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andrew+van+uden 21/01/03(Sun)04:07 No. 18147 [Reply]

File 160964323577.jpg - (86.55KB , 1080x1352 , tumblr_3542e3673b0aaf2f477dff86bfd983c6_dbe1de70_1.jpg )

best work by marx and why is it capital?

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Hipster Slut 22/07/19(Tue)23:00 No. 18264

On the Jewish Question exists

Hipster Slut 22/08/17(Wed)00:57 No. 18281

Wage Labor and Capital
Critique of the Gotha Program
On Authority
State and Revolution
"Dialogue With Stalin" by Amadeo Bordiga

All bang hard

Capital gonshonmargo 23/04/25(Tue)15:07 No. 18372

Marx's "Capital" is considered his best work because it lays out his analysis of capitalism and its exploitation of labor. It's a seminal expository essay on the flaws of capitalism.

Oprah Hipster Slut 23/04/12(Wed)22:12 No. 18368 [Reply]

File 168133032476.png - (6.15KB , 120x153 , Penguin_logo_svg.png )

Hey /lit/

Let's make a thread of essays of books we love.

Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles Hipster Slut 19/11/24(Sun)15:42 No. 18048 [Reply]

File 157460654347.jpg - (51.18KB , 235x380 , cvr9781451678192_9781451678192_hr.jpg )

What do you think about this author and this book anon ?

Hipster Slut 19/11/29(Fri)19:54 No. 18049

Every story felt like a fever dream.

Hipster Slut 20/01/14(Tue)11:16 No. 18060

great book

Hipster Slut 20/02/05(Wed)22:18 No. 18065

File 158093752642.jpg - (34.82KB , 318x472 , stories ray bradbury.jpg )

I like that post

Youre right, everything Ray Bradbury wrote felt to me like
it had some kind of sickness behind it.
Was it Bradbury who wrote "The Illustrated Man"?

This is a great book
pic related

Death the Killer Hipster Slut 22/11/02(Wed)21:09 No. 18302 [Reply]

File 166741977649.jpg - (29.02KB , 540x360 , 360_F_257703042_NR22gWa9uXDJcZwoM9jUx6WUmVXNe7mr.jpg )

I don't have much time to write this and I know you believe me but he’s after me and soon he’ll be after you too. Just do me favours don’t read this story he comes after anyone who reads his story. Forgive me but I have no choice but to post this story so the truth will be known.

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Hipster Slut 22/11/02(Wed)21:22 No. 18315

I hope that I have written his life and story in a respectful enough way to both him and communism that he might spare me. Oh god I just heard enter my house! He’s coming in my Room! Oh god he’s right behind me! I can feel him breathing down my neck and oh that knife that face!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AWERAWEEFRSGTADHSASEWD

Death the Killer 22/11/02(Wed)21:23 No. 18316

File 166742061957.png - (541.35KB , 630x676 , YOU'RE NEXT!.png )

Privet comrade this is Death the Killer here and I want you to know that I have killed the author of this post he now has a face just like mine. I would also like to inform you that I will be coming for you next and there is nothing you can do. So sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite for I will be doing the biting this night. Spokoynoy nochi comrades and look forward to my blade dosvedanya.

Hipster Slut 23/01/23(Mon)14:17 No. 18345

File 167447987632.jpg - (96.14KB , 850x1181 , __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_yoshiheihe__sam.jpg )

This is the immunity post. No retard story can hurt you regardless of how braindead the nigger writing it was, this is the power of the immunity post

Hipster Slut 14/09/04(Thu)04:21 No. 17288 [Reply]

File 140979730768.jpg - (103.29KB , 392x574 , url.jpg )


So this is Gottfried's scream?

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Hipster Slut 19/02/23(Sat)17:44 No. 17952

The point is that both at the same time:
Enzian/Blicero V-2, loops around to London
Firing of nuclear missle on LA

Hipster Slut 19/10/18(Fri)02:12 No. 18037

That's a nice looking cover. I know next to nothing about this book but I'll throw it on my Amazon to read list, why not? That thing never gets filled, objectively. It could be 700 books long and it wouldn't be filled. Book addiction is not a real thing. lol

Hipster Slut 23/01/23(Mon)14:14 No. 18343

File 167447968976.jpg - (152.39KB , 850x1240 , __drawn_by_restart__sample-e42090ce40089b295fc411f.jpg )

Why don't you read an instruction manual?

Books recommendation request Blossom 22/10/11(Tue)17:33 No. 18298 [Reply]

File 16655023901.jpg - (258.49KB , 749x748 , 8D8B8B81-FF89-465E-A816-D264BFE82C53.jpg )

Can yall give me books recommendation of obsessed girlfriend who kills her bf because of how she loves him, vibes as in this picture, thank you

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Densel 23/01/18(Wed)22:20 No. 18338

that's actually not a bad category just make sure the books don't side with the boyfriend or the lucky attractive girl that gets everything she wants easily

morning mishakolin 23/01/20(Fri)08:38 No. 18339


Hipster Slut 23/01/23(Mon)14:11 No. 18341

File 167447947215.jpg - (92.42KB , 850x850 , __konan_mitarashi_anko_and_tayuya_naruto_drawn_by_.jpg )

There has to be a manga that covers this

Hipster Slut 13/05/22(Wed)02:42 No. 16892 [Reply]

File 136918337645.jpg - (3.95KB , 96x120 , image.jpg )

I am a writefag and need inspiration for a story. Tell me, what should I write about?

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Hipster Slut 22/12/19(Mon)14:31 No. 18328

A murder mystery with a corpse torn up by dogs

Hipster Slut 23/01/13(Fri)21:53 No. 18337

I recommend reading the Gaia online comic book. Inspired me to kill myself, never looked back

The+Red+Barron 23/01/22(Sun)09:56 No. 18340

File 167437777760.jpg - (39.20KB , 850x469 , __original_drawn_by_chira_chiaroscuro__sample-92ac.jpg )

topkek m8

Jacopo ortis Hipster Slut 19/04/22(Mon)11:22 No. 17971 [Reply]

File 155592495968.jpg - (7.30KB , 176x287 , download.jpg )

So I am reading this,I'm about halfway through.What am I thinking of it,/lit/?
Imo,I'm thinking that a good part of it is boring,and that good part is the muh romance shit.Yes okay we get it you love her and you're sad because you can't have her.WE FUCKING GET IT NO NEED TO GO ON ABOUT IT FOR DOZENS OF PAGES.The political parts are more interesting.

william thompson 22/12/28(Wed)06:37 No. 18331

The story of unrequited love is always sad. I think the guy needs to see a psychologist.

Hipster Slut 22/12/28(Wed)23:20 No. 18333

Imagine if every other page he tried to meet some new girl while his neighbors screamed "Go Outside" and "Get a Real Job" every ten seconds instead

Ah, dating. Honestly women are terrible from every side in the modern world. Bad single, bad dating, bad together.

Self Publishers thread, list em. Robnessロブネス 18/09/03(Mon)18:23 No. 17899 [Reply]

File 153599179357.png - (4.38MB , 2048x1450 , Book.png )

I'll start,

Title: Memphis Megahertz and the Kansas City Fractal

What: Techno-Coffeetable/quote style book, follows 2 nostalgic computer systems through a Virtual American Empire.

Where: Amazon Sept. 7

PDF preview-download?: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FkK0NRe59EK2Chnw-lid6UToX3jweiKD/view?usp=sharing

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
BrickLodbrock 19/02/22(Fri)18:04 No. 17950

I liked the book. Glad I saw it here. I was most interested in quotes, and I used many of them in my essay. By the way, I received help in writing here https://gpalabs.com/. I hope i can look for more interesting quotes there

mattress cleaning advice Alexandr0 22/12/27(Tue)14:28 No. 18330

Give advice on cleaning mattresses at home.

Hipster Slut 22/12/28(Wed)23:18 No. 18332

You can use carpet shampooers on them

The Book that Made You a Reader Hipster Slut 18/10/17(Wed)16:26 No. 17903 [Reply]

File 153978638939.jpg - (14.47KB , 180x301 , 6532644-M-1.jpg )

The first book that enthralled you, the one you couldn't put down, and that made you an avid reader. This was it for me. The way the author you go from the perspective of a general, to describing an epic battle, to going to the story of your average soldier or sailor captured me and I've been an avid reader ever since.

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
fashion j lo jackets 19/05/23(Thu)10:19 No. 17986

Stunning, brilliant site design! To what extent have you been blogging for? you made blogging look simple. The general look of your site is magnificent, and additionally the substance!. Much obliged For Your work.

Hipster Slut 19/08/23(Fri)20:44 No. 18016

Been looking for a PDF thread and couldn't find one on the first, and don't want to bring one from the dead so here
I've been looking for a PDF for Anthropology of Evil by David Parkin. in exchange I have The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis, it's good so far
(tried uploading PDF but file was too large)

Hipster Slut 21/06/28(Mon)20:12 No. 18198

Wow what a coincidence that's the same for me. First book I read cover to cover. My grandfather who was in the first wave of Omaha Beach gave it to me after we watched the 1960s movie adaptation of it. He didn't speak for the entire film, when It was over he looked down at me and said, "That's not quite how I remember it." He gave me his copy of this book a few days later.

I always wondered what he would have made of Saving private Ryan?

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