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Hookup Thread 4.0 11/05/26(Thu)19:15 No. 59498 Stickied

File 130643014561.jpg - (62.72KB , 525x700 , --130610496576.jpg )

The last hookup thread was nearing 500 posts and is in need of a rebirth.

Post your age and location here. For extra /fag/ points, post your picture.

Don't forget to post your contact info as that is the point of this thread. If you don't, your post will be deleted. Replies asking for more info will be deleted. Contact the poster directly.

686 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
15/09/19(Sat)04:02 No. 99823

File 144262816872.jpg - (168.33KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20150918_18_51_26_Pro.jpg )

Kik: XCharmy

15/09/19(Sat)08:07 No. 99826

File 144264286728.jpg - (26.46KB , 489x655 , unnamed (1).jpg )

Still around. San Diego!

15/09/24(Thu)00:22 No. 99833

im still around ....live in el cajon here...never been with a guy but want to try sucking a dick.
email me, ohemgee99@yahoo.com

i have my pics on my xhamster account but email me to get that ;)

15/10/06(Tue)03:02 No. 99851

File 144409336414.jpg - (16.11KB , 183x191 , images (1).jpg )

(250) 802-3598 pend me a pic and ill send you one back ;)

Nanaimo,BC, Canada

15/10/17(Sat)09:04 No. 99874

File 144506544826.jpg - (7.02KB , 160x160 , 11903969_914902521908343_23756912332823722461_n.jpg )

Bicurious Top just looking to chill and maybe do more
skype:Rutoko Steam

15/11/08(Sun)02:30 No. 99920

22 / Mobile, Al
A lot of kinks, into anyone from 35 or below.


115lb, 5'5"

15/11/08(Sun)22:00 No. 99922

27 NYC Spanish male
seeking discrete patient partner MUST BE DL.
Desperately seeking to bottom for the 1st time.
Perhaps make it on going..
220lb, 5'-8" 5" UC hairy chub..

me 16/01/03(Sun)12:04 No. 100048

25 white 6ft 220 7cut redhead with a trimmed beard.
Vers leaning bottom; i love to suck, and would love to try frot. I have a weakness for uncut dudes too...
I'm in NY, westchester county- hit me up if you're in my area and can host

Invite Doug 16/01/26(Tue)19:08 No. 100094

File 14538317129.jpg - (2.60MB , 2560x1600 , Virginity.jpg )

Find Me this Summer !

justin 16/02/03(Wed)06:39 No. 100106

San Diego bottom hmu I like older guys
Kik me jyancey2

16/04/10(Sun)05:26 No. 100203

File 146025878812.png - (142.91KB , 750x1334 , image.png )


Looking for bottoms,

Put 7chan if you chat with me so i know :)

16/04/10(Sun)05:27 No. 100204

Oops area code is 941 ;)

Horny Jonathan 16/04/15(Fri)20:27 No. 100215

Need to fuck a nice tight ass with my 8.5" cock. I have a 10 pack of sexy abbs that you're going to love. Hmu houston 832-303-0934 Jonathan , I'm clean shavin and showered.

16/04/27(Wed)14:26 No. 100239

heya, these are some pics of me and I hope you guys like them ^.^

I am 19 and I live in Sydney, Australia and I love getting fucked hard and pleasing cock

my skype is teppisenpaisamasan

hit me up ^.^

16/04/29(Fri)01:58 No. 100243

looking in 912 or Jax area. CD or trap would be amazing. kik: loosey_moosey

16/05/21(Sat)23:30 No. 100280

File 146386623975.jpg - (2.03MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_1810.jpg )

Kik tsunami36

16/06/16(Thu)21:58 No. 100312

23 shy bi sub
Looking for chill cuz im ronery af

16/06/30(Thu)03:32 No. 100316

File 146725037137.jpg - (55.90KB , 540x960 , 13076865_1072133302846443_3638724415984768774_n.jpg )

26/gay/tx 409 832


im a nerdy white guy looking for love in all the wrong places
Dinner and a Movie?

16/07/09(Sat)04:23 No. 100319

whats your kik?

16/08/14(Sun)02:12 No. 100336

Kik slimhungkink
Sub slut for abuse

faggot 16/09/18(Sun)15:01 No. 100365

kik: salaSamobojcow_

16/12/02(Fri)07:28 No. 100402

Fucking whore, you post on every chan.
And you're a fucking male hooker.

Literally worthless.

16/12/08(Thu)10:34 No. 100408


You're all formally invited to our gay discord.

Mike 16/12/25(Sun)23:02 No. 100414

58 years old, Hagerstown, MD. Bottom boi, anything goes

Mike 16/12/25(Sun)23:25 No. 100415

Forgot my contact info:
AIM: mslatfly

Cum At Me Guys Alexi 17/01/10(Tue)22:27 No. 100422

File 148408365169.jpg - (36.39KB , 640x642 , 1484031697458.jpg )

Just looking around the board and see a lot of things I like.
Figured I'd take a stab at this.
Anyone can message me anytime. 4oh1nein19fortytwo84

Dvn_Hstn 17/01/16(Mon)05:12 No. 100427

omg wanna try??
my numbersss area code 813 followed by 597 6732

17/02/01(Wed)21:44 No. 100439

File 148598184079.png - (146.26KB , 316x204 , Untitled.png )

Kik: calvtan123

Message me if you're willing to do cum tributes :)

17/02/03(Fri)02:50 No. 100440

20/m/scotland glasgow
Looking for guys or girls for dirty chat and hookups
Kik AndyMcB111

The+DMan 17/02/11(Sat)06:40 No. 100448

File 148679160594.jpg - (7.24KB , 200x200 , 00511ff.jpg )

34/M Wisconsin


22 y/o hairless male virgin twinkNpanties 17/07/01(Sat)18:57 No. 100491

File 149892824744.jpg - (7.80KB , 222x296 , ra2014.jpg )

I shaved for you ;)

NCboi 17/07/09(Sun)16:08 No. 100496

22m 6.5 thick cut cock in the hickory NC area.

Email me at foreveryoung1111@live.com

More pics on request, locals only!!

17/07/15(Sat)05:09 No. 100502

File 150008815175.jpg - (17.05KB , 300x300 , Julio front.jpg )

Los Angeles Hi, 19 bottom here tight clean and smooth I can host at my apartment or go to your place call me and leave a message and I will return your call after work. 8l8 9l8-3924 Julio

17/10/20(Fri)10:26 No. 100527

i'd like to cum on your feet

Gape 18/01/16(Tue)06:44 No. 100544


18/04/11(Wed)01:28 No. 100586

23 y/o nova scotia, canada. Looking for younger bottom boys. Can host/drive. hmu.

hookup mr big 18/06/19(Tue)02:31 No. 100619

>>100586 50 yr old man lowell ma area. curious and looking for........

Columbus Ohio - submissive bottom slut begging to be used cumdump marc 18/07/14(Sat)15:11 No. 100626

I'm a 51 y/o submissive, total bottom. I'm looking for Tops to use me and my holes... I need to be tied down and feel your cock balls deep in me.

Verbal humiliation, ass fucking, cum eating, WS, forced deepthroating, bondage, gags. are just a few of the things I'm into...

I'm DDF and want you to be as well. Age and size don't matter... just have a hard cock to abuse me with.

I can't host, so I'll need to come to you or meet up someplace (motel, bathhouse, car, park, graveyard...). Looking for tonight or this weekend.

Email me with stats and what you are looking for...

happyendings 18/07/19(Thu)22:30 No. 100627

35/ver chink4u
charlotte nc
kik: bittender

18/07/31(Tue)23:23 No. 100634

kik fastlane70510

18/08/25(Sat)04:46 No. 100641

hey everyone! looking for friends/fun in denver, colorado metro area. 22, top, 8in cut, can travel.

kik: joeroller
telegram: joeroller
discord: joeroller

18/08/28(Tue)05:34 No. 100645

Kik: Vhlayedpain

Hot gay guy looking for dick, i always reply ;)

Kyle reinhardt 18/09/28(Fri)22:38 No. 100655

File 153816711834.jpg - (199.28KB , 1440x1440 , 2018-09-28_13_09_52.jpg )

Kyle reinhardt
Pittsburgh, pa
Chat, friends, whatever, I'm easy

18/10/12(Fri)10:52 No. 100663

SoCal, Los Angeles
kik: my_pics
skype: iwarnedyouall

18/10/12(Fri)10:55 No. 100664

into twink type guys and i can only come to you if you want to meet up

Hookup Mattie 18/11/13(Tue)18:41 No. 100673

File 154213090810.jpg - (46.18KB , 575x431 , Monday.jpg )

Hey I am Matt. From Woodstock, IL.
Ridgewood station
1260 Wood Dr
Woodstock Il 60098-4165


18/11/21(Wed)06:10 No. 100675

r u 18+??

19/04/01(Mon)00:33 No. 100708

32/m/Chicago/6in cut thick.
Looking to find an ass to fuck!
gammaray00 <- Kik.

Wisconsin Boy Sean Greer 19/06/24(Mon)09:19 No. 100732

Virgin Tiny Nub Wimpy Loser. Lives in Madison, Wisconsin

19/07/02(Tue)09:28 No. 100743

every1 in madison wisc onsin looks like this what makes u so special


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