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John Smith 24/04/15(Mon)01:47 No. 48911

File 171313847543.jpg - (9.48KB , 217x232 , download (2).jpg )

>Be me
>16 at the time
>my family and I arrive to Mexico city
>we decide to try out a taco restaurant in the airport
>we get the credit card machine to pay
>the waiter holds it up so my dad can't see it
>my dad asks to see it
>he presses a million buttons
>shows us the machine
>correct price

My theory is that he had put about 200 dollars on that thing.

John Smith 24/04/15(Mon)10:24 No. 48912

Dear Little John,

If your Dad takes you place like that, you should of paid cash. Instead letting him pay for you.
Then him being an idiot adult, would of asked to pay you back.
That would of been when you cash in.
Thankfully your a tight wad and the waiter took has tip, for to wait on dumb yankees

as ever


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