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Bicycling Anonymous 22/08/29(Mon)13:10 No. 39616 [Reply]

File 166177143316.jpg - (498.85KB , 850x1211 , b.jpg )

Ride a bike

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)20:31 No. 39622

File 166188430880.jpg - (178.17KB , 723x1350 , acoff1.jpg )

Two wheels it is...

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)23:46 No. 39623

I use to
I use to be super fit and do 50 miles every 3 days and 15 every day in between
Then the rapid polarization of the proles had me being attacked on the street
So I quit

Anonymous 22/08/31(Wed)12:02 No. 39626

File 166194014497.jpg - (53.55KB , 640x799 , b3.jpg )

You're on a bicycle; pedal faster.

Looking for Kinobody Moviestar Masterclass kgr11 22/08/31(Wed)10:31 No. 39624 [Reply]

File 166193469488.png - (1.48MB , 950x1192 , Screen-Shot-2021-06-16-at-9_18_05-AM.png )

Hey! Does anyone have the Kinobody Moviestar Masterclass Phase 2/3/4?

Anonymous 22/08/31(Wed)11:44 No. 39625

File 166193904798.jpg - (85.44KB , 828x965 , berjaya.jpg )

That only works if you get paid to work-out...

Running a Cycle Anonymous 19/01/19(Sat)23:38 No. 25879 [Reply]

File 154793748970.jpg - (3.17MB , 4032x3024 , haul.jpg )

I'm currently just finishing up the 6th week of my first cycle which is 100mg of testosterone propionate every other day, and front loaded with 50mg of dianabol every day. Ending the dianabol after tomorrow (the full 6 weeks), and I've been taking various supplements for liver protection, avoiding alcohol, etc. while using the dianabol. I'm planning on running the test for another 4 weeks, and then ending what is a relatively short 10 week cycle. I've been using about .5mg of arimidex every other day to control estrogen levels (although I may need to adjust this down after ending the dianabol), and I have had good results controlling the side effects (although there is still some expected water retention with these compounds). I have clomid and nolvadex on hand for post-cycle therapy, although I may try just running nolvadex alone, as the side effects with clomid can be a bit harsher.

Almost immediately on starting the cycle, my training capacity became virtually unlimited, although large strength gains didn't start rolling in until about 3 weeks or so, but they have since been coming up by 10 pounds or more a week (for the big 3 compound barbell movements I'm currently repping at 265lb bench, 315lb squat, 405lb deadlift). My tendons and joints are starting to not be able to keep up with the strength gains, but otherwise it's been ridiculous fun. As far as size gains, that is a bit harder to tell. Both compounds I am taking cause water retention (the dianabol very much so), and I saw size increases within days, but this is really attributable to the water in the muscles (and everywhere else really). I won't really be able to tell what actual size gains I made until after I come off of both compounds and the water retention fades.

I'm hoping to keep most, if not all of my gains, through proper post-cycle therapy and sticking with my training program through the ensuing testosterone crash.

If any of you out there have run any cycles too, tell me about your experiences, and if anyone has any questions about mine, let me know and I'll do my best to answer.

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Anonymous 19/02/04(Mon)14:52 No. 26520

OP here: Headed towards the end of this short(ish) cycle, and I've added in Winstrol at 50mg per day as a hardener. While I won't be running it long enough to have a profound effect, I have noticed some results with it after only a few days of adding it. Injections, and Winny should be done by Thursday, and post-cycle therapy starting Saturday.

Iron+savage 19/04/14(Sun)02:10 No. 27792


You running UG or pharma gear? if so what brand?
Cheers get blood work done! also donate blood once off to help.

Anonymous 22/08/28(Sun)07:45 No. 39612

Sorry, thought this was the bicycling thread...

Tactical Lifting Techniques for Intermediate/Advanced Anonymous 19/10/14(Mon)22:42 No. 31258 [Reply]

File 157108573955.jpg - (55.56KB , 640x482 , norb 8.jpg )

Stuff you've used to get stronger that the novice might not know.

For example there's the ulnar reflex. By putting pressure on the ulnar surface of your hand you can curl more than you can otherwise.

Also there's a trick I discovered and used for a muscular contraction imbalance. If for example one of your traps is more easily activated, try lifting with one half of your body visible in a mirror. I'd guess this works along the same line as the trick used for phantom limbs. Make no sense? Try it out.

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be!!EuBGtkZmtk 20/05/26(Tue)04:03 No. 35265

File 15904586041.png - (37.30KB , 128x128 , xt_ap_dutch_01.png )

Says the guy trying to enter a pissing contest over the internet.

Anonymous 20/09/07(Mon)12:25 No. 36288


Tempo- paused reps are basically the GOAT variation. They’ll let you get a greater hypertrophic response out of less work, they clean up your technique, and they increase your main lifts like noob gains if you’ve never done them.

Anonymous 22/08/28(Sun)07:44 No. 39611

File 166166547852.jpg - (122.16KB , 712x1349 , asept (6).jpg )

Just lift

Lyme Disease Treatment Josh 18/09/02(Sun)22:51 No. 23033 [Reply]

File 153592147368.jpg - (126.32KB , 1600x900 , tickssd.jpg )

Good Afternoon Everyone.
As indicated by the title, I did in fact contract lyme disease close to 2 months ago. I have been on two separate antibiotics for the treatment of this ailment thus far and I am coming to the end of the second prescribed dosage. I was wondering if it is common for symptoms of lyme disease to persist after completing a dosage for a short period of time before it's completely gone. Thank you.

Anonymous 22/08/28(Sun)07:40 No. 39610

File 166166522762.jpg - (222.51KB , 1080x1349 , asept (6).jpg )

This is /fit/ness, not medicine. Consult a doctor if pain or symptoms persist.

Skinny Fat Problem Anon 18/07/13(Fri)23:57 No. 21993 [Reply]

File 153151907599.jpg - (800.90KB , 1374x4032 , IMG_20180714_010025.jpg )

I started fitness 2 months ago. When i start i was 72kg and now i'm 69 kg. My body fat is too. It's approximately %20. I need to decrease that. My TDEE 2500 so i deficit that and make 2000 calorie. I also take my macros as posssible as i can. First 1.5 month i tried full body workout 3x12 but i can't progressive overload weights. So i changed program and started StrongLifts 5x5. Should i continue it or change it? I think i need to firstly fat loss but how. Is it good?

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/08/26(Fri)10:52 No. 39604

File 166150394941.gif - (136.82KB , 100x100 , bri.gif )

Exercise more; eat less carbs

Anonymous 22/08/26(Fri)14:54 No. 39606

My problem is that I eat when I'm not hungry. Any tips?

Anonymous 22/08/26(Fri)18:37 No. 39607

Show some goddamn willpower and stop eating once you're full.

My aesthetic are fucked up? Beep 21/03/12(Fri)05:47 No. 37555 [Reply]

File 161552443197.jpg - (2.26MB , 2976x3968 , IMG_20210208_182638.jpg )

My aesthetic are fucked up i mean if im fucked to have a v taper
My statics:
6'3 (190cm)
136lbs (62kg)
High hips (pelvis) circumference :80-85cm
Lower hips circumference :83-86 cm
Waist:64-67 cm

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Anonymous 21/04/28(Wed)21:02 No. 37794

You need to run a novice linear progression as you are a weakling and your aesthetics will improve.


Anonymous 22/04/11(Mon)10:27 No. 39203

Nigga you are 6'3, you are not fucked

Anonymous 22/08/26(Fri)10:50 No. 39603

File 166150380694.gif - (73.32KB , 100x100 , 202208.gif )

Keep on moving

I want to die Anonymous 22/07/19(Tue)17:00 No. 39527 [Reply]

File 165824281818.jpg - (102.12KB , 1280x936 , 784m8l95.jpg )

Anyone wake up extremely wiped and all your extremities hurt? I'm so tired but dreads sleeping because it's insanely painful. Then I wake up and run in to things and trip for hours upon hours. I've been going to the doctors for 20 years and they only give me anti-depressants.

I don't take them, and give up, don't go to them for another 2 or 3 years and they BELIEVE this the anti-depressants are helping because I took them and didn't come back. No, I hate doctors, they are so expensive and are worthless.

Anonymous 22/08/13(Sat)16:48 No. 39575

Well they certainly know how to do their job, the majority of people believe in and buy drugs so I don't see the issue! They're beneficial to the society, do pharma goyim!!!

Anonymous 22/08/13(Sat)16:48 No. 39576

Well they certainly know how to do their job, the majority of people believe in and buy drugs so I don't see the issue! They're beneficial to the society, do pharma goyim!!!

Anonymous 22/08/13(Sat)16:48 No. 39577

Well they certainly know how to do their job, the majority of people believe in and buy drugs so I don't see the issue! They're beneficial to the society, do pharma goyim!!!

Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)19:03 No. 24547 [Reply]

File 15432554332.png - (1.17MB , 654x732 , latest.png )

Hey, everyone! As requested by my psychologist, I'll start going to a gym in order to gain some muscle and distract myself a bit from computers (and hopefully cure my depression).

If the prices are worth it, I'm signing up on a gym near my house. I've been told that I'll first make a test so that I can get accompanied by a trainer so they can "see my current capacities". I was wondering, how can I start? Should I start by lifting up some weights? Should I run a bit on a treadmill?

Thank you.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Reference Bear!!EuBGtkZmtk 19/01/05(Sat)04:19 No. 25316

What does your diet look like?

Anonymous 22/06/30(Thu)14:51 No. 39471

If you dont wanna worry about the price why dont you start calisthenics , if you live near a park with pullup bars and dip bars you should be fine you will build a great physique https://www.gymnastique-centre.fr/

Anonymous 22/07/20(Wed)12:36 No. 39528

When I realized that I was beginning to have a strong apathy from office work and the fact that I didn't enjoy my profession, I decided to start my own business and chose what I was most interested in. I found White Label CBD Products at https://yourcbdwhitelabel.eu/ so now I have my own brand of cbd nutritional supplements. It relieved me of apathetic and depressive thoughts.

Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)22:12 No. 39479 [Reply]

File 165696557685.png - (143.19KB , 623x876 , sketch1646240188078.png )

How much push should I do daily?

Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)23:40 No. 39480


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