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The Book that Made You a Reader Hipster Slut 18/10/17(Wed)16:26 No. 17903

File 153978638939.jpg - (14.47KB , 180x301 , 6532644-M-1.jpg )

The first book that enthralled you, the one you couldn't put down, and that made you an avid reader. This was it for me. The way the author you go from the perspective of a general, to describing an epic battle, to going to the story of your average soldier or sailor captured me and I've been an avid reader ever since.

Hipster Slut 18/10/31(Wed)13:35 No. 17905

This book looks new for me. I did not hear about it before. But want to read. It at once. I like to read novels by Charles Dickens. But I am college student, so I have not time for reading. But if I like literature I must to be perfect writer. But I am bad in it. So, I used help here https://essayshark.com/buy-cheap-essays.html for writing papers.

Hipster Slut 18/11/07(Wed)14:42 No. 17910

Cornelius Ryan spent his life writhing about World War II, and did so at a time when many of the political and military leaders were still alive, and his interviews with common foot soldiers were comprehensive as well. I got interested in it after researching my grandfather who served in the Pacific. When he came home he hid his old uniform away and never said anything about it so naturally I was curious. But I would have to put Ryan's novels and the old Time Life World War II series as the best accounts of World War II out there.

Hipster Slut 18/12/10(Mon)05:06 No. 17918

File 154441479096.jpg - (13.90KB , 202x300 , finnfamilymoomintroll.jpg )

In 3rd grade I loved this book and wanted to become a writer.

Hipster Slut 19/04/07(Sun)08:29 No. 17956

i am looking for some horror books

Hipster Slut 19/04/08(Mon)07:08 No. 17959

Any specific type of horror that you're into?

Hipster Slut 19/04/08(Mon)09:36 No. 17962

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fashion j lo jackets 19/05/23(Thu)10:19 No. 17986

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Hipster Slut 19/08/23(Fri)20:44 No. 18016

Been looking for a PDF thread and couldn't find one on the first, and don't want to bring one from the dead so here
I've been looking for a PDF for Anthropology of Evil by David Parkin. in exchange I have The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis, it's good so far
(tried uploading PDF but file was too large)

Hipster Slut 21/06/28(Mon)20:12 No. 18198

Wow what a coincidence that's the same for me. First book I read cover to cover. My grandfather who was in the first wave of Omaha Beach gave it to me after we watched the 1960s movie adaptation of it. He didn't speak for the entire film, when It was over he looked down at me and said, "That's not quite how I remember it." He gave me his copy of this book a few days later.

I always wondered what he would have made of Saving private Ryan?

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