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John Smith 22/01/08(Sat)18:53 No. 48064 [Reply]

File 164166441942.jpg - (20.63KB , 452x363 , 1640225540532.jpg )

Are we finally done with the snow? I hate this weather.

John Smith 22/02/02(Wed)06:30 No. 48081

File 164377985082.gif - (1.23MB , 200x191 , 1391052879001.gif )

Much of the east coast is expected to get nearly a foot of snow over the next 48 hours. Buckle up buckaroo.

John Smith 22/02/02(Wed)06:46 No. 48082

I love seeing countries that aren't used to snow dealing with snow.

John Smith 20/11/01(Sun)18:05 No. 47559 [Reply]

File 160425030953.jpg - (1.01MB , 1200x779 , Cathedral Basilica of The Assumption.jpg )

This is my first time posting here, because I really don't know where else to go.
I am a Traditionalist Roman Catholic, but I have strong sexual urges to impregnate girls.
I am a virgin, I try my best not to think or be involved in anything sexual, but I am generally known in my church as the really devout guy.

I have never acted nor deliberately committed mortal sin against The Lord, but I seriously need help with my sexuality

Even just the thought of a woman being pregnant with my child or seeing a pregnant woman begins to drive me crazy.

I keep fighting and fighting but I need someone to help me.

I pray everyday that the Lord would help me, and I would ask that whoever is reading this would tell me what they think I should do.

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John Smith 21/05/14(Fri)11:57 No. 47800

Doesnt seem like a bit deal, you have a fetish, so what? We all have our own kinks, yet we continue our day to day, do intrusive thoughts come up from time to time? Yes.
Its not a bit deal.
Just because you have this 'desire' doesn't mean you are a monster, or should be punished.
I would say you need to accept yourself, and try to live with yourself.

John Smith 21/11/01(Mon)12:26 No. 47959

If suddenly you are worried that the actions taken in relation to the girl are wrong, you should make sure for sure. I came across an article, here is the link https://www.cupid.com/dating-blog/10-best-tips-woo-girl-win/ , here are ten good tips on how to take care of a girl. Read it and see if you are doing everything right.

John Smith 22/01/15(Sat)00:44 No. 48068

>use cold water in your balls
>also to shower
>eat less and also in a more reduced schdule thru your day
>avoid meat. keep it just once each two weeks
>avoid every other stimulants: chocolate, coffee, all food classified as "pitta" by the ayurveda
>hit weightlifting or any other thing that may get your body really exhausted

John Smith 21/10/31(Sun)12:31 No. 47958 [Reply]

File 163567991496.jpg - (812.34KB , 864x1152 , A flyer.jpg )

Dear John,

This flyer was in a picture with other flyers.
That thread has now gone.
Hmmm, oh well.

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John Smith 22/01/06(Thu)14:12 No. 48061

Punk is overrated anyway. Nothing but distortion sludge and whining about the establishment despite being the status quo of rock n roll since the late 1970s.
I prefer 1960s/70s soft rock.

John Smith 22/01/06(Thu)16:08 No. 48062

I tried getting into punk once but I've never encountered a more generic genre. It all just sounds the same. Hardcore punk is slightly better. Trapped Under Ice is an alright band.

John Smith 22/01/07(Fri)02:23 No. 48063

Finally, someone who gets it. Alot of people wanna whine about pop music being all the same. But at least it has rhythm and melody. And it's just about having a happy moment.
Punk is always tryna be "profound". Some of it is ok, but alot of it is just migraine inducing

John Smith 21/11/07(Sun)02:50 No. 47978 [Reply]

File 163624985610.png - (479.53KB , 854x480 , I react to MYSELF! _ Nyanners Top Clips of Septemb.png )

I have long hair and sometimes get stray hair stuck in my underwear. It sucks because it's really itchy and you think it's a bug or something.

/eh/, what's something that you have got caught in your clothes?

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John Smith 21/12/20(Mon)07:52 No. 48043

I have short hair and other people's hair is always getting stuck in my fucking underwear now

John Smith 21/12/22(Wed)23:03 No. 48044

I don't like when a stray hair gets trapped down the back of my shirt and I end up looking like a nutjob clawing at a phantom attacker.

John Smith 21/12/25(Sat)14:29 No. 48049

I've never really had a problem with hair getting stuck in my clothes but recently I bought new towels and lint from them gets stuck in my dick all the time.

John Smith 19/08/07(Wed)08:36 No. 47030 [Reply]

File 156515979513.jpg - (3.23MB , 4032x3024 , 20190704_221131.jpg )

I feel like I can't commit to anything long term. I just get bored or discouraged at the effort required. The longest thing I committed to was EVE online and I got good at that but then I got bored.

I'm doing alright for myself now but I can't shake this feeling of perpetual boredom. I go to work, do the bare minimum with enough scattered moments of taking on a challenge to prove my worth such that I'm kept on board.

I want to be a software developer. I want to lose 20 lbs. I want to gain muscle. I want to be interesting. I want to meet new people.

I've gotten close to all these things. I'm an application developer. I lost 8 lbs. I gained some muscle. People seem to like me. I have a solid group of friends. But the thing is, achieving your goals requires full, focused effort. I'm not so sure I can pull them off given my previous track record. And even if I do, will I have the energy to maintain it?

Everyday is blurring by, John. I used to think I had so much time so I wasted it, procrastinated it. And now while I'm not old by any means, I can see the trend, that time starts to accelerate the older we get and especially the more monotonous our lives become.

Meh. Anyhow, thanks for listening John. I've always taken comfort knowing that no matter how many things in my life change over the years, of where I end up, I'll always have this little corner of the internet to come back to.

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John Smith 21/09/22(Wed)21:13 No. 47913

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John Smith 21/09/24(Fri)09:13 No. 47918

We live in a society that's obsessed with "changing the world".
It's because of this that our academics have placed unrealistic standards on our youth and why politics has become the default form of entertainment.
Any disaster that happens is automatically a "conspiracy" or a "divine intervention".
It's warping people's minds so much that people are losing their cultural memory.
People think that any incident is the first of it's kind and over-meme it to death.

John Smith 21/12/23(Thu)16:26 No. 48045

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John Smith 21/10/20(Wed)08:00 No. 47945 [Reply]

File 16347096276.png - (264.18KB , 680x480 , 1611923212929.png )

I was cold this morning, but I warmed up when the sun came up a bit more.

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John Smith 21/12/09(Thu)06:33 No. 48032

Our Winter has been fairly warm, which is alright

John Smith 21/12/15(Wed)17:19 No. 48038

>>48029 here. I fell in my yard last Friday. Game over.

John Smith 21/12/20(Mon)07:51 No. 48042

I tried to get this dead limb out of one of our trees last week and cut my head open with an extension cord. Still have a scab :(

John Smith 21/11/12(Fri)23:01 No. 47995 [Reply]

File 163675449763.jpg - (39.66KB , 500x361 , 9Qp5f.jpg )

I need to pee, but before I got up, my roommate went and used the toilet, and now they are showering.

Luckily I can hold in my pee and wait.

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John Smith 21/11/15(Mon)21:39 No. 48018

What do you do while you wait on the toilet?

John Smith 21/11/19(Fri)04:12 No. 48022

They probably sit there having awkward conversations.

John Smith 21/11/24(Wed)22:30 No. 48025

I'll wipe, quickly wash my hands, and leave the room then come back after they are done to flush.

John Smith 20/12/20(Sun)17:59 No. 47661 [Reply]

File 160848359882.jpg - (114.14KB , 620x414 , 1523383419672.jpg )

I don't like food commercials. Something always spills or crumbs off and my neat freak tendencies get triggered.

8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 21/11/15(Mon)05:05 No. 48014

Many people don't, John.

John Smith 21/11/15(Mon)07:45 No. 48015

Those people are retards.

John Smith 21/11/15(Mon)21:38 No. 48017

Well, mentally retarded persons yes, but I was thinking more of people who are really basic.

John Smith 21/06/23(Wed)07:35 No. 47835 [Reply]

File 162442651727.jpg - (98.63KB , 736x697 , E8464DAF_DF93_46EA_9D33_287FE1CB0A27.jpg )

There's nothing cuter than kemonomimi characters being balls of sunshine.

7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 21/11/05(Fri)18:59 No. 47975

Pets in general aren't a good idea. Too many pet owners are urban dwellers whom only get a domestic animal to smother their feelings onto against their intrinsic will.
The only reason why dogs are oversold is because people suck at inter-human relations.

John Smith 21/11/05(Fri)22:19 No. 47977

Watching people literally smothering their pets, and you see the animal doesn't want to be there, makes me really uncomfortable actually. It is like they tried forcing themselves on people, failed, and then moved to force their love on an animal. It is like these people can't take a hint.

I could vocalize my discomfort, but it's always ignored.

John Smith 21/11/12(Fri)05:16 No. 47992


>It is like they tried forcing themselves on people, failed, and then moved to force their love on an animal. It is like these people can't take a hint. I could vocalize my discomfort, but it's always ignored.

My parents in a nutshell.

John Smith 20/12/18(Fri)14:38 No. 47659 [Reply]

File 160829873361.jpg - (117.13KB , 1440x960 , sourdough-pizza-crust-closeup.jpg )

Hello John,

I've recently taken up making sourdough pizzas as a hobby; although not particularly complex by any means, it is still nonetheless fascinating to realize that you can produce such an intricate dish using nothing but flour, water, salt, cheese, and tomatoes.

8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 21/10/31(Sun)01:49 No. 47956

Are you feeling okay, John?

John Smith 21/10/31(Sun)06:01 No. 47957

I'm not sure I'd like sourdough pizza. I think I'd find sourdough better for sandwiches.

John is having a psychotic break, John.

John Smith 21/11/03(Wed)01:16 No. 47970

Wrong thread. My bad.
Yes. John_Smith.exe has encountered an error.
>Shut down
(CNTRL ALT DEL doesn't exist in this programming)

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