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& Entering The Ionian 23/12/30(Sat)12:56 No. 27939 ID: d13127

Long time listener, first time caller. I've tried to write elit before, but I have the attention span of a gnat. Started writing a little scenario for a nice young lady I know and it just kept going. Figured with how sparse this board's been of late there wouldn't be any harm in sharing it.

Tags: Mf, nc/hypno, mild v, spit, ws, Dom/sub

Any and all feedback welcome.


He showed up at her house while no one else was home; he made sure to time it that way. She came down after the second ring, thinking maybe the mailman needed her to sign for a package, and he smiled at the momentary flash of fear in her eyes when she opened the door and realized it was a stranger. When she sensed what he might be there for. Still, he looked polite. And her parents had taught her to always be polite in turn.

“Hi there. Are your parents home?”

“Um, not right- uh… now…,” she said. Inwardly kicking herself for not lying. For not saying something smarter. Oh well. We all say things we regret. It was already too late the second she opened the door.

“Oh,” he said. “Bummer. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Umm,” she said. “I don’t think-“

As she stuttered, he took out a silver coin and tossed it in the air. She watched it spin for a long moment and then looked into his eyes.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” he said, pocketing the coin. “You’re letting all the air conditioning out.”

‘That’s ridiculous,’ she thought, as she stepped back and opened the door to let him into her house.

“Good. Now close the door.”

And of course she did. Obedient little girls can’t help but do what they’re told.

“Turn around for me.”


His eyes narrowed and she flinched involuntarily.

“What did I just say?”

She turned around, slowly. Heat creeping into her cheeks.

‘Why am I doing this??’ she thought. ‘Who even is this??’

But she stayed silent as she watched his eyes travel down and back up her body, taking in her pretty black skirt and her tank top. How they showed off her shape.

“Alright. Show me your bedroom, puppy.”

She let out a little squeak.

“What is it, princess?”

“Who.. who are you??” she managed.

This got a smile from him.

“Well, puppy, you can call me daddy. Or sir. Bedroom now.”

Something about this grazed the rational part of her brain. The sensible, innocent part.

‘Right,’ that part of her brain thought. ‘Not gonna get me to do something that dumb.’

And she hatched a little plan. Turn around, walk meekly to the living room doorway. Her dad kept a letter opener on the side table. Of course, she wasn’t violent. She wouldn’t really hurt him, probably. But if she could threaten him off just enough to get behind a locked door, where she could get out her phone…
She continued slowly towards the entrance to the next room. She curved their path just slightly towards the side of the room, just a little closer, just to where she could… reach out quickly-

She felt a hand like iron on her wrist. She made to turn and her legs went out from under her. She didn’t hit the floor; instead she let out a yelp as she was pulled onto her knees by her hair. The pain made her eyes water, and as she blinked she saw his face, an inch from hers, his eyes cold and empty. No trace of a grin now.

“Stupid move, puppy.”

She yelped again as he pulled her forward by the handful of hair he was still holding.


He left no choice but to obey, and she crawled around the corner into the kitchen, whimpering softly. The rational part of her brain harbored a desperate hope that she could leap for something else, some other heavy… It sank back into silence when she saw what he had in his other hand.

“A goddamn letter opener,” he muttered, twirling it slowly as he released her hair and she sank into a low kneel. She watched him as he looked at the implement in his hand. She said nothing.

“Unzip me,” he said, not taking his eyes off the blade. She only blinked once before she did as he said. She was reluctant to make another move, but he said “Take it out,” and she did. Still not looking at her face, reaching into his pocket, he told her to lick it.

“No. Not like that; not a little puppy lap. Lick my cock like you mean it. Like you need it.”

And she did, she realized. Her body ached for it, craved it. She stared at the little coin he was rolling between his index and his thumb as she licked it over and over, from the underside of his balls to the angry, purple head. While her mouth worked, her eyes darted from the little silver circle to his face to the letter opener, back and around again. He sighed and pocketed the coin again, then set the blade on the table.

“Princess. I don’t think you meant any harm. I think you’re a good girl and you had a little lapse in judgment.” She nodded eagerly, bouncing his dick on her cheek.

“Yes sir, I didn’t mean to make you angry, sir.”

“Well, as long as you take your punishment with that attitude, you’ll be fine. I’ll make sure my angel feels good.”


He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and thrust balls deep into her mouth. She gagged and winced but sealed her lips around it and stared up at him as she recovered.

“Yes, baby. Just like that. Such a good girl. You look so pretty like that.”

He fucked her face slowly at first, and then his hand slipped down to the back of her head and he thrust in hard and deep. Her eyes rolled back as drool leaked out of her mouth and stained her tank top.

“Baby’s making a mess,” he said, scolding. “Look at me.”

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, slick and shiny with her spit. She stared up at him and started to close her mouth, but he grabbed her chin and her lips formed a surprised O.

“Ah ah,” he said. “Open.”

She obeyed. He spit in her mouth.

“Good girl.” He spit again. She felt it dripping down her forehead. He slid his dick back into her throat and his thumb brushed her cheek. He spit on her one more time for good measure.

“What a dirty little whore you are. Who knew they still made girls this nasty?”

Now his shoe moved forward, up her pretty little skirt.

“Let’s see princess…” Her eyes crossed slightly as he made contact with her overheated pussy. She made a noise that might have been a plea.

“Can’t understand you, little one. Use your words.” He smiled at her as he pushed her head to the root of his cock and held her against his waist.

“Oh yeah,” he said, withdrawing his foot from between her legs and examining it.

“You’re wet as fuck. Let’s do something about that.” She let out a muffled yelp around his length as he swung his shoe back up into her cunt. Not a full on kick, but a solid pussy slap.


She whimpered and her hips started thrusting almost of their own accord. She let his dick slip out of her mouth but she kept her tongue out, panting, eyelids fluttering as she rode his foot.

“God damn you’re a needy one,” he said. The hint of admiration in his voice made her shudder as she thrust even harder against him. Her hands gripped his leg and she felt the wetness dripping out of her. She could feel her distant peak approaching and she arched back slightly. She felt his hand on hers and he pulled it up to his throbbing hard-on.

“Jerk me off, puppy. Show me what a good girl you are.”

She said something that definitely wasn’t intelligible English as she obeyed, closer to her orgasm, almost at the edge, his precum leaking down her wrist as she stroked it. She felt his hand in her hair, the cold floor against her legs, she started to shake…

“Who’s a good girl?”

“Me, d- uhf -daddy”

“You gonna make me cum, princess?“

“Oh fuck, y- FUCK- yes sir.”

“Are you gonna cum, princess?”



She didn’t have any time to react as he yanked her off of him and she collapsed backwards onto the floor. Her sex was on fire and she reached between her legs, desperate for that sweet release, so close-

“What the fuck did I just say?”

She looked up and he had the silver coin in his hand, spinning between his fingers. She froze, her mouth half open, hand just at the hem of her flipped-up skirt, the other arm supporting her as she leaned back against the edge of the table. His other hand was on his cock and he took a step closer to her as he stroked it.

“This is your punishment, remember? What a dumb whore. Start touching her pussy and she can’t think straight.”

She wanted to move her hand down, to finish herself off, she was SO CLOSE- but she couldn’t move a muscle. She stared up at him, horny and disheveled and fearful, if a little less so than before.

“Do you want it, princess?”

She found she could talk, though everything else seemed frozen, her orgasm suspended just where she left it.

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl. What do you want? Use your words.”

“I want… your cum, sir.”

“Is that all?”


“You’re so cute when you’re confused, angel. Touch it.”

She reached up and wrapped her hand around his dick and it gave a lurch in her hand.

She felt his cum splatter against her cheek. A shot landed in her open mouth and she swallowed reflexively. A couple more decorated her clothes, and the last of his load hit her leg, where it slowly oozed down towards her soaked panties.

She had thought it must be over, but he was still standing there, gazing down at her. Her body was still humming, but to her dire frustration she could feel the peak receding, slipping away from her.

“Messy girl. Don’t worry. I’ll clean you off.”

And a stream of piss hit her right on the chin. She couldn’t move her body, but she blinked as it moved up to her forehead and splashed into her eyelashes. Then he directed it down, some running into her mouth- she swallowed once more- before he trailed down to her tank top, wetting it through so her pretty tits became visible. Finally he pissed directly onto her cunt, which sent tingles up her spine against her will, dragging her slowly- so painfully slowly- back towards the edge. As it dribbled out, she looked at him with apprehension on her shiny, piss-covered features.

“What a slutty little cunt. Do you want to cum?” She couldn’t move. She couldn’t nod. Her brain was screaming YES YES YES but all she could do was blink up at him.

“Guess not, huh? Guess that was enough for you.” Her frustration burned white hot. He turned around and walked away. As he reached the doorway, she realized she could move again.

Without thinking, she grabbed the letter opener from above her head and launched herself towards him. He half turned and glanced at her, and she tumbled, rolling onto her back, as she caught a glimpse of the silver coin in his hand.

“So you do want something from me, huh? Should have just said so.” He stood over her. “Hold that to your neck.”

She did it, trembling.

“What do you want? Use your words.”

“I… want.. to cum… daddy…”

“Do you deserve to cum?”

She felt her cheeks burning and water welling behind her eyes as she said, “I… think so, daddy..”

He nodded. “That’s good. Tears will help clean some of the piss off your face. Tell you what little one: repeat after me, and you’re allowed to cum, ok?”

She nodded quickly, reflexively.

“Say: I want to cum for daddy.”

“I want t-to cum for d-daddy.”

“Say: I love how- keep that fucking knife against your throat- say: I love how kind daddy is to me.”

“I love h-h-how kind my daddy is to m-me.”

“I didn’t tell you to say ‘my.’ That was a nice touch, princess.”

He flipped up her skirt with the toe of his shoe and stepped on her pussy, grinding the sole into her mound. She arched her back and opened her mouth in a wordless cry.

“Say: This cunt belongs to daddy. It cums when he says so.”

“This… thiss ungh- This CUNT belongs to… to daddy FUCK. It cums when, fffuck, when he says so.”

She couldn’t help but press her hips up, rubbing her slimy pussy into the sole of his shoe.

“Pull your panties to the side.”

She did it and bucked hard at the sensation of his sole pressing directly against her exposed clit.

“Beg me for it.”

She looked up at him through a fog of lust and fear.

“P-pl-please, daddy.”

“Too quiet, princess. Say what you want.”

“P-please let me cum, daddy.”

“More specific, baby.”

She gave him a look of anguish.

“Try this: Please let my whore pussy cum on your foot, daddy.”

“PleASE let me, fuuu- please let my whore, unnhh, pussy cum on your fffffoot, daddy.”

“Please let your pathetic little cumdump piss slut get off on your shoe.”

The point of the letter opener drew the thinnest trickle of blood as she rolled from side to side, her hips thrusting up at him as fast as they could.

“Please… please… please…”

She felt his spit hit her face again and opened her mouth to catch the next one.

“That’s right. You can do it, baby girl. Say it like you mean it.”

“Pleeeeeeease. Please. Let your pathe- FUCKK -athetic little cum dummmmmmmmMMMMp… piss, ahh, piss slut get, ahhhh, off onnnn, ufh, your shHHOE…”

“Good girl. Cum for me.”

She let out a long, loud shriek, feeling the cold blade against her neck, her damp clothes clinging to her skin, her juices dripping onto the floor. It hit her like a freight train, her muscles rolling and contracting, white fireworks going off behind her eyelids. She had no idea how long it lasted, but she finally went limp on the floor, panting, glowing, almost sated. So close to sated. But not quite. She opened her eyes and he was standing over her. Letter opener in one hand, silver coin in the other.

“You’re so beautiful, princess. I’m gonna really enjoy this. Get up and show me where your bedroom is. It’s time for you to get fucked.”

Anonymous 24/01/02(Tue)16:03 No. 27943 ID: 9862ef

I like this a lot! The use of dialogue so much is different, but it works really well. Very interested to see more if there is any, thank you for sharing! How did your nice young lady friend like it?

Anonymous 24/01/12(Fri)15:26 No. 27948 ID: 9db11e

Thanks! Wrote it more as a scenario than as a story, so it’s lighter on descriptions and narration and all. She was pretty satisfied with it :)

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