed into my pillow as he ruined my cunt. Fuck, this was a good sell for my daddy's cock -- like maybe I would tell all my girlfriends where they could go to get a good, hard raping with a really big dick. Daddy was trying to make me enjoy it; my heart melted and I swooned as I thrust back with my hips to mean his pounding. For such a big, rough mean guy, I thought that was really sweet.

I thought that, maybe now, I was his favorite. He certainly had nothing against slut-daughters, so I acted sluttier by letting out all my pleasure noises. Anyone in the house must have heard us; the neighbors probably heard us.

In response, he said, "So, you like this, do you?"

He was now fucking me with long, balls-deep strokes of a foot-long cock, his thumb in my ass -- and I was kinda liking THAT -- so I told him so and added, "God. You’'re so big, Daddy."

"Do you like this better than that brush handle?"

"Oh yes, much better."

I heard him smile. "Will you come get Daddy when you need it from now on?"

"Oh, god please -- if you'll let me!"

"If you don't, you little bitch, I’'ll whip your ass again."

That wasn't much of a threat: he made me cum the first time by doing that. I wasn't sure how his big dick could be better, but I was learning. The fucking kept feeling better and better; if Daddy could fuck me and whip me at the same time, I was going to marry the man's cock.

I assured my daddy -- swore up and down while grinding my ass against his hands -- that I would never go back to the brush as long as I could get the real thing whenever I wanted it. That seemed like something a slut would say; he liked that answer and began fucking me harder.

He peeled my ass-cheeks apart and hocked a wad of spit onto my mostly-virgin shitter; two thumbs entered, then exited. Three thick fingers took their place, and Daddy began punishing my asshole as he raped me.

After a few more strokes, feeling his swelling cockhead somehow get bigger inside me, I could tell that we needed to discuss issues of pregnancy and birth control -- but I hated to bring the subject up. And not just because I was cumming again, ripples of ecstasy running like cold, swift fire through me.

A slut wouldn't care about getting knocked-up, although I figured most sluts were on the pill. This little virgin-slut wasn't, and this one mostly fucked hair-brushes because they can’t knock her ass up. I had plenty of boys who wanted to fuck me -- some fully grown men, too. I am awfully cute and sexy. I don’t need to fuck haircare tools.

I remained silent even as the tempo picked up; I put my hands on my pussy and diddled my clit like a slut would do, and my daddy liked that, too.

I figured Daddy would handle it if he knocked me up; besides, I was dying to see what it felt like to be cummed in. I wouldn't feel like a true slut unless he made me messy between the legs ... and I wondered how messy Daddy could make me.

How much cum does a man my Daddy's size shoot? He sure had big balls; they were swinging up and slapping me on my overheating mound on almost every long stroke. Were they full of cum? Would there be room? Would my belly bloat out? Where did it all go when there was no room for both cum and cock in a baby-slut's pussy?

I was very curious ... and then I found out. It goes straight into a girl's brain and clouds her vision. Shit fire, I came; the pumps of his sperm were like a hammer to my G-spot. When he came, he rode me like a bronco: slamming, pumping, stuffing. Cum was everywhere, all running down my legs, wetting my bedspread at the knees, dripping off his balls. What a fucking mess, and then he pulls out -- and the shit came pouring out, plopping between my knees.

FUCK! My brush never did that.

I collapsed as he got off my bed and stood, looking down on me with those eyes like thunderclouds over distant desert mountains. I had to see that glorious dick, so I weakly turned my head.

Daddy was in no hurry to put his slut-splitter away: he was threading his belt through the loops of his jeans, leaving it out, hanging and dripping. He sure was big, but it had been even bigger. How I got all that in me, I'll never know ... but I did.

And he wanted to jam that monster up my ASS first!?

He saw me staring and smiled. After buckling his belt, he hefted his slab of wet cock at me and said, "Is this enough cock for you, Baby Pamela?"

I rolled onto my back so that he could see my naked front again, saying, "Yes, Daddy ... thank you for fucking me. That cock is all I need."

"It better be. You remember what I told you: if you need cock, you know where to get it. I’ll be checking up on you. And don’t you be locking this door no more, hear me?"

I liked the way Daddy looked at me, especially when he looked between my legs -- which was mostly where he looked. I lay with my legs open in a sprawl, showing everything, just like a slut would right after a fuck: shameless, absolutely shameless, so unlike the me I used to be. He really liked the new me. I said, "I won't, Daddy ... but does it really matter? You got in my room anyway."

"You locked the door, you horny little bitch, but you didn't shut it."

Silly me. I smiled and said, "Well, there's no point in shutting it if I can't lock it. I'll leave my door open from now on. How will I let you know when I need you to fuck me with your big cock?"

Now, my daddy smiled bigger as he put his dick away. He said, while zipping, "Just grab it and tell Daddy what you want. Just make sure your mom isn't home and no one but your baby sisters is around to see you do it. They need to learn the same lesson you do."

That game me a wicked thrill. I said, "Okay, Daddy. But there's one other thing. What about getting pregnant?"

"Shit happens," he said with a lazy grin, "only I didn't do it. You got that?"

That fucker. How dare he assume that attitude when all he had to do was put me on the pill?

Mommy didn't even need to know; then again, maybe the asshole wanted me to get knocked-up. Maybe liked doing that to a girl ... even to a daughter-girl; he'd gotten Mommy pregnant, after all, when she was younger than me.

That sucks, but he was the type.

"I said," he said with a snarl after a moment, "you got that?"

"Yes, Daddy. Of course, Daddy."

Anyway, the discussion was over. He left, and left me with the mess and a very sore pussy. That sucked.

My whole LIFE sucked, come to think of it -- and mostly because of my asshole father. Now, he was sexually molesting me ... not that I didn't enjoy it immensely, or see it coming. No, he wasn't sexually molesting me as much as turning me into his little whore: his freebie whore. That sucked. He could at least have upped my allowance. Cheap bastard ... and a cheap bastard-maker.

That got me turned on again.

How in the hell were we going to make a baby with all these people around? How often were the two of us home alone together -- two, three times a year? I need it WAY more than that ... and if he wanted me to produce a bastard for him, he had better figure on three or four times a week. To do it right, daily. Three times a day, if I could get it.

My pussy was slobbering. Shit, how could I still be horny after all that? Were big cocks like Chinese food?

I came out wearing only a towel-wrap. It was still just the two of us, and we had another six hours before anyone came home. I could have come out naked, or maybe with two fingers stirring my cummy pussy. I thought about it. That would be kinda neat. That would be kinda asking for it.

The towel was, too; I put on make-up and made myself look sexy.

I could tell Daddy thought I was asking for it as soon as he saw me; he motioned me over and rendered me naked. I figured he would. Assholes are so predictable ... but then he pulled me over his lap and warned my ass with a spanking before shoving three fingers up my ass and a thumb up my pussy.

That was a rude awakening, and there I lay like a bowling ball after he made me roll onto my back so he could gaze upon my frontal nudity. Still gripping me like a little-girl bowling ball, using his other hand to roughly molest my tender breasts, he said, "Shit, you are a horny little cunt, aren't you? Can't get enough of Daddy-cock, can you?"

I uncrossed my eyes and peered down my front to watch my body being thoroughly molested ... and watching my dumb body responding to it. For some reason, my pelvis wouldn't hold still; my asshole was trying to suck another finger inside it and my pussy was slavering. I did look kinda horny, I guess. While trying to fuck his thumb, I looked to his grinning face and said, "I want your baby in me, Daddy. We should do as much as we can while we can, don't you think?"

"I think you're a little slut. That's what I think."

I bit my lip, trying to look cute. "Don't you like little sluts?"

"I love 'em, but there’s a limit to what any one man can do."

"Daddy, is one raping of little slut your limit?"

"No -- I'm pacing myself, you smart-ass."

I guess that did come across as being rather smart-ass. I didn't mean it that way -- I was just worried that my daddy was all done molesting me for the day. What a relief!

What am I saying? I can't think straight with three fingers up my ass, a thumb in my cunt, and my nipples being tuned like a radio. God, I needed to cum again.

I could tell he liked me this way: naked, horny, sprawled on my back, legs wide, practically begging for his cock.

This was quite a change from the pretty Baby Pamela he was used to: shy, modest, virtuous, studious, serious, avoiding him like the plague. He liked me this way much better, and I liked him better with his gorgeous cock hanging out. Hell, I might even like it up my ass, I decided. Those fingers were feeling awfully good, after all.

Maybe life as a little-girl bowling ball didn't suck; then again, he hadn't thrown me at any stiff pins yet.

Daddy and I were never the same after that day. We got along much better. He either made me a slut or brought the slut out in me ... but as a slut, we got along great. We always found the time and place to get down and dirty; he taught my little sisters how to suck and fuck, too, and he when he whipped me for letting the dog lick my pussy, I came again and again.

My slut-loving daddy also set me up with his crew, plus some guys at a bar he hangs out at, and all the construction company big-wigs. He got a raise, and then another one, and my grades were never better: Daddy had me practicing using my asshole on teachers, principals and coaches to get me limbered up for his big cock.

I got my slut ass knocked up, of course, but I claimed I had been raped. Mommy nursed her pretty 13 year-old through that, swearing she would raise the baby as her own. When it happened again, she took care of it again -- now there little-girl twins for Daddy to enjoy a few years down the road.

After it happened yet again, Mommy put my slutty Jr. High ass on the pill. Took her long enough.

Anyway, life no longer sucks, but I sure as fuck do.

Bare-Assed in Baton Rouge (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/18(Sat)08:55 No. 20787 ID: 923b50

Bare-Assed in Baton Rouge (MFf+ ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom edit/triute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Donna eased open her thirteen-year-old daughter's bedroom door to investigate the strange sexual noises coming from within, and was stunned by a most startling sexual sight. Pretty mommy Donna saw a fifty-year-old man fucking a thirteen-year-old girl, both stripped naked ... or was it a thirteen-year-old girl eagerly fucking a fifty-year-old man?

Until she could be sure about who was fucking who, Donna wasn't sure what to do -- or what not to do -- but she already knew that she simply could NOT do what she most wanted to do ... which was to do Donna.

The grown man was Dennis Tucker, a rakish father-in-law with a nasty reputation, a menace to anything in a skirt, a dirty old man who preyed upon family because family rarely reports. Dennis had a large flock of little sheep to shear because he created a very large family: twenty-eight children in a succession of seven wives over thirty years, and those were just the legits. Many legits and bastards alike were grown and married, making families of their own, and many were getting help ... some of it welcome, some of it not.

'Family don't squeal, family deals,' and the Tucker extended family had to deal with Dennis the Menace.

The menace was forbidden in their Bill Tucker home. Little 13-year-old Carlie Tucker knew not to ever let the fucker Tucker in; she had been warned and warned and warned. All the baby girls in all the families were warned that Dennis has no respect for age, virginity, relation, women in general, and could care less if unwed girls got pregnant ... or, perhaps, he cared a great deal and wanted them that way. Dennis got so many daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, cousins, babysitters, family-friends & other baby girls in the family way that one would certainly think the latter.

He sure seemed to want Carlie that way, in the worst way imaginable, but the charming fucker was doing it in a damn good position.

Carlie appeared to be working with him, too. He stood on the floor, his strong, straight legs leaning against the mattress, while she was on her fingers and toes with her legs far apart.

In that gymnastic pose, the accomplished gymnast -- who had recently abandoned a quest for Olympic gold and broke a mother's heart -- worked her limber little pussy all over an impressive length of stone-stiff manhood. Carlie could take his nine, uniformly thick inches with ease; the man had a muscle-cock that gleamed with the slickness of a young girl's fresh, ripe pussy. Dennis did some fucking, that was for certain, but she did most of the work and all of the fucking gymnastics.

Donna could easily see that this wasn't her sexy father-in-law's first Saturday visit to Bill's house, and Saturday was a good time to get Carlie alone. Bill fished on his weekends, while Donna volunteered to work Saturday-shifts at the restaurant ... but this Saturday was a very slow Saturday. They asked for volunteers to go home. Donna volunteered, went home, and saw her worst fears realized -- Hell on Wheels in the driveway.

The rolling bedroom of Dennis the Menace was a very old and barely-able Dodge van conversion that looked exactly like it sounded ... and it looked like it's boldly lettered name: Hell on Wheels. Donna was out of the car and off at a trot the moment she spied the bold beast.

Sure enough, Tucker the fucker had been let in. By the looks of things, he had been let in before. Donna could tell she was watching two practiced and skilled fuckers: very impressive fuckers, fucking like a fucking drill team.

Having never witnessed the obscene, energetic act as a spectator, Donna was fascinated by the act of youthful, vigorous fucking from an observer's perspective. She found it difficult to see a young daughter who shouldn't be fucking when the little fucker was so just SO damn good at it.

Carlie could bring home Olympic gold for fucking.

And as for Dennis Tucker ... the man should be paid to do what he does, or couch the USOJWFT - U.S Olympic Junior Women's Fuck Team. He was a pro, a fucking pro: Tucker the Fucker. Wives should hire him to teach husbands, or simply hire him, or hire him to train daughters to be great fucks, and you can't start them too young. Donna learned her lesson with Carlie in gymnastics: they really are never too young.

Evidently, the same applied to the sport of fucking. Watching them fuck turned Donna's whole world as upside-down as her limber nymph and made her sexy Mommy horny as hell.

They were so gorgeous, the both of them. They weren't a sexual mismatch at all. They were perfect for each other: she was a lithe, smoldering Lolita in the peak of physical condition; he had the arrogant quintessence of masculinity and cocky self-assuredness, rugged like Sean Connery with a cock any man would be proud to swing. The man had BALL, too. No one could say that man didn't have balls. He was known for his balls, feared for his balls, respected for his balls, loved for his balls. The man had fans for his balls, and her daughter was now one of "those" girls. She liked to reach back through her legs and play with his balls while she fucked her sexy little pussy all over his magnificent fuck stick.

And she: what a lovely child she was, absolutely gorgeous, now in her second year of a puberty that was being inhumanly kind to her. Little Carlie had it all: even respectable tits, beautiful B-cups; hard, proud, perky Bs. Her long hair, tight ass, her coltish legs ... and GOD, what a sexy pussy, a pussy with full definition, fully developed, a little cunt but a sexy little cunt.

She was a sexy little cunt; she had been such a sweet, innocent, good, and decent All-American little girl just three weeks prior, except for one wacky weekend at the Baton Rough State finals. Except for those three days, she had been such a sweet, innocent, good, and decent little girl all of her life; Baton Rouge was entirely Donna's doing, and Carlie's doings could be blamed on actions under the influence of a sexy mommy getting wild and crazy far from home.

In no way was that naughty slut her Carlie, though she did have a ball with her wild and crazy, super-sexy mom. She liked watching Mommy get wild.

Donna knew this had to be the third Saturday romp. Donna knew; lately, Carlie had that certain look about her. Olympic dreams died as a sexual awareness born of experience -- and not just observation -- came over her suddenly. Now it all made sense: the Menace got to her and made a sexy cunt out of a talented gymnast with very little chance of ever leaving the state as a gymnast.

The two fucked like a hot, wet tango; Dennis put a tiny girl through her paces.

Donna, her hands working at her pussy as the savage display of sexual prowess, finally saw some doggie-style fucking, her personal favorite. Dennis did most of the work in this new position, holding firmly to Carlie's slender hips and fucking her hard.

'That's how you fuck a bitch,' sexy Mommy Donna thought with a finger diddling her slippery clit ... and he called her a bitch. That was good, a nice touch. The thick-dicked scoundrel had fucking style. Carlie looked like a pedigree bitch getting fucked by a big, bad street mutt. She loved being called a bitch while getting fucked like one -- a fucking bitch -- a fucking cunt -- a little whore -- yes, she was all those things, and so damn sexy: the perfect All-American fucking little cunt.

The man should be paid.

He fucked the little girl like that for a while, then pulled Carlie straight up to hold her by the tits and kissed her; her slim back was pressed against his broad chest, and she was breathing hard. Donna could see that kiss so well ... and see how well Carlie could soul-kiss a grown man. That was a great kiss, with a big cock up her twat; her baby girls' arm were dangling, letting the man maul her breasts. Carlie was a spent rag-doll, giving herself over completely as she must -- as he had every right to demand, being her fuck-coach and all.

When that kiss ended, he said, "Now, do you feel like a whore?"

Carlie didn't blush; the tiny teen batted her big eyes, smiled up and said, "Yes. I feel like a whore, a little cunt but a big whore. I'm a bitch, a whore, a cunt, a socket for your cock and a dumpster for your cum. I'm your baby-cunt, to do with as you please, Sir. I will be whatever you say I am; I will fuck and suck whoever you desire me to service, at your command. For you, I'll be anything you want me to be, because you are Tucker the Fucker ... and I'm just a little cunt."

"How about my pregnant little whore?"

"I'm trying to be, Sir. Can't you feel my fertile pussy sucking on your cock?"

Dennis Tucker laughed, rocking the slim girl on his big cock. "What are you going to tell your Mommy?"

"That her little, gymnastic darling is preggos."

"And your Momma is going to shit and go, 'You let Dennis in, didn't you?'"

"Yeah, probably."

"Then," said the smooth silver fox with a twinkle in his eye, "what do you say and how do you say it? Say it like you're gonna say it. Pretend I'm your daddy; pretend your mommy asked you. Tell me, little cunt -- and if you fuck it up this time, I'll be finishing this fuck in your ass. Go on."

Carlie threw her long hair back, enthusiastically bucking her hips against Tucker; her pussy massaged the man's long shaft. "I'll go, 'Yeah, I let him in -- let him in and let him cum in my fucking whore cunt, just to free me from chasing your fucking dreams ... you bitch!"

Pleased with that, he kissed her again; she got a good kiss for saying those things so well, and Donna couldn't believe what it was like hearing words like that come out of sweet Carlie's sweet lips. What a demanding coach - fucking exciting - the man must be paid!

That was a good kiss until the female being kissed looked up; Carlie saw who was standing there, watching them kiss. Donna knew when that moment came, because the one eye Donna could see went as big as a baseball just as the little girl went as stiff as a baseball bat. Dennis noticed that, and looked where Carlie was looking after dropping Carlie back to her doggie position. That little doggie wanted to crawl away; with a real man holding her by the hips, though, she wasn't getting anywhere.

A man with balls, sexy mommy Donna learned, would hold a shy bitch with her mother looking on ... but a man with big balls would fuck a bitch with a hanging head, a head hung in absolute shame.

Dennis smiled and said, "I'm fucking your daughter."

"You are now. When I first arrived about twenty minutes ago, I was wondering who was fucking who."

"We like to take turns."

"I noticed," Donna said, unable to take her eyes away from the scene of sexual abuse before her; it looked much more like rape now.

"If you've been here that long," Dennis said with a sly grin, casually fucking the little girl, "I know you're no trouble maker. If your hubby Bill has a problem with me fucking his daughter, tell him to take it to his mommy. If he takes it up with me, I'll whip his fucking ass like I used to -- and if he doesn't want me fucking his wife, he will want me fucking his daughter."

"Given those two choices, I think it's safe to say he'll want you fucking his daughter. But rather than have him make such a difficult decision, why don't we just assume he wants you to fuck his daughter? Let's just leave old Bill in the dark. Like you say, Sir, I'm no trouble maker ... never have been, never will be."

Tucker quite liked that, and the daughter he was fucking had to look back along her flank to see if that really was her mother. The man raping Carlie said, "So, you don't mind if I fuck your daughter and treat her like a whore, fuck her sexy little cunt and knock her little whore ass up?"

"Does it matter to you what I mind? I just told you, I will never be any trouble for you. I heard what she said to you, Sir. She sounded very sincere. I found that very convincing and quite impressive. When she turns up pregnant, I'm sure she will look me right in the eyes and say, 'Yeah, I let him cum in my fucking whore cunt, so you'd stop making me chase your fucking dreams, Bitch.'"

The gorgeous man laughed as Carlie blushed. "Sounds like my little whore."

Donna nodded. "I will look her right in the eye and say, 'I feel you have no right to call me a bitch, but you have EVERY right to make me stop forcing you to chase my dreams. If you are calling me a bitch to please your lover, I understand, and no offense taken. I see how well he fucks a little girl, and you should want to please him.'"

"I'm pleased," Dennis said.

"Good. Then I will smile, kiss her on the lips and tell her how lovely she looks pregnant."

That impressed Dennis, but that blew his little fuck away. Carlie was still looking back but thinking, 'Who is that sexy bitch?'

Dennis said, "Why don't you come over and kiss her on the lips, now, then tell how good she'll look pregnant?"

Donna came forward; she got down on her knees and crawled. Dennis said to Carlie, "You kiss your mommy the way I taught you to kiss. Kiss her right, and we'll see how serious she is."

Carlie didn't want to find out that way ... but her mother was there, kneeling at the side of the bed at Carlie's head, ready to enter into a kiss. Carlie couldn't believe this was happening. This was so unreal, and with a big dick inside her grasping little pussy, driving her to be bad -- with her mother! -- and her mother, for some strange reason, willing to be the object of something bad. Party to it, facilitator of it, instigator of it, or something; not doing anything, just leaning in close to make something involving their mouths possible.

A couple of hard jolts in the cunt from Dennis got Carlie to press her lips to her mommy's lips. Those lips were soft and open, not pulling away, lending themselves to whatever ... so Carlie sent her tongue in, just a little because she was so sure that would end it. That didn't end it, but Carlie did feel her mother's tongue caressing her tongue, seeming to say, 'Come on in, sexy little tongue. Wanna play tongue games? Wanna wrestle? Wanna fuck? Let's play.'

Carlie sent her tongue all the way in, and then her mother's tongue came all the way into her mouth. They were playing, now: swapping spit, soul-kissing, getting into French culture, enjoying a good mouth fucking. The passion of that kiss grew and grew, and Carlie squirmed on a big dick that liked watching such passion.

The passions grew, in part, because watching that kiss put passion in the fucker that Donna could feel through her daughter's mouth. Donna took Carlie's head in both hands to feel the fuck better; she also felt Carlie's passion as the pretty 7th-grader fucked. The kid loved a great passionate kiss while getting raped, or she loved passionate kissing with a woman, or her mother, or a female, or who knows -- but the kid fucking loved it. Donna knew it. Dennis could see it.

Dennis said, "I'm about to bust a nut in this little bitch, so you had best tell her how much you want her pregnant, then go back to sucking face with her so you can be kissing your daughter while I'm knocking up your baby girl. Pretend you're sucking the sperm out of my nuts through her mouth, because that's what it feels like to me. Don't be too surprised if you end up with a mouthful of cum. If you do, glue your mouth to her cunt and put it where it belongs."

That had two horny bitches trying to climb inside each other's mouths. Donna didn't want to masturbate ... she literally HAD to. One hand abandoned the its hold on Carlie's pretty face and went straight between her legs; she to quench a fire raging out-of-control in pubic hair she didn't have, with a squirt pistol in the form of a finger. Carlie did the same thing with one of her own hands.

When Donna broke the kiss, they were wailing away at bald cunts. She held Carlie's head up by cupping under the chin and said, "You are going to look so cute pregnant, baby. You be a good little whore for Dennis. You let him fuck you anytime he wants to fuck you. You be a sexy cunt, his little bitch, and a good whore. Get your sexy ass pregnant, girl. You hear me?"

Carlie nodded while cumming, and the kiss resumed while both were cumming, but the lips were different. Donna, out of her fucking mind, stood; she threw one foot onto the bed, and placed her cunt lips directly to Carlie's mouth-lips. The passion of that kiss sucked the cum directly out of Tucker's fucking nuts. They could feel him slamming a fuck to the little cunt. Those two crazy bitches went fucking nuts.

Somehow, sexy mommy Donna ended up with a mouthful of cum.

One moment, she was deep into a passionate kiss with her baby daughter, using her pussy to kiss her daughter with; the next, she had a mouthful of semen. Dennis gripping her by the hair with his dick in her mouth, with Carlie nursing on a clit like a starving calf. Donna felt like a an animal -- a cow nursing on a bull while nursing her own calf. She had never felt that way before. Weird.

Dennis, that fucker, creamed her sexy mouth good; he came buckets.

The dick left her lips, but left her with a heavy load -- cum in great puddles dribbled down her chin. She remembered what Dennis said, so she held that load as he hunkered down and inverted the flexible daughter. The tiny girl flipped on the bed: that brought the cunt right up to Donna's chin with a firm preteen ass pressed against Donna's heaving chest. Carlie was pinned on her shoulders and elbows, knees flat out with her head bent forward, legs out in the splits way up in the air, looking up at her mother looking down on an sloppy beaver ... with Dennis urging her to put the load in good and deep.

Donna still had trouble figuring out how an innocent kiss on the lips could get so twisted so quickly, but then she remembered who they were dealing with: the handsome grand-master of 'twist'. Donna gave her very interested and fascinated daughter one last look before gluing her mouth to the cunt and making the transfer. She used her tongue to get it all in and push it in deep. Wet-faced Carlie, looking up, watched and felt the transfer; she never saw or felt anything like that, never dreaming that her mother could get her pregnant, or that any mother could get anybody pregnant.

With my master Dennis, as with Jesus, all things were possible.

Likewise, Donna never dreamed she could get anybody pregnant. Donna never did anything like that: had never had her mouth on a pussy, and never dreamed she would ever have her mouth on Carlie's pussy, much less have her tongue deep inside swirling sperm around the interior of her pussy. Well, she was ... and she was enjoying it. Donna loved the look on Carlie's shiny face below her, and watching a mother tongue-fuck her daughter's cunt thrilled Dennis.

Thrilling master Dennis and little Carlie thrilled lovely Donna, who steadily got into the act of eating pussy. Before long, she was lapping at Carlie's sloppy-wet crotch like a lesbian, licking the sopping wet inner-thigh areas, the messy ass-crack, the puckered asshole, all over the pubic mound, sucking wet areas where pubic hair once sprouted sparsely like thin parsley garnishing a split peach. But mostly, the sexy mommy was licking and sucking the cunt proper, and mostly that which was inside the puffy lips, giving the fleshy clit extra special attention between deep dips inside what Dennis calls the hot fuckhole.

This lengthy experience thrilled the piss out of an almost-virgin young 7th-grader who was just getting used to all the possible ways of fucking. Just when she thought she'd done it all and knew all there was: oral, anal, dogs, niggers, spankings ... her master puts a pussy-famished mother on her cunt and blows her mind again. And here, little Carlie was so sure her mother wouldn't even sniff a cunt -- much less consume one, slobbering and famished, like a damn starved pussy-pig. Not that Carlie minded in the least. It took one to know one, and her mother had to know she was sucking on a pussy-pig's pussy.

Carlie loved being a feast, and could think of no one she would rather serve her fucked loins to ... but the pussy-pig wasn't dining on fuck, she was pushing the fuck in, and stirring fuck into a fertile baby cunt. That was good, too, but Carlie wanted to see her eat it; she found she could make her mother's job messy and difficult by tensing her firm abdominal muscles, which forced all the slop up. She could fill the slit trench or her mother's mouth that way; that made a little gymnast giggle. Donna then had to work to get all the slop back inside the hole and pushed deep -- this dirty experiment went back and forth in a game of pass-the-fuck-slop that they both seemed to enjoy playing.

While they played their nasty game, Dennis played one with Donna. He strode behind her, rip-stripped her naked, sampled her pussy with his amazing fuck stick, then worked that slick fuck stick up her tight ass. The dirty, smooth old gentleman took her mind off rough anal sex with excellent two-handed pussy play, watching the game from over her shoulder. After a time, he made her pause the play to kiss with him; Carlie tensed and sent a spray of cum and spit over all three of them.

Donna never enjoyed a buttfuck more, or a man more: what a kisser, what a fucker, what a man, what balls, and she enjoyed those big balls most when they were being mashed against her cunt. That sexy mommy knew what a powerful training tool that was for a tight ass like Carlie's; she came with the rod of her new master buried to root in her shit-pipe, making an awful mess of her bowels. The man did know how to train a whore.

The man should be paid.

Dennis Tucker wanted to see that pretty mama eat some of that thick cum, too, so he said, "Let's assume the little bitch has been fertilized. Now, eat all of that fuck out of her. I want to see you clean your daughter up, make her look like new. Make her like a virgin again -- like she was two Saturdays ago when I broke in and raped her fucking ass in her room -- the day I told her I'd turn her into a pregnant whore."

Donna had just taken a mouthful of fuck, and that sat pretty well with her; she cleaned while Dennis slipped his cock out of Donna's loose ass and pressed it to Carlie's lips; without a word of command, the pretty little 13-year old began to suck piss from his fat dick.

Once she was done, the bold man swaggered out -- not even bothering to tug his big cock into his pants after throwing on his shirt, jeans and shoes.

Donna let her daughter without a word, walked her new master naked to the door, kissed the man on the lips, and told him to come back tomorrow -- Bill was still fishing. He said he would think about it, and let her rub her pussy against his fingers until she came once more.

The sexy mama returned to the room on wobbly legs to find Carlie sitting up in the bed, propped on two pillows, still as naked as her mother and not trying to hide her pussy. Donna wasn't either.

The two bitches exchanged stares, then blushes.

Nothing was said between them.

Carlie was just lying there, her legs apart, arms flopped out to her sides, looking fucked, not sure what was in store for her, not looking like she cared, like, 'Do what you gotta do, mommy -- but I am as naked and fucked as you, so don't call me a whore with a shaved pussy.'

She looked adorable. Donna stood and stared, looking her over, then stared right at the bald pussy; she was thinking about what an amazing experience that was, what an amazing pussy that was, how good that pussy tasted, how good the fuck-slop was. She could see some of that delicious sex-syrup still leaking out.

Donna took a seat between the dainty feet of her little girl and ran her left hand up one leg, over the pussy and part way down the other, then back, trailing slowly over the pussy, thinking.

Carlie was watching and feeling all of that and wondering, 'What the fuck is she thinking?'

Donna kept going back to the pussy until she stopped leaving the area and simply amused herself with one messy, well-fucked pussy; she stirred the last of the cummy soup into a baby pussy that looked far more mature than it had any right to be. Carlie had no idea what her contemplative mother was doing, but thought a better spread wouldn't hurt ... so she made her one.

Carlie's pretty mommy liked that, and she laid her head down using the right inner thigh as a pillow to observe what she played with up close and personal. Carlie didn't know what to make of this, but she didn't feel like she was in any trouble -- and she did feel like she had a mom that loved pussy as much as she did. Carlie took that to be a very good sign, relaxed, and enjoyed what her mother was doing.

Donna was digging the slop out and messing up the entire crotch area with it. After getting the crotch messy, she brought slop out and rubbed it all over the clit. She loved the clit. Carlie was glad her mommy loved the clit. That was her favorite part, too. She used her mouth to clean up all the mess, then messed it all up again, repeating this process several times while taking long breaks to toy with the clit.

Carlie made the ultimate beaver by getting into the ultimate position: her ankles hooked behind her head, both arms wrapped around her lower back, pulled into a tight tuck. The nasty little gymnast watching her mother, now rolled onto her belly, propped up on elbows, playing with and sucking on pussy. Then her mommy made her nearly go cross-eyed: Donna slipped two fingers into Carlie's anus.

After ten minutes of silent playing that had Carlie nearing a clitoral climax, Donna -- while rimming the loose butt fuck-hole -- exhaled hot breath on to her overheating, sloppy lips and said, "Was the first rape awful?"

"Awful scary."

"Did it hurt?"

Carlie blushed. "Yeah. At first. Then I got into it."

"Did you cry?"

"Yeah. A little. He liked it."

"Hmm. Do you think Tucker should be punished for what he did to you?"


Donna smiled. "Why not?"

"He heard how we did -- and some of WHAT we did -- in Baton Rouge. He knew gymnastics was finished and playtime had started without him. We never sent him an official notice, and he only had rumors to go on ... but everything he thought was true was. Anyway, I don't blame him. He left us alone all these years so that we could stay focused on a goal that he and the whole family supported. Baton Rouge ended that. He only came to collect his reward, mommy. And you can't say we didn't know he'd be around to collect."

"Are you glad he raped you?"

Carlie gave a wicked grin. "Yes. I like being raped, sometimes."

"Are you better off having been raped?"

"I think so. He taught me things I need to know."

"Like how to get out of a mother's dream."

"We dreamed the same dream. You just dreamed a little longer than me, that's all, and you did because you kept on believing in me long after I stopped. Mom, you're not a bitch. You're a dreamer, and you dreamed my dreams with me and made me a believer. Me calling you a bitch is a big turn-on to Dennis, is all ... like hearing a nun call the Pope a motherfucker. He knows I worship you. Makes his dick hard."

Donna smiled. "Thank you, Carlie. I needed to hear that. But what all has he taught you, and what did you learn?"

"Virgins are ignorant; I'm not ignorant anymore."

"Virgins are stupid. Interesting."

"I didn't say stupid," Carlie said, rolling her eyes. "I said ignorant. Virgins don't know. I'm not a virgin. Now, I know what you know."

"What do we know, Carlie?"

"Any sex is good. No sex is no good. Baton Rouge is our kinda town, unless you're into Coonass rape."

"Is that what he taught you, that any sex is good?"

"No, I learned that from you. He taught me that sex with a grown man is good. Some things don't have to be taught. You can figure some things out for yourself. I figured out that sex with your mother is great sex. I never would have thought about it ... or, if someone made me think about it, I'd go, 'No way - my mother - sex?' But then Dennis made me try it, and now I think a mother must be the best of any female type of sex. I think I would rather have sex with my mother than any other female I can imagine, and I used to think of all sorts of females to have sex with, because I love everything about pussy. I just never thought about you that way, even though you have the very best pussy. Now, I always will."

Donna looked up with a clit in her mouth and smiled, then said, "I spoiled you, didn't I?"

"You sure did, but so did Dennis. You sure spoiled him, too."

"He should be praised for what he did; the fucker should be paid for the great job he has done on you. He raped you good. What do you think of that concept?"

Donna said this while deep rimming the pussy fuck-hole, the one Coonasses are noted for raping so well, then running like hell.

"Makes my pussy wet."

"Does it? It does mine, very wet. Are we dreaming the same dreams again, Carlie?"

"Probably, but tell me what we're dreaming and we will be. I love the way you dream, and I love dreaming along with you. Tell me what our dream is, and I'll dream it with you. We don't just dream our dreams, we live our dreams and shoot for the stars, don't we Mom? As my wise Mom always tells me and I never forget, reaching for the stars and falling short is much better than stooping to pick up shit and getting it."

Donna laughed at a line she hadn't used in ages, tickled that Carlie still remembered it word for word. Donna came up to lie beside Carlie who remained in the hooked tuck, getting on her side to caress a breast as she said, "I'm thinking wicked dreams, very wicked dreams ... wicked mother/daughter dreams."

"Can I play the daughter?"

"Oh, absolutely. You would be perfect in the role. I need a very limber and very sexy bisexual slut daughter in this dream."

"I can stand on my head and wiggle my toes, and my Grandpa says I'm a slut. He thinks my little bitch ass needs more raping, though."

"You'll do. Now, the mother -- me -- is also a slut, not quite as limber, but she once was and can still stand on her head if someone will lift her legs. Wiggling toes will make her fall, but if someone will put a steadying hand up her cunt, she can wiggle all of her toes and her feet."

Carlie giggled and said, "I would love to see that."

"Stay in my dream, I'm sure you'll see that while a pack of dogs fucks Mommy in the ass. Maybe a wild monkey, if we can find one."

Carlie laughed till her sides ached. Donna shut her up with a kiss that sent a tongue down her throat until she got serious. That's when the kiss ended, and Carlie said, "You're quite a kisser, lady."

"They call me the kisser-lady. They also call me a monkey-fucker, but that's a nasty rumor being spread by my slut daughter."

Carlie laughed and said, "They are such blabbermouths."

"I don't mind when her blabber-mouth is between my legs blabbering ... but when she gets up on her soap box and blabbers on and on about what a bad mommy I am, I could just bury my head in a shit bucket and let a herd of wild monkeys fuck me in the butt."

That slayed Carlie.

Both sides ached and she came unhooked, untucked, and unhinged. Tears poured from her eyes. Any attempts to send a tongue down her throat were impossible. But the laughing monkey finally came under control by getting over the mother, straddling her belly and pinning her at the shoulders. That's where she stopped laughing and said, "Stop making me laugh and tell me your dream. I'm loving this dream, and I haven't heard a thing except you and your butt-fucking monkeys and me bragging to the whole world about it. The dream better be better than that ... and there better be a better role for the limber slut daughter. I'm thinking the dream involves ways of using Dennis being paid to train a limber slut daughter to perform on stage or in barns, garages, basements, and at family picnics."

"This is amazing. That IS my dream! Add a video library of the training and the shows for which he will be paid by the tape and you got the dream, Chili Bean."

"I love it, but do we dare chase a dream like that?"

"We don't have to dare or chase anything if I pay Dennis to make us, and that dirty little secret stays the world's best-kept secret. I know he'll do anything for money and anything sexual for free. I'd like to show him how to mine the gold mines in our panties."

Carlie scratched her pretty little head like a confused monkey, crossing her eyes adorably. "But we don't wear panties anymore, Mommy."

"Then the mines are wide open. The lines are going to get long. A smart monkey would block the mines and erect a toll booth after everyone knows what sexy mines he has."

"You need a blabbermouth slut daughter."

Donna grinned. "Not on a soapbox. I need her at the head of a rumor mill, spreading the rumors about sexual exhibitions, mother/daughter shows here, there, and everywhere ... open to a select audience of family insiders that I will personally select and have you or the monkey talk to."

"How long have you been having this dream without me?"

"That all came to me while watching you two fuck. I have refined the dream while playing with your pussy, but this is a brand new dream. This is a virgin dream."

Carlie decided it was her turn to play with and dine on pussy, so she helped her semi-limber mother assume the ultimate beaver position while saying, "It's a virgin's dream is what it is, especially if the virgin is a horny performer who dreams of doing gymnastic routines in the nude for Russian sailors aboard their ships."

Now hooked and tucked, watching her daughter assume the dining position, Donna said, "Been dreaming without me, I see."

All set, Carlie feasted a little before coming off to say, "Some things you can't share with your mother until you share your fuck-slop-goo with her. After that, you feel like you can share anything -- even toothbrushes and tampons."

That had Donna in stitches, for they had done both at the state finals when Donna forgot both. They got very close there, too ... almost intimate. They kept each other's bleeding pussies shaved and blood-free.

When Carlie got knocked out in early competition, they decided to protest the injustice by refusing to wear panties in the state capitol for the remainder of their three-day stay.

Two limber gymnastics-losers never had more fun in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

They did cause a stir when they went up steps in their brand-new, short, protest outfits, and the capitol has a lot of steps. Their protest did not go unnoticed, but most people thought they were protesting opaque fabric (fabric you cannot read newsprint through), bras, panties and pubic hair. They appeared to be pissed off nudists at the capitol demanding their rights to be naked in public, pushing the legal limits to the limit -- and beyond, when the coast was clear. Dares and double dares created scenes.

Sometimes and in some places, they were nude and they were applauded. That they weren't raped is a fucking miracle, because they were both bucking for a Coonass fucking, and a Coonass Cajun will damn sure fuck a naked bitch damn near anywhere. If she ain't got no pussy hair, she's a fuckin' slut beggin' fer it. In certain parts of Louisiana, Coonasses have a Constitutional right to fuck 'em -- or that is the general perception, and it ain't like the sexy little Cajun Queens didn't know it. They were risking it. They dodged a lot of bullets that they would not have dodged in New Orleans. You don't protest those things in New Orleans and not get street-fucked for your effort.

Donna enjoyed a good chuckle, then said, "Looks like we have a new dream and new stars to reach for. Now, all I have to do is find a way for Dennis to make it happen. He told me he would be back tomorrow."

"I have his cell number. Call him up, and he should be here in ten minutes."

"Why you little whore!"

Carlie didn't deny it; she did some good feasting, instead -- so good Donna was cross-eyed, but stopped to say, "Mom, do you suppose there's any way to get me in the Russian Navy?"

When Donna could speak and see straight, she said, "Honey, if Dennis can figure a way for a mother to get her daughter pregnant, getting you in the Russian Navy should be no problem. Getting you out will be a problem."

Carlie came off a stretchy clit with a sucking pop that popped her mother's eyes wide as she said, "Okay, there's our star. That's our new gold medal. Getting my sexy ass out of the Russian Navy. Are we going for it?"

With her clit being lightly chewed, Donna said, "We're going for it."

Carlie came off with another sucking pop, to say, "Ten to one we end up bare-ass in Baton Rouge again."

"Hey, that beats stooping for shit and getting it, don't it?"

"You got that right ... and it's like my mommy always says, 'If you don't learn from your mistakes, there's no sense in making them.'"

Now watching Carlie suck nicely and gently, Donna said, "Your mommy sounds like a very wise lady."

Carlie bit, suck-popped a bitten clit, then bit it again before saying to a wide-eyed and impressed Mommy, "She is, but she is also a blabber-mouthed bitch who never learns from her mistakes. Telling those three blabbermouths was like sending out an engraved invitation to a butt-raping gorilla."

"By doing that, I sent out an engraved invitation to a handsome sweet-talker named Tucker, to talk his way in and charm the pants off you -- because we owed him. See, I knew you were sore about getting raped."

"Not as sore as I was after doing all that shit in Baton Rouge and not getting raped the way you said we would. Rape and run. Rape and run. All I saw was stand and gawk, stand and gawk, talk and gawk ... and a thousand 'shit-fuzzies, would ya look at dats!'"

"Carlie, you gotta believe me. Nine out of ten times, if you do one tenth what we did, you'd get raped ten times by ten horny Coonasses that rape and run. I still don't understand it ... unless they didn't know what tampons were and thought the strings were attached to some sort of iron Coonass trap. I mean, when you stoop to pick up shit, you should get it. In a way, you did get your rape from what we did in Baton Rouge. That rape was a direct result of all the stooping we did in Baton Rouge, honey."

"Hey, that's right! I stooped in Baton Rouge and picked up the shit in New Orleans. Fuck! I am a great gymnast."

"Sweetheart, you're a good gymnast, but a great fucker. This time, let's try to stay focused. We have another Blue Bayou coming up, and only three weeks to get ready for it."

"Make the call so he can come back and fuck us. Maybe he'll bring friends. Friends with dogs."

She did, he did, they did; Carlie and Donna are now in the Russian Navy.

Yes, they fell short again, but at least they didn't end up bare-assed in Baton Rouge again. The Russians do know what to do with two limber All-American sluts: Dive, Dive, Dive!

Silly fucking sailors. If there is anything hornier or faster than a Cajun Coonass full of free keg beer, it's a Russian sailor docked at the Port of New Orleans with three-year's pay in his sailor-suit britches.

Biggest Whore in the 7th Grade (MFf+ ped cuck inc non-con beast ws preg) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/19(Sun)23:14 No. 20798 ID: 923b50

The Biggest Whore in the 7th Grade (MFf+ ped cuck inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom edit/tribute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


John Dickerson received a very strange, very exciting call from his wife Diane, now three hours late getting back from a walk in the park on a perfect spring evening. In fact, it was well past dinnertime, getting near bedtime -- and she was calling from a motel room that five men (or more) were fucking her in, all coaching her on what outrageous things to say to her hubby.

It soon became apparent that this was no joke: little Diane had one big dick up her ass, one fucking her adulterous pussy, and was trying to talk around a fat cock pressed to her lips while jerking a thick prick in each hand -- there might have been more men, of course, but Diane couldn't REALLY be sure. She kept pausing to lick and suck the cocks directly in front of her -- when she wasn't moaning, gasping or hyperventilating from some other stimulation -- which made clear communication very difficult.

His lovely bride described in vivid detail the terrible things the big, strong men were doing to her; she painted a beautiful picture of an eager young whore being pinned in every position imaginable, taking load after glorious load of hot cum into her fertile pussy, her once-virgin asshole, and down her throat. Crude fingers of rough, brutal rapists stirred the cum into her ruined cunt as one man after another pissed in her mouth. All of the man had big cocks and huge balls; all of the men wanted to try each of her wet, willing holes.

John did much more listening than talking. In fairness, though, he got much more out of listening than out of talking.

Mr. Dickerson came to see that Diane had finally realized a lifelong sexual fantasy of taking on many men at one time; she had never had more than one at a time, previously, nor more than three sexual partners in her entire twenty-nine years. From what he could gather, the reality was every bit as good as the fantasy, if not better ... and this experience would open whole new horizons for his sexy wife, who dreamed of sexual grandeur while living in terrible fear of realizing her dreams.

The opportunities, John and Diane both knew, had always been there for her; she was always just too chicken to go for them. This reticence was despite her loving husband, who had scooped her up -- and knocked her up -- when she was just a blushing Senior cheerleader: she had a handsome, wealthy spouse who urged her to go for her desires in ones, twos, threes; in a variety of colors; young, old; male, female ... whatever turned her on.

John's main curiosity was simple. "How did this momentous event come about?"

His other question, which he didn't ask, was this: "And when can I tell the children their pretty mommy will be coming home?"

John smiled at that last thought.

'No,' he thought, 'reminding her that she was a mommy probably wouldn't be wise.'

That was what kept her legs together all those years, he presumed: the dreadful fear that her children might find out what Mommy was, deep down in her lusty, slutty soul. Of course, it was just like Diane to wait until her babies all reached the age of awareness before becoming a cheating slut: even eight-year-old Tammy knew what a cheating slut was. Twelve-year-old Jimmy could spot a slut by the way she walked, and his twin sister Cathy walked & talked like a slut.

Slut-awareness was high in the Dickerson family, mostly because Diane made it high ... and John encouraged it. The girls were to avoid that label at all costs, and Jimmy knew a slut when he saw one.

Most guys have a way of sensing those things; Jimmy had true slut-radar. The kids saw a lot of men hitting on their cute and sexy young mommy, and Jimmy could always point out what about his mom tripped them up and made them think she was a slut: skirt too short, too much cleavage showing, nipples showing through a thin shirt, a beaver showing panties, a bra showing, no bra in evidence, no panties in evidence, shaved pussy showing slick pink.

These signs, the Dickersons knew, will all trip a poorly tuned slut-radar ... but a shaved, slick pussy showing pink will fool most any radar, even Jimmy's.

Diane always was a tough nut to crack, a real pip, but that was what made her so special. John adored her; she was a joy to live with, beautiful and vibrant, and always fun to watch no matter her mood. She went through more phases than the moons of Jupiter, and for the past month or so she was going through one that could be called the "cheating slut phase."

Her attitude was playful, flirty and sometimes downright obscene; she might as well have worn a spaghetti-strap T-shirt with no bra, emblazoned with I AM A SLUT, PLEASE CUM IN ME to go with her shaved pussy, no-panties, micro-miniskirt look.

Jimmy, charming and darkly handsome boy that he was, didn't need radar to know the score that night. His mommy walked like a slut, talked like a slut, looked like a slut, acted like a slut, and now she was calling in late from a motel after taking a stroll through a park dressed like a cheap, cute slut.

Twelve-year-old Jimmy picked up the call and was on the line for five minutes before he said, "It's for you, Dad; you're probably not going to like this. It's your wife calling from a motel room. She ain't alone, and she sure ain't playing Monopoly with all those men -- unless it's the adult version. Sounds like she's losing bad."

John took the phone with a smile.

Much earlier -- over dinner, when their mom was only two hours late -- it was Jimmy who said, "I'll bet Mommy went out without her underwear on again. She's out trolling for trouser-trout using hot pink bait, and she might have gotten a bite tonight. I'll bet the slut is busy getting raped."

His stunning twin-sister Cathy looked at him with disapproving anger. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Mother might be getting raped -- but she might also be getting stabbed and strangled. Do you like that, too?"

Eight-year old Tammy was intrigued. She looked big doe eyes to her daddy and said, "Why would a man stab and strangle a slut they're raping? Why not just rape 'em and let 'em go? That way, they can rape 'em again some day. A slut don't ever tell."

John smiled. "I don't know, Tammy-love -- but don't you worry your pretty head about it. If your mother is getting raped, I'm QUITE sure she is only getting raped. Sluts only get hurt when they fight a rape; you know that. Your mommy would never, EVER fight a man who only wanted to fuck her. And you're right: a slut never tells."

All the children seemed satisfied by that; they ate in pleasant silence for a moment.

John grinned wickedly, he was glad to feel comfortable saying 'fuck' in front of Tammy since their mother now used the word to excess ... and not just for broken nails and stubbed toes. Pretty little mommy Diane had lately been heard to say 'Damn, my fucking cunt needs sucking,' 'Fuck me, this skirt sure shows off my wet pussy,' or even 'I'm so fucking horny I could fuck a fire hydrant to the grass on a freshly mowed lawn.'

Now Jimmy was using the 'fuck' word; Cathy was using it, too and Tammy was itching to. She had her bottom lip in teeth trying to think of a good way to work a 'fuck' in, but Jimmy was quicker

The devilish young man said, "I'm sure Mommy's just getting fucked. You know, if Mom saw a guy with a stiff dick who wanted to fuck her, I bet she'd trip him -- and be under him before he could hit the ground. That horny slut would fuck on our front lawn."

Tammy was impressed. That was a good one.

Cathy wasn't impressed, however, and said, "How can you say that, James? As far as we know, mother hasn't fucked any man except Daddy, here. She just likes to tease and flirt and show wet pink; lots of chicks do that. I do that!"

"Me too," said Tammy.

"Of course. But that doesn't mean I want to fuck every single guy I flirt with, or tease with pink. If I fucked every guy I showed my pussy to, I'd be the biggest whore in the seventh grade."

Tammy piped up, "Yeah, Jimmy. She pink-teases Dad all the time and she doesn't fuck HIM."

Jimmy beamed a rakish grin. "Or do you?"

With a gasp and a huge grin, little Tammy's big bright eyes went even wider.

John was enjoying this; without blushing, his alluring 12-year-old daughter Cathy looked to him and said, "Why don't you answer that, Daddy? I doubt Tammy will believe me, and I know Jimmy won't -- not with the filthy mind he has."

Cathy loved playing the wife's role, loved sitting in the wife's chair, loved treating her father like a husband and her siblings -- especially her twin brother -- like their children. Although she kept her elegant features impassive, she was cheering inside.

John looked to Tammy with a stone-serious face as he said, "Yes, Tammy, we are fucking. But your sister and I would like to keep that a secret, because we're not supposed to fuck."

Jimmy fell out of his chair then, howling, as Tammy went wide-eyed and grinned like the Cheshire Cat. Meanwhile, coltish beauty Cathy sat all red-faced, pretending to be as incensed as her mother Diane when she used to get incensed, crying, "JOHN!"

He went, "Oops. Sorry, lover. Do you think the children can't keep our husband-and-wife game a secret, dear?"


"Oh, right. Jimmy, Tammy ... I was just kidding. We are NOT playing the husband-and-wife game, not at all. I am most certainly not fucking Cathy. We're just ... just ... hmm. Ah, well, you see, I'm teaching her Yoga exercises. Yeah, that's it. Yoga exercises. Nude Yoga ... yeah, that's the ticket."

Jimmy was all over the floor, rolling; Tammy was on her dainty feet, pointing an accusing finger. "Oh, Daddy, you are SO fucking her. You're lying -- I can tell. You're fucking her pussy. Look how red her face is! Yeah, you're lying all right. You're fucking Cathy's slutty pussy, and Mom doesn't know that you guys are SO playing the husband-and-wife game. "

Cathy had her bright-red face in her hands as a laughing voice from the floor cried out. "No, he's fucking her in the ass -- because her pussy is too tight. He can't even get the head in that pink slit, but her butt-hole sucks it right in ... and gobbles his long dick all the way to his balls! Gobble gobble gobble!"

Without a word, Cathy got up and ran to her room, her head hung and face covered.

Smiling and calm, John got up and followed. He knew the door wouldn't be locked, and that his lovely daughter would be face-down on the bed with her dress riding unnaturally high up her parted legs, her ass slightly elevated. Her handsome Daddy knew full-well from previous 'disasters' that Cathy would be boldly showing the crotch of her tight panties; this was, indeed, the case ... only she outdid herself this time. The pretty preteen wasn't even wearing panties, taking a page out of her mommy's slut-manual.

John wasn't the type to ignore a young girl's desperate plea for some sexual attention and reassurance that she was, indeed, desirable.

Mr. Dickerson took a seat on his daughter's bed down by her knees, then placed his hands on the backs of her legs and began rubbing the skirt up to bare the baby-butt. Cathy made ineffective moves to keep her ass covered, but she never closed her legs -- which were a foot apart at the knees -- and after a few strokes parted her legs even further, pushing slowly into a doggie-style position.

After a few minutes of this, John said, "Damn, daughter, you sure do look sexy with no panties on."

"Don't look at me there, you big fibber."

"I'm trying not to," her handsome daddy said with a smile, "but that pink crack between your sexy legs looks exactly like a pussy."

"It is a pussy -- but you'll never get any, not after what you did."


"No, never," the girl said, burying her face in her pillow, "and I was going to let you have some. A lot, actually. But not now, and you are looking at virgin pussy."

After folding the skirt high up on her lower back, then peeling her loose butt cheeks apart with thumbs, John said, "Virgin pussy! Are you sure?"

"Don't you think I'd know if anybody put a dick in my pussy and fucked me with it, Daddy?"

"I suppose you would, at that," John said, moving his thumbs to open the puffy lips of the pussy. "Damn, that is one fine-looking pussy. I never saw such a pretty pink inside the lips of a pussy. This is virgin pink, no doubt about it. Shucks. I really blew it, didn't I?"

"Yeah, daddy," Cathy said, "big-time. But they probably think we're in here fucking, so that should make you happy."

"I suppose they would."

"Yeah," she said, "and knowing you, you'll tell them what a great piece of ass I am. No, you'll tell them I was lousy, too tight to fuck and my ass didn't go gobble-gobble-gobble all the way down your dick to the balls. You'll say I just laid there and whined about your hard dick being in my butt."

John smiled warmly. "I would sing your praises, lovely girl, and you know it. I have no desire to make you look bad in anyone's eyes; besides, anyone can take one look at you, front or back, and know that was a lie. No way is this pretty pussy too tight to fuck, and I know a gobbler-ass when I see one. Besides, you're no whiner; never have been. I'd need a dick a foot long and thick as my wrist to make you whimper ... and even bigger to whine. A stallion might make you whine, darling daughter, but not until his balls were banging you on this little clit right here."

Cathy looked back; she propped her head up with one hand, still having her pussy examined, she said, "You'd sing my praises, huh?"

"I think I'd have to, if I were being honest. I would be honest, lover, for all my jokes to your brother and sister. I am very impressed by everything I'm seeing."

"I'm just a girl," she pouted, her eyes big like a puppy-dog. "What's so special about my pussy? We all have two holes down there."

"No two sets are alike," her handsome daddy said. "I know my female anatomy; you can ask your mother and many other fine young ladies. These are two of the finest fuck-holes I have ever laid eyes on. Trust me."

"I trust you, Daddy. And I'm not really mad at you. I was, but I'm not now."

John released her, smiling, then drew her skirt back into place. "Good. Then I'll be on my way. I need to go wait for your mother."

"Why? You can wait in here, if you want. You can look at my fuck-holes all you like, Daddy."

"No, no. I think I really should be going," John said with a knowing smile, although he made no move to stand.

Cathy rolled to her back and got up on her elbows, quite puzzled, watching sexy Daddy massage her legs from knee to crotch with a look of longing hunger.

She watched for a while, then said, "Daddy, please. Stay. I want you to fuck me; I want you to be my first. I'm flirting with you and teasing my ass off trying to get you to fuck me. I've shown you enough pink to paint this fucking bedroom. I know you want to. Why won't you?"

John took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, enjoying the feeling of seducing his pretty preteen daughter. He pretended think of a good response, then said, "Mostly because you're twelve years old -- and, moreover, you're my daughter. I don't think you should be having any firsts for a few more years, and Daddies aren't in the line-up. Men shouldn't even be in the line-up. All of your firsts should be boys your own age, all getting their firsts as nature intended."

"That's dumb," she said, liking the way her daddy massaged between her legs. "That's like the blind leading the blind. Plus, waiting that long is a waste of good pussy. Mom says we should never waste pussy."

"She just started saying that," he said, openly rubbing a very wet little pussy.

"So? She's saying it, and she's meaning it. Until she says something else, I'm wasting good pussy. For once, she said something I can agree with; I'm going for it while the going is good. If you don't want it, there are plenty of men who do. I don't want boys. I don't want little-boy peckers; I want manly cocks with big hairy balls. I want an experienced man, one who knows his female anatomy."

John pretended to mull that over, rubbing a very excited little clit with one thumb while feeling his daughter try to fuck herself on the other thumb. He said, "Sorry, sweetie. I need to mull this over and get back to you. Can you hold out for a few more days?"

"Two, Daddy. I've wasted enough good pussy on you as it is."

He loved the sound of her frustration. "Are you sure?"

"Take a good look, Daddy," Cathy said, pulling her skirt up and spreading her long legs into a wide beaver. The smooth plane of her youthful sex gleamed with slickness; her little pussy flowered and almost seemed to slobber.

"I see," John Dickerson said, catching his breath.

"This is prime, grade-A, All-American, virgin pussy," his preteen daughter said. "Right below it is prime, grade-A, All-American, asshole. Notice how I didn't say 'virgin asshole'?"

"I did," her daddy said, feeling the little warm rosebud with one thumb.

"Yeah. You missed out on that cherry by a couple of weeks. They're both cock-gobblers, too. They not only gobble, they suck and swallow. Two days, Daddy, then some other man can tell you how it was; probably lots of men. Two days, starting right now. You can go, now, if you have to; I have to masturbate, now, and I'd like some privacy. Please close my door on your way out ... Dear."

Smiling, John closed her door on the way out ... but Cathy started well before he got to the door. That was hard to leave, hard to believe, and he was hard as he left. The girl used both hands; she rubbed herself the way her daddy had rubbed her.

Kids grow up so damn fast, but that one grew up three years in three weeks. Diane, what a pip. "We should never waste pussy," she told her daughter.

Spoken like a true slut -- and by one of the biggest wasters of the organ on the planet. Diane never wanted to waste good pussy, perhaps, but dreaming ain't doing. Shaking his head and laughing, John went and cleaned up dinner.

John began to grow a bit concerned, later, as three-hours-late drew near without a word from Diane. When she left the house, she was loaded for bear; she had paused at the door in the sluttiest of slut-wear to say, "This outfit should get me fucked. Wanna be the first to cum in me -- or the last, when I get home?"

The kids were home to witness that dramatic exit, and they loved it; John Dickerson was pretty sure his lovely wife landed her first strange trouser-trout; still, it wasn't like her to be this late without calling.

Bad things can happen to good people, after all ... and they sometimes happen to women who go out dressed like whores. Petite but shapely Diane couldn't put up much of a fight -- nor run very well, in five-inch spikes that strap on. 'Stabbing and strangling' would not leave his mind, John found, when his mind should have been on two of the finest fuck-holes he ever laid eyes on.

John had Tammy on his lap when the phone rang.

He started to get up, but saw Jimmy dash for it. If that was Diane, Jimmy could bring the phone to him; John waited and absentmindedly ran his hands all over Tammy's legs, crotch, and ass. He never did that before ... but he was a daughter-fucker, so Tammy laid back and watched him do it while he stared off into space.

When John realized that he was playing with Tammy's pussy -- and that she, too, had no panties on -- his first thought was to yank his hand out and make some sort of apology. But the blissful, loving look on the angelic 2nd-grader's face made him relax and continue making her feel good. He did it better, in fact: gave her some fingering, and probed her little butthole, amazed at how delightfully sexual his little girls now were ... all because their mother was.

When Diane wasn't, they weren't. When she was a lady, they were little ladies. When she found Jesus, they found him, too. When she lost him, they lost him. Whatever she was, they were little versions of her. For a while, then, they were going to be sluts with no panties on. He may as well get used to it, John decided, because fighting a phase of Diane was like barking at one of Jupiter's moons.

John was sure that the call wasn't Diane after a minute with no phone being handed to him ... but after five, when Jimmy told him the call was for him, he smiled.

Diane was getting fucked by a motel-room full of men.

John took the phone with the hand that wasn't fingering Tammy; Jimmy took a seat on the arm of the chair to watch him finger Tammy.

Jimmy couldn't see very well, he discovered, so he pushed Tammy's thin dress up past her belly button. Now, he and Tammy could both see some excellent child-molestation better as their father enjoyed the strange call from his cheating-slut wife.

Mr. Dickerson got in a word here and there, and he got answers here and there, but listening to any of the fucking told a tale of motel debauchery. John got the picture that Jimmy got two minutes into his call: Diane lying on her back with a cock up her ass while another man fucked her pussy, while she sucked any cock thrust into her face. A fucking fantasy come true, and the men fucking Diane were eager to get the husband on the line ... so that the wife could tell him what she was doing.

Cathy, stark naked in his presence for the first time, came along and took a kneeling position between John's legs so that she could see what he was doing to Tammy.

Jimmy gave his twin-sister's nudity little thought, John noticed, just as he gave Tammy's own half-nudity little though; the interest the young man had with the scene was watching his father's fingers play with a tiny girl's pussy. This indicated, John thought, that many changes came with this new phase of Diane: in the past, Jimmy was never to see anything of interest to a boy, nor were the girls ever to show -- or look at -- anything Jimmy want to see or wanted them to see.

Dark, handsome Jimmy -- his eyes fixed on the adult fingers boldly manipulating his baby sister's cunt -- filled Cathy and Tammy in on the call. Mostly, he filled them in on what he had figured out, which was exactly what John figured out: Diane had finally gotten her cheating-slut ass laid.

The kids were all happy she was safe, and quite excited that Mommy was getting gang-banged ... and even more excited that she had the good sense to call right in the middle of it. What a slut!

John couldn't agree more, and he couldn't believe how tight Tammy was. That was some very tight pussy; his youngest daughter had a one-finger pussy with no cherry in it. She was tight, but -- he discovered after some experimentation -- she could take a middle finger to the palm. Now, he wondered if Cathy had a cherry. If not, who took it?

He had a feeling, he thought with a smile, that he had her on the phone.

Diane finally took a cock-sucking breather to say, "Oh, John, I am being so unfaithful to you right now. God, I have five hunky studs with gorgeous cocks -- nice, big, juicy cocks -- two are fucking me, and I am licking two more; another just got done pissing in my mouth. Ummm, GOD, yummy. I can't wait to kiss you with cum & piss on my breath and sperm running down my sexy bare legs from both of my fuck-holes. Both, John, oh fuck. I have two hot fuck-holes, now ... three, counting my mouth. Ummm, ummm ... and I do count the mouth; my mouth needs cock. I'm such a slut, John. You would not believe what a slut I am."

"I am beginning to, darling," John said with a delighted grin, "but Jimmy told me you were when he handed me the phone. Perhaps you weren't aware, dearest heart, but you spent the first five minutes talking to you son Jimmy."

"I wasn't aware. Shit. I thought I had my hubby on the line."

"You were mistaken, is all. I must say, you gave him quite a thrill."

"I'll bet," Diane said, between grunts of pleasure as one man slipped a spent cock out of her asshole and another took his place. "Doesn't matter. He can't possibly think less of me. That boy knows a slut when he shaves one's cunt. By the way, these guys love my bald cunt. Tell Jimmy. He thinks most men like cunt hair on a cunt's cunt."

While fingering Tammy expertly, John turned to his son. "Your mother says that she's right: the men she's fucking prefer her with a shaved-bald cunt. She says it looks meatier and nastier, so you can see all the fuck-guts, but still like a little girl's pussy."

"Put him on. I want to tell him myself. His mommy loves the way he shaves her cunt for grown men to fuck."

John handed Jimmy the phone, then concentrated both hands on the enthusiastic finger-fucking of his youngest; Tammy squirmed and seemed about to cum. Cathy took an avid interest, saying, "Do you think your cock will fit in this pussy? Mom thinks it might with a little more work."

"Did she take the cherry?"

"Yeah. She took mine, too. We're still both virgins; we just don't have cherries. You can't get pussy ready to fuck with a cherry in the way. We don't count Jimmy, either ... Mom says Jimmy doesn't count. He's like a practice-fuck, good for getting limber with."

John figured Jimmy was getting pussy: enough pussy to lose interest in looking at it.

If the handsome young man was shaving his mother's cunt but wishing he weren't, he had to have lost interest in that one, too. Any boy who stood even the slightest chance of being able to handle the razor would be doing his damndest to convince his mother that the bald look was in, crotch rugs were out, and self-shaving kills more mothers than drunk drivers.

Jimmy was a mother-fucker with a preference for pubic hair, but that wasn't a shocker. Diane had a score of mother-fucker fantasies, and had a son who showed all the aptitude from the age of three and only showed more aptitude as he aged. If ever a boy was raised to be a charming, rakish mother-fucker, that boy was Jimmy. For most of Diane's motherhood, the girls couldn't see her naked ... but Jimmy always could, in any phase, and he was the one child Diane had never weaned -- and was still, technically, nursing.

Even all through her Jesus phase, even if only once a week, she still had to nurse Jimmy ... sometimes nude while sitting on the toilet, vibrating a pissing pussy with any of her numerous toys. Dark young James had his own bed, but rarely slept in it; sexy mommy Diane nursed Jimmy while sleeping, eating or having sex. She nursed Jimmy while masturbating, and got to where she couldn't get off without him sucking on her tits while toying with her pubic hair, or nursing on her clit while toying with her nipples.

So it must have killed him when she handed him a razor and said, "Shave all the cunt-hairs off."

No, Jimmy being a motherfucker came as no surprise, and the boy was no novice motherfucker. They avoided any vaginal or anal mother-fucking in public, with John directly present, but John was no idiot. Mr. Dickerson knew a son-fucker when he slept with one, and he had been sleeping steadily with one going on six years. There wasn't a hole on that woman that boy wasn't fucking, and she nursed on him as much as he nursed on her. John did see a great deal of that, and he saw a great deal of Jimmy fucking his mother in the mouth or tits while calling her a whore, slut, cunt, bitch, whatever it took to get her off.

Jimmy had Diane wired. Trying to have sex with Diane without Jimmy was like fucking a dead fish. With Jimmy, it was like fucking a whore, slut, cunt, or bitch. Jimmy was most welcome in the marital bed ... but being there made him privy to every marital discussion. They had no secrets from Jimmy, but there were secrets aplenty where the girls were concerned.

The girls were a different story, and always had been. Diane had the highest double-standard of any mother on Earth. You raise boys one way; girls were the exact opposite. The girls grew up accepting that double-standard, but they never knew just how double it was.

Evidently, slut-phase changed all that, and it seemed like a father might benefit. Fathers like being nursed on, too. John was the type to let a minor daughter suck a major cock ... not quite a stallion, but he could put some ponies to shame.

John said, "So, you girls are ready to fuck, are you?"

"I am," Cathy said with a smile, "but she needs more work."

Tammy said, "I do not. Mom said I was ready."

"Yeah, ready for Jimmy, but not for Dad. She just said you could be. When you can take a regular cucumber all the way, then you're ready for a real cock. You can't even take a little one half-way."

"I can so!"

While the girls argued back and forth over what they could take in their novice cunts, John eavesdropped on Jimmy's conversation and realized that he had one of the men on the line and was asking him to jack off in his mom's face. He then spoke to his mom and dared her to stay out all night and get pregnant.

Jimmy then spoke to the man fucking her in the ass and told him that her asshole could gobble cock. When he got to speak with the man fucking her pussy, he asked him if that cunt wouldn't look better with cunt hair.

Evidently not.

After a while, John took the phone back and said, "May I please speak with my wife?"

John heard, "Here. Your hubby wants to have a word with you. I think he's upset."

Diane came on the line and said, "What are you upset about? You always wanted a slut wife. Now, you have one."

"I'm not upset with you, Diane. But I thought the man fucking you might like to think I was. If anything, I'm a little upset with what you've done to these girls. They're acting like little whores."

"I'll be they are. You aren't upset with me, are you?"

"Of course not, darling. We'll discuss what's to be done with our slut-daughters when you get home, but enjoy your night out. Stay all night and get pregnant. If Jimmy shows signs of withdrawal, I'll have him nurse on Cathy."

"I love you, John."

"I love you, Diane Dickerson. Show those men how good my slut wife can take a fucking."

John hung up, then smiled at his adoring children. "It seems you've found out what your mother really is."

Cathy pouted. "I like Mother this way. It's you that I'm upset with."

"Upset with me, darling? Why-ever for?

"I can't get you to stick anything in me no matter what I do, but you can't stop finger-fucking Tammy! You can't fuck that pussy! I know exactly how big you are, Daddy. You'll split her like a log ... and you can forget her ass unless you love to hear a little girl whine, beg, and cry. She acts like she can take your cock, but she just wants to see it. Try to put it in anything except her mouth and see what she does."

John frowned. "Is that so?"

Tammy didn't look like she wanted to contradict her sister, and John couldn't stop finger-fucking that pussy. Though he had no desire to even try fucking Tammy in any tight hole, he loved the feel, loved doing that to her, loved having them watch, so he kept on doing it.

Cathy looked a little hurt and very confused, so John needed to address that right away ... and the truth was, he desired her so much it scared him. Truth was, he had a sexual crush on a twelve-year-old girl, and had since she was a five-year-old girl. Truth was, he wanted to fuck her so bad he couldn't stand it. Truth was, seeing her act like a slut made him very happy.

John looked his lovely daughter Cathy directly in the eyes, and told the truth -- the whole truth -- with an expression so sincere she could not doubt a single word. Finally, he said, "Cathy, I would be deeply honored to be your first."

He put that pretty girl on a soft cloud. With a big smile, she brought her lips to his mouth, then down to his wet fuck-finger and kissed it where it entered her little sister. The coltish preteen then eased up to say, "I'm so glad you told me how you really feel. Daddy, I was so crushed."

"I know, sweetheart. I could see that, and I can't stand to see you crushed. I love all of you, and I love what your mother has brought out in this family."

Tammy, luxuriating under her assault, said, "If you two are gonna fuck, can I play horsie with Jimmy? I'll even play butt-horsie."

Jimmy, laughing, fished out his fat dick while saying, "Show Dad how you beg with your butt-hole. Let Dad see what a butt-hole whore you are. Do it like Mom showed you."

John had to see this -- and Tammy looked eager to show him -- so he got his hand out of the way and watched Tammy draw her legs up, lay them wide, pull her butt cheeks apart, and go, "Please fuck my butt hole with your big cock, Jimmy. Fuck me like a whore. Fuck me in the ass like a butt-hole whore. Cram my asshole full of cock and finger my slut cunt. Fuck me hard and call me a fucking whore, slut, bitch, and a cunt. Do it, Jimmy. Let's show Dad for real."

Jimmy looked willing, and they had time to kill, so John lifted Tammy to place her ass on the arm of the chair with her head in his lap. This was a perfect position so that Jimmy could cram cock up her ass; it was a perfect position for a father to watch.

After getting his cock wet in her slobbery pussy, Jimmy took the little girl by the hips and began fucking her in log, easy strokes that build in intensity swiftly. John watched a baby take a professional-grade butt-fucking and thought, "Damn! My little Tammy is a butt-hole whore."

Cathy came and sat on the other arm of John's chair, placed her right arm around John's shoulders, and placed a nubile little tittie at his lips when he turned his head. The nipples of her tight A-cups looked fantastic, pert and rubbery. One was at his lips. Seconds later, he was nursing on a daughter. She said, "I grew these titties special for you, Daddy, but I want to grow them bigger. A lot bigger. Mom says swallowing men's cum will grow bigger tits. She's right about that. I found some men who let me suck them off. Works great, don't you think?"

All he could do was nod and think about his little darling sucking on adult cocks. He also thought about helping her grow a bigger set of tits. John couldn't believe these kids.

Well, he could believe Jimmy.

But Jimmy was just being Jimmy. These girls, though ... Christ, they made great sluts. Diane did a great job with those girls. Encouraging them to have sex with adults was a very Diane thing to do -- in fantasy. He had always doubted she could ever do that in reality, but the woman was now full of surprises. He wondered if Tammy had also been encouraged to have sex with men.

He had to know, so he took his mouth off of a tittie to look down into the face of a little whore still getting her little butt fucked beautifully. When he got her attention, he asked, "Does your mom tell you to go out and find men to play whore with?"

She nodded, then said, "Yes, and she taught me how to get 'em hard and make 'em want to fuck me."

"You say you are a virgin. Haven't you found any?"

"I found two so far, but they only fuck me in the mouth. I think they're scared to fuck me any place else, but they like to finger-fuck me like you do, and eat my pussy, and take a lot of nasty pictures. We do a lot of stuff like that. Mom says they'll be fucking me soon. I just have to wait. She says they're not used to finding a slut as little as me."

Cathy said, "I had the same problem, but I'm now getting my ass fucked. I've been saving my pussy-cherry for you, Daddy. I found four to fuck my ass: Tammy's two and two others. In fact, I found her two for her. We share those two. She'll have to get the rest on her own. I'm growing tits; I need some to suck and some to fuck. Call me stingy, but it isn't as easy as it looks. Most men are chicken. They want to real bad but they're scared."

"I can relate," John said with a grin.

"So, does it bother you that your daughters are whores for grown men, or does it make your cock hard thinking about all the perverted things those nasty men do to us? Believe me, they are very perverted, nasty men. You would not believe the sick, disgusting, perverted, nasty things they have us do."

Tammy fielded that question, saying, "It makes his cock real hard. I think he likes it a lot, and boy does he ever have a whopper, Cathy. I think he might split YOU like a log."

Cathy turned him by the chin to say, "I'd sure like to see him try. Get off of his cock, Tammy. Get that horsie cock out of his pants and get it good and wet for me. We'll just see if I split."

With that said, the most luscious set of soft lips came down on his own, and the softest, sweetest tongue entered his mouth. John could not believe this child was a child, or the one mouthing his cock was a child of eight tender years with a mouth like a Soho whore.

After Tammy got eleven inches of bone-hard cock good and wet, Cathy straddled his hips facing away and took him by the root, centered him, and sank. John never felt anything like that. The last three inches was a chore, but a determined whore takes that chore as a challenge. She was not a whiner. She didn't split.

She ended up puffing and panting, lying with her back to his chest, her chest in his hands, looking back over her shoulder to say, "I didn't split, and I'm not whining. What I am, Daddy, is a fucking whore, and I want to hear you tell me how you honestly feel about that. Tell me like I'm your wife, Daddy."

John rolled her rubbery nipples, then said with a smile, "The idea that you and Tammy are whores for a bunch of dirty old men thrills me. The idea that your own mother put you up to it and is coaching you girls thrills me even more. The fact that she is pushing you girls into the arms of perverted child-molesters with cameras makes my dick hard."

Bedtime that night was all four of them in one bed.

Diane found them in much the same position the next afternoon; in the front door of their home stepped a well-fucked slut with cum running down her legs, semen still dripping from her chin, one tit out -- which also had cum on it -- and no shoes.

The whole family cheered.

Sexy mommy Diane smiled, hiked her tight skirt up past the waist, and bowed her knees out to show everyone, saying while staring at it, "I fucking got creamed. Creamed cunt ... and creamed ass, too."

"You did well, dear. We're all proud of you."

She smiled and came up to them, then knelt between John's feet to rest hands on Cathy's hips, saying while staring at a very stuffed beaver, "Now, I'm going to show you what I do with a whore who dares fuck my man in my own home."

With that, Diane began licking the whore where the cock disappeared into the pussy. That got the whore moving. Diane was soon licking cock and pussy, then got a lip-lock on the clit and sucked that whore up and down the shaft while worming two fingers up her man's ass to massage his prostate. John never saw or felt anything like that in his life. The little whore was absolutely thrilled out of her skull. She started cumming as soon as her mother's mouth got on her clit and never stopped cumming.

John wanted this to last, but he couldn't take much more. When Diane could see that he was about to blow like Moby Dick, she took her mouth off the clit when the pussy was at the base of the cock to say to John, "I just want you to be aware that you are fucking a very fertile daughter. Don't do anything stupid or you'll get her pregnant. I think other men should have that pleasure."

After saying that, she got back on the clit and attacked the prostate with a vengeance. John got very stupid very quickly. He pumped a gallon of pure stupidity into his very fertile daughter ... or so it seemed to the daughter who felt like she had cum pouring from her ears and squirting out of her nipples. John just kept on pumping and pumping.

John poured all he had into that very stupid project ... but if Diane wanted her pregnant, she'd be pregnant.

After John gave it all he had, Diane came off the clit smiling and extracted her fingers. Cathy was in a climax coma, limp as a fucked rag doll. Diane got up over Cathy to kiss John, then nose to nose with him, she said, "My goodness, but you are a nasty daddy. I don't think you want to give any of those other nasty men a chance at knocking up your sexy daughter. I think you want that pleasure all for yourself. I think you came in her very fertile pussy on purpose. That's what I think, and I think you are going to make her soak in your sperm. You're not going to let this little whore get off your cock, are you?"

John smiled, kissed his smiling wife again, then said, "You are a very sick bitch, Diane. And you have cock breath."

"I should, and you should get used to kissing a wife with cock breath. I'll tell you something else, John Dickerson. I'm through dreaming. You may as well know. Your son is a motherfucker, and your wife is his whore. So are your daughters. From now on, if you want to fuck your wife or daughters, you have to be nice to Jimmy."

Cathy looked back and placed her hand on John's cheek, saying, "Please, Daddy, don't let those other nasty men get me pregnant. Do whatever you have to do. If I have to get pregnant to make Jimmy happy -- and Mom already told me I do -- I want you to be the one, so I need all the cum you can put in my whore cunt. Do whatever Jimmy says, okay?"

Jimmy was grinning ear to ear as John looked to him and said, "I won't let you down, sweetheart. Whatever my motherfucker son Jimmy wants, Jimmy motherfucking gets. You just promise me that you'll be a good whore for Jimmy. Be the very best whore you can be. We don't want any complaints."

"There won't be any, not now. I promise."

"That's my girl. Before you know it, you'll be the biggest whore in the seventh grade."

Tammy said, "I think she already is, butt-wise and suck-wise."

That cracked up the Dickersons, and that ends this story on a happy note.

The End

A Good Small-Town Wife (MFf+ ped inc cuck non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/20(Mon)02:32 No. 20804 ID: 923b50

A Good Small-Town Wife (MFf+ ped cuck inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom/Tiffany edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


I miss growing up in a small town. I miss the sense of community, of everyone pitching in, of neighbors helping neighbors, of folks looking after one another.

A little girl like my eight-year-old Jenny could walk to school, swinging her cute pink lunch-pail, never once thinking about perverts who would lure her into a car or home to vent their sick lusts on her ripe young body, holding her for some mutt with obscene mating habits, posing her for pictures you don't even see in the most vulgar beaver magazines, spoiling her innocent mind with visions of spewing cocks and drippy cunts -- after, of course, soiling her tiny, pristine body with those thick cocks and slippery cunts.

Okay, there was ONE ... but there was still a sense of community, and a girl could always walk around that house if she wanted to, or ignore the offer of candy. If she went for the candy, she didn't have to worry about being tortured and killed. I never worried about that. Mom never warned me about that, either, and I'm glad she didn't. I warned Jenny about getting into cars, but I forgot to tell her about homes. Even the dirtiest homeowners are usually okay: they only left you messy, a little sore between the legs, and too much candy may rot your teeth.

For the most part, I like life in the big-city suburbs.

I just wish my neighbors were friendlier, because I don't work outside the home and I only have one child to care for. With school out for the summer, it would be great if she could simply go play at the neighbors, but all her school chums live blocks away.

You can't let an eight-year-old walk six blocks by herself ... not one as cute as my Jenny. Those cruising gangs of bad child-molesters would hone-in on her lower-back-length head of full, wavy, shimmering, blond hair, see those creamy white legs, that gorgeous little ass, and they'd grab my little cunt. Fuck that. I'll drive the sexy little bitch -- pick her up, too.

The sleek, pretty 2nd-grader IS a sexy little bitch, and she knows it. That child was born with sexual awareness, and she knows she has something between her legs that everybody wants: men, women, boys, girls, teachers, students, custodians, and horny dogs. From the time she was five, she knew all about fucking, sucking, and procreation. I didn't tell her and I'm pretty sure the dogs didn't say a word.

Jenny is not the least bit shy about letting her pussy be seen, and she's very clever in ways to make it seen. Seeing leads to touching; touching leads to kissing; kissing leads to fucking, and all those things feel good ... so showing pussy is a good thing. She's not the first little girl to discover this on her own and develop bad habits as a result, of course, and I never discouraged this bad habit. I didn't encourage her, except by not correcting her.

Honestly, I think her bad habits are kind of cute ... and I do reap the rewards.

My husband, Phil, wants sex about half as much as I do. I want it everyday, as soon as he arrives home from the office and again at bedtime; I'd like some in the morning, too, if I could get it. I get half as much cock as I'd like, but I'd get less than that if it weren't for my sexy little bitch. When her daddy gets a peek at her pussy, I get laid. I made that connection early on and got into a bad habit.

He can think about that tight little pussy all he wants; in fact, I encourage him to think about it and talk about it. I'll engage him in fantasy about porking the little slut while he gives me what I need. In fantasy, I hold her legs apart for him, guide his cock in for him, even whip her ass if she doesn't fuck back hard enough. In fantasy, that's his pussy -- Daddy's Private Stock -- and he gets all he wants.

My handsome hubby Phil knows he won't ever get any, but he doesn't know the real reason why. He thinks I have strong feelings against incest ... but the real reason is that whatever he got off of her would take from me. I'll admit it: I'm a selfish, stingy bitch when it comes to cock, and JESUS, what a cock it is. Phil puts dick-proud stud-ponies to shame.

Of course, he's no philanthropist with my pussy, either.

The idea of cute little Jenny getting a dick in her doesn't bother me in the least. Pussies are designed for fucking; I just don't want Phil's dick in her pussy. Hell, she can't get pregnant. As far as I'm concerned, she can take all the dick she can handle. She can pull trains at a stag party if she wants. They can fill her to the brim with cum and tape her sexy little legs together with a plug in her twat for all I care. So far, except for fingers, none of the men she is playing her little games with has the balls to stuff her cunt for her. If she keeps on the way she is, though, they will.

I know little boys are dipping their wicks, and have been for years, but I don't consider that fucking. She won't be fucking until something big stretches out that little pussy of hers. When she has ten to twelve inches of thick, manly cock deep inside her body with the guy's groin mashing her puffy pink pussy lips flat, and she can see the head of his cock making her innie belly button an outie, THAT'S fucking.

When a grown man starts slamming a slab of cock to her and big balls are slapping her little ass, and the motion of all that mass entering and leaving her tiny body is doing all the breathing for her -- sucking air in on the out-stroke, pushing air out on the in -- THAT'S fucking.

Until then, she's just fucking around.

As far as I'm concerned, she still has her cherry. That kid may have been born without one, though. I checked when she was five, but ten-to-one odd, something phallic and inorganic took it; a fishy-smelling vacuum handle -- and several slippery cucumbers, along with lots of bottles, brush-handles and Barbies -- made me curious.

Jenny is not shy in telling me about the things that happen to her; she talks a lot about the men who diddle her and the boys who fuck her, usually while I brush out her hair as she sits on the edge of her bed in the nude. She's never worn PJs; I never bought her any. After her nightly bath, she usually remains nude until bedtime. If she wants to watch TV on her daddy's lap, I'll lift her up and set her down. I'm no dummy: I know that when I return from tucking her in, her daddy is going to fuck me in.

While he fucks me in, I'll always tell him what that little slut told me. That, or I'll make something up.

Phil thinks she's a lot worse than she is. He thinks LOTS of other men are fucking his little girl ... their kids, their friends, and their dogs, too. He's not sure, but even the possibility that I may be telling the truth -- at least sometimes -- drives him nuts, and he always takes it out on me. He doesn't know where truth ends and fantasy begins. I always start off telling the truth and end in a sweat, telling him an absurd fantasy. We're always honest with each other: I'll tell him that I started with the truth and ended with bullshit, but I refuse to tell him where the two parted company. I know he'll estimate wrong, and that makes his dick hard.

My Phil has one of those twelve-inch muscle-cocks, the kind that can make a little girl breathe fast. If Jenny ever needed CPR, I'd tell him to stick his dick in her and fuck the shit out of her. He could revive the dead with that monster. We do have a pool; she's not a very good swimmer, so he's hoping he'll be called upon.

I'm a crafty bitch for a sexy 24-year old, but I'll be damned if I'll be married to my dream-cock and only get it when he feels like it. He'd like more proof that she's as sexually active as I report, but I told him he had better never question her: Jenny talks to me in confidence, and if this ever comes out in the open -- or he tries to join their ranks -- I'll start mothering that child the way mothers should.

The day he tries anything, she'll wear her PJs and sit like a lady, not sprawled on her father's lap diddling her little slit. I'll correct her language and punish beavers. I will not let her spend the night in a home where she is being sexually molested, and she'll clam up -- no more nasty bedtime stories. Even if she doesn't, I'll never share what I know with him.

I gave Phil a choice, and told him I'd mother her any way he liked. I'd let her be herself, or I'd guide and direct in proper ways. I'm not making her a slut: I'm simply not correcting her behavior. Jenny is not rewarded for being slutty. She receives no praise for being a good girl, and she's not punished for acting vulgar. Whether all little girls would be vulgar sluts if they weren't guided or corrected is a matter for speculation ... but ours is clearly a slut. I'm sure she gets enough guidance from school and other mothers to avoid being TOO vulgar.

Phil wasn't exactly thrilled by some of the notes we were getting from school -- some of them, though, made great jerk-off material. I told him that if he didn't want a slut, I could correct that ... but if he wanted a naked little slut padding about the house, shooting beavers, sitting on his lap with her legs apart, toying with "the part that's slippery, Daddy," then he'd best keep his mouth shut, grin, and bear it.

I can deal with school notes, but I can't raise her both ways. I pointed out that I never turned him down when she makes him all horny, so he had no right to complain. I let him think that I don't like it, but that I consider servicing his erections to be my wifely duty. When he gets a swelling in the groin, I'll find a way to make it go away. I'm very good about that.

Like I say, I'm a crafty bitch for a sexy 24-year old.

Jenny is destined to be a gorgeous girl, a high school heart-throb. Heart-throbs that put out are not trashy sluts. Ugly bitches that put out are trashy sluts, but a knock-out slut is just popular pussy. I should know: I was the most popular girl in my senior class. I married the biggest dick in my senior class, and I'm the girl who knew who had the biggest. I can't say I wouldn't wish that life on my daughter. I didn't do so badly. Maybe I could have done better. With me, it all started when I accepted some candy. After that, the only real problems I had were dental.

Here's a tip for you. If your little girl is constantly getting cavities but cavity problems don't run in your family, check her pussy. There's your problem. Fill that cavity and your dental bills will go down. My folks never thought to look between my legs. My dentist did. He was good at filling cavities. He is still my dentist. He is still filling my cavity, and I have been debating taking Jenny to see him. If I brought Jenny in and left him alone with her, he'd know I wanted her cavity filled even if he found none in her mouth. The trouble is, I'd have to drive three hundred miles to give myself a cheap thrill, make a dentist's day, put a smile on my daughter's face, and make my hubby's dick hard. We all know were that would lead: wifely duty. Hummm, might be worth the trip.

Turns out, I didn't need to drive anywhere ... because the nastiest perverts I ever met moved into the house next door. When I went calling with Jenny, my only thought was that they might have kids near her age, or grand kids that sometimes visited. That, or they might be adults who enjoy the company of kids and wouldn't mind her stopping by to play thousand-questions with them. Maybe I'd get a cheap sitter and be able to go out alone and get into trouble. Phil is very possessive. He has a strict no-cheating policy; I've found ways around that, but not with Jenny under foot. If I dress properly, a couple of hours is all I need to find trouble.

I dressed Jenny in a pretty dress and did her hair up all nice and fluffy; pigtails and a little pink bow. I made her sexy without intention.

They didn't look like perverts, from a distance: they were both in their late twenties, early thirties, well-groomed and attractive, and could afford to let others do all the moving while they supervised. The buxom woman reminded me of a young Jane Russel, the Cross-Your-Heart bra lady; he looked like the daddy on the Brady Bunch. I did notice the dog, a medium-size boxer, but that made me think they might have kids. He looked like a kids kind of dog - young and frisy, wanting to fetch something. They weren't interested in amusing him, so he got taken out back.

Anyway, I waited until all the moving was over and gave them an hour to settle-in before popping over with finger-sandwiches on a platter. I think a fruit basket is dumb. They needed food and their kitchen couldn't possibly be stocked and setup yet. A thoughtful neighbor would bring food ready-to-eat. I'm clever like that, and they were famished, so thrilled to see me and my finger food ... and a little slut in a nice dress, too.

We were invited in and were all smiles, making introductions. Turns out her name was Jane; I'd have no difficulty remembering that. One look at her ample chest and I'd remember: bra, cross-your-heart, Jane.

His name was Jack -- Jack Whitaker -- so I associated his tall, well-muscled but lanky frame with beanstalk; 'Jack' would always pop into mind when I looked to his groin and pictured his long, skinny dick. Men built like Jack always had long, skinny dicks. Women with boobs like Jane's always got them fucked by men who had long dicks, good ass-fucking dicks, smooth colon-reamers to the average female. Jane and Jack Titfucker - no sweat.

I was so happy they were friendly and wanted to be friendly neighbors, and we were welcome over any time. They loved to barbecue, have drinks with friends, were getting a Jacuzzi, had a pool, loved kids, the sandwiches were simply excellent, marvelous, and their dog was licking my daughter between her legs.

Oh shit! I never taught Jenny how to deal with nasty doggies. She stood with her dress lifted, watching the doggie lap while he laid on the floor at her feet, licking up, lifting her to her toes, making her giggle. This looked much worse than it sounds because Jenny likes to wear her panties stuffed in her crack so the lips show. Hell, she'll saw the crotch back and forth until they disappear inside. I made sure she had panties on, but got distracted with the food preparations right before leaving. She found time to fix her panties.

I was never so embarrassed in my life. What must they think of me? I was sure they were wondering, "Why didn't that child twist away, push on the dog's head, back up, clamp her legs together, or at least say, 'Mommy, why is he doing that?' instead of, 'Mommy, look, he's licking my pussy.'"

This was bad; Jenny looked like she was about to cum.

I knew they had to be thinking, "What sort of upbringing is this child getting? What sort of mother is this: a pervert, a degenerate, a child-molesting parent? Are they swingers with a swinging child? Are we being setup, seduced, lured with finger sandwiches and a sexy young pussy? What sort of mother would raise such a vulgar slut, then use her as bait?"

Shit, there I was: with no quick answer or explanation and my hands still holding the tray with nowhere to set it down. Jane had dropped to one knee beside her dog and would handle this, so I went to the kitchen to set the tray down. On the way, my mind raced to explain my daughter's unusual behavior and heard, "He must smell something strong coming from inside your slit."

That was an odd thing to tell a child at a time like that. Like, "Hey kid, your cunt stinks. Mutts like stinky stuff. Lot of cum in there?"

Coming from her, that was like June Cleaver saying to the Beaver, "Son, smell my cunt and tell me if it stinks. Feel around."

Hell, I expected her to do like she did in the driveway: take that nasty mutt by the collar and drag his frisky ass out to the back yard. I thought she'd be right behind me, probably livid, but as I set the tray down, she called out, "Sarah, Jenny's panties are getting soaked. Perhaps you should remove them for her?"

I released the tray and thought, "Fucking perverts! The nerve!"

Then I thought, "Perverts living right next door could keep Phil's dick hard all summer."

Then I stopped thinking about driving to Adamstown for a checkup she didn't need.

I returned to the living room to see both of the Whitakers on their knees, on either side of their dog, watching my daughter's crotch getting a thorough going-over with a large slab of mutt tongue. They had the material of her panties pulled out of her crack and down a few inches, worn like a toddler with a load in the diapers. The dog had little trouble getting around the stretched-out material to the good stuff; he was an experienced doggy cunt-licker.

Together, the handsome young couple had Jenny's dress pushed up; the hem was eight inches past the waistband of her panties, which rode low on her slim hips gunslinger-style. Either they -- or Jenny, on her own -- had her standing in a wide stance, knees a foot apart, and they each had free hands feeling her up exactly the way expert child-molesters do.

I came close, stooping to take in a provocative scene that they must have thought would turn me on; in fact, the scene turned me on a BUNCH. I didn't want to appear too eager to get those damn panties out of the way; it was bad enough that I didn't drag Jenny out of there. I'm sure some mothers would be too shocked to do or say anything under those circumstances, so I acted like that kind.

The trick was to let them seduce me. Like I say, I'm a crafty bitch for a sexy 24-year old.

I tried to look just a little turned-on by what my wide eyes were taking in; I didn't want to look uncool, but I didn't want to actually lift my skirt and start fingering my pussy, either. I sorta gave a look like I wanted to, was thinking about it, wished I had the guts, that I might if this keeps up.

They were satisfied to let this strategy work on me, and they made it worse by delving fingers inside her panties, mostly going in from behind, going deep, way deep, showing bare ass, feeling up my Jenny's adorable little ass, going low enough to get their fingers wet, then bringing them out wet, letting me see this before sending that nasty hand up the front of her dress to massage her titless chest for her as though pussy juice would make her tits grow. Jane looked like a tit growth expert, but I tried that when I was seven. It doesn't help. You just have to wait on puberty.

I gave them a look like, "Please don't involve me in this! Please don't make me take her panties off for you! You do it. I just want to look helpless. Just let me watch. I'll explain this to her later. I'll think of something. If you'll let me keep my dignity as a mother, I won't even stop her from coming back. I'll be a good mommy, I swear. I beg you. Don't play on my obvious weakness, not in front of my child."

They understood every word I didn't say, yet they still made me lose my dignity. Jane said, "Sarah, you really should get these panties off before they get ruined."

Bastards! Lovely, charming, beautiful fucking bastards. I had them right where they wanted me, and I reluctantly moved behind Jenny. I slumped to my knees like a mother without dignity, took her panties in pinches of my fingers, and then dragged them to her knees. My sexy eight-year-old wiggled her perfect little ass; she had to place her legs together so Mommy could get them the rest of the way off for the nice perverts. Of course, Jenny was all too happy to get the fuckers off and get back into her feed-the-puppy-pussy pose.

Shameless hussy.

To say they were pleased is a gross understatement. I'm sure they figured they could have this little slut and not have to spend on any candy. Cheap bastards.

While I was down there, Jack said, "Why don't you remove her dress, too? It might get wrinkled."

No mommy likes wrinkles, so I took the bunched material of her dress and lifted. Jenny had been through this drill enough at bath-time to know to raise her arms high for me. The dress came off easy ... and there she was, lovely, naked in smart shoes and white socks, letting their dog lap her pussy, also letting them finger her butt hole. In Jenny's mind, these were nice people doing a nice thing, and they started before they even saw her pussy. They were even interested in her butt hole. Most grownups weren't. These two were very much interested in her poop-chute and took turns going in to the palm.

I suppose that somewhere in the child-molester's handbook there's a section on nullifying mothers, and I suppose the best way is to take turns finger fucking her kid in front of her. I couldn't say it didn't work, because I was nullified, mesmerized, and catatonic staring at those adult fingers going deep inside my child. Jenny giggled and said, "That feels funny when you stick your fingers up my butthole."

Yeah, it fucking looked funny, too. I'm sure I looked funny. I had no reason to be squatted down right behind Jenny other than to watch this anal action. My job was over ... unless they wanted her shoes and socks off, too. I couldn't see why they would. She looked cuter in them, in my opinion, unless they were into tiny bare feet or molesting totally naked children. She does have cute feet, but I certainly wasn't going to offer. How would that look? I'll make finger sandwiches, but stripping my daughter totally naked and setting her ass on a silver serving tray: no way.

Oddly, I was still concerned that they not think badly of me. I didn't want them to think that I was a bad mother when I came calling. I would rather they thought they made me be bad. Maybe they'd feel guilty afterward and give us candy. I always got candy afterward. I got candy before, during, and after. There was lure candy, inducement candy, and guilt candy. Sometimes, I got more guilt than lure or inducement because they hurt me. Maybe they'd hurt Jenny.

I doubted it, not with the cock Jack whipped out. Oh, it was big enough to make most eight-year-olds scream bloody murder, and a fair number of adult women, but I doubted Jenny would even groan on nine inches of above-average thickness. Jack's cock was long and thin, just like I pictured; a good butt-reamer. She's had cucumbers in her bigger than that; she had one that big when I went to check for her cherry.

After pulling that veggy out, I didn't bother; I chopped it up and fed it to Phil. He said the salad tasted kind of fishy. When he was through, I told him why and he fucked the shit out of me. Wifely duty.

Jack stood with his cock sticking out from his fly, which placed the weeping head on a level with Jenny's mouth. He rubbed the head over her lips and she opened wide to engulf it. This wasn't the first cock she'd had in her mouth, nor the first sperm-spewing organ, but it was the first adult cock. The head was all she could handle, but she knew how to suck on a dick head to bring up the nut sauce. You'd think she had a straw sunk into a thick milk shake. The bastard then placed my left hand on the shaft of his cock. I can't rest my hand on a stiff dick without curling my fingers and pumping. I think he knew that, or hoped I was that type. Anyway, there I was, jacking off my neighbor into my daughter's mouth.

This looked bad, but Jane wanted to make things worse. She had taken my right hand and brought it to Jenny's ass, placing my fuck finger on her anus. I had never done anything overtly sexual with my precocious daughter, nor had I ever teased Phil by saying I had. That would be incest and would open incest doors that needed to stay shut. I was hoping I could tell Phil exactly what happened ... but then my finger went up her ass. I don't know how much was me and how much was Jane aiding me, but in it went to the palm.

Wow, that was one soft and buttery colon. I could feel the dog's tongue working inside her pussy. I thought he was just licking the outside. No wonder she couldn't stand still. I wondered how she stood at all unless by suction applied to the head of his dick. Boy, that nice doggie had a lot of tongue.

Well, you can imagine how silly I felt, and then I felt a woman's soft hand sliding up my inner right thigh, rapidly closing on my pussy. I needed that and I didn't. Need it or not, I got it, three fingers deep; I was sopping wet and my hairless, hungry cunt sucked fingers in.

Then she got close -- intimately close -- and kissed me. I'm not talking about a thank you peck, she KISSED me like lesbians do.

I have never been very fond of lesbians, being one-hundred and ten percent straight and something of a cock nut, but this one was a real good kisser. I figured she must be bisexual, so I relaxed and kissed back. I have nothing against kissing a bisexual, or letting them finger fuck the shit out of me. I didn't know that until stopping by.

You learn something new every day.

This was something I could share with Phil. He likes lesbians and bisexual women. He wishes I were bisexual, and he wishes I had a girlfriend. After a minute with Jane, the fucker got his wish. I was not offended when she pulled her fingers out of me and put them in my mouth. I think that made it official. We were going steady.

Between kisses, she fed me some of her pussy slobber. I fondly remembered the taste of female-pervert pussy slobber, but without a piece of candy in my mouth, this was different. I wondered if she would put a candy bar up her snatch so I could eat it out as it melts. Now that would be a trip down memory lane. Chances are, she'd give it all to Jenny.

Jane gradually brought me back to the reality of the situation. I was not the guest of honor, Jenny was. I was just the mother, and my place, evidently, was on my back behind her, because that's where Jane maneuvered me. She also laid Jenny back over me, so our pussies are one over the other and her head is between my tits.

I'm thinking, "Okay, now what? Apparently, I'm the fucking bed."

My new girlfriend, Jane, drags my panties off and tucks my skirt under Jenny. I'm having a little trouble seeing with all this fluffed-up blond hair in my way, but I soon sense then see Rover being led over us. Jenny is giggling and wiggling because he's trying to fuck her, but keeps poking her between the pussy hole and butt hole. Hell, he hit my pussy twice, but I didn't giggle ... only gasped little bit, and maybe wigged to get the cock in me. Honestly, though, I didn't think I'd had enough foreplay to be getting into this shit.

What kind of mother did they think I was, anyway?

Obviously the kind you fuck on, because Rover hit the mark; one of them, anyway, and it wasn't mine, and then he was off to the dog races, hugging us both with his fucking muzzle in my face slinging slobber. Jane was sticking gooey fingers in my mouth and I didn't know where they'd been, although she got her pretty cunt almost close enough that I could lick it -- that tasted like the source, but I sucked a couple of times just to be sure.

Her husband was jacking off by my left cheek; before long, he was squirting cum in my face, almost up my nose.

I swore, then and there: no more finger sandwiches for them. Those people go nuts on finger sandwiches. Maybe too much dill. I didn't know, but I sensed that these fruit-cakes were insulting me in some way, and maybe taking advantage of my good nature.

Jenny thought nothing of it except that these were the best neighbors we ever had ... and they have a dog, too! Neato!

Neato my ass. The dumb mutt was licking his master's cum off my face while fucking my daughter. I hate dogs that lick you in the face. I mean, dogs lick their butts. Perversion is one thing, but this was a hygiene issue. Jesus Christ! I almost yelled out, "Would you screw the bitch and keep your fucking mouth shut!"

That would have sounded dumb, like I wanted him to mate with my daughter but not tell anyone. I couldn't help but look dumb and feel dumb; I didn't need to sound dumb, too. I got to thinking about the inducement candy this should have cost them. We'd have hit the mother-lode and needed a wheel barrow to take it home. So far, nothing: not a gum drop, not a sucker, not even one M&M.

About this time, Rover dumped his load and some began trickling out of Jenny, going down her ass and into my slit. Jane or Jack, probably both, worked this oozing fuck-drool inside my twat while their panting mutt's tongue laid like a wet wash rag right over my mouth. I would have remedied this situation with my hands, but they were holding my arms down. I would have rolled my head away, but when I settled back, my head went between heavy boxes. Lifting my head only brought me into contact with more tongue, so there I was with ten pounds of butt-licker on my mouth.

Finally, that dumb mutt got up and wandered off. No sooner was his head out of my way than Jane's was in my way. After smearing my face with fuck gathered from between my daughter's legs, we kissed. Jenny thought that was really neato, seeing two ladies kissing with their tongues. She never saw that before. Evidently Jack liked that as much as Phil did. He got hard again, took Rover's place, and made Jenny groan. Now my hands were free but I had nothing to do with them unless I wanted to hold Jenny's legs apart for him. He placed my hands on her legs. I thought, "What the fuck! Why not?"

While I made out with his wife and amused the piss out of my daughter, I made a good Jenny-beaver for Jack to fuck. He fucked her good and hard, but then did something that surprised me: he pulled out of her and gave me some. That was nice. He'd fuck me a little and fuck her a little, then me, then her. He teased us both, and we both wanted more. He had a great cock, and I was very pleased to learn that he liked fucking mommies too. We were getting equal time. Then again, he was getting sloppy seconds after a mutt with her pussy. Mine was fresh ... sorta.

Jack came half in Jenny and half in me. We each got a few squirts deep in our cunts. I thought that was very sweet of him, at least very considerate. To show my appreciation, while he soaked in Jenny's twat, I milked his dick for him with both hands. He said I was a good mommy. I felt like I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend right next door. Cock next door, how convenient ... two, if you count Rover. I didn't.

I never did care too much for canine cock. I suppose I got too much as a child. Human dicks were very special. I have always thought of dogs as second-class fucks. I certainly wouldn't cross a street to lick one's dick.

Jenny would. She was obviously taken with them and their tongues. I could tell she liked the dog better. For one thing, the dog didn't keep pulling out to fuck someone else, and the dog gave her his whole load. She and Rover would be getting along famously. Me, Jane, and Jack seemed to hit it off, as well; by the time I had my tongue up Jane's asshole, we were getting along swimmingly. I could tell they both thought I was great.

I thought we were though when Jane disengaged, but she disengaged to pick Jenny up and set her on my face after Jack moved the boxes. This was gross and totally uncalled for. I suppose they did it in part to give Jenny a cheap thrill, because she was certainly thrilled cheaply. I think every drop of dog semen, Jack's load and little girl cum made its way inside my mouth and down my throat in the five minutes she sat there giggling and wiggling. After a minute to adjust, I saw no harm in licking.

After Jenny had her turn, it was Jane's turn again. She hiked her dress and squatted over my mouth. Jenny got a big kick out of that, too, especially when Jane pissed in my mouth; that stuff is sterile, so there was no harm in gulping it down. Jane was facing my feet; after a few minutes of allowing me to humiliate myself all by myself, she fell over my body and began paying me back. Jenny loved seeing two grown-up ladies doing a sixty-nine. I was glad she loved it, because she'd be seeing a lot more of that. Sixty-nining with a grown-up lady can be addictive damn quick.

We took a break after that romp. Me, Jane, and Jack were still dressed. You would think, by the way were all acting, we hadn't done anything improper ... but there was my nude daughter lying on the floor at our feet licking their dog's dick as we sat on the sofa and chit chatted as though she weren't.

I really liked those people. Sure, they were extremely vulgar at times and stingy with their candy ... but when they weren't fucking us, smearing us with fuck, and sharing us with a mutt, they were your normal, everyday, next-door neighbors. And wouldn't you know it? Jack was a dentist and Jane worked as his assistant. They were looking for office help, someone to staff the admin aspect. I asked him if he filled cavities that weren't in the mouth.

He said, "Absolutely," and that's why they had to move so much.

He said it could be a great job for a few years. I thanked him but declined. I didn't want to move or risk jail. I hear there are a plethora of lesbians in female jails. I suppose there are bisexuals, too. With my luck, I'd get stuck with as lesbian.

I began telling them all about the relationship Phil and I shared; I told them about my charade, how clever I was. Of course, Jenny heard it all while pretending to be totally absorbed in sucking the dog's dick. That girl doesn't miss one word when adults are talking, and this was certainly no exception ... especially when I was spilling my guts and answering so many mysteries in her life.

I don't know why I wanted her to know, other than we had become sexual and she had recently been pestering me for answers as to why Daddy couldn't know anything when she knew damn well he would probably like to know everything. His hard dick told her that much.

I expected a pat on my devious clever back from Jane and Jack, but they were anything but supportive. This went strongly against their grain. Sex was something to be shared, not used as a weapon, and you don't ever tell anyone that incest is sick; that, they thought, was just plain sick.

Then Jenny stopped sucking cock, rolled to her back, got up on her elbows with her legs planted wide and said, "Mom, that's rotten. Daddy wants to fuck me and you won't let him?"

Boy, did I figure this crowd wrong. I quickly thought and said, "Jenny, your father is too big for you. He'd hurt you. Maybe when you're older, I wouldn't mind."

"I know how big he is, Mom, and I can take all of it, easy. You just don't wanna share. You want it all to yourself."

Now Jane's interest was piqued. She said, "Just how big is this stallion of yours, Sarah?"

When I described him, I knew she had to have him, and then they were all badgering me to share. I finally threw up my arms in surrender and cried, "All right, all right, I'll stop playing games and share ... but before I do, there's one last game I want to play, and I want you all to help me pull it off. Three days, no more. After that, I'll fess up and start being a good wife. I promise. It probably won't even go one day. When Phil cries Uncle, I'll come clean and we'll all have a good laugh."

I explained my plan; that idea didn't rub them wrong, so they agreed to play along.

That afternoon, I was home alone when Phil entered the house. It took him five minutes to notice that his little slut wasn't home. I peeled carrots at the sink. He came up and said, "Where's, Jenny?"

As casually as I could, I said, "Oh, she's at the neighbors. She'll be spending the night."

"So, you met the new neighbors."

"Yes," I said with a smile. "Very friendly people."

"How old are their kids?"

"They don't have kids. Just a male dog, some kind of boxer."

"They don't have kids, but ... Jenny is spending the night?"

"She started doing cartwheels for them with no panties on, then she sits all over the guy's lap. I was hoping we could just ignore her, but then she starts crawling around, playing with the dog. The next thing I know, the dog is on her, in her, and they are hung up because he got lodged in her ass. I had to tell them what a slut she is as though that weren't obvious."

"Oh god, Sarah!"

"I know, honey, but what could I do? I was afraid this might happen. Anyway, they wanted to keep her overnight and they promised to keep her amused. I saw no harm. I figured we could go out, maybe take in a movie."

"Sarah. Put that down, turn around, and talk to me."

I kept my smile to myself and turned around, acting surprised that he was upset. He said, "If this is a joke, it's not funny. Now tell me where Jenny is."

"I told you where she is. She's next door. Don't you wanna go out?"

Phil frowned. "God damn, Sarah, those people are child-molesters."

"Yes, we talked about that. They prefer the term swingers; what they call 'playground swingers,' apparently."

"SARAH, they're fucking child-molesters! Are you out of your mind? You left our only daughter with a pair of child-molesters!"

"Phil, she was quite happy there, and I'm sure they won't let her out of their sight."

"Of course not, you fucking idiot. They'll have her tied to a bed."

I matched his irate tone when saying, "Don't call me a fucking idiot. You're the idiot for wanting her raised this way. I warned you what might happen, but no, you want your little slut on your lap making your dick hard. Is it hard now?"

"Damn you, Sarah."

I rolled my eyes. "I don't know what you're so upset about. These people are no different than the others. They just don't have any kids of their own to act as a cover for her sleeping over. They'll be doing the same thing. At least they're right next door."

Phil, frustrated, walked away combing his fingers through his hair. He spun to face me, saying, "Damnit, Sarah, this was not what I intended. This is not cool. No way is this cool. My daughter is no whore."

"I agree, sweetie, if you define whore as one who gets paid for sex. She is most definitely giving it away. Our daughter is a slut ... but she's no whore."

"Sarah, I am marching over there right now and I am bringing my daughter back."

"If you do, you'll be bringing back a regular kid, and she'll stay a regular kid from now on. That's fine with me, but this is the last time we're having this fight. You make up your fucking mind once and for all. I am serious, Phil. I am fed up. I'll raise a slut or a good girl. I will not raise both, nor will I be whipsawed by you every time you can't decide what you want. Go get her or leave her be."

With that, I threw down my apron, stormed past him, and went off to the master bathroom where I looked in the mirror and broke into a mega smile. The poor fucker couldn't live with a good girl. I saw that look in his face and I knew it. He had to have his Jenny fix. I'm sure he was out there pacing back and forth trying to see a way out of this one. This was the first ultimatum he'd ever had to face. There was no way out ... short of making up his mind. I just had to wait to see how long it took him to realize he was a junkie and I controlled the junk.

I waited ten minutes before he sheepishly peeked in and said, "You're right. Perhaps it's best that I decide once and for all."

"Is she here?"


"Is that your decision?"

"I suppose."

I tinkered with my lips and my lipstick while saying to the mirror, "Fine. It might interest you to know that the woman is bisexual and more interested in Jenny than he is. She took great delight in forcing Jenny to eat pussy in front of me. Well, I suppose 'force' is a strong word. Jenny took to the snatch like a duuuuUCK..."

He grabbed me, dragged me to the bed, stripped me naked, and screwed the shit out of me. I wasn't the least surprised. I know my man. Nothing winds his crank like the thought of two females going at each other's cunts, unless it's a little girl doing a grown woman in front of her mother.

He almost killed me, but LORD ... what a way to die!

Christ, I love a good caveman screwing, and he gave me one for the record books. That brute drilled my slut ass to the mattress. His cum filled my mouth and came shooting out my ears and nose. Considering that his dick was in my pussy at the time, that's fucking. I hadn't been fucked like that since I was Jenny's age. He left me cross-eyed and speechless, seeing stars, taking a trip down memory lane.

Phil wasn't much better off. When he was done, he laid over my body as wasted as I was. We were both panting, only he had an easier time because he didn't have two-hundred and twenty pounds of exhausted caveman lying on him. I was almost purring.

Slowly, he struggled to his straight arms and looked down on me, taking several deep breaths in succession. He was proud. I had him smiling.

I said, "I suppose you think you're hot stuff now."

"I know you won't wander far from my dick."

"Yeah, well, your new neighbor thinks he's a stud, too, and he has no respect for my wedding ring. He says I'm not allowed to wear it in his house."


"That's right. He made me take it off and swallow it."


"Don't worry. I'll get it back, but not without digging through my shit. That was to teach me a lesson. If I ever wear my wedding ring on his property again, I'll be digging it out of shit again."

"God damn, Sarah. What kind of assholes are these?"

"I don't know, but they don't like married women or women who act like mothers. I'm not allowed to act like Jenny's mother, either. I have to pretend Jenny is their child when she's on their property."

Phil's eyes went wide. "What!?"

"Don't worry. They like playing pretend games. It's some sort of game they're into - masters of their domain, I guess. This is something playground swingers play when one couple has kids and the other couple doesn't. The two couples share. That's why I couldn't say anything about the way they were using Jenny. That's why I had to watch her eat pussy and leave without her."


Christ, indeed. I could feel his dick suddenly develop new growth. Hypocrite. I can't say he was all hypocrite. Clearly, he was torn between his two heads. I kept a straight face and said, "Don't worry. We'll get her back in the morning. Before I left, they asked if Jenny could stay with us tomorrow. I said sure. I assume we'll be passing her back and forth. When she's under our roof she's ours and I'm a married woman. When we're under their roof, she is theirs and I'm single."

"Didn't you explain that we aren't playground swingers? Or even regular swingers?"

I'm a natural blonde, and sometimes, when I want to, I let it show. I acted very blonde when I said, "Well ... no, they never asked, honey."

"Sarah, did you have sex with this man?"

"Not while wearing your ring. I swore I'd never cheat on you while I wore your ring, and I didn't."

I could see he wasn't amused as he said, "But you did have sex with him."

"As a single woman, yes. What's wrong with that?"

Phil frowned slightly, but his eyes were twinkling. "I'll tell you what's wrong with that. Ring or no ring, worn on your body or in your body, in my house or his house or the god damn White House, you are still my wife."

"Yeah, well try to tell Mr. President that in the White House next door."

"I shouldn't have to! I expect you to. I sure as hell don't expect my wife to remove her wedding ring and swallow it because a swinging asshole who wanted to fuck her wanted to make her available. You are not that dumb, Sarah. No one is. Whatever you did, you did because you wanted to do it."

"Phil, those people don't think the way we do. Different people have different ways. We have to respect other people's cultures and traditions."

"They are not Buddhist monks, and those fuckers are not foreign exchange students. They're fucking swingers who are into fucking other people's kids."

His dick was hard enough to etch glass. I said, "You're right about that. They were certainly into our kid, into her ass to the balls while she tried to eat a moving pussy. The poor kid got cunt-slimed from chin to forehead, ear to ear. I swear, Phil, you would not believe how those people treat their child. I was shocked."

"Sarah, that is our child."

"Not over there she's not."

"We are not playing that game, Sarah."

I smiled. "Oh yes we are. You made up your mind."

"I'll unmake it."

"I won't let you. If you try, I won't be digging in shit. I'll just shit and flush."

He looked quite stunned as he said, "Are you serious? You'd flush our marriage?"

"I told you to choose once and for all. You made a choice. If I can't trust you, if you're not good for your word, if we'll be arguing about this shit from now on, on and on. I don't want to be married to you if that's the case. Fuck it. Screw it. I don't care how good the sex is. I'll just move next door and share a bedroom and a bed with their daughter. With a little luck, Jack will knock both of us up."

Now deeply agitated, he got off me and climbed off the bed, back to combing his fingers through his matted hair, saying, "Christ, Sarah, do you hear what you're saying? You would leave me to go shack up with perverts?"

I think a man with a large erect dick looks funny when he's agitated, but I stifled the laugh and tried hard not to stare at his arching, pulsing dick when I said, "I wouldn't want to. I like it here. I like it here with you. I think you're a much better fuck."

"Is that all I am to you, a fuck?"

"No, of course not. You're also a good friend and a lover. I love you and I love the way you fuck. I only like him and I like the way he fucks. Your dicks are different. There's a big difference."

"Holy screaming shit, Sarah! What are you, a life support system for a vagina?"

"No, silly, I'm a woman. There is a lot more to being a woman than just supporting a pussy."

"Yeah, like what? And don't you dare say motherhood or I'll laugh in your face. All you're doing is supporting another cunt."

"I wasn't going to say motherhood. I, uh ... like to cook."

"You cook to eat to feed your body which supports your cunt. Try another."

"I keep house."

"Yes, because if you didn't I'd stop supporting you and giving you food to cook. Try another."

"Well ... I, uh... huh. Okay, I'm a life support system for a cunt, but you knew that when you married me."

"I married a cunt, in other words."

"For better or worse," I said with a smile.

"This sucks."

Now, I stared hungrily at his cock, saying, "I was bad, huh? You should fuck me and teach me a lesson."

"I should NOT fuck you and teach you a lesson. For what you've done, I should make you go without for a week. What I should do is remove my wedding ring and go next door."

"Yeah, but all they'll do is tease you and make you hornier. You couldn't take that, Phil. Why torture yourself?"

"Oh, you don't want me going over there, do you?"

"No, because I know how they are and I know how you are. They get off on teasing, using their sexy daughter to drive other people crazy. You won't get to fuck her, if that's what you're thinking."

"I was thinking of fucking his wife."

"Oh. Well, she might want to."

Phil ginned wickedly. "What does she look like?"

"Jane Russel."

"Who's that?"

"You know, that busty brunette actress from the sixties? She used to do the cross-your-heart bra ads."

He remembered, and my Phil does like busty babes. He said, "Jane Russel, huh? Is she in good shape?"

"I'll say. She looks like Jane did back then."

"How old?"

"Late twenties."

"Do you think she likes big dicks?"

"She looks the type. She made Jenny stick her arm in and make a fist before fucking her. She called it fist-fucking. It looked like arm fucking to me, though. She took Jenny way past the elbow, almost to her shoulder. Jane is nowhere near as tight as me."

"I'll fuck her tits."

"Don't ask me to press them together for you."

"I wouldn't think of it. I'd ask Jenny."

"She'll be busy at the other end. Jane keeps Jenny busy between her legs. If you're not using her asshole or pussy, I'm sure Jenny will be."

His dick could support the weight of a swinging child as he said, "I'm going over there, Sarah."

"If you do, you remember whose kid that is and whose house you're in. You'll be a guest in their home. If they don't like the way you act, they'll make you leave. And remember, they get off on teasing. I got fucked, but I didn't get to cum. I got sent home horny and frustrated, and that was because he said I was acting like a slut just because I was moving too much. I wasn't hardly moving at all, either."

"She won't send me home."

"Don't count on it, stud. You'll be back here begging for a fuck in less than thirty minutes. If you leave me now, you're not getting any off of me."

"You are incapable of turning down a stiff dick, Sarah."

"I know, so I won't stay. When you come back, I'll go over. I won't turn it down. Until I shit a wedding ring, I'm free and single. I may not even go next door. I may take my pussy downtown."

"I'll bet you know right where to go, too, don't you?"

"I may not know right where to go, but I know what street to walk down and what to wear. More importantly, what not to wear."

"You slut!"

"For better or worse, Phil."

"That goes both ways, sweetheart. Tell me something, Sarah. What makes your new friends think I won't turn them in or come over and start busting heads?"

"I assured them you wouldn't. You don't turn anyone else in or bust any other heads, and they are our neighbors. You have to be more tolerant of neighbors."

"Not THAT tolerant."

"You do. I told them if you didn't come for her right away, we were playing the game."

"So, what you're saying is, if I went over there right now, they'll invite me in and do me the way they did you."

I shrugged. "Why not?"

"You know, Sarah, they might get off on seeing a father fuck his kid."

"They might. They sure like seeing a daughter eat her mother."


"Oops, I keep forgetting. I mean, they like seeing their daughter eat the nice neighbor lady."

"Jenny ate your pussy?"

"Yeah, and boy was that weird. I had to keep telling myself that wasn't my daughter down there, and that wasn't her tongue in my pussy."

"Oh fuck, Sarah. Jenny actually ate you out?"

"Their Jenny did. My Jenny would never do that to her own mother."

"Do you think their Jenny would fuck the neighbor guy?"

"With them, you just never know. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. They raise that child like a slut."

"Sarah, seriously. You know I'd fuck her, don't you?"

"You'd be a fool not to."

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Why should I mind if you fuck the neighbor's slut daughter? You'd better never fuck our Jenny, but you can fuck their Jenny all you want, assuming they don't mind."

Now, he was catching on and thinking with only one head -- the one with one eye. He smiled and said, "Well, since you put it that way, I say we both go visit the neighbors. They sound like friendly people."

"They are, but they're prick-teases. Pussy-teases, too. If you ask me, we'll just get all hot and bothered and leave frustrated."

"If that happens, we can always run right over here and hit the sheets."

I perked up, sat up, and said, "We could. They can't get to us unless we let 'em."

"No, they can't. Shall we go?"

He offered me his hand. I accepted. We dressed and headed over as the neighbors visiting Jack, Jane, and their slut daughter - their dog, too.

He never did believe any of those dog stories, certain that Jenny made them up, or I made them up. I'm sure he thought I made this one up. No way could his little darling copulate with an animal. That simply did not compute. He could imagine it, and get turned on by the image, but the reality simply did not compute. Though I told him I had played the bitch in my youth, he didn't believe that, either. Seeing is believing.

Jane let us in, and she looked as normal as any good-looking, busty next-door neighbor could. Jack came up smoking a pipe. As with me, they were very friendly, excited to be neighbors, speaking of barbecues, Jacuzzis, the pool, drinks with friends in the Jacuzzi. Phil shook hands with both of them, but looked beyond both to see the little naked girl on her hands and knees in front of the sofa getting fucked by a medium size boxer: one frisky pup.

Poor Phil. I think he shit his pants. They stepped aside to welcome us all the way in, to join them on the sofa, but Phil couldn't budge. Seeing his catatonic stare, and what caused it, Jane said, "Please excuse our daughter, but she's in heat. They should be through soon. If inter-species mating bothers you, we can sit at the kitchen table."

Together, Jane and I took elbows and assisted Phil to the sofa, past the rutting couple, and into the center where he plopped. Jane sat beside him. Jack pulled me onto his lap and sent his hand up my dress to my crotch. I placed my legs on Phil's lap and relaxed, looking at the bitch along with Phil. I'll say one thing. When Jenny takes it doggie style, she really takes it like a doggie: a blonde bitch.

Jane said, "She is such a bitch. Do you have any kids, Phil?"

He nodded, yes, then remembered and said, "No."

"You're lucky. They can be quite a handful, especially the girls. Take our Jenny, for example. All she thinks about is sex, sex, sex ... and she's only eight! She can be quite a handful, let me tell you. Someone told her a girl can get a puppy that way.

Jack laughed. "I'm just glad they didn't tell her how to get a pony!"

By this time, Jack and I were coupled. I had turned around and straddled his loins after he freed his dick. Phil wasn't in a talkative mood, his attention divided between his bitch daughter and his unfaithful wife.

Jane rubbed my husband's cock through his slack and said, "Sarah tells us you two are shacking up but free to see other people. That's very opened-minded, and I think it's really sexy. Jack and I have what you might call an open marriage; I guess that's pretty obvious. So ... Phil, what sort of work do you do?"

Phil groaned, held his groin, held my hand, stood, dragged me off a cock, dragged me from the house, dragged me to my house, to my bed, and there he screwed me like a caveman -- again!

When he got up on stiff arms, he said, "Fuck, Sarah! Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"That mutt screwing Jenny."

"Of course. You heard her. Their daughter is in heat and she wants a puppy."

"Fuck. These people play hard-ball."

I grinned wickedly. "I suppose. Why, can't you play hard ball?"

"Can you? Think about it. They are breeding our daughter like a bitch."

"Their daughter. We have no daughter. We're just shacking up."

"Come on, Sarah, cut the crap. We play games over there, not here."

"It's easier for me if I play the game in both places, otherwise I have to accept the fact that perverted child-molesters are breeding our child like a bitch and using her like a whore. I'm not sure I can accept that, Phil."

"I'm not sure I can."

"Don't start that, Phil. We made our decision; besides, I can't undo this, not now. For better or worse, Jenny is a bitch and a whore who gets traded back and forth. Right now, it's their turn."

"And when it's our turn, what? How will it be when they visit us? Are we supposed to tease them?"

"We don't have to be exactly like them. We can be any way we like when it's our turn."

"We'll be man and wife, though, right?"

"If I can shit a wedding ring, we can. Is that how you want to play it? As a wife and mother, nobody fucks my child. As a free and single, shacking-up slut, anyone can fuck my little bitch. I'll whip her ass if she's not a good fuck."

"Sarah, this is all so very confusing."

"Only when your dick is soft."

"Well, we have to take into account that my dick will be soft more than hard."

"Phil, this is obviously more difficult on you than it is on me, so you tell me how to be. I'll follow your lead. We never need to go over there if you don't want to, and we can be the way we were during our turn. Our home life need never change."

He mulled that over, then climbed off me, then off the bed, then paced. Phil paces a lot when he mulls. I watched him. Finally, he stops and says, "We're swingers, now, I hope you realize that."

"I realized it before you did. I went over shortly after noon and stayed until four."

"And you think you can live this way? Play their game, get into this lifestyle?"

"Sure. I'm a life support system for a cunt, remember?"

"What about Jenny?"

I laughed. "She is too, more so than I am. At least I cook and keep house."

"All right, Sarah. I'm game. Let's do this. Let's go back, only this time, let's stay."

"Hey, you dragged me over here, mister swinger. You dragged me off a dick."

"Well, I won't be dragging you this time."

"They were just getting warmed up."

"Well, I have had two cums under my belt. I'm ready for the worst they can dish out."

"Phil, you can get it up and get it off five or six times before you're ready for anything they can dish out. By then, you'll be a physical and mental wreck. Don't torture yourself. Forget them. Let's go out to dinner, take in a movie, then maybe we'll stop by for a few drinks before bedtime. That way, what they do will work for us. It'll make our sex better."

"No, I can handle this, Sarah. I say we go back and show them that we're not wimps."

I rolled my eyes again. "Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you ... and mark my words, you won't get any of Jenny's pussy unless it's just a tease. They might let you put your dick all the way in then tell you both not to move. That would bother her, but that would kill you."

"If I got a hard-on strong enough to effect penetration, and that's a big if."

"My ass. You're getting hard just thinking about it. Lead on, stud."

He went over with the greatest resolve and the best of intentions. For three minutes, he did pretty good, but then Jane got his dick out and made her daughter lick it while Jack screwed his daughter in the ass. You'd think it were Phil's daughter they were molesting. Ten minutes after we arrived, we were on our way home at a trot. Wimps.

We rested for an hour then tried again. This time, Jane mounted him, straddled over his lap and fed titties to his lips while Jenny licked their genitals. Jack and I made love on the floor at their feet -- in sight of Phil, of course. He took that for fifteen minutes, and there we went again, trotting. After he dumped his load in me, he was exhausted. I rolled him off and let him pant at my side. He partially opened his eyes, took me in, and said, "They're evil."

"I told you. We still have time for a late dinner."

"No, just give me an hour. I'll show them I'm no wimp."

He got his hour and we went over at eight. This time, they put Jenny on his dick, sinking her to his groin as he sat between Jane and Jack with me riding Jack's cock. Jane swatted Jenny's ass with a fly swatter whenever she tried to move, and Phil had to keep his hands behind his head. We might have stayed thirty minutes like this but Phil couldn't hold still and we were kicked out.

He took it out on me. This was no caveman fuck, but it was our fourth in as many hours. I had to get on top for him to take it out on me. Afterward, he laid there looking up at the ceiling, dazed. I said, "Had enough, stud?"

"No, one hour. That's all I need. Call them and tell them we'd like to meet for drinks in one hour."

I hopped down and made the date. He didn't know it, but he was in no shape for what was planned. I wasn't sure this wouldn't kill him. One hour later, we went over wearing robes as though to go swimming, only we were nude under our robes. Jane took them from us after we entered.

Jane, Jack, and Jenny were also nude so we all went skinny dipping to break in the new pool. Jack fucked his daughter in the shallow end, the deep end, on the deck, on the diving board, in a lounger, on the barbecue grill, and when he wasn't, Rover was. Jane and I made out like lesbian lovers the entire time. For the most part, Phil was all by himself in the deep end trying to conceal his painful erection, pretending that all he was seeing had no effect on him.

He did pretty good, but I could see his suffering. The pool scene was rough, but the bedroom scene was pure hell. They had a massive bed designed for four or more swingers. We crowded four, a child, and a dog onto it with Phil in the middle. We carried on an orgy all around him. Jenny got fucked over him. Their fuck dripped on him. Dog balls dragged on him. Paws scratched him.

After thirty minutes in bed, Phil had tears streaming down his cheeks. I couldn't let him suffer any longer; besides, the others were giving me dirty looks as though bringing a man to tears was as good as making him cry, "Uncle!"

I suppose it is.

I gave the nod. Everyone converged on Phil with Jenny getting his cock and the go-ahead to have herself a ball.

Jane fed him titties. I played with his nipples while massaging his prostate. Jack smoked his pipe while Rover licked at my pussy. Phil went from Hell to Heaven in a nod and was instantly overwhelmed.

Normally he would have popped ten seconds after this started, but he stayed hard for ten minutes, maybe more. Who counted?

This was without doubt Phil's best ever orgasm, one that left him shivering and speechless. We took another ten minutes to bring him down. By this time, Jenny laid over his chest, still plugged on his deflated cock, grinning like a father-fucker. I had snuggled up beside him like a cheating slut. There, I made my confession and my apologies, then promised to rededicate myself to being a good wife as defined by him.

Fortunately, his definition and mine were roughly the same by that point. A good wife knows how to play the game.

The End

Bailey's Own Allowance (MFf+ trans ped inc non-con beast ws preg extr Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/20(Mon)11:30 No. 20823 ID: 923b50

Bailey's Own Allowance, Part 1 (MFf+ trans ped inc non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom/Tiffany tribute by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Our shy little family was stuck, living low in the big city -- poor but proud -- when Mommy struck gold with a hung small-town millionaire; overnight, me and my sisters were wild country girls, obscenely wealthy and shamelessly obscene ... and we've never been happier.

The man Mommy Susan married, Steve Wendland, was huge, crude and gorgeous; his three teen sons -- Mike (19), Nick (17) & Chad (15) -- were much the same, only flashier and more arrogant. My new daddy was bold, fearsome, feisty, funny and full of life; he was a blue-eyed, lantern-jawed caveman, a tough-as-nails construction worker who hit the Mega Millions jackpot and bought his own company ... then tripled the yearly profits.

Mr. Steve Wendland had his pick of women from miles around, to be sure -- all of them stunning, young and frisky -- but he made it quite clear from the very first date that he wanted one simple thing from his pretty bride-to-be: slut-daughters, with a mommy who wanted to let her little whores have some hard, dirty fun. Wendland Construction was famous for that special brand of fun, after all; the crews were hard, dirty men doing hard, dirty work, and Bossman Steve liked to see his boys rewarded with hard drinks and dirty girls after an honest day's solid labor.

Susan, my mommy, had four lovely daughters (Ashlynn-13, Bridgette-11, Cara-8 & Debbie-6) who fit the bill with flying colors; she also had an open mind with a deeply kinky-streak and a girlish, very pretty 11-year-old son -- me -- who wouldn't mind taking one for the team if Mommy asked nice. Our sexy mommy was also a 28-year-old blonde bombshell, a recovering slut with soft blue eyes, perky C-cups, long legs and smooth, pale skin; she was a dead ringer for Amanda Seyfried, and she turned heads everywhere we went. Bored as hell with most men & going nowhere in a dead-end office-job, a glorified coffee-jockey working shitty waitress-gigs on Saturdays to make ends meet, Mom fell head over heels for a cocky cowboy who wanted to take her away from all this.

It was just the beginning of summer when the two love-birds met at the diner she was working at while he was in town on business; charming sweet-talker he was, Steve got her to hike up her dress and show him a shaved-bald beaver -- no panties -- right at his table. By the time he was ready to settle up his bill, my brazen mother was sucking him off while getting her fleshy, slobbery cunt fingered openly. They fucked like bunnies in the diner bathroom, in his rental car, in the elevator up to his suite and then in a big bed all through the end of her very last waitress-shift; she called to tell us she would be out late, and then called back Sunday afternoon to tell us we were all spending the night at the hotel with our new step-daddy.

We all impressed him very much; his smile, his generosity and his big muscle cock certainly impressed all of us girls. I was introduced as 'Bailey' instead of 'Benji;' my twin sister Bridgett and our older sister Ashylnn made me up -- at Mom's over-the-phone request -- into a sexy little chick in a short dress. When I met Steve, I was a prissy preteen Girl Scout wearing high heels, a dainty dog-collar and a sharp pixie cut, with makeup expertly applied ... and so I've stayed, except that I've let my hair grow out.

If I do say so myself, I am a very sexy girlie-boy with the cutest little dick, great legs, and tight buns; Daddy Steve has me on new vitamins, special pills and routine injections at the doctors now that I'm twelve, and I'm even shapelier that my twin sister.

After us girls got there that Sunday, Mommy got me alone and asked me to be her fifth little girl; she posed that question while fingering my butt and massaging my cock through cute pink panties. My butt wanted something bigger ... much bigger. I like girls -- a LOT, in fact! -- but my ass is queer, no argument there. I admitted that I very much wanted to be her little girl. I told her that I wanted to be Bridgette's sexy identical-twin. I even said that I wanted to be her slut-daughter, a bitch, a cunt, a fucking whore, especially if it meant she would be happy with Daddy Steve.

That settled, we all went swimming in the biggest hotel pool any of us girls had ever seen, drank champagne in a hot tub bigger than our apartment, had room-service deliver us a 5-star meal complete with wine-pairings, watched hours of Pay-Per-View porno, and snuggled up in a big bed, drifting off to warm, easy dreams after Steve sampled each of us ... and liked what he found. There was a great deal of very dirty sex that weekend; not one of us was a virgin in any hole by the time we were done, and cum was running down our legs as we checked out. Mommy even revealed a previously-unknown bondage-kink to us; making her cum with my tongue while we had her tied down was awesome.

On Monday, as soon as the courthouse opened up, they were Mr. & Mrs. Wendland and we were one big happy family; by that afternoon, as the movers tackled our crappy apartment, we were driving out to the country to see our new home.

And sweet JESUS, what a home it was!

Steve had a goddamn castle with heated floors, a lake, a horse-ranch, an eight-car garage, a dozen dogs and acres of trees out in the hills; his guest-house by the pool was three stories tall and put most 4,000+ square-foot suburban McMansions to shame. His handsome sons were friendly enough, and Steve made damn sure that they understood we girls were to be treated kindly: if the boys wanted to seduce us, charm us, flatter us and massage us, we could be pretty kid sisters who liked to fuck. If we were hurt, shamed, bullied, tormented or raped, though ... there would be goddamn HELL to pay.

It was not hard to imagine Daddy Steve whipping some ass.

Mommy got a new sports-car, a very sexy truck, plus a new minivan -- just in case she felt like driving all of us around -- and a small legion of eager, attractive domestics to do mundane things like cook, clean, garden, wash & fold the laundry, buy groceries, do nails, do hair, and chauffeur us into town on command. This idyllic existence lasted all through a fun, lazy summer of barbeques, hot-tubs, concerts, state fairs, swimming, sex, hiking, kayaking, boating, 4-wheeler rides along woodland trails, and three vacations: one to Disneyland, one camping, and one to go fishing at the beach-house on another lake.

A raucous, skinny-dipping-themed 4th-of-July pool-party at our introduced us Wendland girls to the construction company boys, plus some of their wives & girlfriends; every one of us in the Bossman's new harem -- including mommy -- got to try fucking and sucking big dicks in the shallow end, in the deep end, on the deck, on the diving board, in a lounger, on a deck-chair and even on the barbecue grill.

Daddy Steve drank beer, laughed, got blown and set off fireworks; Mommy got fisted, tied-down and whipped. Ashlynn got a high school senior to ask her to go steady after she demonstrated to everyone how much she liked doggies, while Bridgette and I put on a nude gymnastics routine -- involving plenty of anal acrobatics -- that got a standing ovation. Cara, meanwhile, drank piss from every cock she could get her hands on, along with a few curious cunts ... and pretty baby Debbie learned that she loved being gang-fucked by large black men.

It was an excellent party; Cara's birthday party -- where she got her pony -- was even better.

By the end of summer, we came to realize that we were hillbilly-rich: our family liked exciting, wild, redneck types of fun, not the hoity-toity crap most wealthy folks are in to. We had a membership at the country club, for example, but it was only so Daddy could play golf with guys who were bargaining for his services, and he far preferred to have a cheap beer and a dirty joke or two down at the pool-hall with the guys. We realized, also, that we were truly loved, and truly a family, as each of us girls developed special relationships with our new step-brothers: Bridgette and I especially bonded with Nick -- he was our special guy -- although we both agreed that Mike was dreamier, if more aloof, and that sex with Chad was raunchier and more fun.

I have never seen my mom happier; she got pregnant in the second month of the marriage and was encouraging Ashlynn to be next. The first time Mommy came home from a date with another man, Daddy Steve swept her up and kissed her on the lips so that we all knew it was okay ... then he marched her off to their room, rip-stripped her naked, bound her and gagged her, blindfolded her, chained her to the bed, spanked her ass raw, whipped her with a thin belt right on her adulterous pussy, dribbled hot wax on her big tits, and then raped her in every hole.

He left the door open so all of us could watch.

She was floating on cloud nine the whole next week, refusing to wear anything to cover her bare ass because it was "still too sensitive; your daddy certainly taught me an important lesson about what happens to cheating slut-wives in this house."

After that, she went out on dates almost every weekend.

Every weekend or couple of random days he had off, Daddy Steve would pick one of his little ladies to be a "special date" ... and he would just go ahead and spoil the hell out that girl. Nothing was off-limits or too crazy; he would take us anywhere, including to the strip-club or adult bookstore, if we asked. Cara, thereby, got to go to see R-rated movies alone with her loving papa, while Ashlynn usually chose to go to the mall -- or uptown in the big city -- on a shopping-spree, and Debbie went rollerskating, played in the park and got ice cream. There was usually sex involved on the dates, but not always: our step-dad was a good listener and smart observer; sometimes the dates were just sentimental, sensual and romantic.

The best part about the special dates was that Bridgett & I sometimes went together, sometimes he left it up to us to allow or disallow an invite, and sometimes Daddy Steve would strictly forbid company: it made the trips more exciting, somehow, never knowing if I was going to be with my twin sister or if I would be alone with my daddy. He never treated me like anything other than a pretty little girl with a cute, stiff cock, and I loved him for it; even when he had me rooted up the ass and was tugging on my smooth, hairless prick while he fucked me, he would always whisper in my ear that I was his "beautiful, special daughter" between kisses, and let me lick my cum off his hand.

All five of us were encouraged to date Wendland Construction guys, as well, and anybody they vouched for; we each had a cellphone, extra chargers, spending money, no curfew, and the only rule was that we had to be picked up and dropped off directly at the front door. Each of us became very popular with a dozen or so "regulars," and all of the guys liked to buy us nice things and take us to exciting places.

Then summer ended, and school began; 6th grade was finally here.

It was awesome being the pretty new rich-girl in a small town.

That's when I met Jennifer: my best friend & the love of my life.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/24(Fri)09:42 No. 20896 ID: 923b50

A new Phil Phantom edit, which I am not comfortable posting here, may be found at this location:

Please enjoy at your own discretion.

Anonymous 14/01/26(Sun)05:05 No. 20918 ID: 05fac2

Dear Mr. Fellheimer,

I like the brutality of your story. I was wondering if you would accept a request plot?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/27(Mon)11:28 No. 20939 ID: 923b50

Absolutely! I'm always quite delighted when anyone enjoys my work, and I would be VERY honored to hear a story-seed, request or pitch from a fan. It also pleases me that the brutality, so to speak, of my work is a turn-on; I'm trying to learn to mix the raw cruel stuff with slower & more-sensual story-arcs.

The major themes that I'm most interested in exploring next are elements of the supernatural -- or sci-fi -- along with weirder erotica, transformation and mind-control stuff; I'm delighted that some folks seem to really like my "Apparently, Not a Vampire" story-seed.

What sort of thing would you be interested in seeing?

Uncle+Rick 14/01/27(Mon)13:29 No. 20942 ID: a77b98


Hey. Count me in as one of your Apparently not a Vampire fans. I don't generally go for the Phil Phantom, over-the-top style, and I'm mostly ambivilent to violence and cruelty in most stories, but you definitely handle it with a great deal more panache that the typical wank writer.

I'll certainly throw my suggestion into the hat, take it for what it's worth (little to nothing). I've had an idea rattling around in my head for a bit, a sort of Fallen slash Fight Club slash Symbiote from Spiderman/Venom. Essentially the premise is the protagonist suddenly finds himself/herself trapped inside their own body, with no control over their own actions and a new voice in his/her head. The entity, whatever it is, is highly intelligent, knows everything that its host knows, and quite a bit more besides. It's an excellent actor, and can impersonate its host flawlessly, but it seems to delight in forcing its host to act out his/her deepest, darkest fantasies. The thoughts everyone has, the things we'd all do if there were no danger of getting caught. It toys with the host, forcing him/her to be completely honest with themselves. At first, that seems to be its raison d' etre, but nothing about the entity is ever really certain, at least at first. It toys with the host, forcing him/her to choose between family members, between friends, between strangers. The entity is, above all, playful, and constantly sets up new games, and the punishment for failure is that it will use the host's body to act out one of their most twisted, horrifying fantasies.

The thing is, the entity is very good at doing this kind of thing and avoiding reprecussions. It doesn't seem to actively use mind-control on anyone but the host, but it has deep insights into human psychology, and it can always seem to divert suspicion elsewhere, Death Note style.

The games continue, and at first the host is desperate to win, to avoid doing these horrible things, but as (s)he loses more and more often, and as she keeps getting away with it (s)he finds it harder to keep trying. (S)he finds himself/herself enjoying the "punishments," and marveling at how easy it really is to manipulate people.

(S)he begins to wonder if there's really an entity at all, if it's really all just him/her doing these things, if (s)he's snapped.

I envisioned it as a futa story, with the entity granting the host body supernatural strength, speed, and senses, as well as other, stranger things, but all that could easily be explained away with a strap-on and highly deluded wishful thinking.

What is the entity? Does it even exist? If it does, what's it's plan? What happens to the host? These things, I leave in your hands. If anyone can handle a story like this, it's definitely you.

Anonymous 14/01/27(Mon)13:51 No. 20943 ID: 7ebad4

I feel bad as soon as I hit replay for asking a story seed; you've already give so much to the world and we give you none.

For my story seed, since I love Dirty Old Man Hentai, so the stories will mostly have a DOM as a male protagonist. So here we goes;

1) A Landord, a DOM, finds a not-so-innocent homeless 15 yo teen (which resemble Ellen Paige in X2 and X3) near his apartement. He takes her under his wing, giving her a new home and food, but as a slave. Brutal and bloody anal sex ensue. DOM also 'introduces' Ellen to his massive dog and to his friends (all middle age men).

2. For a futuristic I have something you might like: in not so distant future, robot is uses for many aspects in human life. After loosing his job, a DOM, a sadist and robot expert, is hired by a Japanese Company called Make Pure Doll (based on a real super realistic loli love doll company) to make a new solusion for pedophiles and sadists.

It takes him a year to build the prototype; Real Doll 120 cm Tomomi (based on a true product too). But before the product is released, he has to make some test drives first.

3. This one is not involving DOM but also inspired by many hentais. A broken home girl (which resembles Emma Roberts in Wild Child) thinks she find a perfect spot in school for smoking weed. Unfortunately for her, she is caught by the ugly and skinny school janitor. So a deal is made; the janitor won't tell the school, he even allow her to use the spot for smoking, as long as he can fuck her in anyway he wanted. Soon, the girl find herself in a sexsual slavery which she wouldn't want to leave.

So what do you think?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/28(Tue)11:59 No. 20957 ID: 923b50

There is no part of ANY of these stories that I don't like!

Sincerely, I'm quite honored to have these inspirations written-up and sent my way; I'm delighted to get a chance to flex myself a bit and apply my talents to these projects.

I'll post whatever I'm able to come up with here (and possibly on my site here:
); you'll receive full credit as original-creator on all works.

Thanks again for the ideas!

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/01/29(Wed)13:08 No. 20973 ID: 923b50

This has my highest recommendation:

Anonymous 14/01/29(Wed)14:03 No. 20974 ID: 3aa3e7

Yep. It's goram awesome :)

Bossy Little Bitch (MFf+ ped inc bond non-con beast ws preg extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/02/10(Mon)13:12 No. 21093 ID: 923b50

Bossy Little Bitch (MFf+ ped inc bond non-con beast ws preg extreme)

- a Phil Phantom tribute/edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


Jack Donovan eased past his naked thirteen-year-old daughter Ann as he left his bedroom ... and she entered. At 5:30 AM, they passed like thieves in the night; they gave each other conspiratorial winking grins, then pulled together in a tight, passionate embrace.

Lovely little Jan -- Jack's wife and Ann's mother -- slept soundly in the bed not twenty feet away. Jack couldn't resist a kiss after seeing his sexy naked daughter in the light from the hallway. Since they had broken the incest barrier (broke the living hell out of it!) just weeks prior, he still could not get enough of Ann's sleek, youthful charms: her tight, tawny skin; her full, supple 34-C breasts; her firm, curvaceous ass; and her smooth, hairless pussy. He checked everything during that exciting kiss while each kept an eye on the bed ... both pretending Jan was awake and watching.

Cute cheerleader Ann had a particularly good imagination. She assumed a provocative pose against the doorjamb: arms back, pinned, gripping the frame, knees out, humping her daddy's finger as it wormed its way in. She whispered, "Fuck me! Fuck me here, Daddy, please!"

Jack broke the kiss but kept his fingers in the gyrating, slippery cunt, saying, "We're taking too many chances as is. Besides, I can't trust you to be quiet. We have a plan. Stick to the plan, Ann."

Ann pouted. The pretty girl looked silly making that impish pout with four cinch-straps draped around her neck, a roll of duct tape in one hand and her other hand busy slowly jerking her daddy's cock hard. He had to have her, so he pulled her into the hall, turned her away, pushed her head down, and fucked her standing up; in minutes, Jack was slamming the cock to her exactly the way she loved having her daddy's nine-inch slab of thick daddy-dick slammed to her.

Once again, Jack marveled at the ease with which his long, thick cock entered the tightest pussy he'd ever fucked. Just two weeks prior, he'd had to work hard and use KY Jelly just to get the head in. Had she not been severely tied and gagged, savagely spanked and whipped and nearly choked unconscious, he'd have never managed that; getting the rest in past the hymen had been a major accomplishment.

Those first few times were rough on both of them, but once Ann physically and mentally adjusted to incestuous child molestation, tying her wasn't necessary. She took a raping well, and came hard when her daddy fucked her virgin asshole. Once she accepted that her father could care less if she got pregnant, gagging her wasn't necessary.

Now, Ann would spread her legs wide to take her father's cock, said nothing while he ejaculated, and no longer went dashing to the bathroom to wash the virile yucky stuff out. After just one week and at least a dozen hard fucks, she'd lie in the mess and let the sperm soak into her womb like a good victim should, masturbating and running her fingers over the long, thin marks her daddy's belt left on her smooth skin.

Little baby cheerleader Ann begged her daddy to rape her.

Now going into their third week, cute & curvy Ann remained slimy between the legs, always in a state of heavy arousal, and always with a cunt that was easy to access. She wore only skirts with no underwear: no top, no shoes, just knee-socks and a skirt. Rarely would they be in a room by themselves that Jack didn't bend her over and slip the pork to her, most often just to do it. Ann, more often than not, assumed the position with her skirt pulled high on her back and waited, using both hands to massage her cunt, her shit-pipe and anything that got close to her eager, sucking holes. Sometimes, she got cock; sometimes, she got a full-fledged fuck; sometimes, just a brief, brutal fingering ... but she always got something for being a good girl.

In that short span of days, Jack created a beautiful, vivacious, high-octane sex-monster that could not get enough and loved taking risks ... especially if her mother was around. He had to temper Ann's enthusiasm because she simply wouldn't. Going topless and barefoot was her own idea, and she'd let his cum run to her ankles if he let her; Daddy Jack had to wipe her drooling pussy and bubbling butt-hole and keep a close eye on her after a full-fledged fuck. It didn't take long before the whole family knew she was naked under her skirt, knew she shaved her pussy, knew that her asshole gaped, and knew someone in the house was fucking her.

Within that first week, all three boys saw their sister's provocative display and saw her getting porked or fingered. Jeff, the oldest at seventeen, saw a full-fledged fuck. John, the fifteen-year-old, watched a fingering, and Jerry, the twelve-year-old, saw his father pull a hard cock out of his big sister and heard her beg him to put it back in and cum in her pussy right before Jack raped her ass.

In the second week, all three boys were treated to everything many times over. They were welcome to watch and often pulled up chairs; all three of them came in their sister’s mouth while she got fucked.

So far, pretty Mommy Jan hadn't caught them in the act, but she knew what they were doing. She washed the sheets and had known from the start. Ann wouldn't talk, but Jan deduced that it was her husband doing the dirty deed. Ann got her message across in other ways: if Ann took a load of cum up her twat, she'd find a way to show her mother and would do so in the most obscene and dramatic way she could ... usually by asking her mom to check her vaginal shave.

Jack did all he could to stop Ann from doing these things, but nothing he did discouraged her -- he tried spanking her, whipping her, even tying her down, choking her, hog-tying her and beating her baby-pussy raw.

She came, screaming and begging for more, through all of it.

Lovely little Ann, it seemed, was horny as fuck and got off on the abuse ... and, moreover, she was determined that everyone in the family acknowledge the fact that she and her handsome Daddy were lovers: that they were fucking, and that they were trying to make a baby, that he liked raping her 7th-grade cheerleader ass and then cumming in her fertile pussy.

Jack gave up disabusing her of her plan days ago ... but the performance Ann put on at dinner necessitated a bold plan.

The family -- minus the mother -- came late to the table after being in the garage all during dinner preparation. Jack sent the boys on ahead. Ann would not let him wipe her pussy; he took his seat knowing what she was about to do. She did exactly what she said she'd do: the sexy little girl hoisted her skirt high and sat on the table after moving her mother's plate aside. She spread her legs wide, launching her three brothers from their seats to get a good look at her fucked beaver as she said, "Mom, would you check my pussy for any cunt hairs I might have missed? Daddy already checked, but I want to make sure before I wear my new bikini to the community pool."

As Jack expected, Jan threw her fork and stormed from the table. They needed a plan, real bad. They came up with a real bad plan. Jack thought the odds of their plan working were slim and none ... but if Ann followed his advice to the letter, the plan had a better chance than no plan. So far, she wasn't doing so good.

Daddy Jack had to clamp a hand over Ann's mouth to finish the fuck. Her overheating cunt never stopped moving, and he marveled at the way she could use her slippery pussy to milk his dick. Going into this plan with a cunt full of her father's cum was not a good idea ... but when she used her cunt that way, he was powerless to stop her.

While getting fucked, he whispered directly into Ann's ear: "God dammit, Ann, you're going to blow this if you don't follow the plan. You can't do this to her all at once. Your mother might come around if you take it in stages like we discussed; she's as much as a slut as you are. I know what you want to do, but ... baby, if you rub your messy cunt in her face, she'll ... Ann, please ... Oh God! ... Oh baby, yes! ... Fuck that cock! ... Oh, yeah!"

Anne got her sperm douche, uncocked, clamped her legs together, and faced her worried daddy, whispering, "Relax. I won't rub my cunt in her face. Well, I won't until I get her turned on, and I'll know when that is. Give me some credit, Daddy. Cunts, I know -- and she has a cunt that hasn't been fucked in over a month. You didn't lie, did you? You promised me you wouldn't touch her. Not even up her ass. It has been a month, hasn't it?"

"Yes, and I still haven't laid a finger on her ... but she goes without for months with ease. She doesn't have your sex drive, Ann. She never did. All cunts are not the same. She thinks she's a lady with a vagina, and she treats it like a vagina. She doesn't get a cunt between her legs unless she's half-drunk and after long foreplay. Even then, it's a pussy -- not a cunt. Your mother has never had a cunt. You can't just stick a dick in her and expect her to respond."

"You did put that strap-on dick in your night stand, right?"

"Yes, it's there, but I still say don't use it the first time. Stick to the plan."

Ann smiled, biting her lower lip. "She needs to get fucked like I got fucked. I know what it feels like to wake up from a sound sleep to find yourself tied and stretched out. I know what it feels like to have a hot and horny cunt that you can't touch. I know what it feels like to get fucked by a big dick when you can't do a damn thing about it. I know what it feels like to cum so hard from a rape that you fall in love with getting raped. I'm going to fuck her till she shits, Daddy. I don't care what you say."

"All right, Ann, but do as I said ..."

"I know, I know. I'll get her hot before she wakes up, Daddy. I know it works. She'll be drooling between the legs, dreaming of big cocks, then she'll wake up with my finger in her pussy. I'll fuck her when I'm good and ready, when her pussy becomes a cunt, and she'll be begging for it. You'll see, Daddy -- I’m your good girl."

Jack studied his daughter and saw a cocky, over-confident teen Marine. You can't tell them shit, and they think they can take on the world. He could relate to that. He'd been one. All he could do was wish her luck.

He kissed his lovely daughter's nose, patted her pert ass, and sent her into battle.

Ann eased into the bedroom and began slipping the looped ends of the cotton cinch straps on her sleeping mother's wrists and ankles. Fortunately, Jan was on her back; spread-eagled and tits-up. Ann was even able to position the arms and legs out to the four corners without disturbing her. She took most of the slack out of the straps, then quietly tore off a foot of tape and stuck it to the headboard just over her mother's head.

Lovely, tawny 13-year-old Ann then got on her knees at the bedside and leaned close to softly whisper: "Fuck ... Cock ... Cunt ... Pussy. I'm so fucking horny, and I need a big cock in my cunt. Christ, I want to get fucked ... I need to get fucked ... I'm SO fucking horny ..."

Ann saw that she was getting her vulgar message through when her mother stirred. Ann kept on talking dirty, and soon detected a slight rolling grind in the pelvis: her signal to go for the pussy. Excitement welled in Ann as she slipped her hand beneath the covers and sought out her mother’s smooth body, encountering the left hip.

Her mom wore baggy PJ bottoms; it was easy to slip a hand up the leg-opening. She soon felt pubic hair and felt a moist heat emanating from the crotch. Ann followed the heat to its source ... soon, she touched wet flesh, bringing about a moan and a strong stirring.

Ann was ready to quickly grab the tape and seal the mouth, but froze, waiting for the eyes to open. The first rays of late-spring, early-morning twilight were now filling the room with enough light to see. Ann remained still, watching. Her mom relaxed. Ann smiled and gently toyed with vaginal flesh, using a slow sensual massage to go with the vulgar dialog.

Before long, she could move the covering off the body, abandoning the cunt and returning without the cautious approach. She paused to cinch all the straps once again, then went right back to a slippery, over-heating vaginal massage that bordered on masturbation. She slipped her fuck finger inside to test the wetness, now unconcerned if her mother woke up. Each time, she found a wetter cunt to finger.

Ann loved feeling her mother's pussy, her first other than her own. She'd never given much thought to pussy, but her mother's had her intrigued. The pretty teen cheerleader smelled -- then tasted -- her fingers and decided she liked pussy. A lot.

In a matter of minutes, she decided she was strongly bisexual and actually licked her mother's cunt. She licked again and again, and then got serious: got down between the wide-stretched legs and sucked her mother's pussy until her mother woke up and said, "Jack, what are you doing? JACK! You untie me this instant! ... ANN!?!”

Ann looked at her mother's startled face over the crotch of bunched PJs, but kept sucking.

Lovely, sexy mommy Jan lost her shit. "Oh my god! ANN, NO! STOP THAT, DO YOU HEAR ME?! STOP THAT THIS INSTANT! ... ANN MARIE DONOVAN!"

Ann got up on her knees, straddled her mother's waist, took the tape in both hands, and sealed the mouth. Jan struggled violently while yelling into the tape, "UMPH ... UH ... GOMPF, DUMM!"

While her mother struggled and yelled her muffled outcries, Ann got up and strongly cinched all the straps until her curvaceous mother was stretched out in a true, drum-tight spread-eagle, firmly bound to the four corners of the bed.

Ann then took scissors from her father's nightstand and cut away her mother's PJs -- top and bottom -- rudely yanking out the remnants, leaving the pretty 29-year-old naked. She then turned on the light, came over, and studied the cunt. Cute little Anne studiously ignored the uselessly-struggling owner of the cunt ... for it was a cunt, not a vagina or a pussy, as evidenced by the puffed up labia, standing clit, inflamed coral-pink tissues, and copious wetness.

Sweet little Anne had to have more of that tasty cunt, so she settled in for a leisurely cunt lapping.

Ann sucked pussy while looking at her struggling mother's astonished, disapproving face, heavily etched with frowning wrinkles and wide eyes. While she sucked on the clit, she felt her mother's breathing become fast and shallow, saw the blush of arousal spread, then watched her pretty mommy’s head fall back to the pillow as all struggling ceased.

Ann grew more confident as she detected a slight movement in the cunt she was sucking: very slight, but unmistakable, like a war being lost between the forces of keeping still and ignoring what was happening ... and the much-more-powerful forces of an orgasm that wanted to convey to the mouth what felt best. Before long, it ALL felt best, and the motion could be seen as well as felt.

At this point, Ann's nasty mouth teased her mommy's hungry pussy.

Ann paused from time to time just to study her mother's sexy cunt, lazily toying with juicy parts or giving little kissing licks to nasty parts, poking and prodding the weeping hole, opening the swollen lips, flicking pulling, and pinching the clit. That vulgar beaver could take three fingers easy in a smooth fucking-motion; her gorgeous mommy was now struggling to get her knees further apart, trying to make her spread easier to rape.

Soon, Jan's head was up, looking: watching a young girl examining her mother's cunt ... and playing with it, almost fisting it. The frown lines were gone, and the eyes looked sultry, sleepy, yet awed by what they were seeing.

Ann noted the interest her mother gave to what she was doing, so she bared her teeth and lightly bit down on the clit while wearing a mischievous smile that brought the worry lines out again. She teased her mother by pulling the clit out, flicking the tip with her tongue and then increasing the pace of her four-fingered assault. Relief flooded the features when Ann released the clit and gave it a flurry of butterfly flicks.

Ann found she could make the cunt lift to her tongue by flicking her tongue JUST almost out of reach. Her mother could raise up rather high. By supporting her body with heels and shoulders, lovely little Jan could follow the retreating tongue by a good twelve inches.

When her pretty mommy followed, Ann rewarded her with a good clitty suck, but abandoned that when the orgasm looked impending. This would send the cunt crashing to the mattress and air rushing out through the nose. After a brief respite, the process would start all over again. She soon had her mother trained to chase tongue in a mad effort to get that orgasm she so desperately craved.

Ann had her mother holding the obscene, raised, vaginal offering for a licking, suck or fingering. The coltish teen loved this game, loved her mother's pussy, and loved torturing her mother and her mother's pussy this way. Like her father's cock, Ann couldn't get enough of her mother's cunt. This foreplay, which wasn't even in the plan, went way beyond schedule: lasting over thirty minutes, and the last ten had her mother in agony, sweating profusely, writhing in her bindings and begging wordlessly to cum.

Eventually, Ann tired of the game. She backed away from the beaver. The beaver settled to the mattress in total frustration. Ann crawled over her mother's body and got nose to nose with her to say, "Hi, Mom! Guess what? I'm bisexual."

She smeared her wet face on her mother's nose. The look her mother gave said, "I gathered that, darling."

Ann smiled and said, "I love sucking on your horny cunt. Isn't that great?"

The wide eyes seemed to say, "Please let me cum and then leave me alone, Ann. I mean it. This has ALL gone far enough."

Ann was about to remove the tape because she wanted to kiss the mouth beneath it, but the look said her mommy wasn't ready to kiss back. Ann didn't want her tongue bit; instead, she decided it was time to show Mommy her fucked pussy. She spun around to reverse their positions, then got her knees wide to each side of the head, placing her yawning, cum-drenched beaver right over her mother's face.

While looking down the tunnel of their bodies and noting that her mother was, indeed, looking into her cunt, not turning her head, Ann said, "Daddy fucked my pussy, Mommy. Can you see what he did to my poor little pussy? Daddy came in my pussy. He squirted his sperm way up inside my pussy. I think Daddy wants me to have a baby, don't you?"

Ann saw that her mother still stared, still didn't turn her head, even as the messy cunt got closer and closer to her nose, and then the nasty pussy sealed itself to her nose, smothered her nose, as Ann got up on her knees. Jan was now trapped and couldn't breathe. Ann didn't want to get off, so she pulled the tape off. Mommy sucked in a deep breath just before the pussy slid over her mouth, just as the bedroom door cracked open and paternal eyes took in the sight.

Seeing that Jan couldn't see, Jack opened the door and caught Ann's attention. Ann was now rocking her cunt over her mother's face, holding onto tits, smearing her mother's face from brow to chin. Ann looked at him through dreamy eyes with her bottom lip in teeth, her impish little vixen look. She smiled, gave her mother a good facial smear, and said, "Come on, Mommy. Use your tongue. Lick all that bad sperm out of my cunt. Don't let Daddy get me pregnant, Mommy."

Jan was struggling and gasping for air. Jack backed out, closed the door, sighed and went off to work; he didn't see his wife's tongue reaching up. Ann saw it and felt it when she placed her cunt-hole over the fully extended tongue. "Ummmm, yes ... that's a good Mommy. Yes, lick all of your husband's cum out of your daughter's pussy. Suck my cunt! Ummm, yes ... oh, you suck my cunt like a lesbian, Mommy! You like sucking on my cunt, don't you?"

Ann got up, turned around, and sat high on her mother's chest with her feet planted wide and her knees laid down, presenting a lewd spread which Jan licked. Ann settled back and propped her straight arms on her mother's protruding hip bones and watched the tongue licking sperm from her inner thighs. Ann said, "Lick it all up, Mommy. There's some down by my left knee. Get that, too."

Wordlessly, Jan strained to get at the lower thigh area where some sperm had run.

Ann grinned, biting her lip again. "There you go. Now, lick the outside of my pussy some more."

Jan had to strain forward to run her flattened tongue over the area between Ann's legs, though Ann made the job difficult by not bringing it closer ... and not holding still.

Again, Jan was being taunted and teased; again, she debased herself by going along, giving her daughter the subservient show she wanted to see. Later, there'd be no denying that she wanted to lick her daughter's pussy. Jan knew what Ann was trying to do, but the pretty mother felt powerless to control her lust. She saw no point in trying. She lent herself to the humiliating ordeal, an ordeal that grew more erotic and intense as the humiliation intensified.

Ann teased and taunted her mother mercilessly, assuming a variety of lewd pose: squatting over the mouth, doing the splits over the face, forward, backward, on her knees like a dog, ass up, all the while taunting her pretty mother. "You love sucking my cunt, don't you? You want to lick my fuck hole, don't you? Yes, lick my womb like a cunt-sucking dyke."

Ann played this game for another thirty minutes until she couldn't take anymore and had to cum. For this, she reclined fully over her mother on her back, laid her hands out along her mother's legs, and let her cunt get the steady sucking it needed for a climax.

The climax hit her hard, and she griped the flesh behind her mother's knees hard, digging in with her nails. Jan sucked the orgasm out of her daughter and then lapped the spend from the hole while Ann pulled the lips open for this intimate post-orgasm service.

Ann languished under the steady licking, then struggled up to watch. She rested her elbows on inner thighs down by each knee while pulling her cunt open in a wide oval. Jan didn't want to look in Ann's eyes while performing this vulgar service, so she kept her eyes focused on the spread and used her fully-distended tongue to lick in, over, and around the hole ... doing it in a way that she knew Ann would find most pleasing to watch.

Ann was pleased and said, "Yes, lick all around and inside my fuck hole. Lick up all my girl cum, my cunt honey. You must love my cunt honey, don't you Mommy? Daddy calls it slut-slime. He likes to call it that after he fucks my ass and I beg him to cum in my pussy. Which do you prefer, Mommy: cunt honey or slut-slime? Never mind. I can see you have your mouth full. You know, you remind me of a hungry bear licking honey from a jar. Then again, you also look like a lesbian licking the slime from a slut's cunt. I'm not sure which idea I like better. They both feel great."

Jan kept on licking. Her face burned with her arousal, and her loins humped air. Everything Ann said turned her on and her own pussy was driving her mad. Had her hands been free, she would have attacked herself; both hands would have begun assaulting her greedy cunt. Ann sensed this by the bucking torso she rode. She reached back and fingered her mother's sopping wet pussy, saying, "Jesus Christ, Mom, did you piss yourself? There's enough slut-slime in your cunt to drown thirty thirsty lesbian sorority girls."

Jan humped Ann's fingers and sealed her lips to the hole, sending her tongue in as deep as she could while looking into her daughter's face with eyes pleading for relief. Ann took pity, spun around, and entered into a sixty-nine: after a moment, she was devouring the sloppy beaver and triggering a mother's orgasm, which she rode to its conclusion. The pretty 13-year-old then lapped a little cunt honey of her own and got off the bed.

Jan watched Ann go to the night stand, pull out a dildo with belts and straps, then watched as her daughter put it on with practiced ease.

When the tiny 7th-grader mounted the bed, kneeling between her mother's legs with twelve angry inches of India rubber jutting out from her slender loins, Jan's eyes went wide. She said, "Ann, no, please -- I've had enough. You've had your fun, now let me go. I'll forget about this, but it has to stop here."

Ann stroked the cock, just as she'd seen her father do, and said, "No, we're not done. I'm raping you ... or can't you tell?"

"Ann, I'm serious. You're going too far. We both got carried away, but it ends right here. Right here, right now. You get down, take that disgusting thing off, and get these damn things off me. NOW!"

"Sorry, Mommy ... but what would a rape be without a good fucking with a big cock? Isn't this cock big enough for you?"

"Ann. I mean it. If you do this, I'll ... I'll ..."

"You'll ... what? Turn me in? Ground me? Get a divorce? Tell on Daddy? No. I don't think so. You'd better not. If he goes to court, I'll testify that you molested me and brought men into the house, had sex with them, made me watch, then helped them rape me. And guess what? Jeff, John, and Jerry will side with me and Dad. We'll all testify if we have to. You'll wind up with nothing but a cell mate. You'll make a good wife for a bull dyke."

While this sobering message sank in, Ann sank to her knees and brought the head of the cock to the pussy. She said, "Lift up like you did when I sucked you. You're going to get fucked whether you do or not, but it'll hurt at this angle. You'd better make me a better cunt to fuck, Mommy."

"Ann, please!"

"I'm counting to three. One, two ..."

The cunt came up -- and remained up -- as Ann smiled and pushed three inches in. The rest went in over the next minute. Jan strained to take the last two inches, but adjusted quickly as Ann began pumping the cock to her.

It didn't take long for Jan to enjoy the oversized invader, and Ann knew how to fuck a cunt. Before long, Jan welcomed the hard thrusts, and when Ann stopped pumping, Jan humped herself on the stationary cock. The taunts started right after Jan took over.

"Now you have the idea! You rape very well, Mother. My, but you are a horny slut, aren't you? What's the matter, hasn't your husband been doing his duty? Has he been neglecting your horny cunt?"

Jan, in a passionate sweat, said, "You know he has. Oh, god, fuck me."

"I don't know that for SURE, Mommy. I know he hasn't been neglecting my cunt. When was the last time he fucked you?"

"I don't know. A month, two months? I'm not sure."

Ann smiled. She eased back, allowing her mother to only work out on the first few inches. The gorgeous 13-year-old stood on her knees with her hands on her hips, watching her mother's pussy try in vain to get more inside, saying, "Oh, you poor baby. He was fucking me ten times a day most of that time ... and you knew it, too. That had to hurt. When did you know for sure that Daddy was fucking me?"

"I don't know, but I suspected him from the first time I saw the cum puddle in your bed, the one tinted with your virgin blood. I think that was two weeks ago."

"Two weeks and two days, but when did you know for sure it was him?"

"Can we talk later? Please, Ann, let me finish. Move closer and fuck me the way you were doing, please? ... Look, I'll do all the work, but I need you to move closer."

"First, tell me. I want to know what you thought, what made you think what you thought, and what convinced you beyond all doubt. I want details. Tell me, or I'll pull out and let you suffer."

Jan stopped trying to get off on three inches, slowly settled to the mattress, forcing the cock to angle down with just the head inside. She got her breath and cleared her thinking, trying to remember. She knew she'd get no relief until she turned Ann on, and by this time, she knew what turned her daughter on. She just needed to think about the presentation.

After a few seconds to get her thoughts together, wiggling on the tip of the thick dick inside her, Jan said, "I remember, now. It was the Saturday before last, five or six days after you lost your virginity. The boys were gone. That was the day you first started going about without panties on and shooting beavers. That was the first time I'd seen your pussy since you were little, and I saw that you'd shaved it bald. If you'll recall, I got a good long look because you plopped down in your father's chair and placed your feet on the edge of the cushion and started reading a magazine, hiding your face. I stared at your naked pussy from just a few feet away, almost head on. You were showing it to me on purpose, so I stared."

"Did it turn you on, Mommy?”

“Christ, yes.”

The pretty 7th-grader lib her lip. “What could you see? Describe the pussy you saw."

"I saw almost all. I could see inside the lips because you were aroused, swollen, raw from playing with yourself -- and very wet, slimy wet. I could see part of the hole at the bottom of your pussy crack, and I looked for leaking semen. I saw that the fluid leaking out was clear: cunt honey."

"You like that term, do you? Did you want to lick up my cunt honey? Did seeing all that cunt honey make your mouth water?"

"Yes, Ann, it did, and I never thought about vaginas that way before. I've never done anything with another female, never, until just now. I wanted to drop to my knees and lick you all over between your legs. I wanted to grovel in your pussy like I did just a while ago. You looked so clean and sexy, so feminine. You did make my mouth water, and that's why I never said anything to you about going without panties, shaving, or shooting beavers. When you started going topless, showing off your gorgeous tits, and barefoot, I swooned. God, you looked so sexy walking around like that in front of the family: so proud, so sexy, so fucking beautiful. You looked like a young sex goddess ... but it was seeing your shaved cunt that always devastated me."

Ann smiled big and pushed more cock into her mother’s sloppy hole, saying, "I knew it! I knew you loved looking at my cunt. So, what about when you saw it with cum leaking out of the hole? What about when Daddy was the only cock around? You knew it was him, didn’t you?"

"Yes, that was a shock. I thought that took balls. You amazed me. You go off with him, then return and resumed your reading, only now, I can plainly see the hole he fucked and all that cum pouring out, running down the crack of your ass, and puddling on the cushion. That left no doubt about who was fucking you. It hurt terribly, but ... Christ, I had to admire your audacity. You had no shame, no guilt, and I envied you for being so uninhibited. Your audacity also turned me on. You were so bold, so cool, so in control. It was like you were saying, ‘Yes, I fucked your husband. I'm his mistress, and I'll keep on fucking him’."

Ann was trying to masturbate around the cock and straps. Jan took advantage of her daughter's actions, raised her cunt, and fucked herself on it while saying, "I also got the message that you were having his baby."

"YES! That's the message I wanted to make sure you got. I wanted you to see that the cum was in my pussy -- not on it. Could you see that plainly? Could you see the cum oozing out of my ravaged cunt?"

"How could I not? You weren't the least bit subtle about it. You may as well have been doing the splits. I saw the entire hole this time, and I actually leaned in to look closely. I was fascinated by all that fresh sperm pouring out of my daughter's sexy pussy -- sperm that came from her father's balls. You caught me looking, remember? I said something dumb, like, 'I see you're shaving between your legs, Ann."

"Oh, yes. That was dumb. I made you an even better beaver and framed my cunt with both hands. I asked you to examine my shave to see if I missed any hairs. I knew you wanted the excuse to keep looking, but you surprised me when you knelt and got very close, breathing in my scent, then feeling with your fingers ... getting sperm on your fingers. That's when I knew you loved what you were seeing, and knew you wouldn't do anything to stop us. You wanted to see more, feel more sperm, and taste it. That's what you were thinking, wasn't it? You wanted to lick your husband's cum from your daughter's cunt, didn't you? That's why you made yourself scarce and became blind to all the fucking that was going on right under your nose."

Jan, now approaching orgasm, said, "Yes! I knew you'd show me your cunt after you got it fucked. I knew I'd get to examine your cunt with your legs as wide as you could get them, letting me feel all over, getting your father's sperm all over my hands. When that happened, I wanted to eat you so badly. It was all I could do not to lick you from your tailbone to your belly button. Last night, I had to storm off or I'd have made a fool of myself in front of the whole family. If I'd stayed a second longer, I'd have been licking your spermy cunt with the boys looking on, watching their horny mother lick their sister's freshly-fucked cunt like a starving bear."

"YES! YES! Oh, god, yes!...Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

Jan came, too. They had a great mutual orgasm, then fell apart, panting. With her second release now out of the way, and her normal thought processes returning, Jan wanted up. Somehow, she had to set her daughter straight and end the madness. The line had to be drawn, and had to be drawn way back at the start. This all had to stop immediately.

When Ann started to stir, Jan said, "Ann, we need to talk. Let me loose."

Ann sat up and began undoing the dildo straps, ignoring her mother. Jan waited until the wet device was off, then said, "Come on, Ann. I'm serious. No more games."

Ann confidently reclined on her mother's left side, threw one leg over her loins, and laid the left arm on her chest, toying with the rigid nipple, lying over her mother's left arm with her head propped up in her right hand, looking into her mother's face as she calmly said, "But I'm not done raping you yet, Mommy."

"Yes, you are. I've had enough."

"So what? You're the victim. That's how rape goes. Believe me, I know."

"Are you saying he raped you?"

"The first few times, yes. At first, I didn't like being raped, but he didn't care. I didn't like having to lie there with my father's cum in my pussy, but what choice did I have? I knew my Mom wouldn't come looking for her missing husband. I wised up quick. When both parents want a girl pregnant, she'd best get pregnant and not make a fuss about it."

"Ann, I swear, I never knew, not until recently, and I never saw evidence of rape. That never dawned on me. You must believe me."

"I'm not buying it. You had to know. I left the bloody sheets for you to find, and the straps were still on my bedposts."

"Yes, and I questioned you. You wouldn't talk."

"Duh! Aren't most rape victims warned not to talk? Don't child molesters tell their victims not to tell anyone? You knew what the straps were for. The straps came from your locked adult toy box. Those told you who did it, and they told you it was rape. It's no big deal, now. It's not rape any longer, but you made this possible by turning a blind eye. I'm late for my period, so you got your wish."

"That is not my wish, Ann. I swear. I only accepted what I thought you wanted. Even then, I didn't accept it. Your father and I fought. I threatened him with divorce. I called him at the office when I saw what he did. He hung up on me. We fought again when he got home. We've been as good as divorced ever since. We haven't said two words to each other since that day."

"I call that an idle threat of divorce and acceptance. If you'd gone ahead and filed for divorce, and stood up to him, kept fighting, and watched him like a hawk, I'd think differently. What you did essentially said, ‘I have to put on a good front for the kids, but I'll be a good wife. Fuck her any time you want, Jack. Knock the bitch up. I'll be quiet. I'll make myself scarce. I'll do all I can to make sure she understands that she has no choice, that her Mommy won't interfere. Use her like your personal slut. Treat her like a fuck rag and always cum in her pussy. I'll see that she gets no birth control. I won't even bring the subject up, and if she brings it up, I'll just brush it off.' That's what you told him by doing and saying nothing.”

"Maybe he took it that way, but that was not my intention. I just wanted to salvage my marriage and you seemed okay by what he was doing. From what I saw, you loved all of it. If I read things wrong, or didn't do what I should have done, I'm sorry. I know I made mistakes, but I was very confused, upset, and disoriented. Up was down; down was up; everything was crazy; and I failed you. I am so sorry, Ann. I really am, but we can set everything right now. I can put an immediate stop to this. And don't worry, we'll get you an abortion."

Ann moved her left hand into her mother's crotch and began a finger-fucking massage, saying, "No, we won't stop it. I don't want it stopped, now. As for an abortion, Dad wants me to have his baby. I'm having it and you love it. Don't lie to me. I know you love it. You were in here frigging off while he was in my room pumping me full of sperm. I'll bet you had your ear to the door, frigging off in the hallway, hoping Jeff, Jerry, or John would come out and catch you, maybe all three. You wanted them to get all turned on, pull your PJs down, and take turns fucking you while you listened to me getting raped by my father, your husband."

Jan could not stop the rolling grind of her loins on Ann's maddening hand, though she did her best not to respond. The fire in her crotch only needed a little blowing to sprout flames. Jan pleaded, "That's not true, Ann. I swear I never did any of those things. You must believe me."

"I believe your pussy, and your pussy tells me you thought about it ... even if you didn't do it. Don't lie to me, Mother. He has slept with me in my bed almost all night, every night, from day one. I know you must have woken up in an empty bed and masturbated, thinking about where he was and what he was doing. Tell me you didn't. I'll know if you're lying. If you lie, I'll never let you lick my cunt again. No more cunt honey, not a drop, and I'll never let you lick me clean after a fuck -- never. So, think hard and tell me the truth."

Jan thought hard in a sweat as the fingering intensified, then nodded and said, "Yes, I did notice he was gone, not the first time, but the second, third, fourth, fifth, and most nights after that."

"And you masturbated?"

"Yes ... not the first time, which would be your second. I did after that. Every time after that. I masturbated when I knew he was raping you. I saw him leave our bedroom with the straps, and I started playing with my pussy right after the door shut behind him. I masturbated after you first showed me your pussy. I masturbated while he was fucking you in the garage, and again after I saw what he did, after I knew he wasn't pulling out. I masturbated every time I thought about it or saw any evidence that he'd done it again. I'm sorry, but it does turn me on. I do want you pregnant. I want you to stay pregnant. I want you to deliver his baby, your father's baby ... OH GOD! NO! Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Ann stopped and got up to look down on her writing mother. When Jan stopped writhing, she started crying. She couldn't look Ann in the face and had turned her head away. Ann calmly said, "Mom, are you familiar with the expression, 'payback's a mother fucker? Look at me!"

Slowly, Jan rolled her head to look at Ann. She stopped sobbing and just looked. Ann waited, then said, "You are going to get pregnant for me. It'll be a bastard, and you'll bear that bastard, and it'll be an incestuous bastard, only you won't know who the father is."

"Ann, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying, you are going to start having unprotected sex with all three of your sons."

"NO! Ann, there's no way. I'm sorry that this happened, but I didn't start this. Your father did. He's the one getting most of the pleasure from this. He's the one that wanted you pregnant. If there's payback, he earned it."

"I disagree. He earned me. He won me over. He went after what he wanted and now I'm all his ... but you let this happen by letting him get that horny, then turning a blind eye when he found a solution. You might just as well have led him to my bedroom, stripped me, tied me down, and guided his cock in for him. In fact, I would have respected you more if you had.”

“I’m sorry, Ann!”

The pretty 13-year-old smiled. “I’m not. I'll do the same for you as you did for me, Mommy. I'll make those boys so horny they'll rape a three-legged, mangy dog. They'll get nothing from me. There's no dog, so guess who gets the attention? And guess who won't be wearing panties under a skirt, going topless, and staying barefoot?"

"If you think I'll go around like that, you're nuts."

"You will, or I'll go get the boys right now and you'll never be able to sleep in this house again without waking up bound and naked with a dick in you. The only question is, how would you rather get fucked? Either way is fine with me. Tell me now. What's it going to be?"

"Ann, you can't do this to me. I'm your mother. I'm their mother."

"So? You have a cunt, they have dicks, and they all shoot cum ... even Jerry. They would all fuck your sexy ass if you offered the slightest hint that you'd welcome a fuck. If they see you wearing only a skirt and know you're naked under it -- which won't be hard, because you'll wear my skirts -- that's all the hint they'll need. If they see you like that, you're fucked. If they see you like this, you're fucked. You're fucked either way. Well?"

"For god's sake, Ann. You're asking the impossible. I could never be like that, not with my sons. When you're a mother, you'll understand."

"Yes, and thanks to you, I'll understand in less than nine months. You owe me, and you're going to pay me back. You’re my bitch now."

"How could you treat me this way, Ann? Do you hate me that much?"

"I don't hate you at all! I love you, and I love what you did. I'm thrilled that this turned you on and you went with it. You were great, Mom. Really. I love all of it. I still owe you, and you earned payback. I don't get mad, I get even. There's no malice, none ... but I am determined that you get what I got."

"Sweetheart. Our situations are different. I won't enjoy this, none of it. I'll never adjust. I can never be uninhibited like you. I would die if I had to go through one tenth what you've been through. As for having a baby: I've had four, and been having them since I was your age. I'm twenty-nine. I want my baby-having days to stay behind me, Ann. There's also a huge difference between a budding young teenager having sex with one man, even her father, and a mother having sex with three of her minor sons."

"I see no difference. Incest is incest. Numbers don't count."

"You can't be jailed for what you're doing. I could be put away for a very long time. Think of something else, Ann. Under the circumstances, I think I'd be inclined to go along with just about anything else. Make me your pussy slave. I could do that. I'd enjoy that, even in front of the whole family. I'm almost there, now. Bring your affair out in the open. I'll wait on you hand and foot. I'll hold his balls while he fucks you. I'll lick you while he fucks you, in front of the boys, in the nude. Make me stay nude. I think I could deal with that. I think I could adjust to that. That could be fun, fun for all. I know the boys are interested in seeing what I look like naked."

"They are, and you'll do all those things ... but I want you to be a slut for them just like I'm a slut for Daddy. Any time one of those boys wants a cunt to fuck, you make sure your cunt is ready and waiting. We should never see you without cum runs that go to your feet. Don't ever wipe -- and after a bath, you make sure there's someone ready to fill you up again and soil your sexy fucking legs. If I ever reach between your legs and don't get cum on my fingers, I'll keep you naked with your hands bound behind your back. And I will be checking, often."

"You do, and I'll slap your god damn face."

"If you ever lift a finger to stop me, or have a clean dry pussy, it'll be rape, rape, rape after that, and Dad can see to it that you get naked and bound."

"He would never dare."

"Oh? If he ever wants any more of my willing pussy, he'll dare. And, Mom, I have him hooked on my tight pussy. He likes it much better when I fuck him. He'd feed you to wolves, one piece at a time, if I asked him nicely. Don't make me use force. I will. I could get very ugly if you resist. If I show you my pussy, you get down on your knees and grovel in my cunt, just like you did, only you'll do it in front of everyone and anyone. From now on, you worship my cunt, and you let everyone see you at worship."

This bold declaration left Jan open-mouthed but speechless, so Ann went on, "If I even think you're using any form of birth control, I will get ugly. I'm serious. Don't fight me. You're getting pregnant. You are back in the baby business. That much I guarantee. Whether you have any fun getting pregnant is up to you."

"Oh, Ann, no."

"Oh, Mom, yes. I'll tell you this much. While I'm fucking Dad, you aren't getting any from him. The only cock for you is between your sons' legs. Lucky for you, you had three. One little dick would hardly be any compensation at all. Actually, Jeff has a pretty big dick, and John is impressive. Jerry is kind of puny, but he's the horniest. You'll do okay. Now, I'll ask you one last time. How do you want to do this: the easy way or the hard way?"

Jan let her head fall back and stared at the ceiling, weighing options. She knew Ann was dead serious and determined. She had a right to be. When Ann gave up waiting on her answer and started for the door, Jan raised her head and said, "Wait! I want to do this the easy way."

Ann turned and smiled. She folded her arms under her pert breasts and said, "We'll try the easy way, but one slip, one show of an attitude, one balk, one raised voice, threat, or slap, and you'll be naked in cuffs and I'll be holding a thin belt. To tell you the truth, I hope you fail. I think that would be kinda fun training you the hard way."

This statement made Jan gulp. Ann advanced to the bed wearing a wicked grin. She said, "You know, Mom, I can see this isn't that much of a challenge for you.”

“It’s not?”

Ann sat on the bed at Jan's hip, took the dildo, and aimed it at her pussy, saying, “No, not at all. And I wouldn't want this to be too easy.”

With that, the slender teen he pushed the dildo in halfway and held it there.

“Ann, this isn’t easy at all.”

“Sure it is, Mommy. We need a good ice-breaker, something that will show you in a new light, something that will show them just how horny and hard up you are. Even if you walked around naked, frigging yourself, the boys might be too intimidated to make a move on you. They've seen me naked and they know I love to get fucked, but no one has tried to make a move on me. Except putting their dicks in my mouth while I get raped, and that hardly counts."

Jan was looking at the dildo, which Ann was now moving and twisting, as she said, "What do you have in mind?"

"Up to a challenge, are you?"

"Well, I need some sort of ice-breaker if you want them all fucking me. I can't just walk out and say, 'Hey, boys, I'm your slut, now. If you feel like fucking a woman's pussy, fuck mine.'"

"You're right, Mommy. That would be tacky. You know what always turned me on, my number one fantasy before Dad raped me? The fantasy I masturbate to more than any other?"

"No, what?"

"I picture a sexy woman that gets so horny she takes a dog for a lover. Sometimes I picture me as a housewife, sometimes you, sometimes a sexy movie star. Mostly, I see you. I can see you being that horny, especially now that you're not getting any human cock. Do you ever think about dogs or any animal as sexual partners?"

"I think all women have, but fantasy is one thing. I could never do that. I am capable of getting down and dirty, but I could never sink to perversion. Having sex with any animal is as perverse as it gets. Maybe you could, but I couldn't."

The pretty little cheerleader smiled, biting her lip slyly. "Then this will be a challenge, won't it? I have the perfect dog, too. You know that big, black lab that always comes around looking for scraps, that nasty crotch sniffer with a constant hard-on poking out of his sheath, all red and shiny? I love that long, thick slab of dog cock. That dog sure has a beautiful cock, doesn't he?"

"Ann, don't even think about it. I'm serious. I couldn't do it, even in total privacy, and that animal disgusts me. That dog needs to wear pants. He's obscene."

"This is getting better and better. The next time he scratches at the back door, I say you invite him in. I say you let him get a good whiff of your cunt, and let him lick it. Lean back against a counter and put a rolling grind in your pelvis while he's licking. You don't care who's watching because you're getting your horny cunt licked. You lift your skirt so you can see. Now, everyone can see, but you don't care. You pull the lips apart and say, 'Nice doggie. Lick my pussy, nice doggie.'"

Ann had the cock moving in deep strokes and also had her mother's hips rolling, breathing hard, breaking out in a worried sweat as she said, "Please, Ann, don't. Not this. Anything but this. You're talking crazy, now. You're going way off the deep end. I've accepted that you can turn me into an incestuous slut. I even accept that I must get pregnant and bear a son's bastard. You cannot turn me into a human bitch. That goes way beyond payback. That would be gross exploitation."

"No, this is too perfect, too perfect to pass up, and I'm in a win-win situation. If you don't make that mutt your lover, I'll get to use the belt on you. I'll see that you become a good bitch if I have to whip your cunt to make you one or send you to prison. You'll suck his dick and swallow his load. He'll be your lover regardless, and after he gets some of your fine bitch pussy, he'll be scratching at the door for his bitch ... and when you hear him scratching, you'll strip naked and come running, wagging your tail and offering your bitch cunt. I want to see you grovel with a dog's cock in your mouth. We would all like to see that."

"Oh, oh, oh, Ann, you can't mean that."

"Oh, but I do, and you know what? I think this turns you on. The best part is, after Jeff, John, and Jerry see how hard up you are, when they see their sexy mother acting like a bitch in heat, they'll have no qualms about sticking a dick in you. There's your ice-breaker, Mommy. And we're going to break that ice this morning. He comes around pretty regular, but we only see him on weekends. You must know his schedule by heart. When will your lover boy come scratching at the door? When should we plan breakfast? Come on, Mom. Don't make me resort to threats. I'm going to get my way. Resolve yourself to becoming a full-fledged human bitch to amuse us. Let's do this the easy way, too."

Jan mulled this over, saw the absolute determination in Ann, then let out a long surrendering sigh and said, "He usually comes around nine. That's when I set the breakfast scraps out for him."

"I thought he disgusted you. Sounds to me like you've been luring him here. You're here all alone, horny, no one's looking, and he can't talk. What do you serve those scraps in, your cunt? He's already your lover, isn't he? You've already sucked that cock, haven't you?"

"No, but I do let him lick my pussy. I let him into the kitchen, and I'm usually naked or wearing just my robe. I've thought of doing more. I just couldn't bring myself to do more."

"Did you think about sucking his dick? Do you think about sucking him till he cums in your mouth?"

"Yes. I've recently taken to jacking him off. He cums in my hand. I've tasted his cum. I lapped some from my hand just the other day. Thanks to you, I've been very horny lately, horny enough to think seriously about taking a doggie lover and going all the way. I knew it would happen. I'm very close. If I'm going to do it, I may as well bring it out in the open and amuse someone."

"Really! Would you suck him and swallow his load? Did you swallow what you tasted?"

"Yes, and if he came in my mouth, I'd swallow it all. I want to suck him more than I want to fuck him, and I want to fuck so bad I'll do it in a crowd with cameras. Fuck, I'm so fucking horny right now, I could scream. Yes, that feels great! Fuck me, Ann! Fuck your mother's horny bitch cunt!”

Ann pulled the dildo out just as Jan was cresting. “Time to get up, Mommy.”

“OH NO! Ann, don't stop! Not now! Oh, fuck!"

Ann tossed the dildo and began removing cinch straps, saying, "I want you horny. It's seven thirty. You have an hour and a half to get ready. Shave your cunt and get dolled up. Wear something sexy, a going-out-dancing dress. The red dress. Yes, the red dress with high heels. They love seeing you in that short dress, and your legs look fantastic when you wear heels. Keep the dress on while the dog fucks you. Pull the top below your tits right after he starts licking. Play with your tits while you lift the skirt high."

Jan was now free, sitting up, rubbing her wrists while listening. She got off the bed and looked down on Ann. This didn't set well with Ann, so she ordered her mother to her knees. Jan went to her knees and Ann moved close and jutted her loins out with bowed knees. Jan began licking without being told and soon had a good grovel going, which greatly pleased Ann.

Jan reached through Ann's legs and curled her fingers around each hip, pulling, encouraging Ann to keep moving forward over her leaning back body. Ann was now pleased as punch as she came to stand in a wide stance directly over her mother's slavishly sucking mouth. Her mom was groveling even better than before, only this time, her eyes were looking up into Ann's.

That was much better.

Ann massaged her own tits and tweaked her nipples while impishly biting her lower lip. She soon had a good pelvic grind going and the tongue up her cunt felt like an eel. Her mother loved groveling in pussy and Ann loved having her pussy groveled in. She couldn't think of anyone she would rather have groveling between her legs than her own lovely mother with the pretty face and big blue eyes.

Ann was in heaven and building rapidly to orgasm. The exciting image of her pretty mother groveling equally well in a dog's loins flooded her fevered mind, adding lust upon lust. She said, "You're going to make a good bitch, aren't you?"

The head nodded enthusiastically and the eyes said, "YES!"

Ann said, "Are you going to suck him off first thing? Will you suck him to a climax as a warm-up? Will you show us your mouthful of dog cum, then swallow it slowly, savoring every drop?"

Again, the head nodded, but this time, she uncunted to add, "Yes, and after I swallow it all, I'll open my mouth wide and show each of you that your mother is a good bitch that swallows all of her canine lover's cum."

She immediately returned to her licking suck. Ann, on the verge of a screaming climax, cried, "Oh god, yes. You're dying to show us how much you love your doggie, aren't you? You'll worship his cock the way you worship my cunt. When you fuck him, you'll fuck him on your back with your legs wide so we can all see the dog's cock fucking your horny cunt. That's how you love to fuck a dog. You like putting on a good doggie fuck show, showing off your sexy bitch pussy. Isn't that right, Mother?"

The hard nod made Ann cum. She screamed out her long bucking release, then collapsed. Had her mother not had such a tight grip on her hips, she'd have taken a nasty backward fall. As it was, she fell forward over her mom and pinned her to the floor, folded back at the knees.

Jan waited for Ann to regain her composure. While waiting, Jan stroked Ann's face and, combed fingers through her hair, admiring her daughter's beautiful features in post orgasmic bliss. That she was making her little girl happy beyond measure was delightfully obvious. Any anxiety she still had slowly dissolved in the love she had for her remarkable girl child - her little sex kitten.

The post-act remorse that normally hit her hard after any abnormal sex act didn't happen this time. She felt no shame and no guilt and knew she could give her daughter the payback she wanted. The guilt over what she'd done to Ann, the guilt she carried like a heavy burden from the day after the first rape, dissolved also.

She didn't think that guilt would ever go away, but just looking into the face of her blissfully content child made all the guilt go away. She now saw that, for once, she did something right by silently encouraging Jack to keep on molesting their daughter.

Daddy got her subtle message loud and clear ... and so did Ann.

Jan now thought she did the right thing by not saying a word to anyone about the outrageous way they carried on their illicit affair, almost openly, allowing Ann to go topless, barefoot, without panties, totally naked at times, ignoring the numerous and shocking displays of her shaved pussy, going along with every request to examine her shave, usually right after a messy fuck, usually with others looking on, feeling, using both hands, feeling through sperm, spreading their incestuous fuck all over the plane of her daughter's slippery crotch under fascinated male eyes, the only exception being the previous evening at the dinner table which Jan now regretted.

She'd done almost as much several times before without bolting. The truth was, she did bolt because she didn't think she could resist using her tongue instead of her fingers.

There was no need to be subtle any longer, if she ever had been. She certainly never fooled Ann. She didn't want to be subtle; she wanted full and active participation. She wanted to serve them both in every possible way a wife and mother could serve incestuous lovers.

She gave Ann tender kisses, seeking contact with the lips. Ann slowly raised her head to allow that intimate contact. She got a passionate kiss with a tongue in her mouth. Ann loved that kiss but decided not to respond, liking it better because she simply permitted her mother to show her desire, holding her mouth open for it.

Jan quickly caught on and abandoned the idea of a kiss between equals, between lovers. Instead, she used her mouth and tongue on her daughter's mouth the way she used them on the mouth of Ann's cunt. She licked all around inside, outside, and sucked on fleshy parts. She laved teeth, gums, inside cheeks, and the back of her throat. She sucked tongue and lips, as Ann yawned her mouth wide to assist in this subservient service. Jan now understood that they would not be lovers.

Jan accepted that reality and found that she liked the idea. Under the circumstances, with the new order of things, it would not be proper. Ann was now the woman of the house; Jan was the bitch, the maid, the cook, and breeding slut to the boys. She resolved never to forget her place, and demonstrated that resolve in the way she serviced Ann's mouth.

Ann enjoyed a long demonstration of subservient mouth cleaning, then curiosity made her back off to look her mother in the eyes. She was dying to know what she was thinking to bring on this unexpected demonstration. She could almost feel her mother's thoughts. She said, "What are you thinking about?"

"I want to talk about this. Can we take this discussion into the bathroom? This position is killing me."

Ann got up and helped her mother up. Jan shook out her cramped legs then said, "Would you check to see if the boys are up? It's not that I don't want them to see me naked. I want the first time to be when they see me with the dog -- honestly."

"They're sleeping in. Dad said we could all skip school today. They were up until two in the morning, talking about the family crisis you caused when you stormed off. Dad was sure you were going to see a lawyer or to the police. He brought them into the planning for a way to get you back in line. I listened for a while, but I got tired of all their boring ‘what ifs’. None of them knew what I knew. None of them knew how hot my rapes made you; none of them knew how rubbing Daddy’s fuck into me made you rush off to masturbate. I wasn't worried one bit, but there was no convincing them. Dad was the worst. He was a nervous wreck."

"I'm not surprised. He has never been in touch with my true feeling and sexual needs. He attacks me when I'm cold and ignores me when I'm hot. All men are basically that way, but he's impossible. I knew you saw through me, and I think Jeff saw through me, too. You should know."

"He didn't. He is just as dumbfounded as the others. If anything, Jerry is the one who suspects you're getting off on the whole situation. He can't believe it, but he's no dummy. He knows you check my shave the way you do because you love doing it, and he can see you love playing around in a spermy cunt most of all. The others, even Dad, think you're just humoring me to keep peace in the family. When you threw your fit, they were convinced that they were right and Jerry was wrong. Jerry still sided with me and said you left because you couldn't take anymore teasing without giving in and using your tongue."

"That's interesting. I never would have thought that about Jerry. I'm not even aware that he knows I'm female."

"He knows ... believe me, he knows. He's just very cool about not showing that side around you. He feels very guilty about the sexual fantasies he has about you. Mother-fucker is not exactly a term of honor among boys, even for teens with a mother as sexy as you. He thinks there's something wrong with him because he aspires to being a mother fucker."

"Is that so? He's barely into puberty."

"He talked to me about that months ago, back when I was pure and simple. I knew enough to reassure him that such thoughts are natural. We had a very open and mature talk about masturbation and fantasies. He told me his; I told him mine; he showed me his; I showed him mine; before long, we were masturbating for each other. We got together at least three or four times a week after that. That was my sex life until I got raped. He really has a thing for you, and I made him a huge bestiality fan. You fucking dogs is all he thinks about, now."

They moved across the hall and into the bathroom. Jan drew the bath and sat in the shallow water as it filled. Ann took a seat on the lid of the toilet with her wide feet planted on the rim of the tub, framing her mother's upper body. Jan merely had to reach to feel Ann's cunt, which she did quite often. Ann always made room for her mother's fingers. She was getting fingered when she said, ""What were you thinking about when you were licking the inside my mouth?"

"About things. About how things will be from now on. I was thinking we should switch rooms. You belong in the master bedroom with the master."

"You're right; I should be in the master bedroom. We’ll switch. What else?"

"I was wondering if you'd make me wear a dog collar, just a dog collar with matching high heels. I figure a good human bitch should dress the part and always be available to her doggie lover. We can keep the dog, you know? No one owns him. Whoever put that fancy collar on him with his name and address moved away and left no forwarding address. His name is Spike, by the way. He's a stray. I asked around."

"I'll bet you did. You will wear a dog collar, always, not just in this house. You'll wear it everywhere you go. You are a human bitch, so you'd best get used to looking like one."

"I figured you'd want it that way. Everyone around here knows his name and his collar. I was wondering if you'd make me wear his collar. It fits my neck perfectly, and anyone in this neighborhood who saw me wearing Spike's collar would know whose bitch I was. I got lots of knowing looks when I took him around, asking about the owners."

"I'll just bet you did. I'll bet you wore a skirt, didn't you?"

"Yes, and you know Spike. Whenever we stopped, that head went up my skirt, front or rear. Stopping him was impossible, and he had all twelve inches of that cock out. He even jumped up and humped my leg. I actually spoke to smiling couples with him hugging me in a death grip around my waist with his dick poking at the crotch of my panties. No one ever offered me help in controlling him, not even those holy rollers next door ... and they were my first stop, and they had company. Six people crowded the doorway, watching Spike hump me from behind while I stood on their doorstep. They kept me there asking dumb questions, so I quit fighting him and just stood there, letting him hump me while trying to answer their questions."

"Oh God, Mom, you fucking horny bitch! That's right out of my fantasy. Tell me about that. It had to get better. Did he cum?"

"Yes, but he came on the inside front of my skirt. They were watching his dick poke my skirt out at the crotch with every humping thrust. All eyes were on my crotch, watching my skirt bob. When he came after about five minutes of humping his cock through my clamped thighs, they watched the spreading wet spot grow to cover my entire front below the waist. I looked like I'd pissed myself and then they saw his cum running down my legs clear to my heels. He cums a cupful at least. No man can cum that much. They won't be the least surprised seeing me wearing Spike's collar."

"That's great! When Spike starts licking your twat, I'll remove his collar and place it on your neck. After we consummate this marriage, you and I are going around the neighborhood again to make sure he has been abandoned. This time, you'll have his cum on your legs and you won't be wearing panties. This time, if he gets frisky, you'll stand there and get fucked outdoors where anyone can see you. I might even lift the front of your skirt so the people we're talking to can see your bitch pussy in action. What do you think of that, Mother? Can you be a bitch in public?"

"I already have been. That wasn't the only place he mounted me, and they weren't the only people that saw me take it to a climax. I've been hitting three or four houses a day for over two weeks. I only go out when he's horny. He can cum twice before he loses interest. When he stops being nasty and frisky with me, I give up and go home. No one in this neighborhood will be at all surprised to see me wearing his collar. I'm surprised word hasn't gotten back to you kids, or has it?"

"No, it hasn't. If it had, we'd all know. You only did this when kids were in school, didn't you?"

"Yes, and it was hard catching some of these neighbors at home in the quiet morning after the kids leave."

"I'll bet. Not many parents would share their exciting morning with their kids."

"I suppose, but I figured at least one out of the thirty or forty I gave exhibitions to would. I knew it would only take one to get all over the schools. I dreaded that day, but I knew it was coming. I couldn't stop once I had that experience with the holy rollers. I honestly didn't think anything like that would happen, and their reaction to it floored me. That happened the day after your rape, and I was honestly trying to find out how to get him back to his owners, because I wanted him locked up. I was just too keyed up to be dealing with a horny dog scratching at my door. I knew if I had to keep seeing that horny dog with my horny cunt in the shape it was in, there'd be big trouble."

"So, why did you put on a dress? You knew better."

"I just threw something on without thinking, grabbed his collar, and dragged him along. He was fine until I stopped moving. When they answered the door, I was trying to push his head out of my crotch. He wasn't about to be dislodged. He was licking pussy over panties, and my skirt was bunched on his head. They could see all of my legs, but they were staring at my crotch as more startled faces kept appearing in the doorway. I wanted to run, squat, hide. I finally covered his head with my skirt to hide my crotch and stopped fighting so I could explain myself. They weren't even listening. I knew if people like them would love seeing that, others would have no trouble at all ... and they didn't."

"Did anyone ever complain?"

"Not one person gave me a dirty look. I will say, though, I did a good act. I think I looked innocent, even when things got out of hand. Once that happened, I genuinely needed help to get him under control. I asked for help; I just never got any. I asked our good Christian neighbors for help and didn't get any. In every case where I asked for help, I got none whatsoever."

"Women wouldn't help?"

"Mostly, I saw women, housewives, women that had been talking over their back fence. They wanted a show and they weren't about to help the stupid blonde bitch. I know what the number-one fantasy is in this neighborhood. You're not alone, Ann. If you don't stake your claim to Spike, someone else will. This neighborhood is full of horny housewives who dream of taking a doggie lover. They do, now, anyway. I think the only reason Spike hasn't been grabbed up is that everyone would know why he was being grabbed up."

"But that doesn't bother you, does it?"

"No, it excites me terribly. I want them all to know. I want them all to see. A real bitch does her fucking in public, Ann. You said you wanted me to be a real human bitch. I assume by that you intend mating me out where everyone can see. I'll probably get arrested, but I don't care about that anymore. Public indecency is a misdemeanor, a ticket, a small fine. Unless they enact a law that makes it a felony, we can handle the fines. I honestly don't think anyone around here would call the cops or even register a complaint, even if I did all my fucking out on the front lawn in just heels and a collar with you holding my leash."

"You'd like to be on a leash, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, at all times, a chain, actually, the kind you use on large dogs, the kind with a snap at both ends."

"I want an explanation. If this is all an act just to humor me, I'm going to be pissed. I don't want to be humored. Don't make fun of my fantasy."

"I am not making fun of your fantasy, Ann. I am not humoring you, either. I have my own fantasies that aren't all that different from yours, and mine go back to my preteen years. When I was a little girl, we played a game we called master and dog. The dog had to be on all fours, eat from a bowl, couldn't speak, the works. In essence, you became a dog. I liked being the dog, so I usually got to be the dog. Your Aunt Connie and Uncle Phil liked being my master because the game bugged the hell out of Mom, and they were both in their early teens, rebellious, and whatever bugged mom was a fun game. Mostly, they'd chain me to something and leave me. I loved being chained and left. I refused to come out of character no matter how hard Mom pleaded and threatened, and if she hit me, that played right into my bad dog fantasy."

"Mom, this is just plain weird."

"I was only eight. Playing make-believe is fun at that age."

"I suppose, but so far, I fail to see the fun in this make-believe."

"I'm getting there. One day, Mom walks in the kitchen while I'm eating oatmeal from the dog's bowl. Phil is holding my leash and I have my Sunday dress on because we're going to church. I had to come out of character for church, so I was getting in my last doggie bit until we returned. We were keeping a poodle for Grandma Stevens, a male, and that poodle comes up and sniffs my crotch. Phil is laughing; I'm trying to blindly shoo him away. Mom isn't amused, but I guess she sees an opportunity to teach me a lesson and tells me that's what dogs do. They let other dogs sniff them.”

Ann bit her lip, smiling. “Is that so, Mommy?”

"Yep. Well, I'm going to show her, so I prostrate my upper body and boldly offer up my butt, and in the short, stiff skirt, I showed the crotch of my panties, only he didn't sniff, he licked. He was licking my pussy and snaking his tongue under the leg openings to get at the juicy center. Phil drops to his knees to get a close-up look. Mom doesn't know what to say about this, but Phil does. He quickly says, 'They also lick each other, so you have to let him lick you. Isn't that right, Mom?'"

Ann said, "This is more like it. What happened next?"

"Mom doesn't say anything, so Phil gets brave and pulls the panties away from my pussy. I think he just wanted the excuse to look at my pussy, but I also think a lot had to do with Mom being there, and she started us down this road. Phil was a nasty little shit at thirteen and fourteen, because Dad was gone most of the time. He was always doing things to embarrass Mom. I was loving it. That tongue felt great and having them watch felt even greater. Phil got bolder and folded my skirt over my back, then drew my panties to my knees. Now, I know he did that to shock Mom, but she still said nothing, so he got beside me, facing her and used his fingers to pry me open. He pulled my little cunt lips open along with my butt cheeks. Now, I'm shocked, and that tongue is now going up my hole to lick my cherry. Mom still isn't saying anything, so Phil says, 'I think he's getting horny. I think he wants to fuck her.'

"He never got away with using the 'F' word before, but he did then. I couldn't believe Mom was letting him get away with this, but I'm loving it even more, so I just count my blessings and wait. He says, 'Dogs don't wear clothes when they mate, do they, Mom?' There was silence, and then I hear her say, 'No, they don't.' He says, 'He looks like he's getting ready to mate with her. I should take her clothes off, don't you think?'

"She must have nodded, because he unzips my dress and starts pushing it off over my head. I help, and before long, I just have shoes, socks, and panties at my knees. Phil wants me to roll over, so I rolled over. Now, I'm on my back, looking up at Mom, but she's looking at my pussy, staring at it while Phil. takes my panties off.

"I can't believe this is happening, and the dog is now licking my slit while Phil removes my shoes and socks. He's making my legs wide by bending both legs and I laid them flat to the floor. He tells me I should pull my pussy open so the dog can lick inside, so I do, and Mom moves to see better. He takes his sweet time, and this is all blowing my mind, but I'm still loving every minute ... and the best part is that we'll miss church if we can just stall long enough.”

Pretty little Ann was now squirming on he mother’s fingers, pinching her nipples. “Oh, fuck, yes.”

"Now, I'm naked and ready for mating, so he has me get on all fours. I'm not really sure what's going to happen, but when the dog jumped on my back, Phil guided the cock. Three seconds later, I was no longer a virgin, and I had six inches of dog cock fucking the shit out of my ex-virgin pussy. It happened so fast, it didn't hurt too much. Mom watched me get screwed. Didn't say a word, and watched long after the fuck as we remained locked together. My pussy was so tight, we were sorta locked together, though I'm sure I could have dislodged him if I'd tried. I didn't try because I was still stalling to miss church, so we stayed together for what must have been thirty minutes."

Ann said, "Where was Connie?"

"I don't remember, but she wasn't there, probably spending the night with a friend. She did that a lot."

"So, you have fucked a dog?"

"Several. This first one was an icebreaker. We kept their poodle for a month, and when Connie found out about me getting screwed -- and Mom watching -- from then on, ‘playing doggie’ meant ‘breeding the doggie’. Connie kept me naked. Mom went along, and watching me get screwed was as common as watching me drink from the toilet bowl."

"You drank from the toilet bowl?"

"That's what dogs do, Ann. I'm telling you, I was into playing the bitch at the age of eight. When we returned the poodle, they brought dogs in from the neighborhood. I fucked German shepherds, collies, labs, boxers, a beagle, two terriers, a golden retriever, and a great big mutt with a dick almost as big as Spike's. This went on for months until Dad walked in and caught me with the big mutt. We were locked up, truly locked genital to genital, just like two dogs. He threw a fit. I was never a dog again, and had a healthy lecture on perversion which still sticks with me today, only not in my fantasies. Throughout the rest of middle school and until your dad knocked me up Freshman year, I have only fucked men since.”

“You poor girl,” Anne said, smiling.

“That's why I needed to get Spike locked up. I still have the craving. You have unleashed the bitch in me."

"How could you hide this side of you so well?"

"Obviously, I didn't ... otherwise you never could have imagined me in that role."

"You might be right. I've seen the way you look at Spike's cock. I knew there was interest from the very start. Okay, I'll buy it, but how could you lose all inhibitions? Were you serious about doing it in public on the front lawn?"

"Yes, but you'd have to force me. You'd have to lead me out there and stake me down. I need this to be rape -- more rape, like you raped be before. I need it, Ann. I want you to, because I couldn't go on my own. Your threat to have me thrown in jail completely turned me around. I feel like I'm totally at your mercy. That's very important, though in my rational mind, I'm fairly sure you never would. Still, you might. That's all I need. I am now psychologically prepared to do whatever it takes to keep from going to prison. I'll suffer any shame and humiliation you are willing to dish out. I just thought you'd like to know that."

"I'm glad you fessed up, but all you've done for the last thirty minutes is hint at what you want me to do to you. I'm not stupid, Mother."

"I know, but as long as you're determined to ruin me, I figured why not get my sexual itches scratched while I'm at it. Scratch them or don't scratch them ... but at least, now, you know what they are."

"But you'd rather I didn't do any of these things, is that it?"

"If I had my say, I'd want you to limit this payback to my being your pussy slave. We'd completely switch roles, but I would like to maintain my role as mother to my boys: no sex, no dogs, my reputation outside the home intact."

"I thought you already blew that."

"It wasn't as bad as I made it sound. I can live with what did happen. Only the next-door neighbors saw a sex act. I don't care what they think. They won't talk. The others were pretty mild by comparison."

"I'll have to think about it, but be prepared to go all the way when Spike shows up. I have to see that one time, at least."

"Sweetheart, If I do it once, I'll be hooked. I'm like an alcoholic where dogs are concerned. One time, and I will have a doggie lover. Everyone will have to accept that fact. I'll claim him if you won't. If Jack takes you; I'm taking a dog."

"Well, you're going to take him one time and do everything with him in front of me, Jeff, John, and Jerry. My mind is made up on that score, so we may as well go all out and scratch both of our itches."

"I'm resolved to that if that's what you want. Like I said, you'll have to force me, but I'm easy to force. Hand me the razor."

Ann watched her mother shave and masturbated all through it. While shaving away strips of light pubic hair, Jan said, "So, Jeff has a big dick, does he?”

“Excellent. You'll like Jeff's cock if you like Dad's."

"I've never complained about his cock. Tell me, Ann, what are those boys expecting? You said they were up till two. How should I act?"

"If you're here when they wake up, they'll take that as a good sign. If you're not here, they'll assume you're seeing a lawyer. The plan they came up with was for me to loosen you up by turning you on and showing you that you can play too. Dad just wanted me to feel you up and kiss you. I was also to deliver the threat as insurance. I thought their plan was dumb and told them so."

"It was a good plan, but I can see where you'd think it was dumb. Your way was certainly faster, but you took a big chance. You could not have known I'd respond the way I did."

"I didn't, and that wasn't my plan. My plan fell apart when I tasted your pussy. After that, I just did what felt right."

"So, when they see me, they'll think the plan went well and I'm loosened up, willing to play ball. Is that it?"

"Sorta. I think the goal was just to get back to where we were. There was a whole series of plans to move you along."

"To what?"

"To openly accepting me as Dad's slut lover, I suppose."

"I thought I had."

"Only me and Jerry realized that. Mom, I have an idea for a warm-up to the dog scene. Interested?"

"Very much. I need one. What did you have in mind?"

"A pussy shave inspection, only this time, you use your tongue. Prove Jerry was right."

"A groveling cunt suck?"

"Why not? Act like you're nuts about my cunt. They'll think their plan went better than expected."

"My mouth is watering already. I am nuts about your cunt. We can pick up where we left off last night, only without the sperm. Too bad. The sperm would make it better."

"Then, I'll fuck Jeff at the table."

"You nasty girl. A warm up to the warm up. I like that even better. Do it while I prepare breakfast. I'll try ignore you two, but they'll see me stealing peeks. When I sit down to eat, you move my plate and present me with my spermy breakfast."

"I love it, so will they. Take your time. I might fuck all three. You look hungry."

"We'll have to get a move on or Spike will interrupt my breakfast, and I'm famished. All done. How do I look?"

Jan stood and posed for Ann. "Great! You can see everything. God, you've got a sexy cunt between your sexy legs. I love it, and they're going to flip when they see it. Our guys love a shaved cunt."

"I'm going to do a quick fix up and throw on the dress. Why don't you wake up the studs?"

"You mean, wake up your breakfast?" Jan smiled while blow drying her hair.


Jan paused to look at herself wearing only the red dress and heels. She loved what she saw: sexy to the extreme. She always felt sexy in the red dress, but without pantyhose and bra, with naked legs, she felt lewd, slutty, a fuck-doll.

The dress had a tummy-hugging middle, a shoulderless peasant top with an elastic top fringe that clung to the top swells of her D-cup breasts, and a billowed skirt that came to mid thigh, a dangerous skirt to bend over in. With four-inch heels to top off the outfit, she was, indeed, a vision of slut perfection.

She heard stirring in the house, so she went to the kitchen to begin her breakfast preparations. Jerry was first to emerge, still wearing PJs. She heard him approach from the rear, sensed him rather than heard him, and impulsively bent from the waist with her ass aimed at him, looking for something in a bottom drawer.

Jerry dipped his head and stared at his mom's shaved pussy. He was enthralled.

Jan thrilled herself by exposing herself this way to her baby boy. She wore a full blush as she rummaged in the drawer, brought out something she didn't need, then stood, returning to food preparation. A few seconds later, she heard a throat clear and then, "Hi, Mom. How come you're dressed up? Are you going somewhere?"

Jan turned and acted surprised. "Oh! Good morning. No, I just felt like dressing up. We'll be eating soon."

Jerry took a seat at the table in the adjoining dining room as John entered and joined him. Jan heard the whispers and smiled. She heard two more enter and smiled again. She gave them a minute to get settled, then turned. She visibly jolted and her eyes widened at the sight. Ann was naked, lying back on the table, and Jeff, naked as well, stood between her yawning legs with his cock buried in her pussy.

The boys all looked toward their mother with apprehensive eyes, and Jeff's were the most apprehensive. Jan cleared her throat and forced calm in her voice as she said, "I'm making scrambled eggs with ham and cheese ... unless anyone wants their eggs fried."

Ann looked over, rubbing her clit and massaging her brother’s cock into her stuffed beaver, and said, "I want mine fried."

She then looked to the brother that had stopped fucking her and said, "You want yours fried, too, don't you, Jeff?"

Jeff just nodded. Jan acknowledged the order and returned to cooking. They resumed fucking. Mom passed the test. Several times, she found excuses to turn and ask questions. Each time, she was treated to a fuck that didn't stop because she was looking.

They were, indeed, warming up. A few trips to the table to set condiments and plates revealed aroused genitals on all kids, and Jerry had his out and was stroking it, shyly. John did have a nice bulge. She also saw Jeff's cock outside the cunt. While setting catsup beside the fucking couple, Jeff reached his climax and pulled out to deposit the last few squirts on the outside of the yawning cunt. Jan could barely contain her excitement. She tried not to stare, but did stare through the entire cum shot.

After watching his mother stop and stare at the cum shot, Jerry got brave and stood on a chair set before the spread and jacked off on it. Jan brought items to the table, one at a time, for an excuse to watch that erotic scene. She was there, looking, staring at Ann's beaver when Jerry added his whole load to half of Jeff's in the crotch of his sister.

What a mess!

In the final preparations, all were urging John to follow suit. Jan stalled, because he was weakening, and stalling paid off. As she dished out food at the table, the boy with the nicest cock -- not the biggest, but the most visually pleasing -- jacked off with the flaring crown pressed against the hole of his sister's cunt.

Jan took her seat when all places were set, and she found herself staring at her son's cock. She didn't plan to stare, but Ann had moved to lie at the corner at the end where her mother always sat, lying diagonally across the table, invading some of the space Jan needed for her plate. John had to stand right next to his mother if he wanted to remain in contact with the hole. John's left hip and Jan's right shoulder came in contact quite often.

This wasn't good enough for Ann. She placed her right leg on her mother's left shoulder, drawing Jan into firm constant contact with John and her head was hovering less than a foot from the vulgar scene. In this position, Jan studied her number two son's beautiful cock.

The cock was seven inches, thick and smooth, with a uniform shaft of pearly white skin, but the head of that cock was a real pussy pleaser. The crown looked like a mushroom or fireman's hat and was almost twice as big as the shaft. That wide cockhead made a tight seal against the hole and would have required considerable effort to get past her tight vaginal ring. The sight was erotic as hell and Ann was up on straight arms to see for herself.

John slowly stroked his cock, now enjoying the audience, and it was clearly one member in particular he was playing to: his pretty, mesmerized Mommy. That she was enthralled by his cock was obvious to all. For her, he displayed his cock to its best advantage, and backed off repeatedly to show the tip. He used the head of his cock to play in the sperm of his brothers and soon had it covered in creamy sauce.

Jan could feel pressure being applied to the back of her neck by Ann's calf, and she went with the pressure, getting closer and closer to the provocative scene until her cheek came in contact with the inner thigh and her mouth was just a fraction of an inch from the crown of John's slimy cock. The corner of her mouth rested on one puffy labia lip and that lip was covered in sperm.

Jeff and Jerry were hovering over each of Ann's hip-bones, so they made quite a family portrait. All waited to see what Jan would do, and once in position, Ann let her leg hang limply on Jan's back, demonstrating that their mother remained under her own free will.

Jan drew out the tense wait, then eased the tongue out of her mouth until it made contact with John's cockhead. John moaned and Jerry said, “Wow!"

Encouraged, Jan curled her long tongue around the cock where it made contact with her daughter's pussy -- half on cock, half on pussy -- then licked repeatedly as her right hand curled around his upper thigh and cupped his balls, coming at them from behind. John swooned as she massaged his balls and planted licking kisses all up and down the shaft. He let go to give her more area to lick, and Jan took over the jacking with her left hand.

Once she had control of her son's cock, she pulled it to her yawning mouth and forced her mouth over the head. Jan sucked while positioning her mouth to line up with the vertical slit of Ann's slimy vaginal tunnel, forming one long slit. She jacked, sucked, and massaged balls until the cock exploded in her mouth. She took two good squirts, then moved the spewing cock to the pussy, squirted the slit, then held it at the hole and filled the vaginal cavity, milking the last inside.

John almost buckled. Jan had to help him remain standing. She released him only when she was sure she drained the last drop. He stumbled back after his mother sucked his cock clean. Ann, got directly in front of her mother, sending her plate to the floor, placing both feet on both shoulders and laying out her knees, presenting a vulgar spread as she said, "Here's your breakfast, Mom. I made you a smothered cunt omelet."

Like she was famished, Jan set about licking all the cum that was visible. The boys stood close, open-mouthed and awed as they watched their mother's tongue snaking through the vaginal flesh of their sexy sister. Mom certainly loved her sperm breakfast. When all was gone, she feasted on the hole, and the boys saw a woman grovel in a cunt. They saw a cunt-hungry woman sucking slut slime from a slut as the slut held her lips open for the service.

For twenty minutes, they watched their mother gorge herself on their sister's cunt. They never tired of watching, but Jan's jaws were aching. She sucked Ann to three orgasms, and sucked the resulting cunt honey. When the familiar scratching came at the kitchen door, Jan was relieved. Ann said, “Mom, I think someone wants you. Why don't you invite him in?"

Jan sat up and looked shocked. She looked to the door as Ann sat up on the table. She looked back to Ann, saying, "But, you know how he is, Ann ... "

"I know, but you should be polite to guests. Let him in, Mom, and be very polite to him."

"But ..."

"Mom, did you like your breakfast?"

"Well, yes, but ..."

"Would you like to have a breakfast like that ever again?"

"Well ... yes."

"Then let him in and be very, very nice to him. Give him anything he wants."

Jan appeared to ponder this message with worry lines, then said, "Anything?"

"Yes, anything. Whatever he shows an interest in, see that he gets his fill. Mom, if you're wearing panties, take them off before you answer the door. I told you I didn't want you wearing panties ever again. Did you put panties on anyway?"

Jan made a good stunned expression as she looked from one grinning son to another. Jerry said, "She's not wearing panties, Ann. I saw her pussy, and she has a shaved pussy like you."

Ann said, "I know. I shaved it. Go on, Mom. Answer the door. Answer it, or forget about ever eating my cunt again."

Jan hung her head, then slowly stood. She faced the door, then moved like a condemned mutt slut. They couldn't see her smile, and she couldn't see Jerry and Jeff exchanging high fives. She heard it. The boys followed her to the door, but Ann remained on the table so as not to distract the dog.

Jan stood with her hand on the doorknob, as though frozen. Jeff gripped her hand and turned the hand and the knob, pulling the door open, letting the dog push in. They then stood back as their mother backed toward the dining room before the advancing dog nosing her crotch. She encountered the counter near the end, a few feet from the table. The boys made a semi-circle around her and the animal as his head went under the skirt.

Jan went stiff and gripped the edge of the counter top with white knuckles, making a face of agony as though he were actually eating her cunt, not licking it. Jerry, overcome with lust, had to see. He dropped to his knees at her side and pushed her dress high up her middle, exposing the provocative sight of the dog's broad tongue lapping through a cunt that was every bit as exciting as Ann's ... only there was more cunt to see.

This brought the other two to their knees and they were all fixated on the sight of the dog's long red tongue taking long licks through the cunt lips of their mother, distorting the oversize clit with the force of his licks, as though he were trying to lick the clit from its anchorage inside her slit.

With the boys absorbed in her crotch, Jan looked to her masturbating daughter and smiled. Ann smiled back, and Jan let her knees fall out steadily, giving the dog a better beaver while showing the boys more of her cunt.

Ann hopped off the table and advanced to the dog. She removed his red nylon collar and then placed it on her mother's neck, saying, "I now pronounce you, slut and mutt. You are no longer married to Daddy in the eyes of this family. Spike is your husband, now."

She then removed the wedding ring from her mother's finger and slipped it on her own, an almost perfect fit. As her brother's admired her balls, she admired her new ring, then returned to the table to masturbate with it on, fucking herself with her ring finger.

Jan saw her wedding ring go inside her daughter's cunt, which she thought was the coolest thing Ann ever did. Her brothers seemed to agree. When they returned to looking at their mother's pussy, Ann made a sign that reminded Jan to get her tits out. Jan had forgotten, so she supported her upper back on the counter and pulled the elastic top below her tits. John noticed and nudged the other two. They all stood to get a good look at their mother's sexy breasts, watching her toy with the long nipples as she moaned, "Good doggie. Oh yes, that's a good doggie. Yes, be a good husband and lick my horny pussy for me."

Jerry was busy stuffing the skirt material up under the wide elastic middle, top and bottom, and wasn't happy until all Jan had covering her body was a six-inch band of bulging red material around the waist. He was also first to brave a touch to the breasts. Jan relinquished her breasts to his hands and the others copped feels. With her hands free, she reached into her crotch and pulled her lips open. This sent them all to the floor again, though Jeff and Jerry kept a hand on one boob each.

Jan rolled and undulated her loins under the maddening tongue assault as hands took liberties below the waist. Each managed to finger her pussy or asshole. With five hands and a tongue vying for space between her legs, she didn't need hers down there, so she let the boys take over and returned to gripping the counter with her arms stretched out to each side. Again, she exchanged smiles with Ann.

Jan looked down her body and witnessed the most erotic sight. She smiled to herself as she realized her boys would have no difficulty treating her like a slut. They already were, and made obscene comments about her body and her lewd actions: they all agreed that she was a horny slut, was loving it, and would make a good bitch.

Hearing this, Jan added punctuation to that remark and came on the dog's tongue, making a spectacle of herself.

While she tried to hold herself up after the orgasm, allowing the dog to lap up the cunt honey he produced, Ann said, "He made you cum with his mouth; you should make him cum with your mouth. A good wife would do that for her hubby."

The boys all looked up to their mother's face to see her reaction to this challenge. They saw her make pleading eyes to Ann, and they saw Ann make an obscene beaver in response, saying, "If you want any of this, you'll be a good doggie wife for your doggie husband."

Jan slowly accepted that ultimatum and just as slowly sank to the floor. Jeff eagerly took the dog by the front paws and raised him to the upright, exposing his loins and the slab of angry red dog cock jutting from the sheath by ten inches. The thick, shiny cock was right in Jan's face, so all she had to do was open her mouth and angle it down. She opened her mouth, but Jerry angled it down and fed the chiseled tip between her lips. Her lips flowed over the banana-thick shaft until her mouth was full of dog cock, about four inches, and this sight made Ann go berserk and cum.

The sight also made the boys want to jerk off. Jerry and John were already at it, but Jeff had both hands full of paws. He laid those paws on the counter top and joined his brothers. He got on Jan's left with Jerry so as not to block Ann's view. She recovered and joined John on the right side.

Jan sucked the biggest dog cock of her life while pumping the rigid shaft with both hands, now twelve inches of animal maleness that she bobbed her head on while keeping a strong suction that hollowed her cheeks. She could look right and see two faces, left and see two more, and hands were all over her intimate anatomy, with fingers penetrating both holes as she squatted in a position to make them available for that purpose. The kids had her knees pressed to cabinet doors and were boldly treating her like the dirtiest of sluts, a dog-sucking slut, a cunt-lapping whore.

They called her these things repeatedly as each boy came in her face, and she came when she heard that term for the tenth time as John squirted cum in her face.

After the orgasm, Ann said, "Make him cum in your mouth, and since he swallowed your cum, you should swallow his."

Jan nodded and sucked harder, pumping faster. Jeff saw this and said, "Fuck, Ann, this is fantastic. You did great."

Ann said, "That's nothing. She'll let you guys fuck her anytime you want, and you can cum in her pussy. She's not taking any birth control, so have fun knocking her up."

Jerry said, "Really! Any time we want, we can just go up and fuck her?"

"That's right. You don't need her permission. All she can wear is the collar and her high heels, so it won't be hard to get to a hole to put your dick in."

Jeff said, "Any hole?"

"Yes, any hole ... but if you want to knock her up, cum in her pussy. She'll want you to cum in her pussy, because if I ever feel inside her cunt and don't see evidence of sperm, she'll get beat with a belt and put out on the street. She knows I'll do it, too."

Jerry said, "WOW!"

And the dog must have thought, “WOW!" because he began spewing his hot load in her mouth.

John noticed and cried, "Look, he's cumming in her fucking mouth!"

Jan had to make room for the deposit, so she eased her mouth to the very end and pursed her lips over the tip, letting some splash against her lips for visual effect. They watched the viscous fluid run down both corners of her lips as it blended with their cum to go down her neck, then watched her nurse the jerking rod.

She milked the last drops, then Spike moved off. Jan opened her mouth to let them see how much cum she'd captured. Each looked in her mouth and saw the creamy puddle, each boy making a look of disgust or a comment about the volume of yuckie stuff she held in her mouth.

Ann wasn't disgusted and used a finger in her mommy’s mouth to stir the mess as she said, "Wow, that's a lot of dog cum. Now, swallow."

Jan took swallowing gulps with her mouth open and they watched the puddle disappear down her throat until her mouth was empty, which she showed by moving her tongue about. The dog had wandered away.

The kids, now satisfied, all stood and looked down on their mother, awed by what they'd witnessed, now awed by the sight she still presented in her relaxed slump: half lying and half sitting, with her knees still back, with no one forcing them back, her forearms lying on the floor to each side, lewdly showing her pussy and her asshole as many lines of dog and human semen ran from her soiled face, converged between her tits to run to the bunched material of her dress.

Ann stood before Jan with boys on both sides of her. John said, "I don't know how you did it, Ann, but she sure looks whipped. I never saw a pussy-whipped woman before."

Jerry piped in, "Yeah, it's like she turned Mom into a sex slave."

Jeff patted her back and said, "Way to go, Ann. We owe you, kid. You can make her do anything, huh? You can do whatever you want with her, can't you?"

"Watch this."

They all watched as Ann moved closer with her legs apart and knees bowed. Jan watched the cunt open as the fingers pulled the lips apart. She knew she'd be called upon to eat more pussy. She awaited the order, but got hit in the face by a long squirt of warm piss instead.

Jan was stunned, totally unprepared for this, and she looked stunned. Other than to sputter piss off her lips, she didn't say or do anything about it, nor did she give Ann a dirty look. She just sat there looking stunned, hearing the excited exclamations from the boys as they urged her to do it again, and she was still poised to do it again. Jan realized that Ann was waiting on the expected objection, having taken a big gamble.

Jan also knew that to just sit there in silence was as good as asking for more ... nonetheless, she sat in silence, not fully knowing why.

She didn't wait long. Ann aimed at her crotch and sent a hard stream that hit dead center, sending piss rushing up her cunt. The stream filled her cunt to overflowing, then marched up her front on a direct path to her face, sending piss splatters in all directions, backing the boys up.

Jan watched the point of impact though she got her face splattered by doing so. She watched as the amber stream moved between her tits, then onto the upper chest. She tilted her head back to expose her neck to the stream, then felt the wetness advance up her neck, onto her chin, to her mouth, centered between the slack lips where piss poured in and flooded her oral cavity before moving on to cover every inch of her face and hair before returning to the lips. In anticipation, Jan swallowed what she held in her mouth and opened her mouth when Ann told her to do so.

When the piss stream arrived, it went right in her eager mouth.

Pretty little Jan had her eyes closed, so she wasn't aware that Ann had steadily moved closer until she felt the cunt seal itself to her mouth with the piss still flowing. Her mouth quickly filled and she swallowed. She kept swallowing as hands cupped her throat. She had to swallow contiguously to keep up with the flow, though Ann never told her she had to swallow.

Ann seemed to know she would, and the boys were again in awe -- because they could feel their mother gulping down piss.

When the flow slowed to a trickle, Jan nursed at the hole. When it stopped, she sucked cunt, oddly disappointed that no more piss flowed. Jan amazed herself, because she was masturbating to the event and brought herself to a climax rather quickly while sucking on the last drops of Ann's piss.

If she could sink any lower, she didn't know how.

Ann did. She stepped back and said, "Anybody else feel like taking a piss on a bitch slut?"

Jan sank lower under three streams of warm piss. Now, she knew she couldn't sink any lower or be any wetter, but then the dog wandered back, sniffed at all the piss, hiked his leg, and added insult to injury with the kids laughing their young asses off from beginning to end.

Jan sat in a big puddle of piss and should have been pissed off. She wasn't. She didn't even try to look pissed off; she just looked pissed on, and she didn't have to try. Ann offered her a hand up, saying, "You need a shower so we can properly consummate this marriage, but mop this mess up, first."

She gave her mother a sponge and a bowl. Jan got down on her hands and knees and played Cinderella.

The marriage was consummated. They toured the neighborhood to make the announcement. Jan got pregnant, delivered a bastard, and for the next four years was known as the Bitch of Birch Street; everyone took their turns pissing in her sucking mouth.

Before Ann left for college, leaving her three bastards, Jan delivered four more bastards. With Ann gone, and Spike shot dead by a jealous holy roller, her life returned to near normal ... only now she had a new family to raise, and this one had three girls and four boys.

She resolved to get it right this time.

She couldn't survive another Ann, but Jack already had his eye on four-year-old Ann Junior: AJ, for short. But that's another story.

Bitch Bride (MFf+ femdom inc cuck non-con beast ws preg race extreme) Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/03/23(Sun)03:53 No. 21406 ID: 923b50

Bitch Bride (MFf+ femdom inc cuck non-con beast ws preg race extreme)
- a Phil Phantom tribute/edit by Nicholas Fellheimer:
- with special thanks to AnonyMPC:
... for inspiration, admiration & appreciation.


I left my gorgeous seventeen-year-old virgin bride lying on the huge, heart-shaped bed of our honeymoon suite; lovely little Charlene was wearing only a sexy baby-doll nightie, blonde curls and a coy smile.

I left a wet-dream to take a quick shower and shave extra close for her. She took close to one hour to get ready for me, but I was all done in five minutes. When I emerged -- ready to climb between the long, coltish legs of the most beautiful girl in my world -- what I saw was a big bellhop's shiny black ass going up and down between those alabaster thighs, his heavy black balls slapping her in the snow-white asshole. The man was at least twice her mass and he was driving her young, smooth newlywed cunt into a heart-shaped mattress with long, mean strokes. That was not the dream ... but it did look awful wet.

Looked like a bellhop's wet-dream, and it looked like he won the little bride over at some point.

Either she wasn't really a virgin, or Charlene had a virgin pussy with a definite fondness for being raped by long dark dicks. I could not believe my eyes, but those breath-taking thighs were being yawned wide and she had both hands working her clit. She was meeting those thrusts then grinding into the fucker's groin, her ass rising off the bed to meet him. He was fucking her ... but she was fucking him, too, and with more passion. I had no choice but to stand there wearing a towel, watching that act of adultery like a voyeur getting a hard-on.

I could not imagine how this could happen, or happen so damn quickly. They had to start right after I went into the bathroom. The man had to be waiting right outside the door with his hard dick in his hand. She had to have stripped down and let him in. That had to have been set-up when he brought the luggage up, taking a hug and kiss in lieu of a tip.

After that inappropriate and lengthy tip, he whispered something to her. She then whispered something back, which he whispered a response to, which she responded to with a giggle.

The big black bastard then took another long tip, this time while rudely groping her ass, feeling up her crotch and pulling her crotch into his crotch, lifting both of her feet clear of the floor ... a very rude Barbados custom, I thought. But I supposed that it was a rude custom that DID get a bashful young virgin bride in the mood to fuck, so those rude and crude tips did serve a purpose: foreplay.

Seemed harmless at the time, and she was in a great blushing mood after he set her down and made his smiling departure. The little blonde bride was hot; we made out for ten minutes, slowly undressing each other, kissing and admiring each other in the many honeymoon-suite mirrors. If I do say so myself, we make a very sexy match: two of the prettiest blonde teenagers I've ever seen. The two of us could almost be twins; I've been told that I look like a softer Zac Effron or a Justin Bieber, and Charlene is a dead-ringer for Hannah Montana mixed with a blonde Selena Gomez.

After we stripped, it seemed Charlene wanted to look hotter. Took her an hour, while I sat on aching blue-balls. Part of that hour was spent shaving all the blonde hairs off of her pretty little virgin pussy. The big black jerk must have whispered that suggestion, because Charlene had always been opposed to vaginal shaving beyond the bikini line, before: only a neat trim. Anything more, she said, would appear slutty and white-trashy.

He, evidently, preferred bald cunts on a tiny slut bride. By getting off to the side as they fucked, I could see that the entire crotch of my blushing, heaving bride was bald with stretched-thin labia lips clinging to a thick, black, muscular cock-shaft. Looked like a tiny white child's pussy sucking a big black man's dick. That isn't something you see every day in Peach Grove, Georgia.

But we clearly were not in Peach Grove, Georgia.

You have to travel to Barbados to see that shit, and pay a small fortune. Charlene's wealthy parents paid it ... but I had a feeling that if they knew had Barbados was ate-up with bold niggers, they'd have paid a small fortune for a Swiss Alps honeymoon.

By getting off to the side and leaning down to watch them fuck, I gave Charlene a view of an astonished young husband wearing a towel over a boner. She took note, certainly, but kept right on fucking with even more passion; it was as though seeing her blue-eyed, gape-mouthed & rock-hard husband turned her on even more. She kept looking at me and at my little loin tent. I didn't have anything near like she was getting fucked with. If she liked them big and black, I was a pretty, smooth white disappointment. She did seem to like them big ... big, black, bold, masculine, and powerful. You can't love that in Peach Grove, Georgia if you're a little white girl. Charlene was small, rich and very white, a very big Peach Grove no-no.

I was hoping and praying the ebony stud would pull out and cum all over my bride like they do in porno fuck-videos. He looked like he could really cream a white bitch. He had enough balls for four white boys like me. Balls like that would make a great big spermy mess of a very beautiful blonde Jr. Prom queen, still in High School and just married to a handsome 18-year-old Senior quarterback. I was hoping he'd get some in her queenly face. That would be neat to watch, but as their fucking reached its climax, neither seemed interested in sperming anything except a royal -- and very fertile -- womb. That would be very bad for a devout Catholic couple, as abortion is a big Papal no-no. Confession was going to be a bitch, too, of course ... but that was Charlene's problem, not mine.

Charlene didn't seem to be thinking about Papal edicts or the confessional.

She seemed to be thinking about the big black dick, nearly a foot long and thick as a wrist, turning her pretty little lily-white pussy all squishy and making her squirt as she came again and again. She seemed to be thinking about her delicate fingers slapping at the straining, shiny clit at the top of her overheating sex, running her hands along the stretched-thin membranes of the bald flesh where the big nigger was pounding his meat into her like a piston. She seemed to be thinking about the look in her shocked husband's eye, biting her lips and smiling as a handsome high-school senior watched his little bride buck another hard cum out of a good, thorough raping.

Above all, little Charlene seemed to be thinking about inter-racial procreation and nursing a little mocha bastard at her supple white breasts: the sort of confession a wife carries around and burps in a large church of a small town Catholic enclave within a Southern Baptist state.

I groaned. We needed one of those like we needed a red light for the front porch of the little cottage behind Charlene's parent's old plantation mansion. We would not be in that free cottage for long ... not after Charlene gave birth to a black man's bastard, I thought. Not long at all.

All sorts of bad thoughts ran through my confused mind as I watched Charlene lift her fair loins up to grind against the animalistic thrusts of a black bellhop. That big nigger bastard lifted my little wife like a babydoll, enjoying a climax as deep in a fertile white bride as he could get ten-plus muscular inches of Barbados black-magic cock. Looked like Charlene sucked that cock with her bald pussy. Looked serious. Looked like a deliberate act of procreation right in front of a spouse who had lost his towel and now looked pathetic -- blushing quite alluringly -- with a towel hanging on his stiff, peg-like dick.

I still had the towel on my dick as the bellhop pulled up his pants, thanked me for the use of my virgin bride, shook my hand and left. Before that, there had been much more whispering and kissing as the lovers let their joined genitals soak in infidelity. There was lots of giddy giggling, too; they carried on a private conversation right in front of me, both being very rude. He eased his big cock in and out her as they talked, slowly softening, and she masturbated with both hands the whole time.

When the bold fucker finally left, I faced Charlene; that pretty little Jr. Prom queen was lying in a vulgar spread, looking like a well-fucked ex-virgin bride. She had been a virgin, it seemed ... or the big nigger's sheer size caused some internal bleeding. Pink-tainted semen oozed from a very large hole between her widely-parted legs to smother her adorable little pink asshole, then on to soil a red satin bedspread in a puddle beneath her supple white varsity-cheerleader butt.

For the longest time, I sat at the base of the heart and stared at that sight; Charlene was staring up at men and slowly diddling her now-sloppy hole. Both of us were deep in thought, but I thought she should have the decency to close those cheating legs -- or, at least, cover her adulterous crotch with a shameful hand, preferably the one without the wedding ring on it. I was sorta glad she didn't, because that was a sight to behold while I held five inches of stiff dick and began a light stroking. I was slick with pre-cum and as hard as I had ever been.

My movement made Charlene lift her head and gaze down her body, between her perfect cheerleader tits over her bald mound to the dick I played with, then say, "Wow. He sure had a big dick, huh?"

I didn't know what she might say or could say after what she did, but I didn't expect that. It came across as, "... and you sure have a little dick, huh?"

I had no response. But did have a powerful desire to cum in her face, so I got up and knee-walked right up to her crotch and jacked-off like mad. She watched, seeming quite amused. She even got up on her elbows to see that better, which was better for me: that made a better target of her fucking face with those big, baby-blue, cheating-slut bedroom eyes.

I blasted her good, too, right on her cute button-nose, a big ropy strand, then another, and another. I soiled her fucking face good; cum dribbled down her lips. I even nailed her titties.

She said, "Feel better, now?"


"Good. May I have your towel, please?"

The towel was behind me, so I reached behind, then tossed her the towel. She wiped her face and tits but not her crotch. She tossed the towel and stared at me. I looked down at that messy crotch, then looked her right in those big blue eyes.

She said, and you are not going to believe this, "If you love me, eat my pussy."

The fucking nerve of that bitch! 'If you love me, eat my pussy.'

She meant, 'If you love me, eat my black lover's fuck. If you love me, eat his cum out of my cheating cunt. If you love me, let me see you debase yourself. I want to see you suck a fucked cunt like a faggot-hubby.'

As I ate her, she started pissing.

When I got done choking all of that down, I told her how rude that was and how bad she was: bad, and a silly blonde-girl mistake, because she was unprotected and didn't make him wear a rubber or pull out.

She thought I ate it all, so she wasn't worried.

I told her that I couldn't get at the several million sperm cells that were in her fertile womb, no matter how much I sucked on her and squirmed my tongue deep inside to slurp out a black man's cum.

She patted me on the head and said, "At least you tried, honey. Ready for a swim? I am. I can't wait to show you my new swimsuit."

That was the extent of our discussion on marital infidelity and inter-racial procreation. Sacred vows made before God and everybody were still wet on her luscious lips when the first black man came in her.

Evidently, vows were just so many words before you get to the I-do part. I took those vows seriously. I took marriage seriously. I took procreation very seriously. Charlene never took anything seriously, not even prom queendom, not after they elected a big black wide receiver as the Jr. Prom king just to humiliate her. She danced with him ... but wouldn't fuck him, as was the custom. No doubt, had the election and Jr. Prom been held in Barbados, she'd have fucked him on the dance floor.

Charlene was an entirely different person in Barbados; this was evidenced by her swimsuit, or what little there was of it. I never saw such a teeny-tiny suit. Looked like ultra-skimpy, very sheer underwear to me. She posed proudly and did a slow turn to show me how little was covered. From the rear, all I saw was string, and much of that was hidden in the crack of her heart-shaped ass. That entire swimsuit could be wadded up and stuffed into a plastic Easter egg and still have room for pocket change and a piece of candy. That suit made the illegal-in-Georgia thong suit look like modest swimwear.

I said, "Charlene, you can't be serious. You would wear that in public?"

"This is Barbados, silly. Of course I would. I am. For two weeks, I plan to live in this suit. This is perfectly legal in a very private Barbados resort. Only the lips of the vagina and the nipples need to be covered to be Barbados public-beach decent. This is a genuine Barbados string-bikini in size extra-skimpy. Now you see why I had to shave my pussy bald. I could have left the lips hairy ... but that would look silly, don't you think?"

I thought the Barbados string-bikini looked silly, a joke of a bikini, the slimmest string-bikini taken to the extreme: string with three small patches of lime-green fabric, like two lime halves to cover the nipples and one whole lime stuffed part-way up her cunt. Nude would be a bit less vulgar. I could not believe that thing was legal anywhere, not even at a nudist resort where the Barbados string-bikini would very likely be banned as being too obscene. It did look damn good on her, though.

I said, "I thought the bellhop asked you to shave it."

"He did no such thing, honey! All he said was he'd like a lock of my pubic hair for a souvenir, especially if I was a true blonde and planned to wear a Barbados string-bikini. He gave me this one and slipped it into my pussy while he was getting his tip. I put it on in the bathroom and could see that I really DID need to shave all the hair off. Which reminds me ..."

That explained how she got the suit, and that also explained much of the talking between tips. I thought he was just feeling-up her pussy and getting some stinky finger. No wonder she got so hot and took so long in the bathroom!

Charlene went to the bathroom and returned with a tissue package, saying, "He forget the lock of my hair. Here, would you see that he gets this? I would be too embarrassed."

FUCK! Just by seeing the look on my face made her say, "Howard, if you love me, you'll do this for me."

With Charlene, it wasn't enough to say the words; no, you had to continually prove that you loved her. I was used to that, but 'proof' took on a whole new dimension in Barbados.

She could see that I had just about had enough of this new dimension. Eating her fucked pussy while she writhed under my mouth and went monkey-fuck watching me eat it put me at my absolute limit. Had I not seen what ecstasy that gave her, I would not have done that ... at least not as well, or for as long as I did. He he only made her cum a little; I got her off seven times. He got his loins fucked, but I got my face fucked.

That big nigger bastard definitely got the better deal, I realized ... and I still had not fucked my wife.

My wife came up and hung her arms on my shoulders to get nose to nose with me. She pouted, "Howie, don't be a poopie puss. This is my honeymoon, too, and I wanna be a bad girl for once in my life. I want to be a naughty wife and do everything naughty wives do just once in my marriage, just two weeks-worth, where no one will ever know. I'll be good after that, I promise."

Her promises were as good as her vows. I already knew how good her promises were, and she still acted like a promise of hers meant something. Of course, if I really loved her they would. I did really love her. I loved a spoiled-rotten little blonde debutante who always got her way by pouting real cute.

Worked great on me, sure ... but I was nowhere near as pathetic as her daddy. He may not have fucked that pussy, but I know he licked her cherry with his nose up her ass. I had watched him lick her ass with his nose on her cherry; she had him do that for her after our very first date.

She had been nursing her daddy from before she first popped out in tits; what he enjoyed most was licking her legs and sucking on her toes. I knew all of this because she bragged to everyone about how well she had her daddy pussy-whipped; when he bought her a car, she let him jack off and suck her toes while she diddled her pussy.

Her mommy was a different story. Mommy could be a bit of a bitch, actually; an ice-queen, gorgeous, obscenely wealthy and more than a little rude. I saw a new wife beginning the pussy-whipping of a hubby.

I can't say I didn't see this pussy-whipping coming from a long way off. I married pretty little Charlene wearing a pair of her panties that she wasn't wearing. She thought that would be a hoot. I thought it was, too, until she told everybody, all three-hundred fucking people in small groups following the ceremony.

Her mother took me aside at one point during the reception, wrapped her long fingers around my stiff cock through my slacks and said, "Get used to wearing the panties in the family. She'll be wearing the pants, or whatever she damn-well feels like. Might not be anything at all, and if you're the only man getting into her pants, I'll be astonished. If you ever get to feeling TOO neglected, come see me. I wouldn't mind getting in your panties. You're very cute, Mr. Howie. I can imagine how cute you look in a pair of Charlene's sexy panties with bright red toenails ... yes, very very sexy."

She gave my balls a rough squeeze and walked away with a cruel grin.

I did have that going for me. Charlene's mom is one fine looking woman, with a firm body and a fierce, haughty dominatrix beauty. She was only 14 when a rich man got her pregnant with Charlene, and I'm pretty sure that she's the one who did the seducing.

So, no, I didn't mind so much getting my nails painted after that. I minded having them done on a flight to Barbados, though, with giggling flight attendants who were attending to us far too much; my little bride kept me hard with her hand the whole time, and made sure everyone on the flight got to see me lick her asshole "just like Daddy does".

That was terribly humiliating ... but so was the wedding, and the reception, and so was seeing my virgin bride making passionate love to an unsheathed black man, then eating it. I understood where Charlene was coming from, and I knew where she was going. I had months to run from this fate, after all, but instead I stood my ground and took my vow wearing panties.

I now stood nose to nose with a vision of firm blonde teenage loveliness, getting a better understanding and a clearer picture of a honeymoon ... Charlene-style. I'd be eating what she'd be fucking, and that bride was dressed for fucking in a resort that was staffed by bold niggers. I call them blacks except when they go out of their way to fuck white women or girls; when they fuck my little white-girl wife, they're fucking niggers. I could see I wouldn't need any pride in Barbados. Pride or protein; I could subsist on fruit and fuck. I held the sexy buns of a spoiled little rich bitch who was out to see if I could.

Running her fingers along my abs, she said, "I'm going to fatten you up. This Barbados string-bikini will get you plenty to eat. This suit screams 'fuck me, I'm easy'.

I nodded sheepishly. "Yes it does, honey."

"I am going to be SO easy for the niggers to fuck. You won't believe how easy. If my hubby loves me, I mean really really loves me, he'll be hungry all the time. Starved, and I mean famished. He'll act so excited when I have a cummy pussy between my legs all for him! Ummm, yummy nigger-fuck."

That spelled it out. I said, "Charlene, you are going to get nigger-pregnant if you play this game for two weeks."

"Probably," she said with a shrug, "but I was nigger-raped. Those things happen. It almost happened at the prom. Haven't you heard? I'm nigger-bait. They can't resist a lily-white blonde as pretty as I am. What's a good Catholic girl to do but bear the little black bastard? What can she do but try to hold her head high while the little bastard nurses on white breasts, tanned in the Barbados sun, that will be lily-white again by the time I deliver?"

"Charlene, your mother won't buy that, and I doubt your father will, either. Not if you bear a black bastard and decide to keep it and nurse it in public. I know you like the fantasy, but think about the reality."

She smiled those dazzling pearly whites and wrinkled her button nose. "I like the fantasy a lot. The reality is, I am going to get pregnant by a black man, and I am going to bear my child and keep my child. I will nurse my child. I will nurse in public without shame with nigger-fuck running down my bare legs. My husband will accept that. My father had better, or he won't get to lick my asshole anymore ... and my mother arranged this honeymoon knowing what we'd find here. This is her payback."

I couldn't believe that and said, "Do you honestly think she knows what this place is like?"

"They've been vacationing here for years. Hell, they own half of Barbados, and they own a major share in this resort. Mom sits on the board at the head of the table. She runs this place from Peaches."

I was shocked. 'Peaches' was the name of their plantation estate: Paradise Peach Orchards, or Peaches for short.

Charlene smiled. "For your information, while that porter was stuffing this suit up my twat, he was telling me that it came compliments of my mother ... with instructions that I live in it and live with the consequence."

I was aghast. "Really?"

"Yep. Or be disowned and banished from Peaches."

Fuck! The momma-bitch was playing hard ball.

Charlene, her hand on my throbbing cock, said, "Howie, I had no choice, and don't you think for one minute that I wanted my first to be a man who was that huge in the dick. While you were in the bathroom, I suffered through pure hell and was just getting used to his size when you came out. You watched a virgin getting the stuffing fucked out of her. You were within five minutes of jacking-off in a virgin's face. I will admit, I did absolutely love that. That and eating me."

"I'll say. You climaxed seven times, by my count."

"I wasn't counting. I'll tell you something else. If I have to live in this ridiculous suit and suffer the consequences, you are going to eat every last sperm cell and do your very best to make me love suffering the consequences. One consequence will be a pussy a horse can fuck. When we get back from this white-bride breeding colony, I dare say mother will have one waiting and ready to mount me. If she would do this to me, she would do THAT to me, too."

This was very surprising and came as a great relief. Charlene wasn't all that bad. Her mother was, but her mother had cause. I just never dreamed she would go to such lengths to get payback. I knew she wasn't through, either. She intended to use me the way Charlene used her mother's spouse. I can't say I minded, honestly; sounded pretty good to me.

I could see that Charlene wasn't as happy with this as I first thought. I said, "Did you know she was this upset with you?"

"I suspected, and I knew she'd wait for the perfect way to get back at me. I knew she was waiting on me to marry. I figured she would treat my husband the way I treat her husband; she always wanted a slut-daughter, and now she has two. I got you in panties for her, because she thinks you're so pretty."

I blushed. "Thank you, honey."

"You are, pretty. You might be the prettiest boy I've ever seen. Getting you and your little cock in panties for her was my peace offering; I never dreamed she would do this. To answer your question: no, I did not know she was THIS upset. She obviously is, though, and we have to deal with that ... or make a life someplace else all on our own. I prefer the easy life at Peaches, but we'll live there under her rule and under her thumb. If you want to go it alone, we can leave now and flip her the finger. If we stay, you are going to help me get through this, and you know the help I want. Be hungry. Very, very hungry."

I grew a queer smile and said, "I like Peaches."

"Then you had better like the cream. If I have to wander around in this please-fuck-me suit, there will be cream ... lots and lots of cream. It's cream of nigger soup, but there is enough here to get you fat. To get us both fat, actually."

"A steady diet of cream of nigger soup sure beats working for a living."

"I wouldn't know, and I have no desire to find out. With mother running things, there will be a steady diet; my mother has four black-stud lovers who are all itching to fuck your wife. They'll be fucking me when the horses and dogs aren't. You'll be fucking Mommy when you aren't sucking horses, dogs, and niggers ... oh, and Daddy. He'll want some; he'll love your asshole, too. Still want the easy life, stud?"

"Damn, Charlene, what's the easy part?"

She rolled my cock in her hands and pressed two fingers to my asshole; she sank inside me easily and I squirmed with delight. "Picking out your wardrobe, deciding which panties go best with which nail polish. That's all you'll be wearing: panties and paint."

"That sucks."

"You'd better learn to suck even harder," she said, letting go of me and leaving me with the worst case of blue balls I ever had. "Now, slip a Speedo on, cutie. Let's see if this suit works."

I slipped my Speedo on, but I still could not believe she would venture out in that thing. I didn't believe until she stepped out into the hall with me and all she had on was the suit and sunglasses.

She looked a sight: the bottoms barely covered her clit, and the top did little more than make her naked teen cleavage spill out more provocatively; when she bent over to grab her beach-bag, the suit's thin sting parted her still-puffy pussy lips and a thin stream of nigger cum that I had missed drooled out.

The first to see that sight were on the elevator: two vacationing white couples, one of them young, early-thirties with three preteen girls and the other college-age ... and a bold black elevator driver. That big buck nigger stopped the elevator between floors to fuck my wife from the rear; he fucked her right there, while seven astonished white people stood there and watched.

I never saw anything like that in my life, nor had they, but it looked to me like they came to the resort to see shit like that. They were wishing they had a camera; I was wishing I had a bag for my head. The suit bottoms were no problem; the big bastard simply moved them aside with a thumb and fucked her like a little girl. He fucked her hard, fast, and creamed her good and deep. When he pulled out, the soup poured down her legs. That silly bitch insisted I kneel behind her and eat it.

Both of the white husbands had their cocks out by this time, both eying Charlene's ample assets; the older fellow was being slowly jerked by his wife in full view of their young daughters, and my blushing bride was massaging the dick of the college-age guy as I bent over.

My wife piped up. "I'm sorry, guys; only black men get to cum in my pussy. If you want to fuck my husband's asshole, though, please feel free."

After I slurped down all that nigger-fuck and got two loads pounded up my asshole, that laughing black man started the car moving again. With only one elevator to serve forty floors, and with twenty rooms to a floor, we had a small crowd waiting on the ground floor after a ten-minute delay. A dozen people in the spacious lobby took one look at Charlene and knew EXACTLY what took so long ... but the damn nigger apologized for taking so long, explaining that he had to fuck my wife and then wait for me to clean her with my mouth.

I needed a body bag. My cock was rock-hard and poking out of my Speedos.

We went from there out to the pool; Charlene took a quick dip then laid out. Two dozen guest watched her every move. When she laid out, three big staff niggers with big, stiff staffs came over and screwed her on the lounger: tits-up, broad daylight, fucked her in all three holes, then I had to kneel and eat one hell of a mess with at least three dozen resort guests all standing around gawking and talking.

They never saw anything like that, but many had cameras. While I was eating, my asshole entertained another dozen guests.

We remained at the pool for over an hour, then took a stroll of the grounds. Charlene was fucked on the grounds five times at five different places, all drawing big crowds and getting my shitpipe reamed by smiling guests in the process. We then went out on the beach where three more fucking niggers screwed her for a large beach crowd. She stayed nude on the beach and did some skinny dipping between fucks: fuck, swim, fuck, swim, fuck, swim. I dined after every fuck, and there was cum running down the backs of my legs to my heels from one VERY sore asshole.

By the time we got back to the room -- about six hours after we left -- I was so full of fuck, I felt bloated and sickly. She wasn't much better off, but she got off every time I ate her. She also liked pissing in my mouth, and that became a regular thing.

Three more blacks came up and fucked Charlene in the room, and the manager of the hotel decided that he wanted to sample my ass as I was sucking the last of the semen and piss out of my pretty little wife's orgasming pussy.

At ten that evening, we had both had enough; we locked the door and refused to open for any reason. In the morning, room service breakfast was delivered by six horny niggers. My breakfast was more soup. Day two was much worse than day one, but the rest were about like day two. I did, in fact, live on fruit and fuck. I got sick of that diet halfway through day two. By day fourteen, I never wanted to see another nigger dick. By then, I was sucking them off to spare Charlene a fucking. She was sick of them, too.

Her mother got her pound of flesh and then some, and she was getting daily reports. She met us at the airport in Atlanta. The first thing she did was place a hand on Charlene's lower abdomen and say, "Are we with child, Charlene?"

Charlene said, "If I'm not, it was not for lack of trying."

Her mother was very pleased and said, "Until we know for sure, we'll keep right on trying."

I drove while the black driver tried all the way to Peach Grove and on to Peaches. Mom sat up front with me, looking back, playing with my dick, and talking trash about my slut bride. She even sucked me off three times. When we arrived at Peaches, she bred Charlene to a horse and three large dogs. That was interesting. Right after that, Charlene was given over to four of Mommy's big black lovers. I went to bed with Mommy and Daddy. I got plenty fucked, plenty sucked, and felt quite welcome.

Charlene felt quite fucked.

I loved life at Peaches, but for Charlene, Peaches was a bitch. I would have thought she'd bitch about that, but she had to love being bred. They did a lot of that. She just kept on getting fatter and fatter until she delivered a little mocha-skinned bastard. She did nurse the little black bastard in public. She lived out that fantasy. I watched while wearing the panties in the family.

Beats working.

The End

Anonymous 14/03/24(Mon)12:47 No. 21423 ID: c34ab4

I don't even like extreme/scat/bestiality porn, but your writing is so damn good that I really don't mind it. All of the stories are short yet well written, which is great because each story is long enough to be fap material, but short so as to keep each idea from becoming stale. Keep doing what you're doing.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/03/28(Fri)06:32 No. 21445 ID: 923b50

Oh, that makes my day! Thank you, sincerely and deeply, for the positive feedback; it's wonderful to know that people like what I post.

Anonymous 14/03/28(Fri)11:59 No. 21448 ID: f5b1c2

I'd appreciate more stuff that isn't cuckolding.
Other than that you're pretty great.

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/03/29(Sat)12:58 No. 21451 ID: 923b50


Can do!

Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)02:11 No. 21458 ID: 7c1cf6



Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/04/29(Tue)09:36 No. 21648 ID: 923b50

New art, based on my writing!


Anonymous 14/10/28(Tue)01:44 No. 22626 ID: 3e72fa

Will there be a Clean Up Girl part 2?

Nicholas+Fellheimer 14/11/13(Thu)11:06 No. 22793 ID: 8d0817

There's a longer version here:
... and I've been thinking about putting together another chapter.

Anonymous 14/12/02(Tue)02:28 No. 22892 ID: f1b782

That's actually where I initially found your stories!

You should write another chapter, I know I would greatly enjoy it. You have a great writing style!

Missing Stories Anonymous 14/12/06(Sat)06:17 No. 22908 ID: 1b3ad7

Hey Nicholas... As a big fan of Phil Phantom I think it is great that you, and AnnonyMPC of course, have started writing stories in that over the top style that disappeared when he did. But since then end of lolli on Hentai-Foundry, I cannot find your stuff anywhere. There may not be anything new if you've been busy but I know there were several posted to HF before the end!

So this is one fan asking you to post those missing stories here or perhaps on asstr.org or anywhere for that matter and let us know where we need to go to watch for NEW nichollasfellheimer stories! TIA

Anonymous 15/02/23(Mon)05:42 No. 23311 ID: 2b658d

brilliant stuff

Anonymous 15/02/28(Sat)23:27 No. 23333 ID: 5db6d8

For anybody who wants to read Nicholas' story easier. Somebody reposted his stories here http://fetstories.com/author/Nicholas-Fellheimer/

help!?!?!?!? Anonymous 15/09/28(Mon)13:06 No. 23872 ID: 2c5288

So I admit I was not bright in this but I never saved the pics that sparrow and the other awesome artist did for him...please help.

Anonymous 16/05/19(Thu)01:25 No. 24277 ID: 3c8909

So, did the author ever make more, or did he stop for some reason?
Because all the accounts I find are either incomplete or outright empty.

Anonymous 16/06/06(Mon)09:11 No. 24316 ID: 8255a3

I too would like to know that.

Anonymous 16/06/07(Tue)19:12 No. 24322 ID: f93ccf

Bump for concurrence.

Anonymous 16/06/07(Tue)22:00 No. 24323 ID: a609fb

If you go to his Hentai-Foundry page, and look at the "last connected", it's only a couple days ago, so clearly he's still alive and out there. Whether he's writing, who knows, life may have gotten busy for him. But there's a comment section there that he probably gets email notifications for, and that might be a better way to answer your questions than discussing it here.

Anonymous 16/06/25(Sat)12:01 No. 24385 ID: cef8fd


Anonymous 16/06/26(Sun)08:29 No. 24387 ID: edf4a7

Speaking of that website, is there a way to see an author's works on his page? It always seems like there are many less stories there than advertised.

Anonymous 16/07/02(Sat)04:02 No. 24402 ID: 699446

You might need to go into the Filter in the upper right hand area and tick all the boxes

Anonymous 16/08/03(Wed)20:21 No. 24542 ID: 89f587

im looking for Gangbanged on the Elevator (A Tale of A Reluctant, Rough Group Sex): Bound & Helpless, Amber is Taken by Two Strangers (Taken on the Elevator). it was once on amazon but isnt anymore and i want to read it. does anyone know where i can find it??????

Anonymous 17/09/12(Tue)19:02 No. 25142 ID: 9e6dc0

anyone know if this author is still posting anywhere else on the internet?

Anonymous 17/09/16(Sat)09:34 No. 25146 ID: 3ce23c


opryski działek keisk921 18/05/24(Thu)07:50 No. 25556 ID: ce7950

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous 18/07/06(Fri)00:54 No. 25680 ID: 6e29f5

Holy shit.

SRO 18/07/06(Fri)16:16 No. 25681 ID: f7d3f6


>Holy shit.

Indeed. Good catch! Made me look further.

“Harley” not only reads smut well, she does _literally_ orgasmic porn commentaries and gives detailed descriptions of her masturbatory activities. Besides her Soundgasm page she has a presence on Chirbit and appears to be something of a celebrity on 4chan /soc/. Harley’s readings sometimes resemble “Hysterical Literature”, in which women sit at a table and try to read a book out loud while an unseen person makes them cum with a vibrator.

Good stuff!

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I want buy a pair of sneakers,but I don't know which webstore is far better.
Who can give me some suggest?

Fellheimer Fan 18/07/06(Fri)22:46 No. 25683 ID: f1b652

yeah this was a real good find. hope she does more of the classic NF stories. her voice is sexy as fuck

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)10:08 No. 25684 ID: 6253b0

I was the one who commissioned it. Her voice was fine except that she had to keep herself monotone, because she was uncomfortable with the story.
So I have to wonder why she did it at all.

Also, does anyone have any of the stories saved that aren't here?
I was able to view some of them in HF by using a direct link, but they were all deleted recently.
Stories like Little Miss Scarlett's Birthday, and David's Sweet Revenge, and Commoner's Challenge. Probably others as well.

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:20 No. 25685 ID: 485569

Little Miss Scarlett’s Birthday

Sitting in my bedroom, my dripping fingers slowly working over the aching folds of my hot, slick pussy and rubbing at my rubbery, over-sized clit, I found that I almost couldn’t take my eyes off my phone as it sat silent, dark & motionless on my pale pink bedspread.

I was willing it to buzz, begging it to light up, my heart in my throat and a ragged swarm of butterflies churning in my stomach as I waited for Scarlett’s call. My big tits heaved as I breathed hard, and I jammed another finger into myself thinking about what she had planned for us tonight.

I thought about the things she would do to me.

About the things she would make me do.

Goddamn, I was terrified.

Scarlett is the best friend a shy, submissive little 12-year-old like me has ever had, and I love her and I would do anything for her; I would totally kill or die for her, I would crawl through broken glass to lick her pissing pussy ... but damn, her sense of adventure always gets me into all SORTS of trouble.

A wave of goosebumps rushed over me as I eased yet another finger into myself -- this one into my asshole -- aching and groaning, rubbing at my stiff, slippery clit. My fat, dark nipples felt like hot needles were pushing through them, they were so fucking hard against my thin, too-tight t-shirt; the rings Scarlett had put into them after I sucked off that tattoo artist and his friends jingled.

It hadn’t even begun, and tonight already had me scared half to death ... and so fucking horny!

On the huge screen of my desktop computer, the latest high-definition porn-video from my best friend was playing in excruciating, lurid detail: a cute blonde teenager, just about our age and obscenely pregnant, was sucking off a series of well-muscled black men in what looked like a high school locker room. Her mascara was running, tears streaming down the preteen’s pretty face from the savage deep-throat suction she put on the throbbing, foot-long black cock jammed into her eager mouth.

Thick waves of spit and cum dribbled down the hot little teen’s delicate chin, spattering onto her huge, milky tits and oozing over her tanned, tight and lewdly-rounded belly with every savage thrust. The huge black guy fucking her face held the tiny preteen by one blonde pigtail as he dumped a thick load into her sucking face-cunt; as he pulled out, her itty-bitty pink tongue slipped out to follow hungrily after the last drops of hot drool and thick semen.

Laughing, the huge black man idly slapped the sex-crazed girl once with the dark, plum-sized head of his cock -- a thunderous tool like a pulsing nightstick -- as he pulled his massive member away from her full, pouty lips. “You like that big nigger dick?”

“Oh, yes! Thank you, sir,” the little blonde gasped, breathless. “Thank you for cumming in me. I need nigger-dick, sir. Thank you, sir, thank you, than--“

Another fat cock slipped into the girl’s mouth, then; her cheeks hollowed out as she began nursing ravenously, her big blue eyes rolling up -- streaming tears -- to gaze loving up at the man who began to rape her mouth in long, smooth strokes.

There must have been another twenty guys in line.

Positioned beneath the tiny teen was a cute Asian girl of maybe 9 years old, lovingly slurping at the blonde’s ravaged, cum-dribbling cunt as a big Doberman brutally fucked her ass; as I watched, a stream of hot piss washed over the face of the baby-faced preteen, causing her to choke and sputter and then latch back onto the pregnant girl’s slobber-coated clit.

I pushed fingers into my pussy, rolling my asshole against the digits I had jammed inside me, knowing that I couldn’t fight off another orgasm.

On-screen, the big nigger began choking the itt-bitty-blonde; he slapped her across the cheek -- hard -- and jammed his full length into her as she began to choke, heaving.

My phone rang.


I picked up, panting, pulling my fingers from my gooey cunt while continuing to tease my hot, drooling asshole. “Hello? Scarlett?”

“Hey, Bree,” she said in her little girl, sing-song voice. “Enjoying the video?”

“Y-yes,” I stuttered. “Thank you for sending it. Thank you SO much. I love you. I love--”

She laughed. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh, yeah! And happy birthday. Super happy birthday, Scarlett; you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. I don’t know how to tell you how much--”

“I’m gonna get you raped tonight, Bree. In fact, I think I’m going to get you knocked up. Do you like that?”

I bit back a moan, squirming on the fingers jammed up my little-girl shitter; I felt my guts gaping as another finger slipped inside. “Y-you know I d-d-don’t. I’ll be good. Scarlett, please, please don’t get me pregnant tonight. Please?”

“Oh, Bree,” she said with a soft giggle, “of course I’m going to get your dumb, slutty little ass pregnant. If you’re nice, I’ll even let you choose the father. It might even be your daddy. Be downstairs in five minutes.”

“Bu-but, Scarlett, I can’t!”

“You can,” she said, and I could hear her smile. “And you will. I’ve got a fake for you, and Nicky is meeting us at the club. He says he has a surprise for me!”

“Yeah, bu-but ... my daddy is still up, and ... I’m still grounded, and ...”

Scarlett laughed. “Let me deal with your dad. When I walk into the house, give me a minute, then go out and wait in the truck.”

“But. I-it ... it’s a school-night,” I said hopelessly, already defeated.

“Shut up, you dumb bitch. Nicky can drive us to school in the morning. Tonight is my special night, and you’re not going to ruin it. Wear something that shows off those big tits. Glasses and pigtails. Slutty make-up, like you're hungry to suck cocks in an alleyway all night. No panties, short skirt. Beads in your ass. The big ones.”

With that, she hung up.

Dutifully, I got up and got dressed; I already had my wardrobe laid out and it only took a few seconds to get my makeup right.

Glancing at myself one last time in the mirror just as Scarlett’s big Chevy Silverado pulled into the driveway, I realized that I looked like a jailbait, preteen version of Linda Cardellini as Velma from the Scooby-Doo movie ... and that you could see the dangling anal-beads hanging from my ass several inches below my short skirt. The swell of my big brown nipples peaked over the low-cut top, and the juice of my meaty, sbobbery pussy dripped down my legs, giving my thighs a wet sheen.

I blushed, biting my lip.

Shit. I was DEFINITELY getting raped tonight.

I gulped as I heard my front door open and my daddy’s cheerful voice echo in the hallway, accompanied with the smiling, melodic voice of my best friend; my heart pounding, I counted to ten-Mississippi and then quietly walked downstairs ... and out the front door to the truck.

The giant, badass machine sat there, purring softly.

Scarlett’s mom was sitting in the driver’s seat, humming along to soft music; she gave me a polite nod -- flashing her gleaming smile and wrinkling her button nose as she winked -- but her mind was definitely on other things. She had a date tonight, and looked even sluttier than I felt: she was decked-out to the nines in white lingerie that was shockingly indecent and a collar with the words FUCK MEAT glimmering on it. In the front passenger seat, Scarlett’s twin little sisters were fast asleep, one dressed up like a slutty Rainbow Brite and the other in a Pickachu-themed bikini with little red circles on her cheeks: they would be the star attraction at whatever party the three of them were headed to.

The truck was cold, but it smelled like warm, well-oiled sex. After a moment, I could hear the faint buzz of toys: all three of the ladies already had something stuck inside them, churning their holes to steaming mush.

Sliding into the leather-lined backseat -- being careful not to knock over the huge box of dildos, cuffs, whips, paddles, blades and other things inside -- I waited, trying not to fidget ... or dislodge the length of huge beads jammed up my preteen shit-pipe, each of them size of a fist. After what seemed like an eternity, Scarlett flounced back to the truck and hopped into the seat next to me with a wicked grin.

God fucking DAMN, she looked amazing.

Like a younger, hotter Emma Stone, decked out in a sparkling crimson evening gown that showed every inch of her nubile preteen curves while giving her long red hair a cast like fire. She looked like a tiny swimsuit model, from her perky preteen tits down her long calves to her bare feet: a smooth, stacked little sex-goddess poured into firm, hot flesh, cum dripping from her ruby lips. Even though she was almost four months pregnant, you still couldn’t quite tell: she only had a glow around her, and skin that begged to be touched.

“See,” she said with a smile, “that was easy.”

“Yeah,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief, letting myself smirk.

Laughing, Scarlet’s mom put the car into reverse and we pulled away.

My best friend’s deep green eyes sparkled. “Give me a kiss.”

Before I could say anything, she leaned in and ran her gooey tongue across my mouth; I could taste my daddy’s thick cum as it dribbled past my lips. We made out, her hands wandering across my skin, until I was sucking hot gobs of my father’s semen right from her tongue, moaning and famished.

She pulled back after a few minutes, leaving me gasping and breathless, just as I went to massage for her cunt and felt my fingers wrap around the two-inch thickness of a long, hard-rubber cock.

“I’m wearing my strap-on. I hope you’re feeling ... adventurous.”

I gulped. “I-I ... I am.”

“Good. I’m going to let you practice deep-throating for a while. If you impress me, I’m going to let you suck Nicky’s cum out of my ass tonight.”

I got to work.


About a half-hour later, Scarlett’s mom dropped us off in front of the huge, stone-cut strip-club where my best friend works on weekends. The quiet street shone with puddles, needles and broken glass: we were in a bad part of town. The grey, impassive edifice, however, simply glimmered in the soft rain with smooth, cool neon light; a massive black man in an elegant three-piece suit -- adorned with ebony sunglasses and a discrete earpiece -- nodded at both of us as we walked it, holding the colossal steel door before stepping back into place.

There was a dark-lit atrium, and were waved through a metal-detector by another, equally huge black man in a wife-beater.

Something clicked behind us as we went through the last door.

The noise inside, just past the final frosted-glass gateway, was like being hit in the chest. It took a moment for me to adjust, and I finally caught up with Scarlett just as we walked past a man roughly fucking a little girl with pink hair dressed as a kitty-cat next to a bathroom.

To our left, a porn-store gleamed next to a set of elevators; to our right, the bar and the club proper shone -- almost spinning -- hypnotically. Another door simply said "SNUFF."

“He didn’t check our IDs,” I said, huffing and overwhelmed.


I shouted: “He didn’t check our IDs!”


“Yes,” I groaned. “You said you had fakes! This is, like, a regular strip-cub ... right?”

“Oh, right,’ Scarlett said with a grin, taking my hand. “Yeah. Maybe he just forgot. Let’s get a drink and find Nicky.”

The place was like an airplane hanger, done up in crystal, rust and strobe lights; cages and upside-down crucifixes hung from chains, and sleek black glass accented those parts of the building that looked the most like an old dungeon. Huge flatscreens, flickering, showered forth throbbing images -- erotic, oily fuck-scenes of every kind -- and women in bondage-themed maid’s uniforms wandered to and from the massive, glimmering bars between the stages.

Balconies looked down on us, like an old opera house; I got vertigo, looking up at a box labeled “member’s only.”

Everywhere I gazed, the absolute raunchiest of debauchery was raging. Lost in the orgy, I was quietly led between tables, gawking openly as I watched sex acts of every description occurring all around me.

Dozens of men in well-cut suits crowded around each little island, watching young girls, teens and gorgeous women fucking themselves -- and each other -- with wild abandon; I saw two girls on leashes licking whipped cream from the legs of a well-stacked goddess of a lady covered in tattoos as she fisted herself. At another table, a cute Hispanic girl of maybe 10 was being brutally, anally raped by a huge black man as she licked hesitatly at the dog-cock thrust into her face. Behind them, I could see a young mother -- 22? 24? -- greasing up a throbbing with her hands and mouth, getting it ready to plunge into her pregnant teen daughter.

The men surrounding the tables were wild: howling, groping, throwing money.

Suddenly, I heard a voice I knew. “Bree, a pleasure. I’m glad to see that you girls were able to make it.”

I looked up, biting back fear. “Hello, Mr. Fellheimer. Sir.”

Scarlett laughed, sitting on his lap -- throwing her arms around his neck -- and gesturing for me to sit at his private table.

He smiled, gazing at me like a predator. “Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said without thinking.

He gestured idly, and a pretty black-haired teen in a low-cut leather dress -- laced up the front to show her ample cleavage and denuded, glinting pussy -- appeared at our table. Her arms were bound behind her back, but she had a tray cunningly attached to her collar, affixed to her waist.

“A virgin Mary for this little lady,” Mr. Fellheimer said, patting Scarlett’s firm ass without looking up at the girl. “Extra spicy; don’t go easy on her. She’s drinking for two. Another whiskey -- neat -- for me, and something sweet for my young friend Bree.”

The raven-haired teen turned, looking me over; I blushed as she smiled. “Do you like cream, sweetie?”

“Does she ever,” Scarlett said with a giggle.

The cute teen waitress smiled. “Slutty girl-scout?”

“Oh, yes. That she is,” Mr. Fellheimer said.

I bit my lip. “Wh-what’s in it?”

Laughing, our waitress smiled. “Bailey’s Irish Crème, peppermint schnapps and crème de cacao -- it’s kind of a chocolate liqueur. Served on the rocks. It’s really good. I’ll bring you a little one; see how you like it.”

“That will be fine,” Mr. Fellheimer said, nodding. “Thanks. And would you send over the special present?”

“Can do, Sir,” said the cute dark-haired girl, bowing and vanishing.

Scarlett looked intrigued. “Present? Nicky, for me?”

“A present,” he said, grinning. He gestured toward a girl walking towards us. “For you. Now ... who does that look like?”

My jaw dropped.

“Is that--? Fucking,” Scarlett gasped. “Is that Ellen Page?”


“How did--?”

Mr. Fellheimer smiled. “There are no limits to my generosity, lover.”

The two of them began kissing; the girl still walking toward us -- grinning ironically all the while -- was a vision; the casual clothes she wore as she plopped into the seat beside me only accented her tomboyish physique. Her black t-shirt simply said "I rape on the first date."

“Hi,” she said, extending her hand. “I’m Ellen; you must be Bree. I’m actually here for Scarlett to play with, but I’m definitely going to fuck you before I go.”

I stammered, taking her palm with my shaking hand. "Th-thank you."

Scarlett looked up, her eyes sparkling, her hand working Mr. Fellheimer’s huge dick through his slacks. “I insist. You simply have to feel her take a raping.”

Ellen smirked. “Oh, I will. So, I understand that we’re going to a water-park?”

Mr. Fellheimer nodded, as Scarlett gasped. “I made a few calls. Only the best for my girl on her birthday.”

“You know, I’ve never been to an orgy at a waterpark. Sounds like fun.”

“Well,” said Mr. Fellheimer with a conspiratorial smile, “We have all week. But first, I believe that you said you wanted to see how well my girl takes a beating?”

Ellen smiled. "I've been practicing. I believe we have the main stage?"

"Indeed. I think you'll be delighted to see how well she bruises for you. Marks on her look positively exquisite. Bree, be a dear and starting getting men ready to fuck Scarlett's ass, will you?"

I stood up, nodding.

Ellen shook her head, an emphatic 'no'. "Crawl, you dumb bitch."

And that’s how I ended up getting pregnant; the father of my daughter could have been any of a LOT of different guys, but I prefer to think that it was one of Ellen’s famous friends. Maybe is was Tyrese Gibson. Either way, Scarlett and I are definitely the most popular girls in 7th grade now.

Anonymous 18/07/07(Sat)18:22 No. 25686 ID: 485569


I first met David at a Christmas party last year, held at a gorgeous hotel rented out by my husband's company. David is one of those men who exudes strength and confidence, whom you just know will be successful at anything he does. It was no different here: he started working at the company right out of college and within a month was setting sales records. He was the top salesman for 26 months straight, a record that was only broken by David when he went on a 31 month run a couple years later. He was promoted to regional sales manager 5 years ago and each sales rep under his control saw an increase in production of 30%.


David is one of those people who likes being in control. He has an ability to see what needs to be done and knows how to motivate people to exceed expectations. People want to please him. A compliment from David is regarded much like a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States or the mother-fucking Pope.

When it was announced last April that Robert Flack was stepping down as the VP of Sales, everyone simply assumed that David would be the new VP. Hell, even the outgoing vice, Robert, gave the promotion his glowing endorsement, saying that he could imagine no one else leading the company into the next decade as they started expanding into foreign markets.

Naturally, David and the rest of the company were shocked when CEO Dom Whittner announced that his own brother-in-law, Michael Hunt, would be succeeding Bobby as of May 1st.

Mike Hunt is a smarmy salesman who cut his teeth in the used-car business, though he most recently spent 2 years selling home water purifiers door-to-door. He was about as accomplished a salesman as Gary Coleman is a basketball player, and without the looks or charm. David, despite this, was not one for grousing; things did not go as he had predicted, perhaps, but he still chose to give 100% and to be a valuable resource to Mike. If the foreign expansion took off the way the company predicted, there would be plenty of career opportunities overseas for him.

Over the next few months, David decided he hated Mike. Not because Mike took what should have been his job, but because Mike was a pompous jackass who knew nothing about sales. He blamed David for everything he screwed up while taking the credit for all of David's hard-earned success. Regardless of his feelings, though, Dave remained professional. Even while watching Michael abuse some of their most seasoned sales professionals, David kept his mouth shut.

Just as predicted, the foreign markets were a gold-mine. Within just 6 months, sales were so strong that they needed to open a new office in Germany just to keep up ... and needed to create a new position: VP of International Market Sales.

David began learning to speak German. It didn't take more than a month before he was an expert.

As you might have guessed, Dave wasn't offered the position. Mike, in his infinite wisdom, hired a guy right out of college. The kid was barely old enough to drink legally and here he was going to Germany to lead the international sales division. His voice was probably still changing, and this kid was going to be making over $250,000 a year. The boy was named Richard Weed and was one of Mike's nephews.

David was not pleased.

Over the next month, David continued to grow more annoyed by the situation. Fortunately for all involved, David was never the sort of person to simply piss and moan about how life wasn't treating him fairly. Instead, he decided to take action. He spoke with one of his company's top competitors -- one who was on the rise, beaten back into 2nd place only by David's superior business acumen. With Mike running the show, sales were slowing at home and their competitor was nibbling away at their market share.

David spoke to the competitor's CEO. They had a VP position that would be vacant in March: just 4 months away. They offered David the position, declaring with a smile that he could start right away as the current VP's assistant if he wanted. David had a ... different idea. He remained on at his old company, working for Mike, never letting on that he was planning to leave. He had a several step plan to sabotage his current company while catapulting his future employers into the lead in the marketplace.

First, David began siphoning off some of their top clients. With his excellent rapport, he had no trouble getting them to agree to move to his new employer as soon as he left. Second, for all projects that he was assigned, he made sure their projected completion date was set for after March. He simply didn't work on them, but continued to give false progress reports on his work. Finally, he wanted a more personal way of disrupting Mike's life, knowing it would disrupt his professional life as well.

This is where I came in.

I met David at the office Christmas party last December, like I said. It was a grand party held at a fancy hotel, and only the top management and their spouses were invited. When introduced, I was quickly taken aback by Dave's charm, his looks and by his commanding presence. When David spoke to me, it was like I was the only person in the room -- maybe the only soul on the planet. I found myself almost like a lovesick puppy, following him around all night.

I should probably tell you a little about myself. My name is Jessica, and I am Mike's wife.

I'm 31 years old and in very good shape; people constantly tell how young and healthy I look, and that I should be an actress; I've been modeling professionally since I was 7; mostly bikinis and some lingerie. Mike makes more than enough money to afford me the opportunity to stay home rather than work; with my daughters both of school age now, I have time to go to the gym 5 times a week. I have golden-reddish hair that falls just below my shoulders and green eyes which I'm told have quite a sparkle to them. I have 36 C breasts, still firm, and am a "pocket Venus" at 5'4. People always tell me that I look like Lili Simmons.

My eldest daughter, Tammy, is 13; the twins -- Jessie and Josie -- are 9. All three of the little ladies look a lot like me, with naturally curly hair, big blue eyes and perfect skin. Tammy is fairly well developed for her age -- already with a strong resemblance to Zooey Deschanel that the boys are noticing -- and will probably have larger breasts than I do by the time she is finished growing. She's easily the prettiest of the 7th-grade cheerleaders, and her coltish charms aren't lost on her teachers. Baby Jessie & Josies are the cutest little girls you've ever seen: just starting to develop, but with the wild eyes, angel faces and slim, tomboyish builds that suggest they'll be quite a pair of firecrackers in their teens.

Anyway: at the party, I continued to find ways to be around David. I should point out that David is far more attractive and masculine than my husband. My husband Mike is short, pot-bellied, and slump-shouldered with a very weak chin. Weak in the way that starving Ethiopian children are weak. His thinning hair has that black oily look of a cartoon villain from the 1940's. Worst of all, he was hung like a mouse. A mouse in a cold shower.

Late in the evening, I noticed Michael was sitting at a table, half passed-out from the light beer he was nursing -- his third. I walked over to David, who was holding court among a group of company wives, and began talking to him. David was on his seventh scotch, but he was eloquent and smooth: obviously, real men have no problem handling their alcohol.

As we talked, I found myself brushing the back of my hand against my breasts. David noticed my subconscious movements and then said, with strong warmth in his voice, "Careful. If your nipples get any harder, they'll poke through that beautiful dress."

I looked down and realized he was right. My face went as red as my dress. I tried to speak, but couldn't.

David caught my gaze, looked me firmly in the eyes and simply said, "Walk with me."

It wasn't a request, I think, so much as him simply stating what would be. He turned and walked towards the side door -- and I followed like a little girl.

I followed David outside, hurrying to keep up. He continued to walk to the parking lot. He didn't say a word as he walked with his drink to the far end of the last row of cars. As he walked, he lit a cigarette. When he stopped, he turned and offered me one.

I said, "Oh, sir, no thank you -- I quit a couple years ago."

He continued to look at me with those piercing eyes as he held out the cigarette. I looked down and took one. As I put my wine glass down, David lit my cigarette for me and we smoked in silence. Then, as we finished and tossed the butts onto the pavement, David lit another for himself. He put his glass on the hood of someone's car and then unzipped his pants.

I was shocked that David was unzipping his pants, but that shock was nothing compared to when I saw him release what can only be described as a monster. I felt like a citizen of Japan at the mercy of Godzilla as I stared at 11 inches of semi-hard cock. David continued to stare at me and simply said, "Suck."

I tried to object. I squeaked, my voice trembling, "I've never cheated on my husband before. Sir."

It was true, too. Even though I was a typical lonely housewife and even though sex with my husband was about as enjoyable as receiving root canal from a blind dentist with Parkinson's disease, I have never been unfaithful. Dave simply shrugged and said, "Okay, enjoy the rest of the party."

He turned his back to me and started pissing on the asphalt between the cars.

For some strange reason -- which I would like to think was the alcohol, though I know that wasn't it -- I stayed. I heard a tiny voice and realized it was my own, "Well, I guess I can suck your cock. I mean, it isn't like its ... sex, right?"

Dave just looked back over his shoulder at me and grinned that knowing grin. The grin suggested that he knew my decision before he even asked.

I dropped to my knees as he turned around. I wrapped my hands around his huge manhood and hefted it up. I could see a couple droplets of piss clinging to the tiny slit. I was about to wipe it clean but when I looked up, something about his eyes made me stop. I simply stuck out my tongue and licked it clean before slipping about 5 inches into my mouth.

David took a drag from his cigarette as he put one hand on my head. His large hand engulfed the top of my skull the way a basketball player palms a ball. With little effort, he pulled my face closer, forcing more of his now fully-erect cock into my mouth and down my throat. I had to relax my throat to accommodate his incredible thickness or risk choking.

As I let him fuck my face, I noticed my knees were getting wet. I glanced down and saw that the stream of urine has run downhill towards me, the edges of the flow now touching my skin. I wanted to get up and move but for some reason, all I did was hike up my dress to keep it clean and dry. I looked back up and saw David watching me, gauging my reaction to the puddle. He was weighing me with his eyes.

I deep-throated him, tears streaming down my cheeks as I gagged on that monster cock. My pussy warmed as he casually raped my mouth, one hand massaging his huge balls and another rubbing at my slick, overheating cunt.

When he was confident that I was obedient enough, he pulled out of my mouth and yanked me to my feet.

"Lift your dress," he said.I smiled and batted my eyes and bent forward as I lifted my skirt to flaunt my perfect ass. Dave bent down, and with both hands tore away the crotch of my black nylons. Then he grabbed my panties and tore them as well, leaving just tattered rags hanging from around my hips. He snagged both of my wrists in a single hand, holding me fast, pinning them to my lower back. I was about to say something in protest, but instead I just lowered my head, trying to slow my breathing. I had goose-bumps. I knew what was coming and I wanted it. Fuck, I wanted it. I wanted that giant cock inside my body, stretching me like I haven't been stretched since I gave birth to Jessie & Josie.

David pushed me forward against a car. I held on as my face was lowered to waist level. My legs were kicked apart like a cop arresting a drunk driver. I then felt the head of his large tool pressing into the folds of my pussy, parting it like Moses at the Red Sea. And like Moses, when I was finally parted, I moaned a quiet exaltation to God.

Oh God, oh GOD, his cock.

Being filled with an 11" (more like 13 inches, in his fully-erect state) was like being in a drug-induced haze of both numbness and pleasure. I tried to speak but the words came out more like a guttural moan. My eyes were closed and I can't swear that drool wasn't dripping from my lower lip.

After a few minutes of being pounded by David, I felt my toes curling, my heart racing and a wave of tingling vibrations erupting through my body. I bit my mouth down tight so I wouldn't scream as I experienced my first orgasm from a cock in over 15 years ... and probably only the 5th in my entire life. Without a doubt, it was the best of the bunch. I began to cum again ... and the again.

I was still lost in the haze of my orgasms, feeling another wave hit me, when David abruptly pulled out. There was almost a gasp of panic as his giant cock was replaced by the cold vacuum of air into my gaping cunt. Before I had a chance to voice my complaint, he grabbed me and spun me around, loosing my arms and forcing me back to my knees in the puddle. He put his cock to my lips.

I opened my mouth and he pushed his way in. I could taste the slick drool of my own cunt on his cock and was surprisingly not appalled. In fact, I actually enjoyed the rich, tangy flavor. Then, after fucking my face for 5 or 6 strokes, he pulled out and held his cock a few inches from my face. He held it like a cannon, ready to knock down a castle wall. His first blast struck me right in the eye and splashed off. The second hit my forehead and began to drip down my cheek. His next blast of cum hit my upper lip and teeth, dripping down onto my lower lips. Blast after blast washed over my face as though someone had hit me with a cream pie.

Eventually, after about 9 large blasts, David's cock stopped pulsating. It stopped spewing its cream all over my face, dripping down into my cleavage. David held his cock to my lips for me to lick clean. As I did, he leaned forward and picked up my wine glass. He then backed away and held the wine glass under my chin. The cum dripped down into the glass. After about 3 ounces had collected in the glass, he held the glass in front of himself and grunted. His cock started launching a thick stream of urine, splashing across my cleavage and down my belly. When the stream died down to a trickle, he put the glass in front and collected an ounce of piss. That -- with the cum -- turned the half-full glass of red wine to a strange swirled pink, red and white liquid. He helped me to my feet and said, "There's a Burger King across the street. Go get cleaned up. I'll leave your drink here for you. When you come back, I expect to see you drinking your cocktail."

I simply nodded as he walked away.

I watched him walk back to the party through my one non-slimed eye and then I hurried across the street to the burger joint. When I walked in, it was surprisingly crowded. With a mall right down the street, I assume these were holiday shoppers who didn't have time for a home-cooked meal. About 40 people were either in the line or off on the side, filling their drink cups. I walked in and pushed past the staring patrons. I hurried to the back where the bathrooms are. I tried the door to the ladies room but it was locked. A voice inside yelled, "One minute."


So there I stood, by the door, with cum dripping down my face, piss dripping off my tits and my knees shaking from the pounding my cunt had taken. Four teen boys sat at a table right next to me and stared. I could hear their snickering and their snide comments. I guess it wasn't too hard to tell what happened to my face; while I did my best to studiously ignore them, I realized that my nylons were still hanging in shreds around my ankles, and my slickness had run down to my knees.

After 5 minutes, the door opened and a group of cute teen girls walked out; they giggled and mercifully let me pass. As they walked away, one mentioned that it looked like I had been a party-favor to at least a dozen guys. Another admitted that she would still eat my ass.

I hurried into the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I was a mess, obviously, but it was more than that. Looking at my slime-coated face, I looked like I was just the guest of honor at a dozen-man bukakke party. I laughed as I used a finger to wipe some of the sperm from my left eye. For some reason, I licked my finger clean. I've never been against swallowing sperm, but I also wouldn't call myself a connoisseur, either. Yet here I was, enjoying the thrill of licking the sperm from my fingers. Maybe it was the nastiness of it or the excitement or maybe it was as I feared: I was actually enjoying the taste. Or probably all three.

I cam again, rubbing myself off right there in front of the mirror and thinking of David using my mouth for his pleasure; when the girls came back, I didn't stop fingering myself, rubbing David's cum into my cunt and hoping that I would get pregnant. They took quite a few photos, I'm embarrassed to admit.

When I eventually returned to the party, Mike was asleep at the table, his fourth light beer barely touched. I walked over to the appetizer table to get something less salty - and slimy - to eat. I caught David's eye and held up my glass to show him I had it. Then I closed my eyes and lifted it to my lips. As the sludge slipped down my throat, I could feel eyes upon me. I opened my eyes to see Connie Virtue, Richard's fiance. A gorgeous young blonde, she walked over and asked me how I liked the party. I nodded and said, "Oh, it's been pretty exciting so far."

As we talked, I tried to ignore the cold breeze going up my dress and through my torn nylons and panties. I swirled the half empty glass in my hand and took another sip. Connie asked, "That's a strange looking drink, what is it?"

I replied, trying not to smile, simply, "Red wine blow job."

Connie looked confused, wrinkling her pert little nose. I said, "You know, that shot drink called a blow job? It has Bailey's in it and some other stuff. I got it from the bar and poured it into my wine. It tastes pretty good."

Connie asked, "Can I have a taste?"

I looked over her shoulder at David, who was about 5 feet away and listening. He nodded with a smile. I handed her the glass. She lifted it to her lips and took a sip. I could see strings of sperm wash into her mouth. Then she sloshed it around in her mouth for a second and swallowed. "Mmm. That's pretty good."

She took another gulp. "Really good, actually," she said.

When she handed me back the glass, it only contained barely a sip. I drank it and Connie asked, "Want me to go get us a couple more from the bar? I mean, I thought it might be fun to get you drunk --"

That's when Dave cut in. "I'm on my way up to the bar, can I get you ladies a refill?"

I said yes, blushing, and off he went. As I talked to Connie, I watched David get two large glasses of wine and take them into the men's room.

After what seemed like 5 minutes, David returned with two drinks and handed one to each of us. He said, "I think you ladies will like these. They're extra special."

We each took a sip. Connie said, "Mmm, yes, that's good. I'll have to get the recipe."As I sipped my drink, I could see and taste that it had a lot more sperm and piss in it than last time. The wine only made up about 30% this time. And like Connie, I was enjoying it.

Enjoying it a LOT.

David, now drinking another scotch, stayed and talked to us. He asked Connie about when she and Richard were going back to Germany. She said that he was leaving in two days, but that she was staying through the holidays. Then I mentioned that Mike was going with Dick for 2 weeks. He asked, "You must have very trusting husbands. I don't know if I could leave two beautiful women such as yourselves here alone for 2 weeks."

We both blushed, but I also felt something else. While Mike does occasionally throw compliments my way, they always come across as painful for him. Dave seems to have a natural ability to make a person's heart soar. Of course, he was having an effect on more than just my heart.

Mike finally woke up and stumbled over. He burped and then said, "C'mon, let's get out of here. I gotta take a piss."

He pulled me by the arm, then saw my drink and asked, "What the hell are you drinking?"

Before I could say anything, Connie spoke up. "It's a new drink we just discovered. It's really good. You should try it."

Mike, seeing that David was watching him, didn't want to wuss out and reveal that he only drinks light beer or 1% milk. Instead, he took my drink and chugged it, finishing it off. He made a strange face and said, "It's a little strong."

I laughed. Of course, anything as manly as David's cum would be too strong for Michael. It was probably the first time he's had any hint of a real man inside him.

On the car ride home, I drove -- and sure enough, Michael passed out. I reached for my purse to get out my lipstick to fix my smeared lips at a stop light. When I reached my hand inside my purse, I found something strange: a napkin. It had a phone number on it, and a note that simply said, "Call me when he goes away. I want to fuck that sweet asshole of yours."

My heart fluttered and my pussy got wet again. I looked to make sure Mike was unconscious, and then I shifted in my seat so I could hike up my skirt. While I drove with my left hand, my right went to work on my aching cunt. No simple clit rubbing would satisfy me, either. I rammed 2 fingers up my wet hole and sloshed them back and forth. Then I took them out and sucked on them as I drove. Well, I guess I knew what I'd be doing in 2 days.

Saturday, two days later, Mike left for his two-week trip. The kids were at their friends' house for the afternoon and I was standing in the kitchen with the phone. It was ringing.

His voice was so strong. "Hello."I was nervous, but tried not to let it show in my voice. "Um, hi. This is, um, Jessica Hunt from the Christmas party. Is this David?"

"Yeah, and...?"

"Um, you said to call when Mike left and he ... he just left for the airport, sir. He'll be gone for 2 weeks. Well, 15 days actually. He'll be back on the 27th. Well, late on the 27th, so really like the 28th. I, uhh, well, sir --"

There was a pause and David said, "And you are calling to beg me to come over and fuck you? To open up your ass, and treat you like a dirty cock sucking whore, yes?"

I was shocked by his harsh words and I said, "Hey, now, sir, that ... wasn't very nice. Look, the other night was fun and I was thinking you could come over, yes. I mean, I would really like you to come over, but there have to be some ground rules. You can fuck me, sir, but you need to understand that I don't..."

David interrupted, "Sorry, never mind then."


He hung up on me. I couldn't believe it, he actually hung up on me. I was furious! I threw the phone against the wall and it cracked. I started mumbling to myself, "What a jerk! Who the hell does he think he is?"

I walked over to the computer and sat down. I brought up the Internet and started surfing a news site. Then I went to Google -- and for some strange reason, my fingers typed in "large cock". Sure enough, hundreds of pictures of girls being fucked by huge cocks were in front of me. I looked down and realized I had unbuttoned my skirt and my hand was in my panties. Damn, I never do stuff like this. I felt like a woman possessed, like I was no longer in control of myself.

35 seconds later, I was holding a scotch-taped phone receiver to my ear and listening to it ring. "Hello?"

"Um, David, it's, um, Jessica Hunt, um, from the Christmas party. I think we got off on the wrong..."

He interrupted me, "I know who this is. What I want to know is why you are calling me. You made it clear that you were not receptive to my plans, hence we have no need to talk. Instead, I think I'll give Connie a call -- since she's all alone as well. She's already offered to let me knock her up."

I felt my heart race and I felt a twang of desperation and panicked jealousy in the pit of my stomach. "Wait, sir. I was just kidding around. No, I really want you to come over."

There was a pause on the phone that felt like days as I could hear David breathing. Finally, he broke the silence, "Do you, now?"

"Yes, sir. Please!"

"Do you want me to come over and fuck your ass and treat you like a cock sucking whore?"

I quietly said, "Yes, of course. Sir."

After a brief pause, David said in a flat voice, "I am unconvinced. I want to hear you say it."

I swallowed and closed my eyes as I said, "Yes, I want you to come over and fuck my ass and treat me like a cock sucking whore. Please, sir -- get me pregnant."

Saying those vile words filled me with a sort of power. It was like those words were giving me confidence and setting me free from my lifetime of pretending to be something I'm not. He continued, "Do you want to suck my cock after I fuck your ass? Do you want me to take to out to a porn shop and make you suck off strange men through the glory hole? Do you want me to piss in your mouth? Do you want my giant cock buried in that bald cunt of yours?"

My whole body burning, my nipples aching, I said, "Yes... Sir, but my pussy isn't shaved."

He simply said, "It will be by the time I get there.""Um, yes, of course. Sir. Please come fuck me." I gave him the address and he hung up.

I had no idea when David was coming. He didn't say if he was coming right over or if he'd be over later or what. I had to assume I had very little time, so I quickly jumped in the shower. I grabbed one of my husband's new razors and got busy trimming. I have never completely trimmed my pussy before, but I think I did an excellent job. When I toweled off, I patted a little baby powder on my freshly bald cunt to prevent razor burn and then I stood in front of the full length mirror that hangs from the back of the bathroom door. My cunt looked ... hungry.

"Not too shabby," I thought.

I dressed as sexily as I could and checked the time. It was 11 am and the kids would be out for a few more hours. I had to make sure I had time to get changed back into something more befitting a mother of three before they returned. In the meantime, I was dressed in a white blouse, short black skirt, 2 inch heels and no undergarments. I figured they would just slow David down. Besides, I couldn't afford to keep replacing every pair of panties he rips to get at my sopping cunt.

Time seemed to drip by as I waited for David. I paced nervously around the house. I checked the time every 5 minutes. I even did some minor housework to pass the time. Finally, it was 3 o'clock and I knew the kids would be home soon, so I was about to go upstairs and change when I heard the front door open. My daughters were home. Shit! I would have to go past the door to get to the stairs.

The girls came in and yelled that they were home. I couldn't simply hide behind a couch like a child, so I came into view and welcomed them home. "Hi kids, how was your day?"

Jessie & Josie, my little nine year olds, started telling me about their day when Tammy said, "Damn, Mom, you look great. Do you have a hot date or something?"

I let out a nervous chuckle. "No, I just figured I'd try on some old clothes I haven't worn in a while. I'm going back up to get changed right now."

I looked at myself in the hall mirror as I passed and agreed. I did look great, though you could see my nipples a little too clearly through the sheer blouse.

Before I could get to the stairs, the doorbell chimed. Damn! I opened the door to see David, dressed in khakis and a suit-jacket over a sharp polo shirt. He filled them out quite well. I invited him in and then remembered the girls were standing behind me. "Um, girls, this is a friend of your father's from ... from the office. His name is David. David, these are my daughters, Tammy, Jessie & Josie."

David smiled brightly at them and then said, "My, you have your mother's beauty."The girls giggled, and teenage Tammy blushed.

Then David turned to me and said, "I love the blouse."

I quickly remembered that my nipples were visible and blushed, myself. This was not the way to behave in front of my daughters. Of course, had I known what was to come later, I probably would have just smiled.

David took off his coat and handed it to me. I said, "I'm sorry, the kids are home earlier than I expected. Maybe we should slip away to your place or try again tomorrow or something."

He looked around the living room and then said, "No, this will work just fine...better, in fact. Take off your clothes."

"Huh?" was the only response I could muster.

Tammy spoke up, with a mischievous grin in her voice, "Mom, what's going on?"

I said, "Oh, nothing, David is just kidding around. It's nothing..."

Dave put a hand up and silenced me. He said to the girls, "Your mother is a dirty, cock-hungry slut and she begged me to come over and treat her like a whore in return for fucking her. Since you are her daughters, you are most likely sluts as well. You three should stay around and watch as I fuck your mother in every hole. Maybe if you're good and obedient like your mom, I'll let you all take turns sucking my cock."

I moved between David and my girls and said, "Hey, now that was uncalled for! There is no way my daughters are going to watch us have sex! And you sure as hell aren't going to be messing around with them!"

David eyed me for a second, then he unzipped his pants. He withdrew his monster cock which was already about 90% hard. He held it there, watching me become almost hypnotized by it and said, "Fine, if you don't want me to fuck you, you can go fuck yourself."

Then he started putting his large cock away -- I realized that I had already reached out to stroke it.

"Wait, don't go!" I couldn't believe I was hearing those words from my own mouth, but the thought of the orgasms he had given me just 2 days before was making me irrational. I continued, "No, it's okay, I was just being... Sir, please ..."

David turned and looked at me with those smoldering eyes and said, "Now take off your clothes."

I lowered my head in submission and began undressing in front of my daughters. They had enormous grins on their faces. I didn't even walk over and close the blinds in the front window. As I unbuttoned my blouse, he said, "I do not like repeating myself. Do not make me do so again."

I nodded, humbled, my knees shaking and goosebumps all across my skin.

David pulled his shirt up over his head. I was impressed by his physique -- he was like a sculpture of a god. He nodded me over. I left my blouse in a pile on the floor and walked towards him, my heart racing. I dropped to my knees at his feet and began unbuttoning his pants. As I slid the zipper down, I could feel the large inviting bulge just below the fabric.

As I slid his pants off, I could feel the warmth emanating from his boxers. My daughters stood silently behind me and watched. I glanced past David's body at a mirror on the wall by the coat rack. I could see the girls just standing there in awe. There was of course shock in their eyes ... but also maybe something else. Was it curiosity or was it something more? Desire? I felt a mixture of guilt and a rush of pleasure. I realize this doesn't make sense, but being told to do this in front of my girls was almost like an awakening for me. It was like I lived the first 32 years of my life in the shadows and I was finally stepping into the light ... and I wanted the world to see.

I pulled down David's boxers, freeing his giant cock. It popped up and smacked me in the cheek. It was so hard it was like being struck by a miniature baseball bat. David shuffled his feet, stepping out of his shoes and clothes. He said, "Socks", and I removed each sock. It was strange: even his feet seemed muscular, if that's possible.

I know what you may be wondering. Why would I be doing this? Sure, Mike isn't the most manly of men, but there had to be some reason I married him in the first place, right? Unfortunately, not a very good one. You see, I grew up in a rural town in western Nebraska. When I say rural, I mean I knew the tumbleweeds by name. I went to a large university where I knew no one. My roommate joined a sorority and was a bit of a party girl. She was hardly ever around, leaving me to my studies and my solitude. Then, one day, she invited me to a party of hers -- it was wild, like something from a raunchy teen movie. People were pairing up all over the house, sometimes in more than just couples. There were several groups of three, all kissing and groping each other. I stepped into the bathroom but when I turned on the light, I found a girl on her knees, servicing a guy with a large blue tattoo on his back.

I was seeing things that I had never seen before: a tiny girl on a couch openly playing with her asshole as the man she made out with slipped three fingers into her pussy. A fraternity brother easing his enormous member into the dripping, gaping cunt of a preteen tied, gagged, to the pool table. A pregnant TA, soaked in piss, furiously masturbating on a kitchen floor and begging the laughing frat brothers to let her fuck their dog. Two little Asian girls -- maybe teenagers, maybe not -- fisting each others assholes as a big black fraternity brother filled one of the girls with what looked like a gallon of cum. A girl with cum running down her thighs, giving a blow-job to a man on a couch and wiggling her ass to get more anonymous men to fuck her. A local mom, greasing up her young daughter's shit-pipe while preparing the next of her rapists with her mouth. Just before I left, I watched a high-school girl sink herself onto a bowling pin while surrounded by hard cocks, working a fat length of dick with each fist, ropes of cum and saliva trailing from her lips and down her bare, shining tits.

Flustered, breathing heavily, I stumbled down the stairs and out the back door. There were several smokers gathered around in a close circle, trying to shield themselves from the late November air. I didn't smoke, so I just stood off by myself, rubbing my knees together. I was just about to leave when Mike came up to me. I saw him earlier with a bunch of other guys playing a drinking game. He had a lot of friends at the party but he chose to stop and talk to me.

I realize this may be corny, but I liked Mike because he seemed safe. Unlike the other guys there, he didn't ask me if I wanted to suck his cock or ask to see my tits. He didn't grab my ass, even. At the time, I thought that meant he was a gentleman. I didn't realize he was just too much of a pussy to ask for what he wanted or to just flat out take it.

We dated for almost a year, though we only had sex a handful of times. Again, I didn't think anything of it. I figured that when I got married, I'd have all the sex I could handle. So when we wed, just after I turned 18, I was a little disappointed that we only had sex twice on our week-long honeymoon. Over the years to come, I would learn to live with a lot of disappointment in that area.

And I masturbated to thoughts of that party every night.

But now was my time to embrace a part of me that has lay dormant for far too long. As I kneeled before David with my children watching behind me, I realized that I didn't leave the party that night because I was some scared small-town girl overwhelmed by the debauchery of big school life. No, I left because I was surprised by how turned on I was becoming. I left because I was shocked at how much I wanted to join the writhing bodies. How much I wanted to lose myself in it. How much I wanted to be taken, and taken again.

I just didn't allow myself to understand that fact at the time. But now I knew.

David snapped my attention back to the moment at hand as he took hold of my hair and pulled my face close to his body. I opened my mouth and let his cock slide between my lips. He grunted, "Suck it, whore. No hands."

I looked up at him with my large green eyes, thanking him silently, and then got busy sucking his huge cock. Each time, I took David all the way into my mouth, to the point of gagging as the large mushroom head clogged my airway. It didn't stop me as I continued to devour him, sucking at his incredible manhood like a starving street urchin at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.

I heard David say, "Come over here, girls. You can see better from over here."

My heart raced as I heard the girls walk over. God, I wanted them to want this. To need this, like I did. From the corner of my eye, I could see them standing next to me, one twin on each side. David spoke to them, "Well, girls ... as you can see, your mother is a dirty little whore. She craves cock like a bitch in heat. She's such a filthy slut that she'll do anything I tell her to. Let me show you. Whore, stand up."

Moaning, I released him from my mouth and stood up with my head tilted down. David stepped closer and put his hand on my bald cunt. "Not bad. Now go bring in your dog."

I looked up at him with confusion and a bit of fear in my eyes. He just kept his steely gaze on me until I shrunk from the scrutiny and left the room. I returned with Midnight, our black lab. David, his hand on my teenager's shoulder, turned to Tammy and said, "Go to the kitchen and get me a jar of peanut butter."

To my surprised delight, Tammy ran off and returned, a bounce in her step, with a large jar of JIF.

Dave took the jar and then looked at me. "Lay on the floor and spread your legs."

I obeyed, trying to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest, and kept my eyes shut. Maybe if I didn't watch what was going on, I would be less mortified. Doubtful.

David knelt, took a glob of peanut butter in his fingers, and smeared it into my dripping slit. He rubbed his hand around, pushing it inside the way you would fill the cracks of your bathroom tile with grout. Then he clapped his hands and the dog came over. It didn't take much for Midnight to figure out where the great smell was coming from. He knew dinner was served, and he dove in.

Feeling his large rough tongue swish over my crack and my swollen clit was like being jolted with a bolt of electricity. I shuddered, pushing back against him. Then, when he came in closer to dig his tongue inside, I felt his cold nose brush against my clit and it felt like an ice cube. I jumped a bit and squealed. I opened my eyes to watch and saw my daughters standing over me, staring like hungry kittens looking through the window of the butcher shop. They were trembling with need. I could see it in their eyes. So did David.

David waited for the dog to finish as much of the peanut butter as he could get and then decided to fill me once more. This time, however, he decided to up the ante. "Girls," he said, "put more peanut butter on your mother. The dog's getting hungry for his bitch."

Tammy took the jar and dipped her hand inside. Then she handed it to little Jessie, who followed suit; Josie was as eager as I had ever seen a girl. I gasped as the girls smeared the peanut butter onto -- and into -- my pussy. Their hands felt so soft and warm on my flesh. Before I could really savor the moment, Midnight had pushed his way back in and was back to lapping at me. I couldn't even think as his tongue slurped over and over along my overheating twat.

I could tell I was getting close to cumming. As humiliating as this was, I have to admit that it was hot. I didn't care that my daughters were there. Hell, I wouldn't have cared if the Pope was standing there. I needed to cum. Just then, the pleasure abruptly stopped. I looked up and saw that David had pulled back the dog. I had a look of utter frustration on my face. "Please, sir! Please!"

David asked, "Do you want my cock inside you now?"

I nodded as I gasped, "Yes, I need your cock! Oh, fuck, god, I need your cock!"

David replied, "Good. Then you had better be a good little whore -- and maybe I will reward you with my cock in your cunt. Maybe I will let you have an orgasm or two today. But that all depends on you... and your daughters."

David looked down at Midnight, who was now bent down, licking his cock. I think it was the first time I ever really looked at it. It was about 4 inches long, pink and sticking out from the end of his furry sheath. David saw me looking and said, "I see you'll take any cock at this point. Good. You may suck your dog's filthy cock."

I wanted to protest. Who the hell was HE to tell me I was allowed to do something so disgusting? I wanted to tell him to fuck off. I wanted to grab my girls and run away. I wanted to stand up in righteous indignation and spit in his face.Instead, his eyes pinned me. Unable to meet his incredible gaze, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror on the wall. I could see myself on my hands and knees, crawling over to the dog. It was like I was watching someone else, until I bent down and could feel the wet spongy tip of the pink dog cock with my own tongue. I stole a quick glance up and saw the girls staring at me in joyous disbelief. Then I closed my eyes and lowered my head, taking his entire cock in my mouth. It was wet and slimy and tangy and pungent and I loved it.

David spoke, "Look at her, girls. Look at what a filthy cock sucking whore your mother is. I bet you girls are just like your mother. I bet you are both dirty little sluts."My whole body tingling, I stole a glance up at them as he continued, "Take off your clothes. I want to see what kind of sluts she has for daughters. Take off your clothes and get on your knees."

By this point, I shouldn't have been shocked by anything, but I was. I was very surprised to see my daughters obey him. These are the same three girls who refused to put away their laundry for 8 weeks, yet here they were, obeying him. Like they worshiped him. Their clothes fell away as they hurried to do as he commanded. As they stripped, I felt a pang of jealousy. I knew that they would be partaking in his monster cock while I was left here sucking on a dog's dick. Just then, David's voice brought me out of my daydream. "Get up, whore."

There was no anger or hostility in his voice. Only domination. Pure power. I knew he was talking to me, so I got up. "You need to teach your daughters how to suck my cock. And if you do a good job, maybe I'll stuff your slick cunt with it."

He held his enormous cock like a club in front of him. I nodded, almost swooning, and smiled at the thought. The girls finished undressing and kneeled beside side of me.I said to my little naked girls, "Take your hands and wrap them around it. Yes. Feel it throb in your hands. Now Tammy, lean down and lick the head ... like this."

I closed my eye and licked the mushroom head, letting the tip slip into my mouth and then back out. I backed away and Tammy was about to wipe my spit off the tip when David said, "Don't clean it, slut. Just suck it."

Tammy, blushing furiously, licked it tentatively and then worked up the courage to let the head and an additional inch into her mouth. I whispered to her, "Don't let your teeth scrape, honey. Make sure your tongue works as a guide between your bottom teeth and your master's cock. Work the underside."

I let her practice for a few moments, proud of how she hollowed out her cheeks and gazed up at her master. Then I pulled Tammy off and nodded to little baby Jessie. Jess didn't bother trying to clean it. She just took it and attacked it with the sort of enthusiasm only a child has. She licked, sucked and slurped while I cupped his balls and gently massaged them. I then said to Josie, "Help your sister. There is more than enough cock for you both to suck at the same time. And don't forget to suck his balls, too."

To illustrate my point, I leaned my head down and lifted his swollen balls into my mouth. It was like trying to suck a pair of tennis balls. I could smell the musky sweaty scent and loved it. God damn, I loved it. Then David said, "Good job, whore. While these little bitches suck my cock, you may entertain me. First, get me a digital camera."

I was terrified at the prospect of him recording any of what we were doing, but for some reason I obeyed. Then, after I handed him the camera and a glass of scotch -- I thought it would be a nice touch -- he told me to get down on the floor. He said, "Get down there. You got that dog all excited. Now you have to let him fuck you like the bitch you are."

I had never done anything like this before. The thought of what I was about to do, as well as what I had just done, would make any normal girl sick to their stomach. That's when I knew for sure that I was exactly as David had described me as to my daughters. That's when I knew that I was a dirty cock loving, dog fucking whore. Because as I got on my knees and patted my ass for the dog to approach, I was actually excited. I was as horny as I had ever been. I needed this. When I felt the rough pads of his paws on my soft white flesh and the tips of his claws dig into me for support, my excitement only grew. And when I felt his swollen pink and purple cock penetrate me, I came. With every flash of the camera, another jolt of pleasure struck.

As I came, I lowered my face into the carpet to help muffle the screams. David said, "Yes, you are a dirty dog whore, aren't you?"

I lifted my head to answer, but my reply game out garbled, like I was a stroke victim. I tried to lift my head again and this time I managed to scream out, "Yes! I'm a dirty dog whore. I love hard cock, sir. I want to drink cum and lick pussy and have my ass fucked by strange men! Please, sir, please, rape a baby into me!"

David only chuckled. He still had my daughters kneeling in front of him. He held the camera and snapped a few pictures of them working together on his cock. Occasionally their tongues would touch and they would kiss. He seemed to enjoy that. He held up the camera with one hand and pulled away his cock with his other. He said, "Just stay right there and open your mouths. Don't close your eyes or I'll make you suck off fifty men till you get it right."

Then he stoked his enormous cock and it started pulsating. A large glob of sperm shot out of the slit and struck Tammy in the eye. To her credit, my teen daughter didn't even blink. He angled his second blast at Jessie, shooting directly into the open, waiting mouth of the grade-schooler; another jet went into Josie's hot mouth. He went back and fourth, spraying both girls in their mouths and on their faces. I found myself both jealous and proud as they swallowed the thick volume of cum, and began working my way to another orgasm on the dog's thrusting cock.

David pushed both girls over towards me. "Let that whore lick your faces clean."

My heart leapt. The girls got down low so I could reach their faces with the dog still weighing me down. It was very strange and exhilarating, licking spunk from my daughter's faces while our dog was cumming inside my spasming cunt. He leaned his large head down and a thick glob of drool dripped from his mouth, landing along my cheek. I lowered and turned my head so the glob dripped down into my open mouth.

Unlike the movies, the dog wasn't tied to me. His knot remained outside my body, so when he finished, he dismounted me. David said to the girls, "Tammy, go lick your mother's cunt clean. Jessie, dear, go lick that dog's cock clean; Josie, spit-shine his balls. When you're finished, I am taking you girls out. You four are adequate, but I plan on training you until you are able to make a man cum in seconds."

Somehow, being told that we were 'adequate' - and that we would be trained - was the greatest compliment I could have imagined.

I rolled over onto my back, sprawled, thinking my daughter would kneel between my legs. I was pleasantly surprised when instead she crawled across my body, laying her naked body against mine. Her hot pussy was in my face as I felt her first tentative, mewling licks on my drenched cunt. I decided to show her what to do by licking her pussy. I raised my hands and spread her legs and ass. I lifted my tongue and slid it slowly, roughly along her wet, overheating slit. She moaned into my crack and followed my example. I could hear slurping as she tried to handle the copious load of dog sperm dripping from my abused body.

As I began sucking on Tammy's sweet teen clit, I strained and looked over at Jessie & Josie, who had their tiny hands wrapped around the base of the dog's cock. As the two little ones sucked up and down on his pointed prick, the dog kept leaning over and licking their sweet faces. Then what I saw impressed me: Josie lifted her mouth off the dog and opened it. The dog lapped his tongue inside her open mouth, licking the remnants of sperm from her braces and tongue as Jessie went back to work deep-throating him.

I continued my oral assault on Tammy, slipping 2 fingers inside her tight hole. Despite the tightness, I quickly realized that my fingers were not hitting the barrier I was expecting. Somehow or other, my oldest daughter was no longer a virgin. I suspected the same might hold true for my youngest girls before the day was over.

When I was sure Tammy had climaxed, I rolled away from her. David looked down at the four of us, laying in a sweaty pile on the carpet and said, "Okay, now get dressed in the sluttiest clothes you have. I'm taking you little whores some place special. No underwear."

In less than ten minutes flat, we all returned downstairs for inspection. I had on a sheer white blouse in which my dark areolas were clearly visible without a bra. I also had on a black leather micro-mini that ended a half inch below my exposed bald cunt. I topped the outfit off with thigh high black leather boots. Tammy wore a short red skirt, a thin black halter top and cute little black ankle boots. Baby Jessie & Josie wore matching pairs of ultra tight biker shorts that exposed camel toe along with bikini tops. Not owning any boots or heels that fit, they both wore white sneakers.

We got into David's Lexus, with me in the front passenger seat and the girls in the back. David unzipped his pants and fished out his large cock. He reached over and took hold of the back of my head and pulled it down onto his shaft. We drove, as he chatted with the girls and I gurgled in pleasure.

About a half hour later, we pulled to a stop in a gravel parking lot. He pulled my head off his cock and said, "I'll be right back. You four wait here."

David exited the car and walked towards a large wooden building that I didn't recognize. When David turned the corner around the side of the building, I looked around and saw a street sign that said, simply, Access Road 3492.

Never heard of it. There were about 25 cars in the parking lot, most of them older and a bit banged up. The smooth new Lexus stood out from the crowd.

I turned my head and saw the large handmade sign by the street, which read "Knob Gobbler's GoGo Bar: Adult bookstore, teen maternity, video booths in back".

I may not be a slut -- well, maybe I now am -- but I am certainly not a prude. I have been in a couple adult bookstores and even a couple gentlemen's clubs before ... yet I had never heard of this place.

We were parked behind the building, and to my right was an overflowing dumpster. Behind it was a man leaning against the plank wall. A young woman squatted in front of him, obviously giving him a world-class blow job. It made me chuckle: a little knob-gobbling at the Knob Gobbler. Yup, it still makes me laugh.

I was startled from my amused pondering when David returned and opened the door. He smiled and said, "Okay ladies, the owner of this establishment has something special for us. You should probably think of some appropriate way to thank him. Follow me."

David closed the door and started walking back to the strip club/porn shop. Some nasty thoughts raced across my mind, and I was about to tell the girls that we were leaving when I heard the back doors of the car slam shut. By the time I got out, the girls were already running after David. Shit! I guess we were committed now. I raced after David and the girls, and caught up with them as they rounded the corner of the building.

Believe me when I say that the front of this establishment was no more inviting than the rear. Everything was wooden and old except for the large shiny metal door in front that must have weighed close to a ton. David opened the door and ushered us into a small foyer. On the walls were torn posters. One declared Wednesdays as "Girlscout Night" and another advertised a porn DVD called "Spunk Chuggers 4".

I can only assume the first 3 in the series left too many unanswered questions that a 4th part was inevitable. Along the back wall were two separate hallways. One was marked "Strippers" and one was marked "Porn".

How simple.

Between the front door and the two hallways sat a tarnished desk with a dented cash register. On the back of the register was a faded sticker that read "Property of Woolworth's". Behind the register sat a man who practically walked out of the Grand Book of Porn-Shop Clichés. He was about 5'7, 275 pounds, hadn't shaved in a week, and his hairline had retreated rather than receded. He wore blue jeans and a well-worn t-shirt that read "I fuck on the first date."

The creepy guy smiled when we entered, showing off all 9 of his yellowed teeth. David handed the man some cash, though I couldn't see how much. In return, the man handed David four brown paper grocery bags. He then said, "You take booths 3, 6, 7 and lucky 13."

David told Tammy to follow him, then instructed Jessie, Josie and me to wait. My eldest daughter mutely went down the corridor marked "Porn," holding David's hand, and disappeared around a corner. While we waited, Jessie asked me, "What's going on, Mom?"

I said, "I'm not sure, honey. If you're scared, we can leave."

She looked up at me with those big green eyes, all preteen precociousness, and said, "No, I'm actually kind of excited. This is pretty wild."

I smiled back at her. "Yeah. Yeah it is, sweet-pea."

I looked up and saw the furry man staring at us, flashing us a near-toothless grin. His hand was somewhere in front of himself but below our line of view. His shoulder kept moving up and down in a slow steady rhythm. Josie was watching what the man was doing with rapt fascination; she whispered to me, "Mom, is he ... you know, jerking off his cock?"

I said, "Yeah, I think so."

We must not have been quiet enough because the man heard us. He perked up and said, "Yeah, damn right I'm jerking off. Little girl, you want to come around here and help me finish?"

Josie's face scrunched in disgust. "No way!"

The man's smile fell away and he said, "Fine, have it your way. You, sweet cheeks?"

Jessie blushed, shaking her head no. The man smiled again. "Maybe I'll just save this, then."

David returned alone and then took both Jessie & Josie down the hall. Now I was alone and a little nervous. A dirty old man, short and lanky, entered the shop. He looked at me, sizing me up like a piece of meat, and then asked the clerk, "Bitch going to 13?"

The shop's owner flashed that broken smile again and said, "Yeah, but I think you really want to hit booth 6 today."

The guy had his hand in his pocket, obviously rubbing himself as he walked up to me. He was shorter than me, maybe 5'4", paper thin with a thick billowy head of white hair. He put $20 on the table and said to the clerk as he started down the hall, "Better be worth it, asshole. That was my beer money."

Now I was all alone with the poster boy for the dangers of inbreeding. The rotund cashier suddenly stood up and walked around his table towards me. He walked right up next to me and I swear he sniffed me. Then he dropped his gaze to my large, meaty tits. He reached up a hand and squeezed my left breast lightly through my transparent blouse. His breath stank of cigarettes as he said, "Yeah. Nice. I may have to sample you."

I slapped his hand away and said, "No fucking way, dirtbag!"

His face turned angry. I think he might have slapped me if not for the voice behind us. "Now that isn't any way to speak to our gracious host. You owe Mr. Clarke an apology."

David was back, and once again he returned alone. I lowered my gaze as I said in a defeated tone, "I'm sorry, Mr. Clarke."

He squeezed my tit again, but harder this time. "Don't worry, cunt, I'll find some way for you whores to make it up to me."

A shiver went up my spine.

Wordlessly, Dave led me down the narrow corridor, which opened into a dimly-lit room filled with shelves. On the shelves were boxes of porn. It was like the Mecca of sleaze. On the wall was a poster marking the return of the "Throat Yogurt for Jr. High Cheerleaders" series. While I am not familiar with the series, it must be quite popular to be sporting a "Part 9".

At the back of the room was another hallway. This hall was not lit at all, but for the glow of 4 cigarettes, held by creepy looking men who stared ominously at me as I passed. One man, the old guy from the lobby, had his hand down his pants, visibly stroking himself as I slipped by.

Along the way we passed several doors. Some had red lights glowing above the door while others had green lights and still others glowed yellow. I have no idea what the lights signified, since they obviously weren't street lights. Then I noticed the doors each had a tiny number etched above them. I saw the doors Tammy, Jessie and Josie were behind ... but kept walking as we rounded a corner.

We entered another hall and continued on to door 13. Dave opened the door and led me in. It was dark and small, and chains hung from the ceiling. On the one wall was a rectangular plexiglass window about 6 inches high and 12 inches long. It was about eye level. On the other side was a small hole cut into the wall about 2 1/2 feet from the ground. On either side of the hole was a large brass ring bolted to the wall.

David closed the door to the small booth. On the one wall was a TV monitor. Oddly, just above the hole in the wall was a mirror, twisted slightly to the side and tilted slightly up. David said, "Take off your clothes."

The room smelled of sex. Of sweat and cum. I wanted to ask about my daughters, but all I could think of was Dave fucking me in this dirty little room.

I disrobed, tossing my clothes into a pile in the corner. I only left the heels. Then Dave attached a strange harness around my waist, wrapping around each thighs. He pulled down a chain from the ceiling and attached it to the back of the harness. Then he said, "Lean forward. Put your hands down on that pole, but don't squeeze the buttons." I looked down and saw a red pole that ran along the floor, about 6 inched from the ground. On this horizontal pole were several buttons, about a foot apart, on the back side of the pole. I lightly gripped the pole, careful not to depress the buttons.

Then Dave attached a leather band on each wrist and chained me to the pole.

I admit that I was getting nervous, bent down like this. I noticed that my face was right in front of the hole and the tiny mirror. Dave spread my legs about fourteen inches apart and attached ankle shackles and a bar, which secured me to the floor and locked my feet far apart. Then Dave leaned over me and attached a leather band around my neck. It had two metal rings on each side. He pulled my face up against the wall and clipped me to the brass rings on each side of the hole.

Dave walked around behind me and I heard his pants unzip. "You want this, don't you?"

I gasped a yes. Chuckling, he said, "Oh wait, I forgot to turn on the show."

He put a $50 bill into the machine, and the view-screen sprung to life. It was a split, showing 6 separate high-definition pictures. I should have expected it, but it shocked me none the less. I saw my daughters. Each of the three were in seperate booths, shackled and bent just like me. One shot was of Tammy's face, chained against a hole as a large cock thrust into her mouth violently. The second show was also of her, but a wide shot that showed her bare, prepubescent back end. The other four shots were the same, but with Jessie and Josie; their hot preteen mouths were each wrapped around a massive tool, sucking cum from it, and their identical little wet cunts glistened with need.

Dave spoke, "Now I'm going to fuck you with this thick cock. If you squeeze those buttons, doors will open behind the girls ... allowing strange men in to fuck them both in the cunt and in the ass. It's all on you, whore."

I heard a door open and close. There was a booth next to mine and a man entered. I saw a flicker of light as he put in money and activated the porn video screen. A second later, a thin uncut cock protruded through the open hole. I could see though the mirror that Dave was watching. I really had no choice but to open my mouth and allow the cock in.

I opened my mouth and the man pressed forward. I felt Dave's hands on my hip and the head of his huge cock part the folds of my pussy. I was overcome by lust. I opened my mouth and relaxed my throat so the man beyond the wall could better fuck my face.

As Dave's cock split me slowly, taking total possession of my slick, hot need, I looked into the tiny mirror. I saw the video screens. My daughters were being face fucked. I could see the guy who fucked Tammy's face pull his cock out of her mouth about an inch and fire a blast of thick cum onto her face. She opened her mouth and tried to catch as much as she could but several blasts were dripping from her chin.

Dave was all the way inside me, now. It felt like heaven, like I was being fucked by a horse. He started moving in and out, picking up the pace. I could feel the climax building inside me. I felt my hands tightening around the bar. I quickly caught myself and removed my hands. But when I did, Dave quickly pulled out of my cunt. The sudden withdrawal left a sucking void in my sopping snatch. He said, "No. I told you to keep your hands on the bar with your fingers on the buttons. Otherwise, no cock, whore."

Nearly sobbing with need, I acquiesced and returned my hands to the bar, my fingers to the buttons. When I did, Dave's cock returned to the warm wet confines of my excited pussy. As I adjusted to the return of the enormous fuck meat, the man in my mouth began to cum. He forced himself in as far as he could so he could spray his load right down my throat. I was actually a little disappointed: I found myself wanting to taste it, play with it on my tongue, and savor the flavor.

Fortunately, this would be just the first of many loads I'd be drinking today.

Dave increased the pace -- and that familiar, incredible feeling was returning. Only he could make me cum like this. He was pounding me, harder and faster. Each thrust pushed my face against the dirty glory hole. I could see the man on the other side zip up and leave. He was quickly replaced by another horny man looking to dump his load into my thirsty gullet.

I don't know what was happening to me. That large cock in my cunt, another now in my mouth. I could see the girls in the monitor. I watched as they drank one load after another. I could see the locked doors behind them, standing as the only barrier between them and the most brutal of rape. My fingers were the only thing preventing them from having strange men fucking them in their soft tight cunts and their smooth, virgin assholes.

Naturally, I did what any horny cock whore would do. I watched the monitors, heaving with desire, and squeezed the buttons. I saw the doors behind the girls open. In the first booth, I saw the old dirty man step in and close the door behind himself. He pulled out his old cock and began, in one smooth motion, to rape Tammy's slippery 7th-grade cunt.

In another monitor, I saw the door open as well. The fat furry clerk walked in and closed the door. Jessie's ass quivered next to him, so tiny. He smiled up at the monitor as he unzipped his pants and withdrew a long fat cock. He held it out as if to show me what he was going to be violating my baby daughter with. He spit into his hand and then rubbed it onto the length of his shaft. He walked up behind her, slapped her lily white ass and then pushed his cock inside her.

From the second camera angle, I could see Jessie's eyes open wide as the fat man forced himself inside her almost hairless cunt. He grabbed her hips, pumped 3 or 4 times and then his eyes rolled up into his head. The fat fuck was obviously dumping his load of seed into my nine-year-old daughter's fertile womb. On another screen a large black man was fisting his huge tool as he played with Josie's tiny pussy; she was drooling onto his probing fingers.

"I bet she gets pregnant", said Dave as he continued to fuck me hard. "Hell, I bet all four of you get knocked up."

The thought should have scared me, but I felt myself begin to cum. Then I watched the fat man pull out his thick cock from my little daughter Jessie's battered pussy. He looked back up at the camera and then began to piss all over her bare back and hair. After pulling up his pants, he flipped me the finger and then, still looking at the camera, pushed that finger into her asshole. He swished it around a bit, yanked it back out, and then left the booth with the door open for the next guy.

Dave was fucking me hard and fast; I gripped him as the orgasm tore through me. He then pulled out his cock and walked around me. I had a cock in my mouth, already filling it with spunk. Dave just aimed his cock at the side of my face and fired his massive load right onto the side of my head. It blasted off my cheek and hair, landing on the floor in a messy puddle, dripping from my chin and nose.

I looked up to see a man shoving a large dildo into Tammy's ass. Then he rammed his cock into her cunt. She was a mess, her face covered in cum like a bukakke party guest of honor.

The man who was filling my mouth with the 4th delicious load of the night was finished and gone. I was gasping, using this brief reprieve to catch my breath and come down from the toe-curling orgasms Dave just gave me. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. Dave was gone. Behind me was a large door that connected my booth to the booth on our right. From that booth walked a tall muscular black man. He slapped my ass and said, "Damn, what a fine white bitch. I'm gonna be your farmer, 'cause today I'm planting some seed up in that fuck pot of yours."

He unsheathed a giant black cock and slapped my ass with it. He said, "Damn. Bitch, I'm gonna tear your little shitter up!"

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as the large cock pierced my rectum. It hurt like hell, but I was still trembling from the after shocks of the orgasm, so I welcomed the pain. After 20 or 30 long strokes, he pulled out and sunk his rod into my cunt. It felt amazing!

As I concentrated on the pleasure in my gash, I saw the light flicker in the booth to our left. Someone new had entered the booth. A smelly cock broke through into my booth and I sucked it. It was foul, but I sucked it like a starving whore. Then I heard the voice. It was that fat fuck from the front counter! He said, "You taste that, bitch? I fucked both of your little baby-whore daughters in the cunt and in their ass; your teenage fuck-socket took me up the shitter all the way to the balls. You're licking their sloppy cunt-juice and shit off my dick. But I got another little treat for you."

He pulled his cock from my mouth and pulled it back so only the head stuck through. I looked closely at it to see what he was doing.

The only warning I got was the slit at the end opening a millisecond before the hot acrid piss struck my in the eye, nose and mouth. It tasted like, well ... piss. My face was soaked in seconds. I had nowhere to move. He laughed and said, "Bitch, you just settle in there 'cause you and those three cunt daughters of yours have a long night ahead of you."

The black man behind me laughed, and unceremoniously pulled his thick cock out of him spasming cunt; before I could react, he slipped the enormous member straight back up my barely-loosened shit-pipe.

I was beaten. Humiliated. Defeated. Whatever reserve of pride and self purpose I might have ever had was gone. As I stood there, bent uncomfortably, sperm and piss dripping from my mouth and a large black cock fucking me hard in my tight asshole, the facade of being in control was finally stripped away...sort of like my clothes.

I loved it. I began to cum again.

I looked up to watch the girls as the next cock entered the hole to fuck my tired mouth. I found myself watching the girls with something that could no longer be considered horror, or anxiety. In fact, I was starting to get excited as I watched one man after another use their thin, lithe bodies. Accepting myself as a dirty slut who is just here for the sexual amusement of others has opened my mind and allowed me to watch my daughters with a new sense of lust.

As I watched, I squinted at the screen. The girls were no longer wimpering from the fucking: all three of my daughters seemed to have also accepted their place in the world. Jessie hung, shivering with orgasms; piss ran down her thin and hairless legs as she grunted around the huge cock she was nursing on. Josie wiggled her ass, trying to get herself impaled further on the huge tool spearing into her itty-bitty-bity colon. Tammy was especially loud; she cried, "Fuck me, mister! Fuck me! Thank you, mister, thank you for your cock, sir, thank you -- I'm so glad my mommy let you fuck me, mister!"

They could see me, just like I could see them! As I was considering the implications of this, the large black man behind me grabbed my hips hard, yanking me closer. His balls slapped under my body and he went ridged. I felt his pulsing cock erupt inside me, sending a river of thick white cum into my steaming ass-guts.

The pleasure of all that hot wet cum squirting inside my exposed body sent me spiraling into another orgasm. My knees buckled but the harness held me aloft. The man in my mouth followed suit and filled my mouth with his steamy load of gunk.

As I lay there, hanging from the harness, my body trembling, I heard the black man say, "Damn bitch, yo' ass can't get enough of my big black cock. I'm gonna go make a few calls and get some of my friends over here to taste you and those fine little bitches."

With that, he stepped around to the side of my head, found a dry portion of hair and wiped his dripping cock. Then he slapped his semi-hard cock against the side of my face before putting it away. Another man entered to room to take his place. Then another; some had big cocks, some had small, all of them pounded into me with abandon until cum splashed from my aching, needy cunt.

As the night wore on, Jessie, Josie, Tammy and I were filled in every hole well over 50 times apiece. It didn't help us that they made an announcement over in the strip club portion of the establishment that there were four sexy girls next door waiting to be used as free fuck holes.

Hours passed. As David unhooked me from the harnesses, barely able to stand, my thoughts turned to what the disgusting fat man said earlier. We were probably all pregnant. I suppose I could take us to the doctors for that next-day pill, but how would I explain that a mother and her three daughters -- one a freshman in High School, two not even into forth grade -- all need the pill at the same time? Of course, I could offer to blow the doctor. Hell, I could offer to let my daughters blow him.

Yeah, that might work.

David wrapped a blanket around me and led me out to the car. Effortlessly, as if I weighed no more than a child, he helped me inside onto a sheet of plastic that lay on the seat. The girls were curled in the back, also wrapped in blankets and sitting on plastic. I expected that. What I didn't expect was to see them smiling at me when I looked back at them. I thought they might feel betrayed. Instead, they smiled and began to kiss each other. The three licked dried cum and piss from each other's face.

David said, "You all did very well tonight. I'm not displeased. Another week or so of this and you will be ready for the next level."

Next level?!?! While I was shocked (no, really, I could still be shocked at this point), I was too tired to question it. I needed a bath. No, I needed like 7 consecutive baths. I looked forward to asking my girls to join me.

It was well after 1 am when we entered the house. David gave each girl a long kiss good night, and pulled away from the house. As I locked up the house for the night, I heard the water running upstairs. The girls had gone up to draw a bath. I took off the remnants of my wet, sticky clothes and tossed them into a pile in the middle of the living room floor with those of my daughters. As I padded across the hallway towards the stairs, I paused at the full length mirror by the closet.

God, I looked sexy.

My hair was wet and matted with cum and dripping with piss. My body had a slick shine to it and my eyes seemed to radiate mischievous excitement rather than the exhaustion I was feeling. Seeing myself like this caused no shame. In fact, I liked it.
I turned from the mirror and went up the stairs, following the sounds of light splashing. As I did, I saw a cum-stain on the carpeted steps. "Hmm. I'll have to get the carpet cleaner out of the garage tomorrow", I thought.

What an odd thing to think as I was going upstairs to wash dried cum and urine from the bare bodies of my freshly-fucked daughters. Wasn't I planning on eating out my own teen's soupy twat, while imagining the feel of by little girl's fingers inside my ass? Maybe I wasn't quite as converted as I earlier though. After all, wouldn't a true slut be more focused on sex right now? Maybe I still had more to learn and experience, just as David suggested.

Maybe my travels had only jut begun.

As I reached the top step and turned down the hall, light glowed from the bathroom. I quickened my step, suddenly re-focused on the event at hand. When I got to the door, I looked in to see a pleasant surprise. Sitting on the rim of the large five-person Jacuzzi was Tammy, her legs spread open and her head tilted back. Her mouth was slightly open and her lower lip trembling. The reason for the trembling was my twins, kneeling in the tub, their hands on Tammy's thighs and tongues buried in Tammy's well-used cunt, licking the remnants of our night from their big-sister's sloppy, still-dripping snatch.

I ascended the steps to the Jacuzzi and climbed in, careful not to splash too much. I glided in the water across to Josie and gently kissed my baby daugter's shoulder. I moved her long hair to one side and licked her neck in one long slow stroke as her twin Jessie dived in further to lap at Tammy's gaping, abused asshole. Her skin tasted of sex. Dirty sex. Sperm, urine and sweat tasted like fine caviar on her flesh. I bit gently and she shuddered. I sucked on her neck like a high school lover administering a hickey in the last isle of a crowded movie theater. She let out a slight moan into her older sister's ravaged hole.

Tammy finally climbed down into the hot water. All of our bodies were submerged from our abdomens down. Our upper bodies were above water. I took the large sponge and squirted some soap onto it. I handed the sponge to Tammy. I covered another sponge with soap and gave it to Josie and also got one for myself. I leaned over and began soaping Tammy's large breasts. She moved her long brown hair to the side so I could lather her left shoulder. Tammy began soaping Jessie's tiny chest, making small circles on her hard nipples. Josie softly scrubbed my back; for her part, Jessie used the sponge to lather her bare hands, which she moved to me fleshy tits. She took one in each hand and massaged them tenderly. She leaned up and kissed my cheek. I turned my face to meet her lips with mine. Tammy's free hand wend below the water to Jessie's slim, hairless cunt. When a finger slipped in, I could taste Jessie's moan as Josie's fingers massaged my cunt.

For the next hour, we rubbed and washed each other as we kissed. I was a bit concerned that my daughters might feel betrayed by what I allowed to happen to them tonight. But no, they instead only seemed to want more.

We made our way to the bedroom and the girls pushed me back gently onto the bed. Tammy spread my legs apart and lowered her head to my newly shaven cunt; my daughter had been no virgin when the day began, and she was eager to show off. I felt her hot breath on my slit before her fingers spread apart the folds and her tongue slithered inside. Little Jessie began sucking my right tit and Josie latched onto the right.

By 4 am, we had each been made the center of the sexual attention, being enjoyed and pleasured by the other three. We had each cum several times and we had each professed that we were happy with the night's events. I told the girls what I planned on doing at the doctor's office the following day in order to get a healthy supply of the morning-after pill and all three gleamed with anticipation.

Then we drew up the large blanket and fell asleep in a pile of arms and legs.

The next day, we awoke around noon. It was Saturday and the doctor's office was only open till 2, so we had to hurry. Reluctantly, the girls got up and got dressed. I told them to dress provocatively, in the most risque and exposing clothing they could. I dressed conservatively in a formal pants-suit, tying my hair back into a bun and donning a pair of thick glasses. I decided to portray myself as the concerned mother with a trio of out-of-control, rebellious daughters.

So off we went; we made good time, even stopping for ice-cream.

When we arrived at the office, there was only one man in the lobby. He was a large, burly fellow with hands like baseball mitts. This wasn't a traditional doctor's office, but rather a clinic of sorts -- it was the place I had come to get the huge quantities of Viagra that Mike had needed in order to impregnate me with Jessie & Josie in the first place. Sort of a family planning center meets a sexual dysfunction clinic. It was cheap and private and people here didn't ask too many questions.

As I filled out the forms at the counter, my daughters were teasing the man. He stared at them as all three spread their legs and licked their ice cream, revealing that they were not wearing panties under their skirts. Then the two twin girls kissed in front of him; Tammy hiked up her skirt and used both hands to massage her drooling pussy. I could tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he wanted to see more. Tammy whispered something in Josie's ear; the little one giggled and began to try to ease her whole fist up her teen sister's bare, slippery cunt.

As I walked back to the girls, I saw him snap his eyes away so as not to get busted by their mother. I sat next to the girls and started talking to the man. "I'm terribly sorry if my girls are bothering you. They can be such a handful lately."

The man mumbled something about it being fine. As they continued to kiss right next to me, their pussies exposed, I said to the man in a matter-of-fact way, "It's the television and that music they listen to. It's all too sexually charged. Now kids today think it's a badge of honor to be having sex by eight years of age; to be fucking grown men by the time they're ten."

The man sort of nodded as his eyes drifted back to the girls. I continued, "Now, I simply don't know what to do with them. I knew they were going to parties and having sex, but that's to be expected. Just last night, however, I found out the three of them were going to some strip club and porno shop just off of River Street. Apparently they go there and, well ... do things to strange men through holes in the booths. It's frankly disgusting."

The man's eyes shot back to me as if he was just now processing the words that were coming from my dirty lips. "What?"

I repeated, "There is some sort of a strip club that's also a porn shop off of River Street on the East Side, it seems. The girls have been going there and doing all manner of things with strange men every night. They call these things gloryholes, I believe. Anyway, I'm concerned. Since I can't seem to stop them from going there every night, I figured I should at least get them on the pill or something. I'm too old to start raising another baby."

The man's jeans had a noticeable tent now. When the receptionist called his name, he stood up and said, "No, um, you know what?