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Anti Paladin party problems LakeSide 20/01/13(Mon)08:23 No. 131762

File 157890023847.jpg - (126.00KB , 900x1273 , asmo pally.jpg )


First time posting on this site ever and Id like some serious advice for the game Im a player in.

My character is a Dragonborn Paladin under the Oath of the Reaper (https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Oath_of_the_Reaper_(5e_Subclass)) whos god is Asmodeus.

Balasar has saved the party several several times, literally sprinting into a runic circle with banshees surrounding a dying player, represented them in a trial for a murder they did not commit upon the archmage, sold his fucking soul to resurrect the rogue while fighting hags.

Each time saved the game. The other players do not give him credit for the sacrifices he has made. Also no one does the damage I do.

The deal with Asmodeus was that if he wanted someone to die, they must die. It doesnt have to be by my hand though. When I sold my soul to resurrect the rogue everyone was in shock and for the entire week they didnt know what that was all about. They do not know who my god is.

So i thought that I could make the rogue assist me in these kills I must obtain. I told him if certain people didnt die then his head would resume being crushed from the fight with the hags. He was absolutely down and was excited as heck.

We go to a mine we need to clear out and there were some trolls guarding the path. We eventually start to fight them and our retarded wizard wants to cast firebolt 5 feet away from a troll, I approach and cast some defense on him. The original plan was to lure them to the middle and cut the bridge. A flail that I picked up had cursed me and while on the bridge it possessed me and made me go attack the monk, I walked up and in two swings did 78 damage, dm still wanted death saving throws. Our fighter charged at me and tried to push me off the cliff, i get a crit on the strength check and fucking launch him over the edge instead. A troll gets behind me and clocks my head provoking a wisdom save. I pass and get out of the possession. Asmodeus wanted me to kill the monk and had placed the flail for me to lose control.

I dm the rogue and say during the rest to assassinate the monk. He says he did and we wake up and there is no sign of her, he said he got rid of the body. So we proceed and get through the mine, I consult with Asmodeus and ask if he is satisfied that the monk is dead and he checks his book and tells me she is still alive.

The rogue warned her and let her go.

Balasar has given so much to this party and he is betrayed. Im the bad guy after saving thier lives many times. the monk was picked up a level hecking 4 and the rogue says he can kill npcs but not gang gang, that that is his only family. Ive saved everyone many times and have been there since the beginning. Sure i may have turned but the monk doesnt even do shit frfr. He ran up the troll and hit it 2 out of 4 times and did 14 damage, I did 78 damage on the monk in 2 hits.

A lot of this can be contributed to them being closer friends irl and being new to DnD, if you ask me the rogue did poorly roleplaying. He is literally chaotic evil and has done messed up stuff for gain, the only reason i wanted to role with him like that is for power, to make it easier on both of us. Balasar has ridded his humanity for power and wants to ensure strength in the after life, which asmodeus agreed to. I may be playing like a satanic murder hobo but that is exactly what balasar is. He has been using the party to gain power and strength and they will not commit to him even though they would not be half as far with out him.

Why I am typing this out is to ask for advice and what you guys would do.

I am thinking of having Balasar leave the party to pursue the monk and kill her. He has never been appreciated and has been betrayed. I think i will use one of my wishes to clone myself and the other, potentially, to get two suits of armor of invulnerability. He will tread the floods to kill the rogue and anyone who tries to stop him. There is not good in him any more.

Anonymous 20/03/03(Tue)22:57 No. 131792

>I'm an OP badass emo team-killer, why won't friend join me TKing.
>Everyone else sucks at this.

>A lot of this can be contributed to them being closer friends irl and being new to DnD
Initiating PvP is stupid with new players, this is a fault on both you and the DM unless an arc has been constructed where you're going to be the BBEG and giving them a fighting chance. PvP for RP purposes should only be done with experienced players.

>I may be playing like a satanic murder hobo but that is exactly what balasar is.
If you want to play min-max meta murder hobo that's fine but turning on your party on puts them at a distinct disadvantage, if you were a good player you'd put your character on the same level as there's and at the least give them a fighting chance.

Basically, the faults is yours for emoing, and the DM for permitting it.

Anonymous 20/08/23(Sun)05:26 No. 131860

the first issue is that you forgot the unspoken 'you dont betray the party' rule. sure your teammates should have given your character the thorough factchecking after the whole soul selling thing. at that point I'd be checking to see if my character could reasonably take you or just leaving.

as for the rogue, yeah as a story hook being told ya got saved but now there's a hit list to fill or you go back to debilitating anguish thats awesome. he just decided not to turn on the party.

finally the majority of your thing is going on about how you've done stuff for the party and been a source of dps, but cause the rogue didnt join you in murdering a party member it sounds like your trying to justify slaughtering the whole team. if you do go down this path either the party will unite to kill you or you kill them, the game ends and in both cases the other players most likely wont want to play with ya again as your just being a pointless asshat.

Anonymous 20/09/29(Tue)23:38 No. 131886

You mean the DM, who set this up as Asmodeus?
The DM is actively fucking the party, and OP in particular.

Anonymous 23/02/05(Sun)23:39 No. 132231

OP ya post boils down to you being a dick. this isnt your party being anti-paladin, it's you using 'for deity-sama' as an excuse to be a teamkilling cunt.

im with the other guy saying that yeah the party really should have been giving you more of a nth degree grilling over the whole soul exchange. as of the whiny 'imma cast wish so i can make sure pc DIES' bull just re=enforces that your just a dick and the DM allowing this to happen is just as horrible.

Anonymous 23/06/22(Thu)12:59 No. 132274

File 168743156888.jpg - (96.22KB , 640x800 , 20230624.jpg )

Chill with some green tea, dude.

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