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h 15/08/21(Fri)20:18 No. 744067 [Reply]

File 144018110821.png - (132.58KB , 400x741 , lvl10steam.png )

Today was a terrible day, just went from bad to worse, so I'm walking home in a semi-rage and as I pass an alley way a cat runs out and almost trips me up , this is where my memory ends until I come to panting and covered in the cats blood, its body literally ripped apart, it looked like a pack of pitbulls had used it for sport.

I can only assume I did that, but I have no recollection of it what so ever.

Anyone else ever experienced something like this?

Pic related.

Spider Expert 15/08/22(Sat)06:44 No. 744082

You killed a cat? Can't say that I have but there was thig gang in my neighbourhood growing up called "Killa-Bee'sz" where you had to kill a cat to become ar member. They were all a buncha wannabe's ofc.

N3X15 15/08/23(Sun)18:11 No. 744120

i joined a similar wanna-be branch of the CRIPS as a youth; we held a ritual beating for new members, mebership was to be considered for life.

i never met anyone from our supposed connection to the nation-wide gang.

we were all white.

symbion 15/08/23(Sun)09:51 No. 744099 [Reply]

File 144031630236.jpg - (744.65KB , 1920x1080 , DSC_0292.jpg )

The internet in China sucks humongous spinning horsecocks, let me count the ways:

1. No google. No google ajax, no google mail, no google partners or subsidiaries, no google anything. This pretty much shuts down half of all interaction with the western world's internet; for example it is impossible to star a thread on 7chan because no captcha. Are there alternatives? Oh yeah, see point 3.

2. Slow like injecting frozen mollases up an infant's ureathra. Slow, very very airwolfing slow, as if every http request were processed by a single home/office router, which I am almost certain is the case. Yes they have supercomputers, but they make too much money doing outsourced work to be used for things like internal security.

3. Shameless shoddy shit. Like everything else made by Chinese for Chinese, their websites suck in every possible way. Shit coding, cut corners, and failed attempts to patch over problems with cheap decoration. Online train/bus/hotel reservations? Sure--except you can't use the "online reservations" counter to pick them up, because they aren't firs, second, or even third party travel agent reservations--pretty much every service in China is subject to "fourth party" retail, by which I mean some fat guy in a sweaty t-shirt standing on the corner who will rudely ask you for additional money and actually is an official representative of the booking agency. That's a "good" website, 3/5 others are outright scams--there's a reason "shanghai" is a verb in English that means "to swindle" and the information age has only compunded Chinese ability to rip off each other and any hapless foriegners who wander into their (ever-expanding) territory.

4. "SHUT. DOWN. EVERYHING." Suspicious activity? whole domain blocked and DNS records intentionally poisoned to prevent others from attemping that in the future. No IRC, the entire protocol is apparently unnaceptable, etc etc.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great trip. Despite being quagmired neck deep in it's own shit, China is a wonderful country full of kind and welcoming people--but the internet in China is just horrible.

Pic marginally related, an Angry-go-round.

Spider Expert 15/08/23(Sun)14:39 No. 744105


You need to thaw the molasses before injection.

Miku Fanboy 15/08/23(Sun)16:13 No. 744109

That would make it much faster yes?

Spider Expert 15/08/21(Fri)12:32 No. 744056 [Reply]

File 144015316854.jpg - (120.16KB , 640x640 , image.jpg )

Does anyone feel like airwolfing some shit up?

zeneslev 15/08/22(Sat)06:48 No. 744083


I hear Destiny calling.

She says she wants her child back.

h 15/08/22(Sat)08:13 No. 744084

Sometimes yes.

herp 15/08/19(Wed)23:38 No. 744023 [Reply]

File 144002033115.jpg - (29.70KB , 468x625 , carl.jpg )

sup /b/
whats the best way to find out what someone's kinks are without asking?

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Panawave 15/08/21(Fri)06:14 No. 744050

I've had this happen to me tonight. I was using a GE "microwaving oven" to quickly reheat some sausages and pasta alfredo. One part of the dinner was getting warm and one part not so much so I swirled it all together because my nephew said those ovens zap the food unevenly. Anyways, as I was pulling the plate out of the oven, the sausage casing exploded and Alfredo got all over the side of my face. Technology is a bummer sometimes.

Brony 15/08/21(Fri)22:24 No. 744069

thats just jizz on a guy's face

4chan user 15/08/22(Sat)06:43 No. 744081

You'll need a better story than that when your wife and kids find it.

herp 15/08/04(Tue)00:10 No. 743629 [Reply]

File 14386398295.jpg - (51.58KB , 850x400 , quote-there-is-no-witness-so-dreadful-no-accuser-s.jpg )

I consider myself a semi-sociopath. I say this because I can use my intelligence and charm to manipulate people and situations while still retaining the ability to feel empathy and love. I care about people, and I am generally selfless. However I am 100% capable of manipulating people into doing things I want them to do, feeling what I want them to feel. I can also change the outcomes of competitions and other events/situations in my favor or in the common favor.

Would you consider me a semi-sociopath?

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[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/08/21(Fri)14:05 No. 744060

All of OP's secrets revealed! /thread

Sonichu 15/08/21(Fri)20:00 No. 744066


Everything you've said so far could 100% accurately describe me. I feel better knowing there are others as emotionally stunted as me out there, thank you <3

Lorf 15/08/22(Sat)06:34 No. 744080

Manipulation is a trait that everyone has, its just about mastering it in the end...
That is my opinion anyways.

Novice Equestrian 15/05/23(Sat)18:52 No. 741011 [Reply]

File 143239991920.jpg - (37.13KB , 640x360 , vroom vroom.jpg )

it's caturday.
post some cats.

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tee 15/08/18(Tue)11:33 No. 743982

Bob Ross 15/08/18(Tue)20:59 No. 743992

h 15/08/21(Fri)20:31 No. 744068

Anyone ever play that game were you jump out and scare a cat during rush hour traffic and see how long it takes to get run over?

herp 15/08/14(Fri)04:06 No. 743875 [Reply]

File 14395180073.jpg - (31.28KB , 640x480 , verizon_logo1.jpg )


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Nyan Cat 15/08/20(Thu)15:49 No. 744040

I really like Earl Sweatshirt

W. T. Snacks 15/08/20(Thu)22:15 No. 744044

File 144010171940.png - (106.28KB , 437x499 , 1398972528105.png )


N3X15 15/08/21(Fri)15:03 No. 744063

I forgot. :3

Probably Mod is OP and he can't pay his bill because he was calling too much other people.


N3X15 15/06/26(Fri)08:48 No. 742172 [Reply]

File 143530132085.jpg - (104.36KB , 635x537 , tumblr_npxzl4G0Fv1qinrtgo1_1280.jpg )

why the airwolf is vince vaughn in the second season of true detectives. i hate that airwolfing strawberry

21 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
W. T. Snacks 15/08/21(Fri)09:55 No. 744055

i should just state, i know i will be misunderstood.
the inferences from whatever i write wont be accurate.
but one thing i'll write is that religion is wrong as popular opinion is wrong as political power is wrong as authority is wrong as society/tradition is wrong.

truth is the way to go. not things commonly associated with truth but truth itself.

Steve 15/08/21(Fri)14:27 No. 744061

i was impressed with this from a previous post
"Deep down humans are nothing more than cruel selfish animals."
and the other post linking nytimes
>i just came here since 4chan
This was your first mistake, I'll get back to that in a moment.
>specifically this section
..is what greentext is for

>disappointed greatly
So sorry you find respect for thr intelligence of living things dissapointing. Tell you what, I'll never respect your intelligence. Does that balance it out?

Adjust your anus for wide-band reception.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Reimu Hakurei 15/08/21(Fri)16:27 No. 744064

I must apologise for my sloppy editing.
Normally, I'd delete and repost, but I neglected to set a password manually (behind the Great Firewall: no google ajax, no javascript on 7chan, no automatic password, etc etc.)

Also, >>744053
Welcome to 7chan. Enjoy your ban!

Nyan Cat 15/07/31(Fri)23:49 No. 743499 [Reply]

File 143837938719.jpg - (135.10KB , 450x338 , 6a010534db265a970c013487aff5ee970c-800wi.jpg )

Im this way

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Miku Fanboy 15/08/15(Sat)15:31 No. 743934

You duck in frames when the baterang is coming at you?

[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/08/15(Sat)21:05 No. 743936

You don't duck when a batarang is coming for you?

Steve 15/08/16(Sun)00:10 No. 743938

File 143967659722.gif - (1.37MB , 480x270 , batarang.gif )

I don't duck when a batarang is coming.

zeneslev 15/08/20(Thu)02:07 No. 744025 [Reply]

File 144002926275.gif - (269.28KB , 500x392 , xhate.gif )

The head deletes but I post again

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