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4chan user 17/02/16(Thu)12:26 No. 762696 [Reply]

File 148724440976.jpg - (67.51KB , 674x450 , C4pkYbWXAAEXNUm.jpg )

Glad they're happy together.

symbion 17/03/10(Fri)15:00 No. 763171

This is now an that traitorous swine thread.

E dward S nowden.

derp 17/03/10(Fri)16:37 No. 763172


Spider Expert 16/05/06(Fri)12:21 No. 752644 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 146253009015.png - (131.39KB , 642x1004 , Screenshot 2016-05-06 01_09_51.png )

I placed an order to buy one share of GOOGL.

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Anonymous 17/02/02(Thu)16:50 No. 762385

But then it'd be inconvenient to always be switching accounts...

He-Man 17/02/16(Thu)15:57 No. 762697

Oh, maybe I could use a promo code to Lyft to the airport.

tee 17/03/10(Fri)15:00 No. 763170

I had to. I needed money.

Oh, gosh, I never thought I'd hear myself saying that.

What a pity.

At least it's not because of consumerism.

derp 17/03/02(Thu)15:17 No. 762984 [Reply]

File 14884642579.jpg - (106.67KB , 660x495 , rus15.jpg )

Theoretically, in math, the number zero does not exists because the number zero has no value or a value of nothing but also in math there can never be nothing, there always has to be something. For years mathematician and philosophers have been having trouble with proving that nothing exists just as they've had trouble proving the soul exists. How does someone mathematically prove the soul exists, and I think the answer lies therein. The zero. Think about it, what value does your souls have other than what you have contributed to it? Without a body, without an external world, there would be nothing, you would be nothing or rather your soul would be this nothingness, this absolute zero. This is the beginning. After you are brought into being you get values added onto this nothing: 1torso, 1face, 1nose, 1mouth, 2eyes, 2ears, 2hands, 2legs, 10toes, 10fingers and so forth and so on and all these things add to that zero, they become a part of the soul, they become you. You have these things and how you use them not only determines their greater value but the value of your soul. Misuse of a hand, say for theft or whatever, not only devalues your hands but also devalues your soul in the same way proper use of your hands, say for feeding a starving child or whatever, adds to the value of you hands in the same way it adds to the soul. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is you determine weather your soul ends in the positive or negative spectrum of existence and how you get there is determined by how you use what's already been given to you so take take of everything you have and don't misuse them. Also, always remember that NOTHING EXISTS!

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Cryomancer 17/03/09(Thu)22:42 No. 763143

Theoretically you're all right
Where's the cake?

OP 17/03/10(Fri)03:54 No. 763151

the cake is a lie

Novice Equestrian 17/03/10(Fri)10:13 No. 763159

File 148913722351.png - (63.08KB , 546x443 , Then Who Was Phone.png )

Pic related.

Brony 17/02/09(Thu)23:57 No. 762499 [Reply]

File 148668105690.jpg - (77.14KB , 960x960 , fattie.jpg )

Some people will tell you this is God's planet and we must take care of all the animals.

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Bob Ross 17/02/21(Tue)17:28 No. 762792

File 148769450934.jpg - (17.45KB , 236x297 , b8a8a2b3d11ca5a56702899fb0e60028.jpg )


Christian Weston Chandler 17/03/09(Thu)23:01 No. 763148

Some people will tell you war is money and money is power. Buy bonds

Novice Equestrian 17/03/10(Fri)08:12 No. 763158

File 148912992694.jpg - (3.04KB , 220x165 , 220px-Toiletpapier_(Gobran111).jpg )

Some people will tell you it's called a "Safety Belt" and calling it a "Seat Belt" is wrong.

pic related tissue paper

Lorf 17/02/21(Tue)04:00 No. 762782 [Reply]

File 148764605771.jpg - (20.92KB , 403x403 , SS.jpg )

If human beings have radio frequencies that are complementing each others, does that mean they have already died and their torn souls are being filling in the gaps for each other?

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
p4ch3c0 17/02/26(Sun)18:35 No. 762895

>If human beings have radio frequencies that are complementing each others

We don't demand proof, Lorf.
But as far as i can see there's no evidence for this manner of radio communication

N3X15 17/03/09(Thu)22:51 No. 763146

midnight shitposting is responsible for 13% of lesser cancers

OP 17/03/10(Fri)07:07 No. 763157

File 148912604846.jpg - (2.77MB , 4096x3411 , potw1709a-1.jpg )

Just ask the guys over at aricebo.

symbion 17/03/10(Fri)00:28 No. 763149 [Reply]

File 148910212395.png - (40.41KB , 859x584 , Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4_34_17 PM.png )

/b/ , binary has to be restarted properly in Greek , otherwise all coding is corrupt , so expect to learn true binary , along with another internet restart , .

/b/ , until we meet again properly , remember always that μονοθεισμ διφινιτυ ισ βεστ , .

symbion 17/03/10(Fri)05:23 No. 763155

> , .
monotheism divinity bot,
why do you terminate sentences in this manner?

Anonymous 17/03/10(Fri)06:16 No. 763156

segments = "$(cat /input/file)"
for i in segments; do
printf "$i , "
printf ".\n"

poe 17/03/10(Fri)05:19 No. 763154 [Reply]

File 148911958454.png - (878.35KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-03-10 11-11-44.png )

Tony Stark does nothing without reason.

Keep in mind he's an exceptional genious with a tumerous co-processor.

That whole drunken fight at the party?

He had to test the possibility of having to fight his own technology. Much of the first film showed us his approach to development is rather test-driven (even in the cave, he catches the terrorists attention testing a leg apparatus). He's always willing to lose or destroy his prototypes in a test, often testing things until they break; he feels no regret over it and uses the experience to improve on his idea. At this point he still believed he would die from palladium poisoning, but had most likely enough time to still improve the suit (when he makes his qt3.14 CEO there are lots of designs floating around, looking uninspired--he throws two or three away while they talk).

Remember when he met Ho Yinsen? Yinsen remembered his speech on integrated circuts from the Y2K party we see in the opening of the third movie. Tony Stark is not intellectually imparied by alcohol, although he obviously has emotional problems.

I think he was fully aware of what he was doing the whole time, and yeah, he also had to give Rhodey a suit for all those other reasons.

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)19:18 No. 762968 [Reply]

File 148839232879.png - (192.71KB , 680x680 , 1457162272567.png )

Everyone has them. Those things in life that turn otherwise normal human beings into a screeching tard in the blink of an eye. What's yours?

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 17/03/07(Tue)16:40 No. 763090

I had to sit through The Temptation of Jesus at church last week.

Sonichu 17/03/09(Thu)22:41 No. 763142

Someone with bipolar disorder and claustrophobia is not paying attention to a small number of details.

Nyan Cat 17/03/10(Fri)05:13 No. 763153

File 148911918780.jpg - (28.24KB , 749x576 , 16998771_1085789694864599_6696986390621228435_n.jpg )

You go to church? Why?

PrettyPony 17/03/10(Fri)04:17 No. 763152 [Reply]

File 148911584027.png - (161.16KB , 187x727 , Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 8_05_14 PM.png )


tee 17/03/04(Sat)00:16 No. 763011 [Reply]

File 148858299651.png - (250.73KB , 815x1007 , Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 4_23_00 PM.png )

/b/ , what reason is programming not taught at the more basic level if programming is simply 1 + 1 = 2 , but with the same variables all being placed from A to B , ?

i guess /a/ is the reason /b/ exists after all , so /b/ can blame any problems on /b/ because of /a/ , .

monotheism divinity wins , and so do all that trust monotheism divinity , .

/b/ wins as /b/ trusts monotheism divinity as a teammate , .

Sazpaimon 17/03/04(Sat)01:04 No. 763014

File 148858585987.png - (183.11KB , 1913x1031 , Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 5_12_49 PM.png )

/b/ , programmers gave up , they need monotheism divinity devotion , and basic greek astrology , .

poe 17/03/09(Thu)22:33 No. 763141

Because all programmers Kno diffntal Algebra

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