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Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles Hipster Slut 19/11/24(Sun)15:42 No. 18048

File 157460654347.jpg - (51.18KB , 235x380 , cvr9781451678192_9781451678192_hr.jpg )

What do you think about this author and this book anon ?

Hipster Slut 19/11/29(Fri)19:54 No. 18049

Every story felt like a fever dream.

Hipster Slut 20/01/14(Tue)11:16 No. 18060

great book

Hipster Slut 20/01/15(Wed)13:57 No. 18061

The Martian Chronicles is nice and interesting story which I liked to read. Now unfortunatley I have not time for reading some books because I need to write my assignment in time but sometimes I ama customer of https://anonymous-essay.com/essay-writing-service.html

Hipster Slut 20/02/05(Wed)22:18 No. 18065

File 158093752642.jpg - (34.82KB , 318x472 , stories ray bradbury.jpg )

I like that post

Youre right, everything Ray Bradbury wrote felt to me like
it had some kind of sickness behind it.
Was it Bradbury who wrote "The Illustrated Man"?

This is a great book
pic related

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