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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith 16/09/10(Sat)22:49 No. 45612 [Reply]

File 147354055221.jpg - (1.23MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_3323.jpg )

Dear John

Let us write a story together.
I am pretty confident, that we can create something great together.

I shall start:
John shut down his computer and stared at the now black screen in front of him for what seemed ages.

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John Smith 18/03/28(Wed)00:46 No. 46480

holy fuck I'm an idiot

John Smith 18/04/12(Thu)19:10 No. 46539


We all are, John.

Don't worry about it

John Smith 18/10/18(Thu)06:21 No. 46720

Not knowing what to do with them, he put the horse's eyes in a coffee that had appeared beside him. Absentmindedly, he stared ahead of him, grasping the warm cup. For a moment he felt a pang of emptiness within himself and habitually took a sip of the steaming beverage. He thought of all the chances he had, and added a few what ifs. What is the point anyway, he thought. Maybe we're just a bunch of hurt idiots hurting each other in an attempt to feel better about our own mortality. Perhaps causing other people pain is a feeble attempt to trick our minds into believing we have some control over our blip of a life.

John Smith 18/09/04(Tue)12:24 No. 46678 [Reply]

File 153605668944.gif - (431.91KB , 615x528 , 133784723786.gif )

I recently got a job with consistent hours and overtime and stuff. It's nice but I sometimes miss the flexible hours and extra time off I had at my retail job. Plus it was easier to get time off.

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John Smith 18/09/17(Mon)18:39 No. 46694

It's okay John, as you get older and move higher in your job hierarchy, you might miss some of the freedoms you used to have. Just keep moving forward.

John Smith 18/09/21(Fri)04:11 No. 46695

Good Evening John
when I became a car salesman I had to leave behind staying awake until the sun rises. It had to be done but I miss it from time to time. Good luck with your job though.
John Smith

John Smith 18/10/15(Mon)04:09 No. 46717

It's funny you should mention that, John. I happen to be working at a dealership too.

John Smith 18/10/04(Thu)01:26 No. 46706 [Reply]

File 153860918392.jpg - (21.62KB , 450x450 , 614InHWoMuL__SY450_.jpg )

Since I bought a house life has become so much more /eh/. It's what I was hoping for and more.
People that live ten houses down the road greet me. I have no idea of who they are or if we even have any shared interests, but enjoy the interaction and their friendly manner. An older lady that's moving away came to my door and asked me if I wanted to have her old chair. It's a very nice and comfortable chair.
Doing the dishes while looking out the window at the garden that's slowly becoming my garden is very soothing. One of the nicer customers at work turns out to live a few houses down the street. We say 'Hi, neighbour!' now when he comes in.
Today I found myself looking for one of those enamel house number plaques. All in all, pretty ok.

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John Smith 18/10/04(Thu)23:30 No. 46709


Also, I ordered an enamel house number plaque.

John Smith 18/10/07(Sun)07:26 No. 46710

File 153888998453.jpg - (78.83KB , 527x767 , pukeutwvdxp11.jpg )

I could never own a house. They always seems to be something needing to be fixed and I'm not much of a handyperson. Plus, I'm doomed to poverty for the duration of my life and poor people shouldn't own houses. My in-laws showed me that.

John Smith 18/10/11(Thu)17:20 No. 46715


Have you ever been to /rnb/, John. It might suit you.

Sincerely, John

John Smith 18/10/03(Wed)02:53 No. 46702 [Reply]

File 153852802334.jpg - (47.39KB , 750x501 , charcoal-toothpaste.jpg )

I felt very sleepy about ten minutes ago and was very close to going straight to bed to make the most out of my sleepy state. I decided to brush my teeth first and now I am completely awake. This isn't the first time this happened. Why do I have to choose between clean teeth and a quality night's sleep?

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John Smith 18/10/08(Mon)00:33 No. 46711

perhaps brush your teeth in the morning, then lightly brush them throughout the day?

John Smith 18/10/09(Tue)18:41 No. 46713

clean teeth is important don't sweat it

John Smith 18/10/11(Thu)12:13 No. 46714


I've been thinking, perhaps it is the minty freshness of the toothpaste. This is advantageous in the morning, but being so refreshed before bed may be making it hard for me to relax.

John Smith 17/12/02(Sat)16:10 No. 46299 [Reply]

File 151222740655.jpg - (88.96KB , 1280x720 , 0c7d92002d624eaccb4c9450105f54c4.jpg )

Hello my fellow Johns.

Any "eh" anime recommendations?

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John Smith 18/08/06(Mon)21:28 No. 46660

i would recommend "in another world with my smartphone."

it looks like it's going to be interesting, but the main character never faces any real difficulty or challenge, and the plot retains absolutely no tension throughout. i found it relaxing.

John Smith 18/08/23(Thu)23:03 No. 46675

Kino's journey and mushishi are some of my favorite sleepy bedtime stories

John Smith 18/10/02(Tue)14:40 No. 46701

Moe and slice of life shows are about as /eh/ as you can get, nothing happens and nothing really develops.

John Smith 18/09/22(Sat)08:33 No. 46696 [Reply]

File 153759798967.png - (438.36KB , 408x701 , 1489705981222.png )

I am horrendously bored.

John Smith 18/09/24(Mon)15:08 No. 46697

Listen to this song John

John Smith 18/09/14(Fri)13:28 No. 46688 [Reply]

File 153692449253.jpg - (23.64KB , 650x488 , 148704_5_-1.jpg )

Hello John. I hope your weekend will end up as uninteresting as mine.

John Smith 18/09/17(Mon)13:39 No. 46690

Thanks, it was.

John Smith 18/09/09(Sun)21:01 No. 46682 [Reply]

File 153651966917.jpg - (55.03KB , 500x700 , tumblr_nefk95nUbn1u0k6deo1_500.jpg )

Dear John ,

Where is the ambiguity ?

John Smith 18/09/10(Mon)22:15 No. 46683

John, may I ask you whether you believe in existence before life?

John Smith 18/02/18(Sun)13:49 No. 46435 [Reply]

File 151895817651.jpg - (45.51KB , 900x644 , 1516292283947.jpg )

Hello John.

Lately I've been bored with lots of things. All the other chans are either dead or so scandalous that I can no longer enjoy them. All of the discord groups I've joined to pass time as well have also gone down the drain. I've tried getting into things like weightlifting, art, music, and literature, but without people to discuss these topics with, they aren't worthwhile in my opinion. If you could direct me to a place with active people to discuss these hobbies with, please do.


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John Smith 18/08/15(Wed)03:48 No. 46668

File 153429771428.jpg - (4.96MB , 2500x1667 , DSC_0460.jpg )

Hello John, it's John again.

I got my first job since the original letter, but I lost it last month. I also got a second job back in April but quit it in June because they were only giving me one shift a week. Now I feel isolated, I lost contact with the little people I had left when writing the original letter, and the "friends" I made at these other jobs won't even respond to texts. I feel truly alone nowadays. I miss my friends. I can't even motivate myself to get out of bed most days. I've run out of money and can't find another job, soon I fear I will run out of a will to live as well. I would say I'm depressed, but if I acknowledged it, I would have no way to fix it. So I've just been burying it down.

Life hurts.


John Smith 18/09/01(Sat)04:08 No. 46676

Hrllo John,

What makes you say that acknowledging depression would make it impossible to fix? A lot of Johns have the opinion that realizing you havr a problem is the first step towards overcoming it.

Safe travels,

John Smith 18/09/04(Tue)11:57 No. 46677

I agree with this sentiment. I've lived through depression and I can tell you it's not something I wish upon anyone. Acknowledging your problem is indeed the first step to recovery. Please, John, share your thoughts with us. Writing them out anonymously might help more than you think.

John Smith 18/08/10(Fri)22:02 No. 46665 [Reply]

File 153393136980.jpg - (113.36KB , 640x480 , FB630569-C1C3-4964-A17B-E34299A05426.jpg )

California. need a guy with a small mini camper and lives in Rachael Nevada that I can trust . I’m 23 clock has struck 3am.
We will be of one kind

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 18/08/16(Thu)19:56 No. 46669

friendship and a place to live

John Smith 18/08/17(Fri)12:00 No. 46670

Man, I haven't played Vice City in years.

John Smith 18/08/22(Wed)22:53 No. 46674

File 153497123628.jpg - (470.49KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180821_124253.jpg )

San Andreas will always be the best GTA but Vice City had drug dealing which was super fun. I once spent six real world hours selling "ice cream" on the beach in Vice City. I didn't even need the money!

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