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Planejammer General Anonymous 19/11/03(Sun)05:40 No. 131689

File 157275603448.png - (565.09KB , 595x842 , In My Mind.png )

Resurrecting a thread from different chans, let's talk about the Classic D&D cosmology (1E - 3E Great Wheel). In addition, Spelljammer accounts for bits of the Prime Material and the planes beyond too.
A number of ideas to kick off discussion:
>What is your favorite part of the classic greater D&D universe?
>How would you mend and change-up Post-Faction War Sigil? (The authors planned on patching things up, but it never happened.)
>Does Planescape actually lack dungeons? If so, how did you remedy this? If not, what are your favorites tucked away in the setting?
>Would you prefer Spelljammer as an independent entity or connected to settings?
>How should Planescape and Spelljammer interact?
>Is there anything in the 1E version of the Wheel that you wish ported over to later takes?
>Is the Ordial Plane a cool concept or is it just crap?
>Have you incorporated other cosmological models (Such as the Cosmology of the Immortals from Mystara, The Dawn War Universe from 4th Edition, Eberron's Orrery or creations of your own)?

Anonymous 19/11/03(Sun)05:59 No. 131690

For starters...
>I liked the really alien weirdness of the planes. Plus, alignment had a much larger purpose within the planes, rather than just some roleplaying tool.
>I'd introduce different factions, a mixture of classical ideals as well as modern for the current age. Of course, these couldn't be too tongue-in-cheek or too obvious, lest you get bad political satire.
>I think it does, it's just not spelled out a lot of the time. Floating Dead Gods could be treated as one. Likewise, demiplanes can be serviceable. Also, while not fleshed out in one source, Undersigil could have been realized as a great alternative for when parties need a break from the politics.
>I'm find with linking to various primes, but I wasn't all that into the execution, especially with Greyhawk. While it got hastily put in and quickly taken out, it would have been cool to flesh it out for Mystara. Serraine sounds perfect for it, honestly. Of course, the Immortals hate extraplanar outsiders. So, that might be a problem.
>I don't see why not, different means of travel.
>1E felt more alien to me. But, I'm fine with Planescape.
>I wouldn't know how to use it, so I've always ignored it.
>I added Mystara's Limbo and the later FR Fugue Plane into a Dimension of Death, akin to Pathfinder's Boneyard Plane. It connects to the Outlands.

Anonymous 19/11/04(Mon)21:58 No. 131695

>How do you Planescape?
I like to isolate the Planes/Planescape stuff away from other campaigns, unless I want to specifically do that. I might incorporate other setting things into it, as Planescape naturally demands that. But, otherwise? I really need to be in the mood for it.
>Favorite Part?
The weird urban fantasy of Sigil was cool, felt really unique from what came before.
>Post-Faction War?
I don't use it.
I can see using them together. Never tried it.

Anonymous 19/11/11(Mon)01:41 No. 131714

I prefer using Spelljammer, repurposing old planes into Crystal Spheres.

Anonymous 19/11/20(Wed)21:39 No. 131726

>Favorite Part
Sigil was great
>Post-Faction War
I made my own factions to replace the old ones. Though, I later brought back the old ones, who hate the new ones. Faction Boomers vs. Faction Zoomers, I guess.
It has dungeons, you have to play with things. Sigil has Undersigil (like in Torment), even the planes can have their own spin.
>Spelljammer + Planescape?
I try to keep Spelljammer out, it's too silly.
>1E Wheel?
The names were cooler? Then Williams came along and censorship happened.
>Ordial Plane
fuck that fan wank shit
>Other cosmologies
I stole from the 4E cosmology and placed things back into the Wheel... dare I say, better than 5E did!

Anonymous 19/12/10(Tue)21:46 No. 131747

I miss Planescape. 5th edition kind of retconned bits of it out though, so it wouldn't fully work.

Anonymous 20/01/10(Fri)08:01 No. 131760

Planescape. Fun setting, but it needed more to it. I'll bite.
It's weird, but in a cool way
Make some new factions. Its been 20 years since the last book, plenty of inspiration from our fucked up world.
Kinda. People here found quick handwaves, but an official dungeon would have been nice too.
Keep Spelljammer separate.
Separate, again.
Never read too much of 1E, I'm sure it's cool.
Sounds cool? I doubt I'll use it.
I love Eberron's model. Plus, I have used the 5E version (heresy, I know). I actually don't mind Shadowfell and Feywild, even though tons of Planescape fans and grognards hate them.

Anonymous 20/02/02(Sun)09:21 No. 131777

Wasn't this a thread from one chan up at some point? That was a good thread.

Anonymous 20/06/11(Thu)10:49 No. 131835

Planescape and Spelljammer were really cool. I doubt the game will recapture that feeling of either again.

Anonymous 20/09/29(Tue)23:40 No. 131887

I've found myself in Cultivator/Spelljammer game, and desperately need the Spelljammer books.
But the og 2e books are... well, I don't know what I'm looking for. What are the names of the basic setting books so I know how a Jammer actually works?

Anonymous 20/10/14(Wed)13:56 No. 131894

File 160267659522.jpg - (276.71KB , 1125x282 , SJ4.jpg )


Weather it's works or not up to you running it and the players being into it, there's bug just get inventive.

Hope this was of some small halp

Anonymous 20/10/20(Tue)01:00 No. 131899

Those are good, but I don't really think you need those. Astromundi, Rock of Bral and the campaign setting boxed sets are all you need. The Player's book is useful, but mostly for crunchy stuff. Beyond that? It's pick and choose, like how some adventures look deeper into some lore bits. Take Crystal Spheres, which explores multi-sphere conflicts. Plus, while it doesn't exactly intersect with the non-material plane, Planescape can be useful too.

Anonymous 20/11/11(Wed)02:16 No. 131909

At this point, a spiritual successor for the OSR is probably the way to go. Preserve the strange flavors of both, while fitting it with an old school gaming style. I'm sure things like that already exist though. I honestly don't want either Spelljammer or Planescape to be revived for current D&D though. I'm afraid of if they would mess it up. But, given their teasing of the former, they probably would.

Anonymous 21/04/26(Mon)01:45 No. 131980

Thing is, Planescape is the pinnackle of the AD&D narrative campaign design... whil is the opposte of old school gaming. Those two simply don't mix together. If anything, Planescape, Spelljammer and the like would need a mechanical base that's mostly divorced from the wargaming history of D&D. Something fast and loose like FATE. Now, Dark Sun is another matter entirely...

Anonymous 23/01/10(Tue)00:02 No. 132220

File 167330537319.png - (231.75KB , 781x673 , Spelljammer boos series pt1.png )

Just got hold of the 5e Spelljammer books
So only a quick glance and already i'm like "Autognomes"
Just NO.
I'll probably read the books,it's just that "Autognomes" is a deal breaker.
to anyone takew whatever maybe useful and ditch it.

1e Manual of the planes, worked, Planscape worked.

People run D&D now just want stead income stream.
That way gaming groups, last time joined one were all about.
The little freebies, while they dat harvest millions of people.
Who will never get that feeling of what its like to go beyond 30 level.

also thism series of books, I think Iread 1,2,4 and maybe 5
It was along tim ago. The library system now in my country is just ~@;*
Sad, use to be great.

full list of Spelljammer books here

Anonymous 23/07/27(Thu)19:04 No. 132283

Got hold of the Spelljammer series of books
Complete this time, just started the last one (book six).
well worth a read, if you are going to run a

Anonymous 23/07/28(Fri)05:41 No. 132284

Thanks, I will have to check these out, as I've always been a fan of the old paperbacks (and still have a few). I was running a Spelljammer campaign with the 5ed source book set, but they are completely uninspired in my opinion (at least compared with my fond memories of 2ed).

Anonymous 23/07/31(Mon)23:32 No. 132286


just going tell it how it was for book six was a bit of let down.
Whoever don't let that put you off.
Lot of stuff in thier to help any DM flesh a campaign. I believe.

All the best anon, and remember Gnomes are every where

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