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BFORE YOU POST, KNOW THIS! Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/06/30(Wed)19:25 No. 8547 ID: 5eefb3 Stickied

ALL REQUESTS FOR STORIES OR STORY CONTENT ARE TO GO IN THIS THREAD! ALL STORY REQUESTS NOT POSTED IN THIS THREAD WILL BE DELETED AND THE POSTER MAY BE BANNED. ALL COMMENTS QUESTIONS, AND OTHER OF THE LIKE ARE TO GO HERE AS WELL! Also, if you don't have constructive comments, keep them to yourself. Or you'll get banned for being an ass. This is not /b/, you have been warned.

Make sure that you check out http://asstr.org or http://storiesonline.net, or any other of the fine erotic literature sites, or GOOGLE IT! THEY MAY HAVE THE STORY ALREADY THERE!…Where ever that may be….Also, any plagiarism will result in a BAN!

Anonymous 10/07/01(Thu)02:48 No. 8552 ID: 489f72

Ok, well... I don't know what's going on, but since you wiped out the old story request thread can we have this one stickied as well?

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/07/10(Sat)16:17 No. 8751 ID: 362088

That better ;)

Anonymous 10/07/10(Sat)16:35 No. 8753 ID: 04bf86

I am looking for A Bipolar Master and Ex Ex Why (and its sequel), all posted on here some time ago.

Anonymous 10/07/12(Mon)21:38 No. 8773 ID: 94b940

Ten million years ago I read an elit about this guy and his five sisters and hot mom. There was fucking. Lots of it. Also, two of the sisters were twins. They took him to a tittie bar for his 21st birthday or something. That's all I can remember. Anyone remember this?

Anonymous 10/07/13(Tue)06:39 No. 8782 ID: 759da2

The one where a guy finds an amulet and it lets him control minds via a female demon and he uses it to rape his little sister, her friend Jen?, and much more things.

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/07/13(Tue)13:46 No. 8788 ID: 362088

New Archive will be here. It's free space,so no complaining. Please e-mail any FINISHED /ELIT/ stories you want uploaded to 1subject@live.com.

Anonymous 10/07/15(Thu)00:22 No. 8812 ID: dd49df

I also request this. I remember he had some trippy scene where he met this wolfman and some priest guy in his dreams. The wolf guy was raping and the priest was just talking. I think the priest guy was in cliche white robes, had a staff and was called Orion or something.

Anonymous 10/07/15(Thu)00:24 No. 8813 ID: dd49df

Sorry, newfag can't reply correctly. Last message should be:-

Anonymous 10/07/15(Thu)01:16 No. 8814 ID: c5da8b

So, what happened to 3litchan?

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/07/15(Thu)02:28 No. 8817 ID: 362088

>>8814 Read the banners BEFORE you start asking questions please.
>>8546 Explains it. Damn...

!34Kas0OdzM 10/07/16(Fri)09:50 No. 8844 ID: addb8f

Looking for "Knight girl Ellis", please help. :-(

Anonymous 10/07/16(Fri)13:13 No. 8847 ID: c896b9

Apologies, I asked how likely they were to stay up when they started and was told they had offsite backups just in case. So much for that :(

Anonymous 10/07/16(Fri)13:22 No. 8848 ID: c896b9

You want >>7430

Anonymous 10/07/16(Fri)20:30 No. 8853 ID: a0f033

I think it was called Ultimatum. It was about a guy with neurofibromatosis type I (Elephant man), I think, who could control minds.

It was just getting good when the site went down.

Anonymous 10/07/17(Sat)07:25 No. 8862 ID: d8c8a1

I know which story you mean...
I really need to start saving elit again.

Anonymous 10/07/17(Sat)08:12 No. 8865 ID: 759da2

Any news on this?

summer vacation Anonymous 10/07/17(Sat)08:42 No. 8866 ID: 821cb7

There was a story posted on here a long time ago called like My Summer Vacation or something about some kid and his mom and sisters on vacation and I remember it was really fucking good. I think the author's name was tx_kathy or something. Anyone know about this?

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/07/17(Sat)13:43 No. 8870 ID: 362088


Tx_Cathy_15 is the author name, and it can be found at storiesonline.net. You need to make a b.s. account, but it'. free so no biggy. HAppy reading:)

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/07/17(Sat)17:42 No. 8872 ID: 362088

>>8866 It is also in the archive at http://7track.org/~elit/ :)

Anonymous 10/07/18(Sun)08:08 No. 8885 ID: e7dcb9

Three stories I remember being pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of their titles or who wrote them.

1) A chick is sunbathing in her bikini when she gets "attacked" by her neighbor with a squirt gun. Things get out of control, and she ends up fucking his dog, and becomes addicted to dog sex.

2) A couple is celebrating their anniversary with a couple of the husband's friends. The husband and his best friend make a bet that will allow the best friend to hit on the husband's wife as much as he wants. He wins, and he and the wife end up fucking in the couple's pool, in front of the husband.

3) A son and mother are traveling by bus, and the mother has to sit on her son's lap due to lack of seats. Thanks to the bumpy road and various other things, the son's dick ends up inside the mother.

Can anyone help with these?

RMcD 10/07/18(Sun)21:23 No. 8888 ID: 12e782


Holy shit, I was looking for number 2 and was gonna post in this thread.

Anonymous 10/07/19(Mon)07:40 No. 8895 ID: f3cca3

boss-man says this goes here now.

Little Suzie (mmmmf, drugs)

Good Twin (mmf, reluc, prost)

The Dark Room (Mff, ff, incest)

Just a Little Tennis Match (MF, FF)

The Sorority House (MF FF)

Jack's Sip and Strip Poker (MMFFF, alcohol)

Anonymous 10/07/19(Mon)11:47 No. 8898 ID: 1bb1eb

Thanks. Was just about to do that myself since those stories are fucking gold.

Anonymous 10/07/22(Thu)17:54 No. 8971 ID: a9f0a5

So a while ago, I remember reading some sort of shapeshifter meets girl, becomes her living clothes type story. I don't remember the title or the author, and I only really remember there being lots of breast expansion.
Does anyone know what I'm thinking of?

Request Eclipse!.g8pRqxBms 10/07/28(Wed)03:26 No. 9065 ID: 1c88d0

Hey Cowboy,

Could you please do me a huge favour and delete Black Rock City and The Lighthouse? I might put the Lighthouse up when it's finished in full but it would be great if you could get rid of Black Rock.

Thanks Bud.

Anonymous 10/07/29(Thu)07:20 No. 9092 ID: 13e1ae

So Cowboy, have you finally wordfiltered b-u-m-p? Because if you have, then thank you very much, and if not, then you should consider it to prevent one word comments.

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/07/29(Thu)12:38 No. 9100 ID: 362088


I have

Anonymous 10/07/31(Sat)04:44 No. 9126 ID: 3c43e8

>>9100 I love it. But it may be a problem for authors (I I have nothing to contribute; please rape my faceed into her)

Anonymous 10/08/01(Sun)00:00 No. 9141 ID: ecf34b


Yeah I would like this too, the shapeshifter becomes her skin I believe. At one point I think she shifts into a penis and makes the girl cum all over her bedroom.

Any one know the name/sauce/link?

Anonymous 10/08/01(Sun)08:07 No. 9146 ID: e51cb7

I want a catgirl story.
Cite this post if you agree.

Anonymous 10/08/01(Sun)08:09 No. 9147 ID: e51cb7


Shadowslayer 10/08/02(Mon)07:56 No. 9164 ID: 522c49


So, uh... What about people who use the word b-u-m-p in a non-spamming fashion?

Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/08/02(Mon)16:53 No. 9168 ID: 362088

Challenges are fun.

Anonymous 10/08/09(Mon)20:33 No. 9265 ID: e2e23c

"Precocious"? ...anybody?

Anonymous 10/08/12(Thu)05:52 No. 9307 ID: 4ebabd

Two stories I'm looking for:

"A Start", featuring a friend of the family (or neighbour, can't remember) getting very well acquainted with a young girl, and her female friend.

"Welcome to Hawaii" is the second one, at least I think that was the title.....basically a sex tourism one, one guy and 3 or 4 girls.

If either/both of these were tracked down, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Anonymous 10/08/12(Thu)17:54 No. 9313 ID: 64c892


here is 'A start' by Infinity. I would be a dick about you not finding it yourself, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just didn't know the author

Anonymous 10/08/14(Sat)15:39 No. 9334 ID: 445b23

When Michael and Nancy arrive at the old High School to get on the charter bus, they found out along with the other thirty-eight people that the bus line had over book. The small crowd was furious. They had paid a lot of money for the four-day stay at the resort and their reservations were non-refundable. “We’re getting on that ga-damn bus!” one of the men in the crowd shouted at the bus driver backed up by others in the crowd. “Ok, but it’s going to be crowded with all your luggage. It’s your choice, but I don’t want to hear anyone moaning about how uncomfortable they are,” the bus driver said standing aside and letting the people file onto the bus. Michael found a seat all the way in the back, but there was no room for their luggage. Everyone was making do with what they had. Some people sat on their luggage, others jammed their luggage on the floorboard in front of their seats and sat with their knees up to their chest. Nancy looked around at the possibilities. “Michael, I think that we would be more comfortable if we stacked the luggage in one seat and I sat in your lap. That way we could at least stretch our legs.” Michael sat in the seat next to the window and stacked his suitcase and one of his mother’s in the seat next to him. Nancy stacked two of the others on top of the ones on the seat with the pillows and blankets drug the other one in front of seat as she backed in stepping on the seat between Michael’s legs pushing her ass against his face. Nancy wore a short mini-skirt and a thong, loving the attention she got from showing off her long legs. “Don’t fart, don’t fart,” Michael said finding his face smashed between his mother’s butt-cheeks. Nancy looked back and chuckled. “Sorry, honey,” she said getting the suitcases turned on their sides and boxing them in the one seat next to the window. Michael held on to his mothers hips as her butt slid down his chest to his lap. Michael had to spread his legs to allow room for his mother’s legs. Nancy pulled the pillows and blankets in front of her, so that she could lean against the back of the seat in front of them. The bus took off they were completely ready causing Michael to grunt as the bus bounced on the potholes. Everyone struggled to hold onto their luggage as the bus made its way off the gravel lot onto the street. “Are you ok?” Nancy asked her son hearing his grunts as they were tossed around by the bus. “Yeah,” Michael moaned. The bus bounced again causing Nancy to slid up on Michael’s stomach and back down as the luggage shift. Nancy felt the Velcro crotch of her thong release and the head of her son’s cock part her pussy lips. Michael wasn’t wearing underwear under his loose sweat shorts. Nancy looked back over her should quickly at her shocked wide-eyed son. Nancy tried to get up, but the bus bounced again and Michael’s hardening cock penetrated her cunt. Nancy tried again as the bus continued to bounce causing her to slid up and down on her son cock. “Mom, mom stop,” Michael whispered. “You’re making it worse.” “Michael, it’s inside of me,” she whispered back to him. “Maybe if you stop bouncing around, it will go down and slip out,” he whispered. The bus continued to bounce and Nancy put her face into the pillow. Her little outfit had finally gotten her into trouble. To make matters worse, she could feel her son’s cock continuing to grow inside of her. “It’s not going down,” she whispered back to him. “I can’t help it,” Michael responded back. The constant bouncing of the bus aid the feel of his mother’s hot pussy around his cock. Nancy moved her hips from side to side in hopes that it would slip out that way. “What are you doing,” Michael whispered trying to fight the temptation that was at hand. “I’m trying to get it out,” she whispered back to him. “You’re making me harder,” he protested. “Just try to be still.” Nancy started to tremble as she tried to fight the mounting pleasure caused by her son’s cock. She buried her face in the pillow as the bus bounced just enough to stimulate her. Nancy looked back at Michael and their eyes met. “I’m so sorry, honey,” she whispered. “These I have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces aren’t helping any,” he whispered. “I’m trying to block out the feeling, but I can’t.” “I can’t either,” she said. “We might as well make the best of it,” he whispered. “What do you mean, make the best of it,” Nancy whispered harshly. “It’s not like we’re doing it on purpose.” “I know that,” she said. “…but how can we make the best of it?” “I was thinking that if I came, then it might slip out,” he said. “Michael, no,” she said trying to keep her voice down. “I’m ovulating. I’m not on the pill or anything. I could get pregnant.” “Ok, I’ll try not to cum,” Michael said. “Try hard,” she said harshly. Michael turned his head to look out the window in order to keep his mind off the feel of his mother’s pussy. Nancy wasn’t naive. She knew that men couldn’t hold out forever, and it was a four-hour straight bus trip. The bus hit a patch of choppy roadway and the bus vibrated. Nancy clinched her teeth into the pillow as her son’s cock jittered inside of her. She felt it building, she knew it was happening, she tried to fight it, but it erupted sending shivers down her spine. She wanted to cry. She knew that she should have thought better than to suggest sitting in her son’s lap in the first place, but it was to late. She didn’t think of Michael as a man, but only as her son. Michael closed his eyes tight and pressed his lips together. Sweat began to be bead on his forehead. Nancy looked back at her son as she felt his body twitching. Michael opened his eyes in desperation as to look to her for help. Nancy closed her eyes and put her face back into the pillow as she felt his cum shooting into her fertile cunt. The bus continued to bounce down the road. Nancy tried to imagine what she would do if she were to become pregnant by her son as his cock continued to move inside her pussy. She hoped that Michael was right, and his cock would shrink and slip out, but she felt no signs of it getting smaller. Instead, it felt as if his cock was actually getting larger. “It’s not working,” Nancy whispered back to her sweating son. “I know. I can’t help it,” Michael replied. The bus hit a couple of big I have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces causing the head of Michael’s cock to rub against her special spot. Nancy moaned out loud. It was luck that other’s on the bus expelled their surprise to the I have nothing to contribute; please rape my faces at the same time. Nancy held onto the pillow as the bus hit another rough patch in the road causing Michael’s cock to vibrate inside of her. She was loosing it fast. Her uncontrollable needs were taking over her whole body. Michael remembered the time when his mother had caught him jerking off while spying on her. She had punished him severely, and had never thought of her sexually again. Now, his cock was buried deeply inside of where he had once dreamed of being moving at the will of the bus. Nancy was lost and her pussy felt sore as more than an hour had passed, and she had cum three times on her son’s hard cock. She felt like his cock would never go down. She felt so guilty. It crossed her mind that maybe he was enjoying it. She remember seeing his reflection in her bedroom mirror stroking his cock with fury as she bent over with her naked ass to him painting her toes after her shower. She recalled how she scowled him and grounded him for months with the hardest chores she could come up with. Now, she was getting forbidden pleasure from his cock, and it was all her fault. She thought, if she was to become pregnant then that would be a just punishment for her being so reckless. Nancy whimpered into the pillow as the miles went by and one orgasm after another washed over her entire body. Michael’s cock stayed hard by the constant sensation of his mother’s cunt. Nancy had all but passed out when the bus finally turned off the highway. They jawing of the bus as it went around sharp curves made her alert to just how hard her son’s cock continued to be. “Wait until everyone get off the bus,” Nancy whispered to Michael as the bus pulled into the hotel. Michael grunted as his cock exploded inside his mother for only the second time during the entire four-hour trip. Nancy felt it and realized that he had truly been trying not to cum inside of her. His cock began to shrink and it slipped from her soaked pussy as the bus jerked to a stop. She saw that he was worn completely out. Nancy remained still until the others had exited the bus with all their luggage. She pushed their luggage off the seat into the isle. She continued pushing them until she was able to climb off her son’s lap and get to the isle. She pulled the thong off from under her skirt and tossed it under one of the seats. She quickly ruslted through her bags and pulled out a pair of jeans and slipped them on. She then took off the little mini-skirt and tossed it under the seat as well. Michael looked like he could barely move. The top of his shorts and the bottom front of his t-shirt were soaked with their sex. Nancy found another pair of shorts in his bag for him. “Com’on honey,” Nancy whispered. “We have to hurry before someone comes. Michael managed to get into the fresh pair of gym shorts before the driver re-boarded the bus. “Is everything alright?” the bus driver asked. “We’re fine, thank you,” Nancy replied fighting the pain between her thighs as she struggled with the luggage. Luckily, there was a bellhop waiting outside the bus to help them with the luggage. Nancy managed to get them checked in before Michael fell over. When they got to the room, Nancy rolled her eyes. There was one twin bed and the only privacy was the short wall that divided the toilet from the sink. Michael fell on the bed and was snoring in minutes. Nancy got in the shower and wanted to scream when she found that the only thing she had to dry off with was a hand towel. She started laughing when she looked through her bags and remembered that she had packed nothing to sleep in nor a single pair of panties. Nancy figured that it must have been karma for loose ways. She riley ever wore panties and always slept nude. She had been mainly a tease, and only on occasion actually slept with a man. Nancy sat gingerly on the bed next to her sleeping son. She recalled his face in the mirror and began to realize that she had caused him to lust after her. Her door had been open, she slept nude on top of her covers many nights, and she thought she must have exposed herself to him daily without a thought. It was karma, she thought as she lay on her side facing her son and drifted off to sleep. Nancy woke to find her Michael naked against her from the back, one of his hands cupping her tit, and his hard-on pressed between her naked butt-cheeks. She knew he also like sleeping naked. He must have taken his clothes off during the night. She raised her hand to his and he gently squeezed her tits and pressed himself tighter against her on the small bed. Nancy wished that she could have taken back all the years of her selfishness, but she knew that was the one thing that she couldn’t do. She knew how men reacted to her seductive outfits, but could only imagine how her son must have been feeling with her constant exposure. She realized that he couldn’t help himself, being inside of her. She felt so selfish knowing that she allowed herself to enjoy the feel of his cock, when she knew that he was trying desperately to control himself. He should have enjoyed himself, she thought angry. He deserved to enjoy fucking her. It was her fault, not his. She squeezed his hand on tit making up her mind that she would allow him to enjoy fucking her even if she might end up pregnant. Nancy rolled over rolling him onto his back and stretched her leg across his body as he slowly woke. She leaned down and kissed his chest and brought her knees up as she grabbed hold of his hard cock. “Ma…” Michael started to speak. “Shsss…,” she hushed him putting her hand to his lips. “You deserve this.” She guided the head of his cock into her still sore pussy as she lowered down on it. Michael looked up at his mother’s tits hanging over his face. Nancy smiled at him and lowered one of her nipples into his mouth. Michael’s hands slid up her thighs to her hips and pulled her down on his cock as he pushed up into her. “Cum in me, baby,” she whispered to him. Michael pumped his cock faster until he exploded inside of his mother’s pussy. Nancy came down on him laying her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. “I’m so sorry, baby,” Nancy whispered. “For what?” Michael asked. “For being so selfish…walking around flaunting myself in front of you and expecting you not to be turned on by that,” Nancy said. “I punished you before, for doing something you had every right to do.” She rose feeling his cock move inside of her. “Yesterday taught me a lesson, but I had no right to expect you not to enjoy it.” “I didn’t enjoy it,” Michael said. “I couldn’t help it.” “I know,” Nancy said. “…but I shouldn’t have asked you not to cum.” “Not wanting to get pregnant is a good reason,” Michael replied. “I deserve to get pregnant,” Nancy said. “I was my fault we ended up in that position.” “It was an accident,” Michael said. “A weird accident, but neither one of us planned it.” “Maybe so, but I realized something very important yesterday,” Nancy said. “I’d been wrong in the way I’ve treated you all these years and I’m going to try and make it up to you.” Michael looked at his mother’s tits. They hung down to the top of her stomach and the nipples pointed slightly outward. Nancy took his hands and placed them on her tits. “If you want to touch them, you can touch them anytime you like,” she said squeezing his fingers on her tits. “I realize now that I have been teasing you for a long time. You deserve to have sex with me anytime you want.” “Mom, we would be having sex all the time,” Michael said trying to lighten her mood. “If that’s what you want,” Nancy said moving her hips as she felt him pushing his cock into her again.

Anonymous 10/08/16(Mon)06:04 No. 9358 ID: 451760

2 stories I'm looking for that I can't remember the names or authors of, but am sure I saw them here.

One was a story about a guy who got lost while hiking in some snowy mountains or something, and he finds a cabin where these European sisters (I think there were 3 of them?) were staying, and they let him stay with them. Him and one of the girls start talking and they start doing stuff while the other girls are sleeping, and then they get caught, and things progress from there. Sorry for the shitty description.

The next story was a wincest about a mother and son. The mother wakes up her son every day, but one day he goes to bed naked, and she walks in while he's naked and he realizes he gets a thrill off of being a showman. So he gets caught fapping on purpose, and she starts masturbating him, and then she starts masturbating him every morning, and it slowly progresses to her giving him head, and they... surprise... have sex at the end.

Anonymous 10/08/16(Mon)07:04 No. 9361 ID: a986e5

First story is
"A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts"
By the_last_high
You can find it on literotica
I'd post a link but I'm on my phone

Anonymous 10/08/16(Mon)21:18 No. 9378 ID: 451760


Thank you, sir. I think I'm gonna have to do some more searching for the second story. I thought a bit, and I'm pretty sure I didn't see it here, but I'm 100% certain I saw it on literotica, but can't for the life of me remember the author or title, and I've gone through all stories with "mom" and "mother" in the title, no dice.

Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)18:51 No. 9428 ID: 91b77f


looking for number 2 as well

Anonymous 10/08/20(Fri)08:20 No. 9486 ID: be5b88

looking for two things, I guess

first is a story: my wife's new breasts. guy has wife with small tits, she always rags on girls with big ones, after pregnancy they get really big and she becomes incredibly slutty.

second would probably just be some links. I go to asstr, literotica, storiesonline, fictionmania, eroticstories, nifty, even mrdouble, but it seems like a lot of writers are dying out or putting their work in increasingly private sites

Win and /elit/ Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak 10/08/21(Sat)02:10 No. 9495 ID: 362088

To all those who post. It does my heart good to see so many new stories and updates on the board. Love you all for the win /elit/ you deliver.


Anonymous 10/08/22(Sun)01:42 No. 9505 ID: d249a0

hello guys im looking for a story u saw a while ago about a boy named ben how had a first experience with a milf but after that he basically fucks every girl in his schooland his sisters but he as absolute love for a childhood friend who he meets at a camp outing every summer for a couple of weeks

a bit dissaspointed here Cowboy!6UZGZTHCak ## Mod ## 10/08/22(Sun)02:06 No. 9506 ID: 362088

Why aint I got no e-mails from yall with new finished stories? I know there's some that ain't in the current archive. So try sendingsome stories if you want em preserved to 1subject@live.com

AnonyMPC 10/08/22(Sun)23:28 No. 9519 ID: a22c11


I didn't even really know there was an e-mail address to send them to, I thought from your other post that you just grabbed finished stories that were posted here. Anyway, I don't know that mine NEED preserving since they're up at SOL and ASSTR, but if you want any of mine in your archive, I'll send them over the next couple days (or you can slurp them directly from my ASSTR site, which always has the most up to date/error-corrected versions of all my work)

Anonymous 10/08/27(Fri)01:09 No. 9584 ID: bad48a

This isn't specific, but any great F/m fics you guys recommend?

Anonymous 10/08/29(Sun)12:38 No. 9604 ID: 2d1ccd

I was linked to some site a while back that had two stories that i really liked. One of them was about some boy that goes to work at a bakery and some lady feeds him some food that makes his balls get really big so he makes "milk". and the other was about a farm where the master of the farm got a lot of boy slaves and treated them as farm animals.

does anyone know these stories and mind linking me to the site if they do?

Anonymous 10/08/29(Sun)13:41 No. 9605 ID: 300122

Looking for a couple of stories I remember reading on here a while back.

One was about a brother and sister, Robby and Danni(not sure exactly how they were spelled). Robby found Danni's diary, and discovered that she's a huge slut. He threatened to e-mail the diary to her friends, teachers, and their parents if she didn't service him. He also happened to have a huge dick. After a bit, her friend Sarah gets brought into it, and then their parents. I think that's where the author had left off at, but I'm not sure.

The other was about a guy named Derrick(again, not sure on the spelling), and it's set in a fantasy world. He steals a precious gem from someone important, then tries to hide in a sewer or something. Long story short, where he tried to hide is actually the entrance to a Baron's harem, where they end up basically turning him bi/gay and pegging him. Lot's of bondage and humiliation.

Any help directing me to these stories is hugely appreciated. Thanks.

A story about a hitman Anonymous 10/08/29(Sun)15:32 No. 9606 ID: 08e4fd

He is a hit man, and gets paid for a job in the form of a girl, he wants to return her but his boss refuses. She is really scared in the beginning but loosens up towards where the author left off

I have been looking forever.

13yr old boy dresses as girl and gives guy a bj in bar 10/08/31(Tue)14:26 No. 9617 ID: 30d681

remember it from a long time ago!

butter 10/09/02(Thu)06:03 No. 9633 ID: c81249


Eclipse said he wanted black rock city and lighthouse deleted. Just wondering if they were, and if the lighthouse was put back up or on another website. Would really like to read a finished piece.


Dick-nipple and Breast Expansion +Anonymous+ 10/09/08(Wed)22:00 No. 9662 ID: 43c760

Anyone got stories with women growing dicks for nipples and/or breast expansion? Please let it be non consensual oh please please! Sci-fi,magic, unexplained it doesn't matter to me!

Teeth 10/09/09(Thu)15:39 No. 9670 ID: 110ec6

I would love any more of this : https://7chan.org/elit/res/8101.html
or anything like it. Happy sex with love. That way i can baw while i fap, saves time.

Anonymous 10/09/11(Sat)06:41 No. 9680 ID: a1f504


I've found a copy of the first story I saved down from when it was posted. Should I start a new thread and post it there?

Anonymous 10/09/12(Sun)17:59 No. 9700 ID: 30d681

story of the father who progressively abuses his daughter until he anally rapes her after she sneaks out to go to a party.

Anonymous 10/09/16(Thu)01:30 No. 9746 ID: 08e4fd

Yes please do!

Anonymous 10/09/21(Tue)14:39 No. 9802 ID: dd0911

Whatever happened to that one story about that loli who comes over to some guy's house to eat cookies and play Bioshock?

Vader 10/09/22(Wed)19:02 No. 9811 ID: ed9bf6


That was a Clockwork Corpse story, so it should be located in the thread dedicated to his work.

Anonymous 10/09/23(Thu)07:45 No. 9820 ID: 674bc0

What ever happened to that story about the football player who's girlfriend died? And he had to move to a new city. The guy who was posting it just took it down out of the blue one time.

Anonymous 10/09/24(Fri)00:40 No. 9826 ID: dd0911

Yeah, but the thing is that the thread links to the 7chan archive on 3litchan, which is deader than a doorknob

Gingers? Anonymous 10/09/27(Mon)08:20 No. 9855 ID: 336e23

"Gingers" by onlysomeofthetime seems to have disappeared off of the last page. Has it been archived anywhere else or is it permanently lost? Sorry if I'm asking something that's common knowledge.

Anonymous 10/09/28(Tue)03:14 No. 9859 ID: 50b555

Guy's sister sets him up with someone to fuck as a birthday present or something, the girl is already in the bed and she's asleep. Lights are off and his sister is in the room filming it without his knowledge, turns out it's his mom. Anyone got anything on this one?

Delete this Shiiiitttt Eclipse!.g8pRqxBms 10/09/29(Wed)04:45 No. 9868 ID: 1c88d0

Hey Can you delete Black Rock city, Cowboy. Since it never happened last time I decided to helpfully add this link http://7chan.org/elit/res/4668.html to get to it. I forgot the post deletion password.

Thanks Mate,


Anonymous 10/09/30(Thu)02:13 No. 9875 ID: 30dca6

Why do you want black rock deleted, eclipse? That story is probably the best story to grace elit.

Anonymous 10/10/01(Fri)07:06 No. 9886 ID: 56d757

It is so.

Anonymous 10/10/03(Sun)01:15 No. 9904 ID: 80e4bd

Hey, um.

There was this story, but I don't remember the name of it. A guy is trapped in a minimall during a storm or something, and he's stuck in a store with this little girl. Except it turns out it's NOT a little girl at all. As you can expect that doesn't stop him.

Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 10/10/05(Tue)11:44 No. 9908 ID: 01adfc

requesting Cookies also

Anonymous 10/10/07(Thu)00:51 No. 9923 ID: 9ac4ac

Can I get a repost/link of Gingers?

Anonymous 10/10/07(Thu)17:46 No. 9934 ID: 885420

>story of the father who progressively abuses his daughter until he anally rapes her after she sneaks out to go to a party
>13yr old boy dresses as girl and gives guy a bj in bar

cmon faggots is this board good for anything

Seeking Derik's Luck Anonymous 10/10/08(Fri)07:34 No. 9947 ID: 6c9789

Can I get a repost or link to download all of Derik's Luck by T'Sade? I loved this story and was hoping someone still had it or knew where to get a copy.

Thanks in advance

+Anonymous+ 10/10/09(Sat)02:33 No. 9964 ID: 43c760

Been looking for some stories where a woman's boobs start to grow when she gets horny. Where do I look?

Anonymous 10/10/10(Sun)23:09 No. 9983 ID: 4a5911

Looking for a story I think I saw here; Ben and Gwen from the show Ben 10 get raped by a bunch of guys. That's all I remember.

Anonymous 10/10/11(Mon)23:02 No. 9995 ID: cc3f60


Yes please, been looking all over for this.

Anonymous 10/10/12(Tue)10:59 No. 10001 ID: 036efd

Seriously need to find Derik's Luck and Gingers. halp?

An aussie family Anonymous 10/10/12(Tue)13:30 No. 10004 ID: 24a527

I remember a story from a while back that followed an Aussie male teenager who just moved to the USA. He ends up shagging SEVERAL girls in his school, fights with bullies, having a romantic relationship with his sister...I can't remember the name of the author or main character...but the post had a pic of a guy riding a red-head with a watermelon helmet on. Please halp.

Anonymous 10/10/12(Tue)23:01 No. 10008 ID: 934079


pretty sure its this;

Anonymous 10/10/17(Sun)23:49 No. 10070 ID: e7da10

Someone posted a story a long long time ago on here, a year or two ago, about a guy that got drugged and woke up in a facility where these women scientists are feeding octopuses with male semen and they've got him chained up and she jacks him off and the octopus comes up and eats his balls, and it was both disturbing/painful and unbelievably hot. Does any have it / can post it? I've been searching for days to no avail, and just can't find it. Thanks bros.

Kuronin !ZCiqqFUzaI 10/10/18(Mon)19:08 No. 10076 ID: 2e0d9c

well, after 4 years iv come full circle back to 7chan... if anyone else reconizes me, feal free to say hi.

im rewriting a few stories that never been finished and ill re post them. a couple i last picked up here before 420 and 99. off to working.

Anonymous 10/10/19(Tue)20:23 No. 10082 ID: 43b592


Anyone know this story? Anyone at all?

Anonymous 10/10/21(Thu)02:40 No. 10093 ID: 337652

Well I haz a homemade story that I keep TRYING to post, but it results in epic failure

Anonymous 10/10/23(Sat)14:27 No. 10109 ID: a547cf

has anyone seen a site rip for http://www.ruthiesclub.com before it disappeared

Anonymous 10/10/23(Sat)17:45 No. 10112 ID: 464aa1

I'm searching for a story called "A master's (something) memoirs"
I first saw it here a few years ago.. (I know).
So please, if anyone has it or know where to find it, tell me.

Anonymous 10/10/23(Sat)17:53 No. 10113 ID: 464aa1

The story was about a man and a woman who develop a master and slave relationship.

Anonymous 10/10/27(Wed)15:23 No. 10170 ID: c9d0af

does anybody have more of Living for the moment, kinda been without internet for awhile and i kinda left off in the middle and was wondering if the story ended?

Wife at the swimming pool? Anonymous 10/10/29(Fri)18:53 No. 10183 ID: 55c741

A long time ago I read an epic story here, it was about a married couple and the guy invited some friends of work (I guess) into their big house with a pool and then in the evening the wife and the friends went swimming in the pool and ended fucking each other. The husband however had been deeply insulted by his wife because of his small dick.

It was pretty epic if anyone remembers it could you please point out to me where I can find it?

Anonymous 10/11/08(Mon)06:03 No. 10251 ID: 9377d7

I'm looking for a certain Darkstalkers story involving Q-Bee. It involves capturing a guy for food, but having her way with him instead.

Anonymous 10/11/11(Thu)05:26 No. 10303 ID: ca7fc5

Am looking for Gingers?

Anonymous 10/11/12(Fri)12:00 No. 10315 ID: fe0173

/r/ing the story about a guy who falls in love with a 10-year old girl, who turns out to be a boy

it was from the storyteller, and the title was mike & becky or smthng...

Kozu 10/11/14(Sun)19:52 No. 10326 ID: a7663f

Does anyone know something about tx_kathy_15? She wrote great stories, but hasn't updated her stories at storiesonline for more than a year.

request for e-lit Anonymous 10/11/15(Mon)08:18 No. 10328 ID: 80fb3e

Please help me find this story!
It was about a 14 year old boy and a his 16 year old sister (I believe) but the sister had a penis. The opening scene is the bro. getting ready to get pummeled by his sister which after wrestling around she ends up on top of him and pulls her cock out, which in the long and short of it, he blows. I hope that is enough info!

Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)08:37 No. 10344 ID: 969c94

I remember this story about a guy who grabs some 13/14-year-old's Asian's tits, then follows her into her hotel room and fucks her. It was pretty epic.

Anonymous 10/11/18(Thu)11:24 No. 10351 ID: 52da32

I have a story idea. Boring office building man say to woman appoint at yadda place yadda time and then a slow but passionate fucking through out the length of which the woman is crying and screaming about how this wasn't supposed to be one of the times where they do it by the book and that this was one of the times where they were supposed to disobey and of course sitting taking it. Use or do not use is story idea I think hot.

Anonymous 10/11/23(Tue)08:43 No. 10377 ID: 2821f7

Book of David

Anonymous 10/11/24(Wed)20:29 No. 10392 ID: d09310

I'm looking for a story about a girl (redhead i think) who ends up getting fucked by her dad and then her brother whos working out in the basement and then her twin brothers in the shower?

Vader 10/11/27(Sat)04:26 No. 10411 ID: ed9bf6

Anyone know of a place I could find Shipping The Stowaway?

Anonymous 10/12/14(Tue)18:55 No. 10453 ID: 4a493f

Really badly want some humiliation, of pretty much any kind. mm or fm is awesome, best kind cfnm

Anonymous 10/12/16(Thu)22:51 No. 10482 ID: 55c532

>>8895ttJust wanted to say thanks for linking to those stories. Besides LCiMG, no story has been as faithful a ball drainer to me as The Dark Room. Incredibly hot, and well written.

Anonymous 10/12/19(Sun)10:02 No. 10502 ID: 9e69e7

Thirded, I've been looking for Derik's luck as well. Used to have it saved untill my hard drive borked. I've been building back up all the stories I've lost but Can't find it anywhere and it's not on t'Sade's website anymore.

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