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My girlfriend's cock is bigger than mine. Anonymous 20/07/27(Mon)00:41 No. 26909 ID: 46dee1 [Reply]

I met my girlfriend on the beach, of all places. I had come out of a bad relationship a few months prior, unsurprisingly related to my tiny cock. My then girl just got bored of it I guess, but it might have been my constant bitching and self inflicted deprecation, who knows. In any case I met Cassandra at the beach.

She was on a lazy chair sunbathing and I was playing with my dog. I threw his ball but the wind caught it and fell next to her. She was startled when a huge hyperenergetic golden retriever jumped at her searching for it. I ran to apologize and had to grab Mr Woofer by the collar.

"Sorry miss," I said, she was shockingly beautiful, long dark hair, big puffy lips with a smile waiting to shine, dark green-brown eyes, a huge pair of tits that she showcased to all to see on a tied two part bikini, and between her legs, the largest bulge I had seen on a girl outside of the internet.

"Don't worry pretty boy," she said winking and started to pet my dog, "whose a nice boi? eh? whose a nice boi?" She said while petting him.

"Umh, hi," I awkwardly said, she took her eyes out of the dog and smiled at me, "I'm Jonathan, people call me Jon." I extended a hand to her. She kept smiling looking up at me from her lower point of view. "Nice to meet you Jon," she took my hand and grabbed it stronger using me to pull herself up. "Name's Cassandra."

She was taller than me, she was all better than me, just by what her bulge said. And she wasn't even erect yet.

"Always get your dog to do your wingman work Jon?" She winked at me, her prescense was overwhelming. It was like being next to a greek goddess.

"What? No! I... It was an accident I swea--" She interrupted me by laughing, "Relax pretty boy," she repeated her compliment of earlier. Her hand went to my shoulder and she gently shooked it. "I'm teasing you Jon."
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Nick Fan 20/07/29(Wed)14:00 No. 26921 ID: 6752a6

This is really excellent. Thank you for posting, and please keep it going!

part+4 20/08/01(Sat)02:48 No. 26924 ID: 199bb8

The next morning came later, my face was stuck to the skin of her neck by the dried cum. I moved my hand to rub my eyes and in the way there it bumped one of her massive tits. So I let it there and started to caress her nipple. I also started to kiss her neck.

"Good morning pretty boy," she said to me with fun in her voice.

"Good morning beautiful," I answered kissing her in the lips. She returned the kiss. We stood there kissing with my hands teasing her tits for a long while. I looked down at her crotch and her boner was there, poking to the gods.

My ass was still somewhat sore of last night abuse, but my mind disregarded it and I took another bottle of lube that was next to the bed. She smiled at me showing her teeth and asking me, "Are you sure?"

I nodded, pouring a generous amount of lube on her. I stroked her morning wood a few times to get it all distributed and straddled up. Cowboy position. I took her cock and guided it right to the opening of my ass. And slowly, very slowly, got it all inside. My balls and cock resting hard on her toned belly.

"Ride me boy," she demanded. I obliged.

First very slowly, but soon with pneumatic rhythm that she seemed to enjoy, and my ass demanded. It was so delicious, like fitting something on a hole that has the perfect shape for it. I rode her cock as if it was all a dream and if I stopped it would end. She let me do all the job, letting me control the pleasure she received from my ass. I know she wanted to start pistoning more than once, I could see her muscles twitching, but she controlled herself, letting me get my pleasure as well.

"Oh god, Oh God!" she started saying, I could feel her trembling. My body was lost in the pleasure, my own cock trembling of unattended excitation, my eyes went back on my head and I started to push faster, my cock started to spew cum seconds before hers exploded inside of me. She was incredible.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 20/12/20(Sun)00:56 No. 27102 ID: f504c5

This is really excellent. Thank you for posting, and please keep it going!

V-Trigger (TF) fdisk 20/12/04(Fri)07:26 No. 27085 ID: bf04ce [Reply]

I was inspired by a story on here previously called "The Three Amigos" to write my own X-Change story. since OP seems to have vanished I figure now is as good a time as any. This is my first piece.


You know, I never really got how stupid horniness made you until what happened to me last summer. Me, Duncan, and Nam played Street Fighter Alpha at my house while my parents were at work. We were inseparable, always playing fighting games, reading comics, or doing other mindless teen shit. Being young, dumb and horny brought us together in many ways. Nam always had connections to seedy underground Korean shit he got from his uncle. This meant we’d always have the hook up to all types of imported smut, comics, and games native to the country at the time. Duncan and I were 90% sure the shit was illegal but that only made it better.

One of the things Nam had that piqued our interest was X-Change. He had a bottle full of the stuff, stolen from his uncle’s trash after, according to Nam, his uncle got cold feet and decided to pass on them. Nam, who was a real chatter-shit when he knew about something, told us all about it.

“I’m telling you guys, this shit is the real deal! I saw one tape where a man took 1 pill” He shoves his finger into Duncan’s face. “JUST 1 PILL! Next thing you know this fuckin’ guy looks like Kate Winslet! If I take this shit, I’m gonna look like Hee-Sun!” “Who the FUCK is Hee-Sun, Nam?” Duncan blurts out jokingly in-between mashing nonsense on his controller. Now, I’m not the best fighting game player on the planet, but I definitely was the best player in the room. Nam and Duncan had a nasty habit of button-mashing with no strategy involved. Days would go by where I’d clean house, only to finally be beaten by Nam, with lots of grabs from Birdie on his side. Maybe I had a hidden talent for virtual tactility, or maybe it was because they didn’t have a PlayStation at home. In any case, today was shaping up to be no exception, as I nail the finishing rapid-kicks and K.O Duncan for the win.

“Fuckin’ hell! You see that Nam, your gay yappin’ cost me the damn game!” Nam and I were used to Duncan’s outbursts after losses, so Nam only responded with snickers. This, of course, only made Duncan more riled up. “I mean seriously, if you love those pills so fucking much just take one!” “Yeah, why not?” I chimed in. I normally don’t interject as much when the 3 of us are riffing. It’s not necessarily out of any fear or something, I just never feel the need to really get all that worked up. Nam took our questions with a very sly grin only a questionably raised Korean kid could pull off.

“How’s about a bet on the next game? Loser takes a pill and let me and the winner tear a hole into their newly minted snatch?” Duncan looked at him like he was an alien. “How’s about kiss my ass? Luke’s a goddamn c Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

fdisk 20/12/04(Fri)08:17 No. 27086 ID: bf04ce

Nam goes for Birdie, while I choose Chun-Li, a character I always chose when I wanted to be at my best. The first round starts, and I can tell that this game was different. Nam played a lot smarter, blocking my combo attempts, and grabbing me while my character ended her move for a painful drop. My mind raced as I kept walking into his hits, and it wasn’t long before the first round ended.

“Holy shit Nam, you won the first round!” Duncan belted. “Now just do it again, and we can give ol’ Luke here rabies.” “Yeah yeah, after this don’t expect me to share the spoils” Nam interjects. I’d prefer challengers who didn’t pre-emptively declare victory, but for some reason the cocky, gun-sure attitude Nam had made me feel a lot weirder than normal. The second round felt longer, as I pulled out combos and juggles that seemed a little too tryhard considering the skill level of my opponent. Maybe it was the inner conflict I was having that pushed me to inevitably take the next win, or maybe it was adrenaline from the fear of the unknown; of what would happen next.

“Uh oh, 1-1. I think Nam is about to become our personal little Sailor Moon.”Duncans quips fall on deaf ears as we both focus for the final round. We both play in a way that was rare for anyone in the house. Perfect blocks, parrys, reversals, punishes, it seems almost robotic. It all culminated in something neither of us expected. An outcome that, in all my years of playing before or since, has never occurred again.

“What the fuck! No way.” We all sit there speechless.“A fucking draw.”

“Cheeky. Very cheeky.” Duncan laments.“Well, that wasn’t planned. When did you get so good, Nam?”I had to ask. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know if it was skill, luck, or my warped mindstate, that caused such an odd outcome. What I did know, however, was that I wanted that feeling again. It was the most fun I ever had playing Alpha and, arguably, video games in general. “HAHA a man such as myself always has a trick up his sleeve.” Nam's arrogance was something to behold, surely. Some would even call it cute.

“Bullshit. Hey, you know what?”Duncan grabs the bottle and shakes it around, as if it was a magic 8-ball giving him the answer to his own question. “How about this, if Luke beats you this time you gotta take this pill and let us both rail you?”After hearing him say that out loud I stared to think the couch and carpet had been laced with some horny powder. There was no way the Duncan from 10 minutes ago would have been so on-board with this scenario. “What’s in it for me, assbrain?” Nam matter-of-factly spat out at Duncan’s proposal. “Duh, Luke’s gotta take the pill. Then we can both rail him.”The pat on my shoulder he gave me immediately after should’ve rubbed me the wrong way. Alas, like the passing fart I am, I just said “That’s basically the same deal as before.” Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

iCity Tales by AnonyMPC (various tags, cyberpunk, violence) AnonyMPC 14/07/30(Wed)22:09 No. 22139 ID: a609fb [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Hi, I'm AnonyMPC. You might remember me from such stories as "My Private Camwhore," "Relatively Powered", and "Yet Another Thing That Isn't The Next My Private Camwhore."

Well, after a long time where I was working on various stories and making very slow progress, I got hit with an idea that caught my imagination on fire. It started with the artist NeckRomancer on HF, who drew a few pieces inspired my stories, and we got to talking. An offhanded comment by me made him suggest a story idea, a SF one that had a sort of cyberpunk vibe. It was a good idea, and I'm actually a fan of old-school cyberpunk and all it's tropes, but I didn't want to tackle it. I was too busy, and too far behind, with other stuff. But it reminded me of another idea I had (based on an idea granted to me by a fellow named kludo I met in an artist's stream), also set in a cyberpunk world. And I began to toss around the idea of a set of stories set in the same city, and came up with a few ideas, and NeckRomancer suggested a couple more, and finally, I realized I was enjoying the process more than I had writing in a while, and what's more, I had 5 stories that I thought fit together pretty well, I knew exactly where they began and ended and how they fit together. They could be short, I told myself, maybe one sex scene each, so it wouldn't be too much of a distraction from my other projects. And I started writing the first, getting more work done in one day than I had in all the other stories I was working on combined in the past week, and I had that glorious feeling I hadn't had in a long time where my mind was racing with things to write even while I was asleep.

So I figured I had to stick with it, even if it meant everything else getting delayed, again, for overall output, the best strategy is sticking with the stuff I'm excited with most.
I finished the first story, and am started on the second. I'm not going to officially post it to my site (http://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/ if you've forgotten), or my HF page, until all five are done and cross-checked. But, because I have a history with this site, I thought I'd post them one-by-one here and here only. You can, hopefully, be my beta-test, so I can catch any major issues. This also means it'll be slightly less edited than they usually are, and I plan to tighten it up.

A few notes of things I'm especially looking for, or need to say up front:
Classic cyberpunk, which I'm a fan of, doesn't really mesh perfectly with computers and the Internet as it exists today. So I've done a bit of a bastard fusion and used some handwaving of vague historical events that have altered how things work. I'm certainly willing to hear if you think anything doesn't make sense on that level (networks don&# Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

126 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/03/11(Wed)09:16 No. 26667 ID: 615f42

A quick note to anyone returning to this thread after a while, especially MPC fans: before you jump into the new parts, you should go to his asstr site and reread- or at least skim- the first three stories there. Also maybe stay on that site to read the last two. The formatting here can only provide you with so much.

OK, so, to begin: Fuck Attachments is awesome. I think it represents peak MPC. A wishy-washy male protagonist who wants to do the right thing being forced to fuck his little sister at gunpoint by ANOTHER little sister strikes me as a high-pressure twist on your best plots of the past. You've done it so it's not only convincing, but also really hot. The ability he unlocks (cybernetic here, but supernatural in a way that calls back to your earlier sci-fi/fantasy stuff) to feel all his sisters' sensations compounded with his own is, again, hot, but also fits really well with your constant, universal themes of empathy and fair gratification. The intrigue of the family dynamics and their business interests matches your older serials for intensity, but Jesus Christ does the next story blow that out of that water.

I should say to everyone else here that these next spoiler tags are more important than those above, and I really, really think you should read the whole story before/instead of checking under them.

When I started Corp's Party, I was prepared to feel the same sort of "ok, ok, nice" that I'd felt about Alt. Sentence. I was gonna leave a note about how Attachments was cool, say I was glad you were back, give you a high five, all that. It took me a day or two to get past the beginning, both because it was a slow sort of exposition and because reading pretty much anything's become difficult for me over the past several years (damn attention span's shrinking every day). HOWEVER. When it got interesting, it got interesting. And more interesting. And when Ventura said "the [eye] I got you at least matched," I truly lost my shit. Like, I'd just gone back and reread most of the first three stories, and I respected them for what they were, but the tie-ins had really not sunk in, aside from a couple things I couldn't figure out: PoV getting the arm that then got sent to Mitsy, details in the frame narration, etc. That sentence kicked it up to a whole new level. I knew she would be back, but I didn't know she would be back in a way that would have me go "OH SHIT" to the degree that it did and continued to do for the rest of the scene. In the paragraphs that followed, the realization that she was about to kill the Morgans clicked with the Plague Or Vehicular homicide acronym from the end of Attachments, and THAT triggered a realization that the acrony Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 20/04/14(Tue)08:28 No. 26692 ID: 02b952

i like the level of detail in your stories. not graphic sexual detail (thought that's usually pretty good too) but like in your gravity falls story, besides matching a disney channel show almost exactly for tone, you invent the whole secret disney sex fantasy channel + park to fit it into. in this story, the same way, you've got a good deviant little girl fantasy, but it's part of a whole cool kinda world you've made up, which you've put real effort and thought into. that's pretty cool to me.

One of your biggest fans since 2010 Anonymous 20/11/17(Tue)08:34 No. 27048 ID: 67b601

Hey AnonyMPC... i've been reading your histories since 2010 and I was wondering what happened with you? Are you OK? I know u took some hiatus every now and then but I just want to know if u are doing fine. Your stories are great and I enjoy them so much. Thank you for sharing them for free too, it means a lot to your fans.

Crusade Gone Awry TaterChips 18/06/20(Wed)02:22 No. 25636 ID: 2d17a2 [Reply]

I think I posted this a long time ago and it dropped out, but I guess I'll post again since I wrote another chapter for fun.

Summary: Crusaders arrive in a foreign land haunted by a demon king...or so they think. Instead they find a desert full of monsters not hungry for flesh, but for sex. As they traverse the land of madness they find sex sorcerers, pigmen, men-luring cockatrices, alarunes that feed on sperm, hellhounds, centaurs, egg-laying insects, and even a lust demon. Will the crusaders be successful, or will they fall into debauchery like all the rest?

Tags (here we go): Rape, anthro, bestiality, drugs, slavery, magic, transformation (doll), creampies, rimming (male and female), anal fingering (male and female), anal, pegging, oral, impregnation, body control, underage (in appearance), insects, egg-laying, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, trap (as in m/m surprise), lactation, death, blood, gore, toys, orgasm denial, maledom, femdom, and probably more that I can't think of at the moment.

ALSO: this story is VERY long. Prepare to read a lot if you want to follow it. I never write short things.


Chapter 1

(This chapter contains: virgin, magic body control, sex with dolls, oral, handjob, creampie, and human doll transformation. You have been warned. BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT.)

The first ship arrived at the port. It was a longship and as it rolled up to the pier a man jumped out. Like all the people on his boat, he was dressed in plate armor, decorated with a bright, flaming bird on the breast plate. He knelt down onto the wood and thanked the goddess for his safe trip. Many of the other men and women on the boat did the same as they stepped onto the pier. The first man, clearly the leader, scanned out across the ocean. He could see countless other longships, rowing rapidly towards him. Many of them would have to anchor around the port and walk over the boats, but they made it. The last human stronghold on the continent. The man turned towards the city. He thought he might have been seeing a mirage when he first got close, but he wasn't. The city was much larger than he thought it would be. There were buildings with ornate domes crammed into high walls that covered a semi-circle around the coast. There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands living in this city. It certainly didn't look like a place on the verge of being annihilated. Instead it looked like a paradise, with palm trees, a beautiful coast and colorful domes on some of the larger structures. Moreover, the entire place looked intact and untouched. Still, it was not his place to question the High Priest of Vordan. He was on a mission from the goddess and he intended to fulfill it. He turned to the common soldiers in the boat.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
TaterChips 18/07/23(Mon)08:54 No. 25721 ID: 6bb8bf


Chapter 5

(WARNING: This one is WEIRD. This chapter contains: mind control, dolls, creampies, impregnation, latex, toys, a detachable penis, body modification, piercings, gender-bender, transformation, anal, M/F/F, and uh...ejaculating with someone else's sperm. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Just like Renard had fallen when he slept, he abruptly sat up awake. It was so sudden that Talia practically jumped out of her skin. For a few moments, the fox-man made a series of high-pitch chirping and whining noises. Then he opened his mouth and gave out a huge yawn. As he rubbed his eyes he turned to look at Talia.

“Oh? You still here?” he asked.

“What was that?” Talia asked, half-laughing.

“Fennec noises.” Renard replied flatly. “Sometimes my tribe makes them when we first wake up. Apparently real fennec foxes make ear-splitting noises like that too, though I've never seen one. Is it morning?”

“Yeah, just daybreak.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/08/31(Fri)10:26 No. 25771 ID: 006dbb


Anonymous 20/11/01(Sun)18:31 No. 27041 ID: d3f9e2

A shame this seems to have died, I just found it and really enjoyed it.

A Life of Debauchery Monsoon 20/09/03(Thu)22:27 No. 26978 ID: 2b57e1 [Reply]

A Life of Debauchery - Ch 1

Tags: incest, ped, Mg, sleeping, first time, public

Disclaimer: Didn't happen. Of course not. No way.

Recently, I moved into a new apartment. My internet provider in the area says they can’t get to me for a month, due to coronavirus-induced slowdowns of service. That gives a guy a lot of time to think about things. In my life, I’ve done plenty of stuff that should have got me beat up, disowned, broken up with, jailed, or at the very least, cancelled. I thought it’d be good to start writing them down, and just for kicks, putting them on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing this all down because I think my life is over. I’m in my mid thirties, I have a pretty healthy dating life (take that with a grain of salt if you want, considering I’m posting stroke stories on 7chan), and I have a cat that probably loves me very much. This is an activity that I can do with minimal internet connection that isn’t replaying a PS4 game for the billionth time. Plus, I’ll probably get myself off recounting the stories as well.

Today I’m going to talk about a particularly eventful trip my family would take to the beach every summer. Everyone on my Mom’s side of the family would meet in a town on the Maryland shore, usually over the fourth of July, and we’d spend a week hanging out, eating good food, going to boardwalks and the like. In my family, it was just me (20), my parents and my older brother, John (21) .but my Mom’s sister had a much bigger family: there were three boys: Mark (16), Andy (15) and Jr (13); and two girls, Maxine (16) and Allison (12).

We would all stay in a much too cramped beachhouse (which I would later find out is insanely overpriced during the on season), usually on an assortment of fold out beds and blow up mattresses. All the boys would generally stay on one floor, and the girls would take a bedroom for themselves. It was usually never a big deal since we’d only go to those areas to sleep, since the days were either filled with being at the beach, playing board games in the kitchen, or watching movies in the living room.

Over several seasons (as well as subsequently family gatherings), I had found myself growing sexually attracted to Maxine and emotionally attracted to Allison. I would fantasize about plowing Maxine, stuffing my cock in her mouth, breaking her, etc, while I would also fantasize about being Allison boyfriend, taking her on dates, making out in my car, that sort of thing. I know that should be flip-flopped--or rather, Allison should be off the table in general. But, the heart wants what the heart wants, and I wanted (of course in complete secrecy never to be revealed to my family) her little hand in mind.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 20/09/04(Fri)18:48 No. 26979 ID: e1f5a4

Hot. Please give us more.

Anonymous 20/09/04(Fri)18:51 No. 26980 ID: e1f5a4

Hot. Please give us more.

Anonymous 20/09/05(Sat)04:08 No. 26981 ID: b24e5b

don’t be shy; tell us another one

Beguiling K.Lee Klee 20/02/29(Sat)16:45 No. 26632 ID: e15e9a [Reply]

First writing, please be kind.

Beguiling K.Lee

Hi, My name is Kaylee! A pregnant newlywed of 18 years. I have a story so fantastic that anyone in their right mind wouldn't believe me. It starts 6 years ago. Well, it really started 26 years ago when I was 22 years as Kelly Lee. A man just graduating from college. See! I told you that it's hard to believe.

You see, I'm a scientist and evidently a very good one. When I was young I was raised by my grandparents because of a car crash claiming my parents lives. Growing up with my grandparents I learned what it's like to get old. I always had an interest in how things worked and am really exceptional in chemistry so when I went to college I first studied medicine but found I preferred research instead. My grandparents were able to see me through college but died shortly after my graduation. I was left alone inheriting my grandparents estate as well as my parents estate. I became a research assistant while at college and continued with the same job at a large pharmaceutical company after graduation.

But my real interest is in aging and so I found myself at home devoting all of my time in that pursuit. This left me no time for dating and I just settled on being content with my personal research. After many years of studying cell breakdown which causes aging I found a combination of proteins and antioxidants that actually reverses cell degradation and stimulates the cell regeneration process. I discovered this step to be easiest of all the steps. The body does this naturally each month replacing the body's cells with new cells. DNA determines how the cells are replaced using stem cells. I just provide the DNA with the instructions and accelerate the process. You may have read some of my published articles that I've written in science and medical publications. This is an entire body regrowth every month making the body immortal if desired. The moral implications though are staggering.

The next step was to control at what stage of life to stop the accelerated degeneration process. It was also this step that provided opportunity to eliminate some genetic precursors that damage health. Eventually I found that taking this step to near conception most optimum for stability and health of the body. Starting with two or six cells is easier to manipulate then billions. Fortunately by adding certain proteins to the body I was able to accomplish this but finding a procedure to introduce the proteins at the correct time eluded me for a few years. My patients usually didn't survive without a host to supply nutrients to the immature body. This required placing the patient in a bath with proper nutrients. Patients introduced to the bath were sedated to allow them to breathe the liquid negating the drowning defense mechanism of the body. The oxygenated bath was fed nutrients by computer automati Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Exploring new emotions Klee 20/08/18(Tue)14:51 No. 26966 ID: 62cce3

Saturday -- after sleepover --
Cassie wakes very happy and bounces me awake jumping up and down on her knees on the bed trying to get me up. "Hey! Lets shower together and go out to the pool and work on our tan!" I get up reluctantly and she drags me off to shower. We take our nighties off and wait for the water to come to temperature. She steps in and drags me still sleepy in with her. She starts soaping my body quickly and I do the same with her body while she shampoos my hair. She finishes my hair and I finish soaping her down. I'm awake now and shampoo her hair. We both rinse off and climb out of the shower giggling. We brush our hair and wrap towels around our bodies and run back into her bedroom and put on her bikinis. I still wear her white one while she puts her red bikini on.

We run downstairs without shoes on and pass through the kitchen and we both say good morning with a smile to Randy and Carol who are sitting at the kitchen table talking. Randy pours me a cup of coffee and Cassie grabs OJ out of the refrigerator and pours it into a glass. We sit down at the table with them and tell them we plan on sunning this morning. Carol asks Cassie why she is so happy this morning and Cassie says "It's the first day of summer break!" RJ slowly strolls in and grabs the OJ on the counter and pours himself a glass and sits at the table next to his mom and across from us and says "Good Morning". Cassie says "Good Morning sunshine!" with a smile and I giggle. He clearly looks tired still. After a few more minutes of us listening to Carol and Randy talking with each other Cassie hops up and drags me out to the pool. Cassie turns on the radio and we sit down to sunbathe. She grabs the suntan lotion and spreads it on herself and then tosses the bottle to me and I do the same. We lay back and enjoy the rays of the sun and about the time I'm dozing off she tells me it's time to turn over on our stomachs. I ask her to put some on my back and I have her turn around and I apply it to her back. I lay on my stomach for a few minutes and fall asleep. Cassie was timing it to 20 minutes so we didn't burn this time so after 20 minutes she wakes me by slapping my butt. "Hey! Time to turn over" she tells me. We turn over on our backs again. "I didn't realize how much work this takes" I say and Cassie giggles. Another 20 and we roll over on our stomachs again.

RJ sneaks over to us with a bucket of cold water and throws the water on both our backs and runs to the pool and jumps in. We scream and give chase jumping in the pool. Cassie says "Lets dunk him" and directs me to go to my right while she goes to the left and we slowly move towards him. He stays in the middle of the pool with just his head above water and the last few feet we lose the bottom of the pool and start swimming towards him. He turns his s Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

First Date Klee 20/08/18(Tue)14:59 No. 26967 ID: 62cce3

We get to Cassie's room and she says that Cayce had talked with Colby. They are going to meet us at the movie entrance at the mall this afternoon for a movie that starts at 3:30.
We strip out of our bikinis and shower. Cassie loans me a red halter top, white panties, white ankle socks, and red satin running shorts. She wears a white halter top, light blue panties, light blue ankle socks, and black satin running shorts. Cassie and I go out to the kitchen to help her mom fix lunch. Carol is grilling chicken and peppers. She asks us to make salads. We are going to have a southwest chicken salad for lunch I am told. Cassie asks her mom if we can go to the movie playing at 3:30 today. Carol tells her that’s fine but see if your dad can take you. Once lunch is ready Carol calls RJ and Randy to the table and we all eat lunch. Cassie asks her dad if he can take us to the movie and he says it's fine but asks us what movie is playing. We both say that we don't know but we are told that it is a good one. He shakes his head saying "Sure". We take off walking for the park after lunch to kill some time and anxious energy. Along the way Cassie tells me about Colby. She says "He played football last fall and he's very athletic. He's really good in school, I think he gets A's. Oh, and he's kinda shy" "So what's Cayce like?" I asked Cassie. "He's sooo cute!, and he's funny." "He gets in trouble a lot in class making jokes and clowning around but he makes good grades" "Since we started school he's always been nice to me". "He's got green eyes and the cutest little butt." We continue to walk the park watching the little kids play on the swing set and head back to mess around in Cassie's room looking at school pictures. She shows me pictures from a few years ago of Cayce and Colby and they are so young they look like babies.

Saturday -- afternoon movie --
Randy calls to us saying if we want to make the movie we'd better hurry. We run out to his truck to wait for him. Cassie jumps in first so I get the window. Randy follows right behind and drives us to the theater. Cayce and Colby are standing against the wall of the theater talking with each other. We can tell they both look really nervous and fidgety. Randy asks us if we have enough money and I tell him that "I've got it since I practically live at your house anyway". Randy asks us "Who are those boys against the wall?". We realize that he knows we're meeting them here. Cassie says "That's Cayce and Colby, they go to my school" Randy says "OK, but you girls be careful, call me to come get you if anything happens, OK?" "OK" We both nod our heads and jump out of the pickup. We run up to Cayce and Colby and say "hi" everyone is smiling. They look lik Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Playing pool Klee 20/08/28(Fri)15:00 No. 26971 ID: 36b4b1

Cassie and I go in to help mom with dinner. Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread. Carol has the spaghetti simmering. "Hi mom!" Cassie says as Cassie hugs her mom. "What can we do?" Cassie says. "Why don't you girls get started on the Garlic bread and when you're done with that get out the tomatoes and lettuce and toss the salad." Carol says. I hug Carol and run over to Cassie to get the bread ready. Carol asks the girls "Did you both have fun today?" I say "It was sooo much fun, first we sunbathed and RJ teased us but we got him back, and then took a little walk around the park, and then we went to the movie and watched a robot movie. We met Cayce and Colby there and watched it with them. "They're sooo cute!" We both say. Carol asks "Oh that’s wonderful honey!" "So what are the boys like?" I say "Colby is really shy in a sweet way, he has a really cute face with dreamy hazel eyes. He's athletic and a little taller then me" Cassie says "And Cayce is shy too, and really cute, he's smart and makes good grades, he has really cute green eyes, and he's sooo nice" Carol says "I'm so happy for you girls, they sound like really nice boys, why don't you invite them over some time for a swim?" Cassie's eyes light up and look at me and giggle. Cassie and I set the table.

Dinner made, Carol has me go call the guys in for dinner. I find Randy in his study reading reports and tell him "It's time for dinner" Randy starts putting his papers away and says "Thanks sweetie". I knock on RJ's door and tell him "dinner time" and RJ responds "OK runt". As I am walking back to the kitchen Randy comes out of his study and puts his hand on my shoulder and asks "Is everything OK with you and your parents?" Yeah, they're just gone a lot" "I hope I'm not a pest" Randy and I enter the living room area that adjoins the kitchen and Randy stops me and has me sit on the couch. He sits next to me and puts his arm around me and says "If you ever need to talk, you can talk to us" "I know you make us happy, you're such a sweet girl" "You have brightened Cassie's life since she met you. When you're at home with your parents all she talks about is you" "Have you talked with your parents today? Do they know that you're still here?" "I texted mom earlier and she knows I'm here. I told her that I might stay another night if that's alright?" I lie. Randy says "Of course, You know, I'd love to have you live here all the time, but I know how your parents would miss you if they didn't see you" I'm sobbing as I hug Randy. We both walk into the kitchen holding hands and sit down at the table. Cassie seeing that I had c Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Cock growing old Crones. Jorle5247 20/08/14(Fri)09:59 No. 26957 ID: 7c7ab6 [Reply]

So I've posted 2 of my short stories on another website that got no real response, probably due to the content or just how slow the website is. Anyway I was inspired to write these by another author who goes by Sirka and focuses on Futanari mixed with some Cock Growth; mostly with established characters. I liked one of his stories so much, I attempted to write something in a similar vein. I hope I'm doing this right, and enjoy.

Amy gets Cocked
Tags: Futanari/Dickgirl, a little pregnancy, old woman/young woman, cock growth, foreskin, short urethral sounding.

Sitting in the quiet bathroom stall, she felt like her back was against the wall; literally and figuratively. 5 months pregnant with nowhere to turn to; Amy felt lost and confused on what her next best course of action should be. “Well that's the last masked orgy I'll ever attend” she said to herself gloomily. “What's the matter girl?” a matronly voice said suddenly from the nearby stall; spooking Amy. who had thought the bathroom to be deserted. “Having to make a difficult choice?” the voice came through a hole in the stall that Amy hadn't noticed before. “Something like that, yeah.” Amy replied, not really wanting to get into her life's story with a stranger in a bathroom.
“What if I told you that I could...help you with your little problem? Maybe kill two birds with one...sausage, I guess? You kids and your silly sayings.” The voice replied, confusing Amy even more.
“Do you run a clinic that doubles as a restaurant? If so, sure I'd love to stop by sometime.” Amy said somewhat jokingly. “Is that a yes I hear?” The voice asked intently. Amy sighed. “Sure, sure, what's the place's number? Amy said as she started reaching for her phone. Halfway through her purse, Amy started to feel...off. It felt like she was having the start of a stomach ache but at the same time having the urge to relieve herself. Thankfully I'm already on the toilet. She thought as she grabbed some toilet paper and prep'd herself. What she couldn't prepare herself for was when her stomach started to flatten right before her eyes. It's not due for a few more months! Plus shouldn't I be in pain? She thought, perplexed as the ache in her stomach quickly lessened while her urge to urinate increased along with a strange feeling of bloatedness she didn't recognize. Looking up, she noticed a small tent in her skirt that seemed to be rapidly growing larger.
“Ahh, looks like your coming along nicely dear.” The voice said approvingly from it's hole in the stall. “What's happening? What did you do!?” Amy spat accusingly at the occupant of the other stall as the tent started pitching pass her skirt, revealing itself to be a wobbly flesh-colored tube.
“Fixing your problems girl, just like you wanted. Now you won't have to worry about being i Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Jorle5247 20/08/19(Wed)13:04 No. 26969 ID: 7c7ab6

I wrote another short story along similar lines.

The Wanged Witch of the Woods
TAGS: Futa, cock growth, young girl/old woman, foreskin, frottage, young/young girl at the end

It had been two whole months since Kate and her family had moved into Westwood, a small rural town out toward the west of Nowheres-ville. "Now remember: Curfew is 12:00AM, and your homework should be done BEFORE bed, not afterwards." Kate's mom reminded her as she attempted to finish her breakfast. "I know Mom, I know." Kate replied, trying and failing to dodge her mom's cheek kiss as she grabbed her dirty dishes and made her way to the kitchen sink.
"I'm going shopping with the girls later, so dinner will be in the fridge if you come back after 6." Kate's mom said as she grabbed some paperwork off the table counter and started working on it.
"Sounds like a plan; later!" Kate said on her way out the door. A new freshman in high school, Kate had originally thought that moving after junior high would have ruined her entire high school life. But Westwood High had worked out pretty well so far. The cliques were practically non-existent, and in short time she had made a few fast friends both in her own grade and above.
On this beautiful Saturday morning, she had plans to hang with two of her new upperclass friends after doing some homework in the local library. Both part of a "secret" club that usually met every Saturday in their own little tree house near the edge of the large woods that almost enveloped Westwood on all sides. The club was apparently in a crisis after most of the members had graduated last year, leaving only two of the more junior members to run it. Called the MMM, short for Massively Moled Members, the group was more of an informal fanclub for the Westwood Moles, the local football team. But since the football season hadn't even started yet; the club had no activities to run nor promotions to push. This made for a very slow Saturday for the MMM.
"I'm...sooo....borrrreedddd..." Janna pouted, slumping in her beanbag chair, as her best friend
Tess tried to ignore her. "Kate's coming by soon, at least act like your having fun." Tess grumbled, trying to read an old teen magazine to keep from catching Janna's boredom. "Well...maybe we can make some fun before she gets here...." Janna whispered, caressing one of Tess' thighs as a slight lump started to form in her cargo shorts. "I don't think now is a great time..." Tess started to say, before a loud voice from below quickly caught both girl's attention.
"YO WHATUP GIRLS!" Kate bellowed at the partially hidden tree house as she got closer, announcing her presence to anyone within earshot and probably farther. Poking their heads above one of the small openings in the side of the tree house; Tess Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Beat Like Redheaded... Gragnost 20/03/18(Wed)07:39 No. 26672 ID: 3b0779 [Reply]

Tags: Incest, Spanking, Analingus, Mf, ff, (Future Mff)

Part 1

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow makes fifteen years since the day that things changed for my sisters and myself. My parents were going to Hawaii for their twentieth wedding anniversary and they had left me in charge of the house and had told my two sisters Milly and Maddy the night before at dinner that while they were gone my authority was absolute and my word was Law around the house.

It was the second monday of summer vacation and I awoke to the smell of blueberry muffins. After glancing over at my alarm clock, I momentarily wondered what was going on. My parents’ flight had been scheduled to depart at 5:30 that morning, and since my alarm clock told me that it was 10:37, my parents had to be somewhere over the Pacific Ocean at that time. That left my sisters as to the reason I was smelling muffins. The problem was my mother didn’t like my sisters to use the stove because they almost always left a huge mess afterwards that she had to clean up after they left the kitchen. I sighed and got out of bed to see what mischief Milly and Maddy were up to.

After throwing on a pair of biking shorts and a tee shirt, I always slept in just my jockey shorts, I went downstairs. I pushed open the kitchen’s swinging door and walked into what looked like a white hurricane had blown through the room. There was flour all over the counters and stove, as well as on the floor and the kitchen sink. The sink held a half-dozen mixing bowls, plastic spatulas, and various other batter covered utensils. There were two muffin pans filled with muffins sitting to the left of the stove and an open tub of butter sitting in front of the pan. Four muffins were missing from the pan on the left and standing about three feet away from the pan stood my sisters; each of them buttering the two halves of a blueberry muffin, their clothes dusted with flour.

Before I say anything more about what happened after I walked into the kitchen and my sisters‘ mess, I think I should give a bit more context to what the situation was here. It was June 26, 1996; just a little over a month until my eighteenth birthday. Milly was thirteen and Maddy was twelve, and both were as rambunctious as redheads are supposed to be.

I think I should give a bit of background on myself and my sisters before I go any farther in this story. The three of us were something of a mystery to our parents. There had been no redheads on either side of the family for generations, and yet all three of our parents’ kids had red hair. (Trying to figure out where our hair color came from was one of the main reasons why I chose a career in genetics when I went off to college after I turned nineteen.) Our parents were also a bit unusual when it came to naming us as well. For instance, I was named after my parents’ favorite actor and my middle name is my fathe Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 20/07/29(Wed)06:36 No. 26920 ID: 8d6845


Gragnost 20/08/06(Thu)03:32 No. 26935 ID: 2e8a55

Can I cry now?
I might not be posting anything until the end of the month. My PC died and without it it's kind of hard to type up anything. I hope to have a new tower ASAP.

Anonymous 20/08/09(Sun)07:16 No. 26940 ID: 34e22a

That sucks dude, I'm looking forward to the continuation. Hope it all works out for you.

Neon and eyeliner. IrishDevil !!plAwNkZmL5 18/02/22(Thu)07:13 No. 25393 ID: ef02bd [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Alright folks, this will be coming out in parts.


My father Eamon had been IRA, during the troubles. He had met my mother Teagan defending a town from the INLA in the late 70s. She had, at the time, been only 16, while he had been 20. Her family had fed him and a few other fighters following a firefight. Her red hair, Da had said, was the brightest thing he'd seen, and her blue eyes "bore straight through his soul". That night she'd met him in secret and they made love for the first time.
They would later marry, and had me, their bouncing baby boy Ronan in the late 80s. My hair as black as Da's and my eyes a bright green. My mother had unfortunately developed a brain tumor when I was 8 and passed away shortly after it was discovered. Da was despondent for months afterward.
As a result of all of this, I grew up with a strong respect for and knowledge of firearms and Irish culture and history, as well as some knowledge of military and political workings. I also grew up valuing every day, knowing that it could be my last. I grew up listening to all kinds of music, and found myself especially enamoured with the gothic subgenres, and later the industrial genres in my teens. I wore business casual clothing and a deathhawk, and Nora, a girl I dated in high school had begun to get me wearing eyeliner. My father simply shook his head. He didn't care so long as I kept my grades up and stayed in shape. I hung around a few local clubs in my late teens and even DJed at one, briefly.
I ended up pursuing a career with the Defense forces, owing largely to my father's training, and worked my way into the Sciathán Fiannóglaigh an Airm(Army Ranger Wing), where I quickly became an accomplished sniper and travelled around the world a bit on some peacekeeping missions and joint task forces.

It was in Afghanistan that I met one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. I'd sat down at a table at one of the many bases after an astoundingly tough night op. I was sore and exhausted, having spent hours laying stock still with my rifle in hand followed by another hour of constantly providing cover fire and dodging haphazard return fire, switching positions to keep those fuckers guessing. It had ended with an RPG hitting a half-broken floor below me and collapsing supports...and then the floor I was crouching on at the time. While I hadn't broken anything I had taken a single bullet graze to the side of my then-bald head and my uniform, as a result of the collapse, was absolutely caked in desert dust and abdobe and a little bit of blood on the shoulder. I wanted a dram and a hot meal and sleep. I had at least been able to secure a bowl of soup. A woman with Canadian uniform had walked in, sat down across from me, and pushed a flask of Jameson's in my direction.
"You look like hell." She'd told Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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IrishDevil !!RjAQN1MwOu 19/11/07(Thu)23:46 No. 26467 ID: 2cb6e3

I apologize that it is taking me so long to get on with this story. I have been dealing with a lot of depression and some personal issues as of late, and been really focused on trying to find work. Work is very hard to find because of some mental and physical health issues that I deal with, and I'm looking at going back to school. I appreciate the patience of those interested in this story. I may also attempt to write something else with a different theme and focus while I work out where I want to take this story.

Anonymous 20/01/30(Thu)12:30 No. 26586 ID: 7f3013

I second the above

Anonymous 20/08/08(Sat)12:28 No. 26938 ID: 3f0d37

Bumping this back to the front.

Nikki (Schoolgirl, Slut, domination/submission, looootta nosex) Anonymous 13/11/05(Tue)13:46 No. 20097 ID: c8435a [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hey dudes, I wrote this on 4chan while requesting something on /r/. It's written in 4chan style, with the main character as Anon Ymous, but it's basically a Mills & Boone. That means it takes a fucking AGE to get to the juicy bits. If you like nosex give it a go!

It's half finished at the moment, but I haven't stopped at a cliffhanger, there is some resolution.

Tell me what ya think. :)


Be me in highschool. Tall, awkward, wiry. I was never sure why Nicole sat next to me in business class but I was glad she did. She was a year older than me, and I was considered a gifted child so while I took the advanced courses she took the remedial, that meant we had a lot of classes together.

We became friends, I can't say for sure what we talked about or what we had in common, but we passed notes during quiet time and hung out on morning tea break. Thinking back to those times is like watching a silent film, I can see our lips moving, the motion of her laughing, but I can't hear her voice. Green eyes, freckles, red hair. Her image still flashes in my mind when I masturbate. I can't pinpoint the exact moment when I realised, but at some point in the early 2000's, a teenaged version of me realised that Nicole Fisher was going to be his first.

"Hey, do you wanna have a threesome?" It was probably around when she said that. I remember turning red, dropping my pencil and staring at her like a frightened animal. I don't remember saying anything in response, but she pressed her hand against my shoulder and said, "With me and my boyfriend!"
I shook my head. What was she saying?! She was a year older than me, she said her boyfriend had a huge dick! What if I embarass myself? She's just saying it to make fun of me. Thoughts like these turned over in my head and I kept quiet. I'm not old enough to have sex anyway.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/07/31(Sun)17:34 No. 24531 ID: 33207c

personally didn't like the ending, but a good story nonetheless.

Anonymous 19/01/03(Thu)05:08 No. 25910 ID: e555e7

I wonder did the author ever realise his vision with this one?

Fucking good story

Hunkm 20/06/14(Sun)10:02 No. 26790 ID: 9c1176

Fantasy and wicked imaginations.

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