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Live Journal Post-alike Anonymous 19/09/18(Wed)22:21 No. 31032

File 15688380657.png - (19.40KB , 243x171 , Livejournal-logo.png )

Day 1:
Eating only salad and doing Calisthenics at 7:00p.m
First of all i need to get to an acceptable bodyweight to hit the gym.

Also: Post your journal here!

Also also: I'll update at day 10 and if my post is still here i'll post here.

Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)00:33 No. 31035

>if my post is still here i'll post here.

It will be. Welcome to 7Chan.

Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)17:24 No. 31043

I was saying in case it gets deleted.

Anonymous 19/09/29(Sun)21:15 No. 31130

Day 11. I forgot.

I couldn't eat only salad as i supossed but i stopped eating like a beast.

Also since the dog occupied the space i was doing calisthenics with i started no fap instead. I'm going to keep track of my weigth whenever i can.

Anonymous 23/05/15(Mon)12:47 No. 40210

Day 111
Monday comes around again. Reps of running and lifting to cut a slim figure

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