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Anonymous 22/05/03(Tue)10:03 No. 39283

File 165156501363.png - (153.72KB , 457x293 , s.png )

can i just do dips and ohp without having to worry about upper chest development?

Anonymous 22/05/15(Sun)02:11 No. 39307

In my experience this is very specific to your anthropometry. I have a very wide clavicle and wide chest, I literally cannot get any other exercises other than incline work to get my upper chest bigger. However I have a friend with a more narrow shoulder girdle who can do normal dumbbell bench and get a huge upper chest. Basically, YMMV, try doing just OHP and Dips for 2-3 months at most and if you aren't seeing progress in the areas you want then switch up the exercises.

Anonymous 23/03/28(Tue)22:55 No. 40101

same question about flat bench and OHP. Running powerlifting hypertrophy so trying to cut out everything non-fundamental.

But as far as dips go - they are for lower pecs. Though personally I kinda feel inner pecs after

Anonymous 23/05/06(Sat)04:46 No. 40202

File 168334119571.jpg - (47.08KB , 640x426 , AI.jpg )

But big-chest muscle maiden is my thing.

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