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John Smith 16/09/10(Sat)22:49 No. 45612 [Reply]

File 147354055221.jpg - (1.23MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_3323.jpg )

Dear John

Let us write a story together.
I am pretty confident, that we can create something great together.

I shall start:
John shut down his computer and stared at the now black screen in front of him for what seemed ages.

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John Smith 17/01/24(Tue)23:42 No. 45847

you make me fucking sick. ahhahahahahaahaha
I want to wash you in the mouth with my penis

John Smith 17/02/03(Fri)21:29 No. 45873

File 148615374485.jpg - (1.09MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_2943.jpg )

Does anybody want to write a nice ending?
What we got so far: http://pastebin.com/GNGqZ4hs

John Smith 17/04/03(Mon)19:56 No. 45976

John, i am disapointed

John Smith 17/03/28(Tue)02:56 No. 45965 [Reply]

File 149066258224.jpg - (4.68KB , 299x169 , images.jpg )


how do I stop being a whore?


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John Smith 17/03/30(Thu)03:41 No. 45969

Why bother stopping?

John Smith 17/03/31(Fri)03:36 No. 45970


John... John.

It takes a lot of effort to redefine ourselves as individuals. It also takes effort to sustain what we currently are, though change happens naturally over time, to some variation. This communication also takes effort to write, John. I have to pour energy and time and resources into replying to you at length. The laptop that I am typing on took effort to create and continues to take effort powering.
Powering civilization takes effort to sustain, much like this writing, which is being read by you, likely from another laptop, desktop, or tablet, and on goes the circle of life. We interpret our realities, in essence, under the lens of our collective experiences. We are subject to the effort that it takes reality to maintain us, and therefore, subject to the effect that these processes have on us.

John... I know that you know all about effort and effect, which is why I feel that it is very important to reiterate it here in this present communication, and as I read it aloud to proof it for errors of continuity, I reflect on why I wish to do so here, again.

Unfortunately, John, we are finite beings on finite paths, experiencing our broad delusions isolated from other creatures and yet somehow subject to their delusions, en mass, vis-a-vis culture and our attachment to it. Do not be attached, John, even to these words as you continue to read them, if you do, which I trust will be a fine option.

My Finest Salutations and Greetings, once again,


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John Smith 17/04/03(Mon)18:23 No. 45974

language, language...

John Smith 17/04/02(Sun)09:22 No. 45972 [Reply]

File 149111773477.png - (13.75KB , 480x360 , ELDUCE.png )

Whenever I see apartments with lights on while passing by I cant helpmyself but to think about their lives and I imagine myself living there being part of their family I love observing people I wish I could spectate the life just like when you are dead in a multiplayer game and trying not to poop myself and enjoy the moment

John Smith 17/04/02(Sun)20:42 No. 45973

I can agree that it's a rather pleasant activity on the occasion to wonder what the lives of other individuals and their families entail. As a recommendation, you could consider reading up on old blogs for people you have never met and who's names you don't recognize. It's nice just learning about the lives of strangers progressing in real time.

John Smith 17/02/09(Thu)01:13 No. 45884 [Reply]

File 148659922742.jpg - (14.01KB , 300x300 , iStock-Books-300x300.jpg )


last night I was doing revision for my accounting exam. I'm not too worried about it, but I don't expect to do spectacular anyway.

Have you been doing much study recently?

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John Smith 17/03/24(Fri)23:29 No. 45957

I've stopped studying for mine at all, life is great

John Smith 17/03/25(Sat)05:00 No. 45958

Yes, Im studying russian and tomorrow is my first exam.

John Smith 17/03/27(Mon)04:31 No. 45964

Some might say every day is a study. They'd be wrong though, but one can still say it

John Smith 16/09/08(Thu)02:29 No. 45598 [Reply]

File 147329456522.jpg - (25.65KB , 640x480 , gond0la.jpg )

What is your worst irrational fear, John?

Mine is the fear of complete isolation. Quite odd considering I'm an introvert.

Yours Truly,

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John Smith 17/03/20(Mon)03:20 No. 45950

John, I too share your "neck phobia"
Although I do not find being choked to be arousing

John Smith 17/03/20(Mon)07:28 No. 45951

Yep that's all pretty normal. Took me years to be able to vent in front of others, would instead keep it to myself. A brooding sort of hatred develops, symptoms that beta males are used to but men like us, John? Men who are capable, know they are, but are also intelligent enough to be aware of all potential consequences branching off from such confrontational behavior?
We're a different sort, brother, so don't hold back. You don't earn respect, John. You command it.

John Smith 17/03/21(Tue)04:40 No. 45952

File 14900676597.jpg - (410.77KB , 1089x816 , shareasimage-92.jpg )

Over-flowing toilets. Like, when the water is just below the rim of the bowl? It scares me. Really.

John Smith 16/11/23(Wed)03:28 No. 45732 [Reply]

File 147986808348.png - (298.77KB , 480x480 , g1.png )

7chan is a comfortable place John. Rarely do I visit, but I liken it to a personal cabin in the woods. A quite isolated small home.

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John Smith 17/03/18(Sat)13:14 No. 45946

Hi John, I agree. If there was a lot of traffic the atmosphere would be altered. I enjoy the stillness in the air.
- John

John Smith 17/03/18(Sat)17:14 No. 45948

You put it well, John. This place is a nice and relaxing place to visit. Already I feel more peaceful here.

John Smith 17/03/20(Mon)01:19 No. 45949

I agree, but I believe that the relaxed pace of this board makes it a lot more reasonable to the average user.

John Smith 17/03/01(Wed)14:29 No. 45909 [Reply]

File 148837498590.jpg - (20.19KB , 980x490 , landscape-1466700034-gettyimages-558175143.jpg )

I want to "live as" another human being from another country and see how they live from day to day.
Except I can't and I'm myself without objectives that just wastes time by doing nothing interesting.
I thought there would be something better to achieve in my life. But what am I looking for? Perhaps we all are boring.

John Smith 17/03/05(Sun)18:07 No. 45914

you could live as a forigner in a foreign land, if you just go someplace else, you'll get the experiance.

John Smith 17/03/15(Wed)03:32 No. 45942

It wouldn't make you feel, John. There's not a lot that can, but when you find it, you'll trip over yourself in chase.

John Smith 17/01/03(Tue)11:39 No. 45806 [Reply]

File 148343998234.jpg - (7.04KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )

I am John Smith, and I have been on this board for a long time now. Things aren't as eh as they used to be. So, if you don't mind, let us talk about the mundane, the dull, and all that is eh.

today is my birthday and I'm probably going to eat some good food and thats about it.

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John Smith 17/03/11(Sat)06:01 No. 45928

Would you like one of my burritos as a belated birthday present? I do not think I can finish them all on my own. Your help would be greatly appreciated, John.

John Smith 17/03/11(Sat)14:11 No. 45929


Dear John,

I don't think I like burritos also, why burritos?

John Smith 17/03/13(Mon)07:06 No. 45938

Yesterday I stayed up all night because I didnt feel like sleeping.
Seems like today something similar will happen, but instead of just staring at a dark ceiling, i will be staring a my tv while playing any videogame that I have access to and has pretty landscapes.

John Smith 17/01/27(Fri)13:40 No. 45849 [Reply]

File 148552085338.jpg - (143.50KB , 960x640 , teapot-691729_960_720.jpg )

John, I've started having ceremonies by myself in my room lately. I buy little confectioneries (not too many!), and a different flavour of tea every week, and I will make a full pot, to deliberate with myself on weather or not I like it. I will try making the tea a few different ways each time, before the week is out and I move onto another flavour, some with sugar and milk, some of them with honey, some of them even cold!

Tea is much more versatile than I thought it was when I first started this venture.

This week's flavour of tea is Blueberry without caffeine.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 17/03/10(Fri)15:16 No. 45924

John, do you ever use Tassimo or keurig cup tea? for some reason it tastes better than steeped tea. But I can't figure out why.

John Smith 17/03/10(Fri)18:53 No. 45925

My parents prefer bergamot so that's what I grew up drinking, but now that I'm an adult with my own tastes, I prefer chai or green teas.

but still, when I am in a nostalgic mood I will make bergamot, just like mom did, with milk and honey in it

My favorite tea is superior quality "Dragon Well" tea. You tried lots of teas, OP, what are some you have liked.

John Smith 17/03/10(Fri)20:28 No. 45926

File 14891741345.jpg - (19.92KB , 400x259 , IMG_3594.jpg )

Unimpressed John!

John Smith 17/03/09(Thu)02:59 No. 45921 [Reply]

File 148902474474.png - (25.71KB , 600x462 , congratulations.png )

I'm waiting in the parking lot of the supermarket because my brother and I forgot to pick up taco seasoning when we were here earlier.

My father always has a few people over to watch "Survivor", so we're making tacos.

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