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He-Man 15/04/02(Thu)23:40 No. 739457 [Reply]

File 142801085434.jpg - (63.63KB , 600x510 , darthweirdo.jpg )

How much do you worry about expressing your opinion:

-on 7chan?
-anywhere else on the internet?

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derp 15/04/05(Sun)02:56 No. 739541

Mostly, I experess my opinion anyway. Especially online.
Tho, I am a bit shy and quite quiet AFK, so I oftentimes keep my opinion for myself, but if I am interested for topic of discussion or pissed at somebody because of what they do or say... I can be quite loud.

But, I don't express my opinion without having strong arguments that go in its favour. Because, you have to have, at least when expressing your opinion on certain topic, arguments - but, more importantly, a spine - you gotta stand behind your words and your actions, no matter how ridiculous or stupid they are. Because if one has no integrity, one's words do not matter, at all.

derp 15/04/05(Sun)22:42 No. 739561

>on 7Chan
Not at all. If I have something to say, I'll just post it.
>Anywhere else on the internet
Depends if I'm anon or not.
If I am, I'll be just as frank as the 7Chan example
If I'm not, I'll be a bit more cautious if what I post could get me banned/arrested ('murrica)
I don't worry about it, but at the same time, I don't express my opinions at all. Anything I say usually gets ignored by people.
Besides, debates in the 21st century are nothing more than a contest of who can come up with the better insult.

Christian Weston Chandler 15/04/07(Tue)00:46 No. 739594

On 7chan, I don't worry too much but occasionally delete my posts before making them.

Anywhere else, at least if it is an account based service which I don't normally use anyways, I won't post absolutely anything unless I know for a fact it is actually bringing something relatively interesting or important to the table.

Offline I refuse to give input on anything because every time I do I end up regretting it.

poe 15/04/03(Fri)13:53 No. 739486 [Reply]

File 142806201582.gif - (269.35KB , 763x429 , cab-window-429.gif )

Hey 7channel,

Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to set .gif files as the background on my computer running windows 8 and how?
I'd like something like this as a background, it's kind of soothing.

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h 15/04/06(Mon)14:09 No. 739577


Did I hurt your feelings over the internet? Worked nightshifts all week so I was too tired to come up with that. But thanks to you I'll find my answer.
Love you, anon.

He-Man 15/04/06(Mon)20:07 No. 739580

yet another reason why OP does not deserve help, not to mention failing to google his original question.

tee 15/04/06(Mon)21:00 No. 739581

File 142834683253.gif - (45.33KB , 500x162 , FortuneYourStupidity.gif )

No, you didn't hurt my feelings.

zeneslev 15/04/05(Sun)14:07 No. 739554 [Reply]

File 142823566370.jpg - (1.06MB , 2560x1440 , 20150404_120841.jpg )

What drugs do you think he does

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OP 15/04/06(Mon)07:41 No. 739572

All of them.

All the drugs.

Closet Furry 15/04/06(Mon)10:52 No. 739575


zeneslev 15/04/06(Mon)12:18 No. 739576

File 14283155179.jpg - (22.54KB , 162x200 , Brandon.jpg )

He's pretty hardcore.

Sazpaimon 15/02/21(Sat)20:54 No. 738452 [Reply]

File 142454849337.jpg - (184.65KB , 1089x776 , bruegel-triumph-of-death.jpg )

I just realized that there is a fundamental flaw in my main argument for my PhD thesis. Final draft is due in a month. 3 years or work ruined by a stupid oversight. Might not even be able to stick around and finish, making this a 6 year masters degree in horse shit.

How's your day going?

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Christian Weston Chandler 15/04/02(Thu)07:53 No. 739445

At this moment there are so many naked children in this world and so so many of them who can help us cum. What do you do when you get those special feelings deep inside? I tell myself I can stop when I want to. I can stop when I wish. I can stop, stop, stop any time. And what a good feeling to feel like this and know that the feeling is really mine. Know that there's something deep inside that helps us cum when we can. For a girl can be someday a woman. And this boy can be someday a man.

W. T. Snacks 15/04/06(Mon)08:20 No. 739573

Are you a math doctor now, OP?

Novice Equestrian 15/04/06(Mon)09:15 No. 739574


got a job too, for at least bit. feels good, man.

life goal is just to make enough to live simply with the wifey (also a math phd) during the year and then blow our summers and breaks on epic travel adventures. try and see as much of this stupid marble as we can before fading to black.

its nice to be this much closer.

Conductor Cat 15/03/22(Sun)07:37 No. 739095 [Reply]

File 142700626626.jpg - (306.20KB , 1280x720 , Image125.jpg )

Was thinking about something called the PeerNet, where we torrent our web pages so we have total control. Think about it, web pages generally aren't very big & could be torrented very easily, especially if most people just leave it in their torrent client seeding. I suggest that this thread here could get it started. Post a link to an accepted 7chan filehost so people can download the torrent for your web page & we can slowly build up a PeerNet.

Designers should keep in mind that many links on said pages can be for regular urls but they could also be for downloading a torrented web page too. Try to link each other's pages as much as possible to make it easier for PeerNet users to access more pages.

27 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
symbion 15/03/30(Mon)17:15 No. 739345

I'm not thinking image boards, from my understanding of code, those require a lot of PHP & Javascript. I can see some client side code, but there is no Mysql database to PHP with. All server side code is not very useful here.

There are risks, there are inconveniences, but that's the price of admission into the PeerNet. People need to know getting into this that an internet under our total control using P2P isn't gunna load new fresh pages as fast as normal. They'll have to download the torrent, half a sec. Then load it in their torrent client, half a sec. Wait for it to download, another half a sec. Then open the folder it downloaded to & click on the new page, 2 secs. That's a lot slower than the regular internet but I actually think it's faster than some Dark Net pages I've loaded.

Torrents allow it to be totally under our control, but depending on filehosts to just download the pages in a rar file is another way. Although I don't think the term PeerNet applies anymore at that point. Still, the files are on servers & can be deleted. They can be re-uploaded of course, but still, it's not fully under our control.

All it takes is people to start doing it, that's the 1st & most important hurdle. We didn't make it over that hurdle. Too bad, maybe one day people will be more Shadow Net minded when the regular internet is censored & regulated big time.

OP 15/03/31(Tue)00:46 No. 739363

>download the torrent, half a sec. Then load it in their torrent client, half a sec. Wait for it to download, another half a sec. Then open the folder it downloaded to & click on the new page, 2 secs.
Simplify this by integrating it into a browser. PeerNet needs either a locally running proxy to intercept requests, process downloads, and return webpages to any browser or a customized browser that does it all internally.

Perhaps you could fork a torrent client and/or a web browser for the purpose, but the possibility to integrate PeerNet into existing browsers is the key to adoption in my opinion (no one wants to install anything, no one wants to configure anything; by "no one" I mean the 99.9% of people who own an Internet capable-device yet refuse to learn anything about the technology within.

>All it takes is people to start doing it, that's the 1st & most important hurdle. We didn't make it over that hurdle. Too bad, maybe one day people will be more Shadow Net minded when the regular internet is censored & regulated big time.
Don't hold your breath. As I said, this has been tried before. It's a great theory, but I doubt it will see practical use until it can be reliably and completely automated (the only way it will ever catch on is if people don't know they are participating (they won't know--even if it's in the User License Agreement--so long as it looks like what they are used to and behaves like they are used to).

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/04/06(Mon)07:18 No. 739570

Freenet. What you're thinking of is Freenet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freenet

Homicide 15/04/03(Fri)23:53 No. 739508 [Reply]

File 14280979986.jpg - (98.61KB , 558x419 , aasfsdn.jpg )

Hello /b/, how are you today?

9 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 15/04/05(Sun)07:44 No. 739547

this isn't niggertits >:(

Spiderman 15/04/05(Sun)09:43 No. 739551


tee 15/04/05(Sun)18:04 No. 739557

My aunt invited my family over for brunch, and stuffed us up to our throats with her delicious delicious food.
I haven't slept for 36 hours.
I have a shit-ton of studying to do.
I'm feeling rather depressed and cranky about things I have no way of changing.

So... you know, the usual.

Anonymous 15/03/29(Sun)11:06 No. 739295 [Reply]

File 142761997856.jpg - (69.57KB , 1920x1200 , 11080663_10152782713716235_4099482028537353347_o.jpg )

Stare at this picture for awhile. Think from the perspective beyond just what you see in the photo that you somehow have the panoramic sight of a few more kilometres in all directions around you, and how you could almost hear a pin drop half a kilometre away from you in this windless environment. Bathe in these different emotions. How does it feel? Tranquilizing? Eery? Scary? Or do you feel indescribable pleasure and joy?

10 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Conductor Cat 15/03/30(Mon)10:07 No. 739338

why do you attack my sensibilities?

I'm now plagued with whiteboy dick syndrome.

Thanks again.

poe 15/03/30(Mon)10:30 No. 739340

That picture was probably taken from a tourist overlook or a highway.

Spiderman 15/04/04(Sat)22:41 No. 739535

When I imagine it, it feels pleasant being able to experience my local surroundings more acutely. It would get old pretty fast, though.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 15/04/03(Fri)20:33 No. 739498 [Reply]

File 142808598212.jpg - (88.08KB , 791x544 , OPisThisOld.jpg )

Been dating girls in their 20s, while I'm in my 30s. They're cute, but they've been babysat through years of schooling, & straight into cushy jobs. Their thoughts reflect a total lack of life experience on a level they don't even know they'll later be embarrassed by.

airwolf it's hard to sit in a airwolfing social setting with them and keep a straight face sometimes.

GF's worldly hipster friend: I'm really seriously getting into film.
GF: yeah he is, super deep
You: Oh yea? What are you into?
Hipster wizard: Have you ever heard of a movie called... 2001?

Oh for airwolfs sake...

herp 15/04/03(Fri)20:56 No. 739499

Tell him to watch "A Clockwork Orange" next on his Kubrick list.

I bet he'll say it was an awesome social commentary and that Kubrick is an amazing creator.

(he doesn't know how the book was lobotomized, or that there is a book)

I wouldn't bother with Dr. Strangelove; he'll probably just say he watched it and read the cliffnotes.

N3X15 15/03/28(Sat)13:44 No. 739276 [Reply]

File 142754664482.jpg - (27.15KB , 300x300 , 300_Borat_090908.jpg )

So /b/ how do you rebel against the oppression of society?

When cops ask me what the drinking limit is in my country, I like to answer "I don't know officer, it changes all the time".

picture unrelated

12 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Liru Fanboy 15/04/02(Thu)21:06 No. 739454

I generally post relevant information that if taken seriously would seriously discredit and irritate opposition, mostly taking the side of anti-establishment views in an unpleasant manner

I'm anti-reactionary (considering them to be part of the establishment) but most of the time when I argue against right of center concepts it's with some amount of sympathy

what I really enjoy is reformulating a situation through wording to shift the burden of responsibility for problems onto groups I don't like, and often I make a badly treated target out as behaving quite naturally for a human being in something

this seems to involve a lot of defending muslims at the moment even though they have that filthy shitwater habit, I wouldn't say this is contrarian of me since I'm not contra-dicting so much as correcting false framing

it really bothers people, like it really bothers people in ways active "trolling" can't even begin to approach

ian 15/04/02(Thu)23:35 No. 739456

admit it, you just like finding new and creative ways of making the majority uncomfortable.

ian 15/04/03(Fri)09:33 No. 739479

Youtube - Toggle Video

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