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The Hayloft Gashnaw 22/03/13(Sun)00:03 No. 27570 ID: a3cdcc [Reply]

So this a story I am writing for the hell of it.
Tags right uh let's see.
Incest, Ageplay, Bestiality, Bondage, Rape. Not sure what else I might be adding.

Chapter 1:

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”
Those words were probably the most annoying six word I ever would hear. It was a funeral, I got it, I understood but couldn’t they just have kept their fucking mouths shut. Surprisingly my dad dying was not the worst part. His health had been declining as it was and I was prepared for it. We even had a plan, if worse came to worse, I would live with my friend to finish high school. His mom had already cleaned out a room for me, just in case. I thought would be able to make do, I already had acted like a second son. Sadly, that was not going to happen. No, instead the law had to take over and my actual mother had to start acting like a mom.
“Its alright, it would just be a year or so, so he can finish high school.” Janice would say. Thank you.
“No no, he is my son, he should be with family” That was my mom’s response. I saw her once when I was seven. But haven’t seen her since, it was short reunion as well. Her grandfather had passed away leaving her his ranch. Something about too many greedy hands trying t get his fortune, so, he made sure he did everything by the books and left everything to my mom. The only catch was she could not sell the ranch, if she did her money and fortune would be divvied up between the rest of eth family. My father refused to move. He made enough money for us to live off of, and he felt that selling the ranch may have been best. Let some country boy buy it and actually use it. That argument happened when I was four, but I still remember it.
“His marks are great; I just feel uprooting his life would be detrimental to his academics.” I really did adore Janice, single mom who barely made ends meet. She was young too, a true milf. But she was also my best friend’s mom, so I usually kept that thought in the back of my mind. I never really expected to get to the point of getting in bed with her. She treated me like a son.
“Once again, I understand, but I am his mother and I should be looking after him.”
Where in the hell was that motherly support growing up? No, you were just a woman trying to ruin my life. It sucked being Seventeen. I didn’t care about a ranch, hell I didn’t care about horses or pigs or whatever the fuck they had on said ranch. I was a city boy, aside from the park I barely ever saw grass. But instead, I was going to be uprooted and moving to my great grandfather’s ranch. My life really could not get worse.
“How about just letting him finish school”
“How about you let me do what is best for my son”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 22/03/18(Fri)15:36 No. 27571 ID: 5a50cf

This was a fun read. More to come?

Gashnaw 22/03/18(Fri)19:32 No. 27572 ID: a3cdcc

Eventually. muse to write is not as prominent as it has been in the past.

Gashnaw 22/03/18(Fri)22:39 No. 27573 ID: a3cdcc

Chapter 2

“No, Colt, have you ever ridden a bike in your life?” Cherry laughed as she and Harper were trying to teach me how to drive an ATV.
“Forget it Cherry he is a lost cause, I can’t believe you two are fucking.”
“You set us up” Cherry smirked lighting a joint. “What did you expect to happen?”
“You to still be dressing like a southern bell and leading him along.” Harper sighed.
That much was true, the southern belle act was gone, while she had dressed down the day after, she still had a bit of the belle charm, but now that it was the weekend, she was down to booty shorts and a white tee pulled into a knot. To top it off she had the cowboy boots and hat. Harper was dressed pretty much the same, except she had forgone the front knot.
“You want some lemonade?” Viola asked approaching the two as I fell off the ATV. “HEY COLLTON, DO YOU WANT SOME LOMONADE?”
I huffed as I got to my feet.
“If that why you told me to wear pads?” I asked as I hobbled over to the fence to accept a glass from Viola. “Thanks” I said taking a sip.
“Why can she call you Colton?” Harper asked raising a brow.
“Cause she is a kid.” I responded.
“I’m not a kid I am almost fourteen” Viola growled.
“Fine, then when you turn fourteen you can call me Colt just like everyone else.” I sighed.
“Mom doesn’t call you Colt.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Lets Hold Hands Anonymous 16/12/31(Sat)08:54 No. 24859 ID: 375e0d [Reply]

Tags: incest, M(17)g(11), kinda vanilla other than maybe a trap showing up later maybe

I want more stories where incest hook ups are more deliberate as opposed to "Caught ya naked/masturbating, let's fug." So I tried this out. I set the girl's age at 11, but the way I wrote her dialogue might be more appropriate for like 14 or something. Who knows? I'm new at this and am desperate for feedback


Everyone's heard the expression of wells running dry, right? What I did was more like filling the whole damn thing up with rocks, or poison. Had no one else to blame but myself, too. Really, man. I didn't realize how lucky I was till after I fucked everything up. I mean, I ended up finding a new well, so to speak, and honestly the set up I've got now is waaayy better. But anyway, I guess I'll start from the beginning, right?

I'm a junior at Cadia Christian Academy high school, and holy shit the girls here are fucking heavenly. Wow, why can't I be witty like that for English class? Anyway, way more often than not the girls are either hot, gorgeous, beautiful, or a combination of all of the above with some cute and adorable sprinkled in. Also, what they say about Christian girls being sluts? True. But, like. They're complicated and contradictory sluts. That's exactly why I'm in this situation in the first place. Wait, was I supposed to tell you more about me before getting to that part?

People sometimes kinda poke fun at me for being the quintessential jock type. I'm not the star quarterback, but I'm tall (6'2"), and I for sure have gains (220 pounds, like 17% body fat or something last I checked). You kinda gotta be big to be a linebacker, you know? I'm not afraid to admit I'm not the smartest dude, either. It took so much God damn effort to get a C in chemistry. And algebra. And history and english and... you get the idea. I'm lucky and grateful for my genetics, though- big and fit, brown hair and blue eyes, and I guess kinda charming? Mainly I just know how to play to my strengths without freaking out when I talk to girls. That's what worked on dozens of Cadia Christian Academy girls, so I'll take it.

I've got a raging libido, so it was pretty damn great that so many girls at CCA were down to fuck or mess around. The key was discretion, mostly. That, and paying attention. It's important for keeping up appearances. Like, say last week I was talking to Esther, this smoking senior girl. On the surface we talked about bible verses and Godly living, mainly so our beloved puritanical teachers and staff wouldn't be suspicious. But, when we started making eyes at eachother, there was a different context completely. At that point, all she had to do was mention how her parents go to bible study wedensday nights, but she st Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

21 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/09/24(Mon)02:53 No. 25793 ID: 5ad370

I’m deeply & personally offended that OP still hasn’t written any more.

Anonymous 19/02/18(Mon)06:08 No. 25966 ID: 06e596

RIP this story

Anonymous 22/03/10(Thu)23:45 No. 27567 ID: 87f904

why did you leave us in our time of need

The Greenvale Fraternity Jacqueline Madison Gibson (Jax) 14/11/21(Fri)13:16 No. 22839 ID: 249c7e [Reply]

Over the past 3 years my life has changed completely. I was down on my luck and had almost lost everything.
I will soon be 40 years old. They say life begins at 40 but my new life began 3 years ago when I was 37.

My name is Jacqueline Madison Gibson or Jax for short, I was raised in a loving family with my older sister Vanessa. My parents have both now passed away but I have always kept in touch with my sister.

I fell in love with a guy when I was 25 years old and we were together for 12 years, we got engaged but never got married. We split up after I found out that he had been having affairs with other women, he left me for a 26 year old who he had been seeing from work.
He also left me in debt and I had to sell our house and my car and other things to cover it.

So at 37 and with nowhere else to go I moved to live with my sister.
Vanessa (Van for short) is 3 years my senior, we are very similar in looks, both of us are about 5 feet 5 inches tall we both have dark brown hair that some times looks black and we both share the same deep brown eye color. We both take after our mother and neither of us has ever been slim, but we are not fat either, we call ourselves curvy lol. At the time I was just over 200 pounds and had been on a diet for what seemed like forever.

Vanessa is married to a really smart guy called Rod who works in scientific research and they have a son Peter (Pete) who is now 15 years old. They own a really nice house just outside of a small town in a nice quiet area.

Moving in wasn’t a problem as their house had a guest room with adjoining bath above the garage, I even had another small room in which I could store what was left of my stuff.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

27 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
dimlight 19/04/11(Thu)13:58 No. 26046 ID: 42d6ab

any more ?

nice qbit 21/01/11(Mon)11:45 No. 27127 ID: f1c0c7

read this six times now, :)

scoop 22/02/02(Wed)14:08 No. 27537 ID: 0f3f63

please tell me there is a second part to this

best erotic story sites mazalb91 22/01/19(Wed)11:25 No. 27511 ID: 074682 [Reply]

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Susie and the Bear Steven R. Overton 18/05/30(Wed)04:55 No. 25571 ID: f7d3f6 [Reply]

I’ve revised my previous forward, thinking it was a bit condescending and flippant. I’m used to other chans that don’t much respect author’s work, and I’m kind of protective of this particular piece, since it’s the true account of my and my sister’s life.

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of every word, since we’re talking a span of 60 years. I’ve colored in some of the fading black-and-white photos of my memories with what I’m sure is more witty repartee than we could have produced as children, and sharpened a few outlines here and there. But the experiences we went through are as vivid to me as if it was yesterday, and are portrayed exactly as they occurred. Believe it or not.

For those to whom it matters, I will be discussing sex between half siblings, beginning at about age 10 and 8 years and extending through adolescence and onward.

27 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 21/09/07(Tue)05:03 No. 27380 ID: 40e76e


Someone who I’m guessing was op was asking for the bump to preserve the story. If you want to be absolutely sure about it, you could move this over to a site like Archive of Our Own (Ao3)

SRO 21/09/07(Tue)15:38 No. 27381 ID: d01539


Thank you friend, I've never been comfortable with bumping my own work. I figure if it's worthy, someone else will do it. And thank you for the advice about Ao3, I will consider it

Anonymous 22/01/08(Sat)07:44 No. 27504 ID: 746529

bumping for an unexpectedly beautiful read. Thank you.

Yet Another Fantasy 2.0 GM (MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 20/06/16(Tue)04:53 No. 26794 ID: 0a0d90 [Reply]

Back in 2008 I was having health issues making it difficult to run games with my normal gaming group, and decided to start writing up some smut as I could go at my own pace. I spent the next 3 months spitting out small 500-1000 word posts with out any clear goal. Despite that it had drew some interest. I stopped with that story, and one of the readers became a player I still run with to this day.

I’ve been meaning to pick the story back up over the years, but when I looked through it, it was in such a messy state that I wanted to start over again. This time around I’ve been working on a world bible, coming up with concepts long before they are put in the story so that I can maintain consistency. In the years since the first story, I came across the isekai concept. While not unique to japan, the tropes they use gives their take on it its own flavor.

I’ll be marking each chapter with tags, but at the end of this spiel you’ll find a majority of the tags I plan to use. This story is a world revolving around lolis and lolitas, along with beasts, monsters and devilish aggressors that want them for breeding. This is also a gender bending story, with the main character becoming a cute loli. I will do my best to separate raw violence from sexual content, but that is not always possible. Vore and absorption in this story is soft, but can be transformative. There will be no scat, however anal egg, toy, and gel stuff may happen. The main character is no safer from having things done to them as other characters in the story, including bad ends. The “true” isekai part will start in the second story arc, while the first arc is for main character development.

On a final note, I’d like to thank backslash for editing this mess, and my friends for being critical in their proofreading. This story will be published on both elit and atf, and perhaps other places that allow such content.

Tags: g, f, futa, anal, bd, best, blackmail, caution, cons, creampie, ds, dream, fdom, fembot, fist, furry, giant, goth, humi, inc, isekai, mc, magic, fsolo, gsolo, hsolo, nc, nosex, ped, preg, rape, reluc, rom, rough, tg, tort, toys, tragic, veg, viol, virg, vore, voy, ws, forniphilia, unbirth, transformation, nullication/amuptee

22 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
GM+(MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 21/06/03(Thu)05:30 No. 27263 ID: 0a0d90

files catbox moe/lhxmdw.7z
I wrote no other story for elit, so I don't know what you are talking about.

GM (MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 21/12/17(Fri)14:58 No. 27454 ID: 584bf4

Chapter 10: A golden visitor
Tags: gf cons rom
Long red hair, bound with a golden band in the back to form a loose tail, billowed in the ethereal wind that blew through Dreamspace. Yellow-Orange eyes set in a face that was cute yet dour scanned the seemingly endless plane. The crimson cape and sleeveless dress of scarlet and gold whipped about the mature elfin body as she rode a phoenix whose coloration made it all but impossible to tell from the dress. Dream bubbles flowed past the girl as her lips slipped from a pout into a full fledged frown.
The Golden Wizard was, if not ancient, then older than almost anyone she’d ever heard of, and one of the reasons she’d managed to outlive even those a score of months younger than her was because she was endlessly curious and wandered constantly, seeking ever after the secret that would explain… explain everything… or at least give her more time with which to seek that most elusive of secrets.
The problem with being, as many had called her, a prying meddler with no respect for a Lich’s privacy or the sanctity of other people’s libraries, was that sometimes one discovered mysteries almost as intriguing as the grand mystery, or (even worse) a mystery that might, just might, lead to a clue to that greater mystery. Time was a relentless pressure, so distractions were always a risk… and yet, how could one know which paths led to the truth and which were mere follies?
This was one of those times. Two hours ago, deep in an ancient pre-break ruin, she had found a stone tablet engraved with markings that had some troubling implications. As a master wizard, she had come across prophets of both the ancient and recent sort with their auguries of doom more than a few times; all of them had all been proven to be less than reliable… and (thanks to her) they were all quite dead now. Still, The Golden Wizard was the studious sort, having inhabited this world for just over fifty months; and she’d seen many a thing in her days that had led her to believe that fate was less happenstance and more enemy action.
The thing that was making her frown now was not, however, the implications of the tablet’s engravings, but rather the amount of time this accursed distraction was taking. The thread she’d found had been promising, yes, but had it been promising enough to justify the travel time? It had been almost thirty minutes since she’d entered the Dreamspace, since she’d cast the spell of tracking while standing on one of the upper continents, and she’d already passed the sun and moons! Had she realized that the thread would lead her down to the lower half of the world, she might have reconsidered.
She was just beginning to consider turning back when a massive black circular wall loomed before her, and her frown deepened into a grimace. She knew of this wall and what it meant. This was the Ashland Desolation, the End of All Things, and a place she had long ago sw Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 22/01/04(Tue)19:02 No. 27491 ID: 19f792

Really good story cant wait where it will go with all the mysteries around this strange world and culture.

Natalie and Bree Imhotep 11/10/28(Fri)12:33 No. 14181 ID: c675f1 [Reply]

I put my plan into action about 11 years ago. The idea was simple; adopt a baby boy and raise it as a girl. Of course, the actual logistics were somewhat more complex, but that was the idea. In fact, I adopted two children, the boy (who I remaned Natalie) and a girl named Bree. An interesting fact is that a newborn is almost completely androgynous, aside from the genetalia. As they grow (even before puberty), sex hormones will determine wether or not they begin looking like a girl, or like a boy. Once puberty begins, then the sex hormones begin to give people their seconadry sexual characteristics, wide hips, full breasts, public hair, etc... Since the testicles were the source of male sex hormones, the first thing I needed to do was castrate Natalie. I took no pleasure in the act, but I couldn't have those male hormones dropping her voice and broadening her shoulders. Next, I began giving her controlled doses of regular female hormones, in amounts typical for her age. Neither girl would be exposed to the world outside, I would raise them in my own microcosm of morality and practices. If anything I do seems sick to you, then do not fear for the girls, because everything we do is normal to them, and even expected.

11 years later, I have two beautiful girls on the verge of puberty, that time in youth when they are at their deweyist and most beautiful. Natalie has thick, soft, and slightly wavy brown hair going down to her shoulder blades. Her hips are widening, and I can see some beautiful curves developing in her chest, waist, and buttocks. Her penis is still quite small, without those male sex hormones it never grew very much, and there is not any hair around it yet. Bree is lankier then Natalie, slightly taller and skinnier. Her platinum blonde hair is cut evenly at her shoulders, and her bangs are cut evenly across her forhead. She has recently grown faint traces of peach fuzz on her sex, much to her satisfaction.

I first introduced the girls to the experience of having an orgasm by adding some oral sex into the bedtime routine. After they bathed, dried off, and got dressed for bed, I would slide their pyjamas up and give them oral sex. For Bree, I would gently lick her labial folds, and then insert my toung into her vagina and roll it around. After becoming aroused, her clitoris would appear from under it;s protective hood, and I would begin running my tounge over it in long strokes. As Bree was still young, about 8 when I started this, she was still extremly sensitive and it would take little to satisfy her multiple times. When she involuntarily would push herself into my face and begin grunting, I knew she was nearly done. After she had an orgasm or two, she would hop into bed, and I would start on Natalie. Again, I would slide her night gown up, pull her panties to her knees, and enclose her penis within my mouth. If she was not already erect from the excitement of expectation, then I would hold it in my m Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

36 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/01/02(Sat)04:05 No. 24066 ID: 3031b2

Oh no, he was a commie the entire time!

Anonymous 17/09/29(Fri)14:23 No. 25153 ID: beb9f2

Does someone know where i can find a archive of all of Imhoteps works? Something like what Asstr.org is?

Anonymous 22/01/02(Sun)01:30 No. 27489 ID: 519a72

dangerously close to sailing off the edge of the world

Personal Loli (M/g, watersports, other) Foxtrox!tfbjbB3An. 21/07/27(Tue)03:37 No. 27331 ID: 9ba047 [Reply]

Part 1 now. Working on Part 2+. Please give feedback.

Year: 2085
Location: San Bernadino, California, USA
Background information: Thought the Human Genome Project completed it's first draft in 2003, it wasn't until 2055 until it's usefulness was unlocked. From there, the concept of the "cafeteria child", a child created by picking out different qualities like hair color, eye color, and genetic predisposition, was finally within grasp. 30 years later, the concept is still being studied, though there is progress. The San Bernadio Science Institute is making the fastest project, but few know why they are leaps and bounds ahead of similar labs around the world.


Regardless of what anybody tells you, having a STEM degree, even a masters, even one from Pepperdine University, doesn't make job hunting suck less. My name is Jesse, I have a masters in genetics, I'm 26 years old, and today's my first day at The San Bernadino Science Institution in California. After 6 months of working for scrap, I'd finally made it into the big leagues. I was stoked to work at SBSI, it was the most difficult research lab to get into. Even the application requires a blood sample, but I guess they want to map your DNA by the time you get on-board.

I took the train into the city, and from there a bus to their main offices. The modest 5-story building in the heart of the city is a facade, the true labs are 1500 feet below the surface. I walked into the office, and was greeted by the secretary. After showing her my papers, she led me upstairs to human resources.

There I was greeted by a thin Latino woman and a tall white male, both behind a large desk. I shook their hands and they offered me a seat in front of the desk.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 21/08/22(Sun)01:08 No. 27369 ID: 70bd5c

It's a nice story until now, I'm excited for the next part

Ananas 21/09/03(Fri)21:29 No. 27377 ID: 6d1f89

Moar... The setting is good though is this considered selfcest?

Anonymous 21/11/26(Fri)01:10 No. 27436 ID: 40e76e

Nope. Masturbation.

Looking for /elit/ resources for writing Anonymous 21/10/05(Tue)07:00 No. 27388 ID: a96e36 [Reply]

So I've been writing some /elit/ type material on my own for a while now, but most of it sucks and I wouldn't wanna post without some work. Are there any good resources for writing this type of thing?

I've tried using general purpose resources (like thesaurus.com, ebooks on writing novels and other shit) but they're ill-suited for finding good synonyms for words more commonly used in erotica or writing stories that are structured in a completely different way.

Just wondering if you guys had anything you've used or could recommend? Plz & Thx

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Waxing Carnauba 21/11/15(Mon)18:13 No. 27431 ID: bf5a45


Sanderson also has a great podcast called "Writing Excuses" that he hosts with a couple other writers. Each episode is like 10-15 minutes ("because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart"), and has all kinds of great general writing tips.

Nothing about more flowery terms for hoohoodillies and cha-chas, but a lot of about stuff that's MUCH more important in erotic literature--things like story, setting, pacing, etc.

Anonymous 21/11/16(Tue)13:20 No. 27432 ID: 7008e4

Bruv I can't believe you double posted and deleted two great stories from /elit/ for advice on writing you could find literally anywhere else

elit suggestions Anonymous 21/10/28(Thu)06:51 No. 27422 ID: d947e2 [Reply]

This is the only 7chan board i frequent. but i need more, do any of you have any suggestion about alternative sites with content like /elit/, im disappointed with what ive been able to find.

Anonymous 21/11/05(Fri)13:39 No. 27425 ID: 9aa0da

Why did you make this thread? There's a sticky thread for asking questions. By posting this thread you've permanently shoved the oldest story off the board. Think before posting! This is a slow board.

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