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Horror Hipster Slut 15/08/03(Mon)23:53 No. 17455 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143863883158.jpg - (174.10KB , 1600x800 , 143847584277.jpg )

Why are some people so infatuated with Lovecraft? He is probably the most overrated horror writer ever.

He is basically emulating Hindu mythology and name drops 40 000 different gods while building some pseudo-imaginative netherworld where everything boils down to madness and hurr nothing makes sense durr. Pretty much every neckbeards wet dream besides watching anime.

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Hipster Slut 23/12/12(Tue)16:03 No. 18418

True. "Leaves of Grass" is pretty weak. Like reading some proto-hippie drivel.

Hipster Slut 24/01/09(Tue)14:24 No. 18427

American literature is infantilized crap. Mass produced detritus.

Hipster Slut 24/01/16(Tue)01:55 No. 18428

File 170536650910.jpg - (162.22KB , 850x1369 , __spike_spiegel_and_julia_cowboy_bebop__sample-344.jpg )


A thread to discuss the works of tolkien Hipster Slut 23/08/15(Tue)07:09 No. 18400 [Reply]

File 169207617417.jpg - (688.23KB , 3840x2160 , the-silmarillion-fingolfin-morgoth-the-lord-of-the.jpg )

The+Red+Barron 24/01/01(Mon)23:36 No. 18424

The hobbits were right, the ring was safe with Gollum except for Gandalf knew of it and wanted to use it. He was a troublemaker!

Shakespeare The+Red+Barron 23/03/10(Fri)14:31 No. 18357 [Reply]

File 167845511077.png - (288.17KB , 1435x588 , niche.png )

So William (Dick) Shakespeare (Masturbator) is pretty famous for his plays, but have you guys read Sonnets? It's honestly amazing how good those poems are, there's also a lot of use of the word NIGGER and he dedicated one poem entirely to how hideous niggers and anything black are. I highly suggest you all read it, I was never a big fan of the plays but the Sonnets are fucking beautiful and pointed, totally without modern censorship nigger garbage

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Hipster Slut 23/05/24(Wed)06:29 No. 18381

In 7chan's realm, where creativity dwells,
Basements become havens for tales untold.
With tendies savored, and Mountain Dew swells,
Users spin wonders in pixels of gold.

A sanctuary where beauty takes flight,
In hidden depths, their artistry unfolds.
From humble abodes, their visions ignite,
In words and images, stories enfold.

Yet 'mongst the brilliance, discontent finds space,
For Jannies they despise, their hearts enraged.
But still, they navigate with vibrant grace,
7chan's spirit can never be caged.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 23/06/09(Fri)03:37 No. 18384

very kawaii

I prefer to write poems without classical structure but I might try a legitimate sonnet at some point

The+Red+Barron 24/01/01(Mon)23:10 No. 18423

Shakespeare has become a favorite, I just finished Julius Ceasar

Can't get no books for free Hipster Slut 20/12/27(Sun)17:05 No. 18144 [Reply]

File 160908515027.jpg - (4.27MB , 2500x1667 , genericlibrary.jpg )

Sup guys. Probably the wrong place to ask, but you may have noticed how increasingly difficult has getting online books for free become up to this days, and I was wondering if there are some resurces I may be overlooking and you could share. Thanks in advance.

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benbenlol 23/07/24(Mon)12:15 No. 18393

As a student, I understand the challenges of essay writing. Fortunately, I discovered https://assignmentgeek.com/nerds-help.html an assignment writing service that has a team of highly skilled writers. Their efficient homework writing has been incredibly beneficial to me, and I believe they can be of great assistance to you as well!

Hipster Slut 23/08/15(Tue)07:06 No. 18399

https://archive.org, perhaps?

The+Red+Barron 24/01/01(Mon)23:05 No. 18422

just google ancient books for free public domain websites


my current read I keep putting off

Hipster Slut 23/04/17(Mon)22:57 No. 18369 [Reply]

File 168176504587.png - (2.90MB , 1920x1452 , The Patchy.png )

Free copies of my books hope they make you laugh

f i l e s . c a t b o x . m o e /4s8yl4.pdf
f i l e s . c a t b o x . m o e /f21v69.pdf
f i l e s . c a t b o x . m o e /82sced.pdf
f i l e s . c a t b o x . m o e /irz98h.pdf

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Hipster Slut 23/07/02(Sun)21:41 No. 18386

Omg yes that was hilarious.
Could not believe it was that easy.
Life is fine now.

Hipster Slut 23/11/29(Wed)08:32 No. 18415

File 170124314634.png - (288.53KB , 988x1546 , Screenshot 2023-11-29 014033.png )


The+Red+Barron 24/01/01(Mon)20:21 No. 18420


PROPHECY-- The Punishment Of My Evil Elites Hipster Slut 23/12/20(Wed)01:17 No. 18419 [Reply]

File 170303146169.jpg - (269.45KB , 1275x1650 , The Punishment Of My Evil Elites.jpg )

PROPHECY-- The Punishment Of My Evil Elites

"The WEF has got to go, My son. It is evil. I will eradicate it from the Earth. Its leaders are evil; they want to destroy the planet. I will eradicate them. I will destroy them all. The evil elite will be destroyed from off the face of the Earth. I will destroy all who want to destroy humanity. They are evil. Expect their elimination. Tell all they will be destroyed. I will depopulate them from off the planet. They have to go. Tell all that they will fail in their attempt to start World War 3; I will destroy them; they have got to go. A blight they are, destroying humanity with evil drugs, vaccines, and all manner of wickedness. Their technology will not go far; I will destroy them. Their AI machines will fail their objectives; all the works of Satan will fail. They give themselves unto the Devil; destroy them I will. Their wealth will fail them in the end, fail to rescue them from the evil calamities coming. The LORD has spoken. Amen and amen. Distribute far and wide."

(Artists and writers) For those that struggle to start Hipster Slut 23/07/29(Sat)11:27 No. 18394 [Reply]

File 16906228358.jpg - (680.33KB , 2366x1430 , 20230405_005357.jpg )

Dear friend,

First of all, I must say that I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time. For years, actually. This letter has been in the making since I was a teenager. I'm about to enter the second quarter of my century, and I thought if I didn't do it now, I’d never do it.

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately. Every day I reflect on my life, especially on my art. You know I like to write. And I think about why I write. What is it that moves people to do anything?

I think it's love and pain. I believe that humans were made to escape pain and protect love. I say “protect” and not “seek” because love is inherent in human beings, contrary to what cynics might say. To be alive is to flow with love, and as proof of this I can show you the history of humanity: eras of pure misery, suffering that transcends generations, the worst of the worst. Would we consciously choose to continue an existence plagued with endless evils, if there wasn't a reason to do so? Don't you think we would have decided a long time ago to put an end to all evil forever, that is, to voluntarily extinguish ourselves, if we thought that was the most rational thing to do? What makes our small and insignificant species not choose to self-destruct is what makes it not so insignificant. It’s love for life that moves the world, my friend. It may be subconscious, it disguises itself, it changes shape, but it's there.

But when it comes to art, it doesn't matter what moves the world; an artist is an individual, and the human mind must be analyzed in terms of its uniqueness. What can move an artist who has never loved, or who has never felt pain? Where can his magic… his inspiration come from? Where is an artist's love born?

Art is sensory. We can see it in paintings, movies and novels; we smell and taste it in culinary works; we can touch it on the fabric of a dress; we hear it in orchestras and indie rock bands. But its inspiration is not sensory. It isn’t intellectual either: it doesn’t come from the body or the mind.

There's a book called The War of Art (by Steven Pressfield) that states that all callings of the soul, that is, vocations, come from a single source, a single metaphysical force, separated, but united to us, that indicates the path we must follow to reach happiness. There is a force that wants us to accomplish our mission. They are the angels, the muses, the “inspiration”, whatever you want to call it. When we do what we came to do in the world, we are accompanied by this force.

Hipster Slut 23/07/29(Sat)11:28 No. 18395

But there is an obstacle, as immaterial as its counterpart. There’s another force that haunts all people, all the time. It's almost undetectable, very hard to see. Pressfield calls it "Resistance". It's the force that tries to prevent us from fulfilling our mission. I'm sure this will be familiar to you, it certainly is to me.

Resistance fights against the divine. It’s an ally of abulia, depression and apathy. It’s a leech that feeds on suffering; it’s never satisfied and will never be. It has a colossal objective: to destroy love for life.

To me, Resistance feels like an endless list of priorities. Anything seems much more urgent than sitting down to write my ideas. There’s always something else to do, the time never seems right, my ideas have to wait to be written, they have to get in line. But what's strange is that when I get free time, I’m the one that goes out in search of something else. Leisure has to be avoided at all costs. Not even the idea of starting appears in my mind. And if it does, something inside me panics. Now’s the right time, inaudible voices whisper, if you don't do it now, you never will.

Then Resistance answers for me, without my noticing. It does so with my voice:

I have to watch that new anime that everyone is talking about.

I need cigarettes.

I have to go get a coffee with Miranda.

I have to get into a relationship.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 23/07/29(Sat)11:29 No. 18396

I cleared my schedule (that was never that busy), closed my bedroom door, put on my headphones and rested my fingers on the laptop keys. Muses are capricious; sometimes they play pranks, sometimes they test you. They are spontaneous, they like their orders to be followed immediately. Sometimes they abandon me when I'm alone with a blank document, patiently waiting for some indication, however precarious it may be.

They don't listen to threats. They don't care about your need to acquire capital to feed yourself, or ask about the status of your rent or bills. They only know that they won't let you be happy until you do what they say. They’re a little despotic in that respect. How inconsiderate... don't you think? Why couldn't they call me for a more lucrative and stable activity, like programming. There are people who have programming, medicine or law as vocation, good for them. My luck is that of a hostile and difficult to secure world. The muses don’t promise anything material. They don’t promise success, fame or fortune.

Resistance can also take the form of overly strict self-criticism. This is especially pernicious, because we may think those are our own perfectionistic standards. That our sensitivity to mistakes is so high that nothing we do seems to satisfy us. Of course, these criticisms are limited to our work only. We can appreciate other people's works and ignore the imperfections, sometimes we don't even notice them. It's hard to perceive that the criticism is rarely directed to our art, and is almost always directed to ourselves. If that haughty voice only leaves a bitter aftertaste, without anything constructive, it’s the voice of Resistance.

Also you can’t argue with Resistance. No matter how much you argue with it, invariably you’ll lose. The only thing that can be done to weaken it is to listen to it attentively, knowing what it really is.

Resistance can also imitate (or reproduce) the voices of others. For example, an older brother:


A father:

"Is that what you spend your time on?"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 23/07/29(Sat)11:30 No. 18397

Forgive me for being so hyperbolic.

It's hard to overcome the relentless urge to self-destruct when we see no reason to do so. It bleeds empty, boring hours, in which we are almost paralyzed on the bed, lazily sliding our fingertips across the phone screen. You have time, right? Art can wait. Checking twitter is more important. Our pride doesn’t allow us to abandon the idea that one day we will put in 100% of our effort, one day we’ll get tired of lying to ourselves and we will study, draw, write, exercise or sleep well. But that day never comes. That's why every birthday feels so miserable. If you get to work, the years that go by won't make you despair, I assure you.

Who can leap into the void, relying only on faith in oneself? A lunatic.

Who can leap into the void, relying on faith in oneself, and survive? Those that trust, I suppose.

And I don't mean that they trust that in the end, they’ll accomplish all their goals, that they’ll live out the fantasies of the future that were born in childhood. Fulfilling your mission doesn’t mean that. The muses don’t dictate fate or circumstances. Trusting them promises nothing but their company.

What I mean by all this is that art fulfills a function, one of the most selfish ones there is. It helps the artist to be happy. For some that means expressing their pain through art. Others express the love that fills their hearts, love for art or for life. My muse is honesty. When writing fiction or a letter like this, I'm being honest, and that is pure happiness.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

need book Rakan Salih 19/03/20(Wed)19:13 No. 17954 [Reply]

File 155310562373.jpg - (52.86KB , 333x500 , 51VleSjezVL.jpg )

anyone have this book {this is the way the world ends: an oral history of zombie war} by Keith Taylor
sorry if it is the wrong section.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Hipster Slut 19/04/10(Wed)10:55 No. 17965

This book looks interesting for me too. I am fond of reading horror stories, but I have not enough time for reading it. Because I am stundent and need to study. My favorite horror writer is S. Spilberg. But I am bad at writing and use helo with writing papers. Recently I checked review with writing services on https://paidpaper.net/review-of-essayfactory-uk/ and have plan to use it.

thanks Rakan+Salih 19/04/16(Tue)10:53 No. 17968

thank you very much, you do me a big favor

Hipster Slut 13/05/03(Fri)12:17 No. 16868 [Reply]

File 136757623075.jpg - (9.50KB , 259x194 , 56 (14).jpg )

What is the general taxonomy of stream of consciousness style writings? Please be more technical than 'dribble'

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Hipster Slut 14/05/20(Tue)23:05 No. 17184

File 140061994033.jpg - (71.42KB , 147x159 , gangsta_rap.jpg )

glossolalia, written down.

Hipster Slut 14/07/19(Sat)05:32 No. 17236

Wouldn't that be asemic writing?

Hipster Slut 23/06/09(Fri)03:38 No. 18385


excellent correction anon

Go ahead, critique my writing. I dare you. Ananonanon 23/02/10(Fri)06:36 No. 18349 [Reply]

File 167600738353.jpg - (419.40KB , 720x540 , bleurk (1).jpg )

Yes, indeed there are as many settings as there are shapes. Pavé and channel are what work best for a single row of diamonds, on a base that does not take up that much space. All eventualities, the base alloy needs the strength to hold the diamonds. This is a design; for a necklace; that uses white gold, consisting of gold, platinum and silver. Perhaps, these three elements could be melted together easily and used for jewelry? Indeed, not. It is a complicated process, of yet, unnamed and little known, however results can be achieved which fully satisfy the jeweler's need. Mind you, some benefit from this comes in the form of a higher heat hardening effect. The wire is drawn and wrapped in these 3 shapes: first drawing. The rings are arranged into a chain. Two larger round ones, followed by one oval and one smaller. Second drawing. Tin, and only tin, is used in place of solder. It is called, eutectic bonding. The touching surfaces of the jump rings are dipped with molten tin. And go into the oven at high temperatures for long hours. Gold and tin are eutectic, melting at lower temperatures, allowing diffusion, thus closing the rings. The necklace envisioned in this design, should be kept as small as possible. To each his own.

The+Red+Barron 23/02/19(Sun)10:19 No. 18352

File 167679837919.jpg - (64.89KB , 676x1050 , __original_drawn_by_lpip__48a8fbd2ba0aad8330e8216e.jpg )

Several run-on sentences with incredibly needless AI-generated commas

Try again faggot

Hipster Slut 23/05/24(Wed)06:31 No. 18382

1. Primeris: I wish websites would use standard date format. I can't tell, without scrolling the whole thread, whether you are posting from year 2019 or 2023.

2. Secundus: What is run-on sentence?

3. Tertius: Pace, I could google. But don't trust those fools over these fools?
(A Statement in form of questione. Rhetorical, attention grabbing technique. As was the the deliberate spelling mistake).

No, but really, what do Clappistanis mean by 'run-on sentence'. I've seen it before but never in my neck of the woods.

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