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Anonymous 20/07/15(Wed)16:52 No. 35811 [Reply]

File 159482472896.jpg - (151.38KB , 640x480 , Ate all ur peanut butters.jpg )

Sorry if I'm a brainlet I don't post on fitness related forums often.

So I never really been fat but recently (probably because of quarantine) I've noticed I've became a little "jiggly". And the most I do in terms of fitness is walk to the store every now and then. So I decided I would pay more attention to my fitness.
So I did 10 push ups for each episode of anime I watch today. So 40 so far. My arms felt tense or stressed but then kind of feels good. Would it do anything though? I don't want to put in all this extra work if my belly stays jiggly and I don't grow any muscle.
It's probably worth mentioning my diet consists of pizza and cola mostly... I don't want to change that, I like pizza and cola too much.

Pic not related

Anonymous 20/07/16(Thu)00:23 No. 35814


Anonymous 20/06/01(Mon)01:32 No. 35391 [Reply]

File 159096796821.png - (145.44KB , 743x743 , calculate-body-mass-index-bmi-calculator-ireland-e.png )

The only equipment I can use in the gym for cardio is bike and elliptical because everything else hurts my hip bursitis i developed 2 years ago.

I was put on medications for a mental illness and it made me "gain" 40 lbs altho at times I feel that it's not fat but water retention since the amount I can grab is the same as before. I'm just bloated and "bigger"?

Anyway, A year ago I managed to lose the weight in 1 month by working out for 4 hours every day and burning 2500 calories a day, but for whatever reason after my last "manic episode" I guess I was traumatized hard enough to affect the duration for which I can work out. This time it's only 30 minutes and by the end of it it feels like my chest is burning and imploding doing the asme intensity as before.

What changed? And furthermore, how can I get back into the groove of things so I can get back down to my ideal weight?

Anonymous 20/06/04(Thu)05:22 No. 35430

I have an answer, but wait back up. What are you asking? Why you're having a harder time working out after gaining forty pounds? Come on OP.

As for mania, and assuming your diminished work capacity is psychogenic, there's magnesium glycinate 200-400mg+ before bed or spaced throughout the day

Noopept before workouts.

Perhaps an antipsychotic like aripiprazole

This is assuming your diet is in order. Work at the top of the list and add the next thing as needed. Also, avoid THC. CBD might be used judiciously here.

Science backed training advice getting boring? L1ft1ng!!R4BQVmBQH4 18/09/01(Sat)11:30 No. 23011 [Reply]

File 153579420526.jpg - (174.69KB , 1038x731 , proxy_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

Are the science backed fitness guys getting boring?

Schoenfeld, Helms, Israetel and their add on people like Steve Hall, all spouting science backed training advice.

Study after study comes out and they all have their own videos on it, but there is nothing new about how to train that hasn't been said over and over again.


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Anonymous 20/03/22(Sun)04:31 No. 34194

File 158484789267.png - (482.29KB , 632x532 , Fuck.png )

That's just more like Youtube Fitness in general. Once you get past a certain point in your training where you no longer need any form of guidance from these Youtubers you start to realize that they're all sprouting the same sort of things because they're appealing to a different audience than what you are. A lot more people are novices/intermediates that have virtually no form of experience under a barbell than Proficient lifters and beyond. It's very disappointing but with all things they come and go.

Anonymous 20/05/24(Sun)19:13 No. 35239

>israetel is a pseudo scientist
>scheonfeld is dyel
>Helms crew are fake natties

they're hacks trying to climb their way out of the shitty fitness industry by shitting on other people that are no different then themselves.

Anonymous 20/05/24(Sun)19:13 No. 35240

>israetel is a pseudo scientist
>scheonfeld is dyel
>Helms crew are fake natties

they're hacks trying to climb their way out of the shitty fitness industry by shitting on other people that are no different then themselves.

deathcomeslifting Anonymous 20/05/20(Wed)23:19 No. 35196 [Reply]

File 159000955946.png - (11.34KB , 300x565 , fresh_largeformat_DCL_logo.png )

has anyone tried one of these programs?

are they any good?
I'd like some reviews before spending weeks on trying myself :-)

Maximum hypertrophy Raseduxy 20/04/20(Mon)00:22 No. 34760 [Reply]

File 158733492090.jpg - (153.74KB , 1080x2218 , IMG_20200418_020027_885.jpg )

Are John Meadows most complete programs for bodybuilding? And how much muscle stretching can actually help hypertrophy.
Or should i just don't overthinking (which i do more than i should) and do what Ronnie said: Bodybuilding is doing heavy weight for most reps possible (aka going to failure every set)

Anonymous 20/04/21(Tue)02:13 No. 34781

Alright man, first you're not going to listen. I know this.

You're not going to listen because I'm just another voice on the website you visit, and not some expert (to you).

Second, you say you want to do bodybuilding? OK. What are you doing right now? Are you currently training?

Third, post what you're doing now so we can answer you if we choose (although you won't listen)

Anonymous 20/04/21(Tue)02:19 No. 34782

I'm going to answer preemptively. I'm assuming you have never really trained and you have it in your head to lift weights.

Pick up a copy of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training. Do the program. Eat food.

Do it. You won't.

climbing Anonymous 20/03/13(Fri)16:32 No. 34052 [Reply]

File 158411353038.jpg - (42.08KB , 770x675 , buck tick.jpg )

anyone here like mountain climbing and what is your experience in it?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/03/13(Fri)17:04 No. 34055

Mountain climbing is cool thing for risky people. I have plan to visit one mountain in Canada so I need to prepare special tools like walkie-talkies. I found pairs of them on https://thebestwalkietalkies.com/waterproof-walkie-talkies-review/

Anonymous 20/03/14(Sat)13:32 No. 34064

Resident climber here.

Now by climbing I assume you're talking vertical faces. If you've never tried it before get yourself to a centre and book yourself on a beginners course.

I'll follow up later.

Anonymous 20/03/15(Sun)21:25 No. 34089

File 15843039452.jpg - (48.92KB , 668x567 , k7kTN.jpg )

You replied to a fake like factory samefag, Anon.

bloodlets Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)15:16 No. 33945 [Reply]

File 158359058129.jpg - (76.69KB , 768x432 , a-brief-history-of-bloodlettings-featured-photo.jpg )

Hello! I have a genetic condition, Hemochromatosis, which got diagnosed last year. In order to lower my blood ferretin I need to go to the doctor every month to get a bloodlet of about 500ml. Sometimes its all good and dandy, but more than half of the times afterwards I feel like I'm going to faint and feel pretty weak and dizzy, even though i make sure to eat and drink beforehand and stay seated for a while after the bloodlet. I'm sure part of that is also a psychological/psychosomatic effect because I half except it to happen. But I was wondering if you had any tips of how I could behave before/after the bloodlet to make it feel less awful, or if there is any food/drink thats known to be good to consume before a blood donation. Or if it would make sense to do more cardio oder something like that, or if there is something that I could that would have a good influence.

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)15:24 No. 33946

If you drink 500ml of blood before the bloodlet your body should go back to proper blood balance

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)15:39 No. 33947


thats a great idea

Natural bodybuilding Anonymous 19/03/14(Thu)20:16 No. 27221 [Reply]

File 155259098036.jpg - (60.80KB , 533x403 , proxy_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

I'm 45 and want to build a little muscle mass.

There's a plethora of different training programs and resources to choose from.

Where should I focus my attention?

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rich 19/07/08(Mon)23:56 No. 30085


Anyone have the JPS seminar that just ended?
The Ultimate Evidence Based Conference

Anonymous 19/09/18(Wed)14:00 No. 31002

File 156880804724.png - (64.01KB , 1269x312 , Capture Tool.png )


Anonymous 20/03/02(Mon)21:03 No. 33825

File 158317942682.png - (3.70KB , 679x37 , Capture nf.png )


Anonymous 19/07/26(Fri)21:42 No. 30281 [Reply]

File 156417015392.jpg - (34.32KB , 720x720 , 65117257_2731712196862790_7451394793973743616_n.jpg )

Sup, I want to get fucking ripped, /fit/:

I'm tierd of being lazy. RIght now I am 5'9 240 pounds.

I on and off eat vegan, but, I am starting to slowly lower the amount of animal products I consume down.

I just want to be as healthy as possible. I am tired of being fat and lazy I want to attract bitches. I want to do something. I am about to get a gym membership.

Any one have suggestions? Can anyone help me out?

18 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/10/10(Thu)03:09 No. 31217

File 157066979818.jpg - (59.47KB , 817x586 , DIAAS blackpill.jpg )


Anonymous 19/10/23(Wed)07:28 No. 31325

Spend a lot of time at the gym and you'll make progress. A trainer will help speed up your progress by a huge amount. Trainers will get you to a good spot. Incacluable value there. lol You might have an attitude about the gym in general. I want to be left alone. You might say that, but a partner would make a huge difference in this scenario. If you go with what trainers say in general you'll be doing good. Wash away your judgment and don the trainer's judgement. Then you'll be doing good. lol

Anonymous 20/03/02(Mon)20:58 No. 33824

File 158317909264.png - (5.02KB , 547x47 , Capture taurine.png )


gymnastic Anonymous 20/02/26(Wed)12:46 No. 33736 [Reply]

File 158271757223.png - (181.20KB , 274x397 , 274px-Carmen_Acedo_1993_Málaga.png )

Have you ever tried gymnastics classes?? How was it??

Anonymous 20/02/27(Thu)08:24 No. 33750

my sister visit gymnastics

Anonymous 20/02/27(Thu)08:44 No. 33751

I visited gymnastics classes in past. But it is really nice kind of sport for women which can helps to get rid of fats and keep body in shape. I want to return to gymnastics and have already found few gymnastics gym on https://jenerg.com/find-gymnastics-in-oregon/

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