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CHIROPRACTOR MANIPULATIONS? Anonymous 22/11/08(Tue)09:24 No. 39780

File 166789584919.png - (352.21KB , 953x715 , SPINE SIDE.png )

this is causing me to Limp around for 10+ years, unable to breath, drinking fucktons of water,... and SHARP 24/7 pain + what seems like a permanent spasm on my left center of shoulderblade.. + Migraines + million other sudden health fx.. and im thinking the cause may be nerveroot agitation due to lumbar segment disk degeneration...? I guess a chiropractic manipulation might fix this? ? ? ? trying to see if i can actually SPOT the nerve root agitation... an appoint would take 3+ weeks since some people are lazy af and shouldnt breath #TheThirstisReal #SomePeopleShouldn'tBreathe #HeHasn'thadaClearCalmThoughtorTookARelaxingBreathein10Years?? somehow got the rest, upon inquiry any ideas?

Anonymous 22/11/24(Thu)08:59 No. 39837

bro airwolfing hell why did you wait 10 years for it to get worse??? Anyhow your best shot is to see a doctor urgently to see what the airwolf is wrong with it and if it need surgury do it asap to prevent it getting worse in the future. I hope this helped.

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