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Knights of the Dinner Table Someguy 16/09/26(Mon)04:21 No. 110316 [Reply]

File 147485648910.jpg - (54.86KB , 400x617 , 142cover.jpg )

Would love Knights of the Dinner Table 213 - current please

Anonymous 16/09/23(Fri)20:25 No. 110228 [Reply]

File 147465515530.jpg - (40.75KB , 640x512 , 67978979.jpg )

I'm making a character to prepare myself for joining a group (The search is still on, but I think I'm getting close). I'm using 5.0e as a base, and will adapt it to whatever system the group uses. I have a few questions, tho.

1.) I've made the most progress on an Edlritch Knight nobleman character. Is it awkward/spergie to play as a noble character? And what are some name suggestions? The current one is Illyrius Eupheme Walhart.
2.) What's a good class for a travelling merchant-type character? Homebrew suggestions are allowed, as long as they're balanced.
3.) What's the most appropriate background for an Eldritch Knight character? I'll go with the noble background if I go with the aforementioned character, of course.
4.) Suggested build for Eldritch Knight?
5.) Any classes, homebrew or otherwise, that would work for a Sepulchure type Dread/Chaos Knight?

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)06:57 No. 110285

1. nobles are awesome you have to decide if you want to be a champion of the little people or above them.

2. a traveling merchant? many classes could work but the obvious choice in my mind would be rogue bard or wizard.

3. appropriate for an EK in my setting would be soldier or acolyte, to explain the training.

4. build... i'm no good at builds and it really depends on if feats are allowed.

5. ???

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)12:23 No. 110289

I've changed it a lot since then on the advice of other anons. The version here is more up to date.


The main thing I'm working on now is personal characteristics. My original idea fit into the latter camp, but I don't think that would turn out well. I think I want a gregarious leader of a character, like Aragorn or Robb Stark. Any ideas for bonds, traits, etc?

Adventurers! Gramel Silaris 16/09/17(Sat)07:06 No. 109964 [Reply]

File 147408878955.png - (56.68KB , 140x210 , 123163-thumb140.png )

Someone has the pdf of Adventurers!, Dark Camelot, The down tomorrow from GRAmel?

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Silaris 16/09/24(Sat)21:47 No. 110264

i dnt know who is stefan

Anonymous 16/09/24(Sat)23:25 No. 110269

You didn't put your request in the request thread. The Stefan BS is just there way of trying to make you look stupid, really just make themselves look stupid though.

Silaris 16/09/24(Sat)23:51 No. 110270


oh, thx...

Joseph 16/08/23(Tue)02:39 No. 108608 [Reply]

File 147191277317.jpg - (162.46KB , 1500x1125 , maxresdefault.jpg )

I'm a GM for a Pathfinder game and I would like to create a H.P Lovecraft campaign with a Gothic horror feel to it, one where at the end you fight to put Bokrug to slumber in his lake or Cathulu back to his resting tomb. For the life of me though I'm not sure how to go about doing this, I have scattered ideas about some cool things but nothing that feels solid.

Some of the ideas I have are:

A Mad scientist experimenting with werewolf's in vats, he gives them tentacles from their chest and a sideways maw, basically just mutating these guys into abominations. Slap some oozes in there for good measure.

Out of the way seaside town run by a Deep-one Hybrid priest who forces his stock of humans to mate with the deep-ones to create more hybrids and a cult leader Scylla on the verge of opening a door to the dimension of dreams.

I feel like these are good places to start but I am at an impasse on where to go from here

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Anonymous 16/09/18(Sun)05:27 No. 110015

> I would like to create a H.P Lovecraft campaign with a Gothic horror feel to it,

Oh hey, that sounds cool

> one where at the end you fight to put Bokrug to slumber in his lake or Cathulu back to his resting tomb

...ah, okay. So you're looking to do more of a "Pathfinder with mythos monsters" than "Lovecraftian horror Pathfinder game" campaign. Because let me tell you, any game where you can fighting Cthulhu is a meaningful option, let alone one where you can win, is missing the point of Lovecraftian horror.

Joseph 16/09/18(Sun)23:01 No. 110061

File 147423250589.jpg - (241.24KB , 1050x553 , 4463427-cthulhu_for_armel_by_elthenstorm.jpg )

-cough- A "fight" to put Bokrug to slumber back in his lake does not necessarily mean you will be going blade to blade with the beast yourself. Simply undermining his plans and uncovering knowledge to use against him while keeping your sanity about you is just as much of a fight. A setting can be anything you want, you just have to use your imagination to put it to work. So I encourage you to throw ideas out there and hopefully we can pool together something. Does not matter if its fighting Cthulhu with a group of fighters to roaming around forgotten libraries, all are able to inspire into something else.

Anonymous 16/09/20(Tue)02:09 No. 110108


Considering that they're ultimately immortal and PCs can only hope to seal them back, fighting them directly and even winning doesn't go against the idea of levecraftian horror, although it should include significant loss. Unless the GM's intention if that of having the PCs actually kill the monsters forever and treat them as just BBEG.

That not including that by, Pathfinder rules, Cthulhu, for example, is actually unbeatable regardless of the assigned CR, unless you use crazy-out-of-the-rules characters.
Astral Projection at will, alone, makes him a peerless being, not mentioning everything else.

Crossover advice please Anonymous 16/09/09(Fri)10:40 No. 109540 [Reply]

File 147341040848.jpg - (27.99KB , 500x308 , VS.jpg )

I'm looking to start a new setting for my group and want to base it from two book series, The Clockwork Century by Cherie Priest and Tales of the Ketty Jay by Chris Wooding.
So right off I see Deadlands as a place to start but lack a smooth running aerial/mechish rule set and entity binding spell system. I know Warbirds is supposed to have a fast and easy combat system and I'm familiar with WOD's fetish/talen creation. But I don't see this as a smooth integration of rules.
So the question I would like to ask of fellow players is; What game systems do you know of that will work well to pull this off?

Anonymous 16/09/12(Mon)09:30 No. 109679


Anonymous 16/09/12(Mon)09:38 No. 109680

If you want a system where everything has pretty much been done, you just add story, then Gurps. You just have to get the books/supplements that you need. If you want something that's alot easier to learn, doesn't require alot of books, but you will have to tweak the rules, then Fate. If you want something that relies more on story and little to no crunch, then honestly Risus. Risus has no rules for any of what you want, but that's it's beauty, you just make up skills at the beginning for each character. (Voodoo mech driver, mech fu,fly a brick, etc.) Risus isn't really for long term play, but for something quick and dirty, it's great.

Looking for Troves Moon_Dew 16/08/31(Wed)19:59 No. 109083 [Reply]

File 14726663527.jpg - (63.12KB , 270x250 , RPG_Books_270x250-270x250.jpg )

I'm looking for as complete a list of tabletop RPG troves as possible, for I'm rebuilding my library that I lost when my old computer died on me. Help a fellow out?

Thanks in advanced.

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Moon_Dew 16/09/03(Sat)07:49 No. 109236


Could you post a direct link to the archive in question, for future reference?

Anonymous 16/09/06(Tue)08:13 No. 109358


Why don't you use your fucking brain and find it yourself? You have more than enough info to track it down. Googlefu or DuckDuckGo. Actually giving you a direct link violates the rules here because of where its located(hint, hint).

The Adventure League doesn't use the old password system for their adventures. It goes through DMs Guild now and they make the AL Dungeon Masters pay for it now too and leave it to the stores to reimburse them with swag or discounts.

hekatonsmight will get you the free publicly released intro for SKT through the old system.

OSR trove - again not mine fabio 16/09/08(Thu)01:57 No. 109479



the password for the "league" is:
but you ain't gonna find anything usefull there...

World of Cthulhu schblow 15/11/28(Sat)17:17 No. 95896 [Reply]

File 144872743368.jpg - (168.85KB , 429x500 , Cthulhu-Rises-05.jpg )

World of Cthulhu 1, 2 and 4.

https://1fichier.com/?60iwddckln https://1fichier.com/?g5s9jdb6qk https://1fichier.com/?h1ia0c5puh

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WoC 1-5 Bonus anonymous 16/07/05(Tue)20:16 No. 106455

All the bonuses for WoC 1-5:

Thanks a lot for the World of Cthulhu scans.

Raziya88 16/07/12(Tue)23:59 No. 106850

Thanks so much for these! I've been looking for them for a long time.

Anonymous 16/09/02(Fri)00:24 No. 109148

Samurai Effendi, might you share the trove for the non Chaosium Cthulhu books?

The Northlands Saga Complete Superchunk77 16/08/30(Tue)22:24 No. 109024 [Reply]

File 147258864544.jpg - (303.19KB , 1536x864 , c8ab81a356102f5a8310db21879c6799_original.jpg )

Looking for the pathfinder or swords and wizardry edition PDF. Thanks

Anonymous 16/08/31(Wed)00:15 No. 109035

Post in the Request thread.

New PDF Arrivals and Discussion #13 volcanohound!!ExMGNlAwL4 16/07/21(Thu)09:43 No. 107262 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 146908702994.jpg - (93.30KB , 564x568 , New PDFs and Discussion4.jpg )

> NOT FOR REQUESTS/reposts. Use current request thread https://7chan.org/read.php?b=tg&t=98039&p=l50

> post new shares
> discuss new and upcoming releases

https://www.notehub.org/7jxsr for cleaning services, donation info, missing lists, and updates

> old thread #12 >>106286 http://archive.is/rKJlP
> old thread #11 >>104913 http://archive.is/l4IMc
> old thread #10 >>102503 http://archive.is/kXjY7

504 posts and 60 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/02/20(Mon)06:18 No. 118117

Hell Comes to Westcrown reupped, and January releases added.

Swift, if you looked in the request thread, which this is not, you would have found it. I am taking time out of my life to compile the files into a single place. I have recently had computer trouble. Either make your own trove or quit bitching.

Anonymous 17/03/01(Wed)23:52 No. 118736

Hey anon I have a physical copy of the Blakes 7 rpg from Horizon. But I dunnow how to scan it to pdf. And my scanner is scrub tier. How can I share this?

Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/03/04(Sat)16:35 No. 118883

Pretty much the only way would be to either use your scrub tier scanner, or get a better scanner.
Unless of course, buying the physical book got you access to the PDF, in which case, send it to a cleaner (not me)

Chess 8x8 white corner on the right Anonymous 16/08/18(Thu)12:24 No. 108423 [Reply]

File 147151585561.jpg - (231.53KB , 850x1202 , g20160920.jpg )

How do you CHESS?

Anonymous 16/08/19(Fri)15:20 No. 108467

File 147161280845.jpg - (112.66KB , 707x1000 , g20160919.jpg )

Just play it!
Or do you prefer prefer poker?
♣ ♦ ♥ ♠

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