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derp 19/02/13(Wed)18:48 No. 788227 [Reply]

File 155008009181.gif - (4.97MB , 329x473 , Alizée.gif )

7chan's back!

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Optimus Prime 19/02/18(Mon)23:47 No. 788374

File 15505300262.gif - (1.53MB , 197x277 , I Feel Pretty.gif )

Asshole #42 checking in.

N3X15 19/02/19(Tue)01:58 No. 788377

>pic related

Thank you

May Estrada bless you and Victor Von Doom have mercy on all our souls


Sonichu 19/02/19(Tue)02:11 No. 788378

File 15505386892.png - (36.10KB , 836x776 , SeaKing.png )

Sorry I'm late.
Asshole #plaid reporting.

4chan user 19/02/18(Mon)10:12 No. 788352 [Reply]

File 155048114777.jpg - (1.59MB , 2487x3533 , yande_re 442735 aichi_shiho astolfo_(fate) censore.jpg )

I remember when I went to Walmart. I remember when I got a cake from Walmart. It was a birthday cake. It was a birthday cake for my 13th birthday. This birthday cake was nice and fluffy, and super large. It was a rectangular three layer cake, much like one you'd find in a wedding - only this one would be found at a birthday party. My birthday party. So I take the cake home, and right off the bat, something doesn't seem right. No, it isn't the fact that there are Minions plastered all over the thing like I'm 5 years old. No, it isn't the fact that it tastes weird - red velvet never tastes weird to me. So what could the problem me? Well, the problem lies simply in the text written sloppily on the cake. "HAPPY BRITHDAY TO DANNY". The way they missppelled BIRTHDAY really triggers me!!! I will have you know that I have severe OCD that gets super triggered whenever I see something misspelled this criminally! On a birthday cake! Oh, the never of some people!

Spider Expert 19/02/18(Mon)12:13 No. 788356

I prefer REAL stories

Novice Equestrian 19/02/18(Mon)14:10 No. 788360

File 155049539890.gif - (885.55KB , 245x210 , JauntyUniqueGermanwirehairedpointer-small-1.gif )

Check out my man over here with his standards and shit.

Lorf 19/02/17(Sun)17:23 No. 788316 [Reply]

File 155042061979.jpg - (20.10KB , 450x450 , images (1).jpg )

So, basically in islam you can have 4 wives. Which means 4 waifus. Convert to have more 2d qts that luv U!

My waifus:

Liliana San:

3AANd9GcSTvcPnczvxBetrOG3tRgkjZm59amMaYO36I6AxObBQmlrpui4A ( wagaya no liliana san )


https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcS0I1Lyi66m0qLi9aVuL7K49MBPKf_h8oSWAt-2ZwSvj81nLCvz (konosuba)

Sumika oohashi:
https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/images/characters/3/296278.jpg (futabu series)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Novice Equestrian 19/02/17(Sun)21:10 No. 788329

File 155043422030.jpg - (70.43KB , 500x530 , 601c3f4320a1b917dc559c71c500b78a.jpg )

My four waifus are

1.) Waha
2.) Waha
3.) Waha


4.) Waha

p4ch3c0 19/02/18(Mon)10:53 No. 788353

damn. you already photoshoped that. well i would like for nobody to have carnal desires with my waifus when i take them to the mall for shopping

derp 19/02/18(Mon)14:08 No. 788357

Audio hubbu_hubbu.mp3 - (1.81MB )

As if a pair of sexy eyes isn't enough to build any number of fantasies on. The problem with controlling how women dress to suppress men's impure thoughts is that human imaginations are unlimited. There is no amount of hiding a woman away that can ever result in men not having an impure thought. You could lock your women in a closet and never let anyone know they exist, but if that was common in your culture there would be some perverts who fantasize about breaking into your house and raping your secretly imprisoned women.

Marisa Kirisame 19/02/17(Sun)20:20 No. 788323 [Reply]

File 15504312544.jpg - (183.67KB , 604x454 , 313162135021276.jpg )

i cant find the request chan.. anyone has moar or sauce


Brony 19/02/17(Sun)20:26 No. 788326

File 155043160159.jpg - (645.25KB , 950x1382 , 1325647861001 (1)(1).jpg )

>request chan

4chan user 19/02/04(Mon)14:45 No. 788208 [Reply]

File 154928790490.jpg - (51.01KB , 640x384 , clue-movie-20-small-1.jpg )

Someone here is the killer but who among us could it be?

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W. T. Snacks 19/02/05(Tue)00:50 No. 788220

File 154932420255.jpg - (146.44KB , 1024x759 , marty_wat.jpg )

I arrived here with you Doc!
We jumped back an forth, and back to jump forth again.

Sazpaimon 19/02/05(Tue)02:44 No. 788225

Youtube  That was one way this thread could have ended.

But how about this?

Bob Ross 19/02/16(Sat)22:52 No. 788298

File 155035397666.jpg - (79.81KB , 1000x541 , 24263310_12.jpg )

We're in the wrong 80's movie Marty, come on we've got to get out of here!

[tags4lyf]PEARS 18/10/13(Sat)20:13 No. 784180 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 153945438970.jpg - (919.60KB , 1000x1000 , miku fanboys unite.jpg )

Any Miku Fanboys still out there?

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Miku Fanboy 19/01/28(Mon)16:06 No. 788018

File 15486879944.jpg - (952.61KB , 1800x2626 , 2934670 - Miku_Hatsune Vocaloid abmayo.jpg )


Marisa Kirisame 19/01/30(Wed)14:14 No. 788062

Miku got an upgrade apparently.

zeneslev 19/02/15(Fri)02:27 No. 788267

File 155019403181.png - (17.13KB , 256x256 , unnamed.png )

7chan's back in business, Miku Fanboys!

N3X15 19/01/16(Wed)01:40 No. 787613 [Reply]

File 154759925534.jpg - (84.79KB , 800x898 , 89765567.jpg )

Baby penguin is a "grey bird". ✓

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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 19/02/03(Sun)15:33 No. 788196

File 154920439452.jpg - (966.77KB , 1773x2973 , cutter blade toy.jpg )

Cutter Blade is a "Toy". ✓

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 19/02/04(Mon)00:33 No. 788204

File 15492368225.jpg - (35.00KB , 400x300 , crow.jpg )

Crows are "shitposters".✓

Bill 19/02/04(Mon)06:35 No. 788205

i like bird, they go up

Sazpaimon 19/02/02(Sat)15:54 No. 788177 [Reply]

File 154911928855.jpg - (454.52KB , 1920x1080 , groundhogday.jpg )

It’s Groundhog Day!

In Punxsutawney, a small town northeast of Pittsburgh, some cruel member of an ancient cult are going to pull a fat squirrel out of a tree. Blinded be the light the helpless fat squirrel will be held high in the air and presented to a roaring crowd. After some common american waterboarding, the fat squirrel will be interrogated to see if it saw its shadow first.

Our prayers should be with the little rodent.

r000t 19/02/02(Sat)21:30 No. 788183

File 15491394331.gif - (845.43KB , 320x320 , giphy7.gif )

The groundhog released a statement saying that they polar vortex is over.

Lorf 19/02/03(Sun)12:59 No. 788190

File 154919514856.jpg - (278.97KB , 1080x1920 , no more winter.jpg )


Marisa Kirisame 18/12/13(Thu)21:32 No. 786341 [Reply]

File 154473313224.jpg - (37.06KB , 640x757 , 1541672011859.jpg )

ass > tits
prove me wrong
pro tip: you cant

39 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
PrettyPony 19/01/23(Wed)14:48 No. 787855

File 154825133057.jpg - (0.99MB , 2127x2880 , IMG_20181231_135847_1 (1).jpg )

So you make the claim that ass is better then say that proof doesn't exist? Tits > ass Bob Rossdamned proven then.

symbion 19/02/03(Sun)00:56 No. 788185

File 154915177826.jpg - (93.28KB , 1125x750 , Bentley-Race-Aybars-Arab-Turkish-Guys-With-A-Thick.jpg )

Thanks for stroking my ego.

W. T. Snacks 19/02/03(Sun)13:01 No. 788191

File 154919527471.jpg - (43.40KB , 557x553 , tinypinga.jpg )

BRB, I'll get the tweezers to grab it.

Spider Expert 19/01/28(Mon)14:23 No. 788015 [Reply]

File 154868179277.jpg - (19.20KB , 530x298 , downloadfile-75.jpg )

Tell me about your deepest darkest secrets and desires 7chan.

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Homicide 19/02/01(Fri)14:52 No. 788140

File 154902913481.jpg - (69.03KB , 600x625 , u94fq-1.jpg )

>I'm part of the master race.

4chan user 19/02/03(Sun)00:42 No. 788184

You and me both. I used to jerk off to her show Wonder Women when it came on the TV in the early 80's. airwolf I'm old.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 19/02/03(Sun)14:09 No. 788193

If the only thing you can be proud of is your ethnic background, then you have an inferiority complex.

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