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Yet Another Fantasy 2.0 GM (MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 20/06/16(Tue)04:53 No. 26794 ID: 0a0d90

Back in 2008 I was having health issues making it difficult to run games with my normal gaming group, and decided to start writing up some smut as I could go at my own pace. I spent the next 3 months spitting out small 500-1000 word posts with out any clear goal. Despite that it had drew some interest. I stopped with that story, and one of the readers became a player I still run with to this day.

I’ve been meaning to pick the story back up over the years, but when I looked through it, it was in such a messy state that I wanted to start over again. This time around I’ve been working on a world bible, coming up with concepts long before they are put in the story so that I can maintain consistency. In the years since the first story, I came across the isekai concept. While not unique to japan, the tropes they use gives their take on it its own flavor.

I’ll be marking each chapter with tags, but at the end of this spiel you’ll find a majority of the tags I plan to use. This story is a world revolving around lolis and lolitas, along with beasts, monsters and devilish aggressors that want them for breeding. This is also a gender bending story, with the main character becoming a cute loli. I will do my best to separate raw violence from sexual content, but that is not always possible. Vore and absorption in this story is soft, but can be transformative. There will be no scat, however anal egg, toy, and gel stuff may happen. The main character is no safer from having things done to them as other characters in the story, including bad ends. The “true” isekai part will start in the second story arc, while the first arc is for main character development.

On a final note, I’d like to thank backslash for editing this mess, and my friends for being critical in their proofreading. This story will be published on both elit and atf, and perhaps other places that allow such content.

Tags: g, f, futa, anal, bd, best, blackmail, caution, cons, creampie, ds, dream, fdom, fembot, fist, furry, giant, goth, humi, inc, isekai, mc, magic, fsolo, gsolo, hsolo, nc, nosex, ped, preg, rape, reluc, rom, rough, tg, tort, toys, tragic, veg, viol, virg, vore, voy, ws, forniphilia, unbirth, transformation, nullication/amuptee

GM+(MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 20/06/16(Tue)04:55 No. 26795 ID: 0a0d90

(♫ Two Steps From Hell : Winterspell EXTENDED)

Chapter 1: Origin

Tags: nosex

A winter haze had cast its cloak over the frozen mountain landscape, with diffused sunlight making it difficult to gauge the time of day as strong winds blew over peaks and ripped through valleys. Less than a day ago, the winter had been a mild one but a surge of wet northerly winds had changed that overnight, creating powerful snow storms as they marched south across the great planes. The southern states had been caught off guard, with regions where mere inches were recorded every century receiving feet of snow.

A narrow two lane highway snaked through this landscape, cresting rises and dipping into hollows. It was not a road built for such weather. Decades of use with only spotty repair had made of it a patchwork of tar and gravel, with sections of verge lacking guardrails of any kind next to shear drops hundreds of feet down to narrow defiles. Along this ribbon a shiny new truck cruised at a speed unwise even for normal weather. It was a heavy-duty, wide-axle pickup, a gleaming sapphire candy coated finish that was muted in the half light and slick with melt.

Within, the driver was bundled head to toe in thick winter garb; parka, scarves, ski mask, boots and knitted cap. Like the truck, the clothing was brand new and somewhat in excess. On the passenger seat was more winter gear, for someone with a smaller frame; while the rear seats where packed with travel items, blankets, and pillows.

The figure at the wheel was named Leroy, and he had braved this remote frozen hellscape with the heightened awareness of altogether too much caffeine screaming through his system, because the airliner carrying his kid sister had been forced to diverted due to the storms. His parents had sent the girl his way while the pair had another of their many week long arguments, despite the fact that Leroy had been released from the hospital just two days earlier and his head was throbbing with stress and the lingering effects of his injury.

It was this very same sister who had called him up, announcing that it was his bounden duty as elder sibling to fetch her, as their shared parents were (according to her) refusing all phone contact. He certainly hadn't been able to reach them. The conversation with his sister had been brief to say the least, and strained with the weight of the twenty year age gap between them.

Crowning a rise, the pickup headed down towards a valley nestled town. Likely built during the exploratory days of the country, a pair of railroad track ran down the middle of the hamlet and into a tunnel on the far side. The worst of the storms had not reached the area just yet, but there was a winter haze filling the air, and whatever airstrip this small town had was hidden.

Leroy guided his vehicle off the highway, noticing a cluster of people hanging out under the eves of a train station. Heading down the main road, he was aware that both the tracks and road where one and the same, the rails set into the asphalt, with warning signs every few hundred feet about checking for train traffic. There were no shortage of parking spots, and he brought his pickup to a stop in one near the train station. Reaching over to the pile of winter cloths he collected a scarf and tossed it over one shoulder before climbing out into the freezing cold, one hand pressed to his head, making his way up a short set of steps to the platform and approaching the others. Many were shivering, as they had no more than light jackets, little more than windbreakers.

An elderly station manager was cycling people in and out of the building through a single doorway. “Come along people, we can’t let you out in the cold for more then a few minutes at a time.” The tone of his voice was stressed, but the stranded airline passengers were too cold and miserable to do more than groan. “The train will be here in about 45 minutes, they had to hook up the rotary snow plow engine to it.” A pained groan behind him got his attention, and he turned around to find a figure dressed for the weather but clearly not a local. “Huh? Can I help you, sir?” He paused as a set of amber eyes peered out from between ski mask and knitted cap

Leroy pulled his hand off his head. The new plate in his head had begun aching with the cold and change in atmospheric pressure. The doctors had warned him that his skull would be sensitive to shifts like that. “Hi yeah. I’m here to pick up a kid.” Leroy’s statement earned him a blank stare, so he expanded his statement “Uh.. black hair, white skin, about this high..” The station manager still continued to stare at him. “Nn.. face buried in a phone and if you disturb her has this look on her face like you’re a piece of gum stuck on her shoe?”

The station manger’s eyes lit up. “Oh yes! Her! She’s by the heater, poor thing doesn't have anything for the weather.” The older gentleman paused, “Will need to see some ID, though. Can't just hand over kids to random strangers.”

Leroy nodded and withdrew his diver’s license, then pulled his ski mask down to reveal his face. He was already cringing because he knew what was going to come up next.

The station manager smiled, handing it back. “Your daughter's in the back, just…” his voice trailed off as the dark haired fellow slipped inside. The pair were clearly family, father and daughter most like. They both had that permanent frown on their faces. Job done, he turned back to keeping the others organized.

Leroy was bulky from the layers of winter gear. Squeezing past others with some difficulty, he noted that the lobby was not made to handle this many people. He wasn’t sure where the back was exactly until he caught the whiff of burning kerosene, and wormed his way over there. Perched on opposite arms of a recliner were two kids playing with some portable gaming systems. A boy who might not be in his teens, but was blushing and stealing glances at his opponent, who was (in turn) a petite thing of almost ten years of age with a pretty face, large red eyes, and.. he knew this only because Leroy was vaguely aware of some of her hobbies, long black hair in a hime cut. That hair was currently covered in a baseball cap. The red eyes were a genetic mutation, one that contributed to the girl’s ongoing fantasy that she was the main character in one of those comics or cartoons she slavishly consumed. Leroy had no interest in what any girl under sixteen wore, but their parents tended to shove his little sister out the door with what she was wearing at the time, and he had some concern about her well being. Sneakers, knee high socks, short jean shorts with the pockets hanging past the leg hole, a t-shirt with some Japanese lettering in bold colors, and a half jacket. Leroy was going to have to have a talk with his parents about allowing the precocious brat to dress up like anime girls, and explain to them the target audience of their appearance.

“If you’re staring at me, you’re not paying attention to the game,” Elisabeth admonished softly in an annoyed tone that her brother couldn't quite help finding a little adorable. Her voice was barely louder than a whisper.

“I-I’m not-,” the slightly older boy stuttered, until the girl flashed him a heart melting smile. The sound of a video game character dying rose up form his unit. “D-damn no fair!” he complained.

“She’s right, and she’s going to keep using that against you. Hello Elisabeth.” Leroy greeted, standing behind the much smaller girl.

“I don’t like that name, cyborg.” Elisabeth stated, turning her head to look at him with one eye, a look of petulant annoyance on her pretty little face.

Leroy compressed his lips and patted her indulgently on the head. “Liz? Beth?” he questioned, already imagining that this was going to be an extra long trip if his kid sister was in a mood.

“Yes. Both are acceptable,” the small girl responded. “Are we going now?”

Leroy pulled his other hand away from his head where he had been rubbing the skull plate and incision site. “Sure, I got you some stuff to keep you warm and,” he paused, thinking, then asked “do you want anything to eat?”

The mention of food made red eyes brighten, and a small genuine smile appeared on those lips. “Yes!”

Elisabeth’s earnest response got a chuckle from Leroy, and his sister quickly shifted to a glaring pout. Picking up the girl’s backpack; the only thing she had with her, he let the kids say their goodbyes. Pulling his scarf off, he threw it around the girl’s shoulders, and quickly escorted her away. Once they were outside, he helped her get into the pickup.

As he was climbing into the cab, Elisabeth leaned over the seat and began rummaging about as the pickup pulled out of the parking spot. "Hey, El... Liz. What are you looking for? You're kneeling on the stuff I got for you," he pointed out, then he became busy focusing on the roads which were, finally, beginning to show signs of accumulation.

Ignoring him, she kept rummaging until, finding what she was looking for, she pulled a ribbed sweater down over herself, her brother’s scent washing over her as the sweater went down to her thighs; leaving just a bit of exposed thigh above the knee, and the sleeves flopped from her hands. But it was so much warmer than just the t-shirt she had been wearing, and much faster to put on then the winter gear her brother brought her. “I’ll change after we eat. Why get all armored up like a yeti if I’m going to take it off right away,” she explained in her almost whisper.

Leroy touched his head and groaned, the bit of a headache he'd been fighting getting slowly but steadily worse. “Sure, but need to sound so smug? It’s weird.” he complained as he pulled up in front of the first open diner he'd come to. Brother and sister stared at each other, a mixture of pouting and frowning on both faces. They cracked the doors open in silence and stepped out into the frosty air, the girl having to drop two feet to reach the ground. A few moments later the pair were inside, where they discovered that some of the other stranded passengers had had the same idea. The wait staff looked at the pair, and made to bring over some coffee, a frown on her face showing that she was anticipating that they'd be there, taking up a table, for hours to come and expecting an endless string of free refills.

“Oh no, we’re actually hungry, and we’ll be on our way once we eat.” Leroy said, and his assurance brought a relived smile to the woman’s face. She was almost cheerful as she took their orders.

Elisabeth glared over at her brother’s plate when it arrived. It was loaded up with sausage, bacon, fried pork, and several other things in the meat category. “We’re omnivores,” she snarked, “Have some fruit why don't you.” With that, she pulled a cherry off her pancakes and plopped it on top of his plate.

Leroy laughed, and places two pieces of bacon on his hers in turn. “Same to you champ,” he responded.

The little raven haired cutey pouted at him, and chomped angrily on a piece of bacon. “I didn’t want to get greasy, and you just got out of the hospital, you should be eating better,” she admonished in a half mutter.

Leroy shook his head. “I haven’t eaten anything in ten hours of driving, please give me a little slack little sis?”

Elisabeth’s frown broke into a soft smile, and she patted him on the thigh. Then, once the waitress was a few feet away, the black haired girl’s smile shifted to a soft pout. “I found your stash.”

Chewing on a slab of pork, the older sibling looked back at her blankly. “My stash?” he asked after clearing his mouth.

She nodded to his question, and continued, “Seven print outs, four magazines, and a VHS tape.” The child listed off the contents of the stash, and awareness slowly dawned upon the man. “Inside the closet behind a piece of loose floor trim.”

Leroy’s hand shot out to press a finger to the girls lips as his ears started to burn. “I forgot they gave you my old room. You throw the tape way the moment... you didn’t bring any of that with you?” His question was half begging half in denial.

Elisabeth’s steady pout shifted into a grin. “No, I didn’t bring any of it with me, and the tape is ruined. I’m not out to blackmail you, I just want you to say “no” less while I’m visiting.” Her tone was almost playful, and it became clear to Leroy she was just messing with him. Just pushing his buttons to see how he’d react.

With a sense of relief mixed with some annoyance Leroy ate in silence. When he was nearly done, he raised a hand to the waitress to indicate he was ready to pay the bill. “Liz, listen. I know we’re almost strangers, but you’re still family. I’ll risk life and limb to make sure you’re safe. You’re not just my guest, but my little sis. How about you make a list of nine presents you want on our way back home and I’ll get them for you?” He reached out to pat her on her head as he gave her a warm smile, his tone equally warm.

Elisabeth blushed at both the contact and at what he said, nodding her pretty head in understanding. “S-sorry, it all sounded cooler in my head.” A bit of guilt slipped into her soft tiny voice, as Leroy paid and tipped the waitress.

“It’s okay to be a kid Liz, I know it’s a weird situation with parents as old as ours are, but you don’t have to grow up so fast.” He slid off the stool. “I’ll go get your gear and you can change in the rest room. You might be tiny, but you don’t need to go contorting in the truck cab.” With that, he headed out the front door to the diner.

The waitress returned from ringing up the sale. “You're from the plane, right? Nice of your dad to come out and get you from two states away.” The waitress commented as she bused plates and wiped down the counter.

Liz didn't have to ask how the waitress knew; her brother's truck had a front plate on it. “He's okay, and he’s not my dad just my brother.” Her tone was a little annoyed. She disliked it as much as he did when people made that mistake. She frowned at the woman with her best red eyed glare, then flinched as there was a rumble in the distance.

“Oh-oh? I’m sorry, he just.. you.. both look so alike, almost like twi-” the waitress began, then stopped as she heard the noise.

Leroy came running back into the dinner, his knitted cap falling off his head, showing a half shaven scalp with an ugly scar on the left side. His eyes were wide, almost panicking, and he snatched up Elisabeth without a word and turned back towards the truck.

“H-hey what’s the big idea!?” the girl cried out, but just as he reached the vehicle with Elisabeth tucked under one arm, a siren blared from somewhere in town, a disaster warning of some kind. High up in the mountains, a huge mass of snow was slumping off one of the peaks overlooking the town. Elisabeth’s complaints died on her lips, and she was tossed; with some care, into the pickup’s cab.

“Buckle up!” he ordered, backing the vehicle up out of the parking spot. “There’s some roads I saw that can put us up above the town we-” He fully glanced back then, and remembered that the main road also served the trains. Indeed the train the passengers where waiting for was on the way, with a large red rotary blower mounted on the front spinning away like a massive rolling wall of death. Leroy’s chest went ice cold, and his hands slipped slightly on the steering wheel before he shook himself and got the truck into gear. He aimed down the road, running before the steaming locomotive. Facing forward, refusing to check the rear-view, he fixed his sights on a side street up ahead. He’d just get the truck off the main road and then…

The sound of screeching metal reached the siblings, and Leroy’s eyes went wide with shock as he saw the train unfolding in his side-view, trailers and cabins spreading out left and right of the tracks as much of the train slipped off its tracks, derailing violently, slamming into buildings flanking the main strip. Slamming his foot on the accelerator to the sound of Elisabeth whimpers, Leroy clutched at the seat belt she had clipped in place. Between the avalanche of snow, and the rolling bouncing wall of steel, he was left with only one choice, one chance for safety and salvation. He raced the derailing train to the tunnel, rushing into the dark depths just as the avalanche blasted across the town.

Moments later there was a devastating crash of metal on stone, and then a concussive thud both siblings could feel in their chest as the ruined train slammed into the sides of the tunnel mouth.

With shaky legs, Leroy applied the breaks, bringing the pickup to a stop in the darkness. Only the sound of tires on gravel, their panicked panting, and the heater fan blowing could be heard. “Oh... we... we made it Liz. We some how...”

A locomotive horn blared, the powerful lights of the oncoming train on the other track became visible as it rounded a bend in the tunnel. This second train was equipped with a yellow rotary blower and was blissfully unaware of the state of its destination. The siblings threw their hands up before their eyes in protective response, just as the ground gave out beneath the rails. The crash of the first train had destroyed the structural integrity of the tunnel and, just as the second train came in contact with the front of the pickup, the ceiling collapsed upon that shiny blue truck and its occupants.

GM+(MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 20/06/16(Tue)04:56 No. 26796 ID: 0a0d90

(♫ Heilung – Traust)

Chapter 2: Desert of Ash

Tag: nosex

Darkness, silence, the lack of sensation. Leroy’s awareness pushed out from nothingness as he realized he was experiencing none of his five senses. He was no stranger to the effects of a concussion, or being medically unconscious. This was different, each passing moment his awareness was stretching out, desperately trying to gain any sensory input, but he was utterly cut off, He could not even feel his heart beating, a heart he was sure was racing. Leroy was uncertain about his sense of time; he had no frame of reference, being alone with his thoughts in the void. Panic rushed through his mind, he wanted to experience some sensation, any sensation; not this unending nothingness!

As if in response to his thoughts his senses returned to him in a flash. He was face to face with the yellow rotary snow blower of the second train, and it felt like the central axle was pressed to his chest, pinning him to a solid surface like a bug in a collection. The running lights of the locomotive where on at full blast, right in his face, drowning out everything else. The pressure against his chest was unbelievably painful, while the side of his skull was pure white agony. He tried to scream, but something was wrapped tight around his throat. He tried to move his arms and legs, to get away from the multi-ton mass of steel and oil that seemed about to crush him, but his limbs too felt like something was binding them. Leroy continued to struggle and flail and scream in his mind, but his body could do nothing. There was the groaning sound of metal on stone, the pressure on his chest increased, the ribs in his chest felt like they where ready to crack at any moment. His mind could take no more of this and he blacked out.

The sound of metal creaking against stone snapped him back awake some time later. The first thing he did was draw in a lungful of air. It sounded wrong to him, but the pressure against his chest was gone, and the taste of air was sweet relief. Opening his eyes, he was no longer blinded by the locomotives lights; they had dimmed down, just enough light to show the edges of the locomotive dangling above him. Yes above, his back was pressed to the ground, that was the direction gravity was pulling him. But how could something so heavy and massive dangle above his body? Panic like ice water ran down his spine as his muddied mind brought up the memories of the trains, the tunnel, and his sister. He tried to call out for Elisabeth, but his throat wouldn’t work. His arms flailed about, he could move them at last! Strips of cloth slid against his body. Was that it? Did his cloths get shredded? He looks around in the dim light. There was inky void beyond the radius of light, no sign of the girl that had been with him.

The sound of metal shearing apart snapped him out of his search, the front end of the locomotive starting to slowly swing above him. He tried to call out for his sister once more, all he could hear was muted breath. Grimacing, he began crawling, trying to move out from under the tons of steel and oil. He felt weak, he was so tired, so sluggish; almost like he was suffering from the flu. The strips of cloth slid against stone, and slipped off his body piece by piece. Dust fell from above, making the dim light cloudy. He wanted to cough, but his throat was too dry.

Leroy kept crawling away, inch by inch, out past the edges of the dim light, trying to clear the area. Something fell away from his head, it felt like a piece of metal, likely from the locomotive. That gave him a surge of energy, his limbs cooperating more, pushing him further. Hands touched a piece of stone that was not the floor. Feeling about, it felt like a step, then another another it, and another. His limbs were shaking with effort as he crawled up those stairs in the darkness. Perhaps a dozen rises later, he came to a landing. His arms gave out then, and he slumped to the floor, barely able to look back whence he'd come.

Gazing across to the area he'd come from, he could make out the surface he had been pinned to. Uneven stones that were mortared together with a large circle of what looked like chalk. Four sets of thick chains had gone from hammered-in metal posts into that circle, the free ends...

Before he could process what he was seeing any more, the locomotive dropped suddenly, smashing into the floor, and punching through it. A thundering roar of metal and stone, sparks and shrieking metal fell deeper into the earth below, and then Leroy was once more in darkness.

For a few brief moments Leroy felt he was going to be senseless again, but he could feel the press of cold stone against his aching body, feel the air moving in his lungs. A few rocks thudded against the crashed train. Shaking his head wearily, he started to feel around once more, then to crawl.

Away from the steps and the pit of stone and broken steel, he reached a wall, and felt up it, searching for a sign, something to tell him where he was. What he found was a thumb-width gouge scraped into the stone wherever he touched. Was this wall carved from living stone? Still in the darkness he crawled along the edge of the wall, legs too weak to hold him upright. Minutes past and he finally found a corner of the room.

Shaking his head to clear the racing doubt over the wisdom of exploring in the dark, he pressed onward; he had no recourse but to see where this wall led. Maybe he could find a pile of stones and scree to climb out of this... this pit? It must be beneath the rail tunnel proper? He turned his head to face the direction he thought the train must be, and hoped his sister was all right. He hadn't seen a sign of her near the circle, nor any trace of his truck.

Maybe what was left of the truck was in the tunnel above? It had air bags, and crash features... features for dealing with other road vehicles, not diesel locomotives with massive spinning blades. He slammed his fist against the wall out of frustration. He couldn't help his sister if he...

The wall seemed to give way under the force of his blow… no it wasn’t a wall, but a large stone slab that toppled out into the area beyond like a domino piece and crashed into the ground with a resounding boom, shattering into thousands of pieces. Hot dry air rushed in, carrying with it dust and.. ash? There was light, above and at an angle, cast down long steps into the room the slab had fallen into.

Excitement filling him, he crawled out over the broken slab, and the stone floor beneath it towards the stairs and salvation. Glancing back, the chamber he had been in was dark. The doorway he'd come through was flanked by two more black stone slabs marked with strange muted silver inlays. He couldn’t make out much in the dim light, but it seemed tribal, or Celtic maybe. Glancing around the chamber he spotted another set of stone slabs, this trio intact. For a moment he thought about testing those slabs, but they were easily fifteen feet high and would crush him if they fell.

With a muted sigh, he turned back to the stairs, and (with much effort) climbed them. They where steep, sand and ash having coated them well, but the higher he climbed, the warmer it became, and the more light could be seen. Ash coated his body long before he reached the top. There, he found a massive angled stone disc made up of two slabs, but one of those had cracked and crumbled sometime in the past, granting him access to what lay beyond, and he took the opportunity as fast as he could manage.

He was caught quite by surprise when he ended up sliding down a sand dune just beyond the threshold, out into a desert landscape. He tried to bark out a laugh, but only a distorted grunt came out. He had been in the mountains, in snow! Now he was in some desert!? Gazing back at the exit, the half disk covering the entrance was engraved in murals and glyphs. It was held in the hand of a metal statue, though beyond a forearm, the rest was buried under the sand. The metal arm and hand looked to be made out of plates, as if the statue might have been of an armored figure. Interesting, but useless information.

He laid down on is back in the hot sand while the sun beat down on him. The ash coating providing some protection and he tried to laugh again, but only a dry cough came out. He had no water, he was in some unhealthy state... he gazed around at the dunes around him, and spotted something green and spiky. “A cactus? Yes!” He thought, as he’d watched survival shows and knew that cacti had water in them! Between the dry unquenched thirst, the desire to push the memories of being dark, alone, and in pain, and the light feeling of being free from that horrible place; Leroy did not take stock of himself.

After collecting himself, his head still feeling off somehow as the blazing sun near blinded him, he slowly crawled up the dune towards the plant. Nearing it, it looked no more then a foot tall, the needles between two to six inches, but rather thick, as if made to irritate the hides of something thicker then fur and feather.

Leroy knelt up and felt around the plant, feeling the ridges and the divots. Lacking a blade, he tried pushing his fingers into the tough skin, and found that there was a slight give, hinting that the insides of the cactus where not quite solid. With dry throat and parching lips he looked around the area, glancing up at the exit once more. There might be some smaller stones there, but he'd barely made it up this dune the first time. With a growl he could barely make out, he grabbed at one of the needles only for the needle to pop off; a fleshy undamaged bit on the root of the needle. Leroy stared at it in silence for several moments, trying to muddle through his sluggish thoughts.

Slowly it dawned on him this may be how it propagated its seeds, with the needles digging into some very tough hide and going for a ride before falling off. Tossing the needle to the side, he dug his fingers into the pit beneath where it had been, and pulled, slowly prying the cactus ridge apart. A sweet fragrance of... melon? wafted out.

Leroy reached in, grabbed a handful of squishy amber mass and pulled it out, stuffing it into his mouth. Sweet juices gushed across his tongue, and he readily chewed and swallowed, too focused on the act of getting some liquid down his throat and easing the burning there, to register the strangeness of this plant, he had his second and then third handful of sweet goo.

Stuffed with gushing cactus pulp, Leroy laid in the sands and ash, head hidden in the shade of the spiny carcass. The sun continued to beat down on him, but it did not feel as hot as before. His head felt even more muddled now. It was only a passing thought as he realized the juices may have been fermented or psychotropic or something, and that he was at the very last buzzed. He was hoping the sensation would fade, but it only got stronger, even as energy filled his limbs.

Leroy laughed at that, well he thought he laughed, in the confines of the cactus it sounded more like a giggle. Oh right, he needed to find someplace safe, find someone and rescue his sister. Rising up he tore the cactus skin from its root base and set it on his head as a makeshift shroud. He nearly fell on his ass as he lost his balance, and he let out another laugh. Then it was one foot ahead of another as he gazed out into the desert. He was too drunk to be aware of his gradual upwards movement, that while there where dunes, he was at the bottom of a massive funnel shaped area. Leroy’s point of focus was another cactus, this one situated on an outcropping of sandstone.
He knelt down next to it, and went to work knocking off all the needles and tearing it from its roots. Once more back on his feet, he now had a second source of hydration. He uttered another laughing giggle, he hoped he wouldn’t get dehydrated from the alcohol, but he had no recourse.

That’s when he spotted what looked like a mesa far off in the distance. The desert of sand and ash spread out before him in all direction, endless dunes and a clear blazing sky. Leroy could not make out where the sun was, as the light was simply too blinding. With a sigh he could only just hear, he set off towards the flat mountain, the only landmark he had.

Time passed as Leroy trekked the desert, the mesa gradually becoming larger as he made some sort of progress. He held off as long as he could, but ended up feasting on the second cactus. Like the first it also had a sweet juicy melon flavor. He managed to piece the two cactus skins together with needles, extending the shroud down his back. Leroy looked curiously at his hands and arms, but they where covered in a thick coating of ash, while the blazing sun washed out details. Yet he was positive his arms seemed thinner then before. How long had he been trapped in darkness that his body could have wasted away like this? Though his curiosity melted away as he once more fell into a drunken stupor.

Back on his feet again, he set off in hopes of finding another cactus, mumbling and giggling to himself at how drunk he was. He had no idea how much time had passed since leaving that underground pit, but he was exhausted, it felt like he had been awake for hours now; if not longer. Leroy did not want to to stop to rest, not out in this desert heat, but he had no choice. Falling to the sands, ash blew up in a fountain around him. He tried to keep his eyes open, but between the hours of walking and the fermented cactus juice sleep claimed him.

With a start, Leroy jerked awake in the heat with an aching body. The blinding sun’s light had not waned and he had no idea how long he had been asleep for. With a soft groan he got to his feet, feeling the vibrations of his throat more then hearing the sound. He wasn’t drunk, several hours must have past, but he was thirsty once more. Luck was with him, as another cactus was just a dune away and minutes later he was tearing it open to get at the melon goo within. With a steady head this time, he controlled himself, only taking in a few mouthfuls before he sealed the cactus up with a few needles and continued on his journey towards the mesa. Leroy could do nothing about feeling buzzed, as this cactus and every other one seemed to contain only that fermented goo. But it was enough to distract him.

The shroud had grown larger now as Leroy made good use of each cactus he busted open. He was sporting a cape now along with the shroud, which made it easier when he was forced to rest. He did not have luck all the time with cacti, and had a few days where he had gone without that life sustaining sweet substance. This lead to him making two slings to let him carrying more of the stuff, as he accepted being in a state of perpetually buzzed or drunk. So it was that, with the mesa dominating his view, he couldn’t quite believe his eyes when an auto-gyro, smoking and flaming, came sinking out of the sky above and crashed into the dunes far ahead.

Leroy only accepted its existence when he came across the wreckage, with the acrid smell of burnt wood filling the air. There had been enough time between the crash and coming across it that the fires had burned to embers, but much of the craft was still intact. It resembled a small boat with an enclosed wooden top. There was a wooden door on the side, one that had a metal frame, and there was the sound of thumping coming from within, someone or something trying to knock the door open. What remained of the auto-gyro's flight system was laid over the door. Leroy’s heart raced, someone was alive? Another person!?

He raced over and clambered up onto the tilted hull. He tried to pry the wood and metal device off, but his journey had made him weak. Laying down on the hull, Leroy planted his bare feet and pushed. At first it refused to move, his legs shaking under the effort. But little by little the heavy geared pole slid away and off the door.

The door flew open moments later, and smoke billowed out. There was a roar of flames as the fire within received fresh air. First a canvas sack flew out, followed by a leather backpack. Someone within had a coughing fit.

Leroy got to his knees and crawled over. A hand was pushed up out of the mass of wood smoke. Leroy reached out and, grabbing the hand, pulled as hard as he could. The owner of that hand was surprisingly light, catching Leroy off guard as he'd put too much effort into it. Both he and the person within sailed off the boat onto the sands below, ash billowing out around them.

There was an unmistakable curse from a small throat along with a string of coughs. The next thing Leroy knew, the tip of a crossbow bolt was pressed to his own throat. The bolt was housed in a forearm bracer mini crossbow. Leroy went still as the ash cloud dissipated, face to face with a thirteen year old girl with short strawberry colored hair and light red eyes. She was dressed in some bright skirted Caribbean-styled sailing garb. There was something that nagged the back of his thoughts, but he was too much in a surprised drunk stupor to pay it any mind.

They stared at each other for several moments, until the girl had a coughing fit. Leroy flashed her a nervous smile and held up one of his self made satchels. “Thirsty?” he asked, or at least he thought he did. The girl looked at him in confusion until she spotted what he was offering. A grimace passed over her pretty face, but she accepted it, withdrawing her weapon and figuring out how to open it and scoop out some of the goop within.

Leroy laid there on the sands, much too happy to have finally encountered someone, but not wanting to get threatened again. The girl had two handfuls, clearing her throat, then tossed the satchel back and said something in thanks. Leroy had no idea what she'd said, but gave a smile back. The girl shook her head but gave a returning smile, then went to collect the sack and backpack before the burning auto gyro boat caught them in the blaze. She then stepped away from the boat, while Leroy slowly got to his feet and followed. Once the pair where clear of anything the burning boat could throw at them, the girl pulled a map and strange compass from her sack and spent a few minutes investigating it but looking confused. That did make some sense to Leroy, it was a trackless desert and the girl did just crash here, and may not have noticed the boat blocking the view of the mesa.

“Behind the boat, there’s a landmark.” He waved a hand in her view to get her attention; his voice just a whisper, sending him into a coughing fit of his own until he slicked his throat with a few handfuls of melon goo. The girl looked confused at what he said, but waited for the fit to end before she asked a question that; again, he had no idea what she'd said. Leroy stepped around the boat and pointed off into the distance. With a weary glance at Leroy, the girl followed his arm, then caught sight of the mesa. The girl’s shoulders slumped, hand to her forehead as she shook her head.

Leroy watched and uttered a giggle. Watching a girl just into her teens being so serious was more amusing to him than it should have been in his drunken state. The girl paused and frowned at Leroy, then glanced at what Leroy was carrying and barked out a laugh, saying something again and patting Leroy on the shoulder, then made a gesture with her hand over her shoulder towards the mesa. Putting the map and device away the girl shouldered the backpack and picked up the sack, then offered him a hand.

Not wanting to pass up the chance of potential rescue, Leroy took it and the two of them set off. Not once in his exhausted drunken state did he question or notice how easily a thirteen year old girl was able to touch him on the shoulder without him stooping down; not once.

The trip to the mesa took several hours, Leroy still needed to seek refreshment from his cactus goo, and sharing with the newcomer if she started to look parched. Reaching the cliff side; which seemed to stretch upwards for thousands of feet later, the pair walked along the base until they came across a metal lift built into the massive wall of living stone that rose up over head. Exhaustion finally caught up with him as the pair stepped in, so Leroy slumped to the lift floor sprawling on it with his limbs just left out where they rested, Leroy could only watch as the desert dunes shrunk below as the lift rose higher and higher. The girl with him smiled, the last thing he saw before he feel asleep once more.

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(♫ Evanescence - Going Under)

Chapter 3: Wake Up Call

Tags: fg futa rape creampie

A nudge on the shoulder roused Leroy from sleep, the girl he’d saved from the crashed boat was kneeling down next to him, peering down at him with those red eyes. He was exhausted, and still somewhat buzzed from the cactus juice, and for several moments thought she was his kid sister. Then the lift came to a stop, rocking him out of his fugue as the boat girl hooked a hand under his armpits and hauled him to his feet. Something about that felt odd to him, but the view of a spring forest drew his addled thoughts away from contemplation.

A stone path lead from the lift, past a white two-story building with an attached stable, into the woods. The area beyond the lift had two large wooden hexagons with markings painted on them that reminded Leroy of helicopter pads, though what was marked on them was in no language he’d ever seen. Perhaps noticing how distracted he was, the blonde girl pushed Leroy along, his bare feet slapping on tightly fitted stone while the girl’s boots clicked. The door to the two story building opened, and a girl with bright deep blue twin tails stepped out. She could not have been any older than twelve he judged.

Dressed in a simple lace-trimmed summer dress with an apron, the blue haired girl smiled at her two guests. A set of black cat ears swiveled forward in interest, as a matching tail swung back and forth in a lazy arc behind the cat girl. She shouted something that probably was a friendly greeting.

The girl with Leroy responded in kind, asking a question and then making a helpless gesture towards Leroy. The girl from the building nodded and said something further. The girl with Leroy patted a small pouch on her belt, the contents clinking, and the blue haired... cat-girl held the door open for the pair to enter. Several large fans built into the ceiling blew cool air out, washing over Leroy’s ash covered skin. He couldn’t help himself and let out a sigh in relief which caused the two girls to giggle. The room had several wooden tables with benches, while a long counter top dominated one wall, dozens upon dozens of bottles filled holes in the wall behind it, and several flowering plants had made their way through the maze between the bottles, and along the rafters to give the room a floral theme.

Leroy was dumped on a bench, while the girl with strawberry blonde hair sat opposite of him. Moments later the cat-girl had placed two mugs of water before them. Leroy picked up the mug and started to drink, guzzling the water like a man who had been in the desert for days. Coins clinked on the table as the blonde apparently paid the blue-haired cat-girl. The blonde asked a question as she looked around, but the cat-girl planted a hand on her own chest and made some statement that did not entirely satisfy the boat-girl. With that, the cat-girl headed off through one of three identical wooden doors beneath steps leading up, leaving the pair alone once more.

A pat on the table drew Leroy’s attention to the other girl, who stared at him for a few moments before asking a question. Leroy shook his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re saying. Something is wrong with my hearing.” He pointed to his ears, and felt his fingers come in contact with firm ear cartilage well beyond where he should ever feel ears. Taking his hand off the mug, he reaches up with both hands to his ears, feeling them extend well out from his head. That tickled his ears a bit and he felt them both flicker several times, while dust and sand fell out and away, letting him hear fans spinning, the chirping of birds outside, and.. the cat-girl humming a tune in another room. He gasped as his hands clamp over his ears in surprise, while the girl across the table looked amused and perplexed.

“Del juro mu henzo grata,” she said with a chuckle.

Leroy was confused: why where his ears so long and what language was these girls speaking?

The girl stood up and he felt arms hook under his arm pits from behind as the cat-girl (who’d somehow snuck up on him while he was distracted) helped him to his feet. The two girls led him towards the door the cat-girl had vanished through earlier.

His head cleared somewhat by the water, he suddenly realized that both of them were taller than he was and his eyes grew wide as he studied them more closely. The cat-girl was more than a half a head taller, while the blonde had a full head on him. For the second time since awakening from nothingness, he felt ice run down his spine in confused denial of his current reality, and the blows kept coming.

With a start, he realized that the girls were peeling the makeshift cactus shroud and cloak from him as they entered the next room, where a large wooden tub filled with steaming bubble-filled water waited. Before Leroy could say anything, the two girls hauled him up and dumped him into the water.

Shock ran through his body as he felt water surround his body and he struggled to grab the edge of the tub as the cat-girl stepped out of the room; the door closing behind her. “What the hell is going on?!” he asked the strawberry blonde.

Red eyes looked back at him calmly, and then the girl was stripping off her sailing clothing piece by piece. Leroy felt his ears heat up as he began to blush. She was going to strip down and join him?!

“Wa-wait a minute, you’re a kid, that’s not-” His voice fell silent as he became aware of the sound coming out of his mouth. Much too small, way too highly pitched. A bell-like soprano instead of a manly tenor. Perhaps if he was as old as his sister that would have been fine but...

The girl dropped into the tub behind him, and the next thing he knew she was pulling him onto her lap, bare skin touching smooth bare skin. A very feminine gasp escaped Leroy’s throat, as the girl tightened her grip further, sliding hands over his skin. He hissed through clenched teeth as a shiver of pleasure ran through him. The girl made a chiding sound, almost a tisk, and poured a ladle of water over Leroy’s head, soak his hair, then another.

He blinked to clear his eyes of the dusty, ashy water, then gasped as he realized that someone was watching him be bathed… no… not someone… As his eyes focused, he realized that, at the foot of the tub was a burnished silver plate on the wall, shined to a mirror finish. A girl with chocolate brown skin, iridescent yellow eyes, pointed ears and a shock of ass-length white hair was blinking back at him, the same stunned expression on her face as was on his… because it was him.

The blonde behind him asked him a question, but all the response he could muster was a groaning whine as that white hair became soaked and matted with water.

The boat-girl asked the question again, and placed the heel of her palm against Leroy’s belly, right above his crotch and pressed down. Heat radiated outward as he felt his bladder compress and release all that it had been holding in. The yellow-eyed girl’s eyes shivered upwards as a wave of intensely pleasurable relief washed over him, and he forgot about panicking as one revelation after another was laid before his overwhelmed awareness.

He melted into the girl’s arm, the days in the desert too much for him, the insanity of the situation beyond his comprehension. The girl leaned down and, wrapping her lips around one of his ears, began to nibble.

Another sort of pleasure radiated through him, a plaintive whine escaping his throat, and he released his grip on the edge of the tub, letting the girl do as she wished… which was apparently wash the both of them clean of sand and ash and occasionally nibble on his ears.

Minutes later Leroy was being scrubbed down by a large fluffy towel, then wrapped up in another while a third cocooned his ridiculously long mane. Once dry, he was lead out of the bathing room and up the stairs to the first door on the left, then lifted off his feet and dumped onto a soft bed where he sank into the sheets and the too soft mattress beneath. He tried to struggle up, to ask more questions, to demand answers from this girl who spoke some alien tongue, but the plush comforting warmth combined with the exhausting days in the desert and the fitful sleep under the scorching sun and before he could even lift his head, he’d fallen into a deep sleep even as boat-girl stepped back out into the hall to confer with cat-girl.

Finally in a safe place, with plenty of water and no angry star glaring down at him; Leroy was finally able to dream. Most of it came and went as dreams were wont to do, but at some point he became fed up with it and the dreams simply stopped… neither of which had ever happened before.

All too aware of the strangeness of being aware of the fact that he was dreaming, he found himself floating in the middle of a rather large bubble of silver colored energy. Glancing down at himself he found he was still within that chocolate skinned elf-girl frame. Before he could investigate further, movement beyond the bubble grabbed his attention. Outside was a silver-gray mist and through it, in the distances, he could make out other bubbles similar to the one he was in.

With an unconscious act of will, he floated closer to the bubble wall and pressed small delicate hands to its surface, a sensation like touching a wet half-full balloon, one with just a little give to its slick smooth surface. More movement occurred at the corner of his vision and he looked, finding a rather large rabbit resting on the surface his bubble. Scaled reptilian wings sprouted from its back and it let out a puff of flame then flew off. Pressure against his hands snapped his attention back to the scene before him.

Hovering just outside the bubble was Elisabeth, her hands pressed to his with the barrier between.

Leroy’s heart raced, his yellow eyes growing wide. “Elisabeth!? What are you doing here… there!?” His small tiny voice almost cracked, but the black-haired girl with red eyes simply smiled at him.

“Let me in please? Don’t leave Elisabeth out here all alone?” The voice was strange coming from her, wispy but with a strange tonal trill. Leroy was already pulling at the barrier trying to break it open, the bubble wall becoming thinner and thinner. Of course Leroy would let his sister in! He was so happy to see her, so...

A shiver of pleasure ran through Leroy as he was brought out from that deep slumber. Fingers were sliding along one of his knife ears, just as those lips had in the bath. Yellow eyes blink open to the sight of a chocolate toned mons before his eyes. There was a slight dip in the belly before it jutted into a pubic outthrust. Velvety soft pussy lips flanked a pouting slit that could only be as perfectly formed with such a young sex. Leroy had been with a few women, but their sexes all had various imperfections and maturity that the pussy before his eyes did not have. Still drowsy he shook his head to clear it, noticing a mocha colored leg to ether side of his head, ankles bound up in bed sheets to the head board.
“Mffff?” He tried to ask, but some cloth was stuffed in his mouth, further bound in place by more cloth around his head. Leroy tried to move his arms to push away those wayward limbs, but they would not move. He flexed on the bed, finding his legs were similarly unresponsive. Looking up over his head, a fan of white hair cloaked the pillow he lay on, while two slender dark arms were bound by the wrists to the headboard as well. The fogginess of sleep was sweeping away, and he recalled what he had seen in the bath, in that reflection… those were his limbs… and he was tied to the bed, bent in half, his own bare crotch right over his face.

A head of strawberry blonde hair rose up past that mound, red eyes glimmering in light cast from glowing crystals mounted along the upper walls. A cute little nose above a smirk came into view next. “Bel dio raza kars?” The girl asked, then blew out across that smooth sex, sending a shiver of pleasure through Leroy.

He wanted to ask what she was doing, and if she wouldn’t mind stopping it, but his voice was muffed by the cloth gag. The boat-girl let out a sweet string of giggles, and ran her nose along that pouting slit. The smooth pulse of pleasure made Leroy’s flat stomach tighten up, and the wet kiss that followed was like no sensation he had ever experienced before. The blonde’s hands palmed his plush ass cheeks and gave a soft squeeze as thumbs settled upon the lips around that slit, and pulled, parting mocha lips to bare sweet pink within. A tightly closed entrance, a cute divot of a urethra, and a small clit hood where bared to the larger girl.

Leroy had no idea why a girl her age would be doing this, let alone to a... no he didn’t want to think about it.

The other girl’s lips parted and engulfed that plush pretty pussy, lightly sinking teeth onto skin as a pink wet tongue squirmed and flicked along that tender flesh.

“Nnnnnnnnn!” Leroy let out a sweet muffled whine, catching himself quite by surprise as such succulent pleasure washed out from his… that pussy. The boat-girl chewed and suckled on that velvety flesh, grinding tongue tip against the entrance to that unclaimed pussy, and lavishing that urethral divot. Leroy was panting lightly now to his own dismay. The sensations were alien but so personal and immediate that he could do nothing to dismiss them as belonging to another. Welling liquid heat rose up within his belly, slowly radiating outward and building towards something, something he both wanted to stop and was powerless to do anything about.

The strawberry blonde slurped as Leroy’s nectar began to weep out, gulping that sweetness down. “Mmmm, dio kuz rondo!” She exclaimed, smacking her lips, her face slick with saliva and cunny juices.

Leroy’s heart was beating quick in his chest, the attention the girl was giving to… to that place had been overwhelming. Perhaps the girl was satisfied; what more could she possibly want from him?

As if in response to his unspoken question, the boat-girl rose up, allowing Leroy to see that she was wearing a translucent white slip that showed off her slim body beneath. He certainly acknowledged that she was cute, but she was a kid after all and had nothing... his ears flickered as he noticed something odd about the girl. Something long and thick was tenting up her slip.

His heart skipped a beat, was she going to use a strap on on her? Leroy bucked his slim hips and started squirming madly, trying to break free of the bonds, but they where done too well and the frame of his strange new form was not very strong.

Then the strawberry blonde flipped her slip up, exposing a glistening pink phallus. It was visibly pulsing, and crystal clear pre was oozing from the tip. Leroy’s yellow eyes grew wider, that was no strap on!

With a giggle, the girl slapped her pink cock against that plush pussy, making his hips jump and his breath catch in fright. He pulled hard on the cloth binding his wrists to the head board, desperately trying to get way, but the other girl had little in the way of baby fat with toned arms and legs, and easily pinned him in place with on a hand on one of his hips, while she guided the tip of that cock to that pouting velvet pussy with the other.

Leroy could only watch in panic as his... those… no, it was unavoidably his, pussy lips parted, the tip of her shaft kissing the entrance to that pussy. The other girl had already prepared him, and wasted no time as she applied her wider hips and thicker thighs to ease that cock head into that forbidden passage.

As the entry to his pussy stretched, Leroy could feel something giving way, while an intense ache flowed out from the mouth of his sex. Never once in his life had he thought he would be violated in such a way and he let out a pitiful sob as tears welled up in his eyes and streaked down his new pretty face.

The other girl’s lips slowly hung open, a look of pleasure etched on her face as that cock slid in deep, so very deep within Leroy’s tight flesh. Pink inner folds spread and stretched as thick pre-cum spread across vaginal walls. The girl lowered her gaze to Leroy’s face, hand moving away from guiding her cock to grabbing the back of Leroy’s head, forcing their eyes to meet. The progress of that cock could be tracked by the bulge in that taut dark tummy, and then the head of it reached the back of Leroy’s tight sex, grinding firmly against what could only be his firm, spongy cervix, forcing his pussy to stretch back further to accommodate the obscene length of her girl-cock. Finally pussy lips meet pussy lips, as the vision of the girl’s lust filled face was etched into Leroy’s mind forever as the person to claim his female virginity took him against his will.

“Dio bel feldorum...” She continued on with a long sentence but Leroy was unable to pay attention to the words he could not understand, his attention elsewhere, but the commanding tone and look of pleasure on the girl’s face gave him a good idea he wasn’t going to like it. She leaned down and licked at one of the trail of tears on his face, then leaned back, hands sliding to grip Leroy’s slim thighs, and slowly drew that cock back. Leroy’s freshly claimed sex suctioned in on itself, sensitiveness inner flesh squeezing down to expel the intruder..

A pulse of wet pleasure somehow rose up above the aching of Leroy’s pussy, much against his own desires, the bulge in his tummy vanishing as the girl pulled that throbbing cock to the tip, creating a void inside him just begging to be filled no matter what his outraged consciousness might want.

Licking her lips the other girl slammed her hips forward, sinking her cock to the hilt, smashing it hard against Leroy’s cervix as his pussy lips dented inward like pudding. The force of the thrust knocked the air out of Leroy’s lungs, as a dull ache spread through his entire cunt. Leroy was right, the other girl was only concerned about the pleasure his smaller, tighter, younger body could bring her. The boat-girl drew her hard cock back to the tip once more and slammed it in without a pause, then again and again, with strong slow pistoning. Each thrust massaged out some of the deep aching, replacing it with slick liquid heat, pink cock vanishing and appearing between mocha lips again and again. Dark chocolate pussy lips meeting the white but flushed pussy lips of the girl’s assault. Thick sticky strings of nectar and pre-cum connected both pussies. An odd gooey sound came from somewhere in the other girl’s belly, and she sped up her thrusts.

Leroy could only whimper through her cloth gag as the other girl reached climax, slamming hard one final time and holding her cock hard up against Leroy’s abused cervix. Hot strands of girl cock cum spewed into Leroy’s pussy, flooding some of it, while the boat-girl tightened her grip, managing to dock cocktip to cervix and allow that spunk to blast directly into Leroy’s unfledged womb. The sensation of raw spunk in his womb was intense, and almost pushed him over the edge. As thick spunk oozed out around that shaft, more soaked into Leroy’s womb walls. His rapist held herself in place for several more jets, finally exhaling in a blast of air as if she had been holding her breath. That cock pulsed and throbbed deep within Leroy’s tight pussy, as the girl licked her lips.

Leroy began to relax; the girl had finally finished. Hopefully the ordeal was over.

“Re’z arus decora,” the straw berry blonde informed Leroy, and drew her cock back until only the tip was inside his cunt, before she started to thrust into Leroy once more.

Leroy whimpered into her gag. No, please stop this! he shouted into the gag, but the other girl was lost in her lust and pleasure, her thrusts faster this time, driving her pink cock into Leroy’s plush pretty pussy again and again.

The boat-girl was almost twice Leroy’s weight, making his smaller frame bounce with each thrust, belly expanding and flattening as that cock bulged her tummy flesh. That tight pussy had flushed out a lot of the girl’s spunk with nectar, the aching was almost entirely gone now, there was only unwanted pleasure now. He could feel his pussy squeezing down on that shaft as her cervix was made softer and softer under the blows.

The other girl laughed in mocking delight, reaching up to grip the sides of Leroy’s head to force him to focus on her again. She asked a question of Leroy, clearly teasing him, but he could only whimper as the gooey sounds rose up in the other girl’s belly again.

No, no no! Leroy shook his head, his body was going to betray him. He felt it as his womb was radiating a warm pleasure and he knew... he just knew this second load was going to be it! Several more strong quick thrusts and the girl’s hips pressed hard against Leroy’s plush upturned ass. That cock forced his cervix open a tiny bit, and the other girl unleashed the full ropey load of girl spunk right into Leroy’s womb. The look of pleased triumph on the blonde girl’s face was all Leroy could see. The moment he felt his womb start to expand from the spunk flooding and stretching it he wailed into the cloth gag. His climax was strong, powerful, overwhelming, like nothing he’d ever experienced as a man. His pretty toes curled, his back arched, his womb and pussy quivered and quaked, hammering into his mind that he was no longer a he as he drowned in pleasure.

While Leroy was still awash in the pleasure, the blonde started hammering into his well fucked tight pretty pussy once more. Leroy’s assessment that the girl would have been finished after the girl’s first climax was very wrong. This girl pounding into her could climax again and again as any normal wo… girl could.

The throbbing hot cock slewing through Leroy’s pink folds kept the pleasure up. He was gasping and whining, his belly tightening up as one after another small climaxes coursed through him. He couldn’t think though the pleasure, it was still alien and too raw. Leroy was utterly helpless to his soft sweet little body, eyes half rolled up. The cute older girl was relentless, unloading not one, but two more full loads into Leroy’s womb, flooding and bloating it, leaving a nice visible bulge on that no longer flat tummy.

Finally the strawberry blonde pulled her cock free. Leroy’s cervix tightening up, though a large amount of his nectar and the girl’s spunk flowed out, coating Leroy’s thighs, ass, and spreading out over the sheets. Leroy was exhausted in a way he never had been before, his eyes silted as a warm pleasure radiated from his womb. The girl Leroy rescued got up, stretching, showing off her long legs, long hips and small breasts beneath the now damp slip. She went about sliding the slip off, using it to mop herself clean, then pulling her cloths on, talking in a smug hushed tone all the while. Even if Leroy could have understood a word she said, his world was inward focused on his womb and how full of thick wet heat it was. He did look over to a night stand when the girl dropped a few coins on the stand, making it all too clear she just paid him for his “services”. Then with a sway of her hips, Leroy’s rapist strutted out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Leroy would lay there, still strung up and bound on full display to the head board until he drifted off to sleep once more. That’s how the inn keeper found him in the morning when she went to clean the room.

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(♫ Peter Gabriel - Deep Forest - While the Earth sleeps)

Chapter 4: Kena

Tags: dream, petting, gsolo

So completely exhausted was he by the hard usage the girl he’d rescued from that burning wreck had put him through, Leroy crashed hard despite the discomfort he was feeling from the ropes binding him to the bed and the pressure of the liquid within his belly. His dreams, nightmares really, were half-remembered things, but often the face of the girl that had so thoroughly raped him would appear and he would struggle to wake, but couldn’t, for he lacked the energy to do more than moan in his sleep.

Finally, after a seeming eternity, he started awake at the sensation of someone moving his left leg. His eyes flashed open and he gasped, for looming above him was the face of the twin-tailed blue-haired cat-girl innkeeper. He twitched, trying to pull away lest the girl, clad in smock dress and apron, repeat the actions of the other girl, but the motion caused the heavy liquid mass within his… his… his mind shied away from using the term womb, but what else could it be? The wicked girl’s deposit shifted inside him, making that chamber of flesh squeeze down, forcing an unwelcome awareness of its nature and just how fully she’d filled him. He groaned, a mixture of pleasure, humiliation, fear, and something unnameable, and the sound that issued from his lips was sweet enough to make the man he’d been cringe in shame.

It was also enough to make the innkeeper blush and look down on him with an apologetic smile. “Quelo zem…” she said in a soft tone, working Leroy’s second leg free, and allaying his worry over her intent. Once his limbs where fully free, Leroy became fully aware that another chamber in his small frame was full, and (to his surprise) a plaintive whine escaped his throat.

The innkeeper’s eyes widened behind her glasses and she scooped Leroy up in her arms, carrying him into a small bathroom and setting him down on the lip of the toilet seat. He was struggling to keep his bladder under control, unwilling to do anything in front of a child, even if she was taller then him, and still struggling with the mechanics of peeing without a penis. With every passing moment, however, the pressure inside his bladder kept growing and he found it hard to keep from squirming with the need to go.

His host held up a finger, clearly indicating that he should wait, and reached over to pick up a lidded pitcher. Pressing a lever to flip it open, she poured a small amount of fluid into the basin between Leroy’s slender thighs. Once done, she set the pitcher back where it had been, gave him a sweet smile, and stepped out of the tiny room, closing the door behind her.

She hadn’t been gone for more than a second, the door not even completely closed before his control failed and he shuddered with the pleasure of release, lightning seeming to race up his spine as his urethra was forced open by a thick stream of crystal clear pee. Part of his mind was thankful that that particular function had not changed since becoming this chocolate skinned little thing, but the rest was overwhelmed by the sensation, leaving him gasping as he gripped his knees and let out a long sweet tremulous whine. As the last droplets tinkled into the bowl beneath him, he found he was panting as if he’d just run a hundred meter dash. This body was just too sensitive, and he wasn’t sure if it had to do with all the craziness that had lead up to that moment, or a simple fact of female biology.

As his head slowly cleared, the overwhelming sensations of moments earlier leaving him a little dazed but able to focus on things outside himself once more, he looked around, finding a stack of soft paper squares with which to wipe himself off. Getting unsteadily to his feet he looked at the toilet, noting that it was not of any design he’d ever seen, with a tank sitting above on a snaking pipe, but it had three levers between the pipe and the toilet itself. His attempt to figure out how it might work came to naught and he didn’t want to break anything, so he left the toilet unflushed for the time being. Sighing softly, moved over to where a small basin with a single lever might be a sink, though it was uncomfortably tall… or rather he was too small. Pulling the lever did, indeed, cause a slit at the top of the basin to stream out clear cold water, and (standing on tip toes) he was able to locate a small brown cake of what turned out to be soap that smelled somewhat of sandalwood.

His hands now clean, he shut down the tap and dried his hands on a small coarse-spun towel. For a moment, he considered covering his nakedness with it, but it was too rough to be comfortable and too small to do much good. Slumping his shoulders, he gave another sigh and just opened the door.

The blue-haired cat-girl was waiting for him, so he waved back towards the toilet and made a confused gesture with his hands and shoulders. “I have no idea how that thing works.” The voice that came from him was so small and chime-like and so utterly alien to him that he found himself talking more and more quietly and he was painfully aware that he’d become all but inaudible even before he finished the sentence. He was also painfully aware that he was blushing crimson. His voice could not possibly as cute as it sounded to his own ears!

The innkeeper looked equally confused by what he said but she did head in and fiddle with the levers, making some effort to show Leroy in what order to operate them. The setup was such that in order for water to flush, the tank had to be cut off from the toilet itself. It was all overkill in Leroy’s mind, but he gave her a thankful smile for showing him how it was done.

Once that had been accomplished, the innkeeper held out a larger towel, a bath-sheet this time and Leroy took it, wondering what she meant for him to do with it. It was far softer than the hand-towel had been. She simply stared at him, and (after a long moment) he figured she must be expecting him to wear it, so he wrapped it around his body, then followed the girl as she nodded and motioned for him to come with her.

On the way out of the room, he glanced over at the bed, and saw the massive wet spot that bore silent testament to what had happened to him… he shuddered, not wanting to think about it. He was led down the stairs to one of the doors under the staircase and once more introduced to a steaming bathtub. The innkeeper remained standing by the tub and shook her head when Leroy gestured for her to leave. Pouting, but wanting to wash the stickiness and… and… the smell of that other girl off his body, he slid into the water and let out long relaxed sigh as he touched bottom.

The innkeeper went to work soaping up his long white hair and rinsing it off, the only sounds in the room were the splashing of water and two girls breathing. The calm was infectious, and the feeling of having his hair washed so relaxing that he nearly found himself dozing as the half-silence stretched on for several more minutes until that white mane was rinsed off and the cat-girl leaned back into his field of vision.

She lifted one of her own arms and gave it a firm pinch. “Awch!” She said dramatically. Leroy was confused, more so as the girl repeated the action two more times. Then she gestured down over Leroy’s body and repeated the word, this time as a question. “Awch?” She asked.

Leroy was quiet for a long moment. Then it hit him! The kid was asking him if he hurt anywhere. That… That… he didn’t want to, but he inhaled deeply to steady his nerves and took stock of his physical condition for the first time. His… he shuddered a little at the thought… His pussy was still aching from yesterday; the blonde had not been gentle and he had been quite a bit smaller than her. He looked down over himself, grimaced at the obvious bulge in that belly that could not possibly be his, but clearly was, then pointed down between his legs, and repeated the word. “Ouch.”

The innkeeper nodded, rolled the sleeve up on one arm, then said a few cryptic words that didn’t sound like the same language she’d been speaking earlier. For a moment, nothing happened, and then one of her palms began glowing white, and she reached down into the water. Before Leroy could do more than gasp in protest, the cat-girl had pressed her palm lightly to his tummy and swept it slowly downwards until it was cupped lightly over his plush cunny lips.

Unable to stop himself, he clamped his thighs together, letting out a whine at the contact, but the terrible aching faded away, leaving only the fullness inside him… inside his womb? Could he really have a womb? It seemed impossible to consider, but here he was in the body of a little girl, freshly raped by a bigger girl with a penis… a cock… a cock that had slammed up inside his pussy and… and had gone deep… deeper than it should have. He whimpered at the memory and shook his head to clear it.

“Awch?” she asked again, and after a moment, he realized that the pain was gone.

“No Ouch,” he confirmed, hoping she’d understand.

Nodding, the innkeeper withdrew her hand and stood up. She gestured to where she’d placed his towel atop another, and said something he didn’t understand before stepping out of the room.

For several moments, he sat in the water, stunned to silence by the realization of what had just happened. The girl had somehow soothed his discomfort with a few words and a light show. “What the hell did she do?” he thought to himself, refusing to believe the obviously impossible supposition that it might be magic. Clearly it was some kind of trick… “The same kind of trick that had resulted in a grown man somehow being in the body of a little girl?” a voice at the back of his mind asked, but he ignored it.

Eventually he climbed out of the tub and went about drying himself off. He had some issues wrapping up all that long white hair, something a few of his lady friends had done, but a skill he had never needed. Once his head was somewhat unflatteringly turbaned, he stood there in the buff, looking at himself in a burnished silver mirror, a chocolate-skinned pointed-eared girl with oddly iridescent yellow eyes looking back. Not a bit of hair anywhere beyond his head, smooth skin and some baby fat all the way down with just a hint of hips to speak off. The thighs had some meat to them, though the arms where slender, and from what he’d experienced, as strong as a girl that size would be. That made him frown, though the face in the reflection just did an annoyed pout and the ears twitched a moment. He paused at that and did it again, finding that he had a lot more control over those pointed ears than he’d had over the stubby human ones he’d had previously.

Behind him the door opened and the cat-girl entered, carrying a small pile of clothing with her. Her reflection smiled at Leroy from the mirror, and he saw her set the pile down on a small table, then slip back out once more.

“Clothing...” Leroy marveled to himself. He’d been naked for days now, long enough to almost get used to it… but now he’d be able to get dressed once more. How strange… he gave a small laugh, then covered his mouth with both hands as what came out was so very different from what he was used to. His laugh was like a tinkling of glass bells now, a sound that belonged to another world than the one he’d lived in all his life.

Shaking his head at the strangeness, he padded over to the table to see what the innkeeper had provided. A soft ruffled summer dress, very tiny white panties, and two very long straps of leather that had a few clips and buckles. Uncertain what the straps were for, he set them aside for the time being and instead picked up the panties. He was dumbfounded by how very tiny they were and how delicate the fabric was. It was like the merest hint of a covering, gauzier than tissue, but smooth and strong as silk, there was barely enough of them to cover the slit of his new form. They wouldn’t cover even his mons, let alone his ass. He gulped a little, his heart skipping a beat, part of him shouting that this was wrong, oh so very wrong. That men didn’t wear panties… and that little girls didn’t wear such clearly provocative panties.

Letting out a hiss of annoyance and knowing that protest was meaningless, he slid one dainty foot then the other through the leg holes and pulled those tiny pants up his thighs and out over his hips. The thin fabric kissed his plush pussy, hugging it snugly, forming itself to his flesh like a second skin and a pulse of wet heat welled up within his sex. Pouting in outrage at his new body’s reaction, he fiddled with the panties, trying to pull them higher, but finding they hung low on his hips and didn’t even cover the tiny nub of his clitoris at the top of his sex.

“Are these panties from the innkeeper’s personal stash?” he asked himself, then shook his head violently, trying to clear the sudden mental image of the cute cat-girl wearing panties just like this and nothing else. Inside his head he was shouting at himself, trying to stop that line of thought. She was cute, sure! A cat-girl, sure! But she was still just a kid, no matter how cool and collected and in charge she might seem to be.

The summer dress came on next, the hem dropping to just past his knees and the fabric so soft it felt like a cool breeze against his sensitive skin. He stepped before the mirror once more and toyed with the material. At rest it covered that small frame sufficiently with the many wrinkles and folds, but any sort of movement that would flatten fabric against smooth skin would show the chocolate beneath and outline every contour of little elf-girl flesh. Leroy found his ears turning a shade of pink, and his face heating up as a blush of embarrassment washed through him. The innkeeper might be providing cloths, but every piece of it had a semi-transparent quality to it. The dark skinned elf in the reflection was dangerous, oh so very dangerous.

A knock on the washroom door made her… him! Him! jump with a start. “O-oh, you can come in,” he said, then mentally slapped himself. She wouldn’t understand his words and was clearly just knocking to be polite, considering that she’d seen him freshly fucked and had her hands between his naked thighs. The blue-haired girl entered before he could finished his sentence or chiding himself. A warm bright beaming smile greeted him and melted his heart, so much so that he gave her a smile back.

Approaching Leroy, the innkeeper’s tail was swishing back and forth with excitement, clearly pleased to see him wearing her offerings. She paused by the table, picking up the leather straps, then she gestured for Leroy to follow her once more. Leading him to a table near the inn’s main desk, she dropped to her knees once he was seated, and began wrapping up his right leg with one of the straps, sliding it over the middle of his foot but leaving the heel and toes uncovered, and crisscrossing up the calf before using the buckles to secure it all in place.

As she repeated the process with the left, Leroy studied the effect, swinging his right leg freely, feeling the flex and give of the not-quite-a-sandal. It was not complete coverage, but he had been trekking through a desert barefoot for days and hadn’t really had too much trouble.

Her task finished, the innkeeper rose to her feet and went behind the counter to do something he couldn’t see, though the clink of cups and plates gave him some idea of what she was up to. Sliding to his feet, he took a few test steps, then walked around the table, finding the foot straps did give him some protection and increased traction. He did a hop, then a skip, then a small jump, then froze as the innkeeper giggled softly at his antics. He could only smile sheepishly at her and blush in return.

He sat back down at the table, feeling like a little kid waiting for mom to serve dinner. Moments later the cat-girl had set out two breakfast settings and motioned for him to eat. Some sort of berry juice, apple fritters, and some cheesed bread. A moment before, he hadn’t been hungry, but the sight of the food flipped a switch inside his head and suddenly he was ravenous.

Leroy devoured the meal, barely able to keep himself from cramming the food into his mouth. He’d only had water the day before and before that he’d been living off of cactus pulp. Licking the plate clean, he found the innkeeper had pushed a few sheets of paper and a grease pencil over to him. The top sheet had some stick figures. She pointed at one that had two triangles on the head then pointed to herself, then she pointed at one that has two sticks poking out of the head and pointed at Leroy.

Frowning in thought, Leroy set that paper to the side. The girl wanted some way to communicate, why the hell not this way he thought. He went to work, finding it was rather easy with the slim small fingers he now possessed. He drew some wavy lines and dunes and even some cacti to represent the dessert, then a stick figure of himself with the stick ears, then arrows from himself to the cacti. He repeated this a few times, then drew a burning boat crashing on the ground, pulling the girl from the wreckage, then taking the lift up to the inn. Finally he slide the drawings to the blue-haired girl and waited.

Nodding to herself, she went about drawing a stick figure with a round belly and pointed to the girl from the boat, then an arrow out of her and to a Leroy figure. Leroy let out a grunt, and shook his head. No, that girl wasn’t his mother! He took the pencil and scratched out what the cat-girl had just drawn.
That made the innkeeper compress her lips and she set about drawing a few new things before sliding the resultant images over to Leroy.

The new drawing showed the boat girl talking to the innkeeper, with a bubble showing what she claimed, that she had crashed in the desert and that Leroy was her daughter. The cat-girl was remarkably good at making her meaning clear despite the lack of sophistication of her drawings.

Looking at the picture, Leroy found himself growing angry as he realized what must have happened. The girl whose life he’d saved had claimed he was her daughter so the innkeeper didn’t worry about the pair sharing a room. He dropped a hand to his slightly puffed out belly, feeling his own body heat through the thin summer dress, his ears dipped down as he seethed. So lost in his dark thoughts was he that he was caught completely by surprise when the innkeeper hugged him from behind, resting her chin on his head and letting out a soft purr.

He couldn’t help it; he melted into that hug, it was so soft, warm, and caring, doubly soothing after the horror show of the last few days. Why couldn’t he have meet this wonderful creature first, and not that damn boat-girl? She was probably a pirate or something else nefarious. His mood lightened considerably, and once the cat-girl was sure he was calm, she helped him to his feet.

The innkeeper patted herself on the chest. “Kena!” she declared.

“Ah, that must be her name!” Leroy thought, but before he could give her his name, she reached out and patted him on the chest. “Mena.” She declared.

He shook his head. “Leroy!” he declared, pointing at himself.

The innkeeper smiled and just repeated, “Mena” with an infuriatingly calm smile on her face.

Leroy was quite for a bit. He didn’t want to get into an argument after the girl had shown him so much kindness, and finally, after a long moment of self-reflection, repeated the words, himself as Mena and the innkeeper as Kena. He’d correct her later... once they figured out how to communicate with each other more accurately. Maybe Kena and Mena were the names of their races? Or Host and Guest? No point arguing when he didn’t know how to convey the nuances of meaning. Hell, he didn’t even know how to say, “I need a glass of water.” For the time being, and purely to keep things going smoothly he reasoned, he’d abide by the taller girl’s demand.

Kena smiled at his acquiescence and collected dishes, motioning once more for Leroy to follow her behind the counter. Moments later he was standing on a step stool, cleaning dishes at Kena’s pantomimed direction. Washing dishes for a meal and something to wear; Leroy was fine with those terms. It let him look over the cooking implements and appliances hidden by the counter. There where brass pipes, valves, levers, two ovens, two stoves. It all looked like something out of one of those steam-punk movie trailers he’d seen. Further study showed him that the ovens and stoves had faintly glowing red crystals inside or under the heating areas. He saw no electrical outlets, just more devices with crystals attached or housed within.

His curiosity grew apace, and he found himself itching to get a closer look at one of those crystals, but when he finished washing the dishes, Kena had him sit at a table with a pitcher, a cup, and a stack of three books. One book had copper rings for binding, another an iron spine, and the last had been made more in a style he was familiar with. Some sort of lettering he was not familiar with where on the fronts or spines of the books.

Before he could ask what they were Kena opened the largest one, and Leroy found the lettering rather large, while the edges of each page had scroll work and intricate artistry like the illuminated works by European monks from… from his homeworld? Yeah, he wasn’t in Kansas any more, and the munchkins had so far been girls, some with ulterior motives. Kena flipped through several pages until an illustration of an apple appeared. She pointed at it, then at at a word.

“Delen” the cat-girl declared.

Leroy frowned, unsure he was going to be able to pick up a written language by going right to words, but the oral was going to be decidedly easier. Kena was a kid after all, she almost certainly had never had to teach anyone to speak, read, or write before. Smiling at her, Leroy repeated, “Delen,” then he pointed at the apple. Nodding and smiling the cat-girl continued through the book, finding more examples in the illustrations as she went.

They spend until noon going over words and illustrations, then returning to repeat what was already discussed. Lunch was some sort of savory soup with only vegetables, though Kena looked ready to insist on Leroy eating the earthy tasting greens if he refused. Clearly, she thought he was a child, but to him they where slightly sweet and he relished the taste, much to Kena’s astonishment. Giggling lightly at Kena’s reaction, he made a show of cleaning his plate. Then it was back to washing dishes, and after that he was handed a broom and was tasked with sweeping out just the main area of the inn while Kena went to wash bedding. Eventually the pair returned to the book, though this time Leroy found himself on the cat-girl’s lap. Her flowery scent and soft warmth were not unwelcome, though she did end up distracting him several times with soft melting hugs.

Idly, he thought that if this is what it was like to have a big sister, he had clearly missed out. His thoughts turned to Elisabeth, and how he had had a few opportunities to be a big brother like this for her, chances he’d passed on because of his career and out of a knee-jerk need to resist feeling put upon by his parents.

Tickling fingers on his sides and thighs brought him out of his funk, and he squirmed helplessly as peels of sweet giggling laughter burst forth from his lips. Once he was breathless and limp, Kena pulled her hands away, then close the book, signaling that they were done with lessons for the day.

Dinner was served; steak, peas, and potatoes. Well, a fairly firm vegetable-thing that almost tasted a bit like beef and looked a fair amount like a t-bone. The taste was close enough that it fooled him until halfway through eating it he cut through the “bone”, which proved to be far softer than he’d expected. A close examination of the flesh had revealed its true nature, but he was still too hungry to care overly much, and it did taste good enough. Vegans and vegetarians from his world would have loved having access to whatever it was, even if it wasn’t as good as a real steak… or was it? He wasn’t certain and it wasn’t as if he could do a blind taste-test.

Afterwards – as he was washing the dishes – it occurred to him that not a single piece of real meat had been served. Perhaps Kena only served that to paying guests? Or maybe she actually was a vegetarian? Or had some kind of religious reason for not serving meat?

Afterwards, he was sent to wash up once more, with Kena stepping in to help him wrap up his hair in a proper towel-turban before leaving him with a selection of fresh clothing… in this case a transparent pink teddy and matching panties. The teddy hung open at the front except for a single clasp over the chest and the panties where rather small and tiny, smaller then the ones he had worn all day. They kissed his plush sex and drew upwards just enough to cover past the pouting slit, but went no further.

Heat built up within his sex, looking at the girl in his reflection, his face and ears both pink with a blush, pink nipples tenting the transparent material was a spot of dampness stained the panties. “Oh god, I’m going to have to try and sleep with this tonight? Why is she dressing me like… like… like...” He couldn’t bring himself to complete the thought while the girl in the mirror stared back at him.

Once he was dressed for bed, Kena led him to a large room on the first floor. It was clearly her own bedroom, with three alcoves, two of which had beds and the third was curtained off. The larger bed Kena pointed out was her own, while a smaller one was for Mena... for himself. Sliding into it, trying not to moan at how smooth the bed sheets felt against his skin, a bit of his previous worries resurfaced. Was he going to wake up pinned under another girl?

Kena must have sensed his worries, for she gave him a soft smile and patted him on the head, then drew the curtain to give him some privacy.

Alone in his bed, his next worry was how he was going to get to sleep with the heat in his belly, a hand sliding down to press against his cumflated tummy, but moments later his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep, white hair spread out like a pool of silk on the pillow.

Leroy’s dreams where less chaotic that night, with more form and substance and far less stressful, at least initially. Embarrassingly, most of them involved hugging Kena, snuggling with her in the bath, and sleeping with her in a snugly cuddle pile. It was all much safer and warmhearted then anything involving the girl from the boat, he thought. Unfortunately, thinking of the boat-girl caused the dreams to darken and he suddenly found himself once more bound to the bed, with the girl looming over him and sliding her fat clit dick into his pretty plush pussy.

The familiar fullness of a cock sliding into his sex jolted him from sleep and he gasped, eyes darting about the moonlit room. No girl was on top of her... him, no cock stuffed into his pussy, though it was aching with wet heat, tiny panties soaked through, while his bladder ached full. Taking one calming breath, then another, he slid out of bed and quested for Kena’s bathroom, finding it just beyond the door leading back to the inn’s common room.

Sleepy, aroused, and still somewhat out of it, he ignored the pitcher and Kena’s ritual with it, sliding panties down to knees before sitting on the toilet. A string of thick crystal clear arousal connected panties to sex, while the blonde’s face was still fresh in his mind. Why was he thinking about her, that look of lust and pleasure on her face. He reached down, parting his plush slit and relaxed, letting a thick stream out. The intense stimulation of emptying her… his bladder found his fingers in a V drifting to ether side of his inner lips and stroking the flesh there. Sweet pleasure flowed out to wash over belly and thighs, sex tightening down as the last few drops of pee wrung free. An accidental graze with a fingernail left a trail of heat against clit hood, and her... his pussy squeezed down hard, a soft whine escaping his throat.

Shocked, he jerked his hand away, ears and face burning in the dimness. Heart racing, he peeled the panties off and tossed them in the basin, then wiped himself down with some of that soft paper. Some anger at himself welled up; he couldn’t believe he was toying with himself with memories of what had happened playing in his mind. He… He was not a… a slut who got off on… on… on being raped by… by… He flushed the toilet with somewhat shaky hands, then rinsed his panties clean of his desire, snugging them damply in place before washing his hands.

Silently he returned to his bed to lay down, womb radiating contentment from being filled, sex squeezing down on itself. Now he really was having trouble getting to sleep. “How could a child’s body be so sensitive and needful?” he raged inside his own head, soft thighs squeezing together, small hands clutching at bed sheets, careful controlling his own breathing to try and calm himself. A part of his mind whispered that it would all be over much faster if he just gave in, if he just jilled her... himself to release and have done with it. But masturbating to his own rape was too humiliating, another win for that boat girl, an admission that he really was a slut who… who...

No, Leroy gritted his teeth, and slowly drifted off to a troubled sleep. For a few moments during his dreams, he was once more in that bubble in the gray mist. However Elisabeth had been replaced by the blonde, who was just as earnest for his attention as the dream Elisabeth. Even in his dream he was needy, and stretched the barrier thin, and the dream boat girl slipped into his dreams...

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Chapter 5: Surrender

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Leroy stirred from sleep to find himself submerged in the soft bed under equally soft sheets. The curtain to his alcove had been parted, and the windows were open, letting a sweet smelling breeze waft through the room. Outside, birds chirped and whistled as soft sunlight played across his face. Blinking sleep from his eyes, he sat up, feeling dampness beneath him. His bladder ached with its fullness, so there was no way he could have… yet almost without thinking his hand slipped down under the sheets and felt around between his thighs and there he found the source of the wetness.

As his fingers pulled away, he noted how sticky they felt. He had… had he had a wet dream? In this body, this delicate little frame? He uttered a groan and slid out of bed, surveying the damp spot. Until that moment he had no idea what the scent of an aroused girl smelled like, but the scent here; his scent, was like fresh ripe melon, sweet and clean and mouthwatering.

He almost raised his fingers to his lips, but before she could, Kena entered. “Carbu /morning/, Mena!” she said in a sweet singsong as she walked over and gave Leroy a delighted hug. He squeaked in surprise, but he didn’t know the words yet to convey how very much hugging him right at that moment was a bad idea. But the cat-girl merely sniffed the air and gave him a pat on the head before releasing him, taking him by the hand and leading him to the bathroom. Kena once more did the ritual with the pitcher before leaving Leroy to empty himself, which he did, though once more the sensation of draining his bladder was still so intense that it left him panting. Looking down, he noticed that once more his panties where a mess of clear sticky desire, and his belly was slightly less swollen. However, this time he just snugged the panties back up in place, flushed, and went about washing his hands.

Kena stepped into the bathroom the moment he turned the water off, holding a small hard-sided brown leather case in one hand. She set it down on the edge of the basin and, opening it facing him, she revealed that there where a half a dozen vials of some faintly purplish liquid within. The cat-girl went to great lengths showing him how to open one of them, then poured some into her own mouth, swishing it around then spitting it out.

“Ebe no/don’t/negative drink/refreshment.” Kena shook her head as she tried to explain. Leroy nodded, getting the gist of her words and gestures. Taking the vial from her, he tipped a small amount of the liquid in his mouth and swished around. The fluid had a sharp strong taste, reminding him of mouthwash, which he very much suspected this was, though the flavor was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. He felt a tingle over his teeth and gums, and spat out what was left just before it started to get painful.

His mouth felt so very sparkling clean, and probing the fronts of his teeth with his small pink tongue confirmed that the substance, whatever it was, had done its job remarkably well. Before Leroy could get too involved in the sensation of delicate tongue against sensitive lips, the cat-girl dragged him out to one of the bathing chambers, then left him to wash up, dry, and change into a blue summer dress with matching panties. This time he managed the leather straps for his feet all on his own before carrying out the scrap of damp sleepwear to his newfound guardian, his hips swaying a bit at the shivery sensation of the thin snug panties cupping his sex. How did girls ever manage to get anything done with such a distraction?

Kena meet him with an armload of bed sheets and had him follow her outside to the back of the inn. There, she showed him to the well and pointed to a series of wooden tubs equipped with rollers. First she had him haul water up from the well and dump into the tubs, then he was shown where the cleaning supplies were, and the proper amount of powder and liquids to pour into each tub. The bed sheets were first up, soaked and scrubbed in the first tub, then separated and feed through rollers that automatically grabbed and wrung the sheets, then into the second tub for a similar treatment, before being sent through another roller into the third tub, which was only water.

He noted that the water in the tubs heated up on their own, and the grime (what little there was) seemed to precipitate out to the bottom of the tub, but Kena kept him too busy to really ponder how that might be or by what mechanism it was achieved. When it came to Leroy’s sleepwear, the thin material was just hand dunked and squeezed in each tub, and finally the laundry was hung up to dry on some wooden poles, though extra care was taken for the sleepwear. Leroy could only stare at the tiny panties waving in the gentle wind and sunshine, and be perplexed how those things ever fit him in the first place, small though he might be.

Breakfast was wholesome and satisfying, and after the dishes where washed, he was shown around the inn, then tasked to sweep the floors of every room except for beyond one locked door in the storage room. While no ash from the desert managed to get up here to the top of the mesa, some sand apparently did, though that seemed backwards to Leroy. Still he swept the entire inn without complaint. It was only fair, after she’d taken such good care of him.

Once his chore was done, it was back to the books, only this time around some charcoal pencils and paper where provided, so Leroy took the opportunity to start making an alphabet. For some strange reason, Kena had made no attempt at showing him such a basic and fundamental thing, and she looked perplexed at his actions. Still, by the time the morning was half-done, he’d managed to coax from his feline instructor a semblance of an alphabet, though he wasn’t certain he had all the symbols yet. There were forty-one of them, half of them vowels.

While Leroy reviewed his chart, the cat-girl went off to check on something outside the inn, leaving him to mull over things in private. A curious thought occurred to him; he was picking up this language extremely fast, almost as if he had the still developing brain of a child, combined with the focus of an adult. Fascinating. He went back to work with the book, piecing together some words and trying to work out the meanings of some of the sentences. This was clearly not the local version of “See Spot Run”.

So engrossed in his work was he that he paid no mind when he was picked up and placed on a lap, and snuggled from behind. Then a pair of hands laced together and pressed inward on his belly, and the sudden compression of his womb made him utter a sweet moan that brought a blush to his cheeks as he felt his flesh squeeze down on the load of cum within. The shock to his system jolted Leroy out of his studies, and when lips fell to one of his ears to lick and nibble, he couldn’t help but melt in the girl’s arms, as the feeling of those soft teasing nibbles on his sensitive skin sent shivery pleasure through his mocha-skinned body.

Kena entered the common room then, forcing a shocked gasp out of Leroy who’d assumed that she was the one teasing him, and the cat-girl let out a soft friendly giggle, saying something in greeting to owner of the lap Leroy found himself on. The owner of the lap smelled of machine oil and metal he stiffened in sudden fear that it might be the horrible ship-girl, but a glance down at the other’s wrist told him that whoever was holding him was lighter skinned than his assailant had been. He watched, wide eyed, as that hand drifted from his belly to tug up the hem of his semi-transparent summer dress so its owner could stroke one of his dark inner thighs. He opened his mouth to protest, but all that came out was a stifled, tremulous moan.

The innkeeper stepped behind the counter and fetched a pitcher of juice and a few cups to put on a tray, then returned to sit opposite the girl and Leroy, filling only two of the drinking vessels. When the girl pulled her lips away from his ear to speak with her host, Leroy dropped his hands under the table to grab at her wrist, trying to pull it away from between his legs, but the girl simply dug the heel of her other palm against his womb, causing a wash of pleasure over his petite form. The groan that slipped from his lips made the girl giggle and Kena blush as she sipped at her cup.

As the two older girls had their chat, the fingers stroking his thigh slid up to his thinly covered sex and brushed their tips over the delicate flesh. At the same time, the heel of the girl’s palm rocked back and forth, squishing his womb about, making it hard to form coherent thoughts or monitor the conversation, let alone put up any resistance. The girl’s efforts were quickly rewarded when the rush of heat through his belly caused his cunny to drip with arousal, rapidly soaking the tiny scrap of fabric.

His hands fluttered at her wrist, but just as he was certain he’d be able to focus enough to mount a protest, however futile, his assailant tugged the thin fabric of the panties to the side and then her middle finger dipped between his lower lips, her palm cupping that pretty plush pussy as that finger sank deeper and deeper into the pink tightness. One by one, her knuckles pressed into his center, and she began to slowly, idly pump that finger in and out as she nibbled and suckled upon one of Leroy’s ears.

Unlike the boat-girl, this new molester was gentle with her touches, keeping Leroy in a blissfully pleasured state, his lips hanging open as he panted ever so sweetly. As the lusty whimpers and shivery moans filled the room, the girl softly, tenderly, brought him to climax, his plush chocolate pussy weeping nectar around that finger buried deep within, the flesh rippling, squeezing at the teasing intruder. The girl toyed with him, teased him down from that plateau, letting his body relax just a bit before pushing his arousal back up just a little, but finally she eased her finger out and snugged the soaking panties back in place.

A thickly coated finger was presented to Leroy, and he blindly suckled upon it, savoring the sweet taste, barely able to process the fact that it was his own essence he was tasting. Once the finger was clean, the girl set him to the side on the bench, laying his small form out so he could collect himself, his head resting softly on one of her knees. As he drifted off to sleep, his sex pulsing with the pleasure of temporarily sated need, he felt her hand stroking his hair as if he were little more than a pet, but he was too tired to protest.

Leroy woke sometime later, tummy grumbling, bladder aching. He… yes… no he wasn’t ready to acknowledge his change in sex fully… not yet. And was even less certain if that change also extended deeper, to his sense of identity. He didn’t want to think about it, so he rubbed at his eyes as he sat up and looked around. Kena was behind the counter cooking, and – through the open front door of the inn – he spotted some kind of vehicle parked just outside, but there was no sign of the girl that had… had… his heart skipped a beat as a blush of embarrassment overwhelmed him.

Suddenly at a loss for how to feel, he took refuge in the immediate and rushed off to the bathroom to empty his bladder before an accident occurred, though the pleasure of draining left him in another daze. Cursing his unnatural sensitivity, he rinsed out the thin panties and snugged the damp fabric back into place. Shivering as they clung to the outline of his slit, he returned to the main area and sat back down with the books.

He glared at them, pouting as he replayed the event in his mind, pushing the pleasure aside as best he could. He was annoyed! Kena had just sat there and watched… Not just watched but chatted with the girl as she’d toyed with him, driven him to… to… Yes that girl had been gentle with him… but she hadn’t ask Leroy and… and… he let out an unhappy sound that even to his own ears sounded far too much like an adorable puppy whimpering to be petted. Was this gong to be his norm? Were older, or at least bigger, girls going to treat him like a toy? Like a pet? Like a… a… he remembered the boat-girl leaving money on the bedside table and flinched from the obvious term. He had been so helpless. Sure the boat-girl had tied him up, and he’d been weak from his time in the desert, but this new girl hadn’t needed to use any force at all. No, she’d subdued him with nothing more than practiced skill.

A bellow from Kena snapped Leroy out of his revere and he looked around to see what the problem was. Except that there didn’t seem to be any problem, as the innkeeper came to the tables with three meal sets arranged on a large wooden tray. Setting the tray down, Kena saw the pout on Leroy’s face and gave him a hug, snugging his face to her chest, which he discovered had the small plush pads of budding breasts concealed beneath that smock. She stroked his head and gave him a pat as she pulled away, clearly telling her little charge that everything was going to be okay… at least for the time being.

Leroy’s mood lightened; he… he’d just have to adapt, he decided. Move forward. Eyes focused on the future, he told himself. That’s when a girl with long lavender hair and blue eyes stepped into the inn and his eyes focused on her instead.

She wore some well-used overalls while a pair of steam-punk goggles adorned her forehead, and was in the process of unhooking a heavy tool belt filled with many kinds of tools as she entered the common room. She was maybe twelve or thirteen, and stunningly cute in a tomboyish way. Leroy felt a flutter inside his belly at the realization that this must be the one who had molested him.

The newcomer uttered an energetic greeting and made her way over to the table, but before she could reach it, Kena had taken the seat next to him, causing the girl to pout a bit before taking the seat opposite. She extended a hand in his direction and said something, but it wasn’t words he knew yet.

In fact, he had no idea how to react to any of this; not to her greeting, not to what had happened between them, not to his own emotions, and so he merely pouted at her and busied himself with the meal. For several long moments, the room was quiet with the sound of eating, but finally the silence got to be too much and Leroy swallowed hard, bracing himself, then slowly looked up at the girl and uttered what he was pretty certain was the local version of the word “hello”.

The faces of both of the other girls seemed to light up, and Kena gave him a quick, triumphant hug while the other girl awwed as if he was a kitten who’d just performed a rudimentary trick of some kind. He found himself almost mortified at their reaction; the pair seemed to find his behavior adorable. He blushed furiously, wanting to run out of the room screaming. He was an adult, not a child! His thoughts became a jumbled mess as threads of thought tripped over each other. Where did they... barely children themselves... treating him... younger than they were... as if he was barely out of swaddling clothes… whatever those were. He wanted to fume and throw a fit… but he could only grip his wooden spoon in impotent rage.

It would have been easier to be outraged if the goggles girl had been mean and rough with him. He could have felt justified with his outrage. But no, they were being helpful, supportive, and he was smaller than them, smaller and alone, and barely knew any of the language. Would he lose his mind if they kept treating him as little more than a pet? No! If he’d survived being in a void of nothingness, and then the unrelenting agony of the trek across the desert, being found cute by a cat-girl and tomboy in overalls should be easy enough to endure! He’d let them coo and fuss in exchange for food and safety… at least for now.

Once lunch was finished, a lunch he was barely aware of having eaten, he collected the dishes and went about washing them. Anything to distract himself from his situation. That earned him a thankful smile from Kena and he found that he liked being smiled at by her. Kena was cute, the smile was cute. He was already blushing once more. When he was finished washing the dishes he found both girls gone, and so he decided to step outside to get some fresh air.

The vehicle he’d glimpsed in part earlier turned out to be part wagon, part boiler, though it had several stacks that looked too small for smoke if the technical information he half-remembered from his days in the rail-yards was correct. The contraption was loaded down with tools and parts and the controls were sized and situated for small frames; no adult could control this comfortably, it was for child-sized hands and bodies to drive. Were there any adults about?

He turned about, glancing back at the inn, and noticed the size of the door way; an adult would smash their head on the door frame unless they where to duck. He ran back inside and headed to the upper floor, opening each door, looking at the dimensions of each room, of each doorway, chair, table, bed. Then it was on to the bathrooms and the washrooms. There it was, all the evidence he needed.

The nagging thought was finally given awareness; there where no adults, at least not in this area. Sure his sample size might be limited, but the beds were too small to accommodate the average sized adult, the toilets where too tiny, and while the bathtubs could holds two girls in them, he... well his old self at least would have found one of those tubs rather too small. Even if he had gone fetal, he would have had a better wash with a wet towel.

Leroy went back outside and approached the lift dock, staring out at the desert below, processing this revelation. He didn’t know how long he’d been standing there, trying to make sense of a world where some tweenage girls ran inns by themselves, others drove steampunk cars, and still others had penises with which to flood immature wombs with… with…

The sound of someone hammering on metal yanked his attention away from the landscape and drew it back to the present… and to the lift in specific. A wooden ladder had been erected to allow the goggles-wearing girl access to the motor on top. She had the cover open, revealing several crystals hooked up to what might be a small steam engine. He stepped sideways a bit to get a better look. The crystals were in clear cylinders reinforced with brass, and the girl was wrenching one open to remove the crystal within. It was a small lumpy yellow crystal, about the size of an adult man’s thumb, not particularly attractive, but strangely fascinating in how it caught the light.

She must have noticed Leroy’s approach as she asked him something then tossed the lump in his direction. He just managed to catch it, then looked back up at her, confusion on his face. What did she want him to do with it? The girl pointed at the crystal, then at him, then made another gesture, this one with both hands. He could have been wrong, it seemed as if she was giving it to him. He didn’t know what good it was, or what he’d do with it, and so he was quiet for a moment then uttered what he thought was a “thank you” and bowed his head slightly. That got another aww from the mechanic girl, then she went back to working on the motor.

“Mena!” Kena called out from the inn, waving him over. Leroy glanced one more time at the maintenance job the mechanic girl was doing, then padded his way back towards the building on half bare feet. It was back to studying. Setting the trinket down on the table, Leroy snuggled onto Kena’s lap and focused his efforts on learning more of this language, silently annoyed at the universe for not making everyone here speak English like they did in all those movies where the main character ended up in another world or another time.

As dinner approached, Leroy felt as if he’d gained a bit more mastery over the verbal language, while the written was going to require more work. The mechanic girl had been moving about the inn, checking up on the ceiling fans, the kitchen appliances, and some other things that Leroy was not privy to. Dinner had been filling, the girl eating with him and Kena, then he was sent off to go wash up for bed. He went reluctantly, wanting to stay up and spend more time studying, but he was a guest and still did not know enough to word any requests or protests. He was also painfully aware that they were likely to view any such complaints as little more than the pleas of a child trying to extend bedtime.

After the bath, Leroy was able to wrap his hair up without any help, and – slipping into the pink transparent teddy and tiny useless panties once more (and blushing a hair less when he made the panties damp) – he stepped out of the wash room. The common room was empty and he was just picking up his crystal from where he’d left it next to the books when he heard a whine from upstairs. Ears twitching, he could just make out Kena’s whimpering.

He raced upstairs, two steps at a time, bare feet pattering on the wooden floor and skidded to a stop before a closed door, hand reaching for the door-handle. Then other sounds intruded into his consciousness and he froze. The wet smacking of lips releasing flesh, and a needy, lust-filled cry in what could only be the voice of the goggle wearing girl drifted through the closed door. Leroy’s entire body stiffened in shock as he took in the sounds of two young female bodies grinding against each other, his elfin hearing picking up the silken rasp of skin sliding against skin. He planted a hand against the wall as his heart raced, his belly trembling in sympathetic tremors with each cry and moan. The sounds he was hearing were the perfectly healthy sounds two women having sex would make (as he knew from too many late night porn viewings), but they were an octave higher and intermixed with pleasured purrs and girlish giggles.

Swallowing heavily, Leroy stepped away, then slowly made his way to his bed. Maybe… maybe the other girls where no different from him. They had libidos more mature than someone their ages should have had, or so it seemed. Or… or did girls just naturally have… have such needs and society taught them to ignore them. Setting the crystal down on a night stand, he slipped under the covers and squeezed his thighs together. He was far enough away now that the sounds of the two girls pleasuring each other could be mistaken for the calls of night birds, but in the back of his mind, he wasn’t able to totally banish the images that every moan and gasp and whine seemed to summon up.

Burying his head under his pillow, Leroy finally managed to shut out the sounds, if not the needful tingle between his own thighs, but he drifted off to sleep more quickly than he’d thought he would, somehow all too cognizant of the speed at which the darkness claimed him, just like every other night since he’d come to this strange place.

The soft warm depths of dreams clamped down on his awareness, though he found himself back in that fateful inn room, on that bed, wrists above his head, ankles the same. This time however instead of bed sheets and cloths, proper leather and latex with buckles and belts had him securely bound. The strawberry blonde loomed above him, and he tried to struggle as the nightmare rolled on, relentless and inescapable. It was hopeless, and soon enough one fat clit dick slid into one plush pouting mocha pussy, sinking to the hilt easily, stretching Leroy’s inner depths and folds wide. He sobbed as his tight pussy betrayed him, squeezing down on that cock as if it had been waiting for this all day, all week, all… all his life. As if it had been made specifically for that singular purpose.

Drawing her hips back, the blonde thrust in firmly, smacking hard against his cervix, drawing a wet splat of needful desire out around that cock. Aching pleasure crashed through him, and Leroy bit down on the ball-gag in his mouth as the older girl thrust her hips into him again and again. Each thrust produced more wet desire, a pulse of unwanted pleasure, and a sweet muffled grunt from his throat. The blonde rocked her hips in slow languid circles, pressing her smooth warm belly down onto his, and he could feel the searing heat of her womb bake against his.

His toes curled into little foot-fists as his womb squeezed down on itself and he shook his head in denial, screaming into the gag for the girl to stop but that only caused the blonde to leer down at him and thrust harder as she renewed her punishing pace. Each thrust into that pussy brought shivering deep pleasure that crashed into and through him, and he could feel tears burning down his cheeks at the shame and betrayal he felt as his body reacted to the forceful assault.

The blonde laughed at the girl beneath her and Leroy’s pussy could only quiver and squeeze in pleasure. Leroy could only accept the thrusts, feel that hot throbbing thickness within her as her cervix was made soft by the firm poundings. The press of the soft warm girl above her slapped hips against plush ass; Leroy’s slick desire running down her ass cheeks as she could feel her climax building up within… As if sensing the dark girl’s impending climax, the blonde held still, precum-dripping clit-dick throbbing in that squeezing, clasping pussy.

Leroy wailed behind the gag, thrashing and groaning with unsated need. She was so close, but she was being denied, the blonde laughing at her struggles. Then she…

Leroy jerked awake in her bed, the air under the covers steamy, her panties soaked pussy and womb throbbing. She let out a small helpless moan, the face of the strawberry blonde girl with red eyes still fresh in her mind. Looking around in the muted light, she slid off the bed and pattered to the bathroom, sitting down, sliding panties down to one ankle. She unleashed her bladder, emptying it and allowing a different kind of pleasure to surge through her. But once that was dealt with, she planted one heel on the wash basin and brought her hands down to her flushed sex, burying two fingers into her tight plush, feeling her depths squeezing.

Panting filled the bathroom as Leroy rammed two slim slick fingers into her tight wet pussy again and again. Memories of how she was pinned down, helpless, just something to fuck, filled her pretty little head. She dug the heel of her thumb against her clit-hood, squishing her inflamed clit within. She was whining now, imagining each thrust of her fingers propelled by the blonde’s hips. Finally what she had been after arrived, and (biting down on her lower lip) she cried out sweetly, arching her hips to meet up invisible hips, vivid memories of the blonde’s lewd, pleasure-twisted face in her mind as a powerful orgasm rocked her own chocolate frame.

She could feel her pussy rippling and sucking on her fingers, her eyes half rolled up, and lidded, jamming her fingers in again and again while her wet desire splattered into the toilet and slicked her wrist. She kept going though, her sweet pussy happy to feel more pleasure, needing a greater release, yet it wouldn’t come.

Finally, with a whine of fatigued overstimulation, she drew thickly coated fingers out from her flushed plush pussy and sat there half collapsed, legs parted wide. She lifted her fingers to her lips and suckled, licking the sweet taste off as the needful heat in her sex slowly cooled down. Several minutes passed as she panted, her hand returning to her pussy to softly stroke it, coaxing delicious moans from her tight throat.

She had no idea how long she’d been sitting there, petting her kitten, when the door to the bathroom opened, and Kena, standing there in a teddy similar to Leroy’s own, looked down at her.

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Chapter 6: Unusual

Tags: f/g, petting, dream, rape, reluc

Perched on the toilet, Leroy’s legs were spread out, panties dangling from one ankle. Her smooth hairless pussy was on display, flushed with desire and glistening in the soft light cast by a crystal mounted on the wall. Kena stood silently in the doorway, ears swiveled forward, tail still, and Leroy could make out small palm-full sized breasts capped with puffy areolas and inverted nipples under the other girl’s transparent babydoll, as well as Kena’s plush puffy pussy perfectly outlined and revealed by her tight transparent micro panties.

Pulling her slick fingers away from her sex, the neo-girl felt heat suffuse her cheeks and ears, and she began to stammer out an apology, not quite in the right frame of mind to remember that the other girl would not understand a word she said.

Kena simply gave Leroy a smile, saying a few words that Leroy hadn’t learned yet, pointing from him to the sink, then motioned in a kind of come hither way before stepping out, closing the bathroom door behind her. The intent was clear; Leroy was to wash her hands and present herself for… something.
Letting out a soft groan, Leroy slid off the toilet, stumbling slightly since her hips were so numb that her legs were wobbly. Getting caught by someone — a child of all people — while masturbating, as a guest in that someone’s home! Humiliating was too light a word, but there was little she could do besides comply. She flushed the toilet, then stood on tiptoes to rinse out her panties and wash her hands. Still reeking of femenine desire, she shivered as she pulled the soaked fabric up over her thighs, knowing she was hesitating pointlessly since the cat was well and truly already out of the bag, so to speak.

Opening the door, Leroy stepped out, right into Kena’s arms as the older girl scooped her up, hugging her close. A soft purr came from the soft chest as Leroy hung there, unsure what to do with his… her hands. The cat-girl nuzzled Leroy’s head, wrapping her larger body around her dark-skinned form like a soft blanket. As their thinly clothed forms pressed tightly together, Leroy found himself whimpering softly, the scent of Kena flowing into her lung; sweet and floral and warm. Leroy’s earlier desire and embarrassment were quickly overwhelmed by the soft cuddling, and she wrapped her arms around the cat-girl’s waist and nuzzled into her chest, yellow eyes heavily lidded as any ability to think about anything more than the intense comfort of the moment faded away.

Warm sunlight roused Leroy from sleep sometime later, and she blinked several times to clear the fog from her eyes, surprised to find herself in Kena’s bed, so much larger than her own. Her bladder was aching full, so she threw off the covers, the warm morning breeze caressing the thin baby doll and her bare skin. Murmuring a sigh of pleasure, she wandered into the bathroom, panties down to her knees as she unleashed another intense thick stream of pee. Once more a delicious shiver of pleasure surged through her and she wondered if she’d ever get used to the sensation, while a small part of her mind asked the rest of it if she really wanted to. After flushing and washing her hands, she opened the small box with the vials and swished some of the liquid inside her mouth to clean it before stepping out of the bathroom fully awake.

Checking the bedroom, she didn’t find any daywear waiting for her, and a glance down at herself had made her hesitant to head into the main area of the inn. Who knew what kind of… of… girls might be lurking in the common room, just waiting to… to… she shook her head to clear her trepidation and, taking another look through the bedroom, she found that her bed had been stripped, indicating that Kena must have found the wetness she’d left. The thought of being found to have wet the bed was bad enough, but the fact that that wetness hadn’t been pee brought a flush to her cheeks as she pursed her lips, shifting from foot to foot, uncertain what to do with herself. Finally, biting her lower lip nervously and hugging herself, she headed into the connected store room, peeking past the doorway into the main area of the inn. There was no sign of Kena, or the other girl from yesterday, though the vehicle the lavender haired girl had arrived in was still parked outside the inn.

“Kena?” Leroy called out in a tiny voice, perhaps the cat-girl was somewhere nearby? Somewhere close by and able / willing to help? A noise from upstairs caught Leroy’s attention, but after waiting what seemed like an eternity but was probably not more than ten seconds, no one had appeared. The little platinum-blonde swallowed hard, mentally bracing herself as she timidly stepped out into the main area, bare feet making barely a sound on the smooth wooden floor. Leroy quickly crossed the main floor and pattered up the stairs, the baby doll swishing with each step, and made for the door from yesterday. There were some muted words and some giggling as she approached, then soft moans followed by wet smacking, and more giggles. Leroy tensed, gulping nervously; she wasn’t sure what she could do dressed like this, wasn’t sure she should be left alone with her own body and idle hands, wasn’t sure she wanted to know what (exactly) was happening on the other side of the door.

Despite her doubts, she softly knocked on the door, holding her breath and trembling lightly, suddenly cold despite the warmth of the morning. There is a pause, two seconds or twenty Leroy didn’t know, before Kena let out a squealing giggle and there came the sound of someone crossing the floor inside the room… someone heavier than the cat-girl.

Before Leroy could lose her nerve and turn to run, the door flew open and Leroy came face to face with the mechanic, who was dressed in a loose spaghetti strapped top and boy shorts. Leroy’s eyes widened, she been expecting Kena to answer, not the other girl and the urge to run away caused her breath to catch in her chest. Small and young as the mechanic was, she was still bigger and, at least physically, older than Leroy, and those hands… she shivered in memory of them moving over her body the day before.

The mechanic’s blue eyes danced over the form of the chocolate-skinned elf before her, then she reached out to pat the little one. Leroy tensed as that hand closed, then relaxed as it settled softly atop her head. Both girls sighed softly, the mechanic in pleasure, the elf in relief, but that relief was short lived as, a moment later she found herself pulled into a hug by the much older girl. 
A tiny whimper was all the protest Leroy could muster up before she melted into the other girl’s embrace, barely feeling the strong hands gripping her pert little behind and giving it some soft squeezes. The mechanic turned and asked a question, but even if Leroy had been aware enough to answer, it was in that alien language and clearly not directed to her. A soft giggle came from Kena as she stood from the bed, pulling her clothing on. She answered the mechanic’s question with one of her own and, getting an affirmative from her, the blue-haired girl stepped out, leaving Leroy in the lavender-haired girl’s clutches.

Fingers more used to caressing machinery than flesh dipped between mocha asscheeks, their tips feathering over a covered pink star, sending strange new and delicious shivers through the small elf girl. Leroy clutched at the larger girl, as that feathering became a probe, a fingertip slipping past panties to touch the flesh directly and toy with her puckered entrance, for what else could it be used for; she hadn’t used it for its traditional use since she’d arrived and felt no trace of discomfort from that fact. The white-haired girl’s sex squeezed down on itself as a pulse of wet heat rose within her, a sweet little moan from pretty little lips.

The mechanic giggled at the little-one’s reaction, but seemed content to only tease that asshole, tracing slow circles around it until Kena returned with a small pile of clothes. Reunited, the two larger girls set about stripping Leroy down and dressing her up in a semi-transparent summer dress and snug little panties, treating her as if she was a dolly for them to play dress-up with. They took turns cuddling Leroy, not letting the girl snap out of the cuddle induced fugue, chatting the whole while. 
Once everyone was dressed and ready for the day, the duo headed downstairs with the elf in the cat-girl’s arms. Planting Leroy on the mechanic's lap, Kena loaded several trays with an already prepared assortment of breakfast foods. While they ate, the lavender-haired mechanic kept one hand resting on Leroy’s tummy, lightly digging the heel of her palm into the elf’s hidden womb, largely ignoring her whines and whimpers as they continued their conversation from earlier. Occasionally, one of the pair would hand feed Leroy a piece of fruit to nibble on as the mechanic rocked her hand back and forth, grinding sensitive womb walls against each other, leaving Leroy in an aroused but dazed state.

Sometime later, when the two had finished their meal, Leroy was set to the side on the bench, while Kena escorted the mechanic out to her machine. Freed of the distraction of that teasing, and the mind erasing warmth of the embrace, Leroy licked her lips, her awareness slowly returning. Out the open front door of the inn, she watched the pair embrace and share a deep passionate kiss. Breaking away from Kena, the mechanic hopped into the driver’s seat. The machine roared to life, the rumble able to be felt through the floor under the bench Leroy sat upon. The lavender-haired girl pulled her goggles down over her eyes, gave a wave, and guided her craft in a tight U-turn before heading down the road towards the forest.

Just as Leroy was thinking of getting up and looking to see where the machine went, Kena returned. The motherly… big-sisterly cat-girl slid a breakfast tray before her, gave her a head pat, then disappeared into the rest of the inn, leaving Leroy to eat in silence as she attended to some chores no doubt. As she ate, Leroy considered what had happened. She had no defense against such... cuddles? How had she been so helpless? How could her mind just blank out from the simple act of being held close to a larger form? She could remember everything that had happened, but hadn’t been able to do anything about it at the time. Not because she was helpless, but because she simply had had no motivation, no conscious awareness of what was going on. She couldn’t even have struggled!

Did it have to do with being an elf? Being younger? Leroy had no frame of reference; cuddling wasn’t something Leroy had done when she had been a little boy. Wait… she had been a little boy?

A soft moan past a strawberry as she realized she had been thinking of herself in the feminine for hours now, all morning in fact. When had he become she? She couldn’t remember exactly, but it made some kind of sense, she guessed. After all, she had no dick, no broad shoulders, no flat pecs, just soft smooth young elf girl flesh. All of her protests had been cute sweet little whimpers, groans, moans, and pouts. She didn’t know what it all meant, but one thing was clear; if she was going to be able to ask others to leave her alone, she needed to learn the language as quickly as possible.

The treatment by Kena and the Mechanic had been worlds apart from that she had suffered at the hands of the boat-girl, even if the Mechanic had been very forward by the standards of Leroy’s birth world. If she had been able to make a choice of who was going to give her her first female orgasm, the mechanic would have won by a landslide. Instead, she was being haunted by dreams of being raped! How unfair was that? Why was she even dreaming about that? Nightmares she could have understood, but this… this was… it was…

She shook her head to clear the all too vivid memories of both the act and the dream of the act, and as she moved her head, she saw her foot-wraps hanging over the post at the bottom of the stairs. Finishing the last of her meal, she got up and grabbed them, wrapping them around her feet and calves, before setting about cleaning the dishes.

As she did so, perched on a small wooden crate to make reaching the sink easier, she considered what she was going to do that day, wondering if it would be more of the same stuff as the day before… only without the mechanic to tease her. That made her realize that she hadn’t had a bath that morning, and she sniffed herself and flinched. Her skin fairly reeked of elfin desire! Hopefully there wouldn’t be any new guests before she managed to scrub herself down. She briefly considered using some of the dish-water to sponge herself off, but decided that would just make her smell like wet breadcrumbs and pineapple custard mixed with overheated elflass.

Just as Leroy finished the last of the dishes, Kena entered the common room, setting down the books, scrap paper, and pencils on the recently vacated table. Pursing her lips in an unconscious pout, Leroy watched her caretaker sit down, their eyes meeting in a moment of silent communication. With an inward sigh, Leroy dried her hands on a slightly scratchy towel, then padded over, licking her lips nervously, then sat down on the cat-girl’s lap.

Kena uttered a soft giggle, patting the little one on the head before opening the largest book. The lessons went on all through the day, with breaks now and then for lunch, chores, and dinner. Leroy managed to learn a number of basic words, chief among them being the one for “no”, a fact that she was thankful for. So thankful that she hugged Kena fiercely and snuggled against the bigger girl for a moment before bouncing about snapping “No!” at random things and pointing fiercely at them. “No book!” “No Table!” “No Bottle!” “No Bench” “No Pencil!”

That display of childish glee earned Leroy a soft smile, another pat on the head, and a giggle from Kena. Then the cat-girl sent her off to wash up.

“NO BATH!” she giggled, then tried to dodge her caretaker, but she wasn’t fast enough and ended up being carried to the bathing chamber and dumped, unceremoniously, into the tub and firmly told to stay while the innkeeper fetched the water and soap. Of course, Leroy hadn’t really been objecting to the bath, but it had felt good to pretend.

Once left alone with hot water and sweet smelling soap, Leroy washed away the scents she’d built up over the day, then dried off, wrapping up her hair in a little towel turban. Less worried now that the inn was empty and she no longer smelled of overheated girl sex, she looked herself over in the mirror carefully. She had a slim small frame, with a light hint of hips, but she was more toned than she’d first thought; she just had to flex a muscle to see the traces of definition hidden under the baby fat. She did not gaze long at her own sex, the sight of that smooth hairless plush pussy with its perfectly sculpted slit was still a bit too much for her. Part of her was still an adult, and she had thirty years of taboos to work against. Her chest was nothing much of anything, just soft flesh with cute little pink nipples. Her face  was another matter; she was cute if not outright adorable. The pouting came easy and the smiles had a hint of allure to them that (to Leroy at least) seemed out of place on a child’s face. Leroy’s eyes were almost alien, an inhuman yellow, with an iridescence that would catch the light and seem to glow just a little. She’d expect Kena to have eyes like that, being a cat-girl, but she hadn’t seen any refraction in the older girl’s eyes when they’d been together in the dark.

Nodding to her own reflection, and pleased that she had managed to look herself over without freaking out, she slipped into the pink teddy and matching panties that Kena had provided, then made her way to the innkeeper’s bedroom.

Before she could climb into her soft bed however, Kena’s hand fell on her shoulder, and the cat-girl said something Leroy didn’t understand. Looking up, the girl saw that her caretaker was gesturing towards a small stack of towels. Kena then pulled the bed sheets back to show that one had been laid out already in anticipation of a third bedwetting incident.

Blushing furiously, Leroy uttered an embarrassed groan. “Thank you,” she whispered, earning her a quick hug from the blue haired cat-girl, who closed the curtain behind her as she left Leroy alone in the deepening gloom of twilight.

Sliding under the sheets and snugging them in tight, Leroy lay there quietly, staring up at the ceiling as she thought about all that had occurred in the past week and a half. This was all some strange mystery and the number of unknowns was vast. When she’d woken in this world, she’d assumed the truck she’d been driving had been hit by one of those two trains… but now she was not so certain. Being hit by a train didn’t usually result in being turned into a prepubescent elf girl… at least she was fairly certain it didn’t. Yet that was how she had woken up in this world, alive and well and changed. But what had happened to Elisabeth, her dear little sister in that oversized sweater that made the brat seem so much cuter… she blushed as she pictured her sister’s body. She hadn’t paid much attention to it as an adult male… but now she found herself mentally comparing her sister’s form to her own.

She shook her head to clear it of that vision, and for several minutes, her thoughts were still, focused only on the sounds of night birds chirping, and the soft purring breath of the sleeping innkeeper. Finally, she allowed herself to return to the question of what was going on and how she’d gotten where she was. She’d crawled out of a hole in the ground, alone, naked, far from home, and somehow she’d survived days wandering in a desert.

A pulse of panic lanced through her heart, her eyes going wide at sudden realization. She had been in such a delirium that she could have been wandering the desert in endless circles before stumbling across the crashed airship and the mesa. She wasn’t sure she could ever find that… that tomb ever again. How would she find her sister?! She hadn’t forgotten about her little sister, she hoped she was alright! What if Elisabeth was still trapped down there? What… what if she’d stumbled to the surface too and… and wandered in the desert, scared, confused, thinking Leroy had abandoned her!
Leroy shook himself. Somehow, he doubted she’d been down there. He hadn’t seen her, hadn’t seen any traces of her. If she was still alive, and he hoped against hope that she was, need to believe that she was, either she was sealed like a sleeping princess in the tomb, or she’d been transported to this world in another location. Or perhaps Elisabeth had woken in the tomb and, unable to find her brother, had left before Leroy had and had found some help. Still, Leroy realized that she would need to learn more about this world before she could dream of attempting a search for Elisabeth without risking herself.

The first step would be learning the lay of the land and the language and customs. From there, she could begin to catalogue the differences between this world and her old one… aside from the presence of tweenage cat-girls who ran their own inns and futanari airship lolita rapists. As it was, those requirements are going to take her some time. The thought of stepping onto those sands once more sent a shiver through her, not one of dread, but anticipation. She’d have to find means through that trackless desert, one that didn’t rely on travelling by foot… on that provided shade and a supply of food and water. Only once she had an idea of what she was doing and was properly outfitted could she return to the tomb and begin the search for her sister. Once they were reunited would she worry about how to get home. She fumed in thought for a while longer, the same thoughts racing in circles in her mind round and round. Finally, letting out a long sigh, she closed her eyes and, with an act of will, forced her mind clear and her breathing to slow.

Sleep claimed Leroy almost instantly and, at first, his dreams were muddled and meandering. But as if guided by an unseen hand, she soon found herself in a dream version of the inn, walking up the stairs, unable to turn away. At the top of the stairs was only one door, light burning behind it, and Leroy found he could not help but open it. Beyond, Leroy saw his new self utterly bound on her bed, legs and arms up above her head, plush pussy on display, the strawberry blond boat girl kneeling on the bed before her, ready to guide that fat clit dick into the trapped girl’s pussy.

Lunging forward in an attempt to forestall the inevitable, Leroy found himself falling, falling, falling into that elfin body just as the red-head slammed her cock into his/her sex to the hilt. Leroy wailed and thrashed helplessly as once more she found herself pinned and helpless beneath the hammering cock of her assailant, only able to squirm as it battered against her cervix with firm unrelenting thrusts. Leroy could do nothing more than accept and yield, giving pleasure to her rapist, and crying out as her own body betrayed her, feeling pleasure despite not wanting any of it. Hours passed as the older girl unleashed load after load into Leroy’s depths, that mocha tummy enlarging more and more as hot spunk was poured into it, taking on a tear drop shape as more futa-cum was shoved into Leroy then had ever happened in the waking world. At that realization, she noticed that she was floating once more in that bubble of energy in the gray mist, that the futa, the bed, the inn, that all of it was gone and she was alone… so alone.

With a start Leroy woke from her nightmare in the early morning light. She shoved a hand down, palming her flat belly, then further to cup her soaked aching sex as she uttered a sweet little whimper. Encountering wetness, she yanked her hand away before she could do more than have a feel. It was just a dream or nightmare, she wasn’t a victim of that girl again. With a whine, she threw the covers off and slid off the bed. The harshness of the dream was fading and she was already calm by the time she stood up. Resting on the footlocker was a fresh set of day cloths, and a robe.

Pulling the robe on, Leroy went to see to her aching bladder and morning mouth care, then snatched up her day clothes to find one of the washing rooms ready for her. Sometime later Leroy stepped out, dressed for the day. She quickly found and greeted Kena with what she hoped were the correct words, earning her a smile and a pat on the head. Then the two of them set forth on a day of chores and lessons. The next night was a repeat of the previous one, as was the one after that, and the one after that. Again and again she would dream of dreams where she was assaulted in her sleep, waking up to a mess in the morning. This continued, day in and day out, chores, lessons, and nightmares.

Then, on the twelfth night, the dream-rapist spoke to her just before she woke. The red-head leaned down and whispered, “This can all end… all you have to do is-” but Leroy was suddenly in the bubble, panting and gasping, feeling chilled deeper than her skin. Somehow, she knew that the rapist would tell her how it could end the next night. She knew, and knew that, whatever the girl said, whatever the offer was, it would be disastrous to accept… and yet, she also knew that, if this went on long enough, eventually she would do whatever the dream-rapist demanded of her.
Leroy woke with a start, a gentle hand rocking her by the shoulder. “Mena, wake up Mena,” Kena’s voice called out softly. Leroy blinked her yellow eyes open, but she felt like she hadn’t had a wink of sleep.

“Nnnn.. Kena? I just laid down..” Leroy complained softly, even as the older girl pulled her out from the sheets.

A look of concern graced the blue haired girl’s face. “I let you sleep in Mena, it’s just two hours until noon.”

Kena’s words made the elf’s eyes open wide, but before she could consider the implications, a pang from her belly imposed itself on her awareness. She squirmed and slipped from Kena’s arms, her bladder aching in outraged fullness. On tiny feet, Leroy ran into the bathroom with just enough time left to yank her panties down. The rush of peeing left her breathless and dazed until a knock on the bathroom door brought her back to lucidity. “I… I’m sorry Kena, let me freshen up?” Leroy begged softly, with the innkeeper making an affirmative sound on the other side of the door.

Kena left Leroy alone letting the white haired girl wash and change and replace the towel on her bed. When, at last, Leroy was feeling able to deal with the rest of the world, she found the cat-girl sitting at the table, a light luncheon laid out for the two of them. She motioned silently for Leroy to join her, then tucked in to her own repast.

Kena watched Leroy eat, waiting for the younger girl to get a few morsels and gulps of juice in. “Mena, what’s wrong? It’s been getting harder for you to wake up each morning since you came here,” she asked with a soft tone of concern.

Leroy looked over and pursed her lips as she considered Kena’s words. How could she tell the cat-girl about the dreams? That she was dreaming about being raped every night? Her sex pulsed with wet heat, and she squeezed her smooth thighs together. Kena was… was still a child! She couldn’t… couldn’t… no. She shook her head to clear those thoughts away. As the days had passed, it became harder for Leroy to see Kena as a child, but the idea of admitting the truth of the issue was making her cheeks and ears flush. “Yes well, ah. It’s really embarrassing... it has to do with that girl I came here with.” Leroy couldn’t look up from her tray. “I… I think I liked what she did. I keep dreaming about what she did to me.” Leroy’s voice was tiny, almost a whisper.

The cat-girl let out a mrrr of concern. “That’s not.. Leroy you’re a bit different from little ones your age. I understand this. But what she did to you was wrong. Is that all, you’re just dreaming about her?” Kena laid a hand over Leroy’s, her words soft and caring. “Is there anything else?” she added after a time. “Anything you’re not telling me?”

Leroy was quiet, looking up from that hand to the worried look on Kena’s face. “She… the one in the dream… She started to talk to me. She said she could make it end, but you woke me up before she could tell me how.” Leroy’s voice had a bit more energy to it now, Kena hadn’t reacted badly to the information.

Kena shook her head and said a single word Leroy did not recognize. “Was there a gray mist? Maybe you saw a sphere around you?” At Kena’s question, Leroy nodded. The cat-girl let out a mrring sigh and patted Leroy’s hand. “Finish your breakfast and do the dishes, then come to our room when you're finished. I’ll do my best to explain what’s happening.” Kena stood up as she told Leroy, “You did nothing wrong, little one, I’m just surprised it happened when you were so young. But you are not a normal child.” Kena left Leroy with that, heading into the back of the inn.

That was something Leroy had learned during her lessons, though she hadn’t been able to fill in all the holes in the puzzle that was this world. Kena had explained that there were five age groups in this world, and for some reason, Leroy was part of the youngest, while the oldest were the age of Hana the mechanic, an adult, no matter how young she seemed. Kena was considered a young adult, or so she claimed. Was it possible that, in this world, there weren’t any babies? No toddlers? No true adults? Just girls, futanari, and maybe boys between the apparent ages of eight or nine at the youngest and fifteen or sixteen at the oldest? It seemed so bizarre to think about… but thinking was hard. She was soo tired. Still… she reached up and touched her head, waiting for the skull plate to ache, but she just felt a normal skull under her hair. Of everything that happened, that was somehow the one concrete thing, the one thing she should accept at face value… and if that miracle had happened, maybe everything else was real too.

Drying off her hands, Leroy got down off the stepstool and headed for the room she shared with the cat-girl. The curtain to Kena’s bed was closed, while the curtain to the always closed alcove was open. Taking up a central part was a large gold or gold plated skull affixed to a stone base. Though it was heavily stylized, it was recognizable as some kind of sheep’s skull and looked to be some kind of tribal witchdoctor’s mask.

Flanking it were two round white marble tablets with words in the local language painted on them in golden letters. Although she’d been studying it for almost two weeks, Leroy’s understanding of the language was almost entirely oral, meaning that she could handle little more than the basic words. What was written there was far too complicated for her to figure out.

Off to the side, there was a wooden pole with pegs set into it and it looked as if something that had been hung had been removed. Just looking at the entire display was making the back of Leroy’s eyeballs itch, forcing her to look away. The curtain to Kena’s bed parted and the cat-girl stepped out. She was dressed in an open front short kimono with a single-piece swimsuit beneath, toed stockings and sandals. The kimono was white while the trim, swimsuit, and stockings were a soft blue. 
“Cute!” Leroy exclaimed. She wanted to say more, but she didn’t quite have the vocabulary for that yet.

Kena grabbed her own tail nervously and smiled at the dark skinned elf. “I used to be a priestess before I became an innkeeper,” she offered by way of an explanation before stepping over to the smaller girl. Leroy returned the smile, then let out a long yawn that caught both of them by surprise. Kena giggled for a moment before stopping herself, her expression becoming serious. She headed over to the religious memorabilia and pulled a metal-reinforced tome from a shelf beneath the idol.
Opening it, she flipped through the pages until she apparently found what she was looking for. She turned the book around to show Leroy the contents, a picture of a shimmering bubble floating in gray mist, while several shadowy shapes wrap around it. The picture was surrounded by text that likely explained the image.

“The mortal world overlaps with the dream world,” the catgirl began. “When a person sleeps, they form a pocket banjuan around them, one that they have some control over. Among the many creatures that exist in the dream world, there exists a creature called a Figment. They are spirits, bits of energy with enough shenzai to be self-aware, and a tiny amount of will. They are formed by the dreams of mortals. Under normal circumstances, a Figment can brush up against a dreamer’s dream and help shape it, gaining a bit of vinoc in return for influencing the dream. Do you understand so far?”
There were a couple of words that Leroy hadn’t caught, but the gist had been clear enough. Banjuan clearly meant something like realm or dimension, while shenzai must mean something like complexity or raw intelligence… or maybe both. As for vinoc, that must be vitality, or life-force. “I… I think so,” she agreed. “Please, go on.”

Kena gave her a tight-lipped smile, then nodded before continuing. “Occasionally Figments can enter someone’s dream. This is easiest if that person has lost some of their dinkia… their mind strength? You understand?” Leroy nodded. “Such a loss can be from bad thoughts or painful events. When a Figment gets inside someone’s dream, they can change it much more than when they are outside, stealing more vinoc than they would normally be able to. Once the dreamer wakes, the Figment is usually expelled… but sometimes there are instances when the Figment remains, draining lots of vinoc from the dreamer, and eventually taking control of the dreamer in the waking world. They then change the dreamer’s physical form to match that of the Figment.”

“I don’t like that.” Leroy declared, feeling frightened. She wanted to say more, but that was all she could express with her limited command of the language. The boat-girl had been cute, even attractive, but she didn’t want to have the same face that had been leering at her for days in her dreams. Losing control of her own body was something too terrible to contemplate.

Kena nodded slowly, placing a hand on the smaller girl’s shoulder to comfort her and show her that she understood. “Come, rest on your bed. I will drive the figment out. It will not hurt,” she said softly, her tone gentle and reassuring, leading Leroy to her cot and helping her lay down. “Please try not to fall asleep for as long as you can,” Kena suggested.

Leroy promised she’d try, though the comfort and fatigue were kept at bay only by the fear of what might happen if she dozed off. As Leroy fretted and tried not to let her nerves get the best of her, Kena performed a few sharp gestures and uttered two sharp words. All at once, the itching Leroy had felt behind her eyes when looking at the idol earlier spread across her entire body.

It was almost like pins and needles were poking at her in a back and forth wave. The sensation was intense, uncomfortable, just shy of pain, and it caused Leroy to cry out and grip the bed sheets in fists so tight the knuckles turned white. She groaned and arched her back as the sensation grew more and more painful.

Eyes wide, chest tight, Leroy saw that Kena’s face was contorted with a look of alarm, and then the catgirl began to perform a series of sharp gestures, ones that almost made it look like she was picking up and placing down pieces on an invisible board.

Leroy’s perception shifted suddenly. She was not on her bed but floating in the silvery bubble of energy. Then she fell, thudding on a floor made entirely of gray mist. A moment later, she was being pounced on by the boat-girl. No, not the boat-girl, but the spirit; the Figment, with the boat-girl’s face! Where the Figment was gripping her, Leroy felt a coolness, a draining sensation that signalled how much of her lifeforce the creature was stealing from her. The Figment leered down at her as she had been doing every night, and for several moments Leroy was overcome by panic. She was going to rape her! Again! And there was nothing she could do to stop her! “No!” Leroy bellowed, then slammed a tiny chocolate fist into the creature’s face, sending her reeling. Both Figment and elf were stunned for several moments, then the spirit lunged at Leroy once more. Leroy shoved her foot into the Figment’s gut, sending it flying once more, while climbing to her own feet.

“I don’t know what’s happening…” Leroy’s panic and fear were shifting, falling away as anger blossomed in their place. “I don’t care if you look like a child, but if you don’t fucking leave, I’m going to beat the everliving tar out of you!” This time it was Leroy making the charge! While the Figment was taller than Leroy, this was a dream realm, where things were not based on the physical, and Leroy had memories of being bigger, stronger, tougher! Big Leroy grabbed the boat girl Figment, and slammed her against the barrier. The Figment howled and clawed at Leroy, who noticed in passing that she was still female and mocha-skinned despite being twice the Figment’s size now. “GET OUT!” she roared, shoving hard, the barrier stretching behind the creature.

Kena had said the creature had some sort of will, and it transformed, from that of the boat-girl into Leroy’s little sister. Steely anger ran through Leroy. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you ever dare!” With one final shove, the Figment was pushed out into the mists beyond, where it was snatched up by some ethereal wind and torn away from Leroy’s grasp. Within the blink of an eye, it was gone, lost in the endless haze of the dream world.

“Mena, everything will be alright, I’m here!” The sound of Kena’s voice caused Leroy to spin around, finding the blue twin tailed cat-girl standing there in her robes. “You’re not going to trick me again!” Leroy bellowed, and Kena yelped as Leroy pounced her. However Leroy did not feel the cool draining sensation.

“K-kena!? You’re.. I’m sorry I thought she had somehow got back in!” The gray landscaped shifted to a big fluffy bed, and Leroy shifted her grab to a hug. Kena let out a cute squeak of surprise, then gave Leroy a return embrace.

“Oh you’re so much easier to understand here. You drove the figment out, all by yourself?” The cat-girl asked. Leroy nodded, as another Leroy materialized and joined the two. “That’s st-good! Oh oh dear!” Another Leroy appeared, adding to the cuddle pile. “I’m going to leave now before this gets out of hand.” The pinned cat-girl declared, and vanished from under the growing pile of naked dark skinned elf girl bodies.

Back in the waking world, Kena stood up from the chair she was sitting on. The small elf girl was sleeping soundly, without a troubled or exerted expression on her pouting face. “You can take a long nap, and I’ll wake you in a few hours.” She whispered to the girl, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead. “However did you drive the Figment out? Oh but you are a curious girl.” Smiling to herself, Kena pulled the bed sheets over the small form, and closed the curtains behind her.

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Chapter 7: A bump in the night

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With the influence of the figment gone, Leroy found her libido quenched. She was in a child’s body after all, she had no reason to become aroused. She placed the blame for those thoughts and desires firmly on the dream creature. Kena also seemed to be keeping a more watchful eye on her, often cuddling Leroy when the dark skinned elf was not busy with chores, and only lightened the cuddling during study so Leroy had some ability to think during those sessions. Between the studying, and the cuddling, Leroy lost track of time as the days bled together, reminding her of her original time as a child.

Leroy gained progressively more mastery over the language Kena spoke with that frightening rapidity of the young, and even began picking up a basic command of the written word. She wasn’t able to write sentences yet, but it was a start. Eventually Kena selected one of the other books from the stack, and combined what was inside with actual practice. Flora and Fauna were the topic of the book, and Kena was happy to show Leroy the garden that she’d only had glimpses of before..

There where vegetables Leroy was familiar with, such as tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots. However there were also ones that were alien to her; a thickly stemmed plant with a fruit that looked like a pale eggplant, that had a teat that could be massaged to produce; of all things, milk; another whose leaves resembled an iconic pig face, that Leroy learned would be used to make proxies for ham, pork, and bacon.

There was also a clutch of small puffy yellow and white birds that were apparently tame. They were fed scraps, and produced the eggs that featured in so much of Kena’s cooking. There was also the compost bin where anything organic was tossed to break down. This was a revelation for Leroy, for this seemed to imply that there were microbes in the world.

When she asked Kena about it, the cat-girl gave an explanation Leroy did not understand as it included words not in the language book. Understanding her confusion, Kena took Leroy to the edge of the nearby woods to collect branches, then the two got very muddy as they assembled a charcoal producing fire by surrounding branches with scrap burnables, lighting it on fire, and then sealing most of the airflow off with compacted dirt. What that had to do with microbes, Leroy had no idea, but it was fun hanging out with Kena and the mud was nice and gooshy between her fingers.

Afterwards, Leroy found herself sharing the same bath with Kena, perched on the innkeeper’s smooth and water-slicked lap, as the older girl cleaned her off. Once that was done, Kena opened another book from the stack, resting it against the wall, balanced on the tub lip, flipping pages slowly with one hand, as she softly stroked Leroy’s flat dark tummy with the other.

While Leroy was embarrassed by the contact; her face and ears flushed, she was used to Kena touching her, and any time Leroy would begin to squirm, the blue-haired girl would just snug her tight for a few moments, sending Leroy into a content daze.

According to what Leroy could understand from the drawings in Kena’s book, there seemed to be seven basic elements in this world: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, and Void. These elements were particles that could be radiated as energy, flow as a gas or liquid, or compacted together as solids. When a living creature died, several things happen depending on what it was.

Plants that died simply eroded into loam or soil over the course of weeks or months, with denser plant material such as logs taking many many months. Monsters and plant creatures with only instinctive behaviors left behind bodies on death that could be harvested for resources. Monsters with low intelligence turn into several crystals that could be processed to form things such as claws, teeth, pelts, and leather. Higher intelligent monsters were similar, but also left behind elemental crystals.

Kena held her stroking hand still as the topic became darker, her voice growing somewhat more somber as she explained what happened when an intelligent creature died. “People or Thinking Monsters, those that know empathy, turn into a crystal seed. Nine days after death, the crystal seed turns into a fragile crystal flower. The color and glow of these seeds and flowers depends on the race, personality and power of the creature that died. There were magical means to bring a person back from such a fate, but only as long as the crystal is whole.”

Kena had a look of concern on her face, studying Leroy’s face intently, but Leroy was simply lost in thought, comparing how very different death was here from that in her original world. She looked up behind her and smiled at Kena, who in turn gave her a kiss on the lips and hugged her tight, not letting Leroy go until bedtime.

As of late, Leroy’s dreams had been soft and warm and inviting; without any rapacious aspects, but not that night. She woke with a jerk, drawn from the no-longer-comforting embrace of sleep, vaguely troubled by something she couldn’t quite remember… and realized she was hearing something unusual. Her ears shifted as she tried to figure out what the noise was; it was strange, some kind of popping and cracking sound. It wasn’t coming from inside the inn, that much she could determine. The only sounds from within the building were the fans and Kena’s soft purring snore.

Sliding out of bed; her transparent teddy clinging to her slim form, she set out to investigate. Her bladder ached sweetly from fullness, and the sensation made her pause by the bathroom door. She didn't want to have an accident, her tiny bladder had a tendency to weep a few drops into her panties in the past if she didn’t attend to it at the first sign of discomfort. Wanting to get the task over with as fast as she could before the strange noise became a problem or a mystery that had vanished before it could be investigated, she hopped up on the seat, ignoring the ritual with the pitcher that Kena always performed before letting her ‘Mena’ use the toilet.

Perching on the seat, she drew her tiny panties down and unleashed a thick clear stream of sweet smelling pee from her dark pouting lower lips. The intense rush of overstimulation from feeling the thick stream rushing out of her, and the sensation of feeling her sensitive bladder flesh compressing and tightening sent a dazzling burst of pleasure through her, making her dissociate from herself for a moment, floating free even as her body went through the motions without her.

She saw rather than caused one of her hands to be pressed to her inner thigh, and felt fresh heat on her ears as she realized what she had almost done, what her body wanted to do, what instinct had almost caused. With a gulp and a shake of her head to clear it, she took control of herself again, then dried off, snugging her panties back into place before washing her hands.

Her business finished, she headed out into the inn proper. The doors to the inn were not locked, though one of the doors had a bell, which she avoided using as she stepped outside, her bare feet touching the slightly dusty trail outside the inn. The stars above were gone, the dark sky brightening moment by moment as dawn approached. Kena usually woke before Leroy, so this was the first time she’d seen a sunrise while in this world… well, and in her right mind. She’d probably seen one or two during her trek through the desert but the cactus juice had so fuddled her awareness that she could not say for certain.

The crackle-snap noise sounded again, and this time the sound was loud enough that her delicate ears could localize it. It was by the landing pads, dock, and cliffside lift. Leroy made her way over there, finding the half-light of pre-dawn almost as bright as daylight for her. She smelled something acrid as she approached the cliff, and saw sparks coming from the primary motor of the main lift itself. The housing had been opened, the inner workings having been rewired. The lift itself was slightly askew and its floor a few inches below the lip of the landing. Leroy spun around, searching the area for whoever had messed with or sabotaged the lift, but the only sign she could find was a few sprays of sand near the edge of the cliff.

She hugged herself then, realizing how alone she was, how small she was, and how little she was wearing; she must make a tempting target she realized. A flash of panic gripped her, and she dashed for the inn, slamming the door behind her as best she could and struggling on tip-toe to throw the heavy bolt. She barely managed the difficult task, then scampered into the back to repeat the task with the back door, the one that led to the garden.

Once that was done, she timidly made her way into the bedroom she shared with Kena, approaching the cat-girl’s bed, only to realize the futility of her actions. The windows were open to let the gentle night breeze in, and she would have needed a step-stool to reach high enough to close them. Swallowing with a suddenly dry throat, she climbed up onto the bed, the blue-haired girl’s sweet scent washing through her, reaching out one hand to grip Kena’s shoulder.

There was no response.

Leroy swallowed again, feeling panic and fear rising up inside her. She softly shook her guardian several times, but again got no response. “Kena? Kena wake up!” she whispered, panting with dread now, shaking the other with a bit more force.

For a moment there was still no response, then Kena’s eyes drifted open, a warm smile blooming on her face as she saw Leroy. Hands reached up and grabbed Leroy, and the danger of being snuggled into submission became apparent.

“N-no Kena!” she whined, trying to pull away without any chance of escaping the much stronger girl’s embrace. “Someone broke the lift!” Leroy squeaked into Kena’s chest, and that seemed to give the older girl pause.

Kena sat up, studying her charge’s face for a moment, then slid out of bed, dressed in her own transparent babydoll, expression clearly concerned but not yet decided on a course of action.
“I saw some sand on the platform and path leading to the forest, but the sand ran out before it reached the inn. I did not see or hear anyone,” Leroy explained breathlessly, shifting nervously against Kena’s chest.

The innkeeper looked from Leroy’s worried face towards the curtained off alcove with the religious materials but seemed to think better of whatever she’d been considering. Instead, she set Leroy down on the edge of the bed and made her way to the bedroom door. “Stay inside and lock the door, Mena,” she instructed, then suggested “Best to put on your day clothes.” as she stepped out of the room, closing the door tight behind her.

Leroy nodded to the vanished figure, then hopped off the bed to slide the much smaller wooden bar on this door into its place before returning to her own bed. She opened her footlocker to retrieve her only just slightly transparent dress and panties, as well as her feet and leg straps. By the time Leroy had finished snugging her panties in place and wrapping her feet and calves up, there was a knock on the door.

“Mena, it’s Kena, come unlock the door, then go wash your mouth,” Kena’s soft warm voice commanded on the other side. Leroy undid the locking bar, finding the innkeeper there in the same condition as she had been when she’d left. Smiling at Leroy, the cat-girl gave her a quick hug. “Please collect the eggs from the nests once you’ve washed your mouth out, then I’ll show you something once I’m dressed and ready,” Kena said in a soft calm voice. Clearly she wasn’t worried about whatever had messed with the lift motor.

Leroy nodded, responding with a crisp, “Yes Kena.” If the big girl wasn’t worried, she would try very hard not to be worried either.

The chickens-like birds were calm, soft and warm, paying Leroy no mind as she lifted them up one by one to check for and collect any eggs they had laid. Unlike the ones from Leroy’s world, there was no stench or filth. If she only needed to pee no matter how much she ate, perhaps it was the same for the chickachicks as Kena had called them? She’d have to take a closer look at the flora-fauna book today to find out what she could about that matter.

Taking the eggs inside, she rinsed them off in the sink and set them to the side just as Kena emerged from the bedroom. She was dressed in her smock and apron, and (seeing that the eggs had been collected) gestured for Leroy to come with her.

Drying her hands off, she pattered after the innkeeper, following her outside into the morning light. They walked to the side of the inn where the landing pads were, approaching a stone box. It had a simple metal latch that kept it closed, but Kena opened it to reveal a container holding a dozen large paper wrapped spheres, some sort of leather bound kit, and several rolls of paper. The sulfur scent of gunpowder made Leroy sneeze as Kena pulled a green painted sphere out, before closing up the box once more.

“These are flare signals. Very dangerous, but very useful. I will show you how they are made, once the charcoal is finished,” the innkeeper promised, which only makes Leroy smile. She understood the basics of fireworks from her original world, but things were a bit different in this one, and making explosives didn’t involve being a housekeeper, which was a definite plus in her book!

With Kena leading the way, the pair stepped onto the cliffside dock, where three mortar tubes sat, each equipped with a bit of flint and a piece of steel attached to the tube by a metal cable. “Ships and Airships use colored light to communicate,” the older girl commented, turning one of the tubes that had been aimed out over the cliff so that if faced the forest. “A long green light means they have something in need of repair.” She stuffed the green painted sphere carefully into the tube, making certain that the fuse that dangled from it poked out the bottom of the tube.

Leroy frowned for a moment then asked, “Oh... is this to let Hana know something is broken?”

Kena smiled and nodded. “Yes! You are correct! Now take the flint and steel and light the fuse, then come over to me once you’ve done that.” The innkeeper stepped a few paces away as Leroy picked up the stone and metal. It took several attempts before the flying sparks caught the fuse alight, and Leroy yelped in surprise at the sudden success and nearly burned her fingertips on the now blazing fuse. She scrambled back, running to Kena who hugged her close then turned her around so she could watch what was about to happen.

The burning fuse vanished into the tube and — moments later — there was a harsh thump and the sphere was launched into the morning sky on a pillar of smoke and fire. The charge flew high, reaching the apex of its arc and just beginning to drop, before bursting into a brilliant green flower that twinkled as it slowly sank towards the earth below. It winked out when it was, perhaps, a hundred feet above the ground. Less than a minute later, Leroy could just make out a steady blue flash from far off in the distance beyond the forest, followed by a distant flare in the same cyan color.

“Do you see that Mena? Do you see the blue flare?” Kena asked, easing off on her hug.

“I saw a flash of blue light too.” Leroy said, looking back and up to regard her caregiver.

That caught Kena by surprise, and she giggled. “My, you do have wonderful vision to go with your wonderful hearing,” Kena said, giving Leroy a squeeze that very nearly sent the elf into a contented daze. “I’m happy you woke me up and told me what you found. But please be careful; there are more girls like the one you came with when we first meet, and you are quite... exotic.” Leroy was too deeply into her haze inducing hug  to do more than make a cute soft sound. Kena shook her head and chuckled, then took Leroy inside the inn where the two of them prepared breakfast together for the first time.

Over breakfast, Leroy learned that the lift was an important service, one that allowed people to return from the ashlands. Except for a few researchers, the only people that wound up in the ashlands were the survivors of airship wrecks and the rescue teams sent to find them. Several guilds funded the inn and its lift, and in turn those guilds were funded by various countries, sometimes even rival nations. No one, it seemed, wanted to lose people to the ashlands.

Once dishes and pots were cleaned, Leroy was back to studying, where she learned that Animals and Monsters were similar, but categorized as distinct due to behavior and gender. Both had originally formed through spontaneous generation by the will of the Goddesses, and Animals were either female or half-male. Bearer or half-seeder.

Leroy paused, trying to parse the word. Half-male… it was similar to something that appeared in the kinds of things she was sure her little sister was interested in, all that anime and manga. Futanari? Was that what the term was? Hermaphroditic, having both male and female gender. Leroy pursed her lips as she continued reading, nodding to Kena when the innkeeper headed off to get in a morning bath.

With Animals, if a group lacked a half-male, additional animals of the same type could appear through spontaneous pregnancies… Leroy was pretty certain that was called parthenogenetic reproduction, or sometimes one of the females would mature into a half-male. Monsters, on the other hand, were (with few exceptions) entirely Seeders. That is, they were almost always males. They used the females of other species to... the smell of machine oil and metal were the only warnings Leroy got as Hana the Mechanic scooped her up, sitting at the table with Leroy settled on her lap.

“Hiya squirt! Nice to see you again!” the girl with the long lavender hair greeted, even as she dug the heel of her palm into Leroy’s tummy, compressing firm womb flesh against firm womb flesh. Leroy’s reaction was almost immediate, a pulse of wet heat within her sex as her thin panties were slicked by her arousal, the sweet smell of elfin desire filling the air.

Leroy uttered a sweet gasping whimper, eyes half-liding as Hana brought her lips and tongue to one of Leroy’s ears, licking and nibbling on it. The mechanic pulled Leroy into a tight hug as she slid her other hand under the hem of Leroy’s dress to stroke one bare thigh before cupping her thinly covered sex. Lightly callused fingers pulled her panties to the side as Hana chuckled and then one digit was teasing that plush velvety warm lower set of lips. “Mmmm! How I wish I had been this sensitive when I was your age, kiddo,” the much older girl mused, sinking two fingers into Leroy’s sex, sliding them several joints deep and slowly pumping as the tight little pussy flesh squeezed and pulsed, oozing sweet clear nectar around those fingers. Leroy whimpered and panted, dark thighs trembling as her toes clenched and her breath caught in her chest. Hana’s slowly pumping fingers kept Leroy on edge as she looked over what the little elf-girl had been reading.

Kena returned with a towel wrapped around her hair. She gave Hana a fond kiss and sat across from the duo, striking up a conversation that Leroy was too dazed by pleasure to catch anything of. After a few minutes, Kena got up, heading outside to collect something from Hana’s steam-powered machine. She set a bag down on the table as she returned, and Hana reached within, pulling out a few objects that Leroy tried to focus on but her attention was too fractured by the intensity of the sensations between her long coltish legs.

The first item was lifted from the table and pulled out of sight, but soon enough, Leroy felt it rubbing up and down against her lower lips. For a moment, she was certain it would be slipped inside her cunny, but it moved down and back, the tapered end pressing firm into Leroy’s tight pucker. Slowly, Hana eased it into that dark star and Leroy let out a shuddering gasping pleasured cry as the hardness popped within, a thickness that kept her rear entrance from closing completely, the smooth tip leading to a wider middle that struggled a bit with that untouched tightness, before Leroy’s asshole squeezed down behind it, swallowing it completely… or not. Some kind of plate was there to keep it from disappearing within her butt completely.

Leroy’s belly flexed and her eyes rolled upwards as she uttered a sweet whining keen as climax rocked over her slim form. Her sex squeezed and rippled around those probing fingers and her head was turned so that Hana could latch press their lips together. Leroy blindly kissed back as Kena giggled softly in the background.

Hana wasn’t finished with Leroy yet, as a thumb sized humming object was eased into her sex, Leroy’s hungry pussy pulling it deep, settling it against her cervix. A very thin jewelry chain was slid around the elf’s waist, and between her legs, fed through some loop in the buttplug plate several times, before a key was inserted into the plug and locked in place.

Leroy came to her senses sometime later, finding herself on her own bed. The depths of her sex lightly hummed away, while the girth of the thing inside her kept her asshole opened, unable to expel the intruder. She could hear the older pair somewhere else in the inn, probably in one of the guest rooms. They were having sex, judging by the muted gasps and whimpers, the same sounds that she herself had been making all too often since coming to this world.

Being able to feel her hips, Leroy was able to get to her feet and thence to the bathroom. Sitting down on the closed toilet, panties dangling from one ankle, she rested one foot on the sink and the other as far apart as she could manage, holding her skirt up and gazing at her reflection in the mirror. A thin silver chain was looped ‘round her waist and between her legs several times. It was locked in place with the butt plug.

She experimented with it, moving it around, but found that the gap between the thin smooth chains was barely big enough to let one of her slim fingers slip past. Next, she probed around the buttplug plate, but it was lodged inside her tightly and the chain wouldn’t let her pull it free. Every effort did little besides send pulses of pleasure racing through her belly, wet heat pulsing within her sex, oozing out past her flushed pursed pussy lips as her tiny nub of a clit made her clit hood peek out. Pressing a palm to her tummy, she could feel the hum of the device within her sex as it throbbed every few moments with activity.

Seeing that dark plush pussy on display brought new heat to her womb, and she couldn’t help but sink a pair of her own fingers into her sex to pump and grind past that lovely slit. With Leroy’s limited sexual experience as a girl, the first thing that came to her mind was the thick pussy-splitting cock of the airship girl that had raped her. The mental image made her feel dirty, naughty, a bad girl that needed to be punished, but all she could do was thrust harder, faster, deeper. She whimpered with need, biting her lower lip and almost, almost, she could imagine it was that hard cock thrusting into her, not slender flexible fingers. There was just something that the tools available to her, her own fingers and a vibrating toy couldn’t do that a living thick hard cock could, and that forced her to thrust and twist harder, hovering on the edge of orgasm and needing just one more push to send her over the edge.

Unlike before, her mental imagery was not obsessive; the memory airship girl’s pretty face and pussy hungry cock just set Leroy off, and her hips thrust into the air as she bucked, banging her head against the back of the toilet, making her bite her own lip and the sudden flash of white sent her over. A hot gush of womb deep nectar splashed out across the wooden floor and sweet numbness spread across her hips as her behind settled back down, delicious little pants filling the room. It took her several minutes to recover as the vibrations in her sex and the plug in her ass stretched her arousal out far further than any male orgasm had ever been.

Finally, she caught her breath and struggled to her feet. Still feeling dizzy, and belly still trembling with echoes of that intense climax, she rinsed off her panties, wiped herself down and snugged her panties back in place before returning to the main area of the inn to resume her studies. Her thoughts were distracted however. Kena was sweet and adorable, while Hana was a nice enough girl, but Leroy had already found the pattern in Kena’s behaviour. She was letting Hana toy with her when Hana paid a visit, and then enjoying the amorous pleasures of the aroused mechanic.

The elf-girl was not sure how to feel about that. Hana had not hurt her, not even a little bit, only... dominated her. Some deep part of her felt a thrill at that realization, and she squirmed in embarrassment that some part of her enjoyed it, enjoying the idea of being forced to feel such overwhelming pleasure. But… was this always how things would be? Here she was (apparently) small, cute, exotic? Everyone else was bigger than her; perhaps she just had to adapt and accept the realization of her new reality. Clearly there were some cultural norms she had to learn about… and the sooner she did so, the sooner she might understand if she had any options. She turned back to the books, focusing on her studies even as she squeezed her dark thighs together, squirming on the bench from time to time.

According to the book, the major reason Monsters were separate from Animals was that they preyed on people, not for food, but to use their wombs to breed and produce offspring. If a Monster knocked a girl up, she’d spawn an egg in a matter of hours or days that would then hatch into a member of the same Monster species that had mounted her, though sometimes a halfbreed, called a Monster-Girl, resulted.

“Is Kena a half breed?” Leroy asked herself quietly, but no one answered, so she returned to the book for more answers. Once in a while a normal girl was produced, though this child often had some aspects of the monster that breed the mother. Most Monster-Girls were half-males… futanari, and many had shape changing abilities. They also tended to be more powerful than their base monster race, and were usually just as rapacious as their less intelligent counterparts.

Leroy flipped through several pages detailing common Monsters and their Monster-Girl counterparts, then found a section on the races considered to be “People''. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and a few Beastgirl races who had more or less bred the Monstrous part of their ancestry out. Humans were the most prolific, Elves the least, and Dwarves looked like a smaller, stockier version of an elf. There were several Elf and Dwarf subraces, with Desert Elves being of tan or dusky skin, and Forest Elves having creamy or alabaster skin. There was no mention of an Elvish race that had skin like chocolate however.

Leroy flipped a few more pages and found a section on “Reproduction of People”. The tome stated that there were two sexes, female and half-male for the People races, and that it took nine weeks for a girl to birth a child. Leroy was confused about the lack of information about children younger than herself but soon discovered that girls were born fully formed at a physical age similar to her own current state… call it eight or nine, while girls that looked to be perhaps ten were said to be experiencing adolescence, eleven were young adults and both were capable of having children. Girls appearing to be perhaps twelve were considered adults, while thirteen were mature adults that had something like a one in fifteen chance of becoming a futanari, with no indication that she would until it happened. The oldest a member of a People race ever seemed to get, according to the book, was maybe thirteen or fourteen by Earth standards, but there was no indication of how long that would take or how long the races lived for. Indeed, the book didn’t even seem to know that the concept of ‘years’ existed. Long periods of time were just “Many Months” in the book. Leroy was coming to the impression that the contents of these books were geared for children, and that she'll have to look elsewhere for more detail on the whole concept of "time".

Leroy could hear the pair calming down, so she got up and fetched a pitcher of juice and a tray with a few cups and brought it upstairs. She knocked on the door and Hana answered it, utterly in the buff. Leroy got a good look at her; she had some nice thighs, wide hips, and a cute set of pert breasts. It was enough to make Leroy pout in a way that made Hana smirk at the little one.

“I thought you might be thirsty… both of you, I mean!” Leroy stammered, then slid the tray into Hana’s hands, then fled down the stairs, leaving the older girl standing in the doorway looking confused. Moments later Leroy heard the mechanic giggle, and close the door behind her.

“Suri, your mena is so adorable when she’s trying to look mad…” That was the only snatch of conversation the little elf’s delicate ears could pick up. Leroy wasn’t sure if the phrasing Hana used was odd, or if she still needed to learn more nuance. Hana and Kena were lovers, so it was not surprising that the mechanic might call the innkeeper by a nickname… or was it a title? Or maybe a proper name? Leroy had no idea.

* * *

The pair came down a few minutes later, fully dressed though the sweet unmistakable scent of lolita sex was still upon them. The blue haired catgirl could still feel the delicious touch of Hana on her body, and she was of half a mind to suggest they immediately return upstairs for just another hour, but she did not want to leave the elf girl unsupervised for much longer. They found the small elf-girl at the table studying and squirming on her bench. Kena sat down next to her while Hana stepped outside. The cat girl hugged Leroy from the side, with a tiny purr as the dark skin girl pouted.

“Are you upset at what Hana did to you?” Kena’s question was asked in a small soft voice.
“I can’t think when people hug me tight,” Leroy said with a small sigh. “I feel like I’m just a toy to be played when… when you... You don’t do stuff like that to me!” The elf child looked up at her caregiver, still pouting as she spoke, confusion writ large on her precious features.

The innkeeper smiled and kissed her on the forehead, melting that pout in moments. “Hana is my lover, but she also has desire for girls your age.” Kena pulled her Mena onto her lap, and lightly snuggled her, feeling a thrill as the small elf gave a sweet little sigh. “I have no experience with little ones, though she does and I trust she won’t hurt you.” The cat-girl’s voice was soft and soothing, and she knew the little one was drinking in every word. She was, however, worried that the little elf might try to run away rather than face the option she would soon be presented with. Still, there was no chance the innkeeper could say ‘no’ to any of Hana’s demands, since they had planned to have a child together once they married in a handful of months, and she was prepared to let her lover slake her lust on a child of her own body or that of Hana’s; the elf girl simply moved things ahead of schedule.

“From time to time you’ll be traveling with Hana, learning some of her trade and meeting other people.” She waited for a change in the tension of the girl’s body in her arms, but the little thing just nodded and said, “Yes Kena.”

The cat-girl couldn’t help but let out a happy purr, but controlled her grip so as not to lull the pretty little elf into a daze. “Good girl. You’re to do everything Hana tells you to do, do you understand?” As she asked that, her hand accidentally slid over the girl’s tummy, and she could feel the vibrations of the toy within. She resisted the urge to push her palm in, waiting patiently until the little one once more agreed. “Wonderful! You’ll be leaving with Hana today, and hopefully returning tomorrow. Please go outside and see her.”

Letting the child go, she set her on her feet and watched as she pattered out into the midday sunlight. A pang of guilt filled her heart, the elf was still too young to be involved in such sexual things, but if she and Hana did not show her softer the pleasures a body could give, then that night the girl had been raped could affect her for many months, potentially her entire lifetime, and a lifetime spent fearing sex was hardly worth living.

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Chapter 8: Burg

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Leroy had done as Kena asked, and despite any worries, found out that Hana was hands off when she was working. “Someone’s hotwired this motor, forcing it to run at ten times its normal power,” the Mechanic said. “It’s fused some of the brass fittings and pipes, along with all the wires that carried power. I’ve no idea what they thought they were doing… it’s also burned out half the power stored in these crystals, so we’ll have to replace them. We can use these in something that needs a lower power load… do you understand?”

Leroy had to get the older girl to repeat some of the words she’d said, but understood the basics of machine and electrical theory at least. She would have to process the information later on, once she had the time and was not being distracted by the toy buzzing away inside her tight little cunny. To make matters worse, as soon as Hana had finished checking the lift, she’d used some sort of remote to crank the vaginal toy up, leaving Leroy panting, whimpering, and clutching her thighs together with innocent need.

Once the lift was fixed and it was time to get on the road, Kena had come outside, handing Leroy a small leather backpack with some daily hygiene goods, and her nightwear. Leroy had no other outfits to speak of beyond a few spare panties. “Wear this,” the Innkeeper said, holding up a thin scarf, then tying it up as a hood to cover most of Leroy’s hair and give her eyes some shade.

The girl wanted to ask why, but she could barely concentrate on her caretaker’s words with that toy pulsing, throbbing, and humming in her tight little pussy, making her all too aware of how very female she was now, but also too aware of the fullness inside her. While the buttplug took a fair bit of her focus, Leroy’s little rear star snug around the stem of the toy, the vibrations from the egg echoed through the flesh of her cunny and into her buttery anal walls, causing them to worry and squeeze around the egg shaped mass within.

By the time she managed to formulate the scarf question, Leroy found herself on Hana’s lap on the steam engine as it trundled along down the forest road, the inn disappearing in the distance. Hana had one hand on the controls, the other squirming away under the hem of Leroy’s skirt, fingers buried in her tight little sex. When Hana was not nibbling on a twitchy ear, she was stealing a kiss and the breath that went with it.

Beyond the lush quietude of the forest, Leroy wasn’t much aware of the landmarks of the trip, so distracted was she by the teasing of toys and fingers, by the sweet little nothings whispered into her ear, telling her how pretty she was, how cute she was, how sexy she was, how she’d be both loved and lover for the two older girls. Despite Leroy’s decade or two of experience on Hana, the former man found it hard to resist being putty in her hands. She clearly knew how to play little ones like her like an instrument. So dominant was she that, before they reached civilization, Hana had Leroy lick her fingers clean, then turned the toy to its lowest setting.

Once Leroy’s pretty head had mostly cleared, the first thing she noticed was a massive tower stretching skyward, punching through the clouds above. It had to be several hundred stories tall, at the very least, though she couldn’t see the top. She had seen this very tower and several others of similar height off in the distance from the inn, but they had been so distant that she’d thought them nothing more than weather phenomena. The base of the tower was supported by a dozen sky-scraper-sized buttresses that narrowed as they gained in height. A small town filled the gap between two of those massive sub-structures, with what must be an entrance to the tower behind the town.

The buildings in the town ranged from one to four stories tall, were made of wood and stone, and while some were brightly colored, others were subdued and utilitarian, but all had some feminine touch that made the whole place seem cute and quaint rather than rustic or oppressive. The town was protected by a low wall that could not be more than ten feet high, with a gate-tower straddling the road. The gates were wide open, and there was no sign of any guards. As far as Leroy could tell, the gate could not have been a main entry, as there was no sign of other road traffic until the steam engine rumbled into the town proper.

Before entering the town, they’d been alone on the road, but then everywhere Leroy looked there were girls of various ages, none younger than nine, none older than thirteen, or so it seemed to her outsider’s eyes with her outsider memories. Doubtless, the locals would have measured their ages in months… especially if they only lived for five years or so. She was going to have trouble determining exact ages as, not only had the old Leroy seldom paid any attention to the bodies of pre-pubescent or adolescent girls, but there were nonhumans mixed into the bunch here. The book, at least, had been correct on racial distribution ratios, with human girls dominating, the occasional elf, beast, or other type of girl that was harder to identify tossed in for good measure There were girls on foot, girls riding on the backs of large (and seemingly tame) lizards, and girls seated in carts or wagons that were drawn by similar but different large lizards… these ones with short stubby tails and broader backs..

A few people waved to Hana in greeting, with a few of them directing looks in Leroy direction. For someone with an Earthling’s mentality, the entire thing was enough to leave Leroy awestruck, watching so many children go about their lives, doing adult things, acting like adults, holding themselves with adult attitudes and postures. There were girls herding animals, girls selling spices, girls chopping meat, girls baking bread… girls who were obviously prostitutes. She even spotted a girl wearing, of all things, bikini armor. That one was entering a building marked with a sign showing a quill, sword, and boot.

Noticing Leroy studying the sign, Hana rested a hand on the younger girl’s shoulder and said, “That’s the adventuring guild. Only guild in this town. You’d have to go to a bigger town, or a city to find guilds for other professions. But you’ll always find an adventure guild… and a thieves guild, most likely, though they don’t exactly advertise.”

Before Leroy could ask any questions, she felt something compress the air in her ears and lungs. It was like someone in the car next to her on the highway was playing the bass waaay too high. She opened her mouth to relieve the pressure just as another bassy pulse thrummed through her. Looking around in some alarm, Leroy tried to figure out what was making the barely audible but all too tangible sound.

Up on a nearby wall, there perched a gaggle of girls, looking down on what must be a training yard just coming into view. On the field of “battle”, one girl was standing alone in what Leroy could only describe as a belly dancer outfit, hands on her hips, and chest thrust forward. From her mouth peeled out an unending roar that created visible sonic compression waves. She watched, astonished, as those waves bowled over a dozen girls in padded arms and armor… and could only gape in amazement as, in response, one of the other girls slammed the base of her staff down into the dusty ground. Without a sound, a glowing blue-white barrier sprang into existence. It was twice as high as that staff and just as wide, and apparently blocked the waves of sound cold, since the ripples in the air just stopped as they intersected that translucent wall.

Leroy was up on her tiptoes, watching with eyes wide, her whole body shivering with excitement, the teasing machine inside her belly forgotten as the wonder of what she was seeing washed through her. She maintained that position until the yard and its occupants had fallen behind them, the sight blocked behind trees and buildings. When she at last slumped back into her seat, Hana was laughing, and the older girl patted her on the hip.

“Liked that show? Maybe that’s something you’ll be able to do when you’re old enough.”

Leroy turned back around, reclaiming her perch on Hana’s lap, much to the older girl’s obvious joy. “How old is old enough?” she asked, a serious question on her half hidden face.

“Hmmm, most girls start their training around ten or twelve months. You’ve been at the inn for six now...” Hana’s words came as a shock to Leroy; she had had no idea that that much time had passed.

Sights and sounds seemed to fade away as a mixture of guilt and worry filled the dark-skinned girl’s thoughts. She’d intended to speak with Kena about herself, about where she’d come from and what had happened to her, once she was able to hold a decent conversation. Instead she’d found herself drifting through the days, alternately studying and staring out over the ashlands idly thinking about how to get back out there to find her sister… or kept in such a dazed state by the attentions of the older girls that she hadn’t noticed the weeks and months going by. A growing sense of dread filled her. Leroy had managed to stumble out of the Desert using what little experience she had gained over the years, but Elisabeth was another matter. Her little sister could still be trapped in that dark place if their fates had been the same. She might have wandered out after Leroy had, maybe... Or maybe someone had come along and rescued her?

Leroy pulled the hood-scarf down further and bowed her head, a tear trickling down her face. If the worst had happened then... then there might be a crystal flower waiting for Leroy should she ever find a way to return to that dark place, that... tomb? Perhaps… but all was not lost until it was lost. Perhaps there was still time to save Elisabeth.

Leroy’s long quiet brought a smile to Hana’s face. “You’re young, time flies by. Suri wouldn’t let me have my fun with you until now.”

That also gives Leroy pause, jerking her out of her mental fog. “Suri?” She’d heard the word used before, but didn’t know the meaning of it.

Hana laughed. “Yes, pet! The nice cat-lady who’s adopted you! Her name is Suri… didn’t you know that?”

Leroy pouted up at the older girl. “That’s her name? I thought her name was Kena?”
Hana couldn’t help but giggle, hugging Leroy tight for a moment before kissing the top of her hair. “You still have more to learn I guess. Kena is… the one who raises you. We all have a Kena. Suri is your Kena, you’re her Mena.”

Hana’s explanation was so simple, but so eye opening that it provoked an audible gasp from Leroy as things clicked into place. Kena clearly meant mother or parent, while Mena clearly meant daughter or child. “O-oh... I... so she just didn’t decide on a name for me…” there was a look of sadness but also relief on Leroy’s face.

“Maybe you’ll get a nickname, but mena don’t receive a name until they receive their Interface at eighteen months.” Hana explained, but before Leroy could ask what in the name of… whatever was holy here an “Interface” was, there came a massive grumble from her undersized and all too pleasingly flat tummy. “Ohhh hohohoho, let’s get the little one something to eat,” Hana suggested, pulling levers and knobs as she coaxed the steam engine to a stop before what smelled entirely like an eating establishment… the scents of spices and fruit, of meat and bread cooking filling the air. Jumping off the seat, the Mechanic lifted Leroy off her own lap and set the girl on her half-bare feet before leading the way inside, past well crafted turn-style doors.

Dozens of wooden tables with matching benches filled the large room, each host to more than a dozen girls. The guests were dressed in all manner of garb, eating and drinking and having a merry time… if there was a word for how they were acting it was “carousing”. Hana, unphased by the hubbub that was like a shock to Leroy’s system after so many months with only one or two other people around, led the way to a table and motioned for the dark-elf-girl to sit.

As she did so, a girl in a bunny-suit swayed over. Leroy couldn’t believe her eyes, she’d never seen anything like that outside of Elisabeth’s cartoons or the pages of Playboy magazine.
“Hana, it’s nice to see you darling. Who’s this little cutie? Is she yours?” The waitress in the bunny suit drawled, smiling as she gave Leroy a visual once over.

“This is Suri’s wildling daughter,” Hana said as she accepted two menus from the waitress, using a word Leroy didn’t know.

“A wildling? Forest or Desertborn?” the waitress asked. Ah, that explained it. A foundling rather than a biological child, or something like that.

“Desert,” Hana said, not looking up from the menu.

“Poor thing!” the bunny, cooed, patting Leroy’s hand. “Ohh well. Suri is such a sweetie, and everyone knows you two were dead set on having one of your own anyway.” The waitress perched her plush behind on the table, clearly flirting with the older girl despite knowing she was in a relationship with Kena… with Suri… Leroy felt a flare of jealousy and was about to tell the bunny floozy where to go and where to stick it… when she noticed the sheer fishnet pantyhose right in front of her and before she knew it, the older girl had picked up her hand and placed it upon the sheer fabric.

“She wandered in from the ashlands, rescued an airship survivor too,” Hana commented, pointedly ignoring the interplay between Leroy and the Bunny-Waitress.

Leroy swallowed hard; that material was so smooth and slick against her hand. With an effort of will, she made a plaintive sound and carefully pulled her hand away, then picked up the second menu. She saw something listed and pointed at it. “Can I have this?”
Hana and the waitress shared a look that carried significance, but what it meant, Leroy couldn’t guess. Finally Hana spoke, “She’s only been eating homemade food… but since I’ve been a bit of a bother to her today, let her have it.” The Mechanic chuckled softly and the bunny-waitress giggled… but it didn’t seem malicious. It was just a picture of a delicious looking hamburger with all the toppings… wasn’t it?

“Of course honey,” the waitress said, slipping off the table to head into the back. 
Still confused by the others’ reactions, Leroy pushed the makeshift hood up slightly, giving Hana a questioning look. The older girl smiled at her, then ruffled her hair gently and said, “Just eat as much of it as you can, squirt. Something like that is usually ordered by the kind of muscle-heads that run around all day with huge weapons, wearing heavy armor. But I’m eager to see how much of it you can actually put away.”

As the meaning of Hana’s words sunk in, Leroy realized that he must have ordered something massive, but the menu gave no indication of just how big the burger was. She silently cursed the slow progress she was having with the written language. She slumped a bit, knowing she was pouting but unable to stop herself. It was all so frustrating!

“I’ll understand if you need a nap after this; it’s perfectly understandable,” Hana teased, smirking as Leroy’s expression became even more dour.

Within minutes, the bunny-suited waitress returned holding two trays and set them down on the table before them. Hana had ordered some sort of sub sandwich, while a triple decker hamburger half the size of Leroy’s head was set before her. The imposing sandwich sat between thick buns covered in a dense layer of seeds and was composed of crispy lettuce, moist tomatoes, sharp onion, and zesty looking pickles atop of three stacks of cheese and beef leaf. While it was indeed massive, Leroy was hit by a wave of nostalgia, and tears came unbidden to her eyes.

“Oye! Are you ok, squirt? Are the onions stinging your eyes?” Hana leaned forward, face contorted with worry.

Leroy shook her head, not answering in words. Instead, she simply pushed the makeshift hood back and, taking up the huge burger in her delicate hands, opened her mouth as wide as she could before taking as big a bite from it as possible. The waitress yelped and jumped back in surprise, drawing attention from a dozen nearby customers who could only stare in open amazement as a tiny little elf girl slowly devoured such a huge item.

Leroy’s mouth watered at the succulent taste, the rich nostalgia making an already delicious meal into a feast. It was so tasty, she couldn’t stop. Bite after bite, she crammed the burger into her face, chewing and swallowing with almost manic energy, getting mustard and ketchup and beef-leaf juice all over her face. The audience’s silence grew more palpable as the mammoth burger became smaller and smaller every bite. Then, when there was nothing left of it, she sat back and uttered a huge long burp that set dozens of girls howling with laughter.

“Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have doubted you,” Hana said, shaking her head in shocked amazement. She turned to the waitress, still standing there with eyes as wide as dinner plates, and said, “Get me something with some bite to drink, would you? And something for the little one... to wash all that down... if she has any room left.”

Hana’s request landed Leroy something that tasted like flat root beer, and she greedily guzzled it down, feeling overwhelmed but pleasantly full. She sat in dazed silence, her belly stuffed, remembering the time two years ago when she… when he’d taken Elisabeth to a burger joint called “The Roadhouse Grill” and the two of them had tried to complete the gut buster challenge. They’d lost, they’d made a huge mess, but they’d laughed themselves silly and had leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day. It was also one of the few times Leroy could remember Elisabeth smiling. Not a mocking smile or a fake smile, but a huge, genuine, really real smile.

Leroy floated in languid post-meal satiation, memories and nostalgia her only company. Slowly, the sound of chatting nearby drew her out of her haze, and she came back to full awareness to find Hana chatting with a pair of pretty blonde twins.

“I’ll drop by as soon as I can. The lift is out by the Ashland Inn, and the mayor will have my head if she finds out I didn’t make it a priority,” she told the duo. In response, they giggled at her, then gave her head a twinned hug before scampering off.

“What’s that all about?” Leroy asked, rubbing burger goop off her own face and grimacing at the feel.

“Welcome back squirt,” Hana said, ignoring the question. “I can’t believe you packed all of that away. Do you have a hollow leg?” She playfully knocked on Leroy’s knee, then sobered a bit and asked, “Do you want to go to my place and take a nap? I promised your mother I’d show you my job, but if you’re too tired…”

Leroy shook her head energetically before Hana could even finish. “Yes please! I mean, no I don’t need a nap… I’m really curious how this technology works. I don’t want to poke at what is at the inn, you have it so well maintained and...” A sudden sensation in her belly wrenched her thoughts away from what she’d been saying and she gasped, squeezing her thighs together tightly.

“Oye!” Hana barked, then leaned in to whisper, “Are you… oooooh.” She grinned, then plucked Leroy off the bench and sat her on her feet. “Follow the right wall, second door on the right, not the first door. You’re all too tempting and it could cause trouble.”

Leroy barely heard anything after which door to take, and Hana’s words followed after her retreating form as she pattered as fast as she could towards relief. She did indeed skip the first door, rushing through the second, beyond which she found three more doors, but (trying each of them in turn) found them locked. She whimpered, trying to hold on to the contents of her sweetly aching bladder by pressing her thighs together ever more forcefully. Droplets weeped out as the moments passed, but finally the middle door unlocked and a girl stepped out.

“Excusemepardonmesorry!” Leroy managed to squeak out before she dashed into the empty stall and plopped down onto the toilet contained within. The door was half open, she had no time to secure it, and with her panties around her knees, she unleashed a powerful stream of clear pee that struck one of the thin silver chains draped over her plush pretty pussy, sending droplets against her thighs. Shivers of pleasure washed over Leroy as her urethra was spread open, the vibrating toy deep within her sex amplifying the sensation.

Then, without warning, someone was pulling the chain to the side, and kisses began peppering her thighs, sucking up the droplets off that smooth skin, Leroy’s knees hung over the unknown girl’s shoulders. The elf-girl moaned, gasping in shock, eyes rolling back in her head. Her hands combined into the stranger’s hair as her backed arched, unable to breath as foreign lips wrapped around her sex. Lips and tongue toyed with that stream of sweet clear pee, a throat clicking with swallow after swallow, then chasing down to the droplets, tongue slithering and prodding that urethra for a few last drops.

Between the intense stimulation, the vibrating toy, and the flexible tongue, Leroy was close to sweet release, but as if sensing that, the girl pulled her face away, wetly smacking and licking her lips. Leroy’s looked down past her glistening sex as her awareness returned and whimpered. She was so close, just a few more moments.. she opened her mouth and the dark-haired girl placed a finger over Leroy’s small cute little lips. Without saying a word, the molester tugged Leroy’s tiny panties down her legs, then pocketed them in her vest. With Leroy’s womb squeezing down on itself, the last she saw of the other girl was her pert ass under an all too skimpy skirt swaying out the door. It closed behind her with a click of finality.
Leroy almost cried then and there. Her sex was flushed pink with arousal, glistening in the light. Her entire dark skinned body was trembling as her womb pulsed and squeezed against itself, while her tight backdoor squeezed down around the maddening thickness of the buttplug. A sweet helpless little whine escaped her lips, she already had a hand halfway down her body to finish the job, but Hana was waiting for her; and truth be told the next older girl might not be as gentle should another come across her in this needful state. It took all of her willpower to tug the thin chain back into place over her slit before hopping off the seat. With each passing moment, her heart calmed a little more, making it easier to pat her kitten dry with some wipes. By the time she managed to pull the flush handle, she was almost herself once more. and sending it spiraling down with a flush.

Leroy’s mind blacked for a moment, watching the water swirling… it was counter-clockwise. Did that mean she was in this world’s southern hemisphere? Her lack of local knowledge was getting frustrated, but she couldn’t just ask… Hana might not even know what a hemisphere was… did the locals even know that their world was round? Was it even round? Leroy had no way of knowing. Patting the hem of her skirt in place, pouting that her panties had been taken, she washed her hands and, adjusting her scarf back into a hood, stepped out into the common room once more.

Scanning the main area of the eating establishment, she looked for the black-haired girl, but instead of one, she found several girls with that hair color and length. None of them were facing in Leroy’s direction, providing her with no further evidence that any of the girls present were her molester. With a soft sigh that provoked a couple of those patrons closest to her to glance in her direction, Leroy set off to find Hana.

The Mechanic was outside tightening a buckle on the steam car’s cargo and smiled at her as she emerged from the restaurant. “Hop on up, we’re almost at one of our destinations.”
Leroy clambered up, though she had to do a little hop in order to grab onto the short ladder; reminding Leroy once again that, even by this world’s reduced standards, she was a tiny thing. She perched on the wide seat, and began to stand up when Hana returned, expecting to go back on the older girl’s lap. Hana plopped Leroy back down onto the seat and hugged Leroy over the shoulders.

“I’ve teased you enough, you could do with a break. I’d hate to fry that pretty little head of yours.” Hana’s comment made Leroy pout, once more being reminded how small she was. Hana giggles showed that she had misinterpreted the meaning behind the pout. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you a lot of snuggles tonight.” With a few twists of some knobs and the pulling of some levers, the steam machine lurched to life and down the road.

As they travelled, Leroy glanced down at the road itself. It was made of some smooth gray material, which surprised her. She had half-expected cobblestone, not modern pavement. Furrowing her brow, she recalled that the ancient Greeks... or was it the Romans? had had access to concrete, and they were world renowned road builders… but even they hadn’t used concrete to make roads as far as she knew. Leroy was going to have to give this world of little girls more credit… Though that did raise the question of how they learned so much in just a few years? Did they learn faster than people back on Earth? Or was it something else?
She was pulled from her reverie when the steam car came to a stop and Hana hopped down to the ground, helping Leroy down a moment later. They had come to a stop in front of a neatly built one-story building. It was heavily constructed,  with concrete, timber, and metal I-beams forming the bulk of the squat structure. One section even had a massive smoke stack two stories tall that poked out from a nest of pipes and metal tanks. A sign with a hammer and anvil hung before the building, making Leroy think this was a black smith though it looked more like a foundry.

Did that mean she’d get to see cute girls working metal? Leroy found herself becoming excited at the idea! It was not to be, however, since Hana guided Leroy around the steam car with her hands on the little one’s shoulders, marching the chocolate skinned elf into what was clearly a tailor shop.

Leroy’s disappointment lasted for only a few moments. There were dress stands, clothing hanging from hooks, cubby holes stuffed with neatly folded or rolled garments. Like the inn, there was a small invasion of flower producing vines along the rafters and wooden walls. The place had an airy feel, but most of all it had a girly… or rather a feminine feel. Leroy saw shorts, pants, and breeches in with the skirts and blouses. However the thought of wearing something like pants brought an odd uncomfortable feeling. With all the light airy outfits Kena… Suri had had Leroy wear over the past few months, Leroy had grown accustomed to the freedom of movement and the idea of being restricted… of something pressing against her crotch… she shivered and began to explore just to take her mind off the fact that she was still missing any panties.

Hana giggled as she watched Leroy move around the shop, checking out the displays. “Suri wants me to get you a few outfits. You’ve built up a bit of allowance, so that’s how we’ll pay for it. I... ahh hello Styja!” The lavender haired engineer waved as a slightly chubby platinum blonde girl stepped into the shop through a rear door. Hana walked past Leroy and the two girls embraced for a moment. “Styja, this is Suri’s daughter, ah... be careful about her eyes.”
Leroy frowned. What was wrong with her eyes? She glowered up at Hana for a moment, then looked at the newcomer.

Styja was dressed in a multi-layered dress, made more to show off a dozen different patterns of cloth then being of a particular style. The platinum blonde stepped over to Leroy and, kneeling, drew the hood back. The tailor’s dark purple eyes widened upon seeing Leroy’s face, then she let out a giggle. “Oh my! Thank you for the warning.” She reached out and lightly pinched Leroy’s cheek. “My but you are adorable! So how can old Styja help you today?” she asked as she took a step back, motioning around herself at all the clothes surrounding them.

“She’s been wearing some of Suri’s things and...” Hana started but Styja interrupted her with a soft chuckle. “Oh the poor thing! Your lover is a lovely girl, but she has a rather… let’s call it ‘particular’ taste in clothing… Should I keep that in mind?” The tailor asked. 
The engineer nodded and gave a melodramatic sigh, “Might as well. Wouldn’t do to make her mad at me. She might banish me to the attic and I’d miss her cooking.” She placed a hand on Leroy’s shoulder. “That said, we should let the little one have some input. She needs four outfits, plus two more for sleeping in. I don’t know about footwear; the little minx has never complained about footwraps, but see if she’ll try something else. If not, well another set of footwarps won’t hurt.” She paused, considering, tapping her lower lip with one finger, then added, “And let her pick out a few little things for herself, accent items and all that. Depending on how things go, I may be bringing her to town every few weeks.”

Leroy remained quiet; she was too focused on trying to absorb the meaning and subtext of every word the two girls were saying to actually get involved in the conversation. If she was going to get girls to stop treating her like a… like a little kid, she was going to need to be able to hold her own in a conversation. A simple business arrangement was ideal as a case study, and Leroy could almost feel her vocabulary expanding though her mind kept trying to guess at the meanings of some of the words she couldn’t actually translate directly. Book learning had its place, and Suri was a decent teacher, but just having the occasional conversations with her her mother-figure on the same topics every day wasn’t nearly as instructive as spending a day in town hearing the language being used for everything a language could be! 
Still, knowing what a word meant was only the first step. Subtext and context were just as, if not more important than a purely literal meaning. For instance, what did the inflection Hana used when referring to Leroy as ‘little one/child/young one’ mean? Was it fond? Possessive? Amused? Aroused? It was hard to know, and that was a relatively simple question… and not having her own name… or at least one that the ‘adults’ would use… that was so very frustrating for someone who came from a culture where everything and everyone had at least one name and usually two or three.

A hand gripped her shoulder lightly, and Leroy blinked, snapping out of her musing reverie… Her ears fluttered and she looked around to find the shopkeeper looking at her… and that Hana had vanished. Leroy let out a surprised sound, looking around in growing alarm.
“Oh deary, oh deary! Don’t worry sweet one, Hana has just gone across the street to the smithy to place some orders.” Styja’s voice had a sweet singsong lilt to it as she tried to reassure the little one.

The elf looked up at the older girl and tried to calm her trepidation, forcing calm into her voice as she said, “That makes sense. Someone damaged the lift on the cliff face.” Styja began to blush as Leroy finally spoke, which caused the elf’s voice to falter. “Miss—” Leroy stopped; she didn’t know titles yet and the english word would be meaningless… or potentially insulting. Best to just use the informal. “Styja.. is something wrong?”

The tailor hugged Leroy in response. “Not at all deary sweet! Your voice is just so small and adorable, that I was caught off guard.” She released the elf and guided her into a back corner, dragging a stepstool out from under a low table built into a wall. Pulling a curtain out from the wall to enclose the area around them both, Styja produced a measuring tape out of her apron pocket, and said, “Please remove the scarf, your dress, and your leg wraps deary sweet. You can keep your undies on. Once you’re ready, hop up here and I’ll get your measurements.” She pointed to the stool.

At the mention of underwear, Leroy’s ears blushed pink, that then continued onto her cheeks. But she complied, pulling off the scarf, and then the translucent summer dress, shivering slightly as the tailor regarded her frankly. Her blush roared into an inferno of embarrassment as Styja giggled upon seeing the criss cross of the fine chains, but thankfully the older girl said nothing and so Leroy (barely) managed to keep from covering herself up with her dress. Swallowing hard, she set her clothes aside and sat on the stool to remove her footwraps, barely stifling a gasp as the hard wood forced the buttplug deeper inside her. Several eternities… or maybe only a few seconds… passed as Leroy struggled to catch her breath and steady her racing heart, but eventually she managed to rally and stood up, balancing on the footstool with only her long white hair serving as a cloak.

Styja was blushing, hands to her own face, fingers tapping away at her lips. Her eyes were bright and Leroy almost fled from the shop at once… but she knew she’d never make it if she stopped to get her clothing, and running naked through the town would not in any way be better than letting the Tailor have her way with her. Then Styja giggled and began measuring her body, humming softly as if naughty thoughts had never occurred to her. “If you take good care of these clothes, they should last you through your birth moon. Oh what am I saying, that’s nothing for you to worry about yet dear.”

Leroy moved her legs and raised and lowered her arms at the tailor’s command. “I think reproductive cycles are in the next chapter of the book I’m studying.” Leroy’s comment made the tailor pause for just a few moments before the measuring tape continued to slide over her skin. “I’ve read that both elves and dwarves don’t grow very much during their score of moons.”

Styja peers into Leroy’s face, looking into those golden yellow eyes. “That’s not quite true, Desert Elves are the shortest of all elf types, and there are a few rare elfin races that can be rather tall, especially those with a lot of fey in their blood.” Her news made the dark skinned girl utter a sweet sad sigh. “Aww, deary sweet.” Styja patted Leroy on the head. “You’re the first Desert Elf I’ve ever met, but I hear your kind develop quite nicely.” She giggled, making a gesture of a figure with a long slim body with long hips. “But hmmm yes you won’t need to worry about changing clothes until late in you’re nearing thirty months or so, but that’ll be due to your body growing muscles for whatever vocation you’ve picked.”

Leroy gave the tailor a soft smile; hearing that she wouldn’t remain a little elf toy forever was comforting. It was also nice that the tailor wasn’t treating her like a child, or rather was, but not in a patronizing way. Within minutes, the tailor was pressing outfits to Leroy’s small frame, gauging Leroy’s reactions. Unnervingly, Leroy found she was uncomfortable even with small shorts. Summer dresses were fine, and a tight fitting vest paired with a tight fitted pleated skirt would do nicely. A few more outfits also passed muster, though it would take a few hours before any of them could be ready.

When it came to panties, Leroy was at a loss, her heart thumping in her chest as she was subjected to a panty parade. Styja coaxed her to describe the kinds of things that Suri had been dressing in, and when Leroy finally cracked, the tailor simply giggled and ruffled her hair. Leroy’s ears were burning as a small pile of utterly useless pieces of scraps of lace were added to the stack of garments. Most of them looked as if they’d melt if exposed to the slightest amount of moisture… or a harsh gaze.

Closing her eyes, Leroy calmed herself, and proposed something to the tailor, fibbing a bit to the girl about the requirements for this particular outfit since she hoped to help Hana with the lift, and an outfit made to deal with desert sand would be most useful if she were ever to return to the Desert of Ash. Of course, that wasn’t information for the tailor to know, but she did praise Leroy for wanting to help her mother’s lover… at least that was what Leroy thought the word ‘Kemakara’ meant.

Leroy tried on a few pairs of sandals, and even decided to keep two of them for times when her feet might need a bit more protection, but found the foot-leg wraps were strangely comfortable for her. She liked being able to feel the surface of the floor with the heel and balls of her feet and with her toes. She also selected a set of arm wraps in a similar style to the heavier duty pair of sandals, the pair that incorporated wraps that reached almost to her knees. Something to keep her arms protected from the blowing sand couldn’t be passed up… and justifying protecting her arms from machinery sold the story nicely.

Leroy had taken up a bench to wait on the tailor as she made alterations when Hana returned, though she was only resting on the edge of it to keep pressure off the toy nestled between her ass cheeks. Hana gave her a smile, but headed straight for the seamstress to get an update and the pair spoke at length, then dropped to whispers. Leroy’s elfin ears picked up some snatches of what was being said, and she realized that she hadn’t picked out any night outfits… So now Hana was making all the choices.

The dark-skinned elf girl swallowed nervously, her ears burning. She glanced out the window to distract herself from thinking about how indecent the nighties she was going to end up in were likely to be. Hearing a pair of little girls… well, young ladies by this world’s lights, talking about how to dress up a small elf girl in sexy lingerie was making Leroy’s body heat up. She was becoming distressed that the conversation was drawing a wet heat in her sex, making her squeeze down on the buttplug, sending a shiver of pleasure through her. Thank goodness she had been able to put her clothes back on, her nipples were as stiff as diamonds and there was a light tremble to her belly that would have been visible were it not covered.
Several long minutes later, Leroy and Hana were back on the steam car and trundling back into the town. The warm breeze helped cool Leroy down, but she couldn’t look at Hana, lest she start thinking about the half heard whispers that had traveled from that girl’s lips to the tailor’s ears. Leroy couldn’t focus, anal depths rippling and worrying around that buttplug, shivers of pleasure washing through her, only noticing the steam car had pulled into a garage when it jerked to a stop and there was a loud whistle as the steam pressure was released, signalling that the vehicle wasn’t going to be going anywhere for the next few hours at the very least.

“Home sweet home!” Hana called, stretching and gesturing around the tool littered space. “This should be a breeze for you! You’ll have chores in the future, but for today, you’re my guest. So what would you like to do now?” Hana asked, smiling down to the elf.

Leroy was quiet for a moment then half raised a hand. “C-could I take a nap?”

That set Hana to giggling, and she picked up the dark skinned elf, carrying her through a door into a workshop, then a living room, before finally tossing her into a fluffy bed. The playfully rough treatment made the Desert Elf squeak. “You’re welcome to a nap, small stuff. I toyed with you for a while on the way here, and there’s more to come later… but for now? Rest. You’ll need all your energy for tonight. Heheheh.” She waggled her eyebrows before shutting the door behind her.

Leroy stared at the door for a few moments, then squeezed her thighs together. How was she supposed to sleep now with that image running through her head?

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Dear sister, I hope that this letter reaches you with good speed. My quiet life at the inn has recently changed (for the better to be sure) with the arrival of a new soul. A young one, very sweet and gentle, and although she is not the daughter of my flesh, nor of Hana’s, but a wildling that wandered in from the desert, I took her in. Her arrival was with some drama; an airship wayfarer having been rescued and guided to the inn by that self same child. Unfortunately this woman was of the other gender and claimed the child was hers, using my inn to debase the little one in one of my rooms.

To my great astonishment the child moved past that trauma with much grace, only to be set upon by a figment that forced her to relive those moments in her dreams for several following weeks. Despite this she quickly recovered, and indeed I dare say she fought the creature off herself, once she became aware of its nature.

Hana has also accepted the child, and our wedding plans have not changed. We will still seek out the other gender after our wedding so that we both can be with child, and that our daughter will have some sisters to cherish with us.

Back to the topic of the wildling, she has some curious properties. She knew no words of the common language, making it quite difficult for me to educate her early on. However she picked up writing most rapidly, and constructed her own study of the basic letters of the common language from what was presented in the basic education tomes I had on hand. She picked up more nuanced speech as the weeks went on, as well as some writing, when other children her age would be quite content being silly and playing. Her love of books and the written word is a delight to behold.

This brings me to her personality; she is deadly serious almost all the time. I have never seen a child as serious and focused as she. She obeys all my rules, and takes to her chores without any complaint. Indeed she works through her tasks quickly so she may return to studying. When she is not busy with her studies or chores, I can find her at the precipice looking out over the ashlands with a curious look of longing and searching. She claims she has a sister that she left out there, and I fear she may go looking for her.

I must bring this letter to a close, as it is approaching the time for lunch. Hana and my daughter are outside looking over the lift, and I must show some care in leaving my lover around children.

Your loving sister, Suri ViVo High Temple

Priestess of Blue and Inn Mistress of Center Cliff Inn


Long delicate fingers set the letter of white paper down upon a desk of wood and white marble, the sheet partially folding in on itself as it had been folded and sealed with wax to make of the missive it’s own envelope. Soft lips shifted into a smile as the priestess turned. She was dressed in an open kimono over a single piece swimsuit turned, and the light of late evening brought out shifting crimson highlights on the long sleeves of those costly robes. Short reddish brown hair framed a cute round face with red eyes.

Alice of Red, Senior Priestess of the Keepers of the Sublime Truth, Alice ViVo High Temple, smiled to herself and said, “Well well well, little sister, you’ve been blessed with good fortune to find yourself a daughter.” Her voice was soft and low, designed not to carry beyond the only listener, that being herself. Sitting up, she straightened in her high backed padded chair, and smoothed her robes out before raising her voice.

“Attend me!” she commanded, her voice cracking out across the rather large office lined with bookshelves to a set of tall gold gilded double doors. They opened to show another priestess standing in the doorway. “Send this to the Faceless,” Alice instructed, “The Ashlands have begun to calm.” The doors close once more, and the sitting priestess rose, stepping over to a large window and looking out over a blue sky at the sea of clouds that stretched away to the horizon below the massive white and gold temple that hovered, alone in all that seemingly endless azure void.

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Chapter 9: Ores and Waifus

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She’d been here before, floating within the silver bubble of energy and surrounded by the silver-gray mist stretching on to infinity. It was where she had fought off the figment, that self-sustaining bit of imagination and dream that had taken on the form of the girl that had raped her. The figment had abused her semi-conscious psyche over and over again, playing on her vulnerability in an attempt to claim her life for its own, but (with the Innkeeper’s help) she’d defeated it, banishing it back into the nothingness from which it had come.

This time, however, she was safe, warm, cozy. Floating to the barrier, Leroy placed her hands upon its surface, finding it smooth and slick. She remembered tearing the barrier open that very first time, letting that creature in. She also recalled seeing a few spheres similar to her own, but they’d been distant, too far away to discern anything more than their presence. It was different this time; there were many, and they were much closer. Still, proximity did nothing to show her what lay inside them, for their surfaces were only just barely translucent, allowing only enough of a play of shadows from within to make each a mystery. Outside, in-between the bubbles, strange and wonderful creatures of imagination flew, skittered, and wandered in the silver-gray mists between the bubbles.

Kena... mother... Suri had said that this was the world of dreams, and that such creatures were normally benign. As if reading her thoughts, several of them drifted closer, hovering near her bubble, silently asking for permission to enter. Leroy felt a pang of worry, but none of the creatures resembled anything humanoid. She pressed her palm to the barrier and beckoned one of them over. With a ripple, the figment touched the barrier, and merged within. In moments, Leroy was burying her arms, face, and body into the soft warm fur of a massive cow-sized bunny…

Leroy’s awareness shifted, finding her arms wrapped not around fuzz and fur, but a smooth form. Something as firm, sculpted, flat, and resilient as Leroy’s own tummy was pressed to her own, soft gentle warmth baking off it. That brought about a pulse of liquid heat within the dark-skinned elf’s depths. A pair of small hands; much like her own, were cupped over her eyes, and a soft, lilting giggle came from the very light body laying on top of her.

“Guess who?” a small voice asked playfully.

Leroy’s hear skipped a beat, and she automatically blurted out: “Elisabeth!?” with a sweet cry.

That produced another giggle as the other responded, “No silly! Your future wife!”

The hands came away, and Leroy came face to face with the most angelic child Leroy had ever seen in her life. A mane of golden hair framed a heart-meltingly pretty face with orange eyes, a perfect nose, and soft smiling lips; while a pair of pointed elfin ears twitched. Leroy was at a loss for words, her heart thumped in her chest, and tears almost came to her eyes as the vision of sweet adorableness looked back at her. Leroy was overcome, and could only utter a sweet gasp when the light skinned elf girl kissed her softly on the lips.

The sound of the bedroom door opening shocked Leroy to full wakefulness. “Oi! You precocious little brat, sneaking into my house again? Out with you! Out! I don’t want no trouble from your parents!” Hana barked out, her voice carrying a playful but commanding tone.

The golden haired elf girl pouted as she glanced in Hana’s direction, then she looked back down at Leroy, uttered one more playful giggle, and bounced off the bed. Before Leroy could utter a word, she was out the open window.

Leroy laid on the bed stunned for several long seconds before managing to get out a strangled “W-what... who was that?”, her heart still thrumming in her chest and her voice was plaintive with confusion.

Hana flopped on the bed, crawling in from the side to look down at Leroy, long lavender hair dragging over the bed sheets as blue eyes regarded the dazed dark-skinned girl. “The neighbor’s daughter. She’s been talking about meeting her future wife since the day she was born. Looks like she’s decided you’re it,” the mechanic shared, then gave Leroy a kiss on the forehead. “If you’re finished napping, you can find the bathroom out the door and to the left. Then come out to the garage. We’re going to pick up the orders, and if you’re interested you can look around the smithy as-'' Hana trailed off as Leroy squirmed out from beneath her and pattered off to the bathroom, leaving the engineer to shake her head and giggle in almost frantic haste.

Leroy needed to clear her head as that elf girl had been a little too much. The boat girl was cute (but scary), while the little angel, still fresh in her memory, was pure adorability from the top of her pretty little head to her dainty little feet. It was like being proposed to by an innocent niece… but with the full knowledge that she wasn’t speaking of some far off distant time, but rather one quite soon and much more… sexually charged than such proposals normally were. Leroy barely noticed the pleasure of emptying her bladder, going about washing up and heading out to the garage still in a daze with those bright eyes and delicate curls shining before her mind’s eye.

In the end, Hana had to haul Leroy up into the steam machine’s driver’s couch, then snug her onto her lap to snap her out of it. Pressing her lips to a pointed ear, the older girl whispered, “Fell for her, didn’t you?” Hana’s question got only a cute little embarrassed noise from Leroy. “Ooo! Fell and fell hard! Well, we’ll see about it in a little bit. I have to return you to your mother and find out if she’ll allow you to revisit the town in the future.” The engineer planted a kiss on a dark ear as the steam machine rolled out onto the road. “Then you can worry about that dangerous little thing.”

The dark elf was actually quite unhappy with herself and how she’d reacted to seeing that elf child… at least on an intellectual level. Even in this world where children behaved like adults, that little blond was a child through and through, and no matter how Leroy tried to shift her body’s physical reaction and focus on keeping some part of the blonde elf’s features from setting her heart aflutter, every part of the precocious brat produced the same reaction. It was unavoidable. She was in lust for the little one, if not actual love. Her heart kept doing flips each time she thought of that smile and her loins weren’t far behind in their approval of the bed invading princess.

Watching the town at the base of the tower move past, with its myriad of girls performing various activities and going about their daily lives finally drew Leroy from her introspection and she sighed in thankful relief. She’d love to wander around this town, take in all the sights, the architecture, how nature had sprung up between buildings and in yards, and (most important of all) seeing the girls... these people going about their lives. Leroy was eager to explore by the time the steam car came to a stop before the smithy, and was already clambering down to touch her half bare feet to the ground; much to Hanna’s giggling amusement.

“I can almost see you vibrating with interest, waiting to look around inside. Well you just stay by my side little sweets, or else. I might just have a leash and collar somewhere if you can’t control yourself,” Hana teased as she climbed down after the elf.

Leroy turned around and looked up at the taller girl, pouting a little. “I’ll restrain myself,” she promised. “I’m most interested in what they do here, but I don’t want you to feel you can’t take me anywhere because I can’t control my curiosity.” At least that was what she hoped she was saying; even to her own ears her voice was small, cute, and energetic but her accent stilted and off.

Her words seemed to have at least some of the desired effect, as Hana was blushing furiously. The older girl raised a hand, almost unsure where to put it, but ended up patting her on the head. “Oh but you are quite the little chatterbox when you do decide to talk!,” Hana said as she planted a hand on the elf’s shoulder and guided her into the building. “You could do with a lot more practice, but I’m amazed how far a wildling like you’s come in such a short period of time.”

Taking the praise in stride and only blushing a bit, Leroy followed the mechanic into the workshop. Stepping inside, the dark-elf was brushed by pulsing waves of warm air as her half bare feet pattered on finely fitted granite floor tiles. The immediate area beyond the door had a large L-shaped stone counter with various displays of tools and devices, while opposite of one side of the L were several heavy duty stone containers tilted just enough to show their contents. That entire section was devoted to ingots, rods, and rolls of wire. She whirled about, taking everything in, noting the quality of the tools. From a distance, they were similar to the mass produced hand-tools Leroy could have found in any tool store back in her home world. Then again, a hammer was a hammer, a wrench was a wrench… she didn’t see any screwdrivers though.

“This little whirlwind is the one I was talking about,” Hana commented to a girl on the opposite side of the wide stone counter. Close up, Leroy could see that its stone surface was clad in a couple millimeters of a shiny silvery metal. “I promise to keep a hand on her at all times, so can I give her the tour?”

“Of course, Hana!” The other girl responded, pulling a lever, allowing several ropes on pulleys to hoist one edge of a hinged counter door upwards. “We’re close to having the first half of your order ready.”

With that, the engineer laid a hand on Leroy’s shoulder and led the elflass deeper into the workshop. Leroy was expecting Hana to caution her about entering a work environment of hot metal and automated machinery as an adult would do with a child, but she received no such caution; which stoked Leroy’s ego about not being treated like a child.

The area beyond was segmented off into several work areas, either by walls, or by gaps to allow girls to walk past areas. The white haired elf was led out back to an area that had dozens upon dozens of heavy duty crates. Various materials were visible from the open tops, rock globules with thick metallic veins that would make mining companies from Leroy’s world howl in envy, to metallic crystals of various sizes and sheens, to large lumpy glowing elemental crystals.

Hana, seeing Leroy’s rapt attention, picked up chunk rock with thick veins of blue. “This is F grade copper ore.” She handed it to Leroy, who held it in both hands, judging the heft of the thing. “This is D grade copper ore.” Hana took the first chunk from Leroy’s hands and replaced it with a lump of what (to Leroy) looked like pure copper cubes intermingled and shining. “And this is C grade copper ore crystal.” Hana swapped the ore out for a crystal the size of Leroy’s forearm, and Leroy nearly dropped it. The crystal had a fine coppery finish, and looked almost like it had just come fresh from a smelter.

Leroy looked up at the taller girl with a pout, unsure if she should doubt the older girl, though Hana misinterpreted the look for Leroy nearly dropping it, making the girl giggle and take the crystal back. “There are other forms and grades for metal ores, but it depends on the skill of the miner, her equipment, and her talents. They Refine to... oh, I’m getting ahead of myself.” Hana smirked, though Leroy did note the accent on the word Refine sounded a bit different, less fluid sounding than the rest of the language.

Hana led Leroy back inside, letting her charge finally see the base of the huge smoke stack, a large smelter that had several access hatches, and even more girls manning it, feeding it different ores in different places, though sometimes a mix of ore was put into it together. The smiths working the refinery were wearing tight leather vests and very short leather skirts. Some wore leather stockings, others chaps, all had tool belts and heavy aprons. They and Hana were perspiring from the heat, though Leroy barely noticed it. In fact, she felt quite comfortable. Hana pointed out what the girls were doing, and Leroy absorbed what she could. She had some understanding of how metals were processed from ores thanks to school education and the internet. However Leroy was very impressed (and confused) to see that all the ore was being melted to liquid form, and not just glowing lumps of metal to be formed. The smith girls were pouring molten metal into ingot forms, or into funnels to pull through metal plates with holes to form wires, or over flat areas and through heavy rollers to make plates. “We process what is necessary, but customers from other towns and countries prefer only partially refined ore, as they have their own highly skilled smiths and refiners, who can reduce the loss of metal when making it higher quality.”

Eventually, Leroy was led back to the shop area of the smithy, the information Hana had shared still being absorbed and processed. Even the hint of economics was enough to keep Leroy distracted from the toys within her. Once safely on their original side of the counter, she looked up to Hana and smiled. “Thank you Hana, that was very interesting. I learned a lot, though I have many questions.”

“..and I have work to do and only so many hours left in the day,” the mechanic responded. She ruffled Leroy’s hair, and lifted a small wooden crate off the counter that the clerk had pushed towards her. “And you’ll learn, I promise you that.”

The two headed out and Hana had Leroy mount the steam engine car to wait for her while she made her way into the tailor shop. She returned in only a few minutes with a bundle that she stowed with the crate before taking the driving seat and steering the craft back to her home. She parked in the bay, then let the steam hiss out of the contraption’s boiler. Apparently they weren’t going anywhere else that day.

The mechanic unloaded her goods on a workbench, and passed the bundle into Leroy’s hands. “Go put this on the table in the bedroom, then meet me in the kitchen.” Hana goosed Leroy, making her squeak and pout, but the little one moved to as she’d been commanded. The elf only managed to get a few steps away from Hana before she heard a click, and the vibrating egg in her tight nubile sex became more energetic. A fresh wet warmth welled up within Leroy, making her sex glisten with liquid desire, and putting a stumble step in her gait; but she managed to drop the bundle off and arrive at the kitchen after a small search of the house.

“Suri says you know how to handle yourself in the kitchen.” Hana swept her hand out over a room that was a quarter of the size of the area behind the counter at the inn. There was an oven, a range, a metal box letting out wisps of cold vapor, several cupboards, and stacks of dinnerware and cups.

Leroy nodded; Suri had been letting her fix a few things and she hadn’t burnt anything yet.

Hana beamed, hugging Leroy from behind. “Good! Then can you make us some dinner, pet?” She slipped one hand down the elf’s tiny slender form, cupping Leroy’s sex through the summer dress. The touch brought a rush of surprised pleasure to Leroy, a sweet moan escaping her lips. “Then, after we eat, I’m going to teach you all about your sweet little body.” There was a series of clicks as the vibrating egg ramped up and Leroy’s knees went weak. Lips slid around one pointed ear tip, suckling on it. The elf’s eyes fluttered, a sweet whimper escaping her, the rumbling pleasure building in intensity.

Leroy’s tummy grew tighter and tighter and then... with a series of clicks the vibrations ceased entirely and the chocolate skinned girl uttered an almost sobbing keen as she was stopped right on the edge. Hana licked her lips and set Leroy on a stool. “Mmm you are everything I ever dreamed of in a little girl. You’re going to learn my trade, and I’m going to learn about every thumb width of your body.” Leroy was unable to respond, her womb was trembling and squeezing, her buttery anal depths where rippling around the buttplug, and she wasn’t capable of higher tought as her mouth was open, tongue pressed to her lower lip and her eyes were half rolled up, but processing nothing.

Eventually Leroy became aware of the damp puddle she was sitting in, her desire having cooled even though her body was still trembling faintly with need. Her ears flushed, she had no idea how long she had been sitting there dazed, as her nectar dripped down to the floor beneath the stool. Hana had played her like an instrument, then taken her down to nothing. She had no resistance, no means to fight back or defy Hana. She’d had climaxes and orgasms since coming to this world, but none of them had been as good as when the... when she had been raped and the seed-bearer... the futanari ship girl had flooded her womb with cum. Bringing that memory up brought a fresh flush of heat and desire to her belly, and a tiny whine at the back of her throat.

Many times she had brought that memory up when she was satisfying herself, well after being freed from the effects of the figment. Still, part of herself blamed the constant teasing she’d received all day, and part of her wanted to beg Hana to plant her own ankles next to her ears and plow into her just like the ship girl had. The squeezing of her sex, her womb, and her guts around the buttplug were in agreement with that thought, all combining to cause the blush that crept into her cheeks as she realized her very own desires were betraying her. Her eyes grew wet and a few tears welled up as she slid off the stool, rubbing the back of her eyes with her wrist to dry them. She’d just have to push through this, learn what she could about this world from Suri and Hana, let them do what they wished to her, until she could make it on her own. A part of herself wanted to be angry with the pair, but they’d been so soft and gentle with her... and… and... it was really herself who was parting her thighs for them. That, and the pair didn’t seem to be violating any of their own cultural mores. Indeed, as far as she could tell, this was pretty much how things worked in this world.

Licking her lips and swallowing to clear her throat, Leroy went about wiping herself and the stool down and taking stock of the kitchen. Hana’s food stores were somewhat different from what Suri had at the inn. Lots of canned and packaged goods, several premixed items, and a few wrappers she identified from that tavern she and Hana had eaten at earlier that day. Hana was very much a bachelorette, something Leroy was quite familiar with from her own previous life. Still Leroy made do with what she found, checking the basic symbols on the cans and the packages to get a good enough idea what was inside. Leroy set to cooking, something she’d have made for breakfast back home, not something Suri had ever taught her. The oven and range operated differently from the ones at the inn, but the sound and smell of food sizzling soon filled the house, and Hana poked her head in at one point with a growling belly but left Leroy to her own devices.

That brought a smile to Leroy’s lips, though she guessed that Hana might just eat anything presented to her if she didn’t need to cook it herself. Soon enough, the mixed omelets were ready, with the equivalent of strips of bacon and tater tots as side dishes. Leroy went about cleaning up the cookware, then loaded up a pair of trays with the food and some drinks, before heading to the workshop. She did not know if Hana had some rule about eating at the workbench, but maybe Leroy could get a peek at what the lavender haired molester was doing.

Entering the garage, Leroy spotted Hana on a stool with goggles over her eyes, apparently welding together pieces of curved copper pipe. From the looks of things, Hana had recreated the brass pipe section of the elevator motor. The girl-elf set a tray down within Hana’s vision and waited for a reaction.

Setting the tools down and sliding the goggles up, Hana pulled the tray over and looked at the contents of the plate. “Huh, I’ve never seen this before…” she brought a fork to the food and chomped down on a mouthful, the mmmmmm was followed by several more forkfuls. Hearing that noise from a girl made Leroy giggle and she took up a stool herself to join in. Her own tray was not loaded up as heavily, though she knew she could eat as much as Hana. The only reason for her restraint was the more she ate, the more she had to pee, and with how the day had been, she’d rather just eat what she needed to eat, while the larger older girl wolfed her own meal down.

After a few minutes where only sounds of eating broke the silence, Hana lifted her face from her empty plate and leaned back, hanging her head back then uttering a powerful burp. She patted her belly, then focused on Leroy and beamed a smile at her. “That was so good! Your mother is getting a good report! Now scoot your pretty ass to the shower, while I wash the dishes. When you’re done get yourself to the bedroom... and don’t bother to wear anything.” Hana went to wipe her lips with a napkin, smirking to herself as the sound of half bare feet pattering across the floor and the trail of white hair exiting the room spoke to her of how eager the little one was. This would be a good evening, thought the mechanic.

Leroy’s heart was thumping in her chest as she found the bathroom. Unlike the inn, the shower and the toilet shared the same chamber, and she went through motions of undressing, having to stop herself from tugging at the thin jewelry chain as it was not coming off. Water poured down on her, but she was barely aware of it. She scrubbed her skin of the dust of the day, slicked and soaped up her hair, then rinsed herself off almost on auto-pilot, her thoughts jumping about in fearful anticipation of what was to come. Would the big girl be gentle? Would she be rough? Which did Leroy want her to be? She moaned softly in confusion as she stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel.

She mostly dried her hair, before she left for the bathroom and flopped onto the fluffy bed, hugging a pillow as she laid on her belly. Her heart couldn’t stand watching the door, instead her legs bent at the knee lightly kicking the air while her mass of long white hair was splayed out around her, revealing swaths of soft delicious mocha skin on her back through the gaps. Then she heard the door to the bathroom open and the water kick on. The egg in her sex started vibrating again at the lowest setting, and the elf girl moaned. She held off touching herself; she had to maintain some sort of control. She just had to.

Instead, she focused on what she could hear, the sounds of water splashing on the floor and over Hana’s skin. So focused was she that she realized she could track Hana going through the steps of washing herself off and make an educated guess about each motion the bigger girl was making simply by the way the water’s sounds changed. Leroy really was amazed at her elfin hearing, one of the few completely positive things about her whole life situation.

Eventually the water shut off and the door opened and closed. She could hear Hana breathing in the room, almost sensing the older girl moving to a chest and opening it up. Several things thumping onto the bed. Of COURSE the engineer had more toys. Leroy peeked her eyes open over the covers, to find Hana crawling onto the bed wearing a loose airy shirt, and snug boy shorts. Moments later the larger girl slipped under the covers and pulled the dark skinned girl tight to her body, spooning her from behind. A rush of heat washed over Leroy as she felt the soft form of Hana pressing into her.

Hana chuckled as she nuzzled the back of that white head of hair, arms around Leroy’s middle, but not touching anything particularly sensitive. At any moment, Leroy was expecting those hands to wander, to slide over her body; but the lavender haired girl just snuggled the small elf girl tight. Leroy whimpered as the soothing warm pleasure of being held washed over her, crashing together with the wet heat in her sex. Both sensations were intensely compatible, and Leroy did not have much time to consider how the engineer had teased her all day only to deny her pleasure in the end. Eyes drooped closed as sleep swept over Leroy’s mind, heated whimpers shifting to steady sweet soft breathing.

Leroy awoke from fuzzy lurid lewd dreams, yellow eyes blinking open in the still dark bedroom. Normally she would have been awoken by her tiny and rather full bladder, but it had been Hana rolling away from her; arms and legs sprawled out on the bed that had brought the elf out of her dream state. Bed sheets had also been pulled away, leaving Leroy’s smooth dark skin exposed to the night air. Leroy pouted as she assessed her situation, glancing at Hana, then down her own body. The thin silvery chains glittered in the moonlight that spilled into the room, highlighting and accentuating that pretty plush perfect pussy. Fresh heat began to well up within her slim little body as her rosebud clenched and her buttery anal depths squeezed down around that buttplug that had been rooted within her for hours.

Small hands slid down along smooth skin, as Leroy’s mind built up excuses. Hana was asleep, any activity she did wouldn’t wake up the other girl. She’d been teased for hours, and brought to climax several times, but she still needed more. Delicate fingers slid past a navel divot, and touched one of the chains looped around her waist, that simple touch sending a flutter into her belly, followed by a sweet gasp. Leroy’s hand slid down further, traveling through the almost imperceptible valley between tummy and sex, before sliding up along a mocha pubic mound. In the past she would blindly rub and finger herself, going on full autopilot, but now that she was paying attention, she grew hesitant. This was naughty. She was being a bad girl, but she couldn’t stop. More, she didn’t want to.

Leroy pressed fingers down into plush velvet skin, and watched as a pink bit of flesh rose up. She realized that during her hapless heated moments she had bypassed that part of her body. Leroy full well knew she was looking at her clit hood, she had seen them from another angle entirely as an adult. A focused pout formed on her lips as she reached out and gave that bit of flesh a firm push. Leroy had expected some kind of rush, but the reality was so much more than what she’d expected. She could barely cope with the overly strong surge of stimulation flaring out from her clit and into her hips, and it made her gasp and groan as her belly clenched tight.

Second thoughts started to come over her; this was a child’s body, she was a child, she shouldn’t be doing things like this... and that sensation had been uncomfortably strong, far too intense. The elf began to pull her hand away, when a light colored hand reached over and gently grasped Leroy’s small wrist. Leroy froze for a moment, and looked to the side, finding Hana smiling back at her.

“You need to ease into it before you touch that,” the older girl suggested, releasing Leroy’s wrist, the smile smoothing out as Hana lightly bit on her lower lip. “I can show you how, if you want?” Hana’s question was breathy, and when the small elf slowly nodded her head, the bigger girl’s tone was replaced by a happy sound. Hana slid over and up, pulling Leroy onto her lap, facing away, burying her face into that mane of white hair before lowering her face down to brush lips across a fluttery pointed ear.

Leroy whined softly as a sweet shiver ran through her, then stiffened as she found Hana overlapping the back of her hand, and guiding a finger tip to her slit. She felt her delicate finger touched to plush velvet skin, then glided along the left side of her lower pout, sliding back up and dancing along the top above her clit hood then sliding down on the right side of her slit, and sweeping across the pursed valley of flesh back to the other side. Being so close to her clit, the flesh pushed against itself, starting the stoking of a building heat within her. Hana whispered words of encouragement as she had Leroy trace her clit and clit hood several times, drawing that hand away to toy with the thin jewelry chains as the elf was left to arouse herself.

Hana shifted to the other ear, sliding lips over it, licking and nibbling upon that knife-edged flesh, sending another kind of pleasure through Leroy, then captured the back of that smaller hand once more, and this time moved that small middle finger down into that slit, to stroke upward, just feathering that clit. The elf gasped as sweet pleasure washed through her, and Hana had her delving between her plush pussy lips to caress the entrance of her sex, then guiding up to her urethra.

A pleasure almost like touching her clit swept over Leroy as the tiny divot was pressed, a moan escaping her lips. “My, you are sensitive here. Your mother did say you were very vocal when you had to pee,” Hana observed, applying pressure there with her own finger tip. Much to the surprise of both girls, Hana’s finger slowly slipped within, vanishing all the way to the first knuckle without effort. Intense pleasure flooded Leroy’s body and mind as that finger plunged deeper and deeper. Yellow eyes rolled upward; half lidded, mouth hanging open as she keened. This made the older girl giggle and, after a moment, she began to slowly piston her finger in and out of the small elf’s pisshole.

Leroy was beside herself with pleasure, overwhelmed by how strong and intense it was. The lessons were over and Hana had clearly decided that it was time to etch pleasure into her petite frame. She turned her head to the side at some half understood command and found herself kissing Hana deeply, wailing sweetly into the older girl’s mouth as the first of many climaxes washed through her. Hana would go to stir Leroy’s nub directly, the stimulation no longer harsh with how aroused the elf was, then feathering over the clit and the top of that slit while several clicks of a remote turned on and kicked the vibrating egg into high gear.

Hana sweetly assaulted that mocha pussy, toying with that clit, finger fucking that accommodating pisshole, and stroking the sweet depths past that pussy entrance with two fingers at once. This brought yet another climax from the elf’s body, then another and another. Leroy wasn’t sure where her own mind ended and her pussy began, but she knew well that the pleasure was just as intense as it had been when it had been forced upon her by that blonde boat girl.

The older girl finally paused to unlock the base of the buttplug and draw away the tiny chains, then carefully fished out that egg vibe. “You’ve done very well..” Hana said breathily into an ear as slick fingers and slick toy eased out from that slick mocha pussy. “Though a toy elf like you needs to understand something...” Hana gripped the base plate of that buttplug. “Your pussy is for breeding, but there is something toy elves enjoy even more… and I’ll see you tomorrow cutie,” Hana warned, planting a wet kiss on Leroy’s ear.

A twist sent a wash of pleasure through Leroy from a new and unexpected source. Then Leroy felt her asshole begin to spread as the buttplug was slowly drawn out. Her lips hung open and a long drawn out whine escaped as she felt the plug shift within her buttery anal walls and stretching that useless opening even further. She felt her guts rippling much like her pussy had been, her eyes rolling up once more as her chin shivered. Her heart raced as the pleasure kept ramping up. The plug reached the widest point and with a pop slid out from between her plush ass cheeks. The stretching and the sudden vacancy of the anal toy; after a full day of insertion, was too much for her little body. Leroy’s eyes rolled fully up to white, panting out one keen after the next as a rolling roiling climax washed back and forth over her body.

Hana held onto the quivering loli elf, sucking on an ear and watching that pretty little head baste in that intense overwhelming pleasure. “I’ve waited so very long to bring such pleasure to such a young thing. I’m going to love learning all the ways to make you cry out in pleasures like this,” Hana whispered to a girl that could no longer hear her.

Leroy’s mind was washed out white in pleasure, she couldn’t form a single coherent thought for minutes afterward, and sleep claimed her once a moment of awareness returned to her, satisfied and exhausted.

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Holy shit I still have the original. Up to post/chapter 54. Is that still as far as the original "Yet Another Fantasy" went?

GM (MD)!MiSjM8xvQE 21/04/25(Sun)08:39 No. 27228 ID: 0a0d90

It went up to page 58, and I have an unfinished page 59, about three paragraphs worth of text.
Waiting on my editor for chapter 10, chapter 11 is half done and will be one of the larger chapters. I have everything planed out to chapter 15, which will be the end of the fist story arc.

Anonymous 21/05/12(Wed)23:53 No. 27246 ID: d6b186

Well, amazing. I’ve gotta ask, can I see the parts I missed? I still have those first 54 saved on my hard drive to this day. I lost that other story you wrote, the one about the modern day setting and friendly monsters, though. Do you still have that?

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files catbox moe/lhxmdw.7z
I wrote no other story for elit, so I don't know what you are talking about.

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Chapter 10: A golden visitor
Tags: gf cons rom
Long red hair, bound with a golden band in the back to form a loose tail, billowed in the ethereal wind that blew through Dreamspace. Yellow-Orange eyes set in a face that was cute yet dour scanned the seemingly endless plane. The crimson cape and sleeveless dress of scarlet and gold whipped about the mature elfin body as she rode a phoenix whose coloration made it all but impossible to tell from the dress. Dream bubbles flowed past the girl as her lips slipped from a pout into a full fledged frown.
The Golden Wizard was, if not ancient, then older than almost anyone she’d ever heard of, and one of the reasons she’d managed to outlive even those a score of months younger than her was because she was endlessly curious and wandered constantly, seeking ever after the secret that would explain… explain everything… or at least give her more time with which to seek that most elusive of secrets.
The problem with being, as many had called her, a prying meddler with no respect for a Lich’s privacy or the sanctity of other people’s libraries, was that sometimes one discovered mysteries almost as intriguing as the grand mystery, or (even worse) a mystery that might, just might, lead to a clue to that greater mystery. Time was a relentless pressure, so distractions were always a risk… and yet, how could one know which paths led to the truth and which were mere follies?
This was one of those times. Two hours ago, deep in an ancient pre-break ruin, she had found a stone tablet engraved with markings that had some troubling implications. As a master wizard, she had come across prophets of both the ancient and recent sort with their auguries of doom more than a few times; all of them had all been proven to be less than reliable… and (thanks to her) they were all quite dead now. Still, The Golden Wizard was the studious sort, having inhabited this world for just over fifty months; and she’d seen many a thing in her days that had led her to believe that fate was less happenstance and more enemy action.
The thing that was making her frown now was not, however, the implications of the tablet’s engravings, but rather the amount of time this accursed distraction was taking. The thread she’d found had been promising, yes, but had it been promising enough to justify the travel time? It had been almost thirty minutes since she’d entered the Dreamspace, since she’d cast the spell of tracking while standing on one of the upper continents, and she’d already passed the sun and moons! Had she realized that the thread would lead her down to the lower half of the world, she might have reconsidered.
She was just beginning to consider turning back when a massive black circular wall loomed before her, and her frown deepened into a grimace. She knew of this wall and what it meant. This was the Ashland Desolation, the End of All Things, and a place she had long ago sworn never to return to… but the small thread she had been following continued right to it, a tiny clue that could lead her to her doom… or her destiny.
Bringing up her interface, Sandra flipped through to a more precise tracking spell, one hand gesturing and moving the interface pegs on the spell diagram while her other hand gripped the massive gold staff topped with a solar planisphere. “Soul Tracker: Dreamspace!” she shouted, and a silver band of energy pulsed out from the tip of her staff. Moments later a return ping came, to which her staff responded with a second pulse.
“Directional Fix Acquired,” the staff intoned, and Sandra grimaced, but firmed her jaw. She was doing this. Banishing her lingering doubt, she redirected her phoenix towards a landmass slowly resolving in the distance, her frown returning to a dour pout as she recognized it. Bascage Plate, the lowest continent in the world, the one that scrapes forever along the surface of the Desolation.
That revelation stirred worry in her heart; it could be no coincidence that her spells had led her here of all places, back to where it had all begun. Sandra continued to follow the silver bands and pings of energy, homing inward on the continent, seeing the density of dream spheres gradually increase, though had she scooped up every dream sphere on the entire plate to count, she would have found that they numbered less than half the population of even the smallest of the cities she’d visited in recent times. Her flightpath steadied down, tracking in towards one of the towers, its shape little more than a shadow of its real world counterpart, and at its base appeared what seemed to be a small town, though these things were not always certain in Dreamspace.
Minutes later she came to a stop, her phoenix hovering above a pair of closely pressed dream spheres, two girls sleeping together. With a snap of her fingers the red and gold firebird shrank down to a red lustrous pearl then winked out of existence, while she herself slowly floated above the two spheres, studying them intently. The sphere to the left brought a slight blush to her cheeks, for in it a cute mature girl was dreaming of sitting at a table upon which a dessert elf youngling was splayed out, covered in various confections that the dreamer was partaking of. The dreamer must have quite a creative imagination to come up with such a luscious thing.
Sandra felt a tightening in her rather tiny panties as she felt her clit heat up. An elf girl of that appearance would have quite a hard time getting anyone to treat her seriously rather than try and get into her skirt at every opportunity. Dour lips pursed, yellow-orange eyes shifting to the other dream sphere as her feet settle upon the surface, her destination at last arrived at.
She turned to regard the second dream, and her gaze took in a landscape in miniature, a disparate set of armies facing each other. Plush bears, biped machines, fully armed and armored knights, dancers in scraps of transparent gauze for clothing... they were all figments, dozens upon dozens of figments acting out a dream battle. The wizard nearly missed the child, as she had been reclining on a snowy mountain the size of a sofa, a mass of white silken hair covering much of her body. Upon seeing her face and her skin, the red head became distinctly aware that the other dreamer had not created her fantasy out of whole cloth, but was, in fact, picturing this second dreamer. Despite the tight pressure of her tiny panties, Sandra’s clit rose up above the edge, filling out to full mast and tenting her dress robes as she raked her eyes over the child, ears tingling and flicking.
“Hel-” The words on Sandra’s lips were cut short as the child met her gaze with bright intelligent eyes.
“You’re not a figment.” the little elf stated, rising up from her bed on the miniature mountain-scape. Long white hair was pulled about her body, held in place by slender arms, making Sandra wonder if the child understood the concept of nakedness. “I won’t let you in,” the child added, wariness in her yellow eyes as they tracked towards the bottom of Sandra’s dress, causing the red head to pull her cape across herself in turn.
“That is a very good idea, though dreamers have some advantage over... visitors.” Sandra spoke as she gazed over the simulated landscape. This child was not merely dreaming, but rather manipulating her dream-state to her liking, having the figments entertain her. An interesting thought, but not completely unheard; children did have such powerful and active imaginations. “I am Sandra, The Golden Wizard, Master of the Arcanum, and I have followed a trail that has led me here.”
Sandra had expected some reaction, though not out of ego. She was one of the four heroes that had brought an end to the Delta War eighteen months earlier, and gossip about heroes had a tendency to travel faster and farther than logic might dictate. But no, the desert elf’s gaze was steady, lacking any sign of recognition in those odd yellow eyes, making Sandra more and more self conscious, deeply aware that she should probably reorient herself instead of standing on the dream bubble and giving the child an unfiltered look at her erection.
As the mage in red and gold shifted to hover in the mist parallel to the landscape in the dream, the child finally spoke up. “I live with my mother outside of town, some distance away. Except for my mother’s future partner, we have not had any visitors since I arrived a few months ago.” The child’s small sweet voice did not help Sandra gain any control over her erection, though the way the child was speaking did tear her thoughts away from her embarrassment. Communication within the dream realm was closer to telepathy than it was to waking speech, and a child would normally be more understandable yet still maintain a childish manner. Not so with this strange child.
Sandra stared back at the girl for a long moment, judging her. There was every chance that she was looking at some future genius, though it was up to the Goddesses themselves to determine what she was going to be a genius of. It was curious that the girl used the word-thought "arrived"; as if it had more meaning then coming from a continent foreign to Bascage Plate. Sandra filed that away to ponder later, lest that distract her too much. “Then you will have seen or heard little regarding our world, certainly nothing that would have drawn me to you. That leaves only one possibility, that you will have witnessed something in the future. It would be a world shattering event, one I could easily find by scrying your future, without delving into personal matters. May I do so? May I cast a spell and peer at this future event that has led me to you?” Sandra’s words were careful. Where this truely a child, she could perform the ritual without the girl’s permission. Sunder past her likely non-existent resistances. But that would be as shocking to the child as being raped by a monster and would have lasting effects the rest of her life. If she was not merely a normal child, the spell might rebound upon the caster or even link the two of them together in mind or spirit. No, better to seek permission and avoid the risk.
“Yes,” was the child’s single word response. The elf girl wasn’t merely consenting, she was pressed up against the dream sphere’s barrier. Sandra could see the eagerness in the girl’s face and that ass length mass of white hair had fallen away to reveal a slender petite frame. Sandra’s mouth watered as she gazed at the smooth, slightly toned expanse of mocha skin, the plushness of the girl’s sex the... Sandra cut her thoughts off there and swallowed, her mouth suddenly wet with lust, her member harder than she’d ever felt it, already oozing pre-cum that was staining her dress. This child’s beauty was dangerous, both to herself and others.
The red and gold mage floated a few paces away from the dream sphere and brought up her Interface, quickly flipping through the various interactions and drilling down to the divination spell she needed. She released her staff to let it float nearby as she grabbed at the Interface pins on the complex spell diagram before her, words and phrases pouring from her lips to aid in cross linking portions of the diagram.
“Probe deep into the future. Gaze through the pages of time. Reveal to me this pivot of time: Crystal Vizier!” As she uttered those words of power, multiple layered overlays of magic formed around the child’s dream sphere. Some circular, some square, and others of more complex shapes, with symbols and runes glowing brightly. At the apex of the spell’s energies, Sandra’s view of the world shifted.
There was pure whiteness, not from a lack of color, but from powerful intense energies within the vision. Two hulking forms approach each other, their shapes washed out in the raw power of their passage, only their eyes visible, trailing matching colors of energy in their wake. One set glowing a fierce bright yellow, the other set glowing a somber but no less bright orange. A charge built from the one with orange eyes, a charge that it unleashed upon the one with yellow. Such was the raw power that some of it leaked through Sandra’s magic and crashed into her, shattering not only the scrying but also the tracking spell, and still the power did not ebb. It smashed into her defenses and as she lost consciousness, she was sent tumbling into the gray mists.
Pretty blue eyes opened to take in the morning light. Lips pursed into a pleasing smile. Memories of last night returned to Hana quickly, bringing a wet heat to her depths. She let out a sweet luxurious moan as she tightened her grip around the soft warm... pillow? A pout came to her lips as she scanned the bed, the creature of her desire nowhere to be seen. Of course she wouldn’t be in bed, she was Suri’s daughter after all, and did everything she could to please her mother.
Hana drew in a deep breath of air through the pillow. The dark elf’s scent was still upon it, the lightest, most subtle hint of chocolate. Squeezing the pillow between her thighs and within her arms, the engineer ground her sex against the plush surface as she continued to breath in that scent. Oh how she wished that little minx was still in bed with her. She would have had seconds and thirds and... Hana let out a low chuckle. She’d not had a little one in dozens of months and, when she finally did, it was with a toy elf. Laughing she threw the pillow to the side and spread out on the bed, her soft form naked as the day she was born.
After several long moments of just laying there, trying to bring her libido under control, she climbed out of bed, and pulled on a soft nightgown. Nothing her pretty kitty would ever wear, but Hana was all about practicality in her clothing. After a quick visit to the bathroom to empty herself out, she went on the prowl, hoping to discover where her guest had gone. She hadn’t gone far before she was halted in her tracks, standing in the door of her kitchen. Hana wasn’t a slob by any means, but she'd rather do work projects for the town or the guild than organize living quarters. Thus, her kitchen was normally a bit disorganized, and in need of a good cleaning.
That was no longer the case.
Not only was every surface virtually spotless, all the cartons and boxes and cans were neatly arranged and sorted, though not in any order the Mechanic might have used. The cleanliness was, perhaps, to be expected, given who’d raised the child, but the sorting… and the meticulousness of it… it all served to slightly unnerve Hana.
She chuckled to herself. Suri’s daughter was certainly an odd one, but surprises like this were more and more to be expected from a child that rarely talked, and when she did she sounded mature beyond her months and had a strange, but adorable, accent.
The girl was also nowhere in sight. She considered searching for the child, but her nose guided her to a covered tray, whereupon she found toast and eggs and some fried bacon leaf scraps. That precious little thing made her breakfast without being asked to! With a laugh she picked up the tray and began to chew on its contents as she made her way through her house, finding that little idle hands had been very productive indeed. The floors had been freshly swept and mopped and the furniture dusted. All the books and knick knacks straightened. And (as she reached the laundry room) she found that the clothes washing machine she had built was running. Hana just stared as her laundry tumbled and sloshed behind the thick crystal lensplate. How did that child figure out how to operate such a complicated machine? Sure, she hadn’t gone out of her way to make it hard, but there was a sequence of valves and levers that had to be pulled to get it to cooperate and they weren’t exactly labeled nor was there an operations manual lying about. She’d ment to write one up, but never gotten around to actually making any of the machines to sell, so it hadn’t felt important.
The engineer pattered on bare feet through the house, heading past the entry foyer right for her garage and workshop, the last place in the building the child could be. And there she was, sitting on one of the stools by the workbench, that massive mane of silky white hair all but hiding the rest of the child from the rear. Worry rushed through Hana as she darted forward.
“You shouldn’t touch my tools, some of them could..!” Hana came to a stop, finding the little mocha skinned elf girl was sitting quietly by the bench with her arms crossed simply looking at her tools, and that none had been pulled in for examination. “Oh... you didn’t touch anything... that’s good.” She let out a grunt of pent up air and sat down next to the child, setting her tray down on the workbench’s flat surface.
Hana looked over to regard that adorably impish face in profile. Those yellow eyes were open and focused upon the tools and she appeared lost in thought, for she obviously hadn’t heard a word the mechanic had said. But no, the purse of those soft pretty lips and the slightest furrow of brow let the engineer know the child was simply picking and choosing her words before she spoke. Suri had warned her not to rush the elf; she would end up just waiting even longer to get a response.
“I wasn’t given permission to touch your tools, Hana. So I didn’t.”
The soft lilt of that childish voice brought a sudden fierce hunger to Hana’s loins, but it was quickly dosed as the child turned to regard her with an all too intense gaze. There was a strange unnerving iridescent flash to those too bright orbs as the light caught them just right. And it seemed they were all together too bright, catching too much light in the shadow dappled workshop. Hana gulped, while something primal wailed in the deepest part of her mind.
“Y-yes... good girl!” Hana barked out with a strained laugh. “Could you... '' She struggled to find words, and said the first thing that came to mind. “Could you clean my tray and wash it?” Those yellow eyes tracked over to the tray and the child slid off the stool, picking up the tray without a word and pattered away, her bare feet making tiny slapping sounds as she retreated back into the house.
Hana let out a gasp for breath once the little one was out of view, one hand pressed to her breast, feeling her heartbeat thumping in her chest. What... what in the underworld was that? She’d been surprised by those eyes in the past, but she’d never seen them stay that bright for that long. That’s why... that’s why Suri wrapped the girl’s head in the scarf, not to hide her face, but those damn eyes. Yes… the waitress yesterday... yes that’s why she screamed like that. Oh... poor child, those eyes were going to get her into no small amount of trouble.
With a frown, she turned to her work bench, and looked over her tools. Suri wasn’t the only one that could be a good mother. Her future wife had mentioned that the child spent a goodly amount of time staring out into the wasteland... She scanned the bench, and (after some consideration) began collecting bits of scrap from her supply, thoughts whirring and clicking as her idea began to take concrete form in her head. She got to work, cutting up pieces of leather, affixing a buckle here, drilling holes there, fitting small panes of glass together in a wire frame. Some time later, a drink was set down by her, but she was so focused she simply took it up and drank it before returning to this project. Hana carefully dripped resin between seams, picking up another drink set beside her and emptying it in turn. Then she fumbled around for a tool and, before she could find it, the exact one she needed was placed in her hand.
Hana paused, sitting back from the bench, and looked over to find the desert elf perched back on the stool she had earlier vacated. The engineer was quiet for a moment, palming the tool in her hand. “I thought you were just following me around like a lost little chick every time I came by to do repairs and maintenance… but you’ve been paying attention to everything I’ve been doing, haven’t you? ” Hana asked, a smile forming on her lips.
A pink flush rose upon those dark ears and they began fluttering nervously. Before the child could speak, Hana had set down her tool and pulled the little one into her arms, drawn her face up to her own, and captured her lips. The older girl drew the breath out of the younger one as she slipped her tongue into the other’s mouth, questing for that sweet taste as her hands roamed over that lithe little frame. Hana was surprised how quickly she had scooped the little one up, but the sweet muffled moans from the toy elf only emboldened her, bringing more desire surging through her belly. A hand finally slipped beneath the thin dress the child was wearing, cupping that precious little pussy, and slipping a middle finger between lovely pouting lower lips. Delicate folds greeted her finger tip and Hana’s womb squeezed in pleasure as she eased her the digit further in, feeling the tight channel of flesh grip her finger as she sank it deeper and deeper.
The white haired girl’s hipped buck as Hana’s fingers slipped further in, joint by joint, until it encountered a spongy dome of flesh. Oh how the Mechanic wished the goddesses had granted her a cock, but in all fairness the lack of cock had saved her from... She shifted her focus back to the moaning elf flesh in her arms, best not to dwell on bad memories. She pumped her finger, feeling that tight channel of flesh tremble and squeeze. Hana was still amazed how sensitive the child was, after just a few pumps the girl was crying out into her mouth, her hips bucking against the probing hand. Hana held her tight, continuing to finger fuck her future daughter through this climax and into the next as she ground the heel of her palm down on the jut of the child’s mons. One finger was joined by two as the mewling moaning elf girl crashed through perhaps her sixth climax. The engineer kept going, watching those yellow eyes drift upward as the little one lost herself in the pleasure. Fingertips located a pad of flesh on the roof of the elf’s pussy, and dug in, sending yet another climax through that delicate lithe frame, producing the most intense cry from the toy elf as she went slack in Hana’s arms.
Pulling her lips away, and drawing her fingers free of the child’s drooling snatch, Hana sucked them clean of that sweet nectar. Shivering with pleasure of her own, she hefted the girl in her arms and returned to the bedroom, where she laid the little one out to rest. Knowing how she’d reacted in the past, Suri’s daughter should be out of her hair for a good hour or two. Rising up, Hana palmed her own belly, luxuriating in the pleasure she had felt playing the little one like an all too adorable flute. Oh, she had a good six to nine months before things changed... but she truly hoped she was around for the girl’s first heat. By that time Suri and she should be officially a couple, and Hana was sure she could convince her future wife that all three of them should share a bed together when the elf came of age.
Suri scanned the scroll once more, making certain she understood everything it contained, then glanced over to the aviator, swiveling her cat ears forward. “I’ll have everything prepared for their arrival!” she shouted over the thumping blade of the gyrocopter. “But remind them that I have an older child with me, and I will be quite cross if someone tries anything funny.”
“Vunderstood mistress innkeepah! Ve’re an above ba’d trading compan’ah. Za captains keep t’yght ships!” The aviator thumped a hand to her chest. Her words were partially snatched away by the beating blades but they were so mangled by her thick upper world accent that it was hard to tell what was missing.” When the girl returned her hands to the controls, the blue haired innkeeper took that as her cue to step back and give the flying machine all the room it needed and then some. The blades beat harder and harder, and then, with a roar, the machine of brass and iron lifted up off one of the inn’s two landing pads like a dragon out of legend, rising up into the blue sky above. And then it was away.
Suri’s ears flattened to keep the sand and grass out, her skirt whipping about, baring her lace stocking-clad legs a few times before it settled down again. The cat girl clutched the scroll to her chest and turned, heading back towards the inn. Then, a sound made her pause. Was the gyrocopter coming back? Had the pilot forgotten something? After a moment, she realised what the sound must be and smiled to herself.
What she’d initially mistaken for the sound of the flying machine rapidly resolved itself into the familiar chug of her lover’s steam engine. She looked on, past the inn’s sign, and sighed happily. The sign hanging above the entrance of the inn did have just a bed engraved on it, but the magics imbued into that symbol interacted with her interface to show her the glowing blue lines of text and graphics displaying a cute vision of herself, one that winked in a loop and welcomed visitors to the Center Cliff Inn. It had cost a pretty penny, but it always made her day to see it, and it had paid for itself several times over.
As the steam-engine walker came to a stop, Suri ran past the front of the inn and into her lover’s arms. Hana had leapt from the controls, the engine still venting its steam, and with a laugh she scooped the catgirl up in her arms and gave her a deep, passion-filled kiss.
The blue haired innkeep purred at the sweet taste on her lover’s tongue. It coaxed her to work her own tongue even deeper, entwining it with that of the older girl. It was some time later before they both came up for breath and Suri gave Hana a light thump on the head. “You’ve been playing with her all the way back?” she accused, a deep pout shaping her adorable lips.
Hana tried to appear downcast at the admonishment, but couldn’t maintain the facade for more than a couple of seconds. She lifted her head, an extremely naughty grin on her face. “Oh no love, since before lunch.” The cat girl mewed in annoyance and glowered as the engineer gave her bottom a good pinch and danced away before she got another thump. “I would have stopped if she had asked!”
With the scroll in one hand, Suri planted her fists on her hips, her tail swishing back and forth, ears focused on her misbehaving lover. “She’s not going to say no. She might know how to, but my daughter is all too eager to please.” She lifted her skirt, showing off her lace covered calves. “Now take a good look. But that’s all you’re getting. I was going to show you more... a lot more… as a reward for restraining yourself, but it looks like you couldn’t manage that.”
Hana uttered a strangled sound as the skirt dropped back down, glancing over at the steam engine and the dazed occupant upon it. “Uhm... damn...I..” There was a soft thud as the blue haired girl collided with her, uttering a deep purr with an equally deep hug.
“Oh, I am a fickle creature!” Suri groaned. “Any other day I would have followed through on that punishment.” Normally round eyes shifted into vertical slits as the cat girl’s tail swished back and forth, an intense heat pulsing from her womb. “But the moons have other ideas.” She nipped her lover on the ear, almost biting through the flesh. “Put the girl in her bed... and then hurry to room one.” The blue haired girl stepped away, rushing back into the inn.
Hana stood outside the building, a befuddled expression on her face, for several moments before she scrambled up onto the steam engine and collected the napping elf.
Leroy opened her eyes, ears twitching as she heard soft mewling from somewhere nearby. She looks around in confusion, snuggling into the softness of her bed. Her bed? Leroy sat up as the waning sunlight painted the room in soft reds and growing shadows. A delicious shiver ran through her, her bladder aching sweetly from fullness. She lowered a hand to rest on her tummy, then a rush of heat washed through her as she recalled the events of the day, and what Hana had done with her… to her. She squeezed her thighs together as a wet heat builds up, and she licks her lips. While her ears and cheeks burned with embarrassment, she realized that she’d loved every minute of it.
She looked around as she heard that warbling panting mewling again, but her eyes stopped short before she found the source of the seductive sound, focusing instead on some items resting on the nightstand next to her bed. She slid over, legs swinging over the edge. A long silver jewelry chain. Three tiny keys. Two buttplugs, one a fair bit larger than the other. A gnarled thumb sized capsule next to a small device made of wood and crystal. A pinky sized tube with a twist stopper on the end. A small wooden box with a small scroll bound to it. A small pair of goggles with half a dozen interchangeable lenses.
She reached out with delicate fingers and picked up the goggles, sliding them over her head and eyes, and tightening them in place. They fit her perfectly, though she noticed that they reduced the brightness of her view a little bit. A small smile crossed her lips. Leroy would have to thank Hana... later. Right now, if the mewling was any indication, the two older girls were all too distracted. She’d had her fill of pleasure for the day; she’d leave the love birds to their fun.

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Really good story cant wait where it will go with all the mysteries around this strange world and culture.

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Chapters 11 and 12 are on the other website (atf). My editor is unavailable. I will post chapters here once readers have pointed out errors I need to fix.

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Happy to see this get an update. I had resigned myself to the story being abandoned.

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Chapter 11: An airship (unedited)

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Among the objects Hana had gifted to Leroy, a small box containing an engineering project was among them. It was a small disassembled clock, that was to be powered by two small earth and air crystal fragments. When she had opened it up and looked through the parts, it only had a single tool; a screw driver, to help assemble it. However Leroy quickly found the parts where all slightly off, such as the four brass rods that made up the clock’s frame. With her mother’s permission, Leroy would rummage through the inn’s storage for things previous visitors left behind, and so had assembled quite a few mismatched tools in the process. The collection of tools however came with a requirement that Leroy only use them for this project until it was done, and to leave the inn and the elevator alone; a requirement Leroy had quickly agreed to. As the weeks passed on Leroy would carefully work on the components of the clock, while she had not been a clock maker in her previous world, the components of this clock where already made and rather simple. This was made for children to put together, and Leroy was more or less the target audience. She spent what time she could on the project, but she had to help maintain the inn, do her daily chores, prepare meals from time to time, and continue on with her studies. However there was little she could learn from the few tomes and books her mother had given her to study with. It was then on a morning weeks later that Leroy could make out a distant rhythmic sound. She set her tools down and quickly covered up her project, she was unwilling to let Hana see her progress, and the engineer had been humoring her so far. The elf girl was very sure Hana had not gotten a chance to peek, as when the woman wasn’t maintaining or fixing things, she was having sex with her mother in one of the guest rooms. Hearing the two would set Leroy off, and she would end up in bed playing with herself hearing the pair. It wouldn’t be so bad, however Hana was being punished for the state Leroy had been in when the lavender haired girl brought her home and was forbidden to toy with the chocolate elf as Hana normally would. Leroy’s imagination, and Hana’s toys helped her keep focus, and Leroy would partake of very friendly figments when she had lucid dreams on some nights. Standing up from the chair set before the nightstand, Leroy stretched her body letting out a soft sweet grunt as her body flexed. She noted her hair almost touched the floor, and she’s going to need to do something about that before she would start sweeping out the inn by just walking. That that brought a giggle to her, and she bounded out of the room. Mother was already outside; though she was looking skywards, not towards the forest road. Leroy looked up, at first only seeing a few distant moons in the day sky, but then she could start to make out an approaching black dot. “Mother, is that an air ship?” She asked, her small voice almost a whisper. This caught the attention of the cat girl who turned to her daughter and nodded as she smiled. “It is, our first visitors since you came.” There was a slight catch in the older girl’s voice, which Leroy understood, and gave the cat girl a smile. “Is it normal to have visitors this far apart?” Asked the elf.

Suri glanced down the road, then back to the sky. “There is little reason for anyone to come out here. Several countries pay for the inn. It’s main purpose is for rescue missions, for when ships crash into the wasteland.” “I see, so when I and that other girl came, you where asking her if we where injured, not if she could pay?” Leroy’s question spun Suri around in surprise. However the innkeeper did not find a worried eight month old girl, but one of genuine curiosity. “Yes, though not quite in those words. Now get inside and grab your goggles and scarf..” the can girl commands as she looks her daughter over carefully, the pink dress the child wore was half transparent in the sunlight, showing off the soft skin, along with delicate nipples and the tiny silk thong beneath. While Suri found this proper attire for her daughter, she did not want a situation to occur… “And change into something that covers up more.”

Leroy pouted, she found more substantial clothing irritated her skin, but heads in as her mother asked, returning to her room and slipping out of her day dress. She slips on her leather arm wrappings, a cotton pleated skirt, and a soft blouse. She sets the goggles on, then a long blue scarf that she wraps around her head and shoulders like some desert wanderer. She pauses on the way back, picking up one of the aprons and slips it on. The smile and nod from her mother was all she needed, now all she had to do was make sure not to pick at her clothes. “Lets get things prepared.” Suri hikes up her skirt, baring smooth thighs and a garter strap over one thigh, she fishes a key off of it and hands it to Leroy. “Go into the cold storage and bring out three of the small juice barrels and one of the other barrels I told you never to touch, then empty one of the barrels into as many cups as you can find. I’ll make sure all the rooms are prepared. Once you’ve finished, I want you to filled both tubs and make sure there are two tall stacks of towels in each, as well as enough soap and shampoo for a week of use in each.. we’ll likely go through all of it today.” The dark skined elf nods. “Yes I understand!” She hurries off inside, heading into the back and unlocking the door. A blast of chill air sweeps over her body, momentarily catching her off guard as she recalls the terrible snow storm that had brought her to this world in the first place. A pang of guilt sweeps through her, as she’s yet to go in search of her sister, or any remains, she has to tell her mother about Elisabeth, about how she came to this world. She tried in the past but only gotten pats and hugs for her trouble. Perhaps now that she can have full conversations with her mother, it will be different now.. well after these visitors leave.

Leroy shivers as her half bare feet touch cold flooring, her breath icing as she walks past barrels larger then herself. Locating the smaller barrels, she loads up two onto a doll and pulls the loaded dolly out to the main room, returning for one more barrel and one more “special” barrel. The toy elf is has a guess that something alcoholic is inside, but it’s not in her vocabulary; a deliberate omission from her study tomes and possibly a taboo about children and drinking. Once the barrels where setup, the dolly returned, and the cold room locked back up, Leroy sets the key behind the counter and goes about loading up several trays. She has to struggle to get one of the small barrels up onto the counter, nearly dropping it in the process, and had to catch her breath before she could remove the stopper and pour out cups with some apple smelling juice. It certainly was not something they grew in the garden, there was just enough fresh things grown there to feed a few people. Leroy counted out forty two cups, the number bringing a wistful smirk to her lips under the shadow of the scarf. Then she was off to prepare the bathing rooms, with the water filling and the towels, soaps and shampoos in place, she checked out the guest restrooms on the main floor. She never had a reason to use them, they where much larger then the one she and her mother shared. Looking around she ponders getting some flowers to decorate them, but that was for later when she had enough time. Finding all the flush valves where working she headed back to the main area, just as her mother came down from the upper floor, and the pair walked out side by side.

Suri walked around the inn to the heavy pyrotechnics storage box and opened it. “Daughter, which ones would we use?” The innkeeper asks, resting a hand on Leroy’s head. The elf child looked at the large flare spheres, remembering the time Suri had shown her how to make one using charcoal and other ingredients several weeks ago. “This one that indicates greetings and this one saying open births?” She asked, lifting up two flare spheres. “Yes, perfect!” Suri praised, beaming Leroy a motherly smile. “Go ahead, you know what to do.” This gave the desert elf pause, and she felt hear heart thump in her chest from surprise as her mind reconciled the adorable smile with Suri being a woman and not a child in this world. This only lasted a few moments before Leroy headed over to the launch tubes and loaded two of them up. Being mindful of which color she loaded, she picks up the flint striker and smashes it onto the fuse resting on a steel edge. It takes her several attempts but some sparks catch the fuse and it lights up. Dropping the striker Leroy heads to the second, and waits for the fuse of the first flare to burn most of the way before lighting the second one up; hurrying back over to the cat girl to wait.

Suri wraps her arms around Leroy, hugging her daughter tight. The flares fire off into the sky one and then the other, soaring high! The first goes off, a pretty bright green, and then the second follows, a bright white. Before the acrid smoke reaches them, Leroy could scent a sharp animalistic scent beneath her mother’s light floral perfume. Suri combs fingers into Leroy’s long white hair as she pats her daughter’s head, and begins purring softly as the elf girl snuggles in. Leroy has caught her mother purring in the past, usually when she caught the older girl napping, or after a session with Hana, but never when the two of them had physical contact.

The airship was close enough that Leroy could make out some details, such as a massive ring around the vertical midline of the air ship, and several flipper like wings protruding out from the sides and back. A few moments later a single flare is launched from the airship, first glowing green then then blue and then white. “I may have been a bit harsh on Hana.” Suri mummers, brushing fingers along the edge of a knife ear, sending a trill of pleasure down Leroy’s spine and making the elf girl shiver pleasure. Releasing and stepping away from Leroy, Suri nods and closes the strong box. “Child, stay away from the dock when they come, they’ll be quite busy securing the ship, and might trip over you if you’re standing around staring.”

Though her ears where flushed; Leroy giggles, and nods. Suri’s touch has been light, so Leroy quickly regains her composure. “I understand mother. I know how small I am.” Leroy’s worked at several rail yards in her life, a few of them where part of some docks. She was less likely to get knocked over and more likely to get heavily injured by heavy ropes being tossed about under heavy tension. That’s not how she ended up with the skull plate, but she can still respect the sheer mass of ships and their equipment.

The airship slowed to a standstill, a fair distance from the cliff face docks; out of range of any updrafts. A small boat disembarked from the airship; coasting over the gap, settling on one of the landing pads, disgorging a half dozen girls. All but one wore colorful sea going attire, the five ship girls quickly made for the dock, while the sixth girl scanned the area. This girl wore a brown buttoned up uniformed dress with a belt and cream colored cloak. The belt held a scabbard for a sword, who’s hilt her hand rested on. Pretty purple eyes framed by a pretty face and done up short brown hair scanned the two nearby, and then the surrounding area.

“Mistress innkeeper?” The sixth girl asked as she stepped forward. “I’m Ryua a hired guard for the ship. Is there any bandit or monster activity in the area?”

Suri gave the guard a soft smile and shook her head. “We’ve not had any incidents in weeks. I’m Suri, and this is my child.” The cat girl’s ears swiveled forward as her tail swished. This caught the attention of the guard, who couldn’t help but return Suri’s smile. “Thank you mistress Suri.” She glances Leroy’s way; giving Leroy a wink, then walks past as she looks around the area outside the inn itself.

Leroy smiled back, but it was hidden by the scarf, she found the guard quite pretty, despite the slight drabness of her uniform dress. She shifted her attention to the air ship that was now much closer and turning to the side as it coasted in. The massive horizontal ring tilted away from the dock as wing or flipper closest to the dock pulled in close and folded down. Ropes where thrown out from girls on deck to the waiting girls on the dock. The sailors went to work, wrapping the ropes around the bollards and throwing them back up to the airship, allowing them to draw out thicker ropes. Leroy wanted to giggle seeing a bunch of.. to her eyes, twelve and thirteen year old girls working tanned bare arms, as they grunted and sang out a song. Yes they where signing a song to pace their work, it was odd, something she’d expect sailor to sing.. with cute interaction of higher pitched voices a bunch of young girls would do to otherwise masculine shanties. “Leroy go inside, and bring the log book and pen?” Suri asked, breaking Leroy out of her thoughts. Leroy let out a small gasp as she focused on her mother, making the young woman giggle and make a shooing motion. Leroy pelted inside, running past the guard, unaware of the brown haired girl eyeing her slim legs as she passed. Standing in the main area, Leroy stood dumbly, they never had a visitor since she came, so she never noticed where her mother kept the logbook. She lets out a soft squeak, only for soft boots to tap on the floor, as the guard came in, curious about the noise. “Is everything alright?” The older girl asked, walking over and resting a hand on Leroy’s shoulder. Leroy looked up at the pretty face, the scarf falling away to show the lower half of her own face. “No.. I mean yes miss Ryua. I’m looking for the log book, but it’s only been used once since I came here.. and I’m not sure where mother keeps it.” Embarrassment is in her voice, her ears burned and fluttered, the elf thankful for the scarf covering flushed ears! Ryua nodded and gave the desert elf a pat on the shoulder and brushed a thumb against a smooth cheek. “Then I’ll help out.” With that the guard heads over to the entrance, to check the tables and shelves by the front door as the elf looks over and behind the counter.

Despite all her searching, Leroy can’t find it. Not on the counter, or underneath in the cubby holes that visitors cannot see. Not tucked between the pots and pans above the cooking counter or stoves. Leroy lets out a growl of frustration, though in reality it was a small cute sound that drew the guard’s attention. The toy elf hopped off a stool, got onto all fours and checked the last place she could think of, underneath the counter on the floor. There where several boxes down there, supplies that won’t likely see use for another dozen months. Her skirt rides up, baring her pert little mocha behind, and the pink thong. There was an sharp inward breath from the guard, and Leroy turned to.. yes! She spotted the object of her quest, and pulled the heavy log book out from where it rested on some supplies, gripping the edges of the log book ready to pull it out. “Those are some.. very small panties.” Ryua commented, fingertips tracing a thong string along Leroy’s hip.

The comment and touch caught Leroy off guard for a moment, she’s been so used to her mother seeing her in panties that it had stopped bothering her weeks ago. The touch made a wet heat alight within her. Leroy let out a small playful giggle. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” The dark elf teased. Sliding out from beneath the counter; standing up and setting the log book down. That brought a slight blush to the older girl, and before she had time to respond, Leroy gathered up her own skirt drawing it high, showing the pink thong snugged tight over her sex, how it stopped short at the bottom of her slit, showing off a great deal of mocha lower lip pout and an obvious dark dampness. The guard drew in a breath. “That’s.. very tiny…” her eyes however did not turn away. “It’s your turn miss guard.” Leroy challenges, still holding up her skirt. The guard looked back, pursing her lips, but slowly nods, the playful energy of the precious toy elf coaxing her on. She reaches down and lifts her skirt, a bit more demurely then Leroy had, showing off some snug string panties with a butterfly motif. However Ryua’s sex itself was not covered, an open crotch baring her lower lips, covering the top of the guard’s slit and her clit hood.

Leroy blushed hot at what she saw, while the girl was older then here, she was still a child by the standards of her old world, with a smooth plush hairless slit. “Those are both very pretty.” Leroy says in a hushed tone. “Both?” Asked the guard. “Yes, your panties and your pussy.” The elf shares. Before the guard can say anything, there was a friendly cough from the front door.

“Daughter, stop teasing the woman and bring out the log book to the dock.” Suri commands. This makes the elf child squeak and pick the book up, running out the front door. Ryua had dropped her skirt when she heard the cough, and her face as hot with embarrassment at getting caught showing herself off to the daughter of the innkeeper. But before the guard can say anything, the cat girl made a simple motion that the two of them would talk later; then turned to chase after the precocious little elf girl.

Leroy had missed the final parts of docking, a ramp had already been lowered, and sailor girls where hauling crates and barrels off the ship onto the dock. A girl wearing a skirt shorter then the others, sporting a pair of swords and crossed belts, and a much more colorful and flamboyant outfit then the others comes walking down the ramp. “Daughter, ask her to sign the log book.” Suri asks, patting Leroy on the head. Nodding, Leroy opens up the heavy book, flipping through to the last used page. She pauses as she sees the last name entered. Leroy shakes her head, doubtful that “Berry” was the airship girl’s actual name. The elf fishes the pen from the spine of the log book and walks over to whom she assumes is the captain of the ship. “Hello Captain, can you please sign our log book?”

The rather pretty blue haired captain comes to a stop and looks down.. and down.. and further down. “My, you are certainly very tiny.” The older girl said, then dropped to one knee and taking the pen. “I’m told my sailors have to watch out for you. Are you going to cause any trouble?” The woman signs the log book with a flourish and hands the pen back.

Leroy frowns in thought, returning the pen to it’s holding place and closing the heavy book. “If they stand still long enough I might be able to climb up and bop them on the nose.. though I might need a little help climbing.” Leroy responds with some humor. The nearby sailors let out hoots of laughter and gales of giggles while the Captain has a good chuckle, standing up, and scoops the toy elf into the crook of one arm and approaches Suri. “Mistress Inkeeper, thank you for allowing us a birth.” She slides Leroy into the cat girls arms. “All we ask for is mercy from your mighty warrior…” then she leans in and whispers into the cat girl’s ear, a whisper that Leroy’s elfin ears easily pick up. “The girls and I would love to help you have another, and we’re not shy about sharing.” Stepping back she turns her back on the blushing innkeeper. “Ok girls, anyone who’s hauled off five parcels can go head inside!” The elf in her mother’s arms is not sure how to respond to that, or if she should respond to that. Leroy had made assumptions, but what kind of relationship does Suri and Hana have? Heck what are the rules, laws, and taboos around marriage? Leroy’s thoughts are sidelined as her mother hugs her, a soft quite purr as the innkeeper seems to have an unfocused look, heading back into the inn. That seems to be some of the answers she was seeking, her mother was seriously considering the captain’s offer. The catgirl sets her daughter down on the counter, rests her elbows on the counter-top and lays her head on Leroy’s lap. She nuzzles the soft sweet smelling warmth, causing elven ears to flush as a pang of embarrassment and pleasure flashed within Leroy’s chest and sex. Leroy reaches out and rests a hand on her mother’s head, sliding fingers into that mass of blue hair as she began to pet her mother, carefully avoiding the ears. The purring simply grew louder, Suri’s tail flicking at just the tip. Questions began to boil up within Leroy’s mind, some endearing, others not so cute. In a small soft cute tiny voice the dark skinned elf speaks up, “Mother.. you can sleep with me when Hana is not here..”

Suri looks up with one eye past askew tiny glasses. “That is something normal mothers and daughters do. But you are far from a normal child.” She rises up, sliding her arms around Leroy’s waist and pulling the girl across the counter to the child’s legs wrap around her hips as she Suri gives her daughter a deep hug. “There are different meanings when it comes to sleeping with someone,” She pauses to give a soft kiss on the child’s nose. “There is the kind when you sleep with Hana, and the kind where it is simply mutual caring without the pleasure welling up from between the thighs.” Leroy looks up at the blue haired cat girl’s cute face and her pretty blue eyes. “The.. the second, I w-want the second,” her voice was a quite whisper. “I.. the first is.. I.. would not mind, but Miss Hana has that under control.” Leroy’s voice dropped to a murmur right near the end, the blush had spread from ears to face. She’s brought out of her embarrassment by the plush lips of Suri pressing to her own for a soft quick kiss. “Then I’ll be happy to share a bed with my daughter, and if I’m in heat again with no sign of Hana, then perhaps we can explore the first option.” The innkeeper presses the palm of her hand over Leroy’s tummy, lightly digging the heel of her palm against the chambers within, bladder and womb compressing. A shiver of pleasure runs through Leroy, as does the desire to pee. “Hhh..heeee.. I.. I have to go…” the toy elf squeaked out, and she was deposited onto the floor a moment later. The dark skinned elf’s retreat to the restroom gave her the time she needed to cool off, though the pleasure of releasing a thick stream of crystal clear pee brought her another pleasure. Half lidded eyes twitch at the muffled sounds of pyrotechnics being fired off, but she was in no state to fully process what she was hearing, more inward focused; pondering about the rod Hana had gifted her, how she was quite sure the room she shares with Suri was going to just be just herself tonight. Finally empty, and a little dazed, she wiped herself clean and snugged tiny panties into place, shivering at the touch of cloth to her dark lower lips. With a rinsing of her hands, she headed out to the main area.

Some of the ship crew had already entered the inn, and where sitting around chatting, their thin seafaring attire had damp spots here and there, while exposed bits of skin glistened with perspiration. Leroy picked up one of the non-alcoholic trays of drinks and headed over, letting them collect as many cups as they wished. She herself never perspired, Suri never did any exertion that would require it, and Leroy had to stay at distance from Hana when she worked on things, so this was the first time she got close to sweating girls. Their ages ranged; from her old world’s perspective, eleven to thirteen. The older ones certainly had some curves and one of them sported a bust that did require a corset to keep it tamed. A good sample, and they all smelled of roses and other flowers, with no off smelling musk.

Leroy giggled as she received a few pats on the head and few coins dropped onto the tray as she went back to the counter to get a second tray, just in time for another group of crew girls.. crew women entered. Leroy was still having issue applying such a mature descriptor to what in her eye where all children as she danced through underfoot avoiding the much taller girls to hand out freshly filled cups and retrieve empty ones to refill. There where enough girls in the main area that the din of chatter, laughter, and giggles became a pressure, reminding Leroy that she was very small and tiny. Her arms and legs where burning by the time Suri and the captain entered, with the lead girl.. woman.. heading over to a smaller table by herself and catgirl peeking around the counter.

Spotting the dark elf, she walked over and scooped the child up. “You’ve done very well, but it looks like you’ve reached your limit. Your mind may be advanced for your age, but your body is not.” She carries her daughter back into the recesses of the inn, laying the girl out on the much larger bed in the bedroom the two of them share. “Please take a..” Suri’s voice halts as she finds the toy elf already fast asleep. Gazing out over her daughter’s body, Suri leans down to capture the child’s lips with her own as she cups Leroy’s sex though two layers of clothing, giving it a firm squeeze, then slides her hand down to caress a dark inner thigh as the toy elf lets out a sleepy moan. Hana was not the only one with particularities, but Suri was focused on her duties and responsibilities. Such desires where better left for when she was in heat, but even then she had stayed her hand.. until her daughter had put on such a cute display about sleeping together and had all but given consent. Suri tucks the girl under some thin sheets, it had always been a pleasure seeing the child prance around in those thin transparent scraps of clothing and would have enjoyed showing her off to this crew; but knew such a display would strain the captain's control of the sailors. Hana and Suri had a plan if Suri where to become a seeder, a way to make her precious daughter stay with them.. Suri shakes her head, clearing it of what ifs as she heads out closing the door behind her.

Two moons where shining their light through the open window, while a gentle breeze blew into the bedroom. Pap Leroy awoke with a jerk, ears twitching, something had jolted her out from her deep sleep. Yellow eyes eerily reflected back the moon light as they searched the room. No airship girl was waiting to pounce her. Further searching finds the space next to her on the bed empty of the presence of the inn keeper. With a soft pout, Leroy climbs out of bed and patters over to the window to gaze outside. An unseen moon was just beginning to move out of the way of the sun. This gave the elf pause, she had never really acknowledge how the cycles of day and night in this world functions, despite reading it in her books. The sun hovered at the center of the world, and a ballad of moons would the very sun itself would alter the intensity of light that was projected to a particular continental plate, causing the sun to grow brighter or dimmer over the course of the day until a distant moon would interpose itself and bring night. The cycles of the moon where even more complex and.. pap there was that sound again!

Leroy’s bare feet guided her to the door of the bedroom, and she cracked it open. She could make out voices, coming from outside, the night crew of the air ship. Perhaps they where the.. no there was that sound again. The girl with white hair slipped past the restroom and peered into the main area of the inn, but there was no one in the tavern. Curious she stepped out, all too aware that her thin sleepwear might draw attention if any crew where to enter. There was a muted gasp; pap pap pap, pointed ears shifted and yellow eyes gazed upwards. A purring moan, the panting gasps of several child like throats. Ears turn warm, Leroy’s cheeks follow suit, a small welling of heat within her belly as she came to understand what was happening. Suri was entertaining some of the crew. A shock ran through her, was Suri cheating on Hanna? Leroy’s understanding of relationships in this world had many gaps, and running upstairs to yell at Suri wouldn’t solve anything. She’ll confront the cat girl when she has the chance, find out what the arrangement is. For now the elf retreated, to the restroom, to drain herself, then prepare for the day ahead.

Later; her hair still damp, Leroy steps out from one of the bathing rooms in a thin breezy dress as she brushes her hair dry. The elf was sure her mother was going to be waking up late, so it was her turn to be responsible, and set about preparing breakfast for over two dozen girls. Leroy had found several food laden crates behind the counter; there must have been a delivery after she had gone to sleep. Mulling over the stock, Leroy decided to make a simple breakfast that could be mass produced for all those hungry mouths. As she was working on the dough for bread, Leroy considered the bottle of powder that was used to raise the dough. Back in her world baking soda or yeast was used, but the bottle was simply called raising powder. There was no indication in her study tomes that this world had microbes, and instead used an interaction of elements to produce similar results. In this case the dough rose rather quickly; so quick that by the time she prepared the other parts of the meal the dough was ready. Eggs, shredded potatoes, bacon leaves, and what goes for sausage patties sizzled away on several pans. The scent of cooking and fresh baked bread began to draw some girls down stairs. A few where quicker then the others, they had to replace the night shift, but the elf made sure they had a belly full before they stepped out the front door. Other girls where not so quick, even dressing as they came down, giving Leroy an opportunity to look their attire over without drawing attention from sleepy girls. The crew wore loose blouses, shorts, short pants, or very short snug skirts that looked to not interfere with mobility. Some wore leggings, others where bare legged. They all had gloves, some missing fingers, and all had on mid heel ankle or calf boots. But what stood out the most was a canvas harness that went wrapped around limbs, and had several D-rings and quick release fasteners at identical areas. Before Leroy could ask one of the more awake girls, a bed ruffled Suri comes down the stairs, her face reddening as she sees the crew eating. The innkeeper walks over to Leroy and kneels down, wrapping the small elf girl in a hug. While Suri was soft and warm, and the contact did make the elf smile, Suri has a stronger animalistic scent, the scent of several girls, and the scent of female desire and something else Leroy can’t quite identify; in other words her mother stank of sex. Leroy looked over wrinkling her nose, smelling; yes, semen on the cat girl. While Leroy had not smelled that in a long time, her previous life as a man made her very familiar with the scent, though it smelled sweeter then what she remembered of it. “Mother, you should wash up and change,” she softly admonished, followed with a small giggle.

“Yes, of course.” Suri agreed with a soft voice. “You did very well, but I was negligent,” she explained. “Please go out to the signal launchers, and launch two green flares. Someone is waiting to delver additional supplies.” The cat girl asked. “When you finish that, come in and eat. I’ll handle your chores this morning, so you are free to do what you wish until lunch.” With a kiss on the forehead and a soft pat on Leroy’s behind, the elf was sent off.

Heading out to the heavy box, Leroy opens it up and retrieves the two requested signal flares. As she goes about loading the flares and swiveling the tubes towards town, she spots two airmen.. airgirls.. Leroy wasn’t sure what the term was used for the crew; however two of them where leaning on a wooden railing on deck watching as she loaded the flares into their launch tubes. Unsure if she should be self-conscious of the attention, she waves to them and they wave back with some friendly grins. Then she goes about using the attached flint and steel to light the fuses on the flares one after another and step back. There is a cheerful clap from the pair as the flares shoot off into the sky and burst in two puffs of green. Securing the box, she wipes her small hands on her skirt and looks around. If Leroy had free time like this, she’d work on the clock, or go to the dock and gaze out into the dessert searching for any sign of her sister. However the clock was finished, and the airship and crew made using the dock not possible.

With a shrug of her shoulders, Leroy marched over to the dock, and waited nearby as the captain passed on orders on organizing the offloading of cargo. The blue haired captain’s voice was commanding, authoritative, but not over bearing, and would only shout when she saw some accident about to happen. However as the minutes passed while crew paused to speak with the captain, they kept staring past the woman to look at the lurking elf.

“I know she’s behind me, so quit your gawking and get back to handling.” The captain said in a playful tone, spinning around. She grasped Leroy beneath the armpits and hoisted her up, settling the small gasping elf girl on some crates so the two of them could see each other at eye level. “You’re rather mindful for someone so young, but when you want a captain’s attention, you speak up!” She orders, patting the girl on the head.

“Yes captain!” Leroy barked out in a clear lilting sweet voice.

The woman is taken by surprise, eyes widening, then she barks out a heavy laugh, though several of the crew where awing at the small cute voice and giggling girlishly. “Good, now what do you want little lady, I have a gaggle of giggling goofs to mind.”

Leroy licked her lips beneath her scarf but quickly spoke up. “I’m very curious about everything being done, is there a place I could sit that is out of the way?” There was only a small waver of uncertainty in her voice, but Leroy believed the woman would just send her on her way and not make a fuss of it if she did not mince her words.

Looking Leroy up and down the captain nods. “That’s fine, you may do so, but you’re to wear a harness like everyone else.. well not like everyone else. Just one for a rope will do.” The blue haired girl did not have to bark the order, as one of the crew had hurried off to a table and returned with a handful of leather straps. “Ah good on ya. Since you’ve been proactive you can put it on the little thing.”

That cave the dark haired crewgirl pause, until the captain cleared her throat; setting the crew girl into motion. Leather straps where slide over and along the elf’s shoulders and waist. The crewgirl paused again when it came to the hips. “Ah captain I..” Arching an eyebrow she addressed Leroy. “Lass, that has to go over your hips and between your legs. You’re going to have to take off your skir..” she also came to a pause as moments later both airshipgirls where staring at a tiny blue lace thong that barely covered a smooth hairless sex; while Leroy’s skirt was held in one small hand. Both girls began blushing, while the dark haired crewgirl slide straps around hips and thighs, snugging them in.

Leroy couldn’t help but gasp when she felt the back of the girl’s hand drag across her covered slit, but the harness was already in place and the two women turned to face away while Leroy secured her skirt back in place. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause a scene.” “No worries, no worries. I won’t lie, I’m going to burn that memory in my mind. Though my girl here, she’s going to forget this ever happened. Right?” The captain lightly elbowed the airship girl. “Of course captain!” came the reply. A few moments later Leroy was perched upon a standing barrel, hooked to the back of the harness with what she was assured was a standard length of working rope that was coiled on the deck nearby and secured to one of many sturdy hooks built into the dock that she had been unaware of until now. Leroy watched the going ons with rapt attention, though she was squeezing her thighs together beneath her skirt. The harness was snug against her, and reminded her of some of the dreams she had when that figment had been preying on her. If things continued as they where, her mother was likely going to entertain the crew this night as well, leaving her to herself in the bedroom they shared.

“Hey squirt, not causing trouble?” a familiar voice asked.

Leroy gasped in surprise, as she had been watching the crew operate a mobile deck crane and wondering how the block and tackle was constructed when Hana and the Guard Ryua come into view. “I me. I mean.. no no I asked the captain permission to …” she started to stammer. Hana was sporting tight leather shorts, ripped thigh high socks, and a breezy sleeved shirt underneath a leather corset and tool belt. She picked Leroy up and cradled the elf in her arms, snugging the smaller girl in tight. “Oh it’s fine, I was just teasing you kiddo.” Hana’s assurance cause Leroy to utter a sweet adorable sigh of relief. A sigh that had both engineer and guard blushing a bit.

“Why are you here Hana, I thought you where out of town for a few days?” Leroy questioned, as Ryua picked up one of those small dainty feet to palm and heft it.

“Hmm, I managed to find someone to fill in for me. I brought the supplies in.” She palmed Leroy’s behind, fingers playing out beneath the skirt, finger tips tracing where the leather straps dug into soft warm flesh. “Besides I was a bit worried about my girlfriend being surrounded by all these crewwomen who’ve been sailing for weeks.” Hana’s comment stirred Leroy, the girl parting her lips ready to report on Suri’s cheating. However Hana took this as an invention to steal a quick kiss and hand her over to the guard. “That’s made me so wet I just had to come and see if I can at least watch.” The lavender haired girl says with almost a purr in her voice.

Leroy was shocked to silence, and Ryua could only blush quietly. Leroy could feel her ears burning under the scarf as if she had been back in the desert itself. No it all made sense. Hana was a massive pervert, Suri was her play kitten. The pair did clearly care for each other deeply, they’re just not exclusive. All these thoughts ran through Leroy’s pretty head, like a shocking splash of lurid water. She is going to have to simply live with the fact that Suri and Hana are adult women in this world, despite their appearances to the contrary. She’ll have to adapt she’ll have to.. The world shifts as she’s placed back on the barrel she was perching on, an apologetic looking Ryua smiling back at her. “Sorry, I’d love to hold you all day, but the crew is getting distracted and the captain is glaring at me.” She pats the toy elf on the thigh, giving it a squeeze, and a feathering of fingertips beneath the skirt.

“R-right.. good idea.” Leroy murmured, too distracted to notice the touch, looking over towards the Inn, watching Hana walking with one arm over Suri’s hip, the other arm over the hip of one of the crew. There was only one thing she could do, and that was let out a sweet giggle that went on for quite some time until the captain hauled Leroy off the barrel and dropped her back on solid ground.

“Sorry little one, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to continue gawking.” The captain stated in a calm voice. “You’re simply much too adorable and distracting for my crew right now… ah.. and have your mother help you out of that if you don’t mind.” She finished, giving a light tug on the shoulder strap of the fall harness.

Leroy gave the captain a small courtesy, not trusting her own voice, and padded off into the inn, through the main room, and into the restroom in the back. Hands covered her face as she took in a deep breath of air and let it out. “Oh god, oh god. I’m not in Kansas Toto.” She half cried into her palms, speaking out in English. Just saying the words; venting them out, let a wave of relief wash over her.

There was a knock on the door and before Leroy could stand up, the door she forgot to secure opened. Suri half steps into the restroom with a very worried look on her face.

Leroy looked up, and pulled her scarf off, ear flickering madly and flushed pink. “I’m alright mother. I’m happy that you are not betraying Hana. I just needed a moment alone to myself.” She stammers out in a long string.

Suri’s worried expression softens, and for a moment there was a flash of sadness on her face before the smile was back again. She backed out of the restroom, closing the door shut. “Would you like help getting out of that harness?” She asked in a soft quite voice through the door.

Leroy was unsure if she was imagining seeing that sad expression. “I’d like to try and remove it myself mother. I’ll change my cloths and be ready in a twelve dozen heart beats.” Her voice was apologetic, and there was an affirmative hum from Suri on the other side of the door.

Moments later Leroy was in her curtained off portion of the shared bedroom. The harness was off on the bed, along with her blouse and skirt. The harness had been easy to figure out. Running her fingers through the leather and buckles brought about a fresh new wet heat within her belly. Memories of the how the airship girl had tied up her, as well as the memories of what the figment had done to her in her dreams came to the surface. She was going to have some very sticky dreams tonight. It was a pity there was not more to the harness, or having someone bind her up in it. Ryua’s face flashed in her mind a moment, but she shook her head. While she and the others might be playful, it seemed pretty taboo to do anything with what this world considers a child. Hana and Suri where keeping it in the family so to speak, and Suri was keeping Hana on a very short leash. Squirming out of the blue thong, Leroy found a very long thick string of liquid desire connecting the scrap of cloth to her sex. Stepping out of the panties, she brought it up to her face. She could detect a faint scent of chocolate. Lulling a small pink tongue out to lap, then she hungrily slurps, sucking and chewing on her panties as she sucked up the juices of her own sweet nectar. Spitting her panties out and throwing her cloths into a basket, she went about dressing in a white single piece summer dress and tying an apron on. She had tasted herself on Hana’s lips before, but never directly like this. She heads out of the bedroom in a daze, having forgotten to put on panties, leaving a barely visible trail of drips on the floor in her wake.

The next few hours drug on for Leroy. While she had been gawking on the docks through most of the day they had to prepare dinner and serve dinner for the guests. Though Leroy did get distracted once the crew started to sing and dance. Some of the songs where tawdry, but not too lewd as the captain kept reminding thew crewwomen there was a child present. Some of the girls got a bit too much into their drinks but Ryua interposed herself several times before any flailing lurching bodies knocked the elf girl over. Then it was time to clean up the tables and dishes, while preparing some portions of breakfast and meals for the night crew.

Sometime later Leroy had her back to the bedroom door after finally being dismissed for the night and assuring Suri that she would be fine by herself. It was obvious even to her that Ryua had been following Leroy around all night, Hana had also joked about it. But Suri told Leroy to latch the bedroom door and only come out for the restroom. Leroy was unsure if Suri distrusted the guard, or was just being on the safe side. All the same she slide the wooden bar into the grove in the wall. She paused as she stepped away from the door, nearly every window in the bedroom was open, if someone where to sneak in that would be how they would do it. Pulling her scarf off her head, she decided she wasn’t going to shut any of the windows. A wet heat rose up in her belly from that decision. Her cloths where off and tossed in the basket, trembling hands worked the leather straps off her arms and legs.

Leroy sprawled out on her bed fully in the nude, staring up at the ceiling, she swallowed and waited. Minutes passed, she was starting to grow doubtful if.. her ears twitched. She could make out a pleasured cry. Straining her ears, she could just make out the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. The sounds of nubile petite girls fucking each other. That thought rose to the surface, but Leroy pushed it down. Everyone was a little girl in this world. Some where just smaller then others. She sat back up and went to her night stand, sliding open the drawer and pulling out a towel. Laying back on her bed, she unfolded the towel by her side, revealing the toys Hana had given her, toys until now she had never used. Slim small hands pick up two buttplugs, one much larger then the other. She set the larger one down, she wanted someone else to put that in her, doing it herself felt like cheating. Trailing the smaller buttplug down her body, over her flat chest, her taught stomach, the jut of her mons. She parted her legs and pressed the bulb to her sex and pushed in slightly, making her plush pussy lips part. She slowly rotated it, coating it with her weeping nectar, getting it good and slick, then delved down, shifting it to the tip pressed to her pucker, a delightful shiver running through her slim frame. Leroy started to apply pressure, feel her tight asshole begin to stretch when she hears the sound of feet crunching on grass outside.

With her heart in her throat, Leroy froze, yellow eyes looking over towards her window. Moments later Ryua’s face came into view, and her hands reached in. The toy elf could feel her womb heating up, this was it! Someone was going to come rape her just like the first night she spent in a real bed in this world just like… “Your windows are open.” The guard stated.

“I.. you can..” came Leroy’s soft tiny voice, why did she have to beg?

“I know I can, but I won’t. Not without your mother’s permission.” Came a soft rather reluctant statement. Those same hands slide the window shut, leaving Leroy to lay there with burning ears. One after another the rest of the windows where shut, leaving the elf girl in embarrassed silence. Leroy clutched at the bed sheets with one hand. She was annoyed her wild fantasies where not becoming reality. She was embarrassed that she just propositioned an adult and got turned down. Leroy was also grateful that there was a person in this world that had such a level of self control. The dark skinned elf relaxed, she’ll have to limit her darker desires to her dreams. That is a good thing, it could be too easy to lose herself to things like that. She pushed the buttplug in firmly, her pink asshole stretching wide, swallowing up that toy, then closing tight as her anal walls hungrily sucked the buttplug in. Leroy arched her back, thrusting her hips up into the air, crying out as her ass radiated sweet pleasure. She squeezed her anal muscle around the plug, feeling her ass trying to swallow it whole, but the plate attached to it keeps that from happening. She drummed fingers on the plate as her hips lowered, feeling the vibration translate into her depths, her fingers resting on the hole where a thin chain or string could fit through. She took a deep breath in and stretched out, gazing over at the jewelry chain on the towel, the two small locks, and three small keys. But she picked up the vibrating bullet and pressed it to her slit. She pushed inwards, having though it would just slide in, but.. her own tightness surprised her. Leroy applied more pressure but the toy popped into her just as she was about to give up, sliding into pink depths, surprising her, making her cry out again. She bites her lower lip, as slick fingers grasp the wood and crystal controller. She thumbs one of the colored crystals and she arched her back up in the air again, a silent scream on her lips. The toy had started vibrating almost violently within her tight snatch. While the bullet was thicker then Hana’s thumb the heavy vibrations made a small bulge on her tummy. Leroy grits her teeth from the intense sensations, she could feel her consciousness start to slip away. Desperately she pats about the bed for the dropped control, and in her slapping managed to hit the device. The vibrating bullet calmed down, to firm stuttering pulses every few heart beats. Leroy’s plush behind crashed to the bed, as she gasped for air, chest rising and falling as she panted.

“Note.. t-to self..” she whispered in english. “Turn toys on to see what buttons.. d-do what before putting them in me and.. finding out the hard way..” She licks her lips, hips jumping when the bullet vibe hummed then calmed down. “God.. I.. don’t know if I’ll be able to finish..” she whimpered, wanting to try out all the toys. Slick fingers picked up a long pinky thick tube. One end had a screw on stopper with a small holed pin to feed a chain through. Attmpting to unscrew it, she found it wasn’t a simple tube, and the end rotated. Upon twisting it, she could see the other end of the tube near the far end would expand into a funnel shape, likely to help anchor it. The toy elf squeezed her thighs together as she twisted the end barrel back. Spreading her thighs wide, she carefully lined the tip of the tube between her pussy lips, just below her clit, and edges it into her urethra. A moan escapes her throat as the rod slowly sunk into her pisshole. A slim finger keeps pushing, sliding the device deeper and deeper until the nonrotating part was flush with the mouth of her urethra. A stream of clear sweet pee starts gushing out of the rod end. Leroy giggles, and cut the stream off with a finger tip. “Whoops..” she whispered. She carefully twists the barrel, feeling a bit of pressure built up inside her; locking that funnel in place, until she feels a stop in the device. She carefully gives it one gentle final twist to make sure it won’t spin back and.. the barrel falls away, while an unrestricted stream starts again. Leroy gasps, trying to squeeze down to stop the flow, but is unable to. Panic starts to rise in her chest, she was going to soak the bed! Hands reach out, patting the bed sheets until she finds something, presses it to the end of the barrel and slides it in and twists. It threads in and her panic fades. She presses her finger tip to stop the stream, but it was already stopped. Leroy had not been threading in the barrel tip, but the screw in stopper. Feeling around she finds the barrel, holding it up to her eyes, seeing that it has two very minute prongs that would interface with the urethral tube. But it was too dark and she was too aroused to try and fiddle with it. Sighing, Leroy sets the bit of metal down, and picks up the chain, then wraps it around her waist and between her legs, threading it through the buttplug and stopper, then uses one of the tiny locks to lock it in place on the buttplug. She’ll have to ask Hana for help later, but for now she’s stuck with the locked in tube in her pisshole; at least she can control when she pees with the stopper.

Leroy brought her fingers up in the dimness; finding they where glistening, coated in her desire and pee. With how clear and pleasant smelling her pee has been, she only hesitated slightly, sliding her fingers past her plush lips, running her small pink tongue over the fingers to taste herself. Whatever her pee tasted like was overwhelmed by the sweet chocolate taste of her nectar. She closed her eyes to moan at the taste, while her other hand slide down body to her sex, finger tips tracing the jewelry chain, then along the edges of her lower pout. The sweet shivering pleasure made her moan once more, while her nipples firmed into aching points on her chest. Leroy runs her fingers along her kitten, softly stroking the outside as the vibrating bullet hummed within, and her nectar freely oozed out. With her fingers clean, she swapped hands to suckle on the fresh juices while her free hand stroked and caressed her pussy. Toe curled and she arches her back as her sex tightened down around the bullet, a hot radiating pleasure spreading from the center of her hips as a sweet cry peels from her throat.

The elf was completely unaware that all activity in the inn had stopped at her cry, lost in her own blissful pleasure. Sounds of sex in the inn renewed, with much more vigor, the sounds of doors opening up a dozen girls congregating on one of the guest rooms upstairs. Leroy heard registered none of this, she had peeled her clit hood back and was digging a fingernail into her freed clit, sending another small shivering orgasm through her small frame. Leroy recalls how Hana toyed with her, and wishes there was someone there to take charge; but for now she had to do this herself. So she brought up the memory of Ryua flashing her panties and uncovered sex at her, imagining what it would feel like to grind her kitten against the girl’s smooth hairless sex. She sucks in her breath and lets out a sweet crystalline whining cry as the sensations, thoughts, and abuse of her button send her over the edge once more, though this time with greater strength, an orgasm almost as good as one of the one’s Hana gave her. Hot nectar gushed from her sex, the jewelry chain glinting in contrast to her dark plush pussy lips. The Toy elf couldn’t control her voice, her sweet keening continued, her sex spamming down around the vibrating toy again and again. Leroy eventually turned the vibe off but left it in place, she continued to stroke her pussy until sleep claimed her. Leaving her to drift off to sleep with her lithe mocha body panting, thighs and sex glistening.

Anonymous 23/08/20(Sun)11:43 No. 27905 ID: 584bf4

No one has made any corrections for chapter 11. I'll post chapter 12 here once I've completed chapter 13.

The first arc of the story should finished on chapter 16, along with finding out the fate of Leroy's sister.

Thank you for making a comment, it's given me the motivation to push through setting up the skeleton for chapter 13, which will be a lot more structured then any other of the story (and caused me to put it off)

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This is great, thanks.

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