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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith 17/07/13(Thu)18:50 No. 46130 [Reply]

File 149996463337.jpg - (1.21MB , 1680x1050 , 12649495463.jpg )


John Smith 17/07/17(Mon)02:20 No. 46137

Hello there John

John Smith 17/07/20(Thu)18:49 No. 46145

Life is particularly uninteresting.



John Smith 17/05/26(Fri)20:06 No. 46048 [Reply]

File 149582197599.jpg - (33.17KB , 265x500 , 71666988fe769387b96f8585ab5258e6_kindlephoto-17954.jpg )

I tried light ranch dressing today. It was good. A suitable replacement for full fat ranch.

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John Smith 17/06/24(Sat)06:57 No. 46099

File 149828027616.jpg - (518.87KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20170624_005758.jpg )

I love steamed green beans with balsamic and garlic.

John Smith 17/06/24(Sat)22:25 No. 46100

Wow John. Thanks for this tip.
I just finished a steamed artichoke and it would have been better with this dressing about, I am sure.

John Smith 17/07/17(Mon)02:33 No. 46139

Agreed Steamed veggies are the best

John Smith 16/06/12(Sun)22:04 No. 45412 [Reply]

File 146576186031.gif - (958.02KB , 500x282 , I like saying no_.gif )

Could have had plans today, then remembered /eh/ exists.

Dear John, I hope you are doing well.

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John Smith 16/08/19(Fri)23:34 No. 45544

You don't know me, why should you be invested in my well-being? Thanks regardless, but it doesn't mean much to me.

John Smith 16/08/20(Sat)23:11 No. 45549

What kind of plans, John?

John Smith 16/11/25(Fri)06:15 No. 45739


I am glad to hear that you did not overdo it. It is important to remember our limitations.

I also hope that you are doing well.

Yours Truly,

John Smith 17/07/08(Sat)22:55 No. 46116 [Reply]

File 14995473538.png - (12.12KB , 340x84 , hehishasiu.png )


he's kinda boring but i like him and want him to get some views cause he's lonely.

John Smith 17/06/10(Sat)12:43 No. 46066 [Reply]

File 149709139155.jpg - (2.62MB , 3120x4160 , yEJUpkn (2).jpg )

My puppy is teething. It's a pain. She keeps biting my night gown. Also her ears are crooked. I'm not sure why.

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John Smith 17/06/29(Thu)00:05 No. 46103

File 149868755532.jpg - (56.81KB , 640x640 , FB_IMG_1497540395862.jpg )

Dogs are fine animals. I have been best friends with several in my lifetime.

John Smith 17/06/29(Thu)06:09 No. 46105

I prefer large breeds that are generally relaxed and not high energy. As opposed to a terrier or chihuahua, which I normally feel should be dropped over a fence into a neighbor's yard. Think a working breed, just not one that a nigger would buy because he wants to join dog fights.

John Smith 17/07/03(Mon)05:32 No. 46108

Please don't use racial slurs here. It's too interesting.

John Smith 17/06/30(Fri)05:58 No. 46106 [Reply]

File 149879510316.jpg - (87.21KB , 780x441 , Comfy31.jpg )


This song I heard made me think of you, and I had to write again. How has life been for you since last we corresponded? Do you still have time for leisure in your life? I haven't had nearly enough, I think. I've resolved to live a bit comfier this coming semester, and try to remember to slow things down now and then.

-John Smith


John Smith 17/06/20(Tue)04:08 No. 46091 [Reply]

File 149792453061.jpg - (53.42KB , 695x525 , AngryDoggo.jpg )

Earlier today my neighbor's (normally muzzled) giant black doggo was barking furiously - and since it's roughly 98 degrees F indoors where I am, I couldn't close the windows either and my family wa being stubborn about turning on the AC until an hour or two ago.

So I decided to go to the second floor of my house and peak stare at the doggo. We made eye contact and he went "apeshit"; that is, he just started barking louder, showing is big teeth and all.

What I, as a non-doggo expert, find strange is that while he was apparently going into RAEG MODE, his tail was wagging. Don't doggo's tails only wag quickly when they're happy, pleased or satisfied? Then again his owners don't take him out for walks much due to violent doggo things (when they do it's always with a muzzle on), so maybe he's just ecstatic over "interacting" with a different human for once. Or maybe I just don't know shit about doggos. Thoughts?

(NOTE: dog depicted left is not said doggo)

John Smith 17/06/20(Tue)04:40 No. 46092

Dogs wag their tails when they are happy, excited agitated and angry. It just show emotion of many kinds. If they keep it muzzled, it is likely a threat to others.

John Smith 17/06/20(Tue)09:35 No. 46093

You should interpret tail wagging as a sign of confidence. If they're friendly and wagging, they're confident you're friendly. If they're being aggressive (barking, showing teeth, lunging at you, etc.) while wagging, they're confident you're a threat.

John Smith 17/04/02(Sun)09:22 No. 45972 [Reply]

File 149111773477.png - (13.75KB , 480x360 , ELDUCE.png )

Whenever I see apartments with lights on while passing by I cant helpmyself but to think about their lives and I imagine myself living there being part of their family I love observing people I wish I could spectate the life just like when you are dead in a multiplayer game and trying not to poop myself and enjoy the moment

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John Smith 17/06/15(Thu)06:38 No. 46081

It's very beautiful a thing, John.
There's a German word for this exact concept but I can't remember it and wouldn't want to look it up because it has too much potential for self-referential absurdity.

John Smith 17/06/19(Mon)01:05 No. 46089

as do I, John

except for the part about pooping. I did not understand that part.

John Smith 17/06/19(Mon)02:50 No. 46090

I'm just as curious, but less imaginative. I can't help myself from looking through people's windows, a crack in the curtains, etc. While I rice my bicycle around town I peek in on all sorts of people. I never see much of interest though really, most people around here don't seem to be home during the day.

John Smith 17/06/17(Sat)00:09 No. 46083 [Reply]

File 149765097996.png - (21.78KB , 300x259 , 1321006263281.png )

I think I should get a nap in before work. although I could just motor on through and watch some shows on tv beforehand. got a half night anyway, thoughts?

John Smith 17/06/17(Sat)05:46 No. 46084

File 149767117217.jpg - (134.99KB , 767x768 , Flaming_June,_by_Frederic_Lord_Leighton_700px.jpg )

I'm generally in favor of naps, John.

John Smith 17/06/17(Sat)05:59 No. 46085

File 149767197461.jpg - (154.56KB , 1280x632 , 1280px-Lord_Frederic_Leighton_-_Cymon_and_Iphigeni.jpg )

Here's another painting by Leighton I ran across looking for the previous one. Suitable for a desktop screen.

John Smith 17/03/28(Tue)22:30 No. 45966 [Reply]

File 149073301275.jpg - (1.51MB , 3072x2304 , img_7510.jpg )

Dear John;
Last night I found a can of Heinz (trademarked) baked beans hiding at the back of a shelf in the pantry. There's something that has always unnerved me about beans. It makes me proud, as there was a chap who worked with right angled triangles (my 2nd favourite two dimensional shape) who also held a negative attitude towards members of the bean family.
I've been thinking of getting them framed. What do you think John?

Regards, John.

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John Smith 17/05/09(Tue)08:55 No. 46032

File 14943129138.jpg - (5.97KB , 220x165 , 220px-Swanson_Speed_Square_by_NIP.jpg )

Carpentry, architecture. Probably some civil and mechanical engineering.

John Smith 17/05/10(Wed)22:44 No. 46033

I heard that the practical hazards of favism were the motivation of the likes of Pythagoras to swear off beans. Understandably, one would not want to play games with genetic disorders that could wreck one's red blood cell count. In this view, mystical explanations (e.g. farting is a sign that beans have souls, so quit eating souls, you monster) only happened after the fact.

John, if you don't mind me asking, if the right triangle is your second favorite two-dimensional shape, which is your favorite?

John Smith 17/06/16(Fri)23:48 No. 46082

Of course I don't mind, thank you for taking interest. As my beautiful wife will tell you, I never say no to a nice equilateral triangle.

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