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Historian 12/05/07(Mon)03:17 No. 12337 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 133635346250.jpg - (151.70KB , 640x451 , nationalism.jpg )

What are you /hi/storians thoughts on this ~200 year old ideology, nationalism?

Most people that I've met that has an interests for history tend to be anti-nationalistic. Is anti-nationalism a by-product for having more knowledge of the world history?

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Historian 13/10/28(Mon)20:06 No. 14003


Don't forget Joe Stalin, who is remembered as the ultimate Russian nationalist (not to mention a brutal tyrant who killed many times more people than Hitler). His real name was Josef Djugashvilli, and he wasn't Russian...he was Georgian.

Historian 13/10/30(Wed)00:54 No. 14010

But was Stalin 'really' a nationalist?

Historian 13/10/30(Wed)21:43 No. 14012

I think so.

When Josef Stalin shut down the Comintern, the 'Communist International', he ceased actively trying to export the "glorious worker's revolution" to the rest of the world. His subsequent actions as General Secretary of the CPSU were always concerned with furthering the best interests of the Soviet Union, and, thereby, his own self. Stalin viewed the Soviet Union in EXACTLY the same way the Czars had viewed the Russian Empire. Stalin proved himself not only to be a nationalist, but the epitome of a particularly brutal, bloodthirsty form of nationalism.

Just ask the Czechs and the Hungarians.

Guy posts suicide letter on FB, kills himself Historian 13/10/29(Tue)16:31 No. 14007 [Reply]

Youtube  What you guys think? A lesson for us all? Fake? was he a faggot?

Historian 13/10/11(Fri)19:15 No. 13973 [Reply]

File 13815117374.jpg - (30.54KB , 251x350 , Napoleon_Bonaparte_inspecting_beet_sugar_loaves-SP.jpg )

What saint was on Henry the Fowler's shield?

Historian 13/10/13(Sun)00:19 No. 13978

oh nvm , it was st. micahel on his standard

Historian 13/01/17(Thu)15:31 No. 13525 [Reply]

File 135843311994.jpg - (32.40KB , 339x434 , Caravaque_catherine.jpg )

18th century documentaries, which are your favorites?

i like ones that center around individuals...


Historian 13/01/26(Sat)01:48 No. 13534

File 135916132978.jpg - (636.97KB , 930x516 , musket_to_musket_930x516.jpg )

Marquis de Lefayette


Historian 13/09/26(Thu)05:54 No. 13941

File 138016769552.jpg - (71.76KB , 964x645 , watrlo.jpg )

this is a superb documentary on Catherine the Great


Historian 13/09/26(Thu)05:56 No. 13942

File 138016776999.jpg - (545.94KB , 2955x1956 , 4D5CDep.jpg )

a sub-mediocre documentary on frederick ii

an avid read of all things frederick I really don't like it, but if you're new to him you might enjoy it


Historian 13/08/26(Mon)13:11 No. 13887 [Reply]

File 137751550077.jpg - (167.36KB , 768x1024 , tumblr_mrt6fvIayr1roprhno7_1280.jpg )


Does political rhetoric actually lead to shit getting done in the way of security?

Or are these kinds of things just to to inform voters about the strings they are directly pulling behind the scenes, for vainglory and votes?

Historian 13/08/27(Tue)15:58 No. 13890

CBRN threats: Making your takeover invasions friendlier to the public eye since 1989! Order our newest product, "Declare Anyone a WMD Hazard" today!

A little That Guy 13/09/06(Fri)20:06 No. 13915

File 137849078941.jpg - (33.17KB , 500x370 , Virginity Force Field.jpg )

I suspect that the vast majority of security problems facing any nation could be solved simply by people doing their jobs. One of the reasons that shit does not get done in the security realms is the various forms of institutional inertia: that's not my job, we've always done it this way, and gimme a bribe so I'll stop obstructing you. Political rhetoric if properly focused can be used to clear much of that obstructionism out of the way, particularly the corruption. If people are exposed for not doing their jobs, they are typically shamed or forced into doing their jobs. Please note that this responsible use of rhetoric is very different from the typical use of rhetoric which is to frustrate the supporters of political opponents and trick them into not voting.

Historian 13/09/07(Sat)09:01 No. 13919

on a side note, I hate that fucking cliche pose.

Every fucking comic book and comic book movie trots it out as if it's awesome and we've never seen it ten thousand times before. It's retarded.

Historian 13/08/25(Sun)00:23 No. 13883 [Reply]

File 137738299733.jpg - (101.87KB , 453x553 , disbelieving hitler.jpg )

Was Hitler a Christian?

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Historian 13/08/29(Thu)07:44 No. 13898

File 137775506150.jpg - (40.70KB , 645x936 , ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDAT.jpg )


Historian 13/08/30(Fri)10:03 No. 13901

onwards, for religion socialism and democracy!


Historian 13/08/20(Tue)00:29 No. 13876 [Reply]

File 137695137255.png - (216.79KB , 598x570 , banana.png )

So I was sitting in my car today, and heard this interview with Roy Bourgeois, a priest excommunicated for his pro female priest stance.
(Brief article:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/14/us/14priest.html?_r=0)
(The interview: http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/episode/2012/12/19/roy-bourgeois-excommunicated-priest-on-the-ordination-of-women/)
Normally, I wouldn't care, but the way in which he was excommunicated was sketchy as fuck (his immediate superiors could not agree and forwarded the issue to Rome; he was then excommunicated; apparently, only the Pope could do so, but when him and his canon lawyer inquire, they won't say who excommunicated him or what process of review his case underwent)

With further research, I find that Pope Francis is against the ordination of women, deferring to an earlier decree of Pope Jean Paul II, in the following article:


What really peeves me off is the title of the above article. The Pope commented on SEVERAL inmportant and controversial issues; and homosexuality snags the headline. That is some shit journalism.

Also, when Pope Francis parrots Jean Paul's "We don't have a deeper theology of women" (RE: We don't know what the fuck to do about it and aren't researching it) is also pretty bullshitty.

But, in sum, please listen to the interview. He was obviously a good priest, but once again, the oligarchy squashes the tiny.

Viking heritage mindless_one 13/08/04(Sun)19:56 No. 13866 [Reply]

File 137563897412.png - (34.15KB , 210x256 , Arms_of_the_House_of_Vasa_svg.png )

Let's do a Viking/Swedish/Norwegian thread. I am interested in family crests and their origins. I will start off with this and let you guise have at it!


3 Man Origin of the Nations Historian 13/06/03(Mon)22:13 No. 13780 [Reply]

File 137029038350.jpg - (58.35KB , 411x500 , the 3.jpg )

In here we discuss mankind's original 3 ancestors: Japheth, Shem, and Ham and the people who came from them.

Shem the Name and Renown ones
The Arabs, the Persians, the Jews, and the Babylonians came from him. He was the special one of the family. Shem's line gave way to all the Big Biblical figures like Abraham, Nebuchadnezzar, King David, Solomon, Moses, John the Baptist, and most importantly the Great Jesus Christ.

Ham the Hot ones
The Egyptians, Hittites, The Carthaginians, Pheonicians, The Libyans, Many East Indians, and the Ethiopians are primarily from Ham's line. Was kind of a trouble maker of the family. Famous members of his lineage are Hannibal the Carthaginian, Nimrod, and King Ramses.

Japheth the Fair ones and the Enlarged ones
The Celtics, the Germans, The Chinese, Slavics Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians, Barbarian Turks, Greeks, Anglos, and American Indians all come from him. Has perhaps the most numerous and most diverse bunch of sons in the family. Famous members of his lineage are King Alfred, Charlemagne, Geronimo, Charles Martel, Montezuma, Sun Tsu, Chief Joseph, Lief Erickson, Leonidas, King Richard, and Julius Caesar.

Combinations of 2 or 3 brothers occurred later in history. In East India, Aryans and Alexander's troop got with Cushite Indians making a Japheth/Ham combination. In Southeast Asia was another combination of Japheth/Ham.

Along the borders of the Middle East, Solomon and other Semite peoples were known to get many Ethiopian chicks. Thus a Shem/Ham combination.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Historian 13/07/29(Mon)10:47 No. 13858

File 137508764730.jpg - (888.86KB , 1009x1409 , cimmeria and scythia.jpg )

Cimmeria (later Eastern Rome) and Scythia (later Western Rome and Germany)

Historian 13/07/29(Mon)10:50 No. 13859

File 137508782283.jpg - (279.99KB , 1002x264 , celts scythians sarmatians.jpg )

The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Historian 13/07/30(Tue)01:54 No. 13861

Just think, all those generations of ignorant people who lived and died almost completely ignorant of the world and universe they lived in. After thousands of years of having wiped out Neandethalensis and having the whole world to themselves, the best they could do was petty tribalism, and world had to show for any of it was random descendants scattered to the wind, and a poorly assembled hodgepodge of incredibly savage "morality" tales (though today a child can write a better code of ethics). What a disastrous wreck of a past humanity comes from. It'd be shocking if most of the world didn't romanticize it and desire to force us all to go straight back to it.

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