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Helping Move In Rachett 22/03/21(Mon)07:11 No. 27576 ID: ee046d

Haven't been able to find a story quite like what I wanting to read, so I decided to write one. See if you like it.

(MF, M solo, MgFb, anal, implied incest.)

Brian crashed down on the couch, exhausted. He had just finished bringing in the last of the boxes from the u-haul into his dads new house, having spent the day helping him move in. The last load had been clearing out the storage unit his dad had kept most of his things(under Brian's name) in while he had been staying in a crap apartment during the divorce.
He had loaded and unloaded it all solo, his Dad having left early in the evening to go to the night shift he was covering for a coworker. He had told Brian not to worry about it, to just crash and take the night off to enjoy his first weekend of summer vacation from freshman year at college.
But he had done it anyway, he figured it would work as payment for his dad letting him crash here for free while he was out of school. It beat having to stay with Mom.
As he relaxed, he started thinking about what to do to entertain himself. He was too tired to think about going out, while the TV was set up, the cable and internet service wasnt going to be for another week.
So his usual private pastime of surfing the net for porn was out.
He did recall one of the boxes he hauled in had been labeled VCR though. The box was big enough that it had to also have tapes in it, and TV was old enough that it still had the right RCA connections.
Deciding some vintage movies and take out was good enough a prospect, he called in a pizza and went to unpack and peruse the nights options.
In the big box was about along with the slightly beat up old VCR was the usual assortment of uncased stacks of VHSs that accumulate in any household of a certain time, in a variety of genres, with peeling labels showing 80s action movies, kids cartoons, taped sport events and shows. Browsing through the top layer he decided on Predator as good nostalgic time waster.
By the time he had set things up the pizza had arrived, so he sat back and worked his way through too much pizza, and not enough action. He had forgotten how good a movie it was, in its own 80s way, that after finishing it and putting away the pizza he went back to the box to find out if the sequel was also in the cache.
While digging through the top layer, he noticed in one corner under it was another smaller box. Pulling it up and opening it he found more VHS tapes, but these had no labels on them at all, some had faded black on black marker writing that was indecipherable, or residue were a label had been peeled off. His suspicions aroused, and curiosity peaked, he suspected what these were. Feeling somewhat furtive, he grabbed a couple at random and excitedly tense he hurried back to the tv, and put one in and hit play.

By the time he hit the couch, his suspicions were confirmed. After the initial pop, a title screen popped up saying 'Barely Legal College Sluts' .
He had found his dads porn stash! Feeling like a 13 year old just discovering porn again, his exhaustion vanished as his cock got hard at the vintage amateur softcore scenes paraded by.
The girls weren't that different from the ones he had shared a campus with most of the year, other than the obvious fashion differences, pinpointing that
this must have been an early 2000s production.
He shortly had his fly open and was slowly jerking his erection, but was soon bored with the lack of action in the video.
Getting up, his dick wagging in front of him, he ejected this tape, and put in the other mystery VHS.
This one had quite a long black screen after the tape caught, and then opened to a still shot of a house. No title screen or copywriter warnings.
This then transitioned to a sitcom style live scene of a family sitting at the table having possibly breakfast.
An attractive dad, a supermodel level mom, and a couple of generic kids, a girl and a boy.
Quiet soap opera generic music, and idle family chit chat followed. His cock started wilting as he watched, thinking this must be some tv show that had been recorded and put in the wrong box. When suddenly the scene changed. The music suddenly got louder and switched to an almost stereotypical porn beat, and the mom saying something like, "Okay, now we need to talk about what happened last night" , and the screen faded to showing the dad and mom entering a bedroom, tangled together and already partly in the process of undressing.
Groping and kissing roughly, the dad backed the mom up to bed, then grabbing a fistful of her long dark brown hair, yanked her head back and began kissing her throat as she squealed. Keeping his grip and her head back, he started pulling downward, dragging her down to her knees as he pushed his slacks down, his long erection smacking into her face as she hit her knees.
'This is more like it!' Brian thought as he watched the mom lick at the cock rubbing her face. He grabbed his now rigid cock and began tugging in earnest as the dad grabbed her head with his other hand and guided her open mouth over his cock, then after a few short thrusts, slammed her face into his crotch, forcing his shaft down her throat until her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock.
Holding her there, her nose crushed into his shaved pubes and chin pressing into his ball sack, until she started struggling and began slapping his leg. He eased off enough to let her gulp in air around his shaft, then began steadily fucking her face, pulling her head back into his thrusts, but never letting his cock fully out of her throat.
As he was doing this, the mom was unbuttoning her blouse and continuing to strip. Soon she got her big firm tits( probably fake, but not obvious), and began groping herself, pulling and squeezing her nipples as the dad ramped up his assault on her throat.
At this point she was just holding her mouth wide as he pounded his dick into her throat, no longer using his grip on her head to pull her onto it, just holding her head steady as he full power pumped into her.
The music was overpowered by his grunting and her gagging noises, and when his strokes began to shorten, he abruptly pulled her head off his cock, and stood still, breathing heavily in short bursts obviously trying not to cum.
After catching her breath, the mom, started giggling, and brought her hands from her tits, and reached for his dick. In response he jerked her away, and laughing she reached out again, this time pushed her head away and stepped back, yelling "Stop!".
Giggling and undeterred, she lunged forward, and he batted her away and retreated again. She ended up on her hands and knees, and looking up at the dad, she sank down, her head resting on the floor as she reached back and began pushing her pants off her ass, now up in the air, as the camera switched angles to present her amazing ass from behind.
Once exposed, she begin rocking her hips from side to side, and wiggling her ass.
The dad, having discarded his clothes while the camera focused on her, and having apparently recuperated, strode back forward, showing his ripped physique, reached down, lifted her up, and threw her backwards onto the bed in a squealing heap.
He then dove forward, grabbing her ankles and pulling her to the edge, prying her legs apart against token resistance, dropped to his knees and began eating her out, roughly diving into her neatly landing strip shaved pussy.
Brian was really getting into this scene, liking how unscripted the scene felt, how actually into it both performers seemed to be. He had to slow down his frantic stroking, as he felt his orgasm building rapidly, and he wanted to hold back and see the rest instead of blowing his load this soon. He had all night, no need to rush.
The mom was now laying partly on her side,her legs spread wide, to present a good show of the dad eating her out, his head carefully positioned to not block the action as his tongue worked into her, frantically covering every part of her pussy he could reach, and occasionally clamping his whole mouth down on her clit and sucking hard, his cheeks hollowed with the effort as he pulled back and released letting her clit snap back, eliciting an audible gasps every time he did it. Soon she was the one grasping his hair, pulling his face in roughly to her snatch as she held the lips wide with her other hand, his mouth held open and his tongue held extended, letting her fuck herself on it, grinding her hips on his face.
He reached one hand up to her face, forcing two fingers into her mouth, and she started sucking on them with gusto, as his other hand went to his still hard cock and began stroking.
After a minute of this, he withdrew his now saliva slicked fingers from her mouth, despite her hungrily following them with her mouth, yanked his head free of her grasp and bucking hips, brought the hand on his cock up to her pussy, and the wet fingers to just barely touching her exposed asshole, also wet with pussy juices, and in a smooth motion, shoved them up her ass to the knuckles, and with the other hand did the same with three fingers in her pussy.
The moms body convulsed, her back arching as she let out a scream of pleasure, and and settled back down as he pounded both holes with his hands, alternating thrusts for several moments, before pulling out, standing up, he grasped his cock and plunged into her pussy, burying himself into her and grinding his hips against hers.
She let's out a strangled gasp, her body tensing up and her arms trying to push him away, but her legs holding him down, she twitched violently several times, obviously cumming.
After a moment she relaxed, and he began thrusting into her, raising himself up, watching his long strokes into her, picking up speed as he held one of her legs over his shoulder.
Brian, who had been slowing his hand on his own cock, could tell the scene was coming to a climax, heh, and picked up his pace to match what was on the screen, feeling his cum boiling up again.
Just then, there was a loud gasp from offscreen, and the two performers suddenly broke apart, staring past the camera.
Then the camera whipped around to show the bedroom door, wide open, and the son from the opening laying sprawled in the doorway, his feet still in the hall, and the daughter on her knees just outside it.
Brian's hand suddenly froze on his cock as his mind tried to make sense of the next few scenes.
The son, who looked like he was maybe 12, was laying on the floor desperately trying to pull up his soccer shorts to hide his exposed erection, and the daughter was frozen with her ballerina tights bunched up around her knees and her hand over her pussy, her shirt pulled up exposing her chest, and her mouth wet with saliva.
Both parents then are shown jumping from the bed, and hauling the two children into the bedroom.
Both are sat on the bed, neither having managed to cover themselves up, other than the girl letting her shirt drop, and placing both hands on her pissy as she sat there. The boy still had his cock erect, pointing up at the ceiling while he hung his head and left his hands at his side.
Now both parents were hurling questions at the pair, along the lines of why are you home so early, how did you get home what were you doing outside our room. The very standard parental dressing down clashing surreally with the fact that both parents were still entirely naked, and obviously still aroused, the dads cock jutting rigidly out while he held his arms crossed, looking stern, the moms hand gestures causing her breasts to bounce and drawing attention to her stiff nipples.
And the obviously underage children, the daughter looking younger than the son, probably around 9 or 10, still being exposed.
After a mumbled response from the son in answer to the mothers question of why they were home from school early, the dad barked at him at told him to speak clearly and look up at his mother when speaking to her,
The son did so, his eyes noticeably widening as he looked at his naked mother, her arms now crossed under her breasts, forcing them up, as she looked angrily expectant at his response.
Which was a stuttered explanation that school had got out early, and another parent had dropped them off rather than having the school call for them.
The father then asked what they had been doing sneaking outside the door.
As this scene was transpiring the camera focused on the young girl staring at the fathers swaying penis, and her hands starting to obviously rub her pussy.
And then it switched to the son staring at the moms jiggling breats as she nodded exaggeratedly in agreement with whatever the dad was saying, and his cock twitching.
Brian's brain was buzzing in confusion, while he held a death grip on his leaking cock, unable to move.
The parents kept up the dressing down, about how it was wrong to sneak around and pry into peoples private time, yadda yadda, but as this was happening the tone was shifting again. The music, which had shut off when the children had entered the scene was making a subtle comeback, ramping slowly into a pulsing beat.
At the same time, the daughter began more openly pleasuring herself, leaning back and spreading her legs exposing her pussy rubbing and bracing herself against the mattress with the other arm.
And the sons hands came up from his sides, and he began stroking his dick, while cradling his balls, blatantly staring at his mother.
The parents rambling began to soften, the dad looking down at his daughter, his arms uncrossing and he placed one hand on his hip and started to stroke with the other.
The moms hands drifted, one up to her mouth, to suck lightly on a finger, the other down to gently work her clit as she watched her son masturbating to her.
Mom, "Well I guess they like what the see."
Turning grinning at the dad,
" I guess if they gotta learn, might as learn from the experts."
She purred suggestively.
Then both parents advanced, the dad sidling up to the daughter, his cock now bouncing just in front of her face, mom moving up and kneeling between the sons legs.
They both proceed to finish undressing the children, dad pulling the girls shirt off, her lifted arms exposing a flat chest, then pushing her back to lift up her legs and pull off her leggings, exposing her surprisingly full butt, that when it dropped back down on the bed, her legs splayed out displaying her wet smooth snatch. Girl giggling, dad hauled her back up by her arm into a sitting position, his cock pointing at her face.
"You were sucking Matt's penis weren't you?" Dad asked.
The girl nodded.
"Where did you learn that?"
"Watching you and mom."
"So you tried to do what you saw us doing and that caused Matt to fall through the door?"
Another nod.
"Do you want Daddy to do what I was doing with Mommy with you?"
"Yes, Daddy please?"
With that, the dad grinned, placed his hands on either side of her head, and directing her to open wide, guided his obscenely large cockhead into her mouth.
Brian watched as he started pumping into her willing mouth, her lips stretching over his glans, not able to get the head of his cock fully into her mouth, until suddenly he thrust forward, jerking her head down, and popped it past. He head her there as she slightly struggled and coughed, then began slowly pushing his dick deeper, the shaft sliding further into her mouth as her cheeks puffed out, lips tightly clamped around his girth, until she had about half of his possibly 8 inch cock in her throat. He then pulled a couple inches back out, the girls nostrils flaring as she breathed through her nose, then sharply jerked her back down his length. This repeated until he was ,only slightly less roughly than he had with the mom, throat fucking her, his hands wrapped in her light brown hair, her hands locked onto his wrists.
Brian's cock was a rigid as it had ever been, so stiff it hurt, and despite not having moved his hand, his cum finally started to push past the tight grip he had been maintaining to started pulsing out his cock, blasting long ropes over his t shirt covered chest and even some over his shoulder to land behind him.
And it wouldn't stop as he watched the dad continue to facefuck the young girl while the now naked son and mom watched, her jerking his cock while he fondled her breasts, sitting side by side on the bed.
That was when, still cumming hard, he heard the door latch rattle, and the knob turn.
Panicking, he flailed for the remote to turn the TV off, forgetting he had left it on top of the VCR when he had switched tapes.
His dad walked through the door, and was about to say something as he strode purposefully past the couch behind Brian, when he stopped in his tracks, mouth open in puzzlement as it took a moment for his mind to take in the scene.
His 19 year old son, dick out, still pushing ropes of cum over his hand, staring panicked at him, while past that on the screen, was a full grown man pushing his two fingers up a 9 yo girls asshole, lubing it up for his slick with spit erection to violate, while a bombshell women was sucking an 11 yrs old boys 4 inch cock and balls into her mouth while one of his legs was over her shoulder and she was rubbing her finger over his asshole.
He paled, first instinct to panic at someone having found that he had this tape. Then as the implication of the fact his son was holding his cock, and covered in his own cum, while watching this scene, he suddenly felt his own cock harden.
Neither moved as the sounds of the scene kept playing, and his sons head whipped around back to the screen as the little girl began moaning, to witness the man's massive cock stretching her asshole wide while sliding deep into her, the girl in the same position the mom had been earlier, but her small leg only barely reaching his chest.
He began thrusting ever deeper while watching the mom, legs wide,on her back, holding the sons hips and roughly helping him fuck her pussy.
Brian groaned, and unable to help himself, felt his cock, which had softened only slightly after his orgasm and panic, harden again, and he started stroking again.
He shamefully glance back at his dad, only to do a double take, as his father was coming around the couch, kicking his pants off of his feet, cock hard and already stroking it, still half staring at the scene on the TV.
"Move over." He grunted, dropping onto to couch as Brian made room, furiously jacking his cock.
Brian was now sitting next to his father, bare legs touching as his father spread his wide.
"Oh yeah" His father groaned," best part is coming up."
Brian looked back at the screen, now showing the dad violently pounding the small girls ass in a doggstyle position, while the mom loomed over her, , kissing the dad while the son was underneath her slamming his cock upward into her pussy, his ass leaving the mattress on every stroke, while he grasped her ass hard enough to to leave marks.
Suddenly the dad pulled out of the girls anus, leaving it a red gaping hole, flipped her on her back and climbed up the bed, straddling her small body, tugging his cock as he leaned over to aim it at her face, her mouth opened obligingly. The son started grunting, and the mom too, flipped over to lay her head next to the daughter, tongue out, as the son crawled up her body, and sat over her chest, her hands on his ass holding him up.
The dad bellowed, and began firing thick ropes of cum over the mom and daughters faces, switching his aim between blasts.
The son, his hand a blur on his dick, stiffened, and started firing his own weaker blasts over the girls faces, but running out quickly, while the dad shifted aim and coaxed a few more ropes at the sons crotch, splattering the boys cock and balls with his thicker semen, before shaking a few last drops out of his dick onto the girls coated faces.
Brian's could feel himself about to blow again, and heard his dad start grunting as the mom and daughter started licking the semen off each others faces, and out of the corner of his eye his dad hold his hand still and start jumping up into it as he started to cum.
This set Brian off, and he blew too, as on screen the mom and daughter cleaned the dads cum off of the sons crotch, licking and sharing around the shrinking erection.
Both Brian and his dad came hard, Brian somehow nearly as much as before, ropes shooting up and this time some fell on his face as well as his chest.
His dad was shooting large thick globs up and slightly to his left , it falling down on his and Brian's thighs where they were pressed together, in a volume that exceeded his, slowing but still coming out in a thick stream that flowed down his shaft over his still stroking hand.
Both were breathing hard, working there cocks, Brian still pumping out small spurts and his dads cum still flowing out steadily, as the scene on screen ended.
As it faded back, his dad turned to him and said casually,
" Whew, that was good. You done, or do you want to watch more?"
" How much more is there?" Brian asked, still stunned.
"You mean on this tape, or the others?" Dad replied, grinning.
"Holy shit, others?!"


Helping Move In Part 2 Rachet 22/04/11(Mon)11:50 No. 27582 ID: 44666e

Hell yeah, there's more!" Brian's dad, Scott exclaimed.
"Here, we can come back to this one later, I'll show you some of the wild shit." Scott said as he stood from the couch and went to the VCR.
He ejected the tape as the video had started ramping up the porn music again, his bare ass and dangling cock and balls blocking the screen.
"Where did you put the box these were in?"
"Back in the garage." Brian gestured behind him, as his father walked past the couch.
His heart still racing from what had just transpired, but now starting to calm down with the lack of on screen stimulation, he realized he was covered in cooling cum, most his, and some his fathers.
He pulled off his already soiled t-shirt, and used it to wipe off his face, crotch and legs of most of the semen, but would need to take a shower to really clean it off. He tossed the shirt aside.
His jeans, which along with his underwear had been pulled down around his knees, had escaped the downpour, so he pulled them off and threw them aside, then pulled up his underwear over his now softened cock.
This done, still waiting for his dad to return, he starting questioning what had happened.
Oh god, I just jacked off to watching kids getting fucked!
And they were my dads tapes!
And he caught me. And then jacked off with me.
What the fuck.
Now he's going to show me more.
Where did he get them? How long has he had them?
What else did he have on those tapes if this wasnt the 'wild shit'?
His dads returning footsteps interrupted his thoughts, as Scott came around the couch, three more tapes in hand.
"Couldn't remember which was which, but I think you will probably get a kick out of these either way", he said, inserting a tape, grabbing the VCR remote and returning to the couch next to Brian.
He looked over and chuckled at Brian having cleaned up and put his underwear back on.
"No point in being modest now son, you will have them off again in a minute anyway."
Brian felt an odd bit of embarrassment, but didnt move.
His dad was already fondling himself as the tape started playing, once again showing a black screen for an unusually long time before fading into a scene of some kind of waterpark, multiple pools and slides and lots of family's with kids frolicking around. This cut to an indoor scene of a open shower room, the kind with lockers that guests would use to change in and out of their street clothes and rinse off the chlorine from the pools.
It was very prominently signed as 'Mens only'.
Into it came a bikini clad woman, dragging along a very young girl, who looked around maybe 6, wrapped in a towel.
"Okay, sweetie, mommy has an appointment to get to, and daddy is running late to pick you up, so just wait here for him." The woman said, having her sit on a bench in front of the lockers.
"Why can't I just keep playing with my friends until he gets here?" The girl whined.
"Shush, your daddy doesn't have time to run all over the park looking for you, so you will stay in here, understand?" The mom admonished.
The girl sullenly nodded, then the mom left the scene.
Almost immediately, two men entered the room, wearing swim trunks and laughing, but paused when they saw the little girl in the bench.
One asked, "Hey kid, what are you doing here?"
"My mommy told me to wait for my daddy here."
Both men, or rather older teenagers, close to Brian's age, just shrugged. They walked past her to the lockers, but once there they turned around and continued to stare at the girl. A whispered conversation started, with one teen rubbing his crotch through his swim trunks, an action Brian unconsciously started to copy himself, his cock somehow stirring again.
On screen, a decision had apparently been reached, as both teens now approached the girl again, standing flanking her on the bench, their trunks now tented with obvious erections.
"Well, how about we keep you company until your daddy gets here?"
And with a leer, both pulled their swim trunks down, exposing themselves to the girl, and started stroking themselves.
The girl, still wrapped from knees to neck in a towel, long dirty blonde hair wet and blue eyes wide, stared in a sort of numb confusion.
Both boys were now nearly touching the girl, straddling the bench, legs boxing her in, jerking their cocks just above her head.
"Let's see what we have under here" As one of them pulled the towel from around the girl, letting drop down to her waist, exposing her upper body and that her skinny flat chest was not covered by an ordinary girls modest bathing suit, her little nipples instead barely covered by a string micro bikini top, something that would have been risque on an adult, and unbelievable that it would fly in a public waterpark.
Both boys were now rubbing their cocks on the girls upturned face, bouncing them against her cheeks and forehead. Their cocks were really only average sized, but relative to her they looked huge.
One of the boys placed one hand on her head, turning it, while directing her to open her mouth as he guided his cock past her obliging lips.
The other was busy fondling her, pinching at her nipples under the practically nonexistent bikini.
Soon though they traded, one cock replaced the other, they alternated stretching her mouth out, going deeper each turn, until she started gagging.
Apparently impatient for his turn, one boy kept his dick pressed to the side of her mouth as she struggled to swallow the other, and when she was allowed to pull back slightly, slipped in.
Her mouth now stretched over two cocks, she gagged even harder and jerked herself back, coughing.
But now the teenagers grabbed her head, and forcing her forward again.
Holding their cockheads pressed against one another, they guided them to her mouth, forcing it open against her feeble protest.
They held her there, mouth drooling, for a moment before continuing the assault.
First they alternated pushing deeper, quickening the pace as they did, then held the back of her head firmly as they both pushed both cocks into her mouth.
Cheeks bulging, eyes watering, drool flowing down their shafts as they slowly sank deeper, the girl flailed ineffectually as she gagged.
Brian's cock was now tenting his underwear, straining against the fabric as his palm rubbed it through the material.
"Ha,told you that you would be taking those back off soon enough!" His dad chuckled, " Let's get them down before you rip a hole in them!'
With that Scott suddenly reached out with his left hand, slid his fingers under the waistband of Brian's boxers started pulling them down.
Startled, Brian froze at the contact, feeling his dads hand brushing against his cock, then unthinkingly lifted his hips to assist his father. He took his hand off his cock to have both free to push them down.
After getting them down far enough down his thighs to free his cock, Scott's hand drew back, but instead of returning to his own lap, he placed his hand on Brian's nuts.
Freezing again, hands still in on his boxers, hips thrust upward, his dad fondled his sack for a moment, rolling his balls with his fingers, then grasped his cock and gave it a couple of light tugs before finally removing it entirely.
"Bet those college girls liked that rod,huh, stud?" Scott grinned at him.
Brian was still holding his frozen position, cock straining stiffly, unable to process his dads actions and words. With no response, his dad chuckled and returned his attention to the TV.
After a moment, he did the same, settling back onto the couch, head buzzing.
His attention refocused back on the screen, he saw that the two teens had now abandoned trying to get both their rods down the girls throat, and instead settled for trading her back and forth for facefucking her. While one was feeding her his cock, holding it at the base, the other assisted by grabbing the back of her head and forcing it down when it started to meet resistance. Doing this they managed to get nearly the whole length to disappear into her mouth. Everytime they let her pull back off to switch dicks, she would cough and retch, drooling obscenely. Her face was red from lack of air and wet from tears, but the most respite they would allow her was to yank her head back and slap her face with their cocks as they laughed at her gasping for air, then repeated the process.
"Slow down bud, dont want to blow before it really gets good." His dad cautioned.
He hadnt realized he started stroking again, his hand a blur on his dick, and once he did felt how close he was to cumming again.
Slowing his pace and taking a deep breath, he felt the feeling fade as his orgasm retreated.
On screen, things were shifting again. While one of the guys was still happily deepthroating her roughly the other had apparently gotten tired of sharing. He had removed her bikini top, for all the difference it made, and was now lifting her up by her hips to get at the bottoms.
The other teen wasnt letting this impede him at all, holding onto her head with both hands while fucking her face, her arms hanging limply, as the other boy got her arranged into a kneeling position on the bench.
This gave a amazing view of her perfect tiny bubble butt, the red string of the bikini disappearing in crack. And it was basically just strings holding a minuscule swatch of wider cloth over her pussy.
The idea of a young girl being allowed to wear such a thing in a public place struck Brian as completely implausible, while the thought also hit him as very fucking hot.
The image of the girl running around frolicking in the water wearing practically nothing as everyone watched almost had him close to blowing again, but he fought back the urge.
Back to the action, she still had her throat full of cock, but now her abuser had sat himself down on the bench legs on either side of her as was pulling her head up and down his shaft. Her arms still just dangling, she was now in a 'ass up' position as the other teen had removed her string bottoms and was holding her asscheeks apart, his hands almost completely covering them as he squeezed them and occasionally darted his face down to lap at her pussy and asshole.
But soon he had moved forward, stroking himself rapidly as held one cheek and lined himself up behind her, his intentions obvious.
Holding his stiff cock, he did a sort of 'eenie-meenie-miny-mo' gesture with his cock, pointing up and down with it at her pussy and asshole, before pressing up to her asshole with his still drool coated dick, and slamming it home hard enough to lurch her small body forward several inches with a loud clap of flesh hitting flesh.
This also had the effect pushing her head out of the others grasp long enough for her to pull his cock out her throat and let out a gasping, wet wail of pain.
But this was cut short as he quickly fed his cock back into her throat and crushed her face into his crotch. The boy in the back hadnt pulled back at all, but was grasping the front top of her thighs and was pulling her hips back into his as he continued to thrust forward, both teens seeming like they were trying to push their cocks through to touch tips inside her. This didnt last long though, as soon they began pushing her back and forth, stroking hard into both holes, picking up a rhythm.
"Holy shit Todd, her ass is so fucking tight I can't believe it! You gotta try it." The assfucker said, the first words he had spoken since the scene began.
Todd responded by releasing her head and standing up, a long string of spit still connecting his cock to her mouth as he pull out of her throat, letting her head drop to the bench with a thump as she limply started coughing again.
He moved to her rear beside not-Todd, who pulled out of her now gaping ass and stood aside as his friend lined up and penetrated her with one smooth motion, sinking deep and holding it there as he groaned in pleasure.
"Ohhhh, you weren't lying bro, she feels like she's gonna pinch my dick off!"
After a few hard pumps in her ass, Todd pulled out and Bro took back up position, and they repeated the process again to the high pitched groaning of the girl, her face sliding back and forth along the drool drenched bench as they sodomized her roughly.
Then Bro told Todd he wanted to try something, and had him pull out of her. He picked her up bodily by wrapping his arms around her, holding her with her back to him as his cock protruded between her legs, and directed Todd to lie down on the bench, then when he had settled, sar the girl on him just above his crotch, with her limply straddling him Bro pushed her forward onto Todd's chest.
He then straddled Todd's hips himself, their cocks briefly sword fighting just behind her ass, before Todd reached around her and guided his dick back to her ass. He pumped his hips up and sank his cock back in, then immediately pulled out, making way for Bro to do the same, one pump, out, repeat. Again and again they did this, until her ass stayed gaping open for the longer pauses between each stroke.
Then Bro grabbed Todd's cock and pressed his against it, hold them both together in the same hand, as held her ass open with his other hand.
After a couple seconds stroking both their cocks together, Todd pushed her back toward the cocks Bro was holding in alignment.
The two cockheads touched her rosebud, and with Bro still holding them together, both humped into her.
Neither went in, just glancing off, but they reset and did it again, this time Todd's dick poking in, but knocking Bros out of the way. Not good enough apparently, so they tried again, and thirds the charm, both cocks pushed their heads into her hole.
Wasting no time, both plunged hard into her, and mouth no longer obstructed by cock and having had time to catch her breath, the girl screamed at this new violation.
Both boys were pounding hard into her, her ass stretched unbelievable by the cocks pistoning into her, her body shaking with each thrust, her scream fading slightly into a huffing wail as the air seemed to be driven from her under their pounding.
Just as he was thinking it was astounding that no one in this supposed area had heard anything, a new figure came into the scene as the camera pulled back.
A fit black man, wearing life guard trunks and and one of those annoying whistles around his neck, strode into shower room, and exclaimed, " What in the hell is all that racket!" And paused at the tableu in front of him. Bro and Todd, still balls deep in the young girls ass, paused their action, but didnt pull out or make any indication of panic, instead Bro turned himself to better address the lifeguard, but his dick remained buried in the weeping girls asshole alongside his friends, this action also coincidentally giving their new audience a better view.
"Oh hey Mr. King, we were just keeping this girl company while she waited for dad to pick her up."
Bro said, in a calm voice.
"Is that what your doing Mark, just keeping her occupied until daddy shows up huh?"
Mr. King replied sarcastically.
"Yeah, we didnt want her to wander off before her dad got here, something bad could happen to her."
Todd spoke up from under the girl, as he was starting to slowly stroke his cock in her ass again.
"Wellll, park rules do say that you can't leave young children unattended, so I guess I'll allow it," Mr. King said, as his swim trunks began to tent," but I better stick around just make sure she's taken care of if her daddy dont show up."
"Sure, we don't mind Mr.K, you can help us keep her entertained." Mark said, as he he joined his friend in returning to fucking the girl.
With that apparently decided, Mr. K discarded his whistle, and also dropped his trunks, revealing a rapidly swelling cock, stroking it as he advanced.
Todd and Mark shared a triumphant high five as the black man joined them, grabbing the girls hair and pulling her face up, first to roughly kiss her, then to force his cock into her mouth. His dick was much bigger than the two teens had been, but after her treatment earlier it is no surprise he is able to force himself down her throat with relative ease. He isnt able to fit his whole length into her mouth, stopping halfway along his shaft, but that doesn't stop him from rapidly fucking her face just as hard as they had been.
Brian could see her throat bulging with every stroke he made, and once again he had to fight down his urge to cum, and out of the corner of his eye he saw his dad doing the same, pausing his strokes and he tensed, before it passed and he returned to his slow jerking.
After a few minutes of this arrangement, Todd suddenly slapped Mark's thigh lightly, and both boys pulled out of the girl, leaving her gaping even more than before, the flesh around her asshole turning purplish from the abuse. Mr. K also stepped back, allowing Mark to lift the girl off him as he panted and held a tight grip on the base of his cock, apparently holding back from cumming.
"Woooh, I need to take a break or I'm gonna blow." Todd said as he got up from the bench.
"Yeah, me too," Mark added,"Think you can handle her by yourself for a minute Mr.K?" Passing the girl to the black man.
Taking her, he said,"Psshaw, let me show you little boys how it's done!"
He sat on the bench legs wide, and he held the girl facing away from him, one under her knees and holding her opposite thigh, he held her up as he guided her abused ass down onto his dick. As she slid down his shaft she groaned in discomfort, then stiffened as he apparently hit a wall inside her, stopping halfway down his length. Then he lifted her back up, almost off his cock with just the tip of his head still in her, then dropped her back down on it.
She stopped again, yelping in pain, just a little bit further down his shaft, and he did it again, slowly raising up, and dropping her back down, slowly getting his cock deeper into her, like hammering a fence post into the ground.
Finally after much painful yelping on the girls part, he was balls deep in the girl. He shifted his grip now, pulling her tighter to his chest, her knees pinned to her own chest, her arms wrapped around her legs just under his, as he braced himself with one arm back on the bench he slid his ass forward off it, and started hip thrusting upwards, doing long full strokes pounding his cock up hard into the girl as he let her drop down, bouncing her back up and almost off his dick then back down hard. His balls were swinging up and slapping her pussy every stroke.
He increased his speed and force until her squealing turned into just wuffs of exhaling as he must have been literally rearranging her insides.
He kept this up a surprising amount of time before slacking off, but immediately changed tactics, scooting back to sitting on the bench he put her in a full nelson, his arms around her knees and hands locked behind her head, spreading her legs out to display her pussy and her asshole stretched around his cock, the top of her head not even reaching his chin. Resuming pounding her down on his cock, Brian could now see her stomach bulge from his dick every down stroke.
As this was transpiring, the scene pulled out again to show more people had walked into the shower room and were watching now. A middle-aged but relatively fit man had come in and was in his underwear and pumping his long cock, and a man and a younger boy, who Brian recognized were the father and son from the first video they watched, stood with their trunks tenting from their hard ons.
Breathing heavily, Mr K stopped fucking the girl, letting her rest on his lap with his dick still buried in her.
"Okay, wants next round?" He asked his audience.
The father and son duo grinned at each other and dropped their shorts as they approached the bench.
Mr K just let the girl slide off his lap as he stood up, her wobbly legs collapsed under her as fell face forward into floor, and she slid off his cock with a slurping sound and an audible pop as it came free from her bowels. She laid there as Mr K stepped aside, and the boys father simply picked her up like a wet noodle, holding her around her waist as he took his position, sitting straddling the bench.
He wasted no time in pushing his own big cock in the girls asshole, then spread her legs open, pushing them to the outside of his own, and held her steady as his son, with his smaller cock lined up with her as of yet unused pussy.
The dad reached down and spread her lips, as the son took the invitation as sunk into her.
They both started slow, but picked up the pace quickly. Within a minute the dad was rolling his hips hard to punch his cock up her hole, while the son was frantically stroking his dick into her pussy so fast his ass was a blur.
They both continued a few minutes more of this before the son had to pull out, grasping his balls and pinching the base of his prick barely holding the cum in his leaking cock.
"Next!" The dad said with a chuckle, pushing the girl forward to lay with limbs hanging face forward on the bench.
The middle aged man stepped forward, his cock waving, and mounted the bench behind the girl.
Leaving her laying as she was, he sunk his long cock to the hilt in her ass, and this time, the girl too exhausted and worn out, she didnt make a sound except a small grunt. Hands on her shoulders, he did full strokes in her ass, coming completely out, then sinking back in, over and over again, before gripping her around the throat and at her waist he sank fully into her, and stood up, his cock embedded in her and holding her horizontally over the floor began pumping into her like he was holding a large fleshlight.
Her limbs flopping limply he began to pound her violently like a sex toy, before tensing up and huffing, he suddenly yanked her off his cock he set dropped her to the floor, holding her upright by her hair, he aimed his cock at her face and with a couple pumps, started blasting her face with cum, ropes splattering across her cheeks and open mouth.
This it seems was the signal for the others, who had been jerking their cocks watching the performances , to step up and blow their loads too.
Mark and Todd moved forward and both jacked off over face until their own loads shot out, covering one of her eyes and dripping down her chin respectively, the Mr K replaced them, his thick cum dripping out to fall on her forehead, then the father and son came forward, the boys adding his spurts to her already coated face, but the dad contributed his many jets of sperm by aiming at her neck and chest, giving her an impressive glaze across her upper body.
The whole time this preteen bukkake was happening the middle aged man had kept his position holding up the girl, while stroking his still hard cock watching the others cum on her.
Apparently he wasnt quite done, and forced his cock into her mouth, grunted as his cock pulsed another load directly down her throat. Pulling out he flicked the last couple drops on her face as she weakly coughed up the semen she couldn't swallow.
"Well look at what a mess you made little girl, we can't let you go home looking like this, gonna have to give you a shower", the middle aged man remarked, but instead of dragging her to the shower stalls, he instead sat her down on the floor and propped her against the bench.
His then aimed his softening cock at her again, and this time let loose a stream of piss at her face.
"Come on boys, you helped make the mess, you should help clean it up" he said as his stream slackened.
Whooping, Todd and Mark high fived again, then all five of the rest of the men( and boy) stepped up to drench the girl with the contents of their bladders.

His Dad started grunting beside him again, bucking his hips and cumming again, this time he grabbed Brian's with his left hand, and hips backings, turned slightly and now his thick spurts of cum landed right on Brian's groin, coating his cock and balls while Brian's hand flew up and down his own cock, lubricating his strokes with his dads cum. Nearly at the edge of his own orgasm watching the golden shower on the screen, Brian couldn't have stopped jerking now if he had wanted, he had held back too many times already. His dad pushed him over the final edge by moving his hand up from Brian's thigh to cup his ballsack with a light squeeze. With that, he came for the third time that night, harder than he came both times before. His cum was thinner and watery now, but beyond that even after he stopped spurting he was still orgasming, dry humping the air as his cock tried to push out more cum that wasnt there, and it felt like his balls must have been sucked up into his dick, it was almost painful. Body still soasming, his eyes had never left the screen through the whole thing.

After they were done, the middle aged man picked the girls discarded towel, and started drying her off.
"Well guys, thanks for keeping an eye on her, but I've got to take Stacey home now." The middle aged man said, as the other gathered up their trunks and filed out the room, and he himself was putting back on the slacks and button up shirt he had apparently discarded earlier. The girl was sitting exhausted against the bench, and as soon as her father was done dressing, he grasped her by the arm and lifted her up until she was wobblingly standing up.
"Okay baby, let's go home." And making no effort to cover her up, he took her hand and led her, walking shakily and wet, out of the room.
Scott hit stop on the VCR right as the screen went black, and exhaled heavily. Then he turned to address his son, " Well, I dont know about you but I think that's about all I can handle tonight. But hey, what did you think?" He asked Brian.
He was still in shock. His cock was completely limp, despite the fact he was still trying to stroke it absentmindedly, his dads hand was still fondling his sore balls, and he was covered in a mix of both their sperm.
He had just had the best orgasm of his life to the most debauched porn he had ever seen, even beyond that the center of it all had been a child.
So he said the only thing he could.
"Holy shit that was awesome!"
His dad grinned and stood up, "Well we better get cleaned up and get to bed, we have a long day tomorrow unpacking."
Brian stood up too, on shaky legs.
His dad turned to face him, looking up slightly at his taller son. He gripped Brian by the shoulders, and told him, " I am so glad you found that stuff, you have no idea how long I've wanted to share it with you." And with that he pulled him into a tight hug.
Brian hesitated at first, the familiar fatherly bear hug clashed with the fact they were both naked, and he could feel their junk touching, but then let go of it and hugged his dad back just as hard.

Helping Move In part 3 Rachett 22/05/09(Mon)18:38 No. 27606 ID: 753fd9

Brian awoke the next morning after a night of strange dreams in a very uncomfortable position.
Having passed out naked on top of the unmade bed, laying on his stomach he had the most painful case of morning wood he had ever had. He was still covered in dried cum residue despite his attempts last night to wipe it off, and it pulled and cracked on his skin.
His cock was still sore from the abuse it had been put through the night, but his dreams had cause it to swell again, but trapped under his body it was bent at an odd angle, and now felt like bad muscle cramp, while his balls felt like they had a knot in them.
Groaning and exhausted, he managed to flip over on the bed. Now free, his dick, jutting as stiff as a rod, pulsed involuntarily. His usual solution to this issue was to jerk off, but on grasping it in his normal manner he found it far to sensitive, flesh still slightly raw and tingly like just after cumming. After several moments it still didnt seem to be fading despite the pain, which was building like a bad case of blue balls. Also needing to piss badly, he haggardly rose from the bed and staggered past the maze of unpacked boxes to the bathroom, tugging down on his balls in an effort to ease his discomfort.
The bathroom was also partially cluttered with half empty boxes, but he made it to the toilet without issue. What was an issue, was his erection still persisted, and attempting to push it down to an angle to piss into bowl brought sharp pain through his testicles. Giving up, he instead stepped into the shower stall and, bracing himself, turned it on cold full blast and stood in the stream. After several minutes of this, despite shivering all over, his adamantium boner still refused to back down.
'Where was this when I needed it all year during hookups at college?' He thought to himself bitterly.
His bladder was now demanding release, and with no other option, he tried to piss. It was agony as he dribbled out a few drops, burning down his shaft, and he had to force himself to try and piss harder, straining like he was forcing a golf ball down a garden hose, before finally a steady stream started flowing. Once that dam broke it was like a firehose, the sound of his piss hitting the wall of the stall overpowering the shower itself for a moment.
Once his bladder was empty, his erection finally started to wither, though his balls still ached.
Switching to warm water, he quickly washed off last night's traces, shampooing twice to get all the clumps of his dried cum out from his hair.
After finishing he had to stand in the stall for a few minutes to let himself dry, as he had forgot to grab a towel.
His cock hadnt deflated entirely, still half-swollen but limp and flexible at least.
Impatient, he shook himself like a dog to get as much of the water off himself, then left the bathroom in search of a towel and some clothes.
Finding a dish towel in an open box, he went back to his room and patted himself dry while digging through his own poorly labeled things until he found some underwear, jeans and a tshirt.
It took some gentle rearranging to get the jeans on and zipped up over his half-mast dick, and he was left with an obvious bulge, but what could he do?
Now feeling hungry, he prowled his way to the kitchen, hoping to find what was left of his pizza from the night before.
Disappointed, he found nothing was left, and a note left by his father:

Hey, Brian, had to do some errands this morning, didnt wake you, figured I would let you sleep in after last night, left you some cash, there is a diner at the end of the road that has a decent breakfast. I should be back late afternoon, we will talk then.
Thanks for the pizza,
Love Dad.

Reading it, Brian began thinking about what had happened last night, up to this point he had been consciously avoiding it.
He hurried to the living room, to see his and his dads clothes where they had left them, the VCR still set up, but no tapes. He then popped over to the garage, but in the big box of VHSs, the smaller box that contained his fathers stash of illegal porn was gone.
He didn't bother looking elsewhere. He didnt know the house, and his dad might have just taken them with him. Which made sense. He had already made a big mistake leaving them where he had, and no matter how enthusiastic Brian had been last night watching them with him, he couldn't count on his son not having some post-nut clarity and guilt the next morning and possibly call the authorities.
Which to be fair, Brian was having some of both.
But those feelings were pushed back by the growing longing to watch more. As he thought more about it, he could feel his arousal growing, still painful, and even more so by his restrictive pants.
Taking a deep breath and clearing his mind, he decided what he needed was to get out of the house and something to eat. Grabbing his car keys and the $50 his dad had left, he got in his beat up old Mustang, and pulled out the driveway, heading in for that fabled diner. Shocked to see that according to his dash clock it was almost noon already, he drove down the road, passing very spaced out houses at regular intervals half hidden into the woods.
The area was essentially a stretched out suburb, not quite rural but giving the impression of it, while being conveniently near a lot of the conveniences of a town nearby. He had grown up a couple miles away in the town proper, in the house where his mom still lived, out here was where a lot of the 'rich' people lived. This county had become sort of a mecca for a bunch of, really, middle managers and career professionals from big citiy to come out and live it up bigger than they could afford to back in LA.
A lot of 'Hollywood' people, that worked in the industry as accountants, contractors, plumbers for the stars, lawyers, high enough up the chain to be the bosses of their little domains and making enough money to be classed as rich anywhere but by the inflated standards of LA, but who were not famous themselves and never likely would be even know outside their professional circles. But they worked daily with the real big wigs, had met a lot of the big stars, and out here they could emulate the kind of lifestyle they couldn't ever quite achieve but envied daily.
And the 'locals' had been only too happy to indulge them over the last twenty years or so as a replacement for the fast disappearing factory jobs, and old farmers who couldn't compete with Big Ag, not with their kids forsaking the family farm for easier money in the city, could get big returns for their retirement by parceling out their land for crazy money to folks fleeing the city the last couple of decades. The house his dad was living in now had been an old farmhouse, owned by an uncle, who had sold out the rest of his land years ago for all the little mansions to be built that Brian was passing now. But he had held onto his own house until he was sure his own kids were not interested in coming back to take it over, so when the divorce was finalized and Scott was looking for a new place, he had sold it to him at a steep 'family discount' to at least keep it in the family, then retired to Florida.
His dad could likely have afforded to pay more, as after retiring from the local sheriff's office, he had started a little security company provided service to all of these high end properties in the county.
Reaching the diner, which was styled like one of those old 50s types, he was surprised to see it was practically empty. Inside there was only a couple of Hispanic dudes at a far table, who looked like lawnmowers, but Brian didn't want to stereotype.
Picking a random seat at the long counter, settling down gingerly so as not to distress his genitals too much, he waited for the little waitress who was wiping down the other end of the counter to notice him while he inspected the menu that was scrawled across a large whiteboard on the wall behind it.
"What can I help you with sir?" The girl asked as she approached him, order pad out and ready, and as he shifted focus to her, he felt a sense of recognition.
Apparently she did too, but got there quicker as she suddenly exclaimed, "Brian!", and smiled warmly at him as she quickly made her way around the counter to him. He quickly stood, wincing slightly, as he tried to sort out who she was.
Unexpectedly, she hugged him, her head barely at his chest as she tried to wrap her arms around him, but was foiled in that, not because he was particularly large around, but because her massive tits that pressed into his stomach kept her from doing more than getting her hands on his back and squashing her tits between them. Surprised, he awkwardly hugged her lightly back as she excitedly bounced and squealed. Finally pulling back from squeezing against him, and looking up at him, it finally clicked how he knew her.
The cute face, straight black hair, olive skin, squeaky girly voice, the general demeanor of a happy chipmunk, short height, all were clues, but he was somewhat embarrassed that it was the massive tits that were what jogged his memory. Hidden under the too large apron, at first you could mistake her for being chubby, but that was just because of the way everything was forced to hang off of breasts the size of watermelons on a body that belonged otherwise with a petite gymnast. As proven as she stepped back and put her hands on her hips, drawing the apron back against her stomach, and emphasizing how far out those melons were suspended from her body. The joke back in school from the other (jealous) girls was that her tits arrived a few minutes to class before she did.
She had been couple years behind him in high school, and obviously very popular, though not just for the two obvious reasons. She was just generally a very nice person, easy to get along with, fun to talk too, energetic and pleasant, and not unapproachable like many of the conventionally hot girls, who were kind of stuck up in general. Other than her...assets she was a relatively plain looking girl. And she herself had seemed completely unaware of her endowments or their effect.
She of course got the reputation for being kind of easy, unfairly or not, but she certainly didnt have any shortage of possible boyfriends.
He had never really pursued her, but had talked with her relatively frequently and had hung out with her at a couple of parties, the last one he hazily recalled that he got kinda drunk at and remembered getting as far with her as groping her tits under her shirt and a quick blowjob that ended too soon due to her getting nauseous from drinking too much, leaving him with blueballs as he held her hair for her as she puked into a toilet. All and all not the worst date he had been on. That had been shortly before after he started senior year, and he hadnt had the opportunity to hook up with her again. He had heard from friends that right after she started the year, that she had gotten pregnant and her parents pulled her out of school.
He was jolted out of his reverie, by her excitingly how hes been.
"Oh, you know, keeping busy with college stuff," Brian answered, somewhat lamely he thought.
But not to Jessica apparently,
"That's so amazing! I bet it was awesome! What are you studying?" She asked, bouncing on her heels in excitement, which noticeably cause other things to bounce too.
"Well, I haven't really settled on my major yet, but I've been focusing mainly on either business management or computer sciences, both are pretty fun, at least more than the required basic courses."
"That's great! Oh I wish I was able to go, I would have loved to have studied veterinary medicine, but oh well." She shrugged.
"Why not? You can still apply, you haven't graduated high school yet right?"
"Oh, you didnt know? I thought everybody did! I got pregnant, and my parents had me quit school because they said I had to take care of the baby, and they couldn't afford for either of them to quit working to help me and support us. "
" Oh I'm sorry, I didnt realize..."
"No, don't feel sorry for me, little Amy is the best thing that ever happened to me! I wouldn't trade anything for her."
Brian hesitated, then asked,
"Um who is the father, if you don't mind me..."
" Oh , it was Rick Vasquez, we tried to make it work for a while, but he just didn't want to be involved really, then he joined the Army and hasn't spoken to us since. I saw on facebook hes married now though, so hopefully hes happy."
She said that last part without any hint of irony or sarcasm, seemingly totally sincere. She was such a generally nice person that it made Brian feel guilty that while he should be sympathetic for how she was treated, but all his seemingly stuck at half-horny mind could focus on was her massive rack and it had felt in his hands that last time he had seen her.
Dragging his mind back, he decided to change subjects.
"So I'm surprised how slow it is in here right now, I would think lunch would be your busiest time of day?"
"It usually is, but today's Sunday, so it will be pretty dead until church gets out around 1. Speaking of which, I was about to go on break before you walked in, so if you arent starving, you want to come with me to my car, and we can keep catching up?" She asked brightly, clasping her hands behind her back and twisting her hips cutely.
Brian had been pretty hungry actually, but didnt want to be rude so agreed.
" Neat! I can show you some pictures on my phone of Amy, she is just so precious."
She turned and led him through the back of the diner, him walking somewhat stiffly due to the uncomfortable bulge in his pants.
Her car was parked just behind the diner, besides some dumpsters, an old beat up Corolla. She pulled off the apron and threw it in the back seat, and straightened out the faded tshirt she wore under it, once again inadvertently showcasing her top heaviness, her breasts topping a surprisingly flat stomach and narrow waist that flared out into full hips and a nice butt filling out the jean capris she wore. Following behind her it had occured to Brian that she was just as fun to watch walk away as towards him.
As she got into the driver side, she waved him to hurry up and get into the passenger seat as the turned the engine over.
"Come on, it's too hot out here, get in to the AC!"
She said to him as he slid in the seat. The car radio was playing a basic pop station as moderate volume.
He had some awkwardness getting into the small car without crushing his sore balls, ending up with his legs spread not quite naturally and his knee knocking into the door as it closed.
This did not escape Jessica's attention, with her asking concernedly " Are you okay? You were walking funny?"
"Uh, uh, yeah, I just was helping my dad move into his new place all day yesterday, I think I might have pulled something. Just a little sore is all." Brian lied quickly.
"Uh huh, is that so?" She said with a little smirk, then changing topic, " So your dad is living around here now?"
"Yeah, down at the end of that road, in my great uncle's old house."
"That's so cool! That means you can drop in and see me everyday! That would be fun."
"Yeah, it would be, I forgot how nice it was to talk to you."
She smirked again at that.
"Well I certainly remember how nice it was talking to you too, I really remember how nice things started the last time we 'talked', and I think you remember too?" She giggled and bit her lip as she gestured at my crotch, the bulge in my jeans even more obvious now.
Embarrassed, Brian blushed and tried to cover his crotch with his hands, stuttering put an apology.
Jessica giggled, " Dont be embarrassed, I'm the one who should be, things were going so well that night then I messed it all up by puking everywhere. And were so nice afterward even though I know I left you frustrated. I was so embarrassed afterward I couldn't even look at you for weeks, then I never saw you again."
She reached over pushed her hand past mine to lay it on my crotch.
" So uh, how about I make it up to you, and help you with your little problem?"
Without waiting for my answer, she started unzipping my pants, and then slipped her hand into them to start fondling my dick through my boxers.
"Pull your pants down and I'll finish what I started last time, deal?" She purred at me.
Groaning, and ignoring the tenderness of my junk, I complied as quickly as possible, unbuttoning and shoving my pants and boxers down quickly, as Jessica leaned over the center console, her tits flowing over it, and hovered her face over my crotch.
Her warm hand held the base of my dick, and she smiled at me before lowering her mouth toward it, pausing a moment, and saying," Hold my hair".
Before wrapping her lips around the head.
I complied, using both hands to pull her hair back into a ponytail, giving me an unobstructed view as she slowly took more of my aching cock into her warm mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down, her lips meeting her fist as she used one hand to stroke from the base halfway up my length, feeling her tongue swirling around my cockhead. With her other hand she started to lightly tickle my balls with the tips of her fingers, sending shocks up my body from my tender sack.
I held her hair lightly, not pressing or pulling on her head, but apparently that was the wrong thing, as she briefly stopped tickling my sack to reach back and grab one of my wrists, and start pulling up and pushing down in time with her bobbing head. Getting the hint, I started pulling harder, then pushing down when I felt her lips move down my shaft. She started humming approvingly, and started taking more of my length as my pressure increased slowly moving her hand out of the way until her lips touched my base and I could feel her throat around my dick. She had shifted from tickling my balls to lightly tugging on my sack, and her other hand now free, she pull up on the hem of her tshirt, pulling it up over her tits. She came up off my cock long enough to sit up briefly, pop the clasp at the front of her white bra and let her breats spill out.
"Touch my tits", she gasped then went back to throating my cock. Panting now, I took one hand off her head to reach around fondle one of her huge soft boobs, circling one finger around her small areola, while kneading it with the rest of my hand.
This seemed to excite her, as she increased her tempo. I was nearly slamming her face into my crotch as my hips buckled up to meet her mouth, my erection painful again, and I could feel my orgasm building slowly, achingly in my testicles, like there was a plug in a tube that was being slowly forced thru in front of an impossible pressure.
He gasped a warning that he was about to cum, but she just hummed an affirmation and sucked harder.
After what felt like agonizing minutes, he finally came, forcing what felt like a cork out his urethra, and unloaded in her sucking mouth. Like when he was pissing earlier, it felt like a firehose was blasting out his dick. But despite this, Jessica's mouth remained locked around the head of his penis, tongue still swirling around it as she made audible gulping sounds and her cheeks hollowed from suction. This kept going for a seemingly impossible time, until Brian was just twitching from the prolonged orgasm, before he finally stopped cumming. Jessica stayed sucking for a moment longer, before slowly pulling away, lips pressed tightly together as they left his prick, before making one last hard swallow, and letting out a satisfied exhale.
"Mmmm yummy, do you normally cum that much, or was that all just because of me?" She giggled again, opening her mouth wide to show me she had swallowed it all.
" This was definitely a very special occasion", Brian responded weakly.
"Good answer" she said, the leaned in for a kiss.
Brian met her lips, and they made out deeply for several minutes as he squeezed her tits in both hands and she lightly stroked his softening cock.
Amazingly, all the pain he had been feeling was fading rapidly with his erection.
She broke away finally, reclasping her bra and stuffing her breasts back into it before pulling her shirt down. Brian reluctantly pulled his pants back up, they no longer being so uncomfortable at the crotch.
Briefly fixing her hair in the rear view mirror, Jessica turned to him and said,
"Well, that was my lunch taken care of, how about we go back inside and I will fix you something up?"

Anonymous 22/06/06(Mon)02:42 No. 27613 ID: 9e67ec

I sincerely hope we see more of this!

Excellent so far

Anonymous 22/06/11(Sat)07:20 No. 27614 ID: c945dd

Good stuff.

Can't wait for the main character to be introduced to little Amy.

Helping Move In part 4 Ratchett 22/06/12(Sun)12:17 No. 27615 ID: 5bf3df

Following Jessica back in the diner, still floating in the afterglow of the best blowjob he had ever had, he tried to act casual, but had that gnawing paranoia that everyone would know what just happened.
The diner now was completely empty, though, other than the other employees, two older ladies and the cook, a large older man, who were all hanging out chatting and smoking in the kitchen in violation of health codes.
They barely acknowledged Jessica's perky wave at them as she guided me back to a seat at the counter.
Tying her apron back on, she took my order of a burger and fries, interrupting the cooks smoke break, and returned to the counter to continue the conversation from before she sucked my soul out through my dick.
We idly chit chatted about former schoolmates, common interests and current events as my burger was delivered, and despite her earlier statement at my having provided her lunch already, she still stole most of my fries.
Shortly however, cars started filling up the parking lot,(nice ones, he noticed) and well dressed churchgoers started filtering in, some families but mostly trending older.
It was soon swamped in the diner, and Brian finished his burger, but Jessica being currently busy taking orders he had to flag down one of the other two to pay, and got up from the counter. Spotting Jessica, he waited to catch her eye and when he did, he waved and gestured that he was leaving. She quickly hurried over to him and order pad in one hand, gave him a quick side hug and asked him to drop by tomorrow, then had to hurry back to taking orders from impatient customers.
Making his exit, and lacking any better idea, he got in his car and headed back to the house.

Pulling into the driveway, he noted his dads truck was still absent. Entering the house, the heat of the day had noticeably overwhelmed the central AC, set at a fatherly efficient 75, leaving a muggy feeling.
Disregarding the financial crisis that would undoubtedly be triggered by it, he immediately lowered the set temp down to 67 in an attempt to rectify the sensation of drinking the air.
Waiting for the temp to lower, and lacking a better way to spend the time, he started poking through the various boxes piled around the living room.
Though mainly out of mild curiosity, he couldn't deny an alternative motive of, having stumbled upon one big secret, of possibly finding more.
Finding a box full of his dads memorabilia, it tracked the history of the typical late 80s-90s rural male, highschool yearbooks and football trophies, photos from his service in the Army, post Desert Storm and pre-2000, his police academy graduation portrait, various letters and commendations from his 20 years as a Deputy. Family portraits, wedding photos , and newest, a framed copy of the divorce letter.
Nothing that noted where and how he started jerking to kids being fucked.
Looking at the family photos of him and his sister as young children, he had an uncomfortable feeling wondering if his dad had been jerking to those videos at the same timeframe he had been shuttling them to school events or hosting sleepovers.
Judging by recent events, had he been jerking it thinking about young Brian?
Looking with a fresh perspective, he realized he was himself getting a bit aroused looking at his little sister in photos of her in a one piece swimsuit at ta waterpark when they were little, unable to keep his mind from bringing up the images of a little girl being gang banged and wondering how she would look getting the same treatment.
Snapping back to reality, he breathed deeply, and tearing his mind from those thoughts, he put the various things back in the box and took it to his fathers room.
And so he spent the next couple of hours, checking boxes contents, then moving them to the proper areas to be properly unpacked later. He had managed to clear most of the living room and was starting on the garage when his dad returned.
Coming through the door from the garage, he found his dad in the kitchen, dropping a couple of grocery bags on the limited clear space on the counter.
"Hey, champ, good work on the house! Sorry I was out and about for so long, but I picked up some things we needed, like actual food and such, and..." Scott narrated as he unpacked the bags, and upon reaching that verbal cliffhanger, with a flourish he pulled out a purple tube and tossed it at Brian. "That, which should come on handy for tonight's festivities." Scott finished with a grin.
Brian had reflexively caught the object, and turning it over in his hands, found it was a tube of Astroglide gel. Suddenly apprehensive about what exactly the 'festivities' might entail, Brian asked:
"Uh how exactly is this going to help?"
"Haha, well I don't know about you but jacking it dry always leaves my prick raw. After last night I felt like I had rubbed off with sandpaper. That should smooth things out a bit." His dad noted Brian's obvious relief at this and added with a chuckle:
"Don't worry your butthole is safe tonight."
With that his dad went back to unloading groceries, leaving Brian holding the lube and his wind wheeling with the open ended implications of that last statement.
Off put and lacking any better idea, he went back into the garage to continue his previous task, tucking the tube into a pocket.
After reorganizing the clutter for a while, he returned to living room and was mildly shocked to walk in to see Scott pants less, at half mast, with the box of VHSs sitting on top of the VCR.
Wearing only his wife beater undershirt, Scott turned to Brian as he entered.
"Well, ready to get back to it bud? I've been thinking all day about what we should watch tonight."
Brian stood unmoving, unable to avert his gaze from his dads crotch as his fathers cock visibly hardened from half-mast to full erection.
"Well bud? Dont just stand there, toss me the lube and drop 'em, I ready to get this going. I got some good shit to show you."
This broke Brian's stun lock, and the possibility of seeing more of the debauchery from last night flooded him with a sudden burst of excitement.
He quickly pulled the lube tube from his pocket and tossed it on the couch, for the first time noticing that his dad had thrown large towels over the cushions, then quickly shucked his jeans and was soon matching his dad, standing in just his tshirt with his hardening prick swelling.
Walking to join his dad at the couch, he was again surprised when his father once again pulled him into a quick bear hug. This one was even more awkward than the night before, as they were both erect this time. He distinctly felt Scott's dick rubbing on his balls, while his bent upward to be trapped between their pressed stomachs. With a quick slap on the back his dad released him.
Brian quickly sat down on the couch, trying to suppress his embarrassment at the genital contact.

His dad picked out a new tape, and put it in. This one once again started out with the long blank screen, before resolving into a close up of a pair of nice tits in a bikini top, slowly zooming out to show they belonged to a hot blonde MILF tanning herself by a large outdoor pool, reclining in a beach chair.
Soon it panned around to show she had an audience for the display, several younger teen boys, around the ages of 13 to 15, not so subtly ogling her as they hung around the shallow end of the pool.
Even their half hearted attempts to feign indifference to her presence by pretending to casually wade about stopped however as she leaned over and grabbed a bottle of tanning lotion and began to sensually rub it over her body, starting at her legs and working up. The boys, all four of them now standing in the pool stock still, staring hard at this.
The woman continued to ignore this, now working the lotion onto her stomach and around her bathing suit bottoms, occasionally pulling them up to get under them, teasing what was underneath but not revealing anything.
She picked up the bottle again, but stopped, apparently finding it empty.
Suddenly she turned herself to the boys, finally acknowledging their existence, causing a bit a start to them as the tried to pretend they hadnt been staring this whole time by awkwardly making moves to indicate they been swimming.
The women grinned at them, pulling her sunglasses down slightly to better eye the swim trunks only wearing teenagers, then called out to them.
"Hey guys, could one of you take this bottle of lotion away, and maybe someone find me a new one inside? I would appreciate it so much. If you do, maybe one of you could help me rub it on my back for me?"
The boys seemed stunned for moment, then a mad scramble of splashing water ensued as the races each other out of the pool to comply.
One teen came out ahead, and managed to skid to a stop, soaking wet and dripping water splashing everywhere, right in front of her.
Graciously smiling up at him, she extended the bottle toward him. He quickly grabbed it, eager to help.
"Thank you sweetie, but you boys might want to calm down a bit before you come back out, what would the neighbors think if they saw you like this?"
She giggled lightly as she gestured to his waist.
He glanced down, as did his fellows who had now caught up and were clustered around her in a semi-circle, to see that his soaked through swim trunks did nothing to conceal his raging boner, in fact outlining it rather well.
The others were similarly indisposed, with one boy in particular his erection was impressive enough to have poked up above the waistband and was pulling the fabric away from his body, purple head bouncing in the open air.
All the boys then attempted to cover themselves and hide their embarrassment as they shuffled off into the house, to the light laughter of the woman, the boy with the bottle holding it to hide his crotch.
Once inside, they paused,looking at each other, and after a moment another mad dash occurred as they tore through the house, looking for a second bottle.
The first floor came up empty, and they charged up the stairs kicking and pushing at each other, still tracking water throughout the house.
After a frantic search up there also proved futile, they came to congregate on the master bedroom, its wide windows looking down over the pool, and the woman still relaxed in the sun on her lounger, the higher angle showing her off even better for the teens than the pool level view had.
The initial winner, still clutching the empty bottle like a trophy, sighed in frustration.
"Dammit Kev, this is your house, where does your mom keep the lotion?" He exclaimed accusingly at one of the others.
"Hey, if I knew where some was I would gotten it already and taken it to her!" The accused Kev responded.
"Hey wait, she's your mom Kev, why are you so hyped for her? Hell, are you sporting a stiffy from your mom?" A third boy crowed at him mockingly.
"N-no, shut up Bill!" Kev said, blatantly lying as proved by the pronounced tent in his shorts that he was failing to conceal as he blushed bright red and tried to turn away.
"Haha, Kev is a mommy's boy! Like to look at your mommy's titties Kevin? Do you jerk off after she tucks you in at night?" The last boy joined in on needling his friend, speaking in a mock baby voice.
"You shut up too Chris, you are all hard too!"
"Yeah, but that's okay, she's not our mummy." Bill shot back, stretching out the last word in a mocking lovey dovey tone.
As Kev got redder in the face and drew a deep breath to fire back an angry response, the first boy, who had stayed out of the brewing row so far, distracted and thinking as he held the empty bottle and gazed out the window to the form below, barked out an admonition that halted Kevs explosion.
"Hey, cut it out guys, none of that matters if we can't find more lotion!"
"Well, we couldn't find any, so what do you want to do Jason?"
Jason, now the defacto leader of this little crew, bit his lip in thought.
"Wellll, if we can't find another bottle of lotion, maybe we could refill it?"
"With what?" Billy asked, "Its not like there is a big bucket of lotion to fill it with either."
"Maybe just add some water? Like with your shampoo, there is always a bit left in the bottom the the little pump cant reach."Chris suggested.
"No, that would leave it all thin, it would be useless, it would just be runny." Kev said.
Jason snapped his fingers, and grinning, declared his idea like it was a stroke of genius.
"How about we fill it with what we want to give to her anyways, huh?" Looking around with smugness at his audience, but met with confused stares from them.
"Uh, what do you mean Jason? We dont have more lotion?" Kev asked.
Exasperated, Jason gestured at first his, then the other swimsuit clad boners, and then spelled out his point when that hint didnt take hold.
"Geez you dumbasses, I mean we fill it with cum then give that to her!"
"Wait, you mean you want to jerk off in the bottle then give it Mrs. Henly?" A dumbstruck Billy asked.
"Ah dude, that's kind of gross" chringed Chris.
"Nah dudes, think about it,our jizz is thick enough it won't water down the lotion, at least mine is, and she told us to calm our peckers down before we went back out, how do you usually get it back down? Two birds with one stone." Jason reasoned it out like he was defending an test answer.
But he could see his audience wasnt convinced, so where reason fails, horniness would step in.
"Look, we do this, and we give her the bottle with our jizz in it, she will be rubbing it all over herself. She will rub our cum on her boobs, on her face... it will like she let us shoot on her ourselves!"
This seemed to hit the mark, as they visualized the thought of his plan.
"Okay, I'm in" Billy huffed out," How we gonna do this? In turns?"
"No, here," Jason said as he twisted the applicator out of the bottle, and set the bottle on the floor in the middle of the floor between the circle of boys, " we all start jerking, when you are ready to blow you pick up the bottle and cum in it, then put it back on the floor for the next guy. And make sure you get everything in the bottle. We dont want to have to clean up any misses."
And with that, Jason tugged his shorts down and started jacking furiously on his exposed erection.
Taking his lead, the others did the same, Kev though somewhat reluctantly.
Billy was fast on the draw, dick in hand and pumping almost before Jason had finished speaking.
Chris was just behind, aided by the fact that his unreasonably overdeveloped penis had already been half out of his shorts and held back only by the elastic, his dick being the one that had been exposed to Mrs Henly before, his shorts dropping to his ankles emphasized how out of proportion his cock and balls were to skinny frame.
Kev was the most reticent, only reaching a hand into his shorts and jerking slowly, hesitating to expose himself.
Jason kept up a steady pace on his prick, a look of concentration on his face. Occasionally he would half turn to glance at Mrs Henly outside by the pool behind him, but otherwise focused like a man on a mission.
Billy on the other hand sidled sideways a little closer to the window to get a better view, groaning as he watched her below, and quickened his pace.
Chris, opposite Billy, just kept his eyes closed, apparently more satisfied with his perverse imagination than the actual reality out the window.
Kev, furthest from the window had no easy view of his mother, and was awkwardly jacking to the view of his three friends with their cocks out.
Shortly, Jason started grunting, and hurriedly plucked the bottle from the floor.
He stopped jacking momentarily, to line up and press the tip of his cock to the bottles opening, then began panting as he blew his load into it, each pulse hitting the inside of the bottle with plasticky hollow thuds.
He came for a good several seconds, then squeezed his cock to force the last couple drops in, but before he could place it back on the ground, Billy snatched it from his hand, and groaning is rasping breaths pushed his cock to the bottle and let his load fly.
A repeat of Jason, the his cum could be heard splashing into the bottle.
Billy was still cumming hard into the bottle as Chris stepped forward, his hand making short hesitant jerks as he tried to hold back until Billy was done, but appeared impatient as his friend took to long, grabbing onto the bottle and turning it to his cock.
Billy, indignant, held onto it as his tip was knocked out of line with the hole and a spurt of cum splattered over the rim and his hand.
Chris ignored this as he lined himself up, his wide cockhead bigger in diameter than the bottle itself, and sighed as he unleashed what sounded like a water faucet into the bottle.
"I wasnt done yet!" Billy yelled, as he wrenched the bottle back to his cock, a vice grip on his cock holding back the remainder of his load.
This caused Chris to shoot a stream of thick jizz that missed the bottle and struck Billy in the thigh before he was able to clamp down on the flow himself.
Billy didn't seem to notice as he was too focused on releasing his pent up cum into the bottle.
He had barely finished when Chris finally tore the bottle from his hand, leaving his cock to drip its last few drops on the carpet, and Chris went back to filling it with what seemed like a gallon of cum.
Finally finished, a twitching Chris extended the bottle toward Kev.
Kev didnt take it, still jacking furiously in his shorts.
"Come on Kev, dont puss out on us." Jason told him.
"Yeah, take it, hurry up." Chris added, shaking the bottle at him.
"I dont know. It feels kinda gay." Kev stated his misgivings.
"Dude, your the only one who thinks that, so if you dont cum in the bottle, that means your the gay one!"
Billy struck back with impeccable teenage logic.
So shamed, Kev grabbed the bottle and freed his cock,giving a it a couple more seconds of swift pumping, added his load to the collection.
After draining his nut, he sat the bottle on the floor.
Still recovering, the boys awkwardly stayed standing in the loose circle, softening cocks still dangling exposed, for a few moments before Jason retrieved the applicator and screwed it back into the now suspiciously warm bottle.
Pulling up swim trunks and tucking themselves back into them, without a word the group went back downstairs and marched out to the pool to the waiting Mrs. Henly.
In a bout of post nut clarity and nervousness they let Jason lead the way with the bottle.
"Here you go ma'am" Jason said as he shakily handed her to the bottle.
"Oh thank you sweetie...but oh my gosh, look at the time, I gotta go get ready. Bye boys." She said to the visibly disappointed teens as she jumped up from the lounger, sitting the bottle beside it before walking back into the house, them watching her swaying buttocks as she left.
Dejected, they absently wandered back into the pool, their perverted hopes dashed.
But a few moments later they perked up and looked around as they heard the patios sliding glass door opening again, expecting to see Mrs. Henly returning. But to their surprise it was a different blonde walking out clad in a small two piece bikini.
It was a now 11 year old Stacey, bouncing happily out to the lounger her mom had just left.
She waved at them absently as she settled onto it, then reached for the bottle.
The boys all held their breaths as the perky girl squirted out a large amount of the suspiciously chunky cream and started applying it to her legs, in imitation of what her mother had done so seductively earlier. They watched in amazement as she spread it liberally over her skin, her long coltish legs soon shining.
She pumped out another palm full to rub over her stomach and waist, her hands dipping under her light blue bottoms fabric to spread it on the skin concealed under there.
She went back for a third handful, and they watched with baited breath as she smoothed it over her arms, then her chest, her hands gliding under the top to coat her puffy developing breasts.
Then one last moderate palm of the mixture she spread over her face, working it into the skin.
She made a slight face, as if she had detected an odd smell, but then appeared to dismiss it as she settled back in to recline in the sun.
The boys remained stock still at this performance, heads bobbing just above the water, before looking in disbelief at each other.
There gaze was dragged back at the girl though as she rose from the lounger to resettle herself on her stomach, striking a pose at one point on her hands and knees emphasizing her perk puffy titties and miniature Sasha Grey-like ass, bikini bottoms stretched taut over the flesh.
She soon settled down. But then rose onto to her elbows to look over at the boys in the pool.
All promptly sank deeper into the water until only their eyes stayed above.
"Hey Kev, could you come help me? I need you to put lotion in my back.Please?" She said imploringly, almost in a whining tone, as she picked up and shook the despoiled bottle at him.
Three pairs of eyes swiveled to stare at a now on the spot Kev, who raised sputtering out of the water.
"Uh, why do you need me? Do it yourself brat."
Kev retorted in standard big brother instinct toward an annoying sibling.
"Because I cant reach everywhere and I dont want to burn!" Now Stacey was in full whining mode.
"Okay, fine if will shut you up!" Kev rose angrily from the water and marched dripping to the lounge.
Stacey happily set the bottle down and resettled back on her stomach, face turned away from the pool, satisfied with getting her way.
Kev, now standing beside the lounger, and ignored by Stacey, hesitated before picking up the bottle.
Glancing at his friends in the pool, he saw them grinning back at him.
He apparently just realized the flaw in the plan Jason had concocted, as to rub the lotion into the girls back required him to handle their combined cum.
Now stuck in the teenage conundrum of if he backed out now he would be a chicken, but to proceed would mean he was gay.
His friends in the pool were now sarcastically standing and motioning for him to do it, with Chris doing the Karate Kid 'wax on, wax off' motions.
Appropriately challenged, Kev picked up the bottle and squirted a generous wad of chunky cream into his palm.
Retching, he sat down next to his sister on the lounge and started smearing it on the middle of her lower back.
Slowly he rubbed it around in circles across her skin, as Stacey sighed in contentment.
As soon as it was evenly spread around he made an attempt to stand up.
"Hey, your not done! You gotta do more than that or I will tan unevenly!"
Grumbling, Kevin reluctantly put another glob in his palm.
" Do my shoulders now." Stacey demanded, then reached behind her to untie her tops strings behind her shoulder blades and neck, leaving them dangling, the only thing keeping the top in place being trapped between her and the lounge.
Kev was now very focused, and so were the other boys, who were now at the pools edge holding themselves out of the water on their elbows.
Kev smeared the cream on her back between her shoulder blades and started working it around.
He got to the top of her shoulders then down her arms, and hesitated slightly before getting her sides under her arm pits, obviously copping a feel of sideboob. Getting no objection, he lingered in this area for longer than necessary.
"Okay, now get further down." Stacey ordered, reaching down, she pulled the ties at the sides of her bikini bottoms, loosening them, then rolled the back down to exposed half her asscheeks.
Kevin excitedly repositioned himself, his boxers tenting again, and straddled Stacey's knees.
This time he put healthy servings of cream in both hands, disgust pushed aside by the opportunity to fondle the girls ass.
A loud snap broke Brian's tunnel vision on the video, bringing him back to earth, glancing to the side he saw his dad with the lube squeezing a dollop out onto his hand. Passing it to Brian, Scott added:
"Better get ready, it's about to kick off."
Brian followed his fathers instruction, as he turned back to the screen in anticipation.
Kev was kneading his hands into the exposed area of buttocks, his thumbs dipping into the crack and spreading it slightly.
The other boys had now pulled themselves out of the pool, and were now standing beside the lounger, looking down at the girl and her brothers groping, their cocks out and being slowly stroked.
Kev, now emboldened, threw caution to the wind and tugged Stacey's bottoms down completely, fully exposing her butt before taking a cheek in each hand squeezing.
Stacey gasped and lifted herself up on her hands, head whipping around as her puffy tits were exposed by the falling bikini top.
She gasped again as she saw three dicks pointing at her.
Jason nearest her face, took advantage of her open mouth to snatch her hair and shove his cock in her mouth.
Kev witnessed this, and paused from groping his sisters ass to free his own prick, and proceed to lay it between her asscheeks and start hotdogging her.
Billy grabbed a hand the girl had been flailing ineffectually at Jason and wrapped it around his cock, putting his own hand around hers to force her to jack him off.
Chris seemed content to for now to just watch and work his oversized meat himself.
Kev quickly rutted himself to completion, shooting another blast of cum on Stacey's back.
Chris then roughly pushed him aside, Kev toppling off the lounge, as Chris took his position.
Moving himself forward and sitting on the back of her thighs, Chris took his huge cock and rubbed the head onto the puddle of Kevs cum that had pooled in the small of her back, coating the head.
He then spread her cheeks exposing her asshole, and guided his wet dick to her rosebud.
The camera zoomed in as he pressed into her anus, then suddenly sank halfway down his length as her ass opened up and swallowed his cock.
Jason was still happily thrusting into her throat, and Brian was leaning over squeezing a tit in each hand, Stacey's hand was now a blur as she jacked Brian's cock without assistance now.
She arched her ass up to meet Chris stroking his cock into her asshole.
After a minute of this, Kev still recovering on the sidelines, Chris changed things up. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled Stacey back, ripping Jason and Bill from her mouth and grasp.
Quickly he flipped both of them over, laying on his back and pulling Stacey back on top of him.
Pushing his cock back up her ass, he gripped her hips and started pumping up into her again.
Jason hurried around the lounge and spread her legs before lining up to her now accessible pussy and sank in.
Brian surprisingly straddled her in front of Jason, and pushing his cock down, backed up until he was over her pussy and lowered himself to push his cock in besides Jason's. Jason obliged by leaning himself back, even guiding his friends cock in.
Once all three boys were penetrating two of her holes, they started fucking her in earnest.
All where thrusting hard, timed so that they were fucking in sequence.
Kev was now ready for more, but instead of trying to join the press of bodies stretching her lower holes, he replaced Jason in her mouth.
Grabbing the back of her head, he thrust into her welcoming mouth and started skull fucking her vigorously.
Brian's hand glided smoothly along his lubed shaft as he watched this tableau.
The girl was now enthusiastically fucking back, grinding her butt down onto the huge prick in her ass, to then buck her pussy up to meet the thrusting cocks in her pussy, while tugging Kevs balls with one hand and sneaking a finger up his ass with the other as she gagged on his cock.
Soon all participants were breathing heavily( though with Stacey it was hard to tell if she could breath at all) and soon the they all hit their climaxes.
Chris first, buried under the press of bodies, pushed hard one last time into her ass, balls pulled up and cock visibly pulsing blew his hefty load.
Then Jason and Brian , their cocks rubbing together in her pussy, both sunk deep into her and shuddered as they came together, Brian twisting hard on her tits in his hands, and Jason holding on tightly to Brian's waist as he held himself deep against the now bucking Stacey, as she cummed herself.
Kev had her head pressed tight against his crotch as he emptied himself down her throat, her face reddening from lack of air.
After a brief moment, they began to break apart.
Stacey flopped to the side as Chris pushed her off, his softening cock leaving her ass making a wet sucking noise.
She sat with her legs spread lewdly, cum pouring out both her gaping holes as she coughed up more from her abused throat.
Next to Brian, Scott started to grunt, and holding his hand still, humped up into his fist and started shooting his load, the thick cum dropping heavily down onto his balls as he grunted, eventually coating hand and smearing along the shaft as he continued to hump.
Brian though hadnt hit his peak yet, still languidly stroking as on the screen the MILF returned in a sundress, and seeing Stacey surrounded by limp dicks and leaking cum from every orifice. She screamed angrily at the boys, who now hung their heads in shame as she berated them viciously as she marched across the patio toward them.
She slapped Jason and Bill, grabbed a meek Kevin by the arm, shaking him before turning him around to point him at the house and encouraging him to flee inside with a swift kick in the ass.
She then spun and pushed poor Chris into the pool.
She then rounded on a giggling Stacey and hauled her up, marching her by one arm into the house while spanking her ass with the other, cum dripping from her ass the whole way. At the threshold, Mrs Henly stopped spanking her daughters now rosy cheeks and appeared to sink two fingers up the girls ass before they disappeared inside.

Anonymous 22/07/07(Thu)03:59 No. 27628 ID: 395f9c

I hope there is a lot more of this soon!

Really enjoying it

Ratchett 22/07/23(Sat)04:22 No. 27638 ID: cc17f6

Quick update, still plugging away at next part, but have too many directions I want to go and am having a hard time focusing on one.

In the meantime, what is some things you would like to see possibly happen going forward? No guarantee I could make it work, but it would be fun to see what you guys think.

Anonymous 22/07/23(Sat)16:02 No. 27639 ID: c945dd

Well Jessica has a daughter. Would be nice to see her introduce Brian to the daughter and have Brian teach the daughter about sex. Jessica watching him fuck her daughter approvingly and a mother daughter double blowjob would be cool.

Also sounds like the dad may have taken part in making some of his movies. Maybe Brian could watch one of the old movies with his dad in them, and maybe the dad still have connections to some of the film makers so he could make a few calls and have Brian make an appearance in a new movie?

Anonymous 22/07/28(Thu)02:39 No. 27640 ID: 395f9c


Lots of thoughts on this one. Really enjoying the combination of the events on film and his reactions watching them.

Will he find himself in any of them?

Rachett 22/10/16(Sun)12:38 No. 27697 ID: 50cb81

Just realized in the last part of that I mixed up and called Billy, Brian at several points. Sorry for the confusion.

The scene faded into another one, now inside the house as the mom continued to march the girl into the living room. She pushed Stacey hard up against the arm of a couch, bending her over. One hand still had her two middle fingers sunk knuckle deep in the girls asshole, as the other hand snaked it's way up her back to grab the back of Stacey's neck and force her face into the cushion. Stacey's feet kicked in the air as her mother twisted and pistoned her fingers in her ass as cum continued to leak out around them, and cum was also still streaming out of her pussy to drip on on floor.
"You little slut! You cockwhore bitch! Did you like all those boys filling you up cumslut? Did you like the taste of your brothers cum? Maybe try some more..."
Mrs Henly screamed at Stacey, them ripped her cum coated fingers out of Stacey's ass to smear them over the girls lips, her hand then darted back to swipe over her pussy, coming back to Stacey's face with more cum she then forced in the girls mouth.
"Like the taste? Like the taste of of your cum soaked ass and pussy whore?" Mrs Henly said in a husky growl.
Stacey panted , her face glistening from the smeared juices on it. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue, begging.
"Oh, you want more,bitch?" Stacey nodded her head and giggled.
"Too bad, the rest is mine!" And with that statement, Mrs. Henly dipped her face down to lap at Stacey's holes, dragging her tongue up through her pussy lips and plunging it into her asshole. She repeated this several times, smacking her lips in satisfaction every time she withdrew.
After slathering the girls holes, she reinserted two fingers in each hole, her hand held like a Vulcan salute, and started stroking them in and out vigorously. Stacey was still bent over the arm of the couch, panting and groaning in pleasure, hands gripping the cushions as her mother assaulted her holes.
Her mother was now lightly spanking the girls ass with her free hand, alternating cheeks, the taut young flesh jiggling. Quickly the spanking got harder, and Stacey's ass, which had already been slightly red from the spanking out by the pool, and soon was almost glowing red as her mother brought her hand down with ringing claps over and over again as Stacey yelped with each impact, her body involuntarily flinching away from the pain.
Stacey's mom halted her abuse for a moment, pulling her fingers out of the girl, Stacey's legs shaking and body trembling, from either the pleasure or pain, and commanded her daughter to stay still.
"Your not gonna believe this next bit son, its fucking amazing!" Scott said while coaxing his cock gently back to life, still recovering from his first load of the evening.
Brian was keeping a steady slow rythm on his own tool, the blowjob from Jessica earlier granting him better endurance than he otherwise expected he would have, and remained riveted by the scene.
Mrs. Henly rose and briefly stepped out of frame, coming back moments later with a large leather handbag, out of which she pulled a bottle.
She told Stacey to spread her ass, and the girl complied, gingerly gripping her tender cheeks.
Mrs. Henly popped open the bottle, and squeezed out a generous amount onto Stacey's abused anus, which puckered from contact of the cold liquid.
The mother then drizzled more over her own hand, tossed the bottle down and pushed two fingers back into Stacey's ass. She stroked them in and out for a moment, before adding a third. She pushed in knuckles deep, holding for a moment, before pulling back until just the tips were inside, then punched forward hard, slamming them back in up to the knuckles, eliciting a pained gasp from Stacey. She repeated this action several times until the girl seemed to take it without complaint, then snuck her pinky in, now sodomizing her with four fingers, Stacey groaning in protest as her ass was stretched out.
Mrs. Henly paused again, holding her hand still with fingers still deep, as she grabbed the lube bottle again, and poured out more over her hand and Stacey's asshole.
She then slowly withdrew, just enough to to allow her to position her thumb properly, then slowly sank back in with all her fingers, twisting her hand as she did, trying to drill her whole hand up the young girls ass.
Stacey was panting and gasping, whining quietly as her mother pushed her hand up to the knuckles into her, her sphincter fighting the intruder, as Mrs. Henly pushed harder, trying to force her hand in.
Finally, her hand pushed through, sinking to the wrist as the girl stiffened and sucked in a long ragged breath.
"Oh yeah," Brian's dad groaned, his prick back to full hardness, " Stretch that ass out."
Brian's breath caught as he watched, and willed himself to not start jacking furiously, wanting to see how it played out before letting himself blow.
Mrs. Henly paused there, letting her daughters ass adapt to this intrusion, using her other hand to grope at her quivering butt.
Soon Stacey relaxed, and the hand started to slowly pulse back and forth with tiny movements, pushing a little deeper each time. The tempo picked up,and Mrs. Henly started punching quicker into her, and Stacey started to rock herself back to meet the assault.
Quickly, with Stacey grunting with the effort and bracing herself with her arms against the couch, the MILF was up her ass well past her wrist.
Her mothers arm was now a blur as she furiously fist-fucked the girl, and she started spanking her again, loud claps of flesh on flesh adding to lewdness as her fist wetly squelched in and out of the girls anus.
Stacey started panting, little 'uh,uh,uh's of pleasure, and her breathing started getting ragged again.
"You gonna cum baby? You like mommas fucking arm inside you? Come on,baby, cum with your mommas fist up your ass, slut!"
Mrs. Henly stopped spanking her daughters ass to start fingering Staceys pussy, getting a reaction instantly with the girl bucking and squirming.
As Stacey edged closer and closer to orgasm, her mother started pushing deeper into her ass with vicious thrusts of her arm, causing the girl to gasp with pain every time before the pleasure overtook her again, and as soon as she stopped whimpering her mother would thrust again.
Finally, Stacey started bucking and shaking as her orgasm began, hands flying back to push away her mothers fingers in her pussy and to grasp at the arm in her ass, to halt the assault as she came.
But Mrs Henly continued through her daughters frantic protests, as Stacey started squirting around her fingers and drenching Mrs. Henlys summer dress, and she pulled her fist back until it was just her fingers inside, but was fucking the girl rapidly with them.
Stacey let out a scream of pleasure, muffled by her face being pressed into the couch cushion, arching her back as her legs locked, toes clenched in the air, planking on the couches arm.
As the girl relaxed, her mother slowly withdrew her hand, displaying Stacey's wide gaping ass.
Mrs Henly then went back to the leather bag, and retrieved something large and pink.
"Looks like you are ready for this, baby." She said as she lubed up and began feeding a large buttplug into the shaking girls ass, the huge bulb stretching her asshole back out until her rim snapped over and sucked it in, leaving just the wide base with its pull ring like an obscene pigs tail.
Mrs Henly grabbed her daughter and hauled her to her feet, spinning her around to face her.
She grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, then had her suck on the fingers still slick from her ass before leaning down and kissing her daughter hard, tongues intertwined, Stacey reaching out with both hands to grope her mothers tits through her sundress.
As this incestuous makeout session continued on screen, a thought broke through Brian's haze of horniness, one he had earlier.
"Hey Dad, how exactly did you get these videos? "
Scott eyes still riveted to the screen, and hand working his cock with purpose, seemed to take a minute to register that Brian had spoken.
"Eh, what did you say?"
"I asked, where did you get these tapes from? This stuff wasn't made by some pervert in his bedroom, this looks like professional porn."
His dad broke his focus on the screen, and slowed, but didn't stop stroking his cock as he turned to look at Brian.
"Oh. Well, it's kinda a long story, but short version is,when I was first starting with the Sheriff's department, we got a guy come in and tell us he saw something 'bad' up at the county judges house.
He was a hispanic gardener, so it took a bit for us to figure out exactly what he was talking about, between his bad english and him being terrified that he might get in trouble.
He had been taking a smoke break in the shade behind the pool house and happened to look in the window and saw a kid getting fucked on big screen TV. "
"Holy shit, the judge had this stuff?"
"He didn't know who was watching it, though he apparently didn't run off immediately, 'cause when we asked him to describe what exactly it was he saw he have us a LOT of details, went on for a few minutes on all the fucking and sucking the kid was doing, hehe, I figure he must not have been too offended by it considering he wasn't doing a good job hiding that he watched for quite a while.
Anyway, we tell him that we will take care of it, and send him on his way. "
Scott was now fully invested in telling his story, and Brian was too, though still keeping half an eye on the screen where the MILF was now completely naked and had her daughter kneeling between her legs and holding her head as she ground her pussy against the girls mouth.
Scott continued:
"Well, this kinda puts the Sheriff in a bind, as he's good buddies with the judge, and going to him for a warrant to raid his own house and investigate on the word of a gardener a couple of months before an election might not go over well.
So, he decides he is just gonna head on over to the judges house, on a 'personal call', them being friends, and have a look himself, before making anything official."
Scott looked slightly uncomfortable for a moment, obviously thinking hard about what he was going to say next, but after watching the TV for a few moments, fondling his balls while watching an 11 year old girl tounge punching a beautiful women's asshole, he continued.

"See, him and your grandpa had been deputies together, and he trusted me to be discreet, so I was his go-to-guy when dealing with the ,ah, local bigwigs and their politically inconvenient problems.
So he calls back up to the station and tells me to get over to the judges place, but don't take an official vehicle.
Well, I roll up and walk around to the pool house to find the Sheriff waiting. He doesn't say anything, he just waves for me to follow him inside, and whoo, I wasn't ready for what we found.
Inside, there is the dude passed out, weed and alchohol all over the place, and right there on the screen, life size and in technicolor, was some pretty little princess getting a cock colonoscopy.
Well he goes and wakes the dude up, by dumping a bottle of vodka on his head, and when this guy opens his eyes and sees two cops in the room and what is still playing on TV, he pretty much just starts bawling his eyes out and begging us not to tell his Dad.
Turns out it was the judges son, home visiting from LA.
Another long story short, his law career hadn't taken off, but he apparently got to know some folks in the adult film industry and started hanging out with them. And he fell down the rabbit hole that having a lot of other people's money and the ability to your way into anything gets you. Ended up being a 'producer' for some shady company.
Seems there was a whole group in the porn industry who moonlighted doing these special films.
Sometimes they would bring in there own families, sometimes do casting calls from their clients."
Brian looked back at the screen momentarily on hearing this, to see the girl getting her hand lubed up by the mom( who might actually be her own mother, a thought that caused a jolt to go through his body) and then sink it up the MILFs ass to the elbow.
"Anyway, the Sheriff gets him calmed down and to put some pants on. Then lays it out to him. Tells him that if it weren't for the shame it would bring on his friend, he would already have him in jail. Put the fear of God into him. He calls the judge, and while we wait, the Sheriff has him clean himself up and took him over to the main house, and has me sort through and gather up all the 'evidence'. And, son, I had never seen anything like that, never had even thought about stuff like that, but when
I started going through his stash, and he didn't have just tapes, he had magazines and photo albums of kids, and as I went through them, seeing little boys and girls doing things I had never seen even in porn at that point,and I couldn't resist looking through everything. You know, I justified it to myself as I was just gathering evidence on a sicko, but damn it got me revved up.
Flipping through an album, seeing this sweet innocent little thing starting out modeling frilly little dresses, then skimpy little bikinis, then on her knees with a big dick blowing a load over her naked body with a smile, after that I had to go into the head and beat one out before I could think straight again."
His dad closed his eyes and started jerking a little bit faster, seemingly lost for a moment in the memory, so Brian took the opportunity to once again check the progress of the pair on screen, where the mother was laying back on the couch with her ankles pulled back to her ears, seeming to enjoy having her daughter rapid fire fishing her asshole with her skinny arm. The camera broke away from this vision to pan over to the sliding glass door out to the pool, showing the boys from the previous scene with their faces pressed to the glass watching and masturbating furiously. Then it panned around some more to show Kevin lurking just around a corner, hunched over and viciously working his prick. Suddenly a hand appeared from out of frame, and grabbed Kev by the shoulder...
"So, anyway," Scott said, causing Brian to snap his attention back to his dad as he continued his story.
"I have all the stuff organized into a couple of boxes, drugs and alcohol in one, porn in the other, when the judge gets home. Ol' Sheriff lays it all out about what we found, right there in the main house living room, to him and his wife as the son sits on the couch.The Judge is hollering about what the hell we are doing here, and wants to know who was making such baseless accusations.
When his mommy starts protesting that we must be mistaken, her little darling would never, as she sits on the couch to comfort him, the Sheriif has me put the tape we caught him watching on to prove it. So I pop it in, and it picks up right at that little girl dressed as a princess getting a big cock piledriven into her asshole, her face upside down and smiling through tears. Heh. That shut everyone up, and I guess out of shock everyone just sat there and watched, listening to full volume the slaps and squeals an grunting on screen.
A couple of minutes of that, then the Judges wife starts screaming and slapping her son. He had put on just some loose boxers and a robe, and I guess when mommy had torn her eyes away the show, she looked down and seen his Mr Happy poking out at her. She stormed out, the Judge shut off the TV, and told the Sheriff he would deal with this. Told us to just take everything and get rid of it. So we left, and I asked the Sheriff what he wanted me to do with it, and he said to the same as the judge, get rid of it, I don't care how as long as it doesn't get connected to the judge."
"So, you kept it?"
"Well I burned the drugs and the magazines and albums, they were too hard to explain if someone found them, and drank the alcohol, but yeah, I kept the tapes. I threw away the cases and peeled off the labels, and if someone found them I planned to say I just bought a bunch of blank tapes at a yard sale and didn't know what was on them. It was just after your mom and me got married, so I didn't have a chance to really watch them until years later, I just kept them hidden."
Scott then got a big grin on his face, and winked at Brian.
"By the way son, how did you like seeing your mom?"Scott leered at him.
"What do you mean? I been here with you, I haven't her since her since I've been back." Brian was confused by the question.
" You know what I mean,I saw the other tape you had out..." His dad looked at the puzzled look on his sons face and had a realization.
"You didn't finish it did you?"
"No, I kinda got bored, and switched to the other tape."
Scott hit stop on the VCR, and stood up quickly, cock flapping stiffly right in front of Brian's face.
"Well, son, you missed out, and since we are having a trip down memory lane, let me show you only memento of your mom that I kept over the years."

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Wow, just my luck to post an update the same day AnonyMPC makes his return.

Which btw, anyone have an idea if asstr is ever coming back, or good alternatives?

Anonymous 22/11/18(Fri)17:27 No. 27721 ID: 34e94b

Looking forward to the next tape

Anonymous 22/12/05(Mon)04:21 No. 27736 ID: 99b32a

Its likely that the owner doesn't even know its down, given his track record. There is a temporary/permenant replacement starting from scratch, and an archive.

The story is great, can't wait to read more.

Progress update Rachett 22/12/27(Tue)23:13 No. 27758 ID: ed6a38

Just a quick update, I have several major 'set pieces' for the next couple chapters written, I'm just struggling with connecting them up in a way I'm happy with.
So I've been writing ahead in the hopes that when I sort out the next chapter to my satisfaction(Brian's mom's porn tape), the rest will come out more rapidly after.
Also I need to review, but I believe I haven't actually named his mom or sister yet.
Feel free to post suggestions for their names if you like.

Also, any suggestions of what scenarios you would like to see on the tapes or with Brian would also be fun, and might help me if I run into another loss of muse again in the future.

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I think the sistershould be Stacie, because we're about to find out her mom has it going on...

Ratchett 23/01/07(Sat)11:50 No. 27775 ID: 53b747

Just to clarify, I mean the names of Brian's sister and mom.
Stacy is already taken by the girl who got gangbanged at a pool in the video Brian and his dad were watching.
(And yes the whole scenario is a reference to that music video).

Of the 'real world' characters named so far, we have Brian, the viewpoint character, Scott, his dad, Jessica, the big titted waitress Brian knew from high school, and her daughter Amy, who hasn't shown up yet in the story.

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Had a drive crash, and all my progress so far is gone.
Which sucks, but since I was stuck anyway, I will take this as an opportunity come at it fresh.

I wasn't happy with how it was, so I'm gonna try a different tack in regards to the mom's video.

That will be the focus of the next chapter. I kinda wrote myself into it.

Now, some reader feedback questions:

How are you feeling in regards to Brian and his dad's activities together?

How are you liking the 'framing device' of the chatacters watching the action rather than being in it?

What going forward do you hope to see happen/ hope NOT to see?

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THeres very little good father/son stuff like this, especially from the son's point of view. I'm enjoying their part of the story as much/more than the tapes they watch.

Maybe you should consider just jumping around to whatever seems fun to write. You can come back to mom whenever. I kinda want to see more of the characters you introduced. If thats little sis coming to visit or Jessica and Amy... its a win either way. Or we watch a tape where a 5 year old blows a horse. Whatever gets the words flowing.
Actually, now I'd really like the little sister/Jessica/Mom/whoever to barge in on them and "blackmail" them into crossing some lines with her or one another or both. There's a lot more you can do with 3...

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Shame to hear about the loss.

Personally two adult men doing things together isn't my cup of tea, but I can live with it if it doesn't take over too much. I'd be more interested in revelations that young Brian had done some stuff.

I like the framing device of the videos, but think balancing it with stuff happening in the real world. I think with the new inspiration that he's gotten from the videos Brian should move things along with Jessica too, and hearing that she got herself a daughter why not get her involved in the fun as well? Brian might start making some movies of his own.

What else am I hoping to see? Well we've heard Brian has a sister. Wouldn't it be nice to see that her and her dad made some movies together as well?

Long time, but finally an update. Ratchett 24/03/19(Tue)00:43 No. 27962 ID: 3c87ac

Sorry for the long delay, but finally got the next chapter done.
Hope it's worth the wait.

His dad hustled off, leaving Brian to wonder at what he just heard.
What he had seen of that first video had been just coeds flashing their tits, or stripping down to bras and thongs. Nothing particularly raunchy by the standards of what was commonly on cable TV shows nowadays, much less the debauchery he and dad had been watching.
He had a bit of trepidation about what 'he had missed out on' with regards to his mom, but judging by the part of the tape he had seen, it wouldn't be more than maybe his college age mother flashing her tits, right?
Being honest with himself, he couldn't imagine the uptight and controlling puritan he was raised by being a drunk college coed.
But, then again, he would have never suspected his dad jerked of to kiddy vids, so it had just been a week of revelations so far.
Scott returned, tape triumphantly in hand, and shoved it in the VCR.
It had already starting playing by the time his butt hit the couch, early 2000s party music pumping.
It was right where Brian had got bored, a stage full of college girls doing a wet t-shirt contest. Hot, but not exactly the same energy as watching a milf getting fisted by her daughter.
His dad hit fast forward, and the scenes flashing by were more of the same, girls flashing tits, ass, or just wearing next to nothing.
Then it started to show scenes inside an RV.
Here, partly obscured by static, the girls were showing more, getting fully naked, escalating to masturbating for the camera.
'Heh, early 2000s OnlyFans,' Brian mused to himself, recalling that there had been several girls on his campus he had seen doing similar things, only they just cut out the middleman.
A teacher too, he recalled, had gotten caught posting on there when she had accidently sent the wrong link in a mass email.
The scenes themselves were also escalating, now they had two girls making out, now fingering each other, 69...
"Damnit, almost went past it.. "
Rewinding, then pausing, his dad looked over at him and grinned.
"Ready to see where your sister got her good looks from?" And he hit play.
On screen, it started with what he guessed was B-roll footage, again girls dancing, strobing lights, club music.
Then the inside of the bus as two girls came in.
One was a willowy girl wearing a slinky black dress and high heels with her black hair cut in a page boy style.
The other was shorter, wearing a crop top, and Daisy Duke cut off jean shorts that looked painted on. She was also wearing a cowboy hat over her long wavy copper hair, and thick framed glasses.

While taller girl seemed awkward and hesitant, practically being pushed into the bus by the redhead, the other girl was exuberant, clutching a beer bottle in one hand and a practically dancing in place.
Some quick edits then showcased both girls from several flattering angles, focusing particularly on the tall girls long legs, and lingering on the redheads denim clad heart shaped ass.
Rapidly they dancing against each other, taking shots, the taller girl losing some of her awkwardness as she got visibly drunker.
Heavy groping started, along with making out.
For the first time the camera actually focused clearly on the girls faces with a close up.
The redhead had lost her hat, and as the camera got right into her face, a the cameraman hand reached out and removed her glasses.
"Huh. That is her."
"Yep. Surprise, your mom used to be a slut!"
The situation felt surreal, but he also felt his arousal growing. He had wilted to half mast while his dad had been retrieving the tape, but he was now stiff as a rod again.
His dad had never lost his erection and was now back to slowly stroking as he watched, on screen his ex-wife tossed back a shot, then strip off her top.
A lacy bra, completely see through, followed immediately exposing her perky, barely a handful tits.
The freckles that started on her face continued down her neck across her shoulders to the top of her tits.
Her tits were a perky handful, not too big but perfectly shaped and with pale pink nipples.
She started posing, turning in place to the direction of the cameraman, pouting and teasing, before turning her back to the camera, leaning forward while pushing her ass out, the screen filled with straining denim. It pulled back out as she started to push them down, struggling to get them past her hips, black thong going with them.
Now freed, her ass seemed even bigger,asscheeks jiggling and seeming to defy gravity with how taut and round they were.
The other girl had faded into the background, but now the redhead( Brian still couldn't think of her as his mother) boldly grabbed her arm, and pulled her front and center, and crudely grabbed the girls crotch, pulling up the skirt of the dress to show her hand inside black lacey panties rubbing at her pussy. The raven haired girl struggled to stay standing as she was vigorously fingerblasted by the redhead, knees buckling and legs shaking she held herself up by clinging to the shorter girls shoulders, moaning and burying her face in her neck.
She suddenly stiffened, legs clamping shut, gasping loudly as she collapsed to the floor, pulling the redhead down on top of her, who was laughing as she persisted in continuing her assault on the twitching girls muff.
She reached out and pulled the redheads face to hers,latching onto her mouth, they made out roughly for a few minutes.
Now, the camera changed perspective, the cameraman moving closer and directly behind the redhead, a hand appeared in frame to reach out and slap her ass, causing the two to break apart.
Looking coyly back over her shoulder, hair whipping out of the way, she asked if 'someone was feeling left out'.
She pivoted on her knees, crawling toward the camera as it moved away, playfully grabbing at it as the cameraman led her toward the back of the RV to a well lit bed.
There was lube and sex toys arranged all around the room, the massive bed taking up most of the space, studio style lights mounted to the ceiling and walls for the best angles.
The cameramans legs appeared in frame as he sat on the bed, pulling up to show his waist as the redhead quickly crawled to his knees, placed her hands on them, and aggressively pushed his legs apart.
She buried her face right into his crotch, nuzzling his bulge with her cheeks, opening her mouth to trace he shape of his cock with her lips, baring her teeth to lightly bite down on it through his jeans.
She was looking straight into the camera the whole time, and now detached to show her licking her lips, roughly fondling his crotch while she aggressively spouted generic porn dirty talk.
The view panned up to look down the hallway, showing the other girl still laying in the floor, apparently still recovering from her earlier orgasm, but looking toward the couple with her hand down the front of her panties.
It dropped back down to show the redhead unzip his jeans, and fish his erection out of them.
She again started nuzzling it, giving it tiny kisses, slapping it lightly against her cheeks and chin, before puckering her lips tightly and pressing them to the tip.
She kept it there for a moment, moving her head and miming the movements suggesting a blowjob, without ever letting the tip do more than rest against her lips.
Then she opened her mouth wide, and pressed the tip of her tounge to his pisshole, before engulfing the head.
She started sucking earnestly, working her way to fitting half his length in her mouth, before stopping with her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft.
She looked up at the camera again, as the cameramans hand shot back into frame to grab her hair.
His frantic action was explained as she loosened her lips to reveal she was lightly biting down on his cock.
She smirked around his meat, then bit down a little harder. The camera jumped in reaction; as the cameraman yanked back hard on her hair.
All this succeeded in doing was scraping her teeth down his shaft to his crown, and the redhead giggling.
She kept her teeth lightly touching his flesh as her tounge lashed his head behind them.
When she finally released him, he yanked on her hair harder, to her laughter and apparent enjoyment.
She playfully lunged toward his cock, snapping her teeth at it, forcing him to yank her head away.
She did it again, and he pulled harder, yanking her head violently back, forcing her head into and awkward angle.
Giggling, she promised to be nice if he promised to NOT be nice to her.

"Jesus Christ!" Brian exclaimed.
Scott chuckled.
"Yep, that's your mom, the crazy bitch. She always tried to keep it under wraps around you kids, and in public, but in private? She was INSANE. At first it was just in bed, which was amazing, but after we got married, she started being crazy in other ways. It got worse after you guys were born. She was so bottled up trying to 'build her career' and be the perfect super mom she vented every bit of crazy she had onto me whenever she caught me alone. I took it for the most part, because it usually ended in crazy sex afterward, but damn, nearly 20 years of it wears you down. There is only so much a good hate fucking can make up for you know? Getting random car head and shower sex is nice, but not when it comes with random violent blowups and personal attacks."
Scott sighed, jerking his cock steadily while he gazed at the POV shot of his teenaged ex-wife gagging on a thick cock as it pounded her face, slamming the back of her head into the mattress.
"Soooo," Brian slowly coming to a realization "thats why the last few years you were always hiding down in your den, working on 'projects'? Trying to avoid mom?"
"Yep, pretty much, didn't like avoiding you guys too, but she got so latched onto you guys every move it sorta required it. Sorry".
"....and your 'projects' was actually you perking off to underage porn?" Brian pressed.
"Well, I did have ACTUAL projects too, but yeah, it was about half and half probably, 30 minutes on fixing or building something, 30 minutes to bust one out."
One screen, the redhead, who Brian was still fighting seeing as his future mother, had now dragged the other girl onto the bed, stripped her, and taken the camera to shakily show the cameraman, now naked below the waist, pounding the girls pussy as she sat on her face, occasionally pulling the view around to badly show the girls face buried in between her ass cheeks as she ground her herself on her face.
"Do you know who the other girl is?"Brian asked.
"Haha, yeah, that's her cousin Nancy. You probably don't remember because she moved away when you were pretty young, but man, family reunions were fun for me.
She would meet up with us afterwards and we would have a threesome everytime. Your mom confessed they would 'experiment' together all the time in middle and high-school. I suspect that she wasn't the only girl your mom 'experimented' with back then either. I got vibes off some of her other cousins and at least one of her aunts, but never got confirmation."
Brian sat awestruck. His puritanical mom, who never failed to condemn any hint of sexual anything while he was growing up, even keeping him and his sister from watching Friends because it had a lesbian couple in it, had been fucking female relatives since possibly middle school? What the fuck?!
And on screen, the camera had been placed on a shelf or something, to give a nice wide shot of Nancy, cowgirl style bouncing on the cameramans dick, while off to the side his mother was putting something involving belts on.
Which turned out to be a massive strapon, as revealed when she turned around, climbed up on the bed, roughly pushed Nancy forward, and crouched down to press the greased up pink dldo to her asshole.
Nancy felt this and tried to get off the bed, but his mother stopped her, told the cameraman to hold her still, and after he obligingly wrapped the girl in a bear hug against his chest, still pumping into her pussy, Brian's mom lined back up, and started pressing the dildo up Nancy's asshole.
Nancy moaned pathetically, almost crying, not apparently comforted by her cousin telling her that she wanted her to do the same to her next, as his mom buried it in her ass, her squatting showing off her magnificent ass, which started to bounce erotically as she pumped in and out of her willowy cousins taut ass.
Soon both her and the cameraman were pistoning into her rapidly, the bed creaking and bouncing so much it was causing the camera to slowly rock them out of the center of frame.
The cameraman started to groan out his climax, causing his mom to suddenly pull immediately out of Nancy's abused ass, to her surprised yelp, and jump back to put her face down to were they were joined.
She pulled the man's cock out of Nancy's pussy, wrapped her lips around the head and jerked the shaft rapidly, as the man grunted and came.
She took the first shot into her mouth before releasing the head to spray a second shot at her face, then shoving it back into Nancy's pussy.
She then rose up slightly, spat the wad of cum into Nancy's still gaping asshole, and proceeded to use her tounge to push it in and rim her.

And with that Brian came. His cum once again spraying over his own stomach. In the midst of his orgasm he was surprised to see Scott suddenly stand up, and froze as his father turned to face him, stroking his own cock vigorously, and look down at Brian.
Not quite believing what was happening Brian sat there as his dad lifted one leg up to brace his foot on the couch next to Brian so he could get his cock right in front of Brian's face, blocking his view of the TV, and unloaded his nut right into Brian's face

Anonymous 24/03/20(Wed)03:06 No. 27963 ID: b31867

Welcome back! Glad this is continuing!

Excuse any typos. Ratchett 24/03/20(Wed)04:34 No. 27964 ID: b70f62

Brian had to close his eyes as the warm thick goo hit his face. He was also lucky his mouth was closed.
His dad grunted as his jizz pulsed out, and Brian felt him lean further forward as his shots turned to a steady thick dribble, seemingly determined to get it all on Brian's face.
With a final grunt, he felt Scott withdraw, breathing heavily.
Sitting in shock, afraid to breathe, Brian was frozen as he felt the jizz coating his face rapidly cooling.
He felt the urge to vomit, his gag reflex causing him to start retching, despite his desperation to keep his mouth closed.
Unfortunately instinct won out and he dry heaved, causing him to open his mouth and sharply inhale, sucking in the some of the jism coating his lips.
It hit the back of his throat, and now he was uncontrollably retching, coughing and dry heaving.
Desperately he blindly grabbed for one of the towels covering the couch to wipe his face clear, trying not to actually vomit.
Once his eyes were mostly clear, he staggered up off the couch, and fled unsteadily and still half blind and doubled over retching toward the bathroom.
He lunged through the bathroom door, slamming it behind him, stumbled into the shower stall, fumbled at the knobs until he got the hot water streaming, then finally fell to his knees and threw up as the near scalding water pounded on his back.
Once he stopped convulsing, he turned his face into the stream and tried to scrub his face clean. Grabbing the soap, he did three rounds of washing his face and still didn't feel clean. He repeated the same with his hair.
He didn't get out until the water temp lowered enough he started shivering.
Standing dripping in the stall, he was shaking not just from the cold water, but still from shock.
There were no towels in the bathroom, having all been used to cover the couch.
Which started his brain working again, and now his shock was turning to anger.
Still dripping wet, he marched out the bathroom back to living room.
"What the fuck was that?!" Brian yelled as he got in the room.
"Sorry son, just got carried away." Scott replied unapologetically.
He was back sitting on the couch, watching the TV. He appeared to have changed tapes again, and was now jacking off again, but this time it seemed to be back on the tape he had walked in on Brian watching the night before, picking up at the family sitting at the kitchen table. But that scene was now the father getting his cock sucked by the son, the mom having the daughter up on the table, skirt pushed up and sinking her fingers into the girls pussy while lapping at her clit.
Brian was experiencing a strange sense of vertigo. Here he was, pissed off and feeling violated, naked, dripping on the carpet and shaking from the combo of righteous anger, weakness from having puked his guts out, and wet skin.
His dad was sitting there unconcerned, jacking off, watching his illegal porn.
Unsure how to process this whole turn of events, Brian stood dumbstruck, gawking back and forth from the screen, where the dad now had his son in a standing full nelson, pounding his thick dick into his ass, the boys small cock hard and bouncing up and down.
The mother had the daughters legs wrapped around her head, eating the girl out in a standing 69.

"Come on, bud, sit back down and enjoy the show." Scott said without looking at him.
"Nah, I think... I think I'm going to bed." Brian stuttered, all energy leaving his body, feeling numb.
"Okay bud, we'll talk tomorrow."
Brian didn't respond, just walked sluggishly back to his room to collapse into his bed and barely summoned the effort to bury himself under the blankets. He passed out almost immediately.

He woke up the next morning with a start. He'd had dreamless sleep, thankfully. It took him a moment to remember last night. He groaned as he did. He felt a vague sense of despair, and confusion. He simply didn't know how to mentally process anything that happened now.
He reverted to basic habit now, he got up, did some stretches, dropped and did twenty push-ups to wake up, twenty sit ups and got dressed.
He hesitated opening his door. He walked out into the hall, down to the living room.
His dad was nowhere to be seen yet. He noted the towels had been removed from the couch, the box with the tapes was gone again.
Looking into the kitchen, he found no note, nothing to indicate his father had left.
Not particularly wanting to find him at the moment, he didn't investigate further, instead grabbing his car keys he hustled out the front door.
His dads truck was gone. But he continued to his car anyway, just feeling the need to be anywhere else.

So he drove. It wasn't until he was parking in the diner down the road that he even registered that he had gone anywhere.
It was busy, parking lot mostly full. He could see the counter was full and most of the booths were full through the window.
He could also see Jessica bouncing along with a pot of coffee, filling cups and being perky and customer servicy.
He realized why he was here now, he wanted to see and talk to someone who was normal and a reminder of the old days of last week when the world wasn't so suddenly strange.

Taking a deep breath, pushing everything to the back of his mind and forcing himself into a 'normal' mindset, he entered the diner.
Jessica immediately spotted him, smiled and bounced over to him. She gave him a quick side hug, still holding a coffee pot in the other hand.
" Hey, I'm glad you came back!" She smiled up at him,
"Its kinda busy, so we probably aren't gonna be able to 'talk' like yesterday."
"Haha, that's fine, I'm happy if you can just find time for us to just chat over breakfast?"
"Ha, that's going to be tough enough, we'll see. In the meantime, your dad saved you guys a booth, so let's get you settled and I'll get your order in."
Brian's face was a facade that didn't break, but internally he was freaking out.
"My dad saved a booth?" He managed to ask.
"Yeah, he's a morning regular, he said you might drop by for breakfast so got a booth, he's been here about an hour." She turned and gestured toward the far end of the diner.
His dad, holding a cup of coffee, raised it in a toast and beckoned them toward him.
Jessica waved back, and headed that way. Brian, feet feeling like they were suddenly full of lead, trudged after her.
"Hey girl, told you he couldn't resist the best coffee in five miles!" Scott grinned at Jessica.
"Yeah, that's cause it's the only coffee in five miles," Jessica bubbly replied, leaning in to give Scott a side hug as well, and it didn't pass Brian's notice that it largely ended up with large amount of incidental tit contact. Admittedly with Jessica that was pretty much unavoidable, but he still felt a white flash of jealousy.
"So what will you boys be having?" Jessica had pulled back and immediately went into customer service mode.
Brian ordered on automatic, mouth never consulting his brain. After his dad finished his order, Jessica flounced off, leaving the two together.
"Damn, that girl is always the highlight of my Mondays,"Scott said appreciatively, sipping at his coffee. "And not just for the coupla obvious reasons, just makes you feel like she's always happy to see ya. Of course, she really did seem happy to see you, and vice versa, until I wrecked the mood. What, did you give her a 'big tip'?" Scott grinned and waggled his eyebrows to ensure Brian didn't miss the innuendo.
"She's just an old high school friend" Brian replied flatly.
"Oh, oh I see. 'Just friends'. Hey, play your cards right, she might be interested being more than friends. Being a big college boy really opens doors with the small town girls." Scott grinned again. "And drawers too, if you get my...."
"I get it, dad, I get it."
"Ya know she's got a kid?"
"Yeah, I know."
"She might be interested in finding a new 'daddy'...."
" Oh God, dad, shut up" Brian said under his breath.
Scott chuckled,seemingly enjoying his son's discomfort, and went back to sipping his coffee and contemplating the crossword.
Brian now sat in once sided awkwardness, as the silence between the two stretched out in a bubble that muted the bustle of the rest of the diner to Brian's perspective, his mind feeling like a tire stuck in mud, spinning frantically but going nowhere, coherent thoughts never quite forming.
In both a blink and an eternity, Jessica reappeared with their orders( Brian discovered he had ordered scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast).
"Enjoy! Let me know if you need anything else". She brightly smiled and bounced off again.
To preclude any chance of further conversation, Brian immediately grabbed a fork and started eating.
" Hungry man! Yesterday must have drained you,I know I sure was!" " Scott chuckled again as Brian nearly choked inhaling eggs. He then turned his attention to his plate, and began working rapidly on devouring him omelet and hashbrowns.
Blessed silence returned as Brian tried to drag out finishing his food, and Scott raced through his.
He still had a strip of bacon and a slice of toast left when his father cleaned his plate, stood up and dropped a fifty on the table.
"Well I got to get to work, that should cover the tab and the tip," Scott drained his coffee cup and sat it back down, exited the booth, and slapped Brian's shoulder, "See you this evening, son?" His father said pointedly, looking down at Brian.
He hesitated a moment, but answered.
" Yeah, dad, see you later."Brian sighed.
With another firm pat on his shoulder, Scott left.

Please excuse any typos or other errors, I've tried to catch them and correct, but I never seem to see them until after I hit reply.

Left me know what you think, and again feedback and suggestions always welcome.

Anonymous 24/03/21(Thu)01:46 No. 27965 ID: e2ef5d

Glad to see you again, thought we werent going to get anymore! Nice update.

suggestion anonymous 24/03/21(Thu)02:43 No. 27966 ID: da40c3

I know it might be a bit extreme for the current story, but would be super curious to see him come across one of the producers more modern tapes, that has snuff. It would definitely line up with the shock factor theme, and it could also be a hint the judges son is still at making more videos.

Ratchett 24/03/21(Thu)03:18 No. 27967 ID: 87c416

I will say, snuff is not on the table. The possibility of introducing more modern productions? Definitely an avenue I'm considering.

What would you like to see?

suggestion anony 24/03/26(Tue)10:13 No. 27968 ID: 3c2863

What about a young girl maybe 8 in a diaper forced to give blow job's to her dad in various situations? As soon as he gets home, in bed, etc.

Anonymous 24/04/12(Fri)01:53 No. 27975 ID: 9592ba


Absolutely loving his sense of confusion, and I hope he’s going to find himself every bit as addicted to the videos as his old man obviously is.

Which opens up some possibilities of what his old man will do to exploit the situation once he’s addicted to watching. If the facial is the cost of what he was watching at the time there could be all kinds of trade offs.

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