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Maintaining history Red. 19/11/04(Mon)06:26 No. 26459 ID: b43330 [Reply]

Hi, I'm a somewhat experienced website developer and I've been thinking recently about this board.

So many people have come and gone. So many brilliant stories and fragments of imagination have entered the first page of this board and fallen off the last, shared for moments with a not so stereotypical community, and never to be revisited. Maybe that would feel slightly different were this board unlimited in length, but who knows.

I feel some pangs of sadness for the loss of work and the artists and readers who have come and gone over the many years. I'd like to create a safe place to store and talk about these stories that aren't quite mainstream. I honestly think the deletion of these stories is a loss for humanity.

ASSTR exists, but it can be temper-mental at best, and part of me knows that it won't remain online forever, and provides little in way of discussion.

My main hang ups are hosting and funding. I feel some sort of drive to do something to preserve what I consider a strange yet beautiful art in it's own right, yet the money required to host such a site would need a source, and I would never want a great deal of my real reputation to be ruined from involvement with this kind of community, as sad as that is to admit.

Furthermore, certain countries and companies have different (and evolving) attitudes to hosting such content. It is all a strange thought, but something I feel would be a good thing to do.

If anyone has any advice or opinions (positive or negative) please share them. Thanks.

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Anonymous 20/01/05(Sun)01:38 No. 26554 ID: 3f92e7

Seems unorganised and relies on no censorship. Plus no feedback routes?

Not a bad solution, just playing devils advocate.

Rin!y7chl82msE 20/01/09(Thu)11:36 No. 26561 ID: 196a6d

It's a very interesting thought that I have no input on, but if there's any help to be done I'd be willing to chip in.

I came back here after a long time to revisit my own work that I never backed up and now it's gone for good. Obviously my own fault for not archiving it myself but..

Also I'm not even sure if that's my old tripcode but I think it was so...

Anonymous 20/01/30(Thu)06:01 No. 26585 ID: 06e31c

Which story was it?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look Univited/Uncle+Rick 14/09/01(Mon)10:18 No. 22364 ID: a887c0 [Reply]

If the text had come from anyone except Megan, I would have simply added their name to my kill-list, and gone back to sleep. Instead, I grabbed my phone and gave her a call.

“I'm going to strangle you.” I said, by way of greeting.

“Why? You at work, cuz?” She sounded tipsy, but lucid, which was actually rather good for her. and she seemed to be forcing a playful tone, which meant she was worried. Damnit.

“I just had three twelve hour shifts in a row during finals week, because my boss is a sadistic twat. I had one final yesterday between my second and third shifts, and my last final is coming up in... just under seven hours. I literally just crawled in bed eleven minutes ago. You'd better be dying.”

“Oh, Ethan, I'm ssoo sorry. I'll be fine. Good luck on the final, and stuff.”

I sighed. “Are you somewhere safe?”

“For the moment, yeah. It's alright, we'll find someone to give me a ride.”

Megan wouldn't have called me on a weeknight if she'd had any decent options, and I didn't want to think about what kind of person they'd find willing to give a bunch of drunk junior high girls a ride. I wasn't be able to rest easy until I heard she was somewhere safe anyway, so I resigned myself to the innevitable and said, “Don't bother, just text me the address. I'm on my way.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/06/15(Wed)18:49 No. 24358 ID: ea95d8

Not my bent but too good of a story to scroll off

Anonymous 16/06/22(Wed)00:52 No. 24374 ID: 0f9ea3

Wow, I remember the loli shape changing alien story. Only vaguely, cause it was nearly a decade ago, I think. And I didn't save it sadly.

It was really good though. Didn't it end with the protagonist morphing alien loli using a thermite bomb to blow up the evil morphing loli alien? Good stuff.

Anonymous 20/01/07(Tue)07:47 No. 26559 ID: bbe66b

this doesn't deserve to be shoved off the edge.

Charlene silhaifen 20/01/05(Sun)04:40 No. 26555 ID: c0cf30 [Reply]

Hello all!
I have never posted one of my stories before and thought it might be nice to share one and see what people think. I don't write much but tend to enjoy it when I do. Depending on what people think of this one I might continue it tonight. Please give it a read and let me know what you think, and if this break any rules, I do apologize.

I'll use the tags I think pertain to this story are: ped, lesbian, voyeurism, incest, masturbation

This story is a work of fiction and should be considered as such. If you are offended by any sexual depictions of minors please stop reading now. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. I do not advise or condone any sexual activity with children or anyone who does not or cannot give proper consent. I do not condone abuse or neglect.
That all being said, please enjoy my very first story:

Her breath came in short spurts and tiny gasps, her little hand touching and teasing in ways that she had only just discovered. Charlene Mason, age 12, laid on her bed, only partially covered up in her bedspread as she explored the warm and moist treasures between her legs. She found that touching herself induced a pleasure she had never experienced before and had found entirely by accident. One morning in the shower she rubbed herself while cleaning up and found that she got a spark and a warm feeling between her legs. Ever since then she'd tried to replicate the accidental burst, but had failed until this morning.

Last night she had a dream about something she had only heard about in the whisperings of her friends at school, a penis. She had never seen one before but from the descriptions she was getting from her friends, it was certainly something she wanted to find out about. Her mind spent the full day wondering what it would feel like, taste, and smell like to have one in person.

In this day and age of the internet, Charlene knew that it would only take a cursory internet search to find out what they looked like. She also knew that doing that at school would get her talked to by the administration and her father. Looking that up at home would have also been a no-no since she didn't want her father to catch her and his was the only computer in the house other than his phone. There would be no way to get her hands on the phone and no alone time with the computer.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 20/01/06(Mon)03:57 No. 26558 ID: 110a31

This is good stuff. I definitely want to see more.

Exploring Amy Nomad 19/10/01(Tue)21:24 No. 26381 ID: eff46c [Reply]

This is another teenage sexual encounter story with lurid details.

I'm a little disappointed in not being able to edit posts, so I took some more time editing this one before sharing. There's still errors in it probably.

Any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidental.


Exploring Amy

mt/ft, teenagers, cons, rough, explicit sex

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Ulfin 19/12/01(Sun)02:41 No. 26514 ID: 8cb7f6

Go ahead and post it under /cake/

Nomad 19/12/01(Sun)14:53 No. 26515 ID: eff46c


A sketch of Amy is at /cake/res/54645.html#i63936

Nomad 19/12/01(Sun)16:37 No. 26516 ID: eff46c

Trying a direct link >>/cake/63936

Need help finding a story! Jimmy1 19/11/20(Wed)03:12 No. 26492 ID: c4ae3c [Reply]

Hello, I was remembering the other day a story i read but i can't for the life of find it - i've search the web for nearly 2 hours. I'd appreciate it if anyone here can help me with this one.

It went something along the lines of a 13 year old boy at school who was disciplined by his female teacher after class. She would spank him with a paddle, as she had permission from the boys mom.

Its a fairly long story, but ends up with the boy screwing his mom at the teachers house without the boy or mom knowing until the teacher removes the moms blindfold.

Has anyone heard/read that one or know where to find it? I thought it was on asstr but have looked there in depth.


Anonymous 19/11/24(Sun)07:23 No. 26496 ID: bbf80b

A thread died for this.

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/08(Sun)21:03 No. 20427 ID: 0550d2 [Reply]

[male, gay, high school]
Usually I'd write a more specific set of tags, but I want this story to be an open-ended work-in-progress. Although I do have a basic plot outlined for 8-9 chapters, I'm always open to suggestions from you guys about what direction you'd like the story to go. Feel free to suggest something in the comments. All suggestions are appreciated, but please remember it's simply not possible to satisfy them all. =(

This story is set in an all-boys boarding school for Grade 8-12 students (13-17 years old). The main characters are students who live within the 5 different boarding houses, one house for each year of students. The school itself is in a big city on the edge of a river. Beyond the boarding houses, but still part of the school grounds, there is a peninsula of forest/scrub land known as the Hook.

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is somewhat unnerving ,.- ) Good!? Anonymous 14/09/25(Thu)21:56 No. 22487 ID: 5cd61f

Some concerns... the story actually started close to a year ago, and hm... According to the author Sonder we're at chapter 5, in it self quite remarkable compared to some one- cluster of - text posters, but the suspense

Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)09:20 No. 22897 ID: bd628b

Wasn't sure if this is still updated our even watched, but I wanted to let the author know that I loved it and would love more.

Sonder 19/10/18(Fri)19:43 No. 26430 ID: b8abec

man its been so long.

i had written, edited and proofed 5 new chapters and was working on another when my hdd died and took the story with it. yes i was an idiot with no backups at the time, and it pretty much killed any desire i had to finish the story.

i havn't visited 7ch much in ages, and was surprised to still find this thread up, so im going to post more soon. it will be with a new trip tho, cos i cant for the life of me remember what my old pw was

Long story from 10+ years ago... Anonymous 19/10/02(Wed)05:33 No. 26389 ID: bf7331 [Reply]

Anyone remember a story that was really popular about 10+ years ago about a young girl who was sent home to live with her rich uncle/relative, arriving to realize that she's actually a pleasure android whose been purchased by this rich guy?

Anonymous 19/10/04(Fri)21:50 No. 26403 ID: 6704da

Renee / Synthetic by Aplgrl, next time please use the sticky. By creating a new thread you're indirectly deleting the oldest stories on this board, and some of those old ones are really good. https://storiesonline.net/s/60167:92725/chapter-1-synthetic

young neighbor ch1 (futa on male) wut 12/07/18(Wed)08:46 No. 16682 ID: aecf9f [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Okay, trying again with hopefully correct formatting.


Cameron Dodges, 22 years old, had been in his new house for a week before he saw his pretty neighbor. He’d moved into the nicely landscaped, gated community with just his 2000 pickup and his belongings, which all fit in the bed of the truck. Moving from the college dorm to a real, two-bedroom townhouse meant he didn’t have much – not even enough to fill up an entire room. He’d already ordered new furniture and he planned to have his new home completely set up within a month.

Graduating near the top of his class with a degree in Finance, he’d landed a great job at a boutique investment banking firm. The firm was small, but its clients were very large and he was already planning on how he’d use his newfound income to live in relative luxury. He’d worked hard all through college, and now it was time to reap the rewards. He only had a few years to enjoy it before going back to graduate school anyway. Getting the MBA meant he’d be able to move up to manager, then VP.

He’d just pulled into the driveway and was about to run into the house to escape the freezing cold air when he saw a good looking young woman in the yard next door, pulling down Christmas lights. She was a little thin for his tastes; he liked thicker, curvier women. That was probably because it was the type of woman he never ended up with. He had the face and body that only drove young girls and older cougars wild.

Cameron was 5’7’’ and 135 pounds, with fair hair, blue eyes and the pretty-boy face of boy band member. He hated to admit it, but with his inability to produce much facial hair and his babyish face, he could still pass as a high school kid. For this reason he made a conscious effort to dress in expensive, tailored clothes and develop a confident, smooth-talking persona. He hated being treated like a kid, and did everything in his power to seem more mature.

He hadn’t met anyone in this new city, and he really wanted to go on some dates before he started his new job, so he crossed the snow-covered lawn to his neighbor’s yard. The girl was wearing white tights under a festive plaid skirt, with a red cashmere sweater over a white button down shirt. As he approached he saw that although she was thinner and shorter than he preferred, she did have some wonderful curves to her.

The young lady appeared to be about 18 or 19 and was 5’6’’ with long, brunette hair and dark green eyes. Cameron saw her body from the side as she pulled the lights off the bushes. The sweater hugged her body tightly, accentuating her thin waist and the large breasts pushing out above. He also saw from the way her knee-length skirt gripped her behind, that the girl had a well-developed ass. Actually, he reconsidered, she’s pretty fucking hot.[i/]
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 17/11/05(Sun)01:45 No. 25185 ID: 6b454a

Please, please do. This is one of the best stories out there.

Anonymous 17/11/07(Tue)23:52 No. 25189 ID: 6b454a

Dude, you have to post more. It’s so good.

Anonymous 19/09/24(Tue)07:41 No. 26353 ID: 57bd53

Still around?

Tomboy Misadventures Anonymous 19/09/16(Mon)05:32 No. 26307 ID: 0a182b [Reply]

A love letter to the best loli writers of the site, which are well-known to the point there is no need to say who they are. Or a hate letter for those writers that don't post, but it would be stupid of me. Regardless, here is my take...

On a loli that got fiddled by a tokusatsu fan.


"Why are you looking at my house, you fucking thief-"

After a fight with my family...

Wait. It's best to introduce myself beforehand.

I'm Douglas Rosefeltd, just another salaryman that hates his job. 25, single, and ousted of my household for a mistake I once made during the past. And well, this stupid salaryman had the great idea of going to his first family reunion in 6 years, not knowing that they still hate him to this day.

A good chance to see my old neighbors. They were unaware of what I did and were saddened to see me depart from my mother's house. It was necessary, sadly.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)10:56 No. 26319 ID: 8eafc9

I'd echo what the previous commenter said. It's clear English isn't your first language, and it's causing a lot of problems with your writing. I honestly don't think you'll be able to really write anything readable without learning English grammar rules a bit more first.

That's not to say that your story is necessarily bad. It's just hard to read and get involved in. Keep practicing.

Anonymous 19/09/20(Fri)06:22 No. 26322 ID: f7d3f6

A good light perv/romance, not looking for War and Peace here. Your writing isn’t abysmal, which a lot of supposedly serious writing is. Not going to quibble about sentence structure and such, what I look for in writing is heart. I have been moved to tears by barely comprehensible prose, because it had just enough of the right words.

Meanwhile, the subject of the “victim” of molestation falling in love with the “perpetrator” is a pretty well-traveled trope, and more common in real life than most people think. Can’t tell if you’re presenting just the first chapter of a more involved story, or a really short story. It reads like a movie trailer, just a teaser. Fleshed out with some more plot and character development, it might make a good actual story.

!dULEx5XrOs 19/09/20(Fri)18:41 No. 26324 ID: 0a182b

English is really my first language, and it takes away my drive to write the rest. But I must try.

Confessions/Sessions Dr. Sleepless 19/08/27(Tue)07:58 No. 26222 ID: b51083 [Reply]

I'm not sure what this is. But if there's an interest, I'll keep it going.

Transcript drawn from tape #2844. Patient: Roger Armstrong (RA) Doctor: William Bates MD (WB). Date: Redacted

RA: [subject is smoking continually] I don’t know. I’ve never told anyone any of this. You can say anything, I mean, if I tell you something it has to stay between us?

WB: That’s correct.

RA: Ok. [subject slumps back into chair] Well I don’t know where to start.

WB: Look, Roger, this is a safe space. You can tell me anything and you can trust that whatever you say will be held in absolute confidentiality. As far as where to start? Well, when you contacted me you said your wife-

RA: Yeah, yeah. I know what I told you.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19/09/09(Mon)04:15 No. 26288 ID: 33f382

Please continue

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