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Some one literally stole my shit right out of my locker Anonymous 23/03/17(Fri)03:32 No. 40069

File 167902032759.jpg - (378.60KB , 1536x2048 , 1679000415802994.jpg )

Some one took my shit out of my locker at the damn gym and just slapped a lock on it. They probably are to stupid to realize that locker was taken and I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but, also it's like, I had shower shoes, a towel, expensive shampoos and conditioners and shit in there and where the fuck did it go? Like I would have some that shit in the trash.

I'm so fucking upset about this shit. I am gonna fucking slap this retarded mongoloid.

Anonymous 23/03/17(Fri)18:39 No. 40074

Are there cameras in there? Maybe you can ask around if anyone saw something.

Anonymous 23/03/18(Sat)03:45 No. 40077

I asked the front desk and it's apparently illegal to have cameras in locker rooms. As if people like this deserve privacy.

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